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You are a Magical Girl, and you're currently feeding pancakes to an Eldritchian Horror sitting on your lap.

What's next? Tickle fights? Cuddling? Shopping for cute clothes together?

...Well, whatever it is, you can only hope that it doesn't involve your heart being torn right out from your chest and being crushed into pulp right in front of you. Before said pulp getting spiked into the ground like a flattened mushy football, in the touchdown zone of your own catastrophic failure to read the mood.

It's not something you'd like to have a repeat performance of, if you're to be completely honest with yourself.

You won't be the first to say it, but...perhaps you do have something to lose, after all.

But mostly you want to find out just what kind of shit you pulled, to deserve having an insane goddess of wrath and blood and skulls after you.

And you're sure it couldn't be accidentally getting a peek at her frilly drawers.

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In any case, Pinky - said insane, bloodthirsty goddess who seems to be hell-bent on settling a vendetta with you - is currently sitting like a very satisfied cat on your lap. Grunting happily under her breath with every forkful of pancake you feed her. A couple of times you decided to pull that trick you did with Midori - where you feed the forkful of food to yourself at the last second - but something tells you that getting away without your fingers bitten off would be the best you could hope for, and thus you refrained from doing so.

Pinky had said something earlier, though. About...how Tomoe Mami had made her pancakes before, and how she seemed to be making your pancakes much more delectable than how she did it for the crazed goddess. You finally asked her when this happened - and the pink-haired girl fell silent for a few moments before replying.

"...I don't remember anymore." She says, her voice cheerful, almost sing-song. "Could be yesterday, or could be a couple of years back, or maybe it was an entirely different timeline altogether. I dunno~" She shakes her head for effect, her ponytails wagging from side to side. Slapping you in the face every so often.

...Alright, alright. You were just asking, after all.

She didn't...give Mami a Golden Weapon, though, by any chance?

"What?" Pinky blinks at this. "Wah, of course not! That'd be totally predictable of me, Homura-chan! What's the fun in that?" She grins at you, before poking your nose with a clawtip. "While it should be pretty interesting to have Homura-chan kill the people she likes, there's the chance someone heroically sacrifices themselves to save the day, and I~ hate~ that~! Much better if Homura-chan kills someone she can hate so much, that after the dust settles and the fallout clears, she figures out just how much of a monster she really is!"

Well. That's....great. Yeah. That's a relief.

What do you ask next?

[]Ask about the Warmaster Cap.
[]Ask about Malal.

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[x]Ask about the Warmaster Cap.


[x]Ask about Malal.

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>[x]Ask about the Warmaster Cap.
>[x]Ask her if she wants to try it

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[x]Ask about Malal.

To helll with the stupid haaaaat.

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"A long time ago you told me I was a fake, but then you said you weren't sure. Where there many fakes of me wondering about at one point?"

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[x]Other: Hay, try this hat on wontch'a.

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[X]Ask about Malal.
The inevitable dead-end question that must still be asked.

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[x]Ask about the Warmaster Cap.
[x]Ask about Malal.

Well, since we're giving her stuff already, it's fine, it's fine!

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[X] ask about the cap
[X] ask about Malal by mentioning that Kharn told us that Malal made it as a replacement

[X] put the hat on Pinky to see whether it looks cute on her

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[x] Ask about Malal.
"So... weird timeline shenanigans, yes, but still... there are, or were, two Madokas wandering around at once? Does that mean there's two Homuras wandering around too?"

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>tfw I catch the start of a thread

[X]Ask about the Warmaster Cap.
[X]Ask about Malal.

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Do we even know about Malal's true identity? I thought that was only Midori who found out.

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>[X]Ask about Malal.

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Slapping it on her head without asking might be bad. But Pinky needs to wear the hat. For SCIENCE.
[x] Ask about Malal, too. Assuming Pinky can even see Culexuses....

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[x] Other
Ask the reason the Golden DEagle only gives us static.

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>Much better if Homura-chan kills someone she can hate so much, that after the dust settles and the fallout clears, she figures out just how much of a monster she really is!"

Thats pretty much what we did already with pigtailed girl in Mumi`s apartment and that Saints Girl in Siberia. In Hindsight it turned out that she was manipulated by Dickbutt.


[x] "This won`t make you happy either in the long run. No matter what you are know and how you behave now, there is a part of you that will never forgive yourself. She was like that, remember?

Aren`t you tired of this?"
[x] Then ask about Malal

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>[x]Ask about the Warmaster Cap.

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Chucklefucks pls go.

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>[x]Ask about the Warmaster Cap.
>[x]Ask about Malal.

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Could asking about Malal put Pinky on the trail of figuring out Madoka is working against her from the inside?
I'm just not sure it's a good line of questioning.

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I doubt it will
Pinky as she is doesn't actually know Madoka helped or that Malal helped since she was Madokami for that incredibly short period when she Midori and Malal were all there
And neither Malal or Midori is gonna start talking

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I'm pretty sure Faust knows she used to be Madoka, though. Or at least has big chunks of Madoka's memories.

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You know what would be funny.

One of our alternate selves had a ladykiller personally that would put kharn to shame and us putting on the hat was that personality trying to reassert itself.

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Okay, so she's lying. That's pretty low of her.

[X] Ask about Malal. Probably going to pass her off but whatever.

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It's not about Faust knowing she was originally Madoka, but that Madoka is still an active personality within Faust that is subtly working against her.
She said that she has to keep herself hidden from Faust and makes suggestions so that Faust thinks they were her own ideas.

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Or she's so totally messed up in the head that she's forgotten.

Neither is all that reassuring, though.

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I wonder if Faust ever found out that Malal was alternate madoka.

I suppose we will find out soon, considering where the votes are going.

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But asking about Malal wouldn't necessarily clue her in to Madoka being active, would it? Because we have Malal's old photo that she left in the servoskull box, not just the Barrier information (which I'm not sure we even have as Chiaki, unless Midori filled us in off-screen).

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Or maybe it's someone else who's handing out the golden murder machines, besides Pinky. Like the girl with the silver hair.

Where she gets them, I have no idea. Maybe collects from the dead Chosen or something, but somehow she must have a source.

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>Much better if Homura-chan kills someone she can hate
This bit here is intersting, we should consider to
[]Ask about Yuu.
She seemed like a very nice girl so it doesn't fit the pattern.
Or maybe Pinky just means "someone we have no strings with", because such characters can be killed without remorse. Well, unless we decide to cap their keecaps first and then get drunk together.

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[x]Ask about wendy

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The last homurai

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This is a pretty good point. We should ask about Yuu, definitely.

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It'll have to wait for the next chance we get, hopefully after some bastard combination of Malal and hat.

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Sounds good.

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But thats not what she said.

>Much better if Homura-chan kills someone she can hate so much, that after the dust settles and the fallout clears, she figures out just how much of a monster she really is!"

= Kill people you hate and after that find out that you actually killed someone you could have avoided to kill if you cleared this shit up.

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I feel like we aren't going to like what we hear through this line of questioning. Something like

"Yes, she WAS kind of nice, wasn't she. If you two had met, you might not have even killed her at all! But you don't have to worry about that, because I made sure that giant pervert killed her for you! Aren't you glad I took care of that dilemma, Homura-chan?

So you probably shouldn't be getting too attached to all of those nice girls I gave those scary weapons to, you know, or I might have to help out again!"

Abominations gonna abominate, after all.

Not that this should keep her from asking her about it, but still.

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And this is why it's important we go on the path of redemption. It's not just about showing Mami ect that we can be a better person, it's about proving Pinky wrong.

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That was a pretty good Pinky impression.

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...Since you're here and you've got her as a sort of captive audience, you decide to ask her a few more questions. One of them being about...well, Malal. Pinky had referred to her before, as the girl who made everyone throw up around her by just being there. She'd also talked about the Culexus with no small amount of hate - which, when you factor in the little deal about the two of them being practically the same person, is kind of strange when you think about it.

"Eeehhh?" Pinky groans in mid-chew, her expression twisting to perfectly reflect someone who'd just suddenly bit into something alive and wriggling in their mouthful of food. "Why're you asking about that person, Homura-chan? Are you trying to ruin my appetite here?" She fidgets on top of your lap. "Gwaah, don't ruin the atmosphere, not when it's being so cosy and everything!"

It's just a question, you remind her. She shouldn't be so upset just because of one stupid question.

"Mrrr..." Pinky seems to be really playing up the lap cat act, here, by the way she's growling in her throat in irritation - the way lazy felines do when they see you winding up for a good kick. Or maybe that's just what she does before suddenly darting forward and tearing your own larynx out with her teeth? You're not all that sure.

"She wasn't a nice person," The eldritchian horror starts. "I tried making friends one time but she suddenly did this thing with her stupid suit and everything hurt and she told me to stay away from you AND SHE MADE ME REALLY ANGRY SO I MADE HER GONE!" Pinky's words, already hurried and strained, became a stream of half-shouted, half-screamed shrieking that shook the ground underneath you. "I was gonna give her a Golden Weapon too, but she didn't want it! And she always kept her suit activated whenever she was around you, so I couldn't even talk to you even if I wanted to!"


>> No.25375023


...Seems like Malal managed to even hide her real identity from even a crazed goddess herself. No small feat, but then again, if you could hide your identity from someone like Kharn despite being almost always together, well...

"I'm really proud of how I killed her, though," Pinky grins through bloody teeth. "It took a bit more time and patience than I'm used to having, but I did get her in the end!"

Yep. Few cards short of a deck.

