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Teegee, I would like your help. I'm writing a comedy campaign, and I need ridiculous, goofy, and preposterous ideas. Some tongue-in-cheek encounters and plot hooks for my jaded verteran group.

I have had some ideas already. The first important NPC they'll meet is Dinosaur Wizard, whom is exactly what his name says he is. He will send them on a quest to find a powerful-but cowardly-intelligent item.

Pic related, I'm marathoning Oglaf to pillage ideas

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Watch "the Gamers: Dorkness Rising"

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And The Hero Yoshihiko, both seasons.

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read "The Colour of Magic" and "The Light Fantastic" by Terry Pratchett, loads of similar ideas

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When you say Dinosaur Wizard, do you mean a dinosaur who is a wizard or a wizard whose magic is powered by dinosaurs?

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Dino-mancer should be a thing!!

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I mean a Tyrannosaur wearing a silly, comedically missized robe and hat that shouts impressive-sounding magic stuff, trying in vain to use his tiny arms for grand, sweeping hand motions as he talks

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A campaign about finding the heir to King Fellatio. The party must find Prince Blowjob.

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>wizard sends them to find something, turns out to be just fuel for his fetish. The wizard also is just some pervert in a robe.
>Party helps disorganized peasants who lack any understanding of the feudal system to rebel, taking the castle before finding out the lord doesn't understand the system either and is just as befuddled.
>A gnome monk won't stop punching people in the dick, party is hired to stop them.
>Tyrannical prince hires party to stave off princesses who want to be taken captive after reading the hit tome 50 Hues of Dusk
>Party is hired by inquisitive mage to sneak into a beholder's lair and find out how it takes a shit.
>A druid with a tamed basilisk is turning gnomes into stone to decorate her garden.
>Party is hired by an ex adventurer to find some beast and recover what was stolen from him - his legs.
>two words: Occupy Waterdeep
>Party is flagged by a ragged looking doppelganger, who states that due to a long night of revelry he forgot who the hell he was supposed to be impersonating.
>Adventurers crash the economy and the peasant down the road with the most chickens now rules as king. Too bad he can't read.

And much much more.

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>Dinosaur wizard.
Maybe try on Dr. McNinja and Sam & Fuzzy for size, if you're mining webcomics for ideas.

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Does anyone have that table of ridiculous random encounters that was generated here a while back? Had stuff like a wizard training sharks to use wands of disintegration, liches getting bored and becoming popstars. I think it might be relevant.

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this one?

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Yup. I think I've seen a version with quite a lot more on it, but this is still pretty good (and hopefully useful for OP). Thanks.

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Go with a deinonychus/utahraptor-esque wizard instead.

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He gives them mystical Items that give them skintight suits and full helms that increase thier fighting abilities and they suddenly encounter many enemies before fighting a boss that has 2 forms.

Their suits have to be different colors because players like color pallets

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The Dinosaur Wizard should be a Stegosaurus or some other herbivore, and needs the powerful intelligent artifact in order to combat his archrival, the Dinosaur Warlock.

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A coin that is literally the most valuable item in the game, but as long as its in someone's possession they will constantly be compelled to commit suicide in the most spectacularly brutal ways.

I had this a a random treasure in a dungeon in one of my campaigns.

The player that picked it up absolutely REFUSED to put it down because of all the shit he could buy after he sold it in town. Despite the fact that all his turns from then on consisted of me coming up with a creative way for him to murder himself followed by his annoyed group mates trying to save him.

Eventually he stole an item from the mage and summoned a demon which promptly ate him.

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I swear, the guy who makes that comic created Dr Dino for the explicit purpose of giving him all the hilarious, expressive faces (that conveniently make awesome reaction pictures) that he can't use on Robo

Pic semi-related

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I love Doctor Dinosaur.

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So, all the jokes are about how unexpected inteligent and sort of cute dinosaurs are and how they end falling to their primal instincts?

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And that a spellcaster who can just eat you is better than a spellcaster who can't, as dragons have been insisting for thousands of years.

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This is my fetish

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God fucking dammit, /tg/ almost owed me a new keyboard!

I wag gonna post a suggestion, but... this seems to cover things pretty well.

Oh, though an amusing thing that came to me today while talking to a friend was a special feat which allows a spellcaster to substitute material components for other components on hand.

Now the joke comes in that this feat would be used by an Awakened, spell caster house cat who ends up blowing all their spells per-day deworming themselves, or use their own fur as a component in a pitched fight and end up hating them self bald.

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I prefer the idea of the awakened cat with Mage Hand

>Takes the Double Cantrip feat and prepares at least 5 Mage Hands every day
>Pets self whenever (s)he feels like it
>When a party member does something awesome, will occasionally pet them. (s)he considers this a high honor.

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Magic pollution causes an anthill to become more intelligent.
And adopt a communist regime. They kill their queen and start voting and shit, and now no babies are being born!

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Replace that with honeybees

Honey is critical to the world's economy

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I think my favourite would be 63. or 77, 79, 92 or 99. I would pay money to see these done well, simultaneously.

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#9. Cake Golem. Epic gingerbread man chase story.
>Where is Carmen Sandiego starring Cake Golem

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>Wouldn't collecting legendary jokes in a book be kind of self-defeating? After all, a joke that's told often quickly loses its humor value.

>That why we must keep it secret, keep it safe.
>Scattered to the winds Like all tomes of forbidden knowledge must be. A Fragment is harmless the whole is destructive

>The Lost and Forbidden Tome of Comedy Gold sounds like a brilliant macguffin. I'm thinking the BBEG should be some kind of evil clown...

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The spirit of a man haunts a castle but he doesn't know he is dead. Adventurers break in. Ghost tries to scrare them away by putting a bedsheet on and pretend he is a ghost.

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