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hang in there brother!

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Obviously we need to find all the Ork books already out and read them.

Then they'll be read.

And everyone knows read ones are faster.

So the new codex will come out faster.

That's logic.

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Well, at least I have lootas and warbikers.

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That..took me far too long to get

I'll start with Waaagh The Orks, you can have Deff Skwadron

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When it comes out, there will be a Killa Knight included, a gigantic model that bridges the gap between gargants and killa kans!

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What's the Ork BIG CREATURE going to be?

SOme kind of stompa?

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After the Sister codex comes out.

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I personally wouldn't mind the Stompa being moved to a core unit. But I can understand how a lot of people want a squiggoth.

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ORKASAURUS, that's all we're going to need.

It'll probably be a squig though...

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>sister codex

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Several rumors say a squiggoth in between FWs squiggoth and monstrous squiggoth.
I'd certainly hope for some toys too. That old release list mentioned plastic flashgits/something, MANZ/tellyporta nobs, Buggy/trakk and what sounded like a couple of tanks at least.

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Tellyporta Nobz are all I want, or even better, an HQ that grants teleport to its respective squad.

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If it doesn't happen I'll cry.

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Think they'll add anything to Thrakka's and Yarrick's bromance?

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More than likely SPESS MUHRINES are next in line, then us.

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Aye, those rumors we've been hearing sounds so damn delicious. And stuff like stromboyz being able to assault flyers, hnnng.
The tellyportas rumors mentions a pretty random way of teleporting, but eh, sounds fun. Imagine something like the mekboy from DoW last stand, with the random porting and aoe damage upon arrival. Shiiit.

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Been reading rumors that all the boys are going to get +1strength across the board and a 6+invuln as well. God I hope it's true.

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I wished that Stompa will become part of Heavy slot in ork codex after Eldar got their Wraithknight.

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All I want is for someone at my FLGS to play Orks too, I have a feeling Ork v Ork games are goddamn fun.

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They won't do that, but they'll certainly give us a new model, prolly a squiggoth or big walker.

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Personally, I'd prefer 6+ FNP, rather than 6+ Invuln.

Seems a bit more orky.

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You will regret it when it happens, do orks really want their own faggot version of a riptide / wraithknight.

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Either way a 6+ save of any kind would be fantastic.

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Yay Squiggoth!


I dunno, I feel that they think they're super tough, and so they have mini force fields, as opposed to actually being tough. I mean, they're alright pretty tough (T4) but it's the power of belief and all that.

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Now see, I disagree, When Orks use forcefields, they actually use forcefields.

Plus, what Ork doesn't want to get hit by bullets? How else are you going to get neat skarz?
If you want, think of the FNP as being a psychic effect where they ignore the wounds, Black Knight style.

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No, but I do want new and updated rules.

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3 way split for Choppas.

Choppas: Melee, AP 5. (For the Boyz)

Big Choppa: Melee, +1 S, AP 3 (For the Nobz)

Uge Choppas: Melee, +2 S, AP 4, Two-Handed (For Nobz and Choppa boy specialists)

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When you do, play it by the GorkaMorka Rules. I find them more fun.

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So the Iyanden book got me thinking.
With the current ork 'dex you can most big clans quite easy, except for snakebites because there really isn't that much stuff to work with.
Maybe they'll release a snakebite expansion book.
Or they'll allow the orcs and goblins book to be used in 40k.

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the rumor I heard for choppas are AP6, 5 on the charge, big choppas AP 4, 3 on the charge.

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Ah yeah, sorry, that was just wishlisting.

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am I the only player who fields gretchin mobs?

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>Boyz that are stronger than Guardsmen and Tau

Please yes.

On a similar note, I've always wished that all Ork infantry models were one size bigger (or at least taller). But that will never happen for obvious reasons.

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How do they do on the table? I know they're basically just meatshields but I feel like there's more to them than that.

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they are like guardsmen wIth shorter range. I like em. nothing beats the face of a SM player when they lose terminators to getchin.

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>that entire description

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I've got 2 copies of the core rules and 1 of the expantion books kicking about somewhere.

Must admit it's always been a bit tempting to try and buy up some cheap Ork stuff, kitbash some vehicles and play a few games with friends.

I can't remember if Gorkamorka suffered from the potential issues Necromunda did with gangs very quickly powering up and becoming rather silly.

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>when they lose terminators to getchin.
WAIT, that can happen?

>> No.25343833

thanks to some sad rolls on their part. I need to gift them termie helmets still

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Make someone roll enough dice and any armour gives way.

Or if they are just unlucky.

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mobs of 29 and 2 slavers, yes please!

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My grotz ocne took out four termis in one turn. No mean to mention that my opponents face was priceless.

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I once saw a single IG mortal kill two terminators.
It was glorious.

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Used to field them in a big mob as a meat shield, but nowadays I use two units a 14 grotz to stay back and hold objectives while the rest of the army has fun.

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I run bloodaxes, so they don't have much of a role there.

Although I've been wanting to make a bunch of human slaves with guns for the runtherders to push around.

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worse thing I did was load them in a trukk.
> mfw I forgot about no save throws

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I rejoiced when I re-read the trukk's special rule. He still only does S3 hits when exploding.

