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Funny stories, cool character concepts, despicable acts, terrible GotG rolls, whatever.

All this talk of Tome of Excess has got me jonesin' hard.

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Well, there was the time when a series of lucky rolls lead to my tech priest cutting an ork warboss in half.


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Nice, I have yet to get to play a black crusade game. I want to make a heretek who goes into rip and tear mode. Maybe I should just draw it since only two of my friends are into 40k. One guy just doesn't like futuristic stuff ... le sigh

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>Tome of Excess

Scanned yet?

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>Playing Tzeentch Psyker
>Fighting Nurgle champion
>"I dedicate this death to the Lord of Changes, that he might obliterate this filth and destroy its soul! I call upon the ultimate power of the warp and the 999,999,999 curses of Tzeentch! Destroy him!"
>Max Push, Blasphemous Incantion, Doombolt
>Roll really well, "Only" rip the veil aside and cause everyone resistible minor corruption, get 5 doombolts at 1d10+10 Pen 8 each
>End up with like 35-40 or so damage even after Toughness is taken into account
>What was supposed to be the boss is pretty much now crispy nurgle bits all over the floor
>That was my first max-out on psy power, had considered doombolt pretty good but nothing gamebreaking
>I'm exactly as horrified as the rest of the table at how this turned out
>Immediately get Corruption and Infamy and develop a gift of the gods
>Chaos Limb, Tzeentch version
>Instantly turn around and start extolling Tzeentch to the rest of the party
So...while the boss first was a bit of a dud, I got a sweet mutation out of it and got a taste of how OMGWTFBBQ psykers can be. And, apparently, heavily pleased Tzeentch. Overall, not bad.

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>Playing a group that were all betrayed by a Chaos Undivided warmaster.

>Trying to hunt him down, game supposed to be about this.

>Ends up being much more about our efforts to keep the world's crappiest Iconoclast Destroyer running.

We won it by sneaking aboard a supply shuttle taking food/water/new slaves up to the ship of pirate raiders. Most of our pirates deserted, leaving us pretty much always at Crew: 40 or so with the need to recruit.

Our most fun was posing as Rogue Traders and a pair of Ultramarines to visit an outpost of the Imperial Guard to claim supplies and equipment. Given that our disguises consisted of a bottle of blue paint and lots of gold braid, along with "pretending to have a stick shoved so far up our asses we can taste it"

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>World's crappiest Iconoclast
Hey, our group has the world's crappiest Q-Ship! We should join in a wolfpack or something.
>Always running out of parts
>Ship has been patched and repatched so much it has a fucking tenebro-maze by accident. Combined with Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, the mapped schematics of the ship are reminiscent of the mazes of Tzeentch and roughly as brain-breaking to attempt to navigate
>That fucking life sustainer is an issue at least once a session
>DM makes us track macrocannon ammo
>At least we have assault boats."
>"Sorry, no, those are shit too."
On the plus hand, it's a great incentive to upgrade and raid like hell.

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Our problems were.. rather varied.

>No good navigators.
>Being Chaos means we are constantly trying to navigate around warp storms.
>Kidnap a good navigator.
>She drives us to a planet with a navy base, then gets to an escape pod and we have to desperately escape before the navy catches us.

110% our own fault. Should have remembered the collection of 9 to 16 year old navigators were not going to be able to figure out what the good navigator was doing, or indeed, where she was driving us.

>Very fast drive. When it worked.

Most of the time it was a very fast drive. When we needed it, it would flame out and we'd be drifting.

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It's like first time i hear /tg/ discusses it.
What gives, is it that bad?

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One of our first games of Black Crusade.

>Playing a crew that has a Night Lord Marine (nickname "Batman"), a psychotic Iron Warrior Champion, a super squishy human Tzeentchian psyker, and my character, the Slaaneshi Priestess Lady Kallista (you'll find a quote from her in Tome of Excess). We board this pirate ship that had recently been taken by the pirates after its original crew had been slaughtered in the previous session's Deathwatch game (yes, our games were linked).

>We slaughter (and by "we" I mean our psychotic Iron Warrior) pretty much everyone in the engineering section and then head towards the command deck.

>We get there, and my character Charms her way past the guards, using the examples of their dead comrades as a reason not to fight back and eventually gets to the bridge.

>The pirate captain is defiant. She won't give up the ship. So I charm the first mate. He says that he will serve me. I say to prove his loyalty he must blast his captain out the nearest airlock.

>GM was quite surprised at this. Totally wasn't expecting it.

>First made airlocks the captain. We get a brand new pirate ship with a crew that's completely in love with me.

>We go off to fight Nurgle cultists on the world below!

Fun game!

