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>40K MMO out in two years
>Playable races are Space Marines (Dark Angels), Chaos Marines (Iron Warriors), Eldar, and Orkz
>Orkz are F2P, everyone else requires a subscription
I am honestly flabbergasted that the Ultramarines or Blood Ravens aren't the playable marine faction

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The Blood Rehvens were a Relic-designed chapter for the Dawn of War games.

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The game features a Chapter as gay as the company making it, what a surprise.

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So F2P is the way to go then?

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>orks are f2p

oh my god that's the best thing they could have done

having the faction of innumerable monsters with guns made of bolted together garbage be the unpaid players. that's fucking genius

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OP here. I am completely stupid and forgot to include the link.

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>AI controlled tyranids
well shit, on one hand, I can'y play tyranids, on the other hand, there is going to be tyranids

>necron expansion pl0x

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>a Chapter as gay
>Dark Angels

imma kill u dead

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Dark Angels are gay though. That's their secret. That's why they're called the Fallen. Because they fell to the gay.

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That's their primarch.

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being gay isn't a disease it's a terrible, terrible heresy

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F2P is limited to Ork Boyz, which take 4 or 5 to kill a single Marine. Other Orks require money.

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Too bad there is no Imperial Guard (atleast at launch).
>Play a Commissar
>Kill off one of your teammates, giving the survivors a buff

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It is just ork boyz, but that's exactly why they did it. According to the lead dev, who did the conan mmo, f2p boyz will be about a fifth as powerful as a single marine, but more numerous due to the f2p thing.

Apparently they're copying all stats directly from the table to as started in another interview. Same one they mentioned more races in expansions, probably starting with necrons.

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>lead dev did AoC

Oh man. I played that game and skipped college for like two weeks straight to play that shit in my dorm room in the dark because it was fun, but man, that is not a good sign.

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People are butthurt about the OP P2W guys but just think of it this way. They are paying to start in something like a tank or jet plane in an FPS. You will get huge killing sprees but it's very realistic to take one of them down despite being just one person. Much less so if you team up with numbers and have good communication.

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That's fucking hilarious.

I want to play this game solely to join a giant ork lynch mob.

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Team up? Talk? dis 'ere git izznt orky enuff ladz! Get 'im!!!

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Well, with the player run command structure mentioned here
> http://gamegeex.blogomancer.com/post/1290/interview-with-warhammer-40k-mmo-studio-head-miguel-caron/

I think organized clans are just going to decimate the field.

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Youz ain't orky enuff! I'm bigga dan you ya git, so dat makes me da Boss! Say I ain't, and me Squiggof's eatin' tonight!

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>F2P players start teamkilling each other

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Perfectly in character!

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They better have a mercenaries option like CoD where pre-made teams can't play and it's only random matchups.

I used to play hyper competitive FPS shit in leagues with communication in Counter-Strike 1.6 but I'm too old for that shit. I just want a casual game.

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"Why's we foightin' each uva?"

"Oi, that git shot me!"


The system should automatically force F2P players typed text to come out orky. That would make the confusion even better to people that don't speak orkish.

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Well, it's an open world mmo from what we know, so that's unlikely.

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>The system should automatically force F2P players typed text to come out orky. That would make the confusion even better to people that don't speak orkish.


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>Implying that isn't why you would start playing to begin with

I think the real question is, do victorious Orks get bigger? If so, awesome, but if you have to pay for that or something, balls

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Well, it'll already be unintelligible with all the BRBRBRBR HUEHUEHUEHUE coming from the free players. Shouldn't be hard to replace it with orkiness

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Oh yay, another attempt at a 40k mmo. I wonder how long until they shatter my hopes by not releasing this one.

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Increasing size, damage, and health buff that stacks with the amount of teamkilling you do. Lasts until death.

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I really want to play this game, if only to hear the angry guy I play vidya with screaming about how he's been pinned by 'filthy casuals'.

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Or normal killing. After all, it's just about how good ya iz at fightin'! Good fightas get bigga, bigga boyz become Nobz, and da very best Nobz gets really, really big and becomes da Warboss!

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>an army of F2P warbosses that outnumber space marines 5 to 1


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>someone actually saying this in real life unironically
>while angry


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Only boyz are f2p. You can't advance unless you pay.

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>Orkboyz, pay 50 cents to be able to teabag your enemy on the field of battle (that was actually his example.) Pay the fee, get a /teabag command, go wild.

Day One Purchase

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quick thing, how are the devs going to keep the F2P crowd from complaining about being underpowered?

how are they going to keep the F2P crowd from leaving because they are being forced to work together? I am hoping that they add an in-game way to earn payed content in game through gameplay.

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>inb4 Ork or Space Marine named Naruto with angsty backstory and constantly RPing as a whiny teenager

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They could have not offered F2P at all.

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Always found people who complain about being given options odd.

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To sum up for you guys:

Eternal Crusade is a Free to Play MMO with Premium Options.

If you play for free, you can only play as an Ork Boy, being that most people won't pay money on it, this is part of the developers plan to make Orks numerous. It will take 5 Ork Boy players to take down one Space Marine.

The other races you can buy (unknown price but it'll probably be $10) are Space Marines (Dark Angels) Chaos (Iron Warriors) and Eldar (No info). These will all have distinct class paths, some you can unlock by working hard and doing what your factions player elected leader tells you to do (For example, everybody attack this fortress, if you do you get more rewards for helping the War Effort, if you don't, it doesn't matter, you can earn stuff other ways) and some you can buy. Chaplin was mentioned as a unlock for Space Marines.

The AI race is the Tyranids, an easy "Everybody must stop them" race. The chances of Necrons and Dark Eldar entering? Unknown, but I don't see why not. Deathmark Necron. Awesome.

You can also unlock fortresses, airships and vehicles, whether or not this are with money or in-game currency is unknown, but you CAN buy (with real money) upgrades for them.

The game will enter beta in 18 months and scheduled to go live 6 months later (24 months in total at least).

I am optimistic. Since UbiSoft screwed PC Gamers over on The Division, I am happy to see a 3rd person shooter MMO come to PC. It sounds A LOT like Planet Side 2. Space Marines being a premium race is a good idea, it'll stop many, ahem, younger (and younger mentallity) players from running around in Power Armour. It also makes them rarer and more like the real Space Marines. In Fluff, it'd take 20 odd Boyz to take a Space Marine down (assuming SM was retarded and barely fought back). If Space Marine vidya is too be believed, one can solo an entire Warggggg. And also be Chaos corrupted or a blank.

So, it seems good. PlanetSide 2 in 40k Universe. Just hope for the best.

