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- Schedule Update
We are still aiming to hit our target date to begin shipping rewards in november. At this time the manufacturing partners involved have made it their priority to meet our very aggressive timeline. Things will be close as time is tight. As we work as hard as possible, If I feel the quality of the game or its components will suffer in any way, I will let you know and we can decide if we should delay it or not. While I feel that maintaing our timeline is of the utmost importance, Anna has reminded me several times that actually you, the backers, are the most important and that no one wants anything to be rushed.

- Shipping Update
The current plan is to personally fulfill all of the domestic rewards from our warehouse / studio in brooklyn NY. We are looking into better solutions for the international rewards and have started to contact fulfillment companies for quotes and deals. The fact that USPS shipping rates more then doubled during the course of the KD campaign has not made this task any easier! Currently about 400k of the funds have been budgeted towards shipping and I'd like to reduce that and shift the money towards production & art.

- Plastic Manufacturing Update
This is one point I am super excited about. We have secured a vendor and a process that I am very confident in. I personally flew to china early may to spend time touring the facility and going over the finer points of the project and the team their is quite capable. They are a small operation and due to the size, complexity and timeline of KD have had to expand to take up the job. The majority of engineering and production will take place from now until september. Once I have a good variety of samples to check, I will take loads of photos and divulge all of the details for everyone. Thankfully they see KD as a wonderful portfolio piece and want to give every last miniature the full attention it deserves.

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- Cards & Printed Material Update
I've gotten a lot of concerned emails from fans in regards to warped boards and low quality token sheets from many kickstarter games. I have done a fair bit of research into the projects in particular that were named and I am aware of what lead to some of the issues. We are using a US based board game manufacturer that has been in the biz for 35 years. They are capable of standard components and the more premium components that will be used for KD. The game cards will be printed on a thicker greycore card ( used for casino poker cards ) and the token sheets will all be sealed in a climate controlled area to ensure they don't warp. There needs to be a fair bit of lead time for this, as its not a fast process.

- Hit Location Dice
I got em! They are awesome! We might mix in a very small amount of glow in the dark pigment to the white, to give it a more matte off-white feeling. This gives the die more contrast between the gloss black and matte interior and in my opinion, gives it that little extra pinch of handsome.

- Lantern Armor
The lantern armor is the most durable armor that can be crafted in the core game and it is not an easy set to reach. I was never fully satisfied with the original sculpture and thankfully there was enough time for me to slide in a resculpt! So now you can check out the Lantern Armor as was truly envisioned!

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- Hunt Board
Lokman and I worked on this one together. He supplied the awesome border artwork and I did the layout. The center of the board is a unique gameplay element. When you reach this space, you trigger the overwhelming darkness story event. This represents the survivors traveling far away from their settlement and deep into the darkness where the atmosphere is its thickest. In this story event only the courageous or insane get by unscathed.

- Font Size
We've decided to try and stick to an 8pt font size as our minimum wherever possible. While personally I have no problem reading a smaller size, I've chatted with Anna and many of the backers and resolved that bigger is better. For reference most magazines use an 8pt font as do magic cards. In picking a font, we agonized for a while and ended up selecting a special type of font that's edges come to a point to make it more readable.

- Sculpted Slender Man
When the Slender Man concept art was revealed, Jacques-Alexandre Gillois instantly sent me a message the simply said. Let me sculpt this one! We finished up the sculpting on schedule and here are the photos of Jacques inspired sculpt.

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- Aya Origin Comic
At this time I am not sure we will make the print deadline for this to be included in the game manual. If that is the case, I will release it online for everyone to enjoy.

And the art continues to be arted!

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And now it's just a matter of time of waiting for the 'fetish-gaem' derailment.

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And this poor fucker is about to get irradiated to death.

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So he caved into the temptation of the Chinaman.

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And this was pretty much the update with this picture.

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I can't see why not. I love the details of my Dreamforge minis.

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Well the kickstart sort of promised the best. I already read he had to resort to Chinese card printing for the card work.

Whatever as long as its a good finished product but its sad he has to resort to China because of the lack of options in the US or elsewhere.

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>the lack of options in the US

I think in general the US isnt the best when it comes to wargaming manufacturing

I've counted like 2-4 attempts on plastic resin making in the US and all have been pretty shitty at time tables

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hadn't seen these before!

