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mfw I saw these masters :(

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is... is that a ulta's codex?

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ok, seriously? Company specific captains?

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Why does this sound like Astaroth the Grim for standard marines to me?

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Oh, nice. Thanks.
Have a sister in return.

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maybe, although the amount of actual information in the next is next to nothing, the bulk of it is just describing the model for some reason.

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TBH, this sort of thing already existed. The Masters of the Chapter box came out when Apocalypse was originally released. This just expands upon it.

The execution is rather...unfortunate.

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If I were a hot chick I'd let you fuck me, OP.

So sick of all this bullshit on /tg/ lately it's time for some good old classic C:SM.

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Okay, so what all do we know is coming out for Apocalypse? The Khornetaur, the special Monolith, and four new SM captains?

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I know but what are they going to do here? release 10 new models, one for each company? Also as this guy >>25615561 said the Lord Executioner is basically blue Astaroth.

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They're beautiful

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>that Chinese watermark

Are those Chinese characters on that captain's shoulderpad?

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>mfw I play Carcharodons and I can't use these models without a shit ton of shaving for all those fancy ornate details

Forever Tyberos

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It's in Ultra Marines colours, and ultra marine motifs, but I'm not actually seeing any molded omegas on these models

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So, then. We now have:

3rd: Master of Rites
4th: Master of the Fleet
5th: Master of the Marches
8th: Lord Executioner
9th: Master of Relics
10th: Master of Recruits

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Nah, they're just the Codex-standard Chapter roles for each company captain.

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I don't understand why the battle companies and 1st company need special models. Usually they will use those named characters like Sicarius and 1st Co is always used for shit like terminator wing HQs.

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Ironically, every Space Marine thing like the game and the books? Nah, the Captain is just some generic chucklefuck with no markings on him at all.

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>and 1st Co is always used for shit like terminator wing HQs

Except that in the Ultramarines, the 1st Company is only Tyrannic War veterans.

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They're probably Apoc-only, at least for now. Perhaps they act like the current Masters of the Chapter formation, where each individual captain confers a special strategem.

Wouldn't surprise me if then next SM Codex had some rules for them, kind of like the HH Legion praetors.

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> Those vox casters

Yes, yes! Slaanesh feasts!

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No it's not.

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This seems likely since it's coming out before C:SM.

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Even if it were true it's not like Tyrannic War Vets can't put on terminator armor.

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1st: Equivalent to Regent of Ultramar
2nd: Master of the Watch
3rd: Master of the Arsenal
4th: Master of the Fleet
5th: Master of the Marches
6th: Master of the Rites
7th: Chief Victualler
8th: Master of Relics or Lord Executioner
9th: Master of Relics or Lord Executioner
10th: Master of Recruits

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any more pics?

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Almost all Tyrannic War veterans are in the 1st company of the Ultramarines. Those rare few who are not are veteran sergeants of other companies.

Not all members of the 1st company are Tyrannic War veterans.

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What would Regent be for fleet-based chapters? You can't be Master of the Fleet since that is a staff rank.

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Severus Agemman, Sternguard and Terminators may be taken as troops.

Ortan Cassius, Sternguard/Tyrannic War Vets gain 5++.

GW, make it so.

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OP, were did you get those pics? Do you have any more? Is there any Chaos in there!?

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Giant floaty vox-caster begs to be converted.

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It says 'Galenus'. Who is the current Ultramarines Master of the Marches in the Space Marine codex. That's pretty neat.

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I want to know if the Imperials get a Knight Titan of their own.

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But Knight Titans are technically Imperial units since the Mechanicus is allied with the Imperium?

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1st would be the Terminator Captain model.

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>Master of the Rites
I thought the Chaplain corps preserved their chapter's martial traditions? I'd rather have more awesome Chaplain models than this nonsense.

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What made you think that besides the fact that chaplains like to hit things?

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No, it's just that all marines are Ultras by default. That or they want to be Ultras.

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Studded stuff will always look Slaaneshi to me.

These guys are very cool, though.

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So... are these Forge World models, then?

