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So, have we had any news about Sidereals in 3e? Any chance of them not being shit on at every turn? Any chance of an open charmset?

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Oh yeah.

>tfw no dragonblood gf

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> have we had any news about Sidereals in 3e
Not much other than they're apparently Lunar chow
>Any chance of them not being shit-
Holden said that Sids were his favorite splat but 2e Sids were still awful to take that for what it's worth
>Open Charmset

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What is the reason for this in-game? I get that the OOC reason is because SMA are insanely hax, so it makes up for it, but surely that can't be the maiden's logic.

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SMA's were designed to get around the Maiden's charmlock

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I like Mercury's little handkerchief.

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I really hope Sids are better in 3e. I want to feel like I'm playing a ninja of Heaven instead of a universally reviled bookkeeper

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They've said sids are no longer universally reviled in Heaven. The Sids are not overworked bookkeepers, they're overworked masters of all the power of Heaven. Yeah, you go to Creation and the Lunars are going to do their best to gank you. But it sucks there anyway, so why bother going?

Basically I'm catching some real "you're the Americans. The entire Threshold is Iraq" vibes.

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I still don't understand how Lunars know when the Sidereals are coming and where. Their contacts in the Bureau of Nature should have been starmetal'd the first time Carjack got whiff of them helping the Lunars kill his people

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>and where

There are exactly 61 ways they could go. Stick 2 Lunars on each one.

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>Not much other than they're apparently Lunar chow
A Sid's most likely last cause of death is a Lunar, yes, but that they're also killing Lunars left and right with indirect means. The two are at war with each other, and use their own best methods fighting each other.

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>122 Lunars just sitting around waiting to gank siddies

Entertaining, but impractical. One of the big themes of Lunars is the whole "I've got my own shit to do" attitude they have towards "leaders" in their society.

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I reckon a new Silver Pact initiation for Full Moons should be to charge through a Heavenly Gate, take down one of the Celestial Lions and GTFO alive.

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>Recently(3 weeks ago) started playing Exalted for the first time
>Group consists of 2 solar knight dudes, 1 solar sorcerer, 1 fire terrestrial knight, and 1 abyssal necromancer(me)
>First session, we enter a town and everyone wants to fuck my dude because Appearance 5
>Leave town and start heading up mountain to meet some dude
>suddenly everything turns grey and undead blob things show up
>Terrestrial tries to stunt attacking 2 of the blobs
>I botch my attempt to avoid the falling trees caused by his terrible swing
>Broken leg
>Session ends with heals from sorcerer after fight ends

>Second session
>Solar Knight #1 tries to have sex with a barmaid on our way back down mountain
>Laughs all around
>Start making our way east from around Marama's Fell, end up getting a boat inland from Lookshy
>Suddenly giant enemy crab
>Stab it with my dire lance
>Get stuck
>Knights rape it with their daiklaves
>It's undead
>Get flung up about 500 feet above the battle as the crab dies
>Dire lance nearly kills me when crab explodes and lance gets launched at me
>Land safely

>MFW I'm the buttmonkey of the campaign so far

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They aren't at war with heaven itself, though. The celestial gods are staying neutral specifically because taking sides means they're now a valid target.

And picking a fight with the Lions is just stupid.

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So, Sorcery in 2.5: how do you make it not suck? Any homebrew options that fix this problem?

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Becaue Lunars are known for being rational.

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Reflexive defences allowed if you're stupid enough to cast in combat. And a higher mote cost for charms that interact with sorcery.

Otherwise none.

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Exactly. I can't really fathom any Lunar dropping all the shit they have going on to go pick a fight with another Celestial unless they were fucking with their domain. Only Sun Kings would be that pointlessly contentious

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Wild, skilled survivalists? Yes.

Focused and cunning? Yes.

Irrational? No.

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>Lunar Taming Leash

You'll do as you're fucking told bitch.

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I hope that shit isn't in 3E.

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I'm considering requesting it as my Kickstarter charm.

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Has there been any talk RE: Solar/Lunar relationships?

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So a when most people in creation think of Sorcerers they automatically assume that they have mastered Demon of the First Circle. It's a stigma that carries over all such magic users. Even if they don't know that particular spell the people of the Realm will distance themselves.

So then what is a shaman by creation standards?

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In what context? The tribal wise man or the nature mage?

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A Shaman is someone with the Beckon God/Beckon Greater God, Spirit Sight & Spirit Ward thaumaturgy rituals, who has taken the Priest Merit. Throw in weather control, animal husbandry, astrology or Geomancy thaumaturgy as taste dictates.

Demon Summoning is the ultimate swiss army knife in exalted. Elementals are more powerful but are more tempremental and abusing them will lead to Celestial censure, whereas thanks to the Yozi surrender oaths, nobody cares if you treat Demons like shit, especially not the Yozi.

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Every Solar and Lunar pair now have a story like Lilith and Deus.

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Q: Will Lunar Bond/Lunar-Solar dynamics be revised in any way? (babyseal)
A: Yes. (Holden)

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Aw man

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Does anyone have a picture of Holden because I might want to have his puppies.

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He has been insanely paranoid about pictures, there are none that I know of.

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>Not being a glorious Lintha pirate and joining the Yozi

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>implying all Lintha don't Exalt as Zenith Caste Sidereals, just to fuck with Kimbery

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>Zenith Caste Sidereals

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>implying they aren't all traitors and akuma now, worshipping the glorious mother

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>>Zenith Caste Sidereals.

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>Prismatic Arrangement of Creation
Do you even SMA?

>captcha: eakomiz son
Do you even eakomiz, son?

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I don't SMA because I have a real charmset, faggot.

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Does your charmset let you perfect attack everyone in Creation, Malfeas, Yu Shan & the Underworld as a single flurry?

I thought not.

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That tells us exactly nothing

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Why the fuck would you even need to do that?

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Shits and giggles

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Kejak calls it "Plan Big Red Button".

You know, just in case.

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>Does your charmset let you perfect attack everyone in Creation, Malfeas, Yu Shan & the Underworld as a single flurry?

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No, hitting everyone everywhere ever is plan "Slap a Bitch". Plan "Big Red Button" is exactly the same, just with Pattern Spider Touch on the end.

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That's all they've released so far, since it's still on the drawing board.

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>when everyone is a duck, no one will be

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Wrong. Chejop won't be a duck. Then he can lord it over everything everywhere as Master of Ducks.

Though this idea is in his big book of plans, he assumes he was VERY drunk and/or stoned when he wrote it

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Hey, he was hitting the Celestia Wine pretty hard during the Contigation. I'm sure he considered duck punching everyone at some point

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I'm almost certain they have posted something else that expanded that "yes" to about two sentences of information. Something the backstory about why the bond exists and the games fluff and crunch surrounding it being changed.

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Oh gods, just had the mental image of the massive council deciding what to do about the contagion when a drunken Chejop staggers in and is all
"Hey. Hey, guysh. Guysh. What we should do ish.. ish... turn 'em all to ducksh! Yeah, that'll show 'em."
Then everyone turns around and you can see what they're all thinking in their eyes: "Go home, Chejop, you are drunk."

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Seeing as how Celestial Wine is one of the only things that managed to kept the contagion at bay, I imagine that the Five Score Fellowship spent most of the Contagion completely plastered

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[The Solar/Lunar Bond is] a whole big complicated thing with huge bearing on what the Lunars are doing, rather than a very simple brain lasso. (Holden)

All I could find.

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Explains... quite a lot, actually.

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So we are at the mercy of assholes who bought charms in the Kickstarter?

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I highly doubt they're going to allow charms that hobble or override other splats.

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>Assholes we don't know have the power to alter our setting because the higher ups deemed it so

That's what it is to be a mortal in Creation

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Prettty much.

I'm looing t either "Lunar Raping Methodology" as a Presence charm, or "Orichalcum Chef Technique" as a Craft Charm.

