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Writethread everybody! The hot new thing that all the kids are doing.

>But anon, how does a writethread work?
Simple! In the comment box above, write out a character or a scenario, nothing is too sparse or too elaborate! In return, a write(fag)friend will write something up for you.

>What? I understand drawing but writing is easy! You just want attention you fag.
Wow, greentext guy, go back to fucking /v/. A good question though. Want some last words for your BBEG but can't think of anything good? Want to spice up some room descriptions? Writethread!

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why not.

Party publicly accuses evil wizard using his position in society as a wealthy merchant to gather magical artifacts of being responsible for attacks on caravans in the area. they have encountered enough evidence to be sure of his culpability but have none of it on hand. the wizard is being accused in front of the other dominant merchants who effectively control the city

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See this motherfucker? He's vain, petty, arrogant, has no moral boundrys whatsoever, AND IS UTTERLY CONVINCED HE'S THE HERO AND YOU'RE THE VILLIAN.
He can call a bunch of villagers savages, then order them killed down to the last man, woman, and child, in the same breath, without the slightest hint of cognitive dissonance. He can torture a person for hours, then release them upon getting the info he wants "because showing mercy is what Heroes do". He condemned HIS OWN DAUGHTER to a horrific parody of life so he could use her powers to charge up an artifact of doom, then calls YOU a monster for putting her out of her misery, AT HER REQUEST no less
Gimme a fantasy version of this jerk.
Also, fuck captcha

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Shooting him in his fucking face was easily the best part of the whole damn game.

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I am going to participate in this, I was just asking about this junk in another thread and it's something I'd like to try.

Will do poetry / writing, going to start working on this >>25475852 because jack is one of the best villians I've ever seen and I think it would be fun to write up his fantasy equal.

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Hm, you want a speech by the party or the wizard or a description of the scene?

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The Ogre King - A kind and benevolent king is transformed into a hideous monster by an evil wizard and then continues to be a kind and benevolent king

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you're right

but that doesn't mean much

still a p. cool character

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Gallant Ja'k, present to inform all murderous ruffians that this is the end of the trail for you. For too long have you plundered the tombs of this lands nobility and slain local fauna for anyone with the gold to pay you. This land will be under my control and there is no place for you brutes here. You are bandits, no better than orcs or goblins. Your assets will be ceased and all magical items will go directly to the people of the Hyperius Kingdom. Savagery has ruled these forgotten realms for too long, and I shall be the one to civilize it.

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An Ex-Paladin turned Tyrant. Only wants to make the world right again. (No wars, starvation, cruelty) Hasn't lost faith in Heaven, only in Man.

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The story starting from this post

Except an actual fapfic, not a castration cop out.

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I shall return, friends call, but do not lose hope! Keep the thread alive!

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Can we get help with settings too, or only characters/speeches?

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It's kind of sad really. I really felt for him when he was almost in tears begging me not to kill Angle. Though that didn't stop me from blowing the fucker away when I finally got a chance.

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Here goes:

A genius yet sheltered sorceress reaches the end of her first day spent in a new role - Magical
Echelon of the Royal Knights. It's been a day of hard riding and military discipline and that's quite different to life in a mage's tower.

She complains about her ill luck and discomfort to an increasingly unsympathetic knight assigned to be her bodyguard.

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Wow, he works really we in a fantasy setting too.

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The knight in the black armor strolled out into the confines of his small city. He rarely left the comforts of his castle, but this was a special occasion. A foolish bandit had DARED to challenge the peace and prosperity that was his town by killing several of his men over the past several days, and even had the audacity to paint some crude insults on the walls of the city, challenging the honor and greatness of Jack the Handsome.

"Alright! Listen up peasants!" He shouted to the smallfolk of his city, who were likely all plotting against him anyway. "I'll give 200 gold pieces, or some food, or whatever it is the smallfolk wants, to whoever can tell me who this ballsy bandit is that thinks they can vandalize MY property." He said, before walking back to his castle. There he gathered a few heavily armored knights and waited.

There were a bunch of border settlements that were known for harboring bandits. This would be where he and his men would start. They rode out after an hour.

When they reached the first border settlement, Jack the Handsome shouted to the guards who were standing by the shoddy wooden gates, barely able to hold their spears upright.

"Listen up you inbred hill people. I'm here for the bandits, you know the ones! Bring them out to me now, and I won't burn your pathetic little town to the ground. I'm nice like that."

He waited, but after ten seconds of grating silence he spoke again. "That's it! Ser James, kill that guard." He said, pointing the old feeble man who was standing by the gate. The knight by Jack's side sent a crossbow bolt through the old man's neck. A young girl cried "Pap-paw!" before breaking into tears.

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"Alright, now that you guys know I'm serious-" he began, but the young girls wailing was hard to shout over. "Will someone please shut that brat up? I'm trying to give a menacing speech here! As I was saying, you have three-" The wailing did not stop, and nobody was moving to make it stop. "Oh for crying out loud! Well, give me that." He said as he snatched the crossbow from Ser James and sent a bolt flying. "Good, now that that's done," he said as the girl's body fell to the ground with a pleasant thud "Who here wants to tell me where the god damned bandit lord is?! This is the last time I ask before the torches and flaming arrows come out, and your city is burned to the ground."


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King Tellowson IV. 2nd child to King Tellowson III and Lady Benevere. (Older sister is Princess Tela, Duchess of Yann) Was the type of child to find wounded animals and nurse them back to health. Was best friends with the Royal Smith's son, whom would later be his Royal Adviser. (Not an evil one either)

During his reign, his first order of business was aiding the refugees from Chism. (A neighboring country recovering from a gruesome civil war) Personally financing many poor homes and giving away acres of land for the refugees to farm and develop a living.

Local Wizard McDouchebag (too tired to make a name) often used the refugees as free "test subjects". Was rather angry at them being helped and being taken from his reach. Decided to curse the king and get a more "favorable" king put in charge. (Preferably the King's cousin, Baron Rotsby)

King gets cursed, his Court turns on him, even his (political) wife. His Adviser stands by his side, and manages to sway the palace guard, whom he controls finances for, to his side. Rest soon follow. Goes back to business as usual.

