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What goes /tg/ think of Kingdom Death? Its supposed to be some new miniature RPG or something. The Minis look incredible.

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Forgot the link.


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>being this new

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it was astroturfed hard here and elsewhere

lots of tits

probably a shitty co-op gameplay

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Ok those Minis do look great. Interested now.

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new or community manager

either way the answer is lurk more

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>that mini

A gigantic neon neckbeard couldn't broadcast your basement dweller status more.

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How new are you? /tg/ wouldn't shut up about Kingdom Death at all for the entire time the Kickstarter was running. I think half of /tg/ backed it.

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If I want porn there's a whole internet out there full of the stuff for free, so I don't see the point.

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OP here

I guess its too late to say I dont come here often.

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I like how pin-ups are separate entries in their gallery. Who are they trying to kid?

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And yet through all of that I never once caught what Kingdom Death actually is. A board game, I guess. I don't have the slightest clue what the rules are. Or even really what the premise is beyond "mature" and "horror" and probably also "grimdark."

But those minis do look nice.

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>what the premise is beyond "mature" and "horror" and probably also "grimdark."

You forgot dickmonsters

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I like how some of the pinup models are barely any different from the models they're supposed to be pinups of.

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It's essentially monster hunter. The monsters have an "AI deck". The combat is grid based and the monsters have instructions like (attacks the three squares in front of it) and stuff like that.

You win, you get loot to upgrade shit. Players are supposed to paint a new mini every time they make an upgrade I guess.

Between combats there's an event deck to see what happens with your settlement.

That's the gist of it anyway. It seems interesting, but I probably wouldn't pay this much for minis cause I don't care (admittedly, they are cool as fuck).

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>what the premise is beyond "cheesecake" and "cheesecake" and probably also "cheesecake".
>You forgot cheesecake

Fixed that for you.

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Where the hell is my Supervillain Quest?!

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Jeez, people just wouldn't shut up about how "dark" the game setting is

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I think Japan does it better. Why would I want a 2" tall sex model when they make them 1 foot tall and animu? Different strokes for different folks, i guess

The monster are cool though. I just think a setting pandering to 13 year old boys with daddy's credit card and basement dwellers is doom to Bad End.

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Since when were poorly-dressed sluts who are just asking to be tentacle raped "mature"?

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>I probably wouldn't pay this much for minis

... I hadn't actually looked at that. Twenty-five ameribucks per model? That's uh... yeah, nah.

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Settlement building, tactical fighting, customizable minis- what's not to like?

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Nope, not been posted.
Well, I have to remedy that.

In every KD thread.

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this is a complete fraud.
yes, we didn't "shut up" abaout it on /tg/
because some fag kept making threads about it to sell his tits&ass minis to us.
I doubt anyone here backed it.

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I don't mind. I don't present as a neckbeard at all anyway.

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>I doubt anyone here backed it.
Of course.

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>I doubt anyone here backed it.

Are you joking? People were going nuts over it in those threads. And it made over three million dollars.

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Died under the weight of a poorly thought out rules system and fans who reacted with incredible vitriol to rule changes necessary to keep the game remotely balanced. Right now I'm running the mostly-rules-free Trickster Daemon Quest instead. Thinking of finishing up SVQ once TDQ is over.

And now this thread is going to be derailed by a bunch of asshats arguing about a quest/quests in general briefly mentioned in two posts.


Congratulations, you have discovered the reason I put that word in quotes.

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Dat Gormsack.

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>I doubt anyone here backed it.
Nah, I fully expect quite a few people backed it. The threads were pretty damn constant for a long time, though.

I think the scuplts are really good. I didn't put any money into it, though. Not enough man cheesecake for me to be interested.

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This entire thing pretty much looks like what would be the result if somebody succeeded in creating the ultimate parody of neckbeard culture.

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Yep, if the /tg/ inter-settlement thing gets going well enough to do it more than once I'd be totally down for a homebrewed, Gorm-based settlement option.

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>doubt anyone here backed it
>during the kickstarter there were continuous threads about it

You think Poots sat here samefagging for a month? It might be surprising, but some anons might like things that other anons do not.

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>durrhurr it was viral marketing

Go back to /v/ with that nonsense.

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yes, I actually do believe he did samefag here for months

don't you think it's weird we discussed nothing about the game ever since he got his money?

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And yet, here we are.

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/tg/ might be full of basement dwellers, but judging by the frequency of paint threads (and how poorfage we are at asking for scans of every book known to man), I would assume only 15% of any of that came from 4chan. Those niggers have been getting paid articles on Bell of Lost-trolls and Dakka Dakka for forever. You know, the websites actually dedicated to people who paint, model and actually play games?

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I dunno, a lot of people were posting and talking about all the models they ordered and whatnot. If it was samefagging or an elaborate ruse then goddamn kudos to them cuz they never broke character.

I fell in love with the game the moment it blew my mind with the combat system. I threw money to get an art book but I got a buddy who got the whole game.

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Those three million dollars came from somewhere. If he astroturfed the game, it worked. In any case, anyone hoping to see Kingdom Death get pushed, or to see more stretch goals reached, has incentive to keep hype alive during a Kickstarter, not just the creator.

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btw, thanks, I've been waiting to use this >>25474548 pic for a while, and you gave me the perfect opportunity

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You know, if the system is good I could imagine running it in roll20 as an ordinary rpg. I've wanted a Monster Hunter game and no current tabetop really "gets it"

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Well, most don't care.

Of the rest, half are looking forward to it.
The other half think its fetish shit.

There's a small fraction that aren't interested because they don't believe the company can actually do anything more than make good miniatures.

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>cognitive bias

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15% of 3 mil is still quite a lot, homie.

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Yeah, that's an option.

I wonder how long before we get the rule PDFs and cards and stuff like that up.

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Don't you think it's weird that discussions don't happen after there is literally no new info? Get your viral bullshit out of here.

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I think it's weird yes, since most of the threads at that time were full of shallow rubbish like: "oh man, I can't wait to magnetize this or that weapon on this or that model"

Why would that sort of shit suddenly disappear overnight?

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Because people already said there peace. It's the same reason boardgames aren't often talked about despite the fact that there are a bunch that people absolutely love.

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People do get tired of discussing the same thing over and over again, you know.

At least that's more likely than some sort of viral marketing conspiracy, assuming anyone would even give enough of a shit about this board to try.

