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So Matt Ward is now writing the Ork codex? About time they got a decent revamp, and seeing as their lore was so shit, its also about time they got some good fluff too. What do you hope to see?

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He is going to give them the orc and goblin treatment he did a while back.

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It's either going to be WAAAGHsome or garbage.

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something powerful, really, since orkz naturally allow for fluffy and creative counts-As and there is a crap ton of lore, i just want some options that don't suck
now that i think about, i want no retconning on the fluff

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Orks were always shit, Matt Ward is just going to make them shittier.

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what's the current best site to get 40k leaks and rumors now that faet/natfka/whatever got shut down?

if it's BoLS, that's just sad.

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>New Ork codex is absolute shit
>Except against Tau
I'm okay with this.

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Natfka's back up. Google that shit. Although he was waaaaay behind /tg/ on the Eldar release.

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Less focus on bikes or...? Getting really tired of everyone using the damn things

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naftka's back up

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>Ward doing Orks
This rumour is too perfect to be true. Unless people are right that he holds a bitter hate against greenskins which affects his rule-writing, but I doubt that.

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but for orks, or i imagine some overpowered HQ choice, which would be the equivalent of his rinse repeat OP codex

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probably some new fliers also, and maybe some new models that will cost 2X what they currently are

also mean draigo/wing

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Something like that would actually be Orky.

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What was the evidence that Ward hates greenskins anyway? Just that he gave them a bad army book?

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and that he thought that power level was appropriate for them

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What was that quote from, though? How do we know it wasn't just a writer tired of defending his work from irate neckbeards?

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Lord Ward, our spiritual liege, peace be upon him, is going to save the Orks, just like he placed his beneficence on the Grey Knights, Necrons, and Iyanden. Rejoice!

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But there are no such things in Fantasy.

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He better go cray cray with the unit options.

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Looted Spiritual Liege

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So will it be shit or will it be good?

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It will be both.

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Where would y'all reccommend someone starts if they begin having an interest in Warhammer?

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Dawn of War.

Unless you mean Warhammer Fantasy, in which case I dunno.

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"Shit good", or "good shit"?

Or simply both simultaneously?

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A mixture. Some things will be good, some shit. All a matter of perspective,

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Going by the current thread of codexs, Orks will be better than now, some minor nurfs will most likely occur, while at least a few units will become much stronger, but which ones is anyones guess.

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No codex has gotten WORSE in 6th edition after being updated so there's nothing to worry about.

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>SM launch
>BA Launch
>GK Launch
>Necron Launch

Yeah, Ward has a real reputation for making shitty 40k codex. It's almost like he knows how 40 somehow works. He just blows at fantasy If you want, I can phone Crudface. I have that cocksucker's phone number on every page in my Nid Codex.

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>this fucking thread
>"ork lore was shit"
>actually no longer wanting silly orkz and wanting bad evil serious orkz like he did in fantasy
>ward codex is not bad, guiz
>the rumor is too perfect to be true

oh the horror

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I know dude, summer is upon us.

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your drawings suck


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Well we have not seen an 6th ed Ward codex yet ( Iyanden doesnt count )

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6ed is written by ward

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so a ward codex will be be what then? Fliers.....or Fliers?

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>new Ork codex
>Orks T3
>xenos in their rightfull place

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It's too much to hope that what he did to Necrons he'll do to orks. I mean, it's a nice dream, but unless his hate is reserved for Fantasy orcs only, we better get used to orks that are ALL SRS ALL TIME.

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monstrous flying creatures on steroids

appearantly, by new ward fluff, when ork becomes too big, he grows wings

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> Ghaz remains 200+ point monstrosity, WAAGH boost becomes warlord trait
> Stompas now available as normal heavy support, are monstrous creatures
> shootas now assault 2
> WAAAAGH now has a table, roll a d6 and add the current turn number, full WAAAGH is available on 7+
> no more 'aspekt warriors', but units become jacks of all trades and are shit at every one
> Kans become 'winner' of the codex, Kan Wall is now somehow the list to beat

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>It's too much to hope that what he did to Necrons he'll do to orks.

dost thou jest?

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"Oy boss! Why's you flyin' like dat?"


"You sure is smart, boss."

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> shootas now assault 2
no way thats op! :P

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no no no! orkz arent silly anymore

its more like

"by mork, gronark! you have shed wings at last!"

"yes, for i am too big to be held by ground, i must bring my plundering to the skies"

"let no evil deed by unrewarded!"


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I'm pretty sure Ward will deliver silly Orks. If he can do silly Necrons, he can definitely do silly Orks.

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>let no evil deed be unrewarded
>implying that was Ward
Ward is the guy who wrote

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Cause ward writing orcs worked out so well in fantasy...

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>necrons are silly
>citation not provided, thus needed

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shootas are assault 2...

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would love to see more squigs

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i am not implying that WAS ward, i am implying that it WILL be ward

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Ward's too good to steal from Gav Thorpe.

Did you miss the Oldcron/Newcron wars or something?

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Well its a good thing we are talking about Orks here

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>Not knowing how silly Tomb Kings in Space are now

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Ork Gene-stealers I believe

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>putting his headcanon into argument

ye, rite, k

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Yes I'm sure the "c" was the part that made him design the codex to be silly and ineffective like he viewed them.

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He gave them characters like Trollzyn and Old Man Alzheimer's.

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u wot?

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See >>25559327

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>tranzyn silly
>tranzyn crazy kleptomaniac
not headcanon

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His letter to the Inquisitor and his interactions with the Ultramarines and Imotekh are very silly.

