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So in Warhammer RPGs how stupidly badass does a Techpriest get once they start getting insane amounts of cybernetics?

Looking at the rule books it looks like they'd get kind of overpowered as the game goes on, especially compared to the squadmates if you're playing Only War.

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Techpriests / tech based characters are the god classes in the 40k systems, alongside Psykers.

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They can get more armored up than a Sentinel if they try, and play heavy weapons guy with a fucking plasma cannon

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What about a.... Tech-Psyker?!

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In one of the book somewhere, we have a techpriest that slices his way through multiple space marines.
Fuck me if I remember where.

Aside from that, their myrmidons walk around with assault cannons.
Because fuck everything, that's why.

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What about melee badass with cybernetic limbs, all those multipurpose Mechandrils, 75 strength servo arm and that Omnisian Power Axe?

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>rape train breaks are long lost technology from the dark age

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I've played one of those. Nothing stood a chance.

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makes sense really think about it , really think about it.

Ad-Mech General thread now!

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I think the idea is that there potential power is to be offset by the cost and rarity of the God tier tech, especially in only war and dh. So, it depends on the gm/group.

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That would be the Acolyte of Abraxas, from the Navis Primer (Rogue Trader).

It's about as broken as you'd imagine.

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So.... why isn't there an Adeptus Mechanicus table top army yet?

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Or Ordo Sicarius Initiate in Dark Hershey

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Because it's being made for the Horus Hershey

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GW already has enough different armies out there.
The Mechs also don't really do a lot of fighting themselves - they let the Imperium deal with that.
The skitarii are mostly around to defend and support explorator fleets. For everything else, there is the Imperial Guard.

When the Mechanicus does assemble for war, things get continent-wrecking FUN.

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Modified Necrons?

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I played a nurgalite Heretek in Black Crusade once.

First mutation I rolled gave me regeneration.

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They can get out of control if the GM's not careful, yeah. He has to keep in mind their drawbacks:

Availability, and social situations.

Availability: just because there's a cybernetic in one of your 20 splatbooks that would make you invincible doesn't mean you have access to it. Rarity checks are just a guideline; the GM is encouraged to make things more specific. For techpriest modifications, especially, you probably can't acquire them or get them installed anywhere but a forgeworld, or a Mechanicus-controlled district on a hiveworld or major space station. This isn't D&D, you don't read the books and make up a "build" and assume you can get everything you need. Getting really good or specific equipment isn't automatic; you work with what you can get.

Social situations: just because you have lascannons on your shoulders doesn't mean you get to bring them everywhere. Or anywhere. During the investigation portions of the game, you're not going to be allowed to walk around covered in heavy weapons, especially since many portions of the Imperium are suspicious of the Mechanicus. So, a lot of the time a fight is gonna break out while you're investigating a cathedral, and you had to check your multi-melta at the door. There are other social downsides as well, such as the fact that you have 10 fellowship and everyone is terrified of you and won't talk to you.

Availability is the more important of the two. No, you cannot have mining helot augments. I know they give a strength boost, but you are not a mining helot. No, you cannot take the Secutor alternate rank, you have not spent the past 20 years becoming a Secutor, no heavy weapon shoulder mounts for you.

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Indeed - though I prefer AoA for its particular... flair. There's nothing quite like blasting an unsuspecting foe with a blast of force lightning (as in, lightning that counts as a force weapon).

Plus it means you can reap the Glimpse From Beyond Elite Advance package and use it to make the Vindicare Assassin's dodge bs look like a hapless three-legged dog in comparison.

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Doomsday devices?

I suppose I can part with one and still be feared.

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damn someone must be full retard saying the Mechanicus doesn't really do war. you must have had to forget so much to make that statement.

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What do you do if you're dealing with an Explorator (meaning the game is RT, which more or less laughs at the concept of availability)?

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Melta with the Melta special rule.

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Awww yiss. Techpriests.

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In RT, everyone can get anything anyway. Everyone's supposed to be pretty broken.

Oribital Bombardment, anyone?

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RTs shouldn't be going up against threats where personal power scales that way, though. For the same acquisition test a Tech Priest makes to get those awesome cybernetics, you can get a Leman Russ. Stop thinking small when it comes to adversaries.

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Why not? Rogue Trader gear and resources allow you to fight ANYTHING at an equal footing.

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Location is still an issue. Above a certain level of awesome, techpriest-specific stuff has to be bought at forgeworlds, and you have to make nice with them before they'll deal with you.

But if you're willing to make the trip and do the deal, yeah, an Explorator can be sicknasty radical. That's fine in Rogue Trader. You're a walking tank! The archmilitant is driving an ACTUAL tank! The Rogue Trader himself doesn't actually walk anywhere any more, since he got his custom up-armored jewel-encrusted Sentinel with velvet upholstery and added whore compartment.

Your downside in RT is that RT is VERY heavy on the negotiations and social stuff, and techpriests suck at that.

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It depends on what you want to do.
A Leman Russ is useless against space marines and other high end opponents who will never get into its line of fire.
For them, you need some way to kill them in a fight outright, and for that you need awesome cybernetics.

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Ever since I originally saw this picture, I've had the urge to play a loli tech-priest.

Never got the chance to, though.

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>Location is still an issue. Above a certain level of awesome, techpriest-specific stuff has to be bought at forgeworlds, and you have to make nice with them before they'll deal with you.
Aside from very contrived situations, this isn't much of an issue, as your RT will want to make nice with the Mechanicus anyway.
He will also visit forge worlds on a fairly regular basis because that's where all the good bling for his ship can be installed.

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There used to be variant rules for techpriest heavy IG iirc. Techpriests primarily contribute a support role in the Imperial Military, operating and maintaining heavy weaponry and of course manufacturing. Notable exceptions are:

>The Skitarii: Techguard faction that is primarily defensive, protecting AdMech interests everywhere. Think Imperial Guard but with fancier toys and cybernetics

>Auxilia Myrmidon: War Savants. Basically, your walking tank techpriests festooned with weaponry. They serve as agents on dangerous missions or advisors for cracking sieges.

>Secutor: A blanket term for any tech-priest that favors conflict over anything else. The Auxilia Myrmidon as well as other smaller cult sects fall underneath this umbrella. Their primary goal is the prevention of Tech-Heresy.

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Also, though GW likes to try and forget them, the Legio Cybernetica which handles the Imperiums Drone and Robotic weapons. Think modern Predator Drones and ground units, combined with War-Hounds (since machine spirits are patterned on beasts)

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Secutors are in IH, as a replacement rank that is more or less mandatory since it's Rank 4+ and you lose nothing.

There is also the VCG, which tends to set off a number of people.

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01010101 01110010 00100000 01100001 00100000 01100110 01100001 01100111 01100101 01110100

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What about princeps? They're fairly important and answer only to mars

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They're the spotlight in the Horus Heresy. Hell, Castellan Robots are already back.

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>Drone and Robotic
Remind me again how that isn't Abominable Intelligence?

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They mostly get attached to the IG.

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We actually figured that up, doing a little OW conversion. Problem is, the tech-priest ended up reaping the new The Flesh is Weak in the process (why this - or anything Ad Mech - ever got buffed, I will never understand).

Body Location of AP 20 TB 7, (Machine (7), Lathe-Wrought Heavy Power Armor (10), Subskin Armor (2), Bionic Heart (1)), versus a Meltagun's 2d10+10 Pen 12 (halved from 24 due to Lathe Wrought), you're only going to average 6 wounds a blast.

Obviously that's not invincible, but how many enemies can you justify packing meltas? Let alone get close enough to ping the Melta quality. And of course, more importantly, that just means the rest of the characters are gonna die from a lucky tag.

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The Legio Titanicus definitively counts as a 'heavy support' role in my opinion.

Because they have the brains of dogs at best. Abominable Intelligence is true human like AI. Machine Spirits are basically the minds of animals.

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Because you're programming via flowchart, not via reactive neural net. There is difference.

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The Fabricator-General said so.

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> lewd
> translated the binary code says "Ur a faget"

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The lack of any abominable intelligence?

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01010000 01110010 01100101 01110000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01100001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01100100 01100001 01110100 01100001 00100000 01101001 01101110 01101100 01101111 01100001 01100100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01100001 01100011 01100011 01100101 01110011 01110011 00100000 01110000 01101111 01110010 01110100 01110011 00101110 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01101110 01100101 01110110 01100101 01110010 00100000 01100111 01100101 01101110 01110100 01101100 01100101 00101110

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Change "induction port" to "expulsion port" then.

Still lewd.

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You misspelled "banned."

Seriously, you lose nothing, you get significantly more powerful, techpriests are already butch as hell, nope nope nope.

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That looks more like the Thallax than a Castellan.

I admit it's hard to tell, since they both follow the Sadfrog school of design.

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Nah, it's a Castellan...er, sorry. 'Castellax.'

>> No.25398870


Wait, scratch that, you might be right. I see the Sadfrog thrusters on its back now. It's a Thallax.

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Yeah, you can also see the remains of the trooper inside. Skull and organs mostly.

God damn that's an extreme upgrade.

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Prepare to have all of my data inloaded to your access ports. I am never gentle.

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Solution acquired.

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01001111 01101000 00100000 01101101 01111001

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The solution should not be "Ban everyone to garbage" but rather "Bring everyone up to speed."