...Sorry, Malal, you find yourself thinking. This is all your fault to begin with.

Someday, you'll pay for everything you've done.

You have an inkling about how Pinky killed her, anyway. If Yuma was telling the truth, then she was killed by Walpurgisnacht herself. You don't know the exact details, but it sounds like something she'd pull. Something of a huge, impossibly cruel joke.

...You should be angry right now, really. Angry enough to smash the plate of pancakes right into her face, before flashing her the middle finger as you leapt out of your Time Stop. But what good would that do? What possible use would that be? All you'd do would be getting her angry yourself, and have your heart ripped out in the process. And the cycle - whatever cycle it was that had you forgetting everything about you - would resume again, or at least that's what you think would happen. Not a very desirable outcome, at that.

But it's not even that, what had sunk whatever's left of the dying embers of your fury in cold water. It's the fact that even if you blamed Pinky - this was still your fault. You did this. And you have to fix things.

And getting angry at Pinky is like getting angry at a senior citizen for getting old. It's...pointless, pitiful, and just a bit sad.

"Homura-chan?" You hear Pinky murmur. "Are...are you crying?"

...No. No, you're not.

You run your sleeves across your eyes, and shake your head. It's nothing, you tell her.


>> No.25375035


What about the Warmaster Cap, then? You bring this out of your inventory for her to get a look at, eager for a change of topic. What's in this hat that's gotten everyone acting weird whenever someone wears it--

"Oh! Oh, it's that hat, the one Kharn wears all the time!" Pinky giggles as she snatches it from your grasp, turning it over in her hands, examining it from every angle. "Hah, this old thing? I remember sealing something inside this, some sorta spirit of lust or something! Had a foreign name to it, too, starts with an S and ends with an ESSHHH!" She reaches up to jam it onto her head, adjusting it every so often. "Hee! How do I look, Homura-chan?"

. . .You very nearly kissed her.



[]Tear the hat off her head and throw it back into your inventory.
[]As calmly as you can, take it off of her and put it back on your head.

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[x] Pet her like the cat shes pretending to be

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>[x]As calmly as you can, take it off of her and put it back on your head.

If we tear it off she may get mad. We should compliment her as well just for good measure, say she looks good in it.

>> No.25375062

>[x] As calmly as you can, take it off of her and put it back on your head.
"I won't lose."

>> No.25375063


Ahaha. Yes.


[x] Do it

>> No.25375067

[x]Calmly take it off her and resume questioning.
[x]What about Yuu? And maybe Wendy, why not?

>> No.25375069


We can't even burn the hat now, that would only unleash ANOTHER cosmic horror.

[x]give in to the warp

>> No.25375073

[x]Tear of Hat
[x]Let the shield dispense some sort of fire based weapon
[x]Burn the shit out of the hat

We should have done that long time ago.

>> No.25375074

>[x] As calmly as you can, take it off of her and put it back on your head.

>> No.25375076

[X]As calmly as you can, take it off of her and put it back on your head.
She should be immune to it anyway, right?

>> No.25375077

[X] This

Just a hat, eh you fuckers..

>> No.25375082

Good kitty. Pretty kitty. SLAANESH CANNOT BE DENIED

>> No.25375083

[X]As calmly as you can, take it off of her and put it back on the inventory.
[X]Give her a pat on the head. Say nothing.

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>Do it

>> No.25375095

>[x]As calmly as you can, take it off of her and put it back on your head.
A kiss (on forehead, mind you) might be in order as well.

>> No.25375096

I believe now would be a good chance to ask her about Yuu and who gave her the bangles.

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Can't destroy it.

Who knows what we'll unleash. At least we can control it.




>> No.25375104

"Very dashing. You realise I am now experiencing a very powerful urge to make out with you, right? Lose the teeth or lose the hat, your choice."

>> No.25375107

>>She sealed SLANESH INTO IT
Well, we've already met Khorne, Tzeentch and now Slaanesh. The question remains - where is Nurgle?

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>[x]Calmly take the hat off her head and put it back into your inventory.

Now I feel less crazy.

"A long time ago you told me I was a fake, but then you said you weren't sure. Where there many fakes of me wondering about at one point?"

>> No.25375111

[x]As calmly as you can, take it off of her and put it back on your head.

[x]Murmur "Some things have changed since we forgot things, Madoka.

Others have not.

I will save you. Even if I have to save you from yourself. Even if I have to kill you. "

>> No.25375112

I wonder, did Kharn always have a giant tongue or was that a side effect of wearing the hat for so long?

>> No.25375124

[x] Pet her like the cat shes pretending to be. Very very gingerly.
[x] And take off the hat at the same time.

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>With her plagueson LUUKE.

>> No.25375136

There's a name I haven't seen for a long time.

>> No.25375137


>[X]As calmly as you can, take it off of her and put it back on your head.

>> No.25375138


[x] Pet her like the cat shes pretending to be
[x] ]As calmly as you can, take it off of her and put it back on your head.

>> No.25375140

>Had a foreign name to it, too, starts with an S and ends with an ESSHHH!
Well, that explains a lot.

>[x] As calmly as you can, take it off of her and put it BACK IN YOUR INVENTORY
Pretty sure we want this hat as far away from Pinky as is physically possible, and a pocket dimension is probably about as good as we're going to get.

That said, as appalling as the possibility of voluntarily running our face through the meat grinder that is her dental work is, making a sudden, mildly aggressive movement toward her is probably an equally bad idea, so we should probably move slowly, like we're defusing an inexplicably and disturbingly sexy bomb.

I'm on board for headpats afterward, though.

Obviously going to be encountered during the inevitable sewer level.

>> No.25375146

[x] Other
Calmly remove the hat and put it back in the inventory.
"Okay, I admit, it looked good on you."

>> No.25375150

[X] Take the hat off her carefully and pat her like a cat
Ask her why she sealed the weird sounding thing in there and whether it really affected Kharn all that much

>> No.25375170

>inevitable sewer level.
Well, now I'm glad we actually pack solid arsenal and aren't made only for smooth talk. Because that would SUCK.

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Whats with this Waifushit as soon as Pinky shows up recently, seriously?
Could you stop that please?

>> No.25375190

Yeah I'm normally pretty on the waifutrain but this is getting a little retarded.

>> No.25375204


[x] Remove the hat, kiss the girl.

>> No.25375208


But full on waifuing would be not denying the urge and simply kissing her.

>> No.25375209

Not the other way around!

>> No.25375216

-[x] On the cheek. "Very dashing."

>> No.25375235

But, yes, [X] take this opportunity to ask about Yuu. Almost forgot.

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People here pinky lust that will never be satisfied.

Well I think its because she looks like modoka, and people want to homu-homu madoka.

>> No.25375271

Personaly I'm not a big fan of canon Madoka, but I love Pinky for her personality. Love them yanderes.

>> No.25375276

It's because pinky is at heart a tragic figure who's been destroyed and will destroy our protagonist. Akin to something irrevocably broken, along with the memories of her in the original works, she's the embodiment of what was joyful and good and happy before Homura brought everything down in a wreck. And /tg/ likes broken things.

Also this.

>> No.25375306


Is this really your argument for supporting it? Like.. really?

>> No.25375307

[X] Kiss Pinky on forehead, take hat back. Do NOT put it on.
[X] Ask about the Fake Homu thing.

>> No.25375319


Is that the answer that would incite the most anger?

Then yes.

>> No.25375340


Yeah and its okay to like her but this is getting fucking out of hand. Kissing her? Treating her like a plaything? Letting her sit on our lap?

I´m not saying you cant cheer on for your Waifu, but don`t force that shit like that by making retarded decisions as soon as she shows up.

>> No.25375363

For the record I'm ( >>25375271 ) not one of the guys voting for kiss, just saying why I like her.

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>> No.25375372

> And she always kept her suit activated whenever she was around you, so I couldn't even talk to you even if I wanted to!"

>she kept her suit activated
>so I couldn't talk to you

Heeeeeeeello. Thank you for this little tidbit of information, Pinky. Thank you very, very much.

As for our actions, I think very, *very* slowly and calmly taking the hat and putting it back in our inventory is the way to go. Neither tearing it off her nor putting it on our own head are good ideas right this second - one will piss her off, and the other gets a mouthful of blades kissing *us*.

>> No.25375379

The utmost goodest time of the year has foreveriallty come!

>> No.25375382

.... Goddammit. Forgot to {x} my action. Consider this my vote, for my above plan.

>> No.25375390

I feel like we already dodged a bit of a bullet with the Malal question, thank goodness we stopped digging there. Next hopefully people won't ask about Midori or someone else we care about. I think people are relying on Pinky being docile too much.

>> No.25375392

>Yeah and its okay to like her but this is getting fucking out of hand. Kissing her? Treating her like a plaything? Letting her sit on our lap?

She's not a waifu. She's an abomination, a mistake our character has created out of selfish desire that has to be atoned for at some point or other, a being twisted into sadistic psycopathy who we're probably going to have to finally put down.

Feeding her pancakes in one of her more lucid moments and pacifying her with a light kiss on the forehead is hardly waifuism. It's giving the monster a moment's respite and a glimmer of happiness where we can, because noir's coming big time to fuck everything up.

>> No.25375397


A Pinky that is happy with Chiaki is a pinky less likely to give in to her murderous tendencies and shove a crowbar in the spokes of what Chiaki wants to do.

It might also make her more willing to help out and aid Chiaki. This is the butter-her-up plan so that she will be more malleable and receptive to Chiaki's ideas. And no, I didn't vote for kiss. Way too fast.


