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orky thread? orky thread!

what changes would you like to see made to Orkz in 6th edition?

Why do you love Orkz TeeGee?

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Because Orks always shoot their guns in the air while running to a good fight, any flyer that flys over a Ork unit takes Overwatch to their rear armor.

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>what changes would you like to see made to Orkz in 6th edition?
I want Orc males to be more terrifying, and orc chicks. Curvy, big titted orc chicks.

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>implying orks aren't scary

Orks are many times larger, stronger, tougher, faster, fiercer, and more dangerous than the average human. They grow overnight out of the very air you breathe. When you kill an ork, ten more will take his place the next day. You can chop an ork's legs off or bisect him and he will still crawl to the fight and want nothing more than to destroy you and all you hold dear. The harder you fight against them and the more you kill, the more excited and frenzied they become. And for no discernible reason, they start gaining reinforcements as more and more orks pour into the system, attracted to the combat. Your only course of action is to redouble your attacks or risk being overrun, which only attracts more orks.

If you aren't being decimated by the towering boys and nobs, you're being dragged to your death by the grots. They send packs of beasts at you consisting entirely of sharp, jagged teeth mounted on a pair of legs, because nature said “Fuck you” and decided the only thing this creature needed was a way to kill you and a means to get there. Because they're orks, they decided to strap high-yield explosives to them anyways.

Once you see a single ork, you can guarantee more will be there in the future. And try as you might, you will never truly extinguish them entirely, so you'll have an ork problem in that sector for the rest of your mortal life. The only things that can cleanse an ork infestation are Tyranids and Exterminatus.

You don't fucking tell me orks aren't scary.

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>implying orks aren't scary
Not very sophisticated, aren't we?
"I want them to be more terrifying" doesn't mean "they aren't terrifying".

It means "i want them to be EVEN MORE terrifying".

Are we done here?

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I want Kommandos to actually play like the fluff.

Multi-stikk bomb kit.
Burna Stikkbomb,Land Mines,Kraka Bombz,Squig Bombz

Snikrot fixed up a bit, letting ambush allow a charge on the Outflank Just don't let him do it if a character is with him that's wearing Power Armor.

Able to Equip shootas so, when they infiltrate they can actually do some damage with the ambush. instead of just having to sit there and fire Sluggaz.

Blitzabommer not having a str 7 ap 4 weapon. It should be at least str 8 ap3, considering it's suppose to be an anti-tank aircraft, Right now it can barely blow up a fucking rhino.

Looted tanks made more customizable. Like give them the ability to either be a full on gunwagon with Two big shootaz and maybe a Twin-linked Supa-shoota as a main armament, while keeping it's transportability to give the orkz some actual armored vehicles instead of just the Battle Wagon.

Warbuggies being able to take more than 3 to a squad. Right now the Deffkopta does what it does, but better and lives longer. Perhaps giving it Exhaust Cloud

Give the Deffkoptaz more squad cap. Similar to Warbikers.

Let the Battle Wagon able to take Twin-linked Weapons. Perhaps give it the ability to take Skorchaz as well. 15 pts per. It'd be expensive, but admit that you want to see four skorchaz on a battle wagon filled to the brim with Burnaz, a big mek with a Burna. Just imagine all that burny Deff.

Supplements for all the Klanz. (keeping the Goffs as the "vanilla" orkz.)
Each Supplement adds named Character per Klan.

Let the Boyz Nob be able to take Upgrades from the actual Nobs, like being able to upgrade to a Paindok, or Able to take a Waaagh banner.

Get rid of the cap on 'ard boyz.

Give the Meganobz access to upgrades akin to normal Nobz.

Give us a Mek Dread.

Give the Weirdboy More Waaagh Abilities.

Give Zogwort a complete different chart than what the Normal Weirdboyz get, so he can at least do something half the time in the shooting phase.

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Give Flashgitz something that could increase their BS, Give their Weapons Assault 2 by default and make "More shooty" just twin-linked.

Give the Warbosses the Ability to attack at Int 2 with a Power Klaw. In the Fluff they're suppose to to be monsterously sized Orkz. Fuck Ghazkull is over 18m tall.

Give orkz FNP Universal at 6+ if anything that gives FNP now, it just increases it to 5+

Make BigChoppaz have fucking AP
Same for Deff Rolla
Get rid of that STUPID rule that allows fucking Cover saves from the Deff Rolla.

Give us Ork Fortifications like an Ork Fortress, maybe an Ork Outpost that works like the Aegis Defense Line, but with more Orky Weapons.

With the idea of Ork Klan Supplements, give the Blood Axes the Ability to take Kommando Nob squads, all access to their upgrades (save from mega armor of course) and the ability to take rippy knives

Rippa Knives give rerolls on failed to hit.

For Bad Moonz give them the ability to take a heavier verison of Flash Gitz. Like tank bustaz, but more melee oriented with Tank Hammers as bare weapons. With access to twin-linked Kustom-mega blastaz as an upgrade.

Snake bites get Boar Boyz back, make em' like Bikers, but tougher, with FNP (+5)

Deff Skullz get a variant of Looted wagon fitted with Deff Gunz. (extra Shooty gunwagon)

Evil Sunz get a Variant of BattleWagon that moves faster, with lower armor, and is shootier. (not heavy shooty, just lotta shooty)

Then with the supplements just modify other units to fit with the Klanz back round a bit more.

Blood axes love tanks, ambushes, strategy.
Goffs is vanilla
Bad moonz is shooty as zog and just as flashy.
Snake Bitez iz tougher dan an old squig boot.
Evil Sunz iz loud and fast.
Deff Skullz is thievin' gitz wut love loot.

It's not too difficult to pull off. If anything I just want the blood Axes to get one more than any other klan.

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I think that would satiate that want, whilst sticking to the fluff.

You forgot to add the fact that they can rain down asteroids the size of planets, that if it doesn't destroy half the planet on impact, it will have boyz filled to the brim pouring out of it.

What imperial forces try to stop them and die, will be looted, turned against them.

What ork Vehicles that ARE destroyed have been known to have been salvaged, repaired, and sent back into the fight, the very same battle that it took place in.