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>Each Chapter has its own unique cult, which is often thousands of years old. As these cults often predate the rise of the Ecclesiarchy, the Chapter cults are not simply facets of the common Imperial Cult. While the Ecclesiarchy and its lay followers worship the Emperor of Mankind as a deity, several Chapter cults regard him as merely a brilliant and inspirational man, though with scarcely less reverence. As in all things, this view of the Emperor's divinity, or lack thereof, varies from Chapter to Chapter. The chapter's own Primarch is also a major part of the Chapter's specific cult, revered as much as the Emperor.
>Chaplains are the most well-versed in the knowledge of the Chapter's cult. This knowledge is put to practical use as Chaplains are responsible for the spiritual health, discipline and faith of the Chapter brethren. The bond between Marines and their Chaplains is a strong one. Chaplains are present in a Marine's life from the moment he is chosen as a neophyte, presiding over their indoctrination as they progress toward becoming full battle-brothers.
It's the entire point and purpose of having Chaplains in the first place.

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>studded stuff will always look Slaanesh to me

nigga what

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No read the images they are finecast GW.

Lol'd at GW using the word "crisp" like 3 times in one of them.

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How is that anything to do with "martial" traditions?

I already knew all that shit about chaplains. None of it is martial, which is why I'm asking you why you think the chapter's therapists, confessional booth preachers, and priests are their fucking karate senseis.

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>7th: Chief Victualler
That shit makes me laugh every time.

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I kinda love the models..

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>implying that doesn't look Slaaneshi
C'mon, studs everywhere is so obviously a punk/fetish thing.

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It's basically Quartermaster. Guess that name was taken by IG or too modern.

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doesn't that mean cook or something

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are they releaseing things for non-homosexual armies besides the necron thing?

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All 40k armies are homosexual.

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>not flamboyantly homosexual

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"Rites" implies ceremony and ritual, neither of which have anything to do with simply teaching combat skills. That's the province of the Chaplains.
If the Master of the Rites is in charge of combat training instead of ceremony or ritual, then the title is stupid and doesn't make any sense.

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"Rites" implies ceremony and ritual, neither of which have anything to do with simply teaching combat skills. Rites are the province of the Chaplains.
If the Master of the Rites is in charge of combat training instead of ceremony or ritual, then the title is stupid and doesn't make any sense.

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>more bald space marines

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The Rites of Battle have always been domain of the captains.

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>helmet hair

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the executioner has a Mohawk

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Wake up too early to look at /tg/. Stumble on over to the Mr. Coffee. Pour myself a warm black existence.

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Never knew Chinks were into Warhammer40k

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Not many. But some.

>dat hipster retro racism

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Why is a tau battle suit screaming "FUCK YOU" funny to me? This is just silly. That is just silly.

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This this is the Apocalypse thread I'll post all the Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau, and Ork releases.
There, done.

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For example, Chink.

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Not a dego's by I don't see a wop.

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Personal flying dead baby cyborg cherub?

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I'm reading this in the voice of Leslie Chow and it is glorious.

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Cracka please, we prefer the term Chinaman.

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Where the fuck do you think the fucking leaks came from? Ever since GW stops feeding us intentional leaks, all leaked photos are from China.

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>that high pitched giggling AHAHAHA

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China gives no fucks about GW.

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Thanks, man. Interesting stuff for sure.

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You -do- know the only picture leaked from 2012-2013 all came from china?
But w/e I dont even like china, I just dislike ignorant ungrateful GW nerds.

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I know that feel, my squalous compadre

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We beat them on the Eldar codex, though. I think maybe the White Dwarfs are published there but the codices aren't.

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>not liking China
China's pretty cool, yo.

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actually with this release we have models for every ultramarine captain except for Agemman and the captain of the 7th (though I guess the generic 2nd company captain could work for him)

>Marches; 5th (Black)
>Rites; 6th (orange)
>Executioner; 8th
>Relics; 9th

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>not liking China

Fucking pig dog.

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According to google translate (English to Swedish) it means "Food deliverer", "Innkeeper" or "Provision ship"

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>China's pretty cool, yo.

I guess, I do like chinacast -_-

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/tg/ beat fucking Faeit on the Eldar codex man.

Thanks based whatever-that-trip-guys-name-was.

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>so much armour-plated baldness
Good lord spess mehreens bore me.

>> No.25617317


It's the third one. Provisions as in quartermaster and ship as in Imperial Navy.

>> No.25617327

I will still see him as the Chief Innkeeper

>> No.25617328

>>so much armour-plated baldness
>Good lord spess mehreens bore me.

The easier for your average GW players to self insert. God, no wonder there are so many SM fan boys.

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All 40K races are boring unless you like them. That's what's great about 40K though, the coherency of the models in each faction while being varied enough to make fun and different models for people who like that aesthetic.

I'm sure Necron players think Necrons look vastly different whereas the rest of us think they all look like terminators.

