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You are in this bards shoes

You can only choose to marry and spend the rest of your life with one of these fine ladies all of whom you banged and cheated on

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Snake lady, Werewolf, or Dragon. Scorpion is too hazardous, Minotaur is too cow, and the centaur can't climb ladders/anything making romantic nights in the trees difficult.

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"these fine ladies"

are the daughters an option? they're all cuter.

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My bard is gay, so he never would have slept with them in the first place. At least not consentingly.

I'd probably go with the minotaur or the dragon since they seem to be the least feminine.

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Can the dragon shapeshift?

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Man, when is he going to stick it in the Elf already?

How long can these ecchi love-comedy antics continue?

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Either the werewolf or the centaur chick.

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Back to /a/ with you, lolifag

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Pick one? Like hell. I choose them all, damn the consequences!

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Scorpion lady and centaur have it clealy going on. Can I choose those two in a package?

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Probably the centaur. I'd imagine they'd be the most accepted out of all of them in civilized areas.

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>and cheated on
It's not cheating if they were all one night stands.

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Surprisingly monstergirl-fags would be pretty welcome on /a/ too.

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I mean fuck, you know it's going to end up in a threeway with the Centaur.

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>Minotaur is too cow
A lady can never be too cow.

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I love aggressive women.

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Does that werewolf ever revert to human form? If so, that.

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Its amusing that the dwarf's class is not fighter but Farmer

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I'll go with the Naga.

Easy choice tbh.

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Dragon, because we can fly on family vacations.

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Let's examine them based on the children they produced.
Half-werewolf looks like a dumbass, half-dragon is autistic, half-minotaur is blushing way too much, half-naga is friendly and well-adjusted, half-scorpionfolk looks fine (but its mother is about to get with the centaur, so they aren't really an issue), and half-centaur is well on her way to murderhobo.

The naga seems like the best parent, so I'll go with her.

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Miia = Best girl

The series turned to crap when they started adding way too many other bitches to the household.

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I could have used some more sex scenes in these comics.
Or just some at all.

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Same here.
Scorpion-lady looks pretty cool but her son not so much.

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>Half-werewolf looks like a dumbass
You try staying cool without panting if you're covered in fur.
>half-dragon is autistic
How is looking at the camera autistic?

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Can't I just use bardsong to woo them all or something?

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Keep in mind, the Naga looks the most pissed out of the bunch.

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>You try staying cool without panting if you're covered in fur.
His torso isn't covered in fur.

>How is looking at the camera autistic?
Fourth-wall awareness is a sign of autism.

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>those thighs and hips

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>Fourth-wall awareness is a sign of autism.
> Implying that looking in the direction of the viewer is breaking 4th wall.

Buddy, it's either that every comic character is autistic, or you're projecting.

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She was raised by werewolves. I can sort of understand her being lackluster in intelligence without formal education.

Though the dragon girl does look a little odd.

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>Though the dragon girl does look a little odd.

It's because she's wearing her mother's scales.

Also it's because she's the most "formal" of the kids, probably because dragons raise their kids with manners.

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The werewolf looks pretty damn pissed off. The naga and dragon look mildly annoyed, the minotaur is a sassy black lady, and the other two don't give a fuck.

Look at her eyes, man. They are so empty of emotion. That smile? That's a doll smile.

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I meant the facial expression. What IS she looking at?
I mean there might be a butterfly she's spotted out of shot or something, but she's still looking in a pretty random direction.

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>Look at her eyes, man. They are so empty of emotion. That smile? That's a doll smile.
I really think you should seek a professional help. And i don't mean Joe the Plumber by that brah.

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I choose the superior option

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>>25548264 (OP)
I choose the superior option

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Not seeing it, anon

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Centaur one. She seems like a decent, cheerful person.

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I fail to see what word I'm misusing, aside autism, which is regularly misused by practically everyone on 4chan.

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The right answer is Naga. Dragon a close second.

>> No.25548689

So it happens, that we're not talking about 4chan in general, but about this specific case. And yes, avoiding the reality is yet another sign.

