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How common are people with mental health problems within DnD groups?

Do you have any mental health problems?

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That's not funny mang

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The answer to both questions is yes.
Although quite frankly, everybody everywhere is fucked in the head. Some people are just bad at hiding it.

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mental health problems covers a very, very broad spectrum of ailments and conditions. About 1 in 5 will suffer from some form of mental illness.

While I'm sure it's easy to say DnD are bottom of the barrel, I see no reason to extend the ratio past this number.

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I have severe, chronic depression.

Contrary to the stereotype I don't game because I wish I was a magnificent elf lord, I just like character design and collaborative storytelling. (I'd make a pretty shitty elf anyway.)

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>How common are people with mental health problems within DnD groups?

You are apparently worse at hiding it than others

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>literally everyone on /tg/ is a self-diagnosed something or other

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We're all gonna make it, /tg/. I think you're all beautiful people no matter what your issues are.
Except you, ted, you're just an asshole.

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>being this autistic about a tiny bit of joking wordplay
You too, it seems.
Let's rock back and forth and smell our hands together.

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100$ serious.

I feel that this isn't the right audience to appeal to. Chances are if you are on 4chan, you already have some sort of depravity.

Bi-polar manic, reporting for duty!

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bloody nonsense. Mostly excuses to ration out how lazy they are.

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I have ADD, I'm Obsessive Compulsive, though not enough to warrant it being a disorder and I talk to myself. As well as answer.

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Being that british counts as a mental health problem.

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Bipolar regiment reporting for duty, Commisah!

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What about officially diagnosed

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I DM two games

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I resent that. I have an actual diagnosis to go on.
That said, it apparently doesn't exist anymore because somebody wanted to fuck with the definitions of various flavors of autism, but I frankly don't care terribly much.

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As common as you let them be. Roleplaying games do tend to attract people who don't do well in normal social situations, because the game gives them a set of rules and expectations about how the group interaction is supposed to work, which a certain type will find very appealing.

However, you can choose who you game with, and I prefer to game with people who have complete social and romantic lives, jobs, hobbies, and interests outside the game--because then, when we're playing, it's about the game, not about trying to make up for other shortcomings in life. I tend to avoid gaming with people who bring their issues to the table.

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Warbutrin, depakote, neurontin til age sixteen. Then decided meds were making it worse. Been off em nine years now and can't be happier

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>Aspergers, plus severe chronic depression
>Another in my group has roughly the same
>A third is a generally nice person, and also a self-identified sociopath with an impressive collection of well-maintained weaponry and a history of using it to settle disputes

Nah, we're completely normal.

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Bipolar II and ADHD

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Once had a group with a MtF (roommate), a FtM (other roommate), a guy with BPD (ex-boyfriend), and a mild autist (myself). Was actually one of the best groups I've ever been a part of.

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Clinical depression and social anxiety

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Unfamiliar with bipolar II, care to fill in this anon the difference from bipolar?

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Twist ending: This is a Changeling recruitment thread.

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Perhaps. But even still, I am officially borne into the Queen's commonwealth.

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I get hypomania instead of full blown mania.

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ITT: "self-diagnosed" drama queens.

Nothing is wrong. You're just lame and desperately begging for other people to care.

No one does.

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I care

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I'm a manic depressive.
Most of the time I'm miserable.
Sometimes I feel like I'm Jesus Christ.
I don't take my medicine.
So far I've encountered two people with ADD, a Narcissist, and two with PTSD.
out of the five people I've played with.

Our games are a hot mess that usually devolve into me arguing with the Narcissist, the vets clamming up, and the guys with ADD doing texting as soon as they lost interest about 10 minutes into the first encounter.

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I'm kind of confused now. I started to feel smug because I have an actual diagnosis for autism, then I realize I'm feeling smug for being fucked in the head and feel bad about it. Then I feel good for having felt bad about it and then the confusion bit comes in.
Please stop.

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I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested.
In all seriousness, though, I am not self-diagnosed. I don't really expect anyone to care, either, since I'm anon, but oh well.

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Aspergers is "there's nothing wrong with your nerdy son, but I can charge you money." Please son--that's not a real thing.

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Don't worry about it.

There are actually people out there who give zero shits that other people have allergies. They would go as far as buying pets their loved ones are allergic to because; "It can't be that bad."

It's not that people with mental problems want the world to coddle them, it's that the world would rather pretend we don't exist.

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Did I say Aspergers?
Technically it doesn't even exist anymore.

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No, it isn't. It's that people with genuine mental illness are a heck of a lot different than people on the internet commiserating about their supposed mental illnesses.

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Different levels of severity is probably what you're thinking of

Mental illness does not mean completely intellectually incapable

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I've only played with 2 groups, heres a rundown of the players involved

1 young married couple, took roleplaying very seriously
2 stereotypical neckbeards, WoW, Metal, virginal, etc didn't really connect with them but they were fun after a couple beers
1 "normal" nerdy artsy girl I liked her a lot, we ended up getting drunk and fucking a couple times after the group fell apart
2 chubby girls, pretty much female neckbeards both were really depressive and not fun to be around
Me, I'm pretty normal guy, played baseball on a scholarship in college. I'm a stone mason now and make a decent wage.

On second thought that doesn't really answer your question.

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Eh. If you are able to have a gaming group, hold a job, friends, talk on the computer, all that jazz, I don't really think you can call lining up your skittles by colour first, or sometimes staying up all night playing video games, mental problems. It's a quirk at that level.

Mental problems are pretty much reserved for homeless people who swear and try to pee on strangers, and people who can't stop crying because when they open their eyes, voices start telling them how the world will end and everyone's trying to poison them.

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Hah. No, you didn't. You might as well have, because your typing pretty-clearly reveals that you don't actually have autism. You have a variety of pretend-autism-that-justifies-why-I'm-too-big-a-pussy-to-make-friends, but no, I admit--you didn't actually call it aspergers. I'm sure that are way cooler names for "lame," by now.

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Huh. That sounds closer to how I get than bipolar. But that's the diagnosis theu gave me. Anyway anon, thanks for sharing. I know that feel.

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>ADD and Obsessive Compulsive
Jesus Christ how horrifying

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Pretty common, I'd say. There's an autistic kid in our group who's alright but can get annoying sometimes and it's practically impossible to look at him in the eye

But yeah if there's nobody with a mental problem, you're guaranteed to have at least one person who's fucked up in some way.

Or that guy. There will always be that guy.

as for me, i'm a straight shooting go getter and i don't suffer from any mental problems that i know of.

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I have AD&D too. It's very sad.

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>Oh, anon~
I have Pathfinder, myself.
It's terminal.

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>as for me, i'm a straight shooting go getter and i don't suffer from any mental problems that i know of.

Straight shooting go getter spending your time on 4chan?


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But anon, you are typing into a shoebox right now. None of this is real.

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We've had to stop playing for the time being because one of our memebers has had a mental breakdown of some kind and we're all pretty concerned about him.

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No, I've actually paid attention to my own behavior and found it odd and and sometimes downright disturbing.

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Nah, I don't need an excuse not to make friends. I just don't like people. If I don't see someone on a day-to-day basis I'll be perfectly fine with never speaking to them again.
Frankly I don't see why people put so much stock in having friends. I'd think self reliance would be more of a virtue.

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We get it.
You're an expert on mental illness and most people fake it.

So which is it?

You one of the real cases and your sick of other people comparing their happy normal lives to your misery?

Or you had a parent who milked the fact they never felt joy in their life?

An older sister who stole your money to pay for meth, then blamed it on some thing she heard of on T.V?

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Or I'm a professional psychologist. Who knows--it's all so confusing.

If you had autism, you would not type this way.

