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>>Exalted General

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I don't.....

I don't wanna.

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I believe in Dicksteel, Lord of the Feathercrown, and so should you.

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>tfw no dragonblood gf

Do you even Exalted thread?

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shit nigga that's /fa/ as fuck

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The scary thing is just how viable that'd be for a Lunar.

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1) Tiger Style
2) Snake Style
3) Righteous Devil Style
4) Single Point Shining Into The Void Style
5) Heaven's Ladder Style

1) White Reaper Style
2) Black Claw Style
3) Crane Style
4) Silver Voiced Nightingale Style
5) Ebon Shadow Style
6) Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style

So is there no Solar Hero Style in the corebook?

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Solar Hero Style is called "Brawl Charms" now, just as it was in 1E. None of this bullshit where they're "kinda-sorta" Solar Charms.

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>5) Heaven's Ladder Style

Good heavens just look at the time.

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That guy really looks like he is enjoying himself.

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Do they expect people to purchase that and wear it in public, or is he just a human canvas for some drugged up pretend-bohemian artist who refused to get a real job?

Also, do you think he fills that tube up, or is it just an ego booster?

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According to Morke:

>Style should cover ladder grapples, mounting the ladder and attacking from it, using the ladder to climb or cross gaps, pole vaulting, delivering leverage-based attacks, and more.

So many shenanigans, so so many awesome shenanigans.

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IIRC High fashion is insane because they use it to show off their designer's techniques. Like, "check these fucking gravity defying shoulderpads, my designer's stitching is godlike, clothing companies give me money to make you clothes"

That does not apply here, I don't think

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>implying that's a tube
>implying he didn't just paint his perfectly cylindrical wang and flawless uniball silver.

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I'd like to see some Artefact ladders. Any ideas what they could do? Hearthstone settings are obvious. So are collapsible ladders. What else?

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Is sorcery going to be a viable option in this new edition or just a collection of terrible spells with no real use to them.

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Keeanu Reeves?

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So, /tg/, let's talk about necrotech. Everyone's always all up in arms about magitech and genesis and all that, but I don't see a lot of appreciation for the mortician's art.

I just designed a walking bondage harness/throne/troop transport/prisoner transport. The coil rank 8 version can hold up to 10 people and is directed by someone sitting on an iron and soulsteel throne, and provides armor for everyone inside.

What evil undead monstrosities have YOU made today, /tg/?

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>Do they expect people to purchase that and wear it in public
Not unless they're more retarded than Sonichu

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It's like Thaumaturgy in the old version. No motes, no rigid, unchangable spells, no bypassing the fact that it takes a million years to do.

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Oh shit.

Also, found new armour for a delicious prank for a Khorne aligned Frostfather in the group I GM.

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That sounds silly and possibly retarded.

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I'm thinking that my first Exalted character will have the primary motivation of 'protect Gem'. Is this a good idea?

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Great, that is just terrible.

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Extend forever so you can always get to what you need to reach, up to and including clouds/whack people in the face from any distance.
Perfect grip on the feet so it never slips.
Each rung is engraved with divine scriptures about the beauty of feet and the virtues of balance.
Name it the Ladder to Heaven, and store it under the stairs of a similar name.

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Meh, Necrotech is like Abyssals - exactly the same as it's Solar counterpart, but shit and limited.

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If the game is based in and around Gem, then sure.

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I have six.

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Fucking french goblins

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>no bypassing the fact that it takes a million years to do.

Well, except for the part where you can just dump motes into spells to cast it oldstyle, rather than building up the Sorcery-resource over time.

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Your character has been given phoenomenal cosmic powers and the ego to match. He can go anywhere and do anything. Why is his primary goal in life to protect such a corrupt, murderous shithole as Gem?

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it sounds like Jackie Chan would be broken as fuck in a Ladder Factory-themed Dungeon

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Wait really?

Fuck, it's like they do this to piss me personally off.

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Mercury is stated as having a ladder that extends to infinity, is she a practitioner? Perhaps it can stretch from Creation to Yu-Shan?

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You're entitled to your opinion. My group will be over here having fun getting 3 die stunts by beating each other with ladders.


According to the devs this is one of their areas of focus, making sorcery viable in combat. Unfortunately, we won't know if they're just talking out their asses until the book comes out.

Evocations at least look interesting, but in order for them to be viable you're probably gonna need a Twilight who focuses on Craft as well as being a Sorceror.

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Simple; it's his home town, where his family lives. Also, the motivation would only really apply when he's a regular mortal, albeit with some fighting training and heroic spirit, and it would change after Gem gets destroyed (because, as we all know, Gem always gets destroyed) and he Exalts in the aftermath.

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The joke will get old fast...

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>making sorcery viable in combat

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Why? There are better place in creation that Gem.

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It's better than having to protect one person out of the entire circle constantly because they have no combat skills.

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Sorcery user =/= useless in combat

This ain't D&D. If your Sorcerer needs protecting in combat then you have a retarded player.

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The fuck is your problem

Swinging a sword with one arm and having DoOB fly out of the sleeve of the other is Exalted as FUCK

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Its a less known fact that Mercury's end-of-the-show specialty move is a Yu-Shan to Creation elbow ladder drop.

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By 2nd Ed rules, they do. It's STUPID easy to make someone miscast.

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You're not supposed to use Sorcery in battle.

I your Sorcerer is casting in combat time then you have a retarded player.

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>>forbidding something awesome like spell-slinging in combat

Seems like you've missed the entire point of the game.

Or spells like, say, Death of Obsidian Butterflies

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Charms are flashy, they're all magic. Seems you missed the point of Sorcery.

And why are you using DoOB in combat faggot?

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Where else would it be used?

"Man I wanted to have a nice picnic but all these trees are in the way! I know, I'll call down Biblical power and slash it all apart with thousands of tiny BEEEEEEEEEEEES!" seems less dignified or whatever you're bitching about than being able to use Doober in a fight.

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Not him, but I'd like to ask for all of us. What is the point of Sorcery?

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Demon slaves and the various chariot conjuring spells.

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Because that's what DoOB is for, duh.