Seek professional help bro. There may still be a hope for you.

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Fuck, my sides!

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I think she's trying to look at the same thing the Bard is.

>Look at her eyes, man. They are so empty of emotion. That smile? That's a doll smile.

It's called the "Mom told me to take a picture with dad" look. Notice how one hand is holding up her tail while the other is politely around the other girl's waist?

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Railroading! My bard has a vow of celibacy.

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Hmmm... how old are the daughters?

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>My bard has a vow of celibacy.
Then he is not a bard. He is a surrealist poseur.

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You use this word, 'we', when I am clearly not talking about this particular incident in my last post. You still failed to say why her eyes aren't soulless (hint: it's because they are).

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I turn my back and walk towards the sunset

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Snake lady, her daughter is too adorable.

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>touching someone
I concede, she is not autistic. Your argument has thoroughly defeated me.
This statement is correct.

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Really, seek help. Don't hesitate.

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The dragon.

Apparently we-as-the-bard are a nymphomaniac pedophile, so we need a wife who can both protect us from the law/our exes, and polymorph into something suiting ot tastes.

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>wanting your wife to shapeshift into something else
You are the worst husband. That will ruin her self-esteem.

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I don't think I'd have the heart to cheat on a loli, let alone multiple.

>> No.25548812

>I concede, she is not autistic. Your argument has thoroughly defeated me.

I wasn't arguing about autism dude, I was pointing out the reason she's so artificially "sweet" is because she's just going through the motions.

Ever have one of those family pictures you really didn't want to take? This is one of them.

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Judging from the OP pic, we're already a terrible person.

>> No.25548830

go to bed Henry

>> No.25548836

To be fair, her not shapeshifting into at least smaller dragon would be really inconvenient and unpleasant for everyone involved.

>> No.25548856

As made apparent by every mom aside from womanscorpion and centauress looking pissed, and the above exceptions getting their flirt on with eachother. And our cheesy, I'm in deep shit grin.

I think our best bet is the rock.

>> No.25548860

Well yeah, but size-change for convenience is different than saying 'you should be 'X' instead'.

>> No.25548873

Why not mix it up in the bedroom? One second you're fucking a dragon, BAM instant lamia, BAM horse, BAM owlbear. Fucking awesome.

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Barring all else, including possibility of her shapeshifting into an purple-haired golden-eyed humanoid, she's most likely the only one powerful enough to protect my person from wrath of the remaining five combined.

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>I could have used some more sex scenes in these comics.
>Or just some at all.
Just wait for the inevitable h-doujin

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The Elf is Anderson's Macha equivalent.

>> No.25548909

That's unfairly one-sided. The bard needs to learn Alter Self.

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The kids love their daddy, their mothers are either disappointed, contemplating murder, or Bi and cool with a harem.

This bard has literally fucked himself into a corner. I don't know how he's going to get out that picture alive.

>> No.25548923


She'll snap your neck.

>> No.25548929

Maybe he doesn't, and he needs to fuck the goddess of the underworld to earn a new life.

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Kill myself because I hate these kinds of Bards

>> No.25548942

You mean the other three,, I doubt the two Bi girls there are going to care after they drop their kids off with daddy.

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Papi. Papi's a harpy.

>> No.25548973

Yes, but she's a featherbrain.

Also: lamias give the best hugs

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She looks underaged.

>> No.25549001

I think he might have already done that... or at least SOMETHING like that

>> No.25549021

My thought exactly.

>> No.25549037

Get out of here S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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Kinda the point.

>> No.25549045

Canonicaly explained that her body is petite to allow for easier flight. She's as old as Mia.

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/tg/ has more pedofags than I thought

>> No.25549054

I'm certain the half scorpion is a boy...

>> No.25549055

She still looks underaged, and she's a ditz.

>> No.25549056

Now I think about it.. I think this is basically my last CoC Champion right about now.

>> No.25549059

Horse pussy or scorpion.
A naga is a close second.