Warbosses the size of Mac Trucks, wearing Mega armor.





Weirdboyz that soak up the frenzied energies of all those orkz and turn it into liquid fire, and spit it at you, or turning entire platoons into dust after lightning just sparked from their eyes.
Turned your sergeant into a squig, and if you kill them they blow the fuck up.

The only thing that makes an ork MORE terrifying, is finding a nob, worse yet a Skarboy Nob, Even Worse, Finding a Warboss.

Even Worse than that, is Ghazkull, because where ever Ghazkull goes, you better damn well believe every other ork in the sector is right behind him.

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orks being str4

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Becuz Orks iz made ta Waagh, ya git.

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'cuz Orks be Orkz, ya git! Ya been lisnin' to 'umies too much again, time for a good krumpin'!

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Cheap Power weapons.
I want to see a full nob unit with power-axes at barely a prince increase.

And make Cybork bodies integrated in meganob armor.

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All the rumours I hear for what is coming make me pretty happy tbh.
>Suppliments, making klans distinctive pleasepleaseplease

What I'd like, mostly already said:
Warbuggies, looted tanks, flash gitz to be fixed

I really hope the fluff isn't too badly raped, I like ork fluff right now.

Oh, and lets get madboyz back.

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Declaring WAAAGH should give your orks furious charge of the old kind (+1S, +1I)

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Man, what do I want...Some of the stuff mentioned here already, of course.
And I think I don't just want a looted tank, I want to be able to take any tank from any faction and have lots of options to pimp it out.
I want a squiggoth, but I say that in every thread, so that should be a given.
I think shootaboys will cost more then sluggaboys in the next codex, so I hope they reduce the slugga's points instead of raising them for the shootas.

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Sounds sensible and balanced


Sounds like horrible poorly thought-out fanboyisms

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A vehicle like this that pops out of the ground doing damage around it.

Also, deepstriking Ork Rokks.

Orks with door sized shields with drills and buzzsaws for weapons.

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Power weapons and only slightly inferior terminator armor is fanboyism

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THey should be like Srtormtroopers or veteransor whatever. The ones that get a choice of tactics/disciplines with different benefits.

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s4 t4 2w 3a models with power axes and a fnp upgrade for ~20pts? Tell me of a unit anywhere near that good.

Meganobs don't need a 5+ inv they need a points drop and fnp.

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Merge the jets together, make the current ones example equipment patterns like battlewagons have.

They also are able to tank shock, and can ram zooming flyers.

Weirdboyz generate 1-3 Warp charge points, depending on how many other Orks are nearby. 1-10: 1 point. 11-20: 2 points. 20-30: 3 points.

Weirdboyz have copper staves that count as Force Staffs.

All Ork powers can be used with 1-3 Warp Charge, with increasing areas of effect and power. You choose how many Warp Charge points you're using before rolling for your power, for maximum 'eadbanger fun.

During deployment, you may merge boyz mobs into larger mobs.
So if you have four Boyz mobs of 20 boyz. You may deploy them as four mobs of 20, two mobs of 40, one mob of 60 and one of 20, or one mob of 80.

Boyz mobs may be upgraded to either 'eavy armour (4+ armour save), or snazzy skars (6+ FNP).

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What i'd love to see in the new Ork 'dex

Tellyporta Boyz
>Who doesn't love these mad whackjobs? firing wildly while tellyporting directly to the battlefield is a helluva orky strategy.

More options for the Looted Wagons
´>Right now it's a bad and overpriced rhino. move it from Heavy Support to Fast Attack/Dedicated Transport. Give it 11/11/10 as standard with the option to increase it to 12/12/10 or 13/11/10. Give it Exhaust Cloud (5+cover save if it moves) as standard and options for Soopa Engine (makes it Fast but loses Exhaust Cloud). Weaponwise it should have the option of forgoing transport capacity and taking a FlakkaKannon (skyfire, interceptor, can fire at BS1 on ground targets) if it doesn't have 'ardcase

Mek dredd with CCWs as standard but the option to take either a souped-up version of the Shokk Attack Gun or a Zzappa Gun. Would also have the option of taking a Kustom Force Field or a Fix-it arm (can repair vehicles like a techmarine/techpriest)

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They had similar drilling machines in Space Marine, although they may have looted them.

>> No.25676354

So a 5 point price drop and then spend 5 points on Cobork bodies.


And never said no price increase for power weapons, said a minor one.

Lest they don't get a 3+ invul.

>> No.25676362


There is already FW hades drills and trygon. If Orks and going to rip off other factions they should do it properly, by looting stuff

>> No.25676370

Stormboys that fail their landing go off like buffed frag grenades before the rest of the boyz are placed in melee.

>> No.25676401

3 way split for Choppas.

Choppas: Melee, AP 5. (For the Boyz)

Big Choppa: Melee, +1 S, AP 3 (For the Nobz)

Uge Choppas: Melee, +2 S, AP 4, Two-Handed (For Nobz and Choppa boy specialists)

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>Ork Flyers can tank shock

This, so long as there's a not-insignificant chance of the flyer smashing straight into the target unit for a S8 AP3 large blast (S10 AP2 if you purchased the Kamikazork Nose Bomm upgrade)

>> No.25676413

I personally think they should scatter. But yeah, working like a thrown grenade would be awesome.

>> No.25676416

>Mek dredd
just take dreadmob allies, it is there
alternatively, ia 7 allows to take it in HS if at elast one mega-dread is taken already

>> No.25676431

choppa: ap6,
big choppa : ap4 - or better, makes opponent reroll successful saves

>> No.25676432

Also need stormboys with tankhammers and a Extra Boost ability.

>> No.25676439

I want to see Lifta Droppas and Bubble Launchas back.

I want to see Tau armour firing weapons only to have the shots bounce back and hit them in the ass because the bubble launcha has it caught in an invisible shell or alternatively drifting gracefully off the battlefield inside said bubble.

I want to see that Rhino picked up and dropped on the unit it just deployed.

>> No.25676452

Well I figure that's what would happen if they get death or gloried. Or get stopped another way (like meeting a friendly unit, or impassable terrain.) If they stopped before moving 18", they explode.