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Shhhh. It's not good for you to pop the bubble like that. It's like waking a sleepwalker, you have to let them come out of it naturally or they'll go loony and start masturbating all the time.

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What can I say, tabletop games are a hobby of mine and this board is a neat place to further that hobby when not actually gaming

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>If you had autism, you would not type this way.
I didn't know there were guidelines on this sort of thing. Am I in violation of an ordinance or something? Is there a union that comes up with the typing standards?
Shit, I don't own fines over this, do I?

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>professional psychologist

>> No.25499374

Yes. You owe psychologist-anon 300 autism-dollars for breaking his regulations.
>It's ok, we know why you need your rules, psych-anon. You're among friends here.

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Fucking hell. The exchange rate on those is murder.

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I guess I owe fines too. I bet there was a memo somewhere, along with that one to put covers on our TPS reports. God dammit.

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oh snap, mah bad.

Hey Eric, sorry. It's really a computer. You are totes okay.

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Yup. Social phobia, physical contact related. Got abused as a kid for couple years, so now I subconsciously freak out when someone touches me.
As long as you don't touch me, I'm perfectly okay. I usually play it off as being "very shy", so no one questions it.
Despite that I am getting laid on semi-regular basis. Don't ask me how.

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>Don't ask me how.
I already know how THAT works, silly anon.

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I got it.

A pseudo intellectual trying to be edgy.

Instead of being a nihilist you pretend to know things on the internet to grow that e-peen

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I have PTSD from various things my doctor hasn't figured out yet. That being said, I know what actual fucking crazy looks like now that I've been in some groups for various things, and you're average "weird" dude probably just has a lot of unresolved angst left over from high school. For all I know, that's probably what's causing my "PTSD", but whatever.

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If you're getting laid on a semi-regular basis, I guess how it's working is pretty well.

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>How common are people with mental health problems within DnD groups?

In 20 years of D&D, I'd say extremely common, what it is runs the gamut.

My closest friends, whom I've played the majority of those two decades with, are all like me: depressed, aimless man-children, in our 30's, still working our college jobs despite having earned our degrees. Hell, I have 2. I think I make the most at $30k a year, and that paltry sum was hard earned.

We're all broke, single, and 3 of them still live together in the same shitty college apartment they did 10 years ago in college. They've practically destroyed it.

They wonder why I'm ashamed of our "nerdom", that I hide it from people, especially women I'm interested in. They're surrounded by shiftless college kids all day, I spend many of my working hours catering for wealthy people, seeing the the fruits of success.

I sit down with young couples and help them piece together their wedding. They're usually 5 years my junior, individually make in a month what I make in a year, and I see how happy they are both as individuals, and as two people in love. And I think of the women who I was never good enough for, who wouldn't be caught dead walking down the aisle to me.

The despair, the vitriol, that's what keeps me from just wallowing in the troll den with them.

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One of the guys I game with I'm 99% sure is a diagnosable narcissist. He's not really involved in my games anymore.

As for me, I have a minor issue with sensory integration. It's pretty much a hipster disability. Not many people have heard of it, but either way my case is slight enough that it doesn't really affect me. It does occasionally make me irritable when everyone's talking at once though, which can happen a lot during a session.

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Depends. Groups with problems tend to attract people with problems, and groups without tend to attract people without. But there's a huge number of factors involved. Where (if) you advertise, where you live, how old you are, etc etc etc.

If I had to guess, though, I'd say the incidence of mental illness amongst D&D players would be above the average.

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Paranoia and Bipolar Disorder, along with just a general mental instability, and complete lack of an ability to plan or handle stress.

Games help me, simplified choices and strategies to plan for than compared to real life, and stress is on a much smaller scale than what I experience in real life. And getting to sit down and immerse myself in a fantasy world created by my friends and I can allow me a break from a near constant sense of feeling on edge.

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Yup, that's them basics.
But there is still more to learn.

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>only three

>> No.25499688

it doesn't count if you make them yourself

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>hear voices telling me that people are trying to poison me and saying all kinds of nasty things
>ignore any voices that say unkind things, generally get along without serious problems
>some guy on the bus starts talking shit about me
>random bitch who was there notices my LE EPIC CLOUD STRIFE level of stoicness
>date for seven years
>getting married this August
>going to France to sightsee and laugh at silly accents

Feels greeeeeat, man.

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Last I checked people were born with nostrils and ears

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So a woman fell in love with you because you got verbally shat on and pretended you couldn't hear the person shitting on you?

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That's is sad as fuck bro. Reminds me of all my old friends that still play MtG/40k and travel for tournaments every weekend though they work dead end jobs in our late 20s.

Nerdy hobbies are ok in moderation but don't let it run your life. Real life is so much more rewarding

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Sorry didn't realize penises could get that small.

sorry for making assumptions

>> No.25499820

The twist is She's only in his head, too.

>> No.25499825

there is a joke about the size of jewish noses in comparison to their manly bits waiting to be made, but I can't figure it out

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Not at all, friend. It was simply a good conversation starter. She didn't truly love me until I showed her my pristine copy of issue #17 of The Avengers.

Bitches love The Avengers.

...Even though she later tied me up and ripped up a page of it to spite me.

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Well I never said I left them as-is.
I usually have to stuff the nostrils with something in order to make contact with the walls.
Oh god I'm so pathetic.

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Yeah, I get distracted half way through cleaning something, clean something else, freak out the first thing isn't cleaned...
I also like my dice neat and arranged. On the X axis by type, and the Y axis by color. I HATE it when someone messes these up.

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i agree, were all great!
and fuck ted!

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Tell me your secrets so that I may divine the mystery of how to get a fucking life.

>> No.25499986

As in listen to vapid cunts talk about their boyfriends being assholes?
Buy a bunch of sluts beer for them to go home with some other guy?
Attempt to dance with a girl and she walks away from you because your not coordinated enough yet more coordinated than she is.
Told to wait for said bitch outside the bathroom only to have her throw herself at you the next because you walked out of the club instead.
Go to a university to get a "better" job maybe.

I tell people I'm asexual, but in reality I hate women so much that I can hardly look at them.
Tried the gay. Not for me.

>> No.25500025

See, here's your problem.
You keep looking for women in bars.
There are no women there. Only whores.

>> No.25500026

try women with class, traps, or transexuals

there is always someone for everybody, even if your an intolerable vespid cunt

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>How common are people with mental health problems within DnD groups?
Do you mean players? It's like 50% or some shit.

>> No.25500071

I think most of us are functioning. Most of us are okay 30 out of 31 days. It's just that one night a month where you would rather stay up than sleep, because ignoring life as it flys by in a state of unconsciousness seems wasteful of the limited existence given. And just staying up on the Internet discussing with anyone anything is better way to spend your time then throwing your meager existence away for nothing.

It's okay anon. I can't wait to talk to you @4am eastern standard about 1d8 brutal 1 kopesh, because secretly were afraid to sleep.

>> No.25500091

You know what. Fuck you. I AM going to sleep now.
But also thank you, as hopefully this will prevent my driving off a bridge while exhausted tomorrow.

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Drive safe anon, I mean this in honesty, I hope we never speak again, for our sakes.

>> No.25500111

Narcolepsy count? Used to be the bane of our irc games until I sent the GM my phone number so he can wake me up.

>> No.25500147

Is there somewhere to play D&D online? That would be perfect for me.

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Not sure if you're being facetious, but I'm fascinated by schizophrenia(I'm assuming that's what you have). What do the voices usually say? Are they like real voices or can you tell they're just in your head?

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>because secretly were afraid to sleep

>>25499540 here, on the contrary, my bed is the fortress of solitude that keeps my worldly troubles from haunting me. I usually spend my week's vacation at home, in bed as much as possible. Even when I have fucked up dreams or even nightmares, it's still a welcome respite from everything else in my life. The only nights I don't sleep, I can't, because I'm too busy bullying myself over a bad day.