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>> No.25549066


Doesn't make you any less of a pedo for being attracted to her.

You can't claim you love her for her personality and intellect either, since she has not much of either...

>> No.25549070


Purestrain human spreading his seed to every corner of the world?

>> No.25549109

Aaaand... I lost it.

>> No.25549142

Best way to play it. With a complete harem of course.
Though I do fuck around as a dragon-morph on a separate save.

>> No.25549183

Bah, the Lamia is the best girl.

>> No.25549205


I agree wholeheartedly. Never been into transfiguration fetishes myself, even if it for the most part defeats the entire point of the game.

>> No.25549235

Same here, Pure-human Chaotic good every time.

>> No.25549259

She's a dumb bitch.

>> No.25549296

>Fourth-wall awareness is a sign of autism.

now, im not mental health expert, but im pretty sure fourth wall awareness is not a symptom of autism

>> No.25549302


>Big breasted muscular wolf chick

Yes Please

>> No.25549320

The bard must've been in his early teens when he made all those kids. The bard looks more like an older brother than a father to the kids

>> No.25549327

Clearly they're taking a family photo and she is the only one who can focus long enough to smile for the camera.

>> No.25549332

We don't know how long their bgestation periods and growth rates are

Plus I bet he was scoring even as a pre-teen

>> No.25549347

IIRC he was made by a an angry love goddess, so...

>> No.25549361 [SPOILER] 


>only one pair of breasts
immersion ruined

>> No.25549367

Minotaur chick, just for dem titties.

>> No.25549368

Pfff! This was already decided! THREESOME!

>> No.25549385

thats not a bard, thats a cleric with a lute.

>> No.25549406

wasnt he the guy who fucked a rock? a rock which then spawned a rock elemental baby?

im not sure he give a fuck

well i mean he does, but he doesnt on a figutive level.

>> No.25549407

Cleric of Sune?

>> No.25549416

He did, mostly because he had no clue how it happened.

>> No.25549435

Brilliant and fukken saved.

>> No.25549438

Is the dragon kid wearing /her mother's scales/ as clothing? That's fucking disgusting.

>> No.25549453

Not really? Don't be so human-centric in your thought patterns.

>> No.25549463

His powers come from a virility potion Aphrodite force-fed him to spite Zeus, he probably jerked off onto the rock and his divine semen impregnated it.

>> No.25549477

no thats a bard with a really pretty mace

>> No.25549491

Haven't you ever worn handmedowns?

>> No.25549493

nah. he probably had sex with something on the rock and some of his jizz leaked out

>> No.25549504

All the ladies agree: his most attractive quality is his... mace.

>> No.25549523

Dead parts. Fallen off your mother. You're hanging them on your body for display.

>> No.25549567

look, sometimes you just need a new sweater and lampshade, okay?

>> No.25549580

I would have issue with using them if my mother gathered her dead skin, toenail clips and hair, and molded those items out of them.

>> No.25549594

Your mother's various dead parts are not spell components.

>> No.25549601

>not using human skin lampshades
Stay casual, untermensch.

>> No.25549653

Does the were-mammal chicks need to wear anti-flee collars?

At least looks like the werewolf will need one.

I pick the lamia then. She looks pretty liberal (indeed, it looks like she is the one making the advances on the centaur), I am pretty sure she would be ok with the whole swinger scenario.

>> No.25549662

That's really a cultural thing. I don't see why a dragon would have issue with making use of something her mother can't use anymore.

>> No.25550470

She's not a lama, she's a scorpiongirl. But yeah, she looks like she's pretty free spirited.

>> No.25550553

>Dragon scales are often highly prized as armor
>Looks good and means they don't have to buy cloth

What's your issue here?

>> No.25550582


Opportunity cost, my friend. She could have sold the scales and bought her daughter a tailored dress made out of finest silk.

Or at least have it crafted into something actually protective.

>> No.25550599

Maybe she wanted scales just like mommy's?

>> No.25551151

I don't want to enter your magical realm. Please leave /tg/ forever.

