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You are a Magical Girl, and you're on your way to a security job.

It's not a job you're looking forward to. The principal is some super-popular idol named Kirishima Ruri, who seemed to have enough pull and money to get even the mutant cat to bend over backwards for her. Sending his Warmaster, of all the girls in his payroll, to specifically be her lackey for nearly half a week.

Idols. Japan's most dubious export, besides strange pornography and cartoons.

Personally, you're not a fan, and your experience with them isn't improving your opinion of them much.

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Now, you're not all that familiar with Incubator biology - besides scattering it all over the place with a well-placed gunshot or two) - but you're pretty sure that Kyuubey doesn't have any equipment between those legs of his. Or anything, really, that would qualify as something Kirishima Ruri may have had in her mouth to get this sort of preferential treatment. So that begs the question - just how much clout does this Kirishima Ruri have, and what's in it for the mutant cat?

Things used to be much simpler before all this.

You'd just have to show up and shoot someone's legs off and that'd be that, call it a day, meet up back in Charles' bar.

Well, you're not being paranoid for nothing. It's unprecedented, this client ordering the mutant cat around. Even with your leaky sieve of a memory, you remember Kyuubey as being one of those Incubators that absolutely hates having to cater to a client, valuing being able to make his own decisions rather than have them made for him. And this Ruri did just that - asking that you, from all the Magical Girls in your Officio, to be her security detail for four days.

Considering your current rank, and everything. No, you're still not used to being Warmaster, and you still have a lot to learn about the position - but you're pretty sure it's not something to take lightly. A Warmaster shouldn't be doing grunt work, and if she is, it'd have to be pretty fucking important.

It's only one of the many things that has you on edge, in regards with this particular job. One of the many things that's got you on guard with whoever this Kirishima Ruri is.

...You almost find yourself wishing that she'd come out holding a Golden Weapon right off the bat. That would just save you a whole lot of trouble - not to mention four days of babysitting.


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Speaking of Golden Weapons...you did leave some in your personal vault, right?

Which ones did you leave behind?

>[No less than two Golden Weapons must be left behind. Voting ends in 20 Minutes.]

[]The Chainaxes
[]The Gauntlets
[]The Desert Eagle
[]The Sword

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>[x]The Sword
>[x]The Chainaxes


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[x]The Sword
[x]The Chainaxes

As if we need cutting power

I would have liked to keep the Chainaxes on person though

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>[X]The Chainaxes
>[X]The Sword
Seems the most in-character.

>self-caused accdnts
What are you trying to say, Captcha?

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Rolled 14



Go to Fakku

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[X]The Chainaxes
[X]The Sword
>about to go to sleep see this
Guess its a double all nighter for me wooooo

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>[x]The Chainaxes
>[x]The Sword
We also need to learn how to do that autogun trick with the gauntlets.

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Rolled 18


>[x]The Chainaxes
>[x]The Sword

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[x] The Sword
[x] The Chainaxes

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>[x]The Chainaxes
>[x]The Sword
Regardless of what golden weapon we store back into the vault, we should leave a non-gold item behind.

>[x]Leave the warmasters cap in the vault.
We are going to be around idols for 4 days, plus a crazy stalker idol. We got enough on our hands without worrying about a hat that contains the prince of pleasure/she who thirsts and since it has been demonstrated that people can steal stuff from our inventory it would be far better to leave it behind in the secure vault.
We can pick it up later.

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Rolled 2

I like the size of the gauntlets.

For one thing, they're gonna be enormously (lol) useful when protecting a VIP.

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[X]The Chainaxes
[X]The Gauntlets
[]The Desert Eagle
[]The Sword

It's probably a crazy idea, but I want to try the sword after the treatment. And DE is a no brainer, it's our only ranged weapon.

We need more golden firearms decu

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Errrgh. I want to take the sword, but it's tactically unsound.

[x] The Sword
[x] The Chainaxes

Eventually we're going to nut up and use that sword, though.

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>[x]The Chainaxes
>[]The Gauntlets
>[x]The Desert Eagle
>[x]The Sword
Yuu is nice girl, helpful too, let's keep her around. Away with the rest.
We might want to test "synchronising" with DEagle (brand DEagle) later to assume better control over it, but we have no time for that right now. Or do we?

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...Why are we taking the Chainaxe and Sword?

Don't they kind of make us go crazy?

Doesn't this strike anyone as a bad idea at all?

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Rolled 15


I know what you mean, we need training time on it.

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>[X]The Chainaxes
>[X]The Sword

The unmastered ones

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Rolled 17


Nah, much more fun to wear it and watch idols start lusting.

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We're leaving the chainaxes and sword behind.

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[x] The sword
[x] The chainaxes

We can basically sit back and shoot, and if the fight comes to us, use the giant punchy gauntlets to punch things

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We're voting on what to put in the vault dude chill

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Rolled 13



>Which ones did you leave behind?

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>...Why are we taking the Chainaxe and Sword?

>Which ones did you leave behind?

Reading comprehension, Anon, do you have it?

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>mfw I reread the OP

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>Which ones did you leave behind?

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guys what if the ones we leave behind, some other idiot gets a hole of them, like sayaka and kyoko?
i'm not liking this.

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We have the only key. Well QB probably has a spare somewhere in there.

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Vault can only be accessed by Chiaki (and QB).
All the important MG have been briefed about Golden Weapons.

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Rolled 8


I'd hope they'd not be that dumb.

Especially after we warned them what happened.

>> No.25467620


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[x]The Sword
[x]The Chainaxes
>implying it will make a difference

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>implying sayaka isn't retarded and doesn't hate the ever living shit out of us
>implying she can't get at the vault
guys do not underestimate stupidity, always work with at least 1 shadowrun at all times here or we die hard and fast.

also reminder, we have slannesh in our hat, i repeat we still have a chaos god in our hat.

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The question is, how do we weaponise it?

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Rolled 8


Shadowruns, Yes.

STUPID Shadowruns, no.

She actually said she believed us. She of all people trusted Chiaki's word when she explained about the Golden Weapons. I think she understands exactly what those things can do and why NOT to touch them.

Also, Sayaka a shit but she is NOT that stupid. Hate but do not irrationally hate. Understand them and you can and will hate them all that much better and with much more venom.

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"Why kill me when we can fuck instead?"

And then golden weapon harem happens.

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We we want to work with at least 1 shadowrun.
We would have told someone to get the plans for the stadium, or find out where the security guards are going to come from.

>also reminder, we have slannesh in our hat, i repeat we still have a chaos god in our hat.

and no one wants to put the said hat in the vault.
Lewd times ahoy!

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>also reminder, we have slannesh in our hat, i repeat we still have a chaos god in our hat

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[x]The Sword
[x]The Chainaxes
>Captcha: nfoJap Monthly
I see.

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[x]The Sword
[x]The Gauntlets

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I really need to read these some day
to find out why Slaanesh is in a little girls har

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>wear hat
>flip hair
>they fall in love instantly
>hat devours their souls

Nothing can go wrong.

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Because crazy yandere Godoka beat it up and put it in there.

Said Godoka wants to kill us when we remember what we did to drive her crazy.

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[x]The Chainaxes
[x]The Desert Eagle
[x]The Sword

We`ll only use the Gauntlets. I mean.. no one fucking expects a Vindicare to go into melee and punch you in face with a Powerfist.

And just to add to the horror of being punched by a gient metal fist, this particularl Vindicare can phase in and out of reality.
Just fucking imagine the terror when you blink and the person that was a good 100 Meters away suddenly shows up right in your face.

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what happened is last thread, we gave pinky pancakes and pretty much said that the chaos god is in our hat because she stuck it there AND THATS why everyrone gets insta lewd when around someone wearing the hat

>> No.25467736

Do you REALLY wanna summon Pinky again?

>> No.25467740

Our timestop has proven unreliable when facing golden weapon users in the past.
Also voting is over.

>> No.25467748

>implying thats always a bad thing
>when in reality shes just yandere madoka, and probably just wants us to be sorry, go full witch and be her buddy for the rest of time
you realize this right?

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Rolled 15



>> No.25467754


Whe should totally use our timestop more often to freak the shit out of people, because this is the weapon of pure terror.

We might not be the most charismatic, deadly or crazy of Megucas but goddamn, the person you were just talking about suddenly standing with you in the room would probably let everyone freak out.

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wait so slaanesh gifted a magical girl
with a hat that makes everything that happens hentai?

>> No.25467762


Slaanesh is sealed within the hat, Pinky said so.

>> No.25467775

slanesh is a hat, our hat, and when we wear said hat everything turns into a hentai, and to temporarily sedate said chaos god we go do hentai things while wearing hat.

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>>25467475 >>25467477 >>25467479 >>25467493

Yeah, you did. You left Kharn's babies - that is to say, Gorefather and Gorechild, the chainaxes - and Muramasa behind. You don't see the need for that kind of hardware in this kind of mission, and you REALLY don't see the point of risking going stab-happy with Kirika's old standby. You even tried unsheathing the damn thing just a bit, to see the blade's golden surface - but seeing Kirika's screaming face, her eyes torn out and crying bloody tears in place of your own reflection made you think twice.

Even in death - or at least, having her soul trapped in a demonic weapon - Kirika still refuses to stop being such a bitch.

The Golden Desert Eagle, though, you made sure to keep. You're carrying it now, in a shoulder leather holster, the same holster you used during the last mission you had with Iori. Concealed rather well under the bulky bomber jacket that Kyoko's returned to you, it's a comforting weight on your side. ...You know these things are dangerous, but you can't help but feel oddly peaceful with it around. You're not even stressed at all about wearing the Warmaster's Cap, which, according to pinky, has some sort of malevolent spirit of lust inside it.

As for the Gauntlets, you're wearing them now still, in their braceleft forms. Each one clasped around your wrist, under your costume's sleeves. ...You haven't really taken them off since you got home from Siberia, haven't you? Maybe that's the reason Yuu's been so friendly. Does the skin contact count as constant skinship, or something?

...Nah. Golden Weapons couldn't work that way. Could they?


>> No.25467786


In any case. You met up with Sayaka, Kyoko and Mami in the Office on your way out. Mami greeted you with her usual smile, Kyoko with her usual grin, and Sayaka with her usual scowl that wished you were dead and buried a long time ago. Mami seemed proud that you'd taken it upon yourself to return to a life of hygiene, but as usual she couldn't help but make a fuss, retying your ponytail and making sure your costume's 'clean'. Kyoko seemed amused at this as always, while you saw Sayaka frowning harder and harder during this display. The blonde also gave you a rather thin file about Kirishima Ruri, to read on the way.

As Mami left the office - along with her none-too-subtle security detail, all of whom hesitatingly saluted you one by one, each of them blushing as they skittered past - you then told Kyoko about the package you received the other day. The red-haired Eversor's cheerful grin faded as you told her what it contained, and how you think it may be a possible lead on her own assignment. She thanked you for the heads up, and went off on her own. You also made her promise, again, not to set Midori on fire as a diversionary tactic. All you got was a guffaw.

For Sayaka, well. She didn't seem to be doing anything, then, and you probably need a second pair of eyes during this entire thing. You asked her if she had anything on her docket - and she blinked at you before saying something to the negative. Nothing but training the FNGs, she replied.

Did you take Sayaka along for the mission?


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and how the fuck did pinky do that

>> No.25467794

>Freak out about timestop
>Be totally okay with wearing Slaanesh as an accessory on your head

>> No.25467806

what happened to Kirika
who was she

>> No.25467810

Rolled 8



Because, why not?

>> No.25467812


Always good to have backup.

>> No.25467813

shes the bitch who cut our arm off earlier and had the first golen weapon.

>> No.25467814


>> No.25467817



I give you permission to hit me if I start making moon eyes at Ruri

>> No.25467818

[x] Yes.
Do not question the Blessed Lady. Things happen to those that question the Blessed Lady.
Bad things.
Go read magicalgirlnoir.com.

>> No.25467819

sorry the chick we forced into retirement via bullets

>> No.25467823

We can set her on fire as a diversionary tactic.

>> No.25467828

yes, YES
thats hilarious.

>> No.25467829

[x] Yes.

All joking aside, she might actually be able to teach us a thing or two about doing these sorts of missions without coming off as a liquored-up clod.

>> No.25467832


>> No.25467835


[x] No.
[x] Request Yuma to come with us instead.

>> No.25467842

Threadly reminder that the updated Ebook can be found at http://pastebin.com/kbGzcbDb

I probably won't be awake when the thread ends, and if Decu isn't running tomorrow I'll update it after I wake up.

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Rolled 3


>Even in death - or at least, having her soul trapped in a demonic weapon - Kirika still refuses to stop being such a bitch.

I wonder if we can somehow set her at peace...

We need to speak with that sword when we have the time.

>> No.25467848

don;t just leave her alone mang. her life sucks as it is already and she might already be pissed off at us.

>> No.25467852

>We might not be the most charismatic, deadly or crazy of Megucas
>not the most deadly
>not the most crazy
I'd like to remind you that Kirika is dead and Kharn retired.

>> No.25467862

preferably with a shrine maiden

>> No.25467871

and we put down kirika and i'm guessing kharn as well.
we win both titles from them for that reason alone

>> No.25467872


>> No.25467873

is that the entire quest in one place?

>> No.25467874

> You also made her promise, again, not to set Midori on fire as a diversionary tactic.
Storytime please!

[X] Yes to taking Blueberry

>> No.25467879

>Does the skin contact count as constant skinship, or something?
>...Nah. Golden Weapons couldn't work that way. Could they?


After we get back from our mission, let's put on our hat, grab all our golden bling, and relax on the chair for a few days.

>> No.25467883


>> No.25467891

>feeling chaos gods energy by feeding them souls of golden weapon users
god damn it anon

this almost makes me wonder if we can gain boosted stats from doing that long enough though?

>> No.25467910

Oh, and >[]Yes.

>> No.25467912

and bookmarked

>> No.25467915

"If things go horribly wrong, Sayaka, you are the one I trust the most to kill me when it comes to it."

Add a hat-powered wink if needed. We need Sayaka points.

