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It's time once again for Song of Swords: the upcoming successor to the Riddle of Steel! It's two days until Open Beta!

Website: http://www.opaquegames.com/

Pic is what is called Bad War, or when two pikemen units smash together and become intertwined. It pretty much sucks.

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I love how in Ironclad the Danes are still being presented as a bunch of pagan-ass Vikings despite having been Christianized for a fairly long time at that point.

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They also speak Hungarian.

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I already posted this but it was right before the topic died. I rolled a fecht over on the forums.


Otherwise how's everybody doing? I have a dedicated group already ready for the beta and I'm excited to really dig right in.

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Same old, mucking around with non-Homo species as player races in the Stone Age supplement.
Straw Poll: Do people want date divides so they can play a prehistorically accurate game or do they just want fantasy-but-with-homonids?

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Chillin'. Working up a shovel-slinging, grave digging Oracle for a Pathfinder game this weekend.

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If you're using SoS as the basis I'd think it would do something of a disservice to not be as historically accurate as possible. With the proviso that it needs to be fun of course.

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>those trips

Uh, both? Then again dividing up the eras shouldn't be too much of a barrier to mixing paleolithic and neolithic stuff.

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When the Beta is released, in what manner will it be released?

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Historically accurate please. I'm pumped.

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I should clarify, it will be historically accurate as possible but I wonder if you want the option to throw that out and have a game where everyone is a different homini species, like you have the Sapiens everyman, Neanderthal brawler, Florensis thief and so on all working together for some strange reason.

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And of course there will be a whole bunch of creatures both real and imagined, because who wouldn't want to fight a 50 foot lizard with a plastic crest on its head?

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Nobody FUN, that's who.

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Wednesday, and via some sort of free download.

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Hope it'll be mirrored on mediafire or something for those who are apparently having some trouble accessing the website.

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Hopefully it'll be something simple. I don't really want to have to get a DriveThruRPG account just for this. I'm not a very big fan of buying things over the internet, and that's what DTRPG's entire business model is about.

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I hear ya, bro.

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Judging by how they've been so far the devs will probably put it on /tg/ direct too, might crash the servers that way though.
They could always torrent it.

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If it's small enough, hopefully. It's usually not worth the effort to torrent one PDF. Those can go up on mediafire or rapidshare and be done in the time it takes you to open up your torrent program.

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Never been much of a torrenting guy myself, but I know some friends who prefer it that way.

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Is this a former /tg/ project or why is no one getting butthurt over this obvious advertisement like usual?

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I only have one question for the devs of this game.

Will I be able to stat out Guts and fulfill my dream of dickstabing apostles?

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It's a current /tg/ project.
And the devs are being cool, already open to fan-made supplements.
Now I can get published without making a whole system.

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This. This is something that has been a long time in coming and is eagerly anticipated here.

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Long story short, once upon a time John Galt ran some fechts using the Riddle of Steel rules on /tg/ and there was much glorious dickstabbing.

Fast forward to the present and Galt has returned with a posse to make a spiritual successor to RoS featuring even more (MORE!) realistic combat options and less wonky non-combat stuff. Song of Swords is the work in progress, and will feature a 15th Century European setting and a promising fantasy setting.

And /tg/ has been helping them get shit done by having a staggering number of alarmingly civil threads about arms, armor, history, and tactics. We've cited some sources, fought some fechts, created a bizarro teen drama called Blue/Blue, and had a few laughs.

The beta comes out on Wednesday. And the Kickstarter a week after.

And now you're all caught up.

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Running themes of creatures contemporary with early Man: HUGE and DANGEROUS.
Another theme is EXTINCT, but that's what you get for messing with the big dog. Unless you're a dog, then he steals your children and teaches them to kill stuff for him.

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I want to make a horse's genetic predecessor my pet. Is this possible? Make them weird little hoofed dogs with mean bites.

>fought some fechts
Yeah we did.

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It could be possible, I'll have to study the development of the horse deeper.
I am certainly including wild horses, so you'll have that at least. Might be a bit big for your needs but they still have a wicked bite.

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Oh god prehistoric horses


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Fixed bows, got Slings. You guys are the fucking best, by the way. And for those concerned in the last thread, don't worry about the Blade guys, they're just fucking around. It's all in good fun. And without them, where would I have gotten my idea for my magnum Opus, Ballad of the Laser Whales?

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Will there be a future supplement where I can play and/or ride a Giant Robot Laser Whale, preferably in space in search of space treasure.

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Also, had a couple questions that got buried last thread:

1) Environmental/combat effects. How will darkness, cold, etc. be handled in combat?

2) So this is crazy, but could the rules be modified to run a supers game (medieval or modern, doesn't matter)?

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Why yes, the aforementioned Ballad of the Laser Whales. It will all be steampunk mind you, so you'll be able to have swashbuckling sword and pistol combat with other Spacewhalers as your Laser Whales duel each other with their Laser Whale Lasers.

The overarching pursuit will of course be after the mysterious and rare Laser Narwhal, whose Laser-Horn is necessary for the construction of the most powerful of Laser Whale Lasers. But you'll have to watch out for the East Milkyway Trading Company and the Space Spaniards, who are out to control the void and drive honest privateers out of business.

Darkness we've got factored in, cold, as well as hunger and thirst, have not yet been factored in, though we're working pretty hard on that last one.

On the second count... I don't know. But I hope so. And once the game's out, if anyone figures out a way to bend the game in a different direction, they'll have our full support in the endeavor, and we'll be glad to help produce supplements for interesting ideas.

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>East Milkyway Trading Company and the Space Spaniards
We Spelljammer now.

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>In Space

This is the stupidest idea I've ever heard and I want it. How much do I have to pay you guys to put this on the supplement list?

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If the interest is there, we'll do it of our own accord.

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It's most certainly there here.

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We're looking into multiple-source release options. Don't worry gais.

Definitely not.

No wait, what's the opposite of definitely not? I think it might be hell fucking yes you can.

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You guys are the best, you really are. Good luck beating this sumbitch into proper shape for the release, I look forward to putting it through torturous testing.

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Is that the one where Link wakes up to find half his face cauterised off?

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Can't wait.

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Oh lord, this is happening.

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I'm still reading the RPGnet thing on Blade from the last thread. Jesus Christ, what a disaster. Someone should tell the Devs not to fuck up like this.

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Sum up what happened and spare a fellow fech/tg/uy the horror of trying to read through?

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Where are you seeing it? I apparently Cannot Into RPG.net and only see four posts from the dude shilling the game.

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Some people found the artwork in Blade offensive because it was objectifying women or something. And I guess they were probably right, there was like a naked lady and a woman holding onto the leg of a warrior dude built into the border, and some stuff with ghoulish looking savages getting ready to eat a while woman or something.

You know, oversensitive stuff in general, you know the drill with that. The problem is that then, when people started getting upset about it, and basically saying that they wouldn't back the damn project if that work wouldn't change, one of the guys physically got on there and started talking shit about how he didn't feel it was sexist or whatever, while also justifying the insane schematic for the Kickstarter (which involved paying $20 for a PDF, and $50 for the right to buy a book from Lulu (at additional cost,) as being necessary to the economics of the project.

