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Sup, Teej.
I'm doing some prep for the Delta Green session I'm running tomorrow and thought I'd post pictures from my 'monsters, etc.' folder for inspiration.

Also there was a thread on fleshcrafting about a week ago. Engineered/stitched together monsters, that sort of thing. A discussion like that would be appreciated here as well.

So come in and have a chat about things that go squish in the night. If noone feels like talking I'll just be posting pictures from my well-endowed monsters folder. Starting with the ones with proper filenames and going in alphabetical order.

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As an aside, I seem to remember a Delta Green alignment chart on this board in aeons past. If someone could post that it would be much appreciated.

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>mouths for eyes!
>mouths for ALL THE EYES!

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Worms for arms or something, I dunno.

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Maybe this could fit into C:tL? I dunno, I don't do WoD that much.

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The first of what will be many Cthulhoid pictures.

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Dunno just add an Eva to the setting.
abandoned and unusable from eons ago.
And inside a still working audiorecorder

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A more traditional image of the 'Thulhu.

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>eyeball tits
Hell, I'd still hit it.

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Something that could be used for a representation of an Outer/Elder God.

Truth be told I already know what the session will be like, I just need to figure out what the antagonist will be doing while the agents are bumbling around.

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Something found in an abandoned asylum, maybe?

And thanks for the suggestion. May end up using that in a later session.

Dat's what I'm talking about.

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In case the agents ever go to the Antarctica.

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Does exactly what it says in the filename.

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He's actually quite nice.

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Simple, but not without its uses.

My word.

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'Nother picture of an Outer God.

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Alternate representation of the above.
I think I slightly prefer this one.

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>Don't comprehend me, just enjoying my skittles here.

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Possibly a bit outside of the league of the average investigator, but the threat can still be there.

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This one's rather silly, but I shall include it nonetheless.

>implying the world being devoured isn't the the overarching threat the investigators are trying to stop
Perhaps this is what they mean when 'the stars are right'?

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Dohoho, this VN.

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Another non-traditional take on Cthulhu. I think.

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Succubus, maybe? Fallen Eve?

see >>25325756 for my general response.

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Its a shame this is impossible, because atoms are a finite size under most universal conditions, so are organic beings confined to certain sizes, and so is there an exponential increase in size to weight and size to metabolism and speed in general. Transmission of simple biological signals would be impossible for an animal of this size to accomplish without absurdly slow movement

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Another depiction of an Outer God. I hope you've all been making the appropriate SAN checks.

>implying it operates by your physics

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>lurking in the jungles of Central America, the mosquito-man!

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Alternative depiction of a vampire.

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I can't help but imagine these being fired out of a Tyranid-style weapon biomorph.

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Just an experiment gone wrong (right?)

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Non-traditional Gorgon, perhaps?
Oh, and I should probably link this: http://www.creaturespot.com/

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From one of my favorite Lovecraft stories.

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Looks like they're (it's?) in a graveyard, so...
A wyrm crafted from many dead bodies by a necromancer who felt the need to disrobe herself?

>lyselda Saint
So she's Saint Lyselda? That doesn't make it make sense, Captcha.

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Alright, three Cthulhus coming up in rapid succession, are you ready?

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Two down, you can do this.

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Last Cthulhu for now.
Is it just me or does it look hella buff in this picture?

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Horribly mutated cultist.

>> No.25326338


Examining a light-sensing organ plucked from recent prey.

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>ritual gone wrong (right?) .jpeg

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I also have quite a few pictures of Nyarlathotep too, apparently.

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Once you accept that it's flying through space without any apparent reaction mass, the rest follows from there.

Unless you're talking about real life, in which case it's not really a shame at all. I for one am quite relieved that we don't have giant worms flying around the galaxy eating planets

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A Shoggoth. A classic.

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Just some fancy skellies. Looking like a reanimated king and his court.

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Dead Space is a great series if you're into this sort of thing.
Doesn't do horror quite so well, but meh.

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For when things really start to fall apart.

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that image is of the Gods of Lankhmar.

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Just some Deep Ones attacking a ship.

It was a traditional alignment chart with nine of the organizations in DG.
You can see it in the OP here: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/17859753/
Though infuriatingly, the text is too small to read.