>> No.25467938


let's not wink at her, especially not if we are wearing the hat.

>> No.25467939

>implying we can make sayaka anything but hate the ever flying fuck out of us.

>> No.25467941

We could always try impaling oriko

or just a small itty bitty cut or prod, enough to draw blood.

This is the worst of ideas though

>> No.25467950

Grudging Respect would be nice.

You can hate the fuck out of someone but still admit they do their job right.

>> No.25467951

Rolled 18


I was actually wondering if Oriko would want to commune with the sword but how corruption would affect normal people is still in question.

>> No.25467970

>implying oriko isn't plotting to kill us
>implying she hasn't contracted by now
>implying she won't try to prophet kill mami.

>> No.25467976

That doesnt mean that we inherited their titles. Kirika had more kills and without Misaka we would have been fucked.

And we never defeated Kharn. She kinda defeated herself.

>> No.25468027

[x] Yes.
She needs to go over this unprofessional crap.

>ingslof 5th

>> No.25468042

kirikas dead so thats a moot point
but i think we have been the ones to stop kharn the first time around when she went full betrayer, but we don'tactually know yet.

>> No.25468048

Actually, it's Midori that defeated Kharn.
I guess she inherited the title now.

>> No.25468057

second time around, i'm saying who did it first go?
when she went full betrayer and got banished to siberia?

>> No.25468081

Probably Malal before getting herself killed.

>> No.25468148


>> No.25468166

so irealized something, i think we were originally supposed to play an utter dick, and instead we made someone trying to be actually a functioning member of society?
how in the fuck did we do that, i mean i've been here since thread 1 but still though, we are managing to do it even when the entire world has always been trying to actively fuck us.

>> No.25468170

I don't really dig Sayaka but that attitude of hers might save us from being awkward-trapped in the idol-land

>> No.25468179

Through the power of Mammies.

>> No.25468183

I can't even imagine /tg/ playing an utter dick..

>> No.25468187


The best part of roleplaying

>> No.25468197


They truly are magical!

>> No.25468198

as a forever DM with nothing but shit players, its just weird to me to see people stop being hyper paranoid murderhobo fucks.

>> No.25468213


No matter what /tg/ says, they always tend to drift towards lawful good.

>> No.25468221

/tg/ is whiteknights.
Pretty rare for any quest MC to be a proper bad guy, or even continuously dickish.
Most youll normally get is jerk with a heart of gold or somesuch.

>> No.25468224

Lawful Good is the most badass.

>> No.25468225

except for when trolls override everything.

>> No.25468229

I don't have any lewd mammies.
Will a cute do?
Yes, it's from a lewd, I just didn't save that part.

>> No.25468233

>invades and starts harvesting resources from a world that is not his
lawfull good?

>> No.25468240

>Most youll normally get is jerk with a heart of gold or somesuch.

Feel that this is what Chiaki's heading towards. Maybe a bit disagreeable and rude at times, but meaning well overall.

>> No.25468245

Rolled 8


If it was promised to his race, he has a lawful claim to the resources.

>> No.25468246


>> No.25468250

I think there is one chaotic evil, Akuma quest.
I had to stopped reading it near the end of thread 5 because it was 2evil4me.

>> No.25468267

I'd say she reached that a long time ago, it didnt take long for /tg/ to assert their inherent leaning towards good.

>> No.25468280

akuma quest i think is full troll route.

>> No.25468287

>[X] Yes

We need someone to set on fire as a distraction. Sallaka is also very good at hacking through trash mobs, which we're going to need.

>> No.25468290

Right, we already got a haircut.
Twice, even.

>> No.25468293

Just checked, seems okay. Thanks for the recommendation.

>> No.25468296 [SPOILER] 



>> No.25468301

Rolled 6


Does growing of hair count as a haircut?

More like image hairstyle change.

>> No.25468306

>>25467810 >>25467812 >>25467814 >>25467817

You brought Sayaka along with you. Of course, she protested at first, she grudgingly relented a few moments later, but not after going back to her office quarters for a moment and getting some stuff she said she needed.

...You're regretting that decision, however. The entire trip from the office had been nothing but her grumbling about how she's now trapped into spending four days tailing you and following you around. Worst mission ever, what a fucking waste of time, she'd prefer simply tossing her Soul Gem into a blender and putting the entire thing on puree than run a mission with you. Normally you'd be tuning her out - or just kicking her out of the car immediately, without having it stopped - but still, you couldn't help get a dig in.

Bcause really, all her bitching would be much more convincing if she wasn't dressed in rather casual clothes, carrying a lovingly-written placard proclaiming that 'RURI-CHAN IS THE BEST IDOL EVER' and wearing a baseball cap with the idol's winking face printed on the front and brim.

"...S-shut up, Murderface! I'm just a...a normal fan, that's all!" Sayaka spat, recoiling from you as you lazily tapped out a text message for Iori, greeting her good morning and telling her to take care during the concert.

A normal fan, she says. You're just having breakfast with her, she does know that, right? Concert isn't till tomorrow, or whenever it is. Why's she dressed like she's about to get in line, anyway?

"Surprise, surprise, Warmaster can't do any research on her own," Sayaka sneers. "If you'd only read that file Mami-san gave you, you'd know that they're holding an event right there in the Hotel she's staying. The Four-Day Date with Ruri-Chan Special! You get a lottery ticket after buying her latest album, and if your number gets picked, then you get to be with Ruri-chan for the entire four days she's here - including during the concert!"


>> No.25468308

Rolled 14



>> No.25468317 [SPOILER] 


Trigger-Warning x 2

>> No.25468321

That, and a dislike of huehuehue unless it involves waifu material.

>> No.25468323


That's...that's great, then. Whoever wins the damn thing you'll probably have to protect too. That's just perfect.

...Wait, does that mean--

"Of course!" Sayaka snaps, taking out her wallet from the pocket of her skirt and showing you what appears to be dozens of lottery tickets, all of them carefully arranged in ascending order and tied together with a rubberband. "As much as I could reasonably buy! Hah, I'll win that stupid lottery for sure!"

Y-yeah. Yeah, you think she would. You carefully inch a bit farther from Sayaka, who seems to be on fire in a way you've never seen her before. It's a bit scary, but you guess even she can get enthusiastic about something sometime.

"Hunh. Yeah, yeah, I see how you're looking at me like that, Murderface." Sayaka narrows her eyes at you, crossing her arms over her chest. "Sure, yuk it up. Someone like you wouldn't understand." Blueberry shakes her head, in a decidedly haughty way that makes you want to punch her all of a sudden. "All her songs speak to the heart, she's written them herself - both the lyrics AND the music - and she's even starred in Hollywood movies, too! And a lot of her songs..." The blue-haired girl shakes her head, closing her eyes. "...they sound like they're written for Magical Girls, too...Magical girls in love! Not like that porn crap that everyone likes back in the office!"

Okay. Okay. She should calm down. You don't know shit about idols, or about Kirishima Ruri. You're just calling for peace, now, before something happens.

"Fuck you, this is why I hate being around you. Christ."



[]Read Mami's file about Kirishima Ruri.
[]Ask Sayaka what she knows about the idol instead.
[]Defend Miracle Midori x Murder Mayumi.

>> No.25468327

it is mami pre-wish

>> No.25468335

Rolled 18


>[x]Read Mami's file about Kirishima Ruri.
>[x]Ask Sayaka what she knows about the idol instead.

Multi tasking!

Something fa/tg/uys lack utterly but women seem capable of.

>> No.25468341


>[x]Read Mami's file about Kirishima Ruri.


>> No.25468342

>[]Read Mami's file about Kirishima Ruri.
Goddamn, fangirl alert.

Will Ruri hypnotize Sayaka into attacking us at some point?

>> No.25468348

we can read the file later
>[x]Ask Sayaka what she knows about the idol instead.
>[x]Defend Miracle Midori x Murder Mayumi.
just a little bit

>> No.25468349

What indeed.

>> No.25468351


Wait, women CAN do this.

[x] Yes.

>> No.25468352

[X] What's this 'porn crap' she mentioned, anyway? You can't have your subordinates getting distracted, after all.

Your move, Sayaka.

>> No.25468358

>[X]Read Mami's file about Kirishima Ruri.
>[X]Ask Sayaka what she knows about the idol instead.

As much as I'd love to throw in defending MMxMM it would probably just end in another rant from Sayaka and who has time for that? Let's just stay focused on what's priority right now.

Maybe through in an off-hand comment that you were given the first volume and it wasn't completely terrible or something.

>> No.25468365

>"...they sound like they're written for Magical Girls, too...Magical girls in love! Not like that porn crap that everyone likes back in the office!"

[X]Read Mami's file about Kirishima Ruri.
Its thin, so we can do it while we
[X]Ask Sayaka what she knows about the idol instead.
And, almost like an afterthought, we
[X]Defend Miracle Midori x Murder Mayumi.
Our Equerry writes it after all.

>> No.25468374

Yeah, the writing is good, the later threads weren't my cup of tea.

>> No.25468376

[x] "I didn`t know you were into Idols and its kind of disgusting. Please stop acting like that around me."
[x]Defend Miracle Midori x Murder Mayumi.
[x]Read Mami's file about Kirishima Ruri.

>...they sound like they're written for Magical Girls, too...Magical girls in love!


>> No.25468385

That is the moment where we put The Hat on Sayaka.
And take pictures.

>> No.25468391

[X]Ask Sayaka what she knows about the idol instead.

The file on Ruri was thin, Sayaka probably knows more, take everything she says with a pile of salt, she's biased.

>> No.25468393


>> No.25468394


>"...they sound like they're written for Magical Girls, too...Magical girls in love! Not like that porn crap that everyone likes back in the office!"


since we are asking aboout Sayakas obsession, we should ask WHEN did she because hooked on Runi's music.

Because if the answer is 'yesterday'....

>> No.25468399

[X] Read Mami's file about Kirishima Ruri.
[X] Defend Miracle Midori x Murder Mayumi.

>Incubation Milky Lotion
So lewd.

>> No.25468401

An have Kyoko kill the both of us?

>> No.25468403

Just to clarify - Sayaka is our Equerry
Midori is secretary/armchair warmer.

>> No.25468409

>[X] Read Mami's file
>[X] Ask Sayaka's opinion
>[X] "You have any idea why that book is so popular with the Officio? Even Mami knows about it. It's terrifying."

Guys, I think Sayaka is tsundere for us. A really, really bitchy tsundere, but one nonetheless. We just had lad banter

>> No.25468414

...Thats also a really scary thought, but I was thinking more along the lines of Midori 2.0 with singing instead of doujins.

>> No.25468418

[x]Read Mami's file about Kirishima Ruri.
>>...they sound like they're written for Magical Girls, too...Magical girls in love!
thats not good

>> No.25468444

>check one of the numbers on Sayaka's tickets
>if opportunity arieses manipulate the lottery results

>> No.25468446

Yeah, let's ask this, and if Sayaka's answer is sometime within the last week, we're stopping to buy earplugs.
...Say, how much what happens around us is Yuu aware of? Could we use her as an extra set of eyes to watch our back and/or tell us what people are saying if we need to use earplugs to block out the hypno-music?

>> No.25468451

We are in SHADOWRUN 5. If this is a reoccurring thing, we go straight to SHADOWRUN 1

>> No.25468459

>Bcause really, all her bitching would be much more convincing if she wasn't dressed in rather casual clothes, carrying a lovingly-written placard proclaiming that 'RURI-CHAN IS THE BEST IDOL EVER' and wearing a baseball cap with the idol's winking face printed on the front and brim.
We're gonna need a pictures of this. For... reasons!

>> No.25468464



This. So much this.

We'll have to put up with Sayaka fangirling like crazy, but it'll be one less persona to babysit.

Just don't let know we did it.

>> No.25468469

[x]Read file, ask Seyiku, halfheartedly defend porn

>> No.25468473

>she's just an Idol, don't worry about it.

>> No.25468474

>tg disliking huehuehue
Did you ever read anything by Papa-n?
People seemed to love his hue.

>> No.25468477

>...Say, how much what happens around us is Yuu aware of? Could we use her as an extra set of eyes to watch our back and/or tell us what people are saying if we need to use earplugs to block out the hypno-music?
This is an excellent question.

>> No.25468478


Yes. Do it.

>> No.25468483

>Implying giving Sayaka quality time with Ruri won't compromise an asset that already wants to stab us.

>> No.25468485


>kigore is just a wrestler.

>> No.25468496

The last bit of HUE we had here was the Soul Gem thing with Midori.

>> No.25468500

>Our Equerry writes it after all.
Assistant. Midori is assistant.

Sayaka is Equerry.
Kyouko is Aide.

>> No.25468502

This is the best idea.

Just say no word to the smurf about It.

>> No.25468504


"Congratulations, Miki. You're still on the job though. And if I see any dereliction of duty at all, I'll have you reassigned and shipped to Siberia by express mail."

That should keep her under control.

>> No.25468507

But we were discussing /tg/ in general terms, not specifically this threads userbase.

>> No.25468511

Have Kyouko on speed dial and on standby.

>> No.25468519

If Ruri compromises Sayaka, we'll just compromise her right back.
>call Kyouko
>"Are you busy? Because I need you here, now, in a suit. Mind controlled Sayakas may or may not be involved."
>apply hat to Kyoko
>problem solved

>> No.25468534

You mean while she's on her own mission with Midori?

>> No.25468547


I'm pretty sure brainwashed Sayaka merits pulling her off that for a couple hours.

>> No.25468558

Hold on, I'm lost here.

Brainwashed Blueberry? Hypnotising music? Did I miss a thread or something?

>> No.25468563



People are just being paranoid again.

Maybe justifiable in this case.

>> No.25468564



>> No.25468574

Ooooooh, paranoia. Paranoia is good though.

>> No.25468575


There was some debate on the Flesh of Fallen Angels thing and how a Golden Weapon Holder might be doing stuffz.

One theory that popped up was: Angels -> Idols.

What happens when the ones you're suppose to protect are the monsters?

>> No.25468581

You kill them.

>> No.25468583

Nope, just /tg/ running on paranoia as per usual.
...someone post that "You must be this paranoid to enter" MGNQ pic, it would be faster than archive diving searching for it and reposting.

