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I am still alive. Game will begin in half an hour.

Previous thread:

Short summary:
+We sent away Synius Jaenar, our corrupted Navigator, to his family on Noctis, they promised to reward us for sparing him and provide a new Navigator if they will fail to heal him.
+We destroyed an Ork base on Varda, looted it, gaining a few artifacts and saved Void Squad. In the fighting we lost 2 brothers, may they be honoured forever.
+We discovered Gold as a resource on Varda.
+We gained Common Lore(Physics) as a Lore skill.

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Get a prospector to see how much SWEET SWEET GOOOOOOOLD is in dem hills.

I missed you. No homomaybe a little bit homo

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Void is alive and well, they have been rescued from the avalanche.
Me too, man.

Game begins. Sorry about the delay, I was teaching my gf to play mtg.

You are currently aboard Aspera Dominus, your flagship. What are your plans?

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>Void is alive and well, they have been rescued from the avalanche.
Congratulate them on their success of helping the Chapter strike gold.
But have the Shadow Guard teach them of traps, making, breaking and avoiding.

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Rolled 3, 8, 9, 2, 3 = 25

unrelated roll, ignore pls.

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Where's my loli MACHINESPIRIT?

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Are there anyone on moramrk we cna hire to prospect the gold deposit?

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Argos, their sergeant, comes to thank you personally:
>To be honest, we thought there for a moment that we are done. Greenskins aren't smart, but they are sure as hell cunning. I think we learned a lesson today. We were humbled and we will try not to repeat our mistakes again.

+Void Squad will now eagerly attempt to engage Orks when situation will present itself, trying to wash away their dishonour.+

Also, Kvei Lohar, your planetary governor appointed to govern Varda has sent you a message:
>Your recent operations against Orks have given results. Our outlying settlements are no longer being harrased by the foul xenos and immigrants are more eager to come to Varda.
+d10 x 10 000 immigrants come to boost Vardan population.

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Rolled 5

Do not worry Argos, you shall have Ork blood.

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Mormark, as a mining-oriented world is indeed full of people who could help you with that. Please roll your Inquiry skill on d100 to find someone.

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This is the most unexpected happy CMQ ever. Let's get minin' dat jewgold.

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Rolled 31

Also, can we question someone as to WHY we haven't found the gold before?

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isn't that world still under the lovely Inquisitorial quarantine?

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About 50 000 people come from Templos, Tachion Primaris and Mormark, looking for opportunities to Varda.
You never had the chance to properly explore the planet and it can still hold many secrets that you haven't discovered. Even with more than a half a million colonists, only a very small portion of Varda is actually explored and inhabited.
Indeed it is and will be so for another few decades. However you are looking for a single specialist, maybe a team of them, no more. And as I've noticed that you never were the most law abiding Chapter, I thought that you'll want to extract them either way. Quarantine is for stopping movement of masses of people, so that word of what happened, the unfortunate 'xenos' invasion, wouldn't spread. You can use your Astartes immunity to take a person or two without any problems.

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Here's some things we might want to do;

Send a message to the Silent Guardians, tell them we would like an audience with their Chapter Master.

Find out more about Xavior, Artemis' younger brother. With Artemis going to inherit Mormark, the younger brother's in a prime position to work for us as chief administrator, negotiator, emissary, or some other position we could use a highly-educated human for. What things is he interested in, what ambitions does he have, what's he like?

Inquire on how Neiton and Avicenor are doing, have they been of any use to Klementhos?

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Rolled 62

So, how about that dice roll for the Inquiry Skill?

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Also have our chaplain read through our copy of "Monstrum: Adeptus Astartes" by Hive-Bishop Fidorius Pax. What filth could be in there?

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You didn't find any gifted individuals on Mormark, but you have managed to find three other possible ways to extract gold from Varda:

+One of the dozens small mining corporations operating on Mormark can give you the manpower and expertize to start the mine, but they will require a lot of funds to get the operation going.
+Take experts from the planetary mining network that belongs to the government, they will be less efficient, but as a favour from dictator Kerius Dermont, they'll serve you free of charge.
+Finally, you can make a deal with interplanetary bussiness giants, such as Merchant League, Hope Inc, Chartist Captains, Mechanicus Combine or even Munitorum itself.

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Rolled 23

>Search for mineral deposits in a place, esp. by means of experimental drilling and excavation.
I'm not sure we were rolling to actually MINE it out.

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Have Kvei look into the latter options, which one would offer the best conditions of those mentioned? Also have our regular economist look into the concrete costs of funding a mining corporation on Varda.

