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We need a new version of this but with new /tg/ 40K characters like Marcia, Sister Kaerys, Blue, Octavia, Pvt. Linda Redshirt, Xeno and some missing old ones like Cultist-chan, Commissar Raege, Cuddles, Boone, Lolicron, Heavy-Chan, Moe Tyrant and Reasonable Deamonette added.

Best would be if we could dig up the original drawfag, but that has about the same chance as a snowball surviving a jaunt through hell on a warm day.

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Anyone feel up to it? I would give it a shot myself but my drawing skills amount to "I can made a half-decent circle in MSPaint" and nothing more.

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You forgot Jubblowski

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Dont forget Commissar Paunch.

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Those bra-size estimates are terrible, do you guys even understand how bra-sizes work?

>The number is indicative of the circumference of the rib cage
>The letter is indicative of the difference between the circumference of the ribcage and the circumference around the bust at its fullest point
>A 36C will have (approximately) the same size breasts as a 34D, but the 36 has a broader back

That picture is wrong and you should feel bad.

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Jubbloski is already in the original. Top row middle

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feel free to correct the pic if you feel they are off.

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I suppose I can give Cultist a try.

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Nice. I know you've done Blue and Xeno before too.

We really need to get a blueberry for every caste the way the IGs have a girl for every regiment.

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Xeno doesn't really have a bust, as such. Her chassis is just kind of curvy in the front.

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Depends on the depictions.

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... Why do the Japanese do these sorts of images anyway? Especially when they feel fit to include blood type.

It's just weird, and the fact you guys are perpetuating it with these images should make you feel bad.

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You forgot someone.


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I've never seena japannese one with bloodtypes or anything before. I just saved the pic in OP back when i first discovered /tg/ some 5 or so years ago

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Nothing weird about depicting girls in charts as if they were consoles.

Now, blood types, that's more fucked up. And sluttiness degrees. Like, the Japanese have an official sluttiness ranking system.

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So THAT'S why Kaldor became a heretic.

We need lizardtits on Oxyotlchan.

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Really? Boiling them down to tit size isn't creepy?

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it's only one of their features.

Hey, not bad. You'd expect more from an earth caste but being a robot skeleton slimmed her down a bit.

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Most of the charts refer to height as well anyway.
The only measurement that matters.
Everyone in this thread takes a SAN roll after this post.

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Why should we? I know it's obnoxious to say and not funny, but, fuck, we're on 4chan, that fetish is tame.

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>A 36C will have (approximately) the same size breasts as a 34D, but the 36 has a broader back

What? I think you mean bust measurement, not breast size. While the number will be approximately the same, the breasts of the D will take up more of it that the breasts of the C. That's because they're bigger.

At least, that's how it is in theory. Women's bra sizes are unregulated and will vary depending on both the bra's manufacturer and the individual style of bra.

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She'd be bustier if she were still a tau. Earth caste chicks are stacked.

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Well Blue isn't technically a blueberry is she?

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she could have bigger tits but that's okay.

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Heh, noice.

She's more like a greenberry.

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Yeah, kinda. Same deal with Xeno. Some guy did an unnamed Air Caste and Fire Caste, though, and TRQ is Water Caste. Lemme dump em real quick.

Heres the Air Caste.

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Rolled 17

Eh, I'll give it a go.

It's been a long time since I cracked open the CoC rule book -- How man SAN points can you have to lose in one go before you have to roll for a neurosis?
Because I remember "sexual deviancy" or something similar being on that table.

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Why is the tau part of the fanbase so awful?

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Doing a miniatures kickstarter, other than cultist chan, are there any good bonus miniatures that would drum up /tg/ interest?

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Fire Caste

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And Tau Race Queen repping Water Caste
>implying the Imperium fanbase hasnt done everything the tau fanbase has and worse
Until some faggot writes Love Can Bluem, Imperiumfags cant say shit.

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>Love Can Bluem
Don't give them any idea man!

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Also, the only time anyone talks about Tau, it's about how hard they want to yiff with them. That's all.

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profile pic of TRQ, but her bust size has been augmented a bit.

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LCB is far worse than Tau Quest and you know it.
>Also, the only time anyone talks about Tau, it's about how hard they want to yiff with them.
Except thats bullshit.