>> No.25551879


Well, no matter who you Marry your gonna have a lot of kids to raise.

>> No.25551890 [DELETED] 

Relax, bucko. /tg/ has threads like this all the time. These things rarely get out of hand and a lot of times they're just joking.

>> No.25551924

>>25551151 (You)
Relax, bucko. /tg/ has threads like this all the time. These things rarely get out of hand and a lot of times they're just joking.

(I can't even sage correctly anymore)

>> No.25551955

Nice sage there. Don't give me that bullshit. /tg/ isn't a furry board and it never was. These kinds of threads shouldn't ever be tolerated. And not one but two threads have been on here today.

>> No.25551977

And I'm saying that this isn't furry. These are monster girls, which you should know if you have been here for more than three years have been accepted on this board for quite awhile.

>> No.25551989

>And I'm saying that this isn't furry. These are monster girls
>still pretending there's a difference

>> No.25552003

Furry is anything that has a combination of human and animal traits. More specifically when these individuals have been sexualized. You'd be hard pressed to say that the pic in the OP and the comments in this thread are non-sexual in any way shape or form. This thread is furry shit and you can't deny that.

>> No.25552025

I'm looking through the catalogue and I'm not finding any other furry threads except for maybe the kobold thread, but that's moving pretty well with no sexual stuff whatsoever.

>> No.25552034


>25551151 (You)

Replying to yourself, motherfucker? Sockpuppeting to start shit?

>> No.25552039

It was a gay furry thread asking "What DO?"
It got saged to hell and it 404'd.

My hope for the future of /tg/ reignited at that moment.

>> No.25552055

Nah. I'm just drunk. I should probably just go to bed now. This thread will probably still be up anyways.

>> No.25552121


As an expert of furry porn, that is to say the "furry fandom" porn, monstergirls are not furry. Like, for reals, if you can't tell the difference you need to go look at more furry artwork and not just have a vague idea in your head about what furry is. Equally, furry isn't bestiality either (perhaps that should be the other way round?). I'd go so far as to say that even anthropomorphised ponies aren't furry. It needs to specifically be a part of the internet "furry community" before it is furry.

>> No.25552123

One was obviously furry pornography and bait.
This is thread and image has been seen on 4chan for awhile now and it's actually gotten some decent discussion. There is a difference.

You can't just pull the "no I'm drunk" card. You copy and pasted your own post and that's what caught you red handed. You dug your own grave here. You were samefagging with a shitty argument to start a shit storm. Get off this board and go to /b/ where you belong.

>> No.25552165

He never said anything about furry beastiality. I'm pretty sure no one on /tg/ is retarded enough to say that with any sense of legitimacy. Regardless, this is getting pretty close to breaking the global rules and I'm willing to bet this thread wouldn't have taken off if there weren't boobs involved.

>> No.25552234

>this thread wouldn't have taken off if there weren't boobs involved

/tg/ can be gay sometimes. /tg/ can also be into futa. I'm willing to bet if we were talking lizardmen and birdmen this thread still would have continued on.

>> No.25552249

His argument wasn't that bad actually. These threads have been here for awhile and they rarely get out of hand.

>> No.25552325

It's /d/-lite, really. But the main flaw in the furry argument is that it's a D&D style setting, with D&D style monstergirls, following the rules of things in that type of setting.

There is humanoid creatures (monstergirls), there is anthropomorphized animals (Disney, etc.), and then there's fetishized humans who look like they're cross-bred with animals (furries).

>> No.25552385

I've seen how furry /tg/ can be. They don't like to admit it, but there have been full on discussions of favorite furry artists and where the fandom is going. However, /tg/ is wonderful in the fact that they don't talk about it 24/7.

That gay thread from earlier probably wouldn't have been sage bombed if they had posted it at a different time instead of in the middle of the day when everyone is getting on. Plus the OP in that thread was so blatant.

/tg/ is also great in that they can talk about these subjects in a fairly civil manner.

>> No.25552419

I didn't think the post box specifies you're replying to yourself.