>> No.25468596


I'd like to see the shitstorm when the one we're suppose to kill is Iori

>> No.25468598

I love this idea
And yeah screw with the results via time stop so that Sayaka gets the prize

Then when she stops frothing at the mouth and fangirling for a moment tap our shield with a ticket so she sees it

>> No.25468604

You mean much rejoicing.

>> No.25468614


why do you hate Iori?

>> No.25468617

>Then when she stops frothing at the mouth and fangirling for a moment tap our shield with a ticket so she sees it

If we do end up doing this, I'd rather that she doesn't know. She'll probably throw a bitch-fit over "winning illegally" or something. If she gets suspicious and asks just shrug. Something non-committal.

>> No.25468623

Holy shit, Iorifags will riot, calling everyone "grimderps"

>> No.25468630


I personally don't but shitstorm watching is a treasured pastime of mine.

>> No.25468632

Shut up Kirei

>> No.25468635

Nevermind, I thought I would have to crawl through a lot more threads than that to find it.

>> No.25468636

>stop time to rig the lottery
>see Pinky with a ticket of her own, fingers crossed

wat do

>> No.25468638

It tends to come up once every 2 or 3 threads nowadays.

>> No.25468646


>> No.25468654


I don't think she likes idols very much.

>> No.25468657

By the way, what would be the japanese word for It?

>> No.25468664

But the songs are about megucas in love~

>> No.25468668

I think she'd try to wring our neck because she told us not to pay attention to Idols anymore, and take a guess what we're doing later.

>> No.25468672

fuck knows, I don't speak moon

>> No.25468675

She wants to have Super Happy Fun Times with Ruri.
Ruri won't enjoy it very much at all.
All signs point to our needing to snap said Idol's neck, though.

>> No.25468680

So, there's A PRETTY FAIR chance that Ruri is meguca.

What are the chances that she's a warmaster herself?

Of the First at that?

>> No.25468693


Consider that as Dickbutt Jyuubey told us all Warmaster potential candidates are posted online and that he knew of Chiaki as potential warmaster, I think QB would know if the idol we're dealing with is the 1st's warmaster.

>> No.25468708

That's what I'm getting at.

First one is the moon one, right?
Maybe SHE has enough importance to bend QB as she likes

>> No.25468713

[x]Read Mami's file about Kirishima Ruri.

Yes, got in time for the thread!

>> No.25468720


I would like to think that QB would inform us IF we were going to be dealing with a fellow Warmaster.

>> No.25468721

Just reopened F/SN and loaded my save at the church.
It's "Yorokobi"

>> No.25468733

But we didn't ask and QB didn't find It terribly important enough to inform us as currently she is not a warmaster but a mere client

>> No.25468739


So the conclusion is that she is not a Warmaster.

>> No.25468744

...why would that not be important? Unless she/her incubator arranged it like this for some reason

>> No.25468754


You can do that but when OUR incubator knows who it is, its abit of a moot point. Unless said warmaster is a callidus.

>> No.25468775

>Callidus with warmaster-grade skills, resources and experience

That's utterly horrifying.

>> No.25468781

>>25468335 >>25468351 >>25468358 >>25468409

You ask about what Sayaka knows about Ruri, then, if she's such an appreciative fan. While doing this, you leaf through the rather sparse file that Mami's provided you. It's...well, the information printed within is barebones, something you'd probably find with just a casual Google search of the idol. Stuff like birthday, height, weight(censored, of course), likes and dislikes, favorite food, three sizes...stuff that Sayaka had also began parroting even before you'd finished posing the question.

"Her birthday's on August 31, she likes singing and dancing, her favorite food is ice cream, her three sizes are...uh, well, I'm not too sure about that, but who really cares--"

Not that kind of information, you say as you cut her off. The different kind. What's she like? What's her history?

"I was just getting to that, fuck's sake." Sayaka frowns, shaking her head. "Fine. Let's see...Ruri-chan's been singing as a kid, pageants and competitions and all that. She got into the idol business around three, four years ago, with that huge idol group called The Sugar Angels. Out of all the idols in that group - around seventy of them - only she really stood out and became a success. She's now the flagship idol of 2020 Productions, which is probably the biggest production company beside 765."

Sayaka looks down on the placard on her lap, smoothing it out carefully. "Besides that, uh...there's nothing really that stands out. She's known around the whole world, and makes it a point to hold concerts as much as she can, in between albums. There's been the usual controversies, getting seen with this or that guy celebrity, etcetera...nothing too serious or actually true." It's then that she looks back up at you, a thoughtful expression on her face.


>> No.25468787


"Well, there was that one time where a dead body was found that looked exactly like her, right when she was holding a concert. Found only a few miles from the concert grounds. They say it was some sort of cosplayer that got killed on the way to the concert, but the conspiracy theorists think an alien killed Ruri and took her place. That was forgotten about quickly, because she was right there, and a family quickly identified the corpse as a missing daughter."

...Well. That's something to take note of. You also note that that particular bit of information isn't on Mami's file.

"Well, of course. You don't get to know about that unless you've been a big fan of her for a long time, and I've been one since she came into the scene!" Sayaka says this with no small amount of pride. If you could only capture this moment, to show her how much of a nerd she's being currently.

Something else that IS on Mami's file, however, is a note that says at the Hotel, you'll be meeting with one of Ruri's own staff, codenamed 'Deepthroat'. The contact will be waiting at the entrance, and there'll be an exchange of passphrases.

Your response to the passphrase 'May The Lord Smile' will be 'And the Devil Have Mercy'.

That seems to be it, then. All you know about Kirishima Ruri, currently.

What do you do now?

[]Wait until you get to the Hotel. (Timeskip)
[]Other. (Write-in)

>> No.25468791

>She thanked you for the heads up
>heads up

>> No.25468802 [DELETED] 

>>[X]Wait until you get to the Hotel. (Timeskip)

>> No.25468805

>Well, there was that one time where a dead body was found that looked exactly like her, right when she was holding a concert

Do we shoot her on sight or punch her on sight with the gauntlets?

>> No.25468806

>dead body looked just like her
So uhhhh, should we up the paranoia a little bit?

>> No.25468814


>"Well, there was that one time where a dead body was found that looked exactly like her, right when she was holding a concert. Found only a few miles from the concert grounds. They say it was some sort of cosplayer that got killed on the way to the concert, but the conspiracy theorists think an alien killed Ruri and took her place. That was forgotten about quickly, because she was right there, and a family quickly identified the corpse as a missing daughter."


[x] Ask to see her coupons, memorise numbers, then timeskip

>> No.25468816

>Well, there was that one time where a dead body was found that looked exactly like her, right when she was holding a concert
>That was forgotten about quickly, because she was right there, and a family quickly identified the corpse as a missing daughter."

>> No.25468823



"So Sayaka, when did you get into Ruri's songs?"

>> No.25468827


>Skilled in disguise/inflitration
>Still utterly deadly. Her arsenal must thus be normal firearms or such

Genderbent Big Boss?

>> No.25468834

>Dead body that looked exactly like her
>Kazumi Magica is a thing in this universe

Fuck, we're dealing with clones/multiples/evil twins. We are at SHADOWRUN 4 ladies and gentlemen.

>> No.25468838

>"Well, there was that one time where a dead body was found that looked exactly like her
She is a doppelgänger then. Great.

>> No.25468839


[x] Ask to see her coupons, memorise numbers, then timeskip

>> No.25468848


>Freak the fuck out

But in all seriousness, is there any way that we can place a discreet call/agent to go get any info on the incident with the dead Ruri?

>> No.25468859

Take photos of Sayaka
When she asks what we are doing tell her she is too cute not to show Kyouko.

>> No.25468866

Quietly panic. Inform Sayaka that someone in our particular business should know better than to just ignore coincidences like that just because it is convenient.
Do we have any experience dealing with Callidus Magical Girls, aside from Midori? If not, we should call Mami and ask for tips on not getting mind-raped.

>> No.25468869


who the hell comes up with these codenames and passphrases?

>deadbody that looked exactly like her


>[X]Other. (Write-in)

more info regarding the body would really help, ask Sayaka if there is anything.

>> No.25468873

HOLY SHIT. This could actually be a valid tactical manuever. We have timestop and few scruples about cheating.

>> No.25468880


[x] Watch Sayaka with a stunned expression
[x]"Are you serious, Sayaka? There is an Idol singing about Magical Girl-Stuff and there just happened to be murder involving someone who looked like her some years ago, probably about the same time her music 'started to touch magical girls' and that doesn`t trigger your suspicion at all?

Are you really sure you are fit to be a Magical Girl?"

Is this because she`s an Eversor or is the Bluberry daft by default?

>> No.25468881

>[X] Write-in: "It's nice to see you acting as something other than a gigantic bitch, Blueberry. Now I can add 'idol fangirl' to the list."

Say it deadpan, but make it obvious we're fucking with her. And get a look at one of her tickets.

>> No.25468889

"Funny thing, this wouldn't be the first time I've dealt an Idol who apparently died about a month or so ago. It also wouldn't be the first time Iori told me that said Idol had 'changed' dramatically since she's met them."

Then change the subject by asking Sayaka when she first got into Kirishima's music.

>> No.25468890


We could place a call back for Mami to have someone research the incident.

There must have been prints of the body or blood samples collected. We might be able to snag a copy to compare against.

Though an infiltrationist of the highest order would likely have altered records.

So if we can find prints, we can compare against records the possible infiltrator cannot touch.

Sayaka's collect of memorabilia. I bet my entire collection of warhams shes got SOME that Ruri touched that she sealed and didn't touch again.

If we can dust those for comparison prints and we can obtain the police prints (Most definately on file), we've gold.

>> No.25468910

[x]Wait until you get to the Hotel. (Timeskip)

>> No.25468918

CSI: Mitakihara

>> No.25468923

This would imply Iori even has very many fans, it's an epic struggle just to get the playerbase to even be cordial to her instead of throwing her into a dumpster and running off to go wrist-deep into Midori..

>> No.25468937

>"Let me see those coupons once again."
>Snap picture of Fangirl Sayaka for later blackm... um, reminiscing.

>> No.25468940

>[X] That dead body thing didn't trigger any warning bells?


>> No.25468946


Iori thought that Yayoi was receiving psychiatric help. It didn't become clear that Yayoi had died until after the Midori mission.

The parallels are unsettling.

What's worse is that Midori's illusions followed into time stop when absolutely nothing should happen at all. Either dealing with Callidus is our Achilles Heel, or Midorin is crazy powerful and she's just lazy about how she applies herself.

Either way, this isn't looking good.

>> No.25468953

I'm going to laugh so hard when this is over if this is actually a normal concert and Decu is just fucking with us this entire mission.

>> No.25468955

[x]Make note of Blueberry's ticket numbers. We may find reason to try and..... Nudge the odds in her favor later, depending on how things go.

>> No.25468957

And here we find the rare yet noble Iori waifufag.

>> No.25468959


>> No.25468970

Speaking of subtle, given the generous boobs on this image I'm surprised there's a lack of an "18+" label, because it totally looks like it'd be H.

>> No.25469011

...Huh? Since when did Yayoi or any illusion "follow" us into timestop? If you mean "She still appeared to be Yayoi while in timestop", it's not like Timestop actively kills any magic going on.

>> No.25469017

I'm actually pulling for a watermelon end, I just like to stick up for Iori sometimes because she's basically shit on constantly.

>> No.25469046


The illusion was being maintained by Midori. She was hiding the rapists as they broke into the room. You'd think that stopping time and cutting of Midori's influence would have shown us what was really going on.

At least that's how I see things.

>> No.25469090

Holograms don't vanish when you stop time.

>> No.25469091

When we stopped time I thought that was in the illusion as well and it didn't actually happen?

>> No.25469129

I think frozen in time is a pretty hefty freeze, an illusion needing energy to keep going isn't going to matter if it's literally so frozen that it's not even using energy.

>> No.25469165


The concert ends with an entirely frazzled Chiaki and an incredibly happy Sayaka, who doesn't know that all her good fortune and amazing swagbags were because Chiaki kept on manipulating time to have Sayaka win because we thought they were all bombs/traps

>> No.25469171

What if..... all Idols are Caliiduses (Callidi)?

>> No.25469172


I am ok with this plan.

>> No.25469201


>> No.25469219

[]Wait until you get to the Hotel. (Timeskip)

Let's get on with it.

>> No.25469245

If she wins it, thats one less person to worry about guarding

>> No.25469261


We still need to guard her.

On account of Kyoko.

The thing is, if the results of CSI: Mikitahara turn out to confirm our worst fears, do we tell her or just get her reassigned?

>> No.25469319

In this kind of cases, the actual reveal happens during the confrontation scene so no need to worry about that.

Mindfucked Sayaka is much more plausible

>> No.25469348

If there's an actual opportunity, tell of course.
Sayaka's characterization so far makes me think that as much as she's a Ruri-fan/Chiaki-hater, she would actually believe it if Chiaki insisted that Ruri was trouble and had an actual reason beyond things 'feeling wrong' for thinking so...unless she's MCd of course.

>> No.25469349

On the one hand, Sayaka is too emotionally invested, and should be taken off the case.
But I don't think she'd ever forgive us for that.
I think that we would have to inform her of the situation regardless.

>> No.25469377


What I'm afraid of is that shes too emotionally invested in this idol.

If we out the fake's identity too early, she'll kill her. Immediately. And that will be a PR disaster.

>> No.25469388

We really need to call Mami and ask her to have a team investigate the dead Ruri-lookalike.
And now that I think about it, we should have had Midori assigned to Mami instead of Kyouko so that she could learn how to manipulate the resources of the Officio as part of being our Aide.

>> No.25469394

>>25468814 >>25468839 >>25468880 >>25468940

You ask Sayaka how she didn't find anything weird with that incident. Of course, you're not as paranoid as to believe the conspiracy theorists about an alien abduction, but...well, aliens exist. The both of you work for one. And people exist that can do things that break the rules of physics, i.e. Magical Girls. So, the question you're asking here is - and you make the effort to be diplomatic - is she this stupid by default, or is it because she's an Eversor?