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MD4: 1f466bda7209532cad81fd3811ced085
MD5: bcf4db8e8867dc6c0a8c3b317b24fa22
CRC 8, ccitt, 16, 32 :

CRYPT (form: $ MD5? $ SALT $ CRYPT):
(form: SALT[2] CRYPT[11]):

SHA1: f31dcab495666f678eb222c583c39eb9b90293e2

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Rolled 6

01010000 01110010 01100101 01110000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01100001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01100100 01100001 01110100 01100001 00100000 01101001 01101110 01101100 01101111 01100001 01100100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01100001 01100011 01100011 01100101 01110011 01110011 00100000 01110000 01101111 01110010 01110100 01110011 00101110 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01101110 01100101 01110110 01100101 01110010 00100000 01100111 01100101 01101110 01110100 01101100 01100101 00101110
01010000 01110010 01100101 01110000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01100001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01100100 01100001 01110100 01100001 00100000 01101001 01101110 01101100 01101111 01100001 01100100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01100001 01100011 01100011 01100101 01110011 01110011 00100000 01110000 01101111 01110010 01110100 01110011 00101110 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01101110 01100101 01110110 01

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Not necessarily. It's far easier and cheaper to just pull what you need from breaker yards or Naval surplus, since it's all stuff they're never going to use anyway. A forge world will have better stuff, true, but you usually have to commission it (usually for incredible expense) and then wait for years to have it built.

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That would be a legit counterargument if techpriests weren't already plenty powerful. "Buff everything" is wrong, "ban everything" is also wrong. You buff what's too weak, you ban what's too powerful. Secutor is too powerful. If you bring everyone else up to that power level, then EVERYONE is too powerful, and normal enemies aren't a threat or challenge any more. If that's the power level you want to play at, go Deathwatch.

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Good luck disarming an Explorator with a Baleful Eye, with servoarm, medical and utility Mechadendrite grafted to his body, and possibly a pistol hidden inside his bionic arm.

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Addendum: not necessarily a hard ban. Overpowered stuff should not be generally available, but it's fine for the GM to give out as a special reward. If one pistol is better than every other pistol, and anyone can get one, why use anything else? If one pistol is better than every other pistol, but there are only 3 in existence and you have to defeat a famous Dark Eldar pirate lord and take his, then that's fun. Special treasure, not shopping list. Bonus, not planned build.

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>Techpriests breaking DH/RT.
>Move up to DW to fix it.
O hai.

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If the 6e IG update brings an AdMech supplement, GW will finally own my wallet.

>> No.25399205


But since Forge World is doing it already, they won't. They will not cannibalize sales. That's why you'll never get a plastic thunderhawk either.

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Oh god, Tech-Marines...

>> No.25399370


That's perfectly fine, I'm not saying people should be disarmed entirely. I'm saying people often can't openly tote heavy weapons.

Here's a pretty standard example: you're going to a noble's estate to ask him some questions. Your cover is, let's say, Adeptus Arbites. You arrive at the gate. How are you armed?

Sword on your belt: perfectly fine, gentlemen may wear swords.
Pistol on your belt: similar.
Melta-pistol on your belt: impressive display of wealth, if somewhat bellicose.
Four pistols on your belt, of various kinds: good Emperor, sir, this is not some pub full of violent ruffians. You do us insult.
Bodyguard with Basic (which is to say, rifle-sized) weapon: probably acceptable.
Bodyguard with meltagun: did you come here to TALK, sir, or to level the building?
Heavy weapons: you are openly hostile and will be treated as such.
Techpriest with bale eye and small ballistic mechadendrite: perfectly acceptable
Techpriest with plasma cannons on each shoulder: the guards delay you as long as possible while the noble escapes.

Appearance matters, etiquette matters. Being rude and waving huge guns around makes things much harder in the long run, because people will think you're a violent asshole, and will try to cheat you or avoid you.

>> No.25399584

>Appearance matters, etiquette matters. Being rude and waving huge guns around makes things much harder in the long run, because people will think you're a violent asshole, and will try to cheat you or avoid you.

Playing an overarmed techpriest who just plain doesn't get this sounds like the best thing ever.

>sir, you can't walk in here with dual autocannons on your shoulders.
>Oh, is that so? Well, how about I prohibit you from entering mechanicus temples with your arms attached?
>It's the same fucking thing, now get out of my way.

>> No.25399602

Best justification of paperbag charisma ever.

>> No.25399691


>Sir, I DON'T enter Mechanicus temples. They are weird and scary. Much like you. Please go back there.

I agree, though, it would be a lot of fun. The party face would hate you so much. He's trying to charm information out of a contact, and the contact is just staring fixedly at the half-dozen horrible weapons you have locked on him. You're not even looking at him, you're poking at the fuse box on the wall, but whenever he moves all your weapons move to track him.

>> No.25399726

And thats when the party face decides to specialise in intimidate

>> No.25399815

>Listen up you third rated door stopper. I was invited by the govern himself. Now let me the fuck in before I make the door hate you to death.

>> No.25399877

>You're not even looking at him, you're poking at the fuse box on the wall, but whenever he moves all your weapons move to track him.

"Psst. Hey, your auto-trackers are doing it again."

"Oh, sorry. It's... Y'know, automatic."

"Well set them to manual again, having them follow people around the room is setting everyone on edge."

>All weapons turn and lock onto him.

"The fuck?!"

"Relax, it's just because I set them to manual. I'm paying attention to you right now, where do you expect them to point?"

"....... C-can you go back to looking at the fuse box now?"

*mumbles in binary* "Flesh-bags. Getting twitchy because of auto-sensors. Pft."

>> No.25399883


I know, right? But intimidate's a funny thing. Some people crack and give you everything, some people lie to get away from you, and some people get insulted that you think you can scare them.

It's the last resort, the blunt instrument of the social skills. You can charm and bluff, and try intimidating when those fail, but once you've gone for the intimidate you can't go back; you've established yourself as hostile, and people start looking for ways to get away from you or destroy you.

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I so wanna do an all Tech-Priest party now.
Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Only War..
Probably Rogue Trader for shenanigans.

>> No.25399969

Hell with Rogue Trader you can take a Servitor Crew on a Mechanicus Explorer ship, go completely Mechanicus

>> No.25400018

In my 40k rpg sessions no one ever wants to be a tech-priest.

And for some reason a player has a fascination for missionary/cleric/SoB characters using flamers and oiling herself up before putting her armor.

>> No.25400028

>All techpriest crew on a full mechanicus ship, exploring the galaxy doing mechanicus shit.
>Pic related

>> No.25400037


Has the added bonus of Servitor Crews being for the most part superior to inferior flesh and blood. Crew Rating hit is a bit of a downer, but you can always make up for that.

>> No.25400055

Oiled up sisters of battle blasting heretics with cleansing fire is clearly your player's fetish.
This hardly even qualifies as a fetish, because dayum

>> No.25400061

Plus you can over ever replenish it at a forge world, IIRC. Taking the Reclamation Facility will be pretty much obligatory.

>> No.25400062

Benefits of a fully Mechanicus crew would be better servitors, or at least being able to have onboard Skitarii for any boarding needs

>> No.25400064


That or find a way to sexually arouse Machine Spirits with their oversize omnitool

>> No.25400075

It's not the size of your tool, it's the way you show it off.

>> No.25400081

I can think of horrible ways to abuse the Reclaimation Facilty, just stock up on crew from prisons. Its not like anyone gives a shit about them

>> No.25400090

I always thought it was the turn of the screw, not the size of the tool

>> No.25400095

That and different kind of chain weapons.

>> No.25400115

>missionary/cleric/SoB characters using flamers and oiling herself up before putting her armor

> wanting to play oiled up woman instead of a robotman

I think he might be gay.

>> No.25400117


The bigger problem is the fact that any Command tests by an all-Mechanicus crew would be... wanting, to certainly say the least. Circumstantial bonuses can only offset a big Command imba so much.

I think there's some Mechanicus background and/or alternate ranks that allows you to replace some or all of your Fel skills with Int? Escapes me at the moment.

>> No.25400126

Wait I do not recall seeing any kind of Mechanicus Ships in Rogue Trader. Mind pointing me out the way where I should look into?

>> No.25400138

I think there's one in Into the Storm, and like three in Battlefleet Koronus, IIRC

>> No.25400142


Just build your own. There are definitely hulls used by the Explorator fleets in the RT books.

>> No.25400148


Two Combat Hulls in ITS, and one Factory Hull in BFK

>> No.25400149

What made you think she was a he? I'm not trying to be rude but what made you think it was a man?

>> No.25400173

Not him, but maybe because straight males are far more common in society than lesbians.

>> No.25400218

The Factors of the Lathes? They're from the Lathe Worlds book in Dark Heresy, and their entire gig is being the socially acceptable face of the Mechanicus. There's a similar dude in Titanicus who is literally designed to look as human as possible to facilitate communication between the Mechanicus and the rest of the Imperium
You could easily refluff the Seneschal if you didn't want to deal with DH characters upgraded to RT, and the rest of the classes could be easily converted

>> No.25400223

There is a mechanicus research cruiser in hostile acquisitions.

>> No.25400238

It was a sarcastic comment anyway.

>> No.25400260

>This, in my only war group the techpriest can only get implants from salvaging or REALLY impressing higher ups. And even then it's randomly rolled for to see what she gets. Keeps her in line with the rest of the squad powerwise.

>> No.25400261

I've done this in a RT campaign. A few actually, good idea is worth reusing.

>In orbit of imperial world.
>Contact local Judge Dredd.
>Offer to buy a few thousand convicts for small change.
>He thinks 'why the fuck not? They gonna be executed anyway.'
>Bam, endless supply of cannon fodder.

With a combination of lobotomization and hypno-conditioning, most of them were just turned into obedient Red Shirts.
It cut down on the spare parts needed for servitorizing.

>> No.25400272


Well, there's a houserule.

See, there's something fantastic in the rules for Orks: they only have one social skill, Intimidate, Strength-based. Among themselves, Orks use Intimidate as charm, bluff, command, everything. The biggest is the boss.

In that vein, in our game the Admech just use Logic. No charm, no intimidate, no stirring inspirational speeches, we've all had the emotional halves of our brains replaced with shiny circuits. Want to convince a cogboy of something? Explain it to him Logically. In command of a team of techpriests and want them to work efficiently? Assign them Logical orders.

