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This is how you fix Xeno.


My Lord Inquisitor,

The following transmission was broadcast spectrum-wide to the worlds of the REDACTED system, proximal to the Damocles subsector. We have since lost contact with the astropathic choir on REDACTED III. Our analysis leads us to surmise that a heretofore unidentified Necron presence had previously lain dormant in the system or its surrounding environs. I have prepared a transcription of the blasphemous message for your review.

Your servant,

Interrogator REDACTED

>>Mortals! You have trespassed upon the worlds of the Cimmerian Marches. By Mandate of the Triarch and the will of the Phaeron, your corporeal forms and immortal souls belong to the Scarab Queen. Will you not pledge your undying devotion to Her Eternal Grace? Will you not cast off all oaths of allegiance, save for your duty to the Inheritor? Will you not dedicate your labors to the Mistress of the Undying Swarm?

>>You have been allotted one planetary rotation to prepare for Her coming. Make ready your locutor to the Risen Court of Soh'dan.

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Prepare the cyclonic torpedoes.

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Weak-ass mustache twirling.

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When did Xeno start acting like a proper Phaeron?

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But that's part of the charm, isn't it? Necron Lords are mustache-twirling Saturday morning cartoon villains, like Megatron and Skeletor and Cobra Commander all mixed up into one.

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Everybody back the fuck up, Deathwatch is on the case.

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This...actually sounds kind of badass.

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Goddamn how much dick do you think that little banner girl is forced to take every night?

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Forced? That bitch has got a knife, man. She'll fuck you in the ass with your own dick if you mess with her.

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Not enough

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One of these days, I'm gonna make a Xeno mini for a Cryptek or something. I have most of the bits.

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All of it.

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But she already acts like that. Until she gets sidetracked and harvests all of their kidneys to make a new planet entirely out of kidneys. Shes like a 12 year old with ADHD and infinite power.

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sounds like a pretty neat project- what pieces are you using?

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Salutation, Humans. Observe your Emperor. Return focus to me. Reobserve your Emperor. Return focus to me. Regretfully, your Emperor is not me. However, were he to cease employing archaic technology and upgrade to a shiny metallic body, he may resemble me. Direct observation down. Return observation to neutral level. What is your position? You are located on a battleship with the Phaeron your Emperor could resemble. What are you equipped with? Return focus to me. I have it, it is a Tesseract Labyrinth containing those two Primarchs you revere. Observe again. The Primarchs are now C’tan star gods. Anything is possible when your leader is an ageless immortal robot who wields unfathomable technologies that can extinguish entire star systems and not a lifeless husk of what was once a mere mortal. I am embarked upon a Catacomb Command Barge.

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You should include an image of a Necron Lord with your monologue.

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Using OP's picture as a guide, I have a torso left over from a Cryptek, I have some arms from immortals, and enough green stuff for the cloak. I lack any heads (Necron or otherwise), and I could take apart one of my Gundam models for the 'wings'.

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Just wait until FW releases a model of that pharekh and just slap one of those Reaver miniature femtau heads on it.

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I love this plan! I'm excited to be a part of it!

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sounds like a plan.

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What makes you think they're releasing any more IA12 stuff?

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They just released a new Necron thing like two weeks ago.

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Hurry, gather all diapers in a sector wide radius and send them to the transmission coordinates. HURRY. Only this will avert disaster.

You got to trust me in this!

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Technomancer plz go

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Get to work shuffling the diapers into the ships. Lives are at stake here, man.

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>hating diapers

What shit taste

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You should really stop trying to ruin the thread.

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Crappy senses of humor ruin threads!

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Nothing shart of disaster whill ruin this thread!

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This was a perfectly good Necron thread until the diaperfags showed up.

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So mean...

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Getting back on track, I assume that >>25479311 means that our littlest Phaeron wouldn't just wholesale exterminate the humans living in her domain?

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They're just taking the piss out of you.

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Oh...stop being such a baby, anon.

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It would probably pacify them.

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Lights flickered over a tiny computer screen as the last transmissions of the message were squawked out into the dim light. A massive figure fiddled with the knobs desperately trying to capture and copy the message for later investigation. Three thumps were sounded as a great ham fist came down on the machine.
A statisfied grunt was heard as a disc popped out and a servo sskull floated down and retrieved it from the large sasauge fingers. The figure stretched and began lumbering down the cramped hallway.


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Is it diction? I think your diction is a problem.

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The poor lad's traumatized by the loss of Bob and Tarla.

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The transmission was played a 5th time. The Commissar gave a small growl of irritation and took out a small notebook and wrote down some of the key points, circling the important names. The ogryn stood there silently, knowing "Da Kernel's" process. A loud snap was heard as the woman clasped the small book shut and stored it about her person. She turned around and regarded the large Ogryn cooly with her piercing green eyes.

"Lieutenant?" She asked in a calm tone. The Ogryn looked up, interrupted in the middle of a nasal excavation he smiled brightly and said "Yah Kernel?"

"What do you make of this message?" She asked as if she was asking a fellow scientist on his opinion of a new type of bacteria.

"Dunno." He said bluntly "Lotsa big words but fey sound like fey want us to stop servin' da Emprah... And Dat's just stoopid that is" he said in a matter of factly tone as he flicked the remaining gunk off of his index finger.

She gave a small grim smile, a smile that meant she was hearing what she wanted and expected from him.

"And what do we do to those who would drive us from the path of righteousness?"

Krutz grinned, he knew the answer by heart.
"We bash dem on da head till dey stop moovin'." He said jovially.

"Assembel the troops then lieutenant, the emperors enemies do not rest... and nethier shall we."

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Also Screw auto correct

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I mean, a nearby Krooza.
"Kaptin, deres a real big scrap goin on down dere."
"A scrap, eh? Well ya know wot dey say, boys, where deres scrap, deres loot! Bring us down, boys!"

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Well squig shite.

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We gettin ourselves a full blown Dark Crusade up in here. Now we just need tau proper, some SPORSS MUHREENS, some KAYOSS, and some eldar.

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Yeah. We can drag along Cultist-chan and maybe one of them homebrew /tg/ chapters. Not Reasonable Marines. Those niggas be faggots.

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I vote Blood Jaguars.

>pure dynasty
As does captcha.

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They have a hateboner for Scraplootas too, so it fits.

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The ultimate /tg/ 40k campaign has Xeno's dynasty, the Scraplootas, the Blood Jaguars, the Inquisitorial Retinue that Gav ended up in, Dranon and Cultist, and potentially the 1st Membranes?

Sounds fun as fuck.

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Maybe with Marcia and Unnamed Commissar tagging along with the Membranes for shits and giggles

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>eldar aid tagging along with a company full of insane psykers

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Never a more perfect image for this idea.

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Is there any reason that /tg/ hasn't made their own Craftworld or Kabal? Or does /tg/ just not like Eldar?

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/tg/ tends to not care about eldar. So far as I know, as well, there is not a craftworld or kabal which operates within Tiji Sector.

But we have a thread!

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We had an idea for a bosozoku-themed craftworld, then realised it was just Saim-Hann all over again.

I think we did make a kabak, though.

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Yes, we did make a kayak.

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Theres the Fanseer Craftworld that tails after the Scraplootas so as to hide behind them, but their whole shtick is avoiding battle.

/tg/ hasnt really made a tau sept or a chaos warband either. Wait, actually I think we made exactly one of each. Sept Viet and that Glistening Host thing.

Still, though, /tg/ much prefers the Imperium over the xenos.

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What kind of Kazakh was it?

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A beef kebab.

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I love how we type on /tg/. Like we're actually talking to each other. Like, you said "wait", but you could've just backspaced.

It's part of what makes posts here so much more fun to read.

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Well, it was quite a mighty Karak...just infested with trolls.