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I wanted to get like 99% of the pinup for cheap by backing but I didn't have internet access in the time that the KS would end so I wouldn't be able to choose what I wanted and they'd probably just take my money as a simple pledge.

And then when I come back, everything is sold out, even the re-re-issues, and now I have to pay $75-100 on eBay for a pinup that cost $15-25.

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Except it didn't, and you basically came into a thread to argue that said thread does not exist. Well, here it is, so what's your point?

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Pirating Miniatures via 3D Printer


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>Are you joking? People were going nuts over it in those threads. And it made over three million dollars.

That implys /tg/ was the only, or at least a major reason why they made bajizzlions of dollars. 15% is not even a quarter. 15% is actually a small number. Most people are aware that 15% of 3 million is "alot" of money.

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$450,000 is more probably more money than 4chan has ever donated to anything else, ever. That's enough money to fund most Kickstarters ten times over. If they came here to make money and walked away with $450,000, they succeeded.

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ITT: liars

here's your evidence, fuckface
even when they were pushing the game, people complained about it being viral marketing scam

pic related; it's OP

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>hover hands

I know it doesn't make sense, but I still chuckled.

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This just in, people on 4chan will spout "OMG VIRAL MARKETING FAGGOT" constantly!

If you'd like citation, briefly browse /tv/ or /v/.

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>This just in, shills on 4chan will spout "OMG CONSPIRACY TINFOIL FAGGOT" constantly!

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Anyone interested in joining up or helping to organize the /tg/ inter-intra-settlement trading-politics-warfare game-thing?

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All I know about it is that whoever designed it has a huge fucking lantern fetish. Also hello new friend or community outreach guy.

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I'd say accusations of viral marketing vastly outnumber conspiracy theories.

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Wait a minute; the limited run studio photographed resin models look awesome.

Don't be too dissapointed with melted butter face plastic models arrive from the KS.

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I can't speak for all the KD threads, but I started one of them as a sort of "Hey, did you guys hear about this?" and it quickly took off. Maybe it was filled with viral marketers, I dunno.

Did the same with Toughest Girls.

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He did samefag here for the whole duration of the KS

>> No.25475490


the two sexiest miniatures have either a prominent lantern placement (Illuminated Lady) or shit tons of lanterns (Twilight Witch), so I think you may be right. Risqueness and lanterns seem to be directly proportionate.

>> No.25475500

The mountains of proof you give is what really sells your story.

>> No.25475510

OMG /v/ go away. No one cares about your childish "durrhurr biral" bullshit.

>> No.25475513

In the setting there is no natural light, so carrying lanterns is a necessity for mankind, plus they may or may not represent the soul.

>> No.25475544

>In the setting there is no natural light

... dammit, this is actually cool.

>> No.25475559


Dude, KD is full of mountains of cool. Look up the flower knight and bask in his glory.

>> No.25475562

I think lanterns play a big role in the game. Isn't the whole game supposed to take place underground.

>> No.25475594

This sounds a little reminiscent of Dark Souls

>> No.25475621

Survivors wearing crafted boss armor don't have lanterns for some reason.

Also, KD isn't fetishy at all if you look at the newest armor sets. The only fetishy stuff is low level people and pinups.

>> No.25475623

Yes, KD:M has been compared to Dark Souls meets Monster Hunter many a time in past threads.

>> No.25475632

I hated that place.
I hated those dogs.
I hated those skeletal bowmen.
I hate all the people who use Father Masks.
I hate that guy who kicks you.
I hate Nito.
Man, fuck that place.

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Why do we care if people are faking interest in a game anyway? Do you automatically buy anything that has a certain number of fans on /tg/, and feel wronged because someone is faking the threshold? People talked about a game they wanted us to contribute to. Who the Hell cares if they were secretly on the team that made it?

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FUCK I just finished an 8-hour Darkwraith spree. STOP MAKING ME WANT TO PLAY AGAIN. I want to do something else for a while!

SL1 Darkwraith in the Undead Burg, so satisfying

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>The God-King is bored so he makes his scribe draw humans into reality
>Be "born" drenched in ink, and only a lantern placed beside you in a midnight black world
>Be hunted by giant invisible light-sharks, giant angler fish-spiders that use human figured lures, demigod beast-knights, and other horrors.
>Survive all that bullshit and make great civilizations out of the monsters' bones.

Setting is hella cool. Shame it's overlooked due to "HURR NICE TITS AND ASS GAME NERDS. STAY SAD, VIRGINS."

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Just to make something clear:

I didn't back Kingdom Death.
I think it looks like a stupid game, for stupid people, with a stupid gimmick of half naked people.

But nobody is "viral marketing" to /tg/

It's a small, poor community that has very little influence. The Wizards of the Coast marketing manager doesn't stay up late trying to think of ways to break into the all important /tg/ market. These people can't be bothered to buy advertisements here. If you aren't paying for a fucking banner, you sure as hell aren't parking someone on a site to promote it.

The "viral marketers" are /tg/ neckbeards that got way too excited about some project or game that is likely going to suck anyway.

>> No.25475786

You know...

There's realistic. Full plate, can't tell it's a woman unless she takes her helmet off. That's fine, I can enjoy that.

There's fantasy. The armor's magic or whatever, which explains why it's skin-tight and skimpy, and all the women are super-attractive with big breasts and pose like models. That's fine too, that can be lots of fun.

And then there's just plain porn. Which is where this is. HUGE breasts, big chubby asses, wearing basically nothing or ACTUALLY nothing, weird sex a central part of the setting, etc. We're in full-on ERP territory, except that it's a... board game, I guess? I'm not opposed to ERP, it just seems like a tactical boardgame with model-making and so forth is a really weird place for it.

There's some weird social uncanny-valley stuff going on here. Like... if you're playing an ERP, go ahead and fuck all the time in game. If you're NOT playing an ERP, you fade that shit to black. But what am I supposed to do here? Pretend the models AREN'T porn? Jack off under the table?

Again, I'm not saying this is BAD. It's actually quite good porn, I enjoy it. But I'm very confused about how you're supposed to treat it socially. Do you put the game in the box in the closet where you keep your sex toys, or display the models openly on your shelf? Neither seems appropriate.

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>I haven't looked into what actually comes with the game, but please let me go on a diatribe.

>> No.25475836

We don't take kindly to makin' sense 'round these parts, buddy.

