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How about a /tg/ rage thread? I don't think I've seen one before.


Here's what I got. I dare you to read the whole thing

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Also, I wanted to find a copy of that image with an imperial guardsmen instead.

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>Here's what I got. I dare you to read the whole thing
I did. Not a single fuck was given that day.avi

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I figured something easy to start with. I don't have much in the way of /tg/ related. Other than the other day when somebody fielded 2000 points of Grey Knights that was 30 models and my nids couldn't put a scratch on them for like 7 rounds

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You see, hating Matt Ward is very much overrated these days. Wargamers play it the way they want, and his influence over Role Playing aspect of WH40k world isn't that substantial.

Simply put: we mostly got over that.

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