Please explain to me how the spell that murders stuff (in particular, entire units of soldiers) isn't supposed to be used in the murder part of the game

If it were a curse that you were casting, that'd be one thing, but it's basically just an AoE attack

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So, to you, Sorcery is more useful and better-fitting the game being a Chauffer and Taxi conjuring service than being a bag of various utilitarian tricks that apply to all spheres of the game?

Just chuck out every spell except for 6?

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>Chauffer and Taxi conjuring service
Annnnnnnnd that's going in my setting.

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That is the gist of it.

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Yeah, can't IMAGINE why the designers aren't catering to your tastes.


All the chauffers are Blood Apes, because there are literally zero situations that cannot be improved by a gorilla in a nice suit with a little hat.

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That sounds a bit limited. Is there anything else that can be done with Sorcery?

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>All the chauffers are Blood Apes, because there are literally zero situations that cannot be improved by a gorilla in a nice suit with a little hat.
I'm honestly trying to think of a situation NOT improved by this and coming up with nothing.

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If you think demon/elemental summoning is limited, you need to get the Rolls of Glorious Divinity

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I can't believe they are getting rid of Arianna for Dr. Strange and his vagina of Agamotto.
This sucks, Arianna is awesome!

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Awesome AoE spells, ruining cities, turning your skin to adamant, transforming your hand into a bad as a dragon claw for additional awesome in combat

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Sorcery in Exalted is supposed to be more elaborate rituals taking copious amounts of time, and less D&D style 6 second reality hacking for fun and profit.

Thats why it's combat spells have always been fucking terrible, and casting in combat is asking to get your ass devastated.

Unfortunately, faggots whining "BUT I WANT TEH FIREBAWLS LIEK DEE UN DEE!" are going to ruin it. But thats probably a good thing. I've been playing since Exalted 1e was released, and sorcery was always a shitty option outside of very, very few spells (summons, travel, manse building spells).

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>le trolling fanboy face

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>Arianna is awesome!
>the Twilight who got punked by a Raksha
>the Twilight who Exalted because of sexism
>the Twilight who doesn't even have a combination Warstrider-and-bracelet

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>>getting rid of

Ugh, for the last time, the previous sigs still exist, they just aren't what the example narratives will focus on, christ

Also if you think an Iselsi solar isn't awesome, I don't even know what the fuck is wrong with you

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Manse building.
These are the only three things actually good about sorcery. Everything else (>>25551175) is just empty promises.

>> No.25551254

He's not an Iselsi solar.
He's pretending to be a dragonblood.

>> No.25551264


The Resplendendt Peacock Prince of Argent Pectorals.

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I just want my alchemical version of Gordon Freeman, complete with a crawbarklaive (artifact hooksword) doing Art of Meditative Discussion (the defensive silent type CMA)

And it will be glorious

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>And it will be gay as shit


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>>poor implementation of a concept by ways of the crunch means that it was never meant to be in the game

Are you even fucking serious with this

This is WHITE WOLF we're talking about

Poor implementation of concepts by way of their crunch is one of their SPECIALTIES

>> No.25551290


>hating on Gordon Freeman


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His name is Iselsi Shen, and he works with the All Seeing Eye

>> No.25551304

Seriously, Demon Summoning is the only good feature in that it is the archtypical Sorcerer people of the Realm recognize and fear most.

>> No.25551333


"You finally face Father Frothgard, after a long and ardous journey to his village."

"Cool, is he happy to see us?"

"....Yes, he is excited."

>> No.25551334

No, dude is a dynast

>> No.25551399

I thought he was a Solar pretending to be a Iselsi, pretending to be another dragonblood.

>> No.25551432

...I don't think that has ever been stated to be a thing

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>I like the fact that a mechanic was poorly executed and punished players for doing things that the book explicitly stated they could do.

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Didn't I offer you a chance for that last time but you weren't able to join or something?

Sorry if I forgot, my memory is terrible?

And does it seem like begging? Because... I am rather desperate at this point...

>> No.25551523

Haven't you got many players?

>> No.25551524

What should happen first in an exalts life; she learns sorcery and through the trials manages to exalt, or she exalts and then goes through the trials?

>> No.25551554

Depends on your character concept. Either is fine.

>> No.25551575

Learning Sorcery requires Essence 3, Occult 5 and undertaking five trilas that most mortals would need half a lifetime of preparation to be emotionally and psychologically prepared for.

Mortals can use sorcery, but it is not easy and for this reason most of those that can are very old.

>> No.25551595

It can also depend on your edition. In 3E sounds like they're getting rid of enlightened mortals, so the "sorcery" you learned as a mortal would be very different from the sorcery you learned as an exalt. (Not using motes, etc..)

>> No.25551617


Yea the time the game runs at makes it difficult for A LOT of people.

Everyone who did leave said I was an excellent GM so there's that small comfort at least

>> No.25551631

you did offer - but I'm a eurofag, so time zones...

and try asking around on the rpdom forums, they seem to have a burgeoning exalted rp community

>> No.25551670

things go faster with demonic or godly guidance.

>> No.25551687


It did. Let's... Just it didn't work out that well...

At least if I recall correctly.

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>going out in just your under clothes

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HM I see.

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>disliking that someone wants to play as Half-Life
>in a game with chainsaw/lightsaber punching daggers made from tormented souls
>in a game that is soon to have a ladder-based combat style

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>in a game that is soon to have a ladder-based combat style

That's going to be funny exactly once.

Quickly pumped out splat books are where you put shit like that. Not in the goddamn core.

>> No.25551980

I would join, but I'm already in a game.

>> No.25552050

>>implying this probably won't end up being mostly just an improvised weapon style which ladders would be good for as well as other things

>> No.25552057

Well that sucks. I was going to play a Sorcerer with enlightened essence, belonged to some sort of freaky fringe cult and then bolted when things got to off the wall.

Or can Solars belong to Yozi-cults and then leave? Like, wouldn't the first step be to turn them into akuma? or maybe that could be why she left, she was going to be turned into an akuma and other things... Hmmm

>> No.25552077

Well, keep in mind that Harmonious Jade was in a Yozi cult when she exalted

So, I mean, it's a possibility

(Of course, said Yozi cult planned to kill her as soon as they found out she exalted, so...)

>> No.25552081

>Or can Solars belong to Yozi-cults and then leave?
There is very little that a mortal Yozi cult could do to stop a Solar from leaving if they wanted to leave.

