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Can we have an omegle thread, tg?

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Oh boy, we haven't had any Omegle threads in ages.

Anyone still got Brogan or STEEL CUT MOTHER FUCKING OATS?

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How to top lel on Omegle
>Get everyone on /tg/ to go on 'Ask a Question'
>Fun fun fun

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Is there any orcs Brogan can't kill?

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No. And it's heresy to suggest there could be.

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I need somebody to do brogan-esque chats but at the end turn into a greenskins or something

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I'm going to California!

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am I missing a reference?

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form some anime apparently
looks pretty cartoony

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How do you guys get these kinds of people? I try to do it and I just get horny teens.

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You put in different interests. Then again, most people think roleplaying means sexual roleplaying.

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You know, I tell you, I'll get a picture of some girl's neck by roleplaying as Dio at least once.

And I know neither Dio nor Diego are actually Italian, I needed SOME excuse though.

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Eh, I fucking tried. Everyone just seems to want to go "suck my dick" or just disconnects immediately.

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Fucking beautiful.

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I'll contribute a little too.

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>My Dio impression damn near gets me fucking a girl
>Was planning on eating her as soon as she finished
>Fucking disconnects as we fuck

God damn it.

I wouldn't recommend you asking me for the logs. I'm a horrible ERPer.

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I'll ask.

I'm in it for Dio, not porn.

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I'll be the bearer of bad news and tell you I did a bad job at that too.

It's young Dio even though he's somehow a vampire with a large dick.

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i lold pretty hard

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I'd just like to say you guys are fucking insane sometimes.

But I do have to thank you. Thanks to >>25557438 's idea of doing JoJo characters, I decided to do Jotaro in one. I ended up ERPing with the girl from like 11 to literally 10 minutes ago. We traded emails.

/tg/ just hooked me up with a girl.

Thank you so much.

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perfect example of omegle conversation

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Chicks dig Jojo!

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It's not ALL like that.

Just look at >>25559746

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Jotaro always gets bitches, man!

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That short movie was beautiful. Still have a link?

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>omegle general

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