Ah, good to know! Thank you.

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Yea, I was sure I had a copy of it somewhere, but can't for the life of me find it now.

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A more traditional monster. The aesthetic doesn't quite fit CoC, but maybe you can find a use for it.

No worries, it turns out I'm a goddamn moron who should learn to google harder. I'll post it next.

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i thought the pinguins were normal, just very big and white

captcha sans

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you know what monsters i'm looking for?

OOGABOOGA face or skull or whatever hidden behind long hair or fur

like what SCP 682 would look like i guess

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A quick detour into DG. Found here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/20234383/
For the curious.

Maybe. Doesn't mean I can't fit monster penguins in there somewhere.

Not sure if I have any of those. I'll just be going through my folder and we'll see.

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Grr! A monster appears.

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>> No.25326577


Another demon-type fellow.

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And next on CNN.

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Not quite sure what to do with this one. Maybe there should be a Gate in the center?

Is it bad that I want that to be the next CoD?

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Breaking News, Cthonians attack American forces in Iraq!

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for a big list of nice monsters go play the metroid prime games

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Keep them back, we need to set off the bomb!

I know, it's awesome.

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Saved this one mainly for the names.

Now this, I can definitely use.


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Owwww, that had to be the fucking worst pregnancy ever.

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the only thing that scared me in various RPGs were the spiders drom Werewold the Forsaken.
They would crawl into your ear and slowly eat out your brain

Thanks for the pics

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>> No.25326689

Better yet, make it seem like a gate when really it's the opening to some kind of hideous extradimensional maw

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You thought you had escaped the Cthulhus? You thought wrong.

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>> No.25326693


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why I only know about the foundation and delta green?
are the other 7 as awesome?

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>> No.25326707

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>> No.25326730

I love it when people try to make authentic looking old things

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I thiiiiiink this one's from a Magic card. Anyone care to fact check me?

Ooh, yes. Mouths are good.

Let's see...
Lawful Good is M-EPIC, basically Canadian Delta Green
Chaotic Good is the Army of the Third Eye from Delta Green Countdown
True Neutral is the ICE CAVE, basically Delta Green's old warehouse.
I assume Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Evil are related to the foundation.
Lawful Evil is MJ-12, the real Men In Black
Neutral Evil is the Karotechia. Nazis with Mythos powers.

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>> No.25326775

solid 7

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>> No.25326790


Another one that can be used as a god.

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>implied cthulhu

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>> No.25326818


>> No.25326822


This is from an SCP. I forget which.

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>> No.25326847


To be honest, I'm not quite sure how those faces got there.

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>> No.25326869


>> No.25326880


>that feel when you forgot to put on a glamour this morning

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>> No.25326890

>> No.25326897

Not really a monster; simply inspiration.

>> No.25326900


I'm not sure what's going on here. I'm not convinced I want to be sure.

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>> No.25326926


This is more like it.

Much appreciated.

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That is the gayest extradimensional horror I have ever seen

>> No.25326937


Some traditional fleshcrafting.

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That's a mnemovore.

>> No.25326961

You do realise it would just impale you on its heel for saying that?

>> No.25326974


Just a humble seamstress, move along.

Ooh, from where?

>> No.25326989

Yup, that's the Mimeoplasm.

>> No.25326990

It knows I'm right. It'd be worth it to land it with an eternal sense of crippling insecurity.

>> No.25326995


I once caught a fish thiiiiiiiiiiiis big.
>mfw the fish actually caught me.

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This, >>25325954, and more can be found at http://www.keiththompsonart.com/

>> No.25327054


Cannibalistic bird-people. Aww yiss.

>> No.25327071


That's one hell of an overdose.

>> No.25327073

Why have that tiny beak when you have such an enormous lower jaw?

They're actually asking to have food just fall out of their mouth.

>> No.25327094


A last desperate charge at the end of the world.

>> No.25327098

>The fish has swallowed us whole? We've got it now!

>> No.25327101


"I'm a burdman, I 'aint gotta explain shit."

>> No.25327108


Another pretty muscly Cthulhu.

>> No.25327113

>He thinks physics is complete
You humans are so silly. I bet you don't even understand the 7th dimension yet.