In a ship scenario like you're discussing, that might be a bit overpowered, so I'd frequently replace command tests with Lore tests. Ordering your servitors into combat formation to repel boarders? That's a Common Lore: War or Tactics check. All Int based, so techboys are great at it.

>> No.25400334

This thread is making me rethink my decision to make my RT character an Ork Freebootah

>> No.25400344

And now lesbians. What kind of gaming groups do you have play with? (No you in particular, it just seem that US player base is full odd and creepy men)

>> No.25400355


Oh, no doubt that solves the Fel problem... but they still don't even get training in *Command* until Rank 5.

I guess if you start at RT xp that's not a problem, but every campaign I've been in has rescaled DH characters to fit with RT (lest the DH characters quickly render the RT ones irrelevant).

>> No.25400372

Ork Mekboys got detailed in Into the Storm, all the orkiness, some of the Meky-ness

>> No.25400390


He's aware I think, just saying that the thread is presenting a more intriguing option.

>> No.25400415

I'm not talking about gaming groups though. Most of the people in this thread are male, and males tend to think about sex a lot, so it's the first thing their minds go to when they see something like that.

>> No.25400419


Eh, that's still fairly OP, just take Infused Knowledge and you've got every lore short of Forbiddens at the same level.

Still, it definitely works, if you don't mind making an Ad Mech vessel (perhaps rightly) the most feared thing in the game line.

>> No.25400421


Has a list of ships they use.

Dictator-class Cruiser (Battlefleet Koronus)
Tyrant-class Cruiser (Into the Storm)
Lunar-class Cruiser (Rogue Trader)
Gothic-class Cruiser (Rogue Trader and Battlefleet Koronus)

Defiant-class Light Cruiser (Battlefleet Koronus)
Endevour-class Light Cruiser (Battlefleet Koronus)
Lathe-class Light Cruiser (Into the Storm)
Secutor-class Light Cruiser (Into the Storm)

Firestorm-class Frigate (Into the Storm)
Sword-class Frigate (Rogue Trader)
Falchion-class Frigate (Battlefield Koronus)

Cobra-class Destroyer (Into the Storm)

Goliath-class Factory Ship (Battlefield Koronus)

>> No.25400484

One of your best options is Integral Weaponry.
First, that makes things "exotic". With the category "integral weapons". Good stuff, in particular to combine with "Weapon Tech". Because that multilaser is now "exotic" and thus can be boosted up. Alternatively, Solid Projectile with maglev impellers get even more awesome.

You'll be wanting impulse units and their weapon counterparts. With Weapon Bracing and integral weaponry, you can pretty much TWF:Ballistic with heavy weapons. You've got high quality auspexes integrated, can drive or fly like a fucking champ, control numerous systems with ease.

Basically you're a rigger in an armored weaponized mech body, capable of near unlimited flight, inflicting fear with that same jump-system, and fully cognizant of some of the darker truths about the imperium around you.

>> No.25400488

Oh yes, I'm well aware, but now the question is, do I be a nigh unkillable ork with a squad of runts, or a nigh unkillable ironman?

>> No.25400507

Soo.. Any GM's here? Last time I tried to GM, one guy ended up yelling at me, quite justifiable.

>> No.25400509

Oh and let's not forget integral coil whips or power-weapons.

The whip in particular is amazing, particularly if you're not a dedicated duelist but would like to punish them for getting close.

>> No.25400510

>Implying you can't be a Big Mek and do both

>> No.25400540

One very much can do both.
Orksez may not be best at aiming, but with servo-squiggs, runtz, grotz, gun-skullz and repurposed ork-cybered demonic jetbikes, you'll be tossing out so much dakka that nothing else ever matters anymore.

For personal armour, I'd recommend Grand Cruisers.

>> No.25400549


Currently running an Only War campaign, but it's probably at saturation as is... also, I can't imagine any new players would quite have the masochistic tendencies of my current players (the primary antagonists are Tyranids).

>> No.25400550

Have you tried yelling back? Or calmly, yet assertive, explaining your action?

>> No.25400582

Or.. You know.. Realize that the guy has every bloody right to be mad by my own fuck up?
The guy got mad because I fucked up. And I fucked up several times.

>> No.25400584

>Admech just use Logic.

I love this, actually, for a bunch of reasons.

It gives the Logic skill an actual use: it's the Admech social skill. That's nice.

But more important is the effect it has on interactions between Admech and normal humans. Admech can deal with each other just fine. Disagreements are settled with a heated debate following the strict rules of formal logic. Humans can deal with each other just fine, handling interaction with the subtle rules of emotion and social expectation. But humans who try to talk to the AdMech, and AdMech who try to talk to humans, get met with blank stares. "Thrusting your mammary glands in my direction will have no effect on the outcome of your request." "Cogboy told me to run a suicide mission because it was an "optimal allocation of resources." Then he quoted a bunch of numbers at me. I told him to get fucked."

But they CAN interact successfully, if they study the problem and put in effort. Humans can learn the Logic skill, and Admech can make augmented interpreters and agents with both Charm and Logic.

>> No.25400590

im a gm....well i was my group broke up because life, girls and work got in the way...i miss my old DW brothers and DH dudes

>> No.25400604


Orks can toss out the most dakka in the game, with considerable ease (dual wielding Kombi-Big Shootas with the Ekstra Barrelz upgrade from Hostile Acquisitions does it single-handedly)

>> No.25400666

>Thrusting your mammary glands in my direction will have no effect on the outcome of your request
I just imagined EVA from MGS3 trying to infiltrate a Forge World and failing utterly just then, it was brilliant

>> No.25400691


I like it. It explains how the Mechanicus functions as a institution when most of the people in charge have no social skills.

And in the RT scenario, the downside is that using Logic and Lore only works on Admech. Trying to deal with normal Imperials is still a challenge: they think you're rude assholes, you think they're crazy illogical retards.

Might still be worth having a Seneschal, someone whose job is specifically dealing with non-AdMech. He'd wind up in charge of a lot of the funds, too, since he'd be doing all the deal-making and haggling.

>> No.25400703

Storytime, I say.

>> No.25400903


Still ain't enough dakka

>> No.25401014


I'd throw in one contribution from a player in a current game I'm in, but he recently gave up his psychic powers to undergo an apotheosis at the hands of the Void Dragon.

...I play in weird games.

>> No.25401050

I like it as well. Quite possibly have that tied into Binary Chatter as well, so you need both to use Logic for Social purposes.

>> No.25401079

I need to hear this even more, though.

My explorator is too puritan to be doing stuff like that, but we'll see what happens when I get some downtime to build stuff.

>> No.25401158


It's nothing much. I simply went Techpriest > Secutor Rank 4 > Ordo Sicarius Rank 5 > Magos Ascension

Techpriest WP and a Force Weapon, with Techpriest Int and Weapons made the rapetrain without archeotech brakes.

>> No.25401210


>tied into Binary Chatter as well

I dunno, I kind of like the idea that any non-AdMech Imperials who actually took the time to learn formal Logic could get along pretty well with Techboys. Like, a DH team where the suave Scum can usually talk anyone into doing anything, but when they're dealing with a techpriest he has to give way to the nerdy, scholarly old Adept, because the Adept can speak his "language." From the techpriest's perspective, the adept is the only one who knows how to think and speak properly, with reasoning, clauses, and citations; the rest of them just babble polite, unclear nonsense.

>> No.25401262

True enough. Still, Binary Chatter would still provide a bonus (like they do with servitors), since they can communicate purely with logic, rather than having to use the poor man's language of Gothic.

>> No.25401288


Uh, I'm a little fuzzy on the details myself considering it's been one of the more secretive subquests (my actual character, a Battle Sister who doubles as the pilot of the crew, has no in-game knowledge of this).

Basically being seconded to an exceedingly weak Rogue Trader as an explorator caused him to become extremely embittered and dick around with tech-heresy. This led to him implanting psychic artifacts in his body and using them to simulate psyker powers, which in turn led to corruption by the Ruinous Powers, even gets ahold of a tome teaching him proper Sorcery.

Flash forward to us rooting around in the Processional of the Damned (we're running a *very* homebrewed Lure of the Expanse) and the GM throws Necrons at us. After nearly dispatching a Necron Cairn Battleship by directing it into a singularity beyond comprehension and dispatching a few small fighters by the skin of our teeth, the battleship shows back up and we're fucked. Explorator then helpfully tells us to fire on the space hulks at a single precise point, which will cause a cataclysmic detonation that will destroy the battleship.

It does... sorta. Warp core chain reaction opens up a mini-Eye of Terror (his actual objective, as a sacrifice to Tzeentch) and the resultant incursion completely eradicates the Necron fleet. They do... something to us, after which the Void Dragon pops up underdeck to the Explorator and makes him a better offer.

Explorator promptly betrays Tzeentch (just as planned?) and is now a Necron/Chaos/Tech-Priest hybrid (before he effectively halted his Corruption by letting the Void Dragon get his tendrils in him, his legs and armor had fused together to make his bottom half a tail, lol Chaos).

Lost his psyker abilities forever, but now has Regeneration (5) as long as he doesn't have any fatigue, Necron weaponry potential out the wazoo, and a bunch of other crazy things I have no clue on so far.

>> No.25401354

How awful would it be on a mechanicus ship?

Could a non-augmented human even surviveon one?

>> No.25401361

Two flaws with that theory
1. They don't need to provide models, they can leave that to forgeworld, plenty of units have no models at all, let alone a model from GW proper.
2. GW has some kits that are the same thing that Forgeworld makes, like the plastic baneblade and the Ork Stompa.

