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You know the deal

>tfw no Dragonblood GF
>Twilights = SCIENCE
>Abyssals are ghost rapists
>Siddies are fate ninjas made out of wet tissue paper

Hopes, fears, dreams, stories about your current games and future speculation welcome.

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>Hopes, fears, dreams, stories about your current games and future speculation welcome.
The fuck are those toothworm and snake?

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Sorcery I assume

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My character has
Temp 1
Comp 2
Conv 4
Valor 4.

How fucked am I?

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Anytime your valor and conviction conflict (Good fight about to start, no time ,must see the task through!) you're going to be rolling and getting Limit.

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Oh man, can't wait for SA to show up and bitch about rape.

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No fights have really started in the middle of a task though.

So I'm doing okay for limit.

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Anytime someone insults you while you're doing something important, you fucked.

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Not as fucked as they are~
I can recover from a limit break.
They can't recover from being dead.

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They can if they go Abyssal!

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My limit break is the valor one where you run off to duel the strongest enemy.

They can get back up if they want, but they're going to be put straight back down

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Could a sidereal make a resplendant destiny of themselves?

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They could, but the Pattern Spiders will use their strand in the Loom as a chew toy for trying to be a smartass. Unless you 2-die stunt it.

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I thought twilights were MAGIC

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Everything's magic. They use motes of essence instead of atoms.

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I imagine your circle is going to feel differently when your character runs of to start a fight to satisfy their own ego in the middle of something important.

And let's not forget you're not always going to limit break on a battlefield. The strongest opponent in an orphanage may be a kid who tossed a mud pie at you while you passed

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Everyone is magic

But Twilights are more magic than magic

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Oh god.
I hope I don't have to duel an orphan

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There are no atoms, it's all solidified essence.

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Killing orphans doesn't tend to win your friends or admiration. And not really respect or fear either.

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That's what I said

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I know at least one circlemate that would hate me for doing it.

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>hatin because you killed some little shit that threw mud at you

Compassion truly is the worst virtue

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Honestly, if a little shit threw mud at me, I'll kill everyone he holds dear and leave him alive

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Shut up TED.

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You're just asking for little Batman Night Caste to stab you in the gut twenty years down the line

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He's going to need to bring friends.

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Ah hubris. The Flaw on Invulnerability that never goes away

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My character is pretty sure of themselves.

It's going to get them killed, I'm sure of it.

Or get them thrown in a monstrance

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Sounds like Volfer and his CatBatKlaive

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>implying some newly Exalted punk is going to kill a Solar with 20 years on him

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Am I the only person really unimpressed by the new signature character designs?

They seem completely generic and uninspired

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He does look like shit.

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Eh, Perfect Soul looks better than Panther.

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And Shen is a pimp.

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Novia is shit though.

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And Prince Diamond is just argument-bait.

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Nah, Prince Diamond's design is pretty great. Out of all five, whatever arguments you have over transgender stuff, Diamond's still the best design.

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Generic Beserker
Generic Paladin
Doctor Strange and the Vagina of Vagamotto
Completely meh
Best visual design of the 5 completely ignoring the obvious contreversy bait

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>Vagina of Vagamotto

Fuck, can't unsee.

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I agree, the pose is meh and the color palette is crap especially for the daiklaive but it's obviously the best overall design

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Honestly I was less "...really? REALLY?" when I learned she was...Dezhan? That group that assign gender by what sash they're wearing. Those guys've been around since 1E.

I dunno I guess I'm the only one who thinks Novia looks kinda cool.

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>I dunno I guess I'm the only one who thinks Novia looks kinda cool.

The devs do too. We're getting a comic of her history.

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She's got too much Dorf in her design

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Yeah, I've had people play Dereth (Delzahn who have had their gender roles switched) for some time now. Prince Diamond isn't really any more rage inducing than "another Dereth NPC."

A novel, actually.

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I like the gold braid, though. Like Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Sun's Club Band!

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Except that he didn't just like the woman's role in D society, he was actually a tranny.

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She's a night caste not a fucking high school band member

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I can't fathom there being too much rage over the Derteh since they've been in the setting since 1E. I imagine there would be more cries of "TOKENISM!11!" if they introduced the Dereth in this edition

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There's like, a fuckton of artifacts, hearthstones, and charms that can do that with absolutely no problem. That was always in the game.

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They didn't need to make one of the primary example characters a cis-scum hating gender nazi.

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I honestly don't give a crap either way. As long as they present her/him has a decent character then fine.

Prince Diamond is the best character visually but also seems the closest to the 1e-2e eclipse signature in terms of visual appearance

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Oh shiiiiiit abort abort do not engage.

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>example characters a cis-scum hating gender nazi.

You got some proof there, captain?

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Don't. Just don't

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Its not like Jade's tank top and skirt was much sneakier. I mean shit they've got stealth charms they can dress how they want.

I'm just saying that I kinda liked the character once I heard his backstory.

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Overall, I like the designs a lot better than the 2E characters, which were fairly underwhelming. Especially Dace, Dace was the most boring of all.

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>As long as they present her/him has a decent character then fine.

He's described as Clint Eastwood who will stab you through the chest no matter who you are if you refer to him with female pronouns. Though because he's an Eclipse, he's diplomatically give you one chance to apologise and ask for forgiveness before he stabs you.

>You got some proof there, captain?

See the "stab you for mistaking the person with tits and a vagina for a woman" above. He's in the East, how the fuck would anyone there know about Dereth?

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>See the "stab you for mistaking the person with tits and a vagina for a woman" above.

So would literally any other member of his society.

The ENTIRE society is extremely gender-tetchy, whether they wear the gray or not, that's what makes them weird and stand-out in Creation.

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Now there's someone who actually understands limit breaks.

Let's not forget that over time the solar should also be getting affected more sharply by this as well... At first he'd run off, whatever he was doing, and kill the strongest one anything that challenged him... That didn't always end up badly.

But fast forward a thousand years and you've devolved into "make an example of the strongest or most important thing in the area", and are starting to get a reputation after you heads-on-pikes the local spirits of crop growth and safe birth.

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I just hope the devs portray him with more character than "I used to be a woman and if you call me a girl I'll slit your face" that most trans characters get portrayed as-

It's less about the Dereth thing and more the fact that the culture he comes from is duel happy

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Actually making one of the Solars a cis-scum hating gender nazi is a good move. Some people are going to see this as a positive and others are just going to see it as a NPC they want to kill.

If it was an abyssal or infernal everyone would be you can't make a transgender character a villain.

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Because he's also a Delzahn, and they tend to pull shit like this all the time. They're a society where ownership of weapons is customary and if you're worth a damn in any way, you'll have killed at least one other person in a battlefield or in a duel.

It's less "Prince Diamond is a dick" and more "the Delzahn tend to be belligerent asshats."

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>So would literally any other member of his society.

All the other members of his society stay in the South where people know about this shit. How are people supposed to know about the customs of some random tribal culture at the other end of the world?

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And that one artifact that was invented because a solar wanted to force himself on a mountain, but you can't fuck something without making it alive and sentient, or some equivalent thereof first, so he created this special harness so the mountain would now feel it when he jammed it in.

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Because Delzahn, in general, are pretty much dicks.

>> No.25509838

Lunar: [sniff sniff] "Wait, you're a man? Your smell isn't right for that."

>> No.25509856

>but you can't fuck something without making it alive and sentient

And just like that, we're back on Exalt magic-rapists

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Presumably eventually he will realize that it is a bad idea to get in a fight every time someone makes a mistake.

Or not and his circle will punch the idea into his skull.

>> No.25509993

The thing is that the Delzahn, in general, are characterized by their love of picking fights and their tendency to duel others over insults grand and trivial.

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Yeah, each other. Which is fine. But this is like Nigerians moving to Alaska and then killing any woman they find who hasn't had their clit cut off because that's their custom, and by not doing it too you've insulted them so badly that you deserve to die.