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Not just the US where is the plastic cast off the back of Italian monastic virgins etc?

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I have no idea what you tried to say.
Well, the update was sent today so it's no surprise.

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Jesus christ that slenderman english noble guy...

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Loving the awesome art.

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>I already read he had to resort to Chinese card printing for the card work.
Then you read something entirely false.
He rather clearly states that he's using a US-based manufacturer for the paper components.

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keep posting them!
I would seriously buy nothing but a book of this concept art damn

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I find the "please don't rape me" expression on that girl really appropriate, considering the game and its fanbase.

Jesus, you folks belong in a prison.

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Shut up satan and go play your murder simulator games you sick fuck

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>Kingdom Death model
>Lacks true boob plate
>Both sexes have roughly the same exposure
I... what? I guess the model designs deserve more credit than I gave them. Too bad this doesn't get posted over the ones that look like they should be making an appearance on a Hell Knight Ingrid.

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Problem prude?

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Its been said from the start that the pinups arent really canon and the models will look different.

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You mean
Please don't rape me again

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It's a dragon sacrifice character. How would you feel if you were about to be offered to a gigantic firebreathing hellbeast that means to consume you?

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I want to buy them all goddammit

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Not firebreathing. Radiation breathing living nuke dragon.

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There you are, just as I predicted *twirls mustasche*
>Too bad this doesn't get posted
That pic in particular was in the most recent update.

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>Slenderman with eyes

Excuse me?

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Are there any new miniatures that will be available for purchase individually anytime soon?

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>considering the game and its fanbase.
>Jesus, you folks belong in a prison.
Wait, this isthe best shot GW fanboys can come up with? The insecurities of a 40 year old virgin, shunned by woman all their lives grew hatred towards beautiful female form?
God this is sad, I didnt even have to get to GW female sculpts a shit.

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>use of female ribcage to show femininity without resorting to titplate

I am so hard right now. I mean, sure, it's not the best armor anyways because you can put a blade between the bones, but that's the same with the male version, and I suppose it could be that there's an actual layer of armor under the bone. Some sort of inside out structural setup.

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As with all kickstarters that I know of, the backers will get their stuff first and then the products will be released to the general market. We are scheduled to get our pledge rewards in november, but it may change.

tl;dr no

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Fuckin' hell. They said they're thickening his limbs due to the structural issues, but he looks so great right now. Damn shame.

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It is, but I imagine it would break really easily. I have no clue how to transport it if/when I move after I've assembled it.

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I've forgotten to post maximum lewd.

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Damn, I wish I had money to throw at stuff like this. I'd put it in a glass case or something

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Why do the women have their thighs exposed?

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Resin - plastic - manchild

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It's the strongest part of a woman.

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Its a mask. Slendy is going to Carnivale!

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Does he just want to feel fancy or something?

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To be honest, I hate Foron just as much as I hate the anti-Foron guy. Both contribute nothing to the thread.

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Here here.
I hate both of those guys too... wait...

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Pretty much.

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I think the legs are supposed to be removable for in-battle damage/storage-transport.

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"In my pooper!?"

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I have never heard of this till now, but I have a few questions.

1.Is there anywhere were all the art and lore for this has been collected? I see the gallery on the main page but it seems like it only has character and miniature pictures, not any of the other stuff, like environmental pictures and action shots that litter the thread. While I'm kinda iffy on the gameplay of the game, the world and art design has me really interested.

2.Why, oh why, do all the female characters need to be fucking near naked generic fantasy garbage? Not only does it make sense in the context of this ultra hostile world, but it's so fucking boring. The monster design is so awesome and so unique but naked fantasy bitches is more overdone then castles and dragons. Why you do this?

3. It's described as "Boutique horror fantasy". Whats the "Boutique" part about? I've never heard that in reference to a setting or genre description.

4.Is there gonna be an art/lore book release? Is Poots the guy who does all the art or is that done by other artists, and if so, who?

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I really hope they eventually put out a roleplaying system for this setting they've created. Combining it with surreal art like Brom and Zdzislaw Beksinski it literally my fucked up dream game.

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What? See

Also, pic.