>Like, wouldn't the first step be to turn them into akuma?
Most cults don't even know akuma are a thing.

>> No.25552089

Akuma are a big investment, though any that can use Sorcery might be worth it. You could be a lay-cultist though if you wanted.

And that's just me looking at it from the perspective of the fluff. If you want to be a hax prodigy even before you exalt then you're more than entitled to be. Maybe a Godblood instead if you're playing the game prior to exaltation.

>> No.25552166


Dude, we fucking heard you the first time. Go tell people how to have their fun somwhere else.

>> No.25552240

>Heaven's Ladder Style only works when the user doesn't want no trouble, is protecting an innocent or must reluctantly defend themselves against an unprovoked attack.


>> No.25552261

Not anon you're replying to

Also no, I actually think this is going to be fun as hell. I just think all the people who are going "an entire style based on using ladders is stupid" are being morons for not realizing that it'll probably have more versatility than that

>> No.25552268

Well the idea is that she escaped after finding out what they had instore for her. Probably also had some other strings attached; like marrying into the family and producing creepy mutant The Hills Have Eyes babies.

>> No.25552278

No, according to her novel, they were gonna have her killed

>> No.25552308

I didn't mean Harmonious jade, I was talking about the character I am trying to make... Though now looking at it all I am beginning to question my judgment.

>> No.25552333

Oh my bad

Hey, don't let other character concepts get in the way of yours. I'm sure, for example, a Yozi cult that worships the Ebon Dragon would have a much more cunning and corruptive plan on how to deal with a sudden Solar in their ranks

>> No.25552364

He stole a Peleps eagle so he's impersonating a Peleps

>> No.25552544

This one is dedicated to SWLiHN.
Baisically her timeline was going to go like so;
Born in An-Teng to old money parents, find out parents are into freaky cult but that is okay, she is in it to.
Become enlightened, start to learn sorcery. Start doing some jobs for the cult, mostly looting Solar Tombs.
Exalt as a twilight.
Still continue to work for the cult, gain in prominence and power. More looting, losing some of the fun.
Get introduced to new husband; a creepy product of incest. You need to start making babies right away. And we're going to take away your free will and put a demon in you.

She freaks out, things are getting way to weird and she leaves, but not before taking some stuff she found from the tombs/cultists had taken.

But now I'm thinking it might be simpler to play the Night Jackalman exalt I originally thought out. hedonistic lover of life setting out to experience a life free from illness.

>> No.25552635

>She freaks out, things are getting way to weird and she leaves, but not before taking some stuff she found from the tombs/cultists had taken.

Sounds similar to the 2nd Edition stock night caste - an assassin who grew up in the south as part of a demon cult... exalted as a solar, got spooked when they tried to kill her because solar... ran off, adventures began

which isn't to say that you character concept is bad - in fact - I like it.

Heck, I've had another player who came up with an almost identical origin story

>orphan adopted into monastery
>monastery is front for demon cult
>kid grows up as cultist
>immaculates bust the cult
>kid, now a grown man, escapes
>exalts as twilight caste
>is extremely confused because now he suddenly knows that both the cult AND the immaculates are both wrong... so he doesn't know what to believe
>wants the truth
>adventures begin

So its all good

>> No.25552769

Sounds like the new signature Dawn as well.

>> No.25552789

Haven't really heard the back stories of any of the sigs, care to inform anon on what they are?

>> No.25552825

Continuing the tradition of Arianna one of them is a Dereth.

>> No.25552831

Dawn: He's an arrogant asshole who intentionally wears no armor just so he can laugh when he kicks your ass. Has a sword with a demon in it/

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Zenith: Priest. Got fucked over. Raged against the Gods and smashed up a temple to Sol. Sol liked her "Fuck the Sun" attitude and exalted her.

>> No.25552858
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Twilight: Triple agent DB member of the Siddie Secret police who exalted, but pretends to still be a different type of DB. Stole a Peleps eagle. Kung fu Sorcerer who is spying on the rest of the circle for the Unseeing Eye or what ever the secret police are called.

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Night: I dunno. Dynast currently in an active conflict to get Mnemon to GTFO of her city. It is (unsurprisingly) not going well. She likes knives and wears bright red because she's so sneaky you still won't see her.

>> No.25552890

>Technicolor Vagina of Agamotto

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Eclipse: Dereth (woman treated as a man for all purposes) that is basically transgender Clint Eastwood; riding across the world and generally being a pimp. Will give you one chance to apologise for using female pronouns, then you get his mixed orichalcum/chiaroscuro glass sword through your chest.

>> No.25552905

In before people bitch about a character who uses Thrown taking an artifact spear

It's a javelin, duh

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File: 114 KB, 560x720, Dawn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot his pic.

>> No.25552917

Orichalcum/Chiaroscuro red glass daiklave

Oh my god yes

>> No.25552958

Looks like the South is in for a big change, these three all look southern

>> No.25552975

First and Forsaken Lion will eat them all anyway. The South is doomed.

>> No.25552983

Novia (the Night) is in the East IIRC.

The Eclipse is there too fighting Mnemon.

>> No.25553023

Only Gem is doomed.

>> No.25553141

Also, its kind of funny that even with solar magnificence and the abundance of body shaping charms and spells she still couldnt make herself into a man.

>> No.25553177

Well, fluffically speaking, he IS a man. Except for all the dangly bits.

>> No.25553190

Point is he doesn't need to. In his culture the cloak is enough.

Of course his culture is hundred of miles away at the other end of the world, so maybe he should be less of a cunt since these people have no fucking idea about Dereth. Or maybe he doesn't care and is just an asshole who enjoys stabbing people for shit that's not their fault.

>> No.25553193

Probably will happen when he gets those charms, just doesn't have them yet

>> No.25553233

He is a lot more understanding than that, or so we've been told.

>> No.25553266

I thought the Dereth were supposed to dress blandly?

>> No.25553277

They're changing that up. As long as they wear the appropriately gendered clothes and the gray sash, they're good

>> No.25553289

The men also wear brightly colored veils. But having one of the sig characters with their face covered was considered a bad idea.

>> No.25553606

Are the Tya and Dereth similar concepts? Like a Tya woman and a Dereth man would understand what they were doing and so on.