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It'll certainly be awkward times all around when Diamond meets his Lunar mate. I doubt Twin Faced Hero will help, either.

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I'd be excited if 3E did away with terrible naming conventions and playing "hide the crunch" to frustrate players, but we all know that isn't gonna happen.

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It's a White Wolf game, pretty much.

>> No.25510133

Getting away from "vcr manual" writing is explicitly part of their mission statement.

They cut 10,000 words from the combat section.

>> No.25510148

The fact that the combat section had 10000 words to begin with was the problem

>> No.25510156

>vcr manual
WW has a funny way of saying "coherent".

They should hire someone who's older than 16 to do some of their writing.

>> No.25510169

It was 17,000 in 2E core.

>> No.25510194

Motherfucker, I have no idea how we managed through that.

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I'm actually a little disgusted by that. More than 50 word pages is too much to explain a fucking rules system

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Damn it people why hasn't this been posted yet?

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Limit break is meant to be cathartic - as in "Why did I do that?"

What players also need to remember is that a limit break isn't a blackout - you remember what you did - and more importantly you remember that you felt perfectly sane/justified when you did whatever you did

Did you nope.jpg and ditch your buddies to go meditate on a mountain-top during tense negotiations with a very selfish and greedy guild factor because he pushed your temperance buttons?

Did you murderface a mud-slinging orphan because he simply threw mud on you? ...in front of the rest of the orphanage's population, in the middle of the town square?

Did you brutally nail the guy with a tooth-ache to your operating table by his hands and feet since he refused your charity (due to him being hesitant about getting dental care from anathema), fix his teeth and then patch him up and send him on his way without even batting an eyelash? ...and now nobody wants your medical aid? Oh we gonna run out of nails here.

Limit break is fun - as in, Dwarf Fortress fun. It IMO makes Exalted into a strange game of Paladin: The Fallening - and I love it for it

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The problem isn't even the volume of material, but the contents thereof.

>New Player: "So how do I make a dude?"
>Exalted: "Hold on, get through 70+ pages of fluff first."
>New Player: "The GM already told me the basics of that, I'm skipping to Character Creation."
>Exalted: "Okay, we'll cite snippets of rules we sprinkled into the first chapters to confuse you, so you have to go back and read it anyway, as well as reference shit with no sense of order so you have to flip back and forth through the whole book at each step."
>New Player: "Goddamn Exalted I already have an idea what I want to play let me squeeze the maths out of the way so I can get to playing."
>Exalted: "No, we must make you read every chapter six times and absorb every sentence of information in a way that makes no sense, get back to it."

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>Oh we gonna run out of nails here.

Best tagline for a doctor ever.

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And all of it written in the most obtuse, confusing way possible.

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Genital mutilation is just fucking WRONG.
And their reasons for it even worse.

>> No.25510428

>New Player: Fuck it, I'm just going to install Anathema.

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That's your opinon. the opinion of someone not from that culture.

Now if Prince diamond were Nigerian, you'd have a sword through your torso.

See how silly a Dereth outside the South is?

>> No.25510446

A system that requires a computer program for players to make sense of it is not doing a good job.

>> No.25510498

Except it is objectively wrong, and the idea that doing a horrible thing is excusable because it's your "culture" is an empty-headed stupidity.

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Especially since the 2.0 and 2.5 combat system (there isn't that much changed between the two) can be summarized and explained so much easier

How about this:

>Your attack roll is your Dex+[combat ability, like Melee]+[Accuracy of the weapon you're using]

>You have to roll a number of successes [7 or higher on a D10, a 10 is two sucs) equal to or higher than your opponent's Defense Value (DV)

>A DV is one of two things:

>Parry DV: Your Dex+combat ability of choice (You parrying with a weapon, melee - with your hands, martial arts) +the defense value divided by two (Works best with weapons with big defense bonuses, shields count towards this)

>Dodge DV: Your Dex+Dodge ability divided by two

>This is not that much more complicated than figuring out your Armor Class in D&D, considering the modifiers and such you have to factor in

>DV and attack rolls can of course be modified to hell and back by charms and stunts and whatnot

>If the attack roll equals or beats the DV, its a hit. If you have more sucs than the DV then the 'extra' sucs above the DV go into your damage roll as bonus damage (This is the game's version of a critical hit mechanic, hit well and you have a shot at doing more dmg)

>roll dmg - 10s do not count as 2 sucs here usually (I houserule it does...) - sucs = how much hurt you dish out.

>subtract the soak of the target from the damage. Think damage reduction due to wearing armor or having monstrously thick hide.

>End result: How much you've hurt your target - assuming you hit it, and did enough dmg to penetrate its armor

IMO this isn't worse than D&D if you goblin shaman has a talisman of dmg redux along with a little chainmail and you're trying to hit him with your sword - you roll to hit, do you beat the AC/DV? You do, ok, roll dmg, subtract armor soak, and there's a dead goblin, hopefully.

But the core book just explained it so poorly...

>> No.25510521

Because that Doc's gonna be breaking even more often, the more and more people scream and run and refuse his help no matte how much they need it.

Eventually he'll "realize" that what needs to be fixed isn't just people's heads [he's been doing THAT for a good century straight now] when they don't want his perfect, unconquered help, but Creation itself, for producing such imperfect lesser beings that can't understand the glory of his solar dentistry.

And that's when shit goes really, really bad.

>> No.25510522

Fine, an American Jew goes to Japan and goes apeshit because everyone isn't circumcised.

>> No.25510540

You apply soak before you roll damage

>> No.25510546

Fucking Twilights man. It's ALWAYS them.

>> No.25510560

Fundamentally it does the same thing.

>> No.25510565


Thank you

I find it particularly good since that limit break (turn evil for a scene, trigger being refusal of the character's attempts to help others) is for a twilight doctor character of him who normally is like REALLY NICE and hates seeing anyone hurt where it could have been avoided
>retired Lookshyan army medic, adheres to Sunipa (eastern god of war)'s wisdom of only ever committing as much force needed to win a battle as is necessary - so no overkill plz.
>He does not react well to the aftermath of his limit breaks... but he desperately tries to rationalize each incident

>> No.25510594


Ya ok - although applying soak first reduces the number of dice you roll, while applying it after 'only' reduces your number of sucs.

I guess I'm house-rulling that you soak after rolling dmg then...

We are the glorious golden heroes with the power of mind-control - you will submit to us, period

>> No.25510606

Limit Break, like UMI doesn't announce itself.

Even if you spend Wp to resist UMI, you don't know they used magic unles you have another charm to detect magic, you just think they were really convincing.

Same with Limit Break. You don't need to rationalise it. You don't know you snapped, it was just another day where you were stressed out by everyone else being an incompetent asshat.

>> No.25510617

>power of mind-control
Power of being a coward is not so glorious.

>> No.25510626

Applying soak to damage successes more than doubled Soaks effectiveness.

Granted Exalted already has a mortality problem so maybe you dig that.

>> No.25510653

That's how it should be
Why do so many instead insist on something like this:
>Dawn built around enough toughness and overdrive to stand and get beaten on all day even without his paranoia suite. He kills things for being all injustice.
>on LB always attacks those who are causing innocents to suffer
boy aren't YOU all different.

OR: and this is a common theme...
>Twilight spends most of her time researching in her lab. Not a big talker or socialite.
>LB is kicking everyone out of her <no one ever in there anyways> lab and focusing on her research to the exclusion of all else
>in other words, exactly her normal behavior

>> No.25510661


But that's what I mean by rationalizing it - they go "Wait, why did I just stomp fifty puppies in the town square? Oh that's right, they were making noise and disrupting my tea party... carry on"

And then people look at them like they're crazy

>> No.25510719


Or even more commonly:

>Eclipse or zenith caste built around being a heartless and very driven (high conviction) character
>compassion 1 because lol-angsty
>Limit-break: Heart of Flint - because a compassion 1 or 0 asshole wholly dedicated to his cause, ignoring any reprecusions of his actions beyond that which furthers his own goals

Right, and this is different from how you usually play you character, how?