I look at my friends, with their simple, sad lives, and wonder what goes through their minds. Because in the scramble to escape their sucking black hole of a fate all I feel is misery, despair, and self-loathing.

I think about how often I have to strike deals with myself to keep me from killing myself and wonder how often the same thought goes through their minds.

I wonder how their absolute lack of companionship effects them inside their own minds. How often do they think about it? How do they feel when they see a cute couple holding hands as they walk down the sidewalk? Because when my work is done, and the bills are finally caught up, I go to catch my breath, and instead fall into the dark spiral of wondering if I've ever really been touched by a hand that loved me, why am I not good enough to be loved, or left pondering what horrible thing I must have done to damned to spend the rest of this existence alone.

>> No.25500358

Uhh, well I've suspected that I'm manic depressive for a long time, however I've never sought to be diagnosed as such because I don't want it to affect my ability to purchase firearms. Which... is going to sound really crazy, especially when I say that I've been really paranoid about people for a long time.
Do I think I have anything serious? No. I just get excited, then really tired, and I'm careful at night.
My group on the other hand... One of them is obviously a minor autistic. I am the guy known as "The camel DM" by the way. It was this player that led to the creation of Crazy Hassan because he just would not accept that no one in this region was going to buy camels at the price in the book. He causes many problems.
The other guy in my regular group is a huge rules lawyer. Luckily now that we've switched to AD&D only I know the rules so it leads to much smoother GMing. He is for the most part an OK dude upstairs, however he doesn't interact well with people. They find him emotionally cold and distant. Again, nothing too serious.
There is a regular in our group who is a pretty cool newbie, I'll hang on to him.
We've got a dude who uh... has emotional problems. He literally took out a knife one time and cut his hand in frustration. That was... tense because he was still holding the weapon after he did that.

Basically I'm the fuckup magnet. However I've got a newbie group on the side that is a whole lot of fun, and I've started running some fun games for my little brother and his friends. I am foreverGM but it's ok. I enjoy it a lot.

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Now that's what i call edgy

>> No.25500515

sorry dude, I just really fucking hate my own existence, but have to keep to myself because I feel like a fucking burden to everyone I know and care about.

I'm putting in my 2 week notice at the private dining club I'm a banquet chef at tomorrow. Tried to do it today, but my executive chef wants to talk about it in the morning.

Hopefully, within the next month, I'm moving from Chicago to San Fran or Sacramento and starting over, 2200 miles away from everyone so I can go be a mess in solitude.

I am literally trying to run away from my problems.

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I dunno what it is; I've never been to a therapist so I'm not diagnosed with anything. They typically just spout out short sentences about whatever random crap (commentating on mundane things or describing actions of fictitious people), paranoid nonsense (people are trying to poison you, they're lying to you, there's someone in the closet, etc), instructions to do weird or violent things and general insults and harassment and nitpicking at my ability to do anything right.

Although the voices are there almost constantly and sound perfectly real (hence why I have to ignore them even if it might be a real person talking), they're not really a problem for me or I probably would have gone for help ages ago. I just have to remember that no actual person would say the things they usually do and I'm fine. It's the noise and smell-based hallucinations that upset me because randomly hearing banging on a wall or smelling dog shit could reasonably happen at any time and I'm never sure if it's legit or not until I get up and go check it out.

And while I'm posting, I should mention that I obviously meant to quote >>25499760 when I was posting >>25499875 but I somehow failed.

Will you ever forgive me, /tg/?

>> No.25500563


Shit son, i sit in my room all day completely housebound by my crippling panic disorder trying to distract myself from the physical symptoms i put myself through for enough time to learn C++ so that i might just have some future prospects.

If i was in your boat i would be happy as a pig in shit, regardless of how bad it might seem to you.

>> No.25500756

ted is great

>> No.25500795

Does being somewhat lazy count?

>> No.25500910

Three out of our five players have some level of autism.

>> No.25500974

Just got diagnosed with PTSD, Chronic Depression, and OCD. I've had problems for a while, but finally got to a point where I couldn't manage it without help so I saw a doctor for the first time about this.

That last one was a shock to me, since I don't wash my hands 400 times per day or wrap my house in plastic, went through a questionnaire/test for it and hit nearly all the markers.

>> No.25501292

I'm in a job where everyone's crazy in someway, but it's all the same way. We have to be able to drop off the face of the earth without seeing sunlight for 3-6 months at a time with 12hour+ workdays on a 18 hour day. So yeah, I guess I may be a bit crazy.

>> No.25501332

But the worst part is. I love my job.

>> No.25501413

Since I couldn't even pass the first test of law school I'm pretty sure I'm bordeline retarded

>> No.25501587


>> No.25501667

I have horrible depression. Pills only make it worse. Really, playing some D&D or enjoying some other form of escapism is the only thing keeping me from taking the .40 caliber train to hell.

>> No.25501725

i also care. it really seems you are just a fucking dick

>> No.25501752

i have disgraphia. i cant write things very well. does that count?

>> No.25501812

EVERYBODY has mental problems. Some are just extremely minor or accepted (phobia's are mental problems) Others are good at hiding them, or working them into they're play-style so as to make it interesting.

And then there's Ted

>> No.25501842

Our current DM and his brother who was our original DM both have dyslexia.

>> No.25501874

it's probably pretty common, there used to be a gross lesbian couple who were in my last group. and if trolling is a mental disease, then consider every online dnd group to also be a mental sickness support group.

>> No.25501881


>> No.25501994

It's only a problem if you let it be a problem.

That said, I don't dump my schizophrenia all over my fellow players and make them deal with it. It's not their deal and few of them would handle it well.

Then again, I let the GM know about some of it because he's basically inviting me into his home as a guest and it would be very rude to leave him uninformed if I were to go off the deep end. The rest of the players suspect something's wrong with me, no doubt, but only one is bold enough to pry.

>> No.25502037


A word to the wise. Invest in a Bluetooth.

Even if you don't use it, wear it in public. It helps if you make a mistake and respond to something that isn't actually there.

>> No.25502176

One of our players is apparently a descendant of Sherlock Holmes. He figured out a friend of ours is schizophrenic one time while they were at Burger King, found out that one of our players was pregnant before her boyfriend did, and he found out I was arrested when I was 14 even though that was half the country away and I'd never told anyone in this area about it.

>> No.25502325

That's pretty smart. I might pick one up. I'm generally good about not responding, but it's always nice to have some insurance.

You know, I've only ever once met someone [else] who was supposedly schizophrenic. He did alright as long as he stayed on his meds, though off them, he once tried to kill his own brother. Do you have an official diagnosis? Sometimes I wonder if I should go get it checked and hopefully treated, but I worry about the effects of the drugs. Especially since I don't consider the hallucinations to be disruptive in most cases. Though humorously enough, roleplaying is one of the cases in which it can be a bitch. If you've been on them, what do you think? Worth the trouble?

Do you ever roleplay in person? It's awkward for me; the voices don't bother me because I know no one (except wannabe thugs on buses, apparently) would say the things they do, but it gets weird in RPing, since pretty much anything goes. Are you like that too? If so, what do you do to deal with it? I have to focus really hard to ensue that it's (not) one of my usual inner voices describing things and tends to make me look spacey and like I'm not paying attention to the game. There's another player who really hates it, but I don't want to tell them the truth because there's always that abrupt and obnoxious transition from being a-ok to being a leper as soon as you mention the word schizophrenic. Which I may not actually be, but that's beside the point.

>> No.25502528


If you ever get the opportunity or nerve, get him to explain some of those discoveries and what tipped him off. You could very well have a chance to learn the art of the Fifth Dots in Alertness and Perception.