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It's a real rank that means they were in charge of all the shit to keep a campaign going. Food, medicine, whatever

>> No.25617331

Everyone beat Faeit on that- Faeit was slow as balls. Hopefully he's got his shit back in order now, though.

It was Raziel. Then the photos came from an anon who wished to be known as... Photo Anon. All glory be to them.

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considering the 7th is a reserve company, that's not too far from the mark

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What about Blood Angels and their long flowing luxurious locks?

>Blood Angels: Because I'm worth it.

>> No.25617368

Yes I get that, but I like the thought of a space marine serving beer to shady looking adventurers.

>> No.25617372


Whatever people that claim space marines are boring because of VISUAL SIMILARITY are bullshit. Yeah, marines can get boring, but they have the most fucking bits out of all armies you can't call them boring because they're all identical.

For helmets alone I can count like 20 different helmets I can use for a given marine. Not even getting into fucking bare headed sculpts yet.

>> No.25617374

The fuck is she wearing for pants?

>> No.25617380

Now, I don't want to go making accusations, but does anyone else think the dude on the right has... pointy ears?

"Ha! Merely a trick of the light, Monkeigh Brother. I mean, Brother."

>> No.25617383


You can give him a tabard and paint it as an apron. Stormshield turned sideways and used as a platter for beer.

>> No.25617396


Garbage bags. Because she belongs in a garbage can.

>> No.25617402

But the vast, vast majority of them are wearing the same basic power armour, sometimes with bits stuck on. And they all use rhinos and land raiders and dreadnoughts.

>> No.25617407


It's the metal from his backpack.

>> No.25617423

>What about Blood Angels
that's just propaganda. Sanguinius might have been pretty, but the blood angels are still space marines.

>> No.25617426


SoB wear power armor. All IG wear carapace and all regiments use Chimeras etc. All Imperial armies are going to have overlap.

It's like saying DE and Eldar are both boring copypasta because they have conic jetbikes.

>> No.25617427

Er they are...for quite some time now.

>> No.25617435

I only buy White Dwarf for when I have plane trips and I decided to buy the Dark Angels one. Dear god that dome bitch fucking ruined everything. The layout is all convoluted, the battle report is just pictures everywhere with no fucking rhyme or reason and were out of sequence. Also I've seen better photos on Dakka Dakka. Every picture was using so much flash the models were tinted blue.

>> No.25617448


Don't know how I missed that.

>> No.25617457

>It's like saying DE and Eldar are both boring copypasta because they have conic jetbikes
No it's not. Their jetbikes are different shapes- one is oval and one is angular and pointy.

>All IG wear carapace
I'd say Cadians, Catachans and Vostroyans are all far more distinct from each other than different Marines.

>> No.25617471

"Try my garlic-fried potatoes, mortal paladin."


>> No.25617475

>blaming one person for the absolute clusterfuck that is White Dwarf
C'mon, anon. It takes more than one person to wreck something that badly.

>> No.25617529

first thing came to mind

>> No.25617544


Pick one.

inb4 nubile prettyboy scout

>> No.25617554


That's because you're biased. I agree BA and SM look very similar but there's no way in hell you will ever see me playing with SW, DA, or GK models.

>> No.25617602

But she's a woman, so it's clearly her fault.

I don't even know whose side I'm trolling for anymore!

>> No.25617623

A true troll needs no side. Some men just want to watch a thread burn.

>> No.25617631


Oh you need sides all right. So you can go

>my sides

>> No.25617664

He doesn't even have a service stud

That's basically baby-tier for space marines, let alone terminators. Why do you think everyone makes fun of Thaddeus?

>> No.25617693

>that feel when complaining about bald white men is endemic of tumblr sjw community fight against "racism"
>tfw even in a /tg/ thread about space marines they can't.leave.it.the.fuck.alone.

Go to /pol/

>> No.25617704

>is endemic of
>>/a dictionary/

>> No.25617737

>Those boring as hell model poses.

>> No.25617750

She's the digital editor. Her paired with Hudson and Shield have literally ruined the magazine.

>> No.25617880

It was already very, very bad, no? And what does a
>digital editor
do? Sounds more like website editing to me...

>> No.25617898


He has two studs.

>> No.25617923

studs are in the forehead, and given every century of service

Since they're in the temple.. it's probably some kind of link for his helmet.

>> No.25617937


Maybe his studs are on the left. Because he's straight.

>> No.25617946

After some googling, seems like a 'digital editor' normally edits digital content, as the name implies.