>> No.25327117

>grandma has a dick

>> No.25327121

I see a wizard on top of that thing. Kill him and life will doubtlessly get easier

>> No.25327140

I dislike beefy Mythos creatures, it makes them look too human-like. I much prefer creepy, half-ethereal Cthulhu over beach boy Cthulhu.

>> No.25327146


A demon! Meh.

Hey, I try not to stare at the crotches of hideous beasts, alright?

The problem is getting to him/her.

>> No.25327173

I notice the ant people have their own wizards

>> No.25327174

Its a bit late to be adding this, and you've probably heard of it before but the Green Box generator http://www.palinola.com/projects/lab/greenbox/ is really cool. I've never ran Delta Green, but it's gotten me intruiged.

As an aside, I'd personally mix in some schtick from The Laundry Files because its fun as hell while still maintaining an "Oh shit" atmosphere.

>> No.25327182


Going back to sleep after a good day's maddening.

I get your point. I just collect monsters of all varieties.

>> No.25327189

>Cthulhu has a lifting-bro mentality

Jesus christ, the horror, the fucking horror.

>> No.25327207

What's the matter bro? If you don't lift, how can you expect to get any deep one pussy?

>> No.25327216


Speaking of lifting-bro...

Yeah, the Green Box generator is great. I wouldn't have included so many green boxes without it. And I've been using a fair amount (at least fluffwise) from the Laundry as well.

>> No.25327238

Someone forgot to do his squats

>> No.25327240


>> No.25327243

>the creature appears intrigued by humans, in the same way a human may find himself interested in the behaviour of ants

>> No.25327249


This one's kinda NSFW. Possibility of PROMOTIONS if enlarged.

>> No.25327263


A little something for your nightmares.

>> No.25327264

>that's his fapping arm

>> No.25327276


Fuck yeah dude. Ay yah gurl, I'm going in without a wrap.

>> No.25327282

Her nipples seem to be hollow...

>> No.25327295


So it turns out Cthulhu is REALLY BIG.


It's not her nipples I'm worried about.

>> No.25327308

All the better to devour your face with.

>> No.25327318


Sci-fi Call of Cthulhu BBEG dot jay-peg

>> No.25327330


>I wonder when my friend will get here

>> No.25327360


all the better to see you with.jpeg
If only I hadn't already used that one.

>> No.25327363

Man, tangent, but I was so psyched when I first saw the trailer for Pacific Rim. Y'know that bit with the Old One skeleton on an aircraft carrier?

I was all like shiiiiiiiit negro, its about to be some Humanity Fuck Yeah, Salvation War type shit. Fuckin' awesome, right?

Then, nope, herp-derp-giant-robots and dumb-ass kamakazia fighter pilots. DAMN.

...Though know I have an idea for some sort of gran stratergy tabletop or quest thread. Hell, maybe even a vidya if I get my shit together. Hm...

>> No.25327380


>not hungry today~

>> No.25327404


That look of disappointment gets me every time.

Honestly I'm still pretty excited for Pacific Rim. It's probably as good as we're going to get for now.

>> No.25327426

Did they turn their sister into some horsebeast? That's pretty twisted.

>> No.25327440


A hound of Tindalos! Not sure if I'll ever get around to using one in my games.

Maybe it was for SCIENCE!

>> No.25327458


Yadda yadda, Nazi death machine, etc.

That also reminds me that I still need to read Franken Fran.

>> No.25327487


Father Dagon, perhaps?

>> No.25327502


Taking a day off.

>> No.25327519

Why is it the LEGS that freak me out?

>> No.25327523

looks awesome
what is the story behind that picture?
Is the girl being sacrificed?

>> No.25327545


One King in Yellow...

Maybe because the binding clearly shows the lack of compassion for the subject?

I don't even know, bro. Make one up. Then put it in a game.

>> No.25327555

Because zombies are boring but that looks really uncomfortable

>> No.25327570


... two Kings in Yellow. Pick your favorite.

>> No.25327574

>because the binding clearly shows the lack of compassion for the subject
...More than the ammunition shoved into his ribcage?

>> No.25327605


Out of nowhere: a generic lobsterman!

I dunno. Maybe what >>25327555 says. And besides, the ribcage is already hollow.

