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You key the tank-to-tank. "Caesar, Erwin, stay here and see if you can't take down the Comet that's after the I-Go. We're going to go finish off that other Comet."

"You can count on us!" Caesar says proudly. You almost feel the salute.

Switching over to the tank's comms you continue. "Richard, let's go- they're probably going to try to get around behind us, so let's get around them first..."

Richard swings the massive Pershing out from the alley and moves up the road before turning onto another side street. The idea is simple- if the Comet has to take a route far enough to get the flank, you're going make a smaller route inside of it and hopefully catch them at a blind corner.

While Richard gets Black Jack into position, you get a call from Miho. You give her a polite greeting: "There's another Comet, but we wounded one of them."

"Right have the StuG-" She begins.

"Stay in position to attempt to ambush the second one? Already ahead of you."

"Sounds like things are in capable hands over there- we're on the move again- We still haven't seen their Black Prince." She reports.

"Hurry or you'll miss the fun." You say, grinning despite yourself. This was looking good- five tanks against against three- even if most of your tanks were either damaged or had guns too weak to penetrate the enemy's armor you had eyes all over the city at this point- it was just a matter of chasing them down and cornering them.

>Hunt actively- if they're moving so should you.
>Hunt passively- find a spot to ambush them.
>Can the Council's Pz38 track them for you?

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>Can the Council's Pz38 track them for you?

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>Hunt passively- find a spot to ambush them.
>Can the Council's Pz38 track them for you?

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>Hunt actively- if they're moving so should you.

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>pz38t tracking with Momo accuracy

Still why not? Better than the Black Prince shooting something up our rear end.

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>Hunt actively- if they're moving so should you.
>Can the Council's Pz38 track them for you?

Do we even know where the Council are, or have they been knocked out?

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>Hunt passively- find a spot to ambush them.
>Can the Council's Pz38 track them for you?
Both of these, and make sure we're not buttoned up but above our cuppola; the Black Jack's engines might mask the Comet sneaking up behind us.

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>Hunt passively- find a spot to ambush them.
>Can the Council's Pz38 track them for you?
That's a funny way of saying use them as bait.

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>Hunt passively- find a spot to ambush them.
>Can the Council's Pz38 track them for you?
Council's gotta earn their keep.

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>Hunt passively- find a spot to ambush them.
>Can the Council's Pz38 track them for you?


>no Sherman firefly


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>Hunt passively- find a spot to ambush them.
>Can the Council's Pz38 track them for you?

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"Patrick, any word from the Council?" Looking down each street as you pass them. Your heart is slamming around in your chest- your grandfather has always called it the thrill of the hunt- the body's reaction to the knowledge that you are hunting and being hunted.

"Been trying since we got in here- haven't heard a thing from them." He says, a bit annoyed. "Let me try again." You hear him below, calling into the radio for the Council team to report in. "Got it! I got them!"

"Patch them through." You say as he connects them to your commander's headset. "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS?"

"We're at the square- we've been here for like forty-five minutes." Anzu responds, sounding bored. "We found a snack machine so we got some food."

Anger boils up in you. "Dammit, Anzu, get your team and your tank over here and help us find this Comet."

"Oh yeah, the Comet. They've got two of them you know?" She says, chewing on something in the background.

...Your brain full stops. She knew what tanks they had all this time?

"Darjeeling was bragging about them when I arranged the match." She continues. "You take them out yet?"

>Be calm- you can scream obscenities at her later.
>Just ignore her- Do we even need her help with this?

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>Be calm- you can scream obscenities at her later.

Blowing up now is not a good thing.

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>Be calm- you can scream obscenities at her later.
She wants the rage, but we combat now.

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Is the Student Council *trying* to get the school shut down this time? Or did the background behind Oorai taking up Tank Battle again change?

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This would've been a fucking good thing to tell us at that strategy meeting, or at least the beginning of the fucking match.

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Be calm.....we'll quit after this match or put her through rigorous training

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Fuck it, as far as I'm concerned she's officially 'That Girl'.

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>stay calm

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>Or did the background behind Oorai taking up Tank Battle again change?
change? pft no, BlackJack is physically incapable of changing the events in the story from the anime

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Does BlackJack do you just hate Anzu and that's why she keeps making insanely stupid decisions designed to piss the thread off?

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Are you still bitching about losing to Miho? Drop it already, we goofed and got loved tenderly. End of story.


I'm developing a theory that this Anzu is secretly Deadpool.

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>losing to Miho
its about a hell of a lot more than that

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Anzu doesn't really care about what's going on right now as it's all inconsequential. Once the actual matches start up she'll get more serious.
I often ponder the exact same question. Anzu was never like this in the anime.

