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ITT: Critical successes and/or failures.

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Natural 20 on a diplomacy roll.

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is this from a show or did some irish/english/slavs actually film while doing this
And there we go, a normal day in the middle east

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Failed Will save against Intimidate
Success Craft

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if it was the latter I think they would've bashed the guy.

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Its not a goat though.

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Natural 20 on Balance

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Actually for my last PC that would a crit success....

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Natural 1 on Reflex

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>> No.25584253

Preform dance

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Nat 20 on Drive, Nat 20 on Hide.

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Natural 20 on being kawaii.

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Natural 1 on balance. Natural 20 on Bluff.

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Critical miss.

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That's actually pretty insane. Double cut on a tatami? Wow.

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That really needs a "THANKS OBAMA" added to the end of it.

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Ow man. Usually I want to hate that kind of forced cutesy crap. but I will allow it in this case for two reasons 1) Who am I to tell that girl how to act? Shes from an entirely different culture. And 2) She would probably murder me with her sword if I did express displeasure.

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I like that you can see the moment she becomes kawaii.

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>forced cutesy crap
Pretty sure she's genuinely elated. See >>25584345

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...What part of that makes you think it was forced? She looked excited.

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>forced cutesy crap
what if she is just cute?

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That's reversed. Easier, but still impressive.

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The moment when she becomes a slut?

wot m8?

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I hope I can be as cool and edgy as you someday.

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Profession: Pilot

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pls go summer

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>I'm a pleb virgin faggot who has no idea how hard that actually is to accomplish.
Leave your house sometimes you bitch.

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To be fair, I did allow for cultural differences with my first caveat.

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Oh god, good call, that would be beautiful.

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You too. (>>25584421)

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Thank you

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So people from your "culture" aren't allowed to cheer when they accomplish an amazing feat? Your country must be the funnest place on earth,

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could be that humility is strictly enforced

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What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little summer? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Qaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, summer. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little summer. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn summer. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, summer.

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Thanks for ruining a fun thread you fucking autistic cunts.

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>tfw i realize that i forgot to replace some words with summer.

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What country could that be...
America if you're white.
Canada possibly.

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>Being tryhard about not having fun.
Real life called. It said you suck.

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I would act like a chav and say something about decking you but then again i need to follow >>25584433 advice apparently

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I don't see absolutely anything that shows that cultural differences need to be considered at all. That is actually a common way for people, usually women, to get excited.

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You just went full fedora.

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1v1 me m8

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Boring thread anyway.

>Watch out guys! I'm upset so I'll post Neil talking about spending more money on going to space for no reason!

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nato 20 grapple

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Ha! I seriously contemplated posting this exact same copy pasta a little upthread.

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Is that in response to the No or the Thank you?

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Oh no, do go on, the worst you can do is complain.

I for one don't save the critical save pictures, but you might save it if you got a few. If you are just saying that to cause a bit of an ruse then... alright,good job.

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This is a team game, there is no 1v1 dumbass.

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20/10, would ride into glorious battle with.

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and another

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Natural 1 on perception check.

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That was painful to read. 4chan definitions aside are you legitimately autistic? Or just regularly socially retarded?

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the no

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Nat 1 on will save.

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What skill would you even use there?

Proffision: skinning

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Guys, find some other place to bitch at each other. Please.

I'll just continue to dump.

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Why do people still find this funny?

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I am a guy that likes adults to act like adults.

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An legitimate way to get people to response and get flustered is to insult something cute.

But yes i think he's autistic, most people who try to ruse people nowdays are

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Good man, keep on trucking.

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>nobody does
>as the person who posted it, neither do I
>just felt appropriate.

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>Adults are not allowed to jump for joy, express happiness, or clap.

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Being happy because you succeeded in doing something hard is apparently only for children nowadays.

Glad that we have you to sort us out, oh Edgemeister.

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How can one person be so autistic?

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Charisma check.

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Katana+kawii=18-20/x3 butthurt rating

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Good golly miss molly

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>actually thinks being adult is no fun allowed mode

...what the fuck captcha? an actual BOX?

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Natural 1 on diplomacy
Dark Souls is a game of Natural 1s.

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>tfw the most wanted murderer/rapist just rolled a nat 20

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>but I will allow it in this case
>She would probably murder me with her sword if I did express displeasure.
Then why do you talk like a teenage memespouter?

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The way it just cuts to the title really tickles my funny bone.

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Goddamn, I peed a little.

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Congratulations, dipshit.
You're the new retard in town.

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English isn't my first language. What is wrong with those two phrases?