And of course, ramming is quite possibly going to make them both explode anyway.

Because it's Orky.

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There still needs to be a 3 way split, as there's no way nob choppas are the same as regular boyz choppas (hell, they're the illustration in the ork codex for 'uge choppas).

>> No.25676474

>Wat da zog dus dat even mean!?

I also want Killboy as a special fighta bomba char. Also the ability for fighta bombas to be armed with drop squigs.

>> No.25676482


Pretty sure even orks know the difference between to and too

>> No.25676487

Army Wide Rules

Waagh! (Orks only)- An ork attack at its zenith can be a truly devastating force. Cunning ork warlords use this momentum to their advantage.

Once per game, so long as your warlord is alive, he may call a waagh in the assault phase. For that phase only all ork units charge moves .

Furious Charge (Orks only) - Ork ferocity whilst charging are legendary.
All non vehicle ork infantry units have furious charge

Animosity - Without a leader to keep an eye on them orks will begin to bicker, fight and muk about!

If an ork character is in a challenge and his unit are not able to attack, each re-roll used under the moral support rule also inflicts a str 4 ap - hit on the unit.

>> No.25676491

That wasn't what I was referring to.

>> No.25676495

Squigs would obviously count as bomb weapons.

>> No.25676501

>For that phase only all ork charge moves count as 12


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When I read Ork fluff I ain't seeing them as scary. Comical is all I get.

Now Tyranids and Necrons? These guys are scary.

>> No.25676536

Part of me thinks that Orks deserve something like the Eldar Battle Focus that works on Charge.

>> No.25676538

One entirely negated by context.

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>>Drill vehicles
>>Orks with giant shields
Someones been playing Space Marine, i see.

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Make it 6 + d6 with reroll, must attepmt charging if in 12'' range

>> No.25676569

Forgeworld has a Lifta Droppa but its forgeworld

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We need a Killboy as an elite choice
Something that makes Marbo shit in his pants.
Deep striking, eternal warrior...

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Choppa: SX+1 (where X = S of model) AP-
Big Choppa: SX + 2 AP-
Uge Choppa: SX +2 AP4 Two-handed
Power Klaw: S2X AP2 Unwieldy Specialist weapon

Does giving Boyz S5 on the charge make them OP? I'm trying to justify Slugga boyz in an age of Shoota boyz.

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It will not Die

>> No.25676586

It's a green skinned hairless gorilla with who is going to butcher or enslave you, your entire family, and burn down everything you ever loved or cared about. It's going to do this laughing in your face for no other reason or purpose other than the fact that it honestly believes that it's fun/funny. It's going to turn up in the thousands and when it gets to you, even if you beat it down, your planet now has green AIDs and the Orks will torment your life forever after, and heaven help you if word gets back to other Orks that you put up a good fight.

>> No.25676599

d6 + 6 w/re roll is good too. Must charge makes your whole army easily subjected to kiting though.

I can't help but feel Ork infantry need to return to being better in assault and not shooting. Doesn't feel right that shootaz are better than choppaz.

>choppaz should have an AP value like ye olde days

>> No.25676654

Personally, I feel Choppas should have AP rather than bonus strength.

After all, they did have an anti-armour ability back in 3e (although that just made the best save possible against them 4+)

>> No.25676662

Shoota: 18" S4 AP6 Rapid fire
Forces shoota boyz to get closer if they want to rapid fire, and prevents them from shooting and charging. Would this be enough to make slugga boyz worth taking?

>> No.25676675

All orks get Hammer of Wrath, to represent headbutts, kicks, bites, and other assorted extra attempts to cause damage.

>> No.25676692

AP 6 or 5 or whatever only helps against GEQs, which boyz have little difficulty in dealing with anyway. Going back to 3e and counting every save better than 4+ as 4+ makes 2+ saves worthless (something that 6e has been trying to avoid, giving power swords ap3 etc).

A minor strength bonus reflects the hulking weight of the choppa and buffs boyz against all targets, forcing more wounds and even threatening vehicles if they keep Furious Charge.

>> No.25676706

Or even just the shock of a twenty stone I2 creature smashing into the line.

>> No.25676707

Um. Okay, I'd give Orcs swiftstride for charges and pursuits, and goblins swiftstride for fleeing. Animosity would be more severe, but you'd only roll for it at the start of the game before deployme... oh! ORKS.

>> No.25676714

Well not really. Overwatch and unreliable charge ranges make sluggaz not worth considering. Sure you could just nerf everything else until we don't have a choice but to take them but that doesn't exactly solve them sucking does it?

>> No.25676749

Yeah, that would make sense. I just figure some form of AP would be good.

Hmm, Chain Axes, for instance are AP4. Make Choppas AP5/6 and give them +1 S?

>> No.25676765

Yeah, along with Furious Charge, it would help reinforce the idea that Orks are an army which should always be charging.

>> No.25676767

What if they're Blood Axes and you say, "Hey, see those spiky dudes over there? They're even killier than we are. We'll give you all these nice guns if you go and krump them."

Or Bad Moons, who you could probably just bribe with enough gold. Or freebooters, in which case you ask if you can join them on their quest for PLUNDER AND GLORY.

Hell, worse comes to worse just tell them where you stashed the beer and challenge them to a race around the desert.

>> No.25676777

A strength increase makes them as strong as space marine (stronger on the charge), which I'm sure they were also moving away from (making orks str 3)

AP 4 value on the charge maybe?

>> No.25676815


Eldar became bs 4 ws 4 base so major changes such as a str increase aren't out of the question.

I think boyz are not too bad as they are though, most factions troop choices are mediocre in 6th. What orks need is AA (desperately) and big revamps in the Elites, FA and HS slots

>> No.25676817

So choppas kinda work like spears? I could see that.

>> No.25676862

>A minor strength bonus reflects the hulking weight of the choppa and buffs boyz against all targets, forcing more wounds and even threatening vehicles if they keep Furious Charge.

The strength bonus from furious charge rule is supposed to represent that.

It was also supposed to represent the initiative bonus granted by 3e's power of the waagh in older editions, but rule changes did away with that.