Unless he's one of those intuitive types that just *knows* things he should have no way of knowing. Then you'll never learn anything useful out of him and will live in envy, forevermore.


Yeah, I'm seeing a psychiatrist and got diagnosed after learning that the guy I thought was my roommate for months wasn't visible to anyone else.

As for the meds, I can't deal without them. I tried going off of them, but ended up breaking my hand on a brick wall after a pretty hellish week. The combination I've got going on makes the side effects manageable and allows me to feel relatively okay, though it was a bitch getting that combination down. One set gave me an absolutely ridiculous case of cottonmouth and made me twitch. Another actually made the hallucinations worse.

And finally, my group is in person. I don't go full thespian, but I give it a shot when appropriate. I've had bad days, where I just can't manage more than "I follow the party," and some where one of the more persistent hallucinations actually helps by feeding me lines.

Also, I hate to be this way, but the way you jump from topic to topic leads me to believe you've got a fairly mild case of it. Kind of reminiscent of my own racing thoughts.

>> No.25502737

>Unless he's one of those intuitive types that just *knows* things he should have no way of knowing.
It's that. He's told us plenty times he's not even sure how he does it. It's pretty incredible. I've seen the fucker read the back of a DVD of a movie he's never heard of and tell us the ending.

>> No.25502816

Right. I should hope it's a mild case. I don't really think about it as schizophrenia so much as just having a lot of hallucinations for whatever reason. Though this topic got me thinking about it and a cursory look over the symptoms made me realize I have disorganized speech (lots of cluttering), blunted affect, avolition, and anhedonia. As well, there are typically three voices, which I guess is more of a cause for concern than just a single one. It might be worse than I thought, but I sound like a 14 year old browsing wikipedia/web MD and cherry-picking symptoms so I have all of the problems! We'll stop here.

But, regarding the racing thoughts, I had forgotten to include the point of the post because I had a vague idea of what I wanted to ask and then forgot it or something. I figured you couldn't deal without the meds, but is it safe to assume they worsened your condition or caused you to become dependent on them? Perhaps you can't say now, but how were you before being medicated? Do you regret it, or has it improved your life overall?

While I'm on the subject (I'm not, really), what are your hallucinations like? This is going to sound stupid as fuck, but do they ever result in you knowing things you shouldn't? More specifically, trivial information about other people. The vast, overwhelming majority of what the voices tell me is mundane or just stupid bullshit, but sometimes I discern truth-to-life information that I have no idea how I got, like knowing who is dating who or where someone else(who I don't really know)'s lost things are. nb4psychicconspiraries

>> No.25502860

It's just intuition. Most stories function the same way.

>> No.25502928

The best part is he's also silver tongued to go with it. I've seen him bump into a guy at a bar, knocking the guy's drink on the floor, and after the guy took a swing at him he ducked it, started talking, and like 15 minutes later had the guy at our table talking about his problems with his wife.

We still hang out with that guy. His name's Jim. He's even played D&D with us before.

>> No.25502982


My boss is one of those people. Not a Sherlock, but more of a magician's worst nightmare sort of guy.

Your hand is not faster than his eye, you cannot fasttalk him into anything, and he can tell when you're lying over the phone because of a barely-perceptible quaver in your voice.

He's pretty much the only reason I landed this job in the first place.

>Tried applying in five different locations
>Got as far as the interview
>Interviewers turn me down, probably because I seem too "off"
>Sixth one, this guy
>Everything's progressing the same way
>He stops shuffling his papers, asks me what's wrong
>"What do you mean?"
>"You keep looking at the corner before you answer questions. Something on your mind?"
>Fuck it, the worst he can do is turn me down
>Explain everything
>Diagnosed schizophrenic
>Everything is so different now
>Can't trust what I see
>Can't get a job anywhere
>Can't stay in my house and talk to the walls and slowly slip into madness, drawing disability, because I refuse to live with myself like that
>He stays quiet throughout the whole thing
>Finally stop talking
>He clears his throat
>"Most of the time, I get a load of bullshit about being nervous for the interview or a joke. Are you serious about all that?"
>"... Yes."
>"Honesty. That's good. I won't tell anyone what you've said here, and it's your choice how this plays out. You're hired. Be here on Monday."

>> No.25502989


...You don't live in a sitcom, do you? Seriously, if you and him get into wacky situations, I'm calling shenanigans.

Oh, and on the subject of the actual thread, I've got some anxiety stuff I'm lightly medicated for, very mild depression, that sort of thing. But more importantly, I'm hardcore insomniac, and have had a few...Interesting RP sessions when I was in the depths of one of those fun 'No fucking sleep' weeks. Shit gets kind of trippy, I tell you what.

>> No.25503143

Oh no, he looks for them. He loves making that stuff happen.

Sounds like a good guy.

>> No.25503214


If you want definite answers, see someone about it. Remember that you have options, and if you don't like the one you pick first you can always find another.

As for the condition, it got dramatically worse after the realization, before the meds were even a thing. I was never a really tidy person, so a few insects here and there seemed normal enough. After, there were bugs everywhere. Birds, too. The racing thoughts became chaotic and far more disorganized, leaping from concept to idea to theory to tangent at a breakneck pace. I couldn't sleep and I started going through two packs of cigarettes because I just couldn't get my shit together enough to focus.

Just... unlivable, I guess.

As for the hallucinations, it's a mixed bag with some groups.

>Persistent Hallucinations: The ones that seem so real because they're just like people. The only reliable way I can pick them out is physical contact, with the new ones, or recognizing them from the last time they started hanging around. Fleshed-out personalities, etc.
>Figures: Dark shapes that flee from direct line of sight. Sometimes walk past open doorways, sometimes stay huddled in the corner, etc.
>Swarm: Birds, bugs, rats, and vermin. Sometimes, they watch. Sometimes, they're just there. Most of the time, they don't react to real people.
>Weird Shit: Rarer, but they happen. I've seen white or black streaks left behind on things I've touched. Sourceless music. Floating objects that my hands pass through.


>> No.25503237

>This is going to sound stupid as fuck, but do they ever result in you knowing things you shouldn't? More specifically, trivial information about other people. The vast, overwhelming majority of what the voices tell me is mundane or just stupid bullshit, but sometimes I discern truth-to-life information that I have no idea how I got, like knowing who is dating who or where someone else(who I don't really know)'s lost things are. nb4psychicconspiraries

Most of that sort of thing comes from Bryan, the aforementioned most-persistent hallucination. He was the roommate I thought I had for the longest time.

Sometimes, he makes a point to mention something I overlooked in my active attention, like a coworker limping that turned out to have twisted an ankle the day before.

I chalk it up to disorganized information intake.


He is, mostly.

Gets a little aggravating when I'm just trying to make it through the day and he picks up on the fact that I'm not at my best, though.

>> No.25503253

>Gets a little aggravating when I'm just trying to make it through the day and he picks up on the fact that I'm not at my best, though.

I hear you on that one. That guy told me that one of my girlfriends was going to break up with me like a month before it happened.

>> No.25503257

>I have a mental illness, ergo everyone else has a mental illness even though staitiscally only 20% of the population has a mental illness
Keep trying to justify your anorexia, fuckhead.

>> No.25503350


Well then...I hope you've got a cool opening theme.

Also,k it just struck me that in my group, we have me, often having not slept for a few days and tweaked...And my old roommate who has Narcolepsy, and will occasionally nod off with little to no warning. It's not like, in a film where he just falls asleep, but he'll go from peppy and awake to 'I'm just gonna crawl into a ball and sleep' in under 10 minutes.

Together, we almost make one regular sleeping pattern!

>> No.25503365

Not the guy you're attempting to bait, though admittedly I still took the bait.

