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New 40k MMO announced, apparently.


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Well I'll be...they're going through with it.

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>We are an independent world leader in the video game industry. We work with
the industry's top entertainment companies to create fun games for the whole

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Their resume is wholly unimpressive.

Disgusting, even.

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wow, they....they have made alot of horrible shit

this game is going to suck

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Goddamnit GW.

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My only hope is Sega says relic can start making DoW3 again when coh2 finally ships
i mean they announced it before THQ went under but had to shelve it for obvious reasons
but cmon sega, you know you want to

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>We are an independent world leader in the video game industry.
>Independent world leader in video game
>world leader in video game
O-ok... I've never heard of them, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Let's see what games they've ma-

>Doritos Crash Course
>Dogshow Friends
>Swing the Panda
Hahahahahaha! This can't be real.


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for one second I thought they had made Dante's Inferno...

but no, it was only the psp version.

This game IS gonna suck

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time to ignore this with a passion and hope it dies before it comes out and shits on 40k worse then GW already does

not like this fandom needs another reason to be hated "lol your wowclone mmo fucking blows" is just.....not cool

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I... I'm actually pretty okay with this.
It's damn near impossible that they will ever create something that comes close to a proper 40k MMO. Knowing that its just interesting to see what they come up with.

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Oh no, Captain, that blaster shot from the evil Chaos minion made you drop your rings! Quick, collect them all before you run out of lives!

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Is it just me, or does this sound like they're trying to reanimate the corpse of dark millennium? This is gonna be another "cool concept, terrible execution" things, isn't it? At least it's nit another wow clone.

Also, what's with gw throwing their IPs to all these unknown publishers? It's the same deal with space hulk and Armageddon. Do they just go with the cheapest bid? I know they ate pretty retarded with money.

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This. I'm pretty sure it's going to crash and burn, but in an epic fashion. At the very least, this will all be useful for a good laugh if nothing else.

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>"cool concept, terrible execution"
Yep. Sorry. If it helps, it hurts me too.

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Actually, it's not as bad as you think.

The developer who are making it are actually working on Star Citizen. They are creating the planets that you land on and so on. That makes the possibility of a 3rd person Planet-Side game possible.

Also, some companies have to start SOME where. Don't judge till it's out. Which is End of 2015. Plus, we have no idea if they purchased the Dark Meillenium Online IP, or if that indeed went to Bioware. If it went to these guys, they basically have a 70% game done. Has classes and dungeons and so on. Leaked info saying at Lv.40 you get to do a quest to unlock Heroic Class Grey Knight.

While this game has been mentioned all night, people have missed it. However, we do have one quote from the dev's about it:

“players choose a Warhammer 40,000 race and fight directly as one of their warriors in massive conflicts for territory.”

So, it's looking like you can be any race and it's going to act like Planet Side 2.

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dark millenium might have been a good game, the problem was funding for them not dev ability
this seems to be decent funding, horrendously bad devs

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I can't be the only one who wants to see this

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>some companies have to start SOME where.

this isnt a new company, they have many titles, and they are all horrible
your comment only really applies if they are new to the scene tbh

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>Leaked info saying at Lv.40 you get to do a quest to unlock Heroic Class Grey Knight.

Ugh. UGH.

I am not even a GK hater, but UGH.

Why not make GK a faction and you play as a neophyte or strike squad marine and then special unlock at 40 be terminator or something.

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>At least it's nit another wow clone.

Unhatched chicken count: 1.

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Dude, the bioware thing got debunked ages ago. How people even fell for that in the first place boggles my mind. It was one unknown dude on his personal blog claiming "sources".

Anyways, having it prebuilt could be a good thing, but finishing someone elses work can also end badly. Just not the same as building it yourself.

Good point about starting somewhere.

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Holy fuck, after looking at this developer's history of game releases, I can say for absolute certain that this will suck.

The art looks cool though, unless it's all just ripped from GW's archives for the site, in which case fuck them.

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They have a really worrying amount of movie tie in games.

Still, they might produce something decent. Lets just wait any see.

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>Plus, we have no idea if they purchased the Dark Meillenium Online IP

I believe that was one of the unsold properties from when THQ died and sold off it's assets.

And thank fucking god for that, because Dark Millenium stopped being an MMO over a year ago, and was turned into a third person Mass Effect clone.

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Well, it looks to be a rebuild of dark millennium, which was built with the space marine engine. So, action rpg+ shooter. It might still have generic quests, but it's more than just wow at least.

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I mean getting a chance to do a big game. 40k will be a big game.

Yes, GW seems to be helping small developers by giving them the IP. Like the Space Hulk game. The unnamed table-top turn based tactical game.

DMO looked good. It was nearing completion. All that data has to of gone somewhere. Rumours say both the Space Marine IP and the DMO IP have gone to Bioware. So, it's possible it'll be from them.

However, if this company DID get the data of DMO, then they have a pretty solid base, DMO was a 3rd person shooter. So, they could be making DMO bigger or changing it into a sort of PlanetSide game as I said. Who knows. Until I see gameplay, I'm not going to judge a company, regardless of their previous titles. We know nothing about them in terms of exactly what their business model is. They could, like lots of new dev's do, make the crappy games, tie-in games and so on to, you know, make capital, then using that to make a Mid-Level game, then sell that and so on. Just because their past games were 'bad', does not mean the developers and workers are bad. They might of had NO CHOICE but to make stuff to sell quickly.

It was leaked at the start of the year DMO was supposed to come out. Problem is, it was then announced to be cancelled 2 months later. Which is probably why stuff was leaked.

We'll see. I am not judging till I see it. For example, Tom Clancy's The Division sounded crap, but when I saw the gameplay footage, my jaw dropped. But, UbiSoft are spitting on the platform that made them, the PC, and The Division, which is a 3rd person MMO, is console only. Oh, and so is The Crew, a racing MMO game. Thanks UbiSoft.