>> No.25553622

>or is he just a human canvas for some drugged up pretend-bohemian artist who refused to get a real job?
Now you understand the fashion industry!

It's not about making things for people to actually wear. It's to dress people up in ridiculous bullshit and have them wear it entirely straightfaced so you can make some sort of ~"artistic statement"~.

Being a model must be suffering.

>> No.25553683

It being in the corebook is an official endorsement for people to invent their own ridiculous, gimmicky martial art styles to make their character more amusing and memorable. Not for there to be five hundred PCs running around using Ladder Style.

>> No.25553858

Art is suffering

>> No.25553877

>dat Mercury rape face

>> No.25554013

This abundance does not exist. Artefacts are supposed to be rare as fuck, it's fanbase going apeshit with shiny stuff is why everybody is decked in them at all times. Same for manses with specific hearthstones.

>> No.25554033

If a character JUST RANDOMLY finds a very rare artefact and it JUST HAPPENS to be just what he needed to solve his problem - that's very contrived and shitty writing.

>> No.25554082

Or the Twilight makes you one. Backgrounds are free when obtained in play

>> No.25554164

What is an infinite resplendence amulet?
What book are they from?

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File: 229 KB, 765x761, 1371709050210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why can't exalted just let the mortals rule themselves.
Where's the reset button for creation, WE NEED A DO OVER.

>> No.25554198

Are you gonna ask about every single issue the characters have - "why don't they get an artefact to fix it"?

No? What makes transgenderism special?

>> No.25554212

>Why can't exalted just let the mortals rule themselves.
Alchemicals are the true salvation!

>> No.25554229

I play Twilights mainly. That is my exact response to everything because it is the answer to everything.

>> No.25554236

The Reset Button has a name

It's called Kukla

>> No.25554242

These artifacts can make any outfit the owner desires, with different powers depending on what magical materials were used in its creation. Artifact ●●● versions only have one of the following, Artifact ●●●● possess two, and Artifact ●●●●● have all of the following materials and abilities. All versions have a measure of defense against the elements.
Orichalcum can make clothes of solid light, making the wearer seem more impressive.
Moonsilver amulets offer superior protection and camouflage when needed.
Starmetal clothes are understated elegance and have very deep pockets that dip into Elsewhere.
Jade helps to dignify and point out those who wear them, adding in war.

Source: Lords of Creation, pp. 97–98

>> No.25554254

Nigga did you just say

>> No.25554259

Well, if someone has to rule, then why exclude the Exalted? It's easy to forget, but superpowerful demigods are still people on the inside, and the can be very good at organizing things if they try.

>> No.25554262

Okay. Why gender changing takes priority over getting armour up the wazoo, weapons, 'striders, etc etc - the stuff that actually helps them survive the Hunts and shit. Stuff that actually lets them ACCOMPLISH things. Instead of fixing up some relatively minor personal issues.

>> No.25554283


All I see is a perfectly normal barbarian.

He's not the kinda guy who has sex with dinosaurs that piss coacine, he just want to get older and pass the rites of initation for the next age class so that he many be allowed to drink alcohol freely.

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File: 273 KB, 800x824, Drage- jord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do it
Summon the Kukla
End the Failure that is Creation
Begin again
Begin again
Begin again

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File: 1.17 MB, 260x173, 1371251749260.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where have you been for the past two ages.
They're too powerful, and fucking unfit to rule creatures who are less powerful.

>> No.25554294

Because becoming Dereth shows that their gender matters to that character. It may not help them survive a Wyld Hunt, but it'll make their life easier.

>> No.25554310

Clearly the solution is to mass breed godbloods so that mortals become extinct.

Why make the leaders weaker when you can just make the subjects stronger.

>> No.25554329


Mortals? Rule themselves?

The average mortal hardly knows the difference between and Elemental and a demon. Giving them power would be an absolute disaster the likes of which we'd never seen!

>> No.25554346

Those sound useless.
It sounds like a narcissistic item only useful for those concerned with preening and dressing up.

>> No.25554347

Good luck trying to go through with this plan,
hint- you've just been slaughtered by vengeful people.
Most of em' are god damn dirt farmers who are illiterate! At least give em' a chance!

>> No.25554357

All you have to do is kill him yes?

>> No.25554367

They allow you to wear any clothes you like, and give minimal armour.

The Orichalcum ones give you +4 appearance, and the Starmetal ones let you store up to a ton of stuff in Elsewhere. The other two are rubbish, but they're from the first age. Wearing actual clothes is for non-exalt peasants.

>> No.25554388


That guy isn't malevolent. Look at him! He's genuinely happy he helped the poor girl get an arm back.

>> No.25554397

You know he chopped her arm of in the first place right.

>> No.25554407

>Because becoming Dereth shows that their gender matters to that character
Their gender ROLE in Delzahn society. It doesn't necessarily mean they don't like their own fiddly bits because they want to do the other gender's job.

>> No.25554408

And you can get those bonuses elsewhere, just the whole "make any outfit you want" sounds like it is only for the vain. And I know a person who would constantly make up different outfits every other game. He's annoying like that.

Everygame we run we have to carry around a fucking closet for their character's wardrobe.

>> No.25554415

He already has the male social standing. The only problems left are on the grade of mild annoyance.

>> No.25554432

But he's not in his society. Prince Diamond fucked off to the East and stabs people who call him a woman. Being a man wouldn't affect his stats, but would mean he ended up killing a few hundred less innocent people who just didn't happen to know the weird customs of his particular tribe from a completely different Direction.

>> No.25554434
File: 518 KB, 1280x891, 1356966327686.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I see you and challenge you to a duel in the arena.

>> No.25554437


Wrong. Sorcery in Exalted in enacting your will upon Creation, but not like a charm where it is instinctual. with sorcery you are going beyond natural power. This can be in combat or not.

Or are you one of those faggots who things you can find research on Charms, and not that charms are characteristics your character already has and rediscovers as they explore the truth of their selves.

>> No.25554443

>Good luck trying to go through with this plan,
>hint- you've just been slaughtered by vengeful people.
Give everybody hereditary Enlightened Essence and upgraded health.
They're gonna love you.

>> No.25554444

So he could give her a sweet ass demon arm.

She'll thank him later.