This is why I, as ST for my lil group of players, veto that kind of BS limit breaks. It has to make your character behave abnormally

>> No.25510721


proof that nigerians do genital mutilation please or ask forgiveness for mistaking two different parts of Africa. IIRC it's mostly rural poor elderly women near the horn of Africa who does that because they think the girls worth on the marriage market will be increased. Though if you ask your average Ethiopian bachelor they mostly say no, they really don't want someone who's clit's been mutilated.

>> No.25510731

My Lunar: was a Haslanti commando before, so his form of Valor is discrete, cautious, and precise application of force only when needed, but fully applied when it is.

Which conflicts pretty well with Curse of the Raging Bull, or "punch the lights out of anyone who sneezes your way."

>> No.25510830

Yes. Plenty of Sidereals have RDs as Sidereal Exalted. Says so right in the book. Don't remember which college, though.

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The problem with Limit is, as described, it is a long term, slow descent into the crazy, so subtle no one noticed it in all this time.

Except, mechanically, it's you being perfectly normal until the CRAZY SWITCH flips to "ON", and you go full fucking retard for 20 minutes. And everyone stares in horror because you just can't rationalise this shit under any but the most strained logic.

>> No.25510900

Artifacts and hearthstones are RARE, dammit. And those are non-Solar Charms: Lunar shifting genders every week doesn't help any non-Lunar with a problem.

>> No.25510938

>Artifacts and hearthstones are RARE

No, they're really not.

>> No.25510953

RDs under the Gull is popular - since that covers an RD which "Makes you look like you're busy working", even when you're not...

That's because Limit is two-part

There short-term random crazy episodes, and then a long-term kind of crazy that the devs never defined - since the system wasn't built to handle games that lasted that long

>A bit like how most fantasy RPGs never fluff out any kind of mechanics for players living long enough to becoming invalid senior citizens. Its just assumed that if a character lives that long they either retire or die adventuring.

>> No.25510995

Actually its both.
As described, those short explosions ever so slowly become more and more of your actual personality, as you rationalize and internalize it. And the whole time your fuse is slowly shortening.

Eventually, red rage of compassion becomes "maybe I can save inferior existences from all their suffering by ending time and space for them"

>> No.25510997


That kinda depends on how much of a hard-ass your ST is.

I have heard of some STs who go "If you don't regularly check in on and defend your manse, you'll loose it to raiders or other exalts who take control of it while you're out on adventure"

...and on the other side there are those who don't give a crap

And somewhere in between there are those who say that maintaining control of a manse (aside from just attuning to it) requires at least some RP effort or the help of allies and friendly forces. So if you're from Lookshy and hold a manse in their territories, no problem, but if you're a solar with a random manse in the middle of no-where then you might at some point have a scavenger lord come by and try to pick it apart if you don't come stop him.

>> No.25511133

Even then, any decent manse has enough automated defenses to keep any but the toughest Exalts from just waltzing in and taking your stuff.

>> No.25511273


...or its just well hidden.

>Easiest handwave in the game: First age solar tombs were hidden away, lost or forgotten - especially after the Great Contagion wrecked everything

>> No.25511302


Except they had a whole supplement devoted to the 1st Age...And never wrote shit about the Curse "maturing", mechanically.

>> No.25511329

Hey, if demons aren't allowed into Yu-Shan, what happens if a Sidereal ends up (through shenanigans) with a demon-ink tattoo? Is there, like, paperwork they can fill out?

>> No.25511401

>implying the Celestial Lions will let you back in until you get that shit lasered off your back

Only Eclipses & E6+ Exalts get in without their permission.

>> No.25511459

Indeed they didn't.
All we have going for it is the fluff, and the actual story of how shit got bad enough to trigger usurpation... An event that ALSO lacks any functional mechanics, which, really, it would have needed, due to the involved charms by 2.0/2.5 effectively negating the ability to even think about wanting to do that, let alone actually physically pull it off.

The devs went "what? great curse? oh yeah limit breaks are in the core book" and called it a day.

>> No.25511501

Your FA tomb is in Deep Wyld zone. Good fucking luck.

>> No.25511517

Why did you only post the Lunar ripoff?

>> No.25511527

Nah m8, your tomb is always in the exact area where your ST sets the game, and so are those of all your circlemates.

>> No.25511542


Thought it was ESS 5.

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As a matter of fact, I'll fix it.

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>> No.25511568


Yes and no

The way it was shown there was via fluff and 'unique' forms of limit break:

>the dawn caste of the five solar NPCs shown had a 'quirky' tendency to run off into impossible battles and get killed, thus he was constantly the 'youngest' in the circle
>there's a specific limit break effect that makes you do that

>the eclipse caste, Desus, has limit break where he gets really cruel - triggered by seeing acts of kindness
>Fluff also has it that he has special custom charms that make him 'appear as the good guy' no matter what he did - probably to help deal with and justify his random acts of cruelty

These two show mechanically how the great curse can fuck with you. One has a funny tendency to get your character 'reset' a lot, the other one... well, Desus is a dick

>the "Heirophant" - the zenith caste solar who later reincarnates as Panther according to the fluff - has the limit break of Heart of Tears. So he basically turns into a pile of useless emo when he sees bad things happen.
His response to this?
>Isolate himself from the misery of others, become completely oblivious, to the point of causing a great deal of misery to others

...I'll agree that these might not be that good clear examples of long-term limit breaking, but the heirophant's response is IMO quite telling. A solar would learn to 'live' with these occational episodes, either changing their livestyle or those around them to the point that their Limit trigger mechanism would never become active... even if it means fucking over a lot of mortals and whatnot. I would have liked it if all of them fluffy limit breaks like that, but hey

>> No.25511569


Only if your GM is putting the game on easy mode.

I bet your FA tomb is also a 5-dot fac-cathedral

>> No.25511589

Yep. And it has a PSV in a vault at the back of the hearthstone room.

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Sadly, could not find Kawaii Edition Sidereals.

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They don't need to. It's psychology from then out; you don't realize something else was guiding you, so you try to justify the actions as a part of you. Because they have to be, because you took them.

>> No.25511642


Don't forget hands of the great maker and a first age gunship

>> No.25511657

>magical girls
Waitaminnit, isn't that Sidereals?

>> No.25511711

That's it, I'm goin full celestial monkey style.

Also here's a question, what kind of half-blooded are candidates for exaltation?

>> No.25511719

Nope. They're the Helping Goddesses. Think Skuld from Oh My Goddess.


>> No.25511726

>Also here's a question, what kind of half-blooded are candidates for exaltation?
All of them, just like any other mortal.

>> No.25511748

But all the Sailor Planets jokes!

>> No.25511752


dont forget sidereals - Basically anyone who works in heaven (Which the lion's somehow just know?) or has similar 'legitimate' business.

You have an invitation to a celestial tea party with the god of earl gray? You can come in

You want to go sightseeing? nope.avi

>> No.25511762
File: 11 KB, 258x296, 1371087076668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even fae and demon blooded?

>> No.25511771


>> No.25511780

yeah except no one knows he's a dick because no matter what he does you're either stockholmed into "it had to be my fault" or the perception distortion of the charms makes it look like he just, I dunno, saved that poor innocent girl from a horrible life of torturous breathing and eating. That's about equivalent to "I am exactly as I always am: The Limit Break"

Limits should fuck with your ability to cover for yourself like that.

>> No.25511785


>full celestial monkey style

Oh gods no... at least use an errata'd version. The RAW monkey style is so broken its not even funny

>> No.25511789

> So using some raw material culled from the weird ape things with sticks that the Not Fun At All Things kept stepping on every time they turned around they created the Great Ordeal Deferring Delightful Effective System Stewardess or G.O.D.D.E.S.S. This worked out so well they made a whole bunch of them and set them in charge of maintaining the Ultimate System.

Still not as retarded as canon.