>> No.25475842

Hehe, y-you tell 'em, Skeeter!

>> No.25475858

The cheesecake figures definitely fall into an odd limbo where they are way too damn porny to take seriously, but not really full-on porn minis.

>> No.25475879

The only cheesecake that's actually part of the game are the priestesses though, and they somewhat have a reason for that

>> No.25475885

They're completely optional pin-ups. Pin-ups are a soft genre of erotica.

>> No.25475889

I'm going to say this once and you're going to listen.

The porny minis are cheescake figures included for promotional purposes and are not canon.

>> No.25475962

> for promotional purposes

Yeah, because "LOOK AT THESE TITS but no for real there won't be tits in the game" doesn't tell you all you need to know about these people.

I mean shit, I can totally fap to this, but either go all the way or don't go at all. And a straight-up 18+ board game has to fill some niche giggity.

>> No.25476043

So first you were complaining that it was porn, and then when you learned it was not porn, you were disappointed?

Everyone advertises with tits, but given that you actually can buy the cheescake minis if you so desire, it's hardly bait and switch. Nevermind that there is sexual imagery used for the purposes of horror, so it's not like the elements aren't there, even if they're nowhere near as explicit in the canon.

If you want to whine about bait and switch with tits, Evony is very much the better target.

>> No.25476112


Chagrined, I set out to remedy my ignorance by spending 15 minutes looking around the official site.

And I mostly just saw more porny "pin-ups." Some monsters, which were also porny, in a /d/ kind of way. Some badass guys in armor (sometimes with porny slave girls around their feet.)

A little digging indicates that this might be because the game itself isn't complete, and they're selling fancy minis to keep the project funded. But I think I could be forgiven for thinking the project is about sexy girls and rape-monsters, because that's sure as hell what the site is about. Not much on there about rules, or boards, or stats. Quite a lot on there about well-crafted minis that one would be embarrassed to put on display.

So, perhaps the game itself will be comfortably within the "fantasy" range, well clear of the "ERP" area. But I really have only your word on that, because the site itself is basically all about the plastic tits.

The brief description of the game sounds really interesting, though! I just hope you're right, and the box isn't full of tiny plastic porn stars and penis-monsters. I'd have trouble convincing my friends to give it a shot, if that were the case. As it is, I'm not going to mention it to them for the time being. If they saw the site, they probably wouldn't give it a second chance.

>> No.25476130

It's like when you see tits during commercials for beer, but if you drink lots of beer the only set of tits you'll see is your own.

>> No.25476205

Full set of female character Kingdom Death art if anyone's interested:


>> No.25476217


We're not complaining that it's porn. Porn is fine. Not-porn is fine. It's weird-borderline-almost-porn that we have trouble with.

The pinups are way too porn to proudly put on a shelf (without forever labeling yourself That Guy,) but not porn ENOUGH to masturbate to. Well, ok, you can masturbate to anything, but you get my point. Either put on some clothes, or go for full penetration. As is, they're selling almost-porn and acting like they're selling commemorative coins, which is confusing and kind of creepy.

>> No.25476238

Just look for the armor sets god damn it, they're what you're going to use in the game

>> No.25476262


Just as you, I went to the official site to understand something about the mechanics or style of the game, and I just found plastic tits too.

Surely I don't mind playing a game that do a little porn, assured that the game is a good one, but I couldn't find anything that explained the game on the site.

>> No.25476266


Actually, now that I see them all in one place, I withdraw my objection. They are ABSOLUTELY porn enough to masturbate to.

So the issue, really, is that people think the game is porn simply because it's being supported and advertised by porn. Which is a perfectly reasonable mistake to make, and a very strange choice by the game makers.

I'd love to discuss the implications further, but I have to spend 10 minutes looking through that gallery, and then wash my hands.

>> No.25476273

I can't see myself ever actually playing it or letting anyone see the minis since they are so overtly sexual and would just make me look sleazy. Main reason I didn't join the kickstarter.

>> No.25476299

Rolled 4, 4 = 8

Interesting pejorative you've got there.
Why not just not give a fuck?

>> No.25476317

Every thread.
This is all the actual game content, except for the anime/video game reference minis.

You'll want to go to the Kickstarter page. The website is more or less just for buying limited runs of some of the models.

>> No.25476321

This is a picture of the contents of the core game. I can see two sets of breasts here, both within normal parameters, on human females- and they're only noticeable because those people are wearing nothing more than rags.

>> No.25476335

These are the guys you use in the game

>> No.25476388


This was a good read
>Those ladies are awfully lightly clad

Like twelve year old finding his dad's porn stash

>> No.25476806


See, this is what I was saying. If they posted THAT on the site, rather than softcore porn, people might think that they were making a board game, instead of thinking they were making softcore porn. Because of all the softcore porn they're making and posting on their site.

I'm not saying softcore porn is bad. I'm saying that if your website is all pictures of bottles of whiskey, and all your publicity involves selling bourbon, people will probably think you're a liquor company and will not buy the sports drink that is actually your primary product.

>> No.25476842

They have posted that on the game's site. You're confusing Kingdom Death (a company in the business of making boutique horror-erotic minis) with KD:Monster, the company's first game. Also Poots (the game and company's creator) has a weird deal with the mini maker that pretty much says that for every non-busty figure he is paid for, he gets to make a busty one too.

>> No.25476892


I hadn't familiarized myself too much with the actual setting.
That's pretty cool.

>> No.25476910

>those huge swords

And is the guy on the left using a fucking umbrella? What's he gonna do, kill the rain man?

>> No.25476911


KD would tank if it didn't have the cheesecake part.

KD is pretty much mainly cheescake and Lokman Lam's delicious females. The game is secondary at this point, honestly.

>> No.25476936

Yeah, that's why when it started with only one pin-up figure tons of people put in pledges for the full game and other gameplay-related figures (survivor, full-resin game sets, etc).

>> No.25476966


I said "rather than the softcore porn." There's some actual information on the game, but it's buried in all the tits, which confuses people. And don't try to argue that people aren't confused by the tits and think it's a game about tits; this thread is a clear demonstration of the problem.

>> No.25476984

It's a $100 game, if you can't be bothered to look into something for information before throwing that kind of money at it, I would say that you are not very responsible with your finances. Though 'sex sells' is an annoying part of how things are currently marketed, and /tg/ stuff is not immune to it.