>> No.25554445


Wow, I really have to proofread my posts.

>> No.25554448

Again, it was a First Age artifact. Vain does not begin to describe first age Solars.

>> No.25554467


He is an Iselsi who Exalted as a Solar and actively works for the All Seeing Eye.

>> No.25554468

Again, I was under the impression that Prince wasn't all that stupid. He understands he isn't in the south, people don't know. He'll be fine if you mess up some and call him a girl. But if you insist on doing so, make a point of it well then you've damaged his honor.

And I don't think he'll duel everyone to the death.

>> No.25554472

>And you can get those bonuses elsewhere
Siddies don't have native Elsewhere storage, so the amulets are very useful.
+4 APP is also massive bonus and Ability based Exalts can't easily up it with charms.

>> No.25554483

But he does duel everyone to the death. He gives you one chance to ask for forgiveness since he's an Eclipse, they he bisects you if you slip up again.

>> No.25554487

Could you re-write that last part?
Not everyone is gonna want to ride with you on this, trust me- even if it's for their own good a majority of people with kick and scream every step of the way you drag them to their 'better selves'

>> No.25554501

>Not everyone is gonna want to ride with you on this, trust me- even if it's for their own good a majority of people with kick and scream every step of the way you drag them to their 'better selves'
"Hey, hey, I'm gonna give you MAGIC POWER, nigh immunity to disease and bleeding!"
That's very fucking tempting, you know. Especially if you Mind-Fu them a bit before hand.

>> No.25554508

"Imma give you bitches magic and make harder for you to be eaten by river dragons and avoid cancer more easily"

How is that a bad idea?

>> No.25554518

Okay. Keep the bonuses. Just get rid of the "any clothing". That is just the big thing that bothers me because of the afformentioned guy I have to rp with. Why can't he wear just one consistent and iconic look?

This artifact in his hands would see too much use for the party.

>> No.25554562

Just say it's a morpher. You get one impossible costume made of light and starmetal instead of "all the clothes made of any material"

>> No.25554604

I'll just do the whole thing for you.

Sorcery in Exalted is extending your will upon Creation. This is not like a charm where it is an instinctual process. With sorcery you are going beyond natural power. This can be done in combat or not.

Or are you one of those faggots who thinks you can find research and techniques on Charms, and not that charms are traits your character already has buried within and rediscovers them as they explore the truth of their self.

>> No.25554611

"Sounds like a fucking Anathema trick, the immaculate order dictates I use my cell phone to report you now."
>"What? But this is seriously me trying to help yo-"

>> No.25554630

>Taboo Inflicting Diatribe

>> No.25555036

Is this person seriously arguing that a artifact is useless when they know a person who would enjoy using it?

>> No.25555081

Yes, because that player would have too much fun and it would annoy him.

>> No.25555094


>> No.25555099


>> No.25555102
File: 24 KB, 650x599, no-fun-allowed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25555134

So, /tg/, I was fiddling around with some necrotech, and this is what happened. Thoughts on it?

Two Lover's Bondage Harness (Coil Rank 4)

A collection of animal parts, dead wood, iron, and soulsteel, the Two Lover's Bondage Harness resembles vaguely a large, hollow rib cage with an iron and soulsteel throne on one end, held up by thick, reinforced legs. The ribs have a series of straps, harnesses, gags, piercings, tools, and toys of many and varied types hanging from them, all the better to secure and tease one held within. Whoever sits on the iron throne may commit four motes to the necrotechnical artifact to command both the bindings and the feet... and while attuned, may also control the four Sadist's Whips attached to the dead muscles and tendons that stick between the ribs. A number of toys and tools also rest on and in the throne, to allow the dominator a bit of pleasure while watching their submissive pet squirm.

Strength 5
Dexterity 4
Stamina 5
Charisma 0
Manipulation 0
Appearance 1
Perception 2
Intelligence 1
Wits 3

Resistance 4
Melee 4
Athletics 4
Presence 4

Speed 7, Accuracy +0, Damage +0B, Defense +0, Rate 1

Integrated Artifact: 4x Sadist's Whips (see above)

Terrifying: Untrained animals flee, gets +2 dice against living people when frightening them.

Transport: May hold and transport a person and a dominator.

Health: -0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, Incap
Willpower: 10
Essence: 1

Next post will have the stats for the artifact.

>> No.25555138


Sadist's Whip: One Dot

A length of black leather, iron barbs, and jagged pieces of raw labyrinth ore, the Sadist's Whip is a fairly uncommon artifact despite the ease of building one and the lack of required essence commitment, for the simple fact that it is impossible to kill someone with it, simply hurt them. Some Deathlords and Deathknights have made use of it, however, as a method of interrogation... among other things.

Speed 5, Accuracy +1, Damage +3B(*), Defense +0, Rate 1, Mins STr 1/Dex 3, Tags D, R. Instead of rolling damage, if this weapon would deal damage, the target instead suffers a -2 internal penalty for one action. Abilities that negate wound penalties can negate this penalty. This penalty stacks with similar penalties from other Sadist's Whips, but not with itself.


>> No.25555152

They sound like a huge asshole.

>> No.25555165
File: 672 KB, 1408x806, exalted_kirbies1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I said I would repost this once it got colored.

>> No.25555174

At least they're not ponies.

>> No.25555187

Looks nice, I'm not to familiar with Necrotech but it seems like just the thing an Abyssal would view the devastation of their newest shadowland from, with her most recent defeated foe trapped inside.

>> No.25555194
File: 2.98 MB, 1509x2049, MAXIMUM POSING.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25555364


Yeah, I thought so. Just a uqestion of how many artifact dots the harness itself should be, I suppose.

>> No.25555374

Who is the guy that Luna is holding?

>> No.25555399

Luna is the guy.

>> No.25555403

It's bob, he's sort of a dick

>> No.25555408

That guy is Luna, he's sitting on Gaia's lap

>> No.25555410

The guy IS Luna, I think, and he's hanging off of Gaia.

Probably a 2-3 I'd wager. It doesn't actively assist in the er... "Breaking" after all.

>> No.25555425

It looks like Ledal Kes but I'm pretty sure they didn't hear about his awesome Gateway skills and invite him up to play the Games of Divinity with them. Creation Ruling Mandate and all.