Nah I just don't care what you think.

>> No.25375403


[x]Basically this -

>> No.25375408

>get home
>read thread
>Slaanesh inside our hat

"Just a hat" my ass.

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That tidbit about Culexes is very very very interesting. It's a shame we basically inadvertantly got them all killed except for one, and then inadvertantly snubbed her.

We ought to think about trying to make good with her sometime, without being too forward about it, since there's also practical reason to try and have her on our side.

>> No.25375440

So we just had a party, morning is barely a few hours away and we're meeting our idol client soon. We'll either need the Hat's help or sleep with timestop on to look representable when the meeting time comes.

>> No.25375441

>Heeeeeeeello. Thank you for this little tidbit of information, Pinky. Thank you very, very much.
It's interesting information, certainly, but it's worth noting that her reaction to Malal having done this was to decide to kill her.

Not sure if having Yuma follow similar protocols is a terribly bright idea, particularly since Pinky will probably take it even worse if it's us that specifically REQUESTS that she activate the Anti-Pinky White Noise Generator.

>> No.25375442

> I think people are relying on Pinky being docile too much.

Absolutely this.

Part of me feels like Decu should start punishing us for not treating Pinky seriously.

>She's not a waifu.

Any yet people treat her like that.

>Feeding her pancakes in one of her more lucid moments and pacifying her with a light kiss on the forehead is hardly waifuism.

No, its pretty much waifuism. Just because you managed to wrap it around very eloquently hardly makes it any better.

> It's giving the monster a moment's respite and a glimmer of happiness where we can, because noir's coming big time to fuck everything up.

Its also giving players the bad idea of not treating her seriously and relying to much on Decu`s goodwill.

Reread the shit that happened when people thought its actually a good idea to bring Cooby along because "Nah, Pinky won`t do nothing!"

>> No.25375448

Or we could kill her to get in Pinky's panties.

Yes that was a joke suggestion. Relax anon who gets his ass clenched in every thread.

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Rather simple.

Ask Kyoko what Yuma likes.

Then get Midori to sign the first volume of the the Warmaster's personal copy of MMxMM and give it to her.

>> No.25375453

Probably the best way to get the number of Culexi in the 9th Officio down to zero. And pissing Pinky off as well, for good measure.

>> No.25375478


I would put forward that all the work in trying to keep her happy is in no way 'not treating her seriously'.

In fact it treats her very seriously. We are keeping her happy in fear of the shit she can do.

Also thats a false example. Only a few people supported that, most didnt and that was the underlying reason for the reboot.

>> No.25375484

Having it active at all times? Bad idea, gets Yuma killed. Having it as a potential ace up our sleeve for one-time use? Incredibly valuable.

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I wonder what Decu would have to do to hammer in the message that Pinky is really a monster.

Have her tear someone we care about (Mami? Sayaka? Yuma? Kyoko? Midori? Iori?) to pieces

>> No.25375491

>Reread the shit that happened when people thought its actually a good idea to bring Cooby along because "Nah, Pinky won`t do nothing!"

Wasn't that a miscount and people actually generally thought it was a terrible idea to bring Kyubey into the timestop with Pinky?

>> No.25375497

>Part of me feels like Decu should start punishing us for not treating Pinky seriously.

Remember the retconned thread where we took QB into the time stop? We were up shit creek without a paddle there. Decu will fuck us over if we make the wrong choice.

Pinky can be a provider of plot devices and information or our early grave. We just know we should be actively placating her rather than trying to avoid her.

>> No.25375498

>>25375059 >>25375062 >>25375067 >>25375074

You will yourself to stay calm - to stay in the fucking chair - and it's with a small smile that you tell Pinky that she looks...well, quite dashing with the hat. Of course, with her school uniform on, it just makes her look something like a rougish delinquent - which is really not her style. It's much more of yours, anyway.

"Really? Eeh...if Homura-chan says so, I guess..." Pinky says, allowing you to reach forward and take the hat back from her. You jam it back onto your own head, making the damnable thing out of her reach, albeit temporarily. "Hmm, it does fit you better, Homura-chan. It looks nice with that ponytail too...! Speaking of which, I've never seen you with one before!" It's here that she sits up on your lap, making you wince at her sudden movement, both her clawed hands taking hold of your cheeks. "...All the other Homura-chans either had long hair or braided pigtails, so boring! Now, you look like...like some old-fashioned samurai..!"

Despite the fact that you're a flinch away from getting your face ripped off, you feel your own cheeks burning at her compliments. ...You didn't really do this by yourself, you tell her. Mami helped a lot, you just picked it out of a few choices.

"OH? Well, that's Mami-chan for you," Pinky says happily, patting your cheeks. "Although, I did like the short hair you had. I mean, it was cute on its own right, and made Homura-chan look really boyish and tough. It was pretty different, too--"

It's around this time that you feel heat blossoming on your right arm - and you glance down at your shield, which is is nearly white-hot, the gears inside seemingly having ground themselves into nothing that it's practically running silent. "Oh! Looks like our time is up, Homura-chan!" Pinky giggles as she hops off of your lap, leaving you in your chair. "Visit me again like this, okay?"


>> No.25375499

>Offering porn of yourself as a token of goodwill

How about the photo of Malal? She may not have had the chance or the clearance to get one, as this kinda stuff would be pretty confidential.

>> No.25375505

She's already done horrible, unspeakable things to Madoka.

>> No.25375510


>photo of Malal

Malal herself specifically said: "No one can know of my secret"

And going against Malal's advice is a very very very very bad thing.

>> No.25375512

I actually thought that we should get close her anyway because:

>She is the only Culexus we have left
>Its pretty clear that she doesnt have a good time and being the last Culexus around is hard on her
>We kind of dimly remember about a similiar girl that was like that too, until a certain blond haired girl started treating her like an actual human and not something you picked up by chance in a witchs barrier

Chiaki wants to be a better person. Reaching out to Yuma like Mumi reached out to us might be a good Idea.

We don`t want to help her out of pity.
We don`t want to help her to use her.

We want to help her because this is what Mami would do.

>> No.25375523


...Alright, but what about the hat--

"The hat?" Pinky blinks. "O-oh, well, um....if it gets too bothersome, just have sex while wearing it! That usually satisfies it for a week or so!" Pinky's grin couldn't have been wider here. "Well, that, or have it blessed by a local shrine maiden! There's bound to be a few in Mitakihara!"

What? That's...that's what it takes?! This stupid hat--

"See you!" Pinky leans forward and places a playful kiss on your cheek. You freeze at this - until you feel your Shield move. You look down again to see Pinky's fingers curled around the rim. "...And remember, don't get involved with any idols! I'll be watching you!"

A sudden thunderclap of metal crashing into metal, and time resumes once more. The color bleeding back into the world, leaving you behind with a kiss mark on your cheek and an empty plate of pancakes.

On your couch, Midori is faintly murmuring something about late manuscripts.

Well. That's...one thing squared away, you grumble as you tear the hat off and stuff it back into your inventory.

What do you do now?

[]Get ready and then head for your breakfast with Kirishima Ruri. (Timeskip)
[]Wake Midori up, see how she's doing first.

>> No.25375530


I'm thinking more in terms of

>> No.25375539

>No, its pretty much waifuism
Okay, different anon here, but explain how pacifying the psychotic abomination and giving it what it likes so that it doesn't get angry, things which cost us very little to give, is a bad idea.

>> No.25375542 [DELETED] 

[x]Get ready and then head for your breakfast with Kirishima Ruri. (Timeskip)
Timeskip. Things are good now, let's get right to the catastrophe.

>> No.25375543


>"The hat?" Pinky blinks. "O-oh, well, um....if it gets too bothersome, just have sex while wearing it! That usually satisfies it for a week or so!" Pinky's grin couldn't have been wider here. "Well, that, or have it blessed by a local shrine maiden! There's bound to be a few in Mitakihara!"

Wheres the bimbo waki miko when you need her.

>> No.25375547

>[x]Get ready and then head for your breakfast with Kirishima Ruri. (Timeskip)

>> No.25375551

>[X]Get ready and then head for your breakfast with Kirishima Ruri. (Timeskip)

Shouldn't we get some shut eye as well? Oh well, Let Midorin sleep.

>> No.25375554


>[x]Wake Midori up, see how she's doing first.

>> No.25375555

I still think this could easily have been salvaged without the retcon by going "Hey, I figure it's been a while since you've had the pleasure of seeing this in person, so I brought you a present." and blowing QB away with a handgun.

QB gets visual confirmation of Pinky, Pinky gets some sadistic nostalgia, and WE get to blast that smug cat and actually have a justifiable reason for doing so for once. It's Win-Win-Win.

But it's a little late for that, and that's neither here nor there. No sense in stirring up this whole kettle of fish again.

>> No.25375556

Did... Did Pinky indirectly tell us it's ok to sleep around? And she won't get mad? Or is that a trap?

[x]Get ready and then head for your breakfast with Kirishima Ruri. (Timeskip)

>> No.25375559


>[x]Other. Give Iori a text.
"Thanks. Good luck with practice. Be careful about the concert."

>> No.25375562

Awwwright, so the plain is to have sex with shrine maiden with hat on while getting blessed. Noted.

>> No.25375563

[x]Wake Midori up, see how she's doing first.
[x]Other. Go back to the Officio and drop off unneeded Golden Weapons in the Vault.

There have already been hints that keeping this many Golden Weapons on our person is a bad idea.