>> No.25401386

I hope the rest of you'll be able to catch up, or it'll end up like our low-tech BC group, with me hefting a rather cool Legacy bow with 1d10+6 pen 2... And our psyker throwing a 10d10 Felling (10) Bolt of Tzeentch.


>> No.25401403


Eh, generally they have space for non-augments. It's not unheard of to have IG regiments transported via AdMech ships for example.

Nevertheless, if I'd get a choice between your average AdMech ship, and your average Astartes ship, I'd go with the Marines.

>> No.25401434

But, Ordo Sicarius has nothing to do with Tech.... That's all Assassin-action.

>> No.25401449

Mechs tend to keep their life support and other equipment in excellent repair. While, like every other 40k ship, it would suck to be there, it would suck less then being on, for example, a pirate ship. It would be unprofessonal and unworthy of the admech to allow the ship's environment to fall outside of it's designed standards.

>> No.25401473


Well, he's effectively doomed his character (though I wonder if I should keep saying that... I've been saying it for months now)... but we're not really that bad off in comparison. The Astropath finally has telekinesis and has some preposterous Willpower in excess of 70, the Kroot Mercenary is extremely competent (a Manhunter, and the base career is probably the most powerful martial one in the print of RT), and the Tau seneschal is rocking all kinds of wicked Tau gadgetry.

...did I mention that being on this crew has been an extremely taxing ordeal for my Sister?

>> No.25401479

Probably less risky than on the surface of a Forge World.

Here, have an extract from one of their pamphlet.

>> No.25401489

That sounds a lot like my old RT group.
Our kroot had a massive fuck-off grav powered crossbow, and my psyker could fuck basically anyone's day with Force Storm (he was a BC psyker, formerly a DH psyker. My GM apparently didn't like the RT core classes, and I didn't want to play an astropath anyway).

>> No.25401497

To be fair, killing a group of marines stops being impressive when you remeber that some writers ignore the fanwank and treat them a troop choice with decent stats and 3+ armor.

>> No.25401513

>1. They don't need to provide models, they can leave that to forgeworld, plenty of units have no models at all, let alone a model from GW proper.

They can't do that anymore because Chapterhouse Lawsuit. It's how they almost lost the Tervigon.

>2. GW has some kits that are the same thing that Forgeworld makes, like the plastic baneblade and the Ork Stompa.

Forge World no longer makes the Baneblade and Ork Stompas. In fact, it was said at an open day that when GW released the Plastic Baneblade, they destroyed FW sales of the baneblade. To avoid said shooting of the foot, they stated they would not repeat the situation.

That's why you get the Crimson Hunter instead of the Nightwing, the Dakkajet instead of the Fighta-Bomma, the Razorshark instead of the Barracuda, etc.

>> No.25401517

I played a crimson guard that, due to summer roleplaying goodness (like, a month of solid playing) is now at Ascension levels.

He has a soak of 36.

He cannot be hurt by anything short of lascannon fire and other vehicle poppers.

It's fun.

>> No.25401539

Sounds delicious!

>> No.25401567

Thing is that Telekinesis in RT isn't as powerful as it is in BC, although still not bad. In fact, I really like the Voidfrost Dicipline, but that's me.

Though honestly, a mekboy might get even worse than an Explorator, due to not having to bother with things like tech-heresy... Or internal workings... Or sane applications... Or physics... Or damage... Or anything, really. The only thing holding him back is an orks crappy Int score.

>> No.25401608


Well, he's got the gamut of books to choose from (we're updated to OW), and more importantly, RT actually has the most powerful Telekinesis power in the game - tossing up one starship VOID SHIELD for every DoS scored on a Hellish (-60) Focus Power test. Only reason we survived the Necrons.

Mekboys are great, and if you roll good on Int it doesn't limit you so much at all, especially with the errata that gives them more Int than the average ork.

>> No.25401670


Ordo Sicarius is how you get Psy Rating 1 for any class.

>> No.25401684


Pray to Him that you are born on a null tithe agriworld where you can live out your days with enough foodstuffs and relatively clean air and water

>> No.25401783

Most Agriworlds lack more than a PDF, since the lack of population makes them unsuitable for the tithe.

>> No.25401845

Two words: Warp Weapons. Problem solved.

>> No.25401873


The Tithe does not have to be filled with manpower. It can also be foot, equipment, ships... It's just a payment of something of value to the Imperium, not just Guardsmen.

>> No.25401932

True, I was more meaning the guard tithe, since >>25401684 mentioned a null-tithe agriworld, and most agriworlds arn't classed as aptus non. Since, as you mentioned, they are tithed in food.

>> No.25401982


Regardless, they're probably fairly decent places to live compared to anything else in the setting.

Pretty much fucked if any xenos or chaos comes for the planet though, not even a PDF to hold them off while waiting for the guard

>> No.25401985


Particularly since the acolyte gets to use the Rak`Gol powers.

Sure not all of them are awesome but some are just plain nasty.

>> No.25402009


Warp Weapon only works as long as the player doesn't get Hex Wards.

That said, if he's a walking tank, why not have him go toe to toe with some tank equivalents? Monstrous creatures and the like? Remember to apply any changes from 6E (MC's get a bonus attack, etc)

>> No.25402023


If you have a delusional GM and deeply desire to end the campaign, get yourself an Aurora cannon from the Lathe Worlds book.

Sure they are not for PC`s but they are statted.

So tool up with an Aurora cannon and go hunt titans.

>> No.25402049

Its not that bad, most agri worlds are just mile after mile after mile of farmlands, assuming you're not in one of the few cities you could reasonably hide and wait out for the rapid Imperial Guard response

>> No.25402058


If they have no availability, they cannot be normally acquired, even through one-stop shop Merchants. The Archeotech section in the book is clear - anything without an availability cannot be simply bought. You would need to suck some serious robo-D to get one.

>> No.25402088


I dont play 40K TT, i find the prices obscene, the rules laughable and as i live in a smallish town in Norway there are few people to play against.
Also my painting skills suck

But if anything could tempt me to buy into 40K it would be an Admech army.

>> No.25402237


Rogue Trader hav so many heretical options that can be applied to the Explorator, that you can end up with a dude that is only slightly more heretical than Abbadon.

>> No.25402276

Do orks make automatic pistols? Or do they just have semi auto slugas?

Can I craft combi versions of said autopistols, give them Ekstra barrels and then equip my gretchin entourage with them while I dual wield combi-big shootas with ekstra batrels?

>> No.25402281


Heh, remember one fellow on the FFG forum that had a group that had misread the reclamation center for the recreation center.

So everytime someone in the crew did a especially good job, they sent him to the reclamation center.

>> No.25402287


Tank equivalents means the rest of the party has to be brought up to speed as well (which takes time, but we're on it). And yeah, hex wards have messed up Warp Weapon, and the other go-to, Force Weapons, may be nullified once he gets his hands on some Obsidian Armor (though Force's massive, if necessary nerf in OW makes that less a priority).

Aether weapons used to be an extremely viable option. But now with OW Flesh is Weak, lol Machine (5+)

>> No.25402299


As long as the weapon meets the prerequisites of the upgrade (Ex: A Loudener can only be applied on weapons capable of Supressive Fire), there is no limit to the number and type of kustomizations you can apply to a weapon.

>> No.25402371


HA's guidelines are to 'orkify' human weapons by giving them the statblock of the closest Ork equivalent, so without GM adjudication you'd be stuck with the semi-auto slugga, unfortunately.

Not that you can't apply an obscene amount of kustom bits to a slugga to make it pump out more dakka than a storm bolter.

>> No.25402395


I don't think you have much of a chance of living on a world full of:

>warp tainted monsters who's very presence causes your mind to be corrupt

>insatiable eating machines that will strip the planet bare in under one standard year

You may be able to survive orks for a while as long as you're not in a major population center where they would come looking for a fight.

Dark eldar would probably just be a quick raid so you might be ok, I'm not sure the craftworld eldar would openly attack a random agriworld and you could just accept the tau and pray the imperium forgets about the planet.

Maybe you're right

>> No.25402398


Generally, high AP High damage weapons that are not AT are hard to find. All in all, you can consider Darklight weaponry, Corrosive weaponry, and the BR Huehueguns.

For one of my games I created a pair of opposed qualities called Sunburst and Darkburst, which was devastatingly effective because there was almost no defense against them, but that is another story entirely.

>> No.25402436

Okay, the idea of a Mechanicus Rogue Trader game is too much to pass up. I am willing to GM, but be warned:
I am not a good or even decent GM. In fact, I consider myself a pretty bad GM. And I have a few fuck ups dragging from the past.
But if you are willing to deal with that and want to play a AdMech game, then search up Adeptus Mechanicus Trailblazers on roll20.

>> No.25402446


>> No.25402466


I know, thats why i said that he needed a delusional GM.

Honestly just the stats on the thing tells you that the only time a party will see them in use is when the GM is tired of their shit.

>> No.25402500

I'd totally be up for that, but I'm not a fan of roll20 and I don't have much time these days so good luck to you.

>> No.25402570


It sounds worryingly like your group treats alternate ranks like D&D prestige classes: a way to get mechanical bonuses and create a powerful character build.

I hope you guys have fun, no wrong way and all that. But I do NOT want to play the way you play.

>> No.25402597

I cannot wait for the inevitable Warpsmith character in Tome of Decay.

>> No.25402600


One of the NPC`s in my Rogue Trader game is a Divine Light of Sollex Secutor who runs an Admech cruiser.

He managed to anger the Lathe High Ups with constant references to how not Mars they were.
So in the end when he was assigned his vessel he got a cruiser where no component in it was more than a century old.

Now he hides in the Koronus Expanse in the hope of getting a veneer of age and venerability.

>> No.25402622


At the time I had it completely justified. I do not recall how, since this was so very long ago.