Sayaka blinks at you, before scowling. "...Murderface, we've been getting along very well despite everything, and I promised Kyoko I wouldn't pursue an early retirement by just punching a sword right through your ugly face and biting your soul gem into pieces. Say that kind of shit again and I won't care what kind of promise I made, I'll hack you into pieces even before you can touch that fucking shield of yours."

The both of you glare at each other in silence - you wondering if you've gone too far this time, and if you should be pulling steel at that moment - before a tiny, tiny smirk curls the corner of Sayaka's lips. It finally turns into a smile, and then she leans back, chuckling.

"Well, of course I thought about that, yeah. But that was a long time ago, two years I think, just when she was getting into the whole solo idol thing. And it happened in Santa Destroy - highest murder rates in America, or until the US government finally shut Varrigan City down. It was written off as one of those random murders, poor kid." The blue-haired Eversor shakes her head. "And she was under the protection of the Eighth there, you know. And they're pretty hardcore." She looks up at the ceiling for a moment, grinning at a memory. "Well, not as hardcore as us, but. Sufficiently hardcore."

Yeah. Alright. That's...not as suspicious, now.

Anyway, can you see her tickets for a second?


>> No.25469399


That can be her next assignment, after she joins us, on completing kyoko's.

More important stuff to take care off.

>> No.25469400


"Huh? Well, sure." She hands the meticulously-arranged wad of tickets over, and you flip through them one by one. "Agh, Christ, take it easy! You'll wrinkle them! For fuck's sake, Murderface, if one of them gets folded or dog-eared--"

She should relax. You're just checking out the numbers and taking note of them. You give them back after a moment, and she looks at you suspiciously before putting the wad back into her wallet.

...You counted no less than fifty tickets, there. Just how long has she been a fan of Kirishima Ruri, anyway?

"Haven't you been listening?" Sayaka frowns at you. "I've been keeping up with her ever since she started her career as a solo idol! Pay attention, Murderface!"

It's Chiaki, you remind her. So...about this touching Magical Girls with her songs--

"It's not...it's not like that! I mean, er..." The Eversor furrows her brow, evidently frustrated that she has to explain her fandom, and to all people, you. "It's...it's like she understands what it's like being a Magical Girl, even when not being one, you know? Of course, she doesn't say it outright, but you can tell by the lyrics. That kind of stuff. ...Wait, what did you--did you just take a picture of me, Murderface?!"

Yes. Yes you did. You place your smartphone back into your inventory with a smile.

"What the fuck for?!"

No reason. You just wanted to.

"Well, delete it! Don't take pictures of people without asking for permission! That's just fucking rude--"

Before you could get into an argument about protocol with Sayaka does the car stop - and Kumatora, who's been driving, calls your attention to the fact that you are already at your destination. You thank the young woman, and open the door at your side - instantly letting in a wall of sound, consisting of screeching fangirls, yelling fanboys and screaming journalists.


>> No.25469402

PR disaster, yes, but it would be safer for the other idols.

>> No.25469408


There's not just a crowd in front of the Hotel's entrance, there's a goddamn mob. The entire front of the building has a building-sized poster draped in front of it, depicting the idol in a rather form-fitting costume with her midriff exposed, her long green hair tied into her trademark twintails, flashing the entire world a victory sign.

The fans are screaming the idol's name as one, waving posters, CDs and placards. Sayaka makes a noise you will never forget her making - and immediately barrels into the crowd, holding up the placard and joining in the chant. Local police and a few burly security guards are trying to keep things peaceful, but they're considerably harangued.

Normal people are weird.

...Wait, you should be meeting Deepthroat right here, right? Where is--

It's then that you feel someone tugging at your sleeve.

"D-don't...don't turn to look at me. Just keep your eyes f-forward." The voice is tremulous. Feminine, younger than you, definitely - and very shaky. "May The Lord...S-smile...? Did I get that right...?"

Normal people.

How do you respond?

>> No.25469426

And the devil have mercy
Kind of young for this sort of thing aren't you?

>> No.25469427


Don't turn, yet.

"And the Devil Have Mercy. Now walk with me, into the hotel. We can talk once we're away from the mob."

Hair flick, walk in, GIVE NO FUCKS

>> No.25469429

And may the Devil have mercy.

Which is a bit stupid, in my experience he doesn't.

>> No.25469432

Answer and add that you hope you did that right.

What now, miss?

>> No.25469442

>[x] "And the Devil Have Mercy."
>[x] Game face on, Professional Chiaki is now Professional

>> No.25469443


"And the devil have mercy." ... "deepthroat?"

in to the hotel we go!

>> No.25469445

"And the Devil Have Mercy. Hope you've got a side-entrance cleared."

>> No.25469455

I like this.

>> No.25469456

>I really hope you didn't choose your own codename.
>Seriously, deepthroat?

>> No.25469458 [DELETED] 

Could we do some time-stop magics to make Sayaka win the whatever-contest?
She'd be much easier to protect than an outsider plus she could keep eyes on Ruri (in several ways).

>> No.25469463


[X] This

>> No.25469465

[x]"And the Devil Have...M-mercy...?"

No, don't take this seriously.

>> No.25469473

That's sort of been the idea since it was mentioned

>> No.25469474

This. Maximum cool.

>> No.25469476

[x] This one >>25469445

>> No.25469485


>Sayaka makes a noise you will never forget her making - and immediately barrels into the crowd, holding up the placard and joining in the chant

Oh blueberry, we're not gonna forget this, anytime soon.

>> No.25469498

"And the Devil have mercy. You got a side entrance secured? What about the loading docks?"

>> No.25469516

How much should we trust that this is the right contact? She seems far to unsure if herself to be a professional, either that or this could be her first operation.
Or could she be faking the nervousness?

>> No.25469527


Was it mentioned that we have the hat on?

Anyway this:>>25469427

>> No.25469529


An inside contact usually isn't a pro. Usually its a turned agent or someone swept up in it.

>> No.25469530


Adding my vote for..."creatively selecting" the winner (yay Sayaka yay)

...blackmail is good too.

>> No.25469564

[x] "And the Devil Have Mercy."
[x]Super professional, with the exception of a hair flick.

>> No.25469591

But the contact is with part of the client's own security staff. It makes more sense for the contact to be a liaison with her security than a mole or turned member of her staff.

>> No.25469602

Maybe this is her security. Maybe that's why she hired us - because it's an awkward, stammering little girl. Or maybe she's giving a fan a shot at being super important to Ruri-chan or something.

>> No.25469610

>The voice is tremulous. Feminine, younger than you, definitely
>codename Deepthroat
Magical Shota?

>> No.25469640

Could be a MGS reference, since Cyborg Ninja named himself as Deepthroat back in the first one.

Who knows?

>> No.25469641

That shirt makes me throw up in my soul.

Contact is either a rookie, cowed by us or duping us. Play along, like a professional.

>> No.25469678

Or it could be a reference to the original Deepthroat?

>> No.25469690

It's a reference to what she can do to me, IYKWIM

>> No.25469700

Maybe, maybe not. Let's just play along for now; we can't tip our hand this early.

>> No.25469711

It's a reference to what we're going to do with Midori. Except instead of a mouth it's going to be Midori's vag, and instead of a penis it's going to be a TV remote.

>> No.25469769


>Not magicking a penos

>> No.25469784

T-too lewd...

>> No.25469815

>TV remote
>not soulgem

Honestly, how are we supposed to find Sayaka again now without making a scene of some sort? She's gone and got lost in the crowd like a dumbass.

>> No.25469834


Eh. I'm sure she'll find us once the shooting stuarts.

>> No.25469836

We get Kumatora to do that, we'll handle Little Miss Deepthroat for now.

>> No.25469843

Eh, we can phone her.

>> No.25469844

What do you have against Stuart?

>> No.25469850



>> No.25469853

I don't know about you, but I can barely hear my phone on a crowded street, much less in a screaming mass of fans. Not sure that's very reliable.

>> No.25469867


You called?

>> No.25469873

Put the vibro on.

>> No.25469891

I don't notice it reliably when it's in my pocket, it's always on vibration of course. And between crowd jostling and Sayaka being quite distracted it's not very reliable either.

>> No.25469894

I just had a Best Idea.
Ruri will want to address her fans at some point, yes? Well, maybe we can request she adds a little something to the end of whatever she's planned to say.
"And I have a special message for one of my fans! Miki Sayaka, check your phone's messages!"
>I stole Ruri's panties. You have 30 seconds to get in here and take them from me, before I burn them.

>> No.25469903

>Sayaka throws the sword on sight to save the precious panties

>> No.25469916

Let's not tip off Ruri that we have a plainclothes agent in the crowd.

Actually, this works to our benefit. If Sayaka's blending in completely like one of her thousands of rabid fans, she's a perfect hidden wildcard if things go to shit. Much more inconspicuuis than having her formally on the security detail.

>> No.25469924

>Implying Sayaka keeps the phone in a pocket

>> No.25469929

What about Kumatora then?

>> No.25469931

While this is a hilarious and kharnworthy idea rigging the competition should be enough to get Sayaka back to us
We can keep the panty theft if we feel overcome with honesty

>> No.25469958

She'll be the decoy backup.
She'll try to blend in, but mess up just enough that whoever's watching us will tag her as the backup that's supposed to be hidden, and will pass over Sayaka.

>> No.25469967

>Ruri's panties
It might be worth checking Kharn's collections... perhaps we could actually provide these.

>> No.25469977

>>25469427 >>25469426 >>25469442

You keep your eyes trained at the mob just as you reply with the proper passphrase. The contact seems to be satisfied at this, but doesn't let go of your sleeve just yet. Seemingly waiting for something. You decided to wait alongside her, finding it increasingly difficult not to laugh as you watch Sayaka elbow a fan aside to get closer to the entrance, where it seems another idol was talking into a megaphone. The fan, a rather heavyset young man with glasses, doubles up clutching his side, very nearly getting trampled but was easily dragged to the side by some of the authorities.

"We'll be announcing the winner of the Four Day Date With Ruri-chan in just a moment, everyone! So just please keep your tickets handy as we come up with the winning number!"

Huh. Well. That should be your cue. But...well, 'Deepthroat' hasn't yet quite let go of your sleeve - and you're not all that eager to expose someone else to Pinky's insanity.

Still...you gently shake your hand in a silent query.

"...I-I was asked to wait," Deepthroat's voice becomes fainter, more tremulous, as if she's about to cry. "H-have to wait for the s-signal...a-and then I give you something."

...You never heard about this, but sure, you'll play along.

"Please...p-please don't shoot my legs off," Deepthroat's grip on you is shaking now. "Please...please don't tear my face off and eat it. Please."

What? The shock of this makes you turn your head, now - and you get an eyeful of a girl, just a few inches taller than Misaka, wearing a black sweater with the hood pulled up. Despite this, you can see black unruly hair peeking out from under the hood, along with large, dark-ringed green eyes. Like someone who hasn't been getting enough sleep.


>> No.25469979


>> No.25469985


She's shaking harder now, and...well, you try your best not to reassure her that you won't do any of those things. Not without reason, anyway.

She shakes even harder at that. She's...she's crying now, isn't she? Really? You just made a young girl cry? Well, that's just dandy, isn't it?

Just as you make to try and comfort her, though--

"Alright! Here's the winning number! Everyone, check your tickets! The winning number is Seven! Six! Three! Three! One--"

As you watch the crowd scramble for their tickets as one, you decide to make your move right then. You have a contest to rig. You make to pull your hand away, but instead you feel something being pressed into it. Something like a small card...

You turn again to look at Deepthroat, only to find her gone. Just like that, disappeared.

You look at your hand, and realize that she's palmed you a ticket.

A ticket with the numbers 76331...



"That's it! Who's got the winning number?! Please step forward!"

How do you react?

>> No.25469995



>> No.25469998

Oh christ, I hate setups like this.

Ruri or someone in her security detail has an utterly stupid fascination with corny spy movies if they thin this is how a security detail is supposed to operate.

I'm tempted to just not play along.

>> No.25469999

Stop time. Stuff it into Sayaka's lot. Tell Pinky we're quite sure this will all end with Ruri in far more pieces than is healthy. Or survivable.

>> No.25470001


I'm... I'm sorry blueberry but it looks like it's not to be. ;_; I wanted you to be happy.

We got the ticket for a reason. This is probably our cover.

[x] Call out clearly but don't shout, raise hand and hair flick.

>> No.25470006

Wait until someone reacts, stop time (and hope for little Pinky interference), swap their and Sayaka's tickets (unless she won).

Sorry random idolfag, maybe you'll survive the day this way.

That said, think something bad is gonna happen pretty much right now, so who knows if this will work.

>> No.25470007

So we can always give the ticket to Sayaka and see what happens. But that might tick the organizer off, there may have been a reason for this.

>> No.25470008


>> No.25470009


Ruri you clever bitch, good PR and you don't have to deal with a real fan.


>> No.25470010

Find Sayaka, give her the ticket, tell her to go up.

>What are you doing here, Spaghetti-tan?

>> No.25470014

Hmm. Well.

Step forward.

It's certainly convenient, but I hate not being in control of a job. I do wonder what Tomoko's wish would be...

>> No.25470019


>> No.25470021

Actually, fuck it. Who dares railroad us?

[X] Give ticket to Sayaka via timestop

>> No.25470022


But it appear it IS our cover. Oh well.

Do this: >>25470001

>> No.25470026

Oh, and while we're in time stop, go find Ruri. Stand behind her and unstop time. Then just wait, and be ready to glare.
We are the person with the winning ticket, anon.

>> No.25470028


I'm afraid my Animu-fu is weak. Who is this girl?

>> No.25470032


[X] Tear the ticket.

"Shame. It seems like nobody won. Oh well, let's go, Sayaka. We've got work to do."

>> No.25470040


I suggest we JUST get near to her and hand her the ticket.

If we stuff it into her pack, we bring her into the timestop.

And noone wants that.

Least of all Pinky.