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Put a HVAP round through her turret

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"That's the kind of important information that needs to be told to the strategic planners if you actually want to win. It's obvious that you don't and your tank is nothing but a liability. Stay there, you're too much of a liability to be allowed to continue in this fight."

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>Once the actual matches start up she'll get more serious.
no she won't, its just blackjacks way of distracting us from the fact that HE HAS NOT YET CHANGED OUR PAINT JOB

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Obviously she's tsuntsun for us. We're boned.

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seconding these

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>Be calm- you can scream obscenities at her later.
The chewing out will be of massive and epic proportions. Maybe even in front of all the other teams as an example of what happens when you are not a team player.

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Changing my vote to this from >>25410958

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>Be calm- you can scream obscenities at her later.
>You will find the Comet. You will make it follow you. If you do not find the Comet and make it follow you, I will dangle you by your heels off the side of the school ship until either my arms get tired and I drop you, or you pick up a roller and completely repaint my tank.

All said very calmly, mind.

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>Ram the little dickbite in her little tankette through a wall!

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>Be calm- you can scream obscenities at her later.
Anzu. Get over here and help bait the Comet. And keep someone on the radio.

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Ah, the never ending dilemma of separating politics and the armed forces.

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Win the fight first. Hold it in until then. After we win, we go straight to her and let her have it. Loudly.

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>Be calm- you can scream obscenities at her later.

Eyes on the prize right now--we can bitch about our teammates later.

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>The chewing out

Fuck that, we are not being soft on her any more, she has had so many chances to get her shit together.

When this match is over, the moment she steps of her pathetic excuse of a tracked vehicle, we will slap her as hard as we fucking can, and ask her if she is honestly trying to lose.

This point on, we stop taking her shit, and I'm seriously thinking of that idea an anon had a few threads ago, paint our tank in her blood.

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>Hunt actively- if they're moving so should you.
>Can the Council's Pz38 track them for you?

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>be calm

Profanity doesn't mean you're not calm. Tell her to unfuck her attitude and act like she's in a Senshado match, not taking Suzie Rottencrotch up to Cuntchew Point. Let her know to stop twiddling her bean and find that Comet!

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She gonna tell us to calm our tits, 'twas only a training match.

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most profanity comes from uncontrollable rage and not having anything better to say.

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she can't say anything if we stuff her between our roadwheels and tear her apart limb fro mlimb

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Given how she and momo are going to be screaming about how we can't lose later, I don't think she'll be getting away with that.

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"Since she lacks sound mind and judgement, I am assuming sole command of this battle in light of the Presidents dangerous insanity."

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And she ignored the training part. She didn't even try to play along which is the point of the training match.

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Considering how bugfuck terrified everyone was of whatever the 'Anglerfish Dance' is, I'd say it might be a bit more than that.

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I sort of want to see where this goes...

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>I am assuming sole command of this battle
fuck taking command, we are evicting her from the Senshado team, we should tell her as much over an open freq, and tell her to get the fuck out of that tank, because it is no longer hers

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I would like to see a response to this from BlackJack.

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But Anzu has no control over the battle or command.
Miho has overall command, with us as second.

>> No.25411359

If we win we make them do the dance and record it for two reasons: Yuzu and to remind Anzu of the shame whenever she opens her mouth.

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and yet at every turn she is the one solely responsible for fucking everything up

>> No.25411373


Nah, put Miho in charge, the other crews are more likely to listen to her for being A: famous in the Tank Combat circles and B: Japanese.

"Ignoring Command, they appear to be the victim of some kind of enemy nerve gas!"

>> No.25411381


Or at the very least, the volleyball team deserves a much better tank.

>> No.25411388

We might get away with just a slap on the wrist for murder if we orchestrate it well enough. Accidents can happen when highschoolers handle military ordinance.

>> No.25411398

In this case it's coming from us wanting to shock her into action.

This is stupid.

>> No.25411417

Yeah, but not through giving battle commands or anything related to actual command.

>> No.25411424

Automotive team has it covered.

>> No.25411427

I find it odd that BlackJack would continue to antagonize everyone with Anzu's antics, all it does is make everyone mad and angry and derail and ruin threads, which would be against his interests as the quest runner, does he not realise that everyone enjoys everything immensely more if you don't keep shitting on every single parade with this terrible excuse of character development?

>> No.25411437


"Ma'am, are you high?"

"Rose, aim our turret at the 38t."

"Rich, we are all fucked. The Council's DRUNK AGAIN!"

>> No.25411445

Calm, cold, measured fury is a lot scarier than angry yelling.

We walk up to her after this match, win or lose, and give her the coldest chewing-out she's ever had in her life.