There are a lot more examples. Are you looking at the non-canon promo figs?

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''RUN!!!! IT GODZIRRA!!!!''

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1. I currently have over 250+ pics

2. Pinups. They sold really well and helped push the stretch goals. They are not intended to be used in the game.

3. Dunno.

4. Dunno. Lokam Lam does some art.

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Well to answer #2. You're looking at the non-canon pin-up models that were designed to attract potential customers and a stipulation in the contract of the sculptor. He'll only do weird shit, if he gets to sculpt some tits.

That being said, the default models for the actual game are nothing like them, unless you count fanatical slaves to the god-beasts and the White Speakers, but that's another story.

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>grimdark kamina

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I dunno, I'm just looking on the kingdomdeath.com website and gallery. If all the naked ladies are non-canon then count me as confused but happy.

Oh, ok. Thats fair then, my fault entirely.

Would you mind raring them up and hosting them somewhere? This stuff is great.

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>Would you mind raring them up and hosting them somewhere?
Möh, mebbe. There are a lot of booby girls in the map though, I just don't want to post them because of the derailment threat turns up to 11.

>I dunno, I'm just looking on the kingdomdeath.com website and gallery. If all the naked ladies are non-canon then count me as confused but happy.
I understand the confusion, but Kingdom Death has existed prior to the kickstarter. Poots sold both monsters and pinups, so the art and resin versions for the latter preexisted the KS, so it was easy to spam it up and use plastic versions as stretch goals. This is his first real attempt to make a complete game, so he still miss some high quality art plus preexisting sculpts of the more srs and mature minis.

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I see references to hit location dice. Whats that about? Just choosing where you're hit and the associated penalties?

>> No.25624384

Totally unintentional.

Have this cool female swordsman as well.

>> No.25624411

GW doesn't have fanboys.

>> No.25624412

You roll a hit location dice when a monster wounds you. The dice determines where you are hit.
>"Hey, listen!"

>> No.25624423

Mediafire would be pretty cool. The only actual archive I've seen of K:D stuff is on exhentai of all places.

>> No.25624490

I'm no tumblrtard, and I have pledged close to 400 to the kickstarter, but this offends even me.

It's a shame too. The teeth armor is badass.

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>> No.25624588

Maybe... the final design will be different.

>> No.25624633


looks like the NES zelda art

>> No.25624635


I love the antiquated anatomy book aesthetic this has. Kingdom Death really screams Vitruvian man to me and it's awesome.

>> No.25624675

They already changed in and covered up her tits.

>> No.25624697

See, normally when they do silly exposure, it's mutual between the men and the women.

>> No.25624723

Do you have the new art?

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Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but I can't seem to find any back story to this game. Where are they? Why is this happening? Has our world changed to this? Or is this hell?

If anybody can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

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>> No.25624904

Poots has said that he dun wanna reveal much of the backstory. Most of what we 'know' has been inferred from updates, the vids and from the KS page itself. I know I have a link somewhere were all info was collected.

>> No.25624973

I found it

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Kingdom Death and Kingdom Death: Monster are only tangentially related in that they take place in sort of the same setting and are made by the same guy. There are numerous pictures, in this thread, of the actual females and female armor for the game, which is pretty spectacular, over all.

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>> No.25625273

What system is sufficiently fucked up enough to run such a game with this kind of tone and aesthetic. Din't Rest Your Head, Classics edition? Noumenon? Dread?

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>> No.25625398

A combo of WHFRP and maybe some of the newer 40k rpg's would be good. Assault on body, mind and soul!

>> No.25625401

>dat screencap

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>> No.25625798


If you can't stomach this there's always CoD. I've heard it's pretty popular amongst the younger crowd these days.

Anyway, this concept art is amazing.

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>> No.25625878

You're still a rape enabler.

>> No.25625882

The ridiculously oversexed pinups are the creator's only joy, apparently. I like the art otherwise, though. It's got a weirdly abandoned, run-over kind of feel to it that only a few things have given me in the past.

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>> No.25626290

We ever gonna get that archive of the images?

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>> No.25626328

The fuck?

>> No.25626622


Ignore it. Clearly a newfag since he has no idea how sage works. I'll show him how. Saging this post since it isn't relevant to Kingdom Death.