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Doesn't matter. Plenty of studios had a good game even if it wasn't a triple A or A-list title. Some even got it right and their first/only game was a good one.

This is another shithole video game company that shits out shitty games nobody would want to play anyways. It's like those Sponge Bob video games.

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Again, the bioware thing got debunkef

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>Why not make GK a faction and you play as a neophyte or strike squad marine and then special unlock at 40 be terminator or something.
Why not a game where you don't play the universe penultimate killbot Mk.8?

Nothing kills a game for me more than when you're the strongest ubermensch of your faction's forces.

Give me a third person shooter, light cover mechanics, where you have the choice to play as a simple Imperial Guardsmen/PDF, an Adeptus Arbites recruit, or a low level Ganger.

Fighting to save your planet from Mutants Freedom Fighters, Alpha Cultists, and, fuck it, Dark Eldar Raiders.

Or vice versa.

Spooce Morons are getting very boring, very quickly.

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>light cover mechanics

Get out.

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If you can't play as space marines your game is going to be a flop. Period.

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I know, but I'm trying to say this company has built up skills and capital by making tie-in games. Somebody has to do it. They are now trying their hand at something big. No matter how you look at it, an MMO is big. Until I see footage or at least screenshots, I will not slam them for trying to make something which should of been made years ago.

Thanks, your post wasn't up when I was typing so I didn't see it. That's good. So, it's possible they are turning the now-singleplay-game-DMO into an MMO again. Who knows. As I've said, we need footage to confirm our fears or sooth them.

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>i don't like the most popular faction in the game
>so you shouldn't be allowed to play as them

That's retarded. How would you feel if the game is only space marines?

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>end of 2015
Psh, It isn't even going to be relevant for two years anyways, probably longer.

>> No.25388933

When did I say I didn't like the Space Marines?

All I said is that they're getting boring, and there should be a game that gives you something else.

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I heard an Ork voice, Ork faction confirmed.

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Well, they later denied that dmo was going single player only, so I'm guessing this is where it ended up. Sounds too similar to be coincidence. Still, guess we'll wait and see

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As I said, this is the only information we go, a quote from the developers:

“players choose a Warhammer 40,000 race and fight directly as one of their warriors in massive conflicts for territory.”

Choose a 40k race. It doesn't say "Choose a Space Marine Chapter". But Race. So that sounds like human, Eldar, Tau and so on.

Exactly, they have MMO experience by making stuff for Star Citizen (Which I've donated $800 to) so, until we see footage we should be happy 40k is getting an MMO. 2 years is a long time in development. So, we can but hope it'll be good.

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Well I can't imagine they'd make an MMO for 40k and not include the playable Xenos.

>> No.25388997

There was an Eldar powersword there too! I'm excited if this is even vaguely similar to planetside 2

>> No.25389006


But that idiot can imagine a 40K MMO without MEQ?

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>Spooce Morons are getting very boring, very quickly
>are getting

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Name a successful 40k game where you can't play as a spacemarine.

>> No.25389085

From the voices at the beginning thing so far Eldar, Orks,Imps, and Chaos are confirmed. I imagine other races will be expanses or something.

>> No.25389092

>2 years is a long time in development

No, it's not. Not for a MMO. Here's hoping they have DMO's legacy content, and that it's not "kill ten servo-skulls, then report to Farseer Kumquat".

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Warhammer 40000 the tabletop Wargame

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Oh look, the moron thinks correlation equals causation.

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Justified or not, you have to admit warhammer kiddies that would make up the major population of this game want to be a space marine.

>> No.25389149

>Oh look, I don't have evidence!

>> No.25389210


You can play as a space marine in that.


Fire Warrior exists, you know, as do other games where you can't play as space marines. My guess is you don't know about them because they were unsuccessful. Probably because they didn't have space marines.

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Have Space Marines in a game doesn't make is successful. You'd be stupid to think that was the key to success. Full retard stupid.

>> No.25389243

I meant using the DMO content.

Also, even if they have not, we don't know how long they've been working on it. So on, so forth. It's a shame, but we can but hope.

Wait till the flood of YouTube videos of footage and the "LOL DIS GAEM GUNNA SOOX" posts. Until then, we have to try and keep positive. We need a 40k MMO. It's the perfect setting.

If they can make it like The Division, where you just walk around and investigate areas rather than quests (at least the gameplay footage didn't seem to have quests)

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>Yes, GW seems to be helping small developers by giving them the IP. Like the Space Hulk game. The unnamed table-top turn based tactical game.

GW isn't giving its IP out to these companies out of the goodness of their black, shriveled hearts. My best guess is that they're the cheapest option, which strikes me as frankly bizarre, because this is the kind of project that you'd want to sink some serious capital into. You're opening up your IP to thousands if not millions of potential customers. Dawn of War catapulted 40K into mainstream knowledge for gamers who were around then; a successful 40K MMO could very well trigger a second LoTR bubble like the movies did, only this time, it would last more or less indefinitely so long as the games kept being made.

But then again, it's GW. They make seemingly retarded decisions with their money all the time.

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One key to success is popularity and sales. Space Marines get you both, and not including them is to your own detriment.

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You are fully retarded.

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I'm not the one spamming the thread with shitty images in response to every post that disagrees with me.

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>"kill ten servo-skulls, then report to Farseer Kumquat"

Lol'd so hard

>> No.25389381


But it would be an action MMO, so you'd be like flipping out doing some Devil May Cry shit on those servo skulls and then Farseer Kumquat would put on sunglasses and rip off his robes and be all like "This party's gettin' CUH-RAZY!!!"

>> No.25389389

Stop samefagging.

You're the one arguing that unoriginality and repetition is the key success, and if that were true they're be no such thing as a new IP.

Stop being retarded, and go kill yourself.

>> No.25389401


I've played Neverwinter, a so-called "action MMO". It's nothing like that.

>> No.25389423

>samefag accusation
>that time stamp

>> No.25389463

Go and check 'em, faggot.

