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ITT- Things that are accually nice in the grin darkness of 40k (even if everything is hate-mad)

I'll start:
Even though hell, demons and monsters are real; It's comforting to know their IS a god who IS looking out for you.

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Indeed! His putrid love makes it all so bearable.

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Nids have the most noble goal:
To Eat Everything.

They are the purest of dreamers

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Wrong god heretic


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Happiness in 40k? That's heresy!


Seriously, don't take the last bastion of grimderpdakredginess away from the 40kids

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Theoreticaly those sexy alien/sucubi are just emotions bundled up and the warp might not be so bad

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That on occasion, even people who hate you will be willing to take a chance on working with you towards a common goal.

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This pleases the imperium

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Macha will never show up in the Dawn of War series ever again.

Which I suppose is better treatment than her sister got...

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>Looking out for you.

It still adds up to Papa Nurgle on my end, pawn. Know that he loves you despite you clinging to your corpse emperor.

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Say what you want about her (or don't) but she actually is nice.

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So what EXACTLY happened to Macha?

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She made sweet tender love with the Emperor and gave birth to the half-elf saviour of the galaxy.

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Going STRICTLY by canon here, that is to say ignoring CS Goto, she told Gabriel he was dumb and bailed when he fucked up the maledictum.

If we're going with CS Goto crazytown, she self destructed to send necrons to the warp or some shit.

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That accually sounds better than any 40K cannon

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And according to Retribution she chucked away her armour in shame.

>Rune Armor of Macha
>This wraithbone rune armor, etched with wards to protect the wearer from harm, was worn by the farseer Macha of the Biel-Tan craftworld. Though she cast aside this armor after failing to prevent the release of a terrible daemon from the Maledictum on Tartarus, it retains its protective enchantments.

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Hm, interesting.

Still, nothing about her dying. I'd just like some surviving farseers is all, after Idranel and Taldeer. Caerys doesn't count because nobody wants to talk about Soulstorm.

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So now she's running around in a gem-studded runic bikini, right?

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Quick to the drawfags

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No, they'll mess it up.

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There are better waifus

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You mean blander.

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That love still can bloom.

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I want writtefags, drawfags and all kinds of other fags to do their work and deliver story of 3 loli half Empresses half eldar siblings

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I'm not going to shit spam a waifu war
but no this
I will fight you

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Wait, what?

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It's true, though, lolicron IS blander than Xeno. She has no consistent description beyond "I'm a cron chick".

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>That love still can bloom.

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Praise to the emperor

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mutants, deamons, and heretics are burn with fire.

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Thanks for that one too, sis

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No prob! Burnination is our profession!

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>tyranids: life will find a way
>the satisfaction of an ork mek/mad dok/squigs trainer after a day of ard' work
>the smell of wraithflowers in the morning
>the love of papa nurgle
>Deldar pretty and calm hobbies when nobody see them
>good old boltguns
>hope that can find a place into the hearts of soulless dead terminators
>the fact that there's someone who still want to laugh even if it's a bloodthirsty god
this is my brighthammer

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She's nice in the way that a constant ringing gong is nice. Sure it's ok at first, but then you just get fucking sick of that asshole hitting the gong.

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The Night Lords treat their servants pretty decently, all things considered.

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Is she wearing a diaper?

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Way to ruin it asshole

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>Dat ass

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Thats actually just Talos. The rest of the Night Lords are sadists of the highest caliber. And even Talos admits to occasionally hunting crew members for fun.

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Nossir, absolutely not.
No idea what you're talking about.

In fact, all this suspiciousness and offensiveness is downright heretical!

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Get banned, please

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your fetish is bad and you should feel bad!

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The sweet juciey ones or the hooved one?

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Even if it was just one guy, the fact that there was even one traitor marine that wasn't a complete baby-eating lunatic to everyone beneath him is still better than every single last one of them being complete monsters.

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Even after 10,000 years of shit, some of the marines are still trying to be genuinely nice guys, holding onto their old honor codes and protecting people instead of resorting to BLAMMING everything that might be a problem at the first excuse.

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But terminator-kun, that's EXTRA heretical!

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The fact that his is actually supposed to be the default.

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If this Papa Nurgle is really a chaos god who is really powerful then why does he let this "corpse emperor" stay in his limbo of between life and death.

from what I little heresy I know about Nurgle, I'd think being undead trapped outside of life and decay, would not be cool with him

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But he IS decaying. Slowly.

So it's all right.

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>not posting salamander terminator
being this incoherent

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Because the Gods really don't care about the mortal universe unless there is something in it that represents an actual threat to them.

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Even after 10,000+ years of shit, coffee still exists.

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He's trying to free his old buddy Empy, but the asshole Space Marines are doing their best to bottleneck his main wait to get to him.

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you mean blender

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Nah. The Salamanders may be the default example of bro-tier space marines, but even the Raging Space Catholics have their moments.

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>Considering how ridiculously high the population of the Galaxy is, and how a small fraction of them live ordinary life on some planet away from this eternal war shit, it means that there is necessarly way more happy to mildly satisfied people in the 41 millenium than today.

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>Prosthetic limbs are available and quite functional, if clunky
>Medicinal knowledge is incredibly high
>Your average imperial citizen is quite content.

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An asshole is the opposite of a nice person, use consistent terms so that your sentence makes sense.

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Lamenters are the hero the Imperium doesn't deserve

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Medical knowledge is on the average barely Better then current
Cybernetics are largely shit unless your megarich or a space marine/mechanicis/inquisitor and even then you have to be important
Also they still have fucking cancer and less treatment options then currently
Medicine in 40k is fucking uganda central hospital bro

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