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Viet Sept was pretty cool, I have to admit.


remove kebab

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The Kazerad was a piece of shit who wouldn't give us the updates we needed

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So, the most important question: campaign theme song?

I vote William's Overture. That's the song that plays at sunrise in every cartoon ever.

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Each faction needs their own. Scraplootas get this

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I think a /tg/ Kabal could be hilariously awesome. Dark Eldar have all of the petty dickishness of Craftworlders, but their ruthlessness means they're way more likely to finish their vendettas in a spectacularly bloody fashion (or hand someone a black hole in a box)

Dark Eldar have the best extreme sports too! Jetbiking and skyboarding are about as thrilling as it can get in the 40k verse.

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>that moment when your sister knocks on your door crying because her friend is in the hospital after trying to commit suicide
>that moment when you realize you care less about that than a song about orks

>captcha: olchan that

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"I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'VE TOLD" came the reply of the platoon marching in step behind Gav, who continued marching in an awkward silence for a couple of seconds before stating "No really I don't know."

Commissar Celia smiled at the amusing antics her Lieutenant and began to observe the rest of the formation in the gargantuan hangar in the ship. Two companies of guardsmen were called to this great defense of the imperium, spread across the numerous transport ships at teir disposal. Her heart soared at the sight of the men drilling and preparing to lay down their lives for the imperium. One platoon she noticed among the number gave her an uneasy feeling.

They gathered amongst themselves and chatted, their uniforms were covered by a white lab coat and various regalia. If it were not for the small lights and sparks that seemed to fire off from their cranium the Commissar could have maybe mistaken them for penal gang.

She fingered her bolt pistol unconsciously and almost drew when she heard footsteps behind her. She sighed in relief at the apporaching figure. Fells the Tech priest gave a simple nod as he stood beside her. His mechanical "eyes" scanned the multitude and he gave a metallic cough.

"I've noticed a large conglomerate of Ostlers in the north west quadrent." He stated cautiously.

"I know." She replied coldly.

"Are you worried?" He asked

"No." She said her eyes narrowing "Because I know what to do if things go wrong." She said herring her bolt pistol with grim finality.

She always knew what to do.

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CW Eldar did it first.

>> No.25482941

>an entire platoon, in perfect synchronization

"No, really, I don't know!"

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/tg/ would make the whole kabal a bunch of drizzt clone renegades, just to make a point or be ironic or something.

>> No.25482955

Aint it.

>> No.25482979

this is gonna be goooooooooood

>> No.25483017


Repentant Dark Eldar would be interesting. Constantly bemoaning the fact that they must cause pain to survive, sometimes resorting to cutting themselves with their dual mono-molecular scimitars...

>> No.25483018


Isn't this the guy that does that Oblivion khajiit webcomic? The one with the floppy ears.

>> No.25483021

>not making them all alter their pigmentation to become delicious brown elves

Anyways, suppose on the itinerary tonight is a kabal.

Who the fuck knows shit about deldar. I know they use bondage to stay alive or some shit.

Hallucinogens and laughing gas sound fun. Joker Kabal, anyone?

or we can base an entire kabal off of Freaky Fred. After all, those Deldar are a bit...naughty

>> No.25483042

The only one I know like that is, I believe, Katia. Who strips naked and fucks orcs, but always has her one lockpick.

>> No.25483051

Sexy, brown S&M eldar? I'm in.

>> No.25483066

>strips naked and fucks orcs


>> No.25483103


Dark Eldar totally use hallucinogen grenades. Also, a Joker Kabal would party it up with a Harlequin band at all times.

Alternately, hipster Dark Eldar that inflict emotional pain to survive instead of physical pain

>> No.25483121


Prequel Adventure. It's a very love-it-or-hate-it kinda comic, that started out on the MSPA forums.

>> No.25483129


not really what I asked

>> No.25483130

Something like that. Read it years ago. Was really funny, actually, not using the khajiit thing as a copout for furry shit or something.

which was good, because I was still young and pseudo innocent at the time

And thought it riotously funny that some naked girl still had one lockpick.

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Large conglomeration of Psykers *

Autocorrect on a kindle fire IS ANNOYING

>> No.25483136

Sports Marines?

>> No.25483139


Yes, really. Those things happen.

>> No.25483165

>to Ostlers

Also, herring is a fish. Hefting?

>> No.25483178

Great, now the Membranes need a Sergeant Ostler.

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Nah, they have to keep entertained or they die. The more bored they get, the closer their souls go to Slaanesh, which causes pain. So most of them immediately get some shit switched in their brain that says pain = pleasure, which buys them time for a while. Then they have to get more and more interesting manners of entertainment as the constant supply of pleasure eventually deadens their response to things. Some DEldar get severe body reconstruction, like Wracks or Scourges, some of them rely on steady supplies of the weirdest drugs on the market, like Hellions, Wyches, and Beastmasters.
Some of them, however, gain Actual Power in the Comorraugh. Fortunes are spent on slave runs for those who lead, and those who lead use their slaves for one purpose: The Privilege of being bored. See, they can use the pain and sensation of OTHER souls to trick Slaanesh into taking other souls, buying them precious time for the most bourgeois of past times: Resting, being bored, taking a break from stimulation.
At first, a soul buys them a day. Then it takes two after enough time, when that tug of Slaanesh gets stronger and stronger. Eventually, in the cases of folks like Asdrubael Vect and the like, thousands of souls are collected, tasted, and passed on so that they may live one more day. For the longer they live, the more life is not worth living; But if they die, it's the worst kind of hell for them. Such is the plight of the Eldar.

>> No.25483203

Except instead of horses, he take care of herrings.

And conglomerations of him randomly appear.

>> No.25483210

Well I might fall asleep

Or not

depending if this thread is still alive in the morning I'll more stuff and stuff on the other factions in this Dark Crusade

We're archiving this right? This is too good of an idea to let it die.

>> No.25483232

Oh thank goodness you see it too.

>> No.25483248

That's so edgy, grim, and dark

If /tg/ made a Kabal, it'd probably be the ones trying their best to be perpetually bored, but Slaanesh refuses to take their souls.

>> No.25483260

You are not the only autist available tonight.

>> No.25483297


I forgot that the new Scourge fluff has them getting hollow bones and biological wings installed. It'd be pretty cool to be able to swoop around like that.

>> No.25483370

>There will never be a Dawn of War Ork Campaign about sneaking about with kommandos and drowning people in waves of grots while mucking about as the Scraplootas
>There will never be a mission where Threegrot and Fizzgutz have to use their weirdboy powers fuck up some Chaos plan or something
>There will never be a final mission where you have to clear and defend a dropzone for Boris da Titan and then play the rest of the mission AS Boris, smashing and shooting and chopping while http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whxcq4I0kAo plays and the credits start to roll.

>> No.25483417

She's a good cadian girl, plus she has all the women backing her up which in Cadian regiments is supposed to be like half.
Forced dickings only kinda works when theres more men then women.
Also commissar headshots hurt.

>> No.25483521

I can see it now, a cabal that has learned to ENJOY the dull repetitions of boredom. They're having too good a time being bored out of their skulls, like some sort of insane hipster variation of the insane hipster race.
>"Hey, Boris, we're off to go flay dozens of asian schoolchildren with rose thorns, c'mon, it'll be great."
>"Ugh, no, I'm just going to sit here and watch my paint dry. I'm not surprised you don't get into it, but don't drag me out to the rat races."
Add chocolate elves and serve.

>> No.25483617


I like it. They don't watch their slaves fight in gladiatorial arenas, they watch them work office jobs. Instead of torturing slaves, they ask them to describe their day at work in extreme detail.

>> No.25483625

Or they tell them that they really need them to come in on Saturday.

>> No.25483641


Those fiends!

now the Kabal just needs a name...