Oh, and if I'm not same-fagging, feel free to take your own advice and do the human gene pool a favor.

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>You're the one arguing that unoriginality and repetition is the key success

What was that?

>> No.25389491

I've never understood how a company can manage to make the opposite decision of what even basic common sense would dictate every time. I mean, I'm actually a little impressed.

>> No.25389508


Better not tell him what a MOBA is.

>> No.25389518


Can we get this thread back on track plz?

>> No.25389523


Because we keep giving them money. If the monkey got a blowjob instead of an electric shock every time they hit the button, why wouldn't they keep hitting the button.

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File: 92 KB, 654x711, houtarou nno thank you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Nah. The thing is that MMO's are the single hardest genre for ANYONE to do.

40k is a notoriously difficult IP to pull off as well.

These guys have a full resume, and it's not full of good things.

It's a fairly safe assumption that this game will be absolutely terrible.

>> No.25389642

Oh well
I'm sure I won't be the only one here for whom the novelty of running around as an Ork or spehss mehreen will keep me playing through a crappy game. At least for a while.

>> No.25389663


If the company can't keep the servers alive you won't even have a crappy game to play.

>> No.25389664


I'll give you half the time it took for /v/ to drop Star Wars Galaxies.

>> No.25389677

A term that can describe any multiplayer game up to and including Quake.

>> No.25389722

>Quake is a MOBA

No it isn't, you faggot.

That's like saying Quake is an RTS because it's real time and takes strategy.

>> No.25389742




>> No.25389756

It's a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

The term is ARTS. Or ASSFAGGOTS if you want to be specific.

>> No.25389765

>Or ASSFAGGOTS if you want to be specific.

Sounds apt.

>> No.25389773


What if I played Quake on LAN with bots in a non-arena map.

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/tg/ Why are we all so bitter?

Can't we have one day, just one day, of hope? That's all I ask.

In return, I offer you the silliest Commissar I know.

>> No.25389793

Aeon of Strife Style Fortress Assault Game Going On Two Sides. Very specific.
Same thing as you playing DotA with bots.

>> No.25389794

>implying regular RTS don't have as much action as "A"RTS/MOBAs


More, even since there's more shit on the screen.

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File: 222 KB, 689x602, Get a load of this grot cam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.25389801



>> No.25389819


Can't play DotA on a map without lanes.

>> No.25389827

It's called ACTION because it's far more ACTION oriented and less micromanagement oriented.

>> No.25389829


It's entirely micromanagement. That's all you do.

>> No.25389845

There are several mods that say differently.
Yeah nah, fuck off. Nobody but Riot actually says MOBA. The original term was DotAlike.

>> No.25389853

No it isn't. By that logic WoW is entirely micromanagement.

>> No.25389887


WoW isn't an RTS.

>> No.25389889


Can't even fucking spell it, can you?

C'mon man, not even the most inbred, mentally-challenged member of the human race would claim that Quake is a MOBA. Time to fuck off to another thread.

>> No.25389912

Except, you know, everyone who has ever complained that MOBA is a meaningless term.

Fuck off, Riotdrone.

>> No.25389941

But it plays similarly to an ARTS in several ways.

>> No.25389958


Everyone knows DotA 2 is the real DotA successor.

LoL is just F2P Call of DotA: Boobs Edition.

>> No.25389967


I'd say any similarities you could draw between the two could be drawn between any video game of any genre since the two play nothing alike.

>> No.25389992


I wonder if they let you choose what chapter you are from if you choose Space Marines...

>Roll Blood Raven
>All missions involve "borrowing" relics from other chapters...

Yes please.

>> No.25389994

>implying I play that shitty genre

>> No.25390026

I disagree. Truth is that micromanagement has little to do with DotA unless you're actively playing a hero that involves multiple units like Meepo.

>> No.25390057

Then why the fuck are you arguing the term?

>> No.25390067

Dark Heresy, Only War, Rogue Trader. Easy.

>> No.25390098


I'm mostly curious about this simply to see WHY GW would give this studio the rights.

>> No.25390102

>Dark Heresy
Daemon Hunter has rules for playing as a Grey Knight. Even has rules for a Dreadknight.

>> No.25390111

Because you seem to think shit like DOTA and League are the same as an FPS.

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Delicious autism.

>> No.25390136


Microing one unit doesn't count as micro?

>> No.25390148

Quake is a Multiplayer game that is Online and takes place in a Battle Arena.
It's a MOBA.

>> No.25390151


Pretty sure it was a joke.

I'm pretty sure all these posts are jokes...

>> No.25390162

>Battle Arena

No it doesn't. It takes place in a Quake Arena.

>> No.25390163

Not unless you count WoW as a micromanagement-oriented game, as I said.

>> No.25390175


Then Quake is a FPSBA since multiplayer and online are redundant and not used in FPS, which Quake is.

>> No.25390179

It's an arena you battle in. It's a battle arena.

>> No.25390188


WoW has minions.

>> No.25390192

And that in a nutshell is why MOBA is a stupid term, since it applies to pretty much any game that's online.

>> No.25390200


Some Quake maps aren't arenas. They're just FPS maps.

>> No.25390211

So does a couple units in DotA. Those are the only micromanagement-oriented heroes. Still doesn't make the game on a whole involve it.

>> No.25390218

Ok, so we expect this to end up badly

But lets try and think positively. Suppose this doesn't turn out horrible, what kind if features would this game need to have to make you satisfied, or at least features you think would make the game great

>Play as Commissar character who has two-three guardsmen following you around (ala Granada Espada) your skills command the guardsmen around
>Mechanically inclined characters that aren't just gadget users. Like being a Mekboy you can actually loot tanks and vehicles and equipment and build things from scrap. One idea I can think of is you can create custom "blueprints" for vehicles, so when you loot them, you spend the material cost, and the looted tank becomes your blueprint.
>No universal currency, Ork's using Teef, Imps using whatever they use
>Being able to actually play as a Mekboy

>> No.25390240

FPS multiplayer maps could be seen as arenas.