>> No.25327619

That's a monk, though.

>> No.25327640


I still have no idea how this guy is Khornate.

He's sitting on a fancy chair. Totally a king. And I think that's a crown.

>> No.25327643

I pick the 3rd option

>> No.25327661


Everyone's favorite extraterrestrial brain-snatchers.

I was wondering when someone would mention that show.

>> No.25327684


Just a peek into another dimension.

>> No.25327711

No. It's the Old Monk. A "boss" in Demon's Souls. He's not the actual boss. He makes another player turn into the boss of your world via mind control or something.

>> No.25327730


A hueg sea serpent. Being carpet bombed in the mouth.

Ah, now I getcha.

>> No.25327757


Not sure if he's playing with his food or getting his face all over the table.

>> No.25327768

Why the fuck is that aircraft carrier so close it?

What da fuck ya doin', nigga?

>> No.25327813


Another Mi-Go. Far trippier than the others.

Maybe the monster suddenly surfaced there. Or the captain suffered too much SAN damage and is now trying to go RAMMING SPEED

>> No.25327831


I don't like the 3D rendering, but at least it's Lovecraftian.

>> No.25327833

I KNOW! That's bothered me since I first saw it!

>> No.25327850

>look at how smart I am
Nigger, you're on /tg/. We know it wouldn't work, and this is thread about that things that DON'T run on physics.

>> No.25327854


Another giant sea monster. Honestly, who's surprised by this point?

>> No.25327876

Oh shit, there was a creepypasta about this. Wish I had the screencap, but the jist was we tried to wipe out mosquitos, they won.

>> No.25327891

Fair point, but if it just surfaced, it wouldn't explain how a B-52 bomber was able to get there to start carpet bombing it before it just ate the ship.

Cool water insect monster.

>> No.25327906

Well, it's the only place on earth where things like that could still hide.

>> No.25327911


I get the feeling this could be used as an Angel in an AdEva game.

>> No.25327927

Why is that tube external? Why is it longer than a fully extended neck?

>> No.25327933

Thats the BBEG from Soul caliber.

>> No.25327956


Goddamn Nazis. Always with the engineered monsters.

It's a proboscis, it's fine.

That explains the sword. Good to know.

>> No.25327964


"It's artistic license, I 'aint gotta explain shit."

>> No.25327976

Not the proboscis, the tube from the back of the head to the blood sac

>> No.25327977

Are there any more "Outer God" types lying around?

>> No.25327989


>> No.25327997


That looks like a rowboat up there, so this one probably isn't as big as it seems at first.

In that case I got no idea. See >>25327964

They're around here somewhere. Hopefully I'll get to them.

>> No.25328003


*sigh* This be the third vessel I've lost this year. I'll never pay off these debts.

>> No.25328021


Much obliged.

>> No.25328030


Favorite part of this one is the axe-arm.

>may be time to hire some murderhobos, cap'n

>> No.25328046


Alt Cyberdemon

>> No.25328056


>> No.25328069

This is horrifying...

>> No.25328076


Oh no, tentacles~

>> No.25328091

>> No.25328103


Will their fate be yours?

>traps the beetle inside for a short period
So rape plants. Neat.

>> No.25328131


Another goddamn sea serpent.

>> No.25328149


Is it wrong that my first thought was "Vagina Dentata"?

>> No.25328166


>image limit reached
Well, that was fun. I'll stick around. May contribute if someone makes a new thread.

>> No.25328428

Nice dump, anon!

>> No.25328436

>I still have no idea how this guy is Khornate.
It might just be me, but I suspect that the fact that he has dedicated his life to waging war in Khorne's name might have something to do with it.

>> No.25328487


Anytime. I may dump more of my collection at some point.

>icy what you did there.
He just looks more suited to Nurgle, honestly. Aside from the Khorne symbols.

>> No.25328522

he enters fancy slaanesh parties and murders everything inside maybe?

>> No.25328565


That could be it. Though that still seems a touch too subtle for Khorne.

>> No.25328684


>> No.25328691

true, but he just has to get to the parties, not that he can't slaughter any guards on the way in

>> No.25328702

Vagina Dentata - what a wonderful phrase.
Vagina Dentata, it ain't no passing craze.
It means no penis, for the rest of your days!
It's a problem free penectomy, Vagina Dentata!