So you can imagine how this went, people IMMEDIATELY got butthurt on a social justice level, and also on the retardation of the kickstarter, and it quickly devolves into a clusterfuck of serious bitterness.


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I'm not the only one! I thought it was like the three seashells from Demolition Man or something.

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>And I guess they were probably right, there was like a naked lady and a woman holding onto the leg of a warrior dude built into the border, and some stuff with ghoulish looking savages getting ready to eat a while woman or something.
So it was Frank Frazetta style stuff?

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So basically, they made the exact same mistake (riling up the social justice retards over there) that the developers of Exalted did during their own Kickstarter.

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Yeah, definitely. And they said as much, but instead of playing ball with the social justice crowd and sort of talking their way out of it, this Ian guy faced it head on and did the EXACT right thing to piss all of them off.

I'm not saying that it wasn't oversensitive, because it totally was, but the crisis was handled the wrong way, and lost a ton of potential momentum that they might've gotten on the site.

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Not even well done Frank Frazetta style stuff. This is on every page.

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On one hand, I love Frazetta's heroically idealized low fantasy stuff. On the other hand, I love it because it looks nice. Yeah, that might be a bit too much. I might not even mind if it were better drawn, but... the same image, on every page? You don't need fancy borders, dude.

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Don't worry guys. We're not exactly a bunch of super-enlightened humanists with a social justice agenda over here, (I'm a papist dog, come at me infidels!) but we've also got no plans to actively demean women in our work with conspicuously and exclusively objectifying images on every bloody page, and no images that might give someone the impression that they can play a badass warrior woman anywhere.

Our flagship character is Sarah Gizka. I don't think any more needs to be said. I'll handle RPGnet personally when the time comes.

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I think I need to buy you several beers.

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The first mark of a man's quality is that when given the choice between success and failure, he chooses success.

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In the fantasy setting, how do the different cultures and races treat their womenfolk?
Are military women fairly common?

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> No men want to join the army for fear of groin shots.

>> No.25368830

Why does that never fail to amuse me?

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Part of me kind of hopes the weapon descriptions in this game are a bit testosterone-soaked like that when that guy from Deadliest Warrior was calling shit out.


>> No.25369019


That does sound hilarious, although Top Gear-style descriptions would also fit.

"With a riveted, iron-shod haft and a whopping two pound head, I can say that this is the best axe... in the world."

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It depends on the culture, though there are instances in all of them. Here are a few worthy of note:

Krajina (the largest Sliver Kingdom,) has total gender equality, because its population is regularly devastated in huge wars and purges, so they can't afford to recruit from only half of the population. This has actually had a lot of repercussions for them, some positive and some negative, so it's sort of a balanced depiction. Sending tons of your women to get shot at the same time as the men plays hell with population restoration.

Karthack divides people into castes at birth, based on their qualities and divinations. Women who make it into the warrior caste are warriors, there is no ambiguity there. Same with sorcerers and clergy.

Burdinadin and Onazedin (Iron and Wood Elves), as well as their Zellish cousins on the sea, have some at times strange gender roles, but in affairs of violence, they value skill and capability more than anything.

The Helians (or "High Elves") do not, because their population experiments cannot survive the loss of women. Doesn't stop some of them from slipping out anyway. (In truth, even the men rarely fight, because they have huge armies of human mercenaries to do it for them.)

The Kaselreich has female knights, though only noblewomen have this honor, more of a class thing than a sex thing.

Dace... Has Gizka.

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>The Kaselreich has female knights
That's what I like to hear.

>> No.25369260

Sallet in the bottom right.

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Wait, so how does Krajina make up for the deficit of population? Do they encourage constant immigration? Is preventing what would probably be rather common rape, harassment and bloodshed in the ranks actually modeled into their military?

>> No.25369300

I see Käselreich and immediately think käsekrainer.

I either need to eat something or revisit Austria.

>> No.25369502

Immigration from the homeland of the ruling class (the Kalkatts, specifically Osterbija and Bozedinja) and constant conquest of more of the Slivers, which adds more subject peoples, who can then be used to invade still more of the Slivers. Not sustainable in the long run, but I guess they figure they'll run out of islands to conquer, and thus potential people to be conquered by, before they run out of people.

That looks fucking delicious. Is that cheese in there?

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>That looks fucking delicious. Is that cheese in there?

>> No.25369583

I refuse to believe that we do not have this in America. This is totally our sort of shit, we must just call it something different.
brb supermarket.

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This is actually pretty cool. I'd play this.

>> No.25370838

I'm not too big on space whales, but someone right below made a Dishonored reference, and I would kill in cold black blood for a game that could run a Dishonored campaign well.

>> No.25370928

>We pride ourselves on our impetuous work-staff

I'm not sure impetuous is the kind of impression you want to make.

Perhaps efficient or efficacious would be a better choice of adjective?

>> No.25370944

Ok, is it just one dedicated Scythian in these topics or is everyone passing the torch?

>> No.25370960

Obviously the editor wouldn't let "Reckless and Shortsighted" through, so they had to slip it in.

>> No.25370979

There are at least two others. I got really butthurt once because a mod deleted my Scythians and I burned down the world in retaliation. I think the others just really like Scythians.

>> No.25371002

What can I say? Honesty is our watchword.

>> No.25371291

Scythians are pretty cool, I wouldn't be surprised if it's multiple people.

>> No.25371386

Is anyone going to be playing the Beta online when it comes out?

>> No.25371408

I know my group is.

>> No.25371491

I'm probably going to play with some people IRL. I'd like to know if the beta will have the online adapted rules, though.

>> No.25371889

You might have to improvise for the first bit, we're still working on it.
But, you never know, we might come up with an amicable solution before the beta release.

>> No.25371946

swords are relevant, right?

>> No.25372205

Anyone still got any idea on the chinese bronze weapon thing there?

>> No.25372242

We're pretty sure that if's based off one specific artifact, but no one seems to be able to find the original.

>> No.25372677

I wonder around what time will the beta be avaivable tomorrow?

>> No.25372781

Are there rules for bags?

>> No.25372800

I can confirm it's multiple people.

>> No.25372811

>Is preventing what would probably be rather common rape, harassment and bloodshed in the ranks actually modeled into their military?
Yeah it's probably better if the game just stays off the topic of "common rape" entirely.

>> No.25372856


The release date for the beta is June 12th, and it will most likely be released later on in the day, by Pacific Time. We're getting all ready and dolled up as good and quickly as we can.

>> No.25372976

>using an armet in a joust
Goddamn plebs. It's like they're not frightened of the deadly impact or something.

>> No.25373491

Gaiz, whats the difference of armet and close helmet?

>> No.25373623

Not much, IIRC. Mostly a few details in the design, but I can't recall the specifics off the top of my head.

>> No.25373654

We will produce a Bag supplement sometime in the future.

Indeed, a singularly unfun topic that we would do best to avoid.
However, less specifically, and to fill a gap in my answer before to set minds at ease, the Krajini army (which is made up of dozens of ethnicities and island-tribes who are not terribly fond of each other) is policed by extremely draconian State Officers from the heartland, who are authorized to enact any punishment from docked pay to disciplinary branding to being beaten to death with an oar by your squadmates as punishment for varying degrees of misconduct. You can be certain that raping, murdering, or mutilating your fellow soldiers would all carry the highest punishment.