Also the Necrons Lords stage hour long speeches to their Necron Warriors despite the fact that the Warriors don't understand anything said to them.

That's silly!

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>implying if Orks were made serious litterally everyone wouldn't just ignore that and carry on with da boyz being their old selves

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They can do that, but the serious Ork fans will start to appear and then we will have a Flamewar!

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Implying that's not silly

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Dafuq are you telling? Phil Kelly will write the Ork Codex. jeeeez

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>implying anyone knows this far out
I don't think many Ork fans will want Kelly again, though. Looking at this thread the Wardhate is strong too- maybe Vetock is the only answer.

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Why not Crud?

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Crud. he even named like an ork

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Ward hate comes and goes and varies from thread to thread. However Wardhate is more prevalent during the summer.

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Go ask a Tyranid.

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>A balanced codex. Internally and Externally.
>Return of skarboyz, 3e flash gits (even if they are renamed), meaningful looted vehicles.
>Most the units in the book to not be rubbish.
>The stupid restrictoin on 'ard boyz to be removed.
>Squigs. Squig riders - riding squigs often resembling boars.
>Evidence that the writer understands the fluff. Good fluff, expanding on what is known, but not changing or ruining the flavour they have now.
I'm getting one at best, so I'm hoping for the first one or the last one.

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> boyz are now bs3
> nobz are now bs4
> warboss is now bs5
> Explanation: "They care about shooty just as much as dakka, ya git"

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I almost want Ward to write the new ork codex. Sure I run into the anger at Ward for some of the other dumb shit that man has done but I would love my orks getting a boost to effectiveness on the table.

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separate "mini-dexes" at £30 a pop...

i personally like the ork 'dex as is 'cept Wazdakka is wank...

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>Deffknoight is a dreadknight sized monstrous creature that's good as a firesink and occasionally gets to be stompy.
>Mega Armored Nobz get Tellyportas, plus a rule that lets them charge after tellyporting
>Weirdboyz with Psychic Power lists for both Gork and Mork
>All Orks get FNP 6+. Mad Dokz boost this to 4+ for their unit.

Calling these. Will get at least one.

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Because Crud is terrible at 40k rules. I've heard he can into fantasy, but at 40k he's failed to write a good codex ever. Good here being a measure of quality and not power. Find me a Cruddex that had acceptable internal and external balance when it was published and I'll upload a gif of me eating a hat every day for the next year.

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sounds like orks need the internal balancing Eldar got

>> No.25562101

Based ward! Based be his name!

>> No.25562110

If I get rtwo dozen pages of fluff, scarios and painting tips for Blood Axes, I'd gladly pay.

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How do you feel about the fact that half the Klanz are currently impossible to represent properly without using handicap tier units, wyrdboyz are jank, flashgits are a contender for worst unit in the game, most units are bad with more then half the unit options in any slot not being worth considering the closest thing we have to a good list being spamming lootas, shootas and going to allies for everything else?

Oh, and the edition we were "designed for" was the edition that made the entire codex next to useless outside of casual play. Orks would have been better of during 5th if we still had the old codex, coz then KoS codex would have been an option.

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Haven't had a good look at the new Eldar. What're the reactions thus far? Any good?

>> No.25562147

Ork Tank Hunters with the tank hunter skill...

viable anti tank...

a proper codex

>> No.25562148

Extremely good, with the caveat that they have a lot of units trying to do the same thing. With that in mind, only one is going to come out on top.

>> No.25562160

What was bad in the past is bad still, what was decent is not op as fuck balls, and their giant monster with twice the size, price and points of competitors, but same power-level.

>> No.25562178

Ork global rule: Shootier, blasta more dakka, may purchase, +1 str +1 attack or twinlinked.
Orks with everything twinlinked, yes please.
Even more over-watch goodness.

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yeah mostly positive. In my opinion its the most balanced codex for 6th. its made most units viable besides being a blotted list, and all craftworlds playable.

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Roks. That I can ram my enemy with when they deep strike. That I can assault out of. I'll take a few wounds to do it, I don't care. I just want roks

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Stormboys that explode in a powered-up frag grenade blast at i-10 if they fail their jump into melee.

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Why almost? If he writes the ork codex then all of my 40k armies would have their current codex's from him. He does fuck up fluff like the GK codex GK using sister's blood as a anointment the emperor being their primarch the list goes on.

Hell when he was asked about the old fantasy orc codex he said that they were written not to be a threat because they shouldn't be worried about, just like fantasy demons being over powered.

>> No.25562229

Can you damage enemies with Space Marine drop pod stehl reign or any deep strike for that matter?

>> No.25562246

SM and BA were never really broken, there were only retards who couldn't deal with them, GK were broken for like 6 months, and any army with decent volume of plasma or melta could stomp them even when they were broken. Maybe you just suck.

>> No.25562252

O' course not, theyz coward that worry bou rekalin' materiel.
But enny mek worf is teef' knows that a recked rok iz at least 2 stompas worth of skrap.

>> No.25562261

He collects a fucking Imperial Guard army, he has random shit on collection like Sebastian Thor's head and the Husk of an Enslaver. The guy is fucking hilarious.

>> No.25562265

So you had to tailor your army specifically to win against a single army?

Yup no problem with that, perfectly good design.

>> No.25562275


Roks are used as both a transport AND a direct weapon in lots of fluff

Though I think including them in the game is stupid

Though so is your argument for not including them


>> No.25562279

Who DIDN'T have a bunch of melta in 5e?

>> No.25562288

He just needs to have shrunken Necromunda in a glass jar, the one on the planet's just a paper-mache model, and the citizens haven't noticed.