>> No.25470042

Well on the one hand nice setup on the other we should palm this ticket to Sayaka via timestop so we can keep an eye on her from a distance

Because honestly we hardly look the sort to be an idol fan whereas Sayaka fits it perfectly

>> No.25470047


>> No.25470053

Wait a minute. We're brought on as security but we're supposed to look like a fangirl?
No, this was not in the mission dossier, and not how we normally operate.

I WANT to say Timestop, go to Sayaka, palm her the ticket. But if Sayaka is there all the time, then she might get tagged as the backup.

>> No.25470054


son of a bitch

this will however, explain us hanging around Ruri for 4 days without the press going bonkers.

it will also make Sayaka pissed as all fuck when she finds out we suddenly have the winning ticket.

>> No.25470056

4chan in female form.

Tomoko Kuroki from It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular

>> No.25470057

Tomoko from WataMote (It's not my fault I'm not popular).

>> No.25470058

>he doesn't know spaghetti-tan

>> No.25470060

Tomoko Kuroki from "It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular!"

She is /r9k/ incarnate, but as a girl.

>> No.25470070 [SPOILER] 


Its spaghetti-chan!


Great, this shoots down our plan.
I suppose it provides an explanation to why a girl is hanging around an idol.

As much as I like to mess things up we might have to play along.

>[x] Lift up hand with the ticket and walk to Runi. Don't say anything.

>> No.25470079

>without the press going bonkers.
If we dress appropriately as a bodyguard, then there shouldn't be a problem with the press, should there?

>> No.25470083

This manga good, worth to read?

>> No.25470084

Stop time and slip it into the back of Sayaka's tickets
She will be checking them all because I doubt she has that many memorized but if it pops up on top it is just too fishy

>> No.25470085

>[x]Without raising too much suspicion hand The Ticket to Sayaka.

>> No.25470087

We still have Kumatora.

That's a bad sign, isn't it?

>> No.25470089

we should probably take the hat off for a while, it'll attract unwanted attention.

>> No.25470090

A lot of people forgot their [x]

I haven't read it

>> No.25470094

>Stop time
>Appear behind the announcer while putting the cap
>Hand out the winning ticket
>Go inside without saying a word

>> No.25470098


>> No.25470105

Are we even that well known outside of our circle? Spaghetti-tan knows about our shooting Midori's legs off, how did that get out? Did Midori fuck our anonymity by MMx2 getting so big?

>> No.25470109

>That's a bad sign, isn't it?
She should be harmless.

>> No.25470111

Screw it. Sorry Sayaka, this trap was meant for us and Kyouko will kill us if we let you in harm's way.

>[x] Call out clearly but don't shout, raise hand and hair flick.

>> No.25470122

I really doubt Midori's had time to write, draw, publish and distribute something based on our first meeting just yet.

>> No.25470123

Midori wasn't the first one we kneecapped (or worse).

>> No.25470128

But it runs counter to the plan, and Sayaka is going to be pissed as Hell when it turns out she lost.

>> No.25470132

[x] Just go with it. Call out clearly, raise hand, hand the ticket over.

Not sure whether I want to play along with this, but goddamn does time stop seem like a terrible idea.

>> No.25470134


>[x] Lift up hand with the ticket and walk to Ruri. Don't say anything.

Can't piss off the client. Though we may have to be doubly suspicious, now.

>> No.25470137

It's... painful.

Not in a bad way.

>> No.25470139

Stop time and swap the ticket with one of Sayaka's

>> No.25470143

This, but we are *definitely* going to Chew out whoever came up with this dumbass idea without consultation. It's totally counter to how we work.

>> No.25470144

It's not a trap, it's a cover story. If it happens to be a trap, Sayaka is physically and mentally better equipped to handle it as an Eversor.

[X] Pass the ticket off to Sayaka. Timestop if necessary.

>> No.25470150

Just tear the ticket guys. There's no need to play along.

"Winning ticket holder was not present. What a shame."

-and move on to the actual job.

Ugh, hasn't even shown up and I'm already disliking how she goes about things.

>> No.25470154


[x] Stuff it into Sayaka`s Shit without touching her.



>dat voice

>> No.25470158

I'd rather have an angry Sayaka (When was she not?) than a dead one. She's still one of the 9th's top Eversors.

Alright, changing >>25470111

>[x] Pass the ticket off to Sayaka. Timestop if necessary

I'm going to be pissed if we lose Blueberry.

>> No.25470163

give it to Burbury

captcha: egctor petulance

>> No.25470166

[x] Go with it. Raise our hand with the ticket.

>> No.25470202

5 for going with it
4 for using Timestop and giving it to Sayaka

All other votes discounted as not complying with voting rules.

>> No.25470211

Voting for giving it to Sayaka

>> No.25470213


Too real

>> No.25470214

god dam. who is the voice actor for her?

>> No.25470216

>they didn't use an [x] so their opinion is invalid!
Oh come on.

>> No.25470217

Give it to sallaka

>> No.25470221

[x] Sayaka wins.

>> No.25470229

[x] sayaka wins pls

>> No.25470232


>[x] Call out clearly but don't shout, raise hand and hair flick.

Ultimately, we need a hidden person as backup. We can't out Sayaka, now.

>> No.25470236

What about the
>[X] Give Sayaka the ticket without timestop

>> No.25470243

now watch everyone comment again

>> No.25470266

We can't out ourselves, either. What kind of secret security detail puts a target on its head like this?

Sallaka has plausible deniability and is the head of the choppiest arm of the Officio. She also can play the fan better because she is one.

>> No.25470275

There is a limit how anal you can be, brah.
>mfw I usually post a reply with my vote long after the time limit

>> No.25470297

[x]Oh, FUCK no. If they want to pull this shit, they TELL US FIRST. Timestop, give Sayaka the ticket. Pinky might actually leave us alone because it looks like we're foisting off the bootycall onto someone else.

>> No.25470298

We also have to think about Iori. We just broke up with her, didn't tell her about this job, and then we show up as a superfan? She'd Witch out without even becoming meguca.

>> No.25470305

[X] Give the ticket to Sayaka

>> No.25470308

Come to think of it, Pinky doesn't appear every time we timestop anyway. It's probably mostly happened more lately because people intentially wanted to run into her, or she had been provoked in some way.

>> No.25470324

Except for flashbacks and the very first timestop we used, I can't remember a single timestop where Pinky didn't show up.
Which timestops did Pinky not show up in?

>> No.25470353

I really do think we should foist it off on Sayaka. People were bitching about how we were "letting Iori push us around", I don't want to see us giving this unknown and potentially-enemy idol throwing us into crap like this with no warning or planning on our part. We've go to stand out ground and establish that we do things OUR way, as Warmaster.

>> No.25470360

[X] Say something cynical

>> No.25470362

I have no idea. It doesn`t sound familiar so far.

Part of me hoped for Yu Kobayashi or Satomi Arai because they have voices that are pure sex.

>> No.25470382

Answer of the year, all years.

>> No.25470388

>didn't tell her about this job,
We did.

>> No.25470400

Correct. There are rules. Follow them.

The rules are for our benefit. Follow them or be ignored.

>> No.25470404


>> No.25470413

Oh? Is having the stupid and outvoted choice taken fun? Sorry. I didn't know that you like retardation.

>> No.25470426

>my vote isn't winning, that makes your vote invalid

>> No.25470427

You sound like someone who hates fun.
And is a douche.
And doesn`t have many friends thanks to being a douche.

>> No.25470431

[x] Give the ticket to Sayaka

We'll just timestop our way in there afterwards.

>> No.25470439

>doesn't vote the proper way outlined by the OP to skip on headaches
>is having fun

Goddamned anarchist.

>> No.25470447


Nah, but come on. The rule was set down a few threads back to make it easier for Decu to count so that we wouldn't have another retcon again.

It's not that much to ask. Sure, this guy went about it a little rudely, but it's mianly to help Decu out and make the whole process smoother for everyone.

>> No.25470456

hey you know what
people are still voting despite the time limit being up since like forever
doesn't that just tickle your autism

>> No.25470457


Sure. Hate me. I'll be over here and laugh when something like the QB-Madoka crisis happens again.

>> No.25470460


I didn't know not typing a [x] to make votes easier to count for the poor moon-living person who has to juggle that while typing responses was "anti-fun-having"

>> No.25470462

do tell, what are the rules cuz i dont read anything but Decu most of the time

>> No.25470466

Seeing as they are being ignored? No. Probably not.

different anon

>> No.25470467

>My face when I recognize these girls and can see them shouting exactly that

>> No.25470470

Yes, they are also tools. Were you trying to make a point or just typing for the fuck of it?

>> No.25470473


It's like voting slips that have the vote marking cross the line. Even just abit will spoil the vote.

Just put an [x] in your vote, next time.

>> No.25470478


[x] Give Sayaka the ticket

>> No.25470479

A wit so sharp you cut yourself on it.

>> No.25470480

To be fair, I'm mostly poking fun at the "THE RULES ARE TO BE FOLLOWED THEY ARE HERE FOR YOUR PROTECTION" tone he had.

Decu can do what he wants. It's his thread, and I trust him to do it well too.

>> No.25470482

Then you should know them.

They are: Link his last post. Use [x]. Vote in 20 minutes.
Everything else is being ignored.

>> No.25470486


Decu will:

1) Only count votes with [x]
2) Count votes for 20minutes from posting time

Relatively simple

>> No.25470488


The rules were posted by Decu a few threads back.

Basically, only votes with [X] are counted, and only votes in twenty minutes after the last Decu post are counted. After the twenty minute limit is up, he's not counting anymore and starts writing the next post.

>> No.25470490

>>25469999 >>25470021 >>25470084 >>25470047

...Seriously? They rigged the contest, breaking some poor benighted fan's heart just to get you to be close enough to their idol?

No. They do something like this, they tell you first. You didn't make Warmaster just to get jerked around like this. Shit like this may have flown when you were just a rank-and-file Vindicare, but not now.

The gears in your Shield gnash together with a horrible screeching, grinding noise - and the mechanisms within finally lock into place as you force it a complete one hundred and eighty degrees. Color bleeding out of the world as everything freezes into place - the screaming fans, the tickets fluttering to the ground, the panicking guards. You step forward, picking your way carefully through the melee - finding Sayaka after a moment, the blue-haired girl frozen in the middle of frantically checking her tickets.

"Oh, it's Homura-chan!" A familiar voice comes in from somewhere - and you look around for a bit, before spotting Pinky wearing...fangirl gear. Well, it's actually a nice departure from her poofy, frilly costume - a rather soft and tasteful cream cotton sweater and spats.

She's holding in her clawed hands a WE <3 RURI placard, the letters looking like they've been written in blood. "I wasn't expecting you to visit so early after the last time! What are you--" She starts to ask, but her eyes narrow as she sees you carefully sneak your ticket into Sayaka's pile.

"...Is that the smartest thing to do, Homura-chan? I mean, I've always known Sayaka-chan to pay very careful attention about this sort of thing, and she might notice an unfamiliar ticket..." It's then that she shrugs, grinning toothily. "...You never know what might happen!"

How do you respond?

[]Have you seen Sayaka? She's like a fat kid during free pizza day. She'll be too happy to notice.
[]...You're right. I probably shouldn't.
[]It's easier this way. Besides, I don't like idols much.

>> No.25470505

>[X]It's easier this way. Besides, I don't like idols much. And I'm not going to get jerked around by a client like this. I'm a professional.

>> No.25470509

[x]Sayaka is a fat kid.
[x]Ask, dryly. "Oh. You're a fan, too. Do you want it, instead?"

>> No.25470511

>[x]It's easier this way. Besides, I don't like idols much.

Placate the outer space horror.

>> No.25470513

[x} give it to sayaka. then take advantage of time stop to just stroll into the fucking building. maybe we can chat with pinky more as we walk.

>> No.25470514


"That's why I'm only using the timestop to get close to her. I'll exit and just pass her the ticket in normal time.

And since WHEN were you a idol fan? I thought you didn't LIKE idols? ....Unless you gave this one a Golden Weapon?"

>> No.25470515

>[x]It's easier this way. Besides, I don't like idols much.

Is it [X], [x] or can we just copy paste the option and leave it as is?

>> No.25470519

>[X]...You're right. I probably shouldn't.

Unstop time. Give it to Sayaka.

"Someone palmed me this. You can have it."

>> No.25470520

[x] I'm not into idols and I doubt she would hold it against me even if she weren't too happy too notice anyway.

>> No.25470522

[x] Sayaka is a fan. I'm just hired muscle. I never needed a ticket to get close to Ruri anyway, since she DID hire me.

>> No.25470523

>Calling you a douche
>Thinking someone will invest time and effort into actually hating you

Are you serious?

>> No.25470524

>[x]...You're right. I probably shouldn't.

Then hand the ticket some decent looking person

>> No.25470526

>[X]It's easier this way. Besides, I don't like idols much.

Though now we know this will probably end horribly in one way or the other, but fuck it, this is a matter of principle. Nobody railroads us just like that.

>> No.25470529

[x]...Fuck. Maybe I'll just write her a note saying she can thank me later for the ticket.

>> No.25470532


[x] Do these.

And YES on pumping Pinky for info.

As well as:


>> No.25470537

[X] Have you seen Sayaka? Besides, I don't like Idols much, the last one left a bad taste in my mouth and a six month headache
Nice outfit by the way, casual clothes suit you

>> No.25470539


"I thought you didn't want me to get involved with Idols and this one is trying pretty hard to get involved."

>[X]It's easier this way. Besides, I don't like idols much.

we NEED to explain this to Sayaka as soon as we get the opportunity.

>> No.25470546


[x] Just hand it to her outside timestop

>> No.25470547

[x] "It's easier this way. Besides, I don't like idols much."
[x] "But maybe you're right. I should make it obvious."
[x] Make sure it sticks out in an obvious manner.

>> No.25470548

>[x]Have you seen Sayaka? She's like a Kyouko during free pizza day. She'll be too happy to notice.
>[x]It's easier this way. Besides, I don't like idols much.

>> No.25470549

No time to do anything vaguely related to the quest at the moment.

>> No.25470555

[X]She looooves that pizza.
[X]Idols are a bunch of trouble anyway.