>> No.25477018


Where can I look up the actual setting I can't seem to find anything on it? I actually want to see what it's about before throwing 100 bucks at it

>> No.25477055


Kingdom Death wouldn't even be able to make Monster if it didn't start with pinups.

>> No.25477065

There are two game-play videos on youtube (and they should be near the top of the KS page). As well as a compilation of various cards' text taken from still from various pictures and the aforementioned gameplay videos.


>> No.25477086


Man, your reasoning is all kinds of backwards. No one's going to buy a $100 game without looking into it. And they're not going to look into it and decide it's worth $100 dollars if they go to the site, see that it's covered in tits, think "it seems this game is about tits, I do not want to buy a game about tits," and lose interest. The fact that their product is expensive means that it's MORE important that their sales pitch not be fucked up, not less! Why are you hypothesizing some crazy guy who spends $100 on a game he doesn't like the look of?

>> No.25477096



>> No.25477127

No problemo anon.
So you only base your decisions on what to buy on your first reaction to how the company markets that product, without actually doing any research yourself?

>> No.25477140

>And they're not going to look into it and decide it's worth $100 dollars if they go to the site, see that it's covered in tits, think "it seems this game is about tits, I do not want to buy a game about tits," and lose interest.
Why would they lose interest? Wouldn't the tits just make them want the game more? I know the only reason I paid the game any mind is the tits.

>> No.25477190

>So you only base your decisions on what to buy on your first reaction to how the company markets that product, without actually doing any research yourself?

You're a retard, and probably a virgin basement dweller. Professionalism and appearances are everything in the real world.

You yourself argue that KD:M isn't a cheese-fest, yet you think it's okay to plaster T&A all over KD's main portal site and front page.

>> No.25477221


No, research is the second stage. First you glance at everything, and disregard the obvious crap and stuff that's clearly not to your taste. Then you read up on the things that caught your eye, that you think you MIGHT like. Then you choose what to buy.

You don't, and can't, thoroughly research every product in existence. That's absurd.

Why are you being so obtuse about this? Why are you pretending to believe, or trying to convince yourself, that incompetent marketing isn't a problem? Look, you can make the best goddam orange juice in the world, the freshest and the sweetest, but if you sell it in jars labeled "anal lube" you're gonna have trouble moving your product. And blaming orange juice buyers for not reading up on your anal lube and discovering it's actually orange juice is not a solution, or, in fact, sane.

>> No.25477259


People who WANT tits will get interested, look into it further, and discover the game is not about tits. No sale.

People who want a tactical game will look at the site and see wall-to-wall tits. No sale.

The advertising doesn't match the product. People who liked the advertising won't like the product, and people who might actually like the product won't be attracted by the advertising. It's a problem.

>> No.25477282

That's actually how marketing works. First impressions ate paramount since the chances of hooking a potential buyer at a later point are slim to nil in the internet age. Only if the initial impression is that of something that interests them to a reasonable degree will the average consumer proceed to do their own research.

The question is whether you want to tailor that initial approach to "people who buy figures and board games in general" or "people who buy cheesecake figurines" since the overlap isn't substantial enough to really do both in one go.

>> No.25477306

This is the front page of the KS.
As you can see, there's the intro video, and the two gameplay videos (the first of which is the same as the intro video), and some other info about the game and- here's the important thing to note- not a SINGLE pin-up mini anywhere.

>> No.25477340

Your logic is proven correct by how successful KD has been so far. Oh wait.

Maybe, just maybe, you're not as smart as you think you are.

>> No.25477400

This is all the information we know on the setting.

The creator is intentionally being very secretive with it, because the story is supposed to unfold as you play the game.

>> No.25477411


Well, the one on the bottom is a monster made of naked babies, which is a little unsettling. But you're right, you have to move the scroll wheel TWICE before the cheesecake and tits take over.

This is a very silly argument. You are saying "the tits and pinups would not confuse anyone about the nature of the game." And everyone else is saying "the tits and pinups confused me about the nature of the game, and I suspect others will be confused as well." In order to believe your side is correct, you have to actually ignore the fact that you're having an argument.

>> No.25477485


Nobody cares about the front page of a dead Kickstarter, you ignoramus. Go to the front page of Kingom Death. I know you know where it is, you just didn't post it because it proves everyone right, you wrong, and you know it.

>> No.25477501

i like the kingdom death concept because it's relentlessly grimdark. but more than just the grimdarkness, i like that it provides players the opportunity to drag their characters up through the horrors and into survival and development.

even though the world is pretty fooken edgy, i think it has a strong "humanity fuck yea" theme to it that resonates well with me. the idea of humans being treated as food and toilet paper is interesting because you bring them down so low that if you have any self-respect you'll do everything to force them to succeed.

>> No.25477519

The side arguing for the latter have only seen the threads about the game on /tg/, which are doing a remarkably bad job of advertizing the real game.
Case in point: >>25474759
This guy posts that picture every KD thread, and while I do think she is adorable, it does not help because of the reasons you have stated.

I personally really like the mechanics and general look of the actual game, and actively try to post the game contents or details to try and avoid these trainwrecks.

>> No.25477520

Kingdom Death is a company. Kingdom Death: Monster is a game to be sold by that company in the future. KD's website is for their now-being-sold 'boutique horror minis', so it should be no surprise that there are pictures of those minis on the site's front page. If you bothered to click on the 'Monster' tab you'd see (a abysmally small amount of) info for the game itself.

>> No.25477544


If Hustler sells a non-pornographic product it's not going to matter. Stop being stupid.

>> No.25477571

>companies can only sell one thing ever.

>> No.25477593


How can you be this daft without being a troll? Products are going to be associated with the companies that are selling them.

>> No.25477599

What are the chances that this is actually a marketing ploy?

Joking aside, I backed it because a Black Friday Deal (of which there was only 75 I believe) suddenly had a single one left. So, I bought it. It was the game and some expansions. I didn't get the cheesecake models as 1. I'd never get to paint them 2. I'd never get to make them 3. Even if I could do 1 or 2, I'd suck at it 4. They had no rules, they were proxy models only.

The game itself was pretty nice, seemed a bit like Monster Hunter vidya. You know, you start off in a settlement, you fight monsters, get better armour, fight bigger monsters, upgrade your settlement. So on, also, I enjoyed the reason why everybody was half-naked; it's because there is no material around to make clothes bar the material from monsters. Therefore, people have to use the scraps they have for underwear.