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>having the faction of innumerable monsters with guns made of bolted together garbage be the unpaid players. that's fucking genius

I normally dislike games that make such blatant differences between F2P and paid players

But this.. this is genius

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I could see that. Its worked out well in world of tanks. Which has changed from pay to win too pay to grind less

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> gay
> wrong in any way
Boy, do you have any idea where you are?

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But orcs do not have that particular piece of anatomy.

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Oh man that hilarious griefing

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Dude, gay space marines would be more bear than deviant art. C'mon

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>your whole team is commissars because whenever you play as a non-commissar all the commissar players charge over to you to execute you for no reason
>yfw you have no one to execute or buff because everyone is a commissar
>complain about game imbalance

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planetside is fuck-awesome, so I have high hopes for this.

>giraffe master race.

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If I remember correctly the orginal 40k MMO seemed to play out guards as a summoner class of sorts.

You play the guy in charge (Sergeant or Commissar etc)

And you buff your 'pets' by using certain abilities.
In the commissars case it was assumed we would execute one of the men to buff the rest.

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I have every single buyable Premium Tank in World of Tanks. I converted 1.2 million XP to Free XP and have spent loads on it. I got my FV215b 183mm. So I am happy. I don't play it much due to health, but it's fun.

It's brilliant. People will come into the game as Orks. Since most people won't pay, it means lots of Orks. Meaning premium players will get swamped. I'll happily buy all the premium stuff, but Eldar seem the choice for me as Dark Angels are not that great for me.

Macha is feeling strange.

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Are you interested in more, little eldar?

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If sexy Howling Banshees, I play Eldar.

If no sexy Howling Banshes, but sexy female Farseers, I play Eldar despite being a faggoty psyker spellcaster.

If no sexy female Eldar I guess I have to play some faggot DA unlock like chaplain, veteran, librarian, or terminator. Whoever gets a cool winged helmet or hooded cloak.

Might just play CSM.

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I used a simple addon to do that for me in WAR

I would be very suprised if there wont be a way to do that in eternal crusade

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Yeah but that's just you. That's about as useless as client only skins.

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>It's brilliant. People will come into the game as Orks. Since most people won't pay, it means lots of Orks. Meaning premium players will get swamped. I'll happily buy all the premium stuff, but Eldar seem the choice for me as Dark Angels are not that great for me.

you forgot, F2P players are whiny faggots, and will either constantly shit about being 'underpowered', or they will just leave the game.

the best way to go about this is to advertise the ork boyz being a demo faction, and if you buy you can play everything else. of course, it would be necessary to keep play as a boy interesting, so they could do what someone earlier suggested, get a permanent buff to killing enemies (or allies) until death, but with a hard cap unless you pay.

paying ork boys could be able to grow indefinitely, but with certain milestones in growth changing growth from linear, to tangential.

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Eldar are going to be interesting. Between popularity issues, needing to buy them, the devs copying the tabletop stats, and the need to defend stationary points to win, they're gonna have a rough time.

That said, when are we ever going to get the chance to play Eldar again? That's personally worth the price of admission for a month or two until it gets old.

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It does sound good. The Nids are stuff to kill with your mates, so Eldar and SM can work together. With Orks and Chaos together. Your PLAYER ELECTED leader will act as a sort of Battlefield 2/4 Commander and order attacks and stuff. If you follow the order, you get Inquistion Tokens or something, basically, you get extra rewards if you help the war effort (assuming your leader isn't being a dick). Which I like, which is like Planet Sides resources. It also mentions vehicles, airships and other things which are customisable. So, perhaps allowing Rhinos for troop transport. Predators for Tanks, Fire Prisms. All battling like Planet Side.

The idea is after you've invested time in the free Ork, you'd go and spend a few bucks/quid/euroes to upgrade to a new Ork class path or to a new race. This will allow people to actually feel special.

The developers are apparently working on the planets you land on in Star Citizen, so it's possible there will be multiple planets to land on and fight over. With Strike Cruisers, Roks or Craftworlds as base hubs?

It has lots of potential, even if it sucks at the start, it can be made better, those people who fork out money (like me...) will help the developers make the game better. 40k deserves a good MMO. This could be it. Subscription MMO's are dead.

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Just give Orks enough toys to play with and they won't complain. Nobody cares that they're a Boy instead of a Big Mek or Warboss when they can drive a Squiggoth or Dakkajet whenever it spawns.

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The F2P scheme is actually pretty stupid. Free players aren't total masochists; most prospective free users are not going to participate in PvP against people who are five times stronger than them, with no prospects for advancing without paying. They're going to play some other F2P MMO, or PvE in the unlikely event that freebie PvE is actually good.

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just saying it should be easy to do

and you could always join clans/warbands/whatever who insist on proper ork speech

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all good points, but people are going to whine about pay2win unless there is a way to unlock other races through in game actions, and unfortunately, in this day and age, there is almost no way to justify NOT having that option.

>> No.25427792

They can't make boyz more powerful though because the ork faction is the only one with paid players and all the free players. They already have a massive advantage. It'll basically be orks vs tyranids all the time

>> No.25427814

it's not about balance, it's about the free2play crowds perceived notion of balance, and them getting what they wan't.

>> No.25427826

Solution: Split the orks into two or more clans and give them in-game incentives to fight each other at least as much if not more than the other factions. Fluff accurate.

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>Ork boyz F2P


I am going to spam the EVER-LOVING SHIT out of those grimdark beakies!

Imagine if there was a kind of Ork class that increased the maximum allowable party size, so that while Space Marines go around with the classic 5-man team, DA BOYZ charge in with a 20-player MOB.

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That could be an idea. Offer the game as F2P, but if you spend, say, $50, you get everything. With stuff like vehicles and fortresses being extra, but you get the races and some (or all) classes.

Smite did a good deal during beta, you spend $40 and you get all the God's (characters) currently available and every new one will be given to you for free. If they did that, it could be a success. Offer it as a game which is free, but you can pay a normal game price to get most of it. Then leave shit like Terminators or Big Meks or Farseers or whatever to be Premium items.

No info on the Craftworld they are from. Which is strange. But I think they'd be more fun than the other races. They'd be heavy DPS but low health. I like burst classes. I wonder how Howling Banshees would work.... I know men can be in them.... I don't like playing as a female unless it's an alt. So, would probably try Farseer/Warlock (Seriously, Warlocks only Lv.1 Mastery now? Sux). I am really excited, it's 2 years away, but so much can change. I'm sure they'll take some stuff from the community. Just hope they don't get depressed at all the ragers and stuff.

Sorry.... I am.... A little busy.... Oh~~~~~!

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also, do you expect a F2P boy to live long enough to actually be trouble? the hard cap would probably be such that it would take 2-3 F2P boyz to take on a reen.

a paying boy that is fully grown might be able to 1v1 a reen, if he is lucky.