But even so, it still applies to MOST of Quake even if you don't count those maps.

>> No.25390263


Granada Espada is a terrible game and your ideas are terrible.

I expect commissars to be a high damage 1v1 type character who gives group buffs and allows you to target one party member and kill them for insane bonuses, sort of like paladins can kill themslves to save teammates. Put it on a long cooldown to keep butthurt to a minimum.

How awesome it'll be to execute people you hate.

>> No.25390273

Oh woah. Wonder how that goes for balance. Failing that, there was no playable beakies in core, which was successful enough that people made more - and there's the two other 40k RPGs without beakies.

>> No.25390274


First we must define each term. Starting with arena.

>> No.25390294
File: 972 KB, 1000x1300, threadhighlights.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25390312

They start with a shitload of XP, I forget how much.
Basically it tells you to either only play as a party of Grey Knights or only play as a Grey Knight in an Ascension party.

>> No.25390318

Yes, Granada Espada was bad, but the concepts were interesting. Are you saying you don't think it would be neat to walk around with a small group of guardsmen "pets" that you command and control as a commissar?

>> No.25390338

Since ARTS maps don't take place in big open spaces but in fact have lots of little nooks and crannies, I'd say an arena is an enclosed map that players are put in so as to kill each other.

>> No.25390381


Yes, having guardsmen follow you around like pets is stupid. Being able to commander nearby IG NPCs and have them fight with their own AI but not follow you would be fine though.

>> No.25390385


Or having a cooldown that summons a Valkyrie that drops off shit tons of guardsmen who do DPS until they die.

>> No.25390396


Nah, this thread's pretty tame in terms of full blown retardation.

>> No.25390423

white male privilege

>> No.25390511


Why not just have it be like the Mastermind class from CoH/CoV?

Have abilities that summon npc guardsmen that follow you around.

>Summon guardsmen

Summons 3 guardsmen to follow you around and dps until they die

>Summon Kasrkin
Summons 2 Kasrkin squad member to follow you and dps until they die

>Summon Ogryn
Summons 1 Ogryn that follows you and DPS's until it dies.

Each of these have unique seperate abilities. If you play as a commisar you can 'execute' a squad member to gain unique buffs based on the minion you executed.

Just an idea

>> No.25390518

>There is a hidden WAAAGH! mechanic that only Weirdboys have the faintest hint of
>Having lots of Orks in the same area creates hidden buffs to weapons and attacks and crafting chances, and Weirdboy's spells do more damage.

>> No.25390539

>coming soon
>end of 2015


remind me in another 2 years and I will care

>> No.25390582

Honestly, it's hard to tell the difference with Farseers
And male Howling Banshees for that matter

>> No.25390588

You're right, actually. Personally, I prefer to call them ASSFAGGOTS.

>> No.25390601


The 2 Kasrkin and 1 Ogryn seem like good ideas, I don't know why. Maybe because 3 Guardsmen seems to be kind of lame when Guardsmen should be coming in droves, and having them follow you around a la Overlord when you're walking around town is stupid.

kasrkin seem more like personal bodyguards, as does ogryn who are naturally dumb, so that seems more flavorful to have a pet ogryn.

>> No.25390610


>> No.25390627


Path of the Seer is co-ed. Banshee Aspect Shrine is female only. Chances are if they have a fancy Ulthwe style robe they are either flat or male. Bring back boobplate farseers.

>> No.25390646

>yfw the discs cost $150 and the monthly fee is $60 and there's also DLC

>> No.25390655


Why would this happen when the other 40K games followed normal video game pricing.

>> No.25390660


Yeah, just like every farseer ever mentioned outside of fucking DoW.

>> No.25390687


I just copy pasted the MM abilities from City of Heroes. And replaced some words with 40K names.

This can be tweaked to something more fitting.

There was actually an ability in City of Heroes called Gang war for masterminds. It summoned a horde of 'cannon fodder' minions that dpsed until they died.

They dropped like flies but there was a lot of them. you could make that like a call Guardsmen squad ability.

>> No.25390688


They made all the video game farseers female probably just to add some gender diversity. All the other warlords are male.

>> No.25390693

Er... men can join the Banshees. They just have to basically take on a female persona.

I wish I had that picture of the male Howling Banshee getting hit on by a Striking Scorpion.

>> No.25390719


All the shit I'm reading says "all-female" and one instance says "one notable exception...almost always female".

>> No.25390728

Weren't a few others in Retribution female, like the Autarch?

Also, it's funny how the gender diverse farseers all lost and one of which was in fact more incompetent than Eldorath Starbane.

>> No.25390793

Gav Thorpe was going to put a male Howling Banshee in path of the Warrior to show exactly that.

It's pretty much that the Eldar basically say "as long as I'm wearing the Banshee armor, I'm a girl".

>> No.25390843


>> No.25390871

Yeah, best at getting a craftworld worth of Eldar eaten by Khorne.

>> No.25390889


You tell Gav Thorpe to mind his damn business before I come down there and beat his ass.


>> No.25390907


DoW2 farseers are all moe. Too bad about the flat chest.

>> No.25391016

Er, most have gigantic E-cups.

>> No.25391048
File: 104 KB, 660x809, 87484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


E stands for Eldar.

>> No.25391094
File: 23 KB, 322x337, 1341665765711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying Gav can't take out every poster of /tg/ with a single swing of a keyboard

>> No.25391458

Looks like a female eldar giving us a finger

>> No.25392126

Path of the Warrior has a male autarch that was a howling banshee in the past.

Everybody can become whatever the fuck they want, but it's awkward when a male becomes a howling banshee.

>> No.25392882
File: 2.92 MB, 2312x3584, inquisitorialrosettelarge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thought for the day: The man who has nothing can still have faith.