The original sage didn't link to anybody. How could he have copied a link to himself?

>> No.25552428

i'd fuck the daughters as adults

the cowgirl especially

>> No.25552446

So... This is what I took out of the thread:

>Lamia are the best monstergirl for tabletop.

Is that wrong?

>> No.25552455

>>25552419 (You)

then who was phone

>> No.25552463

Look at it again.
Why would he write "(You)" in there in the first place.
Unless of course he made a post earlier on in the thread with sage in the name field, deleted it because he fucked up, and then copy and pasted the original post. Which that's exactly what he did.

>> No.25552487

I can agree on this. /tg/ can be furry at times, but unlike the other boards, they keep it to themselves for the most part. Additionally they aren't obsessed with social justice like /co/ and they aren't pissed off all the time like /v/.

>> No.25552490

>/tg/ is also great in that they can talk about these subjects in a fairly civil manner.

Because we aren't a shit board?

Question, IF fur & monstergirls are the same thing, why is there never fur on /d/ but there is monstergirl?
On matter such a these, our best bet is to just go and ask /d/.

>> No.25552511

Yeah, she's a bird-brain

>> No.25552545

>Adventurer Bard
>Choose one
Sorry but I have yet to match Genghis Khan in the "Places/people fucked" category. so I get out of there as quick as I can, pop a witty one-liner and continue the adventure.

>> No.25552588

>no discussions allowed on /d/

Really the difference is based on what is made more human. Both are around 50-75% animal. Furries have the human characteristics spread through the entire creature. They have humanoid facial expressions, human body shape, and human hands.

Monstergirls however, place the human portion in basically all one place. They have a fully human face and usually a full human torso. However after that comes fully animal body parts.

I think the biggest reason that one is allowed and the other is not is because of people like >>25552003
who think that furry is the worst thing out there and also because furries themselves generally bring a ton of drama along with them (or at least they used to).

Basically, they are the same fetish, but one is less popular than the other and because of that, less drama typically follows with it.

>> No.25552592


These are the only sensible men here. The boulder cannot chase you down, immolate you, gore you, sting you, suffocate you, sue you for child support, or even nag your ears off. It just sits there growing moss.

Sounds bloody ideal to me. Everything else is too risky.

>> No.25552600

Scorpion chick and centaur are clearly into each other, and it would be a shame to break that up. Mermaid lives underwater and I can't breathe there, so that's a no go. Dragon is huge and covered in scales - not so great for cuddling. So between werewolf and minotaur, I go with minotaur I choose minotaur because I'm less likely to be eaten. Gored and trampled maybe, but not eaten.

>> No.25552612

excuse me for disturbing your eloquent discussion of tastes, but I can't stop thinking about the (you) next to the postnumber.
I think I seem to share ip with sage guy/gal.
I really hope I am wrong.
How can I test this?

>> No.25552645

Actually they are pretty different fetishes.
Furry uses human characteristics to make animals more sexually attractive to us.
Monstergirl uses animal characteristics to make humans more exotic.

>> No.25552681

I think this basically got it. That would explain why one thread got deleted and the other stayed up even though they were superficially the same thread.

>> No.25552908

I think ultimately the problem was how furries (or at least the dumbest, loudest ones, like in any group) treated their fetish as if it were the same as sexual orientation or religion. And then proceeded to respond to any criticism in the most inflammatory, spammy methods possible.

And the backlash was predictable.

>> No.25552974

That's exactly it. I think once time has passed, furry will be allowed. It might not ever get it's own board, but it will eventually be allowed on /d/.

They've already toned themselves down quite a bit. There are still a few crazies out there, though.

>> No.25554068

I'm not too sure about that. They've got places they're welcome and don't have to worry about "banned on a whim" anymore.

>> No.25554137

So you think that time has already hit or are you saying that they are just as bad as ever and haven't calmed down at all?