>> No.25511805

>Limits should fuck with your ability to cover for yourself like that.
Why? It seems like you're just a needlessly antagonistic ST

>> No.25511823


But Desus is basically used as an example of why the solars were so bad - because with their powers they could cover their ass when they pulled shit like that - and then just keep on doing it

It was crap like that which was causing the solars to try to wreck creation just for the lulz

Yup - and ghostblooded too

>> No.25511834

Though there's a lot to be said that he came up with those "I'm always in the right" charms long before the curse was causing enough problems to justify them.

>> No.25511898

True, but its also an example of how some of the fluff and charms contradict eachother's existences.

With charms like that, floating around [not just desus' personally], how did people even get the chance to think "hey, isn't something wrong with our bosses here?" and get the big usurpation divination?

Everyone, as entire groups, would permanently have been under the sway of these umi, unable to even consider the possibility. Because if something's wrong either its their fault for failing the solars somehow, OR some unholy evil things from elsewhere must be doing it.

>> No.25511914


>> No.25511936

Desus is a lot like a That Guy that way. Planning for future failings of his character.

"Well I'll be turning into an evil asshole whenever this great curse I haven't heard of takes hold of me, so I'll just coincidentally have invented..."

Although he's an even bigger example of why the solar bond thing should GIVE points, never COST them to obtain for that poor lunar.

>> No.25511954

Exaltation'll burn out those powers and replace them though.

Anything you've left that's similar is a result of your exaltation following the same theme and you grabbing similar charms.

>> No.25511972

What do you mean by Twilights=SCIENCE?

>> No.25512013


Actually in 3e they're changing this.

>> No.25512031

At least it's in backgrounds, and that can be run as a pure RP/action reward instead of costing XP.

>> No.25512032

Bad broken or 'lol OP' broken?

>> No.25512036

The primary reason anyone plays one is so they can "invent" or "discover" how to fix everything that was currently wrong with creation.

"Great Curse? I've made an app for that"
"Flametongue? I've come up with a far more powerful design that I get to use"

>> No.25512042

Well it wasn't really burn out unless it was total overlap (i.e. enlightened essence).

>> No.25512070
File: 113 KB, 894x894, twilight_sparkle__mage__by_chibihob0-d51bvjx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Twilight Caste is highly involved with Magic and Science, with an obsessive fixation on fixing everything..........

I'll just leave this here.

>> No.25512089
File: 99 KB, 400x423, 1371069912138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You think demons are not scourging creation just looking for you right now?
You're dead meat.

>> No.25512124


Which is why I was asking about what happens if a Sidereal ends up with a demon ink tattoo.

>> No.25512266

Good luck! I'm behind seven Perfect Defenses.

>> No.25512385

I hope they are adding more then just the three new exalted types they told us about. I always felt seven wasn't enough and even with the new guys I feel we could use another four or five.

>> No.25512389

Stop calling your circlemates "Perfect Defenses" that ain't cool.

>> No.25512396

Sarcasm is unbecoming, you know.

>> No.25512410
File: 181 KB, 700x700, 1369538296021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But anon, We're running 2.5

>> No.25512438

Well, they did mention those underwater ones...

>> No.25512440

But...but I wasn't being sarcastic :(

>> No.25512447

The WST changes were not made into official errata. therefore with a Hand of the Great Maker I can still summon a 10k strong army, fully armed and ready to fight. As a speed 7 action. That can be comboed with itself.

>> No.25512454

Then you're an idiot.

They're some kind of Primordial Godblood.

>> No.25512473

Except they were called Chosen of whatthefuckever

Usually implies Exalt

>> No.25512487

No they weren't.

>> No.25512526
File: 56 KB, 483x520, 1370894103721.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wyld shaping sound pretty fucking cool, has anyone actually formed an army from it though?

>> No.25512601


Without a PSV it's hard to get enough shaping actions stored up to spam armies.

God I hate WST shenanigans, why didn't they errata the fuck out of that charm?

>> No.25512603

Yeah they we're, one is Called The Chosen of the Depths and the other were referred to as "These Chosen are called The Spoken." Because they were spoke to by the Voice In The Trench or whatever.

That niborenda or whatever book is the one non-main splat I'm really looking forward too.

>> No.25512614

You can spend WST successes to conjure people as the Followers background, so 5 (the max from one use) gts you 10,000 cannon fodder. Technically you drop it by 1 dot's worth if you want them to be a cohesive unit, so you'd spend 5 successes to get 1,000 soldiers who are able to act as an actual batallion.

HotGM & a Protoshinmaic Vortex let you Wyld-Shape in Creation instead of the Wyld and store up successes to use without having to spend 20 motes to use the charm.

You can also spend motes to turn everything within 30 miles into blasted heath, rolling meadows, ocean, lava or just create a 30 mile wide & deep crater and lol as everyone without a perfect defence to save themselves plummet to their deaths.

>> No.25512650

On second thought this doesn't seem like something a person who wants to preserve creation would use. (Or improve it)

>> No.25512657


Didn't Oramus and Isidoros make Exalts as well? Will they be in the game?

>> No.25512683

Yeah, I do it all the time. Watch the people appear, WST gives them all their own memories and backstory, slots them into the world as real people. Then a spear appears in their hand and they get slaughtered by the approaching zombie hoardes while I start shape sorcery actions while they buy me time.

>> No.25512697


There is a WST errata that Holden put out that tones down the shenanigans.

Also remove HoGM and PSV and WST and WSC aren't as retarded.

>> No.25512719

I know I basically sound like a retard, but can you spell this out in a non-typo manner?

>> No.25512732

You can make land, demenses, raw materials and great amounts of resources, and people.

You can shape a huge chunk of fertile land and water supplies in desolate areas, create people to live there. You can use it to make building materials and fuel for those who need it. You can make animals, plants, artifacts.

It's the key to the God-King's power.

>> No.25512752

>There is a WST errata

Oh no there isn't. They posted them on the Exalted forum, but decided not to add it to the final edition of the scroll of errata. They could have, but chose not to, meaning it's just non-canon ramblings.

>> No.25512755

Where do the people get their souls from? Are they immediately integrated into Fate? Do they spawn with fake backstories, or are they tabula rasa?

>> No.25512768


HoGM-hand of the great maker is a DotFA that allows shaping in creation instead of the Wyld
PSV- is protoshinmaic vortex which is an uber artifact from dreams of the first age that allows namers with HoGM to go extra nuts
WST is Wyld Shaping Technique
WSC is Wyld Shaping Cauldron which is an upgrade on WST

>> No.25512773

They don't integrate into the Loom, don't reincarnate and don't become ghosts. Unless someone intentionally puts them into it or they Exalt. Their souls are formed from the Wyld-stuff you're shaping.

>> No.25512783

Not a battalion then. Spend 5 successes on people, 5 on a pimp-tier wood aspect demense and 5 on creating a structure, and you've got yourself the world's greatest hospital.

>> No.25512789

So suddenly you have an army of well-trained mortals who are 100% outside of fate going around fucking everything up?

How is using this not immediate grounds fo fate ninjas?

>> No.25512805
File: 68 KB, 400x296, 1370730761684.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seems kind of immoral to create 'fake people' who aren't even part of the world.

>> No.25512831

They're all mortals. What's the worst that could happen?

Only if they're being used as murder fodder. They don't reincarnate, but they still live, love, hate, can reproduce and their kids would be full on Creation-born folks.

>> No.25512840

I'd imagine it reads like a spontaneous fair folk invasion. Which, you know, it kind of is. But still, a fair folk invasion with a Solar right in the middle of it is a self-correcting problem. One way or the other.

>> No.25512849

>They're all mortals. What's the worst that could happen?
Did you seriously just ask that? Have you never SEEN Tiger-Warriors? Not to mention that simply by existing in Creation they're fucking with Fate in the same way that going back in time and just standing there fucks with time.

>> No.25512866

There are ways to incorporate them into the loom I suppose?

>> No.25512888

Well if you're training legions of Tiger Warriors, then people might notice. But I just like making them, then setting them free to go live their lives.