>> No.25676876

But see Orks are terrifying because they are irrational by our standards. You dare not call them friends because in two days time they could find themselves with nothing better to do than burn down your civilization. You can bribe them up until the point that it becomes more interesting to pull your arms off and steal what ever it was you were bribing them with... and this could come about at any time on a complete whim.

The monkey/gorilla/baboon analogy is a good one. Orks are animals, sophisticated animals, but still "turn on you and eat your face because reasons" animals. These aren't people you can reason with because they don't practice reasonable thought

>> No.25676899

AA and Anti Tank

There has to be some way of reliably killing armour without resorting to just punching it (no matter how fun that is).

>> No.25676924

Maybe swap Furious Charge with Hammer of Wrath and/or Counter attack, make choppas +1S, and leave the base S3.

Hammer of Wrath reads like it was made for Orks, reflecting the sheer impact of a crashing green tide of boyz into an enemy line. Even if you cut an Ork down as he charges, the momentum will still bring him slamming into you.

>> No.25676933


>But see Orks are terrifying because they are irrational by our standards

So - according to fluff - are Eldar. Are Eldar terrifying?

I kind of agree with what you're saying, but it can't really be denied that Orks are the comic relief of 40k. Well, them and Newcrons

>> No.25677017

Only thing funny about newcrons is the asspain they cause.

>> No.25677040

Oh come on, Trollzyn is the best thing to come out of that book.

>> No.25677155

And the smell's the best thing to come out of shit, still don't make it pleasant.

>> No.25677189


>> No.25677210

Also the senile Necron character is funny too.

>> No.25677232


It's official. Orks replaced by Newcrons as 40k's lolrandom faction. Can be srs now

>> No.25677297

Orks could do with Assault vehicles. Probably just Open Topped ones (as they vault over the sides to charge more easily)

>> No.25677319



No seriously, give us warbosses that are on Killa-kan sized bases.

>> No.25677329

Open topped ARE assault vehicles.

>> No.25677341

Forgets me piks'ur, boss!

>> No.25677348

>AA and Anti Tank
So, some flak variants and better flyers for AA ? Orks surely need AA, but don't think that should be their strong point. Except maybe with flyers, I think cheap squadron of flyers would be fun for orks.

For Anti Tank, I may be wrong but I think you just have to make their existing AT unit work ?
Or maybe give them more accessible krak grenades ? new grots unit : grot kommandos, with marbo deployment, bombs, grenades and shitty morale.

>> No.25677358


>> No.25677399


I don't think you can make a "good" codex without decent AA in 6th. It's not a weakness you can built your army around, all it means is that you're going to get stomped.

It doesn't take much though, just a few AA gun upgrades for vehicles and an air-to-air flyer. I like the idea of kamikazi orks myself, ramming other planes out of the sky.

Orks need more melta-eq and a way of dealing with AV 13 spam. Not sure how though

>> No.25677422

ZZapp kannojns on dredds and kanz

>> No.25677423

Perhaps Zzap guns could gain the Skyfire and Interceptor rules? A bolt of semi-homing energy would be able to keep up with a flyer.

>> No.25677450

I'd just give something with skyfire, interceptor, BS 2 and heavy 12 or something like that.

>> No.25677494

>I don't think you can make a "good" codex without decent AA in 6th.
What I meant was "Not tau-tier AA".
So, what could get skyfire in orks ? flakk trakk ? Battle Wagon ? batteries ? I don't see orks infantry having it.

About melta ... it seem a little boring for orks, also BS2 doesn't work well with melta. That why I was thinking of grenade, maybe a AT version they could throw like in the first DoW intro ?

>> No.25677520

Just a twinlinked heavy loads something.
Hell a option to twinlink everything in the army.

>> No.25677544


I guess we agree about Ork AA then.

>flakk trakk ? Battle Wagon ? batteries ?

I think any and all of those options would work, along with a flier. Volume of fire seems to be as important in AA as accuracy, so something like >>25677450 would be perfect.

The problem I see with AT grenades is the delivery system. You need a fast unit with 6ths assault rules, and you also need to be able to spam them as suicide squads. While it's a good idea I think you'd need something like >>25677422 as well

>> No.25677553

Orks don't really need Skyfire. Their BS is shit anyway so hitting on 6s isn't a big deal in the first place.

What they lack is Interceptor.

>> No.25677578

Arg, sorry, managed to miss that somehow, sorry to be a moron.

>> No.25677579

>Multi-stikk bomb kit.
>Burna Stikkbomb,Land Mines,Kraka Bombz,Squig Bombz

>Implying a horde xenos army would regain access to krak grenades or better

>> No.25677585

I was told in the middle of a battle so nothing to excuse, was a nice bonus.

>> No.25677629


>> No.25677642

Yeah, you can have multiple form of AT.
CC AT is covered I think.
Long range should be ZZapp, missiles of various kind and other kannons.
So short range could be grenades/melta ?

Interceptor don't seem very orky to me, but after all it seemed very eldar to me and GW has told me how wrong I was, so what do I know ?

>> No.25677708


Sounds like we've fixed the codex with about 5 minutes brainstorming. Now watch GW do whatever the hell it feels like

my guess is LOADS of lolrandumb tables and half the units useless

>> No.25677717

Good luck using those when the unit is being kited around by a razorback until they're shot to death.

>> No.25677730

That's easy, you ram it with your trukk and destroy it/grab it/block it's escape

>> No.25677736



>> No.25677770

Lemme tell you wut Orks need

>> No.25677801

Ah, the random issue. Orks need random to be orks, but what random ?
Random efficiency is not the same as having random role (loota against old CSM possessed for example).
Most unreliable ork stuff should have Random efficiency, and some avoidable lolrandum (mostly weirdboy) that would need proper balance.

>> No.25677832

My very impossible wish list:

Decent wargear that doesn't rely on huge amounts of luck to work 'once in a while' and yet still costs more than a killa kan.

Access to these new things called wargear options (like armor) for weirdboyz.

Grots having a purpose instead of just lowering their points cost again and then ignoring the unit. (Maybe let the unit take a mobile big gun per ten guys like IG or Eldar.)