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BC is just... often difficult to play.
People tend to dislike either the whole sci-fi genre in roleplay, or see the W40k franchise as something too vanilla, and generally the worst thing that happened to /tg/.

Also, you have to roleplay bad guys, and that ends in a party full of murderhobos very often. Not saying that's a bad thing, but it gets boring fast.

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>Ends up being much more about our efforts to keep the world's crappiest Iconoclast Destroyer running.
>Given that our disguises consisted of a bottle of blue paint and lots of gold braid, along with "pretending to have a stick shoved so far up our asses we can taste it"

I'm proud of you, son.

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I must admit, playing a World Eater believing himself to still be in the Great Crusade is great fun. He's even still wearing the original colours, under all the blood that is.

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Unlike this guy
If your group works together (for the most part, minor squabbles are to be expected) BC is a ton of fun.

It is a more mature setting, as in, if you all act like children the game isn't going to enjoyable.

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>Ask group if interested in BC.
>They say yes.
>Walk their ADHD asses through character creation; the two who say they know 40k make shit that clashes hard with the setting.
>Ask if everyone's good to play on X date.
>They say yes.
>Spend two weeks customizing sample mission for this particular party (I work slowly).
>Date rolls around.
>Suddenly they're all too busy.
>Cut to today, one month later, # (sessions) = 0.
I want a fucking flamer.

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All I want to do is play a Khorne berserker, too bad no one ever plays this apparently.

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I want to create a renegade in BC and try somehow not to be ridiculously underpowered compared to the other party members.
Help me /tg/ you are my only hope.

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I made one that's extremely good at sneaking.

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In combat you're going to be outshone by CSM and Psykers; there's nothing else to it.

You want to either cultivate skills that the parry lacks, like maybe Medicae, or do something in combat that no-one else is spcced for, like maybe demolitions or a sniper.

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Character is supposed to be a spoiled daughter of an imperial noble
Who is an apprentice under adeptus biologis, and was previously a pdf liuetenant by the custom of nobility. She will be working on creating mutants etc,working on biology.
Our party is in a hive city and we currently have an apostate(tzeetch) and another renegade (khornate)ex-arbite.

I am planning to go unaligned.

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I plan to make a raptor-themed renegade.

Charge+Swift attack seems very good.

Especially if I get Assassin Strike too.

Is refraction field+jump pack a good starting acquisition?

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>I must admit, playing a World Eater believing himself to still be in the Great Crusade is great fun. He's even still wearing the original colours, under all the blood that is.

"Dude, that guy freaks me out and I don't have the balls to tell him the truth"
"Tshhh, be cool, you know we all love that guy"

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They're -all- wearing original colors under all that blood, according to one Black Library story.

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It's so hard to find a group to play BC with on /tg/.

It makes me berzerker-tier pissed. I've been looking for a game for literally 10 months.

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actually...all world eaters wear original colors...under all the blood

death guard...they all wear their original white color...under all the puss and rot

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Untrue. The WE armor has several brass-colored decals and icons of chaos and/or khorne.

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Same. I joined a BC game over Skype/Roll20 from a gamefinder thread and it was a ton of fun, except we only had 3-4 sessions before there was some drama with the GM's family and everything fell apart.

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Been trying to get a game together with my friends but none of them care for 40k...
should we get a game together online? i would LOVE to play of someone could get that going

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I've been in a group for about half a year back in 2012. It was crazy fun until the GM's schedule went to shit.
I'd love to, but we need someone who is up to GM. I am not worthy.

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Throw me an email if you're interested in getting a group together. We can do IRC, it'll be great.

Need a GM though.

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spiritualliege @ gmail or frdneto on skype.

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I'm >>25454790 and while I think it would be cool to GM a game of BC, I'm way too fucking inexperienced with RPG's in general.

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I'd love to play as well, I might have a go at GMing in a few weeks but I'm not sure if that's worth waiting for.

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Gotta start somewhere man.

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Sent you an email.

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That BC game I played in was first RPG I ever played, and it was a couple months ago. If nobody else can, I'll take a whack at it, but don't expect anything amazing.

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Count me in, never played any actual RP's before never had the chance really, would love to make use of all that 40k knowledge

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The first game I ever Gm'd went a little like this.

>Chaos Space Marinex2(Chosen and Forsaken), Human Psyker, Human Apostle of Chaos.
>Chaos Space Marines find the humans and seeing their skills offer them a chance to serve them as they have been trapped on this world for a while as they are on a stealth mission, but their ship was compromised.
>Humans manage to gain passage aboard a decent sized vessel.
>From that point on it becomes a series of attacking ships, stealing loot, getting more ships, gaining crew members.

It essentially turned into Chaos Rogue Trader complete with Ork Mercenaries attacking planets so that we could raid and loot.