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Gotta love the grots.

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You Guys and your fancy Grots, all I have are 14 of the old pointy hat ones.
(not mine in the pic)

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I Saw a regular guardsmen almost kill Drago.
He had one wound left, the Guardsmen rolled a 5 to hit and a 6 to wound. Drago rolled a 2.... it would have be glorious...

Back on Ork topic, honestly as a non imperium player Orks are probably the most fun army to play against. The crazy crap they can to makes the game fun.

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Dem double sixes on the Shokk Attack Gun. Fuck you, you're getting eaten by daemons.

>> No.25344599

Eternal Warrior this muvafukka!

Spaaaaaace Crusaaaade!

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Nope. Rules say remove from play, doesn't say anything about killing things, rules don't apply. Your models are simply removed from the table by the hand of Gork. Or possibly Mork.

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All right, ork army list question. Looking to field a fun 2000-point army oriented around making it the absolute shootiest I can while still being something resembling playable.

>> No.25344779

At least one shokk attack gun.
Shootaboys in trukks for effective hilarity.
At least some lootaz.
Bikaboys for massive dakka.

>> No.25344784

Your Boyz level up fairly quickly but getting enough teef for stuff takes a while.

>> No.25344797

plenty of dakka seems self explanatory. and big shootas on errthing

> storm boyz being able to assault aircraft.

my body is ready

>> No.25344825

Had a broadside pimpslap Logan Grimnar's last wound today, it was fantastic.

Also had Longstrike snipe Belial when he was charging a unit of Firewarriors.

Dem epic moments mang.

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I've always wanted bikers but I'm too Jewish to pay $45 for three bikers.
not to start a gw politics shit storm in here

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's what i was referencing :D
many times i've Double-Size'd things that'd bea pain in teh ass to deal with...
of course, i've double-one'd 1000pts of my own army before...

i love dropping 20 stormboyz lead by Zagstrukk onto.. well, anything really!
6th has hurt 'em (no more +1I ) but hte intimidation factor is worth it!

>> No.25344962

You know what happens when I try that with just ten stormboys?
I land in an enemy unit roll a 1 and put them back in the box.

>> No.25344976

I Love zag
anyone who chews his way out if a dread nought with no legs is okay by me

>> No.25345062

Powerklaw legs strike at initiative. Why don't more nobs wield powerlegs?

>> No.25345064

Also, look into big trakks with supakannons from IA8. Basically Ork basilisks, and you can squad three of them together.
Bigmeks can also take a Junka as a dedicated transport, and it comes with turboboost, defforlla, and can add on lots of shit like KFF, turret mounted Shokk gun and so on. Rolling "bad" with the SAG and get the tank ported rolla-first into the enemy is hilarious.

>> No.25345077

Is IA stuff okay in regular games?

>> No.25345108

Let me just say that I love that in universe, this makes perfect sense.

>> No.25345146

Man, I used to have a bunch of those as a kid...I miss them.

>> No.25345147

I want a FNP 6+ for all orks.
I want doks to give a +1 to FNP rolls.

A nice bonus were if nobs had a FNP 5+ and warbosses 4+.

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It goes:
JUN: Eldar
JUL: 40k Apocalypse update
AUG: Lizardmen
SEP: Bloodbowl
OCT: Space Marines
NOV: Fantasy army release (likely DE)
DEC: Hobbit
2014: Fuck knows but probably Dark Eldar, Nids and Orks. In various orders. Plus the yearly Spess Murheens dex. With Skaven, Brets and Wood Elves hopefully for WHFB.

For those interested in Lizardmen update here are the rumours I got so far:


- Swarms now useful
- Slanns more expensive





- Carnosaur cavalry as rare choice

Special Characters

New Units

Model Releases

- Nakai the Wanderer mini
- New spawn a la chameleon
- Dual Kit with big monster/machine of the old ones
- New saurus on cold ones

- No sacred spawns

Carnosaur Cav is awesome. Swarms being useful = Amazing. Not that 5 Poisoned Attacks per base on Unbreakable units is bad.

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i think it's more the landing; it's only when he charges they're I order?

like all my ork things (Zzap Batterys, Shokk, Zag) it comes to luck; half the time he scatters / ends up in the middle of nowhere ... the rest its SMASHFACETIME!
then they die as get shot to peices!

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Buy the Battleforce.

Some LGS sell GW stuff at a discount (I get mine at 15%) the BF is $110 15% off is 93.60, plus the taxes here makes it 101.87.

The twenty boyz are 26.81 after discount and taxes.
x2 is 53.62
Trukk is 34.45 after taxes and discount.
Bikers are 41.88 after taxes and discount

Meaning separate they cost: 128.85
You save $27.98 going to a LGS with a discount and buying the Battleforce.

Without it's: 148.74 with a tax of 9% (Seperate buying) Battle force is 119.90. You still save $28.84

You always need more boys and trukkz are nice and bikers are awesome.

Out jew the jewz boyz.

>> No.25345295

my grots have killed (and kept down) Old one eye and Kharn; I love them and usually run 2 maxed units in large battles.

>> No.25345352

Yeah it's only on the Charge does Zaggy Get the Power Klaw at i3.