>> No.25554170

The only real bad people are the therians(who create fursonas and psychologically attach themselves to it)

>> No.25554175

Why does the Woman-Scorpion have normal arms and scorpion bottom half, while her kid has normal legs and scorpion arms?

>> No.25554194

I agree there. I think a big portion is they also mistake stylized funny animal (see the usual this is SFW furry) then go and compare it to say Bugs Bunny, Mrs. Frisby, or Basil of Baker Streeet.

What they really hate is the drama it carries.

>> No.25554200

>implying otherkin aren't bad
Regardless, both groups are hated by everyone else in the fandom anyways. Basically, the majority of the furry fandom are where /mlp/ is with bronies. They hate the craziest members of the fandom more than any other kind of person in the world.

>> No.25554260

Werewolf! Daym, that muscular bod, dem titties

>> No.25554278

It's kind of both. The reasonable ones can go back in SA now, even after the recreation of the holocaust they did on furries. Most of the really awful ones are locked tight in their echo chambers.

/d/ allowing furry might just open the floodgates, but fur threads on /b/ aren't that common either way. So who knows, the only way to really find out how much traffic we get from that community would probably be to give them a nsfw board and see what happens.

>> No.25554312

Not to be that guy, but Therian is just an old term for otherkin.

>making it NSFW
Holy shit what the fuck are you suggesting nigga.

>> No.25554325

They have 2-3 furry threads on /b/ at a time almost all day. They've effectively managed to keep relatively mellow, normal people in them. If you even say "murr" on those threads without a hint of sarcasm they will make sure you leave.

I think the naturally critical, bitter attitude of 4chan should effectively keep out the worst people in the fandom.

>> No.25554340

I'm pretty sure they are seperate.
Therians believe they are a reincarnation of an animal.
Otherkin believe they are a species trapped in the wrong body.

Therians accept that they are human.
Otherkin want to turn into the animal that they think they are.

One is slightly more awful than the other.

>> No.25554358

>I think the naturally critical, bitter attitude of 4chan
Outside of /pol/ you mean.

>> No.25554375

They're both awful though. Trust me, I've seen and been in the presence of both. And not just furry otherkin either. I'm just going back to the 90s when they were pretty much interchangable as far as funny animals/furry goes.

No, lets face it, we are all a cynical and bitter lot.

>> No.25554389

/pol/ takes what I meant to an extreme. What I mean is that everyone here has seen some shit. We don't take criticism personally. Instead we accept it and use it to improve (most of the time). Many boards (especially this one) can talk maturely about controversial and adult topics. We call people out on their bullshit and we've been known to scare off people who don't know how to build a decent argument.

>> No.25554455

My tolerance for how furry a person is has changed dramatically in the past two years.
I used to be completely against anyone who liked anything considered furry.
I then thought it was ok to like furry porn.
It's not for me, but whatever.
Then I was ok with people having fursonas.
I've met some pretty cool people who you never would have guessed had fursonas. Only reason I ever found out was because someone else managed to bring the topic up.
Then I was even ok with them going to conventions. They really liked to talk with their favorite artists and writers.

I still can't stand anyone who thinks fursuiting is a good idea. Much less anyone who thinks they actually are an animal. I didn't want to believe in the slippery slope logic, but I'm starting to get scared.

>> No.25554495

I think the only acceptable choices would be the dragon, the scorpion chick, or the serpent woman.
Of those three, the scorpion chick is out because of the First Rule of Monarchies: Legitimate heirs have to have opposable thumbs.
No offense to the naga lady, but I have to go with the dragon. Early-onset autism is a sign of being a player character, so I have to teach that half-dragon how to murderhobo properly.

>> No.25554515

>First Rule of Monarchies
Also known as the Rule of Thumb.

>> No.25554551 [SPOILER] 

Can I a troll? I'd rather a troll.

The mother, not the daughter. She can have the farmer for all I care.

>> No.25554565

>that gut
I, too, have that gut.

How do I make my gut go away? How do I make HER gut go away?

I tried making it go away once, and went down from 190 pounds to 110. It's still there, I've just lost all my fat everywhere else.

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