>> No.25626725

Its also much easier to justify/overlook than gratuitous boob plate.

Not to mention much more interesting to us ass/thigh crowd; who have been overlooked for a while.

>> No.25626873

This sort of looks like The legend of zelda crossed over with monster hunter crossed over with dark souls/soul sacrifice.
And judging by easter eggs that was the intention.
Normally i don't like grimdark stuff, but this one gives all the right, chilly and spooky vibes.
Also, monsters of the year, all years. There's always something new to find out and speculate on. like >>25625411 phoenix having human face (and glorious moustache). This all may be slightly overdesigned, but it's still cool as hell.

>> No.25627370

So, uh, what's the lore of Kingdom Death like? The monsters look p. cool.

>> No.25627576


Supposedly it's a setting where humans are trapped in a lightness world (hence the lanterns everywhere), and you are either slave to an eldrich horror to eventually die, or one of the good guys, trying to free humans.

For some reason all the slave humans are starved, can't find suffecient clothing, and all have EE cup breasts and look like they go to the gym everyday after a nice dinner at subway and a bowl of ice cream.

Cheesecake is painfully obvious. If only he would try to make it fit.

>> No.25628001

The pin up giant naked women aren't canon, they were just extras thrown in for the kickstarter as prizes. Actual canon women look pretty much exactly like the guys in terms of clothing.

>> No.25628044

>Cheesecake is painfully obvious. If only he would try to make it fit.

he doesnt

they are non canon

>> No.25628238

The standard miniatures are also pretty voluminous.
But they do probably fit anyways. According to the background, the entire world is created by one of those eldritch horrors, and it's inhabitants all designed as playthings appearing to its liking.

And let's not forget that the men are all idealized as well, not just the women.

>> No.25628346

I don't care about big tits as long as they're in big, practical armor.

>> No.25629978


>My body is a roadmap of pain
>I haven't eaten in days, you can see my ribs
>My beard is full of lice
>I'm a super model

>I'm a super model
>I just got out of the shower and shaved my legs
>For some reason, this shirt I found has buttons missing over my massive hooters
>I have to count calories otherwise I could get fat
>I use pert and popular so my skin stays nice and soft and smooth

That range of diversity.

>> No.25630535

Oh I hope so...

>> No.25630547

More like

>> No.25630587

>Well the kickstart sort of promised the best
>implying China cannot do good plastics

>> No.25630657

In fairness, anyone wearing that has killed a nuclear dragon so is probably a shitwrecking badass trying to show off their invincibility

>> No.25630661


WTB girlish/androgynous Kingdom Death traps.

>> No.25630678

>>use of female ribcage to show femininity without resorting to titplate
Don't forget actually being able to sculpt a female-looking face. That's important too.

>> No.25630721


I wouldn't give a shit if Kingdom Death were butterfaces because those bodies man

>> No.25630762

The game seems like it might be cool.

I hate the
>b-but cheesecake is bad
posters, though.

>> No.25630792


The game seems like it might be cool.

I hate the
>b-but 40k is bad
posters, though.

>> No.25631024

I think you messed that up...

>> No.25631303

40k is so grimdark it's cheesecake.

Dark chocolate cheesecake.

>> No.25631341



>> No.25632216


Check all the pics in the thread for something other than pinups. Also this

>> No.25637205

And just to put to out there, the reason everyone looks so damn handsome/sexy despite living in a hellish wasteland is because they are literally designed by the guy in the picture. He is more or less the god of KD:M so of course he wants his playthings to be as sexy and good looking as possible.

>> No.25637238

and a painted mini

>> No.25637268

>Then you read something entirely false.

Um no, from Poots:
@Scott Wells firstly I am going to say something a bit out of character and let you in on a little secret. I am at the mercy of the market. I looked into printing all of the card & game board components locally and not only was the cost far far over budget, none of the companies would even take the print project. It's simply too much hassle and the volume STILL isn't high enough compared to say the cosmetics industry that has a lot of high end printing and box making. So instead I did the most sound thing I could and went with a boston based company that has been in the biz for 35 years. Yes, they do their printing in china, but all their quality management is controlled by their HQ on american soil. The samples they sent me look great, the whitebox print the sent me also looked great. I've dragged them across the coals several times on specific token thickness and finish. My confidence on their ability to deliver is 100%, but manufacturing is manufacturing and I simply won't have mass production units to check, until I do. Do you mind if I ask you personally which board games you feel DO have solid quality tokens? And don't say space hulk! They are just thicker, dripping in gloss and have a deboss effect on them.