Wife went missing (probably ran home), and was replaced by a peasant woman (Genevieve). (King loves Genevieve very much because she sees past his looks. Officially titled a "concubine". but is pretty much his wife)

King's new orge body makes him wicked dangerous at combat now. Also helps in negotiations.

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His farm, destroyed by bandits
His son, drafted into the king's royal guard
His wife, sleeping with the duke on the hill

Now, armed only with his pitchfork, his wife's favorite chopping knife, and the small journal of spells he had bought his son for his birthday, one farmer goes on an epic quest to make things like they used to be again.

No matter the cost.

good scenario? Would you play this character? Would you play with someone who was playing this character

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Did his wife get kidnapped or just a hussy? Either way, what kinda faggot wouldn't want to play a blue collar worker fighting to get his family back. (Whether it be wife, son, or both)

Bonus awesome if he leads a peasant revolution.

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speech by wizard or general scene description. wow me OP

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I'm not OP, but I could do this. What kind of speech would you like? Some sort of inspirational battle speech? Or some sort of long winded description about some sort of arcana?

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They fall in love. She turns into a badass spellsword type who takes no ones shit. He becomes Grand Master (?) of the Knights. They fuck shit up all day and then each other.

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Wife's a hussy.

But to be fair, his farm's destroyed and his son's been taken away from him. So even if he knows she's unfaithful, she's the only thing he'd have left.

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basically him trying to assure everyone present that he is surely innocent of these heinous crimes while slyly hinting his wrath to the PCs.

But im not picky, improvise!

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Maybe she once loved him but eventually grew to despise him due to the hard times. And when he finds his son wasn't drafted but joined the army because he no longer respects his father. And so he quest to gain the respect and love of his family.

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Still though. Save son, disregard wife, lead revolution, make a system where this shit don't happen.

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I'm just going to throw out a concept, you guys can do whatever you want with it.

>A town guard, a guy who sells food, a bum, and a non magical bard are the only defense a small village has against an oncoming wave of goblins led by a mad orc...or something.

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Town guard's the party leader and face (just doing my job, ma'am), food guy is a hunter who sells the meat of the animals he hunts (WHOODEY! You see that boyo?! Right between the eyes!), the bard's a glory hound who's read too many swashbuckler tales, and the bum is a former soldier who recognizes the Orc as the one responsible for the loss of his old unit (whicj drove him to drinking, which led to hum losing his job, which led to him being a bum).
Did I do good?

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I do like the idea of the relationship falling apart due to the hard times. I do think the respect idea could work, but I feel it would be a more engaging story if circumstance fucked his life over, and he's willing to do anything to fix it.

A very likely possibility. A good one too. I'd think he'd need to realize that he needs to change things for the future and not go back to the past first, maybe by almost doing something stupid like making a deal with an evil spirit, but then kicking the spirit's ass and breaking his contract or whatever.

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“I have never been able to stand you. And now, no one else will.”

With an overly-dramatic snap of his fingers, the evil wizard activated the spell. The sigil beneath the king ignited with bright orange fire, and the pure transformative energy of the cosmos swirled into him as he writhed and screamed.

The great adventurers rushed forward, backed by dozens of the king's finest guards, but the evil wizard merely laughed as they approached. With a twirl of his effeminate wrist, he triggered his contingency, and disappeared in a puff of purple smoke, leaving the king's broken throne empty once more.

“Goddamn it,” muttered the head adventurer, sheathing his sword, “Now we're going to have to track him down again.”

“...what about the king?” said one of the others, nodding his head toward the maelstrom of red and orange whirling on the floor.

The head adventurer opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, the maelstrom dissipated with an immediate pop, leaving no king behind. In his place was a gigantic grey beast, the royal armor and robes comically stretched over its bulging flesh. Cyrus the Kind had been replaced by an ogre.

“I told you I saw this coming,” remarked the adventurers' wizard. With feigned regret, he raised his hands, bluish fire and lightning already sparking between his palms. The other adventurers entered battle stance as well, and the guards moved to surround the monster.

>> No.25476442

I like it. Good work.

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“Wait...” the ogre gasped, a pained expression on its face, “Wait, men,” it struggled to open its eyes, “I still have my wits about me.”

The guards halted immediately, their spears still pointed toward the ogre. The adventurers glanced at each other, and the wizard shrugged, his hands still wreathed in a readied spell.

Slowly, tortuously, the ogre drew itself to its knees, and then, with halting, piercing breaths, it stood. A once-beautiful crown snapped off its bulging skull and fell to the floor, as it drew itself to its full height.

For a moment, no one moved. Then the ogre spoke again, its voice booming throughout the royal hall.

“Forgive my appearance,” it said in a perfectly measured royal accent, “I am Cyrus still, and none shall change that fact.”

For yet another moment, no one moved. All over the room, eyes darted from ogre, to fellow guard or adventurer, and back to the ogre. Then the captain of the guard pulled his spear up to rest, and ordered his men to stand down.

The wizard sighed and clapped his hands, releasing the magic within them back to the air.

Cyrus smiled, as best he could with ogre features. Then he began to grin, as the pain of the transformation faded completely. “Let's set this to rights, now shall we?”

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I'm jumping in on this. If you want something, link to this post here

I can't guarantee length, but I can garuntee an attempt, for a while

>> No.25476469

It took more than a little coaxing to convince the residents of the royal citadel that Cyrus was still himself, but in the end, he was accepted. The king, his personality unchanged, is famously recorded as having described his new body as “an unfortunate skin condition” to a visiting prince.

If anything, his ogre form made Cyrus the Kind even kinder, and the sight of his great grey mass moving about the countryside deterred many an invader, much to the disappointment of the evil wizard.

However, all was not well with Cyrus, for he had lost something of great importance to him in his transformation. His favorite hobby had been watchmaking.

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Alright, meat boy. Try this on for size

This basic idea

With these details

Give it your best shot

>> No.25476486

Settings too, why not?