>> No.25483656

Why is this concept so hilarious to me?

>"I shall take you to the Haemonculi, Mon'keigh...and have you file their taxes for eternity. Your agony will not amuse me in the least."

>> No.25483679

>Kabal of the Apathetic Yawn

>> No.25483687

Its basically that Office Vampire character from Dilbert, just in 40K.

>> No.25483693

Sirs, meet your new archon. Same as the old Archon.

>> No.25483698

Wait, did I have a good idea? Oh shit!

>> No.25483726

Dilbert+OfficeSpace+Hellraiser = ???

>> No.25483728

Just because /tg/ latched onto it doesn't mean its good. I definitely don't think this kabal should be the brown elf cabal, unless sexy S&M brown elves asking you to come in on Saturday is part of the appeal, but all in all its pretty amusing. Hard to see them being too proactive in battle, though.

>> No.25483745

Craftworld Gal'o- Senghain.

Make it happen.

Hard mode: No bikes, only warp spiders.

>> No.25483747

>Welcome to your new life, mon'keigh.
>Before you begin performing your designated tasks, you must fill out these forms for slave registration, tax withholdings, and your 401k.
>In triplicate.
>Be warned, we will all be watching you MOST intently...

>> No.25483761

I'm gonna need you to...'come in' on saturday *wink*

>> No.25483776


It's definitely not a good fit for the brown elf Kabal, but I can definitely get behind this particularly unique brand of torture.

>> No.25483789

They're the ones setting up red tape all over the webway, sealing off enemy settlements with a million eldritch post-it notes and replacing enemy supplies with crates of staplers, paper clips and sharpies.

>> No.25483844

And while they never go slave hunting on their own, they always manage to steal other kabal’s slaves from the fridge when no one is looking, just like that goddamn bastard who always eats your pudding cup no matter how much you label or hide it.

>> No.25483857

>At first, a soul buys them a day. Then it takes two after enough time, when that tug of Slaanesh gets stronger and stronger. Eventually, in the cases of folks like Asdrubael Vect and the like, thousands of souls are collected, tasted, and passed on so that they may live one more day. For the longer they live, the more life is not worth living; But if they die, it's the worst kind of hell for them. Such is the plight of the Eldar.
Thousands of souls. Watch out folks we've got a badass here. Keep going man, keep going at this rate I'll only need a midnight snack or something.

>> No.25483862


Their raids on human settlements are particularly well-organized affairs. They glass the local administration from orbit, and then notify the populace to move towards their nearest onboarding station, where they are interviewed and receive their ID badges before being filed into the slave cubicles aboard the Kabal's ships.

>> No.25483863

They can still have the BDSM vibe, though. Maybe give them clothing and armor that looks like office wear if DEldar made it, so basically lots of spikes and thongs and some ties and blazers.

>> No.25483879

>Kabal of the Meaningless Existence

>> No.25483892

She could field strip a lasgun by 3. She can resist your advances more fiercely than a magical tsundere.

>> No.25483982

>Kabal of the Endless Void

It's a loose translation. The Kabal of an Unending, Unloving, and Unexciting Existence Devoid of any Significant Purpose or Meaning would be more accurate.

>> No.25484020

>Kabal of the White Collar

>> No.25484026


>> No.25484031


or Pale Collar, to make it a little less overt.

>> No.25484043

there hasn't been wqritefaggotry of him since old /tg/

>> No.25484060

>less overt

We can do that?

>> No.25484082


Maybe? Sometimes it's nice to have a little subtlety.

>> No.25484111

They force others to always speak their name in full, every time.

>> No.25484123


7/10, should've been Calgar in the Tesseract Labyrinth. Because fuck Calgar.

>> No.25484163


It's pretty long in Low Gothic.
It's even longer in Eldar.

>> No.25484165

magine if they got a hold of a champion of the ultrasmurfs
>force them to recite his name and al his titles properly
>they literally get so off on it that slannesh just has to sit there for a minute in the warp going "what in the flying fuck?"

>> No.25484202

"...The Second Commandant of the Gato System Secondary Reinforcement Platoon.."

"Oh yeah, work the shaft!"

>> No.25484220


Each and every Kabal member has a really long and pointless corporate title.
A lowly Warrior consigned to slave guarding duties, for example, could be Regional Assistant Junior Vice-Sybarite of Belligerent Mon'keigh Relations.

>> No.25484231

It turns out the tau actually LIKE to fill out all those files and reports, making them poor prey for the Kabal of the Pale Collar. It also explains their tiny warp presence, because they're soulless freaks who actually enjoy paperwork.

>> No.25484281

i imagine it ends up where slannesh finds this giant group of dark eldar, can't even attempt to figure out how in the hell this happened and is probably trying to capture and or kill them because of the fact that somehow something in the universe has stumped him in the way of how do they get pleasure from that.

this also explains why sahit like abbadon ends up in the tiji sector often with a rather large assortment of people to go fuck everything up.

>> No.25484291

>mfw this is the name I gave to my homebrew kabal

>> No.25484313

Just one of his many titles, other including:

Secondary Chief Translator of Lower Human Dialects
Chief Payroll Accountant and Auditor of Indentured Servant Block B14-76D-XX3
Initial Planetary Landing Hostage and Contract Negotiator for Sector Tiji in Non-Hostile Operations with Mon-Keigh and Mon-Keigh like Entities, including but not limited to Orks of average intelligence and certain Tau Enclaves

>> No.25484329


To satisfy the intense thirst of the Kabal's highest leaders, the Haemonculi devised some particularly cruel practices, including "meetings" and "business conferences." Lunch is provided - sandwiches consisting solely of white bread and mayonnaise.

>> No.25484351

And that low-grade processed lunchmeat that smells like packaged farts.

>> No.25484370

>low-grade processed lunchmeat that smells like packaged farts.
Not that fucking stuff, man. You forgot to mention how it is so lacking in any sort of flavor that it is almost a flavor unto itself to the point its sickening.

It tastes like disappointment, plain and simple.

>> No.25484406

The sandwiches are a significant step up from the grey sludge that gets deposited in the cubicles every 12 hours.

>> No.25484408

This interview revealed the Eldar in question to be a spy from a rival Kabal. He was henceforth demoted and had a fruitcake sent to his mother in his name.

Seriously, breaking the alcohol policy?

>> No.25484461

How to work with the foundation of gangs, triads and sadistic into this.

I'm thinking traffickers. Specialist is trafficking and space faring, a lesser Kabal that works for one of the better known, kind of like a biker gang. But like any good biker gang the warfare colours are a front for a group of very intelligent people. Lawyers and accountants who are good at what they do. So yea could work well.

Ohh, give them enough credentials that people in a bind would consider turning to them for assistance. Other Eldar know better, but as Dark eldar corsairs they are possibly going to help you for a price. Occasionally some cargo goes missing, but you don't ask questions when they show you the papers you've signed in triplicate to you as a reminder that they own you.

Give them a rivalry with a small Craft world that specializes in diplomatic contact and political maneuvering as they have similar colours and happen to always be in the same system, even after the craftworld moves onto a new sector.

>> No.25484526


Yeah! They can function as lawyers and middlemen, acting as a neutral authoritative body for contracts and accords between other Kabals.

The slaves they receive from other Kabals for their fees tend to be very confused by the contrast between their previous tortured existence and their new tortured existence in the Pale Collar cubicles.

>> No.25484594

that is what was wrong with Xeno.

>> No.25484605

Dont worry friend, things got silly again.

>> No.25484611

good, good

>> No.25484619

It was probably just Drone doing his crazy shenanigans while Xeno is adventuring.

>> No.25484653

Whatever it was, we have a Dark Crusade on our hands now.