>> No.25375567

I think people are upset because they probably think some of the waifu suggestions would be coming through exactly the same whether we actually had to placate Pinky or not.

And they're right, some of them probably would! But for the time being it may be a good idea to keep Pinky in a less stabby mood.

The problem being that Pinky is insane and insane people don't always adhere to logic, so this may not always work.........

>> No.25375568


>There have already been hints that keeping this many Golden Weapons on our person is a bad idea.

Reference required.

>> No.25375569

[x]Wake Midori up, see how she's doing first.
[x]If we have enough time Infodump the shit ouf of her about the Ruri-Gig.

>> No.25375570

I wonder.. What if we have sex with a shrine maiden? Would that placate the hat for two weeks?

>> No.25375574

[x]Immediately go and get involved with idols. (Timeskip)

>> No.25375578

Man, have you guys already forgotten in the last thread where Decu said keeping all 4 Golden Weapons in our personal Inventory is a bad idea?
When he drops obvious clues like that, you don't ignore them.

>> No.25375584

who was tzeentch?

>> No.25375585

>O-oh, well, um....if it gets too bothersome, just have sex while wearing it! That usually satisfies it for a week or so!" Pinky's grin couldn't have been wider here.

>pinky's grin couldn't have been wider

>pinky's grin is razor sharp points

Yes. Yes, of course your self-professed yandere girlfriend is indirectly telling you it's ok to sleep around, she won't get mad.

What do you think, you twathead.

>> No.25375592

Reeeelaaax, bro. It's just a concert. What could possibly go wrong?

>> No.25375594

[x] Drop most golden weapons off in the vault.

[x]Then get ready and then head for your breakfast with Kirishima Ruri. (Timeskip)
Timeskip. Things are good now, let's get right to the catastrophe.

>> No.25375596


he also said that it's just a hat.

>> No.25375598

Just lend the hat to KyoSaya and get it back the next day.

>> No.25375599

Well sorry for shiting in your cornflakes.

>> No.25375602

>"Well, that, or have it blessed by a local shrine maiden! There's bound to be a few in Mitakihara!"
Hmmmm... considering who Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake is, maybe she can recommend one to us.

I don't even care how metagamey this is; it needs to happen.

>> No.25375606

Actually I did.
Changing to >>25375563

Last thread, near the end somewhere, post-end I think

>> No.25375609
File: 38 KB, 400x225, AHHHHHHH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We should remember to tell midori about the concert.

The person that went missing was last seen in the mall. And the concert was going to be in the mall before it got changed.

It might not effect anything, it does sound like our unlucky girl stumbled into something she shouldn't have.

I'm still suspicious of that "Sing with one voice thing"

>> No.25375611

I just hope she has a very "special" squad of magic girls called team 9.

>> No.25375612

[x]Wake Midori up, see how she's doing first.
Also, ask her if she knows any shrine maidens.
>Just have sex while wearing it!
I really doubt we should take this as permission.

>> No.25375613

>something tells you that it's just inviting bad luck, to be carrying so many at one time.

>> No.25375614


Cheers man, I'm usually unable to stay till the very end so I missed that.

>> No.25375616
File: 520 KB, 2203x2937, huehuehuehue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep, pretty sure that's exactly what Pinky said, no misinterpretation at all.

>> No.25375619

[X] wake Midori up first
We should make sure she doesn't turn up to the job smelling of champagne from last night

>> No.25375622

>[]Wake Midori up, see how she's doing first.

>> No.25375627


>> No.25375630


Time for shared shower and soul gem licking!

That should take care of the hat for the duration of the assignment.

>> No.25375631

Maybe, but, it was in the 4th Decu post, right at the very beginning, the result of the first decision of the thread.
So it was nowhere near the end, so you should have seen it.

>> No.25375632

Protip: If you ever think your girlfriend is saying it's ok for you to sleep around, it's most likely except in the most extreme cases not ok for you to sleep around.

In the most extreme cases your girlfriend probably has other issues.

You mean, next week, right?

>> No.25375635

I be down for this as well! Although, I kinda fear TASALS may have been the one who was being nom'd in the first Wendy dream.

>> No.25375637

Seriously don't even mention it any more it is over and done with

>> No.25375640


Then I missed it. Simple as that.

>> No.25375645

See this

>> No.25375650

>[x]Wake Midori up, see how she's doing first.
>[x]Other - Drop the other 3 Golden Weapons back into storage.

>> No.25375655


Pacifying her is a-okay.
Making out with her is not okay.
Coddling her is also not okay.

>> No.25375663

"I won't have long before my mission, let's shower together to save time."

Then cue sultry saxaphone music.

>> No.25375664

But coddling is the only thing that seems to work.

>> No.25375667


>> No.25375672

>I'm still suspicious of that "Sing with one voice thing"
What, yet again a catastrophic FLESH OF FALLEN ANGELS event? That would be pushing it. Nah, shit must take a rest from time to time. Probably.

>> No.25375675

But coddling her is what she wants in order to be pacified. How else do you propose we pacify her? Remember that our timestop has a limited duration, so everything we do has to give the maximum amount of pacification for time spent.

>> No.25375681


>Fallen angels


Fallen Idols? All of them become ravaging monsters including Iori?

>> No.25375684

And I just remembered, at some point earlier when we cycled the shield for a gun it gave us a golden weapon for hundreds of miles away.
So it doesn't matter where they are, there's still a random chance we'll get one

>> No.25375695

[x]Wake Midori up, see how she's doing first.
[x]Other - Drop the other 3 Golden Weapons back into storage.
Sounds like the best idea.

>> No.25375698

[x]Go to the Idol meeting already. Green could probably still use her rest and every few extra zzz's she can get, having just gotten out of the hospital and despite us immediately throwing her into a probably depressing mission.

>> No.25375702

[x]Get ready and then head for your breakfast with Kirishima Ruri. (Timeskip)

>> No.25375704

Just had a little thought;
We've met two characters, Kharn and Ahriman, who are the most well known champions of their respective chaos gods in 40K.

Does this mean we're go into meet a Lucius and a Typhus as well?

>> No.25375706

Wait a minute... When we last met Iori wasn't her outfit (and those of all the other idols) white? What if they are going to be angel outfits?

>> No.25375717

We did? When was this?

>> No.25375722

interesting point

>> No.25375723
File: 118 KB, 1048x720, That_Is_Not_Okay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25375725
File: 354 KB, 1057x1136, 1367368417232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now I'm wondering what actually came first. If Kharn was always like the way she is causing Pinky to curse it as a joke or if it was actually the hat slowly corrupting her due to extended use. If it's the latter then we should definitely be careful about wearing it because we may start doing that stuff involuntarily.

We need to do more science with it. We should use Mami as a test subject.

>> No.25375729

like the victoria secret angels

>> No.25375731

>the angels are literal
>the flesh is metaphorical

>> No.25375732


That was part of the reasoning behind keeping them on us.

So much for that.

I say we should get some time on the sword just in case we draw it again. It's the most dangerous of the lot.

>> No.25375735

I'm not sure the entire "Giant vault for your golden weapons" thing was done just for shits and giggles. Sure, we may get them at random anyway, but if we're working on a diceroll's chance of something bad happening, I'd prefer to have the dice be rolling as infrequently as possible.

>> No.25375737

during the Kilgore fight i think

>> No.25375744

It was post-Siberia for sure, the exact scene eludes me. I know we decided to call QB and tell him one of the golden weapons is now with us.

>> No.25375745

Weren't they established as wedding outfits?

>> No.25375747


Bear Fight in Siberia.

We almost killed Midori then due to losing control.


Second training montage.

>> No.25375753
File: 22 KB, 370x250, Mark of Slaanesh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think more like "Melting into one thing that is inhumanly Beautiful"

Slannesh style

>> No.25375761

I think we have also drawn the DEagle despite it being last seen in QB's possession.

>> No.25375768

Screaming Cage?

>> No.25375773

Guys I was looking through Deculture's twitter and I noticed that the in the white part of the background image there is something there.
Anybody know what it is?

>> No.25375775

Shit is definitely hitting the fan at that concert. Mobilize a dozen squads or so, maybe that will keep it in check. Or add another hundred or two to the casualties.

>> No.25375787

It's just a picture of Homura.

>> No.25375805

Not her. I mean that in the white part of the image there is something there.

>> No.25375807

>I say we should get some time on the sword
Maybe. It's going to take time and effort to bludgeon the soul of Kirika into submission, if ever, though. That's time and effort I don't think we have available to us right now.

And how would we safely handle it, and keep it from taking us over?

>> No.25375812
File: 622 KB, 1322x1000, ewt0wbtaqo8wwv9vbe2f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.25375814

No there isn't, anon. You're losing it.

>> No.25375816

Technically Homura with loli Misaki hanging off of her. Not sure if it's a shop or not, if it's real art then I wish that artist would do more.

>> No.25375819


srsly you guys.

>> No.25375826

Screencap it, everyone's twitter page might be different due to browser/resolution/etc.

>> No.25375828


With Kyoko, Midori, Sayaka and Yuma watching our practice in the Officios most heavily fortified training cage.

>> No.25375830
File: 1.19 MB, 1322x1000, ewt0wbtaqo8wwv9vbe2f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ha ha I'm using the levels tool

>> No.25375842

While eating popcorn.

>> No.25375848

That's it that's the thing I was talking about.

>> No.25375857

It's just jpg artifacts, bro.

>> No.25375878

And here I was getting worried about eldritch horrors.

>> No.25375887
File: 60 KB, 400x400, 127730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You just fed decu ideas.