>> No.25393029

Same reason why Capcom gave Devil May Cry IP to Ninja Theory

>> No.25393163

>male takes the aspect of the banshee
>day 1 walks into the changing room
>nosebleed, suddenly an exarch screams ANATA BAKA and throws something at him

Music plays, it's... ELDAR HIGH SCHOOL

>> No.25393186

Id watch it

>> No.25393213


I thought they were only doing that one game.

>> No.25393269
File: 3 KB, 281x126, TheFateOfAnyGenericMMO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Talk to The Emperor of Mankind to obtain a quest
> Collect 10 Heretic asses

The only possible way for GW to not fuck up a 40K MMO is to make it exactly like some of the 40K strategy games, combined with something like Planet Side 1, or Eve Online; but without the spread sheet autist tier grinding.

Definitely not like PlanetSide 2 though, that shit is fucking image related at the moment. It's a grindy MMO like any other; in fact more grindy than anything, because you can get infinite certs, where in PS1 you were limited and forced to specialize.
Also that fucking cash shop, and camo patterns and fucking ground-light lumifiber TF2 hat wearing shit that destroys the graphical themes. I'd rather have ads in my game than that shit.

>> No.25393283

As far as I'm concerned, the best they could do here would be to borrow heavily from Planetside 2.
The 40K nature of the game would mean that combat would flow differently, with more support for melee combat and the RPG elements would be handled differently. Less emphasis on weapon customization (unless you're orks) and more emphasis on skill and weapon type specializations.

And much more emphasis on resources in the game to the point where choosing a weapon with cheaper ammunition over a weapon with good damage would be a viable option.

Space marines, nobs, psykers and other high end characters would be made available for a limited amount of time upon the completion of various feats. Vaguely like MAX units, but not dirt cheap.

No gray knights at all, those guys just plain have no place in a game like this.

Most important of all - make healing incredibly limited. Any serious healing is done back home in a hospital, field medicine can just patch up wound side effects.
The only disposable health buffer you have available is armor, and there is only so many times you can repair a set.

>> No.25393288
File: 220 KB, 719x800, warhammer_40k_ORk_by_PabelBilly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I reckon these umies are just soft gits who need a good stomping

All of my money.

Just please, please don't be like WoW

>> No.25393292

wait... wait, I got it.

just copy the table-top game and all its rules, put it in the computer, and let the multiplayer game reach player counts of 1000's on a planet-sized map.

sadly GW would probably go maximum-capitalist on your wallet with a cash shop requiring you to buy figurines for your squad

>> No.25393305

> Less emphasis on weapon customization (unless you're orks)

if I can't make a gun as an ork that looks like one you can draw in fan art, the game is shit. period.

>> No.25393315

>yfw you get to draw your gun parts with your mouse

>> No.25393333

The basic ork gun is a pair of metal tubes welded at an angle with a trigger an opening for a magazine somewhere on one of the tubes.

It shoots bullets. Most of the time. It tends to jam if not enough orks are present.

>> No.25393341
File: 6 KB, 225x225, DisgustedGuyAtLaptopScreen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> you color your gun red
> it shoots faster

>> No.25393358


Fire Warrior

>> No.25393369
File: 915 KB, 1200x1713, tg plays vidya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't even try to deny that you want to try thus game.

>> No.25393391

10/10, would pray and play.

>> No.25393420

Space Marines, Chaos, Orks and Eldar...

So how are they going to balance it? I'd rather not have the other team be 90% Space Marine scouts.

With any luck, they start as Imperial Guard. Start off as rubbish low level dudes, earn points by achieving objectives and killing stuff, use points to buy one off upgrades to higher class dudes.

Imagine it, a bunch of dudes save up for fucking ages, upgrade to Terminators and teleport into the middle of the enermy base. Hundreds of Orks charge at them and get mowed down, however slowly but surely the Terminators are dragged down with them. By the time they seize the objective and carry it out of the base, theres only one left, and just as he falls a couple of Rhinos zoom around the corner and drive back the oncoming hordes long enough to make off with the prize

I mean hell, I play Orks and I'd be thrilled to see something like that.

>> No.25393442
File: 28 KB, 1892x704, 40k troop trees.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Troop tree concept.

Having trouble with their orks, they don't have as much advancement as Space marines, especially without making you start as a boy which doesn't work because units of the same tier need to be roughly the same strength, i think a scout marine would be superior to a flash git though but if it starts at Nob it makes the tree even shorter.


>> No.25393472

Honestly, I would rather not involve the eldar in this at all.
Aside from the obvious - the eldar don't do frontal warfare unless they are setting themselves up for defeat, they are supposed to have the best mobility and guns around, aside from some seriously high end mechanicus and tau gear.
They also have the best psykers, aside from some seriously high end librarians and sorcerers.
All things considered, everyone would be better off just leaving them out of this whole thing.

>> No.25393506

Flash Gits are Nobs with bitchin guns. They are way better than a scout. The ork tree should start at boy and go from there.

>> No.25393507

Here's how I see it:

>Everyone starts as a Scout
>Assault Marines are melee fighters
>Devastators will be ranged specialists
>Tactical Marines are a mixtue of the two

Whatever they do, it'll probably end up being a WoW clone anyway.

>> No.25393518

Look at it from the opposide direction.
Instead of making ranks class equivalents, make ranks just a matter of recognition.

If you invest heavily into stealth, you get the commando rank. If you invest into melee, you get the slugga boy rank. Take that further and you get the 'ard boy rank.

In short - skills and stats are not a consequence of your class, your class is a consequence of your skills and stats.

>> No.25393562

It shouldn't start at boy when Space marines start at scout, a scout would shit all over a boy.
But ranks best fit the concept, Space marines, CSMs, Eldar and even orks all have actual ranks and hierarchy. A space marine doesn't slowly become a chaplain, he is chosen and then trained in that way, the same way you'd choose to take that level. The way you say it could work too, but i still think you'd have to choose the direction. Maybe if you do Stealth you unlock the option to take a commando, but you don't automatically become it, you can choose to, unlocking a new set of abilities.