>> No.25617962

I'm not sure you understand, someone who has served for less than a hundred years will not have a service stud

>> No.25617973

They are all finecast, I guess I don't give a fuck

>> No.25617975

Where is the cool apocalypse stuff?

>> No.25618001

This. Where the fuck is the fucking Chaos warmachine and shit. Fuck.

>> No.25618075

>Master of Relics
>Master Executioner
>Master of Rites
>Master of Marches
Absolutely retarded.

>> No.25618141

Why do they still use parchment in the grim darkness of the far future?

>> No.25618144

Shouldn't this guy just be a Chaplain?

>> No.25618155

Because it's grim and dark and stupid.

>> No.25618156

Martial traditions are separate from Religious traditions.

Admittedly, the Imperium tends to blend the line. A lot. But on paper, there's a difference, even if there isn't one in practice.

>> No.25618163

Isn't the 1st Company one the Chapter Master? 2nd is usually a named Captain. Are these guys Captains? I'm lost.

>> No.25618168

That is just.. ridiculous, even for 40k. Why store information on a data slate when i can have a useless huge scroll instead! And why use the built-in radios when i can try blasting orders with a boombox for the enemy to hear as well!

>> No.25618170

I was the opinon that the Lord Executioner was the Chapter Master of the Executioners. Looks like that has been tossed by the wayside. It wasn't like it was old fluff, it was in IA 10


>> No.25618182

I know who my blood raven hq is going to be

>> No.25618184

Chapter Master and 1st Company Captain are separate people. Codex: Space Marines lays this out all quite nicely
A title can be used more than once and mean different things.

>> No.25618195

Oh yeah. I could just look in there...

>> No.25618219

Here's a better question. Why do all women associated with gaming feel the need to dye their hair some obnoxious color and/or get so many piercings they look like they just walked off the set of Hellraiser?

>> No.25618223

>mfw none of this occurred to me at all until you pointed them out
>mfw you make perfect sense

Maybe I need to stop playing 40k.

>> No.25618236

"Chink" was a drawfag from old /tg/ from somewhere in Southeast Asia. I forget exactly where, though. Joined the Peace Corps, we never heard from him again.

>> No.25618237


becaquse grimderp

>> No.25618240


Because they are strong beautiful womyn and you can't oppress them with your cis standards of beauty and objectification.

>> No.25618251

I know a girl who doesn't do that. She does have a small viking tattoo around her wrist but other than that she doesn't even dress remotely "alternative"

>> No.25618257

Then she's the exception.

>> No.25618273


Cute, quiet, gentle ladies in frilly dresses playing wargames.

>> No.25618277

the same reason all the men wear fedoras.

>> No.25618287

Aspberger's Syndrome?

>> No.25618301


I'm Aspie and I don't wear a Fedora. Only hipsters wear fedoras.

>> No.25618303

There is no paper of any kind in 40K. Not even toilet paper.
That is why everyone's lives are so shitty.

>> No.25618306


>> No.25618326

To look like the spiritual liege?

>> No.25618329

ive never seen a picture or real person that i would describe as a hipster wearing a fedora.

why the fuck would a hipster wear a fedora

>> No.25618330

is it me or does he look really short?

>> No.25618340

there are multiple metals that the studs can be in

they denote different time spans

>> No.25618343


>> No.25618358


His shield is huge.

>> No.25618360

To be "ironic?"

>> No.25618361

Not sure about the situation now, but big fat geeks wearing fedoras was a thing long before hipsters were a thing.

>> No.25618383

no matter what hipsters do or what type of "hipster" (meaningless word) you are talking about

they will aim to be cool

fedoras are the least cool thing possible

>> No.25618436


No it doesn't make perfect sense, this is 40k not Infinity, the model fits in perfectly with the aesthetic of 40k.

>> No.25618454

I'm 40k fun.
I've always loved 40k aesthetic made of ridiculous sensless desings.
But that's still looking retarded.

>> No.25618459

Because get this. They are primitive.

>> No.25618475

This. They use parchments because ipad tablets are a rarity and they can't hand them out to everyone.
Also all the Ipad factories got lost to scarf wearing chaos cultists

>> No.25618495

As a swede i have never heard that word.

>> No.25618506

Its a fancy word.

>> No.25618508

If anyone should have decent radio tech or own a dataslate it's a chapter master.

Are there radios in the standard marine helmets, or does every sergeant who wants to order his squad have to take his helmet off?

>> No.25618512

Jamal needs his daily blowjob, citizen.

>> No.25618545

wow, more marines

>> No.25618577

Paper tends to decay faster than parchment.