>> No.25476517

K, do you have names you want for them? Do you want them to fail or win? or maybe a vague ending?

>> No.25476532

Whatever you want, I'd like to see the creativity blossom.

I sort of imagined it to be comedic, but a dark tale is fine too.

Whatever you want, I don't care.

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Hey, Just AnotherWritefag here, from the other thread. I'll happily take 1 or 2 quick requests, since I have the time. I've got alot of experience doing NSFW stuff and stories but I'll try my hand at characters/concepts/whatever.

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LIIVI/Lofn pedo incest.

no please dont

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How's this?

Quite frankly, I'm appalled that this is necessary. To think, that one as benevolent, kind, and.. and powerful as myself would commit such a heinous act. I am full of rage that I am being implicated in this foul act. To think there are any that would dare accuse me of such a feat is truly sickening.

You all know my power, you all know what I am capable of. Do you truly believe that I would hurt a single soul that acted out against me? There is nothing to fear from me. My knowledge is vast, and has been earned over many years. The fabric of reality is my plaything, why would I waste my talents on such a small target? If I were to truly seek mischief, wouldn't it be on a much grander scale?

Please, if you truly think me such a monster, bring proof of my deeds. If you have none, then I don't see why I should waste my breath any further.

>> No.25476582

This is a bad idea and you should feel bad
Lofn catching the eye of a rogue trader, and having LIIVI tell said trader what will happen if his precious daughter gets hurt, however...

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A traveling hero he needs to FUCK an elf woman to expunge the dark spirits inside her.


A setting in which all of time has collapsed on itself, so Hitler and an army of Yeti can be riding dinosaurs fighting modern day tanks commanded by Ghangaus Kahn.

The world is split into two sides, those who want to fix the ring of time, and those who want to keep it the way it is.

>> No.25476594

H-how do you know about my private stash??! Are you with the NSA?

I'm joking. orami

>> No.25476637

That's a good idea actually. Lofn at the prom, her date shivering in terror at the Vindicare stalking them.

Y-You too?

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His armor is black with stripes of white, converging into a star shape on his breastplate. He strides confidently, with great purpose, the pounding of his boots on the floor echoing like cannonfire. The terrified knights around him shrink from his form as he walks up to the throne, bends down, and addresses the seated king as if he were a tiny child.

“Are you the ruler of this land, little one?” he coos.

The king, jaw frozen shut with fear, manages a nod.

“You rule it poorly.”

The king slumps over, a flow of red brightening his tunic where the unseen blade has pierced his body.

Slowly, the man in black and white turns, regarding the knights with burning eyes.

“I have seen the best you have to offer, and I am not impressed. You raise your hands to harm as often as to help, and to kill as often as to heal. It shall not be so anymore. I will make your world anew, and you will serve me as champions of the highest calling. Swear allegiance to me.”

One by one, the knights kneel, and stars of white appear on their armor.

>> No.25476705

I could do the first idea if noone has any other requests/ideas.

The second is good, but I dont have the time/energy to devote to giving that idea the justice it deserves.

>> No.25476749

A Chaos Space Marine is tempted by the lure of the God-Emperor, and eventually falls to Emperor-worship, defacing his Chaotic armour with aquilas and Imperial prayers.

>> No.25476779

>Ghangaus Kahn.
Instead of assuming you meant Genghis Khan, I'm going to assume you meant Gengauss Khan, the cyborg Genghis Khan who has a gauss cannon attached to one of his rad, rad robot arms. I might try to writefag something about that in a second, but I gotta get some shit done first so if anyone else wants to take a stab at it don't let me stop you.

>> No.25476781

>the rest of his warbands face when

>> No.25476835

>An Ex-Paladin turned Tyrant. Only wants to make the world right again. (No wars, starvation, cruelty) Hasn't lost faith in Heaven, only in Man.

He began his reign a liberator, a saviour - he had torn down Prince Leopolt Kreirsmoor and his cabinet of advisors and enforcers who had governed the land and its people with an iron fist, cold and uncaring.

He gave the people their freedoms, he listened to their pleas, acknowledged their troubles - for a time, he did all that he could for them, to bring them betterment, quality of life. He brought about a period of peace, stability and prosperity. There was crime, that is an inevitability, but when the offenders were brought before his throne, he preached - of salvation, of redemption, of second chances, of men made wholesome under Divine tutelage.

It was a long while until he realised he was becoming distant, detached - caught in the torrent of time and responsibility. He saw the ugliness in man's hearts as his closest friends, his councillors, began to bicker and scheme for his good graces - conflicts growing increasingly violent and troubling, his court, when it would convene, was a battlefield.

Had his heart not hardened, he might have been diplomatic, he may have negotiated - but in his disgust, he cast them out of his court and his life.

He would know no friends again, he would keep no company bar his own and that of his silent guardsmen - they spoke in stares and blank expressions.

Men who propagated violence, he had punished, imprisoned or sent away.

His fiefdom became a machine - so that hardship and lack would never come, he tightened Man's privileges and joys. They would do their duty - in the fields, in trade, in all places - as he had done his.

Man, he had realised, was inherently sick - men were cruel, sadistic, greedy, born with vices set deeply into them.

>> No.25476869


They began to call him Tyrant, and he was - a Tyrant to redeem them souls, a Tyrant to satisfy their needs, and not their wants. He would shape them like clay, and if they were already made hard in the oven of their hearts' burden, he would break them.

But he was still merciful, he did not kill.

It was not for their benefit, it was not so that they could improve, and make good of themselves.

He did his damndest so that when he died, he would not share the Heaven quite so quickly as the scum under his boot - he would be given, if only briefly, blessed reprieve... or so he thought.

>> No.25476890

Who would be interested in a /tg/ short fiction anthology, filled with submissions from all you? I'd probably start it out at around 10/20 pages if submissions are successful and put it together in a PDF so it can get posted around here.

If it goes well I'd try to get art for the cover and maybe do semi-regular volumes with themes. And if it goes really, really well getting it printed up.