>> No.25427851


Fuck that this isn't a F2P game why should we pander to their notions of balance. They'd probably want to be stronger than paying players anyways because most of them are literally just that retarded, no joke.

>> No.25427900

I'm sure there is a way, as you gain a sort of in-game currency. Who knows. If they do World of Tanks, which is putting premium stuff in which is fun to use and unique and allows quicker progression if you want to spend cash.... While Free Players can still get the high end stuff, it just takes a long, long, long time.

I'm sure there is ways of advancing without paying,, just paying makes it quicker. That would make so much more sense. Fight enough as an Ork and you should get a choice of what you turn into or unlock. It could take a long time, but it's there. With the option to pay also there.

The reasoning is, most players won't pay, that means there will be more Orks, that means less Space Marines, so even a group of SM can be swamped by Orks. Which is their whole thing.

>> No.25427920

You shouldn't call people retarded if you're going to make multiple grammar errors in the same post.

>> No.25427940

exactly, but they will probably be the majority playerbase, and the primary source of new paying members. with this in mind, 1 of 2 things will happen.

1. the F2P player will get fed up being stomped on, and will quit

2. the F2P player will get fed up being stomped on, and will pay to not be a boy

but again, like you said, most of them will be retarded children without money, which means a lot of them will leave, and that sucks, but this means that the boyz will have to pandered to a bit for the game to survive.

like i said, a progressive buff the longer the boy stays alive, and the more enemies he kills, would be a good mechanic to keep the F2P players hooked (damn! i just died, oh well, next time ill try to stay alive and bulk up!)

this would introduce a 'permadeath' mechanic in a sense to boys, where the players actually see a progression for them in game, which will keep them hooked long enough to convince them to pay.

>> No.25427965

>and the primary source of new paying members

This is the only part that matters. And once they pay, it's not a problem anymore, so...

>> No.25427985


The way I see it, those players mentally aware enough to be bothered by the disparity will have the means to pay $10 to change it. Or ask their parents for the money and usually the parents will say yes. In the rare case they say no, it's not hard to save up enough money to pay for a single video game payment/subscription.

Those players for whom paying is just never going to happen, probably because they are way too young, will likely not be bothered by it and just happily play as a boy.

>> No.25428036

How about a WAAAGGH mechanic?
An innate ability all orks get?
The more there are around the more stronger they all get?
Perhaps it's as small as a 1% buff for each ork nearby but that's pretty big when you consider a group of 20 orks become 20% more powerful.

There might be a cap honestly, maybe they should only get powerful enough to have 3 orks take on a marine but the idea I feel has merit.

>> No.25428046

Current interviews/rumors put it at 5 F2P boyz to one marine.

>> No.25428146

So instead of "WAAAGH" it will be "BRBRBR", "HUEHUEHUE" and "KURWA"?

>> No.25428252


You don't seem to understand how well designed F2P models work. The point of F2P players is to provide a solid playerbase that keeps paying players from pulling a run on the bank when the paying playerbase inevitably shrinks. A F2P option where you're heavily pressured to either pay or get stomped will not attract many free players, and won't provide that kind of security. Pressuring a few people to pay during boom times is not worth having every downturn potentially kill the game.

>> No.25428298

combine with the growth idea, and we're golden.

>F2P boys have 3 stages of growth
>t1 growth is starting, for every 10 t1 orks in a mob, the entire mob gets a 1% buff

>t2 growth is a 'veteran' boy (basically survivng a battle and doing shit), for every 10 t2 orks in a mob the entire mob gets a 2% buff

>t3 growth is a champion boy (survivng a few abttles or survivng against tough enemies, like reens or tyranid warriors), and for every 5 T3 orks in a mob the entire mob get a 3% buff

after this you get to the payed boy growth stages

>t4 boys are really tough (and really hard to become), and for every 5 t4 orks in a mob, the entire mob gets a 4% buff

>t5 boys are pretty much nobz, and for every t5 ork in a mob, the entire mob gets a 5% buff

just to keep it balanced, when the mob reaches 100% buff, and every 10% afterwards, the amount of boys per tier needed doubles. the amount of boys per tier required doubles.

>example, to have an entirely t5 ork mob with a 150% buff, you would need
>20 (100%)
>4 (110%)
>8 (120%)
>16 (130%)
>32 (140%)
>64 (150%)
>Total: 144 t5 orks for a 150% buff

>> No.25428301


The game isn't meant to be F2P, idiot.

>> No.25428327

>i accidentaly doubles

>> No.25428400

Another thing to mention, with this mechanic it could in theory generate faction loyalty.
We see it in other games already.

'I like faction x and will never play faction y' etc.

Not only that but it'll encourage F2P players to invite friends so that bigger group buffs can become easier to obtain.
Said friends they bring in become potential premium players and the cycle continues.

It's sorta like those gym member ship friend things.

>> No.25428411

You would have to be an absolute total moron of the worst type to think a non-F2P MMO is a good idea in the current market. You will not attract a lasting playerbase without one, given the competition. I am assuming that these guys want to make money.

>> No.25428417

The devs have already stated progression is locked for f2p players. It's possible they might do something like this, but it doesn't seen to be what they're going for.

You also seem to be making the assumption they will alerts make the best choice.

He specifically states that the balancing for them being weaker is that more people will play them.

>> No.25428420


Problem is the most popular faction with the highest faction loyalty is pay to play.

>> No.25428436


Then it shouldn't have a paid portion that isn't more than cosmetic to begin with. I'm sure having space marines be free and 1:1 with orks with paid options to make artificer armor prettier, change your cloak, chapter, terminator pattern to tartaros or cataphract, etc would generate much more money.

>> No.25428440

But /v/ told me a company that wants to make money is evil and they should give me everything for free.

>> No.25428473

Why aren't the F2P players able to play Imperial Guard? I mean, it works just as well, if not better.

>F2P Guard player tries to retreat
>Paid Commisar class player gets highlight on retreating player, determines it's not for tactical advantage, shoots him
>F2P Guard player dies, gets message:
"Your Commisar has shot you for cowardice. Imperial Guardsmen do not retreat!"
>Nearby F2P Guard players get message:
"PLAYER was shot for cowardice. Imperial Guardsmen do not retreat!"
>players behave

>> No.25428485

>all those highlights from people retreating a couple steps to get behind cover

Fuck that.

>> No.25428492

The truth is, and I'm sure they've made plenty of cash shop games so they probably know what they're talking about, the vast majority of anyone who touches a F2P game spends almost nothing on it. They rely on a dedicated few who continue to pay monthly fees or more than 15 dollars a month. They might be able to get a couple dollars out of the free players here and there.