Still, I'll probably never play it, but I would like to, I'd like to play lots of things.

I also got my Gold Citizen Card from Star Citizen. Vice Admiral. Shame it didn't include my purchases from the main website... Could of got platinum.

>> No.25477613

OK? It's a mature horror mini company selling a horror-survival board game. It's not like the game is being marketed towards families or children. It's a mature game, from a mature company.

>> No.25477870


And people see "mature" as "grimdark tits and asses" because they are prudes or ignorant. Deal with it, you "mature games for mature gamers such as myself" faggot.

>> No.25477933


You wouldn't define the game as mature? It deals with loneliness, desperation, helplessness, determination in the most extreme way possible.

>> No.25480298

>Anyone interested in joining up or helping to organize the /tg/ inter-intra-settlement trading-politics-warfare game-thing?

I haven't heard about this. What's the skinny?

>> No.25480365

That particular namefag is/was trying toget a bunch of people together to play in a number of groups.
Those groups would be settlements close enough to trade some resources and things.

He was going to try and play on roll20 or something, some card game program.

>> No.25480380

Not much, still in the early planning/recruitment stages. My plan boils down to these basic points:
-Have pods of people (4-6) play their own settlements
-Have them use whatever they want to to organize amongst themselves as to how to run their settlement (through the 3 phases, especially the hunting phase which requires real-time interaction)
-the settlements all agree on a schedule (one day of settlement time per real-time week or whatever) and do their phases by then
-regularly the settlements 'meet' (I'm thinking having a campaign set up on roll20) via diplomats to trade gear, resources, survivors, etc.
-Fun ensues (especially if the players all agree to rp for their settlements leading to sexism, racism and other cultural shenanigans, etc)/

>> No.25480551


So you have mechanics worked out?

>> No.25480605

Ehhh, sadly no. I figure that since it's supposed to be done in-character the trading would be basically done on a bartering basis. And for inter-settlement fighting it'd be a kind of team vs team pitched combat- set number of survivors on each side- maybe a banned gear if anything winds up being super OP- spoils (whatever they may be) go to the winner.

>> No.25480872

Do you at least have a foundation from which to work from?

>> No.25480932

Well I figure we can start brainstorming to find a model that works for everyone interest via email or whatever, and of course each individual settlement can arrange their affairs however they see fit, as long as they still stay in-time with the others.

>> No.25481535

Look at what she is missing not her clothes! Someone took her lantern and now she has to rely on them, clearly a person who does not much care for her.

>> No.25482052

The only one that applies to is the white speaker, which was made as a joke.

>> No.25482423

It DIDNT start with pinups. It started with monsters. Twilight Knight was the first mini made. The real one.

Likewise, the "real" minis are always offered first, they just offer pinups of ones that get popular.

Yes those pinups got the, to were they are, but the company sure as hell didnt START with them.

>> No.25482435


Theres tons of cheesecake non pinups. And they didn't take off till they started doing cheesecake and pinups.

>> No.25482503

Yes. Getting 2million dollars of funding is a "problem"

Poots sure dropped the ball on this one!

>> No.25482799

No it didnt. Stop making stuff up about a company you have barely looked into, and trying to pass it off as fact. YOU might have heard about it becausenof cheesecake, but it took off LONG before that.

They took off when they introduced the Wet Nurse, which spread like wildfire because of the shockvalue of it. Then people would go to buy one, and find that it was already sold out because it was made by an indie sculptor who didnt expect that kind of response. So they would look around, see high detailed minis, and maybe buy one. Eventually EVERYTHING goes out of stock. So poots restocks, using the surge in funding to get more product. People by the wet nurse, people by everything else, repeat. Eventually he starts working on more human figures to add to the collection, because they are an important part of the setting. He makes a deal with some guy to get some high detailed minis done. The guy offers to make cheesecake minis on the side, cause he likes making cheesecake minis. Poots agrees, under a long term (but not exclusive) contract with the guy, and the two start making more models. People start going to by the wet nurse, and see cheesecake models, this causes another surge in popularity, from a different audience. The ones who like porn minis instead of monsters. Poots is now catering to two different demographics with his product line, and starts labling the cheesecake minis with a PINUP tag so retards like you dont get it confused and think its part of the actual setting.

Then retards like you get it confused with the actual setting.

Then poots used his funds to hire a fuckton of sculpters and artists, and sets up a kickstarter to start making his dream game. He sees the sales the cheesecake got, and, AFTER he is fully funded funded, starts throwing in cheesecake as a way to get additional funding.

Then retards like you fucked it up AGAIN.

>> No.25482851

No pinups were there since day one of the kickstarter

>> No.25482868

This post tells me you are incapable of reading.

>> No.25482963

Wow, i went to go get some facts to call you retarded, but it turns out you were RIGHT. They WERE there on day one of the kickstarter.

Because the game was 200% funded, with no cheesecake offered yet, 1.5 hours after it went live.

The first pinup was added 2 hours AFTER that, well within "day one"

Clearly you have bested me.

>> No.25482965

I swear, did the artist REALLY need to make it so obvious he's asian? Those character designs are so j/k rpg it's not even funny.

>> No.25482969

>implying I don't know more about KD than you
>implying I haven't know about KD longer than you

KD:M is relatively recent.

Also lol @ Wet Nurse. You do realize it has naked chicks in it, right?

>> No.25483055

Man, Wet Nurse is a lot of thing, but very few people are seasoned enough /d/eviants enough to consider it erotic. And no one is buying that fucking thing just because there are naked chicks next to it.

>> No.25483126

Just a heads up, humans arent the good guys here. They are the final boss. Humans are horrific creatures whos free will has been stripped entirely, and replaced with a fragment of a god, who acts as a hivemind for the entire race, and forces them (which is to say, uses them as tools as they are now extensions of its own body) to build huge cities in its name, so that things that DO have free will (but that said god still created) have something to worship, so that god can sit on his ass and feel smug.

What you are THINKINF are humans, are just creatures made to look like humans that are given free will, and dropped off in the middle of fucking nowhere, for intentions unknown. Likely reasons are either for said gods amusement, or because that god ran out of ideas and is using the survivors to steal ideas from and claim they were his all along.

Humanity, fuck no.

>> No.25483184

Dude are you trying to out hipster me or something? "I knew about them before they were popular"?