It's like when the last survivors of the apocalypse have to repopulate the earth. Except I can do it by myself. I consider it my duty to undo the Contagion's damage.

>> No.25512908


They did

It just never got put into the errata for some reason.

WST can make mortals, but only one at a time rather than snapping your fingers to get 10K at once.

>> No.25512919


They should've been included because corebook WST and WCT and the high essence add-on charms are fucking retarded and tend to completely break the game

>> No.25512933

Probably. A lot of things seem to be being added to the game to up the variety of things to fight instead of having to go "ok do I send another solar, another abyssal or another infernal at my players or is it time to fight the Yozi now?"

>> No.25512945


Any sane person would use the version on the forum for exactly the sort of bullshit that WST produces.

>> No.25512955

IIRC, any effect that would need them to be connected to the Loom like astrology, many charms, etc. brings up a minor error report in the Loom (Error 112.3CxT_9*B - Mortal disconnected from Fate ; Action - Reattach and submit warning letter to nearest Little God) and the pattern spiders correct it.

>> No.25513000

>They're all mortals. What's the worst that could happen?
Farmer was supposed to look at the sunset and horizon and get wanderlust that brings him on a grand adventure. Instead he gets distracted talking to one of these mortals that aren't supposed to exist.
Noble son was supposed to fall in love at first sight with the baker's daughter. One of these random mortals who aren't supposed to exist got hungry and stopped in, blocking his line of sight.
A young boy was supposed to find a sword in the muck and start practicing with it, guiding him to become a soldier. Some dude that isn't supposed to exist grabs the sword instead.
A smith was supposed to spill to one of his friends that he was fucking a third man's wife, causing the third man to plan revenge. He stays quiet to watch the band of dudes walking through town.
A certain prostitute was supposed to fall and break her head on a cobblestone, causing another woman to be able to take in her trade and get wealthy enough to pull herself out of that life. A mortal catches her instead, and she lives on.

Five fate fuckeries, one for each caste, that happen just from mortals not part of the loom existing, nevermind them acting on a grand scale.

>> No.25513041

All those other people are mortals too. Who gives a shit if their lives get fucked up.

>> No.25513104

And then the Spiders get a little annoyed, reweave the Loom, and everything's back to normal.

Pattern Spiders tweak and reweave the Loom so they can watch Exalts be more awesome, changes in the lives of mortals aren't exactly creation-ending problems.

>> No.25513152

Shit starts going wrong when the noble's son marries a political rival and his firstborn daughter comes out with the red curls of the baker's daughter as planned.
Trouble happens when a group of bandits the farmer was supposed to kill along the road all suddenly die for no known reason when their time is up.
An adulterer suddenly gaining bruises for no reason when the smith was supposed to give them is a problem.
The prostitute's taste for ambition needs to be gained in order to create a new noble house out of her sons and daughters which now don't grow up the right way.

Considering how pissy they get over Sidereal Astrology, shit that the Sidereals are supposed to be doing in the first place, I'm pretty sure that suddenly having ten thousand fate glitches on this order would rustle their jimmies.

>> No.25513527

The giant causality machine that keeps spacetime functioning [despite the deliberative's best efforts earlier] is who.

>> No.25513723

Ten time a day, the God of the Second Tallest Blade of Grass in any particular field tries to usurp it's Tallest Blade superior and have to be slapped down. These Wlyd-Shaped people are about as important as that.

>> No.25513836

> new 3e canon for the Silver Faction
Led by Goddess First Class Wilhelmina Jena Brianna, the Silver Faction insists on the coinage of silver at a ratio of 16 to 1 (the one being gold coins). Despite repeated loud angry speeches about how Creation is being crucified on a Cross of Gold, Wilhelmina still has yet to clearly explain to most Sidereals why exactly this is important. However, this support for non-Jade currencies has led the Silver Faction to promote various Barbarian groups who are stuck using silver, copper, and gold coinage, and to support the Moonsilver-using Lunars.

>> No.25513864

The members of Project EVA are disatisfied with the world. They believe humanity has hit a deadend, unable to advance due to the presence of so many superior beings around it--Exalts, Gods, Alchemicals, etc. Ever since the Second Impact (the Contagion), humanity has stagnated, unable to advance, the mere pawns of others. Only if humanity is forced up the chain of Essence can humanity survive the Age of Sorrows and achieve its rightful place (thus freeing the Sidereals to kick back and relax, letting humanity do the hard work, coincidentally enough). It remains unclear how Goddess First Class Glinda Ikari plans to make this transition come to pass, but rumors whisper of warstriders constructed out of the body of one of the Neverborn, and Protocol-Spawned Children to pilot them... But only rumors, or they all would have been executed long ago. But where there's smoke, there's usually smoke elementals...

>> No.25513953

The GotSTBoG going starscream on its superior is entirely written into the tapestry of fate. It WAS going to happen, it IS was going to happen, and he'll get smacked down BY his superior with no external efforts elsewhere, until the day he succeeds or dies trying [but we're not telling him about next Wednesday. spoilers and all.]

The created beings not included in fate are a completely different matter. They interefere with shit that should or should not have happened, and causality unravels. It can be fixed but everyone just got overtime again. Fuck that shit.

>> No.25514030

fucking Solars. You aren't the ones who have to go convince the whole damn forest that "orange" is not a valid substitute for "up."

Yes yes yes you would have done it better, forged a Loom that did not result in glitches like that, AND YET I DO NOT SEE IT IN FRONT OF ME, MISTER TWYHARD. So until then, you will sit down, shut up and...

...uh, please demonstrate more respect for the fabric of causality in the future, pretty please, this is the official request of the sidereal advisory council?

>> No.25514040

And so, the Usurpation happened.

>> No.25514057

>tfw missed Exalted 3E kickstarter

I am legitimately mad at myself right now.

>> No.25514063

>implying orange isn't a valid substitution for up

Fucking Sidereals ruining fun.

>> No.25514093


How, there were literally constant threads about it for the full period of it. On 4chan and every other RPG forum. Did you abandon the internet for over a month?

That's the easy one. Wait until the gods of string-cheese decide to start measuring themselves in whale instead of inch. Not any particular whale, just the concept of "whale". that's some weird shit.

>> No.25514105

>not putting 3 whales of cheese in your kids lunch box

>> No.25514142

I want to see the usurpation process, from even deciding to do the mega-scry all the way to the jade prison explained by the devs.

I want to see it explained taking into account an entire deliberative of mostly E6+ Solars with massive age and numerous charms and combos, with the solar social charms, organization-wide intimacy-overriding UMIs and taboo-inflictions, obfuscations and shift blames, the mechanical form of Solar/Lunar Bond, Overdrive, infinite-join-battle-interrupt attack charms and all the other methods that E4+ solars have all taken into account.

In other words, I want to know how it happened in 2/2.5

There's gotta be a story there.

>> No.25514208


I abandoned /tg/ a while back because every single thread was the same, and people think that doing the exact same thing as people before them is completely original unique innovation. It's very boring seeing the same type of shit happen over and over. It's not even topical, since tabletop games come out so infrequently.

I also haven't been playing traditional games for years because it's hard to find players that are both 1. non-mongoloid 2. available to play.

>> No.25514213

answer: "dreams of the first age, its attendent charms, and the existence of essence levels 6+ in the first place were all terrible fucking ideas that resulted from White Wolf blindly copy/pasting oWoD design ideas into a new system without rhyme or reason."

The whole "you must be able to quantify every world-destroying mechacthulhu" principle reached its apex, however, with Primordial Principle charms. The idea that the Primordials are made of charms? Neato!

The idea that as a result one of the Primordials' charms is "if you have this Charm you are a Primordial?" Fucking retarded!

>> No.25514238

Even at E5 you've still got plenty to explain. most of the gamebreaking stuff, inter-exaltation-warring-wise, happens around E3~4.

E6 don't even matter for usurpation except as a bigger fuel tank.