>your group treats alternate ranks like D&D prestige classes

Yes, they do, and I do at times when I'm forced to play human career. I mostly play xenos though, so I don't get that option very often. I much prefer xenos characters - far more interesting.

>> No.25402629

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'>>25398709
ll have you know I graduated top of my class in Tech Priest Training, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on chaos forces, and I have over 300 confirmed machine exorcisms. I am trained in Thallaxian Warfare and I'm the top Priest in the entire Skitarii armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe your memory banks with precision the likes of which has never been seen before in this imperium, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Lasline? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of Magos Biologis across the Segmentum and your Genetic Code is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my mechandrites. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the vaults of my Forge World and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the galaxy, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little clever comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you Omnissiah damned Heretek. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, Meatbag.

>Binary was 12,000 characters over the limit ;_;

>> No.25402718


Technically, DnD prestige classes aren't supposed to be used like that either - just check the DMG!

I get this, though. I enforce pretty hard PrCing limits and it needs to be roleplayed significantly. Also helps curb some of the meta (I'm much less sympathetic to casters trying to milk their power even more).

>> No.25402748

>Psychically charged artifacts
>In under case
>No such thing exists in the armory or anywhere
>Probably requires a quest to obtain
It's practically GM digression in item form

>> No.25402754

>That would be the Acolyte of Abraxas
No, that would be any DH Techpriest/Crimson Guard with Enchanced Luminen Coil

>> No.25402798


Soulstones qualify. Navis Primer, Near Unique availability - or just kill a space elf and take one if you run into any.

Eldar-exclusive psychic powers also tend to be a pretty nifty reward for draining their soul...

>> No.25402802


It's not the first time that would happen. Consider Manhunter in Hostile Acq. It has a talent that requires Good Reputation Underworld, and that can only be granted by GM discretion.

For me, at least, if a player tells me they've taken such a class, I'll do what I can to facilitate the special stuff. Using that same class as an example, the Manhunter took a side in a gangfight and got Good Reputation for his actions (and a cache of jetbikes).

>> No.25402866

>I much prefer xenos characters - far more interesting.

I disagree, there are a lot more ways to play a human than to play an Ork. Million inhabited worlds and all that, myriad cultures. You can play Han Solo, or Gandalf the Sanctioned; you can play a puritan witch-burner, a turban-wearing hashishin, a mafia don, damn near anything.

I'm not saying xenos can't be interesting; I'm saying humans can be just as interesting.

It sounds like your group isn't very roleplay-focused. I feel for you, man. My group (game that ran from the release of Dark Heresy until last year, damn I miss it) was all about keeping it in-universe. Elite advances, man: you needed permission for anything that wasn't right there on your basic tree, but you COULD ask permission for ANYTHING. Made character development much more organic. If you wanted a talent, you didn't look through the books for a prestige class you could try to qualify for, you looked around in-game for someone to teach it to you. A lot of the gear was homebrewed, too. Not any more powerful than the book stuff, but it meant that outfitting a character didn't mean hitting the sourcebooks, it meant going downhive to the arms market to see what was available. You want a Helax Infurnace melta-pistol? Maybe there's one for sale. Maybe there's something as good, but different. Got a cool idea for a piece of gear that seems like something the setting would have? Tell the GM you're asking your gunrunner contact about palm-concealable, highly-toxic needle pistols.

...I think there's actually one of those in the book, but I had one that doubled as brass knuckles with the Shock trait. It fit in my palm with spikes and a barrel sticking out between the fingers of my closed fist, see. Not a main combat gun, but a fantastic holdout weapon to keep up your sleeve.

What I'm saying is, the more build and equipment availability is up to the GM, the more your thinking winds up moving in-universe. It's nice.

>> No.25402873


Also there are a shitload of Yu`vath crystal psychic geegaws. A lot of the Yuvath constructs are made of such.

Just jam them into the (in)appropriate orifice and see what happens.

>> No.25402899


There's a weapon that's a bunch of tormented psyker brains in a backpack. You channel their pain out through a staff as psychic lightning.

It's HIDEOUSLY dangerous, absolutely a terrible idea to use, I fucking love it.

>> No.25402910


Just a nitpick, but Legend of the Expanse (and maybe something else?) grants Good Reputation (Any). Not to mention the sick synergy of Legendary with Fearful Reputation.

Heck, if xenos are your fancy, an Ork Kommando with a little RAI Fear stacking from Freebooter, Fearful Reputation, Legendary, and Ded Sneaky can reliably activate Fear (4) every battle against most opponents.

>> No.25402915

Sparky Bitz is probably my favourite. Nothing beats practically one shotting a Chaos Marine in Terminator Armour with a pistol.

>> No.25402954

I guess I'm wrong, but I guess they still require a fuckton of effort. If anything, I would like to grab Rak'gol shit because Rak'gol.

Does anyone actually allow cross-books item acquisitions? Because an Acolyte of Abraxes with Enhanced Luminen Coil would be pretty silly.

>> No.25402976


Our game does, but it's kind of a free for all - and there are certain limitations on a case by case basis. Most of the Lathe Worlds dickery is banned outright, in that case.

>> No.25402993

I never played Psykers. How does Force Quality actually work with Luminen Blast?

>> No.25403006


FFG does it themselves.

The Admech judge guy from Hostile Acquisitions for example have Cybernetic Resurrection, which you will find in one of the DH books.

>> No.25403010

>Acotyle of Abraxas with Enchanced Luminen Coil using Luminen FLare.

>> No.25403024


>It sounds like your group isn't very roleplay-focused.

I would not say this fully. My group would advertise beforehand "Heavy Roleplay" or "Combat Blending," and you would prepare accordingly. Ever since I gave them scans for the 40k books so many years ago, it's been one of two constants that happen.

What I CANNOT understand is the fact that they use 40k systems as "Brain Turn Off" and mess with the fluff (You think my Tau / Dark Eldar alliance was bad...), but they say "If we wanted to Roleplay we'd play 3.5." Only one person ran real RP heavy 40k games, and I believe he graduated.

As for me, I stick to the RAW obsessively, except when it's dumb. If a player wants to make a certain thing or do a certain action, my first question is "What rules currently exist for that situation? What precedent can be found?" and then making sweeping changes from there. The same process happens for player weapons. For example, one day a player said, "I want a gun that shoots shurikens and lightning." Well, this was an easy one, since all you had to do was combiweapon an LLC with a Shurikat.

Speaking of Xenos, once it finishes testing, I'll be wanting to play a Tau in somebody's IRC Rogue Trader game. That will be fun to see.

>> No.25403047


It's from the Corrupted Charge talent in Navis Primer. It's 'Force Lightning', after a fashion - you blast the enemy with the luminen blast, which should punch through against all but the most resilient opponents. If you do at least one point of damage, you can activate the Force quality which, if you score enough DoS on the Force Power test, is basically game over for virtually everything in the game (1d10 per DoS ignoring AP/TB).

If you can use cross-game line material there's also a sick augmentation psychic power you can use for it in Tome of Fate, giving it everything from Flame to Warp Weapon qualities if you so desire.

>> No.25403072

>1d10+WP no pen
Well, it's not going to punch through anything.

>> No.25403118


I do, via the Merchant. It allows full customization of one's gear.

TALENTS, on the other hand, are a bit different. The only ones I've allowed it for are missionaries/faith powers and techpriests/tech powers.


After you damage the enemy, opposed WP and then you nuke them for the difference in degrees.


For now, I'm content to run games with heavy Xenos influence. But when I graduate again and get a job, then I will worry about being a player.

>> No.25403139


Latest iteration is 1d10+(WPx2) with Shocking, and an Abraxian is gonna have a big focus on WP. There's also the aforementioned method of giving it Warp Weapon or Luminen Flare if you wanna do Lathe Worlds.

If restricted to just RT your point is indeed well-taken (though I'd argue it can still punch through to give damage to a good amount of things), but you can make up for it in other ways - Mighty Shot, damage increasing psychic powers, and so forth. Just takes a little more specialization.

>> No.25403154


There are two conclusions one can draw.
A) They expect you to crossbook acquire the SuperPotentiaCoil to make your luminen not suck
B) They expect you to consistently face trashmobs with 4 / 3 defenses.

>> No.25403178

>"If we wanted to Roleplay we'd play 3.5."

Wait. So. They play Dark Heresy like most people play D&D, and play D&D like most people play Dark Heresy?

You game with madmen, sir.

>> No.25403208


There are only two things that have made my Rogue Trader group consistently run away.
Rak`gol and Greater Demons. Mooks are mudered in seconds.

>> No.25403275


I won't be gaming with them for much longer - I will be graduating in December - or even while I'm still there. If some rumors are to be believed, they wish to get rid of me as much as I am eager to graduate and move on. But yes, I have noted this to them.

I have decided that any time I run games or choose to be a player in the future, it will be with the people of /tg/. It will be...interesting to see.

>> No.25403310

>dat feel when you'll never get to play Death Watch or Black Crusade

I just want to run around screaming, FOR THE [insert god]

>> No.25403317


Running away is boring. There's so much more prestige to be had once you take down the biggest baddest thing in your sights.

Incidentally, that is one of the reasons I use the Merchant.

>> No.25403344


I've wanted to run Deathwatch for a while. When I finish with Exelion, I will plan out a Deathwatch game. It won't be for a very long while though, reserved for when I get settled proper.

>> No.25403378


They are not really fond of the Rak`gol, not their strength, nor their durability, nor their speed, nor their numbers.

And the demons usually spawn by popping into existence when some psyker on one side or the other manages to roll a 100. (which have happened strangely often actually. Five times so far.)

>> No.25403404


Have Pulse Rifle, Will Travel.

>> No.25403420

There's something a Defender of the 4th Cipher, and that something is "Oh, you rolled a 100 on Perils? Welp, time to shoot you in the face with my free aim reaction!"