Before Furious Charge it was I4 and Zaggy would RAAAAAAAAAAAAAPE the fuck out of beakiez.

The only downside is he has to deepstrike in and deepstriking 11+ boyz is annoying as all get out. If you do get a charge off on that deepstrike though you can lose d3 boyz, but when it works its awesome as all hell.

By the way, Zagstruk can still do this in 6th edition, minus the I4 PK

>> No.25345403

I've only had Zagstruk roll a 1 on the deepstrike table once. The rest of the time he has murdered anything that came near him.

Every other time I've used Stormboyz has been the funniest, most orky situations of them Curbstomping four squads before being shot down. Last game I even had three left alive
The entire kill tally was posted here:

I laughed for an hour straight man. I could not control myself.

Even funnier is when you have Bommers backing them up. All dat dakka, den all dat choppy Orky Airforce iz Best Airforce.

>> No.25345459

I just want to be able to make the Nobz that follow the rest of the boyz able to take Anything that the Normal Nobs can.
(Munus the obvious of making him a Biker Nob with Footsloggers)

Like a Waagh Banner
Or Able to take Mega armor
Or Upgrade to a Pain dok, so the boyz can get that FNP + cybork and not have to take Grotsnik.

That'd really all we would need. Yeah it'd make a squad of Boyz RIDICULOUS in price, but my god imagine 90 boyz, all with FNP and Cybork and ard boyz.

Or possibly 90 boyz with a Mega armored Nob with a Waagh Banner.

>> No.25345512

Sure. The books are usually pretty clear on what is normal stuff and what is Apocalypse only.

>> No.25345554

Aaand is the orky stuff all in one book or would I need to "buy" all the books to get everything?

>> No.25345608

After sisters get their update

>> No.25345670

Is that a super mario grot?

>> No.25345896

IA8 has pretty much all of it iirc. Some is in the Apocalypse books too but most of the useful stuff there, like the stompas are made redundant by the improved versions in IA8.
Another fun thing is that the dreadmob army list in IA8 can be taken as battle brother ally for a codex ork army and vica versa.

>> No.25345937

Well then I'll take a look at that. Thanks.

>> No.25345957

Fuck your sisters, Orks are much more popular than those faggots.

>> No.25345963

Orks WILL be getting an update, sisters never

>> No.25345996

Isn't Imperial armor 8 from forgeworld?

>> No.25346019

yup, why?

>> No.25346082

Most people around my area throw a bitchfit about FW stuff all I hear all day is how OP it is.

>> No.25346244

Then make them actually read the rules because they clearly have no idea what they are talking about.
Only some few units are OP, and usually only if you spam them, making it no different form normal codexes. And the orks in IA8 are all pretty far from being OP.

Plus it's supposed to be a game for fun. If people throw a bitchfit because someone brings a bit of FW models then they clearly don't want any fun and you should find someone else to play with.

>> No.25346466

Well you inspired me, I'm going to probably start fielding Buzzgob and maybe those fast attack killa kans. I really love the idea of a 1500 point all walker list with 18 kans and 2 deffdreads.

>> No.25346526

Yea, kans arent anywhere near OP in 6th anyways so Im sure no one would be whining about that. But fuck the glancing death, kans are kool.

>> No.25346528

No one likes Orks, they're a Fantasy army.

>> No.25346569

The entirety of 40k is fantasy you silly weeb twat. It's literally called *WARHAMMER* 40000, I still don't get how people don't understand that.

>> No.25346585

>no one likes orks
>see all the people posting in this thread

>> No.25346600

>muh army that was created via a magazine is better than your official army

>> No.25346638

But Fantasy doesn't have the equivalent of the Tau or Tyranids.

>> No.25346652

Does it matter? You get the jist of what I'm saying.

>> No.25346806

Yet ...

>> No.25346873

What the fuck are you talking about cocksucker?

>> No.25346891

Orks have no place in 40k. It may have started as a fantasy game but it's pure scifi now with the Tau, so kindly take your shitty army with its ugly sculpts and kill yourself.

>> No.25346898

Inb4 the next Ork Dex makes Lootas useless so everyone has to buy a new army.

>> No.25346923

As a Tau player don't listen to this faggot. Orks are the best thing in 40k.

>> No.25347945


Of course. Gotta cycle the power unit. What's relatively unused -- Stormboyz? 'Ard Boyz? Stompaz? Whatever earns GW max dosh.

>> No.25347976

For Tau players to table.

>> No.25347985


Fucking hate Tau players now due to the new Tau.

I don't think even the GK or Necrons were this obnoxious in 5th/early 6th.

>> No.25348008

Stay mad, while my Riptide AP2 drops pie plates from across the table.

>> No.25348049

Just got off the phone with Mat Ward. Can confirm this.

>> No.25348141


Riptides suck.

>> No.25348332


You know plasma cannons are easy to spam right? A single S8 AP2 large blast isn't that impressive, and you shouldn't risk overcharge wound for mere S9.

No, if the Riptide is problematic, it's because of everything else BUT the large blast.

>> No.25348364


I'm sorry to break it to you my fellow Boy, but that list was most definitely fake. I found it again recently and none of it matches up to the actual releases thusfar.