>> No.25476922

DO IT. The awesomeness that would ensue would bring the WHOLE INTERNET to it's KNEES!

>> No.25476928

A group of waffen SS men and American soldiers having to hold a house against french zombies.

>> No.25476942

would you be collecting other writefags works?

>> No.25476950

And both groups think the other is behind the outbreak somehow
>capcha: the gedrawky
And that's some kind of macguffin

>> No.25476956

I'd participate.

>> No.25476962

I'll happily participate in this, but I gotta go to sleep now, unfortunately. Sorry I didn't get a chance to share any writings with you all.

>> No.25476977

I'd only accept submissions, wouldn't go around collecting stuff without permission.

>> No.25476978

I'm willing to write something. I probably won't write anything long though. Just a scene or a possible scenario from your idea.

Shoot one my way if you wish.

>> No.25477000


Sounds a little like pic related. Short version- German bomber crew gets shot down, takes refuge in Norwegian hunting cabin. The pilot/gunner from the British fighter they took down joins them. Shenanigans ensue.

Also, jumping in for requests or whatever.

>> No.25477008

Um... What pic?

>> No.25477009


Haha whoops.

>> No.25477080

A mad scientist tries to harness the power of electricity and lovecraftian magic to become an eldritch horror.

His 12 year old son tries to perform a ritual to banish his father to another world...and he's doing it in the same room where his father is strapped up to the supernatural electrical generator from beyond the stars.

>> No.25477097

Jayson was sweating and out of breath. He was used to carrying a quartered elk out of the woods, but that was after field dressing the damn thing. And at least then he could drag the damn thing behind himself. Two hundred pounds of bleeding soldier slumped against his shoulder for three kilometers of rolling forest was a whole ‘nother beast.
Lance could barely breath with the goblin arrowspierced through his mail and nearly puncturing his lungs. All of his men were dead. He should have died with them, but the hunter Jayson had saved him. The entire force of the town guard had ridden out on the appointed day, as the king’s courier had said. The army was supposed to return from the greenskin war, victory in hand. Instead, a landslide had killed most of the king’s cavalry and halted the rest on the far side of the mountains.
Greenskins had flooded down on them, shrieking their war cries. His men fought bravely, but the arrows were too thick. When he had ordered the retreat, almost all of his men had been slain by the black needles. The warg riders came over the mountain next, and killed all the horses before descending on the men. The only silver lining was they had killed more than twice their number in greenskins.
“Someone get help, Lance be dying!” Jayson shouted as they approached the town gates. The town was tiny, a worthless target too far in the mountains to be bothered by some war. That’s why the King had hidden his bastard daughter there. Just a matter of hiding the blood line. Now the greenskins had come for her. The priest was rushed forward by the villagers as Jayson laid Lance down on the ground.

>> No.25477104

“We must pray for the lord’s protection! The vile arrows of the greenskins-“ the priest started to say as he knelt in prayer, before Mark kicked him to the ground.
“It’s an arrow, not a curse you fool!” Mark said as he swaggered over to Lance. He was the soldier in charge of the girl. When the Orc Grizzma Crossk first appeared, Mark was the only survivor, and was missing the eye to prove it. “Bring me some fucking vodka,” he growled as he cast aside his empty flask.
“Here, I have some I think. Careful with that though, it was made from the finest grains of the golden-“ the bard Yhiroh explained as he handed Mark an ornate flagon from his motley robes.
“I don’t care,” Mark growled as he snatched it away from the foreigner.
“Is that alcohol to cleanse the wounds or something?” Jayson asked as helped Lance out of his armor as delicately as he could.
“What? Are you fucking drunk? Alcohol doesn’t clean greenskin poison. This is for me,” Mark said before upending the flagon and drinking nearly half of the liquor.
Yhiroh jumped forward and grabbed it back. “I wasn’t giving this away to be wasted on a hasbeen like you!”
“He and I are the only soldiers left in this town, and they are coming for us,” Lance said, coughing painfully.
“Who’s coming for us?” Mark asked as he ripped open Lance’s undershirt to get at the arrow.
“Grizzma Crossk,” Jayson answered. Mark stopped, his hands hovering above the arrow.

>> No.25477110

“I hope you can stand pain, greenskin arrows have to go through,” Mark said as he grabbed the arrow shaft. Jayson propped Lance off the ground as the guard captain nodded.
“Grizzma Crossk! Here? With just us to face him,” Yhiroh exclaimed as Mark shoved the arrow tip till it ripped out of Lance’s back. “Think of the stories they’ll tell!” Lance screamed in pain as Jayson ripped the arrow all the way out. Blood began pouring from the wound, but Lance stood back on his feet. “Here, here. This scarf was the tournament token of Sir Whitbark at the King’s tournament two years ago to Lady Lorwyn. According to her, the knight was blessed by the Lord that day and was never unhorsed,” Yhiroh explained, as he bound Lance’s wound, to no one because no one was paying him any attention.
“We have to do something, or every one of us in this village will be killed,” Lance said.
“Well, retreat isn’t an option, you can never retreat from the greenskins,” Mark replied.
“Not true. Sir Ballen the Lucky was stranded behind an orc warband and managed to escape past them,” Yhiroh started to explain.
“I’ve hunted these lands all my life, and I brought my boy up to do the same. There are ways out, but someone would have to hold the greenskins here,” Jayson said.”
“I’ll do it, it’s my duty,” Lance said.
“Not alone. I have a score to settle with Grizzma, and an eye to take. I think I’ll hang the damn thing around my neck as a lucky charm,” Mark said.