>> No.25562297


It'll hit you in the lore when you aren't looking and hit you in the wallet when you are.

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Orks, Tyranids, Deldar.

And how would that work in a tourney?
Melta/Plasma up for one enemy, waste str. 8 shots on everyone else?

>> No.25562306

Wait, are we pretending to like Matt Ward again?
Jesus, can we get some kind of memo or calendar on which weeks are Hate Ward and Love Ward?

>> No.25562309

Not really, it isn't hard to fit tons of Melta or plasma into certain armies, Tau have battlesuits which can easily fit lots of melta and plasma, Guard can take more special weapons than GK have models, marines can easily toss a few combi weapons into each squad. Really you are just ill prepared if you regularly face some kind of marine and don't take good amounts of plasma or some volume of melta when facing anyone with multi-wound T 4 models or AV 14 vehicles.

>> No.25562310

>Doubting Our Lord And Saviour

>> No.25562315

They are both direct weapons and transports.

Orks inside would have to save against damage when they land.

And from a fluff stand point, if you are going to throw something at your enemies and you can fill it with orks, why wouldn't you?

>> No.25562318

I reckon it's generally good, but with some highly questionable bits. Really not a fan of Aspect-level Guardians.

>> No.25562319

The man has done good, and he has done bad. Whether he's done more good than bad or vice versa is a matter of opinion. /tg/ is known for not being one person.

>> No.25562323

Ooho, next codex, suicide bomber trukks.

>> No.25562324

Okay, here's the memo, Ward hate went out before 6e even rolled around.

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>> No.25562339

Ork players already do that with trukks. But a special rule would be nice

>> No.25562344

So not only a enemy specific list, but also an enemy specific army?

Might as well just remove all non imperial factions, they seem the only ones able to do everything.

>> No.25562348

Deldar get Blaster pistols or whatever quite often, not to mention tons of power weapons and ID weapons, and their ID snipers and shit. Deldar could easily deal with GK, and Tyranids just have a shit codex.

As for a tournament, you take some melta, if you face Grey Knights you shoot infantry with them, if you aren't you shoot heavy vehicles or heavy infantry with them. Seriously, it isn't that complex.

>> No.25562349

To hell with you, both the Wardhaters and the Wardlovers are deadly serious.

Only the Wardlovers are right, though.

>> No.25562351

...Deffrollas on ALL vehicle models.

>> No.25562352

It's 5e. Every army brought heaps of melta, or didn't play.

Which armies sucked in 5e?

In a tourny, the sucky armies couldn't open all your transports. You're forgetting that 5th ed was MSU-Mech Edition.

>> No.25562361

>>25561880's right, though, Wardhate makes a recovery in the summer.

Actually, though... is it me, or are people not so interested in 40k in general these days? I don't see nearly so many threads...

>> No.25562372


Because it's a hollowed out asteroid? ie the size several battlefields (at least)

>> No.25562376

Because of generals.
Great help.
Maybe split it into fluff, crunch and list generals, 3 threads sure but they'll live far longs and keep the pollution out.

>> No.25562377


Welcome to 40k. Where your army specializes in one particular area...unless you're imperial, at which point you're jack of all trades, master of...all of them.

>> No.25562378

Because we have a general.

>> No.25562381

Except you know, Tau, Eldar, Dark Eldar, and CSM can more than deal with Grey Knights, all of them having plenty of high AP or high strength or ID weapons. Here is what you do with Tau, you take some battlesuits and give them plasma rifles, bam you get 6 AP 2 shots a turn against those big scary paladins, if you are Deldar take some Incubi or something and rush the Paladins, laughing as you butcher them before they can even hit you, if you are CSM just act like regular marines in regards to special weapons and power weapons.

>> No.25562394

don't get me wrong, i *want* the option for klan-themed armies that are more than "UNIT X are troops" bring in klan-specific units ... i just think they'll be half assed like the Ilyanden one...

>> No.25562400

Tau are easy ofc, they are just IG with a new paintjob, trading ablative wounds for mobility and armorsaves.

>> No.25562403

Well, use smaller ones. They use small ones too. Like the droppod size in Space Marine

>> No.25562410

Well some sort of upgrade system, I'd love to see a Deffskull true lootin' army.

>> No.25562435

All grot army.

>> No.25562468

I remember back when the Ward hate was still strong in /tg/'s heart. My own heart, too, was infected with this hate as I was still new to the game and the community.
Then I began to take notice.
I noticed that though his works were on a different power level when compared to works by others, when compared with other Wardian-works, it was very balanced.
This is when I began to preach to my brothers.
I sought to bring them to the light. I began telling of what I had noticed and encouraging others to join in my desires and hopes of one day having all codices written by him.
Then 6e hit and I wept tears of joy.
An edition itself, in all its might was written by Ward. Truly we are in a time of Renaissance for 40k gaming.

Vetock and Kelly are alright, too.

>> No.25562472

Eh, even a "small" asteroid like that is still WAY bigger than your average (and I would wager, any) gaming table.
And if you somehow make itty bitty droppod or thunderhawk sized roks, then you got to ask yourself, what's the point? Might as well have made a landa for that.

>> No.25562492


>> No.25562500

What they need is deffgun upgrades that mean something. One that gives +2 Str, ap2, but only one shot (Zzappa), one that gives d6 shots, but -2 Str (Gattla). All at 48" range at least, or they won't be used like the ones we have now.