This brutal enforcement of doctrine makes a lot of sense, when you consider that if you didn't restrict an army like this constantly, it would do as much damage to your own countryside and people as the enemy's whenever you returned home as ethnic tensions boil over. In that regard, the country is rather advanced militarily. The downside is the Guild of Tailors, Hatmakers and Cobblers holds as much authority over military affairs as the state does.

But that's a story for another time.

When removing the helmet, the armet's cheeks fold outwards, whereas the whole front of the close helmet pivots up, if I recall. I think the key advantage of the close helmet is that it has no exposed straps or tethers to hold it shut.

>> No.25373695

>The downside is the Guild of Tailors, Hatmakers and Cobblers holds as much authority over military affairs as the state does.

Truly, they are centuries ahead of their time. Does that mean they have fabulous uniforms?

>> No.25373805

Eh, screw another time.
That is precisely what that means. It makes a lot more sense when put into context, but the only source of power in the country is in groups of wealthy men who are willing to play ball with the Crown. In return for increasingly draconian sumptuary laws that made this guild even more rich and powerful, they agreed to develop a uniform set of armor and equipment (and actually provide all of this equipment) for the military to promote unity and increase morale, and to provide it at close to cost.

However, because of this, the guild has a lot of pull with the army, and regularly leverage their own members into influential ranks. Except they're cobblers and fashion experts, not soldiers.

This goes more or less how you'd expect it to. Modern and effective army, -terrible- officers.

>> No.25373834

So kinda like Hugo Boss with the German Army, except more cart pulling the horse?

>> No.25373851

So I'm a little confused because despite being hyped for this game, I don't actually know a lot about it. I realize it's got a riddle of steel style combat system which is cool, but like if someone would be kind enough to answer my questions...
It appears to have a fantasy setting, is this part of the core book or is that sort of thing going to be a supplement?
Basically I'm very interested in this game because I've wanted to run some strange historical games such as one in the late 1500s-early 1600s in Poland and I want to know how easy it would be to do that.
I assume from the history boners I've seen that it would be fairly easy?

Also: I realize this is a lot like riddle of Steel, but how is it different? Will out of combat stuff be better? Is it assumed that the players will take care of that stuff on their own? How's it going to work?

Basically I'm just a huge newbie about the whole thing. the pictures of Sexy historical battles and weapons made me come to the threads, and this talk of a RoS successor made me want to stay.

>> No.25373915

Precisely. Glorious political/social/economic/military clusterfuck.

The fantasy setting, along with a historical setting, are to be included in the core book to show that both fantasy goodness and down to Earth historical games can be easily done with the system. Magic, fantasy races, giant monster slaying, all the good stuff will be available on the fantasy side.
And I am very pleased to tell you that one of our first planned supplements is to be one set during the Deluge in Poland, because it's a very popular time period and gives us a lot of cool material.

And on that note in general, we're working hard to make it as easy as possible to adapt the game to whatever time period you want, and sourcebooks for anything from Imperial Rome to 2nd Century China to World War I are planned so that you can satisfy your hunger in great detail and help you run your game in whatever time period you want, with whatever amount of fantasy you want.

As for the mechanical side of it, we've worked very hard to try and sand off the rough edges of Riddle of Steel, but then improve it across the board as well, adding new systems and new ideas to make the game distinctly our own, not just in combat but in all of the associated systems. We want this to be more than just a set of houserules for RoS, we're trying to make a legitimate successor to the idea behind Riddle of Steel, not just a carbon copy of it with some decals stuck on.

I hope that we can vindicate your hopes, we want to produce the very best game we can.

>> No.25373930

Jeeze, there are some really basic sentence structure errors in my last few posts, I think I've been working for too long. I'm gonna slow down a bit.

>> No.25373945

How's the beta looking, still got lot to do for tomorrow?

>> No.25373964

Close helmet on the left, Armet on the right. The armet was an earlier design as well.

20/10 Would sing about

>> No.25373967

I see a lot of love for fantasy settings and historical settings.
I feel slightly unique in that I run both.
My game takes place on Earth, but a lot of folklore turns out to be true, and magic exists.
Stuff like far northern Swedes have enslaved a clan of dwarves, whom they force to forge equipment for their armies, or Hussars with enchanted flaming wings, or a pagan cult looking to summon their god and bring the destruction of Berlin.

Am I the only one who runs games like this?

>> No.25373993

I have been planning on doing something similiar when this thing arrives in complete form

>> No.25374015

I have a setting like that. The living corpse of Oliver Cromwell rules Britannia with an iron fist, warding off Catholic intrigues and the "New Magic" (Conquistadores bringing a blood magic cult back from the new world)

Shit is so cash.

>> No.25374093

We've always got a lot to do. We're gonna cream it, though.

>> No.25374135

So here is what I was able to come up with while working today.


What I would love, is a nice little intro, maybe a diary entry of one of the officers. But I will work on that later.

The basic situation is this: The Allied British and Burgundian army is fortifying the town of Cravant in the days before a French/Scottish alliance is coming to try and pry them out of France.

I am seeing 4 or 5 British officers, getting riled up at a similar sized group of Burgundian officers, in the tavern\tent\building they have claimed as the officers mess. One side will be challenging the other to duels or even a full blown fecht - off

I like this as the setting, as it allows the players to Fecht individually, and perhaps later have an engagement against looting allied soldiers to show off group combat.


>> No.25374150

I frequently get a little fantasy in my history.

>> No.25374235

This does have enormous potential. I like it, there's the cozy element of it being 'civil' as a setting, but the opportunity for bloodshed is still there, and it would encourage players to try and think like 15th century Aristocrats so that they can be properly offended at the many slights of filthy Burgundians. (jk Burgundibros, Burgundy is my favorite color!)

>> No.25374376


Well I will continue to develop the concept, I will put a thread together on the forums (might cross link it to the reddits)

I have shit all time before Friday, so it might be sat before I get it out. But any help from the rest of the community much appreciated.

>> No.25374420

Help this man. He fights for Fechtdom.

>> No.25374518

Do we need character concepts and art? (yeah, I'm one of those guys that thought art would be a useful area to train in)


>> No.25374538

I need Stone Age art.

>> No.25374542

Have we seen your art before in these threads, or are you more recent? I remember the hilarious depiction of the Sea Elves.

>> No.25374581

"Common" is also a bit misleading.

Consider this. If you have a mixed gender army. Let's say 80% male and 20% female. The number of males committing sexual assault can be extremely few. This still leaves it feeling like "rape is common" when the number of not-rapes is way high in proportion.

I'd also point out that rape isn't the only horrible thing that can occur in war. There are many tortures that a nasty hoard may inflict on people. Hell, men fucking each other up happens.

Oh and men are also capable of being raped. Not to mention the curveball of including homosexuality.