>> No.25411448

you forgot how she fucked up our ambush and actually ordered everyone to fire on Miho...

>> No.25411457

We don't need profanity.
We DI this shit.
Utterly even tone, no profanity, just knife hands.

>> No.25411458

What? That was Momo getting overenthusiastic.

>> No.25411459

That was Momo.

Anzu is actually a good shot.

>> No.25411461

That wasn't Anzu, that was Momo, their gunner.

>> No.25411463


Fish, because he fucking wants it.




Logo pls

>> No.25411474


"They didn't say anything about idiots running the show!"

>> No.25411478

I'm extremely close to just dropping the thread cause I'm sick of seeing huge swathes of posts mad at Anzu. BlackJack is not helping this matter,

>> No.25411479


Like any good GM, BlackJack loves to troll.

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>> No.25411481

Momo being the gunner means that she is Anzu's responsibility, thus, it is Anzu's fault

>> No.25411484

Guys, let's just win this battle.

Later we can teach her what happens when a 3 foot Asian chick angers the mighty gaijin penis. Much as Anzu needs her head in the game, we need to keep ours there.

>> No.25411490

But we can't knife-hands hard enough for her to hear through the radio.

>> No.25411504

God, and the Anzu bloodletting crew is back in full force.

I know it's all troll posts, but can we not give in to rage and just get on with the match? Anzu will have her cake and eat it too later, but right now we have a match to win.

>> No.25411508

Then we aren't angry enough.

>> No.25411509

No it's not. Momo is just like that.

>> No.25411510

Maybe Momo should be commander and Anzu the gunner.

>> No.25411520

I think you mean "second coming of" and all offense intended, BlackJack cannot hold a single candle to Planefag, and is a worse writer and QR in every way, in fact, you insult Planefag by mentioning his name in the same sentence.

>> No.25411525

I think keeping it cool has more votes right now, so no worriest there.

>> No.25411532

Same, its like BlackJack is deliberately trying to lose players, it makes no sense as to why he keeps doing it.

>> No.25411534

That's why we wait, and knife-hands her AFTER.
Get the whole crew in on it.

>> No.25411546

Yep, and they didn't know she panics.
In future, if Momo is still Anzu's gunner, it's her fault for being a bad commander

>> No.25411553

Momo is a shit head who can only be trusted with loading the gun.

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Panel 3, what did you do? Shit in the coffee? Accidentally buttfuck his mother and never call her? Claim you were in the Army? They don't pull out that much knife hand for anything.

You're obviously not knife handing hard enough.

>> No.25411578

that's not me, bro. I'm the one who suggested making them do the anglerfish dance and recording it.

That and I know he's trying to do what Planefag does, except you know not a fine master of toeing the line between amusing your readers and pissing them off.

Well not many writers could really hope to compare with Planefag here. Only way for Planefag to get better is to learn how to plan.

>> No.25411586

God damn.

We're... we're going to hook up with Anzu, aren't we?

The term hatefuck will be inadequate.

>> No.25411591

None of the above- just pop your white flag, and drive back to the carrier and get ready for America.

>> No.25411602

>Shit in the coffee? Accidentally buttfuck his mother and never call her? Claim you were in the Army?
Be Anzu.

>> No.25411606


>> No.25411607


We will fucking knifehands after the match.





In all seriousness, though, can we hit on Darjeeling after the match?

>> No.25411608

>line between amusing your readers and pissing them off.
To BlackJack there is no line, there is merely the words "PISS OFF YOUR PLAYERS" written on the ground.

>> No.25411610

You close the mic for a second and take a deep breath. "Alright, Anzu, I need you and your tank to go to the corner of..." Patrick shows you a position on the map. "Shizu and 9th. You are then going to start looking around for an enemy tank and you are going to tell us where it is and then we are going to kill it." You take another breath, your hand shaking with anger. "Do you understand?"

"Yep." Anzu says. "We're on our way."

"Fantastic." You say through gritted teeth.

"Contact!" Richard shouts. "Dead ahead, hundred yards!" A moment later a round bounces off the front corner armor of the Pershing- a very lucky miss.

You make it up to your commander's scope just in time to see the Comet hiding behind a corner. "Firing." Rose says calmly.

The round obliterates the corner, but it was a snap shot, missing the Comet. "Which one is it?" You call.

"Can't tell- didn't see the rear." Richard calls.

The Comet refines it's aim. "Richard, reverse left!" Richard slams the gear into reverse before turning the tank slightly just as the Comet fires- Black Jack shakes with the impact as the round bounces of the front armor and into the window of the house next to you.

Then things start going spectacularly wrong. Patrick cuts in. "Erwin just called in- the Comet got around and took them out- I-Go's out too- threw a track trying to take a turn."