>> No.25555439

Gaia is out in the Wyld being a homo.

>> No.25555472

A large PART of Gaia is.

Remember how she's a Primordial and has multiple souls that can all do different things? Part of her is sticking around to play the GoD

But yeah, that's Luna on Gaia's lap. Also remember the part where Luna shifts his/her/its/their shape into whatever the fuck Luna wants to be at that moment?

>> No.25555477

I don't remember anything!

>> No.25555487

I thought that Gaia left 100%? Aside from her body and the dragons she Herself is gone and that is why Luna is sad?

>> No.25555490

Fucking sids must have gotten to you

My condolences

>> No.25555506

Pretty sure I recall seeing somewhere that one of the dragons takes a human form and plays her turns of the GoD

>> No.25555508

Fucking sids.

>> No.25555521

Yeah, pretty much. Thats the... Emerald Mother? Whatever, it's her Jotuun, whom flits around heaven and plays the Games with Luna, the Maidens and Conky.
The "Rest" of Gaia is out in the form of a Comet looking for the "Shining Answer" and Luna uses Silver Chair to try and call her back.

Better than being punched into a Duck.

>> No.25555530

Gaias humiform jotun is hanging out with Luna. But Luna likes her some complex ho's so he's acting as a lighthouse so Gaia can comeback and find the rest of herself

>> No.25555552
File: 122 KB, 215x248, 1363975727288.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Knowing how sids work they'd probably fuck it up.

>> No.25555602

If a Solar could cure Autocthon of his primordial aids or whatever, do you think they could romance him too?

>> No.25555605

What is this Sid?

>> No.25555617

Nope, they would get cockblocked by Ku.

>> No.25555679

you are suggesting one of the Delzahn take a foreigner insulting their family's honor lightly. this is not without precedent: the urban Delzahn get around a lot with "foreigners have no honor. you might as well demand satisfaction from the midday sun; no doubt you will look glorious as you transfix it with your blade, but all you will have accomplished is wasting everyone involved's time."

however, you are also suggesting that an Eclipse not seize on the flimsiest of legal pretexts as an excuse to fuck over the people he doesn't like.

consider that our buddy there only chose to go Dereth because it allowed him to legally murder everyone who'd insulted his clan by killing most of them in a raid.

that he is Dereth is a powerful hint as to his personality: he will do whatever it takes to make killing you legal.

the day he learns the Mandate of Heaven is a thing is going to be a baaaaad fuckin' day in Yu'Shan.

>> No.25555700

Pretty cool helpers of heaven who got pissed the first age and started to suck major nuts the second age.

>> No.25555711

Man, fuck Ku.

>> No.25555726

Necrotech doesn't even use remotely similar rules as magitech. You can design necro-striders that give the wearer utterly fantastic dex and skills, for example. Actually, you can make necrotech creations capable of pretty reliably killing sidereal masters.

If you ever think necrotech is weak, check out the Oblivion's Avatar stuff. Can do stuff like instantly cause all Creation based hearthstones to instantly lose attunement (basically cutting an optimized character's power in 1/10th), gong type things that mass heal all creatures of death (get a bunch of zombies to strike the gong, and all abyssals and pals, and even other exalt types converted to creatures of death, are going to heal to FULL every single tick forever). All kinds of shit. Troop transports capable of carrying Creation's entire human population. That sort of thing.

Use training charms on them, essence enlightenment charms on them, etc. for even greater usefulness.

>> No.25555746


he is the first Eclipse who actually reads like a PC Eclipse

you do not see a lot of Eclipse diplomats and kings. you see a lot of Eclipse con-men and crooks who use their anima power to seal really unpleasant and fuck-everyone-who-is-not-me-over deals.

Prince Diamond Exalted when he realized the bit of legal fuckery that would allow him to murder the fuck out of a whole lot of people. Do not be surprised that he finds an excuse to keep in practice.

>> No.25555766

Wait what is Prince Diamond's backstory? I thought the only known facts were that he was a Dereth.

>> No.25555777

Oh yeah I forgot how Arianna was a SJW like Panther.

Shit, we have the tranny SJW too. Solars are infested with SJWs.

>> No.25555798

They are not disposing of enlightened mortals.

They just won't be called enlightened mortals, because it is a COMPLETE contradiction in terms and would equally apply to solars as well; "mortal" means exactly one thing, non essence user.

"Enlightened mortal (Non essence user that is now an essence user) describes almost everything that's not a spirit.

>> No.25555805

the fact that it took you until now to realize this is really, desperately embarassing for you

did the whole "crusaders for what they believe is right, fuck what anyone else thinks" thing COMPLETELY escape you up until now, orrrrr

>> No.25555807

How good is Harmonious Academic M for creating masses that aren't brain dead farmers?

>> No.25555812


That's one of the things I like most about Exalted, the shards have no moral compass. A drug lord is just as likely to get an exaltation as Dudley Do-Right.


He's also a FtM TransGender

>> No.25555837

might be misremembering, but they mentioned that the reason he's on his Long Ride is because he's trying to hunt down and kill the fuckers who killed most of his clan

note: was not allowed to try to hunt down and kill the fuckers who killed most of his clan had he remained a chick

>> No.25555843


Fucking incredible. You can turn a hick farmer into someone like Enstien in math with only five months tops.

...Or take a completely ignore virgin and teach him/her how to do things that experienced courtesans will envy them for, if you're into that sort of thing.

>> No.25555870

>did the whole "crusaders for what they believe is right, fuck what anyone else thinks" thing COMPLETELY escape you up until now, orrrrr

Except, that describes the signature lunars, abyssals, infernals, and alchemicals equally well.

>> No.25555871

That's what a Dereth is - a person in Delzhan society that is transgendered

>> No.25555906

Remember that you can teach an entire social unit, of any magnitude. Yes, you can educate your entire one billion dragon blooded and one trillion golems at once, if they're in the same social unit.

>> No.25555907

>drug lord
Wasn't that already done?
I remember one of the Solars had an issue with drugs, big enough that the god of intoxicants came down from heaven and scolded him.

>> No.25555930

Demathous or whatever. Yea, 1 Temperance will do that to you

>> No.25555940

would have to disagree with you on the Alchemicals, but yeah, you're dead right on all the rest!