Personally I think that sexual assault in a medival army could be significantly reduced if the punishment for it is swift and done via crowd. If the mentality of the crowd is that raping a fellow soldier is a major sin warranting immediate crucifixion...well there may be a couple of incidents but the society will feel they are bizarre strange occurrences. (Yes I'm pulling some religious vibes here. This is because religion is a good in road to get this kind of reaction from plebs.)

>> No.25374588


That would be AWESOME, but I want to concentrate on the actual content first. If you don't think you can help with content, go for artworks.

All help appreciated.

The lash and easy access to prostitutes generally solved this in Napoleonic British armies.

Also remember that lots of soldiers brought their wives, and that massive hordes of people selling booze and sex will follow an army anywhere.

>> No.25374636

I got to go for now but I hope the "Reasons rape wouldn't be commonplace" discussion continues. It's a good, if hard, topic to go over.

Campfollowers is a good one.

>> No.25374748

The dialogue is important. The more prepared the Devs are for out of left fiend questions, the lest likely they are to end up impaled on a pike like the Blade of the Iron Throne guys.

>> No.25374761

No one on any forum has ever seen my art.
I'm not really much of a drawfag, but I'm happy to draw if the need arises for something serious.

>> No.25374817

Adds up to me.

>> No.25374851


So I could be Commissar Thomas Burberry, disciplining the chavs who wear my tartan?


>> No.25374858

"Stop raping each other, you fucking cunts!"

>> No.25374868

-Fredrik Reinfeldt, June 4, 2013

>> No.25374873

Warning for you all. I draw stylistically. Drawing is not what I'm trained in and I am very average at live drawing.

With that said, badly focused photodump.

>> No.25374881


>> No.25374885

Infinite comedic potential.

>> No.25374917

I'll dump my tiny soldiers. These guys are about 3cm high.

>> No.25374925

waisist stereotype are never funny.

>> No.25374930


>> No.25374938

And finally some relevance.
I'll dig up some better (and bigger) stuff (also hopefully scans not phone pictures).

>> No.25374968

I have also dabbled in being bad at photoshop

>> No.25375018

Fuck all this tiny shit let's go hard.
Economist by day, knight by night.
KNIGHT MAN is actually seriously mentally ill and murders homeless people who he thinks are Lancastrians.

>> No.25375027

I'm the newbie guy from earlier. Just wanted to say:
Thanks for answering my question
and also

>> No.25375037

If you want more, I've got plenty more.
Until then have a nice night.
Well, it's night here. Not sure what time it is in Ameriland.

>> No.25375581

Thanks bro for my new skype image

>> No.25375740

Might myself throw this here. In case someone wants to play a crusader Guts type of character, or something similiar.

>> No.25376315

I can draw too!

>> No.25376501

Shit that's beautiful.

>> No.25376718

I drew a thing too, guys!

>> No.25377498

That wouldn't be too bad if the legs and arms... arm, were redone, with an actual early feudal suit of armor as example. Then shading, colouring and a rough background.

You could make it some sort of Crusade returnee Medieval Venetian Batman, who is a hard-nosed cripple beggar with uncanny ability to collect rumours with his fellow beggars, as well as investigate occurrences during the day, but roams the streets in his old suit of armour and broken-tipped, huge sword at night, punishing the wicked, greedy, sinful and unfaithful.

>> No.25377679

Conserning running games online, which seems to be a big want in these threads, any of you guys hae experiences wiht this? http://roll20.net/ It any good?

>> No.25377764

roll20 is pretty good from my experience.
I still play physical only because I play RPGs as a social gathering as much as to play the game, but the couple of online sessions I've played or GM'd have been reasonably smooth.

Use your own VOIP though.

>> No.25377816

A Polack.

>> No.25377820

I have an account but have never used it. I would play SoS on it if someone is running it.

>> No.25377821

A Scythian.

>> No.25377831

Nice, got a special style that I like. Keep drawing is all I can say.

>> No.25377886

I'm a little cautious of the fact you're mainly defining women based on them giving birth, or at least of you taking that as your line at RPG net.

I mean a society that was 90% women and 10% men would have an extremely fast breeding rate while being able to enlist women, etc.

>> No.25377935

Will the Beta have rules for magic? Do the devs have any ideas for magic yet?

>> No.25377963

They have, and it wont be

>> No.25377970

Only if that society was also polygamous as the norm, otherwise you have a breeding population of a nation one fifth your size.

>> No.25377984

No magic tomorrow, but it will be in a later beta update. They are releasing a bare bones beta and updating regularly.

>> No.25377998

>Only if that society was also polygamous as the norm
Do you think a society with a 9:1 gender imbalance wouldn't be? Polyandry and polygyny are hardly unknown in human history.

>> No.25378000

This is why you have rodeleros.

>> No.25378068

It probably would, but it's not a given.

>> No.25378073

Fuck sallets, give me a Zischagge ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

>> No.25378075

I just ran a game on roll20. Not RoS but it's some experience rather then none.

It's good in that it's easy to get everyone in a roll20 room. Everyone makes an account and you send them a link. It's easy to share pictures via uploading to the virtual space. It has the option of voice and video streaming as well.

I'm not totally sure how well suited it is for a game like RoS though. RoS seems like it would want a deeper level of automation then Roll20 can provide...requiring work outside of it to accomplish.

Big areas I feel an RoS player would want extra automation
1: Initiative. Roll20 has a very simple initiative. RoS has a pretty complicated system that it would be unable to track elegantly.
2: Dice rolling. To do XdY with a TN you need to type in the formula each time. It's possible to do some macros but RoS has variable TN on top of a range of possible X's. Automating this seems like it might be problematic.
3: Looking up damage charts. I'd love to have the ability to input a weapon, location, and get the appropriate result.

Mind just cause it can't automate doesn't mean it can't be used. Just means pen/paper/excel/etc in the background to make up for it.

I have yet to use it but, I am given an understanding that Maptools is far more customizable...but it's far more of a PITA to get working.

>> No.25378084

Then, just take it as 'assuming it was'.

>> No.25378107

When you assume you make an ass of u and me.

>> No.25378116

Contextually, in this instance, it's a pretty safe assumption.

>> No.25378357

You'd think so, but bad science is built on safe assumptions.
Many people assume that heavy things fall faster, but if they did we wouldn't have a functioning space station.

>> No.25378403


We could have an inflatable space station.
It would be lighter and more fun.

>> No.25378408

Again, contextually, the context in this case being 'a 9:1 gender imbalance of women could lead to rapid population expansion' it's a pretty safe assumption.

The assumption is made in the post. You don't have to say, 'Only if they were polygamous' because it's implicit.

>> No.25378448

You could program scripts for it, but that's for paid gm accounts only. I figured that's what I'm going to do anyway when the kickstsrter starts. To get some programming practice and to make it possible for some audience to have fun online.

>> No.25378695

Ah ha. Might depend on how complex the scripts can get. Though as soon as ability to script shows up I know how those problems can be solved. To some extent or another anyway.

I'm impressed with Roll20 but RoS/SoS is kind of a complex system.


Wait...isn't them being monogamist an assumption too?

If you take all assumptions out then you see 9 people capable of giving birth to 1 person capable of insemination....which isn't enough information to logically draw any conclusions from.