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Reposting this bit of necrotech for more feedback, since I didn't get a whole lot last time.

Two Lover's Bondage Harness (Coil Rank 4, Three Dot Artifact)

A collection of animal parts, dead wood, iron, and soulsteel, the Two Lover's Bondage Harness resembles vaguely a large, hollow rib cage with an iron and soulsteel throne on one end, held up by thick, reinforced legs. The ribs have a series of straps, harnesses, gags, piercings, tools, and toys of many and varied types hanging from them, all the better to secure and tease one held within. Whoever sits on the iron throne may commit four motes to the necrotechnical artifact to command both the bindings and the feet... and while attuned, may also control the four Sadist's Whips attached to the dead muscles and tendons that stick between the ribs. A number of toys and tools also rest on and in the throne, to allow the dominator a bit of pleasure while watching their submissive pet squirm.

Strength 5
Dexterity 4
Stamina 5
Charisma 0
Manipulation 0
Appearance 1
Perception 2
Intelligence 1
Wits 3

Resistance 4
Melee 4
Athletics 4
Presence 4

Speed 7, Accuracy +0, Damage +0B, Defense +0, Rate 1

Integrated Artifact: 4x Sadist's Whips (see above)

Terrifying: Untrained animals flee, gets +2 dice against living people when frightening them.

Transport: May hold and transport a person and a dominator.

Health: -0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, Incap
Willpower: 10
Essence: 1

Sadist's Whip in next post.

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Sadist's Whip: One Dot Artifact

A length of black leather, iron barbs, and jagged pieces of raw labyrinth ore, the Sadist's Whip is a fairly uncommon artifact despite the ease of building one and the lack of required essence commitment, for the simple fact that it is impossible to kill someone with it, simply hurt them. Some Deathlords and Deathknights have made use of it, however, as a method of interrogation... among other things.

Speed 5, Accuracy +1, Damage +3B(*), Defense +0, Rate 1, Mins STr 1/Dex 3, Tags D, R. Instead of rolling damage, if this weapon would deal damage, the target instead suffers a -2 internal penalty for one action. Abilities that negate wound penalties can negate this penalty. This penalty stacks with similar penalties from other Sadist's Whips, but not with itself.

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Shit, nigga, you meta as hell.

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More emprasque.

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So basically, magitech, but shit?

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Every time I start a writethread these days, people spam the shit out of them. They've even started following me to /tg/chan and MSPA.

Have an Oddish for old times' sakes.

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seems like a lot of effort that could have been avoided by just copy/pasting the words "dare you enter my magical realm" a couple dozen times.

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>Prismatic Arrangement of Creation
I thought that style only let you mimic the anima banner of the exalt, not actually become a mini-solar or whatever.

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Wait, what? That seems fucked up. Like, on a great deal of levels.

Well, my sympathies. I don't want to hijack this Exalted thread so I'll drop it from here, but dang.

Probably no one else felt this way, but the livii/taldeer parts were my favorite for the 'common folks that aren't demigods and just wanted to live in peace' perspective.

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Do you actually need this in game?

Do you often need to roleplay this sort of thing?

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creepers gotta creep
seriously, if they stop creeping they die

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No, but I figure people are gonna face down the Lover eventually, and, you know, always good to be prepared for what horrors they might face.

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They're obviously going to fight rape ghosts.

Do you even Lover?

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They're much like sharks in that respect

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I was going to make one for my Abyssal gf

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Enjoy that resonance bucko

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>common folks that aren't demigods and just wanted to live in peace

Not sure about the whole demigods thing, but if I want an opinion on that, I'll just look up some stories from people living in Israel

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Not my issue~

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It is when she rolls the "One person who you love dies" thing. Have fun keeling over dead due to sheer Neverborn angst.

>> No.25570949

Does that apply to everyone? Can Exalts with proper Resistance Charms shrug it off?

>> No.25570980

It can't affect Exalts, I don't think, only mortals.

>> No.25570996

It only applies to Mortals.

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Nevermnid then

Tap that goth booty

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I already am.

Pretty hard.

I left bruises and she told no one. Like a good girl.

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>Now That's What I Call First Age!

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Doesn't Desus get ghost raped or something

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Nope. Lillith wants revenge on Swan (his 2nd Age incarnation), but he's an Eclipse. So he''s so damn charming that she can't help but side with him.

>> No.25571159

There is a theory that Desus became the Bodhisattva Anointed by Dark Water

I don't know what evidence there is for this so I never use it

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I can't wait until I find my Lunar mate.

I'll have a whole harem of submissive waifus.

>> No.25571170


Oh Desus Rama-Sama, how can you be so aloof, yet so desirable?

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Just gonna throw this out there but does anyone know of an exalted podcast/letsplay/some term i don't know? I've looked before but the only one i found was on youtube, shit sound quality followed by the dumbass recording the thing forgetting to record for four sessions.

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IIRC their statlines are near identical, and the west was Desus' main area of operations.

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Lunar mate is the only case where you don't generate resonance by doing normal relationship stuff.

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Every charm they make has to resonate with Fate and not fuck it up, as opposed to everyone else's. Comes with getting a day job with your exaltation.

If they could just create new charms whenever, those charms might not be 100% in tune with Fate, and therefore would only make their jobs harder instead of easier.

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I'm a Solar with an Abyssal partner.

>> No.25571560

>I'm a Solar with an Abyssal partner.

No you aren't.

>> No.25571586

Yes I am!

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If you're playing an Abyssal, why'd you post a Sidereal as your picture?

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Are you secretly trying to steer this thread into talking about what kind of exalted the homestuck characters are.

You can't trick me I am too smart.

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>Seeing as how Celestial Wine is one of the only things that managed to kept the contagion at bay
I beg your pardon?

>> No.25571631

Psh, John's a Terrestrial at best.

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A few threads back somebody dumped HS fanart for Sidereal inspiration since we were having trouble coming up with a sidereal style

Celestial Wine cures any disease so the Siddies were chugging it like water to keep themselves from getting sick

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No, seriously. The green-eyed Endings with the ability to end and restart the worlds, the blue-eyed Serenities who keeps everyone happy, the red-eyed Battles whose combat abilities are immense, and the purple-eyed Secrets with knowledge that no mortal being should have. Colour-coded outfits with special themes, Fate guiding their every action, and everything is a tangled fucking spiderweb of shit they have to do or everything goes wrong.

They're basically archetypal Sidereals.

>> No.25571663

Celestial wine is serious shit. It's basically an alcoholic potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, with the side effect of removing any poison and curing any disease. Even super bullshit magical dead people diseases like the Contagion.

>> No.25571682

God dammit, why does that make so much sense?

>> No.25571687

That sounds cool I think when I have time I'll try dieing for that thread in the foolz archive.

Oh no I've been tricked how could this be.

>> No.25571700

Could be worse.

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Linguistics charms ain't nothing to fuck with

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Plus, you know, going God Tier <--> Exalting and gaining a god's power, and the fact that when a lot of them get together to make a plan that plan gets exponentially more retarded.

>> No.25571756

So assume you guys didn't get lazy and stop with just the first four kids

>> No.25571778

Defend Other action

>> No.25571785


but purple is endings and green is secrets.

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You assume whatever the hell you want. I know that I've taken the metaphor as far as I'm comfortable with taking it.

What you do with trolls and shit is up to you.

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Or the fact that one of the prime adversaries is powered by a green sun

That's a pandora's box for another thread

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Prismatic Arrangement of Creation is a complete charmset unto itself.

>> No.25571827

So basically zombies, but that can do anything

>> No.25571838

Becoming an enlightened mortal protects you against sid/abyss "baww muh loved ones dead" shit.

Alternately becoming a ghost does too, and since death is an upgrade for both solars and mortals...