Even assuming you didn't just pull that statistic out of your ass, that would only account for the 20% of the population who come forward regarding their illness. Many people never cone forward for fear of rejection. Even more are mentally ill bit still functional so never get treated. Even more still are mentally ill but don't realise and so never get treated. Try visiting /x/ sometime or even /pol/ to see vast amounts of untreated paranoid delusionals and schizophrenics convinced they're fine.

>> No.25503381


Pass this bit on to him.

>Never meddle in anyone else's relationship affairs. They will not thank you.

There's two ways it can turn out. Either they get back together and you're the asshole for trying to break up a good but troubled relationship, or they split and you're the asshole for bringing it to a head.

People don't like feeling stupid.

>> No.25503395

It wasn't anything like that. He just said "I think he's going to break up with you, dude" and never mentioned it again.

>> No.25503419

None at my table, I don't play with retards, they make me uncomfortable.

I have nothing against them I just don't like being around them, it makes me uneasy.

>> No.25503423

Spooky. I never have visual hallucinations. I just hear voices and other things and rarely smell them. I agree with your conclusion on the information I "shouldn't have." Wish I had something more meaningful to relate, but I'm tired and don't know that I had anything worth saying in the first place. I'm gonna take off. I appreciate you humoring me; fare well and avoid the buglings! With the recent upsurge in heat, they've been coming inside a lot more. They even get into my room, which is terribly annoying since I have no food crumbs or anything in here. What sort of tiny monster settles somewhere there's no food?

>> No.25503436

Of my gaming group, three people including myself have anxiety/depression. The rest are weird but otherwise normal.

Two of us are on medication for it, the other does meditation and whatnot. It doesn't really come up very often, since we have it mostly under control. It's nice to have people to talk about it with, though.

>> No.25503451

>in this very thread: Mentally sick people calling other mentally sick people "fakers"

Ehhh....It's good your sickness isn't holding you back from acting like idiots?

>> No.25503453

I find most roleplayers have one thing in common


>> No.25503460

Well I count one already. Your superiority complex is showing.

>> No.25503492

Depression, going untreated currently because I don't have insurance and can't afford to go to the doctor, along with severe anxiety. Bonus points since the only medicine that I could afford (not that I can even afford going to the doctor to get a prescription) turns me into kind of a generically 'okay' feeling semi-zombie that just floats through life.

Also TFW the aforementioned conditions would be triggered by seeing my specialist back when I was still insured so I'd get into this increasing spiral of aversion to seeing the person who'd help you out of it.

also fun when you'd end up being terrified of the idea of going to go hang out with your friends.

>> No.25503493


Man will always fear what he does not know and what he can not understand

>> No.25503495

I don't feel superior to them, just there was a retarded kid on my street when I was a kid and he was unpredictable and violent and ever sense I don't like being around them for the same reasons.

>> No.25503518


And you know the worst part? Pretty good chance 'Pretty good feeling zombie' is what everyone else feels like all the time.

Which...Actually explains a lot.

>> No.25503528


>I'm tired and don't know that I had anything worth saying in the first place.

Nothing matters but what you make matter.

It's one of my favorite mantras, and it can be extended to "Nothing's worth anything unless you make it worth something."

Also, the tiny monsters that settle in areas that have no food think themselves clever, because they expect food to be there soon.

Personally, I'm more worried about pissing off a guy with a cat.

>> No.25503533

Again, superiority complex showing. Mainly because you're still so arrogant as to assume that all forms of "mental illness" are a synonym for "functionally retarded."

>> No.25503546


given that about a week ago I was going through a really rough flare-up, I'm really hoping my new employer iwll have some insurance I can latch on to, because a wooly cottony existence is a heck of a lot more preferable to what's goin' on right now.

>> No.25503560

What tiny monsters are you talking about? cockroaches?

>> No.25503564

I might have picked up some sort of mild PTSD, when I almost crashed once. Lost control of the car at 70 mph, and very nearly plunged to my death. The incident was coupled with my crippling fear/anxiety of dying.

So now I have frequent nightmares where I lose control while driving, but otherwise it hasn't affected me much. Well, I drive more cautiously now.

Doesn't really count for anything though. I don't consider myself "Mentally ill" by any means.

>> No.25503580


dying is overrated

>> No.25503581

Mental Illness to me means what it says, a problem with your brain.

The kid I mentioned had oxygen cut off to his brain in the womb, it was damaged, thus he had problem with his brain.

That whole "I make no effort to fit in or be likable and thus I don't make friends, better diagnosis myself with depression, autism, and assburgers!" that is so prevalent on 4chan I do as you suspect, find embarrassing.

>> No.25503619

Well I've got depression, but pills and excessive masturbation help

>> No.25503621


Or ants. Or spiders. Or wasps. Or bees. Or whatever.

They're all horrible little monsters, even if they're part of the ecosystem. It's fine that they live and eat and all that, I just wish they'd do it elsewhere, outside of my four walls.

>> No.25503629

I'm autistic, but you couldn't really tell unless I mentioned it to you.

I was special schooled at a young age, but then I transferred to regular classes and became a pretty normal person.

I honestly just found this out not too long ago because my mother didn't want to tell me, and I was too young to remember all the "special classes".

>> No.25503632

I get that same feeling whenever my depression gets worse. I don't think it's true, though. People just have a tendency to think that everyone else feels the same way as they do.

I only have moderate depression and anxiety, but medication helped me out a lot. It works out differently for everyone, I was just lucky enough to find one that worked.

Meditation / running / drawing / music etc. are some things that I found helped before I got prescribed anti-depressants. Focusing all of my energy on something without giving myself time to sit and think helped me keep from spiraling into negative thought-loops.
I never really found out a good way to deal with panic attacks once they actually hit, though.

>> No.25503636

And crickets. Jesus Christ, they're loud. I think that's actually why I didn't go to bed like four hours ago. They get inside and sit behind the microwave making a lot of noise. They're the most inconsiderate housemates and I say this as a person whose roommate used to leave her streaked underwear laying around.

Though now that I think about it, annoying noises probably can't cause illness like poor sanitary standards can, but sleep deprivation isn't good either.

>> No.25503648

This. Thinking is your worst enemy
>Complain about girls underwear
Didn't you wear it on your head?

>> No.25503655

Fuck cave crickets. So hard.

>> No.25503667

Again, mental illness and functionally retarded are not the same thing.

Yes, both are a "problem with your brain" but this is a vast oversimplification. By your logic a fatal cerebral haemorrhage is equivalent to a mild headache.

Functionally retarded people have a mental disability, but not all mentally ill persons are equivalent to servere non-functional autistics.

If you've made your - frankly appalling - and ignorant thoughts on Mental Illness public to your player group, I suspect those who do suffer from a mental illness even a mild one are made to feel ashamed by you.

I hope you make efforts to educate yourself in this matter though I highly doubt - based on your attitude thus far - that you'd consider yourself lacking, thus you'll stay wilfully ignorant.

>> No.25503671


tell me that is not a real bug

lie to me, for the love of god and everything holy

>> No.25503677


They seem pretty common if That Guy threads are to be believed.

>> No.25503683

They're quite small really. Unlike these fuckers

>> No.25503697

That's a dreadful little beast called the cave cricket. One touched my bare foot while I was on the shitter one time. Thought I'd never be happy again.

Trapped it in a cup, sealed it, burned it. Little bastard.

>> No.25503701

The style was cute and I don't mind clothes here and there, but it's awkward when it looks like she wipes her bum with them and this is to say nothing of the crusty-discharge texture. It made my fiancée uncomfortable as well, which I would rather not have happen.

>> No.25503702


>Torturing harmless animals for fun and retribution

I feel you may have an issue.

>> No.25503711


Okay, yeah, fuck reality.