If Mega Armor is going to cost as much as terminator armor, at least give it options / built in abilities making it worth taking over something else.

Remove 'glory hogs' from tankbustas. Or force SM devastators to have the rule in their codex too.

Boarboyz / Squiggoths that are at least on par with the space marine / kroot / whoever versions. How the fuck are the orks the last to get a MC or calvary in their army

Besides the lolrandum tables and shitty rules, the fluff will also include:
>Herp derptarded orks who are technologically inferior to people to pray to bolters
>Debate over, technology runs on psychic magic, guys! Orks are actually armed with toilet paper tube guns! No, I don't know why they believe their guns and armour are shitty versions of everyone else's.
>If spiritual liege gets it, fluff RAPE. Somehow, they're going to develop genitals to literally rape some sisters because EDGYGRIMDARK
>If statisticsareopinions gets it, I hope you like buying all new units to replace the decent ones you already have

>> No.25677852

I'm just saying, IG and Marines get krak grenades for free as standard. I assume the eldar and shit do too. I would just love for my nob not to need a power klaw to bail out 30 boyz jumped by a lone dreadnought or other similar shit. Or, you know, for the boyz to be able to do something once the nob is picked out and killed prior to a vehicle engaging.

>> No.25677881

>Curvy, big titted orc chicks.

Aren't Orkz still mushrooms or was that retconned?

>> No.25677912

>I'm just saying, IG and Marines get krak grenades for free as standard.
To be exact IG get frag grenades as standard, veterans get krak as standard. Not that either of them would ever use them. Your point still stand though.

>> No.25677927

Orks are genderless, organic fungus creatures that reproduce by spores they release while alive and the fuckton of spores they release after death. They're possibly originally made by the old ones for fightan necrons while being able to retain a decent technology level even if it's a stranded / new colony

That guy was just injecting his fetishes. So... being that guy.

>> No.25678059

Just change it from being in sight to being in range.

Still gets the feel, makes them far less stupid.

>> No.25678066


Most definitely the creatures of the Old Ones, who gifted the Orks with the tools they needed to thrive once they themselves had fallen and snotlings used to be the brainboyz, leaders of the Orks

>> No.25678227

Don't know you, but I would like to see more squig creatures, like squig rides for Kommandos por example.

>> No.25678251

And I would like more grots units, like grots Kommandos for example.

>> No.25678258


I'm not sure Kommandos are the way to go with it, but eh.

>> No.25678287

Well, they are living things so they don't make noise. Also they have it easier to climb mountains if needed and also gives them some touch of snakebites clan.

>> No.25678308


Grot sappers. Like Warcraft 2

>> No.25678330

Make the Boars into Squigs.

Half pork, half ork. Half squig, half pig.

>> No.25678427

"Boars" are an old breed of large hair squig that resemble Terran boars, while the newer breeds are more bitey.
This is unlikely because it allows people to use old boar boy models instead of ignoring them and replacing them with shiny new ones

Well sure, I'd love super fast kommandos, but the kroot riders, IG cavalry variants, or space wolf wolfy wolves don't get stealth beasts, so the race that thinks loud things are awesome probably wouldn't either.

>> No.25678490

I honestly just want proper kommandos that have move through cover as well as stealth or shrouded and are capable of assaulting from reserves/after infiltrating. And they should be able to sabotage with heavy demolitions.

>> No.25678499

Couldn't the Snakebites cyberupgrade ANY kind of wild animal to use as a vehicle? not just boars.

That's what I saw in the bluff years ago,

>> No.25678537

Looted carnifex will be a codex entry.

>> No.25678595

That would be good, but I would love a Looted price daemon more.

>> No.25678606


NOBODY gets to assault after infiltrating/from reserves. By command of our spiritual liege, architect of the 6th, aka NO ASSAULT ALLOWED EDITION

>> No.25678801

7th edition will be shoot stomp smash edition, do not worry, friend.

>> No.25678813

let em set precedent then

>> No.25679795

>Orks are many times stronger


>fiercer, and more dangerous than the average human.

>> No.25679811

Marine Vanguard Vets can also do this

But nobody takes Vanguard Vets anyway

>> No.25679818

Ork updates involve nerfing boys, to lower point costs, as opposed to making actual improvements upon them.

>> No.25679828

4th edition rule. Despite that, it's not like Zagstrukk is worth using (or ever was).

>> No.25679849

I want a Looted Tesseract Vault

>> No.25679856

I love orks because 12 years ago, when my big brother got hooked into 40K and dragged me along, he chose the blood angels that came in the starting set, and I was left with gretchins and orkz being orkz.
Took me a really long time to beat him once, but I've been loving the green dudes since then.

>> No.25679863

Oh, and fuck Goffz, moon boyz is where the fun is.

>> No.25679870


Why it's a super ugly and dumb model

>> No.25680014

I like orks for their lore, specifically their physiology and religious aspects.
I once found this (I think self written/non canon) account about ork physiology written from the point of view of an imperial scientist, it was probably the best piece of fanfiction I've ever read and it went into detail about what orks were like out of combat, turning more into plants than animals, how they photosynthesised, how they 'grew' into the ground etc. It also had the most amazing description of ork behaviour, the writer imagined that orks do not actually have any intelligence beyond say a dog, however the orks were able to imitate others behaviour as if it was their own very quickly and accurately. This combined with their inherent aptitude for fighting, mechanics, bionics, basic tactics etc. gave the impression of an organised coherent mass unit whereas in actual fact they are simply acting on instinct.

I am in no way doing it justice in how I describe it, but sadly I have never found it since the first time reading it, all I can dig up is some much shorter official canon that goes about a detailed as "orks are actually fungus" and that's it.

For official GW stuff I like the ork religion and group psychic behaviour and think that it should be expanded upon because it's actually very interesting. The worship of and the implementation of Gork and Mork ideals is pretty much non-existent in GW fluff for the most part, and all the group psychic effect says is "orks think it so it happens" which is so poor for what could again be a very interesting concept.

>> No.25680050

your super ugly and dumb

>> No.25680071


Get GW's dick out of your mouth and you'll see what im talking about

>> No.25680208

-grabs him by the throat- back the fuck off!?!?