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nat 1 on translation

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It makes you sound superior and arogant

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fuck off newfag

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>dat fist pump

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He was probably just a kid with a five bag.

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Sneak Attack

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The first assumes false authority (makes you sound like a douche if you don't have the social status to back your posturing....which no one on the internet does. The second is just a stupid sentiment.

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Nat 20 spot check?

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Fuck. I'm out.

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It's actually from a Jackie Chan movie, no real criminal got away by doing that.

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nat 20 trap setting

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Guys. I think my anus just prolapsed because of this comment. Not joking.

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Why would anyone get on a treadmill wearing sandals

I will be very surprised if even one answer isn't because he's black.

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anal circumference check critical failure

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My penis is also very large. It always falls in the toilet bowl when I sit down.

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Critical Perform failure or success, depending on the GM.

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Nat 1 Sneak attack

>> No.25584931

Niggers gonna nig.

>> No.25584936

What was that? Firecracker?

>> No.25584938

Nat 1 on a perception check

>> No.25584945

critical future sight sucess

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I'm now sorry for posting the cute kendo girl. I should have known better. Sorry OP.
Have a natural 1 on being kawaii.

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>> No.25584962

Looks like a bottle rocket.

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>> No.25584972

oh god

>> No.25584978

Prolly a stinkbomb

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>> No.25584987

Nat 1 on Operate Siege Equipment

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>> No.25584996

Natural 20 dexterity & perform

>> No.25584997

Some scandi ad about the dangers of the internet.

>> No.25584998

Do you go out of your way to reinforce stereotypes, or does it come naturally to you?

>> No.25585000

what the hell are they running from?

>> No.25585002

I think they're brother and sister

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>> No.25585011

I'd so murder him in his sleep for that.

>> No.25585019

She has some man hands...

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>> No.25585028

it's okay anon you had no way of knowing
except you did
jeez man what the hell
fuck off you piece of weeboo shit

>> No.25585031

fuck that game, fuck it so much

captcha: edybal cometh

>> No.25585033

When i see shit like that i feel realy good about never leaving the house.

>> No.25585035

oh god, i love how he rips off his shirt first

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>> No.25585038

craft check

>> No.25585041

Sleight of Hand (foot)

>> No.25585042


>not sure if joking

It's a trap.

>> No.25585045


this man is my fucking hero

>> No.25585046

If only you knew what else was manly about her.

Then again, Chun-Li also has manhands in that SF4 engine.

>> No.25585047

Cheese Rolling. It's a British thing.


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>> No.25585054

Operate Machinery

>> No.25585057

Dude's sister is a camwhore that he almost jerked off to online. C'mon.

>> No.25585059

She's more man than you can handle

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>> No.25585064

>Americans never clap.

>> No.25585068

suddenly i have an intense urge to watch it again again on netflix.

>> No.25585069

this is how i all bard party

well, that or aquabats

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>> No.25585085

she also has some man penis

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>> No.25585090

Is that a machine that masturbates you when you jiggle your knee?

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>> No.25585094

Oh come on, dude totally deserved it.

>> No.25585096

>max rank: douche

>> No.25585100

Nat 1 bluff
Nat 20 sense motive

>> No.25585103

I know i said that >>25585033
But i also live in constant fear of >>25584906

>> No.25585106

>> No.25585111

Oh, I'm allll natural.

>> No.25585119

And that's all I got.

>> No.25585122

Nat 1 Escape Artist

>> No.25585130

I like how the big guy starts to sit down after, like, 'I don't give a fuck, didn't hit me.'

>Pic: Sense motive

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>> No.25585148

You can also see he's struggling not to bust out laughing.

>> No.25585152

Sneak Attack

>> No.25585156

nat 1 seduce

>> No.25585158


>> No.25585170

too cute...

nat 1 making any fucking sense

>> No.25585177

Nat 1 Knowledge: Nature

>> No.25585189

/a/ please leave. I've had just about enough of your madonna-whore complex

>> No.25585193

>Thinks poison just has Man hands.
>Apparently doesn't know anything about Poison.

>> No.25585213

by linking all of those posts people who have not seen them will read them, leading to an increased chance of them being replied to.

good job.

>> No.25585219

Nat 20 AoO for initiating a grapple

Bitch should have taken imp grapple

>> No.25585240

to show off?
as in:
"Check this out nigga I am making you treadmill my bitch"

>> No.25585254

Yep I agree not thinking his shit through and breaking stuff for no reason.
Staying home seems to be the better alternative to me.
Thats all i wanted to say there.

>> No.25585271

You got called out for acting like a pompous manchild. Deal with it turbonerd.

>> No.25585272

This is hilarious, what's the context?