>> No.25484658

>Be a mon'keigh captured by Dark Eldar
>Regularly flayed and rolled in salt, shit sucks
>Guard comes in cell, says I've been sold to another Kabal
>What kind of stupid name is Pale Collars?
>Get handed over, placed in a private cell
>Gray floor, gray ceiling, gray walls - 7x7x7 feet
>Literally nothing happens, edible sludge drops from ceiling every so often
>Relieved at first, glad to not be constantly flayed
>Months, maybe years go by
>Boredom sets in strong, losing grip on reality
>I swear I hear them watching behind the walls

>> No.25484671

You know things are bad when you start to actually miss the salt baths.

>> No.25484711

>Be slave in Pale Collar cubicle
>Strapped to ever-so-slightly-uncomfortable chair
>Eyes taped open, neck restrained to face rear wall of cubicle
>Every so often, one of the bastards comes in
>He applies yet another coat of gray paint to the wall...

>> No.25484740

I must be off to sleep now, gents. Keep up the good work, and archive this is anyone knows how to(i.e. is not me).

>> No.25484753


Same here. Last time I tried to archive a thread it did not go well...

>> No.25484756

No, no, no, no.

After they are transfered they are sent to the initiation week where they are introduced to the Pale Collars image, Kabal design, ethics, basic documentation. The ethical design of the Kabal and the aim to improve you to your full potential.

Then you are introduced to your teem leader, and the team building exercises. Then you get your mentor who will help you learn your corporate duty and plan your personal development.

All delivered from the dead lifeless eyes and voice of a member of the Kabal.Who constantly wants to help you in that dead placid way. And then you start to get your tasks. Cold calling other Kabals, documentation and accounting in preparation for accurate filing and long term storage. And other such fun

>> No.25484768


Either way, the flayings are definitely something you'd start missing after a while.

>> No.25484816

Well, the goal is to make you want to kill yourself but never give you the time to do so. But the key is to drain you of life so much that to kill yourself is just too difficult. Even when you are cutting open boxes of new binders and filling the brand new compactor.

>> No.25484844


Or properly collating copies of blank sheets of paper.

>> No.25484882


I put it up on the archive. I'd like to see if we can't get some more stuff for this Kabal at a later time, like an emblem or maybe some characters.

>> No.25484895

No, that's inefficient. And the Kabal can't have you wasting precious copy paper. You need to collate the inter-office communication documentation, through the Eldar alphabetical/runic system. By stroke.

>> No.25484925

Flaying? Sounds right up Xeno's alley!

>> No.25484927


Well, the colors would be navy blue, dark grey, and the necklines of every suit of armor would be painted white...

>> No.25484944

>Somebody tries to start a shit Xeno thread.
>Gets hijacked by white collar Dark Eldar genius.

I fucking love you /tg/. Polishing turds in to diamonds, you lovable rogues.

>> No.25485009

Hey now, the Xeno thing also spawned the Dark Crusade that spawned the White Collar DEldar. Be thankful for the little retard.

>> No.25485015

>Polishing turds into diamonds
That sounds like incredibly intense gay sex to me.

>> No.25485040

>all these people dissing chainsaw armor.

>> No.25485046

Well, World War 2 was thankful for the space program, but I don't regularly say "Thank God for Hitler, without that Holocaust we'd never have the Hubble."

>> No.25485048

How would the Harlequins react to the White Collars?

>> No.25485086


No clue, but the Pale Collars all wish that the Harlequins would do something a little more productive with their time.

>> No.25485342


They provide office party entertainment and perform the most inoffensive, dull play in their repertoir during the annual get-together.

>> No.25485397


>> No.25485398

This is how you remove humans.

>> No.25485989

Aww shit, this Pale Collar guys are a valid new idea! Remember about the Dark Eldar Kabal who inflicted mental pain instead of physical pain? Pale Collars perfected that art years ago.
Via documents signed in triplicate, forwarded to your eldar mother-in-law, detailing how your day was. And it was mandatory. And eldar mother-in-laws are worse than regular mother-in-laws.
And did I mention that these guys skip the 'getting married to a hot eldar wife' part?

>> No.25486293

I don't think it was that shit...

>> No.25486863

It would be more cruel if you were married to a hot eldar wife... who never, ever puts out.

>> No.25488320

"Not tonight, mon'keigh. I have a headache."

>> No.25488629


And she always wears a frumpy, baggy nightgown to bed.

>> No.25488753

its like you don't know how foolz works

>> No.25488977


Here's a really poorly done paint mockup.

>> No.25489244


Because your monthly performance review indicated a need for additional motivation.

Now, please fill out this 90-page survey regarding the paint you just witnessed.

>Gray Paint Focus Testing
>1. Would you describe your experience more as 'dull' or 'unexciting'?
>There are literally hundreds more questions like this...

>> No.25489354

Sometimes the questions are repeated later in the survey. If any such questions are answered inconsistently, you'll have to undergo a focus-group course followed by a resubmission of the offending questions, in addition to any similar questions that may have also been answered incorrectly (i.e. all of them). This must be completed within three business days of the original filing.
Additionally, please take some time to review each of the four(4) carbon copies and ensure that they are all legible. Keep the WHITE (original) copy for your records (these will be audited at the end of the quarter), file the GREEN copy with your immediate supervisor, the YELLOW copy with your supervisor's supervisor, and the GREY copy with the head of Sapient Resources: Preservation of Work Ethic and Personalized Motivation Services.
The BLUE copy should be left on the table at which it was taken, unless your survey supervisor has left, in which case it goes to Internal Affairs and Logistics: Mon'keigh Management Division.
Please note that failure to file each copy properly may lead to disciplinary action including mandatory company procedure re-training and/or a period of unpaid internship in the Accountancy Department.

>> No.25489386


Only the dead can know peace from this evil.

>> No.25489405

>"fixing" 40k

>> No.25489419

Sure, once they fill out their release paperwork and file it all properly.

>> No.25489465

And I'll be sure to "accidentally" push Cultist under a baneblade's treads

>> No.25489486

>Fixing xeno
Xenos always was, is currently, and always will be pants on head retarded.

>> No.25489501

Not really, even assuming men and women are equal physically, it wouldn't be too hard for some rapists to sneak up on her when she isn't surrounded by people, and just rape her.

>> No.25489531

>Grey and beige with white collars.

>> No.25489572

Allows mes to disagrees

>> No.25489576

>Mon'keigh Management Division
>Using racist slurs
>In an office setting
Seems like someone needs to visit sapient resources to receive some counseling.

>> No.25489595

I can only imagine what casual Friday is like:
"You can wear jeans, only if no one sees you, but if they do, it lowers your stock portfolio. Otherwise, you will receive an addition workload, unless notified by a manager of your condition, which can only be approved by a subordinate."

>> No.25489612


The Pale Collars' Human Resources department is a little too literally named for comfort.

>> No.25489619

She comes back from that kind of thing, you know.

>> No.25489637

God-Emperor dammit. We need to find a way of killing her permanently

>> No.25489668

To be fair, I cant thing of a single person a dark crusade has ever killed permanently. Even Eldrad escaped certain death.

>> No.25489739


There is an incredibly complicated schedule determining whether Beige, Gray, or Navy is the uniform color of the day. The pattern seems logical at first, proceeding in a regular order for moths at a time before single outlier days reverse the order. Wearing the wrong uniform begets unspeakable punishment.

In whispered tones by the water cooler, one mon'keigh claims it has something to do with the phases of a particularly unimportant moon in a wholly unremarkable sector.

>> No.25489793

>For the longer they live, the more life is not worth living; But if they die, it's the worst kind of hell for them. Such is the plight of the Eldar.

Man. As shitty a place as 40k is, the eldar fluff really needs to get Isha freed. Maybe when, like, ward's favorite knight burns down nurgle's garden, and gets corrupted by slannesh, Ish an just... sneak the heck out of there with eldar trickery

Its like, every time the eldar try to do something, the whole 'why would a dying race risk xyz' thing comes up.