>I mean a society that was 90% women and 10% men would have an extremely fast breeding rate while being able to enlist women, etc.

hmmm....all that needs to be done is put the word "appropriate" before society.

"an appropriate society that was 90% women and 10% men would have an extremely fast breeding rate while being able to enlist women, etc."

>I'm a little cautious of the fact you're mainly defining women based on them giving birth, or at least of you taking that as your line at RPG net.

Capability to give birth may be the most neutral way to divide the sexes. So it's not a bad metric to use for describing and differentiating societies.

>> No.25378737

>Capability to give birth may be the most neutral way to divide the sexes.
It definitely, definitely is not. Human society has put that as the 'role of women' for thousands of years, you really think that doesn't get people's backs up? If you do, you don't know shit.

>> No.25378768

It's a sallet with a brim.

>> No.25378781

>Kaselreich witch knight
>Sallet modeled like a witch's hat
I've got my character.

>> No.25378809

> Giving birth the role of women
> As if it could biologically be any other way

>> No.25378828

'Role of women' here meaning 'only/restricted role'.

>> No.25378891

Austria and Germany had awesome greasy fat food before it was cool in America.

>> No.25378909

American's what happens when you mix all of Europe together.

>> No.25378958


Look, there's not going to be any rape-monsters in the game, and that's a good enough bottom line. This game doesn't have the child rape of Exalted or the dick-ass dev of the other shitstorm RoS successor.

It'll be fine. DnD has way creepier shit and they get off the hook without insufferable redditers and tumblr(ers?) getting mad at them because social justice.

>> No.25379003

It's alright we'll make our own rules.

>> No.25379012

Sarah Gizka literally lives to castrate men, you can't pretend that's not some sublimated fucked up shit.

>> No.25379020

In fact Sarah Gizka is a really good example of a misogynistic power fantasy.

>> No.25379033

Actually, it's a lobster-tailed pot helmet (zischagge)

>> No.25379048

Yeah, that's some developers fucked up childhood right there.

>> No.25379060

Now just make the brim really wide, make it pointy and paint it black.

>> No.25379095

Your making a mistake. Your attaching common political sentiment to the affair. Allow me to be more clear.

A man is incapable of giving birth
A woman is capable of giving birth

This merely a physical fact. It has an effect of weighting the value of women in terms of long term (generations) survival of a group of humans because a group of 100% men is incapable of reproduction.

Please note that this is NOT the ROLE. It is not some societal preconception or misconstruction of the fact. The fact a women can give birth is a fact ABOUT WOMEN.

What "Role of Women" is is another story entirely. It talks about a DIFFERENT aspect of women. Their living occupation. It assumes that giving birth is the sole occupation/role of a woman.

These are very different things. The very confusion between the two is half the fucking problem that 'role of women' causes. One is a fact and the other is an opinion.

>You really think that doesn't get people's backs up? If you do, you don't know shit.
I do not understand what you mean here.

(I'm leaving out an argument on why that fact is a worthwhile metric)

>> No.25379102


Magic will not be in the first run for the beta, but will probably have its own beta release all by itself down the line. It's three seperate systems are being worked on currently by Croaker while the rest of the team concentrates on the Beta.

>> No.25379111

Could we not? Please?
What's all this?

>> No.25379198

>That one fucking sword that STILL no one can find
It would actually be less annoying if the guy who drew this had just made that thing up, rather than this enigma bullshit. Finding the original of something so bizarre looking shouldn't be this hard.

>> No.25379245

How is she misogynistic?

>> No.25379270

She's a male power fantasy. Your enemies are so thoroughly defeated they're castrated by a women, a not-male. She's a way of literally and metaphorically unmanning someone, her being female only matters insofar as its a further insult to masculinity.

>> No.25379274

Misoandristic certainly, but not misogynistic.

>> No.25379286

But everyone stabs for the dick. She isn't the only one who does that.

>> No.25379290

Her enemies are castrated because ALL enemies in riddle of steel got stabbed in the dick.

>> No.25379309

The fact that Zone X is the best place to stab in the game just supports the point, quite frankly.

>> No.25379322


>> No.25379324

Get out of here tumblr.

>> No.25379334

Here's a good way to illustrate it: when did Sarah Gizka ever fight a woman?

Even her fight vs. the Hef was a way of overcoming fear of other males. The Hef as a monster is basically entirely rooted on the fear of a challenge to your masculinity and the fear of homosexuality.

>> No.25379338

>tumblr mind
Mah nigga.

>> No.25379370

I'm not even mad. I'm impressed.

>> No.25379371

Didn't she fuck up that prostitute? It's been awhile, my memory's a little fuzzy.

>> No.25379380

She did tackle that one whore.
I've not read the threads in detail, so there could be more.

>> No.25379382

I think she threw her off a building and jumped on her.

>> No.25379410

Yeah I'm going to look that up, but IIRC she just throws her around and then molested her, or another woman? It's not a very good argument against her being a projected male power fantasy, because it only supports it.

>> No.25379441

Hefs are monsters from RoS, not SoS. They are also a very difficult monster to defeat in the rules, fetish shit aside. Gizka fought one because it would be a challenge.
It's like playing dnd and looking the rules for something challenging and wanting to fight it.

>> No.25379445

> A strong female character who don't need no man
> Nothing more than a male power fantasy

Truly the only way to win is not to play.

>> No.25379506

>A strong female character who don't need no man
There's definitely a pitfall there that it's really easy to fall into, and what this comic is mocking:


It's not impossible to 'win' though. On the same note, go look at Vattu. Vattu is great about female characters.

>> No.25379678

>Hefs are monsters from RoS, not SoS.
Yeah that doesn't really make a difference to what they're about. A Hef is specifically the fear of rape, and typically the fear that either you, a man, will be raped or your women (indication of ownership) will be raped and impregnated by someone other than you.

A Hef is hyper-masculine in a brute kind of way. That's what the whole monster is about, I'm not saying it's a bad monster. A lot of memorable monstrous creatures play on human fears and this is how, mythically, lots of monsters originate.

>> No.25379684

The funny thing is, if women spent less time spotting shitty tropes and more time writing better female characters, there'd be a lot less of them to spot.

>> No.25379788

>Truly the only way to win is not to play.

I remember listening to an author talk about this kinda thing at a "racism in fantasy" panel at a con. He had a young white apprentice wizard as his hero whose master was an elderly black wizard. People told him it was racist because it fell into the "Magical Negro" trope. He reversed the races and people told him it was even racist-er because it was now about a black kid with a white master.

His point was that you always have to think through the implications of what you're writing and people are going to take away things you didn't intend due to their own life experiences coloring the story for them, but all I could think was "Man, it sounds so much easier to just make everyone the same race and ignore that shit entirely".

Now obviously that's a pretty cowardly thing to do, but the point remains; you're actually MORE likely to cop criticism of your work being sexist or racist if you make an effort to be inclusive. If Gizka was male and only fought other men, nobody would be looking for reasons to call her story sexist.

>> No.25379849

The real thing to do is just to kind of approach each character as an individual and to include varied depictions of any specific group.

But, you know, regarding this whole thread and all the stuff posted about Gizka, all I can really say is each man trolls the thing he loves.

