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Hey fa/tg/uys how's it going? I am playing D&D 3.5 in a few days and I want to play a telepath. Is there any advice you could give me on creating an op character? Is being a psionic character even worth it, or do they seriously suck?.

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The psionics system is not only fun in 3.5 (more like a mana points system than the fuckery that is Vancian magic), but the Psionic classes are weaker than wizards, clerics, and druids. This helps balance them against classes like the rogue, warblade, etc.. Your party will thank you for playing a psion instead of a wizard or druid.

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Also how do I get my psycrystal back if it dies?

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That's good to know. Is there anything I should avoid all-together as a telepath? Btw I've only played a PnP once before and it was a one shot at 3:00 AM.

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Build a new one
One key thing to note about powers is avoid redundancy. If you have Energy Ray for instance, you probably won't want the higher versions of energy powers, likewise if you'd rather have the higher version of it like Energy Bolt, ignore the lower versions of it.
Some other things to note, keep in mind how augmentation works, especially with metapsionic feats; You can only spend a number of points augmenting a power or applying metapsionic feats equal to your manifester level. If you're level 9 and you're using a level 4 psionic power that costs 7 base and the augment requires at least 4, that would require you to have a manifester level of 11, so no go, you're stuck with the base version.
As a telepath, you'll want to focus mainly on having a lot of Int and a good amount of Cha, the rest of your stats not so important, especially if you play the kind of telepath who mindcontrols/charms the shit out of everything you see. If you're looking at PrCs, Thrallherd is pretty neat for a telepath.

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Good to know. Now is there a way for me to go into another school or whatever it's called for a Psion. For example is there a way in order for me to also get some of the Nomad powers?

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Not unless your GM houserules you being able to. Otherwise, you're stuck with whatever power set you go with.

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For the most part, you're locked into your discipline. However, if there's one cross-discipline power you absolutely HAVE to have, you can take the the feat "Expanded Psionic Knowledge" to gain ANY power that is one level lower than your maximum. For instance, if you can manifest 7th level powers, you can choose any power of 6th level or lower.

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Looks like I'll have to talk to my DM then. Psychoportation just seems too cool to pass up. Also is mind seed a good power for purposes other than being a douche? I'm going to have to take it for my long term goal. Which involves me using it to create what my character believes to be the next phase in human evolution. I'm going to be the BBEG later on.

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See >>25654587
Totally forgot that little work around feat. Mind Seed is good for when you want to go off and do dastardly things while still having the alibi of being with the rest of the party while you go off and get more XP and such. It's also great for if you need to fake your death for some reason.

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GENIUS!!! And I plan on seeing if I can work out multiclassing as a psion (nomad). That way I can grab the powers while effectively increasing my manifester level. I believe that it would allow me to be able to manifest more powers and still get the powers when I level up. I'm playing with a few powergaming murderhobos so if I can bump up my power a bit I believe I can still be on par with them. One is a changeling rogue and the other is a half-dragon half-orc duskblade.

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I just realized mind seed only changes the victims personality to match yours when you manifested it so, it won't affect the physical appearance of said victim.

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Hat of disguise, problem solved.

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With Thrallherd, you have thralls and believers, Thralls are basically willing slaves, so what's a believer?

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Didn't know about that. Thanks intelligen/tg/entlemen I knew I could count on you.

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Probably what a follower is to someone with the leadership feat.

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Yeah, but I don't know what that is.

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pretty much someone who will follow you to the ends of the earth and believe you to be some sort of god or some sort of divine message or a fantastic leader everyone wants to get behind. Mechanically, they're usually level 1-5 nutjobs who will do what you want, but they're more like an army than anything.

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really? So you get one high level willing slave, and a group of weak adventuring nutjobs?

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Starting level? On mid to high levels everyone and their mother is immune to mind-affecting spells.
>Expanded Psionic Knowledge
Theres also independent research that doesn't cost a feat, but power level ^ 2 * 1000gp of expensive materials and I think a day for each 1000gp, like creating magic items.

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