>Pull back and head for the Alamo, you need a defensive position!
>Keep engaging the Comet- if you can take one out the other will be a piece of cake!

>> No.25411611

If murder-rape counts as a hatefuck, sure.

>> No.25411635


>> No.25411637

That would kill the quest as not even the more moderate people would stand for it. I sure as hell wouldn't.

>> No.25411647

and yet it wouldn't stop BJ from railroading us into it

>> No.25411657

We're gonna fill her up like no man ever has or will. We're gonna ream her ass so hard that her sphincter is left a gaping mess Momo could load shells into. We will buttfuck her so hard we penetrate her womb and ejaculate directly into her ovaries. We will rend her anus so incredibly they will need to invent a level beyond ahegao. We will go full thermonuclear war on her anal passage. We will fuck her up.

>> No.25411666

>Pull back and head for the Alamo, you need a defensive position!
We are going to get flanked if we don't there right about now.

>> No.25411672

>Keep engaging the Comet- if you can take one out the other will be a piece of cake!
If we try to retreat, we'll get hit in the rear by the two Comets.

>> No.25411678

>Keep engaging the Comet- if you can take one out the other will be a piece of cake!

Pulling back when both of the Comets are onto us is just asking to get shot at.

>> No.25411681

Why the fuck do we even bother trying to plan things out and work with the team if BJ just railroads Anzu into fucking everything up?

I am getting so tired of this.

>> No.25411683


Oh for fuck's sake.

I may not be Anzu's biggest fan, but this is really starting to go stupid.

>> No.25411694

>Railroading an NPC

>> No.25411698


Probably, yes.


"I've never wished this thing had a turret so much before!"

Leg it for Anzu's position, but get one more shot off at the Comet if we can. Try to knock them out, but let's not leave our six open for when the other Comet shows up.

>> No.25411700

Pull back

>> No.25411710

>I may not be Anzu's biggest fan, but this is really starting to go stupid.
I didn't finish.

We will also make her repaint the tank. Because that is what hate waifus do, pimp your ride.

>> No.25411712


Hmm, guys. Blackjack follows the anime closely, and this is as close to character as he'll get.

I mean, Anzu in the goddamn anime, what does she do, except being an airhead who gets her two toadies to do the work, and bullies whoever can do anything her ytwo toadies can't into doing it, all without ever giving a single fuck!

Oh, yeah, she's a great cook... Right!

>> No.25411717

>Pull back and head for the Alamo, you need a defensive position!
This seems more than a little forced.

>> No.25411731

>Blackjack follows the anime closely
and herein lies the problem

>> No.25411744

>Blackjack made a dakimakura out of the anime and it is wrapped around his dick right now


>> No.25411745

Yeah, why should we have to deal with the actual problems that would be faced by a character in our situation? Everything should go according to plan and we should have anything we want without effort.

>> No.25411750

>Decide to phone up team useless instead of chasing it down/finding a spot to blast it

No anon, no it doesn't.

>> No.25411763

>this is really starting to go stupid.

The particiapants' hateboner for Anzu has been fucking creepy for more than half the thread.

>> No.25411764

>Pull back and head for the Alamo, you need a defensive position!

>> No.25411769


Pull back.


>> No.25411782

except we've dealt with this situation before, several times, and she still won't get her shit together

>> No.25411784

>>Pull back and head for the Alamo, you need a defensive position!

>> No.25411790

BlackJack is not really helping by encouraging it and actively seeking it out with his writing.

>> No.25411794

Did we use profanity or knife-hands? I don't think so.

>> No.25411803

>>Pull back and head for the Alamo, you need a defensive position!
Without having an actual map or very descriptive knowledge of our surroundings and the movements of these Comets, the moment we try something, its death by railroad

>> No.25411806

Some stories have done that, basically railroaded a waifu. Not to say it ever goes well when it's found out.

This times 10. I've seen a story utterly wrecked because its writer did nothing but encourage the shit, sure it might be fun but sooner or later it will become too much.

>> No.25411838

But he doesn't.

I mean, he missed out on one of Anzu's best lines about Miho leaving the school. Rather than the play on words Anzu uses in the anime, he just states she'll expel them.

That's not even getting into the background materials.

>> No.25411840


Alright, you fuckers. We get off the horn. We keep cool. And we win.

And we let this pass. Out-Brit the Brit(aboo)s. We do nothing. We will let Anzu stew.

>> No.25411853

>sooner or later it will become too much.
its getting damn fucking close, and its not helped by the fact that we would have more impact as a character if we did not participate al all

>> No.25411908

here, disregard that.


Make good points - Blackjack can't outrun two Comets. Kill the one we've got in front of us but watch our six.