>> No.25403443

Something to be said, I mean

>> No.25403458


"Why do they call you Defender of the 4th Cipher?"
"Want to know what happened to the other three?"

>> No.25403463

Call me an illiterate serf, but I can't find the stats for the Aurora cannon. Where, exactly, is the profile?

>> No.25403477

Mighty Shot works with Luminen Blast?

>> No.25403483


Yeah, but most of the party is too busy becoming cybernetic monstrosities to try for that.

And our current Psyker is the (secretly) mutant Missionary who got a psy rating from some warp sheniagans. He dreams of creating a mutant homeland somewhere in the expanse where they can be safe from the predations of the warp and Imperium and Chaos.

>> No.25403491

you seem like the kind of GM that tries to kill the players

>> No.25403499

Its in the Book of Broken Bullshit, more officially known as The Lathe Worlds. Its a Dark Heresy book

>> No.25403513


Way back in the books in the stats for the NPCs in the secret base for the Mechanicus assassins.

>> No.25403540


I... yes? It should qualify as a ranged weapon, uses Ballistic Skill to attack... I mean, you could possibly deny its application with an EXTREMELY narrow reading, but at that point your GM is just trying to actively thwart you.

>> No.25403560

Not that guy, but if you could use a roleplaying newbie familiar with the 40k setting in the game, that's me.

>> No.25403608


Search out the Myrmidon in Lathe Worlds.

Aurora Cannon (Nuada Pattern) Heavy 450m S/-/- 8d10+10E 12 4 2Full Accurate, Integrated, Reliable

Combine with Talent from OW that makes all Accurate weapons get the bonus...


I enjoy combat a lot, and make sure my fights are very difficult. The thing is, each encounter I create is meticulously simulated so that the victor can be either side - only the side who uses better tactics will win.

So all in all, if you stand there like a derp and hold down Full Auto, you'll probably die. If you do things like snipe the heavy guy first or stunlock a wave of trash to focus fire actual enemies, then you'll probably do fine.

I learned, however, that when I ran Mass Combats, it was kind of unfair. I am used to such things because I have 5k+ of Tau, while my players were not, so such things could get one-sided at times. They surprised me at times, however. It is always fun to be put on the reactive side.

>> No.25403642


There is plenty of time for Deathwatch, I won't be running that for at least a year. My current focus is my upcoming RT miniseries, Exelion, which I will recruit for in mid September.

>> No.25403652

Recruit on /tg/?

>> No.25403671



>> No.25403711


Then you make Coglock Smythe-Hodkins, big game hunter extraordinare.

He armed with his trusty Aurora cannon and assisted by his loyal Servitor Ubumbu are assigned to take care of any macro scale pest problem the local Admech might have.

Greater demons, Titans, Squiggots....

I am picturing something like a large engine block with a cannon sticking out of it, sporting a fetching Pith helmet.

>> No.25403720


>> No.25403725

I made a Deathwatch Techmarine with a servo-arm and high strength and was able to crush tyranid skulls at level 1 while the rest of the party was fumbling with bolter pistols and the best part is I was just killing time 'till I could buy a drill on a dendrite

>> No.25403727


>> No.25403730


Artificial Intelligence isn't, in it's entirety, outlawed. It's just stuff that the AdMech doesn't produce and sanction that gets called out as tech heresy.

On the whole, all the religious terminology is just to mask the fact that the AdMech is a corporation, and faith is a tool to discourage unauthorized use and reproduction of human tech.

>> No.25403793

Yeeeeeah, no.

It's because in the 40k-verse the longer a "true" AI functions, the closer the odds of it pulling a Skynet get to 100%.

It's just a law of the setting.

>> No.25403845


Beep boop, bitch. I'm a tickin' fuckin' time bomb with LD7 and nothing to lose.

Now let's charge that Bloodthirster.

>> No.25403864

But that's wrong.
All the religious zealotry and dogma is there because a good portion of tech is shit that the AdMech aren't even sure how to make anymore.

They worship and venerate tech because it CAN'T be reproduced.

IIRC most of the larger warships are either lost tech or just added onto until it meets the desired form (Black Templar battle barge, don't remember the name)

>> No.25403890


Protectionism is an element of what's going on, but it's not the entirety of what's going on. It's an actual religion, they do actually believe (although what the superintelligent higher-ups believe is more of a philosophy than a catechism.) And the stuff they forbid really, truly, is very dangerous. Artificial Intelligence is permitted for very low values of "intelligent;" basically, as long as it does nothing but dumbly follow human orders with no more creativity or cleverness than a dog, it's legit. If it's as smart as a human, or, god forbid, smarter, then it's dangerous as all hell and totally forbidden. The Iron Men rebellion isn't just propaganda. In the 40k setting, clever A.I. goes evil real damn fast. Possibly because it's intelligent, and therefore CAN be possessed by daemons, but has no soul, and therefore has no inherent resistance to possession. Some of the fluff suggests this, but it's not entirely clear. What is clear is that if you build Skynet in 40k it DOES try to kill you.

All in all, it's the same deal as the Imperial Creed. Yes, the church is partially a scam to keep the vast masses of humanity under control. But daemons are real, and worshipping the Emperor instead of them keeps worlds safe.

>> No.25403910

Holy fucking shit, I thought I misread the profile when I saw that. What the fuck...why is that necessary?

>> No.25403921


They're meant as siege / anti-vehicle guys.

When a Titan has 50 Armor, you need every D10 you can get your mechadendrites on.

>> No.25403932


Well sometimes there is enough Dakka, and the Admech wants to posses it.

>> No.25403958


Neva enuff Dakka.

You haven't even put any upgrades on that thing. Imagine it with Storm, Unstable, Tearing, the works.

>> No.25404007

Twinlinked just for giggles... Wait a second can you put storm into something that has single fire only?

>> No.25404012

Yeah, let's get--wait, why am I in FRONT?!

>> No.25404013


It's a bit more complex than that. Here's one of the basic ideas:

Human intelligence, will, soul: that's holy.

A stone in a field is not holy. It's just dull, dead matter. But if I pick it up, break it and shape it into a simple tool, it is no longer dead, useless matter. It has been given purpose. It is a tool, a physical embodiment and agent of human intelligence and will. It has become, in a small way, holy.

My body is the agent of my will, the means by which I interact with the world. But it was not shaped by my intelligence; it is flawed and weak. It is therefore good and right to replace parts of it with better parts, parts forged by will and intelligence. Machine parts.

The more complex the tool, the more intelligence and will has gone into its creation, and, therefore, the more intelligence and will it is invested with. This is the machine spirit; the echo of the craftsman's soul in what has been crafted.

And so forth.

>> No.25404024

If you're an Ork, you kan.

>> No.25404187

>Sea Ants

>> No.25404232


Who can take a cannon
trick it out with Storm?
Tearing and Unstable, plasma vents to keep you warm
The Big Mek can!
The Big Mek can, cause he mixes it with WAAAAGH and makes the world explode!

>> No.25404239


>The Inquisitor invites the Explorator over for a little chat

>The Explorator strolls in because of course he is TECH-GOD WITH ALL THE ARMOR AND ALL THE WEAPONS EVER HA HA

>The floor of the interview room is made of electromagnet

>> No.25404262


Haywire grenade.

>but...but...I have the cybernetic heart implant!

>> No.25404361


So what you're saying is you caused a rift between the Inquisition and the Mechanicus (Said Explorator HAD to have been in good to get that stuff...)

>> No.25404404

Machine, heal thyself

>> No.25404417

Agh, I want to play a WH40K game so much, but none of my friends are interested. This sucks.

>> No.25404450


While GMs should be careful not to go full "antimagic field lol" on them, it is important to remember that augmetics and cyberparts have downsides as well as upsides. You can get hacked, you can get EMPed and haywired, you can be sent to a world with a screwed-up geomagnetic field, you can fucking rust. They're not just bonuses on your sheet. Being a cyborg gives you vulnerabilities, too.

>> No.25404454

My sides.

>> No.25404466


It's Rogue Trader. Both the Inquisition and the Mechanicus are basically going to assume you're at least 42% heretic to begin with.

>> No.25404554

EMP only works against electronics, which i admit are like 90% of all technology in most gaming systems and sci fi settings
as for rust, there are material which do not rust
as for maintenance, the cy parts could be self-replicating nanites, which solves half the issue since now you only have to find a material suitable for nanites
does 40k has nanomachines? i would imagine the necron's living metal would be something like that, maybe the big E dabbled in it before sitting

>> No.25404613

Autosanguine is implied to be healing nanobots.

>> No.25404764

They can be stopped, as easily as a baneblade.

Look at the full auto rules, look at the scatter rules, look at the Vanaheim, look at the Acid Shells, now you may apply an evil smile as you melt away the cogboys that bothers you so much.

>> No.25404819


Augmetics aren't slick high-tech cyberpunk stuff. They're clunky, awkward, poorly-understood imperial tech. Some is rustproof, some isn't. Some is self-repairing, some isn't. Some is EMP-hardened, some isn't. One cyberarm is a beautiful lattice of auto-regenerating nanomaterials, another is a rusty pneumatic iron clamp that squeaks loudly and crushes your coffee cup when you try to pick it up.

Regardless, having cyber-parts is often advantageous, but can definitely be a liability.

>> No.25405025

I'd imagine fancy Admech implants for their Techpriests would be pretty well made

>> No.25405038


Well yeah, that's a question of craftsmanship. If you're spending less than a small planet's net worth on your cybernetic suite you're just inviting disaster~

>> No.25405616

All patterns of the machine god's bounty are worthy.

From the ornate designs of Mars, to Lucius' functional and robust cyberlimbs. all are equal in his sight.