The F2P model keeps the game alive. It's better to have a lot of people paying something than nobody even playing it.

>> No.25428495

works in theory, practically all IG would ragequit

>i would still play it though

>> No.25428496


/tg/ says that too. Evil GW and their making money.

>> No.25428512


Except that's wrong because you're looking at the 99% of the shit games that make little money instead of looking at examples that matter like WoW and Maplestory.

>> No.25428543

Nothing is going to be WoW so stop fucking bringing it up. That has doomed more projects than can be counted.

>> No.25428546

Thats actually brilliant. It ensures that Orks will be the most numerous race, as they should be.

>> No.25428580

>stop bringing it up

Why? Because it proves you wrong? WoW itself is a testament to the fact that people will pay $15 a month for a game.

>> No.25428588

this >>25428543 nigger gets it, WoW will never be reproduced, MK? the sooner the MMO industry get's off it's WoW boner and stops trying to clone it, the better.

>> No.25428605

WoW is a freak fucking anomaly, if it was a testament to that, why aren't there more $15/mo MMO' that are actually thriving?

>> No.25428611

The only choices are Dark Angles or Iron Warriors

talk about shitty options, they really shot themselves in the foot if they don't allow other chapter or legions. Maybe I'll get the Ork boy premium to unlock the full progression and Nob it up.

>> No.25428612

WoW achieved market dominance and widespread recognition in an era when MMOs were fewer and F2P didn't exist. That kind of success can't be repeated in the current market.

>> No.25428618

This. The problem with trying to clone WoW is that everyone who likes that kind of game is *already playing WoW*. They're not going to just pick up another game. Completely new systerms are the only option until WoW dies.

>> No.25428622

Dozens of suits have said that in dozens of board room meetings and they've been correct 0 times. Blizzard got into the game at the exact right moment with a decent enough IP. You can't beat something that has had 8 years worth of patches and improvements. They aren't even similar games, so the comparison doesn't make sense.

>> No.25428624

Runescape is, and that's $10 a month.

>> No.25428634

I see you watch extra creditz. I too, watch extra creditz.

>> No.25428659

yeah, but runescape has been dying slowly for some time now, while WoW is still going strong.

>> No.25428663

Runescape has a free to play option that isn't explicitly advertised as garbage for idiots, even if it is (I don't know).

>> No.25428676


Runescape free to play is pretty much the ork boy option.

You get a lot of content for free, and strong armor, sure, but compare that to premium members? You're an ork boy in a land of titans and baneblades.

>> No.25428678

What about the third option, buy2play? Buy it like a normal game, get the full game. Cosmetic options in the cash shop for income flow. It's worked pretty well for guilds wars 1&2

There are also modified versions like EVE. Popular with a monthly fee, but you can pay it with in game money.

>> No.25428715

>monthly subscription is impossible because only WoW can do it

You guys are idiots.

>> No.25428720

That's what this looks like, though. You pay for the "real" game and there will undoubtedly be tons of visual stuff to buy. If this is how it turns out I will be very happy.

>> No.25428723

Cool. Point me to the PR where the Runescape devs straight up tell their free players that they exist to stroke the egos of paying players.

>> No.25428752

It's funny because the hyperbolic rhetorical nonsense you posted is, in fact, the reality of the situation.

You have EVE and you have Warhammer Online and you have WoW. EVE manages a subscription because there's an alternate way to pay for it and there's really no other MMO like it. Lol at WAR. And WoW is WoW.

That is it.

>> No.25428769

that's the thing though, in runescape, it's almost impossible to kill a premium member, no matter how many F2P friends you have to help.

in this game, it's expected for the F2P crowd to swarm and obliterate the premium members.

>> No.25428771

Anybody who can't be a team player and is not self-deprecating enough to like this would never want to play orks anyway. You are missing the point entirely.

>> No.25428801

Is joke. this is /tg/ not /pol/ We don't discuss serious things here usually (except fluff, that stuff is serious).

When we do discuss serious things we totally crush it though.

>> No.25428808


Runescape. Final Fantasy XI. LINEAGE ONE. Ragnarok Online. Rift. WARHAMMER ONLINE.

>> No.25428863

Rift just went free to play.

Runescape is free to play... you realize this right?

>> No.25428892

What is the point, then? I am assuming the point is "make a successful, profitable game;" for an MMO, that pretty much demands an F2P option that is compelling to a broad audience, and capable of sustaining the game by itself, so potential paying players don't feel skittish about spending money due to a small playerbase.

>> No.25428909

Oh god that would be amazing.

They should make them p2p but with fifteen man squads.

>> No.25428910


Runescape isn't free to play unless you count WoW and Diablo 3 as free to play due to starter editions.

Oh good Rift when free to play this month after how long? FFXI still P2P. FFXIV is gonna be P2P. Lineage ONE of all fucking games is STILL P2P. Ragnarok Online was P2P since before WoW and well afterwards. WARHAMMER THE FUCKING MMO IS STILL P2P AND IS TEH SAME IP.

>> No.25428917


Cash shop is the best cash generating method.

>> No.25428935

>Oh good Rift when free to play this month after how long?

A little over two years. That means their model wasn't working.


And nobody plays it.

>> No.25428948


Obviously enough people play it to keep it alive.

>> No.25428956


That's because Rift is directly competing with WoW's market in every way: genre, theme, everything.

40K is a different game type with a different setting.

>> No.25428964

Adding to this, allow the individual Guard players to choose between being traitor or loyalist.

>> No.25428966

>Orkz are F2P
If this is true this is literally the best thing ever, and is the decision that changed this from "I hope it's good on general principle but won't play it" to "I'll play it even if it's shit".

>> No.25428972

Terri Schiavo was kind of alive too.

>> No.25428993

It's the best way they could be. Player-controlled tyranids wouldn't work at all without abandoning the spirit of the tyranids.

>> No.25429011

Paying fifteen dollars a month just to play a FPS ON TOP OF paying for Xbox Live and Playstation + is not going to work.

>> No.25429052


That might work

>> No.25429057

>XBox Live


>> No.25429061

why not a battlezone-esque model? players control warriors or other synapse creatures, and you can issue commands to the gaunts and non-synapse creatures under your control.

>> No.25429063

But da boyz don't got no dangly bits on a count o' how all orkz is hermaforwatsits.

>> No.25429073

You've never played runescape, have you?

Member weapons and armour only function cosmetically in f2p worlds, meaning they're no more well equiped then the f2p players on f2p worlds.

"Impossible to kill a member", what fucking bullshit.

>> No.25429075


That's not true. You ever play AVP?

The hivemind is just a female monster voice in your head giving you your objectives.