>> No.25637415

They aren't humans, they're things created by a powerful being known as The Scribe, and as such look pretty because he drew them that way. Your struggles to survive serve as his entertainment.

Starvation does not seem to affect people physically, though this is hardly surprising given that their bodies don't give off warmth, either. Warmth is a thing that you need to research.

>> No.25637426


Man, I fucking love this cheesecake.

>> No.25637440

You mean like...Kingdom Death is not completely realistic???

Wtf call the police and let'ts play some dnd with the most practical armor you have ever seen.

>> No.25637446


Take all the money.

>> No.25637491

"I really wish my dress didn't shrink in the wash..."

>> No.25637506


40k obsession with skulls, spikes and shoulderpads is pretty fetishy.

>> No.25637514

I don't think enough people consider those things sexy to count as fetishy. Unless you're saying 'anything anyone could possibly have a fetish for' is fetishy, in which case EVERYTHING is fetishy.

>> No.25637531

"Huh! I don't care what they say, the Thighmaster 9000 was an AMAZING investment."

>> No.25637541

"...but I am going to need to buy a bigger chair. Getting stuck is soooo embarassing."

>> No.25637595


Don't act as if you weren't turned on, virgis

>> No.25637682


That's exactly what I'm saying

>> No.25637735

That's not my name.

>> No.25637740

Would you rather be called manlet?

>> No.25637747

I'd prefer 'Enrique José de la Mancha', if that's OK.

>> No.25637822

>mfw Rawhide dame is my favorite unit because of dat hair
>mfw faggots talking shit about my waifu

Don't worry, you fuckers will get yours...

>> No.25637897


Everyone will get it!

>> No.25640101

Ok, I'm going to zip all my KD pics and up them to mediafire. Not sure if anyone who might be interested in them are still here.

>> No.25640596

I almost forgot about this. Here's the link.

>> No.25640843


Much thanks onto you.

>> No.25641339


Thanks you.

>> No.25642209

Enjoy the cheesecake

>> No.25642289

Lantern Festival is creepy as fuck, holy shit.

>> No.25642330

And by Lantern festival I mean the guy made of arms.

>> No.25642727

Don't forget the babies

>> No.25642763

Oh yeah you can see babies under the cloth. I really do like his design, there is always some new detail to discover on him, like the crown made of arms.

>> No.25642770


The baby!

>> No.25642821

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like the ludicrous amount of cheesecake clashes horribly with the grotesque monster designs? They honestly don't feel like they belong in the same game.

>> No.25642827

you've never played H games before have you

>> No.25642837

I honestly feel like hurting you at this point.

>> No.25642851

The pin up girls are non-canon. They were just promotional stuff. This has been covered about 3 times in this thread.

>> No.25642864

No. I haven't.

I'm just expressing an opinion, buddy. No need to get violent.

>> No.25642908


>> No.25642919


>> No.25642937


>> No.25642954

Not him but that opinion has been expressed and addressed in every fucking place on the internet. Did you travel across Antarctica the last 6 months?

>> No.25642980

That just shows how sleazy, disgusting and idiotic you and the other people circlejerking about this game are. We are completely entitled to throwing rocks at you and others like you. You are filth, and have no right to appear in public as you are, spreading your mental disease.

>> No.25642987

Though that is made by the same artist that makes the concept art it was made in the artist own free time and on his own volition, and not for the game and not on request of Poots.

>> No.25643014

*tips fedora*

>> No.25643020


>> No.25643025


Northern Canada/Alaska actually.

>> No.25643033


>Trollan trollan trollan

Except no, it doesn't He's mad because your exact same question was asked and addressed earlier in this thread and in many threads before this one since the beginning of threads of Kingdom Death.

If you read the thread you'd have had the answer to your question before even posting it, but I feel I'm wasting my words on a troll spouting ad hominem.