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>Send a message to the Silent Guardians, tell them we would like an audience with their Chapter Master.
You know that their Chapter Master, Silencius, is missing. When you spoke with Akarmos, their Third Captain, he was also evasive about what happened to their Chapter Master. You have no idea who is their current leader, but you can contact Akarmos.
>Find out more about Xavior, Artemis' younger brother. With Artemis going to inherit Mormark, the younger brother's in a prime position to work for us as chief administrator, negotiator, emissary, or some other position we could use a highly-educated human for. What things is he interested in, what ambitions does he have, what's he like?
Xavior seems to be mostly interested in history and customs of native civilisations. He spends his free time reading about tribal traditions or xeno cultures, however because of Astartes training he is also a becoming a very good fighter.

Neiton and Avicenor are both rapidly improving under Klementhos' guidance. They are especially fascinated by our new laboratory under the Tombstone and are aching to use it to it's full capabilities. However Neiton is also waiting to be sent to one of the active warzones, he feels that he needs to perfect his combat first aid skills.

Please roll d100.

I believe you are looking to prospect gold in order to mine it, so I believe it's easier to find someone who will prospect it for you and will then mine, than find two organisations/individuals separately.

Kvei Lohar, as your governor, declines to comment on this:
>I think Averon, Chapter Treasurer, could help you out better on this, milord. Please ask him.
You can roll d100 to ask Averon Birg for his expertize on the matter.

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Hire a team from one of the small mining corporations to PROSPECT, but not EXTRACT the gold.

You -never- set up a mine without knowing what kind of yield you'll expect.

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Rolled 34

>Please roll d100.

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First roll is for the book, second is for asking Averon Birg.

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Rolled 23, 65 = 88

wrong dice.

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Rolled 71

34 and 23

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Also, send this message to Akarmos;

"Dear brother, this is the Chapter Master of the Ghosts of Retribution. I apologise for not contacting you sooner, but there are a few things that I need to discuss with yourself, or your Chapter Master, should the Silent Guardians have one again. I hope an audience can be arranged as soon as possible.

For the Emperor."

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Ok. Basic price for prospecting a mine is 10W. You can roll your Barter to decrease it by 3W for 1 success.
Laptus, your Chaplain, comes to you with grim news:
>The heretic is attempting to tarnish our name, milord. The whole book is nothing but lies, misguided half-truths and illusions for the weak minded. Fidorius Pax claims, that we are no longer human and thus we are not who everyone thinks we are. He says, that Emperor was tricked into creating us and it was not His will so that we would exist. When he understood what is happening, he tried to eradicate us during the Horus Heresy, but because of treachery he didn't manage to finish his work. Because of this reason, when he ascended to his Divine form, Emperor left this task for humans, the task to finish off all the remaining Astartes. According to him, Emperor was preparing this galaxy for the coming of Man, not us, who in his eyes are nothing but battle mutants, or 'monstrum bellarius' as he calls us. However humans were too weak and too afraid of Space Marines, so they chose not to fight us and as millenia passed, they even came to revere us because of our 'brutal physical unholy power'. Fidorius calls for 'truth' and to 'resume the Emperor's crusade' against us. In the last chapter of the book he gives his evidence for this explanation of things. First of all he lists some of our mutations, such as double heart, claiming that it shows our inhuman origin. Then he continues to note that Astartes never worship Emperor as god, showing our 'heresy'. Finally he claims that more and more marines are falling to Chaos and it is only a question of time until all of us will become uncontrollable. Foul book. May the hand that wrote it rots and machine that printed it rusts.

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Laptus, that is...highly disturbing. Do you know if the theories of a crusade against us have taken any significant root in the population of the sector? As you are adept in matters of faith, what do think we could do to counter this...slander?

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Rolled 48

Laptus, Forgive me for making you have to read that book.
Could you tell me your thoughts on what we should do with the writer?

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Averon shows you some dataslates, showing projected expenses and says:
>We have a good relationship with Merchant League, they have been buying our gas for a long time and we had no problems with them so far. I think they could offer us a small discount for choosing them to extract gold, maybe 10%, not more. I have also heard that Mechanicus Combine are looking to expand their resource industries, but it could be just a rumour. The truth is, we have too few contacts inside the business world to get the best possible deal. Overall I am estimating that a basic gold mine will cost as between 150 and 230 Wealth.
>It is my duty to know the heresy, so that I could recognise it, milord. The writer should be put to death, so that his tongue would cease to blacken all the brothers risking their lives out there for his safety. However this might prove difficult, he is most likely well protected and such actions would cause outrage. It could be that less direct measures will be required. On the other hand, his death could make him a martyt for the half-witted fools who listen to him. We have to tread carefully.

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Rolled 100

So, again Laptus.
Shall I assassinate him, put him to death, or try to publicly humiliate him?

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Let us finish the game for today and I'll try to run again soon. See you, guys!

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