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Oh shit, we should gather up somewhere! Skype? Or something else? I find people tend to forget to show up on IRC.

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I'm so ok with that.

>> No.25455068

lets do skype shall we?
I am thetruelemur on skype.

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Same here

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Funny, that's exactly what me and a friend is gonna start.

Serving under Huron Blackheart, no less, so funny you chose pic related.

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I created a human renegade styled as an Ex-Penal who managed to kill his officers and fled. He ended up being a mix of Jayne from Firefly and the Reavers of the same series, as well as basing him off of an older Blood Pact I made.

Archeon was a simple man of simple tastes. He was a beast in combat with his chainsword, he was scary as hell and totally psychotic. He raped, cannibalized, and pit-fought. And finally, he served as the muscles to the highest bidder. When the highest bidder ran out of money, he moved on.

He could probably go toe-to-toe with a Marine at the end. He was a blast to play.

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I'd love to play BC, but I've got several problems:

1) No group. Have some friends that I've kinda talked about gaming with a few times, and none par one seem interested.

2) I'd probably end up being the DM. I've never DMed before, mind you, but it seems pretty fun. But I also want to kill shit and whatnot.

3) The rulebooks are fucking expensive. $60 for the core one, plus any add-ons? Yeah, fuck you.
>Well why don't you download a pdf of them?
Good idea, but I like having a hard copy of stuff around.

4) I'm the only one (plus aforementioned firend who is interested in D&D) who knows jack shit about 40k. And I'm not sure how well I could describe shit.

So yeah, fuck me, right?

I just want to make a Dark Apostle. Is that so much to ask for?

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join the above anons, we are planning some games in a few weeks
add thetruelemur on skype if you've got it

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>implying you have to be a bad guy if you worship Chaos
>pic related

>> No.25457284

With that background it's simple: Be the person who has the Ship.

>> No.25457378

>implying they aren't the changeling
>implying this is'nt a ruse
>implying ruses

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>dat feel when I can't find a group for BC
>dat feel when I will never get to play a heretic

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Pick one, you fucking pleb.

>> No.25457430

No, seriously, why do you think Chaos has to be the bad guys? It all depends on how you go about worshipping them.

Being honourable and noble in battle is just as much a blessing to Khorne as being a crazy bastard is.

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Just play with the pdf with a normal person. If $60 is too much for you, just do without.

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Every side, honestly, has its good and its bad, but some people on /tg/ hype everything as LEL GRIMDERP MURDER RAPE PILLAGE

>> No.25457488

Which is retarded. I prefer seeing Chaos as more grey than that. They have their extreme nutters, just as the Imperial Cult do, but most people are more moderate than that.

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I really want to play a Night Lord. Survivalist, super calm, murdering bastard. Very fond of non-Space Marines, since they are always handy for espionage, armour repair and someone to talk to. Became a survivalist so he didn't have to hang around other Chaos Marines. Really wants to get his hand on a Jump Pack.

But, forever GM.

[spoilers]I really wish I had a cloning machine[/spoilers]

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I'm running a game of it set during the Horus Heresy. It started as Deathwatch with the party having divided loyalties when shit went south. We decided to just play the traitor branch from then on.
We only had one session so far but it went well.
I think the key to doing BC right is not to give mission like the general "destabilize/corrupt this planet" and instead playing it based on the goals of the individual party members then leaving it mostly open ended.
As an example my party consists of two Tzeentch psykers (one human, one a thousand son) seeking sorcerous artifacts, a heretek seeking archaeotech artifacts, and a Word Bearer chaplain seeking artifacts that will allow him to use the powers of the warp gods to fight the imperium.

So what are they doing? Galactic treasure hunt for Warp/Demon-infused tech artifacts.

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>But, forever GM.
>I really wish I had a cloning machine

You and me both, anon. You and me both.

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Who is the Blood Angel that's on fire?

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>dat feel when you'll never play this

>> No.25458072

>Not finding it for 40$ on ebay
>Laughing heretics

Now if only my group loved Chaos as much as I and the actual CSM players bothered to keep a schedule...

>> No.25458107

>tfw I'll never make a demo expert/unarmed master Renegade that's pretty much Bane in SPESS because Forever GM...

>> No.25458129

A sort of daemonhost calling itself the Red Angel that's basically a living avatar of the Blood Angels' geneseed defects (red thirst and black rage). It's explained in 'Fear to Tread'

>> No.25458184

I mostly make myself GM because it bothers me when people can't get into character when doing NPC.

The side effects of taking group acting lessons.

One day I will find someone who fits with my acting autism.