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>implying it's a bad thing
everything in OP

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I also hate the way Technomancer draws faces and butts and waists and, well, everything.

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Tauquest produced Xeno, an eternal blight upon this board that only exists for diaper fetishists to jerk to.

Aside from that, why the shit are you bringing up a six year old fanfiction? It's dead and buried.

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Do you have to mention it every time?

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Same reason why you're bringing up a two year old picture that's dead and buried as an excuse to shit all over a character.

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LCB produced Lofn.

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By your own logic, Cultist-chan is nothing but diaper fetish wank since she has just as many pictures of her in diapers as Xeno does.

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More, actually.

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That was requested specifically in this thread? You're the one that decided to drag in LCB for no good reason.

Tauquest produced endless scarab shit.

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Guys, guys. All that matters is your'e waifus a shit and mine is better.

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Can't you people just make nice and either move along or help out? I know this is 4Chan aka the home fo internet arguing but you could at least keep it civil.

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Off to bed now.


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>Every Warhammer 40k fluff discussion ever

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Maybe we can stop bitching in a drawthread, yeah?

I'm gonna request a Cybercop. Like, a cop from a cyberpunk setting. Interpret that however you want and let your imagination roam free, be it a detective or an armored SWAT type. Have a little inspiration, but dont limit yourself to this.

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And this to round things out.

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Actually, why have people been so pissed about Love Can Bloom recently? Hell, in that one 1d4chan thread, somebody was asking for it to be removed from the wiki.

Is it just newfriends?

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But I like all the waifus! Even yours!

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We need a Warhammer Fantasy Love Can Bloom.
Between a High Elf and a Tomb Queen.

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no, it has been a continuous thing, nearly from the beginning. For one reason: it's kinda sappy and weak, in a universe where nothing should be. I mean, romance in 40k, okay, but only if it's X-TREME.

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I never cared for it, but I mostly just ignore it since clearly its not for everyone, but someone still likes it so let them like what they like. I have no problem bringing it up for comparison or discussing it if people claim its perfect, though.

I think the hate is just people reacting negatively to all the nostalgia surrounding it.

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But the very fact that it isn't X-TREME is the point.
It's the bodice-ripper soap opera thing of 40k.

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See, you say that, but I remember quite a bit of praise and adulation for it. Entire plot arcs speculated by anons, endless art, and the ever pervasive 'Bloomtime' meme.

Certainly not people mentioning it in unrelated threads as an insult.

It just seems weird is all.

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hence why I said "nearly" from the beginning.

So, it's SUPPOSED to be bad? Not even in an ironic way?

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It's just weird is all to me. Somebody justifying their fetish thread with "AT LEAST IT'S NOT LCB" is just really really strange to me.

I guess LCB in people's minds has changed a lot over the years.

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Did Miko shit in your khorneflakes or something?

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>Lusty Argonian Maid

>> No.25474318

Not to mention it was a great excuse for me to draw more earplay.

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Heh, people liking it at all surprises me a lot more. I can only speculate that it was mostly appreciated by people who got introduced in 40k by Dawn of War and were never really attached to 40k's themes to begin with.

>> No.25474335

I like your work.

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In other words, the chosen ones: the Warhammer Fantasy players.

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this one's ironic
Not exactly, if we keep up the metaphor, she shat in a corner of my kitchen while I was eating my cornflakes and I find that very unpleasant.

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>Somebody justifying their fetish thread with "AT LEAST IT'S NOT LCB" is just really really strange to me.
But...this isnt a fetish thread. See, thats exactly what I'm talking about. Someone asks for some silly tau cheesy characters in the same vein as Jubbloski or Cata-chan and everyone immediately goes all HURR, FETISH DIAPER FAGGOT AT LEAST IMPERIUM FANS DONT DO THIS SHIT despite the fact that they do indeed do that kind of shit and have done things even more fetishy or even more waifu-y. I would say the whole loli-rape thing with Lofn or Dranons Delight is infinitely worse than a single picture by a shitty drawfag, and I would say that the way people treated Macha or Taldeer or even Jubblowski is no different and was far more prevalent than Xeno has ever been.

The whole is just hypocritical of everyone.

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You're saying this as if WHF wasn't a grimdark and badass nogirlsallowed pillowfort as well.

>> No.25474377

The best. You should take notes from LMK.

