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>Rogue with liquid armour

Good idea?

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Depends, in high fantasy or scifi setting why not. Just take a regular armor and fluff it the way you want.

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What if bard with liquid armor?

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>fighting orcs in the forest
>orc drops from the treetops on your rogue, grapples him to the ground
>the dry burlap tunic the orc is wearing is surprisingly absorbent, and while wrestling your rogue to the ground, manages to absorb most of your rogue's liquid armor
>you are now completely naked, pinned on the ground by a soaking wet and very angry orc

How do you think this will turn out, OP?

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Just fyi: We have had the talk about Summoner/Synthesist using "Venom" armor only recently.

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>rest of the party's face when

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Rolled 71

Why not liquid rogue? Ooze Rogue GO; dissolve traps, amorphous form to fit through cracks, and many other benefits.

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>implying you only want this so your rogue can tentacle rape

I'm onto you, OP.

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Puddles everywhere.
Can't hide.

Not good idea.

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Depends, is this rogue cursed with the nature of slimes?

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Whats the point?

Seems in almost every single way pointless or inferior to something more solid.

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Non-newtonian body armour is a real thing. Well, getting there anyway.

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-Can be kept in a bottle
>Can be dranked

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