>> No.25458532

>I also want to kill shit and whatnot.
If you are the GM your whole job is trying to kill the party with encounters that are just under too hard for their skill level.

they have to earn the right to survive to the next session.

>> No.25458581

Porbably, will need to talk with gm to balance it.

>> No.25460193

The most notable character I remember playing was a sassy Nurgle techpriest that needed no Space Marine. I have to deal with a lot of powergaming in my group, so to counteract this, I made the only character intelligent enough to pilot, repair, drive any vehicle whatsoever, and maintain any small fracture or cut that everyone complained about. I also technically had the most infamy and renown in the group for owning the ship we were on and killing an orc warboss by accident with a Daemonic hell pistol. Most of the parties in character interactions were the same as OOC ones, consisting mostly of insults to my usefulness as I had the lowest kill score amongst all the players. I ended making my priest just act passive aggressive and then fucking them over subtly based on how they slighted me. One session consisted of me being thrown out of the ship because I set one of the player characters plasma pistols to explode during maintenance because they barged in to my room and threatened me by destroying the beetles I was working on to carry a plague. It apparently was not fair that I had the ship and got most of the goods from raiding as he thought I did nothing, even though I managed to hack in to shipping data and fuck over the whole planet by getting tainted food in the grox meat supply. They realized they were fucked when I just left with some loyalists to a lower part of the ship, and they could not repair, pilot or even press a button on the damn thing. They also died later on due to injuries they had sustained in a firefight with Imperial Navy members. The only one who was even remotely cool in that group was the GM who allowed all this to happen as he loved role-playing but power gamed himself

>> No.25460813

I'd rather play a Slaaneshi Sister of Noise. Just, like...a Sister of Battle who fell and turned herself into a human Noise Marine.

>> No.25460919

I have played and GM'd a few DH campaigns they generally went defunct after 3 or so missions because once a week for 4 hours just chewed up various peoples time; or the games turned into THAT GUY/THAT GM central.

I really want to run or play a good game of BC but the guys I wanna play with are unable to GM themselves so it's entirely on me and they agree the best way to play will be on a table face to face and we just don't have the time for that.

So sad.

>> No.25461023

It's because melee really wants Agility in the FF40K System and Khorne alignment doesn't give itself to Agility.

While I enjoy the system I am a bit sad that melee above all things is more about not getting killed then killing your opponent with one big burst. Sometimes I want a slow brutish guy with an axe who has your head off in one swing rather than the guy with 50+ Agility for dodge rolls.

>> No.25463443

While we wait for the Tome of Excess can we get like to the only war core book?

>> No.25463491


>> No.25464071

Here, now go away.

How do I prevent the CSM players from being arrogant unfortunately, rightly so dicks due to their power level? Also, how can I have them cooperating properly with other [human] players instead of being "Lol just watch me do everything because SPESS MUHREEN"

Felling/Hordes are crap and GM fiat will quickly cause accusations to be tossed across the table.

How do I synergy humans and space marines?

>> No.25464167

Allow the humans to roll up and play multiple characters as followers?

>> No.25464450

Literally the only reason to play as a human is because there's no Warpsmith character yet.

>> No.25464480

Throw more social and stealth encounters at them.

CSM don't blend into Imperial society well, and they aren't as skilled out of combat.

>> No.25464520

That is beautiful!

>> No.25464603



>> No.25464820

I know that feeling. My friends always make me GM because I did theater growing up and tend to REALLY get into character. I just dislike everybody's insistence that they play via IRC with no voices involved. The accents and inflections are my favorite part of being an NPC

>> No.25464963

So what role do sorcerers play in BC? Are they just tougher psykers? Could you (successfully?) run a melee-focused sorcerer who uses his powers to buff his attacks/defense while warp-thrashing those around him with AoE?

>> No.25464982

I love how some players can be bullheaded enough to say "nu-uh, if I take off my armor, I'll just be a muscly guy"

>> No.25464998

Follow this >>25464480
Or failing that, just give the humans a Leman Russ. The marines will get ass mangled pretty quickly.

>> No.25465029

I had this idea for a naval officer who was basically the most spit-and-polish martinet ever. I WANT TO SEE MY FACE IN THAT DECKPLATE, ENSIGN. Perfectly starched uniform with gorgeous gold braid, perfect hair, perfect posture. Slaanesh as all fuck, obsessed with everyone in the crew looking perfect, and administering floggings liberally in the process.

His Minion of Chaos is basically a Daemonette in a Commissar style officer's uniform. She's the "disciplinarian."

I don't think I'll ever play this because playing a PC with his own dominatrix minion is a bit to close to That Guy Land.

>> No.25465070

>video does not exist

>> No.25465113

If you underplay the daemonette (let the GM run her or summat), it should be okay.