>> No.25474386

It's the same basic thing.
The point was to take Warhammer 40k so far away from Warhammer 40k, that it was amusing in comparison of the extremes.

>> No.25474388

There's no way that's Jubbelowski.

She's far too flat.

>> No.25474401

I think it's more the other way around. I mean Lewdanon is better at anatomy. And people were guiding LMK anyway.

>> No.25474409


Oh wow. What a deal. Some people like some things and not other things. Some people hate the things the former people like.

I for one quite like LCB. And Lofn too. And Xeno. And every other bit of fancrafted fluff from /tg/ or otherwise. Well, maybe the Blue Grot seems a bit too silly, but I respect that othes might like her.

>> No.25474417

I meant on the specific methods of earplay.

>> No.25474419

It isn't.

At least when your group isn't made of
>Dark Elves

Ironically, Warriors of Chaos players are usually an indication of how non-grimderp obsessed the group is. At least in experience, they're into the hobby as a whole and not just their army.

>> No.25474421

And yet some people enjoyed it at face value, and from the way it's written, it's obvious that the author was going for something serious, thinking that a dark ending and brooding characters were enough to make it fittingly grimdark.

I'm just saying, again.

>> No.25474431

Yeah, Blue is pretty silly, but she was meant to be. The Scraplootas are a wacky bunch.

>> No.25474434

Wait... is that you Lewd Anon?

>> No.25474435

As opposed to blueberries which are just totally canon. amirite.

If it was a grognard's objections then I'd be cool with it. But considering this is a thread of "breast size comparison, needs more Tau," it just baffles me that LCB is more objectionable.

Well, the first post that set this off is 'Why are tau fans so bad.' Then you dragged in the LCB. I doubt that somebody that doesn't like this would like LCB.

/tg/ ain't your house dude.

>> No.25474439

/tg/ 40k fan-chararacters died for me when people generally agreed for Schlicktau to have a girlfriend.

When the entire point of her, like Faptau and Macha, was that she never gets any.

>> No.25474452

Oh...I get it now.

>> No.25474456

But there is a difference Taldeer and Macha were never drawn with diapers!

>> No.25474477

>Thinly veiled diaper request.

That's heresy anon!

>> No.25474482

>As opposed to blueberries which are just totally canon. amirite.
Nobody would normally take blueberries seriously, it's just that some people want us to stop enjoying them by making us consider the canon seriously, which is irrelevant, so, out of spite, we try to beat them at their own game by showing them that they could be canon.

>/tg/ ain't your house dude.
it used to be

>> No.25474488

I'm sure that's you bro. Where have you been?

I thought you died. I still have the pictures from the various scenes from my fap fics. Is work still busy for you?

>> No.25474501

I just meant that people accuse taufags of being creepy and obsessive and claim they're the only ones who do this kind of thing when Imperiumfags have created everything from an overly sappy soap opera romance, a character whose defining trait is having a ridiculously huge rack, and have turned every last primarch into a little girl. Its cool to like or dislike these things, but don't pretend they don't exist just because you don't like it when taufags do similar stuff.

>> No.25474505

Does a shoop of a picture drawn by Miko count?
>very weak response
sounds like a challenge!

>> No.25474510

Yes they were. And so was cultist.

>> No.25474525

We have confirmed Necron Overladies, Highladies, or whatever you want to call them!

Someone should drawfag them, I say!

>> No.25474528

Eeeh, not Taldeer. She's too boring to deserve that kind of attention.

>> No.25474533

So, you are the owner of /tg/? Well bless me garters, I never thought I'd see moot posting without red.

>> No.25474542

I did a fap fic for somebody wanting Macha to finally get laid. So I had her (at request) raped (turns consensual) anally by a polymorphined Calldius assassin. She then realises that because it was a woman polymorphed as a man, it didn't count.

I always liked that about Macha to, but I was bored and wrote some crap erotica for people.

If LewdAnon really is back, I am glad, I loved his work. It was a nice mix of West and East styles and was simple but brilliant.

>> No.25474544

Gee, we already have a ton of those, especially Xeno.

>> No.25474547

I love your work, LewdAnon.

>> No.25474549


>it used to be
I do believe the metaphor you are looking for is "it used to be a public park I (like/used to like) to visit"

Or are you one of those people who don't use coasters?