I dont give a shit dude. You were just posting info that was flat out WRONG, and i was correcting it.

I dont give a shit about your fucking 'indie cred'

>> No.25483197

I like to think of it as the Scribe in some way being us, the players. We chose to play this game and place them in the horrible reality of K:D solely for our own amusement.

>> No.25483218

That is an awesome thought, and I support it wholeheartedly.

>> No.25483305


Big words from a shitslinger.

"Mewmewmew YOU only came to KD for cheesecake bloobloo" shut the fuck up, faggot.

>> No.25483676

As someone who put a lot of money into this, the marketing for the game was poorly done. It requires people who are actually interested in the game, for the game, a bit defensive.

The setting appeals to me, a co-op caveman version of monster hunter in a hellish world.

The rules look pretty neat and easy as fuck to make homebrew monsters for.

I've never understood society's issue with nudity. Yes, the pin-ups should've been more discretely advertised but so people could see there was a game upon glancing at it.

All in all, it still feels like a good investment. There are many questions to be answered about balance but the basics are there. I still get a few hundred cool minis at roughly a dollar each if the game sucks.

>> No.25483707

The shipment sadly remains a long time off.

Good thing my Bones minis are apparently going to arrive soon.

>> No.25483709

Hello /tg/.
Without trying to sound arrogant, I am a fairly skilled miniature painter that stopped painting about a year ago. These miniatures look really good but I had some questions about them.

What's the scale?
Are there options for or female figures that aren't so revealing? I like the general art and clothing style, but all the female figures are showing an excessive, impractical amount of skin.
How much should I expect to pay for slow international shipping?


>> No.25483845

You sound like you'd appreciate the Green Knight Armor. It still has boobplate going on, but it doesn't come off as slutty to me, either.

>> No.25483871

The male one for comparison, which also accentuates the chest, if to a lesser degree for reasons obvious.

>> No.25483914


35mm, sadly.

>> No.25483929

>> No.25483954


I'd be smilin' too.

>> No.25483966

I like that helmet.

>> No.25483995

28mm IIRC.

The whole thing is all characters are revealing because of lack of materials, you then get Armour Kits/Sets which can be painted and Clipped-On to the models and then taken off. This allows you to use models you want with gear you want.

The stuff you saw in OP is from a specific line of "Pin-ups" which is basically just revealing non-ruled models. Which can be used instead of the main survivors (and other models) these are the survivors.

Also, I should point out that models such as the Wet Nurse and so on are not in the Kickstarter IIRC.

>> No.25484040


You're right, I'm wrong, it is 35mm.

>> No.25484041 [DELETED] 

The site says.
>Kingdom Death is a nightmare horror board game (in development) supported by a range of highly detailed 35mm scale miniatures.

I think they'll work fine as giants, though.

>> No.25484065

I think they'll make decent giants.

Now if only I actually had a RL Gaming group.

>> No.25484258

Aye. I also feel you for the RL gaming group. Bed ridden for 5 years, nobody wants to learn games, no matter how easy they are. Might buy the new Relic 40k board game. I've wanted to do Dungeon and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun and Only War (with other 40k RPG's).

Oh well. Life goes on. I'd love to finish my Lizardmen army also. Also do a 40k army... Or armies. I'm also completely fucked at the moment and said I'd do two fap fics for people.... Oh well, need to sleep first.

>> No.25484335

This sounds awesome, thanks guys.
Just to check, am I correct in thinking that, for example, if a model is cast in this scale and the same one in 28mm, the 35mm scaled one will be smaller?

Sorry about this. I've only ever painted Battlefront and Citadel products.

>> No.25484350

>5 years

I'd say ouch, but not all of us leave the house much more often than that anyways, so I guess it might not have necessarily made a difference. God bless the internet and the world it provides for us.

>> No.25485306

Plz remember that 3d renders =/= real models

>> No.25485338

The armor sets aren't clip-on.

You get parts, you build your custom model to how that survivor is equipped.
Then you break your model when the survivor changes equipment or dies.
This is why there are so many "models" in the armor sets and add-ons, because it's all bitz.

>> No.25485380

How about "fuck you nigger" ?
Just because you weren't around when he was astroturfing his kickstarter doesn't make it untrue.

I gotta say the mountains of proof you provide really sell your bitch ass story too.

>> No.25485401

There's nothing childish about the truth.
It was poot's kickstarter, he wanted it to do well, so he went astroturfing.
Here,and BoLs among other places.

I think he was right to astroturf the fuck out of his own kickstarter !

>> No.25485490


If you look through their gallery you'll notice that the cheesecake is really just about 50% of the lineup.

>> No.25485526


Technically, doesn't that make the human look-alikes into the the ACTUAL humans while the Actual Humans are actually Wanna-be Humans (since human as a species doesn't possess a hivemind. Thus the god-hivemind isn't actually human but another species)

>> No.25485558

oh hello Poots,

how's the mansion going?

>> No.25485576

>only 50%

yeah, just like GW

>> No.25488719

Do you have any idea how much all those miniatures and art cost to produce?

ITT envy.

>> No.25488726

>I'm giving him money he will do nothing, absolutely nothing, with.
>Games don't cost anything to make!

Kill yourself.

>> No.25489237

(note: this thread is the first time I heard about this game)

Well damn, that looks cool.
Male models look cool. But the cheesecake... It just stinks. Of wasted time and resources.

Considering that I play only over the net anyway, I'll probably just grab the setting and rules (if they good) and play it while ignoring the cheese dump.

>> No.25489258

>The only cheesecake that's actually part of the game are the priestesses though, and they somewhat have a reason for that
Ooh? Care to share the details on that?

>> No.25489381

Okay. I'm a guy first hearing about the game. I go to http://gallery.kingdomdeath.com/. I see some tab called "monster". Let's click it.
>naked guys and chick with some rags and stone knives
So I guess we starting as having literally nothing but a lantern. Okay, cool. This isn't cheesecake. That's just characters being poor shits.
I want to find out more. Go to the gallery.


All the fucking cheese.
Hey fuckers, I wanted a cool game, not some porn minis. I may stick around and dig through the porn and /d/ monsters to see cool shit like Flower Knight. But the impression has already been made: that it's some shitty porngame.

>They have posted that on the game's site.
Where. Where is >>25476321 and >>25476335 on the site?

>> No.25489392

Is there any official fluff on him, or is it just fan supposition?