>> No.25429083


Except Warhammer Online is still living.

>> No.25429090

>Chaplin was mentioned as a unlock for Space Marines.
I would love to see Charlie in power armor.

>> No.25429095

yeah, but in this game there will be no F2P world, only WAR.

>> No.25429105


Orkz ain't hermafrozitz, ya stupid git, deyz asseckshoolz

>> No.25429106

Yes, and? People only spend in the cash shop if they think the game is sustainable. The F2P ork content can't sustain the game; it won't be popular and players will know they're not an indicator of success regardless. Without a bunch of happy F2P eldar and (chaos) space marines running around, players will know the game is doing poorly, stop spending on gems/spikes/gilt due to concern the game won't last, and the game will spiral into ruin.

>> No.25429112

>orks confirmed for asexual
>orks confirmed for master race

>> No.25429113


This must be a new feature. Back in Runescape 1 and early Runescape 2 this wasn't the case. But of course back then you didn't have nearly as much premium content either.

>> No.25429117

That's not actually how it was going to work, that's how /tg/ said it SHOULD work. And I continue to stand by that.

>> No.25429118

How many servers?

>> No.25429122


Power cane twirl attack.

>> No.25429130


WAR is an asylum for the abused few who are too invested in it to leave. And I say that as someone who paid to play for 16 mos.

>> No.25429132

>"New" feature

early runescape 2 was like 5 years ago you shit head

I dont know why this is making me so mad, but it is.

>> No.25429134

>Guard not playable

How foolish.

You could have played a command unit with a small squad of minions/guardsmen.

>> No.25429139


You obviously won't have a cash shop while keeping the gimped ork F2P model, are you really this stupid?

Cash shop implies the entire game is free and you pay for either cosmetic upgrades or weapon rental/unlocks in the cash shop.

>> No.25429154


Nigger I played Runescape since it was 2D stick figures. You didn't expect me to be playing it all these years did you.

>> No.25429155

Better would be if you can gain krumpin pointz as a F2P boy but couldn't spend them past a certain point without paying.

>> No.25429159

this guy gets it, best example is planetside 2.

>> No.25429162


Not many. Two or three I'd imagine.

>> No.25429165

All of this fucking asspain over this game and it's TWO YEARS at the earliest before it's out.

>> No.25429170


>> No.25429171


That's because you're a fucking newfag underage banned. Five years ago I was still out of high school. Runescape itself is over 10 years old.

>> No.25429181

Oh, I see the problem. You don't read posts, otherwise you'd have known from the start that I agree with you.

>> No.25429194

>implying members don't get shit ton more content for paying in runescape
>implying members won't stick to their superior servers than mingle with peasants

>> No.25429196

Would be better at least for da orkz if a paying player could just go "I'z da biggest, so I'Z da boss" and then if no other paying character challenges that, it's true.

You realize these can't take off again after landing, right?

>> No.25429210

>Yes, and? People only spend in the cash shop if they think the game is sustainable.

This was all I needed to read to know you're an idiot.

>> No.25429218


I read the whole post. You're not agreeing at all because you clearly did not understand what a cash shop model means in that post.

>> No.25429229

so the orks would have a wolf pack mentality? you listen to the alpha, if you have a problem with the alpha, fight, if not, STFU and follow orders.

>> No.25429235

>Didn't play goddam motherfucking runescape on release
>hurr durr you are new

What the actual fuck

>> No.25429237

You don't buy cosmetic shoulderpads if there's only thirty people playing the game at any given point in time, dude.

>> No.25429253

well, due to the definition of newfag, he IS right.

>you started playing later than him, so, you are a newfag to him and others his age and older.

>> No.25429259

Whole percentage points are way too much.

>> No.25429266


Shut the fuck up kid.

>> No.25429269

There should be f2p guardsmen too.

>> No.25429275

for a t0 ork, it's effectively .1% per ork.

>> No.25429276


F2P games with cash shop have huge playerbases. Even for the games you never heard about.

>> No.25429292

>people arguing about things that haven't happened and events that nobody knows the facts of

Oh, wait, I'm on the internet.

>> No.25429293

agreed, that would at least give the F2P crowd a choice in the matter.

>> No.25429313

WoW is an exception that outright prevents other games from reaching the same situation. Stop bringing it up because it is not actually relevant to your point, or anything.

>> No.25429319


In >>25428771 some idiot defends the gimped F2P ork thing. In >>25428892, I point out that the F2P ork thing doesn't do its job. In >>25428917, someone (you?) jumps in to remind people that cash shops are good. In >>25429106, I point out that cash shops require a robust playerbase to work, and that the F2P ork thing doesn't supply that. In >>25429139, you reveal that you think I support the F2P ork thing, and haven't read the thread of posts and replies. Now it's time for you to deny it.

>> No.25429324

>WoW is still going strong.
Not really.

>> No.25429329


WoW is going to end soon, but Titan is just going to replace it.

Going to play Wildstar till then.

>> No.25429339

Go back to /v/

>> No.25429348

>I point out that cash shops require a robust playerbase to work, and that the F2P ork thing doesn't supply that.

This statement is entirely wrong. Cash shops keep even small games afloat and people will buy from cash shop regardless of how popular their game is, especially if there is a gambling option to obtain the cooler clothes. See Battlefield Heroes.

Second, F2P ork concept is completely unrelated to cash shop.

>> No.25429353

More than EVE.

>> No.25429363

I swear to fucking god I will find you and I will fucking PK you in the wildy if you're still able to do that

>> No.25429364

Want to be a Mekboy n just gliz n flash out stompy killbotz n wagons. Of course, if Orks could loot gear and busted vehicles would be ideal.

>> No.25429365

Okay, wise-ass.

>> No.25429368

Yes. Just like in actual fluff.

>> No.25429373

>new comeback of 2013
>implying I haven't been on /a/, /v/, /d/, /tg/, and the creation of /jp/, /vp/, and /vg/ long enough to go where I damn please

>> No.25429377

please leave

>> No.25429388


He's wrong. EVE has more servers than Warhammer Online lol.

>> No.25429390

They're not trying to get the ork boyz to be their primary income. They're trying to get the ork boyz to buy the full game. Everybody has access to the cash shop.

>> No.25429404




>> No.25429410

We know something since they outright said shit, bro.
>We don't know exactly how it's going to go down so we shouldn't discuss ways in which it should potentially go down
You're right, we should wait until it happened and then argue about how it happened.

>> No.25429429

Why does anyone think this is something to be proud of. We're sitting here having an arguement about fucking runescape, and I dont think you're even the guy I started arguing with and now you're pulling out all this shit about how you've been 'round deez partz for longer then me, who gives a fuck? I've been on the chan long enough to know you're a goddam faggot, and thats all that matters.