>> No.25348391


I can't count the number of games I've won due to my minimum size unit of grots sitting on an objective. Sure they get driven off if a light breeze floats their way but time and time again the enemy never quite gets around to do something about them. `

>> No.25348444

He's not going to let The Crud near the rules next time is he?

>> No.25348450


So....you think it's problematic for the other weapon it can take? I hardly think so. The Ion cannon really is the better choice, doubly so when you pair it with an early warning over-ride and drop pie plates on top of deep striking termies.

>> No.25348512


No, I think it's problematic because it gets SMS, all the other overcharge options, MC stats, etc. A S8 AP2 large blast is hardly the most broken or defining feature of the Riptide.

>> No.25348556


Minimum strength, extremely weak MSU is actually a viable strategy.

If you have 6 troops, that means you can hit 6 objectives at once. That's a huge amount. If you make each unit the minimum size amount of your cheapest troop, that means you can sometimes can 6 scoring units for as low as 200-300 points. That leaves you a SHIT TON of points to spend elsewhere, often allowing you to max out on extremely dangerous, deathstar-esque threats that your opponent MUST deal with. Yeah, a deathstar or mini deathstar can be a problem, but usually they can be ignored in favor of picking off vulnerable troops and support. But if your army is 100% "throw this unit at your opponent and he must deal with it" type except for the 5% that is the weak troops, you can hold those in reserve, hide them in cover, etc and rush them out to cap last turn while your army pummels the opponent because they spent way more points on troops and support than you did.

>> No.25348565

I actually mentioned this to him. He said that The Cruddance is having too much fun nerfing the Ork codex, so Ward is going solo on this one.

>> No.25348626

>Cruddace nerfed Orks
>Ward SoB

I don't know if I should be sad for Orks or happy for SoB.

Worst case scenario even if Cruddace fucks up Orks or some other codex, they can't be worse than Tyranids, who are still able to win tournaments because they have exactly one viable list.

>> No.25348646

Are we ever getting a new Dwarf book for WHFB?

I'm not even sure if I'm complaining or not.

I mean, on the one hand they were overcosted to begin with, now it's beginning to get silly.
But on the other hand: Runes. Something which I really doubt is going to survive a new book.

>> No.25348664


Isn't dwarf still high tier? They are one of my favorite WHFB armies and last I heard they were doing pretty good (pre-HE).

>> No.25348665

Funny thing is Cruddace is the only current dev I'm aware of who actually plays Sisters (and has done so for a long time).

>> No.25348669

Poor Orkz though. No one deserves a Cruddex.

>> No.25349265

Stop samefagging, no one wants Ward to write his army's codex, it's gonna be another Grey Knights or Necrons and so different from the army you fell in love with that you don't want to play with it anymore.

>> No.25349274

Just because they said so on the GW blog doesn't mean it's true.

>> No.25349278


Nobody wants to play with SoB as they are now.

>> No.25349284

>nobody wants to play with Necrons or GKs

Lel. Even Newcron haters and Oldcron lovers play Necron.

>> No.25349307

I do. I own 4k of Sisters and hope that Ward doesn't write my army's codex.

>> No.25349337


>> No.25349359

They're not as bad as people like to make out. They're plenty competetive with the right build.

Nope, that was a different guy.

I wouldn't mind Ward doing the SoB codex, though. As long as he didn't go overboard like he did with the GK codex.

>> No.25349378


>> No.25349465


The Nova reactor parts are hardly an issue UNLESS they're paired up with a strong offensive component. I mean, who the fuck cares if it can get a 3+ invul if it's not threatening your army? MC stats? If your opponent is hellbent on running their Riptide into melee with your troops, oblige him.

The blast only becomes strong when it's paired with all those other aspects. Without that, the Riptide is just about worthless. With it, it's a great unit.

>> No.25349497

Shh no tears

only dreams now

>> No.25349507

>The blast only becomes strong when it's paired with all those other aspects. Without that, the Riptide is just about worthless. With it, it's a great unit.

B-but that's what I said...

>> No.25349516

>new ork codex
>states orks have won the war already
>future is nothing but war
>Everyone living in ork heaven and not knowing it

>> No.25349524

N-no you monster! Stay away from us!

>> No.25349567

It'll feel good soon, trust me.

>> No.25349591


>> No.25349603

>that expression on the two sisters on the right

>> No.25349729

Oh god... The pain..

>> No.25349746

Sounds like you are enjoying that pain...


>> No.25349790


Anime hair sisters are always better than gross bowlcut bang sisters.

>> No.25349815

are orks broken?

>> No.25349819

I... I go to the Emperor's side...

>> No.25349833

Prayer may cleanse the soul, but pain cleanses the body.

>> No.25349840

str 7 ap2 blast vs str 8 ap 2 LARGE blast.

>> No.25349865

Say that to my bowlcut and not online, heretic.

>> No.25349962

oh, come on! I can't be the worse guy you slept with!

What about that one guy who had herpes so bad it made him talk with a lisp!

>> No.25349986


U mad, you nappy-headed ho?

>> No.25350010


Lel so shitty. Why did they remove Tau's S10.

>> No.25350013

> not having a sanctioned bowlcut
Purge yourself.

>> No.25350015

see, thats not really the look I'm going for. That look says, "I'd fuck him."