>> No.25465117

>stealth encounters
I have to find the page in Deathwatch that says Power Armor makes Stealth difficult, tear it out, and staple it into the GM section of BC. If you don't enforce the "Power Armor sounds like an idling motorcycle" rule, the CSM *will* be better at stealth than a human. Then there's the fact that they could consider it unfair or handwave it against the GM with "nah, his backstory says he's a Night Lord/Alpha Legion, so his armor is silent"

>> No.25465170

His armour is only silent if they choose an armour option to make it quiet.

Otherwise tough shit, their armour is noisy, like everyone else's power armour.

Otherwise I'll just handwave it against the GM with "nah, I'm Abaddon, so I'll just call in the Black Legion to do it for me, while I'm busy looking for my arms and running away from scary ghosts."

>> No.25465185


Yeah, I'd prefer to leave her in the background except for "Lieutenant, take this man to the mast. Forty lashes." And then RIP AND TEAR in combat.

I'm just kind of paranoid about it.

>> No.25465200

Except for the daemonette part (which you could replace by a simple mutated disciplinary bridge officer) this is quite a good concept. In fact the only problem that I have with the daemonette is that it's a daemon, and therefore she'd had difficulties to stay in reality for long. Maybe I'm That Guy, I don't know.

>> No.25465273

I think a full-on Daemonette counts as a Greater Minion of Chaos. I'd allow it if you earn it.

>> No.25465483


Yeah, I'd kind of pictured it as another officer that had basically gotten mutated. Never really nailed down how demon-like it would be. Regular minion doesn't let you actually take the Demonic trait, though you can get lots of other blatantly inhuman stuff.

The same minion could basically run the gamut from lesser to greater. Normal, corrupted human > mutated human > daemonette/whatever.

>> No.25465533

I just want to play an Alpha Legion marine and puppetmaster the world, but forever GM to a bunch of murderhobo idiots.

>> No.25465582

Even without the armour ruling, they still suffer the Stealth penalty for bulkiness. The armour only cancels the to-hit bonus.

And backstory handwaves are shit; if they try that, handwave in how they pissed off Kahrn in their backstory and now he's coming for them.

>> No.25465724

Sucks for you I made my bane clone in 40K called the Samael (after the hound in Hellboy called the Son of Nergash or Samael).

He is an Alpha Legion operative, unarmed master/survivalist, not many things can kill the dude. He was mentored by a CSM called Hydra.

So far in our quest to bring true justice! He has recognized and killed a Callidus agent after him, found the ]I[ cell that hired the agent, burned their hold to the ground.

Currently near a hive world plotting to collapse the main hive and uncover a hidden repository of STC tech in the base of the structure.

GM is making custom Throne counterparts to our group, hopefully i get Batman.

>> No.25465781


I'm sure nobody cares, but because this thread is sill up..

New session.

>Trying to convince imperial governess we are legit. Group is 2 Chaos Space Marines in armor with symbols of chaos and the ruinous powers removed and blue paint added. Human witch in the snazziest uniform the pirates had, with lots of gold braid.

>It's going bad. Us Space Marines are trying to stand by and look pure and stoic and not somewhat slipshodly painted when the high fellowship human dose the talking and flashes the Warrant of Trade we made up on the shuttle ride down.


>Ten cultist and a sorcerer bust. Call us loyalist scum. Say they won't let the Inquisitor stop their plans.

>Not very good at acting because we put our points into MURDERHOBO. Wreck the sorcerer's shit. Forsaken goes fucking nuts on cultist with a chainaxe, demanding to know how they dare to raise a hand to their betters.

>The witch remembers to, at the end of the fight, say "For the emperor!" somewhat belatedly. Nobody notices that this makes the Forsaken guy look around for more people to chainaxe a question.

>Teezche Sorcerer's last words "My lord.. I followed every vision! Why have you abandoned me?"

So now we have the governess's trust and aid, and the ear of the highest levels of government on this little colony. Oh, and if we hunt down and destroy the hidden chaos cult, we get some reward.

The bad part is I'm 99% sure that the Lord of Change is setting us up for something.

>> No.25465913

They can do hand to hand. They pay more for those advances, but force sword and staffs are good weapons, and it's a Space Marine, after all.

Literally anything where they have to operate among human society without just bulldoze everything is going to be harder for them. Under cover operations have them just needing to stealth around nearby, avoiding being seen and ready to be backup while the humans do the main job. Then if things go bad, the CSM get to hop in and wreck shit.

>> No.25465933

Commisar w-why do you have a bulge?

>> No.25465957


Yeah, it's kind of like how in Only War you really need to decide ahead of time whether you're going to play a tank campaign, or a non-tank campaign. Either works, but you're going to have to structure the game around the option the players choose.