>> No.25474568

Present proof now!

>> No.25474570

His style sometimes doesn't work; too angular and square at times, odd head/body ratio, but It's improving and becoming more and more elegant.

>> No.25474577

I remember that, and the pics it spawned. But I was OK with that, because it was just pushing the 'Macha is never really gonna get any' joke even further.

It wasn't shipping a joke character with a guard-girl in such a way that remove's the joke character's one joke.

>> No.25474583

You're conflating two different groups here. You aren't going to blame people building dark angel lists on /tg/ for that Sonic Space Marine picture that gets posted around sometimes, are you?

So, wait. You're saying because people complain about how uncanon something is, you try to fit it in to canon...

And you hate LCB because it tries to take something uncanon and fit it into canon?

>> No.25474587

It's okay, we have tons of other blueberries, now.

>> No.25474595

But see, that works because technically she still didn't get any, what with Macha being straight and all.

>> No.25474602

I'm saying that the "canonically justifying blueberries" thing is fundamentally done ironically. Then it gets out of hand.

LCB is fundamentally serious.

>> No.25474638

"No, see, I'm wearing this scarf and thick rimmed glasses combo IRONICALLY, that other guy over there, he's a piece of shit who I bet is taking it seriously, not me though, no way."

>> No.25474656

As I said, it gets out of hand.

>> No.25474660

The thing about LCB is that it's already canon.

Eldar do hook up with humies and produce offspring with functioning kidneys (Or do they?)

>> No.25474677

Blue's pretty flat though.

>> No.25474685

You're hilarious.

>> No.25474686

Yeah, but never a farseer. Its always a male eldar corsair and a female human dockwhore.

>> No.25474694

True, but speaking to him via email, he says he does it on paper, with no pen completion either! That's good quality work for pen and paper in the time-frame he does it. I just hope it is him and he replies to my emails and comments. Drawfags left due to ban happy mods.... I have some nice pictures of that fap fic here...

Also, looking at the other pictures he has posted in this thread... Looks like they are part of my comic, because, if you look at this one (blueboard so have to go to imgur) the dude looks the same.


So, I am happy if it is the case!

I then did that weird Caerys and Idranel transform into Dark Eldar to go take drugs, drink and fuck people in Commoragath. Then their transformation fails, and tentacle rape ensues. Ah, memories.

Aye, I tried my best to keep it within the /tg/ fluff while pleasing the requester.

I got the fap fics on pastebin if anybody wants them.

>> No.25474712

uh, no. Not for her frame.

>> No.25474736

Some drawfags left due to ban-happy mods FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO

>> No.25474747


My mother has nobler blood than your entire lineage for one of the People to have chosen to stick his dick in her, you... you... double mon'keigh.

>> No.25474756

In the path novels there is a punishment for Farseers who act selfishly or abuse their power.

So Farseers are not perfect and are just as ruled by impulse as the rest of the Eldar!

>> No.25474764

Good to hear from you once again too.
I'm still very flustered about finishing the Sisters of Solace fic but I'm afraid real life priorities got in the way of that rollercoaster of fun.
Terribly sorry Provider.

>> No.25474781

I really like Threegrot. He'd make for a great model, probably a nightmare to kitbash though

>> No.25474793

Those are FB, which means that next to nobody cares.

>> No.25474794

I've just never seen much of a bust on her.

>> No.25474795

Oh I know bro, but somebody mentioned "Kitten Mod" the guy who posted the sticky. Was it him who created a troll thread on /tg/ just so he could ban people for being rude... While he had his Mod tag on? Which caused him to be reported and he claimed it was photoshoped (the evidence). Think he was removed, dunno.

I have lots of cool LewdAnon pictures, but some are NSFW and thus can't be posted. Wasn't the entire point of spoilers for NSFW stuff?

>> No.25474808

That's a crack pairing if there ever was one.

>> No.25474817

I didn't quite get the joke of that strip, I think.

>> No.25474820

Goddamn I love dat art

>> No.25474836


Yeah, but no longer... Now it's SFW or GTFO!