I'm looking for a look that says, "I'm going to fuck him and he is going to LIKE it."

Or rather, "The more you scream the more I like it!"

Why is it so rare to find that quality in a woman?

>> No.25350028

Saw it happen once, that shit was glorious.

The best part though was the sarge just walking away like the complete boss he was. Man that GK player was pissed.

>> No.25350031


>> No.25350046

>posts a non-bowlcut image

What the fuck, dawg?

>> No.25350054

its dwarves for november

>> No.25350057


>> No.25350061


Go play Dark Eldar.

>> No.25350114

Why the fuck can we only get 'Ard boyz in one squad anyways. That never made sense to me. If I want to pay 10 points per ork let me dammit.

>Waagh banna boyz mob
>All those WS5 attacks
'oly Mork fink of all dat choppa....

>> No.25350136

So should I wait to start an ork army? I'm thinking about buying some boyz and a warboss maybe i'm new to 40k but i'm looking to start sometime this week.

>> No.25350150

So how's being able to get killed by lasguns feel?

>> No.25350170

The message was more important than the hair.

You should still totally purge yourself, by the way.

>> No.25350195

he obviously went mad at the possibility of Cruddance doing the next SoB codex. What we observed there were the ramblings of a fractured mind.

>> No.25350208

hell yeah, thats my kind of lover.

Hurt me baby. I promise I won't call the cops.

>> No.25350225


You have an awful lot of images featuring Sisters and attractive, non-bowlcut hairstyles for someone spreading that particular message.

>> No.25350227

No, baby, don't cry! I asked you to do it! I wanted you to!

Hit me HARDER next time, don't stop! Cmon, don't feel guilty! I like it! I really do!

>> No.25350233

I'd say go for it. Slugga boyz are still cheap from Assault on Black Reach, and they can easily be converted into shoota boyz.

Warbosses are always handy, especially on bikes. Lootas are good and can be converted from regular boyz, just order a shit ton of bitz off line for weapons nobody wants (IG Mortars, heavy bolters, and missile launchers are perfect because they're goddamn huge)

Just start getting boyz for now, enlarge the sluggas so they look like shootas, and you can run them as sluggas or shootas. Paint em up and if we get a new codex soon you'll have the basic stuff you need already finished.

>> No.25350260

oh yeah. shes been in prison.

she knows the score.

no safewords tonight, honey!

>> No.25350272

I am secretly against anti-bowlcut. I am attempting to infiltrate the bowcut faction so as to corrupt them towards non-bowlcut hairdos

>> No.25350301

It's okay, The Cruddance cannot hurt us any more. We are safe at the moment.

Please, try to get a grip on your sanity. You are scaring the novices.

>> No.25350328

(sniff) okay. I'll be good.


>> No.25350342


Ok sounds good, I remember buying the black reach box when it first came out but that when I was younger, i regret not keeping it to this day I knew I wold regret getting rid of it. I'm just gonna ebay stuff honestly. What other HQ's would be better than the warboss?

>> No.25350344


Lets not do anything hasty, dear! Remember what you said! You don't want to go back to asylum do you?

>> No.25350348

Clearly since it has to be a knight...


>> No.25350350

Tau fire warriors are actually more survivable to lasguns than orks. T3 4+ save is better than T4 6+ save.

>> No.25350371

Kustom Force field meks are handy. A boss on a bike is pretty awesome too. The rest of the HQ's we have at the moment aren't much to write home about.

I'd say just focus on boyz and a boss for now. You'll always need those no matter which way the codex goes, and it won't be out till AT LEAST 2014, so you have plenty of time.

>> No.25350373

Make all mobs able to take 'eavy armour.

Also, if they've got FNP6+, give them an option to make them Skarboyz for FNP5+.

So you can have a bunch of heavily armoured veteran boyz, but they cost a lot more.

Also, one idea I think would be fun. During deployment, allow players to combine ork mobs into a big green tide super mob.

>> No.25350392

He was talking about how badass his riptide was.

I was pointing out that I can still kill it with lasguns, even though it would take literally take hundreds of shots, that's what, a few first rank fire orders?

>> No.25350467

If they nerf lootas, look to flash gits to become the next big thing, since 6th is so geared toward shooting armies instead of assault armies.

>> No.25350500

knowing GW, they'd gear orks to be assaulting only with as little shooting as possible.

>> No.25350572

My body is ready

>> No.25350728


Big Mek with KFF. Possibly Weirdboy.

>> No.25350831

You just know that because of how useful the Big Mek with a KFF is, GW is going to listen to fans and the clamshell plastic HQ will be a Big Mek.

With a KMB.

>> No.25350855


>> No.25350901


>> No.25351295


Make your own with Tau bits and put rivets and big metal teeth on it.

>> No.25351421


To be fair, if GW let Stormboyz assault fliers I'd be all for it.

Killing a Vendetta by smacking it with a choppa or slapping on a melta bomb is just hilarious.