Similarly, in BC you're going to have the campaigns where you're hiding among loyalists, and the games where you're just playing Chaos Deathwatch.

>> No.25465981


It's called a pudenda, son. Sorry that you won't live to see one. Now get back in ranks and charge that hill.

>> No.25466009

Well, Chaos cultists have a habit of handing the reins over to the voices in their heads eventually. Of course, that just makes the few sane ones look that much better, much like the few rational sith in Star Wars.

>> No.25466020


Of course, in only war the regement system makes sure everyone is on the same page. You know if you are Sinitlian Fulssairs that you are going to be in a Best Crafsmanship Lemon Russ with the cappichino maker and air condtioning to go with the leather seats.

A Black Crusade game can have a jaded ex-cop turned chaos heritic investgator next to a evagelical prest of slaneenshe and a few SUPERHUMAN MURDER HOBOS.

>> No.25466055

So what's wrong with Night Lords archetype?

>> No.25466073

Please! Mons pubis. The pudenda refers to the whole of external genitalia.

>> No.25466155


>> No.25466197

Why does it have to be SoB in the first place. Just make normal hereticand give her SoB armour. You can start with one I belive.

>> No.25466222

Jesus christ that's poorly written.

It's just a list of shit she's done.

>> No.25467684


That's what her canon fluff is. Once upon a time it was the only way GW knew how to write.

>> No.25467705

As Chaos, how much would the chaos gods get pissed if you hunted down a cult hidden on a Imperial world to get a reward from the Imperial Governor?

Looks like this might be Tzeentch's plan, but I have no idea if that means good things for us or not, given that so far this plan has involved one of Tzeentch's marked sorcerers dying horribly.

>> No.25467712

I once played a game where we destroyed a inquisition ship...from the inside...by rotting it in half

>> No.25467804

Alright, how did you do that?

>> No.25467820

I think they don't care much about what you do, as long as you do more usefull stuff than nonsense. Sometimes they don't even care about that.

Remember, basically everyone in the Screaming Vortex follows Chaos, but they always kill each other, instead of the Emperors lapdogs.
But even Khorne, usually barely knowing patience is all like "Yeah, I'll just watch other wars while the minor squabbling in the Vortex forges its warriors into a true force over the next millenium or so."

>> No.25467855

Long story short, we boarded the vessel trying to escape the same people...we were escorted to cells while the tech priest went about trying to free us.

The Psyker got bored, tried to doombolt her way out, perils and whoops suddenly she's a greater Deamon of nurgle...me and the other pc were in cells next to her...suffice to say we died due to the rotting aoe

>> No.25467922

Ahh, the phosthumously accomplished mission. Gotcha.

I'd like to say my group isn't nonsense, but our plans are pretty awful. It's normaly just a random collection of bad ideas.

>> No.25469367

I'm running a black crusade campaign and I was wondering if there are any ships that can travel between planets but are still small? So far the smallest imperial ship has a crew size of 16,000 and I was looking more around 50 to 100 crew.

I thought of using a specialized thunderhawk but I'm not sure if that would work.

>> No.25469520

With Chaos sorcery and tech-heresy, everything is possible...

>> No.25469586

That small and travels the warp?

No, doesn't exist.

>> No.25469603

There is only so small a warp capable vessel can be - the warp engines are huge, and that requires big ships to move them, which in turn require big crews.

You aren't ever going to be getting a 50-100 man crew ship into the warp, especially one as tiny as a Thunderhawk.

>> No.25470186

Played it first time yesterday, a oneshot where I played a psyker of Nurgle.

The Good:

With a good group, cackling villainy can be fun, if not overdone. Doctor Corpus was one of my most beloved characters, despite infecting a RT ship with some unknown plague and helping to murder a family of seven.

>Characters are a bit high on the power level, but not too much so. Our renegade had no clue about how the game worked, and so was a bit boring, but me and the Apostate both could do huge things. He ended up rallying a mob of loyalist civilians to lynch a guy that was obviously devout loyalist himself. Combat was slaughter on all sides, as it should be. Never managed to get Perils, but the way I was pushing most of my powers I REALLY should have (as in there is a 40%+ chance to get perils with a pushed power.)

Rules are so much more balanced compared to DH and even RT.

The Bad:

It is extra evil, and at some point someone is going to feel squicked out. When I gave a handshake with a glove covered in rusted fishooks a party member 'ewwed'. When we were killing the family (for a very good reason) I felt horrible when I had to join in.

The powerlevel might be a bit too high for what some people want from a heretic game with very few options to lower it. Even the human characters can just about keep up with Space Marines.