>> No.25489647

>attack from behind
>hit lands on face
Logic, maan.

>> No.25489980

She obviously jumped on the lion's back and manage to gouge its eye out before jumping off again. You gotta use your imagination man.

>> No.25490003

If you are still lurking the thread, the left one is the resin version of the minis, the middle is the plastic and the right is some manchild.

>> No.25490093

Much of KD's cheesecake miniatures came well before the game. The game itself isn't going to really be THAT much cheesecake.

But hey, if you don't like it, play something else. At least they're pretty good about balancing the cheesecake with relatively equal amounts of beefcake.

>> No.25490408


>> No.25490430

It had something to do with the fact that they cut themselves to use magic or shit like that

>> No.25490480

The entire Dark Eldar and Dark Elf female range. Quad D-Cup boob-plate sisters of battle, or their scroll-wearing repentia. GW's pretty fucking incompetent at making somewhat decent female miniatures. Either their tits are fucking massive, or they're wearing little more than a string bikini (or short tank-top in the case of Escher).

>> No.25490518

So an army with boobplate qualifies as cheesecake now?

And "entire range" is the grand total of...what? A couple of unit MAX, per army, in both DE ranges?

>> No.25490561

>What goes /tg/ think of Kingdom Death?

I think that I would be going full-creeper if I owned a copy.

The Minis are excellent quality, the gameplay doesn't look my style but I could probably deal with it.

Still, I feel like playing it in the LGS would be akin to reading porn in public places.

>> No.25490603

Semantics 101

>> No.25490716

>So an army with boobplate qualifies as cheesecake now?
Ok, maybe not as cheescake per say... but as a fucking stupid fetish, sure. But you can't argue the fact that Repentia, and the female bound to the front of a Penitent Engine, aren't fucking cheesecake in the basest of forms. Hell the fucking Repentia are literally naked, and only somewhat covered by tattered pieces of paper and a bondage-hood.

As for both DE ranges, that includes
Dark Elf sorceresses, Dark Elf wych elves (all of them), Morathi, Dark Eldar female wyches (all of them) and just about any female Dark Eldar model for that matter (excluding the warriors and maybe one or two plastic-kit torsos.

I'm not saying, btw, that GW *DOESN'T* make non-cheesecake female models (*cough* female Tanith, for example). But they are far from the example miniature company to use for non-cheese related female miniatures. So far, in fact, that the light from 'non-cheesecake example miniature company' would take 3.7 billion years to reach them.

>> No.25490757

So, a couple of units per range, still far from the 50% someone mentioned

>> No.25491317

It was an obvious joke, you know.

>> No.25491546

Surprised no one posted this yet.

>> No.25491741

It has been posted already.

>> No.25491948

This just reminds me how I had no money when it was kickstarting and now I'll have to pay shitloads for all the cool monsters and stuff.

>> No.25492371

I got Survivor, all expansions, extra bases, Survivor Candy & Cola, Messenger of Courage, Messenger of the Spiral Path, Survivor Kara Black, Messenger of the First Story and Messenger of Humanity.

>> No.25493381

>They dress like anime whores and cut themselves so they can magic

Welp. Thats the edgiest thing I've read all day, and a definite contender for try-hardiest.

>> No.25493401

I thought people wouldn't shut up about the tits.

>> No.25494311

He will be lucky if he only falls a few grand into the red due to this. He didnt make a profit here. Kickstarter and amazon gotta take their cut, then when thats done, he has to fulfil rewards. He was selling at a massive discount, sometimes as high as 50% which cuts into his product.

Then their is the herald of death, which cuts into profits a bit for local shipping, and cuts into them MASSIVELY with foreign shipping.

Poots aint as rich as you think.

That said, this is gonna generate enough word of mouth that he could do pretty well off, once an actual release is done.

>> No.25495952


Never heard of blood magic before? WoW has it, Avatar has it, a bunch of shit has it.

At least White Speakers dress in white and not black.

>> No.25496271

The reasoning I saw for them being like that, isit grants them freedom of movement, but ALSO makes them extremely easy to restrain. Heavy duty chains just latch right on to the outfit.

This is important cause they arentjust bloodmages, they are WORDCASTERS. They know the true language of the world. But you cant TEACH someone that, it literally makes their brain stop working. So they are taught riddles, that their mind slowly unravels at its own pace. But if they start to figure itout too quickly, they have serious seizures and basically start to shred appart the world around them with magic they were never meant to use.

So yeah, being able to restrain each other? PRETTY BIG PRIORITY.

>> No.25496990


I always thought it was just to add more cheesecake to the franchise.

I don't really care why they do it, whether it's to be edgy or whatever. It just means more tits ass hips and thighs for me.

>> No.25497079

> Only model worth shit is the Flower Knight
> Sold out
well fuck you too

>> No.25497121


Every model you want is going to be sold out. Poots needs to do larger runs already.

>> No.25499660

Wish we could get more info on the oneshot scenarios.

>> No.25501601

So I am just blind.
Okay, cool.

>> No.25502388


Given that apparently everyone knows he was advertising it, it evidently wasn't astroturfed.

Astroturfing means advertising _without_ showing your involvement.

>> No.25503427

That's the point faggot, it was astroturfing, but most of us knew where it was coming from.
Poots only had oe thread where he actually namefagged as poots, the rest where
"ermagherd look at this new KS its ZOMG awesome" oh yeah, with tits and edgy grimdark.

>> No.25507039

But he can never know when there'll be less demand. It's not worth the risk, presumably.

>> No.25507238

That looks more like /e/ material than official artwork, but it's official artwork isn't it? -_- This basically looks like Cheesecake: The Miniature Game

>> No.25507389

Yes this is fanart. It is by the guy who does the official art too (http://lokmanlam.deviantart.com/art/Kingdom-Death-Dragon-Sacrifice-341630234 like this), but that specific picture is fanart.

That said, majority of advertisement is really for "Cheesecake: The Miniature Game"
instead of "Monster Hunter: The Tabletop".

>> No.25507461

Wasn't this out already? Are the clothes still horrible? Is the white haired survivor still the best?

>> No.25507553

I liked the freaky monsters but all those bimbo cheesecake models just feelt like pandering to the desperate neckbeards crowd.

Have some motherfuckering dignity, man.