>> No.25571853

Since Island 5 is no longer canon, its quite possible Desus is a goodguy now. Skullstone, if you ignored Island 5, was the only place where the dead and living coexist in harmony, and they love their master.

>> No.25571855

Are demons bad?
I mean I'm sure that the yozi themselves and their component souls are bad news most of the time, but what about the weaker/littler ones?

Are they like standard demons in that treating them well is a terrible idea?

>> No.25571866

Define "Bad", please?

>> No.25571869

Isle 5 was actually a pretty cool concept, they just couldn't tone it down.

>> No.25571873

soulless monsters that only work to bring about the downfall of all life sort of bad.

>> No.25571880

Actually, while the yozis are (retconned) to be dumbed down D&D style demon lords of pure chaotic evil rapistness, the demons themselves are typically lawful neutral or chaotic neutral.

There's even a few sweet third circle demons. Demons are just aliumz, basically.

>> No.25571883

Aliens more than the classic 'evil demons'

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They're more shortsighted, selfish, cowardly, lustful and violent due to the fact that they were created in Hell by misanthropic city gods who associate love with pain and peace with death

>> No.25571901

What always got me about the Pattern Spiders' wife-killer venom was that it's stated to be the only one you can develop an immunity to.

How the fuck do you do that, though? Do you just sleep around and burn through a shitload of destinies until your girlfriends stop randomly keeling over?

Well, time to write a truly horrendous Sidereals campaign. If my players murder me, my dying words will be, "Damn you 4chan."

>> No.25571905

Nope! They literally are souls, rather than being a soul held in a body of meat, so they have that going for them. A lot of them aren't even malicious, much less working to bring down life as we know it.

If you think that makes them any less dangerous, you don't know enough about the setting.

>> No.25571916

Demons aren't inherently evil, no.

They are violent by human standards because their world is constantly trying to kill them (Malfeas collapsing his layers, Adorjan's wind flaying niggas, etc.).

They are alien because their brain's work differently. eg. most human "unacceptable orders" are bout suicide. Whereas Demons can be ordered to kill themselves, but a Blood Ape cannot be ordered to not murder something that attacks it first, one of those harpdemons cannot be ordered to stop playing, and a Stomach Bottle Bug cannot be ordered to not heal someone. This makes people fear them because their mindset is so incredulous compared to ours.

They are generally terrifying because their sun actively hates humans, so they must look frightening to humans or they will die instantly.

They're not Bad, just frightening.

>> No.25571920

well then shall we make an exalted metaphor of an entirely different work of fiction perhaps?

>> No.25571921

You stop having girlfriends. Or boyfriends. Or any sort of friends, really.

>> No.25571943

I thought the only good one was that spear

>> No.25571947

So how 'bout that Odysseus?

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File: 62 KB, 425x550, Solars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>no kawaii Magic-Commies

>> No.25572290

>not commies

Do you even robot girl?

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>implying Alchemicals are commies

Why no Kawaii Sidereals?

>> No.25572327

Couldn't find it. They're the Helping Goddesses, basically skuld from Ah Megami-Sama as a faction.

>> No.25572333

Hey, /tg/, I just got Shards of The Exalted Dream and I'm wondering how many of you guys have actually done games in those alternate settings?

My favorite right now is Modern, if only because awesome car-chases and gunfights FUCK YEAH

>> No.25572347

Modern is super gay. Gunstar is the only good shard.

>> No.25572356

>the State
>flatline equality aside from the leaders
>that image literally being some kid's dream

Son, do you even communism? Still, kawaii sidereals would be adorable.

>> No.25572374

>Your opinion is wrong, my opinion is right

Maximum shiggy.

>> No.25572399

>Son, do you even communism? Still, kawaii sidereals would be adorable.
Back before there was Creation there were the Not Fun At All Things. They were boring, so we won't really get into them. Suffice it to say that they were really big and really powerful and have phallic tentacles and let's leave it at that.

Oh, and nipple-piercings. Lots and lots of nipple-piercings. And bald chicks.

The Not Fun At All Things all got together and made Creation. But Creation was so awesome and fun that they had to spend all their time just making it work and they all agreed that was not fun at all (but without pretenious capitalization). So they all worked for a few infinites (which were more common back then) and made the Ultimate System.

The Ultimate System is the perfect program. It runs all Creation. Every grain of sand, passing cloud, majestic mountain range and blooming flower has its shape and properties determined and controlled by the Ultimate System. Every loving embrace, hate-filled speech and brilliant sword duel is overseen by the Ultimate System. The results are carefully logged, the effects applied and everything happens. For the most part, everyone in Creation doesn't notice this. Things fall down and time moves forward and nobody really questions it. The occasional time somebody drowns and still walks around, or that your son is born before you meet his mother... these things are strange but nobody really gives them much mind. In world where superhuman uber-cute girls wearing miniskirts rain firey death from airships pulled by white-horned pegasi onto immaculately unflappable long haired pretty-boys who parry falling mountains with disaffected stares... you just stop asking questions, okay?

>> No.25572401

The Trolls are survivors/ghosts from the First Age who were menaced by Bec Noir and ran off to hide in the Wyld. They eventually learned about the Sidereals' involvement with killing the Solars, and are seeking out the Kids in revenge.

Bec Noir is a spirit of some sort who was warped into a horribly powerful monster by the Sidereals to use as a weapon in the Usurpation. The ones responsible for this were the Kids' past lives, which is why the Trolls hold such an intense hatred for them, though they eventually learn to accept that they aren't the same people and work together for a greater cause.

>> No.25572403


Running a game right now in modern, works out like a blast.


>Implying you cannot have gunfights and Car-chases in Heaven's Reach


God tier: My tastes

Shit tier: Your tastes.

>> No.25572413

Suffice it to say that the Ultimate System is Really Important. So important it deserves capital letters. Just ask the people who run it. Really.

The Ultimate System worked great, to a point. It wasn't as perfect as the Not Fun At All Things (just ask them) and occasionally bugs and snarls appeared in the system. The Not Fun At Alls disliked having to go in and personally repair the system, mainly because it was so boring. The process of occasionally fixing the Ultimate System was so annoying that it became known as the Great Ordeal and was generally relegated to whatever Not Fun AT All was least popular that week (this was usually Autochchton, The Great Otaku). So they (or mainly he) created a new user interface. A user interface that could react to problems pro-actively. A user interface that could monitor itself and adjust as needed. A user interface with the ability to adapt to new situations. But mainly a user interface that was cute and happy to see you and offered to rub your feet.

Hey, you trying having infinite weight and see how good your feet feel after a hard day of being infinite.

So using some raw material culled from the weird ape things with sticks that the Not Fun At All Things kept stepping on every time they turned around they created the Great Ordeal Deferring Delightful Effective System Stewardess or G.O.D.D.E.S.S. This worked out so well they made a whole bunch of them and set them in charge of maintaining the Ultimate System.

>> No.25572420


Of course, after a few more infinities of being forced to work for Not Fun AT All Things the sentient Goddess systems adapted to the point that they realised that the thing making Creation the most not fun was the Not Fun At All Things. In fact, the act of cleaning up the messes their masters had created became the prime ordeal of the Goddesses. Clapping themselves on the back and saying how brilliant and smart (and cute!) they all were the Goddesses got together and decided to overthrow the Not Fun At All Things. Unfortunetaly the inability to overthrow their makers had been hard-coded into both them and the Ultimate System so they needed pats^B^B^B^B... allies to do the hard work of actually defeating the Not Fun At All Things. With the help of Autochchton the great otaku they learned the secret of creating more like themselves and thus created the Exalted.

Thus began the Prime Ordeal War. Those Not Fun At All Things that were slain sank into the Underworld and became the Nevercute, while the really annoyed ones who didn't die were banished, becoming the Sore Losers (or "You'll See"). The fact that the Goddesses could not actually directly participate in the war, but could offer helpful advice and encouragement form the sidelines led to their current title "the Helping Goddess". Others had less polite terms for them, but they chose to ignore them.

