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I've been looking over sonic weapons and I cant decide what this would be that the noise marine in the image is holding.

Is it just a bolter and the guitar is decoration?

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Sonic Blaster/Blast Master.

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Doesnt really look like one.

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please to speech english. your words and syntax match do the not. brains have you damage? or merely not first your language?

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And old terminators don't look like terminators what's your point.

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I'm going to guess an old-school Sonic Blaster due to the gun bits on the bottom.

Might be a Blastmaster, but doesn't look quite long enough. Then again the models have changed a ton over the years, so I could be wrong.

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some more

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>drawing a slaaneshi vehicle

>read that warp amplifiers and dirge casters cannot be on the same vehicle

So how do I have an organ looking thing as well as amps for the music?

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I'd let him fuck me.

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don't forget the BASS CANNON

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Damn that is cool.

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Do organs usually use amps?

Well, I guess electronic ones might. Old analog metal tubes with hole in them, on the other hand, need no electronic amplifier.

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>warp amplifiers and dirge casters cannot be on the same vehicle
>organ looking thing as well as amps for the music
just cant have warp amps... the music is a to be the warp amp in itself as well as the weapon

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Sonic Blasters have changed. They look less cool now.

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No they dont, but electric guitars do.

So you mean just draw it anyway and be like "it's a regular chaos inspired amp, not a dirge caster......rule of cool"?

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i'm happy that you think so slaanesh is the best chaoss god
>sex drugs and rock and roll

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Pretty much, but make them less Warpy and stuff. Like more of an accessory to the organ rather than it's own thing.

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>it's a regular chaos inspired amp, not a dirge caster......rule of cool?
ya just a normal electric amp not a warp amp

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>mouth nipples
>with tongues
>so you can get nipplefuck blowjobs


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I agree, Noise marines in general look less cool I think
They seem less colorful.

Also - everytime I see somebody try to imply that noise marines either play only:
>Discordant noise thats not music

I want to punch them in the fucking stomach, according to lore it sounds like music to people who like Slaanesh, it's ghastly garbage to those who are not corrupted by it.

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so rock music?

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>noise marines explaining to mystical god of rules that "everything else is total chaos.....just not the amp....that's a regular amp"

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Well.... Actually I prefer Nurgle, but Slaanesh is my second favorite. I haven't seen anything about warbands that worship two gods, but a Slaanesh and Nurgle chaos warband would be awesome I think. Then again Nurgle seems to be more about get rid of feeling and pain than more more more so it probably wouldnt work.

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My rationale is there are different bands, some would like rock, others play other stuff, while others still just play whatever they like that sounds good.

Not saying the dubsteppers dont exist.....just that they are not all that exists.

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>it's ghastly garbage to those who are not corrupted by it.

But you just described dubstep right there.

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yep for that and more like it is why slaanesh is best god

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Heh, yeah I was thinking that after I hit enter.

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I really like how this artist draws female faces.

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As well as 'discordant noise that's not music'.

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>Slaanesh and Nurgle chaos warband
STD's everywhere
---help us spread the joy of aids--

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I love how Slanesh is pretty much a more femmy Frank N Furter when drawn by this guy.

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That was the idea.

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Hey Buckaroo.
They're not diseases, they're gifts....GIFTS!

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ya i like the artist too not just the art style

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>femmy Frank N Furter
you mean trap? or futa?

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I don't. I don't like his art at all because it's terrible and simplistic yet his females are so hot.

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as I have two of the models that op questions. They are the old blastmasters.

As for a nurgle/slaanesh force, it used to be in old lore that nurglings rather enjoyed the music that the slaanesh demons and csm would play, tapping their feet and somtimes dancing or howling along with the music.

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that, the outfit, and the tattoo.

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sounds like a nurgle to me

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So moe

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It is quite simplistic, yes.
>yet his females are so hot.

It's the angles I think..

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she is "cultist"
google her its good stuff

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not Cultist, Slanesh.

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slaanesh daemonettes with cute moe nurglings as pets....

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i stand corrected

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ooh cool, I thought I had seen all the Cultist comic stuff, but hadn't seen thaat one. but yeah, I was reffering to SLaneeshes dipiction.

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I love noise marines.

Thing is, I hate the rest of Slaaneshi types.

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>Thing is, I hate the rest of Slaanesh types
WHY YOU LITTLE...... you just.......:(....ya... the types that are out now do leave a lot to be desired.... so much could be done with it...
--- i mean Slaanesh is like the God or 4 chan

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>that third panel


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Now do Noise Marines only blast hideous screeches of noise that make their enemies fall over in seizures, or are they more like Brett Michaels in power armor?

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More KISS than Poison.

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Based Cuddles.

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So, what kind of music do they even play?

I'd imagine, somehow, that it would be something hideous, something horrifying, something so evil that nothing in this universe or the next would be able to listen to it and retain their sanity. Bowels would be loosened, blood would run from ears and eyes, and the dead would spin like a top in their graves.

So justin bieber meets one direction, yeah?

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>Justin Bieber


I no shit actually like the chorus to this song.

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>Justin Bieber


I no shit actually like the chorus to this song.

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sonic weapons that not only do serious damage but is also music that is subliminally charged to inspire emotion in the listener... what emotion and just who "friend or foe" it affects is up to the Noise Marine
>also more slaanesh daemonettes

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I can just see a Noise Marine touting a violin into combat. Except that when Battle-Brother Ecessus puts bow to string, tentacles rape everyone within fifty feet.

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>Justin Bieber


I no shit actually like the chorus to this song.

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It's just because Slaanesh reminds me too much of those "check your privilage!" freakshows that always piss and cry about the straight white male boogeyman ruining their everything.

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gotta love Cuddles

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Muh 7 foot tall waifu.

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>So, what kind of music do they even play?

I've always seen it as different bands. There's no "set" sound. A group of marines might just go with what they like at the time

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How would you build the Darkness as Special Troops?

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when you put it that way... i see your point
however Slaanesh makes me think of -pic related-

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But Slaaneshi worshippers never tell you to check your privilege they invite you to fuck them.

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These guys?

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Slaanesh's hairstyler is fabulous!

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Yea they're the opposite of SJW.

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>they invite you to fuck them
more like FORCE you to

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somehow, I can imagine a Noise Marine using this song in battle. For me, it's always been a tacky, boring, stupid song. Maybe not for everyone, but a noise marine using it seems about right.

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Thumbnail made me think it was a pony.

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Oh, and after reverse google searching I can see that I was right.

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4 tits anon. 4 tits aren't pony, thats fucking sexdemon

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of course it is you don't think Krone would look good do you? or Nurgle?

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That is true, in fact they would hate Slaanesh in the end because he(she/it) is also very much in touch with masculinity.
They'd detest the idea of a gigantic penis thing used for any kind of deed.

I just always imagined them as rabid dickheads, who not knowing what they truly do - would support Slaanesh just because they hate current society.

Without realizing Slaanesh is so much worse to them in the end.
>so they'll get their just desserts

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It's probably some Rarity as a human MLP fanart that was traced to be a daemonette.

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id still fuck it if it was in front of me
pic related

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>Khorne is The Rock

Stop trying to steal me from my Dark Mistress, /tg/.

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How did a space marine find his way into the court of the Gods of Chaos?

>I am not a clever man.

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>mfw Khorne is The Rock

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It's edited obviously. I don't think anything in that deviantart account was actually drawn by the 'artist'.

But hey, I don't mind. Decent smut for... that particular show, without having to go through the presumably horrifying experience of actually searching for it.

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