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Fucking source?

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-grabs him by the throat- back the fuck off???

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Alright then, start the fucking game already!

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*unsheathe's katana*
Lets do this

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Even though I am aware that it's being said ironically, I still find myself cringing.

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I must know what this manga is. It is mandatory that I read it!

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Infinite stratos

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*drops to his knees and growls as his fangs and claws grow longer*


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You encounter a vampire! wat do!

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Hide in a corner clutching my necklace born crucifix and praying to god that it doesn't kill me.

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Hope moka bites skune?

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I draw the curtains open and bathe the room in sunlight, banishing the creature and rendering it helpless. Then I proceed to stake it. With my penis.

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I jump away

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I start to count, forcing it to count with due to it's compulsion. By this time I totally the window.

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I take on your challenge.

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Light the bitch up.

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One could say our lives are at stake.

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they're at a monster academy, vampires aren't susceptible to sunlight in that setting anyways (as long as they have sufficient blood).

You might want to be careful with your interactions with Mocha because she has IIRC 4 sisters, one of whom is a serious yandere.

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Time needed for action: two rounds.

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Wait wait! she's actually a really nice vampire (and one of the most popular girls at the school). She just makes the main character uber popular because he's a regular human (and her, the ultra-popular succubus and the stalker yuki-onna cant get enough of him... because he's a normal human).

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Don't worry, everyone - if you don't want to have her run the game, I'd be willing to take over...

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How adorable! she asked politely!

Of course she can have just a little bit.

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Oh please. Take a seat, let a REAL storyteller run this adventure.

Everyone did remember to roll up a few characters each, right?

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Point out that I've just had my inoculation in preparation for this summer's excursion to Lebanon. But if she wants a mouth full of hepatitis A and typhoid, she can go right ahead.

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Two 'groups' of single players, two GMs, one story line played alternatingly across the ages.

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Disregard her and search for the superior snowgirl.

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Boko no pico

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Like sticking your dick into a bag of ice-cubes

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Yes, anon. Paradice.

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Holy shit, I'm not the only one who remembers this game.

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>Boku no pico spam
Pick one

Seriously anon. Don't do that here. Also polite sage.

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>in the subject

I'm too tired.

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>A single post

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He wasn't normal for long.

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He would've died sooner or later if he didn't get powurz.

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I already had my blood donatoin money, and I had a nice meal, so lf you make me a nice meal - why not?

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It's spam because /a/ does it and many boards ape it. /tg/ is not one of these boards. A sizable portion of us are oldfag enough to remember different times. Pic very related.

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We do it with GURPS.

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You can always hit up the ninja with the ice powers instead, pretty much the same thing except more human.

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>except more human.
>more human.

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Hey, at least her powers have a damn off switch so you won't freeze your dick off.

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>wanting an off switch on your waifu

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Yer damn right it is.

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Paradice by the Dashboard Light?

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Just how powers, she still has the ninja training to fall back on.

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*her powers

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