>> No.25470560

>[X] I've got a plan, and Sayaka's an important part of it. Besides, have you seen Sayaka? She's like a fat kid during free pizza day. And I thought you didn't like idols.

>> No.25470565


[x] "It's easier this way. Besides, I don't like idols much."
[x] "But maybe you're right. I should make it obvious."
[x] Make sure it sticks out in an obvious manner.
[x] Make Sayaka look at the rigged ticket if you have to.

>> No.25470567

[x]It's easier this way. Besides, I don't like idols much.

>> No.25470577

As important as our pride is, there may be some extremely negative consequences to giving our client the middle finger.

She's rich and influential and prideful, and there's a lot of warning signs that everything isn't as it should be. Wouldn't it be better for a person who's handled fucked situations get into this sort of thing?

>> No.25470579


[x] Pass her the ticket after timestop

>> No.25470584

Sort of inclined to agree here, we're pretty much skiving off of our job completely - you know, to escort her. Regardless of how we could weasel around that definition, it's pretty clear she wanted us in person.

>> No.25470587


>[x]It's easier this way. Besides, I don't like idols much.
>[x] "Wait a minute.. Didn`t you tell me to stay clear of idols? And now you complaining that i want to give the ticket to Sayaka while you are wearing.. this? Would it be so hard for you to actually make sense from time to time ?"

>> No.25470595

[x]Have you seen Sayaka? She's like a fat kid.
[x]What are you implying?
Pinky is up to something. Oh that Pinky!

>> No.25470597


>[x]It's easier this way. Besides, I don't like idols much.
"She can't exactly turn me down and she didn't mention this in the briefing, but I would me nice to get one of my crazed fans in as well"

"Why are you dressed like that?"

>> No.25470602

Which is why we should
[x] Use timestop to find Ruri and subtly troll her.
We're not skiving off. We're
[x] doing the job the way it needs to be done; professionally.
Enough [x]s for you yet, rulefag?

>> No.25470605

>[x]...You're right. I probably shouldn't.

Ruri defined pretty clearly that she wanted the WARMASTER to escort her. This is her way of getting the warmaster to her.

If we do not comply, then Sayaka may be heading into all sorts of trouble. Not to mention that "Deep Throat" will certainly receive some sort of retribution for this.

>> No.25470609

Well, she's still going to get us. She hired us. We'll do our job.

But this whole lottery facade rubs us the wrong way. Sayaka is a fan, and someone we won't have to baby sit. Ruri hangs out with a real fan like she SAID and we do what we're paid to do.

>> No.25470610

There is also the possibility that she knows what we're capable of and has thus prepared traps tailored just for us. Handing her a stabby Eversor might throw her plans off.

>> No.25470611



[x]...You're right. I probably shouldn't.

>> No.25470613

Uhhh...I'm not even remotely a rulefag here, so I'm...satisfied with your [x]s? Also our job was to escort her. We're pretty much not doing anything like that.

>> No.25470614

We're going in afterwards as security.

If she wanted to hire us for as a date we would have charged extra.

We're not going to skivvy off.

>> No.25470617


Don't link my post, link to Decu's post with your vote.

>> No.25470620


... yea.

Changing vote from >>25470597
>[x]...You're right. I probably shouldn't.

>> No.25470621

This is fair enough, though.

>> No.25470623


If our client wanted special favors, she should have specified them in the contract. Or, you know, given us any kind of advance warning at all. She literally gave us NO time to react at all, and no choice in the matter. This isn't even about pride so much as the fact that we shouldn't be letting someone else dictate our movements and actions during this job without giving us any prewarning or information, and for the time being we should default to doing things our way.

>> No.25470626

[x]It's easier this way. Besides, I don't like idols much.
Though you should tell her to check her tickets.

-Also, if anyone asks, we're Sayaka's bodyguard.

>> No.25470634

Fuck that shit. We are a fucking Warmaster, not some besotted blow-up murder doll for some panties-wet stuck-up self-important idol twat.

We'll do the fucking job and make sure Ruri stays as safe as fucking possible, but we are not some fucking escort service.

>> No.25470639


Except that we *ARE* being hired to escort her for four days. Not just act as security detail.

>> No.25470640

She informed us we would be meeting for lunch.
Not a goddamn flash mob.
Not with a fucking rigged lottery.
We JUST got here, and we're adapting to an unexpected development. THAT is our fucking job. If she wanted us to play along with her charades she should have informed us beforehand.

>> No.25470652

In the other sense of the word, anon...

>> No.25470658

Lets look at the mission description.

>Second Envelope: Escort Mission. One of the most popular idols currently in circulation today, Kirishima Ruri, requires a Magical Girl escort for her weekend concert in Mitakihara. No danger seems imminent, but she is specifically asking to 'have a good time' with the Warmaster of the Ninth.

>> No.25470662

>Ruri demands to know why we didn't play along

>we just point at the hat

>> No.25470669


>> No.25470677

Fuck, now I'm completely split between either option.

>> No.25470682

Lovely, so we're being practically asked to be this kid's eye-candy?

>> No.25470692


Wasn't that obivous?

>> No.25470696

We're going to be around and we're going to be her escort, we're just not going to do it in this way. We have an ace in Sayaka, we'd be remiss if we didn't use it.

And it's a superfan thing; if we give it to her straight, she'll probably love it. Sayaka won't shank us, we don't blow cover or freak out Iori, we set the pace of the job, everybody wins.

>> No.25470697


It's a Kharn-type social mission.

Obviously, Chiaki isn't Kharn nor is she looking to become Kharn 2.0. But going against the spirit of the mission and possibly pissing off the client may not be a great idea for a mission start.

>> No.25470698

At the times like that it's best to just sit back and watch the fireworks.

>> No.25470702

Alright! That's enough for tonight. Thread to resume the day after tomorrow! Thank you for everyone's participation, and feedback is always appreciated!

We have two writeups again tonight, questions answered after they're posted!

>> No.25470708

That's what I'm thinking. Although if we do play along, I hope the players remember this and we give this idol some straightening out in private.

>> No.25470710


Yes, but I was hoping that it wouldn't turn out that way.

Damn it. At least the voting will be reset for next thread.

>> No.25470712

I'm just worried that she actually expect us to give the ticket to someone else and this will make our job harder later on.

Of course that's assuming she's up to no good.

>> No.25470714

The California heat beat down on our backs for what felt like the third or fourth eternity in a row, now. It had been the same thing every day, lately: get up before dawn and head out to the Garden of Sinners (or, if we weren’t already there when dawn broke, get yanked out of bed and dragged there by our thumbs). Then, work under the blazing hot sun in a humid jungle of vibrant, colorful hate, breaking up and hauling compost and carting buckets of water around the field until it was too dark to see our hands in front of our faces. At the end, we’d drag our burnt, bleeding asses home and lick our wounds. Maybe try and get some sleep before doing it all over again. We were all pretty much in agreement – we fucking hated that garden.

Garden didn’t like us much either, though. It liked to fight back, even while we were feeding it. Lashed out at us from every direction, without warning and nearly without pause, from sunup to well past sundown. Never figured out whether that was some kind of training, or some kind of test, or if Miss Marigold was just that crazy, but it was probably a mixture of the three. …If you ask me, it was mostly because we were better, fresher meat than the compost, made mostly of what was left of the poor sons of bitches that crossed the Eighth over the past month or so, left to rot out in the sun. The sinners, Miss Marigold called them.


>> No.25470719

Will you draw art of Ruri? Or at least give us reference?

>> No.25470725

We were once again freeing Annie from a tulip or fuck-knows-what that had decided she looked like an insect, a scorpion, or a corpse, and Mary and I shared a silent understanding that this was probably going to be the one where she cracked and started to cry. Her body was already covered in burns from the sun and digestive juices – so were ours – and she had, even before the most recent acid bath, reached a level of sheer, constant bitching that was usually reserved for five-year-olds on cross-country car trips. …We were both surprised to find instead, though, that she was completely silent as she came out. At first we were worried that it had managed to snag her soul gem, somehow, but that notion went pretty quickly as she transformed.

Gone were the acid-stained work clothes that she hadn’t had time to wash in a week, and gone was any trace of playfulness in her demeanor. Didn’t even bother to grab onto her sister and start their little transformation chant – Mary looked even more confused than I was, at that. I’d seen her insist on it in the middle of a firefight before, and seeing one lacy black and white outfit without the other was sort of disconcerting.

“Fuck this. Fuck it. Fuck flowers. Fuck the sun. Fuck the Warmaster. Ah’m gonna go kill ‘er.” A vine lashed out at her from behind, and she drew her sword instinctively and cut it. Didn’t even turn …It was the most serious I’d ever seen her.

…What? I couldn’t even formulate a response to that. We couldn’t even scratch her when we tried to kill her together. With a plan. And not on her home turf. It was literally the dumbest thing I’d ever heard Annie say. Probably the dumbest thing I’d ever heard anyone say.


>> No.25470733

“…Yeah. Annie’s right.” Mary had to think it over for a second, but she changed, too, into a frilled-out witch’s outfit that must have been way too hot for the weather, complete with big, doofy hat. “We can’t jes’ do this ferever. It’s a waste of our goddamn time. Bet she’s just tryin’ ta see how much bullshit we’ll put up with ‘fore we die’r go crazy, ‘n try’n eat each other or somethin’.” Her eyes flicked toward Annie – she looked worried. There wasn’t even a small, half-assed laugh at her dumb little cannibalism joke. ...In any other situation, we would have both been happy to see Annie stop screwing around for two seconds, but…it was really creepy.

With a sigh, I transformed, too. Didn’t know where the gazebo at the center of the garden was from here, and somebody had to pop up and take a look.

The flowers didn’t like it when you flew here. I’d seem then lash at the birds that went overhead, and whenever I tried to lift off with my broom, they all pitched a fit at once. Only needed to be up there for a second, though-

“It’s this way,” Annie mumbled, decisively. “…Sinners here ain’t too fond of bein’ plant food. They started pointin’ soon as we started talkin’.” …That was cool too. I just…put the broom away. …Not that I was looking forward to trying to pull off that flight. I thought for a second that she was going to toss her other sword to Mary and start bushwhacking, but the two of them shared a meaningful look, and I knew what was coming.


>> No.25470737

>Decu trying to railroad us softly by triggering our paranoia

Oh you lovable scamp!

>> No.25470742

The best way to announce our intent, I guess. The Springfield Sisters’ way of doing things. Flashy. Violent. Direct. Silver glinted in the sunlight as she slipped her signature weapon - a huge, sleek revolver – from the inside of her hat. …Two huge chambers, one on each side of the cylinder, each suited more to holding a small egg than a bullet. One was already preloaded, and it left a soft blue trail as she gave the cylinder a spin, a grin erasing some of the exhaustion on her face as Annie formed up behind her.

“Hold onta yer hats!” She was the only one with a hat. “Shut th’hell up, Cooldown!” It spun faster and faster, and she took aim in the direction Annie’d pointed us. …The flowers around us all seemed to rustle, then, as a small beam of light pierced the entire garden from the barrel of that little silver gun, they started to raise all hell. Didn’t have much time for it, though, before the laser swelled out, burning us a huge path through the flowers in one glorious, ozone-scented blast of America.

We didn’t miss a beat – didn’t have time. Annie quit bracing her sister before the beam even dissipated, bolting out in front of us to cover the distance between us and the Warmaster, now a small figure at the very end of the new path. At the same time, I pulled a broom into creation, and Mary snagged it without a second thought, half-dragging me into the front to drive while she…

Oh shit. Oh no no no. It was the second-worst idea I’d heard all day. She screamed something about buckling up into my ear and aimed her gun backwards. There was no way I could control it if she did that, I tried to tell her in the frantic second before we shifted into Super Turbo Crash Into The Ground And Fucking Die mode.

Didn’t work.


>> No.25470746

I heard Annie cackle as we passed by her, just barely, over the wind in my ears, the loud hum of the laser, and Mary’s whooping behind me. I had about two seconds to think of a plan as we raced toward the Warmaster, who stood resolutely with her parasol out. …She wasn’t going to move. She had no intention of trying to avoid us, or maybe she was protecting her private place behind her, the gazebo in the center of the garden. It wasn’t ideal, but it gave me yet another retarded idea, just in time.

I screamed for Mary to bail, though she must have read my mind. I heard her shift behind me, then fall off of the broom at the last second before I dismissed it, mid-air, just a few feet from Miss Marigold. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as I rocketed toward her, knife recalled and directed toward her ribcage. I could get her. Because of Mary’s stupid stunt, we could get her right here, before things got-

CRACK. The world flipped and spun as something connected with the side of my head, sending me careening off course into the grass next to the gazebo. I thought for a second my neck might have broken, and I was pretty sure I now had a goddamn dent in my head, but rolling through the grass would have probably killed me in either case. ...Figured out it was a roundhouse, once my thoughts weren’t a starry jumble in my head. The Warmaster wasn’t that quick, so she’d probably been waiting for one of us to pull something. I could hear Annie’s swords clashing against her parasol behind me as I pulled myself to my feet. Then, I felt a tug on my sleeve.


>> No.25470747


Reset what?

>> No.25470748

- If the client is reasonable person (well, as far as idols go), she will just have a good chuckle about this.
- If the client is antagonist in waiting, this place turns into charnel house either way.

Conclusion: No harm in getting Sayaka have some fangirl fun.

>> No.25470750

“…We were reading.” Lily gave me a sour look, clutching a book to her chest with her other hand. …Poor kid. I ruffled her hair and apologized. Told her to stand back, because things were going to get messy. …She asked if we were going to kill Miss Marigold, but I ignored her. …Visualized cold. Death. Nothingness. A new trick I’d been toying with, and an excuse to use it.

Not just to escape an inquisitive ten-year-old. Probably.

My body lost all substance, all weight, and I pushed my hand against the side of the gazebo. …Went right through. Good. Then I felt my body start to fall, and I forced myself not to think about how I was still standing on solid ground. Just needed to hold this up for a minute, or so I figured. Long enough to slip behind Miss Marigold and figure out a plan.