>> No.25380043

> Black Wizard
> Magical negro
The Magical Negro archetype isn't literally magic.

>> No.25380342

Ok everybody seriously needs to stop this weird shit, it's sullying our grand works base.

How about a good honest fecht to clear the air? Any suggestions?

>> No.25380345

>The Magical Negro archetype isn't literally magic.

Sure, but some people will find reasons to complain about anything, valid or not.

Honestly, I think the point to take away is that no matter what you write there's always going to be a few people who find it offensive in some way. Removing bigoted attitudes from your work shouldn't be about appeasing them but about making your work better.

>> No.25380456

>How about a good honest fecht to clear the air?

Geez, if you insist. Let's see what I have lying around...

Ah, here we go. Wanna kill some foreign devils for the glory of the British Empire?

>> No.25380463

Gizkha vs A Woman.

>> No.25380541

Why's that bloke wearing slacks and the lass's walking round in her knickers?

I'll stop now

>> No.25380574

You'd better.

She's wearing a dress and Arabic sandals.

>> No.25380593

This could be funny.What kind of woman?

Brit eh? TO 5, no armor and 14cp. One good hit and he's gone.

>> No.25380652

>Gizkha beheads this fucker in the first round
Taking all bets!

>> No.25380699

He has a pistol. Bullets are Giskha's weakness.

>> No.25380709

Gizka has two, I believe. Also;
>Implying Gizka would let someone shoot her.

>> No.25380783

>One good hit and he's gone

He has Major Gift: Careful; he cannot be killed by dickstabs, and is thus better protected than the most armored knight.

>> No.25380813

He still might have a shot.

>> No.25380871


Against Gizka? he wouldn't last a round.

He's a starting level character I built a year ago for a /tg/ fecht that went... poorly for him. I always wanted to bring him back and give him a less ignominious end.

>> No.25380902

i can't find major gift careful anywhere. also i dont even know how pistols work in tros. how did i become the guy running these fights? lol

>> No.25380934


You should totally email us with more of your stuff.


>> No.25380971

>I either need to eat something or revisit Austria.

Austria recently had a spat with Hungary. Krein's a place in Hungary and they tried to put a claim to the geographical indication/trademark "Krainer".

>> No.25381033


Your wish is my command.

>Whenever you are struck in missile or melee combat, you can modify the opponent’s D6 location roll by +/-1 (minor gift) or by +/-2 (major gift).

take it as a major gift and you never have to worry about dickstabs! You can even get away with not wearing a helmet!

>> No.25381097


It's a tourist piece, man. The Chinese make them by the hundreds. Image search says that a Beijing Wending company's either making them or offering them for sale online.


>> No.25381102

fascinating. Careful seems pretty OP, but then again most of the gifts are either crazy good or useless.

>> No.25381130

Joan d'Arc?
I'm pretty sure it's accepted she's not a tool of the Patriarchy.

>> No.25381133

Don't suppose y'all need abstract acrylic paintings do ya? Cuz that's what I do...badly. Though I have sold a few and have a commission I should probably do.

>> No.25381162

Companion for Careful, FoB for pistols.
He'd actually have a revolver with smokeless propellant, so he doesn't need to reload as much and it's much more powerful than the pistol in the book. Like nearer to the musket powerful.

>> No.25381167


But Jeanne worked for God, probably the biggest father-figure in religious history.

How's about we have a nice duelling shield fecht with Master Talhoffer, if we can? Or did they not include rules for those in tRoS?

>> No.25381197

Hell if I'd know how to run that. I'm basically useless.

>> No.25381248

Bucklers are included, but nothing for those dagger/shield hybrids. Can't be too hard though, it's a buckler which also counts as a small dagger when attacking.

>> No.25381286

Alright, I just remembered I never ran the Quarterstaff beatdown! Two simple peasants, both armed with Quarterstaffs are ready to knock each other about for yalls amusement.


Tom the Builder
ST 5 WP 4 Reflex: 5
AG 5 Wit 5 Knockout: 6
TO 4 MA 4 Knockdown: 5
EN 5 Soc 3 Aim 5
HT 4 Per 5 Move: 8
Proficiencies: Polearms
Equipment: Quarterstaff, Padded armor (AV 1 torso, legs and arms)
CP: 9

John Carver
ST 5 WP 4 Reflex: 5
AG 5 Wit 5 Knockout: 6
TO 4 MA 4 Knockdown: 5
EN 5 Soc 3 Aim 5
HT 4 Per 5 Move: 8
Proficiencies: Polearms
Equipment: Quarterstaff, Leather Jerkin w/ sleeves (AV 2 torso and arms)
CP: 9

>> No.25381307

Which one of these challengers will /tg/ control?

>> No.25381317

At some point we should do this fecht.

>> No.25381482

I look at it and it just gets weirder.

>> No.25381503


>> No.25381595


There's some kind of lesson there about the man digging himself deeper and deeper, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

>> No.25381610


Actually she got her mission from saint Catherine, saint Margaret and the Archangle Michael.

>> No.25381653


It's a lesson about fairness, actually.

Like freezing a rich guy's assets while he's up against a poor guy in court.

>> No.25381708

So why is the one in a hole lower than the other?
That's not fair.

>> No.25381726

Unless the one in the hole is the poor guy and this is a BEFORE shot.

>> No.25381773

In medieval duels, if a woman challenged a man to a duel he had to stand in a pit and she got to stand on normal ground so that it was more fair.

>> No.25381787

Tom it is then, declare your stance /tg/!!! John is going aggressive.

>> No.25381797

Aggressive of course, we have nothing to fear in out mighty onesie.

>> No.25381809

I need a source on this, so when I use it I can provide source.

>> No.25381818

The woman also gets a stone in her bonnet to use as a blackjack/flail and the man has that club.

>> No.25381851

Alright, now to throw initiative dice! John is going to throw red.. What is Tom going to throw? No peaking!

>> No.25381876


>> No.25381903

Can I specify I'm holding my staff in Longsword stance to garner a reach advantage?

>> No.25381980

Rolled 9, 2, 9, 8, 10 = 38

haha! We have a red-red situation. John is thrusting for Tom's face. If Tom is thrusting as well its a tied Reflex. Both will need to roll reflex to see who attacks first. Rolling for John, TN is 6(the ATN of his staff) Somebody roll for Tom.

Tom lacks that...ability.

>> No.25382044

Rolled 1, 8, 1, 1, 9 = 20

Jabbing John's John Thomas with my wood.
Rolling reflex.

>> No.25382117

Rolled 2, 8, 6, 10, 10, 2, 5, 5, 7, 7, 7 = 69

Poor Tom, John's attack gets off first. He'll be throwing everything into this. 11cp at the head.

>> No.25382129

We dead.

>> No.25382135

Rolled 1

Ouch, we've got 7 successes, adding that to his STR of 5 we've got 12 against Tom's 5 TO. A lv. 5 wound. rolling location

>> No.25382151

Rolled 3

Ouch, in the neck, rules don't even give damage, simply saying "Neck instantly broken". Looks like Tom won't ever finish his cathedral after all.

>> No.25382179

And that's the reality of R/R

>> No.25382360

Its in Talhoffer.