We will HAVE TO from now on.

>> No.25375896

MGNQ: So Shadowrun the players are jumping at JPG artifacts.

>> No.25375906


Got the original image?

I also think we should drop some weapons off before we go see our idol.

>> No.25375924

As an incidental note, the fact that someone is okay with an open relationship does not automatically mean they have "issues" (although the fact that you think it does probably means *you* have some issues to work through.)

>> No.25375939

[x] This. We don't need the other three Golden Weapons, and we sure as hell don't need Kharn's chainaxes or Kirika's sword suddenly teleporting themselves into our hand at the worst possible moment.

>> No.25375948

there is no such thing as "our" idol

>> No.25375953

Timeskip: 6
Text Iori: 1
Wake Up Midori+Drop Off Golden Weapons: 9

Even after being told that keeping 4 Golden Weapons in our Inventory is a bad idea, 6 people still voted for it. Man, that's just depressing.

>> No.25375963

well assuming she isn't lying... its a bit worrisome that kubi didn't realized anything was off about the hat.

>> No.25375976

>Even after being told that keeping 4 Golden Weapons in our Inventory is a bad idea

>Implying its bad
>Implying they won't pop out of the shield even after we drop them off

>> No.25375984

Take into account that some of the people voting for timeskip didn't realise this could be used as opportunity to put the toys back in their place.

>> No.25375998

[X]Wake Midori up, see how she's doing first.
[X] keep the golden weapons - enemies closer and all that. will probably need that shit at some point to, even if we don't want it.

>> No.25376014

This. >>25375984 Return the golden weapons was a write in, not one of the original choices.

>> No.25376019

I'm not implying that it's bad, I'm explicitly saying that it's bad, and that the character thinks it's bad.
>something tells you that it's just inviting bad luck, to be carrying so many at one time.
That was Decu right there, giving us a hint that's it's bad.

While it's possible for a Golden Weapon to appear in our Inventory of its own volition, we don't have to make it any easier for it to do so.

That'd only account for half, though. The other three were well after people realized that dropping off the Golden Weapons is possible.

>> No.25376023

While hanging onto them might be bad letting them out of our sight and into god knows whose hands is even worse

>> No.25376025

Even if they pop back, it may be better to still stay away from them until they make themselves needed. Pretend evil pinky vibes are like radiation. Even though we're destined to run into them anyway, it doesn't mean we need to just bathe in them constantly just because. It's all about taking reasonable measures to limit exposure just a bit.

>> No.25376036

How many Shadowruns are we up to?

Somebody should make a scale.

>> No.25376037


You reach up to take your glasses off and pinch the bridge of your nose. Despite having woken up from a rather refreshing sleep, coming back from your encounter with Pinky had left you weary, exhausted, and in dire need for a smoke. Something to calm your frazzled nerves. ...You didn't know if it was staying in your time stop until your Shield very nearly gave out, or it was simply having to deal with the eldritchian horror, which was akin to walking a very thin tightrope over a spiky minefield - with a bomb strapped on to your back. Just the smallest mistake - even the mistake of hesitating for far too long - would turn out to be very bad for you.

You place your glasses back on, before levering yourself off of your seat with a tired grunt. Making your way towards Midori, feeling various aches and pains flare up with every movement.

...Might as well get ready for your breakfast with Kirishima Ruri, you decide. But first you have to wake Midori up and tell her what's up, so she doesn't wake up suddenly to an empty apartment with no explanation where you went. That'd be...inconsiderate.

As soon as you reach for Midori's shoulder do you notice that she's hugging something to her chest, underneath the blanket that Mami had probably draped on her. A quick peek, and...well, it's your carton of cigarettes, along with what suspiciously looks like Wendy Cooldown's pair of laminated panties.

...So that's where they went. You'd nearly forgotten about Wendy's skivvies, but the carton you could've figured out on your own.

You could only hope that Midori was tipsy when she did this, and wouldn't remember a thing about the panties. Having to explain them away would be...well. Complicated.

What do you do?

[]Take the carton and the panties, put back into inventory. Wake Midori up.
[]Take only the carton.
[]Take only the panties.
[]Pretend you didn't notice them at all, and wake Midori up.

>> No.25376039

Man, I don't care about having the weapons in our inventory. Enjoy your shadowruns, guys. And realize that about half of what decu says is fucking with us because he feeds on our fear.

>> No.25376040


We need a new scale at this point.

Currently at 2 Dragons, maybe.

>> No.25376042

>and into god knows whose hands is even worse
It's the Vault in the Officio, the place specifically built to house them. We know exactly where they are, and they'd have to get past a whole Officio to get at them.

>> No.25376049

[x]Take only the panties and wake Midori up.

She's just trying to look out for our health. With the cigarettes. The panties are a mystery.

>> No.25376050


>[x]Take only the panties.

We can just stop by a store on the way to the office to buy more.

>> No.25376051

>[X]Take only the panties.

>> No.25376056

[x]Take only the panties.
No need for misunderstandings.

>> No.25376057

That's what the vault is for. People don't tend to get golden weapons unless Pinky is directly trying to give them one, so it's not like ones already claimed by us will teleport directly to other strange people, so a heavily-guarded magical girl vault is a decent place to stash them.

It is possible that a really cunning or dangerous opponent could get them from the vault, but we're running that against the odds that having a bunch of golden weapons on us 24/7 won't slowly turn us into Venom.

>> No.25376059

[x]Take the carton and the panties, put back into inventory. Wake Midori up.
We've got things to do and places to be. Answering awkward questions can wait.

>> No.25376070

[X]Take the carton and the panties, put back into inventory. Wake Midori up.

Nobody steals our loot. Nobody.

>> No.25376071


>[X]Take only the panties.

>> No.25376075

[X] take the panties then wake Midori up
Taking both would be too suspicious and leaving her with the panties would be disturbing

>> No.25376077


[x]Take one cig, smoke, then wake her up.

We get our smoke, she gets to confiscate our cigs, and she gets to sleep in for another 5 mins. Win-win-win.

We can ask her why she is hugging a pair of laminated panties when she wakes up, hilarity ensues.

>> No.25376079


[x] this.

>> No.25376083
File: 136 KB, 850x1450, vampire_Iori.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>[x]Take the carton and the panties, put back into inventory. Wake Midori up.

We need a smoke after dealing with pinky.

>> No.25376084

[x]Take only the smokes.

Midori obviously was looking out for our health when she took the smokes, but if she really wanted to keep a pair of panties for some mysterious reason, then we may as well respect her wishes there.

Plus, it'd be funny to watch her wake up with them.

>> No.25376091

>[X]Take only the panties.

Half tempted to take nothing, wake her up as is and ask who did she leave without panties, but eh. We still have to return them to Wendy.

>> No.25376092

>[x]Take the carton and the panties, put back into inventory. Wake Midori up.

>> No.25376096

[x]Pretend you didn't notice them

It was her choice to get drunk, she should deal with the consequences.

>> No.25376097

I don't trust that Pinky won't "misplace" them into wrong hands even if we hide them in the most secure vault
About the only place I would trust them is in a room guarded by four culexuses which is in turn being guarded by a full complement of eversors, vindicares and a few miles beneath the ground

>> No.25376107

technically, it's Kharns loot

>> No.25376110

>[x]Take only the panties.

>> No.25376113

reminds me of Mina Tepes - and I'm not quite sure it's a good thing

>> No.25376116

If the hat really is sealed Slaanesh or something close then drinking in smoking to excess will probably help calm it down.. just saying.

[X] Take only the carton.

>> No.25376122

If Pinky really wanted to fuck us over, she could take the golden weapons from our shield as well, goodness knows they have no trouble teleporting INTO it at random. Hell, it might even be easier since our shield is probably where she lives.

So if they won't be safe no matter where we put them, we might as well put them where they won't always be bathing us in FLESH OF THE FALLEN ANGELS radiation.

>> No.25376127

[x]Take cigs. Panties were Kharn's, but nobody messes with our smokes.

>> No.25376128

>then drinking and smoking to excess will probably help calm it down.. just saying.
while banging shrine maiden?

>> No.25376134

You know, Midori could probably make herself look like a shrine maiden....................

>> No.25376141

>Hell, it might even be easier since our shield is probably where she lives.

That's not how pinky works.

>> No.25376142


I honestly don't think its pinky fucking with us.

I think its the shield spinning a roulette when it tries to decide what to dispense.

>> No.25376143
File: 60 KB, 600x480, 1363690469219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But which one?

>> No.25376158

[X]Take only the panties.
At least let her think she's doing good at keeping us from that shit.

>> No.25376161


Well I meant as an alternative to that actually. since we are trying to romance random priestess hook up might not be conductive.

>> No.25376162

[x]Pretend you didn't notice them at all, and wake Midori up.

>> No.25376166

A roulette that includes items we don't even have inside of it? What would even determine that list? Are we going to randomly pull a park bench of a dog out of our shield someday?

>> No.25376168

Y'know, we could always give Sayaka the hat on occasion. We've already spiced up her love life with the Soul Gem thing and butler Kyouko; Slaanesh hat isn't that much further afield.

>> No.25376177

[x] Take only the panties
As funny as it would be to wake her up and ask her why she's hugging a pair of panties... those are *laminated* panties. She'll realise pretty quickly she couldn't have laminated those herself. And then she'll start asking us awkward questions.

>> No.25376178

You know, if the hat only needs to be sated once a week, than that means the rest of it was all Kharn.