Putting them on the road to recovery, having isha snatch the reins of the dark eldar - and keeping up the consumption because SHE needs to gain in power and rework souls of her race - would do a lot to making the race a lot more believable

>> No.25489818

The punishment for wearing the wrong uniform is to be shot into the void of space outside of the galaxy in a space suit with IV and oxygen life support systems to last centuries.

>> No.25489843


I have to use that for a Dark Heresy game.

So how much sanity damage for Planet Kidney?

>> No.25489847

I thought it was having to run the Office Nursery. Theres nothing worse than having to look after overstimulated children in an office space.

>> No.25489871


The visor of the suit, however, has been painted over with a particularly uninteresting shade of gray.

>> No.25489926

You just came from her Twitter, didn't you?

>> No.25489928

You're mostly okay at first, until you land and find out there is also kidneyfauna. There is no terror greater than that you feel when running from a hungry Kidneysaurus Rex.

>> No.25490001


Twitter? I am sad to say that i am not, is there some kind of Kidneyworld related twitter?

>> No.25490017


Kidneysaurus: Fear 5.

>> No.25490061

No, I just think it's awfully coincidental that Xeno just commented on the kidney planet post in her Twitter and all of a sudden we're talking about it here, too.

>> No.25490100


Ah, i was just responding to the mention of planet Kidney earlier in the thread.

>> No.25490283

So whereas the Grotocracy within Boris is all about a swiftly changing and backstabbing office environment where everyone wants to get rich quick or die trying, the Cabal of the Pale Collar from the Endless Void is about stagnation and paper work and everyone wanting to die but instead are forced to keep working.

I like it.

>> No.25490404


It's only the poor slaves that want to die. The Kabal members take a sick enjoyment from experiencing and inflicting all manner of monotony. Of course, showing pleasure totally ruins the vibe, so they tend to express themselves in bored and detached tones.

I bet their Archon sounds like Ben Stein.

>> No.25490460

Oh, I guess the part where they are really bored and want to be picked up by Slaanesh but Slaanesh refuses because it thinks it's funny was scrapped?

>> No.25490522


Oh no, they confuse the ever-loving shit out of Slaanesh.

See this post:
>They're having too good a time being bored out of their skulls, like some sort of insane hipster variation of the insane hipster race.

I see it as a group of Dark Eldar realizing that boredom and monotony have just as many nuances and variations to explore as pain or pleasure.

>> No.25490787


Also, they probably think that Muzak is the purest form of art.

Actually, Muzak might be a little too exciting...

>> No.25490805

They prefer slow, soft, inoffensive elevator music.
Just the one track, on a loop. Forever.

>> No.25490817

Muzak? Please, that is pleb filth. They listen to dialtones.

>> No.25490868

Mon Keigh are regularly subjected to 8hr phone conferences with topics like "inport and export regulations, tariffs, duties, and embargos in Commoraugh." And the host of the conference is on cell-vox, on speaker, with poor reception. Constantly cutying in and out.

>> No.25490877

A soothing chorus of modems always playing in the background.

>> No.25490881

Isn't that the case with every thread?

>> No.25490920


They listen to something like this. The piece changes notes once or twice a year, and takes 639 years to complete.

>> No.25491134


You forgot to wear a tie. That's a dress code violation.

>> No.25491199

Being fair, she does an awful lot of regrettable things when drunk, but she lives a shit enough life that *I* want to drink just reading about it.

>> No.25491233

Oh shit there's a guide now, this might just have to happen.

>> No.25491266

Once this is fleshed out we need a page for The Great Dark Crusade and for the Mahala of the Pale Collar

>> No.25491292

I thought the parallel was rather interesting, myself. The ancient ruler of the race with the vast empire, whose presence alone causes order where there would normally be chaos, but who requires thousands of very specific souls a day simply to survive. The only difference is, Vect is still doing shit.

>> No.25491308

Alright, why - in-universe- do they go with brown?

>> No.25491309



>> No.25491311

Members of the Kabal of the Pale Collar show their extreme pleasure through a neutral frown and a sigh or groan of boredom.

>> No.25491412


"How is our eternal charge today, Daram?"

"He is looking well, Menaril.....Well, not well... A bit under the weather.. Unfit?... Somewhat reduced?...Ok, honestly? He looks like groundup dogfood that have passed through some mongrel two or three times."

".....You always were perhaps a bit too honest, Daram."

>> No.25491431

Not sure if they should be brown Eldar. It doesn't mesh as well with the current Office Space vibe right now.

Insert neutral frown here.

>> No.25491463

Maybe they're Indian.

>> No.25491472

Too exotic. I prefer the one elevator music track on a loop forever.

>> No.25491531

Yes, they make their slaves work at a call center, where everyone who calls them is polite (but not too polite), specific, but who forgets to mention a very specific detail that turns fixing a mundane problem into a living hell. They spend hours on the phone with a single customer, not being yelled at, simply trying to fix a very minor software issue.

Their Dark Eldar masters of course patch any constant issue, causing ten more for each issue the patch fixes.

>> No.25491620


>> No.25491625

"Hello, thank you for calling the Kabal of the Pale caller tech support. This is Doug, what may I assist you with?"

Daemons are overruning my strike cruiser, emperor help us!

"Have you checked to see if the Gellar field is plugged in and working, sir?"

>> No.25491631

No, see, they get off on being bored/boring, something that not even Slaanesh understands.

>> No.25491643

*Collar, god fucking damnit!

>> No.25491662

If it drones on that long then you can just ignore. Listening to the same fucking two or three tracks day in and day out is what gets you.

I work in a bookstore/cafe and trust me, once you get to the point where you can recite all the lyrics to a song from a band you hate, cabin fever starts to set in like a bitch.

>> No.25491714

I think we are saving the Delicious Brown Cabal for something else.

>> No.25491715

Darl Eldar sexual harrassment trainging slideshow?...

How can we write this up so it's way more mundane than it sounds?

>> No.25491772


I'm not sure if you can make it sound mundane, since it's supposed to be a bizarrely excessive Dark Eldar brand of mundane.

>> No.25492167

>Using easily-differentiable colours for your forms
No no, anon. You send the BEIGE copy to your immediate supervisor, the TAUPE copy to your supervisor's supervisor. The FUSCIA copy is yous, but the MAGENTA copy goes to the head of Sapient Resources. The GOLDENROD form is left on your desk, while the MAIZE copy is left on the table where you found it.

No, of course we're not going to explain which is which. This is basic stuff here.

>> No.25492204

Well, what about tales of Kabal members who make claims of harassment at the slightest glance upon them?

"Mon-keigh, the way you glanced my reflection in your computer monitor made me feel very uncomfortable. If this happens again,I'm going to have to report this to HR."

Also, for their banner/sigil, lets get a clippy look alike from microsoft office up there.

>> No.25492411

You could always do the opposite where NOT fulfilling the bizarre sexual desires of your superiors is considered sexual harassment and you have to sit through a six hour unpaid seminar on sexuality in the office if you dont comply.

Of course, your involvement in these sexual escapades is always boring as fuck, like greasing up the dildoes or organizing the whips by style and length or having to act as stenographer while watching someone hyper-violate someone.

>> No.25492665

Actually this is a much better idea anon. Maybe I'll take a crack at it once I'm out of my cubicle hell.

Like the stenographer idea, keeping an excess of 120wpm of the lewd violating acts of the supervisor, while not being reviled or slightly turned on by any of tge events you are recording.

>> No.25492728


Both of these scenarios, simultaneously. There's some kind of byzanthine rule system that govens who gets to have sex with whom and how, so some of the kabal members will send you to a sexual harassment seminar for a stray glance while others will force you to lubricate grox dildoes or compile orgy invite lists.