>> No.25411930

You know what I want? I want us to actually quit, join an opposing school (Saunders would be a close fit, but at this point I'd settle for anyoen else) and then play an alternate GuP where we demolish Ooarai, and recruit Miho and Co. for the new school.

>> No.25411932


If we're gonna go knife-hands, would it be a good idea to just go whole hog and get the Smokey Bear hat and start getting that croaking frog voice, too?

>> No.25411934

I was referring to the writer as it's like fire: watching it burn things is fun until the thing's that burning is You!

>> No.25411962


Man, wouldn't that be a slap in Anzu's face.

Also, Kay.

>> No.25411975

I'd rather we beat Miho and Co actually.

I'm still mad at the magic teleporting tank antics.

>> No.25411986

You called?

>> No.25411989


>> No.25411996

You say that like we're doing anything but strapping down and enjoying the ride. The only time we can actually make decisions is when tank battles are happening, and /tg/ is terrible at those. But you know what? I'm content riding this choo choo train of Anzu antics and American stereotypes.

>> No.25412008

>I'm still mad at the magic teleporting tank antics.

We had turned away and were having to force our way through forest. This left them a lovely corridor to follow us up through.

I'm fine with giving BlackJack shit for this stuff with Anzu but really them getting behind us made reasonable sense.

>> No.25412017

It's >>25411930 here; I'm actually more of a Maho guy, actually. Hell, now that I think of it, between the pretty chicks, proper tank respect (not to mention proper tanks) and discipline, it'd be a much better fit.

Hell, why not go full-on AU and have us join the Finns or Aussies?

>> No.25412025

This quest is at its best thus far when A) Yukari or Miho is involved and B) when Anzu is not.

>> No.25412030

Koala Academy.
Matilda Hedgehogs and AC4 Sentinels with 17 pdrs all day erry day.

>> No.25412040


But who would take us in if Saunders passes? Al the other schools keep to strict country themes with their tank teams. I mean, how outta place would a Pershing look in a formation with T-34's and KV-2's, or riding alongside an Elefant?

>> No.25412044


I'd love to see what sort of bizzare battlefield antics the Finn's pull with their out of date or second hand tanks.

>> No.25412047

>Choo choo train

Good word choice. We can never leave the track.

>> No.25412049


I'll be honest, I'll be happy to join up with either Black Forest or Saunders, not only do we get our revenge on Anzu (and finally get that fucking paintjob) but the way we'll rip canon a new one will be hilarious.

>> No.25412064


We should join the Italian team and get free spaghetti. And Anchovy.

>> No.25412067


Now that's what I'm talking about baby.

>> No.25412071


Completely out of place, so? It's a sport, not a real war, and few would hesitate to add a heavy hitter to their team.

>> No.25412087

I would be totaly for this plan, the only problem being that BJ would railroad it out of existence

>> No.25412090


Holy shit I fail I posting forever.

I meant >>25411986

>> No.25412098


We'd be the heaviest tank on their team, bar none. Their second heaviest tank is in the same weight class as the Sherman, but the Italians classed it as a heavy tank.

>> No.25412105

I suppose it doesn't help that half (or more) of the readers care little for GuP at all, being mainly /k/ or WoT nuts. And unlike Planefag, what's before us leans more to /a/ or the canon than a nice mix that SWQ was. Though at the same time it's opposite things like SW89 which lean the other way.

>> No.25412117

"Rose, one more shot." You say. "Make it count!"

"Roger." She says- you can feel the turret twitching as she finds the target.

"Up!" Roy shouts.

"Firing." The T54 thunders as the shot arcs out and plunges into the building next to the Comet.

"I told you to-"

"I didn't miss..." She says before you finish- With a crack the Brick facade and then the rest of the building collapses onto the Comet in a cloud of dust. "Alamo. Let's go before he gets clear of the wreckage." Rose scares the shit out of you sometimes.

You stare down at her. "Richard, let's go." You say as the tank turns around and starts heading down a side-street towards the Alamo. You're up out of the turret the entire trip, watching every side street as you pass. It's a short trip and as you pull into the square you find yourself very lonely.

"See Anzu or Miho?" Richard comments.

"Nothing..." You aren't surprised on either account. "Time to earn our plane tickets, then." You say with resolve you wish you actually felt. The area is basically sort of square loop-the-loop, where the central road turns and makes a detour along a series of storefronts before resuming it's previous course. In the middle is a large, elevated grassy hill that was just tall enough to hide behind.

>Get up against a building along the outside- we can guess which entrance they'll use.
>Hull down behind the central square and attempt to cover both entrances.