After the Prime Ordeal War the Helping Goddesses pretty much had it all. They got to move into Heaven, get all the cool toys and, of course, all their cute friends and happy bishounens to help them with their duties. For a long time (but not an infinity, because they were out of those) everything was happy and flowers and rainbows.

>> No.25572425
File: 147 KB, 1024x802, alchemicalgirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no nerdy alchemical gf

Someone posted the other pictures in this series in a thread a while ago, does anyone have the rest?

>> No.25572427

There's a demon girl whose smile is so sweet any who see her fall in love with her (so she wears a veil), and when she is summoned, a new manse is created that is part of her, and her humanoid form steps out. A solar married her in the first age, no one protested. 3rd circle.

In general, there are few demons that are demonstrably evil. Only some are aggressive.

>> No.25572430

Then the Bishounens started to brood and the Catgirls started getting bitchy and the Magical Girls were all "we're oppressed and also want cookies!" and everyone expected the Helping Goddesses to fix everything. After all, it was their job to look after the Ultimate System. So what if some Bishounen had summarily leveled a mountain. Surely the Helping Goddesses could just fix the damage. Yes the Catgirls had stolen all the Celesital Wine and gotten everyone in the Realm drunk, but the Helping Goddesses could just make the crops grow despite nobody having actually, ya know, planted them. Fixing problems was what the Helping Goddesses were FOR, wasn't it?

So the Goddesses got together and talked about this and came to the conclusion that the problem was the Bishounen. The Helping Goddesses had just made them too powerful. I mean, certainly they were cute and they all had such nice hair and they wrote you little poems and Unconquered Orichalcum Shark Master of the Whispering Underworld had the tightest little ass... but the Helping Goddesses just couldn't say no to them. They had created Exalted even more cute then they were, and the sheer power of the Bishounen's Moe was threatening the Ultimate System itself!

So obviously the problem was the Bishounens. Clapping themselves on the back and saying how brilliant and smart (and cute!) they all were the Goddesses got together and decided to overthrow the Bishounens. And the Catgirls while they were at it. Little harridans always making time with THEIR BIS... ahem. Yes. Anyway, suffice it to say things went along after that. The Helping Goddesses retreated to Heaven (mainly because the Magical Girls ahd taken this "kill all other exalts" thing a little too seriously) where they remain to this day. Overseeing Creation. Maintaining the Ultimate System. Looking down wistfully at the world below and wondering if maybe... just maybe... there is some worthy person down there...


>> No.25572455

Ok, that is a very good point. But that's more like Nihlism than Communism, imho. Shit's gonna happen, and long term it's gonna happen like THIS, so there's shit all you can do and may as well sit around discussing politics and getting baked.

>> No.25572459

>>Implying you cannot have gunfights and Car-chases in Heaven's Reach

Yes, but I prefer modern. I like big, space opera sci-fi but not always.

Plus with Modern, I can legitimately make an Alchemical who uses Metaneural Uplink Node to torrent internet porn merely by willing it. And be basically MGR!Raiden.

I need to get the Alchemical book one day. I wanna be magical Optimus Prime, dammit!!

>> No.25572473

Aaaand I spoke too soon. Let me let you finish.

>> No.25572482

> politics

The Helping Goddesses are divided into many overlapping factions on various political issues. Many of these revolve around what operating system the Ultimate System should be using (along with other HG artifacts). They also at least vaguely related to the question of the rule of the Magical Girls vs. the Bishonen, but really, who cares about that when you could be fighting for OS-3?

BronzeSoft Faction

The BronzeSoft Faction, headed by Goddess First Class Ketchup Gates (a Moderator), seeks to maintain the status quo. The BronzeSoft OS, periodically upgraded, has been standard in Heaven's systems for centuries with vast success. (All rumors connecting the Contagion to the Y2K bug are firmly denied.) It may crash a lot and eats memory like a pig, but all the applications are written for it. Sure, the Neo-Empress may be a brutal tyrant, but do you really want the Catgirls to turn all of creation into a giant litter box? They backed the decision to overthrow the Bishonens and Catgirls and stand by their decision. The conservative faction, full of grumpy old women who feel no one appreciates the sacrifices they made. Why in their day, EVERY DIRECTION IN THE CELESTIAL CITY WAS UPHILL AND THEY LIKED IT.

>> No.25572489

Open GoldSource Movement

The Open GoldSource Movement wants greater freedom to reprogram the Ultimate System and to create new protocols. They've created a group of potential OSes all freely available to anyone who wants to take them and tinker with them. If they were allowed to go in and redo the Ultimate System, everyone would be able to freely personalize their protocols and it would be much easier to find permanent bug fixes.

It remains unclear how exactly they plan for Creation to survive the period in which the Ultimate System was being reprogrammed and all the bugs worked out of these experimental OSes.

The Open GoldSource Movement also supports restoring the Bishonens to rule of Creation, subject to suitable monitoring by Heaven, of course. Quite clearly the Magical Girls just aren't hacking it.

The OGSM has no single leader; it is decentralized by nature, and at times, competes against itself as much as against the BronzeSoft faction.

>> No.25572498

The Silver Faction

Led by Goddess First Class Wilhelmina Jena Brianna, the Silver Faction insists on the coinage of silver at a ratio of 16 to 1 (the one being gold coins). Despite repeated loud angry speeches about how Creation is being crucified on a Cross of Gold, Wilhelmina still has yet to clearly explain to most Helping Goddesses why exactly this is important. However, this support for non-Jade currencies has led the Silver Faction to promote various Barbarian groups who are stuck using silver, copper, and gold coinage, and to support the Moonsilver-using Catgirls.
The Kill Bishie Faction

For millenia, this small group has been focused on killing one single Bishonen over and over, every time he reincarnates. No one is sure why he is so important or why they are so angry with him, but they've been doing a great job so far. Their leader operates under a seemingly permanent disguise 'The Widowed Bride'.
Project EVA

The members of Project EVA are disatisfied with the world. They believe humanity has hit a deadend, unable to advance due to the presence of so many superior beings around it--Exalts, Gods, Alien Princesses, etc. Ever since the Second Impact (the Contagion), humanity has stagnated, unable to advance, the mere pawns of others. Only if humanity is forced up the chain of Moe can humanity survive the Age of Lessened Cuteness and achieve its rightful place (thus freeing the Helping Goddesses to kick back and relax, letting humanity do the hard work, coincidentally enough). It remains unclear how Goddess First Class Glinda Ikari plans to make this transition come to pass, but rumors whisper of warstriders constructed out of the body of one of the Not Fun at All, and Protocol-Spawned Children to pilot them... But only rumors, or they all would have been executed long ago. But where there's smoke, there's usually smoke elementals...

So yeah, that's Kawaii Edition Sidereals for you.

>> No.25572526

>Magical Optimus Prime

Not quite as fun a build as it soun-Ah, who am I kidding? Stack speed bonuses and get the plasma jetpack and some Essence cannons, just shift into a jet fighter and fuck shit up.

>> No.25572555


Depends on how you play the space opera. Modern style Alchemicals could be transplated directly into the game if you wish.

I'm also shameless with the MGR references to the point where I statted up a Gremlin Typhoon to use them against the PC's as a battle once.

>> No.25572603

>Metal Gear Rising Exalted

Okay so Raiden's a Soulsteel Alchemical, Jetstream Sam is a Solar with Alchemical charms, Mistral is a Full Moon Lunar, Monsoon is a Chosen of Endings, Sundowner is a Dusk Abyssal, and Senator Armstrong is a Slayer Infernal.


>> No.25572617

>I'm also shameless with the MGR references to the point where I statted up a Gremlin Typhoon to use them against the PC's as a battle once.

Ha hah, that's awesome.