>> No.25477118

“My boy will lead the villagers away then. You’ll need my bow, I can put an eye out of a beast at a thousand paces. Their bows can’t reach half that,” Jayson said.
“Don’t think you’re leaving me out of this. Imagine the stories!” Yhiroh exclaimed as he tied off the scarf.
The greenskin war horns sounded in the mountains. The four men all looked at one another, with the villagers watching them. “You’re all good men. The valkyrs will smile upon us,” Lance said as he drew his long sword. “Let’s send them to the arch-fiend’s maw.”
“Sounds good. It’s been too long since I’ve felt greenskin blood on me,” Mark said as he cracked his knuckles.
“You act like they are going to win or something,” Jayson said with a forced smile.
“It will be glorious,” Yhiroh said.
Yhiroh tried to continue on a tangential ramble before Mark cut him off. “But I’m going to need drink and for this punk to shut up before I cut his tongue out.”
The arrows began to fall around the village as the four of them stood vigilant.

consider this a submission I suppose

>> No.25477121

Rolled 86, 2, 64, 5, 86 = 243

An average Joe from our universe gets summoned by a planeswalker in a duel(planeswalker fumbled his roll).

>> No.25477185

Very well done, I like your take on it.

The characters were interesting, the backstory was intriguing, and the "last stand" vibe was pulled off very well. Good work. Hopefully it gets into that submission thing.

>> No.25477187

challenge for you elegan/tg/entlemen,

A well-funded party of adventurers has delved into an unexplored ancient city far from the boundaries of civilization. Their search for valuable items and lost technology is fruitless, but they eventually come to an unmoving figure - an ancient jet black "golem", stylized with horrifically large musculature. Their proximity to it frees his head, and he affixes his figurative gaze on whoever is closest. It may understand spoken commands in which it is included, but does not speak in any communicable language. It instead delivers mental "images" into the forefront of the mind of whoever he is looking at.

How do i convey (in an atmospheric passage) that he is capable of sentient thought?

>> No.25477274

Thanks, I suppose that means I can start work on another request

>> No.25477299



I'm currently trying to figure out a way to make dwarves less "gruff traditionalist miners who drink ale and pick fights" and more "dwarf fortress members who probably graduated from Cromartie Highschool and somehow have built a thriving civilization despite having a propensity for doing things that other races describe ass 'ass retarded'".

>> No.25477325

This thread reminds me that I owe anons here a fapfic

Might as well get started on that...

>> No.25477377

Make them Australian instead of Scottish.

>> No.25477420

He deliver a mental image of a girl being raped, and the head smile.

>> No.25477440


...Y'know, I hadn't thought of that. I'm going to do this now. Thanks anon.

>> No.25477495


>> No.25477503

There was a thread a while back comparing dorfs to aussies. It didn't really gather much steam.
I was the OP for that thread. Butthurt lurker is butthurt.

>> No.25477517

He has no face, and no genitalia..

>> No.25477537

Basically spot on. Thanks!

>> No.25477589


Brothers, I have seen the true god of war. One who's armies will fight to the bitter end, despite hopelessness. He remains unchanged for millennia despite the cruel twists of fate. He exists beyond excess and temptations, in a state where disease nor death holds any reign. Brothers, there is but one true god in this universe, and his sign adorns my armor. We were wrong to betray him, and for our betrayal we are cursed with mutations that try to separate us from his visage. No longer will I provide skulls for the skull throne. Only cleansing fire, blessed promethium that burns through my veins, driving me forward on my quest of redemption. You see the words that burn through me, pumped by the hearts he originally blessed me with. Words of subservience to the one who gave power to all Space Marines, Fallen and Loyal. And should I break your neck, I pray your eyes will fall on these words so you know where my strength comes from. For the Emperor.

>> No.25477590


So I've accelerated my plans with this, here is an email you can reach me at. I'll make a thread sometime after wednesday. In the mean time you can send along your stories to the email above, I don't think this first one will be themed.

Post or email me ideas for anthology themes or a title you prefer (if any). Email me if you'd like to do a cover.

Some things to note

I might not include your story for any reason. Unless I get a ton of submissions this first one will just be more of a collection. If I get enough there will be more curating.

Stories won't be edited, except for minor grammar fixes. I have an associate with experience who will probably like to copyread.

Hopefully we can put out at least one good collection.
Good luck to you all and don't forget to have fun!

>> No.25477721



"Fhtagn my boy! The word is fhtagn!"

"Shut up! I don't need your help!"

"Of course you don't, my boy!"

"Ia Ia Cthulhu fhtagn, take back to your realm what you have claimed."

"It's 'the' realm, for it is the only true realm."

"Shut up! take back to the realm what you have claimed. What has always been yours, let it return to you."

"You know, before your sister died I had been a man who loved this world."

"Ia Ia, to the realm that exists in the truth, in the place beyond time."

"And after she went away I saw just how cruel this place was, and how insignificant I was."

"To the place beyond death."

"Now I realize that I was worried about you. What this world would do to you."

"You can't stop me! Your lies are no good, we only have to wait!"

"A father can never stop his son. Never his boy."

"I love you dad."

And then the ritual was complete.

>> No.25477763

Give me three names for catgirls and I'll write this whole thing

>> No.25477766


"You are neither grizzled nor a bear."

"Uh, I know a guy named Bear Grylls."

"That will have to do. Prepare your soul, the horseshoe crab comes."

"Wait, a fucking crab?"

"Tis a powerful foe, steel your soul."

>> No.25477827


The golem looks at your flabbergasted party. Within your minds you suddenly imagine yourselves, looking flabbergasted. Your mouths then rotated upside-down, looking like smiles. Creepy smiles, but smiles nonetheless. Then you imagine having a picnic with the golem, and you all laugh as your roll down a hill. Well, the golem doesn't laugh, it just rolls with you and lays motionless while the rest of you laugh however the lighting on the scene definitely implies the creature is feeling mirth.

>> No.25477849

>horseshoe crab
I remember that thread.

>> No.25477941

Very nice dialog, love the implied relationship and past.

>> No.25478026


Yeah, figured I'd write something nice for father's day.

>> No.25478129

Oh wow, I knew it was father's day, but I didn't see the irony in requesting a story about a father.

>> No.25478198

A world-traveling vagabond with a wide assortment of various incredibly powerful or symbolically powerful items. He is highly protective over them, and knows how to use many of his items to a good degree. While he is a salesman, there are some things he won't give up, something many bandits, muggers, and wandering adventurers fail to understand.