>> No.25680742

Considering that GW seems obsessed with making every codex have some kind of huge, stompy walker lately, what I'd like to see is a massive squiggoth model.

Imagine Godzilla with ork cannons, armor, and cybernetics added to its body.

>> No.25680830


>> No.25680832

More likely is a plastic version of the Mega Deffdread, maybe a dualkit to have Meka Deffdread as alternate.

Squigs in general seem to have been phased into the background.

>> No.25680888

I really want to see a Wraithknight size comparison next to the Stompa.

>> No.25680963


>> No.25680969

>Everything else is either grimdark or super-serious
>One single race is just lolrandumb, doesn't even make sense on so many levels, and doesn't even TRY to hide that it's just a spaced-up fantasy race, like the Eldar does
This is why I will never be able to take Warhammer seriously

>> No.25681008

>take Warhammer seriously
There's your problem.

Warhammer is a ridiculous unbalanced time/money sink for giant nerds.

>> No.25681034


NO it's a fun game for people to enjoy playing with their plastic figures and showing off their painting skills you are WRONG!!!!

>> No.25681051


>> No.25681073

>take Warhammer seriously

>> No.25681100


It is not only possible, but recommended, that you enjoy silly things unironically.

>> No.25681119

I used to hate orks too until I found that badass pirate orks from Dawn of War 2.

They aren't just some huge horde of green dumpster diving assholes, they were badass on an adventure.

>> No.25681120

It's both, just like Evil Dead/Bad Tate/Braindead are low budget D-movie jokes and also some of the most successful movies one a budget/gross/audience scale.

Indeed, shit's English, like Monty Python.

>> No.25681151


>> No.25681233

they are the last bastion of fun in a sea of grimderp. show some respect.

>> No.25681251

>Dawn of War 2.
You poor, sad, child. DoW2's boss is probably the WORST example of 'Orks done remotely right'.

>> No.25681275

He means Retribution's campaign. Not the base game's one.

>> No.25681282


>> No.25681308

I'm well aware that he was talking about the 'hurr funny' meme infested pile of crap.

>> No.25681321

What are you, 12? New to /tg/? A fucking summerfag?

She's Cultist-Chan. Do a google-search for her or something.

>> No.25681322

i like orks because i can

>> No.25681333

They were badass. A small elite group of ork pirates instead of a massive army that just throws waves of green shit at everything.

I think they were Freebootaz or something like that. All that trouble for a hat

>> No.25681344

New to Warhammer, haven't been following anything about it until recently.

>> No.25681353

Weirdboys with actual options.

I don't see why Weirdboyz can't buy weapons, armor, and other upgrades.

I am hoping that the rumors about Orks new psychic powers are true as well(Two sets, Gork and Mork. One is straight damage, one is support).

>> No.25681367

>They were badass
No they weren't. THIS... THIS is Orks being Badass:

>> No.25681390

Let's say they were both badass.

>> No.25681393

Neither should be straight damage or straight support. They should both be a fair mix of different types of damage and support. Mainly because not even the Orks can tell the difference between Gork and Mork.

>> No.25681406

That's her being a heeepster.

>> No.25681409

Let's not, and never speak of Relic's copy-paste of 4-chan jokes, ever again.

>> No.25681431

Even if you don't like their gear, the characters themselves were neat.

The Warboss was even smart enough to figure out where the big bad was hiding.

>> No.25681445

>oh no they made some jokes I didn't like, let's hate them forever

>> No.25681450

Just do a dual path like Eldar
Path of butal kunnin' and kunnin' brutality

>> No.25681459

Her doing is wrong?

>> No.25681483

I just grabbed the image, I didn't name or make it.

>> No.25681533

Give Weirdboyz Invulnerable saves based on how many Warp Charge points they have.

1: 6+
2: 5+
3: 4+

>> No.25681607

>I am hoping that the rumors about Orks new psychic powers are true as well(Two sets, Gork and Mork. One is straight damage, one is support).
2 sets of psychic powers, both have the same powers, but in different order.

Weirdboyz have a number of psychic charge based on the number of orks near him, but he HAVE to use them ... if there is no valid enemy target ... too bad for your boys.

>> No.25681741

The order of powers doesn't mean anything, since they're randomly rolled.

>> No.25681748

She's a chaos cultist who's being trained to be evil, but she's hugging her prisoner of war instead of murderraping her.

>> No.25681775

>not even the Orks can tell the difference between Gork and Mork.

Orks can, imperial scholars (codex writers) can't. So, I imagine the next ork book has a chance of getting it wrong.

>> No.25681807

It's the *Your doing it wrong*
What is a "doing it wrong" and what about hers

>> No.25681894

I honestly can't understand why you would be upset that relic gave the fans a nod. It's not like 40k is some super serious literary masterpiece, the odd nod and wink to the fans is just light hearted fun.

>> No.25682091

I wanted to play Lost and Damn, do you think the ork codex would fit?

>> No.25683732

I was going to do something similar but it was an Ork pirate crew that keeps humans around as slave labor. What do you think /tg/?

>> No.25683759

also make some human savages who think they are orks, like the ones from Gorka Morka

>> No.25684063

>Not liking ork pirates

>> No.25684443

I could see this working really well. You could have a world with lots of mutants and people who are pissed at the Imperium for being dicks. Guard is sent in to keep people in line but they accidentally find some feral orks. Rebels wear green to make themselves look Orky and purpose that their "fellow Orks" help them fight off the "hummies"; the Orks being stupid fall for it (calling them Muttie Boys and Hummie Boys). One WAAAAGH! later the rebels become a spaceship fleet based society; the population is kept in control by routinely destroying most of the Ork spores. However, the population gap between "Orks" and everyone else is 30/70. To keep the Orks from over throwing the mutant and rebel leader, the fleet engages in piracy in order to survive.

>> No.25684854

You guys know what this thread is missing?
Some Gorka Morka

>> No.25684869


>> No.25685013

Oh Gorkamorka, how you remind me of GW's innocent childhood years.

>> No.25686074

Bullshit he isn't.