>> No.25351471


Wouldn't all jump infantry be able to do that then? Or is it just stormboyz because they BELIEVE

>> No.25351566


>> No.25351711

If you're willing to drop about 6000 yen, you can do what I'm doing and ork up one of these kits,

>> No.25351830

I'll see your Metal Gear REX and raise you a Metal Gear PEDRO

>> No.25351944


These are the guys whose idea of a speedometer is "Fast," "Fasta," and "WAAAGH!" Any other force would see a flier and think "boy, I'd better break out my air superiority fighter or shoot with some AA guns/flak missiles. Orks would think "I NEEDZ TA CHOP DAT."

>> No.25352112

Only Stormboyz are that goddamn suicidal, you'd probably take a mandatory wound or something if you did that.

>> No.25352113


I'd like it if they brought back the Mob Up rule, where retreating Ork units would fall back towards friendly mobs and join up with them, rather than heading for the table edge. Fluffy as hell.

>> No.25352124


They tried that with the last Codex. We just said "fuck off" and used shooting units anyway.

>> No.25352193

That's a good rule, I always like the fact that boyz only run under dire circumstances.
>I'm gonna pen you
>I'm going to force a leadership check on your lowest value
>I'm going to make you retreat from losing CC

>> No.25352259


His roar is "La Cucuracha" car horns.

>> No.25352261

Codex after next.

>> No.25352329

Yeah, I can see that. Sacrificing a stormboy to stupid activities like breaking into the cockpit. Getting caught in one of the engines. Playing chicken with the nosecone.

Speaking of playing chicken. Ork jets should also get the Tank subtype. To allow them to tank shock and ram. Because those are the most orky tactics for planes.

>> No.25352412

in the death from the skies book, there was some extra rules for that books main "missions," that had the ork plane do something like that.

"if you are within 12" of another flyer, make a toughness test (the plane counted as T4), if successful, the ork flyer looses 1HP, and the enemy flyer takes 1d3 penetrating hits."

I think all ork flyers should have that standard

>> No.25352509

Yeah, the fun thing is that the rules even cover the possibility of being a flying tank. The only difference here would be a rule to let you tank shock while Zooming.

>> No.25352513


I imagine this as the wings on the ork plane folding backwards like the F-14 Tomcat and those other variable sweep wings and then just plowing through the enemy flyer and spreading its wings once it's clear.

>> No.25352562

>Ork jets should also get the Tank subtype. To allow them to tank shock and ram. Because those are the most orky tactics for planes.
Oh god yes. I want rules for ork planes making near suicidal-seeming dives just to make guardsmen piss their pants.

>> No.25352584

Also, the amazing possibility of Death or Glorying a jet.

>> No.25352593

>implying ork jets aren't VTOL and what they do is cut the engines, drop on shit, then zoom straight back up into the air like some kind of bouncing yoyo

>> No.25352693

that's the orkiest thing I've ever heard...

>> No.25352737

what does it look like outside of the package?
and has anyone ever done a metal gear WAGH?

>> No.25352750

Imagine the scene.
A Dakkajet screaming down towards a squad of guardsmen. The commissar is busy shooting anyone who tries to run, and one poor guardsman picks up his lasgun and points it at the plane.

The lasbolt smashes the glass covering the cockpit and hits the ork in the head, stunning him. The jet crashes right in front of the guardsmen. Everyone's jaw hangs open, the ork slowly gets out and fist bumps the squaddy as that was zoggin awesome.

And then the plane explodes.

>> No.25352814

If they did do a bunch with ork flyers, I'd like to see the tank shock part, and I would love to see an Ork Flying Fortress like the boeing B-17. I'd also love it if they brought Grot-bomms into the normal codex, and instead of them being on buggies, have them either launch from flyers, or you can take a squadron of them as their own psuedo-flyers.

Something like that would make orks terrifying to face in the sky. Weaving between the orkish jets are hundreds of tiny planes, almost like toys or model rokkits, that will suicide themselves into the enemy planes with great glee.

>> No.25352916

good enough, i guess

>> No.25353015

That would actually be a neat gimmick for a new Ork codex.

Eldar had wraith units, why not give Orks flyers?

They've got kopters, stormboyz, the various jets. Throw in the Ork Air-fortress as the big unit with the flyer and heavy types, and an arse load of bombs and missiles.

>> No.25353104

You should be able to get him here.


>> No.25353643

Are those 28mm figurines of my favourite characters from the Metal Gear Solid video game series - Solid Snake, Gray Fox, Dead Gray Fox and Liquid Snake Piloting Metal Gear REX?

>> No.25353757

Source? Information? Come on man, don't drop a bombshell like that! Give me pamphlets explaining why you're bombing me first!

>> No.25353775

Gazzy. He got bigger since the last update.

>> No.25353807

>Gaz is the size of a Riptide with an MC statline
Yes please.

>> No.25353838


Honestly they should make this happen. He is by far the most prominent Warboss and it wouldn't make sense if he was just another ork.

>> No.25354243

Do we think that story about the biggest Ork ever was the size of a Titan, or is that just Orky legend?

>> No.25354255

it is Ork fanwank.

>> No.25354313

orkz the size of titan were spotted by imperial probes outside the galaxy

>> No.25354371

I wen't by the name Aint Easy Bein Green for years when cs first came out, and always played as the green shirted T or the Seals

i was a clever 12 year old

>> No.25354603

>not painting yourself red so time will go faster

>> No.25354650

Look at these humies. They must be the luckies gits around

>> No.25354655

youz need a whole lotta faster to make time faster

Get da weirdboy to put you to da uver time.