>> No.25376180

[x]Take only the smokes

>> No.25376182


Hey we did pull a boltgun and a full set of terminator armour out of it. How did those get there, hmmm?

>> No.25376187

[x]Pretend you didn't notice them at all, and wake Midori up.

>> No.25376189

[x]Take only the panties.
Let's try to keep this from being too awkward.

>> No.25376191


perhaps she ment have sex with her?

>> No.25376194

Probably for the same reason we stole a wing of MIGs to put in there, but we're a drunk amnesiac so we forgot we did it.

>> No.25376200

Lend it to Kyouko
We like her more

Or lend it to Mami and watch the world tear itself apart for her

>> No.25376204

Well no one would ever know. What happens in the timestop, stays in the timestop.

>> No.25376205

Our timestop doesn't last all that long. And Chiaki is a considerate lover. Rushing things is just rude.

>> No.25376208

But making Midori spaghetti is fucking hilarious, and of all of our HUEHUEHUE options at least it's not dangerous or that evil.

Could be! Not so sure we'd want those fangs near our homubits, tho.

>> No.25376216

Timestop: The magic wielder's Vegas.

>> No.25376219

[X]Pretend we didn't see them, wake up green

>> No.25376221

Wait, is giving Wendy her panties back a good idea?

>> No.25376227
File: 77 KB, 600x700, NanamiyaIori.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Random priestesses

Banging a random shrine maiden isn`t self-destructive enough.

We should at least bang a yandere shrine maiden.


>> No.25376228


[x]Take back cigs only

>> No.25376234
File: 6 KB, 205x156, 1337780450936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why would it be a bad idea?

The more important question is:
"Can you transfer items in dream space?"

>> No.25376236

[x]We didn't see nothin', wake up Midori and embrace the awkward.

>> No.25376242

Of course. What could possibly go wrong?

>> No.25376248

Well now we have to try for science.

>> No.25376251

[x]Pretend you didn't notice them at all, and wake Midori up.
[x]Disregard Pantsu and Smoke
[x[Acquire awkward moment

This needs to happen.

>> No.25376259

This this this.

>> No.25376274

[x]Take only the smokes

>> No.25376293

No, no it doesn't. It really doesn't.

>> No.25376297
File: 77 KB, 500x375, varying degrees.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what we need for situations like this is image with important cast of MGNQ and label "varying degrees of hue"

>> No.25376319
File: 367 KB, 960x556, a9fca4a81a7e4699fee2a43dbb7ecdd8[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>of all of our HUEHUEHUE options at least it's not dangerous or that evil.

"I still can't believe Midori witched out after being caught by Murderface while holding latex panties belonging to someone else!"

"I can't believe that chain of events lead to the utter destruction of Mitikara city and dooming the world!"

"I do not understand why you are all talking about this in my office."

>> No.25376334
File: 169 KB, 600x937, Bad Ideas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe one of Malal saying that bad ideas look good until you actually think about them.

Or a Malal going "Meguca, you went full retard".

>> No.25376362

>the idea is dildos.jpg

>> No.25376364
File: 122 KB, 1024x644, captainrevisionism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminds me of this stirring speech.

>> No.25376395

... What?

>> No.25376415
File: 1.58 MB, 480x270, Hatersgonnahate.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Trolling Midori softly
>Bad idea

Teasing romance is best romance.

>> No.25376420

How did Pinky even manage to stick Slaanesh into a cap?

>> No.25376423
File: 197 KB, 911x897, captainnothing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some of the boys we sent over to Europe came back with syphilis.

Some came back with ideas.

>> No.25376444


Depending on how her powers work it may not be all that hard. She would mainly need to be able to fuck with alternate timelines though.

>> No.25376448

Why does this make me think of a more realistic-styled Haman Karn?

>> No.25376456


her power level is maximum

>> No.25376463

Slaanesh will gladly stick itself into pretty much anything given the right motivation.

>> No.25376469
File: 2.97 MB, 320x180, raep.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You wish Haman would do this.

>> No.25376470

Did Slaanesh stick itself in to Pinky?

>> No.25376471

So it's got that in common with the average 4channer


>> No.25376482


>> No.25376489
File: 155 KB, 1000x750, d515bf55426b84fc1b0c446f613a0acb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You and me both.

>> No.25376490
File: 195 KB, 359x542, Fouad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.25376531

Aku no Boku

>> No.25376540

Pico no hana

>> No.25376544

Pico no Boku

>> No.25376547

Good job team.

Also we autosage now.

>> No.25376560

Huh, so we are. Took a while this time.

>> No.25376565

Don't you mean both receive and stick into and do something that only geometry that would drive men mad would make possible? Most likely at the same time.

>> No.25376566

It's been pretty summer lately, so it's sort of nice to be at a more normal pace.

>> No.25376586



Still await Fap Angel and SWQ 2.0: You can (Not) Bounce

>> No.25376602

>>25376050 >>25376051 >>25376049 >>25376056

It's with a careful hand, then, that you take the laminated panties from her grasp. If you're any judge, Midori probably got roaring drunk and decided to check you for cigarettes, finding the panties inadvertently. She then held on to it, in order to ask you about it when she woke up. 'Course, such a thing happening would be decidedly awkward, even if you were to tell the truth that this was Kharn's fault to begin with.

You leave the carton with her, though. You can just buy some more, outside. ...Or maybe give the smoke-free thing a shot, which you think you'll fail after being within walking distance to the nearest convenience store. Yeah, maybe you'll try.

Slipping the panties back into your inventory, it's then that you wake Midori up, shaking her gently by her shoulder. She mumbles something about five more minutes, and you take that cue to shake her a bit harder. It's only after a few more moments of these, as well as calling her name, that she finally wakes up.

"Gwuh...where...where am I? S-sempai...?" Midori's crimson eyes blearily blink up at you, squinting. "It's...w-what time is it? Oh...oh no, I'm late for something, aren't I? I--" She starts to sit up, slowly but surely gaining acceleration as well as incremental levels of panic.

You shake your head and give her a comforting squeeze on her shoulder. No, she's not late for anything - in fact, it's pretty early. You just wanted to wake her up to make sure she knows where you're going.

"O-oh. Oh, it's that...it's that mission with...that idol, isn't it, Sempai?" The green-haired Callidus rubs at her eyes, before focusing back on you. "Yes, Sakura-san told me. It...well, pardon me for saying so, sempai, but it doesn't sound like your type of mission. I mean, as Warmaster, and everything."


>> No.25376612


Well, it's what you got, and you were asked for specifically. Besides, you'd like to see what the big deal is about this idol, and see what she wants from you.

"Just take care, sempai, alright?" Midori seems to have fully woken up now. "And...and please don't hesitate to call on us if you need us, sempai. You'll be gone for four days and everything, right?"

...She's overreacting. You'll be gone for four days, yes, but it's still in Mitakihara. And you'll probably drop by the Officio if you get the chance. And besides, she's got her own mission with Kyoko.

"Still, sempai. Sayaka-san and Mami-san will be available, in any case. And..." Midori seems to steel herself, here. "If sempai needs me specifically, I'll...I'll drop everything and go!"

You narrow your eyes at her, before tapping at her forehead with a finger. That's deserting her assignment, and not something Kyuubey takes lightly. Besides, Kyoko would be left alone, and you'd bring down Sayaka on both your heads as well.

"A-ah, I...I guess so..." The green-haired girl says, nodding. "Um, well, just keep it in mind, sempai. I'm always here for you."

Alright, alright, you get it. You give her hair a thorough ruffling. You'll keep it in mind, you promise. ...Ah, but what's this? What's the strange bulge under her blanket? Surely she's not hiding something from you, is she?

At this, Midori goes beet red. "U-um, well, I...er..." She sheepishly lifts the blanket, to show you the carton of cigarettes she'd hid there. You make a show of being surprised - which, to you, a little raising of the eyebrows is enough - but you nearly fail keeping your expression straight as she suddenly looks panicked. "W-wait, where's the p--er, um..."

...Is something wrong?


>> No.25376624


Midori squeaks at your question. "O-oh, um, no, sempai. Just that, urm, I thought....I thought something was missing but I guess I just dreamed it, hahaha." She makes a show of surreptitiously patting the cushions she's sleeping on. "S-see? Nothing, really! But, um, yes, I did...take these, sempai, from your inventory." She holds the carton of cigarettes to you. "I...I guess you'd like it back now?"

You look at the offered carton, before shaking your head and turning away. Nah, it's fine. You probably need to cut down anyway. She should hide it from you, or throw it away.

"...Really?" Midori squeaks again, seemingly unable to believe what she's hearing. "You're...you're serious, sempai?"

Deadly serious, you smile at her, before patting her head again and making for your room - where the bath is. For now, you'll just take a shower and head to the Officio for some business you need to take care of, before heading to your mission proper. You leave her with your keycard, and tell her to lock up before she leaves.

"Oh. Al...alright." Midori looks at the keycard in her hand, before nodding up at you, a smile on her face. "Thanks for giving me a second chance, sempai."

You couldn't help but chuckle at her gratitude. You shake your head, give her head another ruffle, and leave her to catch up on her rest.

She pulled you out of a living nightmare, after all.

You're just some thug who stopped after shooting both her legs off.

>> No.25376651
File: 186 KB, 850x600, chikuwa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


And that's it for this thread! Mission proper starts tomorrow, same time!

Thanks for everyone participating yet again, feedback is always appreciated! Questions answered after the writeup!

>> No.25376655

How in the hell did she manage to get into our inventory?

>> No.25376664


I feel like we should just come clean.