The time we yelled "PROMOTIONS!" all over the place is long gone! *sadface.jpg*

>> No.25474853


>> No.25474854

Also if there were one kind of human capable of wooing an elder it would be a Calidus or Vindicare assassin, considering that if their stat-line is any indication they have agility and martial prowess of a phoenix lord and are about as emotionally reserved as an Eldar so they would likely have a much better chance at meeting Eldar standards than most humans.

>> No.25474857


No. Are you even male?

>> No.25474898

Don't worry man, real life comes first. I'm just some random bed ridden dude with too much time on his hands. Vexus is happy to hear you were trying to finish Sisters of Solace comic!

Don't be sorry man, just glad to see you around. Drawfriends are few and far between, they are creeping back, but I think they are new ones not old ones.

You keep working on Sisters of Solace when you can. Vexus was first, I am happy to wait, as they say, good things come to those who wait. I might start writing again, I am terrible, but I don't mind. Better than not.

If you have Steam we have an offical /tg/ group now. Just so people can talk if they want and play games.


There is the link for everybody.

Anyway, yeah, good to see you. Hope work and real life eases up for you, I know how it can feel.

>> No.25474900

Probably not if you have to ask.

>> No.25474915

Someone else who hated the addition of the relationship with Chem-chan to her character? I thought I was the only one!

>> No.25474931

I didnt much care for it, either. Felt entirely out of place.

>> No.25474936

Well, I suppose since nobody else will do it.
Would you kindly provide a link to the fics, Great Provider?

>> No.25474942

Argh, poor Chem-Chan. So much potential, lost.

>> No.25474966

Yeah, it's awesome. The Macha 'rape' fic had ear fun, which I think LewdAnon was a fan of, I can't remember. The picture isn't part of it though, just a cool one he did.

Promotions. So long ago. 1d4chan only place that mentions them.

>> No.25475013


Hilariously, that wasn't me this time. And by me, I mean "That guy that usually yells about Technomancer's shit."

>> No.25475022


Of course, thankfully for Taldeer, the punishment for just having a relationship with a human would be far less than that.

>> No.25475036

Here is the Macha 'rape' one. None of them have been edited, checked or anything. So, bad.


Here is the first one I did, started to turn it into a proper story due to some people being interested in it, but I stopped after doing major back story. So, yeah. This is SoB lesbian stuff.


Here is a fic about a Blood Angel and a Sister of Battle.


Here is the Idranel and Caeyrs transform fic


And here is the male Calldius Assassin transformation fic, somebody liked body transformation as a fetish, so, yeah. There is lewd stuff of course.

There was another but I lost it.


>> No.25475049

There are a few. But apparently, there's only one who yells about the hips and faces specifically. At least, one per thread in which it comes up.

What's wrong specifically anyway?

>> No.25475131

JustAnother Writefag here, I wrote some erofic to demand about the same time Provider was operating. Only one of my fics got archived on 1d4chan, Sister of Solace, and also my first/probably not my best. However I have all my other erofics saved, and would be happy to upload them wherever anyone who wants them would most like to see them.

I'm also happy to take requests if anyone wants any new erofics written up, though don't want to derail OP's artthread.

>> No.25475132


That's not me, I'm the one that yells about him being a misogynistic batshit insane fuck that injects his fetishes into everything.

Just saying. Not going to give any examples because the thread is fairly peaceful and I don't want to start shit.

>> No.25475146

sup Jaw Vexus

>> No.25475181

Mostly because you don't have examples. And examples aren't enough to justify a statement about "everything".

Well except for the batshit insane part. There are examples.

>> No.25475199

Macha diaper fic when?

>> No.25475219

It's a shame he's such a crazy and horrible person, i actually really like his non-fetishy art.

>> No.25475227

Dunno if I could do a diaper fic.... Also, don't Eldar poop crystals? If it's non-scat, I might be able to, but JAW Vexus might be a better (and quicker) option.

>> No.25475250

Non-scat is fine.

>> No.25475330

It's possible. I'll have a think about it. The thing is, Quest Threads kind of take over Writefag threads as it's interactive and quick. So, JAW Vexus and I might start a Writefag thread every so often.

I also kind of owe somebody a 'white/high elf' meets a 'dark/brown/jungle elf' and is taught the ways of the jungle. In not usual ways. So, I'll have a think.

>> No.25475335

Male Howling Banshee initiate with an older female Howling Banshee warrior on their day off.

Howling ensues.