If I ever get into a Modern game, I'm making my Not-Raiden Alchemical character and asking the ST to play MGR music during the game.

>> No.25572635

...I'd play that game.

Can we try to get something together on /tg/? IRC maybe?

>> No.25572657


You know, I would goddamn kill to see an Exalted H&S made by Platinum games.

That shit would be the craziest fucking thing ever.

>> No.25572680


Eh...the main problem is that I don't have the Alchemical book yet. I need to buy it but I like physical copies and DTRPG doesn't do POD for it.

>> No.25572686

That does sound fun. This should spawn a group somehow, i'd be down.

>> No.25572726


Oh hey look it's every non-first edition Exalted book ever.

If anyone wants to do Exalted Modern e-mail me and I'll try to organize something (I call not it on STing though)

>> No.25572745


As the person who runs the game, I'd be delighted to have someone else... ANYONE else considering how hard it is to find new people >>.

If you can make a game on Thursdays from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST then you're welcome.

>> No.25572760

Shit, sorry.


Try that link. I'm an idiot.

>> No.25572767

Why can I not into opening this URL? Just takes me to my Mediafire folder.

>> No.25572777

That'd be why. Ignore >>25572767 then, issue resolved.

>> No.25572779

Wait, your name looks familiar.

Do I know you? This isn't Dragnar, is it?

>> No.25572788


...Armstrong makes sense as an Infernal Slayer, very much so.

Sam is another Alchemical plain and simple for me. If you get a lot of MA charms, you can play an Alchemical with little Alchemical charms like Sam did.

Sundowner is accurate.

Mistral and Monsoon... I'd probably still place them as cyborgs. Monsoon being Moonsilver and Mistral also being moonsilver. Castes for Alchemicals are flexible as fuck anywho.

>> No.25572805

Sorry, me again.

I also want to note the errata's been integrated as PDF comments into every book.

>> No.25572808

You know that you can have bits and bobs installed in you without being an alchemical, right?

>> No.25572812


Who the fuck's Dragnar?

I run Succubus Lord Quest on this board, but that quest and trying to get people for games is all I bother to use my nick for.

>> No.25572835

I guess not. Sorry, there was a guy advertising a Modern IRC game on thursdays.

Tell me more!

>> No.25572859

Have a custom set of generic character sheets I made. 5 pages long, so complicated as fuck, but relatively well organised and has an entire sheet dedicated to fluff things

>> No.25572873

I'm interested and can make that time. Are you playing it over Skype?

>> No.25572911


Well are you able to make the time? No offense but there have been... a lot of times where I describe the setting and the game backstory so far, only to mention the time and have them drop out >>.

I *may* have been the guy you were thinking about advertising the game on Thursdays, but I really only speak up when people say they wanna play a modern Alchemical. And no idea who Dragnar is.


IRC actually.

>> No.25572937

I see. I'm listening!

>> No.25572995


>> No.25573176



Well the main premise of the game so far is basically Modern Alchemicals. Some houserules make some minor changes (such as the Alchemical Core itself being an sentient AI if you desire), but roughly remain the same.

As for story wise, the game takes place in the West in Wavecrest. The gist is that when the PC's first Exalted, they helped out a man named Dr. Valinkov, in which he claimed his inventions would pave a new path for peace in the West with a treaty called, "The Great Western Trade Agreement", in where the powers of the west would be unified into one big whole.

So the PC's helped him out by hunting some terrorist groups right up to the day of the Great Western Trade Agreement, guarded by a very large chunk of the Western navel fleet as a whole. Two fruits of Dr. Valinkov's research were shown. One being a prototype super battleship which would outclass anything afloat, the latter being the Doctor's personal invention. An experimental mech named, "Viator"

Naturally, the trade conference was attacked by elemental forces, who claimed this agreement would doom creation as a whole. One of the PC's managed to talk to the enemy general to see about doing things. Just as he accepted however, Dr. Valinkov betrayed everyone by destroying a very large section of the Western Fleet with a black hole.

What followed after that was tailing Dr. Valinkov to a secret base where he met up with his boss, the person who originally made Alchemicals, Dr. Evelyn Bell. She explained to the PC's over a shotgun dinner that the Great Western Trade Agreement was actually a ploy by the people higher up in power to see out the lower class of Creation to alien powers such as the Raksha Balorians, the Underworld, and more. Bell thinks the only solution is to rip the governments of the world up by their roots to purge them of corruption, and she had a very large portion of Alchemicals, technology, and Viator to do it with.

>> No.25573188


So the PC's plan this entire time has been to try and stop Bell. At first it was difficult as the government was hunting them as well, but they recently managed to get breathing room on them after a story arc which was just completed.

Also one of the PC's challenged Dr. Valinkov (Who is a massive wrestling nut) in Viator to a Hell-in-a-Cell match for their ultimate showdown

That's the cliff notes version. If you're interested I could give out more information.

>> No.25573193
File: 111 KB, 700x1068, 1339118778945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>mfw Scourges can chase down anything on foot. Even super-sonic aircraft.

Tell me this has happened.

>> No.25573218


I've statted a Scourge with a movement speed of something like 251 m/s before, so it is entirely possible to chase down aircraft.

>> No.25573255

That one fucking scene from Terminator 2, where they're riding off on a bike, turn around, and see the guy keeping pace with them on foot.

Now imagine the dude doing the chasing is glowing with the green flames of Hell's Sun. And wielding a plane wing sword made of steel forged in the souls of a million innocents then dipped in the blood of a demon god.

>> No.25573266

And some Lunars will be even faster.

>> No.25573347
File: 1021 KB, 921x565, fancylunar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So long as they're pursuing something

>> No.25573400

I'm a tad confused, mind telling me about the setting?

>> No.25573449


Oh, that was the history of the game. Right up until the game started, it was pretty much exactly how the Exalted Modern book said.

Pardon me if I misinterpreted your request. Do you want me to talk about Exalted modern in general then?

>> No.25573460

Where's this channel? I'm kind of interested.

>> No.25573475


#ExaltationsAnonymous on rizon.net

>> No.25574010
File: 446 KB, 595x800, Key_Tide_by_NocturnalSatellite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any reason for a Solar to go Akuma? Can the Yozis really offer them anything they can't get themselves/do better?

>> No.25574215 [DELETED] 
File: 44 KB, 300x400, INTO THE TRASH IT GOES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>join channel
>Yue is there

>> No.25574270


Well you know different strokes for different folks or whatever. Good luck finding another game.

...Not sarcastic or anything, I mean that in the best way possible.

>> No.25574314

Only if you think the character's weak-willed enough to accept the bargain.

>> No.25574391 [DELETED] 

Thanks man. Good luck running a game for a pedophile that constantly self-inserts with disturbing fetishes and romances the first underage female NPC he sees.

Did I mention it's a he? Fucking trannies, dude. Bail out while you can.

>> No.25574427

She's never done anything like that in games I've ran/played with her. Sure you got the right person?

>> No.25574433
File: 188 KB, 700x700, WHAT THE FUCK AM I READINGyomiko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25574448 [DELETED] 

Yeah, I'm sure. You don't forget a freak that freaky. Just trust me on this one. Bail. Out.

I could tell more stories if you want.

>> No.25574458


i know she may have had had some problems years ago but if thats the case the shut the fuck up and move on

>> No.25574473


A person's sex is irrelevant to me. Fags, straights, spics, white trash, they're all equally worthless to me.

>> No.25574476 [DELETED] 

You don't get to move on when you make an underage girl that has a graphic, sexual transformation into a lovecraftian monstergirl.

That should haunt you for the rest of your life.

>> No.25574487

I mean, I've known her for a while. A long ass while. Longer than you probably have. There's not really anything you can do to change my perspective of her, and even if she DID act dumb in the past, let it go. No point in dragging her name through the mud just because she pissed you off.