Tell her we found Kharn's collection and that we're just returning something that belongs to a friend.

>> No.25376670

From the moment I woke up, I knew the day’d be unusual. Slept alright, maybe for too long. Felt pretty good – something that had become more common, lately. More strange, though, was that there was nothing in particular I had to do. Took a shower. Ate breakfast. Checked my email. …Nothing. No crises. Miss Marigold didn’t need me for anything. Annie and Mary were out on a mission together. Eightball didn’t have anything for me, either. Ended up lying in bed, staring at the ceiling for half an hour and enjoying the peace of it all, before getting up to get a little painting done.

Used to be something I did a lot, when I was a kid. …And when I was lucid, back in the Center. Wrote about my dreams and painted what I saw. Just picked up a brush again, recently. Since things finally started to get better. Didn’t find a whole lot of time for it, but bit by bit I managed to get it down on canvas. Mostly the good parts of my dreams. …Sometimes the shitty parts, too. Just to get them out there. An echo of advice from another life, I guess.

I figured I’d be able to put a few hours into the piece I’d been working on – a pink sea, full of spiral shells - but I barely got to work before my phone started to buzz.

The timing was something else. Almost made me think my room was bugged, but given who it was, it seemed unlikely. She’d probably say knowing everything about the enemy takes the fun out of it. Or she’d just make fun of me for having checker-patterned underwear. Didn’t matter, though – hadn’t really made any plans aside from sitting down and painting for a while. …Wasn’t sure I liked how she insisted that just meant I wasn’t doing anything, then, but her enthusiasm was a little contagious, and I agreed meeting up would be a good way to kill an afternoon.


>> No.25376673

Presumably when she was trying to grope us while sleeping.

>> No.25376676


Folks have been reaching into our inventory for awhile. QB and Midori especially.

>> No.25376677

>So, how did you two meet?
>Oh, she was assisting with the rape of some idol and I shot her legs off. You know how it is.

>> No.25376679

It’d been a while since Nico and I got together. We both kept busy – preferred it that way. She always had people to kill – no, people to fight. That’s how she liked to think of it. Hunting down big targets and seeing if they could kill her. …None of them had yet. Not even us. Wasn’t much different for me, though, even if the targets weren’t the same. Witches. Traitors. The occasional unlucky son of a bitch that made the wrong enemies. Failing all that, there was always paperwork to do. Joys of being a Warmaster’s aide.

Barely got out the door before I saw her – didn’t look like she would have taken ‘no’ for an answer, if she was already out here waiting. Not that she was ever the type. She was leaning against her bike – a hunk of sleek, custom-made German engineering that not only went several hundred miles per hour if pushed, but also made the rider look like a huge asshole. Saw a twitch of silver in her hand as the door shut behind me, and her arm flicked toward me. It was a movement well beyond what a normal human was capable of, at least without years of training, and a shitload faster than a lot of magical girls I knew.


>> No.25376680

We asked for a dossier and report on Kirishima Ruri from Mami, when we first talked with Iori on the phone. Will that report be ready for us to read before the breakfast meeting with Ruri?

>> No.25376685

Nothing new, from her. My hand snapped out, half-reflex, half conscious decision, and I caught it an inch from my face – a cleaver, one of probably three she had on her person, if I guessed right. Heavier than my knife and polished to a mirror sheen, with the handle pierced with a ring. …She liked to spin her knives around on her fingers when she was bored. If I’d taken a second to look, she’d probably have another one out and spinning already.

Didn’t, though. Followed up on my catch with one smooth movement. Over my head in quick half-circle, then a flick of my wrist – different weight than mine, sure, but it wasn’t unfamiliar to me. She braced to catch it, letting out a giggle that abruptly stopped when my throw met its mark – the fat rear tire of her asshole-cycle.

“...Ass!” It took her a second to sputter out a reply before she yanked the cleaver out of the rapidly-deflating tire, then gave it a quick spin before tucking it into her blazer. “I know the idea of a joke is foreign to you, Wendy, but you don’t have to be a dick about it.” Couldn’t help but laugh, and after a little pouting, she joined in. This was what passed for a joke now; probably should have been something that bothered me more, but it was better than a moonlit tea party in a sea of corpses. Which was about as fun as it sounds. Second time wasn’t much better, either, trust me.



>> No.25376691
File: 285 KB, 310x600, old friends.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Didn’t take long to fix her tire, but that didn’t stop her bitching as we rode, even though she had to yell to be heard over the purring of her bike. We didn’t really have a plan; she just told me to get on, and I held on tight as she drove way too fucking fast to wherever she wanted to go. The whole world was a sea of yellow as I buried my face in her back, in her long, blonde ponytail. She hadn’t cut it since we were kids, she told me. Aside from getting rid of split ends, or something. …The pang of nostalgia made the rest of the trip a little less gut-wrenching.

Up until we screeched to a stop a few feet from a stunt ramp that would have catapulted us directly into the waste dump that was the ocean. Iron Claw Point. Mostly good for crappy pier food and spitting on people down on the beach. She’d given me some shit line about testing your courage or something, last time we’d hung out here, but that was retarded. Nico got that way when she was in a good mood – completely retarded. ...Despite my better judgment, that was a little contagious, too.

We got some ice cream at the pier, then leaned on the railing, looking out at the beach. Talked about nothing for a while, about the normal parts of our lives, or what passed for them. She was a senior this year, but mostly because the school didn’t want to lose her parents’ generous donations. Didn’t bother going, since it usually just meant the place would get wrecked when someone showed up to get revenge for ‘some dead fuckwad or another’, or when someone got eager to try and prove they were hot shit in the assassination business. The city was running dry, she said. Hadn’t been anyone worth taking on since the Rabbits, and we had an agreement there.


>> No.25376696

Me, I’d gotten a promotion recently, which we agreed was pretty much meaningless. ‘Callidus Prima’. Supposed to be a ceremonial thing, but it was another stack of responsibilities for a little more money I didn’t need, and it earned me the resentment of just about every other Callidus in the Officio. …Pretty sure it was just a way to con me into paperwork and training the new blood, under the guise of grooming me to be the next Warmaster, or something. Annie and Mary got the same treatment, but they were the Rank Leaders already. It wasn’t anything new for them.

“You sound so surprised that you’re being jerked around,” Nico added coolly, once I was done bitching. She never quite forgave Eightball…no, never quite forgave the Officio for recruiting me. Told her again and again that my life was better now, but she insisted it was the same thing as luring a kid into a van with candy and then driving it into the ocean, and it’d only gotten worse since she found out another friend of hers contracted with the Ninth, back in Varrigan.

…Maybe it was for the best, though. Didn’t need her to change her mind – kept her from getting it in her head that she should make a contract. World wasn’t ready for Magical Nico, the Holy Sword of Santa Destroy, or some shit like that.



>> No.25376700

>You're just some thug who stopped after shooting both her legs off

Shouldn't have stopped. Regardless of how the Witch Barrier arc would have gone like without her.

>> No.25376704

“Want to do it?” We’d talked about nothing for a while. Long enough for ice cream. For the crappy steak we split at Eat My Beef to settle. All afternoon, I guess, though the time flew by pretty quickly. …She cut me off mid-sentence with her question, accompanied by a manic grin.

…Asked her if she meant right here. In front of everyone. Right now.

“Absolutely. Come on, we hardly get a chance to anymore.” Her face pressed in close, and I could smell the steak sauce from earlier on her breath. Her hand squeezed mine, and I felt my face burn hot. …Stared right into her eyes – one a vivid blue, the other fractured, fragments of the same blue on the edge of a black abyss. My heart raced, and I mumbled the only thing I could think of.

…Thought you liked it better with the lights off.

“It’s hardly fair if you accommodate me all the time, Wendy.” …The one moment seemed to last an eternity. Then, I was shoved away, and nearly faster than I could react, a silvery cleaver was hurtling toward the pearl clipped to my scarf. …It was a wide swing. Pretty typical of Nico – if she used a weapon she could stab with, she might have scratched it. As it was, I ducked in and brushed her arm aside with mine and focused my energy into a gut-shot.

She tensed her stomach to absorb the hit, but she’d be feeling it for a week, at least. Realized a little too late what she was doing, just taking it like that - I felt her hands on my shoulders for just a split second before she shoved my head downward for an abrupt meeting with her knee. Didn’t waste any time as I staggered back, either – I was only off-balance for a split second, but in that time, her arms slipped around my waist, and the whole world flipped upside-down as she swung me over her head and slammed me into the pavement.


>> No.25376713

Might have been enough to knock the wind out of a normal human, but it wasn’t enough to leave a mark on me, and she knew that. With half a thought, I called up my knife, and I stabbed toward her shoulder as she was letting me go. Got nothing but air, though, and I narrowly rolled forward as she recovered, taking a swing at my soul gem again. …Wasn’t fucking around today. She must have been more hard-up for a challenge than I’d thought.

It was like fighting a wild animal, once Nico got going. I barely got the chance to stand before I met an endless barrage of wild, powerful slashes, each one of them nearly enough to send my knife spiraling away. Any kitchen knife but that one would be in pieces in a matter of seconds, and even mine chipped a little as I narrowly deflected blow after blow. She’d pulled a second knife on me, and it was all I could do to push her other arm away without getting a cleaver stuck in mine.

...This would be easier if I could just kill her. Shouldn’t think that way, but it was true. She sure as hell wasn’t holding back.