>> No.25585285

It's from some japanese cartoon

>> No.25585287

also nat 20 on grapple

>> No.25585296


she should've checked herself before she shrekd herself

what's the sauce on this?

>> No.25585303

filename dude

>> No.25585306

>> No.25585324

Nat 1 Knowledge: Nature

>> No.25585325

ug /tg/ has really fallen, usually these threads are at least on topic.
and some moron just think's this is a gif dump.

>> No.25585327

That man deserves his own You Tube channel of just doing amazing shit with a fork lift.

>> No.25585340


>> No.25585357

Dude looks like an asian Shatner.

>> No.25585361

I dunno what the fuck this is, but clearly it's a nat 20.

>> No.25585376

Pretty sure it's Sammo Hung.

>> No.25585388

>beer is 80% foam
No it isn't.

>> No.25585393

Nat 20 Stealth

>> No.25585397

fuck, I am using this for a setting

>> No.25585398


>> No.25585401

>is worth its weight in gold

>> No.25585407

Nat 20 disguise

>> No.25585412

some sort of perform, if this was exalted it would be its own charm, Slutty Tavern Wenching of Reverse Chair Riding

>> No.25585418

normal pompous manchildren don't get a fraction of this hate
I'm pretty sure most of this is actual reaction to his dislike of cutesy stuff
wich is just as autistic, if you want to use the 4chan version of autism, wich I do

>> No.25585419

this is how i sneaky druid

>> No.25585435

That's definitely not 80% and you're dumb.

>> No.25585437

Nat 20 Fuck that Fucking Guy

>> No.25585442

You can be pretty sure all you want, it doesn't help.

>> No.25585444


Nat 20 Bluff

>> No.25585451

>sneaky druid
>not owl

>> No.25585453

Sneak Attack

>> No.25585469

help what?
you learn something about human interaction?
well sorry for trying, jeez

>> No.25585472

That is some hellraiser shit.

>> No.25585476

Enough of your victim complex. You're an exceptional tard. That's why so many replies.

>> No.25585495

but that was a bear, not an owl

>> No.25585506

>ITT: we see what happens when /tg/ goes raeg mode

>> No.25585526

yeah, but you (or he) said that that is how he sneaky druids (presumably as a polar bear, as like in the .gif), and i responded by making teh comment that owls make best sneaky druids, and that he is a foll for not making one (paraphrasing)

>> No.25585527

there is no rage here

>> No.25585529


I thought I was looking at an earth-themed roulette wheel at first.

>> No.25585535

Nat 20 trapmaking
also, alignment shift toward evil

>> No.25585548



>> No.25585554

>nat20 for being the sadistic fuck

>> No.25585579

... did he break his board?

>> No.25585584

Jesus Christ, kid. Stop being an uneducated, illiterate faggot and learn some motherfucking spelling and grammar.

Also stop being an obnoxious 12-year old shitwipe.

>> No.25585593

Nat 20 Aid Another
Nat 1 Acrobatics

>> No.25585594

The evil is from making a semi-transparent .png so I have to gouge out my eyes from that fucking picture.

>> No.25585595

Calling out socially retarded aspies is now an /a/ thing? Pretty sure /a/ would be on your side. What with their 3DPD shtick and all.

>> No.25585598

now THAT would be awesome.
"I'm putting 20 on ocean"

>> No.25585605

Nat 20 on committing a war crime so heinous they hold a second Geneva Convention just for you having a blueprint to something like that.

>> No.25585608


>> No.25585624

>This is how I break up

>> No.25585633

>Nat 20
>Nat 20 to confirm crit
>Maximum damage
>Enemy failed his Fortitude save against massive damage
>Nat 20 on Cleave attack

>> No.25585653

who knows maybe this is how they bond
maybe they have lots of chains, black leather and handcuff somewhere in their bedroom and that cake in the face is just mild teasing

>> No.25585660

With his Face, yes he did.

>> No.25585663

lol, what movie/show is this?

>> No.25585666

what movie is this from? I just saw it and I cant think of it and its bugging me.

>> No.25585667

>best post right here guiz

>> No.25585672

Golly, mind telling me what that's from?

>> No.25585676

That's actually two rival PMCs fucking with each other.

>> No.25585687

boku no pico

ooor ironclad

>> No.25585702

Apparently it's called Ironclad. Never seen it myself, just kept the picture because it's fucking metal as fuck.

>> No.25585711

thats right, ironclad... its bretty good. its on netflix right now

>> No.25585712

>Nat 20 balance
>Nat 20 Player Dickery

>> No.25585738

I tried to do that once. It ended with me watching like 3 episode of season 1, skipping all the way to the finale before moving onto season 2.