>> No.25405639

Can one get enough ranks of the flesh is weak to become entirely a machine an technically not count as a living creature?

>> No.25405696


It varies wildly. The more advanced it is, the more poorly-understood it is. You can have something clunky and reliable but fairly primitive, or something beautiful and incredibly advanced but prone to bizarre malfunctions no one knows how to fix, or somewhere in between. Even techpriests have to deal with this, it's just the way Imperial tech is.

>> No.25405727


I don't think there's an arbitrary level that you pass (though Machine 5+ is a general "you're immune to X" benchmark).

But no, I don't think so, especially considering that as of the latest iteration it's explicitly tied to your Toughness bonus.

>> No.25405729


Nope. Gotta have some living brain in there somewhere, or you're an abomination.

>> No.25405771


If you want to houserule this, that's fine, but that's explicitly not how Craftsmanship for cybernetics works in-game. Best-Craftsmanship cybernetics are always ornate works of art.

>> No.25406349

Even if a complete copy of your brain has been uploaded into a cogitator, and most of your brain has been replaced with circuitry and the other half full of augments.

>> No.25406400

So, I'm trying to take the techpriestish idea in a rather unusual direction, utilizing the Genetor class at level 2 to get various mutations and useful surgery skills, to be followed by applying those skills as a Heretek at level 3. Basically, I'm gonna be toeing the line between biology and machine, using both to the fullest extent possible and trying to play weaknesses against strengths to keep everything in line. It's prolly gonna fail (hilariously), but damn if I won't be one hardcore motherfucker if I make it to level 8.

Most of my time will likely be spent trying to make upgrades that are concealable, adding on only high quality items whenever possible. Thought about going full retard and maybe trying for Acolyte of Abraxas at some point, but you'd wind up giving up so many skills, it would be stupid, although if any clever fa/tg/uys can think of a good way to do it, thereby getting bio/mech/psychic abilities wrapped up into one ULTRADOUBLEHERESY character, I would LOVE to hear it.

Best of all, I didn't start out as a techpriest. That took a little GM-bending, but only a tiny bit, thanks to having tech-heresy and archaeotechnologist in my character background using Into the Storm. I'm actually the Rogue Trader. ;)

>> No.25406430

Also, does anyone know what the hell to do with Best quality cogitator implants? I thought getting the Unnatural intelligence x2 bonus would be useful for SCIENCE, but RAW it turns out that only medicae tests actually use it or some shit. Is this true? (I guess I'll be king of the surgeons though. Time to be Franken Fran?)

>> No.25406541


Correct. RAW, it's pretty useless. Perhaps you can convince your GM to treat it as Deathwatch Unnatural (All tests reduced by 1 step, etc).


Genetor is Rank 3+, Heretek is Rank 2+. You reversed them. Acolyte of Abraxas is the only way to get the psy on your tech.

>> No.25406584

Ah. We haven't hit rank 2 yet, so thanks for the heads up. Also, damn, unnatural int is kinda gay. Oh well, I guess that's why players are supposed to be clever. Time to think of every way I can make really high Medicae power useful. Good insurance that the crew will keep you alive, if you're the one that keeps THEM alive when the shit gets serious.

>> No.25406633

What system?

There's a talent in Rogue Trader that lets you add your Int bonus to everyone elses' Initiative.

>> No.25406659

We're using Rogue Trader. What talent would that be?

>> No.25406684


Combat Formation, I believe.

>> No.25406769

Does it have any applications in ship combat, or just in personal combat?

>> No.25406772

Correct. Combat Formation (as written the Only War core book) gives the squad a +1 to initiative and allows others to use your Int bonus as their initiative bonus if they want to.

>> No.25406867


Personal Combat only, since Ship Initiative uses detection bonus and not individual initiatives.

>> No.25407153


There's a techpriest talent, it's in Black Crusade and Only War, that lets you tinker with an energy weapon to add your Int bonus to the damage.

It's also useful for daemon summoning and making daemon weapons, which are all Forbidden Lore tests where degrees of success matter.

>> No.25407215

Remember, 2 points of unnatural adds a degree to a successful test. In RT, there are tech-use tests you can make during ship combat that grant bonuses per degree. You'd be very helpful there.

>> No.25407233

Well, if our campaign goes full heresy, maybe I'll consider doing something like that. (Or just hiding heresy from the party and doing it anyway, hehehe)

>> No.25407281


It was introduced in Deathwatch. It's called Weapon Tech.

Consider Armor Monger as well to complete the pair.

>> No.25407607


As has been summed up quite well, Unnatural Int actually does a lot more than it's given credit for. Bonus DoSes on Medicae, Tech-Use, Logic, Lore... plus, RT, right?

NAVIGATION (WARP). I've seen many a good ship go down due to Navigators not having their shit together. DoSes will cut time considerably, meaning less time for warp encounters to fuck you over.

>> No.25407710

like the fact that you can't get into the elevator because you are 5 times over the weight limit

>> No.25407749

>daemon summoning and making daemon weapons, which are all Forbidden Lore tests

I really like that it's so simple. Why does the Inquisition stamp down so hard on people even knowing that daemons are real? Because a little bit of knowledge is all you need to summon them. You don't actually have to be a rogue psyker or genius sorcerer; you just need to know a name, a chant, a simple ritual, and you can call them forth. Anyone can do it. That's why the Imperium is the way it is: it's oppressive and ignorant because it's a universe where knowledge, all by itself, is really fucking dangerous.

>> No.25407815


Eh, that's simple, but it's not easy, and the average joe is just as likely to get himself sucked screaming into the Warp (with no harm done otherwise) as he is to actually pull anything off in the context of those rules.

>> No.25408179


It's easy to call something up. It's very, very, very difficult to make sure it's what you WANTED to call up, and to make it do anything other than start rampaging.

The threat isn't competent sorcerers with an army of obedient daemons. The threat is some jagoff who hates his life (not uncommon in the Imperium) and wants to try using magic to make it better. To get the girl, make people stop pushing him around, have a monster eat his asshole boss's face, whatever. So he tries a ritual. And there's a 50% chance that he dies and no one else gets hurt, a 49% chance that everyone in the building gets raped to death, and a 1% chance that the entire planet is in serious trouble. And there are billions of jagoffs just like him, with dumb overconfidence and not much to lose.

>> No.25408388


Uh... how do you get that from the rules? The average Int people are rocking is in the 25-30 range, and if you're talking about an Imperial World they're taking an additional -5 to Forbidden Lore tests. So even assuming they have the training, they're gonna be making a test against, like, 25 at the absolute maximum.

Then, on top of that, it's a -10 penalty if you know little of what you're calling up, or -30 if you know nothing of what's being called up.

The odds are EXTREMELY slim of pulling anything off, and virtually all of the Contempt of the Warp rolls are either harmless or will only bring ruin upon said jagoff alone.

There are results that are legitimately threatening, but they're a lot rarer than you give credit for.

>> No.25408731

>-10 penalty if you know little of what you're calling up, or -30 if you know nothing of what's being called up.

Yeah, but then you go to the positive modifiers.

>+20 “The Stars are Right”—auspicious circumstances.
>+20 The summoner has sworn allegiance to the daemon’s master or cause, or is Devoted to the daemon’s patron god.
>+10 Ritual follows the “Rule of Sympathy.”
>+10 The daemon has been provided with a suitable sacrifi ce to partake of upon its arrival

Those are just the ones that a total amateur could pull off.

>"Ok, the book says we have to do it on the first moonless night after the Feast of Saint Corban... that's tonight, good. And we should do it in a place that's, uh, "resonant with the soul of desire and lust." Which is why we're behind the Brothel. And we've kidnapped Emily as the sacrifice, because she wouldn't go out with me. Now we gotta say "I swear my soul and service to the Prince of Excess," and then we start drawing the circle. Man, I can't wait to have sex with a real succubus!"

This jagoff right here is at a net +50. He's got a decent chance of causing some serious mayhem.

>> No.25408926


That jagoff you've described right there is more in keeping with a Heretic PC - hell, he'd probably be qualifying as the Anointed of a Compact with that level of dedication.

I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up swinging the Daemonic Mastery test, too (your description was also highly amusing, even more considering there's a decent chance he'd get his sexy funtimes as well).

But yeah, you're not just talking about a random jagoff anymore. You're talking about a person that has skill training in Daemonology, acquired a tome for his purposes through who knows what means, and has thrown together a legitimate conspiracy. Heck, I might use it as the next premise for my low level Acolytes!

Which kind of illustrates the point - it's not the random disgrunted dregs you need to watch out for. It's the ones with just enough spark, cunning, and guile to break through the Feudalistic machinery and show the potential of being something more.

>> No.25409097


Just because you have the instructions doesn't mean they'll work.

>> No.25409141

>But yeah, you're not just talking about a random jagoff anymore.

I disagree. The person I'm imagining here got their hands on a bad book, that's it. They're probably making the FL: Daemonology test untrained, just working off the instructions in the tome. Kidnapping the girl shows some initiative, but that's an optional +10. Nothing else he did required much "dedication."

The point I'm trying to make is that if you're a Black Crusade character and you want to fuck up an imperial world good, print 1,000,000 "Summon a Succubus for Sexy Funtimes!" and "Make Any Woman Desire You With This Simple Ritual!" pamphlets and airdrop them over the city. 99% of them get ignored or burned, 1% of them get tried, 0.1% of them get tried SUCCESSFULLY, and that's a thousand daemons loose in the city.

Or, if you're on a more technologically-advanced world, make a post on /x/ with some actually functional instructions.

I'm glad you like the idea of the schlub sorcerer, though!

>> No.25409200

That plan has so few flaws that it is quite scary.
The only flaw I see is that =][= is going to come after your ass and come hard but..