>> No.25492858

What the hell is 'Taupe?'

>> No.25492896

Every so often a person gets punished for sexual harassment, either too much or not enough, and they have to sit through a Sensitivity Retraining Seminar. The rules change whenever the higher ups decide they do and if you ever claim you following the proper rules, they always have some obscure memo that you missed to punish you with negligence over.

>> No.25492899



>> No.25492956

On a slow day you might get 35 memos sent to your cubicle, some through email, some being solid copies, some being both, with a minor, but important detail that one has but not the other.

Also, the Kabal never forces anyone to join, they simply have them sign a contract on a seemingly unrelated topic. Some Dark Eldar find you wounded and offer to operate on you to save your life, but before they do they need you to sign a document saying that you won't sue them if anything goes wrong. It is 5,639 pages long and they don't start getting into the fact that you become their slave until page 4,621, under extended life saving care.

>> No.25493010

And the punishment for missing said office memos: a 40 hour time management training module

>> No.25493022


>> No.25493055


All work is unpaid. Why would the Kabal pay the slaves anything in the first place?

>> No.25493123

Oh no, they have salaries.

It's just that they have to be deducted for office supplies used, breaks taken, mandatory charges for morale boosting picnics, lunch room privileges, cleaning, retention for Haemonculus health plans, social security, work comp, etcetera etcetera and oh look, they owe the ARCHON money, gee, guess you're going to have to stay in an extra four hours.

>> No.25493142

Actually, you technically earn wages, but theres so many different punsihments and deductions throughout an average workday that you usually end up even more in debt at the end of the day. But still, the potential to earn is there, because there is nothing more dreary than the faintest of hopes being crushed daily. Some slaves even tell stories of a man whose work and behavior was so impeccable that he not only actually earned his wage for once, but actually bought his own freedom.

Alternatively, they never pay their slaves ever, but append the word unpaid to any punishments to make them that much more depressing.

>> No.25493174

Of course it's all unpaid. The training seminars are "mandatory". Failure to attend seminars or devote your attention to the subject matter presented is back to the sexual harassment topic: properly filing xenos fapfics in a warehouse full of filing cabinets arranged by length, subject matter, paper color, date, and time.

>> No.25493270

Anyways, has anybody got to work on a 1d4chan page or got any of this down outside of this thread?

>> No.25493376

Entertainment is provided with slaves given the choice of stitting in their cubicle for an extended period of time and playing a game of second edition FATAL, complete with expanded character creation rules and neccessary forms to fill out for requistioning and using office supplies. Unsurprisingly most choose the former option or fill in the neccessary forms to transfer to it after trying the latter.

>> No.25493628

>R: 255 / I: 38

>> No.25493685

Dude, we started talking about Dark Eldar Office Space a long while back.

This isn't about Xeno at all.

>> No.25493818

Doesn't matter, had sex.

>> No.25493859

What does that even mean in this context?

>> No.25493873

I don't think you would understand, tiny Xeno.

>> No.25493879

It means stale pop culture references.

>> No.25493916

This is how you deal with troll threads /tg/. Derail them in to something good.

>> No.25493979

See, though, I don't think that this was a troll thread.

>> No.25493985

I don't think it was that much of a troll thread, I think OP really thought that making Xeno srs bsns would make her more enjoyable.

>> No.25494014

Well, okay then, this is how you deal with delusional retards posting, you ignore them and make a thread good.

>> No.25494015

I don't think Xeno's all that serious, she's just got a vizier to be serious on her behalf. Phaerons rarely deliver their own threats.

>> No.25494045

Okay, enough Xeno stupidity. Can we go back to white collar Dark Eldar mental torture?

Cause I'm wondering if they have dental.

>> No.25494065

Except the really warlike ones.

>> No.25494069

>Xeno stupidity

>> No.25494083

Well, sure, but even then they generally let their minions threaten on their behalf. Addressing mortals is beneath them.

>> No.25494089

This wasnt really a troll thread. It was just a fun thread.
Shes pretty much that insane phaeron whose name I have forgotten that thinks he is still a necrontyr and that everyone else is too, except she just happens to think she is the little tau girl instead. And she seems to think people like her and she isn't an abomination-creating abomination, too.

>> No.25494107

Stupidity about Xeno, not Xeno's stupidity.

Just like any other kabals. One of the advantages of joining a kabal is potentially getting resurrected, or at least healed by the haemonculi, it's the canonical DE equivalent of dental.

>> No.25494108

I guess the creativity in this thread has run dry. A shame.

>> No.25494112

I personally want more writefaggotry on the Dark Crusade with Gav, the Membranes, the Scraplootas, and Xenos Dynasty.

>> No.25494123

She does have some friends, though.

But really, she's more like the little tau girl who tries her best to be a big scary but fair phaeron.

>> No.25494124

what is this thread about again?

>> No.25494139

so do I.

It's called the Soh'dan dynasty apparently

>> No.25494146

It was about a shitty mary sue.

Then it turned into The Grim Darkness of Office Politics.

Then OP came back, so it's going to shit again.

>> No.25494152

Yeah, I'm just too lazy to type that out.

>> No.25494153


>> No.25494160

I saw stuff about Tau, Eldar and /tg/ thoughtproduct, can anyone provide insight to the validity of this height chart (assuming the female Guardsman in the back is not female, but a pretty man)?

>> No.25494173

Not really, no. Read the thread and stop making silly generalizations.

>> No.25494178

>mary sue

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

>> No.25494198

>those eldar hands
eh, Blue could be a bit smaller. O rather, Cultist could be a bit taller.

>> No.25494202

What else do you call a Tau that becomes a necron pharoah through the power of friendship in 40k?

>> No.25494206

Is... is that supposed to be Cultist on the right there?

>> No.25494214

Yeah, Cultist is a reasonably average-sized human being. All tau are shorter than human average and Blue is Earth Caste, specifically, which are all short and stout.

>> No.25494218

Faggot needs to give up on their shitty original character do not steel.

>> No.25494233

>> No.25494241

she didn't become a phaeron through the power of friendship, dude.

She became one through the power of random dice rolls, suicidal phaeron, plot conveniency and survival.

You better stop posting about something you know little about.

>> No.25494247

It was more of a tau-like abomination that was generaped into necron-like, tau-like abomination. No worse than a half-eldar if you ask me.

Anyways, back to the fun. Any reason for the Pale Collar Kabal to show up on wherever all of this is going down?

>> No.25494256

She became Phaeron because a Necron Lord took her corpse and cloned it repeatedly until it was suitably compatible with Necron tech, then sent those clones to die one after another in a survival horror meat grinder until one of them succeeded in assassinating another Necron Lord. Then the first Necron Lord died, too, and Xeno was the only one left.

I know you think it's hip and cool to hate on Xeno because she's like /tg/'s version of MLP but that's really not what the character or Tau Quest is about.

>> No.25494262

You need to read a 40k book. Trying to fit a Taucron in to canon is like trying to fit Sonic the Hedgehog in to 40k- fucking retarded.

>> No.25494274

They figured out it would be too much fun with all those zany people meeting so they decided to NOFUNALLOWED the shit out of it.

like this

>> No.25494280

exactly. It's retarded, precisely why it's funny if not taken as seriously as you're taking it.

>> No.25494288

She did. @LittlestPhaeron isn't written by the person that created Xeno. Neither was Xeno's Adventure or Diary of a Teenage Phaeron.

>> No.25494298

It is basically /tg/'s version of MLP, replete with cute scarabs and awful fetishes.

I really like the Tau aesthetic, the dakkalists, the creepy orwellian fluff behind them, but I can never talk about Tau without blueberries or this mary sue darkening the thread.

>> No.25494299

/tg/'s creativity lasts only for one thread per month.