>> No.25393577

Just to add - your rank would in this case also make equipment available to you.
If you're a guardsman, the techpriests won't just hand out plasma guns to anyone. Or even plsma ammunition, in case you happen to acquire a plasma gun on your own by buying or scavenging one.
You need to be a vet before you would be willing to issue you a plasma gun, and even then, ammunition for it would be limited.

>> No.25393614

>>Everyone starts as a Scout
Just no.
Letting people start as space marines or even space marine candidates is just plain no, even if you go full wowclone class-based route.
Which you shouldn't.

>> No.25393621

So what, you want people to start as some hivescum or feral world tribesman?

>> No.25393650


I don't want this to happen, believe me, but which do you think is an easier sell to the casuals?

>Grind for hours and hours in an almost faithful recreation of the Space Marine initiation process!


>You get fancy bolters and cool armour straight away!

>> No.25393655

I'm thinking guardsman/tech adept for the Imperium, ork boy for the orks, cultist for the forces of Chaos. Stuff like that.

>> No.25393673

Kind of shits on the lore, Guardsmen don't become Space Marines except in extremely rare circumstances. It would make more sense if you were one of the planets native tribesmen who fights the invaders and then gets inducted into the space marines at a certain amount of XP.

>> No.25393682

Yes, but this is an MMO, with multiple character slots. Playing as a faction unlocks other 'classes' within a faction, perhaps? I hate to make this comparison, but akin to how Death Knights are unlocked in WoW by getting another character high enough level.

>> No.25393683


For balance's sake, there's no way that Guard can be involved except as NPCs. I reckon we'll see these factions:

- Space Marines
- Chaos Space Marines
- Eldar
- Orks

GW will use their most visible and recognisable brands for this game.

>> No.25393692

It depends, if all factions start as lowly grunts then you can have guardsmen.

But there's going to have to be some noobie ground to fight in.

>> No.25393704

You have a quest at max level (i'm guessing 30 or so that lets you unlock the space marine character route.
The space marine initiate starts at level 20 or so, then you advance to scout who is level 30 and then move on to space marine ranks, advancing every 5 levels up to 50.

So, you have two endgame stages - one for your lower tier charaters and another for higher tier characters.
chaos gets cultists and mutants at lower levels and chaos space marines and dark mechanicus at higher levels, Imperium gets guard at the lower stages and space marines and mechanicus at the higher stages.

Orks work differently, not sure how.

>> No.25393713

That's terrible game design. People play those games to make "their" dudes stronger and give them all that cool gear, not to unlock bazilion characters that make their old characters obsolete.

>> No.25393714

>guardsman for Imperium


I'd also personally like to see the upper classes needing to be purchased with EXP or points. If you upgrade but then die, either your dude is dead permanently or you can possibly pay some price to get him back - and typically to earn those points back you gotta go do your time as a filthy guardsman again.

The alternative is either an ENORMOUS grind or pay 2 win to get better characters, or alternatively, the whole battlefield will be Warbosses and Farseers and shit. Neither of these seems very good IMO.

>> No.25393723


Just make SM melee only. Guard/Kasrkin/Vindicare for ranged class.

>> No.25393729

I see it more like C&C Renegade. Earn $ or points, spend it to get one off upgrades to a higher level character. That higher level character might continue over between games as long as he survives.

The bonus to something like this is that we'll never have a shortage of rank and file, and that characters will be about as fighty as you'd expect.

>> No.25393744

Thats just stupid, don't speak again.

>> No.25393759

Made WET and Naughty Bear, so at least they are gore loving weirdos.

However, first step into the Genre and expectations out the ass.

Yeah, prepare for a flop

>> No.25393764


I cannot believe how stupid that sounds. Please stop posting. What on earth makes you think that GW will make that happen?

>> No.25393849

lf1m need tank for Slaanesh MUST HAVE 100 PLEASURE RESISTANCE

>> No.25393855

The DK was one of the worst ideas GW came up with. Disregarding all the balancing issues it pretty much was meant to address the issue of having to level from 1 - N on a friends server. Then they solved most of that with all the x-realm bullshit.

I'd honestly be happy with an Age-of-Conan style single player, an two pvp modes: your traditional L33T 5K1llZ mmo crap and a 3rd Person cluster fuck like Sphess Mahreen.

>> No.25393861


Fuck my life I meant Blizzard

>> No.25393877

>Just make SM melee only.
So, the only space marines present are angry marines and khornate fanatics.

>> No.25394186

You forgot Devastator and Assault Marines.

>> No.25394195

Doritos Crash Course is more hardcore than three quarters of what have been shown in the E3.

>> No.25394212

The erp will be interesting!

>> No.25394220

I'd actually like to play a game in which you start in this sword and sorcery type setting as a little kid and the entire tutorial mission is just that, with very little mention of the wider Imperium.
Then the first mission proper is the initiation into the Space Marines.

>> No.25394232

Pretty much only the Eldar are going to have female characters, and I'm fairly certain every faction will be its own faction.

So it's gay sex or elf rape, no exceptions.

>> No.25394292


My dream of piloting a crisis suit will come sooner or later.

>> No.25394311

I played Klingon in early STO for the RP setting, no matter how bad this is, I'll be there if I get to RP a balls-o-steel guardsmen outside of Only War.

>> No.25394428

There will be 24/7 Ork Rp

xxxLoothackerzxxx: Wo u talk bou? Tis game is convusing.
Pinki3pi3:'What are you talking about?'

>> No.25394438
File: 355 KB, 446x400, 0115235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>he thinks there won't be "Forces of Order" with Eldar as bicycles

>> No.25394447

There are only 4 races. There's no reason they have to be allied.

>> No.25394464

Why the fuck do these nobodies have Sims 3 listed as one of their games?