It's almost like it's, iunno, a theme or something

>> No.25555946

That was Demetheus, the Penitent Wanderer.

He wasn't a drug lord, he just hit the drugs and alcohol REALLY HARD after accidentally killing a circlemate in a fight with Peleps Deles (Safety Among Enemies Approach or whatever it's called is A Thing)

>> No.25555948

Shit well I guess I always wanted to be a teacher...
Plus I can wyld shape and bless tight mortals with powers..
How good are medicine charms? Or is medicine not really worth it?

>> No.25555957

*Peleps Deled

>> No.25555964

Is there any way for a Solar to learn Alchemical charms without getting a brain tumor and becoming a creature of darkness?

Like how they can learn Abyssal and Yozi charms with Black Mirror Revelation or Primordial Principle Emulation.

>> No.25555974


Eclipses can get charm slots installed.

>> No.25555980

Shaped fey themselves don't seem all that threating when it looks like all their charms only effect other fey creatures.

>> No.25555991


Medicine lets you cure cancer by patting a mortal on the back and going, "Take a deep breath".

And that's for starters.

All of Solar medicine is really good.

>> No.25555994

An Eclipse caste MAYBE, but other than that, nothing printed that I know about. They've never even met the Alchemicals, much less developed charms to emulate them.

>> No.25555998

I assumed that adding in those other charms would imply that I'm not an Eclipse.

>> No.25556003

What can't Eclipses do?
No seriously, is there anything that they could possibly fail at.

>> No.25556007

The alchemicals, above any other splat, have "they are true believers" as a theme. They are living embodiments of state propaganda, have charms that spew propaganda, and charms that flood their brains with propaganda.

>> No.25556017
File: 81 KB, 431x500, 1370940014025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shiiiittt! Ahhh fuck physical attributes. they get a four and they like it.

>> No.25556019

Kinda irrelevant if Celestial Wine exists as normal in the setting tho

>> No.25556033

Well, in 3rd Ed, they're adding a new keyword to charms which will mean that Eclipse/Moonshadow castes can take them, otherwise they can't.

>> No.25556037

They tend to be the worst caste since they're too busy spending double price for non-solar charms, and they need out of caste charms to do their natural role (diplomacyshit). Their oathbinding/diplomatic immunity is fun tho.

>> No.25556045

out of the old iconics who is the best solar?
I like Panther

>> No.25556069

Even though he's not in the canon circle....
Righteous Devil.

>> No.25556071

JADE, Harmonious FUCKING Jade you dolt.

>> No.25556102

I've met the in game, but I'm not an eclipse...I want to make a charm to learn some of their charms.

>> No.25556107

I have grown to actually like Dace McBald

>> No.25556116

Yozi Assassin sucks balls

>> No.25556157


Gyrfalcon wasn't too bad.

>> No.25556280

they're the -products- of state propaganda. alchemicals are fundamentally aware they are a part of something bigger than themselves, and that even their own desires must be subordinate to the greater good.

their personal intepretation of that greater good gives them a lot of wiggle room, but no alchemical is an island in the way a given solar, lunar, abyssal, or infernal is encouraged to say "FUCK EVERYTHING, I AM THE LAW."

>> No.25556469

Fortunately, they're rather short on black knights. Which makes sense, as Exaltation requires a heroic motivation, and black knights don't have coherent motives.

>> No.25556476

Muh honor requires you to die.

>> No.25556507

I'm a Solar and I'd let people get slaughtered if they expected me to do all the work.

>> No.25556535
File: 93 KB, 252x268, 1371273098041.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you have a lunch meet or something mr.solar?

>> No.25556552

I have to oversee the construction of a warstrider at 14:15.

If they can't get into shape and show me they're willing to fight this invading raksha army, then they'll have to suck it up and enjoy their new wyld zone.

>> No.25556610
File: 49 KB, 184x184, 1371687336037.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see you have Irresistible First Age Technique.

How do you build a total pimp ass power armor suit for yourself

>> No.25556637

aaaand so bullet point 3529 in my powerpoint presentation, "Why Kejack Was Totally Right When He Said 'Let's Them All And Let This Sweet Prison Thing I Built Sort Them Out' writes itself.

thanks, Maidens!

>> No.25556654

huh. funny. whenever i try to write out the full title of the presentation in any way that a solar might be able to read it at some point it doesn't write properly. WEIRD. anyway, on to bullet point 3530.

>> No.25556668

Oh stop being such a wuss.

Either they'll man up and show they're worth saving, or they'll die and nothing of value would have been lost.

>> No.25556675

Well, first you get a whole mine's worth of gold. Then you purify the SHIT out of it. I'm talking repeated smelting, hundreds of priests singing hymns to the Unconquered Sun over the machinery, all that shit. Then you take the resulting (much smaller) mass of metal, and you WRING a suit of armor out of it with your bare god damned hands.

Finally, you pass it to the Twilight, who puts in the wires and start button and all that other nerd shit.

>> No.25556686

"Crusaders for what they believe is right," is the same for all of the above, "send dissenting peasants to the re-education camps" is just a specific variation of "fuck them if they disagree."

>> No.25556689

that -is- bullet point one on the list, yes.

>> No.25556696

Did you just call me a fucking nerd you little bitch?

I'll shove this daiklaive up your ass so far, It'll open a portal to Malfeas and poke the Ebon Dragon in the fucking eye.

>> No.25556709

the "fuck what everyone else thinks" is the reason why alchemicals don't fit. alchemicals give a shit about what everyone else thinks, and in a very real sense are what everyone else thinks embodied.

>> No.25556719

There's millions of the little fucks all over the place. You're not going to miss a village or two.

>> No.25556735

God danm it all, you can't be both sarcastic and compassion 1!

>> No.25556740

Eat me, mister "caste mark half full." My lunar mate keeps nastier toys than that in her underwear drawer.

>> No.25556749
File: 198 KB, 546x500, Twilight Rider.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Be careful bad mouthing Twilights.

>> No.25556752

That's because her vagina is a fucking Wyld zone and mutated her panties.

Seriously, she should get that looked at.

>> No.25556770

allow me to direct your attention to bullet point 2201.

>> No.25556789

What are you talking about? Black knights are a huge element of Exalted. Abyssals and infernals go without saying.