>> No.25574495
File: 66 KB, 464x1024, aiona31_a617t8v2I6J.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just trying to figure out what the Yozis could possibly offer a Solar that they couldn't get already

>> No.25574511

get the fuck out caps

>> No.25574514
File: 20 KB, 400x300, haw3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"She made a character I am uncomfortable with, so I'm going to run around making everyone hate her for the rest of my life!"

>> No.25574530

if this is who i'm thinking of then yeah, that is pretty much the case

>> No.25574569

That's pretty childish tbh. It's like someone stealing your lunch money and calling your mother a whore, and then following them around for years telling people they're a horrible person.

>> No.25574609
File: 38 KB, 400x274, tumblr_mah2gjwnMb1r59a7l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Like this?

>> No.25574645

it's a bit worse than that

>> No.25574674
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>Post no longer exists

>> No.25575169

How do you catch a Sidereal waifu?

I need to know. For science

>> No.25575188
File: 735 KB, 917x1179, tumblr_mo199slxjS1rqta3do5_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't.

You think you do until you wake up one morning and find out you've been married to a duck for the past twenty years.

Trust me, friend, it's a road you don't want to go down

>> No.25575209
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Greatly consider before chasing after the most incapable exalt type.

>> No.25575214

I was there for that. It was a good fight. Sand is a good man if you are into what he's selling. He's a little shameless with his SRW references. But I didn't count that as a terrible thing.

>> No.25575448

I just want one of every exalt type

>> No.25575531

That may be difficult. Wait until you become a Devil Tiger before completing the circle.

How did you nab the Alchemical?

>> No.25575557

She wants me to help her people. I said I'd fix Autocthon.

>> No.25575602
File: 174 KB, 619x768, 2hykpjp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So in terms of difficulty of waifu/husbando collecting it goes (from easiest to most difficult)


>> No.25575651


I assume nabbing a DB waifu would be hard as fuck if you're Anathema.

I mean, they're told from birth that you're a horrific monster trying to tear down civilization.

>> No.25575670

Eeeh. Just get one that isn't an immaculate

>> No.25575675

>Implying hedonistic fetishism for horrifying monsters wouldn't come easily to the cream of the Realm crop.

>> No.25575695
File: 313 KB, 700x990, commission___toneldren_by_bayanghitam-d2yar4b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In that case


>> No.25575715

Well, I already got an Alchemical and an Abyssal. So I'm starting off strong. Now I just need a Sidereal, then I can work on the easy ones.

>> No.25575728

What skills are useful as favored for a Sidereal of Endings? Martial Arts is already in-caste and I'm stuck unsure what to grab now that I have Dodge and Socialize (The latter for character reasons.)

>> No.25575734
File: 169 KB, 800x600, Balsa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What class are you attempting this on?

>> No.25575739

Start with the hard ones and work your way backwards. Also a good rule of thumb for orgies.

>> No.25575743
File: 431 KB, 850x1095, Ruby Mage Initiate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You already did, you just don't remember.

>> No.25575751

Depends on what you want to do

Lore and Occult are good for sorcerers

Presence and Performance for Social beasts

Melee for combat

>> No.25575816

If any Celestial Exalt of Ess 5+ can enter Yu-Shan whenever they please, why isn't Ma-Ha-Suchi sauntering through the Gates every so often to play rape-xenomorph with the newbie Sidereals?

>> No.25575836

BEcause attacking a Celestial Exalt in heaven brings the Liondogs down on your ass

>> No.25575856

That and Carjack never leaves heaven and can easily make time in his busy schedule for a duckpunching

>> No.25575875


...So, can he just annoy them into attacking him? Or play pranks on them, knowing they can't attack him without Lion Dogs?

I'm just imagining a Lunar crawling through the window and unleashing shitloads of pigeons in Kejak's office.

>> No.25575885


Aren't there two or three Lunars who could take him in a straight up fight?

Lunars are immune to duckpunching anyway.

>> No.25575917

>I'm just imagining a Lunar crawling through the window and unleashing shitloads of pigeons in Kejak's office.
That's a thing they can do! That's also a war you really don't want to start. The old man has thousands of years on you, he's spent those years scheming, and he hasn't gotten to vent with a good prank war in a long, LONG time.

>> No.25575941
File: 212 KB, 700x1050, 1d55fd9b5ae7ebbfdc8c424b92794120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They can try. But I'm sure interfering with Bureau activities is an offense in its own right

>Implying Karjack would fight two or three Lunars on his own.
>Implying he wouldn't round up the Bronze Faction to back him up

The Lunars return to their turf to find that their mortal followers have been replaced by a family of ducks

>> No.25575955

Sidereals have tons of ways to send lunars to Lethe, one of the most effective is just spraying them with silly string til they can't move.

In general, going to SMA-ville with the intent of starting shit is the most suicidal thing imaginable.

If you make the siddies mad at all, in all likelihood a teacup ninja will hide in your nipple piercing and wait til you leave Yu-Shan, then punch the ground beneath you into BEEES and force you into a death duel with your evil twin.

>> No.25575969

>Chejop Kejak versus Leviathan

I would give all of my rubles

>> No.25575992
File: 96 KB, 900x769, Ma-Ha-Suichi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Implying he wouldn't round up the Bronze Faction to back him up

Yeah, okay. Because Sidereals working in tandem and formulating plans has never gone wrong before. Especially in large numbers like that.

>> No.25576010


The Lunars then train these ducks to form the Puissant Mallards, the most lethal training-charm enhanced family of birdmen the world has ever known.

>> No.25576033
File: 410 KB, 500x282, secretlunartrainingfilm.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Emo-Whale hasn't walked on two legs since the Usurpation.

Its the Bronze Faction; when Kejack says "kill" they say "how messy?"

Besides, I'm fairly certain that a insane half-chimera running around killing Sidereals would warrant a fairly bipartisan response

Pic Related

>> No.25576393

So what's all this silver/brass/iron faction stuff I see thrown around in regards to sidereals? i thought the only factions were the gold and the bronze?

>> No.25576436

Silver was an offhanded reference in MoEP: Lunars to a secret group of three siddies who think the Lunars are the best suited to rule creation.

>> No.25576615
File: 119 KB, 640x800, Akechi_Mitsuhide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've never heard of Brass/Iron factions. I assume you mean Sidereals who sympathize with the Deathlords/Yozi and they're negligibly small

>> No.25577345

Things my Lunar did before joining the main campaign:
Infiltrated a Realm camp as one of their hounds
Hunted down rare creatures, took their forms and made snazzy clothes from their pelts.
Killed a Solar whose next incarnation was a PC.

>> No.25577628

What Essence rating?

>> No.25577704

Started at 3. Against a Twilight who thought riding a golden summoned horse and using demons to enslave a town that was the TSR project of three lunars was a good idea.

>> No.25578189

It's always the Twilight's isn't it?

>> No.25578270

Yup. The Wyld Hunt was after him, but that brought no sympathy. I was a Full moon, and after trading a couple swings he tried in-combat sorcery and failed miserably to my dire lance. Then he tried to flee, but couldn't outrun a cheetah.

After some drama with the player himself the character ended up going back to pirac...Guild Privateer work and planning on trying to learn under Raksi.

>> No.25579323

Killing a Sidereal Exalt is a celestial felony.

>> No.25579365
File: 84 KB, 611x864, 472_realsize.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And I'm sure interfering with the Bureau of Destiny is at least a Heavenly Misdemeanor

Lunars are going to be picking trash up off the Imperial Highways for months

>> No.25579413

Serves him right. The true Solar (or dragonblooded) knows that mortals are nothing more than a giant liability. If you harm them, SJW exalts will take you down. If you help them, abyssals/infernals will do terrorist attacks on them.

>> No.25579420

They're detailed in Compass of Nonexistent Directions Vol.1: Elsewhere and Vol.2: The Void.

>> No.25581181

Technically every Lunar is automtically on probation the moment they exalt.