>> No.25394466

But they will.
Developers and publishers see nothing more than WoW. It's the canon, the STC of the fucking MMOs.
Moving outside of grinding and armor with color tiers(white, green,blue, purple) collecting is heresy.

>> No.25394485
File: 56 KB, 408x741, FULL TWILL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't forget the imba grey sets

>> No.25394489

NickleDime97: wut? Gaiz, what's up?
YellowVeteran: ERE WE GO! ERE WE GO!
xDamieNx: Does anyone here speak actual english?
xDamieNx: Uh, what?
xDamieNx: Sheesh, fine.
NickleDime97: I'm in XD!
NickleDime97: Wher r we goin?
YellowVeteran: ERE WE GO! ERE WE GO!
xDamieNx: Uh, driver? Where are we going?

>> No.25394495

B-but muh elf rape.

>> No.25394500

Wrong setting.
In 40K, elf rape you.

>> No.25394541

And just like that, I no longer want to play a guardsmen.


>> No.25394542
File: 634 KB, 1202x2914, it isn't rape if it's an eldar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you actually think that

>Grandest of all his schemes was the vengeance that he enacted upon the Eldar survivors of the battle of Lohiac. A band of Dark Eldar, enacting a precise and deadly raid deep within Imperial territory were mortified to find a raid upon the death world of Raith. The pickings were not quite as the Dark Eldar had expected, however, as they arrived to find the Imperial Guard garrison already slaughtered to a man. Sensing a trap they quickly turned to depart but their escape was blocked by the shimmering host of the Murderval. Nimble Dark Eldar Raiders duelled with winged Daemons while agile Wyches fought against the lithe fury of the Daemonettes. Vengeance for the Murderval's thwarted plans on Lohaic was taken in full as scores of Dark Eldar were cut down and dragged screaming into the Realm of Chaos.

>The Archon leading the Dark Eldar force was finally run to ground within the thick jungle of Raith by Loatheheart, who swooped down from the trees to pluck her up like a bird of prey. Disarming her in a short and bloody fight, and having broken both her arms and legs, Loatheheart delivered her quailing form to Slaanesh's Palace of Pleasure, a token and tribute from the new master of the Murderval.

>> No.25394652

Slaanesh is basically the elven elf god of elf rape created by vast numbers of elves raping things.
So, yeah, it's still elf rape you, it's just that the elf in question is raping a fellow elf.

Everyone raped by the demons of slaanesh are also getting raped by the byproducts of elves raping things.

>> No.25394680

Corflich Loatheheart is an ex-human daemon prince of Tzeentch.
He just gave her to Slaanesh because he's an asshole.

Also, by that logic all three Chaos gods are human because humans canonically made them sapient.

>> No.25394683


Imagine when someone calls a Gm.

Player: Um...the others are speaking in a weird language.

>> No.25394704

>Also, by that logic all three Chaos gods are human because humans canonically made them sapient.
They pretty much are.

Slaanesh is the only one that keeps a species other than humans in his primary focus.

Wow, the miscellaneous xeno species must feel pretty neglected out there.

>> No.25394717

That still means that space elves are getting raped by things that aren't space elves.
Lots and lots of Slaaneshi humans out there.

>> No.25394728

>planetside 2

Your delusional. Expect a heavily instanced action MMORPG shitfest like INVICTUS

>> No.25394739

Slaaneshi humans very rarely get their hands on actual eldar. Pulling off a big heist like that gets you promoted to demon prince or at least some gifts.

>> No.25394763

Says you. I've never heard that.

Also, Typhus has been killing in the name of Nurgle for ten thousand years in the hopes of daemonhood and no dice. The gods are fickle.

>> No.25394785

ork doc, not ORKY INFOMASHUN CENTA'!!!!

>> No.25394818

I think it would be cool if the more orks were in a given zone the more damage they did.
If every Ork on the server massed in one zone they would become challenging enough for it to require All the imperium and Space Elves fighting together to hold them off. That would be an awesome mechanic.

The obvious downside is that a single ork in a zone would be nerfed to like 50% damage of course.

>> No.25395065

I'm fairly confident their company can do it.

They've made a ton of casual games before, successful ones, and have a large team, this isn't any old indie games company. But this is their first major non casual project, so we'll see how they do, their inexperience in major games might be a benefit, they might not go for the moron audience, they might want to stick to the lore, they're probably not money greedy yet.
Also just because their previous games have been childish doesn't mean that's all they're capable of doing, that's pretty silly logic, it's not like the space marines and orks will be in dresses with giant anime eyes.

>> No.25395092

I didn't, i put them in my original tree but people pointed out it makes more sense for them to be created out of changing your equipment as a tactical marine than a class of their own.
It's kind of silly to make a devastator class when it's just a tactical marine with heavy weapons. Hopefully you'll be able to increase your proficiency in different weapon types though.

>> No.25395576



<a class="denied" href="[HERETICAL LINK CULLED]" target="_blank">An empty mind is a loyal mind</a>

Click An Empty Mind etc...

Rebbit shit.

>> No.25395596



>> No.25395685

some ex-funcom guys are working on this.

I don't know what to feel.

>> No.25396074

I hope they don't try to make it a quest grind; that's the one feature that turns me off of MMOs

>First Mission
>Guardsman, where is your lasgun?! Collect your gear immediately or I will report you to the Commissar
>timed gear-up tutorial, failure results
>your features and name keep getting randomized until you succeed
okay, I'd actually play that as long as I didn't have to click through accept menus and shit

I fucking hate menus that describe shit I could be told verbally, at least make it a book/dataslate item that I can look up in my inventory for when I get confused

>> No.25396555

As much as I love that game, it's hardly successful.

>> No.25398536
File: 75 KB, 1200x1200, laughing ork.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I lost it.

>> No.25398845

Isnt the only game they've made where you DIDNT play as a space marine Fire Warrior, ie fucking Tau why did you think this would be popular?