A lot of the records the Imperium has will need to be copied and replaced many times over time, so to make each one stretch further, they use parchment.

>> No.25618596


>> No.25618845

Not the guy you are replying to innocent one, but for your sake, don't go to/pol/ or /int/

>> No.25618846

I thought he was Taiwanese and got conscripted.

>> No.25618859

Yeah, no. Data slates are very common. Not everything in 40k is an arceotech relic.

>> No.25618887


They don't know that. In their mind fedoras are cool.

>> No.25618888


Hipster Cultist-chan is way cuter than regular Cultist.

>> No.25618892


These are captains, not chapter masters.

But yes, all marines have radio headset so it's pointless.

>> No.25618898


>> No.25618901

most of those that guy wearing fedora crowd are not hipsters

>> No.25618903


Marines dramatically remove their helmets so often, the loudspeakers actually make sense.

>> No.25618935

Needs more xenos.

>> No.25618957

Where's my giant Dreadnought?

>> No.25618987

This thread really makes me want to field a full company of marines and I have the models to do it. I just don't have the time and patience to finishing painting them all as Imperial Fists and really want to paint my bikes, scouts and assault marines as Raven Guard at the moment.

I used to see hipsters wearing fedoras or pork pie hats or some shit like that back in '03/04. I don't know much about hats but I thought they were twats back then. I know a fairly normal guy that wears a fedora and suit far too often and another guy who wears a black trench coat and what can only be described as a black leather cowboy hat. i don't have the heart to tell them how ridiculous they look. I wish I had the confidence to go out dressed stupid and cosplay.

>> No.25619002

These are apocalypse releases, NOT the codex: space marine ones

Remember how we got the first Masters of the Chapter box set when apocalypse came out?

>> No.25619012

It was "crisp" three times and 2 "detailed" in the same one, I think.

They're really pushing Failcost.

>> No.25619022

You don't understand. Development in the Imperium is on the decline. Its an empire in decay. So they are not really going to have everything available to everyone.
Same reason everyone is not equipped with plasma guns.

>> No.25619029

I feel the big roll of parchment really fits marines of say, the Black Templars or Dark angels but with generic codex marines it seems a little too much and inefficient.

>> No.25619051

In before someone does DICKBUTT on the scroll

>> No.25619053

More Necrons.

>> No.25619063

I love these.

>> No.25619119


On the ancient dining table of a stately home two armies do battle to the sound of Beethoven’s 5th.

*Clatter of dice*

"Mildred that appears to be ten casualties I've inflicted upon your conscripts"

"Ah blast that'll be morale check then..."

*More dice*

"And the cowards flee, you've got me on the ropes a bit here Penelope."

>> No.25619122

>so much armour-plated baldness
>What about Blood Angels and their long flowing luxurious locks?

I prefer my goth Raven Guard and their Primarch Trent Reznor.

>> No.25619134


Wouldn't the Master of Relics be some sort of Techmarine?

>> No.25619138


>> No.25619149

Techmarines are a separate entity concerned with maintaining the wargear of the chapter. They work under the Master of the Forge much like Librarians work under the Chief Librarian.

Master of Relics is just the guy who blows shit up good.

>> No.25619154

He's just the Master of the Relics that the Master of the Forge will let him take into battle. His job is to count and make sure none of the plasma guns go missing after a battle. A very important job, especially when allying with the Blood Ravens.

>> No.25619166

You doing it wrong.

>> No.25619179

The Master of relics is gonna get some unwanted attention the moment he steps on the battlefield.

>> No.25619188

Op here, New Release are:

4 Master of whatever,
The Apocalypse Rulebook,
Strategic Resources Cards(no idea what is this), Wall of Martyrs,
Vengeance Weapon Platform,
Aquila Strongpoint, Bandblade/Shadowsword(2in1?),
Tesseract Vault,
Khorne Lord of Skulls.

um..., I can save my money for Lizardman. :3

>> No.25619190

He isn't batman though. He's Edgar Allan Poe.

>> No.25619197

Is this the new way of fighting racism; labeling it as being hipsterish? That might actually work.

>> No.25619206

>Wall of Martyrs
>Vengeance Weapon Platform
>Aquila Strongpoint
>Tesseract Vault
More buildings with rules!
>it's pretty much all Imperial
Fuck that.

>> No.25619231

>More buildings with rules!

It's probably the flying monolith.

>> No.25619259


I didn´t even know I had this fetish... until now.

>> No.25619262

Blood Ravens just want to collect all the shinies for their nests, they can't help it.