>> No.25382493

I don't know, maybe these fights would be more interesting if it wasn't usually RED/RED FINAL DESTINATION! and someone dead in the first exchange.

>> No.25382504

That's just how /tg/ likes to fight.

>> No.25382540


>> No.25382700

It's a pretty poor way to show the system.

>> No.25382713

I've rolled up like 5 of these fights and that is the first time I've thrown red. /tg/ however...

>> No.25382740

Yeah, we need a Yellow/Yellow fight or something next time.

>> No.25382754

What is this Yellow I'm hearing about?

>> No.25382761

There should be situations that force you to throw a certain color. Or at the very least make one much more attractive than the other.

>> No.25382817

A new in-between initiative posture that allows one to commit to an attack without sacrificing the option to retreat to defense if attacked more swiftly. The downside is that several very effective maneuvers on both the offensive and defensive ends aren't doable from Yellow.

>> No.25382832


Just how much buttdevastation could you fit into Winged Hussars? It seems realism is a very pressing point of SoS, so I worry about actual game balance when this machine of rape and pointy sticks is released onto hapless fools.

>> No.25382833

I'd say that not being suicidally reckless because the character you're controlling is your actual PC you want to keep alive rather than a fecht mule you don't care about is incentive enough to choose things other than Red from time to time.

>> No.25382883

Being outnumbered makes you throw Blue.
At least in a duel you can hope to land the hit first.
Having lower reflex is also an incentive.

>> No.25382917

Yellow/yellow I believe boils down to initiative.

Anyone with a shield against an aggressive opponent should take defense. With a TN of 5/6 and a bonus from a defensive stance you can easily take an incoming attack and then follow it up with an attack of your own. Again /tg/ likes the bloodsport but a round between a seneschal and a player or two players will play out very, very differently. Attacking first can get you killed.

Agreed, hell even the example game I ran against myself lasted 3-4 rounds over on their forums.

Rules for lances in TRoS said to use your horses strength for the initial charge, which basically meant insta-kill(chargers have 12 STR). There were also bonuses for mounted combat. So if you had made one in the old rules they were pretty OP as-is. I doubt SoS will really nerf them any.

>> No.25382936

Speaking from experience, a good way of showing off TROS, is to use combatants who are both rather tough, with good combat pools, but lots of armour. The japanese game I play in, my no-dachi can't do shit against most of my enemies because of my low strength, and the fact I'm mainly a draw cut man. The fact that /tg/ has been attacking actually shows how little they know about ROS. I've won more than a few duels by beating the enemy on initiative, and disarming them offensively first exchange. Often, I end up holding their sword, and giving it back for them to have another try.

>> No.25382976

I don't like to do that in RoS because you end up with the opposite problem a lot; the enemies are completely unable to HURT each other at all.

>> No.25382978

Rolled 4

Alright, so how would you run a fight between a man with a sword and board and a man with a claymore?

>> No.25383049

Me? If I was the one with the shield I'd defensive, throw out my yellow, then throw blue. Let him hit me as hard as he can, knowing he has to save dice incase he doesn't connect and I'll just block him then when I gain initiative I'd use all my dice for beat and hopefully start next round with initiative and extra dice.

If I'm the claymore? aggressive stance, throw yellow, half sword and try to give him at least a lv. 1 wound so I can follow up and finish him off.

>> No.25383100

Claymore goes aggro, tries to get around the shield before S&S can attack.
THAT is where RoS was let down, a bastard sword was about as good as a shield on the defence, so there's no cost to putting a weapon in both hands.

>> No.25383112

I meant Bind and Strike, not Beat.

>> No.25383124

>Speaking from experience, a good way of showing off TROS, is to use combatants who are both rather tough, with good combat pools, but lots of armour

Who'd be up for running a more heavily armored fight? How about a Winged Hussar versus a London Lobster? Hussar gets lighter armor but is cavalry, Lobster gets ridiculously heavy plate but is on foot?

I always like the look of the London Lobster helmets. They seem so happy.

>> No.25383125

Shields are so OP in real-life combat I think it's actually sort of necessary to have it the way it was so that there's any incentive to use something other than a weapon+shield at all.

>> No.25383158

That's what armour's for.
Cover yourself in steel and you don't need a shield.

>> No.25383166

If you want to see some cool stuff about shields, look up some of the viking shield fighting stuff on youtube.

>> No.25383188

Shields are more than handheld armor. They are a weapon used to parry blows and create openings.

>> No.25383211

They also serve as passive armor on the area they cover in RoS rules.

>> No.25383226

If this game were anywhere near as realistic as it claims to be, it would be called SOSS (Song of Spears and Shields)

>> No.25383248

SOPAAA(Song of Pole Arms and Armor)

>> No.25383261

"Wanna go play some Sauce?"

>> No.25383276

You don't have to parry blows or make openings in enough armour, you just ignore everything until they die to you glorious greatsword.
You do not however parry a dagger with it.

>> No.25383282

>Shields are more than handheld armor. They are a weapon used to parry blows and create openings.

They were mostly abandoned when full plate armor was developed. The nice thing about a shield is the protection it offers from missile weapons, but reach is king. A man with a longsword will beat a man with an arming sword and shield, assuming similar amounts of armor. There's videos of people sparring on youtube that bear this out, as do historical sources:

>The two handed sword has the vantage against the sword and target, the sword and buckler, the sword and dagger, or rapier and poniard.
>--muthafuckin' George Silver, arch-nemesis of Jimmy Rome.

>> No.25383310

Keep in mind that all of those are fairly small shields--it's easier for a longsword wielded by someone with quick hands to slip past a buckler or targe than to slip past a Norman shield or a scutum.

>> No.25383330

>Welsh hook
>Advantage over Rapier/Dagger or Backsword/bucker


>> No.25383337

Those "shields" are pretty small though. Also Silver advocates a longsword with a blade the same length as the short sword IIRC (pretty odd really).

>> No.25383348


The simple fact that those larger shields dissapeared from the battlefield would seem to dispute that. I mean, if they worked, why would people abandon them?

>> No.25383354

Rolled 9

Shield and spear seems to be the most OP. Imagine being in a formation with a bunch of those guys?

You know what needs to be done? The battle of 300 like in those movies played in this rpg. See how many people you can kill with 300 of the best warriors in those hallways.

>> No.25383374

Just because it was made obsolete does not make it a bad weapon. By that logic, the duelling epee and cavalry saber are the ultimate European swords.

>> No.25383377

They didn't disappear overnight and were used for several hundred years. It took full harness to bring about their decline.

>> No.25383404

>THAT is where RoS was let down, a bastard sword was about as good as a shield on the defence, so there's no cost to putting a weapon in both hands.

Yeah, I houseruled bastard swords out when I ran RoS. They're unrealistically good in every possible situation, and it's kinda hard to say they even existed historically (as a definably separate sword from the longsword)

>> No.25383415

They only disappeared locally in places that fought a certain kind of war. Eastern Europe continued to see shields into the 18th century. Napoleon's men fought guys with shields in Russia in the 19th century. In the west, the Scotts performed the classic "highland charge" against bayonet-armed musket formations, famously, with swords and targe shields.

