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is it true that touhoufag was responsible for the original "half-fae catboy" thing?

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Yeeeeep. Any other questions?

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Who's touhoufag?

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Guy with asperger's who posted quite a good amount of crunch and such before the mod got anal crusaded and banned him, then had him banned for ban evasion. He was called Touhoufag because he posted Touhou pics alongside his posts.

He's an okay guy, bit weird, but he's autistic so it's to be expected. Just tricky to handle.

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He used to (still does) post 4e charop builds and accompanies his shit with touhous.
Nigga loves touhou shit. That should tell you something about his interests.

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He was banned for ban evasion whilst trying to get the last word against the mods.

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No, that was Collette.

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they're the same person, stupid

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Note: the initial ban was because he posted 50 /tg/ relevant threads at once, because a butthurt janitor kept deleting them because they had touhou images attached to them, then the janitor accused him of spamming and pulled a mod in.

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And collette was touhoufag.

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>there are people on /tg/ who don't know who Touhoufag is

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Is that mod even on staff anymore? I recall he was a passive-aggressive dickface.

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Thanks for not getting the joke, guys.

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That was around the time /tg/ devolved into a worksafe hugbox. I think he's gone now.

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It's like people who don't know who Flare is. 4chan's not some niche community anymore: people know about it, and anonymity means anybody can comment about anything.

Sage for special club stuff, and really this isn't a topic for /tg/.

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Yeah man, if only we have Flare and Sergal Quests and Cutebolds shitting up /tg/ 24/7 like the good old days

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Whenever the pornographic elf slave threads started dying out.

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I bet some people here don't even know about Jim Profit and other terrible namefags.

Man, time sure goes fast.

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Never said it was a good thing, but it's part of our history, and as loathe as I am to use the term, "board culture".

Does he still try to rile up people to "raid" 4chan or whatever?

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Touhoufag and Colette were very different people. Touhoufag was normally helpful, if verbose, while Colette prettymuch was just a creeper. In fact, so much of a creeper, he tried to rape Touhoufag's character in a WoD game they were both in.

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I remember Jim Profit. He was around back when we used to be an actual community instead of some place flooded by faggots.

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It's not that they were good, it's that people don't remember them because they weren't here back then.

Anyway, this is a pretty good summary of what happened.

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Honestly that doesn't look that bad at all. I remember seeing that Mod post though, and having no idea what they meant at the end.

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Say what now?

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Man. I've gamed with Edward. Most of these people won't remember him any more, I'm guessing.

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I've actually had the pleasure of banning Jimmy P from another site, so no. I'm glad he's gone.

Do you know he even has a youtube channel and makes 1-3 videos every day where he blames moderators for all the evils in the world?

>banned from every site he visits
>must be a moderator conspiracy

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I remember Edward's Cat.

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>Man. I've gamed with Edward. Most of these people won't remember him any more, I'm guessing.
I too gamed with Edward. It was... interesting.

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You're obviously all in cahoots, right? A secret gang of mods, organized to destroy people.

He'd probably fit in with /pol/.

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Dude, no one misses him, we're all glad he got permabanned. We're reminiscing like crotchety old men, not wishing he was back.

Posting Touhou is like pouring a drink for our long-lost friend Touhoufag, incidentally.

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Just because I rarely have a reason to post these these days

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Pretty sure he's back, actually.

Just doesn't do optimisation any more.

Just look for the person posting picture of half-fae dogboys along with discussion on game mechanics, rather than the person asking if they can play half-fae catboys

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Ever since it turned out that /pol/ was right and the US government really is spying on everyone all the time, I just don't know what to believe.

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>evading bans
>not just getting moot to unban you directly

Total pleb move.

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>Touhoufag and Colette were very different people.
They're the same person, bro.

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>listening to /pol/

I actually think /pol/ can be funny, and insightful on rare occasions, but so many people hate it it's not even funny.

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Yeah, that's definitely him They're pretty good threads usually.

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I think it's a joke

Because they basically are different people, except they happen to inhabit the same body

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Oh anon, didn't you know?
/pol/ is always right
14/88 race war now gas the kikes

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Accidently stumbled into the MTG+HP forum game he was in that first made him infamous, this was a long ass time ago before I even knew what 4chan was.

Kind of amazed at how prolific the guy's been, considering how many people use the internet.

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Wait, you never knew?

Things like ECHELON has been around for decades and is hardly secret. PRISM was just the next step.

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