>> No.25478446

Oh boy, this is really dumb
Genghauss Khan looked out over the horizon, one of his cybernetic hands shielding his eyes from the twin suns that hung in the sky. Today was a new dawn for his people. The many Mongol clans had been united into one great Horde, all by the might of his own cyberfist. And now, this would be the day they march forth and claim new territory for the mighty Mongolian Empire. But first, he had to address. He rode his velocity-raptor to the front of his army and halted their procession.

"Mongols!" The fierce warrior bellowed, his Plains Manta leather armor clasped together tightly over his silk vest, spun from only the finest Mongolian Death Worm silk, "Today, I address you not as disparate tribes and clans, but as one!"

A cheer rose from the crowd.

"It was our unity and our velocity-raptorback gunners that claimed these savage lands!"

Another cheer.

"It was our unity that secured the Plains Manta hunting grounds for our children!"


"That tamed the savage Death Worms once and for all!"


"That drove off those filthy outlanders from the Eastern Sea and their giant robots and the Technovikings that dropped forth from the sky!"

And still one more cheer.

>> No.25478473

"But…" Genghauss Khan warned flatly, his voice carrying over the noisy throng and silencing it. "…unity is not all I require from you. As many of you who have traveled with me since the beginning of my glorious conquest may know, there was a saying amongst my tribe from whence I was a child. The elders of my tribe had always said 'You do not truly know your velocity-raptor until you can place your hand inside its mouth and remove it unscarred'. As a boy, I took these words to heart and, being the precocious child that I was, immediately approached the wildest raptor I could find in the pens with my hand outstretched. I pulled back a gnarled, bleeding mockery of what my hand used to be. My rage was so great, that immediately began to rain blows down upon the raptor that bit me with the very hand he bit. I did not stop when I lost feeling in my arm. I did not stop when my world went red. I did not stop until my very bones gave way and my marred arm snapped in two."

A grin slowly crept on to Genghauss Khan’s face as he let his captive audience stew in silence for a moment.

"And then I picked up my shattered limb and used it to further bludgeon the beast!"

Yet again, his men cheered for him.

"The next day" he began once more "I rode that very same raptor into the Elders’ Tent and was fitted for a gauss cannon replacement. Since that day, neither that raptor – the same velocity-raptor I ride to this day! – nor any other has dared stand against me. So know this, men, that on this day I put my trust and my faith into you. Like my hand into that raptor’s jaws, I put my life in your hands. But know this too, that should any of you dare betray this trust, I will rain violent fury down upon you the likes of which not even a cyberserker could hope to match!"

>> No.25478484

Khan raised his gauss cannon arm to the sky.

"But stand by my side, and nothing but prosperity awaits you!"

The Mongolian Horde, now eager for new blood, erupted into applause.

"Today, we begin our march upon the Screaming Wall of China and Fleshcrafter Cao Cao and tomorrow, the world follows! Not even the Führer Hitler and his powerful Tyrantosaurus Rex or all the rest of his Führious Fourth Reich can stop the Mongol Horde."

Not waiting for the applause to die down, Genghauss Khan kicked his feet into the haunches of his velocity-raptor and heard the low rumble followed by a high pitched whine of its jet engine starting, accompanied by the ever-present hum of its laser eyes. With a fearsome roar and a horrendous metal shriek, the Mongol Horde and its velocity-raptorback cavalry tore across the plains, their sights set firmly on China and the lands beyond.

End. Tell me if I did it justice or not.

>> No.25478535

I enjoyed it.

>> No.25478767


That's what the man introduced himself as to me. A name not terribly unlike most of the people in town, really. But distinctive enough to stick around in my mind. About yea tall, a little scruffy on the face, and dressed rather ordinarily. He was also a quiet man, speaking efficiently and letting his wares do most of the talking for him.

I met him at the bazaar. It was a ridiculously hot day, with the sun seemingly piercing through the layers of fabrics spread out across the length of the thoroughfare from the rooftops. Most everyone had a stand, or a stall, or some sort of set up ready to put their goods out into the open. But I wasn't looking for the usual things, not for the fruits and meats, or the trinkets and baubles that the visitors love to bring home to their loved ones. Rather, I was looking for treasure, treasure that I didn't have to hunt for myself. Some call me lazy, but people like me keep adventure alive in this world, gives those who can't stay in one place a reason to live.

I suppose that is what drew me to the otherwise nondescript man leaning against an odd nook between a pair of buildings. That, and the feeling of cool air lazily swirling about his person. It's a surprise that there wasn't a throng of people huddled around him vying for a piece of that refreshing breeze. Our eyes met and immediately I knew that he meant business - those in the know of the treasures of this world do not question their gifts. After a brief introduction, we began.


>> No.25478775

A&W and some brand called Sprecher one of the airforce girls has.
It tastes like fucking mouthwash. Not my fault you guys can't make something decent with the word beer in it.

>> No.25478785

He was a shrewd salesman and negotiator, but that didn't stop me from relieving him of some of his goods for a decent price. However, he managed to squeeze a little more out of me to offer his expertise in the use of some of the treasures. But I'm more than willing to pay a little extra for good service, unlike some of the more unscrupulous connoisseurs out there. I was about to bid him fare well before I saw a particularly interesting pendant barely visible from the opening of the inside pocket of his jacket.

"A reminder of an older time," Teger told me. Matter of fact and to the point. I was insistent though to at least take a look for it. Begrudgingly, he pulled it out of his pocket and showed it to me. I leaned in close and almost gasped. Etched upon the trinket was the crest of the Wendervonn Clan. You know, the Clan that the leaders of this here city drove close to extinction back in the Great Clan War almost six-hundred years ago. And from it I felt that cool breeze spill forth from the intricate engraving from it.

I looked to him and he simply nodded. He didn't need to hear my question. He must have sensed that I made the connection. I quietly informed him that those coming from the Clan were still outlawed in this city. I offered to take on the forbidden crest (as my possession of it would merely be seen as a valuable acquisition rather than proof of an outlawed people), continuously raising the price for it each time he adamantly refused my offer. Eventually, I had to give up, realizing that I was starting to bid sums in which even I couldn't finance. Frustrated, I turned around and headed away from him in a huff.