>> No.25429443


I think it's good. It's about time 40k had a new poster boy chapter besides Ultramarines and Blood Ravens all day erry day.

>> No.25429447



>> No.25429450

But you ARE from /v/ then, so he is technically right.

>> No.25429465

It's a forum. You're supposed to talk about things. I just find it funny and sad that people get heated with each other over things the designers of the game probably aren't even sure of yet.

>> No.25429466

And it's a great sign that we're finally progressive enough for ti to be the Dark Angels.

>> No.25429468


>its just two dudes punching themselves in the face with lobsters

>> No.25429485

This isn't some tumblr pronoun, is it?

>> No.25429487

>> No.25429513

No, my prefered pronouns are ze/zy/zo/zum

>> No.25429536

Honestly? Using the Dark Angels is kind of a bad thing. They should have made their own chapter, their own craftworld, and their own ork horde. That way it could easily be canon without shit getting too stupid.

>> No.25429537


If you've never been to /v/, you're a newfag.

>> No.25429545

It's a typo of "it", cool your testes.

>> No.25429547

>I've been on the chan long enough to know you're a goddamn faggot

I doubt this when you haven't even been on Runescape that long.

>> No.25429549

Dis git roight ere

The dev did mention there will be more support and infrastructure oriented classes, there is no doubt meks will be able to loot vehicles and probably will be the ones responsible for capturing resource nodes

I'm extremely psyched for this, herding gigantic mobs of F2P boyz to push other factions off the loot and build bigga an betta gubbinz, maybe even get some of'em in kanz, it would be cool if meks could give perks like that to the F2P kids

>> No.25429555

They should print a variation of the big rulebook with every faction on the cover.

>> No.25429560

Staying too long in /v/ does things to you man, you start using absolutly fucking retarded words like "sonygger" and "nintenyearold". Why can't people just enjoy what system they like? Why is it such a big deal?

>> No.25429561

I first played it in 2004, members had to go to separate worlds to use any members stuff already at that time.

>> No.25429574



>> No.25429588

>They should have made their own chapter, their own craftworld, and their own ork horde.

Too risky and awesome an idea for them to use.

>> No.25429589


Dragon isn't even the best shit anymore.

>> No.25429605

Is that a looted Baneblade?

>> No.25429607

You're wrong; a cash shop needs a playerbase to work, and the F2P ork does not guarantee a playerbase. Battlefield Heroes works because in the worst case scenario, a single guy who's willing to buy epaulets can happily play whatever content he wants with a bunch of guys who don't buy anything, and it works out fine. In the 40k MMO, you need a whole bunch of paying players to sustain the game. If a marine player gets on at a weird hour and wants to fight a team vs. team match against eldar, he's totally dependent on paying players to make that happen. If assembling a group of space marines to do team stuff starts to become difficult, people stop playing, stop paying, and the game starts to tank. A more expansive F2P model would directly counter this; now all those ork boys can be aspect warriors or space marines and the paying space marines have a much easier time putting games together and feel comfortable spending money.

>> No.25429614

well, PC is master platform

>I like sony, and I like the PS4, but i could never justify buying it only for some console specific games.

>> No.25429616

>Why can't people just enjoy what system they like? Why is it such a big deal?

Because when one's life is so utterly insignificant, and you have nothing else to feel good about, your decision of what console you like becomes the only thing one has. They feel the need to vehemently defend their choice because if they were to somehow feel they made the wrong decision, they wouldn't even have that going for them.

>> No.25429633


If space marines are free nobody would play anyone else. It'd have huge faction imbalance.

>> No.25429643


Or it could be people are bored and enjoy being angry.

But no, keep assuming everyone has no life. I'm sure a CEO having a drink at the bar has nothing to live for so he's wasting his time in bars.

>> No.25429647

Spec into the Kult of Speed.
Headphones on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doEwWzMz99A

>> No.25429662


Here we go again...

>> No.25429663

Fuck that, I'd play orkz.

>> No.25429675

If that's the case, then it's already a problem because you can pay to play a non-space marine faction.

>> No.25429684

this is a good point (i'm not who you are replying to)

maybe they could go the route of WoT, and by playing you can unlock points to unlock factions, for instance

>every faction has 3 tiers, t1 ork is the only free one
>you play as any faction to unlock t1 for any other faction
>you play as that faction to unlock t2 and t3 classes
>you can buy faction packs to get everything immediately for that faction, or a game pack to get all classes immediately
>vehicles would be a separate tree, and would either require a lot of game time, or a few bucks.

people don't like paying because they have to, but they do like paying for convenience if they have the option to.

>> No.25429688

I am aware. That was my first post in this thread so I am not anyone else you have been talking to. Is it still the best stuff for 0 upkeep?
I stopped shortly after the grand exchange came out (because of it)

>> No.25429691


Titan just got a total reboot. Like, most devs moved elsewhere, redoing shit. not expected to be released till like 2016.

>> No.25429697

>not using the STO model, except making it take forever to level instead of like a day to hit max level
>treat playable units like ships - pay for them with microtransactions or a stipend from a subscription, or grind up resources to exchange for pay points
>the better the unit the more expensive it is

so, like, Ork Boy: Free
Ork Nob: maybe $5 worth of pay points
Biker Nob or Meganob: $10 or $15
Weirdboy, Warboss: $25

vehicles could be like $10 for a warbuggy, $30 for a battlewagon. wargear packs for like $5-$10 if you want options besides what the model comes with in the codex. (so like a Tactical Marine wargear box would contain a flamer, meltagun, heavy bolter, multimelta and missile launcher, plus sergeant gear when you reach that tier. but a regular Tactical would just have a boltgun, bolt pistol and grenades.)

>> No.25429703


DA are gay. Deal with it.


>> No.25429721


Think they're going to keep shitting out WoW expansions at the rate they're going? The pace is pretty quick like 2 years per expac right? Cataclysm was utter shit, MoP looks good but I quit already, WotLK was fun, TBC was the best.

>> No.25429753

So the Iron Warriors and the Eldar will be at a disadvantage. They'll have to come up with strategies besides being the biggest and most advantaged. Perhaps the Iron Warriors will kill and destroy everything in their wake, making sure any territory they lose will be all but useless. Perhaps the Eldar will resort to cunning rusemanship and puppeteering to get other factions to fight each other, while Eldar quietly snap up loosely guarded positions.

Perhaps things will work out well.

Either that or it will be shit, of course, but it COULD be good.

>> No.25429766


>DMAB Transmarines

they have a blood feud

>> No.25429783

It's a good thing they aren't free, precious faggots will have to pay to play their generic hulk human.