>> No.25619279

The fuck you say heretic?

>> No.25619290


Oh my, i have a new fetish.

And what would such delectable ladies eat and drink while playing?

A champaign flute of mountain dew?

>> No.25619320

How bad are cargo pants and camouflage? I wear a lot of both.

>> No.25619347

I thought there was already a plastic model for the baneblade? What the fuck?

>> No.25619367

probably recutting the sprues to fit all the variants in a single box

>> No.25619373

So on top of the mountains of superfantastic shit that space marines can already get while non-imperials lag behind in apoc they're getting mountains of more stuff while xenos get jack all?

4/4 GW. Keep jerking off the SM/IG players.

>> No.25619374

Don't over do it and it's ok. Only wear one piece of camo clothing and its fine. Actual military fatigues from a surplus store is a little try hard though. Either man up and sign up or stop pretending.

>> No.25619388

The only new "imperial" things will be the terrain pieces, which are universal, rules-wise.

Necrons are getting a superheavy in this release, as well (it's the tesseract)

>> No.25619391

>Wall of Martyrs

I feel sorry for anyone who got scalped by believing in GW's "limited edition" last time.

>> No.25619395


Also IG/Chaos are king in Apoc, dunno what you're on about.

>> No.25619396

Yeah it's only ever the aforementioned cargo pants that are camo, don't think I wear anything else in camo. But I do own a lot of camouflage cargo pants.

>> No.25619410

Yes, but datapads are easy.

After all, if they were impressive relics, why wouldn't they be given to space marine captains?

Forge Worlds use conditions that make sweat shop barons go "wait, hold on here, workers need some rights", to make more mass produced goods than china could in a year. And they do it in a day.

Every day. On every forge world.

Datapads are just e-readers, and huge rows of menials put them together bit by bit in massive assembly lines.

While you won't find them in the underhive, in the emporiums of the hive itself, there'll be racks of them. After all, they arn't expected to last for centuries.

Now parchment? That's a harder thing to do. After all, while groxen are the most plentiful herd animal in the Imperium, their skin won't do for writing on. So you're going to find most coming from Horseskin.

The most valuable parchment is going to come from the horses used by rough riders. As they gave their lives for the Imperium.

Then it undergoes a lengthy process to turn it into something to be written upon.

A proper piece suitable for the writing of hallowed works (such as the rolls of space marines) would cost far more, and take more specialised artisans than any monochrome dataslate. Even before it's illuminated.

>> No.25619419

Nah bro, they probably use human parchment.

>> No.25619428

Yeah, but those will cost more than entire worlds. Anyone suitable to bare holy script upon their flesh would be a great hero.

I can see it being used for a space marine's parchment though. Probably from heroic fallen battle brothers.

>> No.25619445

What word?

>> No.25619456

>The only new "imperial" things will be the terrain pieces
Uh, the Spess Mehreens? Y'know, at the top of the thread?

>> No.25619458

>I wish I had the confidence to go out dressed stupid and cosplay.
I wish it was more acceptable for me to wear ridiculous costumes and shit in public, but I know how bad it'd make me look for doing it.

The solution is to get drunk then take a bunch of other people in costume on a pub crawl.

>> No.25619460

Unless they use the skin of the people they kill to bless psybolt shells. I mean, it's right THERE.

>> No.25619466

Hey Guys, dont judge me but as a space marine player (Since 3rd edition, im not one of these bandwagon kiddy faggots) I actually really like the looks these models, there is something about the style that just makes them pop.
ESPECIALLY the Lord executioner, that guy looks like a total unadulterated asskicker by my standards, and the Master of Rites and Master of Marches models would make pretty cool chaplain conversions to boot

>> No.25619467

Need new C'tan shard models.

>> No.25619477

Various blends of tea

>> No.25619482

Are you a /fit/ gentleman with visible biceps and cropped hair?

>> No.25619485


I try, I try.

>> No.25619494

Hell no

>> No.25619498

Tea and cakes.

>> No.25619500

>Marines and IG king in Apoc
It's almost like that's exactly what I fucking said.

>> No.25619522

Thanks for reminding me that I don't have a well brought up, refined, dignified and mature wife who is pretty in an understated way and has an unimaginable zest for life.

>> No.25619524

>what amounts to alternate captain models
We've had rules for the ten different masters of the chapter since the first apocalypse book.

They're new models, sure, but as far as apocalypse is concerned they're old hat to pad out the release with some finecast.