>> No.25354724

How many of you would like Diggas to be back? I would like having a bunch of savage humans with my orcish army.

Or at least make a Ogryn codex.

>> No.25354778

I know of 7 Ogryn (+ Nork) but 5 of them are chaos ogryn

>> No.25354810

Also, there wasn't some Ogryn fighting for the orcs?

>> No.25354930


Orks and Ogryns get along like a landslide. Orks are always happy to bring feral Ogryn into their tribes, even if they get a bit confused by some of the culture

>> No.25354981

Then I would like Ogryns and Diggas in the next ork codex.

Don't know, I always wanted to play an enslaver.

>> No.25355106


>> No.25355307

As long as we're bragging about that thing that happened once...

I once had Captain Cortez stubbornly decide to ignore Abaddon's sword going through him, and then proceeded to lean in and crush Abaddon's throat with his power fist.

>> No.25355357

Magazine Army? Are we talking about the Necrons?

>> No.25355358

thats so much bullshit that its funny.

You can try giving me a source, but if you give me the source with the probe (that cant have left our galaxy in that time if it didnt use the warp, in which case it wouldnt get signal from realspace) that had "most signals" it sent back be orkish, then I still would ask you what where titan size?

>> No.25355407


So he confirmed that the sisters of battle would be one piece of paper, that says "Wargear - Red Paint: Your spiritual liege grants the power of immunity from psychic powers and diseases through the liberal use of this fresh red paint onto any Space Marine or Necron, because it would be a shame if they didn't get it too.

>> No.25355432

isn't there a story from the Imp perspective about Emps fighting a collossal Ork warlord about that size? One of the primarchs had to save him

Let's just say any Ork that could take on the Emperah at full strength would have to be damn hardcore

>> No.25355465

Well, it's GW, so it'll be the Stompa, after they adjust the price.

>> No.25355483

I know it's a classic design but I never like the Gargants / stompers with the big armor 'skirt'

I'd rather see more of the inner workings

>> No.25355507

>having their information written down in a 'umie "kodex"

>> No.25355513

I agree, I never liked the 'upside down bucket' design. I'm hoping for some kind of megadread / stompaknight, but since they haven't completely raped my dreams yet, they're going to make a fugly squig monster with garbage rules, and then wonder why they can't sell any, and then jack up the price as a solution.

>> No.25355542

I wouldn't mind if it was a lot like the FW giga dread, but I think they're trying not to step on their toes

Maybe..a giant bot with tank treads? It could wrestle the Khorne-bot

>> No.25355685

If we're going with tank treads, just make it an actual building on wheels, like the bigger variations of battlewagon from Epic.

That would allow them to 'downgrade' the battlewagon a bit into an option for a generic ork tank, and allow orks to take actual tanks instead of relying on looted wagons or battlewagons with turrets bolted on.

>> No.25355721

Okay. 'Specially not scratchins' by dat Ward plonka.

>> No.25355724


I run a pair of these guys as Obliterators in an allied detachment to my Ork force.

>> No.25355784

They look nice. I was thinking about making a little regiment of allies from the imperial army to make them diggas, or even get a marine's army to make them Digga Mareenz.

>> No.25355900

Nah. We're Str 3 with 2 Attacks. Don't make us Str4 base, that's for scarboyz. 3+FC is perfect. What they need to do is fix the I2 combat troop issue. It'd be as simple as giving us double initiative on the charge. We need to charge at I4 at least in order to be real combat units.

I'd rather keep our statline and give us power on the charge, but have skarboyz as a unit that float between elites and troops depending on Clan choice/HQ choice/Other factors with the improved statlines.

Me too. Here's hoping that this time we get an improvement.

>pic related.

>> No.25355911

3 mobs of 10 as objective grabbers. If you have troops slots spare, why not have 40 point mobs to grab objectives in your own home zone?

>> No.25355995

The same sources that got the tau and eldar dex's right to a T are all saying orks are two 40k codex's away.

>> No.25356183

>Like a Waagh Banner
Nah, that is probably one that can be nobz only. It'd be a bit extreme on boyz.

Forgeworld units have higher variance though. Most of it is fine, but the problems are even bigger. IA8 Orks are fine though.

On the off-chance you're not a master ruseman, I'd like to point out that (1) it's space fantasy, (2) that alien techno-barbarians fit in sci-fi anyhow and (3) there are some amazing ork sculpts out there, the vast majority of ugly ork sculpts being the ones that predate the Tau entirely. If anything (4) the Orks are defining of 40k, and were they ever not to fit, it would be an entirely new product - (5) something that can not be said about the Tau (although I think that their inclusion enriches 40k as a representation of more traditional sci-fi). So in closing (Lotz) Orks are propa 40k. Dealwithit.gif

>> No.25356266

They couldn't when they were written though. In 5th they were dead. I don't want to wait until 7th to have a decent ork army. I don't want a Cruddex IG either, with some extremely competitive units, but pages of unthinkably bad units due to not being able to into internal balance.

Fuck ward as well. Although he is better then Kelly or Crud at balance, his rules are gimmicky and inelegant. Kelly gave as Aspekt Boyz, so he's off the list.