>> No.25503715

You lived with a girl AND your fiancée?
That's not torture, he executed the fucker for literally scaring the shit out of him

>> No.25503718

OCD, ADHD, generalized anxiety, and depression. Shits under control though, thanks to a shitload of life experience and SSRIs. As to why I love rpg's, I dont think it has anything to do with my mental health. I just love a good story, especially one in which I have a say in its direction.

>> No.25503727


you earned this.

>> No.25503731

Ah, no. I lived with the girl and my fiancée would visit.

>> No.25503741

4/5 in my group, me included.

>> No.25503744


>> No.25503749

That's cray alright

>> No.25503751

I was told from a very early age that I was different from other kids, which is fair because if I wasn't it was going to become obvious really fucking quickly. The actual diagnosis has shifted a number of times - last I knew was 'high-functioning autism combined with fine motor skills problems - but I've learned to live with it. If I'm autistic, I'll use the increased analysis skills to learn how normal people work and imitate it. If I'm shit with my hands, I'll live online and just focus on learning to type. It's only recently that I've started playing wargames, after visiting my LGS and being inspired by the blind guy who managed to win a Friday Night Magic event.

>> No.25503758

I wrote the sleep note bro, I'm sorry I didn't respond fast enough.

I'm not going to tell you it gets better, we know that's a sham. But I will say this, if you got friends, even ones with sad lives, you obviously make them feel good, and you obviously get something from them too. Maybe in time things will improve. Take the chance, try to stick it out.

>> No.25503761

I also have tourettes, but I wasnt going to mention it because it is more of a neurological problem than a mental one, but there seems to be confusion and this anon explained it quite nicely.

>> No.25503776


and the finale.

>> No.25503796

I've got ADHD, and probably some kind of autism. With the new changes to the DSM EVERYONE has autism of some kind though.

>> No.25503812


These stories aren't true? Right guys? Right?

>> No.25503832

Got me a buncha aspies and OCD-folks, throw in lavish amounts of ADD and loads of just plain weird issues and you've got my gaming groups.

As far as I know I have no mental health problems but the fact that I'm the foreverDM could possibly indicate something, although what that'd be I don't know.

>> No.25503848

Everything on 4chan is made up, but we come here to enjoy the stories, and how they are told.

>> No.25503879

>want dog
>father and sister allergic to dog
>buy dog because "it can't be that bad"
>father and sister get allergy pills
>eventually my sisters allergy disappears due to close proximity to dog
>father disappears

It wasn't that bad

>> No.25503884

My gaming groups are pretty normal as far as I know compared with what I generally read on /tg/.

I only have 2 cases in all of my history.

the first one:
>come in DM's house for first meeting
>his little brother plays aswell
>he is actually autistic his big brother explains this to us
>says nothing makes no contact nothing at all
>the game starts
>he instantly becomes the best player in both gameplay and roleplay I've met in my entire life so far
>game ends he changes back to full introvert/ignore mode

And the second case was:
>again meeting up with a new group
>some girl arrives a tad too late but nothing too bad
>hot as fuck metalchick with tight ass in tight leather pants etc etc.
>everything seems normal
>combat begins
>we end up capturing an attacker
>she begins torturing the NPC in she describes it with too much detail
>goodie goodshoes the cleric steps in too stop her
>she kills the cleric
>guy asks what the fuck is up with her as killing characters isn't included in our sessions
>she gets violent punches the guy
>guy punches back
>she smacks the window with her bare fist grabs glass forces it in the guys mouth and starts beating on his jaw like crazy
>mfw during this shit

That was also the most violent and crazy shit I experienced in my life.I just left the shop as soon the fight started but I heard the police had to drag her out with alot of force.

>> No.25503885

Why? It was my fiancée that set me up with that girl. At the time I was interested in aimlessly wandering the country after being rendered homeless by a housefire that dealt a surprisingly amount of damage to the structure.

The landlady was furious that there was a large hole in the wall and ordered us gone. Some less-philosophically-extreme relatives of mine were able to take shelter elsewhere, but it wasn't welcome company for me so I decided to try the vagrant life. My fiancée didn't approve of that idea though (she's significantly less of an idiot than I am, in case you haven't guessed) however, she couldn't support me for a few months until I could afford an apartment of my own. Enter said nameless girl (metaphorically, not literally. I'm faithful still) and her haphazardous placement of grotesquely overly-used undergarments.

It's all good now though. I have a house. With crickets in it. I'm still trying to get those fuckers to pay rent. Freeloading isn't ideal, really. I don't care terribly much, but it's important to know that some people are very serious about that sort of thing. I was homeless for a couple of weeks when I was younger and tried to squat in a long-abandoned insane asylum. As it turns out, a local biker gang(?) had owned the grounds and forcibly removed me at gunpoint.

>> No.25503886

>father disappears
Dogs are carnivorous like that

>> No.25503895

>father disappears

>> No.25503897

Oh, I went a bit off-topic, but the question remains. Why cray?

>> No.25503902

Moot that is not the gif I selected for mfw.

>> No.25503922

one guy in our group needs his meds else he gets all pissy and defensive at everything.

And I'm socially inept.

>> No.25503930


I've been working in the special education department at two different high schools for the past 4 years. Don't tell me that aspergers doesn't exist; it most certainly does.


>Technically it doesn't even exist anymore.

No, they folded into the standard autistic spectrum disorder, since it's basically a milder form of autism. The condition itself very much still exists.

>> No.25503936

Your second story makes me question the validity of everything you said.

>> No.25503947


Aspergers is severely overdiagnosed. Of course you claim to be a special ed teacher so I wouldn't know anything about this despite handling actual autistics constantly as a social worker for over a decade.

>> No.25503962

>The landlady was furious that there was a large hole in the wall and ordered us gone. Some less-philosophically-extreme relatives of mine were able to take shelter elsewhere, but it wasn't welcome company for me

I remember you telling this story before. The others moved in with your grandma and you into a full-time BDSM relationship with a stranger instead of going homeless. Aren't you supposed to be a 40 year old woman?

>> No.25503973


Never said I was a teacher. I'm a teacher aide. Yeah, I know it's over-diagnosed, though you might have taken a moment to consider that our SEU departments just MIGHT be able to weed out the genuine cases from the misdiagnosed and assign support accordingly.

I've worked with extremely high level autistic kids, much as I'm sure you have, and I've worked with a great number of aspergers kids. The condition is not made up.

>> No.25504004


>That first story

Sounds like autism too me but not perse.That shit is overdiagnosed on everybody who acts awkward on a social level these days.

Second story is wtf tier.Might be borderline, since I too had a guy who suddenly turned violent when I pointed out as DM his actions were annoying the group in general and he attempted to whack me with a ashtray out of fucking nowhere.

Hard cases of borderline are the only cases I watch out for, everything else has never bothered me in the slightest.

But why the fuck couldn't you stop a girl from pounding a guy?

>> No.25504021

I never went into a BDSM relationship with a stranger. That sort of thing requires a great deal of trust. While I generally believe in having basic levels of respect and trust for people you don't know, I would hardly put my safety into unknown hands. It's basically just rolling the dice, which is something I don't much like. I understand that can raise the question of why I'm on /tg/ if I don't like games of chance (or extremely dystopian wargames involving larger-than-life pauldrons), though I suspect the answer will be the same for many of this boards' denizens. There's a curious sort of draw to the hobby even if you don't or can't play. You could liken it to a train wreck; you might not want to be in one, but it's certainly entertaining to watch.

>> No.25504043

Well duh, other people make shitty conversationalists.

>> No.25504053


Now that you mention it I remember that shit aswell.I spend too much time here.


Not him but if somebody starts going apeshit and mauling somebody with glass I stay the fuck away regardless if it's a 500 pound gorilla of a guy or a 120 pound girl.