The Silver Pact is chock full of black knights: whether it be baby eating, genocide, rape camps, killing casteless, or driving the world deeper into the darkness of the fallen age, black knight behavior is the norm rather the exception there.

The Usurpation wasn't just destroying the solars; it was also destroying everything the solars ever loved, including everyone made by the solars and everyone descended from solars.

And of course, fair folk.

Exalted is chock full of black knight style villains, just like D&D. Only difference is, in D&D, it says Alignment: Evil, and in Exalted, it says "Eats babies/rapes children/uses babies as ammunition."

>> No.25556792

Sid please go fail to protect creation elsewhere.
This pimp ass suit isn't going to master chief itself.

>> No.25556798

Suppose you'd know all about weird genitals, what with that experiment of yours that got loose. What were you doing grafting ten foot long prehensile schlongs onto blood apes, anyway?

>> No.25556812

Your mother asked for my help in providing entertainment for her fourth wedding.

>> No.25556823 [DELETED] 

Guess your dad just wasn't up to the task.

>> No.25556827

I felt that shouting "Fuck you" at Raksha was too plain, so I made them to catapult at them.

It didn't go as planned, I will admit that.

I lost about twelve mortals after the last jizzplosion. I was peeling them off the walls for days.

>> No.25556828

They are usually the champions of totalitarian regimes, so they are living avatars "give no fucks what everybody else thinks."

>> No.25556845

Sol dammit, using the cloning machine to win arguments is cheating and you know it!

>> No.25556848

*avatars of

>> No.25556855

Neither was your post, apparently.

>> No.25556859

I fail to see how clones with differing accounts will help you win an argument in the first place.

>> No.25556865

Fuck the rules, I'm a Twilight.

>> No.25556872

>>quoting a post that has no evidence of existing


>> No.25556883

totalitarian? please, comrade. there is no dictator in any of the cities of Autocthonia. the Populat produces the Tripartite Assemblies. the Tripartite Assemblies produce the word of Autocthon. the word of Autocthon gives the Champions of Autocthon life and purpose.

this 'totalitarianism' you propose sounds like the result of gremlin syndrome, or some other form of straying from the song of Clarity. all parts must work together as one, lest the greater machine-body fail. as it is with the Great Maker, so it is with us.

>> No.25556885

I'm already punching things into frogs, this is addictive!

>> No.25556887

Bah, fuck this. I'm gonna go play Gateway with a sidereal. Much less confusing.

>> No.25556889

If I didn't quote it, it would have existed and derailed the thread into talking about the effects of homo-eroticism in greek culture on the development of the holy roman empire.

>> No.25556899

That's my Lunar mate. Please stop hitting her. Only I'm allowed to hit her.

>> No.25556912

so a normal /tg/ thread then

>> No.25556939

Oh....So...So pal you hittin' that or can I 'go behind the scenes' if you catch my driwfffft.

>> No.25556970


1. of or pertaining to a centralized government that does not tolerate parties of differing opinion and that exercises dictatorial control over many aspects of life.
2. exercising control over the freedom, will, or thought of others; authoritarian; autocratic.

Totalitarian doesn't mean "solo ruler" (dictator), it means... that. All of the Autocththonian (sp) societies are totalitarian states, with the possible exception of that one that has the Ishtarian sacred prostitutes and free speech for all.

>> No.25556988

Don't touch my stuff or I'll let you test the next batch of dickapes.

>> No.25557008

Nigga I'll go back home and tattle on you.

>> No.25557015

Tattle to who?

I'm a fucking Solar.

There is no one to tattle to.

I'm the top of the command chain.

>> No.25557043

M-My bronze faction!

>> No.25557052
File: 631 KB, 1800x1158, Exalted_2nd_Ed___Jade_Pages_by_chriss2d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And here she is getting pinned to a wall by her own arrow!

>> No.25557073

differing opinion is the purpose of the Tripartite! otherwise it would be the Monopartite. honestly, citizen, was your patropolis' Citywide Education Array on the fritz for most of your youth?

as for this freedom thing, of course people are allowed freedom! no gear can function if it is not permitted freedom of movement, after all! just do not be surprised that if you break, you are placed back where you belong!

>> No.25557075

I'd pin her to a wall with my arrow. Either of them.

>> No.25557099

hey mr. solar
don't look up whatever you do
it's what the siddies want you to do

(bullet point 3: 'i mean come on this will be SO fucking satisfying when it works.')

>> No.25557100

Oh, yeah, that worked out in the long run didn't it?

You sealed away 300 Solars, and then, when they finally got out, half of them ended up in the hands of Creation's enemies.

Good going Sidereals. Really helping out there.

>> No.25557116

Okay, but don't forget getting butt fucked by infernals and letting iggy divine get attacked by a bunch of green fucking jerks.
Sorry about all that btw.

>> No.25557138

i think you missed the most key part of it


also we got to run all Creation, which has a shockingly large number of ways to treat yourself after a rewarding day's work.

>> No.25557564

And there's the wrong Caste Mark! Suddenly, she's an Eclipse!

>> No.25557593
File: 555 KB, 732x720, 1371664905748.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh shit.

>> No.25557638

If anyone can hide their caste mark, its a Night Caste.

>> No.25557919
File: 197 KB, 450x610, Steve-Jacobsen-as-Safrai-Hunter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quick question; I've got a 2.5 game coming up and I want to play pic related; basically a rich turn of the century British-type hunter that hunts behemoths for sport.

Full Moon, Dawn or Night?

>> No.25557952

>>2013 still not serving the true master of the universe
>>find a manse in the deep south
>>bad ass amalgam who teaches me about the promise of the shining answer
>>take portal in the manse to Malfeas
>>pray to the Tyrant-King for forgiveness
>>he acquiesces
>>my mission is to capture the Traitor
>>go to Autobot make friends and influence people, get an army
>>find Autobot's fetish soul and take him to Malfeas where he is made to stand trail and his nature is changed to be subservient to the Tyrant-King
>>become infernal of autobot

>> No.25557962


>> No.25558000

Any of those work, to be honest! Night'd definitely be more of a natural hunter but any of them could do the concept well.

>> No.25558668
File: 689 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2013-06-20-22h50m06s1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25558755


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