>> No.25514241

The story is that they inherited the usurpation from the previous edition before the writers were replaced wholecloth. Given their druthers, the current writing team would not have made it happen.

>> No.25514360

nah, they're down with the Usurpation being a thing that happened, it's kinda key to the whole story of Creation.

they're really not down with the way 2E's retarded "motonic physics" style explanations of everything (an error that, amusingly enough, originates with Dreams of the First Age) demanded that Everything And Everything From The Smallest Least God To The Fundamental Principles Of The Universe have a statblock.

it was enough to say "the solars were really unfathomably mighty. the dragon-blooded were numerous enough to drown the very sun. if it hadn't been for the Sidereals, the Solars might have had a chance of winning."

However, since nerds like spelling every little thing of a setting out, editorial control was nil, and maybe three people in the entire Exalted product line writing team were familiar with probabilities being a thing that existed, really stupid power-creep charms rendered the whole thing impossible.

It's the D&D 3.5 problem. Courtesy of shit mechanics a game-within-the-game arises, one that is mutually exclusive to the game the writers were intending to emulate, one where nonsensical (and worse, extremely dull) behaviors become the mechanically optimal way to do anything.

In Exalted fluff, the Usurpation was a mighty battle.
In 2.0 mechanics, an Essence 9 twilight could go to sleep in the middle of an enraged dragon-blooded horde and wake up without a scratch so long as their anima banner was still on.

>> No.25516420

I really want more fluff on how Sidereals 'fix' errors in the Loom of Fate. How they go about it, for example. How do they resolve a situation where a major city just disappears overnight?

>> No.25516483

They slap the sidereal that moved it and tell them to move it back.

>> No.25516728

Essentially, if something new was added, they remove it and attempt to put things back on course. If something was removed, they attempt to replace it with as perfect of a replica as possible. If something was changed that shouldn't have been, they remove it, then go with 'if it was removed'

>> No.25516761

"Nexus is missing."


This sounds like a great campaign idea.

>> No.25516889


>> No.25517118

"Gem's been blown up.'

"Eeeehhhh, fuck it."

>> No.25517269

if you would know hate, look not into the eyes of an Abyssal- for there you will not find it.

you do not travel to the wellsprings of green fire in the domain of Malfeas.

it is not in the heart of Ma-Ha-Suchi, nor in the tears of the slaves of the Dragon-Blooded.

nor even is it found in the ascendant wrath of the returning Solars.

if you wish to know hate, travel to a back alley in Gem, make the sign of Heaven upon your brow, and knock three times on a given door.

when the man opens the door, tell him his latest report is late.

then, and only then, will you know what hatred is.

it is only amplified by the fact Yu'Shan's smiths have learned this, and so send collectors around to his place regularly so they can forge the stares into starmetal weaponry.

>> No.25518040

It was a learning experience for all, when my Dawn literally slaughtered his whole Tiger Warrior Army he had been training and nurturing for the last couple of years, making sure that every squad leader was a heroic mortal capable of leading an army in their own right and that every piece of equipment was top-notch. Then one of his circlemates just had to go and give him his idea of a motivational speech before eve of a great battle. Most of the gear couldn't even be used for the next army we managed to gather.

>> No.25518248

be a manipulator whose limit break is going Balls Out Pointless Cruelty.

it's pretty sweet when you throw away all your sweet plotting in the name of "I WILL GUARANTEE YOU WILL DIE IN UNSPEAKABLE AGONY, DETESTED BY ALL WHO KNOW YOU."

'so uh guys we don't have an army anymore, but i can assure you that random scrub who backsassed me will not be an issue anymore'

>> No.25518368

Limit break lacks teeth. In maybe one person's game in this entire thread, its ever been an inconvenience. Every limit break I've ever seen was neutral or advantageous (willpower over the cap), and limit breaks are intentionally designed to only be serious if you want them to be.

A lot of limit breaks (Curse of the Whipped Dog for a more beta type, Curse of the Lone Wolf for a more headstrong type) may very well be 100% indistinguishable from how the character behaves normally.

>> No.25518424

Ugh. They couldn't have at least have had it be an attractive looking tranny? They have charms and shit.

>> No.25518464

Its not remotely clear, or even implied that the artifact (the "many stalked flower of love") causes sentience. It is most likely a fractal bionic phallus, judging by the name. The key is that it allowed him to have sex with the mountain, not make the mountain peoples.

>> No.25518482

I played an air aspect that went from "Into the breach my friends, we shall whether this hell together!" to thinking "Any problem can be solved by throwing enough bodies at the thing, we need to finish this" when limit-breaking.

Of course, that's just a DB; they're not nearly as heavily affected as a solar by the curse. He could USUALLY get out of it with people just wondering just how bad the situation had been that the strategy had had to go from "I save every soldier" to "fuck yeah meatgrinder"

>> No.25518523

If you're just jamming into a hole in the dirt, you're not having sex, you're just masturbating.

That item lets you actually have sex with it. At the very least its gotta cause a semblence of 'living' or 'fuckability'

>> No.25518531

That's a freakishly tryhard interpretation of Compassion and fits with no example limit break.

>> No.25518620

Limit Break making you turn evil is fucking retarded. The narration of the Great Curse says "were cursed with immoderation" not "were cursed with randumb evil."

It grossly cheapens the setting to have evil solars just be doing it because PRIMORDIAL MIND CONTROOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL

>> No.25518648


>> No.25518653

Are you a dragon blooded? Artifacts and manses aren't rare for you.

>> No.25518683
File: 420 KB, 1050x755, ironhorse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Valor 4 primary (soon to be Valor 5), Conviction 3, Compassion 3, Temperance 2.

How fucked am I?

>> No.25518704

Taking a story about a dude having sex with an inanimate object and taking it as RAPE GOASTS: THE PREQUEL instead of "wow, them solars had too much time on their hand" is just silly.

>> No.25518724
File: 93 KB, 252x268, 1371273098041.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does everyone fuck over mortals?
How do we save the mortals??
"Hey fag I heard you don't even lift now fight all 50 of us if you're man enough lol."
3 isn't that bad, and your temperance might run into problems if someone offers you the dankest crack in the world.

>> No.25518752


Next you'll be saying alpha


>> No.25518791

>just 50 men

They picked the wrong Caste to fuck with.

>> No.25518820

it's a solution to a very basic problem

in 1E playtesting it turned out that people were just playing their characters as WOOHOO I AM THE BEST EVER AT EVERYTHING NO COMEUPPANCE

considering that if you could encapsulate Exalted into two sentences it would be "power always corrupts. btdubs, here, have All Of The Power" this irritated people. hence Limit Break being added.

always preferred the version where the Great Curse was "That which made you great will destroy you in the end."

>> No.25518821


>In 2.0 mechanics, an Essence 9 twilight could go to sleep in the middle of an enraged dragon-blooded horde and wake up without a scratch so long as their anima banner was still on.

Holy blatant exaggerations batman!

I take it you haven't ever bothered to sit down and see what an army led just by DB 6 officers (and yes, there were plenty) can do against E10s solars. Its not pretty. Just about the only way the solars can hit 'em is with Cascade of Cutting Terror (and they can block that with Dragon Vortex Attack's shield version), and you'd better believe letting a dragon blooded coup de grace you is guaranteed death.

Seriously, early 2.0 didn't hinge in favor of solars -- DBs had unlimited essence (Jade Crucible) and could bottom out solar essence pools effortlessly (Essence Disruption). DBs are tough. And will do a fuckload more than 9 HLs.

>> No.25518823

The descent is supposed to be a very slow thing. Immoderation by supremely powerful beings can be pretty fucking evil to those around them even if its not intended as such. They just... stop giving a fuck about things so far below their own perfection.

going full "randumb evil" as you say would indeed be doing it wrong, but no more or less wrong than the two "let's avoid any drawbacks" examples of the poster you are responding to directly.

>> No.25518874

Ah yes, "Exalted is what I want it to be, thus it can be summed up in one or two sentences."