>> No.25504057

And they always have to disagree with my correct opinions. The fuckers

>> No.25504086


>> No.25504090


I imagine it's probably a bit more fun to have control over both sides of the conversation.

>> No.25504104

Nice job avoiding the inconsistency in your story and the question, you lying faggot. Get the hell out of my /tg/. Fucking retard.

>> No.25504108

Usually my conversations with myself end up with one side getting a thorough dicking. It's quite handy really

>> No.25504112

Kind of surprised with the amount of Schizophrenics in this thread. I feel less alone now.

Never had too much trouble with hallucinations unless I was under stress(usually social), though. Mostly delusions and really severe negative symptoms.

>> No.25504118


>> No.25504155

Which inconsistency is that? The one you put in my mouth when you were trying to slur my (anon) name? Or do you have something against gay marriage? I don't recall writing anything about my assumed penis tonight.

More importantly than if I'm telling the truth or not, perhaps you should be the one taking a break from this board if you're going to get upset. It simply isn't good for your heart.

>> No.25504168

Do tulpas count?

>> No.25504174


Fucking wow. Off the charts!

>> No.25504177

My group is:

>a depressed insomniac (me)
>a chick who suffers crippling panic attacks nightly and must medicate herself to sleep
>a fella with ADD so intense that he cannot function unmedicated
>a dude diagnosed with depression and homosexuality who has horrific nightmares
>someone pretty much completely no mental health issues

On the rare day that those of us who are in need of medication get it, and the nightmares are far enough away to serve as good game inspiration, it works wonderfully. This happens almost never.

>> No.25504178

That's a fabricated mental disorder. And yes

>> No.25504179


This is for you.


Don't know about you or the rest, but I find it's easier to talk about this sort of thing with people that don't know who I am or where I live or anything about me.

There's no danger on either side. I don't have to freak out about whether they're going to tell other people, and they probably don't think they have to take on that soothing, I'm-talking-to-a-dangerous-nutjob tone that I hate so much.

>How ya doin'?
>Good! Seeing anything in the room now?
>Are they telling you to do things?
>Can you point to them?
>Have you taken your meds?
>You know you can't get too far off your schedule for thaaat~

Maybe I'm just crazy, but that's enough to make a body irritable.

>> No.25504200



People with BL act on whatever impulse triggers them and then chill down.Beating somebody up with whatever is at hand and continuing to do so is not common for people with BL.

Unless ofcourse, you have emotional baggage carrying around.In which case you have a dangerous combination walking around but those kind of people don't walk on the streets without supervision as far as I know.

>> No.25504241

I feel you, man. I've pretty much all but given up on talking to my family about any of this, the ones who seem to believe I have a problem avoid the topic or me like the plague and the one's who don't inadvertently treat me like shit in their denial and just try to force me to do stuff I can't handle.

I can't really blame them, though. A relative of mine had Schizophrenia too and he killed a couple people. I can understand why they're so adamant in avoiding anything that makes me seem like him.

>> No.25504242

Alright then. You can debate with me without using strawmen or insults after you've calmed down some.

>> No.25504244


There's no debate. You're clearly autistic and a bit of a whiny cunt on top.

Like a nice cuntaspie parfait.

>> No.25504260

So, guys, what have we learned from this thread?

Answer: do not bring your problems of mental health out into public knowledge. Most of human cultures have a long-standing, deeply ingrained culture of turning having a diagnosed disorder to something to be mocked, demonized and/or belittled. For many, many people, "retards" are nothing more than entertainment or free game.

Fortunately, if you keep quiet about it, you'll be fine. Mostly you'll just get labeled as a "weirdo". There's always room for a guy who talks to himself and occasionally freaks out if someone comes too close, but if you combine it with a known disorder, you're a persona non grata.

>> No.25504269

My group has...two on serious antidepressants, one bipolar in therapy and medicated, one legally recognized as retarded, and one who probably has something serious but copes using drugs and alcohol so fakes being alright.

>> No.25504291

I have tl;dr volumes to contribute to this thread on my own experiences with mental illness, but it's 5:30am and cranking out this post is as much as I can manage before I toddle off to bed and collapse. I can only hope it's still here in the morning.

Somehow even knowing this thread is here puts my heart at ease, in some way. Goodnight, /tg/.

>> No.25504312

What if someone got you a pony? Would you be happier then?

>> No.25504330

Everyone with an alignment outside of True Neutral could very well be considered to have a mental health problem.

>> No.25504347

>How common?
Not sure.

>Do you have any?
I'm a self-diagnosed hypochondriac.

>> No.25504368

Maybe he's so happy that he would conversely make the pony happier.

What would happen if we included a corgi in the formula?

>> No.25504432


> For many, many people,

Eh, yeah. But not all. There are people out there that can handle the knowledge.

I've got two, not counting the psychiatrist. Though he really should count, given his "You're a human being, just like anyone else, and if you act like an idiot, I'm going to call you on it" attitude towards the whole thing.

I'd like to be able to just chill and not wear the Bluetooth. I'd like it better to just not be fucked up, but that's probably asking a bit much. In any case, finding a person that can just let the unimportant stuff truly slide does help.

>> No.25504442

No, no, Ted is a fucking douche who needs to eat shit and die. Fuck Ted, and fuck you for supporting him.

>> No.25504490

Depression here. I often wonder what it is like to not have suicidal thoughts 24/7 and to be able to feel more than one emotion.

>> No.25504552


Eh...It's alright.

>> No.25504567

Not that guy, but I have Schizophrenia, diagnosed and everything. When I hear voices they usually tell me I'm a lazy piece of shit for trying to sleep when there's so much that needs to be done. Audio-wise I cannot tell the difference, it literally sounds like someone is talking next to my ear, but I'm rational enough that I can tell they're not real. Sometimes I hear people knocking on my door in the middle of the night, and it's impossible for me to discern whether someone is actually out there.

Luckily for me when I'm on my medication I'm pretty much normal. Plus, I know how to depict actual insanity when I GM

>> No.25504633

Yeah, so...I'm writing some shit right now based on a combination of a good friend of mine's mid-range severity Schizophrenia, another friend's near constant, and often rather fucked up lucid dreams, and my Synesthesia... We all game, but none of it really comes up beyond throwing shit in when we GM.

Fuck, I'm writing a hallucination scene when I see this thread, and honestly? Losing my shit. What the hell, Internet? GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!

>> No.25504683

When it comes to medication, there are a lot of different types. They all do basically the same thing, raising your stress threshold, but they have different side effects and your body responds differently. Most people go through 3-4 different types before they find the one for them.

>> No.25504752

People think me and my friend have mental problems because of the following:

>Playing standard DnD campaign
>rogue and pally get into an argument again
>DM says it is ok for me and my friend to take a break for now and he calls us when he is finished with them
>we go take a look into the DM's closet where he keeps his /tg/ and other non-vidya games
>we find fucking laser challenge in his closet
>we take it out look if everything still works
>go outside the DM's house, he lives in a area with playing ground and a small park
>everybody witnesses 2 grown males playing laser challenge against eachother.

Everybody thinks we are some sort of retards now.But if having fun means being a tard I gladly sign up.

>> No.25504865

Diagnosed with autism and on anti-depressants here. My groups are all filled with cool neurotypicals, as far as I know anyway, with the exception of one person also diagnosed with autism and on anti-depressants. That makes it about 20% of the people I play DnD with (2 out of 10 people)

Though, I'm not impeded much in social contact. I'm mostly very tired after it and have a lot of difficulty dealing with strangers, but I'm the DM in both of my DnD groups, so I always have a good time in my groups which mostly consists of close friends.

>> No.25504930

Does PTSD count?

>> No.25504963

Oh God, playing with Vietnam vets.

Fuck those are some awkward memories.