>> No.25585778

Nat 20 cosplay

>> No.25585794

>Guarenteed Shitstorm
Every fucking time...

>> No.25585819

Gets a bit old, doesn't it. It's like they're having a contest to see who can hate something more.

>> No.25585902

not 20 hide

>> No.25585903

Natural 20 at unarmed attack.

>> No.25585906

>Templar helps during english civil war or someshit. I forget.
>Templar falls for some bitch
>Has vikings and shit
>everything goes to shit
>templar lives happily ever after with bitch

All I can remember.

>> No.25585910 [DELETED] 

to be fair, this time it was more a reaction to a reaction.

nat 1 block

>> No.25585922

sometimes i miss my days in animation school

>> No.25585925

Dutch commercial of 'you never know on the internet'

>> No.25585933

Who is this?

>> No.25585934

Natural 20 at intimidate.

>> No.25585945

no idea how the fuck I got that last image, reposting

>> No.25585946

James Purefoy plays a templeknight that fucks people up with a bihänder.
Im sold.

>> No.25585973

Oh jeez, with that person standing off to the side you know the whole thing was planned out.

>> No.25586034


>> No.25586051


autist of the day

>> No.25586055

I want to have this made

>> No.25586057

>Silver Knights on the Archway.gif

>> No.25586070

No joke, no matter the inaccuracy, that is a btichin' map.

>> No.25586087

You can tell how white trash someone is by how far into the fight their shirt comes off.

>> No.25586110

I like how you can just slowly see it approaching from the background.

>> No.25586114

exploding corkscrew dicks

>> No.25586155

Nat 20 Read, or something like that.

>> No.25586182

No, that'd be on the Craft (Writing) check to create it, with all kinds of bonuses attached.

>> No.25586200

God damn, this is hot.

>> No.25586222


But she's sitting on a sextoy. It's not the book causing it!

>> No.25586227

more like: cunniligus + hide

>> No.25586228

A hide check for the person under the table rather.

>> No.25586233

First one implies he has authority over her.
Second one implies he is afraid of retribution. Unless he was trying (and failing) to be clever ("I'll allow it, because otherwise she'll murder me"), it doesn't follow.

>> No.25586239

It really is. Hotter than pretty much all of the cookie cutter mainstream porn Stoya has done.

Wish she had done more low end solo stuff before she got picked up by the big companies.

>> No.25586261

>Natural 20 Engineering roll

>> No.25586263

I'll read what she's reading

>> No.25586319

Natural 1 Aimed Shot

(fuck you guys I'm using a d100 system so 1 is good 100 is bad)

>> No.25586324

fuck you

>> No.25586333

Nat 20, you lot can filling the blank for this one.

>> No.25586341

>Nat 20 read: 50 Shades of Grey

>> No.25586349

its a comedy, essentially, she bosses him around and he grudgingly listens.

>> No.25586354

nat 20 for getting the last pringle

>> No.25586364

Dangerous terrain critical failure rerolled into critical success

>> No.25586374

>fill in*
Nat 100 for Tech Use for me.

Nat 1 intimidate.

>> No.25586376

Ironclad. Badass paladin and a bunch of shit-poor english peasants hold a Keep agaisnt an army of pissed off Danes.

>> No.25586390

Hey isn't that they new Pack robot for the military? I'm still waiting on seeing one.

>> No.25586396


I was just away to post that.

Natural 1 (critical success) entertainer? Distraction? ... Pick pocket?

>> No.25586401

I can just hear her going "YATTA! YATTA!"

>> No.25586403


>> No.25586408

>aww girl you did NAWT bring a naginata to this fight

>> No.25586410

ride it

>> No.25586428


The Big Dog by Boston Dynamic.

The really scary thing... they've put a neck and head on it recently just cause they can (the military pack one now being a separate dedicated project off that prototype) ... it can pick up and throw cinderblocks.

>> No.25586455

She's reading classical literature while sitting on a sybian. There's a short series of them on Youtube. First is definitely the best.

>> No.25586460

For those wondering:


My personal favorite is #6, Sole'

>> No.25586463


I'd love to see that as the new cavalry for the army.

>> No.25586490

Getting blood out of shirts isn't fun. It's also less to allow someone to grab onto and if its a particularly nice shirt it could quickly be destroyed in a fight.

I've had more than a few shirts destroyed in fights with siblings or my abusive stepmother

>> No.25586492

Critical success non-violent little girl removal.