>> No.25581507

Do these actually exist or are you just shitting me up/

>> No.25582763

>Destroying a Lunar's work
>Corrupting a town and bringing a hunt down on them
>Not earning a one-way trip to lethe

>> No.25583549

They do. Well to a certain extent, no where near as large or with as much sway as the gold and bronze factions.

>> No.25583579

Well if you buy ROTSE's bullshit about "olololo, Sid akuma errywhere!" then that's the brass faction.
But in reality that's more like just one crazy siddie for each, tops.

>> No.25583616

Don't think that there are all that many, you might find some if you look enough, though.

If you are looking for such things to learn to play, I suggest going through the game tutorial, its quite damn handy. http://jyenicolson.net/exalted/

>> No.25583674


Silver has three, IIRC. They also have contacts with one of the Bureaus (Nature, I think). Iron consists entirely of The Green Lady, who in fairness could count as half a dozen people on her own.

>> No.25583695

The Green Lady is a bitch.

>> No.25583743

Well yeah, Silver is three and Iron/Brass can't be bigger than that because those are seriously retarded ideas.

I also don't count Green Lady anywhere because nobody the fuck knows what REALLY goes on inside her head. An 'iron faction" would be a nutjob who honestly follows Oblivion.

>> No.25583790

I suspect you're the same person that tossed me that link in an exalted thread many threads ago. So I'll say the same thing I did back then. I want to get my exalted fix second hand because i know from experience I'm a terrible powergamer and i don't want to ruin anyone else's fun.

>> No.25583843

Well, you can always try googling PbP games and reading them. I found one on GiTP forums (although it went balls out broken with houserule charms and retarded in Karjack's portrayal later on...), some in Russian...

>> No.25583879

Nah, wasn't me, unless I was horribly drunk last time. Is possible.

Granted, powergaming and Exalted don't mix that well, unless you can tone your powergaming down. There are so many charms that force your ST to seriously step up your opposition a notch or get totally roflstomped. And when he does, nobody else is going to survive unless they start doing the same things too.

Other than that, the game is a very awesome game. You just gotta not mind the clunkier aspects of the system.

>> No.25584023


I think that I was the one that tossed you the link.

Check out Exalted 201 fir an example of combat.



You also run the risk of creating Invincible Sword Princess and her squishy circlemates.

>> No.25584064

>Exalted 201

That thing was a godsend

>> No.25584084


>> No.25584173
File: 475 KB, 754x504, 30006d7ab8c92a04f9afeba448b06242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wouldnt object to the existance of demons/yozi/Maelfas if only the Ebon Dragon was dead. Deader then a Neverborn dead.

Oh well, plan B: Kidnap the Scarlet Empress, use abyssal social charms, a first age essence drain artifact and the Black Succubus Arts from the Abyssal preview book to break her apart and restore her as an addicted and in love slave to my character who will return her to the Realm and use its full force upon the Deathlords, toppling them one by one with the help of the Dual Monarch, then shoving them inside the calcified bodies of the Neverborn and walling it all off, and leaving a sign that says NO SOLARS ALLOWED with smaller text saying 'fuck you Black Concordat'. Then blow up anyone marginally threatening in Creation with the Essence Defence Grid and in the span of centuries kill off all the Dragonblood and replace them with horrible abyssal/terrestial/akuma spawn.

Only thing I have to figure out is how to get rid of the more meddlesome sidreals, either by killing them or making deals with Yu-Shan.

>> No.25584175

I just spank my bitches with a daiklaive.

>> No.25584196

>dat empress

I would very much enjoy ejaculating in her anus.

>> No.25584221

The reason i asked for podcasts is i have an autism rule that i can only play minecraft while listening to podcasts (or similar) and vice versa.

Huh, neat.

>> No.25584255

She would probably like to ejaculate in your anus too.

>> No.25584275

In my youthful foolishness, I got No Entry tattooed on the small of my back, just above my ass in case I ever got sent to prison.

>> No.25584308

How long did it take to realise that in this situation it would be taken as a challenge?

>> No.25584315

At the time it seemed like a really fantastic idea.

>> No.25584488

At what point has one gone to far with craft (Genesis)?

>> No.25584544

>implying you can go too far with Craft (Genesis)

>> No.25584649


Also get magitech.
For biomagitech. (That is a thing)

Then get necrotech too.


I never asked for this.

>> No.25584687
File: 62 KB, 300x275, 1369190716458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uhhhh,what's the difference between those.

>> No.25584734

Now I have an overpowering urge to ejaculate in your anus.

>> No.25584756
File: 960 KB, 850x1250, sample_75e6ba8ca07e303f8ad3ecb36fdf996c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Genesis: Make artifical life
Magitech: First age essence technology
Biomagitech is part of Magitech really but works well with Genesis too: Biological grafts, implants, technological parallels using living things, organic nanite factories, etc.
Necrotech: The creation and usage of souls and dead bodies for stuff. It can pretty much replicate magitech, be it a giant war mecha made out of skeletons or a PC that runs on a bunch of souls merged into one powerful (if eccentric) AI.

Alchemical Exalt

>> No.25584816

I like the sound of every part of that post.

>giant war mecha made out of skeletons
Awwww yeah.

I really need to look up Exalted some time.

>> No.25584836

So basically war striders and power armor are Magitech
While Biomagitech makes you part terminator.
Fun times ahead.

>> No.25584853

Biomagitech is retarded. Use either Magitech or Genesis

>> No.25584882

Biomagitech is literally Magitech.

It just works better if you can custom fit the stuff you shove it into.

>> No.25584900
File: 122 KB, 215x248, 1363975727288.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't wait to punch my foes while in power armor.

>> No.25584917

Wonders of the First Age has a shitload of them.

>> No.25584929
File: 213 KB, 1248x900, Warstrider.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Warstriders are best armor

>> No.25584937
File: 400 KB, 731x837, Lunar CBA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25584963

Quick question, have you guys ever just worn out a mortal who can't land an attack on you?

>> No.25584991

No, you kill mortals with stunts. You don't actually fight them.

>> No.25585034

B-But my limit break is killing opponents that aren't as strong as me.

>> No.25585036

CBA is probably better than regular warstriders. Warstriders only really become worth it once you throw in a cloaking device and a level 5 flight system (+5 dice to hit, +5 to dodge DV)

>> No.25585080


>> No.25585105

Celestial Battle Armor

5 dot armor that is ridicuusly OP, and despite apparently being incredibly rare, every single combat focussed character ever has it.

>> No.25585127

What are the best custom bits for CBA?

>> No.25585150

Artifacts really don't get destroyed, so there's probably been enough CBA made for everyone in Creation. Only celestials can use it.

>> No.25585191

>going too far
>with anything

Do you even Twilight bro? Until you've bred a race of nubile triplebreasted whore people who lactate brandy and maple syrup you haven't gone far enough

>> No.25585202


Oh artifacts can be destroyed.

Damn difficult, but completely impossible unless they're Ardenwiess indestructible tier.

>> No.25585210


Specifically, I mean its only logical that there's enough CBA for all combat celestials in Creation, as the First Age went on pretty long and all that armor still exists unless it was lost in the Wyld or something.

Remember Creation is the size of Jupiter, so its difficult to find other human beings, let alonen an artifact that only has about 600 instances of it ever made.

>> No.25585211

I was playing a Lunar, and took Enhanced Healing and Durability, and Illusionary Disguise.

>> No.25585230

If coupled with an adamant skin hearthstone (converts lethal to bashing), the healing thing (that lets you heal 1 bashing/tick).

If a lunar, moonsilver. That way, you can become a gigantic thingamadoodle but still gain the benefits.

If anything else, starmetal, for the damage reduction post soak.