>> No.25494300

Addendum: >>25479311 might have been, though.

>> No.25494310


The cruelest part of the Pale Collar structure is that slaves are free to apply to leave at any time, but the requisite forms and paperwork cannot be feasibly completed within a human lifetime.

>> No.25494312

>mary sue
There's that word again.

>> No.25494323

Blue should be a little bit more buff. She spends all day with orks, after all. And maybe make cultist a smidge taller.

>> No.25494327

I'm sure you can tolerate half a dozen posts about her without blowing it out of proportion so much as to make the whole thread about her.

Also, since when is /tg/ the right place to talk about what you like for extended periods of time?

>> No.25494349

So they send their slaves to go set up these signs everywhere and try to turn everything into drab bureaucratic buildings in the middle of a warzone?

Then they bring out the Corporate Skiffs to "fine" their foes.

>> No.25494358

>replete with cute scarabs and awful fetishes.
More proof you never read it.

>> No.25494360

Oh boy, here we go again...

Xeno haters posting about how much they hate Xeno is what ruins threads. So what if some faggot posts a couple of cutesy pics and talks about their waifu? If it' relevant to the topic at hand, all the better; if it's not, ignore it and keep on talking about whatever the fuck you're talking about.

>> No.25494361

damnit, my reference to "Xeno's fapfics" was supposed to read as "Xenos fapfics" as in non human stuff the Pale Collars would get off on. Sorry for returning topic to OP, /tg/. can we get back to our bueroctaric kabal of tedious torment now plox?

>> No.25494364


Seriously, some kabals aren't above that.

>> No.25494379

They sound a lot like the Cogs from that weird Disney MMO. Toontown, I think.

Just, you know, with more bondage.

>> No.25494385

This is what you deserve for not knowing how and when to use the genitive.

>> No.25494396

Seconding this. If you cant post in this thread WITHOUT bitching about Xeno, just leave. You guys are the ones who derailed the kabal talk with your bitching, no one else.

>> No.25494399

>OP starts terrible thread
>/tg/ mine gold from dirt
>OP comes back and drags a good thread back to its shitty origin

Shut the fuck up about Taucrons and get back on track. In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, there is only paper work.

>> No.25494401

Please god let it be so.

There have to be morale building members chosen among the slaves. They have the same work load, and also have to produce things that can measurably improve morale.

Hey, our Kabal of the Pale Collar thread was just fine without Xeno.

>> No.25494404

yes, the exit interview alone lasts 10 decades, and the severance package seminar of benefits transfer is a 20 week conference.

>> No.25494428

Well you see, they acquired several of these worlds a thousand years ago as part of an ordinary and well-understood contractual purchase.

They were intending to keep this system nice and boring to house some of their branch offices, and now Orks, Necrons, and Chaos is mucking it up without filing the requisite Application for Prolonged Military Endeavors Against Non-Eldar Foes.

Rules exist for a reason, and must be enforced.

>> No.25494432

see >>25494396

>> No.25494439

>Hey, our Kabal of the Pale Collar thread was just fine without Xeno.
so stop making it about her, like right now.

>> No.25494445

And they won't give you any references.

>> No.25494453

Yes, but do they have job seeking agencies?

>> No.25494461

You just don't get it, do you?

>> No.25494468


Human life is extended to abnormal limits by the homunculi. There are 13,000 year old office workers reduced to gibbering, photo copying zombies, their apathy fueling business suited archons woth the vivid nothingness.

>> No.25494472

What if the slaves went on strike to protest about the management despoiling their social acquirements?

>> No.25494488

They do, but all their partnerships with other employment agencies fall under their corporate umbrella structure, ensuring you stay within the confines of the Pale Collars clasps for your lengthy career.

and as to Anon way, way up in the thread:
They offer dental, but enrollment happens at the same 20 week seminar that benefits transfer happens at.

>> No.25494500

They can't even imagine that.

That's like asking a customer service representative if he feels like forming a union. They always feel too 'grateful' for their job, perpetually afraid somebody else can do it. And anybody else can do it. It's not hard work. But it is awful, excruciating, soul sucking work.

>> No.25494512

They can picket outside the entrance to the building, however, every exit door has a webway portal looping it back to a hallway that enters the call centers bull pen

>> No.25494518


Slaves cannot strike without applying for Workplace Protest Leave, requesting pickets from the Board of Handheld Signage and Advertisement, and notifying Human Resources.

Unregulated strikers are sent to the Focus Testing cubicles.

>> No.25494525

Good news, everyone! We got some Pale Collar drawfaggotry over at >>25494355. Just remember, going over there to check it out counts as your break for this year.

>> No.25494531


Their will has long since been shattered. The form for submitting complaints is three decades long and goes in circles. In the 41st millennium there are no unions.

>> No.25494539

and every cubicle has a poster as seen here, with a Gyrinx substituted for a cat.

>> No.25494548


>> No.25494589

can the last 5 minutes of my break be taken if i do not use it viewing the drawfags pic after submitting my request for annual temporary relaxation on payroll fed time?

>> No.25494623

Im sorry, but you must file your request in triplicate, giving me the tan copy, giving the taupe copy to central management, and keeping the beige file for yourself. Unfortunately the time it took me to explain this to you is taken out of your break, so its time for you to get to back to work.

>> No.25494627


This was a more than adequate use of my yearly break time. It has greatly strengthened my resolve to continue working to strengthen this wonderful organization.

>> No.25494719

Frankly, I thought Office Space was wretched and the notion of a Dark Eldar Kabal dedicated to it bores me to tears - and not in an ironic way, either, so don't go getting any ideas. It's just a colossal waste of time.

>> No.25494764

>It's just a colossal waste of time

Now you're getting it!

I feel like the only thing missing from this Kabal right now is a few named characters. Anybody got a good idea for the Chief Executive Archon?

>> No.25494775

So how do the Pale Collars handle stock options?

How would their Xmas party be handled?
I'm picturing Harlequins providing the entertainment, but being required to dress in grey/greyer checkered garb, singing (insert nonsecular holiday theme) songs in monotone with a refreshments table full of crackers and water.

>> No.25494795

Nah, not water. Shitty punch that is either way too sweet, or way too watery, and that has that awful powder collect at the bottom of the shitty plastic cups.

>> No.25494820

Roz from monsters inc as a wrack secretary/admin asst?

>> No.25494830


It's a watery, bland, grayish punch, with a powdery film on the bottom.

>> No.25494850

>How would their Xmas party be handled?
You mean Winter Solstice Observance.
There is no party, and no days off. Everyone is issued a tiny scratchy santa hat and a single candy cane.
The candy cane is always cracked.

>> No.25494869

C.A.O (Central Archon Operative) Dahv Harchon?

>> No.25494905

They do give gifts, but it is always in the White elephant fashion, and starts with full Kabal partners ensuring none of the workers get more than half of the cracked candycane. If they are so lucky

>> No.25494942

The secret santa program is less than secret thanks to mandatory filing of gifts and the exchange permits, and it always ends up with everyone giving and receiving exactly one small, slightly stale chocolate bar and a fruitcake.
Arranging for long-term storage of the fruitcake can take until November of the next year.

>> No.25495231


Candy canes? Chocolate? Those all have waaaaaay too much flavor.

>> No.25495252

Necco Wafers, then. and instead of red and white, grey and that purple looking disgusting as fuck one.

>> No.25495278


That's more like it. Anything that tastes like chalk is what we're going for.

>> No.25495441

Banner idea?

I know it's shit so if you can improve, I wholeheartedly encourage it.

>> No.25495617

Have you ever had stale chocolate or a bad candycane? Its fucking awful.