But more importantly, upgrades on the looted wagon along the line of:
"Looted Russ" - Gives AV14/12/10 and removes transport options or whatever a russ is.
"Looted Raida' - Gives AV14 all around and doubles transport size. Very exxy.
"Looded Ky-Mora" - Gives AV12/10/10
"Looted Panzee" - Gives 11/11/10. Can buy skimmer upgrade instead of big or 'uge gunz.

>> No.25562510

>it was very balanced.
Only compared to the other current writers who can't into balance.

>> No.25562516


There is no such thing as a small rok. And let's not encourage fluff rape thanks, did you not see who the rumored author is?

[spoilers] his crunch is above par [/spoiler]

>> No.25562524

>looted doomsday ark

>> No.25562527

I want the Ork "big unit" to be flying fortress thing.

A Heavy Flyer, covered in guns and bombs.

>> No.25562548

Triple threes demands it!

Though thats really more of a chaos cultist thing now.

>> No.25562563

Make it Fortress of Redemption sized.

Orks don't just drop vehicles onto the battlefield.

They drop terrain.

>> No.25562569

What would Skarboyz do that, say, Nobs couldn't?

>> No.25562596

They'd probably be more like 'Ard boyz.

I still say give the various orks FNP ratings.

>> No.25562680

>make a landa
>instead of dropping a hunk of rock that smashes stuff, gets da boys there and makes a really cool crater where it lands

you iz muckin about!

>> No.25562694

Daa dat deres tha propa untillili.. utililto..
praktikal way ta do fing'

>> No.25562698

As a non-ork player, I've always thought they needed some sort of large shopping-cart type device with rockets on it. A bunch of orks pile in and it launches into an enemy squad. While it's in the air the transported orks can take snapshots.

The turn after they disembark they can shoot, but their target is determined by scatter dice or something.

There's a variant with a big spike on the front of it. It can be shot at a vehicle and embed into it. The vehicle is immobilised as the orks pour out and loot it, firing all of its weapons.

>> No.25562701

Really, it's going to come down to the clan.

Snakebites don't use landers, so they'll probably hollow out various meteors trapped in the rokk's wake, turn them into drop craft, and let 'em rip.

Deffskulls use whatever they can find, often bolted to something else they found.

Blood Axes use landers that look suspiciously like Imperial craft.

Bad Moons use whatever's most expensive.

>> No.25562715

I just want the various Ork jets to get the Tank subtype, and for them to ibe able to tank shock. (And possibly tank shock other flyers)

>> No.25562727

done; 2x big mek (pics to come), 6x 29 grots, 9x Zzap gunz (with full crew / ammo runts) and some grot tanks...

>> No.25562729

Be cheap enough to use in numbers. Be able to be taken as all your troops in goff armies. 1W decent initiative orks at a fair price.

WS4 BS2 S3 T4 I3 A2 Ld8 Sv 6+
Furious Charge
WAAAGH: Get +1 I on the charge.
Mob- 5-20 Skarboyz
Weapons: Slugga, Choppa.
Optinos: Frag and Krak at +1 point per boy.
One boy in 5 may replace is choppa with an Uge Choppa at +5pts or burna for +5pts.
Nob: As per most units.
Transport: Trukk if mob is 12 boyz or less.
(Note, no option for 'ard, they gotta get skar'd somehow.)
I miss anything?

>> No.25562744

I'd rather then have Diggas like they had in Space Marine.

Or both, variety is good.

>> No.25562746

Don't even need the tank subtype. Just say they can ram other fliers and tank shock as if they were a tank.

>> No.25562753

I'd say Orks need a vehicle upgrade to let them transport as many boys as will fit and stay on durign movement, any that fall off are killed.

>> No.25562755



>> No.25562762

rumors are late '13 or even 14

>> No.25562771

And now I'm having nightmarish flashbacks to the 3rd edition codex.

Three full squads of boarboyz, gone in an instant.

And the world just fucking watched.

>> No.25562774

(big mek is 2 wounds, the SHokk Attack is a sooizide grot!)

>> No.25562780

I like the one where the Trukk can transport as many orks as you can physically shove on the model and the ones that fall off are coutned as actually falling off and being counted as dropped off there unless they can run and catch up with the trukk to hop back one they won't

who has the scan from 'Ere We Go! that has that?

>> No.25562786

having had a look, i can't find this rule anywhere. everyone quotes it in Gorkamorka.. i don't think it exists!

>> No.25562789

>mfw Mat Ward

>> No.25562795

The update to make Orks balanced literally needs to be

>> No.25562797

True enough.

Ramming would be amazing if they're going at cruising speed. Of course, they're almost certainly going to get a penetrating hit themself, but what self respecting Ork would care about that?

>> No.25562798

Ooh and we NEED Mob up, and maybe a stock option for the variant 100+ boy megamobs.

>> No.25562806


>> No.25562813

>orks only fly at WAAAGH! speed

>> No.25562819

Time to convert and paint the hell of of the boyz.

>> No.25562827

Yeah, I have 200 boyz, 150 grots, 4 battlewagons, 7 trukks, 10 killa kans, 3 deffdreads and much more all only basecoated.

>> No.25562847

I've a shitloads of boys as well from various used bulk lots, started sellign off shit that won't fit in a sub 2k FOC.

Considered being super-lazy and doing an all Nob Deff Wing, with cyrborked 'ardboyz in every possible slot.

>> No.25562864

Loot the Combined Squad rule from the Imperial Guard.

>> No.25562876

Found it.

>> No.25562880

>no limit
>Having one squad of 150 boyz come roaring across the table at your enemy, they'll never flee or be pinned

>> No.25562883

What would you do with Cybork Body, still an invulnerable save, or would you make it something like +1 FNP?

And what about Dok's Tools?