>> No.25475348


>> No.25475350

Combine it with 40k, and have Craftworlder and Exodite meet.

>> No.25475377

Better yet; a dark eldar and an exodite.

>> No.25475381

That's exactly what I was going to do.

No joke. I've already got some ideas buzzing around. If I write it, I'll start a thread with it sometime. Then try and do a diaper Macha fic... Which I also have some ideas for.

>> No.25475397

As Provider has said, I'll be happy to consider requests. Keep your eyes peeled, we might do a writethread sometime, though only when the splurge of quest threads has passed, or when there's a real community demand for this sort of thing.

>> No.25475413

Writefags hate questfags, huh?

>> No.25475417

I could do, lots of ideas going around already.

LewdAnon once again has rekindled my desire to do stuff. I'll start as soon as I can on it.

>> No.25475435


[howling intensifies]

>> No.25475463

No, we don't hate them at all. They are just much more popular, more interactive, more group orientated and so on.

So, I might write it tomorrow and if I do, will post a thread for those. Plus other requests. Sure Vexus will help also.

>> No.25475465

I dont hate questfags, I just recognise that theyre a more popular media, especially given that this is a SFW board, and there isnt really a designated NSFW counterpart to /tg/, or ever likely to be.

Generally, SFW /tg/ fic is fairly rarely requested, and has died down alot in large part because people just find other stuff more fun, generally.

My impression as a semi-oldfag at anyrate.

>> No.25475497

What exactly is a write thread? How do they work?

>> No.25475525

Its a thread where a Writefag takes requests to create some prose fic, usually /tg/ themed, to meet certain criteria set out by requesters. Some like to take their time and post their writing all at once on pastebin, others like myself like to write-as-we-go and try to improv whilst we post. Artfags also sometimes might drop in and draw stuff for the writing, or thematically appropriate art will be posted alongside.

Its basically a non-interactive Quest thread. You give us the ideas, we make the magic happen.

>> No.25475531

Much like a Drawthread I imagine.

Someone starts one saying "I will write what you ask for", and gets a bunch of requests.

>> No.25475542

Sorry, hate was too strong of a word.

But I agree. It does feel like it's...Crowded on /tg/. The format of Quests really kind of have made writefaggotry superfluous I feel like, speaking as a writefag. I don't think anything I write could get as much attention if I wrote it as a quest.

Ruminating. Sorry.

>> No.25475551

>ctrl+f "verity", "chemrat"
>no results
Don't lie to yourself, /tg/...

>> No.25475564

I also have considered doing quests, but a. theyre really common and b. require way more effort than you'd think, especially to stand out. I'd rather just RP straight out with a bunch of friends if I'm going to be doing a Quest.

>> No.25475567

Sounds quite interesting. I'll have to try doing one of those some time, sounds like it'd be good practice.

>> No.25475591

Indeed, it can be alot of fun, especially when you get several people making requests, giving you new stuff to improv with or helping direct the course of the story at certain points.

I wish you luck if you decide to do writefagging. :)

>> No.25475629

There's a fairly good chance that I will. Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with a lot of the subjects I'd likely be asked to write about. I don't know much about many table top games. Still, I'm tempted now. It seems like it'd be pretty fun, and I guess I could do some on-the-fly research to try and make it work if I'm asked to write about something I don't know much about.

>> No.25475674

9/10 itll be wh40k, in my experience. If its a NSFW request, the real challenge is writing stuff you don't find sexy/interesting at all, and writing it so it appeals.

As a challenge, I've written some pretty hardcore homo stuff in the past, amongst other things. Just read some fanfic and use your imagination to create descriptive phrases. Alot of them are fairly stock, though- phrases like "his manhood" "her wetness" and so on.

>> No.25475708

Yeah, I had an ex that loved to get me to write all sorts of smut for her. She got off on that kind of stuff, and I didn't mind obliging. She had me write all sorts of different junk, so I'm kinda used to writing sexualized stuff that doesn't particularly appeal to me.

On a side note, this is a sfw board, am I even allowed to post nsfw stories, even if they aren't pictures it's still questionable.

>> No.25475745

On a side note, any particularly handy sites I could use to catch myself up on the basics of wh40k? I know a little bit about it, but I've never played a game of it.