>> No.25507573


The "cheesecake" models aren't pandering to anyone, women have been the subject of sculpture since the dawn of time and will continue to be regardless of the fact that those sculptures are used as toys, game pieces or merely art

>> No.25507579

>Nope. Spider food.

>> No.25507593


>playing a mandolls game

anon pls

>> No.25507622

My problem is that I think they look tacky in context to the rest of the stuff in the setting because they look like typical porn artist fapfodder.

>> No.25507628


I suppose you're not a horror fan, because in that genre boobies and terror ALWAYS go together

>> No.25507635

Those are just the limited run collectible resin versions.

>> No.25507641


Typical porn artist fap fodder looks nothing like the high quality KD art

>> No.25507706

I love horror but I have seen enough horror movies to get sick of the b-movie ones. Horror and tits are not mutually exclusive either.

>> No.25507728

Yes it does. It has the same tits, ass, hips and unpractical outfits.

>> No.25507750

Well the only thing the main site even sells, has info on and has pictures of is the limited run cheesecake models, if you want things like gameplay and the actual game you have to go to their kickstarter page, that's where the info is.

>> No.25507760

I come to /tg/, I put £600 on Kingdom Death, Relic Knights and Bones.


>> No.25507805

Dignity is like a staircase and I'm still a few steps from the bottom. At the bottom you can see up the skirts of the girls higher up.

>> No.25507849

Ehh, I rather climb the stairs then stay down there with the 14 year olds.

>> No.25507903

>everything I don't like is pandering to people who like different things
>this is bad

>> No.25507923



>> No.25507938


b-horror is the real horror, I'm sorry you can't understand that

>> No.25507986

B-horror is boring because most of the time it's made by talentless people that should go back to shooting porn and generic music videos. Those people need to realise that not everyone can be the next Sam Raimi just because they have a couple of good ideas.

>> No.25508251

Kingdom Death's setting was just disapointing for me. I thought it was gonna be like Demon's Souls level of dark fantasy. But then I saw all the waifus and realised it was just Magical Girls 2spooky edition.

The monsters are cool but the setting is pretty much a /tg/ quest thread.

>> No.25508365

>don't you think it's weird we discussed nothing about the game ever since he got his money?

This ALWAYS happens with Kickstarters. Lots of noise during the campaign, mostly silence during the production, renewed interest once rewards start shipping.

>> No.25508623


Given that he did name himself in a thread, that renders the entire thing for naught. If you're just going to believe whatever some asstard says about a random poster then I personally suggest you go and choke on obsidian shards as they slowly wind their way through your internal membranes, rupturing blood vessels as well as vital organs in their wake until your entire body is a quivering lump of flesh.

Because the possibility that /tg/ would ever do a repost is apparently beyond you and thus you are too retarded to live.

>> No.25508961

Do you even know anything about the setting? also if you knew anything you'd know that none of the Pin-ups are actually canon.

>> No.25509537

How much money was that?

>funnyi uneasy

>> No.25509682

I think the total was 600-650 bux, including kickstarter and the post-kickstarter pledge manager.

>> No.25510173

Are you guys fucking with me?

When I go to the exhentai link, it just shows me a sad panda.

>> No.25510270

Thank you for posting this, it's a good comparison.

>> No.25510541

>itt Americans being afraid of nudity.

>> No.25510628

google how to get past sad panda

>> No.25510718


>> No.25512830

I scrolled through the kickstarter page again, just salivating of all that stuff I'm gonna get In the Future (TM) and pic related made me stop for a second. I don't know if it is sad, infuriating or funny that the tumblrcows are so offended by plastic tits, but they choose to completely ignore the baby slippers.

>> No.25512877

>look incredible.

It amazes me how well sex sells to mini-collectors.

The quality of the minis is good but the thought of all these grown men laboriously assembling little women, salivating and staring at them, is pathetic as a brony.

>> No.25512891

Only the finest for our Lord the Scribe. He wanted slippers 'as smooth as a baby's bottom' so we went right to the source!

>> No.25512962


Why not VoIP.

What minis doesn't matter. Let everyone use their own minis for the greatest accessibility. Now you need to work and make a system for us to play if you want to gather us like a field of dreams.

>> No.25513036

Well I was thinking of having more of a forum set up where members of the various settlements could talk, and where official treaties, alliances, etc could be permanently held; as well as using vassal, or roll20/Skype to play the game itself (scanning the cards and pics of the miniatures into the various applications.)

>> No.25513077

>just the plastic women
As if I wouldn't salivate over every mini in this pic, and more.

>> No.25513142


As opposed to people buying anime statues and taking them out of the box and jerking off on them?

>> No.25513180

And I'm going to enjoy my chinese takeout as delivered by not-Guts.

>> No.25513224

Or this pimp motherfucker.

>> No.25513271

Or the dope-ass, pimp trio of knights.

>> No.25513427

Ah realize re-reading my post, it sounds much more misandrist/white-knight than I intended.

It's healthy to be attracted to women (if they're real) and Kingdom Death does model good minis.

looks cool.

If I'm remembering right, didn't they not even have a game initially? Ah thought it was just models of hot chicks in a Japanese Monster done in a western style form of world. When were game rules and lore beyond the model blurbs released?

That'd be sad too.

Their art team loves its' hands and masks/headlessness.

Y'all might dig

Thing ont he left looks like the moon from that French movie or Majora's Mask.

>> No.25513596


If you have a site to host a forum and'll admin it sounds fine.


No VoIP that's part of Prism please.

>> No.25513635

I meant a forum on roll20, which could also be used as the battleground for inter-settlement skirmishes-each settlement would have one member acting as a representative in the 'campaign' set up for the inter-settlement activities. The GM and impartial judge would either rotate or be a third party between and two trading, fighting or otherwise interacting settlements.

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sounds fun bro. Don't tease if you're not gonna put out.

What's the setting? Prompt me and I'll make a faction.

>> No.25513802

The setting is the one in Kingdom Death: Monster, we/I'd just be adding an extra layer of meta-game on top in the manner of political negotiations with other tribes (trading goods, gear, services, survivors, enslaving, kidnapping, looting and pillaging, etc, etc).
I am no great shakes at game theory or game design, but ideally it'd be set up as a simulation of how real settlements in such an abysmal setting would interact with one-another (including treaties, marrying off to other tribes, etc, etc).

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>It's healthy to be attracted to women (if they're real)
Things that could only be said on /tg/.

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