The Ugly:

Thankfully it was not an issue for us, but please, PLEASE do not play this game with any That Guy in the party.

>> No.25472050

The smallest warp-capable imperial ship is 950m long and has a crew of 7500.
According to the BC core rulebook, smaller ships exist, but they could fly only in Screaming Vortex and they still hundreds of meters long with crews about 1000.
There no smaller ships.

>> No.25472072

but in Ravenor/Eisenhorn there are ships with crews of just a few dozens

>> No.25472086

Yeah i know not exactly Black Crusade, but i am searching for Rogue Trader Soul Reaver and this thing [Adventure-Splat, The Soul Reaver (OEF).pdf] here, is down.

Can someone reload it? I kind of want to rescribe it for Black Crusade

>> No.25472091


>> No.25472185

The ships that the sorcerer-technocrats of Q’Sal produce in
their shipyards are prized within the Screaming Vortex; lithe,
fast vessels of wondrously small stature (some so small that
they need only a few thousand crew). These vessels
can navigate the currents of the Vortex with prodigious
accuracy and enviable reliability. However, the joke is that
these vessels are unable to exist outside the Vortex, breaking
up on the shoals of hard reality as the complex enchantments
that animate them quickly unravel. Thus, many hardened void
pirates prefer more “mundane” vessels. Though they may not
be as fast, they are far less likely to fail one who wishes to
travel beyond the 13th Station of Passage.

>> No.25472188

Speaking of ships, I want to play a Pirate Prince of the Ragged Helix and am trying to build his ship as if he was a Rogue Trader character. So far I am failing horribly at combinin usefullness, luxury and sane SP costs. Besides, Raider-class ships don't have any fucking Hullspace to spare for stuff like trophy chambers or a Sensorium.

Any advice from a RT-player?

>> No.25472196

Abnett doesn't know 40k very well. And BL books are not canon.

>> No.25472212

>BL books are not canon

Oh wow, tahts absolute news to me! You gotta link me to the interview GW said that!

because its bullshit

>> No.25472225

I should point out that a lot of that article may not be true. The Lexicanum doesn't mention anything about her converting Black Templars or other SoBs, so not sure where they got that from.

>> No.25472272

Couldn't find a better link fast enough, so take a look at this.

Yes, some pieces from BL books are included into GW codexes. But there is a lot of bullshit in this books. Such as warp-capable ships with size of a thunderhawk.

>> No.25472337

how about working from an Orion from Into the Storm ? you will have 40 Space to work with.

>> No.25472504

The Inquisition has access to crazy Dark Age shit. That's one easy justification right there.

>> No.25472727

would be nice

>> No.25472768

Thought about that one too. But aren't transports, no matter what their manoveurability is, slower to turn than raiders and frigates? And how will the low armor rating influence my combat capabilities?

>> No.25472775


>le sigh

le back 2 le redit

>> No.25472804

Funny. I'm not that guy but I have seen "le sigh" be used for years on /tg/. Besides, you can't really ask people to go back to something you can't even spell.

>> No.25472914

Nope, Transports can turn up to 90° as well according to the core book.
With the Orion, you have a Keel weapon slot as well (opening up torpedo tubes if you wish so), so you can fire when you run away.
you do not have access to lances, but as wwritten , they are a trap option.
you have low armour, but you are fast and nimble. stay at long range, use Silent Run if you can, ambushes and you will be fine. Oh, concerning this, use of course Repulsor void shields for this.
You can have a integrated launch bay to have further punch if you wish so...
TL;DR : Orion are awesome.
if you wish to get a frigate instead, get a falchion for a torpedo ship, or a Turbulent.

>> No.25472965

Thanks for the advice.
>you do not have access to lances, but as wwritten , they are a trap option.
I assume that has something to do with them only firing one shot, thus lacking the the ability to overwhelm void shields?

>> No.25473003

>you do not have access to lances, but as wwritten , they are a trap option.

Yeah, devastating a significantly larger ship with a one-two punch of macrocannons and lance is such a terrible thing. You should really avoid it.

>> No.25473021

Which is why you have macrocannons too - you then fire the macrocannons to take down the shields, then fire the lance.

>> No.25473027

I know, it's an awful combination. It's why nobody uses it ever.

>> No.25473036

you're welcome.
Lance+macrobattery ( to down shields) does far less damage, RAW, than Macro + macro. Even against a cruiser armored prow clocking at 24 armor. the better your guy firing your guns is, the worse it get for the lance+ batteruy compared to double macro.

>> No.25473075

fluffwise, it is how it should be. RAW, combining macrobatteries together does more. as in " a frigate can down a cruiser should they roll high in one turn".
if you want to go as going to the fluff, use the following house rule :
deduce 12 from all armors (as well to the damage of all torpedo, except Vortex ones). deduce the new armor to each macrobattery hit.