>> No.25586499

Nathan Barnatt being cool

>> No.25586512


I don't know if the Stoya one is my favourite but it is certainly the sexiest thing she has done in a long while considering she basically just does boring generic mainstream porn now.

>> No.25586541

Critical failure: Not being a rapist ... or Critical Success: Rape

One of the two.

>> No.25586557

is there an invisible dozer blade on the front?

>> No.25586559


>> No.25586568

oh deffinatly at some point shirt comes off, but as soon as he thinks something is happaning is some white trash shit

>> No.25586572

I... what? It looks like she's rather enjoying herself.

>> No.25586582

super. really great movie, ellen page rapes rayne wilson

>> No.25586586

she isnt the one being raped

>> No.25586600

Nat 1 success unarmed takedown.

>> No.25586637 [DELETED] 

I'm on the case.

>> No.25586645


It is a bit weird how she rapes him and they just go on like nothing happened.

That said there's so much crazyness in the film that it isnt that strange but that scene did feel kinda out of place even in a dark comedy the way Wilson's character just acts like it never happened.

>> No.25586662

you're welcome

>> No.25586683

Natural 100 disguise sex

>> No.25586708

Nat 100 intimidate

>> No.25586721

I've got some news for you son...

>> No.25586726

Not gonna lie, after looking that up and finding out it stars Rayne Wilson I cannot be less interested in seeing it. Never been a fan of his.

>> No.25586730


>> No.25586758

Nat 100 Fire zee catapult!

>> No.25586763


>> No.25586769

1 on improvised weapon

>> No.25586770

this is most definitely NOT a why boner.

>> No.25586778


I'm not a fan of his either but he is surprisingly good in it, way different from the usual shite he does.

>> No.25586803

Her whole thing is that she's a filthy transvestite

>> No.25586817

yes, I believe it is

>> No.25586827

Nat 1 (success) Ignore Injury Result: giving a strenth + intimidation boost.

>> No.25586856


Nah it's just a sybian. In some of the other videos you can hear it vibrating when the girls not sitting right down on it.

>> No.25586904

Nat 1 evades all over the place.

>> No.25586927

that woman from the Sins series. can't remember her name for the life of me. That's from the episodes that they started making using the source engine but it never got past the initial episode.

>> No.25586947

Damn, this is the hottest thing I've seen in a long time

>> No.25586981

I love you

>> No.25587038

Nat 20 Craft (Cosmetic surgery)
Each picture is a different woman.

>> No.25587039

I love the guy in the background taking a look at dat ass

>> No.25587094

Nat 20 (stealth)
Nat 20 (endurance)

>> No.25587243

Nat 1 awesome

>> No.25587279

Nat 1 conceal weapon

>> No.25587337

That's a Perform (Dance) followed by a surprise attack.

>> No.25587558

But you can't even see the whip at all...where was it!

>> No.25587589

Nat 20 Distraction

>> No.25587598

I'm assuming the guy thought she was a tranny

>> No.25587643

I bet that whip smells funny.

>> No.25587756

Holy dicks.

>> No.25587809

Rolled 56, 57 = 113

Sweet Jesus's left tentacle.

>> No.25587872

That has to be fake, it's a computer playing or it's just a staged video or something.

>left tentacle
See, that gif is so unbelievable it broke anon's mind and now he's confusing Jesus with Cthulhu.

>> No.25587914

>> No.25588140

Critical Fail Fishing.

Or Critical Success Bait...

>> No.25588194

>> No.25588227

>> No.25588263

>> No.25588296

>> No.25588298

Thst's not really a critical anything, just taking 10 on Survival to catch a rabbit.

>> No.25588322


Could be a critical failure on trying to hide in the snow.

>> No.25588381

I doubt it, my point was that that gif was an event that happens multiple times every single winter day. Some get caught, some don't, but nothing about it is "epic" or rare or "critical"

>> No.25588454

If that's their take ten, imagine what a nat 20 is like...

>> No.25588490


But this thread is more about creating a critical story behind the gif than anything else surely?

So for me that gif is a crit fail hide check.

>> No.25588519

>> No.25588581

Critical Success Highlander Burial

>> No.25588648

Cool check critical success

>> No.25588996

>> No.25589045

critical hit

>> No.25589052

Would it make you feel better if i told you the gif was greatly, greatly sped up?

>> No.25589139

>> No.25589269

Nat 1 Strength save.
Nat 20 Block attack.

>> No.25589721


Remember rape is only acceptable in the media when inflicted on a man. It shows the empowerment of womyn.

>> No.25589820

>nat20 axe throw
>nat1 aerobatics

>> No.25590057


>> No.25590250 [DELETED] 

here ya go

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