Limit Break is just something to game and monkey around with, like any other element, and also an excuse to act irrationally.

...I'm also skeptical that Exalted has ever had any playtesting in it whatsoever prior to 2.5.

>> No.25519007

you gotta combo that quite heavily though, which is worth noting.
Activate jade crucible
Now heal yourself. I'd suggest quickly.
Be sure your costs gave you a profit

Personally I preferred the 'thousand dragons' war charms. Entire area of boosted elemental output and reduced mote costs[min 0]? yes please.

>> No.25519058

Fine, 50 DB's slap your girlfriends ass.
What do you do?

>> No.25519066

recall this was the age of the Grabowski and the Moran. playtesting was designed to make sure that the right themes were being explored, no math was harmed over the course of playtesting.

given that the single overriding idea of the whole thing from moment one was "we are going to take greek heroes and multiply them by anime" there was hope (from the foolish and the idealistic) that people would give their ridiculously powerful characters appropriately massive flaws.

instead, people were creating Borog, Who Is Best At Everything Forever.

Limit Break was introduced as a concept in order to force people to play characters with tragic flaws. the Virtue/Vice system of nWoD did it much better, no question here, but as a first draft solution to the problem worse could have been done than Limit.

>> No.25519172

Shut up That Guy

>> No.25519174
File: 746 KB, 1024x546, Jormungandr_by_Eupackardia[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Emperor Ox Expansion. Initiate annihilation.

>> No.25519188

Make me, faggot.

>> No.25519203


>you gotta combo that quite heavily though

it has a VERY long duration

Also, its less of a hassle than running out of motes, and less of a hassle than any other aspect of combat.

>> No.25519241

Peony Blossom Attack

>> No.25519261
File: 8 KB, 300x168, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is how your low-Compassion ubermensch looks to everyone else.

>> No.25519282
File: 168 KB, 600x800, 1367886098217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, this Lunar mate thing.
what is up with that?
Sorry man, everyone else has compassion 4 in the group already.

>> No.25519323

Compassion 2 isn't as bad as that.

>> No.25519326


Gonna need a huge fucking [citation needed] for that, considering the Grabowski was more than perfectly capable of actually LOOKING at what was printed in the limit break section.

Unless you are telling me that a fluff focused writer cannot tell the difference between "kills everyone around him, mwuahahah" and "goes off to be a headstrong loner," your entire post is invalid.

>> No.25519335

"Shut up furfag."

>> No.25519336

It's waifus.
Like, literally. You get a soulmate, period.
Whether things STAY on good terms between you, of course, depends on how you treat them. And how the LAST you treated them. I.e. badly.

>> No.25519361

I always go compassion and valor.

Temperance is just plain out of character, Conviction is mostly about being a reject from 40k.

>> No.25519415
File: 55 KB, 500x300, 1371319964324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's waifus
How horrifying, I'd rather marry a fair folk.
Hey leave conviction alone he sticks to his guns

>> No.25519469

You know, although my favorite setup for Exalted involves the idea of the PC's lunar mates being the one you had from the first age, probably in most people's games, the lunar gf has no recollection that you used to be a dick.

Incidentally, considering that lunars of that level can be quite impossible to kill, I'm fond of counterbalancing solar supremacy with the idea of lunars being age-old survivors. Sure, she may eventually outstrip you, but til then, your girlfriend is your best hope against the Wyld Hunt.

>> No.25519504

When the Exaltation shards were being made, The UCS wanted his to be the greatest. Luna wasn't having that, so she made a deal with him so she could make hers nearly their equal: that they would be mystically, unbreakably bonded to the Solars.

What she left out was that it would only be a one to one thing, the other 299 Solars had no power over a Lunar.

>> No.25519511


>> No.25519532
File: 119 KB, 780x585, what now, assholes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, babies are a useful resource.

>> No.25519571


You obviously haven't seen an 2e Twilight Essence reactor build in full effect.

before their anima was nerfed they were basically unbeatable

>> No.25519574

Amazing thing for the Solar
horrible, "WHY WOULD YOU EVER PICK THIS" for the lunar.

mechanically, it ensures your lunar soulmate can't resist your unnatural mentals, can't really say no to you. They only "get a bonus" versus things trying to force them to go against you.

Which, with the bond, you can easily have conditioned them to the point where that was an unacceptable order anyways.

Just like you did that army of DBs and "suspecting you of being a horrific bastard"

>> No.25519583

Kenshiro could fuck him up,

>> No.25519635

Hey guys, stop talking shit about Desus. He just lost his baby, for the UCS's sake. The wife was inconsolable. Seriously guy, not cool.

>> No.25519682

Yeah. And then all the babies would explode along with the guy. It'd be hilarious.

>> No.25519697

Siphon out the twilight's essence with water dragon, wood dragon-death him til he fails his save. Neither inflicts hits or damage on him, so no reactor.

And before a smartass points out the first age DBs lacked CMA dragon styles: sure, but they had SMA masters.

>> No.25519732

Blatant exaggeration. I've never seen the lunar bond be abused. In fact, it gives you a big ole fistfull of bonus dice 1/session, which may sound useless (its only one roll), but you never know when you may have to pump up a singular vital uber-roll for something you lack charms in.

How was this situation dealt with, anyway?

>> No.25519753

Nigga Kenshiro would dare the fucker to do it, then just fucking break his neck or some shit.

>> No.25519845


Theft of essence is still an attack so can easily be paranoia comboed. Same with Soul Mastery.

Yeah the Twilight actually has to PD those type of effects but they still have a essence mote pool that puts DBs to shame.

DBs shouldn't ever be extras, but 2e basically made them into extras.

>> No.25519888


>Theft of essence is still an attack so can easily be paranoia comboed. Same with Soul Mastery.

At the cost of massive Essence leak (Essence Disruption) and against foes who have massively superior essence pools (Jade Crucible). Remember, this was about early 2nd ed before reactor nerfs happened.

>> No.25519930

>DBs shouldn't ever be extras, but 2e basically made them into extras.

Actually, its more likely during that portion of 2e for DBs to dismiss solars as extras...

>> No.25520064


EDA was horribly written copypasta, it was clear from the beginning that it was supposed to be a shaping attack and thus easy to avoid if the Solar was remotely competent.

The fact that you are having to throw out EDA and terminus CMA bad touch effects to even have a chance of denting a competent Twilight essence reactor build shows how fucked up the 2e power balance was.

If 3e can even remotely tone that shit down I might actually be willing to use exalted shitty system again instead of just house ruling it to death

>> No.25520119

The babies were fine, someone shot him from above.

>> No.25520164

"easy to avoid"?
more like "completely and utterly non-functional against anything you could ever need to use it on"

>> No.25520193

Solars are immune to shaping provided they don't forget to do their morning routine.
Lunars are immune to shaping.
Non-Solar Solaroids can easily be immune to shaping.
Even Dragon Blooded can be immune to shaping in the right conditions.

Shaping keyword only works on mortals

>> No.25520295

>Siddie's first encounter with his 3-dot flaw enemy, a Raksha noble
>She wins by replacing the air in his lungs with wine

>> No.25520334

As far as deaths go, that's not so bad.
Assuming it's a good vintage, anyway.

>> No.25520367

El Jesus

>> No.25520385

How is that not a terrible fucking death?

You don't taste with your lungs.

>> No.25520391

He survived. Just had to run away while coughing the stuff up.

>> No.25520402


Blame Borgstrom for making shaping cool yet trivially easy to negate with even a starting Solar.

Negating shaping for a scene I could live with but negating shaping for an entire day? Dumb.

Just make a permanent charm that gives immunity to wyld mutations for lawgivers if you have to play around in the deep wyld

>> No.25520416

>You don't taste with your lungs.
Full. Plebeian.

>> No.25520511

Good sir. I am not sure you are considering this.
The 2.0 Twilight Anima Banner directly subtracted your essence damage from the attack. Combined with soak and hardness, you could easily make it so that, at essence nine, anything below 50 damage was literally incapable of harming you.