Annie, in a straight fight, outsped just about anyone I knew, especially the Warmaster. She wasn’t, though, not as well as she should have been – it was something about Miss Marigold. She controlled the pace of any situation she was in. She wasn’t even bothering to defend more than halfheartedly as Annie slashed at her, most of her swings barely breaking skin as each idle movement the Warmaster made threatened to cave a part of Annie’s skeleton in.

After a hundred tiny scratches and about ten seconds of what looked like total futility, Annie threw her offhand-sword aside, though, and started to two-hand. As if she could read her sister’s mind, Mary took her cue – the muzzle of her gun flashed as she snuck shots in under her sister’s arms, over her shoulder, just past her ear, anywhere she could hit to throw Miss Marigold’s rhythm off. Anywhere she could do even a little damage.


>> No.25470753


But in giving Sayaka the ticket and making her stick out, that may draw undue attention to her. If this person is versed in any Meguca roster, then he or she will recognize Sayaka straight away when she walks forward with every public eye on her.

That neutralizes the advantage of having her blending in with the crowd; even if she was recognized, she could lose herself in the sea of squeeing fangirls and then make an appearance later. Now she'll be easily observable and easily confrontable.

>> No.25470757

The Warmaster grasped Annie’s sword and began to squeeze, and the whole world seemed to stop for a moment. We could all hear it cracking in her grip, even as a trickle of blood ran down her wrist. …There was a tension in her voice as Miss Marigold started to speak - a hint of real, genuine anger, for the first time since I’d met her. …I could barely bring myself to move, and Mary’d stopped firing, nearly dropping her gun.

“Ah have grown terribly bo’uhed of yo’uh-“

“Shut the FUCK up!” Electricity ran through my body, shocking it awake again as Annie screamed out days and days of pouting in four words, delivering a punch wrapped in lightless, blood-red lightning directly to Miss Marigold’s face. She wasn’t thrown off for long – just a split second, but more than enough time. My hand wrapped under her chin as her head snapped back, and I drove my knife into her throat as hard as I could. …It was like trying to stab a tree, but Annie followed up immediately, jamming her fist into it and driving it pretty much all the way through.

I ducked low and swept the Warmaster’s legs as Annie dove on top of her, sending her to the ground. She ripped the ruby brooch off of her chest and hurled it toward Mary, and I rolled away and grabbed for her discarded sword, tossing it to her in the same instant. Mary’s gun began to hum, now loaded with the soul gems of both Springfield Sisters, and with one strong thrust made mostly in desperation, Annie shoved her sword through Miss Marigold’s stomach, pinning her down just in time for a thin laser to split the air.

We all watched in silence as Mary fired an enormous beam of stars, fireworks, and fuck yourself at the fallen Warmaster, ripping through the earth under her, destroying the gazebo and a massive chunk of the garden behind her. Lily, at least, managed to slip over to us, and had latched onto my hand, staring expectantly at the laser, then at the pit.


>> No.25470758

The votes. Hopefully, we'll get to vote again on the decision come next thread.

>> No.25470760

“Puh’haps Ah was remiss in unduhestimatin’ y’all.” The Warmaster’s slow drawl gurgled out amidst all the smoke …What stood in the huge pit that used to be the gazebo was more monster than magical girl. There were remnants of a simple, red-checked skirt, sure, but most of her body was scorched nearly to the bone, and what wasn’t seemed to be covered in colorful blossoms. Wherever Annie had cut her. Where I’d stabbed her. All blooming beautifully. Tiny vines spread out from them across her body, forming new muscle tissue, then draining any excess blood. Turning slowly into a pale, creamy skintone, as she regenerated before our eyes. …Even the fried wireframe of her parasol started to grow another radiant bloom.

“Considuh mah mercih exhauwsted.”




>> No.25470766

Couldn’t move. Couldn’t breathe. Could barely see the others through the fresh hell of the Warmaster’s garden. I was dimly aware of the sharp vines sticking through me, though I could tell by how conscious I was and how much I could breathe that she’d avoided my vitals. …Wanted to set an example. Hurt our bodies. Hurt our pride. Make sure we’re still here to crawl back tomorrow. It was Miss Marigold’s special kind of sadism, though she wasn’t usually so…enthusiastic about it.

Mary was no better off, not ten feet away, though she hadn’t given up as easy. Kept finding new ways to take shots, even after she was down. Marigold crushed her ribcage for it, though it was probably just as much to piss Annie off. Always was her ‘favorite’. Tried to push her the hardest, and out of the three of us she, she usually pushed back the hardest, too.

…Never as hard as she did today, though. …

…As soon as the light in Mary’s eyes went out, the world went cold. The color seemed to pour out of it, and the dark smile on the Warmaster’s face grew. Then fell. Then…I wasn’t sure what I was looking at anymore, as everything went monochrome. The life surrounding us hadn’t disappeared, but something inside it seemed to crumble, each flower wilting silently, no longer dancing to Miss Marigold’s call. Not even the ones that had oh-so-happily dug into various parts of my body moved – if I tried, I could probably cut myself free. …If my body was anything but dead weight right then, anyway.

In place of the plants, something else moved. …People. Hundreds of people in the flower-jungle, each barely-visible, shades among the stark gray of the plants. Staring. Staring at us. At Annie. At the Warmaster. Whispers I couldn’t quite make out passed through them, and a sickening scent filled the air.


>> No.25470774

Reminded me of Lily, a distinct, cloying smell of sugar and death. …Wonderland in a nutshell. Trying to follow either of the fighters’ movements made me feel sick in the pit of my stomach; both moved unnaturally, like no human could, interposed with their bodies a moment earlier, and a moment later, all stretched and distorted. Annie’s voice…I thought it was hers, anyway…echoed through the air, with another laid on top of it – one higher, teeth-rottingly sweet and cackling.

Someone crouched over Mary – I couldn’t tell who right away thanks to the special distortions or whatever the hell it was Annie’s magic was causing, but it must have been Lily. She didn’t seem…right. She started to giggle along with Annie’s voice and the other, and…And it was kind of catchy. Heh. Some words appeared faintly in my mind, but I couldn’t quite place them. I caught myself moving my lips, trying to parse them out, trying to figure out what they could be.

The black and gray sky split as Annie and the Warmaster fought, though it was barely a fight – even with her new home field advantage, Annie was down strength, and experience, and…something. Something tugging at the tip of my tongue. …Without those. The things the sky split for, two golden pillars in a dreary wasteland, twin scythes, sharp enough to cut a hole into reality itself. Hee. That’s what it was. That’s what this place was.


>> No.25470777


I believe we're locked in at this point and decu will just be starting the next thread with the chosen choice.

>> No.25470778

>>Will you draw art of Ruri? Or at least give us reference?

She has "long green hair tied into her trademark twintails".

Come on, anon. I know you can figure this out.

>> No.25470779

They were important, those words. The scythes told me so, as I stared up at them. As Annie took them, and as she cut into Miss Marigold, again and again.

They were clawing at my mind. At the deepest parts of my soul. I needed to know them.

They were more important than Lily, even as her teeth dug into Mary’s body.

More important than my life, draining out as the vines in me withered and died.

More important than the new patch of color that had appeared – a girl in pink, the source of the other voice. Scenery. Distracting.

Annie wasn’t herself anymore. Her eyes had gone. The pink thing had taken them, but she smiled a wide, cracked smile. A caricature of a broken doll’s face. The words repeated in my mind, over and over, and as the last bit of my life left me, I finally understood. Finally knew what they were.

The flesh of fallen angels.



>> No.25470784

Woke up feeling like a sack of lead shit. Wright said that the Warmaster had dragged all of us back in one of the carts – three corpses and a petrified little girl, one that wouldn’t say a word about what happened. I was in the best shape, of the three of us. Seemed like Miss Marigold had torn the other two pretty much to shreds. Guess I lucked out. Or she didn’t care about teaching me that lesson.

Whatever. I’ll take it.

Nakajima was already patching the other two up – more like putting them back together, it looked like, and Wright was left to take care of Lily and me. Kid looked like hell, and that wasn’t easy, given the kind of things Lily…usually did. There was no trace of her usual energy, and she jumped whenever Wright would talk to her. Ended up just hugging the poor kid and stroking her hair, telling her it was okay now. Telling her she was fine. We were fine. Miss Marigold was fine. Just went to her office to rest.

…Apparently I was supposed to go talk to her, when I was up and about. But I wasn’t ready to get my stomach pierced again. …Was that what happened? Didn’t matter. Whatever she had to chew me out about, I could deal with it later. Wright promised she’d cover me until I was feeling better. I told her it might be a few days, though.

My head hurt like a motherfucker, and for the first time in a while, all I wanted to do was sleep.


>> No.25470808

So much rain. Always rain. Odette stared up at the night sky, ignoring the water droplets hitting her face. Waiting for Lotte to finish scouting around the club had ended up giving her some much needed time to think. Her back pressed against the cold steel hide of Sleepy Sue, she idly pondered her position in life. The one word that really seemed to sum it all up was 'shitty'. Granted, things were starting to look up, but it was still a turd no matter how much she tried to spit shine it. That just made it a turd covered in spit.

Inside, the two younger Eversors had managed to rope the warmaster into a game of Go Fish while they waited. It took a few rounds for Meg to get over her fear of winning against Therese, but she managed to come around soon enough. Odette cringed once more as she heard the tiny girl sound another victory cry from within. She was still a bit sore about finding someone the same size as her with such a nice figure. It felt like every one of her shouts was something personal.

Odette looked up and down the streets for a moment, then cautiously pulled a pack of cigarettes from her pocket. After Freddy had told her they came in flavoured varieties, well, she simply had to give it a try. For some reason she felt an obligation to fit her new grumpy, brooding image. Holding a protective hand over the smoke, she managed to get it lit and took her first puff-

-then immediately spat the whole thing out of her mouth on reflex. She coughed and hacked, a fist pressed to her chest. It didn't taste like cherry. It didn't taste like cherry at all.


>> No.25470814


>> No.25470819


"Odette, are you okay?" Therese asked as she poked her head out of the armoured car's turret.

The coughing girl simply gave a thumbs up, unable to speak through her wheezing.

"Is- Is that a lighter?" The warmaster asked in an accusatory tone. "Were you SMOKING?"

Odette shook her head, quickly stashing the lighter back in her pocket. "No, ma'am," she wheezed out.

Therese huffed and pouted, shouting, "Fine, but if I catch you smoking I'll- I'll-"

"I get it, Terry," Odette groaned, still trying to catch her breath. "Go play cards."

The warmaster conceded with a sigh and receded back into the armoured car. Once again, Odette was left alone with her thoughts. It seemed that she'd have to settle for sweets and poetry instead of smoking and drinking. But then again, she thought to herself, it wasn't as if people like that really existed. It wasn't healthy to romanticize that sort of thing.

More and more, Odette found herself feeling lonely when she was left alone like this. She used to relish the chance to just be able to sit and think. Now it felt more and more like a punishment. She could have gone in to play cards easily enough, but... It just seemed like her presence would make things awkward. It was like going out for drinks with your boss. Except, she wasn't their boss. Not anymore, at least.

The world melted around her as she looked over into the eyes of the girl in the hat. Her presence would normally put Odette on edge, but for once she just welcomed the company.

"Come to laugh at me?" The one-eyed girl asked.

"A little," the one in the hat conceded. "But I don't think I need to. Seems you're doing my job for me these days."

Odette nodded, at a loss for words. For the time, she'd just let the other girl speak her peace.


>> No.25470829

>Miss Marigold is Fanon Sadist Yuuka
Booooooo. Always the same fucking thing.

>> No.25470830


"You've noticed it yourself, haven't you?" She asked, leaning her head against Odette's shoulder. "The North Wind is blowing again, just like our dear Charlotte said. But why was she keeping it a secret, I wonder."

"Does it matter?"

"No, no. I suppose it doesn't," the girl in the hat laughed to herself. "A few weeks ago you couldn't even remember Miss Valnikov's name. Imagine my surprise when you were telling stories about her earlier."

Odette nodded again, this time a far more shallow one.

"Wouldn't it be nice to have those times back..." It was less a question and more simple wishful thinking. "You have a good reason to take your post back now, don't you? Hid it under your bed, hm?"

The one-eyed girl took a deep breath. She just couldn't get the termination order out of her mind. She'd shoved it under her cot while she thought about what to do with it. Should she talk to someone about it? Would it be better to confront the incubator directly? Odette just couldn't sort her thoughts out and the hat wearing ghost certainly wasn't helping.

"I think I'll leave you on a better note this time," the girl said, adjusting her baseball cap. "Good luck with finding this monster. And take care of yourself. I know you don't like to admit it, but I really do care about your well-being."

Odette smiled gently and muttered, "I know you do."

Some time passed before Lotte finally arrived. The Callidus found Odette humming some unheard tune, smiling with her eyes closed as she did. For a few minutes, Lotte simply stood and watched the girl revelling in the rain. When Odette finally opened her eyes, she found the blonde looking on thoughtfully, with her hand on her chin.

"How- How long have you been there?" Odette stammered.

"Long enough," the Callidus answered, grinning. "You're such a cutie~"

"Oh shut up," the one-eyed girl groaned. "Did you find anything?"

"Oh yeah," Lotte answered with a grin. "Come on, let's round up the gang."


>> No.25470845


Ten minutes later, Odette peered around the corner of a building in a darkened alley. Two men were guarding the club's back door, unarmed, but with a pair of metal pipes conveniently leaning against the wall by the door. Odette turned to Mona, who leaned against the wall beside her, and informed her of the situation.

It had been agreed that the two Eversors would break in through the back while the other three tried to get into the club's VIP lounge. Lotte had reasoned that Helk had to be in one of the two locations.

"I'll take care of these two," Odette whispered. "Wait here."

The tall girl nodded, shifting into her costume in a flash. Odette, on the other hand, refrained from doing so. Instead, she simply walked out into the light and strode up to the men, making sure to look as unimposing as possible - not difficult task given her stature.

As she neared them, both men stepped up to her.

"Hey, little lady," one of them called out, "looks like you're a little lost. Y'shouldn't be here."