>> No.25562889

Naw there is a official unit variant PDF somewhere on the GW page

>> No.25562890


Wouldn't that be a Green Tide worth seeing though?

>> No.25562895

They don't even die when they fall off, just squad broken thing

>> No.25562898

Just +1's

>> No.25562907

Damn right it would, I've played games where I went straight spam and had that man models on the table, along with nobz

>> No.25562911

Yep orks is an interesting one to collect. I started 3 years ago.
60 shoota boyz, 90 slugga boyz, 50 storm boyz, 40 nobz, 30 lootas, 30 burnas, 25 bikes, 30 kommandos, 6 old trucks used as buggies, 10 tank hunters, 10 flashgits, 4 trukks, 5 battle wagons, 4 fliers, 10 deff kopptas, 6 killa kans, 3 deff dreds, 4 grot tanks, numerous HQ models, and a mega nob.

Pretty much everything is converted and almost none of it painted...

>> No.25562920

Yeah, but that is an apocalypse datasheet.

This would give them a maximum number of boyz (What would an 'Uge mob count as anyway? Heavy Support?), doesn't give them the ability to Waaagh! every turn, and generally give others a chance.

>> No.25562929

>> No.25562931

Just needs an attached Grotsnik as well for full cybork and FNP goodness.

>> No.25562934

> new codex allows this rule as a battlewagon upgrade
> scratchbuild battewagon with a large basket type bed, that's actually a springloaded catapult
> launch the boys at your enemy in a green rain

> your opponents face when
> mfw there is no face for this

>> No.25562956


>> No.25562963

Nothing better to describe it, they really need only ONE guy to work on this shit, or for them all to be doing the exact same amount of effort.
>one pisses everywhere
>another tries to clean up piss, makes it worse
>next tries to shit everywhere to try and cover up the piss smell
>final one walks in, sees piss and shit covered room and makes an entirely new room

>> No.25562970

Combine it with this: >>25562920

Your battlewagon is now a bucket on wheels.

You run out of space to unload your troops.

>> No.25562971

The mere thought of the both of these almost makes me regret my decision to start with Tau.

Almost. Enjoy your mid-2014 codex.

>> No.25562982

That's be metal as fuck obviously the only face to worth is a fellow Ork player launching his radio controlled tonka truck boyz.

>> No.25562984

Pffft, I'm fine with my dex as is, we're still competitive, despite what whiners say.

>> No.25562989

Orks are 90% awesome fan creativity, the remaining 10% is the actual game an dmodel releases.

>> No.25562997

I meant in terms of "enjoy having to buy more models to stay competitive"

I know. They're actually a good chunk of the reason I got into the game in the first place. But the playstyle doesn't suit me and I like weaboo mecha anyways.

>> No.25563003

Ghazzy should have Preferred Enemy: Yarrick.

>> No.25563007

You had to do the same thing, and there's no way that GW can make all the models I own un-competitive anyways. I have literally everything in the Dex

>> No.25563015

By gork n mork, dumptruck of orks being dumped on the battlefield, if that's not orky I dunno what is!

The best part being the opponent probably won't even know what's happening until you preform said act of taktikul jenyus

>> No.25563019

I had a game where Ghaz and Yarrick sparred, it came to a draw with them in the middle of the table trying to bash one another, I shit you not.

>> No.25563023

i thought vettock wrote it

>> No.25563024

I play both.
Taur for the playstyle and power, Orks "for the lulz" and conversions.

Best Enemy: As preferred enemy but must always try to attack him, also forbids any allied models form attacking Yarrick,

>> No.25563025

I started playing about a month ago. I didn't have to buy new models. Didn't have any when the codex was released.

>> No.25563029

welp you win the pissing contest, faggot.

>> No.25563036

>Taur for the playstyle and power, Orks "for the lulz" and conversions.
Probably going to end up doing this. Eventually. Years from now. Until then, weaboo mechas it is.

Thank you for conceding your defeat.

>> No.25563042

>being this much of a complete and utter asshole
Oh wait, I forgot I was talking to a Tau player.

>> No.25563044

wait... No.. Are you being serious?..Really? No really... You're joking.. Yeah you must be joking.You nearly got me there OP.

>> No.25563071

Yep. Pretty much nailed it. Your just jealous because even blueberries have more dakka than your outdated greenskins.

>> No.25563086

Ey up your you twat.
Blame the person not the community, some play the commies because they like them, not because they're intolerable cunts, just like Marines, Necron players are all faggy munchkins though.

>> No.25563090

Makes Yarrick a bit too dangerous if only Ghazzy can hurt him. Plus, Preferred Enemy is a damn Orky idea as it is. (Yarrick would get Hatred: Ghazghkull on the flipside of this.)

Also the Ork Warlord chart should be:
1 - Brutal
2 - Cunning
3 - Brutally Cunning
4 - Cunningly Brutal
5 - Stop Muckin' about!
Lots - WAAAGH!

>> No.25563093

But... Tau aren't commies. They have a clearly defined social structure.

>> No.25563095


>> No.25563097

>Matt ward
>known for writing stupid lore and Mary-sues by the hundreds
>implying this doesn't fit orks
In terms of on the tabletop, his works are good, great even.
>b-but muh ward hate bandwagon!

>> No.25563098

Yeah, but they're all equal. Just some are more equal than others.

>> No.25563103

I know, I also know 90% of /tg/ is too stupid to realize that Tau suits have more in common with every single other anime mech than they do the Gundam.

>> No.25563119

>horribly unbalanced books are good, great even

>> No.25563148

Ward books can actually use more varied lists, compared to some that just have one good list the everyone uses.