>> No.25429803

maybe give them both artificially induced advantages?
CCSM get a buff while in their own territory, especially in fortresses.

eldar get a buff if they are under populated compared to whoever they are fighting, especially if they are fighting in small squads.

>> No.25429831

They can't possibly, Interns of PanDaily-a is a huge disappointment. I haven't seen this much server downtime, disconnects, and re-re-re-re-re-re-patching since Classic. This is shit they already ironed out, the only excuse for it is they have the typewriter monkeys running the show.

>> No.25429837

The Tyranids would just never attack the Chaos Space Marines or Eldar. The Space Marines would have to do with the full brunt of the swarm while the other factions could sneak around and attack vulnerable targets.

>> No.25429851

>> No.25429854



>> No.25429866


Sure they are. They are going to come up with a new expansion in another year and a half. I am going to buy it. You are probably going to buy it. And yeah, cata was fucking awful, MoP is best since TBC, WotLK had its moments, TBC was rocking, and vanilla was... vanilla. And at the rate they are going, they wont make it to level 90 until like... 2016 if they move at the rate they have been going.

MoP has been an... interesting experience in how they are moving the story forward. Rather than it all being trapped in raids, its all being shown through scenarios.

But I think the titan thing has been pushed back because it was probably going to be a scifi MMO shooter thing, and a few of those have been poking their heads around, so they might be reworking it to make it not exactly like something else coming out.

>> No.25429877

why would the nids not attack them? they are AI, remember? i would assume that they would get nearly infinite troops (over a campaign) and be highly aggressive against everything.

>> No.25429898


Because they are AI they can just be given temporary alliances to disadvantaged faction.

>> No.25429903

The entire point of the Tyranids is to act as a balancing force to prevent any one faction from becoming too strong.

Christ, people, read the damn articles.

>> No.25429917

I did, where did the article say that? paragraph, line, whatever, I just need the sauce.

>> No.25429934

Yeah, but aside from PvE areas, they decide what the devs want. So their actual attacks (as opposed to defending areas they already hold) will go against areas held by dominant factions.

>> No.25429963

>Starting right off the bat, fans should note that four races will be playable from the start, with the fifth being the AI-controlled Tyranids (who are there to keep everyone balanced throughout the battle).

You very obviously didn't. I'm not trying to be a dick by saying this: but try to read for comprehension.

>> No.25429980


Yeah I'm sick of all these faggots asking me for source these days. It's not like I make up bullshit either, but because they're ignorant or retarded and can't read I have to fucking dig up shit so they'll believe me? Fuck that. Stay ignorant, faggots.

>> No.25429992

ah, ok. missed that part, i rescind my previous statement.

>> No.25429994

No worries.

>> No.25430026

The best thing in that article is the plan to rotate in new worlds to campaign as old ones grow stale and used.

Planetside 2 had 3 maps when I played... THREE CONTINENTS... but did anyone ever fight on the other two?

No, fight on the Crown, take the Crown, defend the Crown and retake Retake, and bombard the Crown, 24/7.


>> No.25430054

So what's all this about? My prediction:


>> No.25430094


Every phase: asspain

>> No.25430107

>fighting at the crown
that's old news man, they have redesigned the crown, and with the lattice system, fights are spread pretty evenly across indar. of course, no one plays on esamir or amerish except during alerts, but i'm hoping that twill be fixed when they release hossin and introduce and release continent locking.

>> No.25430156


>> No.25430172

I didn't play, what happened to the other continents?

>> No.25430177


>This is the Blood Angel starting area...

>> No.25430202

There's been no reference to teeth - requisition tokens were the only thing mentioned. Hopefully they're reskinned though.

>> No.25430205

here's what happened on waterson

esamir get's some action sometimes, plenty of good tank battles regularly.

amerish is relegated to being aircraft practice arena, and free 10% aircraft coupon for the VS, because the TR and NC don't bother fighting there.

>> No.25430208

Nobody cared about them due to them giving Areospace or mechanized resources that didn't matter. Because, by the time the cooldown on your plane or tank spawn ran out you had earned back all the resources to buy a new one.

Did they fix the lock-on spam?

>> No.25430217

>I didn't play
>uses jargon

>> No.25430227

>> No.25430230


It's a fucking reference to BRs, specifically that one MMO strip from /v/. Most people know the one I was parodying.

>> No.25430235

mfw when I'am a ork mek with a shokk attack gun and I know that one out of three things can happen. 1 target dies 2 I die 3 I appear out of no where in front of target

>> No.25430250

>implying it won't take hundreds of hours of grinding to become a warboss.

>> No.25430274

I thought this MMO thread was just wishful thinking and everyone was playing along, sort of like Chapter Master.

>> No.25430289

Nope, this is just almost all wishful thinking.

>> No.25430322

>mfw i'm a warp spider and I come out of nowhere to bloop you before running away like a coward, only to have demons claw at me from the warp and make my teleport fail

>> No.25430323


I'm a partial initiate and can translate.

>here's what happened on [SERVER]

>[CONTINENT 2] get's some action sometimes, plenty of good tank battles regularly.

[CONTINENT 3] is relegated to being aircraft practice arena, and free 10% aircraft coupon for the [FACTION 1], because [THE OTHER TWO FACTIONS] don't bother fighting there.

...which, to me, is odd. Can't remember server name, but there was always action on Amerish, if only because MURIKA-LIKE SOUNDING NAME, FUCK YEAR

>> No.25430374

>lock-on spam
oh sweet vanu no, with teh new TR striker lock on spam is more prevalent than ever.
all three factions got their own faction specific rocket launcher for the heavy.
>Vanu: lancer, charge up rocket, pretty much a shoulder mounted saron (old saron, ill get to that in a second)
>NC: pheonix, TV guided missile, nothing more.
>TR: striker: lock on rocket that fires 5 weak rockets in succesion that only require line of sight for you to fire, they will continue to track and avoid obstacles well after you look away, have made using liberator all but impossible.

they also changed the saron, making a 6 shot magezine with no shot delay, but it requires .5 seconds of optional cooldown to get pin-point accuracy.

they also changed the NC enforcer, making it like the old saron but firing 5 times faster and with AoE

they introduced a 3 man buggy that has a driver, a gunner, and a rumble seat that can hold a max (they also added a non-max rumble seat to flashes)

they also gave the maxes their own empire specific abilities

>Vanu: zealot overdrive, faster movement and more damage indefinitely for weaker armor
>NC: aegis shield, very tough shield that can absorb 1-2 AP tank rounds before breaking, only protects the front of the max, disables weapons while in use
>TR: lockdown, no movement in exchange for faster firing speed and faster reload speed.