>> No.25376723

I almost didn’t notice in time when one of her cleavers had been spun away. She was tired of pushing against my defense. Or she knew she’d tire out before I did. Either way, what should have been a wild swing was a calculated grab, her arm reaching for mine as I moved to block. …No dice. I snapped my hand back and snagged her wrist. Tossed my knife the moment I knew I’d managed it – nice as it would be to just ram it into her shoulder joint and end this retarded contest completely – and snagged her shoulder.

She wasn’t dumb, but for a moment she seemed confused; I didn’t usually pull this kind of crap with her. It was all I needed. I leapt. Twisted in the air, and squeezed her arm between my legs. She dug her cleaver into my hip as I swung my leg around, but there was nothing she could do now as my calf connected with the side of her head and sent her toppling down to the ground, her head hitting the concrete with an audible ‘thunk’.

Didn’t fuck around once she was down. It wasn’t kind, and it wasn’t pretty, but I yanked on that arm as hard as I could. As hard as I could, anyway, without ripping it out. She hissed out a litany of fucks as her elbow popped, then her shoulder. Her cleaver dug into into my thigh twice, three times while I pulled, until I kicked her arm away and rolled off of her.

As always, she was quick to get back on her feet, but most of the bloodthirst had left her eyes as she tried to move her arm. …Told her it probably wasn’t a good idea, but she just glowered.


>> No.25376728

“…You barely even used your weapon. You’re fucking around with me. Didn’t use any sparklebitch tricks, either. How the hell am I supposed to go all-out if you keep going easy on me?” ...Yeah. I didn’t just dislocate her arm or anything. No. She just wasn’t wet because I didn’t stab her.

“That’s fucking right. You never used to be so afraid of hurting me.” She looked…hurt, and it made my heart ache. Told her the truth upfront: I’d be pretty upset if she died, and I sure as shit wasn’t going to be the one to do it during a sparring match. …Well, it was half the truth, but I wasn’t dumb enough to say that. No matter how the fight went, she’d sit and stew on it. If I won, she’d decide she was weak and kill herself trying to get stronger. If I lost, she’d think I threw the fight and fixate on taking me down. She still hadn’t gotten over Kilgore, and that was a lot less personal than this.

“...I don’t mind if it’s you, you know. It would feel like it was worth it.” Her icy glare melted, and she tucked her cleaver away to rub at her arm. “Full-circle, really. Best sort of closure a girl could hope for.”

…That was pretty gay.

“Oh, fuck off.”


>> No.25376744



>> No.25376753
File: 383 KB, 643x900, 1365155279459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since TASALS is a tuhu can you give any hints as to which, if any, other touhou characters might make an appearance? Any chance of pix related turning up as a group?

>> No.25376761


A Magical Girl's inventory is sort of like a portable hammerspace. It's different from Chiaki's shield, think of it as an equipment slot. It can be stolen from, and such!

>> No.25376765

What do your reckon Chiaki's chances to quit smoking successfully really are, given she has an obsessive personality?

>> No.25376783


Thanks for running!


archive is up.

see you fine gents next time.

>> No.25376798

What would have happened if Midori woke up and still had the panties?

>> No.25376816


Hahaha! Well, I'm trying to keep people guessing!

Well, she's got a good chance of cutting down. Quitting completely may take more than just willpower.

>> No.25376821
File: 676 KB, 1322x1000, MGNQ - Chiaki and Misaka - Vodka Victory Party.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>25375816 >>25375830 >>25375812 >>25375773

Figured I'd wait until after thread to answer this.

The image is a Photoshop. I put that image together during the Misaka Vodka Victory Party Episode an age ago, back when I still posted as just '百式'.

The original image of Misaka had her hanging drunkenly off of an annoyed Accelerator. (Imagine my surprise when he showed up in the quest later on).

The original image of Homura was much the same as you see it there, I just edited it to allow for Misaka to hang off of her.

There are no intentional shenanigans going on in the background. I didn't remember to auto level it, though, so I imagine the color balance between the whites is off.

>> No.25376845


>> No.25376848

What does auto level do and how do you do it, anyway?

>> No.25376861

just had a thought, if Midori keeps digging around in our inventory for sig's she might eventually grab a golden weapon.

good reason to drop some off at a secure location.

>> No.25376863


Ponytail chikuwa, when?

>> No.25376870

Thanks for running this awesome thing.

Q: Was Kharn's tongue like that even before she acquired The Hat or is it one of the effects of owning it? Is there any risk/chance of... sudden growth happening to us?

>> No.25376876

Never, nicehatguy does the chikuwas and he's a shortfag.

So is decu, so...Never. Sorry, man.

>> No.25376878

Joke alternate option: Midori gets curious enough to try our cigarettes, and gets addicted.

>> No.25376886

I think other people have made some of them as well. It's only a matter of time.

>> No.25376891


bu-but.. but we got long haired chikuwa!

>> No.25376897


She was born with the tongue! Although, wearing the hat for long periods of time should have some interesting effects!

I'll see what I can have nicehatguy do, hahaha!

>> No.25376899

Did Midori take the panties because she wanted to get them away from us, or because she just wanted them for herself?

>> No.25376911

...Did the panties have the names listed above them on the wall, or were they written on the actual baggies?

>> No.25376919

It's a Photoshop image adjustment tool, located under the Image -> Adjustments -> Auto Levels. Typically it adjusts color intensity and saturation across the image for a more balanced final.

So it would have evened out the whites a bit and not led people to believe something might be there.

>> No.25376925


She wanted to confront you about them, but she was too drunk at the time to wake you up, and it would've been very awkward!

They were written on the actual baggies!

>> No.25376935


Nope. Every Chikuwa has been done by Nicehatguy. You can find them all on the imgur gallery.

>> No.25376939

Why u so jelly, greenbean

>> No.25376947

I am 100% sure at least one was done by someone else as an edit.

>> No.25376952

I believe the answer would be "because she was drunk".
I mean, you've never happened to wake up with hangover and freshly acquired traffic cone having no idea what the hell did you take it for?

>> No.25376954


We should just tell her.

>> No.25376955
File: 178 KB, 833x832, Raildex - Last Order.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TASALS is a Touhou
I missed that part. Which Touhou is she, Marisa?

Also, that's not our Misaka either. Our Misaka looks like this.

Will we be seeing more Raildex characters? Index, more of the Sisters, the Railgun herself?

>> No.25376961

Man, it would have been hilarious if we had gotten lazy and just stuck all the panties in our inventory. Imagine Midori finding THAT stash.

>> No.25376964

'No, look, they belong to a girl I met in my dreams. Stop looking at me like that. I want to wave them in her face.'

>> No.25376982


Nah. The outcome would have been more immediate.

>Panties falling out of inventory like spaghetti during Iori meet.

>> No.25376986


How about just a normal: "I found it in Kharn's collection. Just wanted to return it to a friend"

>> No.25376988

"I only stole her panties platonically!" is pretty hilarious as far as truths go.
Even funnier since we apparently got to second or third base with her and don't remember it.

>> No.25377002

giving the whole new meaning to "panty explosion"

>> No.25377005
File: 275 KB, 1500x1000, puchiwendy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TASALS is on the left, her Equerry is on the right with Wendy-puchi.

>> No.25377008

She was written as wearing those goggles at some point, and she's still capable of wearing other outfits than genric loli garb.

>> No.25377009
File: 2.72 MB, 512x288, 1370879831752.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yup, she's Marisa. The most American 2hu.

>> No.25377016

You, I like.

>> No.25377017



Will the Pugucas make an appearance?

>> No.25377019

Holy shit sauce.

>> No.25377020


Still can't place the equerry

>> No.25377030

...As target practice?

>> No.25377041

Don't think she's a 2hu. I think there's some Suigintou influence actually, if I remember right. But it's probably just the outfits.

And lasers.

>> No.25377044


>Harukasan invasion

We might not have enough dakka.

>> No.25377061

Just open up the shield and let 'em flood in.

We'll find a use for them eventually, right? If nothing else, we just let them all out if we're in need of backup, and hope they all picked up small arms while they were mucking about in there.

>> No.25377064

That particulat detail was added in after I made the image. At the time I put it together, I'm not Deculture had only described Misaka as 'younger than Chiaki' and 'arms dealer' and 'wearing goggles'. Otherwise I would have tried to use the smallest Misaka. I'm not an artist, and finding any image of Misaka drunk is challenging enough as it is. Not to mention Homura with short hair is and has been a Deculture only thing.

>> No.25377073

If that's Alice and her golden scythes mean anything, I'd say Margaret from No More Heroes?

Is that the Grungust from SRT?

>> No.25377075
File: 657 KB, 1000x1422, Suigintou2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She looks a bit like Suigintou.

>> No.25377102

Would fit in with the location name Santa Destroy going around.

>> No.25377149

dat ending yo. dat ending.

>> No.25377209
File: 65 KB, 315x451, 9941689.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Is that the Grungust from SRT?
Nope. Power Rangers Zeo/its Sentai counterpart.

>> No.25377245

I could actually see Coobie selling puchiguca dolls and using the more presentable girls as a marketing tool

>> No.25377954

Sorry I'm late, threadly reminder that the updated Ebook can be found at http://pastebin.com/kbGzcbDb

>> No.25378431

I really hope we get a proper opportunity to use the MIGs, so they don't just become "those things we stole that one time".

>> No.25380046

I had to leave my laptop just after I posted this.

I just want to say to everyone great thread, and that this is a proud day for hat fans. I've spent a couple of threads pushing the agenda of getting the hat on Pinky, and I' glad it has finally come to pass. Luckily we're not dead too!

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