>> No.25412118

Jesus Christ, you guys are all a bunch of entitled babies. Can I point out that BlackJack does this FOR FREE? He's entertaining you out of the goodness of his heart, and you're all bitching about it? You read the threads, don't you? You get to vote, don't you? If you don't like it, why don't you guys get the fuck out?

>> No.25412120


Under Sensahdo rules, they could technically field that one AC3 that had two 25 pdrs in the turret.


>> No.25412131


The italians are terribad, fucking fucking terribad, when it comes to military! They'll fight to death and beyond if you try to invade them, but for the rest they simply don't give a single fuck and want to stay at home.

And it's an Italian who loves his country saying this!

>> No.25412156


Well the Italian Navy was actually ok.

Wasn't their fault that they were screwed by Wunderwaffe they didn't even know exist.

>> No.25412161

>Hull down behind the central square and attempt to cover both entrances.
Wait, what's behind us in this hull-down position?

>> No.25412189


Can we get between some buildings *without* exposing our rear?

>> No.25412191

>Hull down behind the central square and attempt to cover both entrances
Could be either. Flip of a coin tells me to choose this one.

>> No.25412193

Thus tg accepted they should not complain about bad DMs... oh wait no they didn’t.

>> No.25412196


Actually in the manga Anzio were p. good.

They used massed fire tactics and sacrificed their scouts to trick Miho into getting into the massed fire.

>> No.25412205

>Hull down behind the central square and attempt to cover both entrances.
Time to hold the line, lads.

>> No.25412216


A small clothing store, an internet cafe and a charming little Italian-style bistro.

>> No.25412217

Why don't you start your own quest if you're so fucking good? Oh wait, you can't because you're a piece of shit troll. Get the fuck out.

>> No.25412220

>Hull down behind the central square and attempt to cover both entrances.
Also did we see a white flag on that Comet?

>> No.25412236

>Hull down behind the central square and attempt to cover both entrances.
Split the difference. We're fucked if they outflank us while we cover only a single entrance.

Well, there weren't any Japs at the Alamo when Santa Anna came in, why should there be any when the britaboos are on our asses?

>> No.25412242

>Italian-style bistro

Now I know you're trolling us.

>> No.25412249


>Italians are fucking terribad
>Most Italian tank crews gave absolutely no fucks and were actual badasses on par with Pavlov, Simo Hayha, Audie Murphy and Wittman.

I will fucking end your anus.

>> No.25412250

If you can call "Radar" and "Aircraft Carriers" Wunderwaffe, then yes.

But they knew those existed. Their Chief of the navy, Domenico Cavagnari, intensely distrusted both of these things and consistently dismissed them and refused to implement them.

Crews were good, the Ships they did have were excellent, their leadership and procedures were shit.

>> No.25412255

No, we just slowed it down.
Miho get over here already

>> No.25412261

get up against a building

>> No.25412276

>Good crews, incompetent commanders
Pretty much standard Italian fare

>> No.25412284

Speaking of planefag...

Has he done any SWQ after the B-17 turned guided bomb and subsequent No'op thread back in January?

>> No.25412288


But on average the Italians demonstrated themselves to be highly mercurial in terms of skill and morale.

>> No.25412292

On Hiatus until summer.

>> No.25412296

It's your own fault if you can't agree with Blackjack's assessments of the situtation. They're perfectly reasonable ones and on top of that its also your own fault for not reading the situation correctly.
Blackjack only works with what he gets and if all you're flinging is crap at him how can you expect Michelangelo's David?

Our hull is our major weakness, theres at least a Comet and a Churchill BP unaccounted for. I wouldn't put my money on Darjeeling entering fom only one direction.

>> No.25412303


Was talking more about the German Fritz X.

Didn't have a huge number of successes, but when they did damage they did damage.

>> No.25412306

Aside from all the butthurt in the thread, I'm actually enjoying this. Sure it follows the anime a bit, but the ride's been enjoyable for me regardless. I've gotten to learn about tanks, get mad at characters and enjoy others, and best of all we get to fuck around in tanks.

This is our first match, guys. It isn't surprising that Anzu's fucked it up again, she's done it before. Be mad, but save it for after the match. Some of the last remaining level headed people got knocked out and all that's left at present is us. There's a lot left to cover and who knows where it'll go. If you don't like it, leave. You will be replaced. This is an active forum.
The world will keep turning.

So what do we do? Can we at least try to put up a fight, if not win it entirely?

>> Hull down behind the central square.

He said there are two entrances, so there should be something behind us.

>> No.25412310


But it is summer....I hope he doesn't forget.

That and the Jurassic Park Quest were my two favorites

This and Bioweapon round out the top 4

>> No.25412326

That happened *after* they'd already lost the war and switched sides, though.