>> No.25619532

This, the Imperium is so set on running on thematics, I would not be surprised in the least if that parchment he has costs more than a warehouse full of Imperial Ipads.

>> No.25619549

>The twin vox-casters on his backpack imply that he must often project orders across the noisy battlefield.


>> No.25619554

Cake will make it better.

>> No.25619560

Well he COULD just use a Micro-bead. But he wouldn't sound very cool doing it.

>> No.25619563

>tfw no alternative Lord, Overlord or Crypteks

Still our thing looks kinda cool.

>> No.25619564

"Drop dead, Xenos!"

>> No.25619578

Why would marines use vox casters when their communications are both build in to the marines themself and their armor and how the hell would they work in places where sound doesn't work so well or where they have to wear helmets ?

>> No.25619590

have there been any better images of the battle cube and skull tractor?

>> No.25619592

Chaos isn't imperial.

>> No.25619595

>itt Smurfs

Move along

>> No.25619596

It's loud and cool.

>> No.25619604

Because it would look badass to have baroque loudspeakers mounted on the backpack.

>> No.25619609

>tfw no Eldar, DEldar, orks, nids, or tau stuff for apoc on the horizon
Crons are getting a good deal here. You just got a new series of Apoc-only models from FW in the new book AND are getting something superpowerful in the new release that is actually confirmed for existing.

>> No.25619622

I actually like the hair colours.

>> No.25619655

>playing Apoc

>> No.25619656

Are you referring to actual chaos as in Daemons then? Because 95% of this board calls Chaos Space Marines Chaos so I assumed you meant spiky marines.

Still don't know how daemons would flourish when GK roll them like no one's business, IG get access to guns with the Instant Death special rule, and daemons have the absolute shittiest AA in the game due to the way vector strike works. Not to mention that Greater Daemons can't even reliably kill a Leman Russ anymore in melee, let alone a baneblade or fucking titan in any reasonable amount of time.

>> No.25619719

>All IG wear carapace and all regiments use Chimeras etc
But that is wrong you retard. Flak armour is the standard armour of the Imperial Guard, although some "elite" regiments, or regiments from wealthy worlds, or regiments with ties to the Mechanicus use carapace armour. Also Chimeras are and always have been rare, look at the 5th edition guard codex or any other and they will say the same thing, Chimeras are rare and valuable weapons and the regiments that use them are highly prized.

>> No.25619728

>Master of Marches
Right, now when are we going to see Master of Aprils and Master of Mays?

>> No.25619740

They'll be overjoyed that they can do another 11 spess marines in uninspired poses

>> No.25619749

Anon's talking about Guard models looking similar, I think. But still wrong about that, at least compared to Mehreens. Also Guard only have one codex.

>> No.25619767

Don't forget the Master of Mondays!
inb4 Master of Thursdays has a Thunder Hammer.

>> No.25619769

I'm painting that guy for my Raven Guard army.

>> No.25619775

Hey, at least they're standing up and not squatting.

>> No.25619782

I just imagine the Master of Marches using that vox and parchment to be an absolute dick to normal marines.

"Alright, look, you need to deploy over there."

"Brother Captain, with all due respect, the squads know where to deploy. You briefed us already."

"Well, guess what? The parchment says where everyone has to deploy, and the parchment says that you need to deploy...over there."

"But that's inside our own killing zone. We'll be caught in the crossfire."

"I'm sorry, are you questioning the Master of Marches? Did you just not hear me? Do I need to use the vox?"

"I don't thin..."

"RIGHT. OVER. THERE. You hear that one?"

>> No.25619801

I mean Chaos can get everything Imperials can.

>> No.25619809

>google it expecting a metal band I've never heard of
>get the pirates of penzance
Just... what?

>> No.25619822

You got a problem with the Pirates of Penzance, plebscrub?

>> No.25619824

You don't know the Pirates of Penzance?

What the fuck, you fucker.

>> No.25619867

If no one can hear it , because of helmets and anti sound shock membrana , then there is no loud . I have no idea what the temperature has to do with sound . Col

>> No.25619881

Isn't marches pluarl from marchia ?

>> No.25619897

Despite, or maybe because of, a recent severe ball-crushing experience at the hands of the new Tau I find this hilarious.

>> No.25619912

But that is wrong too, you have Cadians, Vostroyans, Catachans, Tallarn, Elysians, Death Korps, not to mention the models GW recently stopped selling like Valhallans, Mordians, Steel Legion, most of the Tallarrn range, Tanith 1st, and various regiments at points. Even in a single regiment, Kasrkin and Storm Troopers are pretty different from regular guardsmen.