>waterson: one of the US east servers
>esamir: snow continent
>amerish: forest/mountain continent
>indar: desert/Australia continent
>VS: vanu sovereignty, one of the factions
>TR: terran republic, one of the factions
>NC: new conglomerate, one of the factions

>> No.25430421

>mfw I'm a terminator and I just hold right mouse button to raise my stormshield and become immune to everything

>> No.25430459

Now you're getting it!

>> No.25430472


>> No.25430475

This is going to be such an obscure failure. The business model they're going for is pretty dated. A couple years from now someone's going to be musing about a 40k MMO and we'll tell him, there already is/was a 40k MMO. Then he'll try it and say it's shit.

>> No.25430498


>> No.25430504

If I can run around with fa/tg/uys wearing green and shouting "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH" it doesn't matter how shit it is.

>> No.25430506

FUCK, Now I feel an incessant need to play apoc.

>> No.25430515


Apocalypse, you scrub.

>> No.25430523

>mfw jumping around as a stormboy for shits and giggles
>I see some space marines
>go to jump at them
>suddenly I spiral out of control and plummet towards the ground as a missile instead

>> No.25430534

Do you not understand, Knave? In the Grim Dark Dark Grim Grimdarkness of the 41st.99999 Millennium, there is only WAR.

>> No.25430610

>Orks are the free-to-play race
>It takes 5 orks to take down one Space Marine
Zog me...it'z BOOTIFUL!


>> No.25430633

>getting all social justice over a fucking joke
You're worse than the midgets.

>> No.25430639

Get ready for the HUEAAAAGH

>> No.25430641

So uh, can you use apoc stuff in normal 40k games?

>> No.25430658

It's ironically perfect, orks are meant to be stupid and numerous and F2P's are both of those things.

>> No.25430682

And yet, it leaves me with absolutely no incentive to buy the full game. I cannot wait to join a BR greenskin blitzkrieg

>> No.25430699

Ah, but don't you see? You can only get bigger by paying!

>> No.25430700

if there is team killing, i would so work for chaos or the eldar and be an ork pirate.


>> No.25430753


>imperial guard

It's like, you enjoy being a coward

>> No.25430763

But that would mean they arent actually f2p. Unless they do something where boyz are f2p and nobz are premium and the only actually viable units, but that would be scummy as fuck. So yeah, they probably will.

>> No.25430774


>> No.25430781

It would only work if nearby units got a bonus for the executions, like improved damage or something.

>> No.25430786

Read the article. That's exactly how it will work.

>> No.25430828

Boyz are perfectly viable, as long as you've got enough of them.

>> No.25430862

Calm down gayboy, I really don't care if you enjoy the D but your kneejerk social justice bullshit needs to stop.

>> No.25430880

all I want from it is to be able to play either a Kommando or a Stormboy and set-up ambushes or Rain Choppydakka from da Sky.

What would make the game extremely good is if they took everything out of the Codices and put them straight into the game. Fluff wise, not meta-douchebag wise.

Just imagine a fluff based ork Kommando Class. It would be like playing splinter cell with stikkbomms, land mines, and flame throwers. Imagine all dat fun.

>> No.25430894

Like all F2P this one will run off jelly/butmad.

You're in the game for free but to be a real star/competitive you gotta fork over some dosh.

>> No.25430922

Yeah, but otherwise there would be no incentive to pay.

>> No.25430980

Ah well, may the Huelords of BR lend me their aid in our f2p WAAAAGH.

>> No.25430999

Are you a time traveler from the past? Microtransactions are how money is made these days.

>> No.25431009

Personally I would added some Imperial Guard/Heretics appended to the Marines to give them some F2P action as well (no idea what you could really do with the Eldar in that respect, though them being an entirely elite organization would make some sense.)

>> No.25431027

guardians maybe?

>> No.25431061

Yeah, by your nob krumper.

>> No.25431074

Guardians tend to be reservist forces if I remember, not much sense to deploy them unless it's an Eldar World (or dickery of the higher-ups/Eldrad.)

>> No.25431097

Yeah, guardians work, but again: only boyz for free is part of the dev's just as planned to make orks as numerous as they're supposed to be in fluff.
I don't see it working out well for them if they keep it that way

A reasonable compromise though, I think, would be: Free players start out as an ork boy. Through gameplay they can unlock imperial guard, cultists, and guardians. Still free, but everyone still goes through an 'ork phase' so the ork numbers are still a bit artificially inflated, without loosing all the f2p players who don't wanna dakka it up for some reason.
Still really doubt it'll work well though.

>> No.25431105

maybe some generic mon'keigh 'thralls' with eldar gear?

>> No.25431131

that could work.

>> No.25431229

>Free players start out as an ork boy. Through gameplay they can unlock imperial guard, cultists, and guardians. Still free, but everyone still goes through an 'ork phase' so the ork numbers are still a bit artificially inflated, without loosing all the f2p players who don't wanna dakka it up for some reason.

An excellent idea I think; cheap, mostly cosmetic gear for those F2P would also help bridge the gap.

>> No.25431278

If their true goal was just to get lots and lots of orks, they could just make them AI. The free boyz is just a stingy attempt to draw in free players without actually giving them anything remotely good, and it will hurt their conversion rate.

>> No.25431354

>If their true goal was just to get lots and lots of orks, they could just make them AI.
They could, but apparently their design vision involves factions being either entirely player-populated and run, or entirely ai ('nids)

Also, if they do go this way, then hopefully the big ork paid options will be buff-heavy (and hopefully reasonably choppy as well). KFF Big Mek, Warboss with a WAAAAAGH AoE buff, etc. That helps f2pers stay on a more even footing as long as they follow someone who pays, and encourages the whole player leader idea.
As someone with a bunch of friends who will try anything if it's free, and who would love to play an ork warboss, I really hope I'm right on this.

>> No.25431411

>They could, but apparently their design vision involves factions being either entirely player-populated and run, or entirely ai ('nids)

That's a very silly windmill to tilt at. Does this mean there are no guardsmen or non-SM chaos guys running around at all? No daemons?

>> No.25431431

there \might be possessed CSM, but i don't know about full on demons.

>> No.25431449

>Does this mean there are no guardsmen or non-SM chaos guys running around at all? No daemons?
Well, they've said that this is only the starting lineup.
If daemons got added, it'd probably be another ai faction, I think. With the caveat that daemon stuff is also available to chaos players who pay, or at least some of it. Pay2Ascend, if you will.

>> No.25431621

I'mma try this as an Ork. If I like it, I'll pay to have the iron within.

>> No.25431655

Nurgle! I have sacrificed my free time, my social life, my cleanliness, and this pile of money! Make me your champion eternal!

>> No.25431690

I'mma try this as an ork. If I like it, I'll pay to be a bigger ork.

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