>> No.25475751


Or by people who weren't introduced to SRS BSNS 40k of the early 00s on. 40k is not a game you should take seriously. It's Space Opera with the skulls and death turned up so high the nob broke off. If you honestly think a game with THIS on a canon model is meant to be a serious game, we should probably sit down and have a talk.

>> No.25475779

WH40K Lexicanum is a good resource, generally,

There's nothing specifically against text describing NSFW stuff, but I'd use your own discretion here, and not do anything that goes against anything that is specifically banned under the rules- guro, loli in detail, etc.

>> No.25475791


Also, speaking as a 40k fag, just write what you want to write. Lotta people on /tg/, with a lot of different interests.

>> No.25475800


As a sort of side note (saging for irrelevance), this is one of the reasons I enjoy Dark Heresy so thoroughly. 40k is very much a goofy, over-the-top, 'all death all horror all grim all dark all day also my blood bleeds black blood made of tiny skulls', Dark Heresy is very nearly a sci fi setting. One of the ironic factors of doing their best to describe how miserable everything is in the Calixis Sector is that they've, almost incidentally, created an incredibly detailed setting that frequently feels like it's sincerely trying to answer the question 'how would people respond if the universe really was *actively* inimical to human life, in a very overt and pointed fashion'.

>> No.25475813

Alright, I'll use the Lexicanum to get the basics down, and I'll go free form from there. Thanks for all the relevant information guys.

>> No.25475822

Well, I don't think we need to have a talk. It's obviously something that can be taken seriously and is, for the most part, meant to. Precisely because at this point of exaggeration, they obviously don't care anymore about people finding their stuff silly. And this has been the case since the very beginning, contrary to some /tg/ legend. Actually, in the beginning, it was probably taken more seriously, as the writers put more effort in describing the minute details and workings of their universe in a neutral, objective tone and weren't doing such a half-assed job as nowadays.

>> No.25475844

I really don't see the irony in that. It's simply the mostly non-poetic approach taken at the beginning, but pushed even further. It's adapted to roleplaying.

>> No.25475857


Yeah, Rogue Trader wasn't intended to be SERIOUS BUSINESS. The game started as "hey.. let's do fantasy in space." and never really moved past it.

>> No.25475872

Just don't bother arguing with him. It's a lost cause.

>> No.25475877

Looks like someone went ahead and started a writethread.

I'm going to participate in it, green behind the gills as I am.

>> No.25475878

they went for GRIMDARK space fantasy and did it seriously, and added a few jokes and humorous concepts.

>> No.25475908

Being right is a lost cause, now?
Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that it can't or shouldn't be taken humorously. Most things can.
I'm saying that, by and large, it's meant to be taken seriously as least as much as humorously.

By seriously I mean "enjoyed at face value without irony". Then, there are several degrees of irony, the most relevant being: as a parody of idealistic, clean sci-fi, and the other being as a parody of itself.

>> No.25475917

can we have an OrKun?

>> No.25475989

Blue's an ork.
Well, an honorary ork at least.

>> No.25475990


You can enjoy things at face value and also totally acknowledge that they are absurd and ridiculous. There is no irony in what I enjoy about 40k. It is irrational and over the top and a little stupid, and I enjoy that about it, unironically. It is not highbrow, and anything you can accurately describe as "GRIMDARK", with uppercase and all, should probably not be taken seriously. I mean, do you also think that the Judge Dredd setting is intended as a serious examination of a dystopian future?

>> No.25476032

Oooh, so, by "serious", you actually mean "realistic", as if reality was a serious thing.
You don't mean "that you can legitimately feel genuinely involved into".

>> No.25476098


Sure, except that's not what 'serious' means. Serious means 'characterized by deep thought' or 'somber and grave'; neither of these describe the 40k setting, especially with regards to continuity.

>> No.25476170

It's not something that can be applied to real life either, really, and yet you use realism as a way to judge 2000AD's seriousness.

>> No.25476298

I'm not the guy who originally did it but I did this thread because once someone else pointed it out I couldn't unsee it.

Basically, all the faces typically look all soft and round like a baby's face and all the asses sag in such a way they look more like diapers than butts.

