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In all settings, regardless if it's sci-fi or fantasy, there has to be room for casual conversation. If all your dialogue focuses solely on plot, it will be very hard to make you care about NPCs.

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I know what you mean OP. One fantasy series that has an extremely bad case of this is Malazan. While the worldbuilding and overall plot is interesting, character conversation is nearly non-existent. Every single line of dialogue advances the plot, and everyone; from the most lowly begga to the oldest of gods constantly rambles and waxes philosophy at every opportune moment. No one goes about and says "How was your day?" or "The weather's been shit recently". Everyone acts all business all the time.

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Probably why I started my most recent game with the fantasy equivalent of "You are all at the DMV on a bench. It smells, there's a lot of people, you've been there for hours. #72 is up. Your ticket reads #340. There's a riot outside and you're about to be trapped in here after an assassination attempt, but you don't know that yet. Roll for coffee."

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I agree. What a character does with their time off tells you a lot about them.

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>Roll for coffee

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fuck that,

all plot, all the time

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I don't like conversation, it annoys me when some ThatGuy tries to hog the spotlight and turn the game into a amateur theatre hour. I'm here to play a game, not to listen some idiot play pretend with NPCs.

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Okay I read that in Starfire's voice and I can totally imagine her running a game like that.

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>everyone; from the most lowly begga to the oldest of gods constantly rambles and waxes philosophy at every opportune moment

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Rolled 20


I'm putting sugar in mine.

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you should be playing world of warcraft alone

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Wow. You lucked out. The coffee ran out 3 hours ago, and it was burnt sludge, but one woman thought ahead and brought a thermos of the shit. She works for the local miner's union, and she's there because she has to help pay for a permit to mine the land they're on. She shares some with you, including sugar. The public hall is humid and everyone is cranky, but she makes for good rough talk about the local problems with union conflicts and excessive mining laws and litigations, making it really hard for people to turn a profit if they're not part of one of the huge city-sponsored companies.

+3 to caffeine and +1 to mood.

A ratling vendor stops by, but you have to decline his salvaged snack-wares, for your own safety.

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Man Starfire running a game is... I don't know if that's horrifying or adorable, especially with her speech impediment.

Doubly so if she's running a game about intense political intrigue and backstabbing, and not just berserker combat.

>"And now friend player, we will commence with the rolling of the dice, to see if you avoid being locked into the arraigned marriage to secure the future of your kingdom, at the great expense of your womb being savaged by dozens of wriggling alien parasite younglings from your monstrous new husband!"

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>You are all at the DMV on a bench. It smells, there's a lot of people, you've been there for hours. #72 is up. Your ticket reads #340. There's a riot outside and you're about to be trapped in here
Deep Space 9, season 3, episodes 11+12, "Past Tense"

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...what? I've never watched Deep Space. What happened? I'd like to know how that show went about it.

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Whenever I need to take a bathroom break in the middle of a non-combat encounter, I order my players to banter in-character while I'm gone. It works wonders.

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No boner what are you doing

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Don't look at me. I'm only repeating something that canonically happened in the actual show. Poor Blackfire.

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>Implying she didn't beg for it

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Of course she did, but she has to act the tsundere, lest Starfire and the other figure out it was her plan all along to get raped full of horrible alien tentacle babies.

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>You will never get to chill in Titan Tower
>You will never get to roll dice with the Titans
>You will never get to call Beast Boy out on being that guy

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I did that earlier today. It failed.

Which doesn't surprise. Good roleplayers, they are not.

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>Beast Boy ALWAYS plays a super cheesed Druid that may as well be a self insert
>Strangely enough Raven plays a Paladin, not Robin
>Robin just plays a happy acrobat Ranger with a favored enemy of Abomination Humanoids who sends all of his money back to his circus-working parents

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"...No. It's rebellion time. I refuse to get parasitic tentacles all up in my everything."
Beast Boy would be fine. The moment you let both him and Cyborg into a game is when things go to shit

>Raven using her magic to make the miniatures come to life and act out the game.

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Cyborg is fine, actually, as long as you got Raven GMing, and the game is Promethean.

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>you will never stuttering uncontrollable while telling Raven how pretty she is

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>Terra played a Stone Dragon discipline Warblade, planned to go Deepstone Sentinal.
> Character sheet still in the back of the folder.

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I wonder what casual conversations between orks would be like.

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Refined yet manly

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lol so funny

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Right in the feels...

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"Stop yer muckin' about, ya git!"

Orks don't have conversations, that's mucking about.

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>They all have a compulsive unconscious habit of never, ever including any sort of earth or stone based villains in their games now

>But there are an AWFUL lot of sinister old mercenary men bad guys who all meet a truly awful and painful ending, without fail

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I'm having a 1-on-1 with my GM where we are doing little else.
We had a session where the only roll was to avoid falling over laughing.
It's pretty much fantasy slice of life with cute scribes/tax inspectors doing clever things.
And unspoken sarcastic commentary. Lots of it.

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