>> No.25563157

>implying Ward's books are the ones fucking the balance
>laughing IG and Tau.jpg

>> No.25563166

Ward books are decently balanced, against other Ward books.

>> No.25563227


Seriously, people are bitching about the TAU? Why the fuck?!


Only sources are fragile as shit


It's a long range source of firepower that competes with the armies' main source of special weapons.


There's one of him in an AV13 vehicle?

Seriously, I don't get what's so broken about them. IG, sure, I see that.

>> No.25563233

Anyone can do a greentext breakdown of why ANY army is bad. Doesn't change the fact the the entire 40k meta is, and probably will continue to be, Tau and Tau accessories.

>> No.25563239


Uh...ok? Care to explain to me just how Tau are so broken?

>> No.25563244

>>Deffknoight is a dreadknight sized monstrous creature that's good as a firesink and occasionally gets to be stompy.
one of the sad sides of 6th. will not be avoidable i guess
>>Mega Armored Nobz get Tellyportas, plus a rule that lets them charge after tellyporting
>>Weirdboyz with Psychic Power lists for both Gork and Mork
and their own way to handle misshaps? would be great
>>All Orks get FNP 6+. Mad Dokz boost this to 4+ for their unit.
make it 5+ for the dok and this might just make sense

>> No.25563251

Yes, God knows Space Marines and Blood Angels were so broken, and Grey Knights are still impossible to defeat without tailoring your list against them. Ward's codices are for the most part good because they remain semi-competitive for a long time while not being outright broken. The closest thing to a long lasting broken codex is Necrons, and other armies are catching up as their codices get updated and they get their own flyers and AA.

>> No.25563264

He gives 4+ as is like all other medics.

>> No.25563274

While not outright broken, battlesuits being able to take two of the same weapons is pretty bad. A unit of battlesuits with the skyfire upgrade and dual missile pods can pretty much rape any light vehicles it wants including flyers (pretty much 12 autocannon shots with the potential for skyfire).

>> No.25563278

Dakka is what you get when you pull the trigger on your shooty, ya git.

>> No.25563280


Yes, but it's on a standard marine statline at BS3.

>> No.25563288

>>All Orks get FNP 6+.
I sure hope not. The rest is awesome, this is just gay as fuck.

>> No.25563295

These have several sources. Some of which aren't actually all that fragile, and all of which are pretty damn mobile.
It can do the job of most of those special weapons with lots of firepower and S9 pie plates.
Yeah, and AV13 vehicle with 72" range. Further than most things in the game.

What's broken about them is the Crisis suits, mostly. Crazy versatility, almost everything is good, and they're pretty survivable to.

With markerlight support, that's BS6 no problem. And the melee stats don't matter very much because it's all to easy to not get into assaults.

>> No.25563312

Except for:
lower ws
higher str
higher wounds
lower initiative
higher attack
yeah just a plain Marine statline.

>> No.25563313

And two wounds, and can jump around the battlefield, including back into cover after shooting.

>> No.25563320

Silly anon, as long as a unit shares at least one stat with a marine they are MEQs.

>> No.25563330


It's not the melee statline, it's the T4 3+ save 2 wounds part. If you can take out a tactical marine, you can take out a crisis suit.



Nope. Markerdrones are mobile, sure, but they're only decent at shooting if you combine them with a Disc'o. Tetras got downgraded a bit, but even then, they're 10/10/10 open topped skimmers. Mobile, yes. Survivable, no.

A Riptide can put out some pie-plates, sure. But it's just one each turn, and every Riptide you take is 3 less Crisis Suits, which you reckon are broken.

Last I checked, AV14 IG vehicles have crazy ranges too. Longstrike is a great upgrade, but without him, Hammerheads aren't great.


And your amazing point is....what exactly? The pertinent part of a marine stat-line is T4 3+ save. 2 wounds means nothing when you get insta-killed by Str 8. Suits are missile bait and always have been.

I just can't understand why /tg/ suddenly thinks new Tau are the most broken thing since Grey Knights in 5th. I seriously don't get it, because I'm not seeing what's so amazing about them.

And I play Orks.

>> No.25563356

>It's not the melee statline, it's the T4 3+ save 2 wounds part. If you can take out a tactical marine, you can take out a crisis suit.
Because normal people tend to use krak missiles against bigger targets, like tanks and troop transports. Seriously, how many krak missiles do you field in a list that you can seriously target crisis suits as well as light and medium vehicles, which the Tau have plenty of. That's like 15 models to target with your missiles, which of course have to hit and wound/penetrate their target.

>> No.25563360

So a marine stat line is just.. t4 and 3+ AS?
Seem's silly to use the whole stat line of a marine as a benchmark when it's barely 1/5th of it that's used.

Hell just use the term Krakbait and you avoid any misunderstandings.
Apart from shitty av 10 vehicles.

>> No.25563376

Oh no, every models has to stand up to a whole army worth of perfectly average dicerolls.
Remember everything is in a vaccum on /tg/ and if anything can defeat it, it's non-viable.

Man game sure has changed.
I remember back when every unit didn't have to justify its existence against krak missiles and meltas.

Sure makes it easy to see what army to play then, only viable if it can't be ID'd by acheaper model.

>> No.25563378

What if it's an upgrade for Boyz? "Snazzy Skarz"

>> No.25563383

"Ded 'ard"

>> No.25563386

>If you can take out a tactical marine, you can take out a crisis suit.
What is JSJ?

Pathfinders aren't mobile. You're right there. But they *can* camp in cover 36" away, and everything else is mobile though. Meaning, survivability isn't as big an issue.