Sure, it killed a battleship, but i'm not sure exactly how that's relevant.

>> No.25412327

But Blackjack we are not carrier

>> No.25412334

>But it is summer

Not in my part of the world.

>> No.25412349


Yes, Pasucci died like a real here. Now come tell me that Graziani was a good tactician and general, or that the invasion of Greece succeeded, or that we didn't need to go cry to the Germans for help in North-Africa.

I know Rommel had a statue made for the Bersaglieri to honor their fighting spirit, but it doesn't change the fact that Italy failed about everywhere they fought when not fighting in Italy itself.

>> No.25412403

>Italian-style bistro



(Actually don't, because Rich and Saori are a nice couple.)

>> No.25412427


Look, I can fucking go on all day about how Italian High Command was so incompetent they couldn't plan their fuckign way out of a paper bag.

Here's the thing. You guys could actually royally fuck up a fucking bloody coup/revolution. That is the epitome of incompetence.




>> No.25412454

It doesn't take long for the twin Comets to show. You hear them first and realise they're very carefully orchestrating this next move- "Both sides- they're gonna come at both sides at the same time." This was definately not good- no matter which side you aimed at, it would leave an open shot at the side of your turret for the other.

You hit the over-ride, choosing to cover the right side- there wasn't exactly a correct choice at this point. "Be ready to load AP, Roy. We're going to need a second shot fast." Your heart thunders and you finally notice how hot it is in the turret. You blink sweat out of your eyes.

"Alright sighted-" Rose mutters. "Come to mama."

When the attack comes, it's sudden- You hear the Comet's engines rev as they come thundering up the street. The one you were pointing at appears first, still covered in dust and debris, by a few seconds, stopping just past the corner to take it's shot- too fast though and the round digs into the grassy mound.


"Firing." The round hits the Comet below the turret and it immediately throws up a flag.

"Turret left!" You yell, Rose is already rotating it, but the Comet's already there- the scarred Comet from early. They take their time- they've got the shot. It's over.

But then, from an alleyway that you and Miho had dismissed as too small to fit a proper tank through, a golden ray of hope launches itself between you and the Comet- It's gun fires once, missing the British cruiser completely, but the gunner can't control herself, dropping her aim and immediately dispatching the Pz-38(t).


>> No.25412473

Why the fuck are we not loading HVAP?

>> No.25412479


Hull down, angle up and let's try to cover both entrances.

Also raise Miho and Noriko on the comms. We need intel.

>> No.25412482


You had ONE job, Momo.

And you did it perfectly, nice distraction.

>> No.25412484


...Wait, was Anzu actually fucking useful?

Hey, looks like BJ was listening to us the whole time after all.

>> No.25412485


>> No.25412489

Well shit. Not exactly much else we can do.

>> No.25412496


British Cruisers don't exactly warrant HVAP.

>> No.25412502

So which tank did rose kill in the previous post?

>> No.25412507


Too much of a risk of penetrating into the crew compartment, so they're banned in Senshadou. The normal AP rounds are programmed to still count as killshots if they make what would otherwise be a penetrating hit.

>> No.25412511

Don't tell me you didn't expect this?
Have you watched the anime?

>> No.25412512

if he was, the shot that hit the 38(t) would have splattered her brains in its rear, but I doubt it because he is so in love with his shit stirring waifu

>> No.25412515


She didn't, just damaged it.

>> No.25412522


She didn't kill it, she buried it under rubble in order to buy time.

>> No.25412530

Well, this was almost exactly what she did in the series, so YMMV.

Comets were on the tougher end of the scale for Cruisers.

No kill, just incapacitated temporarily due to having a building as a hat.

>> No.25412531

right now, everyfuckingthing warrants HVAP, and I don't want us to lose because we only loaded AP

oh hey, ammo is another way BJ can railroad us, woo

>> No.25412534


None of them, she just slowed down one of the Comets to give us a chance to escape.

>> No.25412538


After all the shenanigans so far, no I didn't.

>> No.25412548


Concentrated hate warrants HVAP.

>> No.25412558

no they are not, we have a load of HVAP sitting in the ammo bustle right now, and we have used them in the past

in Senshado, rounds do not actually penetrate anything, they use handwaivium to determine whether it would have penetrated or not, thus, everyone is safe, so fuck them up with HVAP

>> No.25412560

See >>>>25412507

>> No.25412571

See >>25412558

>> No.25412572 [DELETED] 




>> No.25412580

Yeah. She's AB, and sometimes the rational sensible Japanese blood overcomes her filthy subhuman chink B type swill

>> No.25412583

Ah, well never mind then.

>> No.25412584




>> No.25412588


>> No.25412605


What the fuck just happened?