>> No.25478801

Soon after I started heading back down the sweltering avenue, I realized that I haven't even thanked him for his services. I quickly made it back to that shadowy cranny, but found out that he wasn't there. He must have headed out, thinking that I was going to turn him in. Perhaps I felt bad about it as I stood there, bringing up the memory of a time where Teger's people were brought to the brink of the end. Maybe he does what he does not out of the need to adventure, but rather to preserve the memory of not just his people, but all peoples.

This conversation would have to wait for the next time Teger makes his way to town.


>> No.25478981

Hilarious, very good.

>> No.25479072

So where do I sign up for this campaign?

>> No.25479119

I'd play this crazy shit

also, catgirls and statue is coming in soon

>> No.25479343

Aw, thanks! It was basically just me trying to dump as many silly puns and references into as little text as I could while framing it in a generic war speech.

Glad you enjoyed it!

>> No.25479392

This is what you should probably expect

“Wooow, look at that statue. Someone sure loves muscles,” Amber said as the three catgirls wandered into the strange chamber. Along the center of the far wall was a massive, jet black statue stood. It was covered in huge muscles of an impossible physique. The blank face stared down on them.
“I think I like this sculptor. We didn’t find anything else, so let’s take this,” Jasmine said as she walked up to the statue. Her tail was flicking form side to side as she ran her hand along the massive tricep. She screamed out as the head of the statue swiveled around to gaze at her. “Nyaah? Is it magic?” she asked from atop Kate’s head, her tail dancing in the air.
“Jasmine, you’re very heavy,” Kate said as her knees wobbled under the additional weight. Amber crawled up on the statue’s crossed arms as Kate and Jasmine collapsed onto the ground, in a cloud of dust.
“Are you just a gimmick or are you actually a golem mister?” Amber asked as the face rotated around to face her. An image filled her mind, not of her own whimsical creation but from another. It was a picture of a great man of stone supporting the world above him. “Woah, was that you mister?” Amber asked, knocking on its head when it didn’t respond.
“Mmm? What happened Amber?” Jasmine asked as she stretched her back out. Kate was still underfoot.
“Oh, well I asked it this question, and then I got this like woah image in my head you know?” Amber responded as she bent over backwards to look at her companions.

>> No.25479406

“Oh cool! I wanna try!” Jasmine shouted as she jumped up on the statue’s back. “Hey! Hey! Hey! Can you do that to me too?” The head did not turn, but the same image filled Jasmine’s mind. “Cooool,” she said as she stared off into space.
“Show me something else mister!” Amber declared as she grabbed the head and beamed at it. When nothing happened, she began to quietly growl, and her nails popped out.
“What are you Mr. Statue?” Kate asked just before Amber’s nail carved into the statue’s temple.
An image of a shield filled their minds. The sun rose and set, over and over in a rapid blur as rain and wind beat down on it till it rusted away to nothingness and only the core remained.
“How are you a shield? That doesn’t make any sense! Do you even understand what we are saying?” Jasmine asked as she leaned over its head, blocking Amber’s view.
“More importantly!” Amber shouted as she shoved Jasmine away and leaned in till she was nearly pressing her head against the statue. “If you can show us anything, show me what Leonidas is doing right now. Is he thinking about me?” she asked, wriggling her butt in the air.
“I don’t think it works like that,” Kate said before another image was projected to their minds. There was a great library, stretching on to the endless distance, filled with musty scrolls and small scribes moving between the shelves, working and organizing and writing their own scrolls.

>> No.25479416

“Is that supposed to mean Leonidas is studying?” Amber asked in exasperation.
“Or is that supposed to be like your head or something?” Jasmine asked.
An artistic drawing filled their minds, it was reminiscent of the ancient ideal of man. For a moment it slowly enlarged till the only thing left was the expressionless face, staring at them.
“But that’s not what Leonidas looks like at all!” Amber shouted as she grabbed onto the statue’s head.
“I think he meant that he was referring to himself. No one cares about Leonidas but you Amber,” Kate said as she walked up to the side of the statue. With a swift and graceful leap, she landed on its shoulder and perched herself there.
“Oh you just shut up why don’tcha? You’re just jealous because he only likes blondes, so there,” Amber said as she stuck out her tongue at Kate.
“Maybe it’s like a question master. You ask it things and you get cryptic answers of forbidden knowledge not meant for mortal minds,” Jasmine said, trying to make her voice as deep and ominous as a catgirl can.
“Oh, but that wouldn’t be fun.”
“So, what are you? Are you like, even alive?” Kate asked.
Another image came to them, a thick and mighty heart beating in the darkness.
“A heart! So it is alive!” Jasmine quickly leaned over and pressed her fluffy ear against its rippling pec. The other two

>> No.25479429

The other two catgirls waited, holding even their breaths as Jasmine searched around on its chest. “Oh I just love these muscles so much!” she gushed as she wrapped herself around its chest, rubbing her face against the smooth stone.
“So is it alive or not!” Kate and Amber shouted together.
Before she could respond, the statue sent another image to them. Rings within rings of robed men stood in awe around a beacon of light, but slowly they turned and faded. The men that had worshipped the light left it, until only the light remained, and then it too went out.
“Oh it’s lonely! Don’t worry mister, we’re here now!” Amber said as she leaned over Jasmine to hug its head.
It responded with an image of men and women running as fast as they could, fleeing towards the distant horizon as a dark shadow chased them.
“Is there a monster here? We can super duper beat it! Trust us, kay?” Kate said.
Images of fire and burning filled their minds. Unrelenting infernos of destruction around everything they could see.
“Something terrible is going to happen! We gotta take him with us!” Jasmine declared.
Then they saw themselves. Stabbed and beaten, bloody and defeated, broken and dying on the ground.
“Oh no! It’s coming for us! What is it Mr. Statue? Tell us!” Amber shouted as she dug her nails into it.