>> No.25476353

That would be good. I keep toying around with an idea of a semi-sappy story about an Imperium Sailor who sells out the navy to the tau because they promised him that he would never have to go into the Warp again while working on a ship and how one of the local Air Castes on the ship helps him cope with his PTSD when it comes to FTL/near-FTL travel and a thread devoted to writefaggotry might just motivate me off my ass to actually take a stab at writing it

>> No.25476381

Were do pedo sister and kroot chan come from?

>> No.25476421

You can always just paste it all to pastebin and then post the pastebin link on /tg/ if you are worried that it will get you banned.

>> No.25476449

We also have Dakkaren from Heretical Love, who I imagine looks something like this.

>> No.25476477

Kroot-chan is just from back in the early 4chan days when it was closer to its Japanese roots and had to make a -tan/-chan character for several units or variations with each army and pedo Sister is just a generic joke about Sisters being all about the little boys and girls. I honestly have no idea where that started, though. Maybe back when /ss/ was still a think, SoBs x shotas was a popular matchup, I dont know.

>> No.25476595

ork's don't breed like that! but i wonder what a Tau/Eldar mix would look like.

>> No.25476632

not really into xeno but Scaplootas in general seem like fun
Knights Inductor flip flops between cool and cringe
captcha: recelll preperation

>> No.25476678

The answer is because they're obsessive perverts. No really.

As for the blood type: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_types_in_Japanese_culture

The more you know!

>> No.25476690

sob shotas were really a macht up? Damn, stuff in 1d4chan sure is old

>> No.25480083


>> No.25480311


>> No.25480411



>> No.25480455

>some missing old ones
This is pre-Cultist and the others. And Draw Faggit doesn't come here anymore.
she's there.

>> No.25480767

Sometimes these threads make me feel old...

>> No.25481150

Japanese blood type personality chart

Type A
Best traits Earnest, creative, sensible, reserved, patient, responsible
Worst traits Fastidious, overearnest, stubborn, tense

Type B
Best traits Wild, active, doer, creative, passionate, strong
Worst traits Selfish, irresponsible, unforgiving, erratic

Type AB
Best traits Cool, controlled, rational, sociable, adaptable
Worst traits Critical, indecisive, forgetful, irresponsible, "split personality"

Type O
Best traits Confident, self-determined, optimistic, strong-willed, intuitive
Worst traits Self-centered, cold, doubtful, unpredictable, "workaholic"

On one hand, its kinda right on my regard.
On the other, its really fucking racist

>> No.25481228

>Type A arara doushio~ waifu

>On the other, its really fucking racist

Oh man, Japs being racist? Who would've thought?

It's just blood types. /tg/ has fucking white supremacists/posters that troll/joke about white supremacy for gods sake.

>> No.25481283

Yeah, but their normally just /pol/ leaking. I like to imagine it as a great big rusty bucket of bile full of mosquito larvae who are incredibly worried about the jews.

>> No.25481303


Tallarn is cute as a button, goddamn.

>> No.25481344

I can not think of a society that's more racist than Japan. I live in Japan, so I know.

>> No.25481377


Best to worst:

- Kasrkin-chan
- Krieg-chan
- Vostroya-san
- Commissar
- Catachan
- Tallarn
- Drookian Fen-chan
- Chem-chan

Prove me wrong.

>> No.25481424

Science says you're wrong. And you cannot argue with science, because it uses the scientific method? Do YOU use the scientific method? No! Therefore, you are wrong. Quid pro quo, QED, five celery sticks.

>> No.25481446

>five celery sticks

In the face of this new peer-reviewed research, I am forced to re-evaluate my conclusion, however I still stand by my original hypothesis.

>> No.25481471

Not really racist, as blood type's not a race. It's still prejudiced though. Probably.
It's actually a bit more like how horoscopes have those personality traits that usually don't fit to the people that fall under the sign (unless they actually believe in horoscopes, then they tend to try making it fit).

>> No.25481522

Sorry bro, but Catachan is the best closely followed by Eversor-chan.

I don't make the rules i just play by them.

>> No.25482332

Please, this is best Eversor right here.

>> No.25482459


That daemonette is adorable. And I usually don't like mohawks on women or pecs on my daemonettes.

>> No.25482521

Shes got at least one tit going on.

>> No.25482720


One ain't good enough.

>> No.25482808

I think a different picture had her with both. The drawfag said that one was a bit of a quick n dirty sketch.

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