>> No.25643041


Thats alot of babies.
Needs more dak- babies.

>> No.25643054

When my delivery arrives, I think of the humanoid models, the only one I don't have is the first version of the foresaker, and the female version

>> No.25643058

Channces are you are a troll but in case you aren't then I at least am here for this
and not
Not that I dislike some of the latter material, the former is simply better.

>> No.25643094


The "real" art is a lot more fitting, I just like my cheesecake.

>> No.25643113

And quite frankly you show off that fact a little too much, I wouldn't be surprised if you were partly responsible for creating this image of KD:M being nothing but cheesecake here on /tg/.

>> No.25643137

different anon here. I have absolutely no interest in KoD except for the fan made cheesecake.

Everything has its place

>> No.25643138



>> No.25643139

Doesn't the project leader have a deal with the artist? Like, along the lines of:
>Hey guy, I know you don't like drawing the creepy shit I pay you to draw - so if I pay you to draw a busty girl for every creepy thing I pay you to draw, will you keep working for me?
>Great, we got a deal.

>> No.25643187

yeah that's partially accurate, though i only remember Poots saying such about his sculptors and not the artist. Though considering the kind of stuff lokmanlam draws in his spare time it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

>> No.25643215

You're good at lying to yourself, I'll give you that. But the point stands that you are not only pathethic yet disgusting sexually deviants, but also such complete idiots as to feed endless piles of money into the ridiculous plastic jerkoff material. And not only that, you have the nerve to pretend it's a game, of all things, which you then proselytize on public boards where it doesn't belong, such as /tg/. Your worthless, mindlessly enabled mass-onanist brain ejaculate figurines belong on /b/, or even at the most liberal, /d/. This board is for games, not some pathetic shut-in's fetish toys. I do not know how you look your parents in the eye, or stand your own sight in the mirror considering what cancers on society you are becoming. You should all be sterilized and committed on this basis before you become a genuine danger to normal members of society. Rapists in the making, all of you, in your worship of the fantasies of some deranged jungle slope.

>> No.25643243


I really wish you could just get this miniature by itself.

It would make such a great BBEG final form.

>> No.25643266


>> No.25643285

Maybe you can once every backer has gotten their rewards.
>all expansions get!

>> No.25643319

You haven't even acknowledged all the shit toon off normal and actually canonical in game stuff that outnumbers the cheesecake posted in this thread at least 4 to 1, you're probably a troll or less likely a very delusional person.

>> No.25643334


Those are the only components you need to make a K:D model.

>> No.25643357

I'd give it a shot with plain old D&D, specially Lamentations of the Flame Princess. It features a very limited progression, the classes are presented in a very clear way, so tinkering with it should be easy.

I'd very much enjoy a KD setting for Dread (that one that's part of the Pandemonium books system, not the Jenga one).

>> No.25643368

There's a certain amount of bizarre 'creepy' factor that also needs to go into it. Like putting hands where the faces would go, babies where the hands would go, and lanters where the baby would come from.

>> No.25643376


>> No.25643380


You're my first rape target. Prepare your ass.

>> No.25643404

It has hands, checkmate lanterns.

>> No.25643405


What is the name of this piece?

>> No.25643484

Slender Man

>> No.25643721

jokes on you, i'm way too weak and sick to rape someone!

>> No.25643736

yeah well, i'm a very dumb fish.

fuck you mate, in the ass, with a shovel.

>> No.25643859

It's not listed as kickstarter exclusive, and has an MSRP of $35, so you should be able to buy his expansion once the kickstarter stuff finishes.

>> No.25643865

I wonder how she got in there.

Also, that one face on the right...

>> No.25643910

You are now aware that she she lacks a chin.

>> No.25644135

Yeah, who needs chins anyway?

>> No.25647126

>who needs chins anyway

Truer words have never been spoken by a many-chinned fa/tg/uy.

>> No.25647156

Where we're going, we won't need chins.

>> No.25651378

So...what's the basic summary of the fluff?
What's the paragraph long explanation?

>> No.25653636

Anyone got the KD art with the girl from >>25643041

>> No.25653678

Wait, never mind. Found it.

>> No.25657800

Not so much a summary, but more like 'everything we know about KD'


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