>> No.25412620






>> No.25412624

I think we do have HVAPs on hand.
Also, they are not dangerous, they're the same shells as all the others, just the microchip tells the damage calculation computer that this shell was supposed to penetrate this and that much.

We aren't going to use HVAP on targets that have no armor at any angle that can resist a normal AP. We're saving for the BP.

>> No.25412625

Someone was cuntmongering apparently. We don't take kindly to cuntmongering around these parts.

>> No.25412628

soem retard made a fool of himself and delted his post, but those with the 4chan Xtension can still see it, so we very much see what he did thar

>> No.25412634

Anon raged, but was kinda proven wrong when he and another anon posted at the same time.
Shamedeleted his post that was very rage-y.

>> No.25412651

The Comet has a smaller round at a higher velocity- you do the math- Roy's the best loader you know, but the T54 fires a round that's nearly fifty pounds out of the rack. Even with the distraction Anzu had provided they'd have a shot long before Black Jack would be loaded again.

You swear under your breath- you were so close. And then something taps the Comet from behind and it's flag goes up.

You blink in confusion as the Panzer IV carefully rolls into view.

"Miho's on the horn, patch her through?" Patrick says.

"Yeah." You say, still trying to figure out what you'd done in this life or the previous one to get lucky like this.

"Glad we weren't late for the party!" Miho says cheerfully.

You're about to reply when the rear half of her Panzer IV explodes.

>> No.25412656

AP, HVAP for the Black Prince.

>> No.25412673





>> No.25412678


I never expected to win anyway.

>> No.25412680

One on one. This is where we shine.

>> No.25412683

Rest in peace, PTSD-chan.

>> No.25412684

neither did I, all aboard the train


>> No.25412689






>> No.25412708

Next time on Girls und Panzer Quest!

>Here comes the Elegant Boss! Let's get it on!
>Black Jack goes green.
>So that's what the Anglerfish Dance is?

Girls und Panzer Quest will return Sunday between 5-6PM PST.

Follow me on Twitter for schedule updates and to know when the quest goes live!


>> No.25412712


Aw fuck, we sure picked a bad moment to load vanilla AP.

>> No.25412713


>> No.25412720


Also, checking the Comet's armour and the Short 75's pen tables, this gets a realism pass since it is capable of penetrating the rear armour.

>> No.25412723

We are now where we are most experienced: 1v1 tank duels. Let's do this.

>> No.25412724

They are still reloading. Line up the perfect shot.

>> No.25412730


See ya next Monday, Jackie Boy.

>> No.25412737

>So that's what the Anglerfish Dance is?
This better be want we're forcing Anzu to do.

Or Dajeeling.

>> No.25412753

Goodnight, Blackjack.

>> No.25412782

Welp, see you people next Sunday!

>> No.25412794

>>So that's what the Anglerfish Dance is?

>> No.25412798



>> No.25412799

>So that's what the Anglerfish Dance is?
Does this mean defeat inevitable? And the rails truly immutable?

>> No.25412807

What, you only realized this now?

>> No.25412815

Do you ever get tired of posting this? We get it, Railroads-R-Us. Now shut up and filter the damn thread already.

>> No.25412817

We've been on the train tracks since the first thread, and its be fucking obvious and constantly disappointing the whole way through

>> No.25412823



>> No.25412824

It could also mean that they find out what it is after winning the battle.

But it's up to us whether the train continues or we derail it hard.

>> No.25412825

The anglerfish dance has to be performed by somebody. The festival will happen irregardless of if we win or lose. If we lose, our girls have to do it, if we don't some poor girls that we don't know have to perform it.

>> No.25412829


Still doing the whole
>>Here comes the Elegant Boss! Let's get it on!
>>Black Jack goes green.
>>So that's what the Anglerfish Dance is?

Have you learned nothing?

>> No.25412835

A part of me always knew. A part of me doesn't care. But mostly yes, I am just realizing this now.

>> No.25412838


>> No.25412842



Learn lessons? Obviously you have me confused with some other BlackJack.

>> No.25412855

Goddamit, people, are you still complaining after over a dozen threads that Blackjack follows the anime closely?

Roll with it or get the fuck out and start your own quest, but stop shitposting this one!

>> No.25412959

I like how there is nothing we can do to change the outcome of the future

Last thread:
>Next time on Girls und Panzer Quest...
>Urban combat isn't so fun.
>Glorianna did not bring five tanks to this battle
>We hold out for a hero.(...ine)


>We hold out for a hero.(...ine)

>> No.25413020


... Oh.

>> No.25413308


Never change BlackJack.

Seriously though, I don't give a single fuck towards the naysayers and am really enjoying this quest.

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