>> No.25473145


Yeah you can fuck off right now.

>> No.25473148

Inquisition? Not even them. Even AM don't have such things. And if someone has such precious technological relic in his possession, AM will hunt him forever, no matter the cost.

>> No.25473155

The easiest way to balance the two is to introduce events in the game that a human could do with less trouble then a space marine. Many social situations require humans to get stuff done. Most stealth and utility actions need humans as well, unless they are combat operations. Renegades may not be as strong as space marines, but they are much more stealthy and more able to corrupt the populace using subtle tactics. The human characters in the game are for utility and good role playing, while space marines and psykers generally fall under the presumption, "hur dur I am invincible and strong". Just be wary that most space marine players I have met bitch when anything does not go their way, there si no combat to be done at the moment, or humans somehow are more useful at that time.

>> No.25473173

Basically it's a raider that sacrifices some of its already weak armor for increased capacity.

>> No.25473177

Hey guys, not a perfect thread to bring it up in, but I need some character help. I've just got involved in a fairly high level DH game starting soon.

I've rolled up a null sororitas, from a schola. I'm totally stumped for details.

Anyone help flesh out her backstory with me? I could really use the help. I've got the following points so far.

>She's mid ranking (4000 XP)
>Schola Progenium
>Has to have had a pretty 'notable' career.
>I'd like her to have served on a black ship

>> No.25473178

> while I'm busy looking for my arms and running away from scary ghosts

>> No.25473187

All stuff published by GW, BL or FFG is canon, as stated by several people at GW, including their licensing manager. It's all equally truth and lies, it's up to you what is accurate and what isn't.

>> No.25473269

About a year ago I GM'd a RT campaign and my players used a Firestorm frigate armed with archeotech STR 4 torpedo tubes and disruption macrocannons. This combination was extremely effecient as it allowed them disable enemy ship's systems and either board them and take them without damaging or destory them with a single devastating torpedo salvo.

>> No.25473283

You could also go and fuck yourself with a dragon dildo.

>> No.25473316

>go fuck yourself
>because you didn't want to use a source that isn't verifiable, and is incorrect

No furry, you are the dildos.

>> No.25473392

not bad indeed. Though, I'm not a fan from a Torpedo tubes in RT, as you can have troubles to get a new payload in the wilderness of the Expanse, but that's me.
For a pirate type ship, try to get a teleportarium, barracks, even murder servitors, so that you can pull off hit & runs.

>> No.25473505


Leave dragon dildos out of it boys. They haven't done anything wrong.

>> No.25473547


>> No.25473611


I hear ya, if I ever get into a Black Crusade game I'd play an Alpha Legion marine sneaking everywhere, eavesdropping on everyone, always leave out something important in some conversations. And always howl "FOR THE EMPEROR!!!" in battle.

Forsaken or Chosen I wonder, forsaken is better for sneakan(will have to keep them non-mahreens alive for picking the locks) but Chosen is just fucking awesome.

>> No.25473772

They used about 60 SP to fully outfit their ship. Left them with shitty starting PF of 26, but the ship was really good. Virtually impossible (-35) to detect while silent running, with very powerful sensors capable of active scanning while staying undetected, very fast and maneurable both in realspace and the warp, deadly at boarding due to murder servitors. It also had some very nice achievement point bonuses. They hunted pirates, explored new worlds and done lots of crazy shit, such as detecting, outrunning and boarding an eldar vessel. Which left them with nearly limitless supply of eldar weapons.
And the party (consisting of Rogue Trader, Explorator, Void Master of Ordnance and Void master of Space) combined their efforts to get every possible bonus all the time. And it worked marvelously. They fought in countless space battles, and they never missed a single shot with ship's weapons over the course of a year-long campaign. And not only they never missed - they always managed to hit with a full salvo.
A pity it stopped when one of the players married.

>> No.25473799


unless they've captured the attentions of the GAWDS it's not gonna matter too much, of course if there's a powerful daemonprince which've been goading the cult all along you'll have to placate(or banish/slay!) the mofo.

>> No.25473841


ravenor/eisenhorn books will likely never be allowed into canon of 40k

>> No.25473846

Why not use the Alpha template from Tome of Fate?

>> No.25474012

That implies the GM is allowing characters beyond starting level. The Alpha guy from Fates is at a few thousand XP already.

>> No.25474076

>a null sororitas
>I'd like her to have served on a black ship
That... pretty much describes the Sisters of Silence, except we don't actually know if they still exist.

>> No.25474111

Ah, right, derp.

In that case I'd go Forsaken. All about workin' alone.

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