>> No.25521102
File: 436 KB, 900x900, 1334457756209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Infernal question: if you go the Devil-Tiger route and eventually do the thing where you create a third-circle soul, that soul would create second-circle souls of itself. Such souls or perhaps even a first-circle soul could be made into a demon tatoo. Could such a tattoo be made to have the same urge as your character's motivation? For that matter could you sell your soul to yourself becoming an Akuma of yourself, granting yourself inheritance 5 and all the bonus point goodness that comes along with that? This is just a thought exercise of course.

>> No.25521279


>> No.25521291

Fae are all

>> No.25521389


1, if he's hard to hurt at E9, good for him.
2, it won't protect him from immaculates sucking out all his essence and death touching him.
3, it won't protect him against the horrors of SMA.
4, the allegation was that a twilight could lay down to sleep in the midst of dragon blooded. Even Mr E9's gonna die a horrible death in a case like that.
5. To re-iterate, solars can't do shit against DBs who have arbitrarily huge essence pools due to Jade Crucible, and who ensure solars never have motes, ever, due to Essence Disruption.

I swear, all "solars can pwn DB" conversations assume E9 solars vs E2-3 DBs.

>> No.25521411

> becoming an Akuma of yourself

Primordial exalts (infernals, abyssals, alchemicals) are utterly incapable of becoming akuma. Ever. EVERRRRRR

>> No.25521441


Pfft, says fucking you.

I'm having a blast playing my Brass Caste Alchemical.

>> No.25521498

Yes, if you use homebrew, you can have an abyssal infernal alchemical too. Its declared to be impossible in the books, but hey, anything in the interests of twinkery, I guess.

>> No.25521588

Playing in a 1E game because that's the books we have.
Running a lunar, planning to use martial arts and the one charm that lets you turn your arm to tentacles for tentacle punches.
Accidentally got moonsilver articulated plate before I noticed the Crimson Temple Style form charm disallowed armor. DM offered to give the armor 'blood ports' to remove the restriction.
Will this break anything too badly?

>> No.25521709

Moonsilver shapeshifts with you.

>> No.25521738

Lunars are extremely limited in 1e, you won't break anything. They're easily the weakest splat, other than exalted, and definitely below dragon blooded. They can barely do anything, and that's even assuming they max out dexterity in DBT.

They have one charm. DBT. Use it. Forever.

>> No.25521807

And I'm not saying that to diss you, 1e lunars really can't do much of anything, so giving them armor is a tame improvement.

>> No.25522133


...then how can Dragonblooded?

They are the Grandchildren of Gaia. Shouldn't they be Primordial Exalts?

>> No.25522249

Dragonblooded are definitely not, and are directly stated to not be, Gaian Exalted. They were created by, essentially, spirits, and can continue to exist anywhere, even if Gaia or the Five Dragons are long gone.

Alchemicals cannot ever be created outside of Autocthon. Though a smartass infernal or solar w/ PPE could become Autocththon (sp?) 2, if he let him.

>> No.25522252
File: 76 KB, 550x550, 1324065675938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And now I'm worried for an entirely different reason.
The ST and the rest of the group is new to Exalted, and white wolf in general.
Are we talking weak on the high end of things, or weak as in noticeable at that level?

>> No.25522258

They are not Gaia's chosen. They are the Choosen of the Elemental Dragons who are Gaia's children, not her lower souls

>>25521411 But seriously can I get a page number for that rule? Also does to Demon tattoo thing work?

>> No.25522448


>implying your Lunar Mate isn't going to love you so much she takes away all of those nasty little limbs that keep getting you in trouble. You don't need them! SHE can carry you instead, and it will keep you SAFE!
>...and she's been around since the Great Contagion, while you have a handful of years as one of the Solar Exalted under your belt.
>Good fucking luck.

>> No.25522464

Yandere Lunar just gave me a whyboner

>> No.25522506
File: 84 KB, 253x230, 1369156887789.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25522538
File: 410 KB, 1169x1500, nanogirl3_lightrev.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25522555

Hello I am using this idea and thank you.

>> No.25522559

>Your ex-wife just dropped by, and she's a two thousand year old shapechanging maneating monster now, interested in maybe going on a date next Thursday.

>> No.25522604

The blissful sage is pretty interested in all things, only question now is a Western or Eastern type dish?

>> No.25522635
File: 156 KB, 330x328, christopher robin the fun stops here.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Boosting Dexterity
>Not getting a stratospheric Strength rating and clinching everything to death.
>Not buying Inexhaustible and Tough as Merits so that Essence is not capped, and enjoying Strength 7, Dexterity 5, Stamina 8 - in human form

These are the exploits of 1e to make Lunars work. Note that at Stamina 8, Armor-Forming Technique will let you get a whole 4L additional soak, and make you look ugly in the process.

Yeah. 1e! Great!

>> No.25522706
File: 55 KB, 618x562, 1368778936583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fun never ends!

>> No.25522797

I think that tattoo thing would work. As a demon's higher soul can you control the lower souls Urge?

>> No.25522811
File: 60 KB, 516x511, do not patronize the dino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. The fun of being haunted by 1e Lunar Charms, continually attempting to refurbish the ruin of ruins.

And the 3e iteration is so far off...

>> No.25523907

Eh, you can easily whip out more using the Exigent guidelines.

>> No.25525378
File: 9 KB, 281x179, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that feeling when you finally find the military-ruler Dawn PC's hot button, the one thing that sends them into a berserk Limit Break rampage that ends in a military campaign to crush Thorns and the Mask of Winters.

...And it's a fucking swineherd. Not even a love interest, just "dude, I remember that guy, he was a cool kid, I always meant to make him a Tiger Warrior someday". I'd completely intended him as a throwaway character. I didn't figure a Dawn Caste king of another Scavenger Kingdom would get so pissed about a villager who showed up in a few sessions a year ago getting killed by zombies while trying to protect his pigs.

This is escalating by the session, and he's talking about making a point during the next Confederacy meeting by stabbing Typhon, the representative from Thorns. Should I even use Typhon's shitty Scroll of Exalts stats, or just make new ones myself?

How do I handle this to make it dramatically satisfying for the player, more importantly? I want to reward him for embarking on a risky, dangerous course entirely out of Valor and pique. It feels appropriately Solar.

>> No.25525793

Unless Typhon has done something significant to increase his exp I would not. NPCs usually remain static. Remember that Typhon isn't Mask's heavy hitter, just his ambassador. A Dawn should easily be able to knock him down.

>> No.25525826

Amendment to what I said. Don't forget Typhon making your Dawn's kingdom look like shit with the social charms he can use in the Confederacy.

>> No.25526232

>>>25521411 But seriously can I get a page number for that rule? Also does to Demon tattoo thing work?

MOEP Alchies, p 233
In a word, no.
The power of the Primordials is vast and uncom-promising. The Exaltation, though mighty, cannot
harmonize the energies of a living Primordial, a dead
Primordial and a broken Yozi in any combination.
A Primordial Exaltation (such as that of Green Sun
Princes, Alchemicals and Abyssals) can sustain only
one such template at a time. As a result, Alchemicals
cannot become akuma. The power of the Dragon-Blooded is far enough removed from that of Gaia
that they may be tampered with and transformed,
but Abyssals reject the foreign Essence and may only
be transformed into Green Sun Princes. The Inves-titure of Infernal Glory (see The Manual of Exalted
Power—The Infernals, pp. 52-54) fails to work.
Infernal Exalted cannot inflict Gremlin Syndrome
with their Desecration Charms unless Autochthon is
somehow their patron. While they are indeed creatures
of darkness, Infernals are not creatures of the Void.
The Charms of the Alchemical Exalted are not the
Charms of Autochthon. Unless the Green Sun Princes
gain access to Autochthon’s native Charms through
some unlikely set of circumstances—which would
require the Great Maker to willingly grant a single
Green Sun Prince direct access—they do not have
the potential to inflict his endemic sickness.

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