>> No.25619914

You may like the fact that Tankred kills the fuck outta that crisis suit.

>> No.25619946

No I just really wasn't expecting it. This is what I think of when I hear about new Games Workshop products:

>> No.25619961 [DELETED] 


Bitch please, no noise pollutes my lyrical finesse,
I'm the Master of the March,
And you just verbally transgress,
Promethium ignited, it's ready to parch,
Captain of the Fifth Company,
I muster the flocks,
It's almost full of irony,
That the last sound you'll hear is the sound of my vox.

>> No.25619969

The Xbox One is going to sell ridiculously well compared to the preliminary reviews and polls

>> No.25619976

>There's a sucker born every minute
Sounds about right.

>> No.25619989


Bitch please, no noise pollutes my lyrical finesse,
I'm the Master of the March,
And you just verbally transgress,
Promethium ignited, it's ready to parch,
Captain of the Fifth Company,
And I've finished mustering the flocks,
It's chock full of irony,
The last sound you'll hear is the sound of my vox.

>> No.25620020

Captain of the Marches gets into rap battle with Sound Marine Sgt.

There are no survivors.

>> No.25620072

He might be the chapter's Master Of Rhymetastic Verse, but he still needs to follow along with his finger when he reads out loud.

>> No.25620086

>boombox marine with a pump cane
I might have to break my "no finecast" vow for this.

>> No.25620144

>implying he's following the words rather than picking the appropriate dicking those dirty heretics deserve

Brother Gaius
Blast dat muthafucka wit ya rocket"

>> No.25620160

it looks like the parchment is a separate thing anyway so you wouldn't have to include it. Then he just looks like he stroking an invisible panther.

>> No.25620185

somehow this reminded me of the police academy series

>> No.25620217


Or you could model him an a few of the others around a holo-table.

>> No.25620384

I don't know why people find half of these models stupid, this is Wh40k all logic is going to be thrown out the window and by god at least the modern designs are better than the old 90's models. Bweugh.

If you don't like the grim-darkness go and play some Mass Effect and get your dosage of shiny white and space inter-racial cleanliness.

>> No.25620389

"Brother Bob, we can see where the objective is. Please get your finger off the display."

>> No.25620406

Fuck, you touched the screen, now there's a emperor-damned fingerprint.

>> No.25620421

Oh god, I hope Vetock retcons Ward's stupid Lemartes retcon when he writes the next Codex Blood Angels and changes Astorath into Blood Angels' Lord Executioner so Lemartes can become the highest ranking chaplain again.

>> No.25620430

To prove it, here's a pic of regiment known for its massive use of chimeras and carapace armour. You probably never heard of them though, they don't even have models.

>> No.25620436

great episode

>> No.25620445

Yeah, but you would one dude waving his sword like a retard for the scene to be complete.

>> No.25620461

>dude, put the sword down, there's nobody here

>> No.25620485

Master of the Rites would be good for that.

I find it interesting that the models for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th captains are all chill and relaxed, while the 6th is screaming while waving his baton around.

>> No.25620520

"...Damnit, Tom."

>> No.25620533

I really want to make a rock band using 40k minis. A noise marine with a blastmaster on guitar, Captain of the Marches on vocals, Longstrike with his record scratching, the landspeeder vengeance guy playing keyboard, now all we need are drums and a bass.

>> No.25620545

Ork drummer and an Imperial Guard marching band squad?

>> No.25620589

>stop pointing your gun at the table, they're only models, shooting them won't do anything

>> No.25620615

You know any minis that fit that? Actually, Marbo's hands are in a good position to make him a drummer. Lop off his weapons, replace them with drumsticks, and put him behind some sort of drum set and he is good.

>> No.25620626

Honestly? I'd check the Fantasy Empire plastics and greenstuff the instruments.

>> No.25620676


Those two men at the desk cannot NOT be serial killers.

>> No.25620688



>> No.25620840

>I really want to make a rock band using 40k minis

You mean like ...

>> No.25620994


I'll go get the screen cleaner..

Are you happy now Brother Bob? he has to go and get the screen cleaner.

>> No.25621051

No, more like something that displays the silliness inherent in the miniatures due to their poses and design, meaning there should be minimal converting.

>> No.25621056

Warhammer fantasy already has drummer musicians, so you don't need to greenstuff, maybe kitbash at most.

>> No.25621638


Goff Rockers for bass?

>> No.25623041


"... and marneus calgar on drums!"

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