>> No.25479440

“Nyeah! Tell us!” Jasmine demanded as a torrent of nonsensical images of destruction were sent to them.
“We’ll protect you! Don’t worry! JAK is on the case!” Kate said, giving her signature sexy pose.
“Yeah! JAK is on the case!” Jasmine and Amber echoed, giving their own poses.
And the statue screamed and screamed, but he had no mouth, so no one could hear as he screamed for help, for peace and all that is good in the world to return, and to be free of these damn catgirls.

He was later sold to a random merchant and never seen again.

>> No.25479652

oh, and this can also be submitted to that anthology, if anyone liked JAK

>> No.25479858

>and to be free of these damn catgirls.

>> No.25479954

Had the idea of a lich who had an obsession with music--the genres, the study, and most of all composing--but over the years has become bored with unlife and can no longer find his muse. Despite being a thoroughly evil and dangerous bastard, he devotes more time to finding new music and coming up with a new song, using the adventurers he fights as inspiration (although is always disappointed in them and just ends up adding their dead bodies to his undead orchestra). His muse is killing, and all he wants now is a fight that either gives him the purest masterpiece or in which he is destroyed, which he would also consider a new and pure inspiration--his magnum opus, in a sense.

Having some trouble writing the guy's speech, though--oh, and I should point out, while he's a villain, he's not THE BBEG rank 3, actually

>> No.25479983

as the poster of>>25477187
i approve.

>> No.25480051

glad you like it

I actually had quite a bit of fun writing that, despite being a manly man of science. Fucking catgirls

>> No.25480177

my use for this golem is in a decidedly more srs campaign, though i am now considering having some sexually dimorphic golems that are found alongside.

>> No.25480227

I'm surprised you have players that actually play seriously. Aren't all players like JAK except worse at roleplaying? Or have I just had terrible luck

>> No.25480374

My roommate recently invited me to play in his homebrew 3.5 campaign, and I was able to talk him into letting me play a wood golem based heavily on the Robot Master Wood Man. My rough backstory is that he was constructed by a crazed machinist and given the task of defending his fortress. Then one guy attacked the place, disabled him, broke the other constructs and killed his master. Finding himself without orders, he simply wandered into the forest, and remained away from civilization. The tricky part I've been having with this is his its motivation for joining the rest of the party, which includes a druid, assassin, warlock, and bard. Any ideas will be helpful; I'm thinking it's probably going to have to revolve around the druid somehow.

>> No.25480465

the druid looks like your creator, but for some reason you are not compelled to listen to him, you can dissent and have your own thoughts. Your mind tells you that you were created to serve him, but you slowly come to understand the druid is not your creator. Whether you stay is your decision.

>> No.25480687

I should mention that the druid is female, and of a different race. That idea, however, is not dependent on a druid and could be applied to anyone in the party. I'll give that one some thought, and ask my roomie what the party members look like.

>> No.25480783

...change your creator then?

the dude is already dead afterall, so it's not like he'll be doing something

>> No.25481731


>> No.25481888

New writefag here, up for anything.

>> No.25481915

the thread has died, no one is looking for anything at the moment, try tomorrow I suppose

>> No.25482652

I need gods for a homebrew setting. I have a theme going on with them, each being named after a star in a constellation, and loosely themed on it. For example, Vindemiatrix, God of Welfare, is named after the star that forms the hand of Virgo, and is hyper-selfless and extremely benevolent. Another one is Lesath, God of Magic, forming the tip of the stinger of Scorpio, and he's kind of a pain. Polaris, God of Gods, is named after the North Star, and can throw punches like a motherfucker. The gods live on an island, aptly named the Land of Gods.

So yeah, gods that can be tied to stars.

>> No.25483059

Rigel, God of Suffering, the left foot of Orion. He spits upon the downtrodden, instills paranoia into the wealthy. He crushes the hopes of the desperate while instilling guilt upon the successful. He is brother to Lesath and uncle to Vindemiatrix. His followers expect nothing from him, except that he spread suffering. He is the lover of Sirius, the Goddess of the Massacre.

>> No.25483275


Behold! The beauty of Sirius, the vengeful spirit of our foolishness. We grew greedy. We grew spiteful. We flocked to Rigel and from his voice crawled the words of suffering. Powerful words we forged into weapons. Spears, axes, arrows. We rained them upon our enemy. As our weapons felled them, their tears mixed with our rain and the blood from their veins, pouring into the ocean and going to the Land of Gods. Lesath found great power in the strange water flowing in the currents and gave it the desire to take form. This became Sirius, a cruel Goddess whose wicked ways led her to be despised by the other gods. All except Rigel, who became her lover.

>> No.25483480


You are brave...to come...before Adhara...What do you desire...Conquest...or Death? What will...you offer me? The head of...Polaris? The love...of Lesath? The...arm of Alnasl?

>> No.25483695


>fantasy D&D/Pathfinder setting.
>party hears a battle up ahead
>following the sound up ahead they come to the mouth of a cave
>a quirky ass gnome runs out running from some Orcs.
>Runs under one of their legs and instantly casts a portal
>the party dumbstruck at the magic of the gnome turns and looks at the portal
>the horde of orcs 30 or so come flying out of the cave and shove them through the portal
>they're in a gnome instrument factory (Evidently gnomes love instruments). Here they can decide to either chase the original gnome that casted the portal or now help the factory that was invaded
>either choice they make they stumble upon the portal gnome
>he runs through another portal
>they can choose to follow through
>Now they're in a Gnome archaeological site. It's like straight up zero degrees and they're clearly in the far north on some tundra ass shit
>They confront him, he gets pissy, attempts to throw a spell at them, accidentally raises a mammoth the gnomes were excavating
>Now they have to defeat the zombie mammoth
>End up saving portal gnome by doing so
>He offers to take them back to where they were in exchange for his life or something else

Any suggestions?

>> No.25483733

I'm this guy, I know it's all over the place but we
don't play too seriously with my group and I think
everyone will like this short adventure.

>> No.25483864


Um, did you post in the right thread?

>> No.25484153


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