>> No.25383463

Shieldwall bonus would make you impossible to hit. Fatigue rules would mean you won't be killing more than say...5 guys? before you're running dangerously high in fatigue.

>> No.25383504

>Napoleon's men fought guys with shields in Russia in the 19th century. In the west, the Scotts performed the classic "highland charge" against bayonet-armed musket formations, famously, with swords and targe shields

Exactly - in situations where nobody is wearing full plate harness, shields are viable.

>> No.25383528

Rodeleros fought when people were wearing 3/4 plate.

>> No.25383551

And unreliable projectile weapons.

Don't forget the unreliable projectile weapons.

>> No.25383557

Right, but presumably for economic reasons, people elected to wear chain and bear shields, even when facing western adversaries who might've had access to full, or at least mostly full, plate. It obviously wasn't a binary thing unless you lived in France or something.

And wait, didn't the Germans and the Swiss keep fielding sword and buckler-guys in like the 16th century? There was plenty of harness around there. Battlefields can have full harness without everyone actually wearing it.

>> No.25383582

Rodeleros were also kind of just...selectively effective most of the time.

Somebody DID, however, mention large metal siege shields sometimes used before the tercio in one of these threads. Had pictures of the shields in question too, as I recall.

>> No.25383608

Rolled 8

I cannot wait for the inevitable fecht threads when this comes out.

>> No.25383613

Guys, we have a fucking HUGE history of weapons and armour BECAUSE there was no single be-all, end-all combination that ever reigned supreme for more than a few years at a time.

What is superior in army formations is different than what is superior in duels is different than what is superior in rough forested land is different than what is superior underwater is different than what I deem superior because I fund the armies.

So let's all just kiss and make up and beat ourselves silly with pointy sticks.

Or blunt sticks.

Or y'know, rocks. Shit, I ain't gonna judge.

>> No.25383617

Have you ever tried to fight bills with sword and shield? It's not an easy proposition either way, I can tell you!

>> No.25383620

Because the adversaries had plate and they didn't.
They literally had no choice in the matter.

>> No.25383642

Rolled 2

Is there unarmed combat? I can see running my players through a brawling tournament in between battles.

>> No.25383677


If Franzetta was working today he'd be RPG.nets favourite artist to hate.

>> No.25383681

They were also skirmishers instead of the infantry going with the pikes. So it stands to reason they would choose a shield.

Really only selectively effective, that's what you get for going against the momentum of a few ranks of men, or going against pole weapons without an advantage.

>> No.25383693


Sauromatae DOG!

>> No.25383711

Skirmisher is kind of the wrong word. They were infantry whose job was engaging and defeating disrupted pikemen, which is the exact opposite of skirmishing. Their advantage against pole weapons was specifically that they didn't have pole weapons themselves.

>> No.25383743


there arent any of these in your local jewish delicatessen?

>> No.25383775


I reply to him with the obviously superior sauromatae

>> No.25383801


dunno if I'll be able to play at all but I sure am downloading it!

I'm one of those Swedish-fags, in Stockholm.(totally not looking for a group to playtest this)

>> No.25383839

Those greaves look excessively complicated, and that helmet terrifies me.

>> No.25383842


A quick google search found two academic(ish) articles on medieval rape.



Shit's complicated of course.

In short though, rape was definitely considered sinful (at least insofar as a form of adultery). Naturally it still happened (as it still happens).

A strong, charismatic commander in the field could impose some solid discipline on his army (killing locals? stealing from churches? raping people? That's a public hangin'). Camp followers/prostitutes were another check on those impulses.

Still, all that shit went out the window in sieges. An army that's spent three months in filthy trenches outside a city, riddled with dysentery, hungry, the whores all went away because they soldiers ran out of money AND they have dysentery, they haven't been paid in three months because most of their pay comes from looting, and the equally miserable defenders have been taking potshots at them this whole time from the walls. If the besieging army was successful in breaching the walls, horrible, horrible things happened to the people inside. And not just rape.

>> No.25383851

The devs are going to have a collective heart attack when they realize that 90% of their audience is overseas. The shipping costs are going to be murder.

>> No.25383865

>Rodeleros were also kind of just...selectively effective most of the time.

It's maddening to read historical sources about them. Depending on the author they were either amazingly effective or amazingly ineffective. Nobody ever just writes "they were OK I guess".

>> No.25383869

so Galt undt others: the winds of chaos critical damage rules, are they in? optional? are there even optional rules in Storm of Swords?

>> No.25383884

Jesus, if you want to know about rape, just read FATAL.

>> No.25383892

Nothing complicated about them, they're plain layered plate.

>> No.25383933

This could actually work with the weapons present and the Flame magic, I believe. The only question is, how far can you go with stealth and exotic weapons like chokedust?

We totally need and Overseer vs Whaler fetch.

>> No.25383941

By complicated, I mostly meant that it seems like they have too much room for failure. Wouldn't it be better to just have one solid plate there?

>> No.25384004

Flexibility my man, you'd be surprised how much length is lost from the thigh just raising it to horizontal.

>> No.25384040

Ooh, maybe you could have a plate hanging from your hip, with the other end fastened very loosely to let it move up and down with your leg, but not loose enough to let it go totally crazy.

>> No.25384049

The reason for that is because whenever they were deployed, they really WERE either amazingly effective or amazingly ineffective. They were a thing that either worked great or failed completely.

>> No.25384114


>> No.25384117

Sources are always nice. And with that post I can proudly proclaim on behalf of everyone that that topic can be put to rest.

I'm at least one guy who is on the right side of the planet.

>> No.25384134

Nah, this works fine.

>> No.25384160


I don't even think Asia would consider America the right side of the planet.

>> No.25384221

What horror has this man seen?

>> No.25384232

Oh man that'd be so rad.

>> No.25384295

The fact that they're doing both fantasy and historical stuff suggests that there has to be optional rules.

>> No.25384325

Is there a good topic to start the next thread on? Because we kinda need the next thread soon.

>> No.25384372

Steampunk Whalers in Space

>> No.25384406

Tommorow is the release of Beta, nothing better.

>> No.25384412

SoS BETA Hyppe Traine?

Sorry, been watching a lot of E3 stuff.

>> No.25384428


still waiting for official word though, as one of the devs seemed mightily impressed by them. Which is not hard to understand as they were written by a couple of surgeons :)

>> No.25384492

We didn't want to co-opt these guys' rules, but we're thinking of looking into commissioning a similar set of optional damage tables from professionals sometime in the future, because they're so cool.

>> No.25384509

We're autosaging into Page 6 now, we should probably have a new thread up shortly.

>> No.25384564


This being why I asked if we had a good topic to start the next thread.

>> No.25384730

It should be about the playtest idea we are working on here. http://opaque.freeforums.net/thread/9/battle-cravant-beta-playtest-development

>> No.25385525

which side of the planet is the right side?

>> No.25385596

Beta is being released tomorrow!!! Woot Woot! What else is there in life?

>> No.25385693


To crush your enemies and hear the lamentations of their womenfolk? Not sure I'm remembering that quote right.


The right side is probably the one that hasn't left.

>> No.25386011

The one that posts the new thread


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