>> No.25585231 [SPOILER] 
File: 198 KB, 546x500, twilightkamenrider.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Energy weapons built in
Increased Combat Skills
Custom Charms to banish it to elsewhere and don it in a moment


>> No.25585242

That, and finding a CBA means jack shit unless you have the facilities to reforge it to fit you.

>> No.25585249

What does the other breast contain?

>> No.25585253

The built in energy weapons are really, really bad though.

>> No.25585262

Pancake batter. What good would maple syrup be without that?

>> No.25585264


>> No.25585274

I got Kabuto-series Henshin sound at your spoiler.

>> No.25585299


but I'm not a twilight, I'm a no-moon.

>> No.25585309

Aww, that's so adorable.

>> No.25585320

It thinks its a sorcerer!

>> No.25585359

I like >>25585081 better for an alchemical

>> No.25585367


I AM a sorcerer. An-and a necromancer, too. I really am!

>> No.25585374


The Essence Gaunlets? The ones that let you do 15B/4 damage in melee are bad?

>> No.25585391

>I AM a sorcerer. An-and a necromancer, too. I really am!

It's so cute when your pets can do tricks.

>> No.25585421


Well fine! I'll go build my OWN magitech! with blackjack! and hookers!

In fact, forget the hookers! I'll sacrifice my sex drive! And then build a nation! You'll see! YOU'LL ALL SEE!

>> No.25585447

>Taboo Inflicting Diatribe

And now, obeying / not attacking you on sight is forbidden forever.

>> No.25585706

How exactly would you do that? You'd have to move to her nation and become well-known by the people.

And Lunars get very tetchy about invasions of their territory.

>> No.25585752

No, it requires spending "several hours" talking to members. Not even important members, just members.

I think i can manage a few hours chatting up a barmaid and some random hobo.

>> No.25585815

Several hours THROUGHOUT THE MONTH is the exact wording.

>> No.25585834


yeah, but god forbid solars not be able to do something instantly and perfectly, right?

>> No.25585840

Actually the exact wording is "several hours WITHIN the last month".

You can fit that into a single afternoon if you want.

>> No.25585882

Hey, we didn't write the charms. Just because your favorite splat is "relatively balanced", don't shit on us for being mazing. Maybe you just need better taste.

>> No.25585984

I'm reading Glories of the Most High.

I notice The Unconquered Sun has some interesting specialities in his Ride skill.

Greater Elemental Dragons, Jouten, Luna...


>> No.25586027

Index from MoEP: Lunars:
Culottes Society See Slacks of the Sun Kings
Slacks of the Sun Kings See Jodhpurs of Luna
Jodhpurs of Luna See Speedo of Gaia
Speedo of Gaia See Winding Pants
Winding Pants See lost forever

>> No.25586050

What exactly do you think causes an eclipse?

>> No.25586095


Lunars aren't even my favorite splat, alchemicals are.

>> No.25586237

...Luna has a speciality in riding Gaia....

>> No.25586250

Could Sol ride Luna while Luna rode Gaia?

>> No.25586266

I'm pretty sure they actually do that...

>> No.25586284

I think that's the intended effect.

>> No.25586783
File: 124 KB, 500x483, A15178-1549949677.1369566230.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone else find choosing virtue values to be kind of annoying.

Right now I'm making a making a Twilight (similar looks to the character in this picture, yes, I'm making a loli character, sue me) and I have no clue what the fuck virtues I should give her.

I'm just not a fan of how they dictate roleplaying. If you're playing a high-valor character, you HAVE to roll to fail conviction checks solely so you don't blindly charge into every single fucking encounter like a goddamn idiot.

High Valor makes you an idiot shounen hero

High Compassion makes you a way-too-dedicated "DEFENDER OF JUSTICE AND THOSE WHO ARE INJUSTICED"

High Temperance makes you a snobby pseudo-monk

High Conviction makes you a "NEVER ABANDON THE PLAN I MUST FUFILL MY MOTIVATION" idiot who would take on all of the Incarnae at once if it fulfilled their motivation

I know Exalted is about epic heroes, but I'm just not feeling virtues. I love everything else about the game though.

>> No.25586851


You know that you can deliberately fail a virtue check by spending one Willpower, right?

Tell us about you're characters personality, we can help picking out virtue.

>> No.25586854

>Conviction 5, Valor 2, Compassion 1, Temperance 1

>Hollow Heart Trancendence

These are the only two acceptable Virtue set-ups.

>> No.25586909
File: 181 KB, 1622x178, Vortishain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25586912


Hollow Heart Transcendence

Be free

>> No.25586918

Ah, the impulsive autistic sociopath /tg/seems to love so much

>> No.25586942

Yes, Virtues at 5 ARE crazy people. So, how about not jacking them up? With starting mandatory points you can have 2-2-2-3 values, which is normal guy in 3 of them and slightly focused on the other.

>> No.25586969


>It's Flaw of Invulnerability is that you have to follow your Motivation.

>It's Limit Break is that you have to follow your character's goals.

>It allows you to channel it on any action that aids your character's existing goals, no matter what they are.

>You only have to suppress it to take actions that your character would never take anyway.

Please, tell me how Conviction isn't a god-stat.

>> No.25586984


>Virtues at 5 ARE crazy people

What are people who take Epic Zeal/Cosmic Transcendence? What if they take it four times?

>> No.25587009

When you're a stubborn oaf that is going to smash his head at the impossible obstacle.

>> No.25587022

All Virtues at three has you limit breaking at least 1/month.

All at 5 is basically a chimera (aka. unplayable).

All at cosmic transcendence level is literally unplayable.

>> No.25587054

Unless you have Intelligence 1, you are able to recognise when something is impossible, and redirect your efforts.

Conviction 5 allows you to put all your focus into replanning your strategy, it doesn't make you kep running head first into a brick wall.

>> No.25587090


She's a bowyer who exalted when she was nearly-killed by a DB because one of her bows was used to kill his brother. Even though she's a member of the Realm, she secretly respects and worships the Anathema after getting jaded by the Realm being a bunch of crazies and secretly seeing a Solar protect her town.

In terms of personality--she's incredibly devoted to her motivation (Craft the ultimate bow so that Solars may use it to strike down the Realm and restore their rightful power) ,so high Conviction there. But I'm stuck on the rest. She's a happy-go-lucky kind of person who's somewhat prone to indulging too heavily in vices (though it's never anything more than drinking or something low-key like that), and while she will come to the aid of others, it's usually only when helping them will progress her motivation.

As an archer, she does not like to blindly rush into enemy attacks, though she is very forceful when it comes to fighting--if she thinks that you have to die to progress her goals...well, you dead, son.

She's still really early in the planning phase, so pardon the slight vagueness.

>> No.25587178

Sounds like 2s in Compassion and Temperance. 2-3 in Valor, 4-5 in Conviction.

>> No.25587189


If it makes you feel any better, most of the times we hardly ever rolled virtues in my games unless it was a really blatant case (Witnessing torture for high compassion, someone calling you a wuss as a high valor) or limit checks.

>> No.25587259


Yeah that seems to work. Thanks.

>> No.25587299

>write alchemy
>realise it's broken
>all the rest of the Arts are fine
>spend 5 minutes making all thaumaturgy useless rather than trying to fix alchemy

Fuck the ink monkeys for making thaumaturgy impossible to take.

>> No.25587324

Somebody cares to elaborate how it was broken (both ways)?

>> No.25587352

With a Master rank in alchemy, mortals could cure anything short of the Great contagion in moments, could treat everyone they interact with as Exalts, and could mass produce the magical materials to the point that the fact that MM warehouses don't outnuber homes in the Realm is just ludicrous.

>> No.25587875


Just a note >>25587090 here, I finally decided on 4 Conviction, 2 Compassion, 2 Temperance, 2 Valor, though that may sound a little..."balanced" so to speak. Eh, it works. I was gonna go Valor 3 but she's not THAT courageous, only when it benefits her motivation.

>> No.25588641



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