How has Veotok's 40k offerings been? Internal/External balance on Tau? I'm yet to play against them, so. . .

>> No.25356440

>I imagine this as the wings on the ork plane folding backwards like the F-14 Tomcat and those other variable sweep wings and then just plowing through the enemy flyer and spreading its wings if it gets clear.
+1 agreeing on this whole thing though. At least let them ram other planes.

Wat? No, that's dumb. He's already bigger then a warboss, that's enough.

No, ya git! Yoo gotta paint TIME red.

Fuck yeah, diggaz. And proppa ogryn again.

>> No.25358510

Ork airforce would be zoggin' awesome

i'm so hyped up i'm gonna go work on my looted Valk

>> No.25359661


All I got is the current Ork Codex, fan fiction, and memories of some really impressive conversions I saw online, my own attempts at scratchbuilding stuff... Actually, thats pretty nice.

Anyway. Do you know where I can find the older books?

>> No.25359791

That's still sort of doable, right now, I guess.

I run a full mob of 30 'Ard Boyz, one full mob of Cybork shootas with Mad Dok Grotsnik, and one mob with a KFF mek. It's unwieldy and expensive as fuck to field, but god is it glorious.

But yeah, just being able to field a full army of skarboyz or 'Ard boyz would be insane and awesome. Oh well, my Deffwing will have to do for now. Scoring meganobz are just hilarious. Really wish they had some orky way of deepstriking though.

>> No.25359855

>I know it's a classic design but I never like the Gargants / stompers with the big armor 'skirt'
>I'd rather see more of the inner workings

Haerea are some examples of scratch built or converted stompaz.


>> No.25359863


>> No.25359869



>> No.25359878


http://www.the-waaagh.com/forums/?showtopic=43004 (2 for 1)

>> No.25359896



>> No.25359906



>> No.25359911



>> No.25359919



>> No.25359924

>> No.25359943


Hope yoo'ze find these inspire'n to ya inna mekboy! Or just gud ta look at.

>> No.25359996

>mfw rhino-mounted stormbolter downs one of my opponents terminators

>> No.25360076


I'm not sure dividing the books about Orkz up along clan lines would be the best idea. I mean orkz from different clans will come together under a sufficiently big touch and intimidating Warboss. Also there are many smaller clans in the universe and just how organized orkz in an area are, by clan or any other measure, is highly variable.

THAT BEING SAID. if the books (despite there names) focused less on clans and more on different aspects of orkiness and the various forms it takes, along with various alternate ork army builds and examples of kustom army rules that serve both as something you could potentially adopt at your local gameshop, and as inspiration for a group of players coming up with there own custom rules....

Dat might be alot of fun.

>> No.25360091


Nice. Those grots deserve some fungus beer and some choice loot.


That gunner deserves a medal.

>> No.25360525

tried /rs/?

>> No.25362887

Send da Kommandoz!

(bumpan for when i've had some sleep)

>> No.25363026

Man, I'm just fine with my Ork codex. Sure, the basic Guard tank equivalent, the Stompa cost ~7.5 points more while having less range and weapons, but it gives them access to Supa Stompas which are really good. 3x 2 Blast Point 2 Macro Weapon guns? Give yourself a 'Uge formation and you can get three of the buggers, that's as much indirect/blast point output as TWO guard bassie companies, AND it's macro weapons! And 4 Damage Capacity topped off by d3 Power Fields (which should really be a solid 3 since they don't come back up like Imperial shields but whatever) means that they're generally tougher than a Warhound Titan with better weapons. Not to mention you get at least 3 Stompas with each one you buy, so that's ANOTHER 6 Big Guns, which is nice, though nowhere near as impressive as the Supagunz, the aforementioned 2 BP macro weapons.

Then there's the cheapo basic formations. For 325 points I can get me 2 stands of nobs who can give freaking Space Marines a run for their money statwise, 6 of Boys and 2 Grots, AND a Battlefortress which is more guns and can transport all of them at a smooth 30 cm per move. Top it off with Stormboy hordes getting scout, AND teaming them up with infiltrating Kommandos, means that you can get your guys scout deployed within ~45 cm of the enemy, Standard action to get within 15 cm, and then use the Kommando's Infiltrate rule to engage the enemy in assault from 30 away, while the Stormboy's greater speed means that they're already there. Synergy.

>> No.25367127

They do, it's called a weirdboy and "ERE WE GO!"

second orkiest way to deepstrike, the other is zagstruk's swooping attack.

>> No.25372385

Theres a Goffs warboss in Imperial Armour 8 that lets you take infinite 'ard boyz. Just go DL that shit from /rs/ and stop complaining!

As for the thread, I know IA was mentioned before, but honest to gork Dread Mob is more than enough to keep up competitive until the next dex.

>> No.25372426

That is beautiful.

>> No.25372544

wish there was more use for em.. infiltrate on and spray firepower while hiding in terrain is their only trick now...

>> No.25372921

So is Green Tide with nothing but loads of Choppy Boyz at all effective or is it outclassed by pretty much anything in the current version? It's not that big a deal if not because I'm more about playing for fun then power playing to win every time, but I also don't want to lose every time either.

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