>> No.25409225


Forbidden Lore: Daemonology is a specialist skill, it can't be used untrained. That's not to say the half-wit schlub couldn't have it - a looted tome could easily double as a primer. It is to say that he has to put in the time and the effort and the work (in other words, experience points) to create his foundation of understanding.

That takes him out of the realm of ordinary and into exceptional. That doesn't mean that he can't be bumbling and make critical mistakes - he's still probably more likely to fail at his ultimate objective than not, even after all that. But he has a chance, and that's more than most in the 41st millennium have got on their side.

>> No.25409278


And suddenly, you realize why something as basic as literacy is so often controlled on Imperial Worlds.

>> No.25409279


Well, yeah. That's why he's at a +50, not a +100. And if it's not a real ritual, then of course nothing happens. The point is that you don't need to be a psyker or have years of sorcerer training. All you need is a small crumb of real knowledge, and you can... well... fuck up, get possessed, and become a very dangerous daemonhost who sacrifices your family in a ritual to bring more through.

This is why Forbidden Lore is forbidden, this is why the Inquisition will kill you for knowing it.

>> No.25409299


Shut up, Emily.

>> No.25409329

This is why you make a pictogram over the ritual.
"Deamon summoning for dummies in dummies!"

>> No.25409436


Ah, true enough, my mistake. He has to have spent some time reading the book and taken an elite advance. He's a 300xp character, rather than a 0xp character.

Still, you see what I'm talking about? A 300xp character can summon daemons. With... let's see, 50% chance of success, 20% chance on the table, modify for... about 5% chance, every time he tries it, of becoming a daemonhost. And those are SERIOUSLY bad news, they run around killing people, starting cults, and (worst of all) teaching people to summon more daemons.

A book of Daemon lore doesn't need to be owned by an evil genius to be dangerous. It's a serious threat even in the hands of a disgruntled factory serf. Which is why you don't teach those motherfuckers to read.

>> No.25409528

I'd also point out that most summoning rituals are at a -20 penalty or worse, even before the extraneous mods... most people, even with the skill training, simply aren't going to be able to do anything.

Random people can still cause havoc and mayhem out of nowhere with a little knowledge and innovation, but I like to think of that less as 'any brainless fool can do this' and more 'even the most menial worker can have the capacity for exceptional potential - even if that potential is horrifying'.

>> No.25409609


600 xp.

Mother FUCKER bought Linguistics

>> No.25409648

Iron GM challenge:

Your BBEG must defeat the PCs (at least 3 Inquisition Acolytes of 4000 xp or more) and take over or destroy the world.

Your BBEG is a disgruntled factory worker.

His stats are as follows:

25 in every characteristic
Speak Language: Low Gothic (+0)
Common Lore: Imperium (+0)
Forbidden Lore: Daemonology (+0)

Nothing else. Can he fuck up bad enough to take a whole world down with him?

>> No.25409669


>> No.25409706


>25 in every characteristic
>25 Infamy


>> No.25409838


Not if he's a normal Imperial Worlder! They treat Literacy as a basic skill. Of course, they also get a -5 on Forbidden Lore tests.

All of which I love, for the guy we're discussing. I can just picture him sitting up with his evil tome late at night, finger moving along the page as he sounds out the words. "sum... sum-mon a suh... suc... suck? I like the sound of that! And the picture has boobies..."

>> No.25409859

> gets possessed and consumed to summon a bloodthirster into the materium

>> No.25409960


Also, I'm sure this could happen. I had a Plague Marine and a Nurgle Psyker get punked mid-ritual by two - count 'em, TWO - 500 xp Guardsmen armed with laspistols.

>> No.25410010


>> No.25410038


"Okay, I need a liter of...of...gli-gli-glitterstim."
"Wow, you suck."
"Shut it, Emily. Now...arrange the powder in a p...pen...pentagram, and-"
"This is really boring, you know."
"Emily, please! Why won't you be quiet?"
"Because you only had money for rope and not a gag?"
"You've got me tied up here, and I'm really bored."
"Just be quiet and let me read..."

>> No.25410208

>Daemonette is successfully summoned
>Into Emily
>She is now daemonhost
>She continues to complain and insult him
>PCs find recording of the event a year later
>"This... this is the Arch-Heretic of Karr? This guy is the reason we had to nuke three hive cities?"

>> No.25410249


>> No.25410253


Part of an ongoing Only War campaign, heavy recon unit (meaning they all have a walker, but are absolute chumps outside of 'em). They're moving to intercept a ritual of considerable import at a remote Arbites facility that's been taken over by Chaos cultists.

Despite meeting heavy resistance from some of the cultists who decided to go raiding with the Arbites APCs and bikes, they eventually reach their objective. Sergeant orders the primary Operator to fire on the facility on the outside to draw their fire while he and the rest of the squad infiltrate.

The plan is to reactivate the Arbites Outpost's automated defenses indiscriminately after sneaking in through the waste disposal on the underside of the facility. Things, yeah... do not go to plan. They botch their stealth and get caught by the two remaining cultists, the Plague Marine and the psyker, and have to survive for a minute so the tech-priest can complete her tech-use test (minimum minute usage, which means 12 rounds of combat).

Sergeant leads with an overloaded laspistol shot on the psyker, which hits, but plague marine activates Guardian talent and intercepts. Unfortunately for him, that gives up his suite of actions for the next round, including reactions, and the fucking Sarge crits him in the fucking face for Righteous Fury, blinding him for 1d5 rounds.

Meanwhile the psyker's still trying to complete the ritual, sacrificing victims, nearing the ultimate climax. The other guardsman, seeing how desperate the situation is, goes all-out on her and blasts with a semi-auto. She decides to dodge using the Foreboding power. Does so with utter ease - and you know what comes next-

Triggers Psychic Phenomena in the process.
Which triggers Perils.
Which triggers GRAND SUMMONING.

Tweaked it a bit due to the thematics of the situation - used a Plaguebearer instead of a Bloodletter. But now the Plaguebearer, while he's all for the plague marine's plan...

>> No.25410294


"Once I complete this ritual, I finally won't be a virgi-"
"Can you at least turn on the Pictcaster?"
"No, Emily."
"Then the voxcaster?"
"No, Emily..."
"At least put some music on the cogitator."
"Emily, please! I'm really busy! This takes a lot of concentration!"
"My nose itches."

>> No.25410401


...doesn't have access to the Sacrifice talent of the psyker's. Has to make Intelligence tests in order to recall it, eating up even more time. At this point, plague marine is back up and has been firing away while running his quarry to ground, both guardsmen are in critical despite judicious use of cover.

Plaguebearer finally recalls the Sacrifice talent, just as plague marine gets fed up and tosses a Legion Frag Grenade to finish off the guardsmen. Botches HORRIBLY. Grenade bounces, check scatter diagram... right into the center of the ritual circle.

BOOM. Roll max damage and max feet traveled. Plaguebearer possessed psyker dives away, but everyone else is sent flying. The Judge of this Arbites facility survives the attack, if barely, and now free of his restraints, blasts at the plague marine with his Ringleader pistol and puts another hole through his skull, bringing him on top of everything else into a True Grit situation... and then I check and wow, has it already been twelve rounds?

The guardsmen are barely able to make a break for the poop chute as turrets pop up everywhere and blow away everything in the building. So yeah, more like they 'survived' 'em, but even that was punching above their weight class like they had no business doing.

>> No.25410697

The scary thing is that this makes it perfectly clear why the Inquisition executes Guardsmen who have fought daemons, and why they're totally right to do so.

>Guard fighting daemons
>Valiant servants of the emperor are victorious
>I.G. Joe is bayoneting a horribly seductive hell-bitch
>she says "Aw, looks like you boys win this round. My name's Aserbias, honey. Call me!" and then dissapates back into the warp

>Years later, Joe is having a flashback nightmare
>Talking in his sleep
>"Aserbias... Aserbias... Asterbias..."
>Oh, shit, Joe, as far as Tzeench is concerned you just ATTEMPTED A SUMMONING
>and you FAILED
>roll on the DUN FUCKED UP table

>> No.25410718


>> No.25410856


I wouldn't quite concur with Tzeentch on that as a GM (for one, daemon true name is a huge bonus to summoning!), but while the aforementioned guardsmen survived (thanks to an Inquisitor who's bordering on *very* heavy Radicalism) that unfortunate episode is how the entire regiment got the Condemned drawback from HotE.

The PCs are not exactly at the zenith of their popularity in the IG now...

>> No.25410965

>being demeaned and insulted by a sex demon

Oh, no. That would... that would be terrible. And not my fetish at all.

>> No.25411112

"Now, I have to pour...Harp? Harp's blood? On the pentagram?"
"That's probably heart's blood."
"Shut up Emily, you don't have the book!"
"Derek, you cheated off of all my tests through Emperor Day school, and that's the only reason that you weren't consigned to remedial penitent duties, so listen to me, I'm telling you right now, there's no such thing as harp's blood."
"Emily you are the worst sacrifice ever, I should have grabbed my sister."
"That would have been good, I'd have liked seeing her kick your ass again."
"Shut up Emily! I'm going to be, be, be elbow deep in succubus titties soon, and, and you're going to be really mad that you dumped me! I'll show you! Just as soon as I get back from the apothecaries with that harp's blood, you'll see!"

>> No.25411209

It's harp seal blood, you silly bint. This is why it went wrong.

>> No.25411238


Can we get a drawfag in here for Derek the Daemonologist?

>> No.25412541


After some "research" Dereks realizes that the harp seal went extinct before the unification wars.

He is a bit bummed out, but luckily it seems like you can substitute it with Thylacine or Passenger Pigeon blood.

>> No.25413008

By the time he comes back, Emily has crawled over to the pict caster and turned it on to watch her soaps.

>> No.25413049


Also, she absolutely refuses to belive that there ever was anything named a Harp Seal.

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