Odette continued walking, only stopping when both men put their hands on her shoulders.

"I guess you didn't hear m- GHURK."

The man gurgled as a spear shot up through his throat, just as one did to his partner. Odette withdrew her two spears from the men as her cloak unfurled down from her shoulders. Mona let out a low whistle as she stepped out from behind the building and admired Odette's handiwork.

"I'd heard stories about the Silver Lady," she said, a distinct tone of admiration in her voice. "Meg wouldn't shut up about you. Guess she wasn't lying. You sure as hell look the part."


>> No.25470858


Under her cloak, Odette's costume was not entirely unlike a traditional magical girl outfit, albeit a bit more armoured. A banded platinum metal breastplate wrapped around her meagre chest atop a frilled top with equally frilly shoulder straps. Delicate white gloves stretched all the way up to the middle of her upper arm adorned with shining vambraces, matching a pair of pure white thighhigh stockings with plate greaves on her legs. A delicate white pleated skirt hung from her waist under a set of faulds, completing the ensemble. The entire costume conjured images of warrior-princesses, and Mona could only marvel at the sight of the fabled Winter Warmaster herself.

Odette let out a short breath of laughter as she flicked the blood from her two spears. Each one had a dark wooden haft and an intricately designed silver head, matching the platinum metal of her armour. She twirled them about for a few moments, getting herself used to the feeling once more. Both spears were perfectly balanced, equally good for throwing as they were for melee combat. Odette had always preferred spears over other weapons. They could be thrust, swung or thrown and were easy to use for a novice, yet deadly in the hands of a master. Satisfied, she gave Mona a nodded and motioned for the door.

"Quick and efficient," Odette said. "No dawdling. We clear one room, we move onto the next. These asshats are responsible for selling soulgems as fucking accessories. Remember that."

"Don't think I'll forget. Glad I have a competent leader," Mona laughed. "You're the boss."


>> No.25470867


They broke down the door in short order, hurrying through to the other side to find a trio of men playing cards at a table. The men looked shocked at the sudden appearance of the magical girls, scrambling for their weapons. Odette impaled the first of the thugs and gave a hard push downward, driving the spear into the floor. The second barely had time to react before Mona's buckler smashed into his face with a sickening crack as her rapier ripped through his chest.

The third man backed up against the far wall and made for a gun at his waist, but was stopped as one of Odette's spears soared through his ribcage and stuck him against the wall. The gun clattered to the ground as his hand went limp.

The one-eyed magical girl cocked her head at the gun. "Take it."

Mona raised an eyebrow and looked utterly baffled. "What for?"

"Might be useful," Odette laughed. "And you can get that whole pirate-swashbuckler thing goin'."

The taller Eversor shrugged and conceded, picking up the gun and stashing it in her inventory. "You're the expert."

"Damn straight."

Thankfully, there was only one door leading out of the room. The two girls nodded at each other and Odette waved a hand at it. Mona grinned and violently kicked it down before dashing through. There were only two goons this time, though, both were armed and ready after the commotion

Without a second thought, Mona charged the closer of the two, who held a revolver in a shaky hand. His hand dropped to the floor with a wet thump, followed by his gun. Spinning around to recover, the Eversor drew her sword across his throat in a spray of blood, splattering her costume. Odette had already taken care of the other thug - she leaned an elbow on the end of her spear, which was currently occupying the fallen man's chest cavity.

The pair scanned the room, spotting two doors. Mona glanced at the silver-haired girl and cocked an eyebrow.

"Which way, boss?" She asked.


>> No.25470872


Odette waved a finger back and forth. "Eeny, meeny, miney, this one," she chanted before rushing to the door on the right side of the room.

The other door led to an L-shaped hall, with one man in clear view at the opposite end. A spear sailed through his mouth and burst through the back of his skull.

"Nice throw," Mona whispered.

The blood-soaked magical girls continued down the hall, ignoring the bathroom doors, until a second man sprung out from behind the corner, bringing down a tire iron from above his head. Mona deftly shoved it aside with her buckler, then pulled the pistol with her free hand and fired a shot up through his chin.

Odette nodded, clearly impressed. "Nice shot."

After turning the corner and smashing through the next door, they were greeted by a single man. He was greeted by a rapier to the lower intestine. There were only two doors, one on the left wall and another that seemed to lead into the club proper.

The next room wasn't entirely what they expected. It looked like a hastily put together teenage girl's room, with a cot instead of a full bed and poorly painted pink walls. On the far side of the room was yet another door with faint traces of blood stained on the floor.

"Guess this is it," Odette mumbled.

Mona nodded without a word and the duo stepped up to the door. With great care, the one-eyed girl quietly turned the knob and peered through. A darkened staircase led down from the top, with absolutely no care taken to clean the dried blood off of the steps. The pair looked at each other and shrugged before cautiously descending.


>> No.25470873


I bet she likes it up the butt

with a spring onion

>> No.25470884


The room at the bottom was simple and square, with a single light dangling from the middle of the ceiling. Blood covered the concrete walls, which were pock-marked with holes and dents. Directly under the light was a battered and bloodied fellow duct taped to a cheap plastic chair. The two girls approached and Mona's eyes widened as she noticed the freshly reopened hole in his palm.

"Rossi?!" She cried out.

With a groan, the man looked up and stared at her with one eye, the other swollen shut. He grinned maliciously, a couple bloody holes in his gums where teeth once were.

"Heya sweetcheeks," he said in a voice barely above a whisper. "Long time no see."

"Caught you snitching, eh?" Odette asked, circling around him.

"Pretty much," he answered. "They're not here, if you're lookin' for 'em."

"Then where are they?" Mona asked, seizing his hair and pulling his head up.

"Helk's haulin' ass out of town," Rossi moaned. "He should already be at the airport by now."

"And Fennel?" Odette asked as she paced around the bound man.

"Fennel? That her name? She's off making one last hit. She figured you'd be here, Odette," he sneered. "Looks like you cleared out the welcoming party, just like she said."

"Where is she?" Odette hissed, suddenly holding a spear to his throat.

"Funny story," he laughed. "I thought I recognized ponytail here. You're Bernard's kid, aintcha?"

The corners of Mona's mouth contorted as she bore her teeth at the man. "The hell does my father have to do with this?"

"Oh? Oh you don't know?" Rossi let out a sharp laughing followed by a fit of coughing. "Yer dad's been gettin' in with the wrong crowd. He's been lending money to some baaaad people. He was on Helk's hitlist anyway, but when I told him that it was his daughter that got me," the bloodied man snickered, "well, Helk thought he might want to bump him up the list a bit. You'll probably find the Wolf at your place."


>> No.25470892


The tall girl's rapier clattered to the ground and vanished in a torrent of sparkles. "No... No..."

The two ran up the stairs, the one-eyed girl chasing after Mona. Odette pulled her cellphone and hit speed dial. After a few rings, Therese picked up.

"Odette? Did you fi-"

"HE'S AT THE AIRPORT," Odette shouted. "Send Lotte around the back, tell her to follow the bodies. Fennel's going after Mona's dad."

"What?!" Therese screamed. "We're on our way!"


Therese and Meg had rushed out of the club without a second thought. The two stood at the street corner, Therese tapped her foot impatiently as she thought.

"Megan? It was Megan, right?" She asked the other girl.

"My friends call me Meg-"

"Do you have a ride?" The warmaster snapped.

"Y-yeah!" Meg answered eagerly. "We can take Gold-Mane! But... don't you have a company car?"

"I kind of," Therese looked away as a bit colour rushed to her face, "got mad at it. And stuff."

"O-okay," the smaller Eversor mumbled.

The golden motorcycle appeared beside her and revved impatiently. Meg mounted up with Therese clinging to her shoulder with one hand and brandishing her hammer in the other.

"Let's ride," the warmaster grinned, a manic gleam coming to her eye.



>> No.25470896

But confrontation is what she does. She is the absolute best in the Officio at confrontation. We are not.

She's a fighter, we're a rogue. We should be doing the rogue stuff and she should be front and center.

>> No.25470907


Lotte stepped down the last of the concrete stairs into Rossi's abode. In one hand, she carried a leather briefcase containing her tools; in the other, she twirled a butterfly knife between her fingers. She came to a stop directly in front of him, then crouched and looked up into his face.

"Hello, friend," she greeted him. "I heard you were the man everyone's been talking to."

"'m a bit tired," he mumbled, slowly slipping out of consciousness.

"Don't say that. I just want a little bit of," her eyes narrowed as she pulled a syringe from her briefcase, "information."


>> No.25470914

Thought it might be a disservice to referentially bitch about her and then show her hugging puppies. Just try and keep in mind people are multifaceted. Whether you'll see any of those other facets with Wendy as a narrator, we'll have to see. Not sure I'd put money on it, though.

>> No.25470917


And that's it!

Thanks to Wendy and Archival for providing the writeups as always!

>> No.25470922



thread archived!

thanks for running and have a good night.

>> No.25470927


Thing is we still need to show our face to her anyways.

We'll be giving up the stealth advantage and we JUST got out of an armour QB car. Enough attention was given that our contact was able to immediately identify us.

Our stealth advantage didn't exist in the first place. Now we're both front and center instead of one hidden as a fan.

>> No.25470929

I don't have time to read this thread's yet, but I wanted to say thanks for the additional write-ups, I enjoy them a lot!

>> No.25470939

>Increasing the number of story parts by one for every post
That's.. That's not how that works!

>> No.25470943

Glad to hear it. They'll both be in the archive or on the respective pastebins, when you get the time. Hope you enjoy.

>> No.25470944

>And that's it!


>> No.25470948


It's how decu counts, let him be.

>> No.25470953

Now tell us if you're going to draw Ruri, or at least provide more reference.

>> No.25470956

drawfags get in here pls

>> No.25470958

...Dammit Pinky, dammit Yuuka, dammit everything.

>> No.25470962


>> No.25470976


It's Miku, dammit

>> No.25470981


I will, definitely! I was going to post some this thread but we didn't really meet her so I'll post it next thread!

>> No.25470984

>Green hair

Do you live under a rock?

It`s obviously Hatsune Miku.

>> No.25470988


So who gets to go on the super-fun-4-day-date with Ruri?

We need to plan and shadowrun

>> No.25470992

>Ruri is Miku

>> No.25470993

Okay, this was a badass read. Probably my fav one so far.

>> No.25471004


I was wondering about that.

What if both the dead body AND the current one are both Ruri?

Idol is a doppleganger but a legit doppleganger.

What do?

>> No.25471018

Thanks! I thought it turned out well. ...They keep getting longer, though. Might have to start just posting pastebin links and hoping I don't get banned.

>> No.25471021

Schrodinger's Idol?

>> No.25471028

Ruri is a mass-produced idol - literally. A series of gynoids with identical bodies.

>> No.25471040

And this is what she looks like without paint.

>> No.25471044


decu is this canon

decu pls

>> No.25471060

Sayaka got out of the car with us. If that's enough to blow cover we're already fucked. And we aren't hiding from Ruri, we just don't want to go out in the open, on stage, in front of God and everybody when we just had someone deliver a fake Mami head to us.

Again, Sayaka is made for this situation. She's better with people, she's better at killing lots of people (since Pinky compromises our ability to kill lots of people) and she knows the principal a shit-ton more than we do.

>> No.25471095

>It's obviously Miku!!!

It could be a fakeout to make us all look dumb, and it'll be Sona or the Valona Busou Shinki or something.

>> No.25471114

>implying Sona isn't Miku

>> No.25471154

Decu is pretty on the nose with his visual references. We have a loli-Misaka named Misaka, Iori from [email protected], Hamhands in the bangles, Blackest Baron, Akira from Rival Schools as parallel universe Madoka and Marisa Kirisame as a good ol' girl, among others.

It's Miku.

>> No.25471690

>If that's enough to blow cover we're already fucked
The contact was able to pick us out almost immediately because of the armored car. So I think it's safe to say that the car was watched. And at least Sayaka could get lost in the mob, so even if she was seen getting out of the car, she had a baseball cap on to hide her face along with many of the other fans to prevent immediate identification.

Sayaka is also not equipped with a Golden Weapon on a mission where meeting a hostile with a Golden Weapon is almost certain. That puts Sayaka into harm's way without an equivalent weapon.

And while Pinky hasn't always been forthcoming, she hasn't lied about an approaching threat, so I think ignoring her warning is going to bite us in the ass.

>> No.25471727

>If our client wanted special favors, she should have specified them in the contract
Reading back through the mission details, she did specify she wanted special favors, in the part where she wants the Warmaster to "show her a good time".

>> No.25471852

Am I the only one to be slightly put of by FANGIRLING Pinky.

Well, knowing Pinky, it's maybe only a way to troll us, or just for the lulz, but still, the I <3 Riru written in blood was cute.

>> No.25471931

Ruri has a weapon. That's why she's fangirling.

captcha: scumbanw company
A scum-banning company? Right away, mylord.

>> No.25472033


Let's just hope that this isn't the case.

Or that we'll be able to extricate Sayaka out of whichever situation we're sending her into.

>> No.25472064

Hope? Never depend on hope. And with the Golden Weapons' seeming ability to counteract our timestop, being able to get Sayaka out safely is not seeming likely.

>> No.25472867

>Counter the Time stop
I don't that happened yet.

>> No.25474460

>Santa Destroy
We Travis Touchdown now?

>> No.25474494

Related maybe

"Santa Destroy does not experience significant crime rates, bar the organized United Assassins Association ranking matches and K-Entertainment's contractual assassination gigs which take place at locations within Santa Destroy or its surrounding area. However, during Travis Touchdown's time ranked sixth, countless bloodstains blemish the concrete streets of Santa Destroy, ----which lead to the bloodied body of an unidentified girl in the barren Atomic Drop Ward, next to the entrance to the Senton Splash Tunnel.----- When Travis returns to the town upon ranking fifth in the UAA, the streets have been ridden of the blood, and the body of the aforementioned girl has since been removed. This occurrence is the town's only recognized rise in crime, excluding those which have been organized by the UAA and K-Entertainment.

The D Police serve as Santa Destroy's law enforcement. "

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