>> No.25495687

The chocolate is that baker's unsweetened hershey's bar that has been open for a week or two

>> No.25495688

How's this then

>> No.25495697

I think you have it wrong. It's worse then that. Nobody has the initiative to consider that there is the possibility of leave. A small part of them remembers that they were sold or enslaved into the office and they are afraid of the outside world because what would they do? They won't have a job, and someone else will take there's. Commorragh is not a nice place to be without a job.

The actual application is a mere five page compliance document with a mandatory interview with your supervisor along with some representative from MKR who will discuss your package and any benefits you will be accepting from the company. Nothing difficult, but nobody has ever considered leaving, that would require independent thought, and if the cabal hasn't ground that out of you in the first year of service you are made of tougher stuff. And the benefits are good, the team members are okay and the work is easy. Tiresome, boring but easy.

And then there is that tiny bit of hope, that one person people talk about who succeeded and moved up through the ranks. Some people say that this person is now a senior partner in MKR. Others whisper that they are on the board of directors. All they know is the cubical Todd worked in is empty.

>> No.25495790


I'd rather see a more stylized paper clip instead of the actual Clippy.

Maybe the 'Pale Collar' is their emblem, and it looks like an off-white paperclip or something.

>> No.25495913

like i said, maybe we can enlist a drawfag one more time for this. Im off prepping meatbread at the moment, but I'll leave the thread up. I really wanna see the Pale Collars come into their own, shit this is the most fun I've had on TG in a long time.

>> No.25495953

Now do one for Xeno.

>> No.25495975

Lookin good. I still feel like Blue is a bit too thin, but the heights are all great. Whats up with that eldar, by the way?

>> No.25496078

Nice art, dude.

Does it occur to anyone else that Blue looks somewhat froggy?

I'd say maybe the arms could be a little more muscular, dunno about anything else
>Dem hips

>> No.25496138

we are doing this shit again? do you not have a sense of work ethic for your Archon Boss?

>> No.25496218

Can we get someone to redraw this with a Pale Collar dark eldar hammering in the sign instead?

>> No.25496279

I am not a model employee.

>> No.25496309

I think you're mistaken. The Pale Collar Dark Eldar should be discussing with their fellow team members the OH&S compliance regulations and preparing to set up the mandatory safe area around the Raider along with appropriate lighting and designated safety zone for gathering in case of emergency.

>> No.25496322

well I'm afraid due to your conduct in this thread, we are going to have to write you up a reprimand. please fill in all the blanks of this 68,749 page document for our records of giving you a warning and submit a 500 page report on how you plan to improve your conduct. I'm also afraid we will have to dock all time spent preparing this report from your salary.

>> No.25496349

that's almost perfect! do you realise how much butthurt implementing HSE in the workplace woud cause amongst everyone under the employ of the Pale Collars?!?

>> No.25496438

You're failure to complete the necessary Paperwork before the interspecies relationship you have developed is only the start of the notes on your file. You have some serious problems with your workplace relationships and the team does not feel that you are pulling your weight. We are going to have to send you to mandatory counseling to help you work through these problems.
Your current employee success vector is also not looking good with your public relations problems visa-ve the communication and sales, where we believe you will need to attend a course on sales tactics and marketing which will help improve your vectors.

>> No.25496454

please tell me their executive razorwing drops leaflets detailing news within the Kabal on their foes/future employees...

>> No.25496463

I don't think you fully comprehend the futility of assigning meaningless busywork to a robot.

>> No.25496531

well judging by the AIs ability to experience emotion, I'd say it is not operating at 100% efficincy. we will have to take it offline and send a technician to do routine maitenance and troubleshoot its subsystems. of course, this could be a very lengthy process. you see, theres filling out the trouble ticket, escalating said ticket to the appropriate tier of support(which there are several hundred levels of) as well as his troubleshooting checklist which dwarfs the old terran book "the bible" in size.

>> No.25496618

Ancient drawthread request involving Cultist helping a shipwrecked Eldar. Threw Blue in 'cos she works with the scene.

>> No.25496634

I think you've not done truly painful office work before. Hundreds of pages are fine. It takes time but as everything is different then there is continual stimulus. No, you need to submit a simple, at most ten page document. Mostly check boxes with a little place to initial at the bottom of the page. Then there is the only free form section which requires you to state how you will avoid these situations in the future, how you will improve your conduct, and the final piece on the form, thoughts for improvement. At the end of the page is the sign that they don't care, "The Pale Cabal appreciates all feedback from our Team Members and seeks to build a positive workplace environment."

It needs to require some though, not enough to be interesting, but just enough to be painful boredom to have to complete the form every time you do something wrong. And it changes just enough each time so you have to read the form. Dam employee conduct improvement form.

>> No.25496866

Well I disagree on my not knowing truly painful office work, but that's IRL and nobody cares for that. That's why we are on TG in the first place.

But yes, I'm sure the document would change enough every two days to make sure employees read every detail on the form. Also, there should be a system in place to reject incomplete/improperly filled forms for conduct improvement. Three rejected filings of the form result in the month-long conduct compliance training class, which quizzes on every sub-section of the Code of Conduct pamplet

>> No.25496876


>The Pale Cabal appreciates all feedback from our Team Members and seeks to build a positive workplace environment."

Pure Evil.

>> No.25496945

I can just imagine their pre-battle war speeches
>"We are going to rape the enemy!"
>"We are going to enslave the enemy!"
More cheering
>"And then we are going to fill out the necessary paperwork!"
Thunderous applause

Meanwhile, the corporate drones are just rolling their eyes as one mutters "Looks like we're gettin' some new interns".

>> No.25497090

Denizens of Commoraugh, you have done good this day. In response to your overwhelming performance in this thread, have some meatbread. Please don't forget to file all required forms for taking your ten minute lunch break with your team leader, supervisor, department lead, and operations manager before heading to the break room. That is all, and thank you for your services at Pale Collars, LLC

>> No.25497095


1. Pale Collars don't show excitement. A small yawn is the greatest compliment they can give.
2. Paperwork happens before, during, and after anything a Pale Collar does.
3. A Pale Collar will never end a sentence in an exclamation point.

>> No.25497102

Fair point about IRL.
I'm thinking a week long seminar and class series and then a month of Team Member supervised workplace compliance with an end of month review of your conduct. Failure there results in the month-long conduct compliance training class, which are after office hours classes. Can't have team members shirking their responsibility in order to avoid the regulation and compliance of the Kabal as a whole and ruin the efficiency of the Kabals trading and shipping operations.

>> No.25497127


It should totally be LLK.

>> No.25497160

LLK, may I ask for a definition?

>> No.25497211

I thought the Higher Ups enjoy their station to the fullest and actually get off to the boring shit, only doing the emotionless stuff in front of the slaves because they feed off the boredom.

Mostly I just wanted to make a contrived Hot Fuzz reference.

>> No.25497220

I thought the C was for Commoragh.

>> No.25497229

Limited Liability Kabal

>> No.25497260

I don't know. If you consider the kabal working like Catbert, they thrive on crushing your soul to boredom and taking part in it as part of the necessities of the kabal. But when they are on a raid, proper DE raid, for those who have completed the necessary statutory compliance and met their key performance indicators, this is the full company paid trip to Las Vegas. No string attached. They are allowed to get it out of their system on the raid, but when they return it's back to work.

And what happens on the raid stays on the raid. Nothing that happens on the raid is to be spoken of outside of the raid. All forms and declarations are to be completed in passive third person and adjectives are only allowed to be descriptive.

>> No.25497269

Well, stupid question I guess... LLK it is then.

>> No.25497623

Well one last stand

>> No.25497667

This is up on the archive, right?

>> No.25497753


>> No.25497755

No idea

Someone said they were archiving but I have no idea what is happening with it.

>> No.25497798

It is. Under the name kabal of the pale collar.

If the writefag from earlier comes back, please make a new thread if you ever finish your writefaggotry.

>> No.25497821

Right here.

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