>Kill them.
>The Kobolds have a village, right?
>Well yeah, but...
>Alright let's get some fire on the entrance and make our way through, block by block.
>But they left already, you beat them.
>I thought you said this was a village?
>It is.
>A village with no people in it?
>I guess.
>Ok. Burn it down so the next batch knows who's out here.

>> No.25504974

Vespid cunts are intolerable?

Monstergirl thread?

>> No.25504985

That actually sounds like a fun group. Anyone have DnD with soldiers stories?

>> No.25504998

It was my uncle, so take that for what it's worth. Really got into the tactical side of it.

>> No.25505017

I know.

>> No.25505048

I met most of my groups in special ed.

We're all fucking retards. It's great.

>> No.25505072

>self-diagnosed hypochondriac
Good one anon

>> No.25505197

See how that fuckhuge stinger is sinking into his palm, that guy has probably less than a minute left in his life as deadly neurotoxins course through is system, wreaking havoc on his body.

>> No.25505881

I have ADHD and some other Learning disabilities
Nothing major..
I learn to manage, get my life in order, do what I can. No one is prefect and we're all striving to be better

>> No.25510592

Thanks guys, nothing like 4chan to make me feel kinda normal. Personally High-functioning autism. My only problems are over analyzing everything and asking my friends what is wrong because their breathing is off.

That and a crippling fear I offended someone cause I sure as hell can't tell. Took a while to finally date a girl who didn't get all huffy, cause I'm cold, and not 'traditionally in love' with her.

Seriously fuck disney.

>> No.25510648

Yes, you should be affraid of roaches.
Very much affraid.

>> No.25510668

It's actually a pretty good self-assessment...

>> No.25510709


Well sociopaths aren't likely to go around threatening people with weapons, they're far more likely to admit their mistakes and try to butter you up so they can get you to do what you want, after all, what does it matter what they admit to you? Your worth to them is how much you can further their goals, no more, no less.

>> No.25510761

Basically this. Official diagnoses at reputable doctor, blah blah blah, 4 years later of therapy and I'm a functioning member of society. Hell unless you know exactly what to look for and spend a decent amount of time with me, you'd never know. Was talking with a guy who turned out to be some Asperger's/Autism specialist one day at school for like 20 minutes befire he mentioned the above and I mentioned my Asperger's. Guy didn't believe I had it in the slightest.

tl;dr: It's only an excuse to those who let it be. Unless you're full on downy, won't progress above a 3rd grade intellect, there's no reason to truly be an aspie in public.

>> No.25511858

>My only problems are over analyzing everything and asking my friends what is wrong because their breathing is off.
Oh christ I do this all the time with my dad. His voice will shift a tiny bit or something and I'll think something is up.

>> No.25512553


>> No.25515869

As someone that works in the mental health field, I got to say that everybody has a little bit of mental "problem."

Some people are better at hiding it.
Some people simply have enough social supports and/or lack of life stressors to keep them from being impeded by it.
Some people are simply undiagnosed with it (whether because they're simply untreated or they're too proud to admit to "weakness).

Mental illness is just made hush-hush by society, it's a lot more prevalent than you think. People just don't like to talk about it. that much, or refuse to acknowledge it in themselves or their loved ones.

>> No.25518037

I have PTSD and a severe lack of confidence.

>> No.25519150

I'm depressed. I don't know why, because I have a hot gf, doing well in school, and I'm in good shape. Life is just...sad.

>> No.25519287

Unless you count a gap in my memories extending from halfway through 8th grade backwards and a mild case of depression, no

>> No.25519494


>> No.25519741


Autism in general is extremely overdiagnosed.

>hurr it's a spectrum disorder

Cool, that means you can pidgeonhole everyone who isn't a cookie-cutter outgoing social butterfly as someone with some kind of mental defect. Autism's the fucking Baskin-Robbins of mental disorders. There's a flavor for everyone.

Regards, someone 'diagnosed' with 'PDD-NOS"

>> No.25519781

Thank you, you are truly my greatest ally, Lilly.

>> No.25519796

You should get some meds for it and your life will be much brighter.

>> No.25519964

I've got Narcissistic personality disorder, complete with episodes of psychotic rage.

As for the rest of my group, the GM is schizophrenic who got pretty fucked up with electroshock and MKUltra and all that shit, and our That-Guy-who-really-isn't-even-that-bad-and-actually-is-pretty-high-functioning has full-fledged Asperger's.

They're pretty great, actually.

>> No.25520075


Yeah I've been referred to a psychiatrist...but the waiting lists are really long and I've got a few more months to wait.

>> No.25522268


>Waiting lists

Get a job. Go to a competent physician and psychologist to recommend.

>> No.25522912


Uhh how is having a job even remotely related?

>> No.25522961


Yes. Health Insurance is nice.

>> No.25523163

>no waiting list

You take your state's mental health services for granted.

I did, too. Got in for counseling and meds within a month. Out of pocket was next to nothing. Then I moved to the Midwest. One sliding scale clinic for a middle-sized city. Three months for initial assessment, six for a med appointment, and wouldn't reup my existing scripts or reissue because controlled substance and I'm a "new patient". Currently working on getting an in-network GP (~6 mos wait for new patients) so I can do an end-run around mental health altogether.

>> No.25523329

i would say ptsd or minor emotional issues are more common. but...thats civilization, one big ball of stress.

>> No.25523553

Yeah, he'd type with an autistic accent.

>> No.25523936

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Based on a doctor named Jeosef Bell. He might as well said he's a descendant of Jesus.

>> No.25524038

It was a joke about how his friend was great at deduction, dude. What are you even on about?

>> No.25524057


Guess what he is. Just guess.

>> No.25524086

I'm pretty sure it was just a simple of reading comprehension we're all prone to have from time to time.

>> No.25524099

simple mistake*

>> No.25524121


Nah. Whenever the rogue Fedora gets the chance they'll spout their shit.

>> No.25524269

Hmm. Primary GM here. Diagnosed with ADD. Can't get through the session without some players being bored unless if I take some Adderall ER. Brain tends to work when I have that. Also somewhat mitigates the whole auditory processing issue - I have very acute hearing, but discerning what words are being expressed by the phonemes coming from someone is a bit tricky.

>> No.25524384

Pretty common. I have 1 person with autism and someone with aspergers in my group and shit is fine with them. Honestly, the only issues in our group come from the DM who is kind of a prick.

>> No.25524706

When I was younger I was diagnosed with high-spectrum autism, apparently had to work on things like eye contact and fine motor control (like writing by hand) for some time, but it's not that much of a big deal anymore.

But then I've also (fairly recently) experienced full-out "I'm about to die people are coming for me trust no-one manic laughing hide in my room and lock the door" mental illness and ended up having to spend some time in a hellhole of a hospital.

Really, it's hard to compare the two things. Mental illness is a real thing and autism is certainly a real impediment... But comparing the two types I've experienced is like comparing a persistent runny nose to a broken back and a gut-wrenching flu.

>> No.25524765

I'm A-OK.
If you include my last gaming group, we had one dude that was a bipolar schizophrenic and one that was transgendered, IF you count that as mental illness. I don't. and 3 totally well-adjusted people. One of them had bouts of mania at times, but he was a millionaire so we just called him eccentric.

>> No.25524766

PTSD from what?

War? Rape? No Coasters?

>> No.25524871

>Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Now what does this entail? I am genuinely curious. Do you spend hours grooming yourself to make you look perfect?

>> No.25524893

If you count severe alcoholism as illness then extremely common. That's why my group was never able to properly finish any adventure even when I tried to railroad them. Not that I complain about it, it's always fun to see what bizarre move they'll pull next.

>> No.25525407

I have a history of depression and social anxiety disorder, but being on meds a function fairly normally

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