Ever seen 3 Riptides? Sure, it means no crisis suits, but you're putting out three of those pie plates a turn. Plus whatever you're getting from secondary weapons. Damn scary.

Hammerheads don't have to be great without Longstrike. Tau have other heavy support options. Skyrays are very effective in a flyer-centric metagame, and broadsides with missiles are still pretty damn good. Also, I'm look at the IG codex, and it's two versions of the Leman Russ with comparable range. I don't play guard, but neither of them are things I'd be including in my list if I did.

>> No.25563393

Basilisk batteries.

>> No.25563394

Nah, being ded 'ard means ya got armour. You're an 'ardboy then.

'avin Snazzy Skarz makes ya a Skarboy.

>> No.25563414

Iz you sayin dar a skarboy's 'arder than a 'ard boy?
Well wut ifs a skarboys gets 'imself sum dead 'ard armer?
An mebbe a bionik shoota knee?

>> No.25563437

Found 'em.

THOSE might be worth taking. Looks about as powerful as Longstrike too, at a cursory glance. Except, that terrible armor.

And why on earth would you ever need a 20 ft. range? I don't think even a 50,000 point, or some other ridiculous number, Apoc game with several titans would go that big.

>> No.25563439

Nah, ya can't be an ardboy and a skarboy. Use ya bonce.

If ya got armour on, ya can't get many skarz, and da ones ya get a weady things which wouldn't even 'urt a grot.

And once ya got snazzy skars, why'dya hide them under armour? Then da other gitz can't see them.

>> No.25563458

I want to refute you, but...it just makes too much sense.

>> No.25563479

Yeah, that's the beauty of it.

'ardboyz have a better armour save, but then again they fall victim to AP weapons, unlike Skarboyz.

It also provides a neat distinction between clans who prefer Skarboyz (Goffs, Evil Suns (Lighter, so they go faster, and if their vehicle explodes, they get new skars) and Snakebites), and those who prefer Ardboyz (Blood Axes, Deffskulls, Bad Moons).

>> No.25563496

>shitty lore

Grot you just went full imperial

>> No.25563501

Restrict your interests to reading books and fluff, collecting and painting miniatures you like, the game itself is not worth it.

>> No.25563585

If you want to play Warhammer Fantasy you might want to try out the Kings of War rules. I heard it's easier to get and have more streamlined rules that you can get for free from Mantic Games homepage. If you thought it was fun you can advance to the more bulky and complicated Warhammer rules and see how you like that.

>> No.25563602

I don't know much about Matt Ward except what I hear here on /tg/, but at least I hope orks don't loose his mixture of silliness with "zereus biznezz".

>> No.25563607

for 40K: Necromunda or Killteam
For fantasy: Mordheim, variants thereof or.. theres a modified Path to glory one, warband i think.

>> No.25563619


stay far away from the warhammer fandom unless you really like losers with autism talking to you all day about whether or not X minor plot point is canon or not

>> No.25563625

Is it bad that I want the fluff to state something along the lines of "Da humiez look up to da Orkz, cuz theyz the best at fightan an'winnan. Den derez da space mahreens, who come closest ta veing orky, but at night dey weep, cuz dey neva be az fighty or 'ave as much dakka as da Orkz, who iz dere spiritchul leech!"

>> No.25563661

I lol'd

>> No.25563694

It's not as bad as it gets online, though.

I just figure that the setting is such a mess that all headcanon is canon.

>> No.25563710


any time there's headcanon being thrown around you know you are in a fandom with terrible people

>> No.25563756

any time there's fandom you know there's headcanon

>> No.25563763

Just saying that 40k contradicts and retcons itself so much so just cherrypick what you like best.

>> No.25563889

Actually, that's the official line on canon more/less.

>> No.25564162 [DELETED] 

Run Witch-hunters as the fantasy ATF.

"They want to take away your wands!"

"No, we just want them registered, in case of a crime."

"My wand's for hunting kobolds!"

"Really, you need a wand of meteor swarms for kobolds?"

>> No.25564237



You mean "NO FUN ALLOWED"?

>> No.25564238

>being in a fandom at all
Why u do this?

>> No.25564248


40k fandom is fandom for cool guyz who get the joke!!!!

>> No.25564301

> people still using bikes
> 6e
I squiggy you digganob.

>> No.25564314

Gork is Shit and Good. Mork is Good and Shit. Or maybe it's the other way around.

>> No.25564486

Nope, hit, run, play smart and don't stand about trading shots Napoleonic twats.

>> No.25564602


Nope, have the most powerful shooting army in a shooting edition of the game, and force your opponent to give up trying to fight a fun battle and instead play the objectives.

It doesn't have to be like this, but all Tau players I see run only 'optimized' lists and 'viable' builds

Funny thing is, it doesn't even win games as much as it should because it becomes a game of play the points, and tau built this way can't hold objectives

So, basically, no fun allowed

>> No.25564633

How does this differ from Maximum Vendettas, wounds and pie-platez IG?

>> No.25564690


We were talking about reasons to play Tau, and the claim that they have an fun play style (by which the poster probably meant 'I want to win via netlists'). We were not talking about who is the most broken faction in 6th ed. How about you leave the goalposts where they were?

Also, how could a Tau player be unable to deal with air?

>> No.25564927

What are you on about?
How is referring to the other most shooty army in the game moving the "goalposts" you established.

And noone mentioned being unable to deal with air, are you arguing with the voices in your head?

>> No.25564948

And they do have fun playstyle, sometimes it's fun to break the "shoot for 1 round, get shot at for a round, eat overwatch and proceed to 1½ rounds of melee most TH/SS models win, repeat ad nauseum" mold.