He has an Int 3 Power Klaw on the charge
Has a "boss pole" for free that basically auto-passes morale checks.
Deep Striking
His stats are slightly better nob stats
His Model is Bad Ass
And he's a stormboy. There's very little reason NOT to use Zagstruk.

About the only thing that comes to mind is his points cost.

>> No.25686211

That could work, just use Ork models for the elite choices, mutants for slugga and storm boyz, and humans for shoota boyz, warbikes, and ect. Also throw in a few Gretchin models for flavor.

>> No.25686564

Meh, it'd be better if the humans/mutants went feral and thought they were Orks. That way the Orks won't suspect something is up and they'll just think the hummie and muttie looking boys are just weird.

>> No.25686571

Every time I see chem-chan, it just depresses me.

>> No.25686618

I would like to see all Orkz get a 6++ save, considering they can have their head removed and still function.

Also, they should get catapults to throw troops at the enemy.

>> No.25686651

>what changes would you like to see made to Orkz in 6th edition?
Playable Meganobz. Preferably with a Doc option.

I fucking love my Iron Ork squad but fucking AP2 and power just makes mincemeat out of them.

>> No.25686711

>Battle Wagon with Deff Rolla
>Filled with Burna Boyz lead by a Big Mek with a CFF and a Burna of his own.
>With Twin Linked Burnas

Drop that shit right on a squad of Termies and watch them go poof.

>> No.25686727

I second this I would love a warboss based of the Dawn of War 2 warboss as well as a warboss in mega armour, IE the DoW 1 warboss

>> No.25686845

Out all I mentioned there, that's the second largest thing I want (aside from the Kommando bits.)

That'd be 16 Str 4 Ap 5 Templates.
4 Twin-linked Str 5 Ap 4 Templates.
d6 str 9 deff Rolla hits.

If you hit even two terminators that'd be the end of them.

>> No.25686852

Decent killy HQ options. Currently just about every Ork HQ that isn't Ghazkull gets creamed in a challenge. Ork HQs have just fallen way behind on the powercurve. I'm not looking for mindshackle levels of bullshit but the fact remains that any decently kitted out CC HQ option in most armies utterly destroys Ork HQ choices. Most Ork HQs are used as support roles, not direct combat.

So beef up the Warboss for starters. Not sure how to do it exactly but something needs to be done. Big Meks should be your support options or super cheap HQ if you want it. More shooty options for them. Warbosses should be ded killy and 'ard as nails. Currently they're neither.

More WAAAAGH effects. The Dakkajet is a great start. Every Warboss taken gives you +1 WAAAAGH. WAAAAGH can make all Ork weapons twin-linked for the duration. All Orks double their initiative when charging under a WAAAAGH. Maybe PKs hit at initiative order when under a WAAAAGH?

>> No.25686874

You aren't Orky enough to appreciate her.

>> No.25686974


>He has an Int 3 Power Klaw on the charge

Which means he strikes after everything that matters.

>Has a "boss pole" for free that basically auto-passes morale checks.

So do boyz squads, it's called "Fearless"

>Deep Striking

Enjoy your scatter. Also it's very difficult with 6th ed's randumb charge distance to deep strike close enough to a target and not suffer a mishap, especially with a huge mob of Stormboyz. Also interceptor.

>His stats are slightly better nob stats

So? He's better than a regular Stormboy Nob?

>His Model is Bad Ass

So's the Blitz-bomba, and I'll call you when it actually sees use.

>And he's a stormboy. There's very little reason NOT to use Zagstruk.

Err, him being a Stormboy IS a reason NOT to use Zagstrukk. Oh fluff-wise sure, I love my regimented Ork rebels, but rules-wise Stormboyz are total rubbish. They're flying Sluggas that cost double what a Slugga does. They get chopped to pieces by everything on the way in, and once they get there, they're initiative 2 troops with a 6+ save. Overwatch will cost you numbers, randumb charge distance means you might not even make it, and everything that isn't a Necron strikes before you. Sluggas alleviate this to a certain degree by sheer numbers, but even they suffer. Stormboyz can't match the numbers AND they're expensive.

>> No.25688025

>Just spend $30 to get the DV DA army
>Excited about starting my first 40k army
>See this thread
>Spend all day lurking it
>Now I want to do Orks
Fucking shit, /tg/.

>> No.25688725

In "Freebooters" the human mercenaries orks use typically fall in one of three categories.

>Like Diggas in Gorkamorka, these feral humans encountered ork 'civilization' before the imperial cult and they have developed their society to resemble the orks they admire
>The human mercenaries in the region are rebels / pirates / whatever with a reputation so fierce that orks have heard of them and invite them along, if out of nothing more than curiousity
>The 'mercenaries' are imperial spies attempting to infiltrate and sabotage ork ranks, although whether the orks are fooled or just going along with it for fun is unknown

Basically, even if the orks suspect something is up, they don't really care.

>> No.25688767

If you're thinking about orks, be very careful and wait for their next codex.

You'll be grateful when whatever you would have bought now is nerfed into the ground (or straight up removed) and replaced by the hot new plastic kit.

>> No.25689260

Eh, he can alway get some standered stuff such has boyz, wagons, and trukks. Mantic released some pretty good looking space orcs that are pretty much identical to GW's. As for wagons and trukks he can just convert them from stuff, Orks are a big on conversion opportunities after all.

>> No.25689581

AP5/6, no strength bonus, but all Orks get +1S on the charge.

>> No.25692021

Except very crappy vehicles is not a great plan, slugga boys are dead and shoota boys are king in this 6th Ed version - 'Shooting and Flyers.'

And that's just the core troops choice. Who knows what else they'll fuck with between the current codex and the next one.

>> No.25692519

They have FAQ'd glory hogs to be just that: "If there is no visible vehicle
target in range, the Tankbustas may select a target as normal.”

>> No.25692783

Orks are the ultimate Nietzschen meritocrats, anything you can do you're allowed to, usurping your warboss mean he get's the chance to bulk and smart up and try to reclaim it.

Can't blame a lad fer tryin', but can't blame a boss from sluggin' ya either.

>> No.25692829

Ork can always be converted.

