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Hey /tg/,
I'm kind of a newbie GM, and I really could use your help.

I've been having some difficulties with a few specific players. When a player is dumb-as-bricks, lazy, or unmotivated, how do you usually deal with them? Like the kind of people who stand around not doing anything and generally waiting for things to happen to them, or even go out of their way to obstructive and petty. I know I could I just drop some no-save lightning on them, but that feels like a cheap way to solve things, and doesn't really fix anything. And by "deal with them" I mean fix or at least improve their behavior, not just kill the character.
Thanks for any advice you can give me.
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Talk to them about it. Jeez. If they refuse to shape the fuck up, their presence never served a purpose in the first place.

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Yeah, first answer to any problem in the group should always be "talk about it."

Second option is, if they stand around waiting for things to happen to them, start having things happen to them. Chandler's law: whenever the action slows, have someone kick in the door with a gun in his hand.

If they're actually going out of their way to be obstructive and petty, and they don't cut it out after you've talked to them about it, you drop them from the group. You have to do that sometimes.

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offer incentives for roleplaying and teamwork
maybe a small bonus or a slight decrease in dc

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Alright, I'll try to talk to them. I just don't want sound like "you are ruining my game, play it the way I want you too or get out." I think I sounded something like that last time, and someone left the group because of it. I was in a bit of a mood at the time.

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Good idea, thanks.

What if the players are just dumb, should I drop riddle and puzzles all together? Are they just bad in the first place?

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I have dumb players and I'll have you know they've been the most fun I have ever had.

They're not uninspired dumb, they have a practical stupidity to themselves and it is a overall great time.

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Should I punish the players for not paying attention? Not some thing like forgetting the color of some dudes coat, but blatantly ignoring what the quest giver is telling them, even if its in character?

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how dumb are we talking here?

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An old dude camping out in a local Denny's gives them a riddle about marriage, and they guess that the answer is the number on shirt (this wasn't in character). Their second guess was adding up the numbers (1976 -> 23).

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