>> No.25565687

Put these boyz in the book somehow and bring back Skarboyz

Slugga boyz S4

Wolf-Squigs, a beast unit with poisoned 4+ attacks and I4

Tank bustas 16 pts but Eavy armor + Tankhunters rule (keep glory hogs, 'cuz it's Orky)

Rokkit-pistols needs to be a thing..as does flash git upgrades for all characters / nobs ranged weapons

Also Clan related warlord traits, 6 of them + some upgrade for the Warboss lets you just pick the one you want.

Finally, Orks make use of Rampage heavily throughout the book, Warboss / Megaknob's and any squig units could have it.

>> No.25565726

why do you write your own damn fan dex then

>> No.25566371

How would it be if and only if a boy squad killed another infantry unit they could loot and use their weapons.

Kill guards have the choice to equip lasguns and/or the special weapons, beat Chaos Raptor? Get a chain axe and bolt pistol, zog some tau and pulse rifle.

>> No.25566412

What if we could.... mostly squig army

>> No.25566558


>> No.25566688

Fuck Ward. He's the worst thing that happened to fiction since the invention of the written word.

>> No.25566694

> Implying Newcrons aren't great

>> No.25566838

>a few units will become much stronger,
>but which ones is anyones guess.

The new ones. Expect Lootas to be nerfed. Something like 1D3 S3 AP- shots instead of what they have now. GW knows you love Lootas. And that you already own enough of them.

After all, buying at the local GW store is our favourite part of the hobby

>> No.25566859

> and seeing as their lore was so shit

The 1st edition Ork sourcebooks, the second edition codex and Codex: Armageddon are the only true canon for Orks, and they're the best canon for any army in 40k.

>> No.25566876

You might be over-exaggerating slightly.

>> No.25566877

Forgot Deff Skwadron and Gorkamorka.
Point is, 3rd and 4th ed codexes and all mentions of Orks in other sources can jump on a dickpile.

>> No.25566896

6 point ork boyz and assault 2 shootas
The crowd goes wild

>> No.25566946

The Dawn of War orks is great though!

>> No.25567043

Looking forward to it, the Iyanden supplement is indicator of what Ward can do, the fluff is even supposed to be bretty gud.


I wish this tired old maymay would go away.

FFS look at the Eldar codex, the Wave Serpent and Jetbikes are among the strongest units in the book and neither got new models and of all the new models Eldar got, the only one that comes close to near essential is the Crimson Hunter.

>> No.25567076

>looted Ultramarines

My actual predictions are yet another leap away from "customize your own models" and probably things like "looted vehicle conversion kit" for Russes and such. Definitely going to keep pumping on the fliers, though.

>> No.25567103

> that pic
My god... is that the new super unit for the Grey Knights???

>> No.25567233


Yeah, that's definitely a thing. New GW is not particularly fond of the 'build your own' idea.

>> No.25567269


Depends on what material you're using, they seem to be more than fine if you're one of their kits as a base or something similar.

>> No.25567325

Too bad for them ill continue to scratch build almost any unit that isn't a standard boy, grot, nob or hero model

>> No.25567368


GW's Bank of England overlords are gnashing their teeth at you right now.

>> No.25567385

But I'm an American who buys my models from eBay and a chinese dude, and have been trying to cast and mold my own. The jokes on them because I have true liberty.

>> No.25567424

he took the all hating and destroying necrons and made them into some whiny emo bitches worried about their survival, while the necron lords are now flamboyant dicks that entertain such vanities as private zoos and trophy rooms.

you can say the old cron had less character or were boring, but at least they steered clear off all the mary sue and cliche that ward dumped into the background.
the new necrons were a huge disappointment.

the also took the clear, square brutal geometric shapes of their design and softened it up with generic sci-fi round tingamabop lenses all over the place, "oh btw we are khemri in space now" design.

might sell better it's still bad and inconsistent design.

and normally i'm a goodwin fanboy.

>> No.25567809


>Matt Ward
>good fluff


>> No.25568028

he can make good fluff wend he wants too

a lot of the problem is he changes fluff, ala Corms and Grey Knights (although Grey Knights was a result of the Horus heresy books)

or over exaggerating the fluff, Like Ultramarines were always "the model Space Marine with a long list of glory shit, and other chapters look up to them" to "the best ever and every other chapters cries in there sleep because they can never be Ultramarines"

Well for Fluff , orks have never been very consistent with fluff so its not like fluff rape can happen because orks themselves flip flop all the time.

Some new stuff

Orks trolling Stormlord
How the war of dakka is going
A warboss punching the swarmlord in the nuts
maybe talk about Ork mercs

things I would like to see

Ward fixing Flashgitz so they wouldn't suck
new waaaugh rule

things I expect
Less random-ness

>> No.25568434

>A warboss punching the swarmlord in the nuts
swarmlords have nuts?

>Less random-ness
Randomness can be fun though, but it would be much nicer if you could choose your wyrdboyz powers, but tankbustas and bomb squigs sometimes attacking friendly vehicles should be kept, it's orky.

>> No.25568455

>Less random-ness

Not gonna happen! Randomness is 6th ed's mark, and Orks always were kinda random!

>> No.25569438

I swear to fucking god that if he messes up my killa kan wall strategy with this codex...

>> No.25570301

He already did with 6e.

>> No.25570324

All I want is Kult of Speed rules that let me have them allied to a Dark Eldar racing kabal without a chance for them to lock each other up.

Maybe throw some White Scars in there too.

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