Mantic Orc/ks are absolute rubbish, far below the level GW has set, the Corporation and Enforcers are ace.

>> No.25693046

On the topic of starting orks when a new codex is on its way, which units are deemed 'safe' to collect right now?

As far as I can recall, none of the 6th edition codices have gotten new kits for troop choices, which probably means that boyz will remain as they are. In fact, I don't think any unit that was previously plastic has gotten a new kit, only stuff that was finecast/metal or entirely new units. Do you guys think this means that collecting stuff like trukks, battlewagons, burnas/lootas, stormboyz, bikers, dakkajets, dreads and kans is a 'safe' decision?

>> No.25693363

Modelwise yes, unitwise uncertain.

>> No.25693475


Basically nothing.

Consider the following. Vespids were considered, in the old Tau codex, to be not only the worst choice in the book, but one of the worst unit choices in the entire game of 40K. So you'd think they were prime material to be radically fixed in the new Codex right? Wrong. They remained more or less the same, with some minor buffs that did nothing to address their many, many issues.

Yet at the same time, one of the most powerful units from the old Tau Codex, Broadsides, were radically changed, with their old mainstay of Railguns being savagely nerfed, but in exchange being able to take more missiles than the US 3rd Fleet.

Where am I going with this incoherent rambling? Simply this: nothing is "safe". Good units in the current Codex, like Lootas, might get nerfed, or they might get buffed, or they might have their role changed around completely. Exactly the same could be said about the bad units in our Codex, like Flash Gitz.

On the modelling front, Boyz don't need a new kit. Their current one is just brilliant. Aircraft, dreads and kans all have too recent and good kits to consider replacement.

>> No.25694028

In the case of the new tau release, they got 2 new kits (bomber, riptide) and 2 reworked kits (pathfinders, broadsides), not counting HQs.

I think that reflects GWs current model release plan. A couple of new kits, a couple of reworked kits and a bunch of finecast HQs. The kits that weren't already plastic and decent-looking were broadsides, pathfinders, vespids and sniper drones (not counting minor stuff like XV15 stealth suits, krootox and kroot hounds). Since they're currently releasing new stuff each month, they don't have time to rework all kits and had to eliminate a few. At that point I think they just gauged player interest (and factored in concept quality) and went with broadsides and pathfinders. After having decided which units were to get new kits, they reworked their rules to make them at the very least decent, so that people would buy them. Since vespids didn't get new models, vespids didn't get the rules update they actually needed.

tl;dr if finecast kits become plastic in a new release, they likely get good rules (and no new kit = still shitty rules). therefore, don't invest in finecast kits before an impending release. kits that are already plastic can go either way ruleswise

>> No.25694198

Who is this? I'm guessing Cruddace?

>> No.25694229

>Snake bites get Boar Boyz back, make em' like Bikers, but tougher, with FNP (+5)

I find the idea of an Ork riding a Boar going faster than a bike amazing.

>> No.25694316

Yeah. It's still not a great example of orks done right. The best example is:
Fuck yeah, deff skwadron!

>> No.25694344

It's like you've never heard of Diggaz and Gorkamorka. Read:

Why not use allies. I mean, we have an allies system right there.

>> No.25694594

Rolled 42

looking at this picture it seems like Diggaz are not only mimicing, but actually physically transforming into Orks.

The WAAAAGH field truly is powerful

>> No.25694640


Assuming you're familiar with what he said about someone mathhammering the weapon options for gaunts, it fits.

>> No.25694667

So say I was a 'ummie. A damn crazy one with a death wish. I saw the orkz one day and was like damn I want to be them!

How would I go about joining them? Paint myself green? Walk into the camp and beat the shit out of the first guy there proclaiming I am one of the boyz now?

Would I develop psychic powers as I get wrapped up into it all and join the WAAAGH!? Will their guns work for me if I don't believe but am in the presence of other works who do?

>> No.25694668

>because nature said “Fuck you” and decided the only thing this creature needed was a way to kill you and a means to get there.

While i like what you said and agree with most of it, nature didnt have a single thing to do with the Orks or their biosphere.

>> No.25694678

>You forgot to add the fact that they can rain down asteroids the size of planets,

Little bit too big on the Rok description.
Its ok non ork players get ork fluff wrong more then any other race, i forgive you.

>> No.25694771

Diggaz, which are basically orkaboos, are treated mildly better than gretchin by orkz. This is what you'd be unkess you're a Yarrick-level badass.

Ork tek will work for you or anyone. It won't work as well as ir would for an ork, though. It will also be dangerous and confusing if it's any more complex than a choppa or a slugga. Orkz think it's a larf when a gun explodes in their hand or a grot loses his arm trying to work on a trukk's engine. You may be less inclined to agree.

>> No.25694800

Yes to the weapons working, no to the psychic powers, and it really depends on the clan you're approaching.

One of the more universal ways to exist in ork society as a lone human is to be a good mechanic or serve some other advisory role quite well, and then live under the protection of a mek, nob, or warboss who finds you useful enough that no one is allowed to fuck with you for the hell of it.

>> No.25694869

What if I know how to make some really good alcohol? Would that be enough?

>> No.25695116


It'd be a start!

You probably don't wanna be there when they're drinking it, though.

>> No.25695336

Depends. Brewboys are not always powerful individuals, but some are also meks/chemists of some description. They would then pull double duty as burna boys, so if you can make your alcohol extra burny, I imagine it'll be good enough.

>> No.25695882

Maybe it's just a personal thing, but I think the Marauders look way better than Enforcers. I like how they look like 1st edition Orks.

>> No.25695907

If orks encounter enemy ships that are colored red, are the enemy ships faster?

>> No.25696165

>getting rid of based fungoforms for boring derivative fetish fuel gender dichotomy
I hate you, I hope you start a pumpkin farm and go bankrupt and get hpv from your cheating wife.

>> No.25696240

> Humans facing orks have hypertension.

>> No.25698508

It was not until this thread that I saw the appeal of Orks.

>> No.25699849

What parts of this thread made them appeal to you?

>> No.25700125

IDK, they just seem awesome now.

>> No.25700838

Eh, that's one less Space Marine player. Welcome to the WAAAGH!

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