Give me a Dishonored-style Imperial Assassin game, with different chapters for each Temple/Death Cult.

Give me a Walking Dead/Mass Effect-style Inquisition game, with different story lines for each of the 3(+) Ordos.

Give me a Bioshock Infinite-style game where I play a Nascent Psyker attempting to escape a Black Ship under attack by daemons in the warp.

Give me a Deus Ex:HR-style game where I play an Arbite searching Scintillan Hives for the heretical bastards that killed my partner, while being assisted by a sarcastic member of the Machine Cult.

You don't need to play as a Space Marine for a 40k game to do well, we know this from the fact that the 40k tabletops (most of which have nothing to do with Space Marines) have done pretty damn well - you need to make a GOOD FUCKING GAME for a 40k game to do well.
Any of these, if DONE WELL, would be at least as popular as Space Marine hack-n-slash was - or Space Marine: Online will be.

>> No.25398888

>Can't we have one day, just one day, of hope? That's all I ask.
In the grim darkness of the 21st Millennium, there is only rustled jimmies.

>> No.25398953

Welcome to the video game industry, where hope exists only to set up disappointment.

This right here is all the proof I need.
This game is going to suuuuuck. If it ever actually happens.

>> No.25398966

that was an enjoyable comment worthy of quads

>> No.25399004

Interestingly enough, Andy C has stated that Margaret Thatcher is not where the name for Mag Uruk Ghazkhull Thraka came from. Indeed, he's not sure where that rumor even started. The name for Ghaz stems from when he was larping (as Orcs) with friends and him and his buddies threw together an Orc language (which ended up in 40k). Ghaz' name was basically a direct mash of 'iron-skull' and some other words.

>> No.25400682

Hopefully, there will be team killing, so that the Orks krump anyone mukkin' about, and Chaos devolves into a backstabbing, power-grabbing shitfest.

>> No.25400843



there needs to be more pictures of laughing orkz.

>> No.25400853
File: 134 KB, 184x200, 360noscopebearshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>40k game made by redditors

>> No.25401298

>Implying the Imperium doesn't use pictures of felines to pacify the ever-toiling populace

>> No.25401498

>Team killing possible
>Console players

Naw, it'd ruin the game.

>> No.25401543

>Not asking for Warhammer: Total War
I shiggy diggy doo.

>> No.25401875

they're already doing it

>> No.25402362


In that case here is your new update with more details !


>> No.25403415

Basically to help sum up for people:

They are making it Free To Play. You are, however, limited to play for free only as an Ork Boy. Which requires 5 to take down one Space Marine.

The current races are:

Space Marines (Dark Angels), Chaos Marines (Iron Warriors), The Eldar, and the Orks. With Nids being the 5th AI race. This will obviously rise in number and variation as the game progresses with patches.

The best bit of this seems to be in this paragraph:

Progression will handled via traditional experience points, but the way in which you earn those valuable XP will be a bit foreign. Sure, you can go off into the world and do your own thing, but if you decide to listen to your Order’s leadership (again, elected by the players) you will get bonus XP and rewards. Say your order sends out the call to sack a particular fortress and you help out? Then you’ll be justly rewarded with XP and Requisition tokens. If you decide to go your own way, you’ll get XP from playing the game as you want, but it’s always in your best interest to contribute to the war effort. Not only will you unlock more classes in each faction, but each class has its own deep skill tree to progress through. So you might start as a base Space Marine, but work your way up to a Chaplain and gain its armor and skillset.

Therefore it seems as there is an actual point in doing stuff instead of running around.

"Progression is set up to reward those to help their fellow warriors, while not limiting the ability for the lone wolf to play his part. The payment model is designed from the ground up to let anyone play while still making sure that those who feel invested have something to invest in. Ships, artillery, fortresses, airships... it’s all customizable and usable in the field of battle. Said “field of battle” will consist of a lot of people on any given map"

So, it's basically Planet Side 2 in the 40k Universe. Which isn't a bad thing.

>> No.25404337

Yeah, I bet people will just flock to play something five times weaker than the paid players get.

>> No.25404453
File: 72 KB, 250x250, orkastanza.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>FtP players limited to playing as an Ork
>wanting to play as anything but an Ork

>> No.25405678
File: 157 KB, 508x549, 1370357521237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This, of course, ensures that orks will outnumber everyone and be filled with most of the casuals and griefers, meaning the ork faction will act as they do in the canon; unpredictable, variably skilled, and self-defeating half of the time while pulling the occasional massive hijinks for shits and giggles


>> No.25405933

Somebody shoop an ork face onto gendo and rewrite the text as:


>> No.25406284

I want to be a tank grot.

>> No.25410395

So, wait, this is being made for PC, xbawks and PS4.
Does that mean we will have people playing the game with a gamepad on the consoles while the PC crowd gets to use the mouse and keyboard?

>> No.25410461


Being a squad of a handful of Nobz in a sea of scrubs and noobs playing boyz should perfectly model normal Ork combat doctrine.

>> No.25410486

>Planetside 40000
I'm ok with this. I just hope it'll be a one time cost to upgrade to another race. Though as >>25405678 said, they actually did something quite clever in making F2P orks only.

>> No.25410514
File: 997 KB, 250x222, 1363789389367.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That sounds awesome.

>> No.25411211

And it wil be no advantage to to 70% autoaim, awkward console port controls a dumbed down 6 button hotbar and forced/locked button assignment. "WSAD to move,X to shoot, Z top crouch, Y to interact and shoulder buttons to dodge and take cover"

>> No.25412728

I've come to this thread only because I was called. Bad /tg/.

>> No.25413591
File: 202 KB, 508x549, shitty6amphotoshop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shitty 6 AM photoshop guy strikes again.
Also fuck it's hard to find pictures of orks with glasses

>> No.25413636

It's the thought that counts.
Nice work, btw.

>> No.25416169

I love that picture. Only time something I said made it into a meme jpg. :-)

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