>> No.25328716

In case you actually don't know who he is, his name is Anakwanar Sek, and he is one of the major leaders of the Chaos forces that the Sabbat Crusade is fighting against.

Read the Gaunt's Ghosts series or the Sabbat Worlds Crusade background book if you want details.

>> No.25328764


Fuck, really? It must be too long since I've read any Gaunt's Ghosts. I never made the connection. Thanks for the info.

>> No.25328811

>hey uhhh houston? yeah this shit isnt gonna go well

>> No.25328838

is that te butt monsters from dream catcher? alternativly, is it a pandoran.

>> No.25328879


No idea. Most of the pictures I got from /tg/ sans context.
And you mean Dream Catcher the Stephen King novel? I hear that's pretty good.

>> No.25328915

You're welcome.

>> No.25329182

i think it is, i only know the movie which is also not bad, although its not one of the shit weasles, they dont have arms.

>> No.25329267

Right Silent Hillish, innit?

This one too.


>> No.25329358


I feel that >>25327071 is pretty Silent Hill as well. The specter of addiction and all that. Anyway, glad you found something you like.

>> No.25330065

Yixlid Jailer

>> No.25330154

>traps the beetle inside for a short period
...And THEN what?

>> No.25330456

>ICE to see you!

>> No.25330471

The Factory is the reason there is a Foundation.
The Factory is why it all started.
The Factory is why it will never end.

I once ran a Dark Heresy campaign that ended there. Sometimes Chaos doesn't have a reason, or a motive, or a plan. Sometimes Chaos is just there and wrong.

>> No.25330522

Mnemovore was a Vertigo horror comic from a while back. It was pretty good.

>> No.25330848

I believe that's also the true form of Kneemoi from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?


>> No.25331030

Yeah, that makes sense. >>25330848
It'd explain how she's able to steal skills and knowledge.

It's too bad nothing ever came of that movie they were talking about making with Veronica Mars and Kyle Reese with Guillermo del Toro. That could've been cool.

>> No.25331178

I've never heard of that project before, but it sounds great.

>> No.25331908

I hesitate to ask, but how exactly did that work out.

>> No.25332709

speaking of Del Toro


I just absolutely love the design of the Pale Man

>> No.25334026

The first time the eight of them went in on their own. The Factory ate them.
The second set of agents snuck their way in and murdered the head of the Factory. Then they went in deeper to kill the beast itself. Chaos accepts all. Chaos breaks all.

The third set of character sheets put together enough if their predecessors' work to come in with force, and come loaded for bear. The Factory ran red with blood. The Factory ran black with blood. And the Factory ran with colors that should not be blood, but seeped from wounds regardless.
Man killed man, and man killed beast, and man clawed their own eyes out as things they once called friend did things I hesitate to describe on /d/ let alone a blue board to the shattered remnants of their soul.
The PDF broke and ran and fought in every direction with no destination as men who were fervent devotees of the Emperor but minutes earlier drank the dregs of sorrow and killed those they'd loved. The Arbites pushed onwards alongside drug gangers they'd called lifelong enemies as priests drove fanatics in their hundreds to death before foe and machine. Redemptionists wore no mask, save those who remained masked, but had no face to hide.
The Factory opened its doors to all like and took them in like arms in embrasure. And in the depths the players found something beyond the horrors they had yet witnessed, something that struck them personally. Some people love to point out how DH isn't that lethal a system, how with unnatural Toughness and decent armor you can withstand more than most tanks. Those don't prevent insanity and corruption. And while usually slow to build; when you gaze into the heart of Chaos, Chaos does not simply gaze back at you. It gazes into it's own heart through your eyes.

>> No.25334047

With the former head of the Factory dead some of you might wonder who, if anyone, was in charge now. I shouldn't have to tell you. Chaos breaks all. Chaos accepts all. The Factory ate them.

When you hit 100+ Insanity and Corruption inside the Factory what do you think awaits you?

One man made it back out through those doors. A Chaliced Commissar with more WP than sense and a bloody boltpistol that had left 3 men dead behind the front gates. Necessary? No, but better safe than sorry. He took a proud and valued place alongside his Inquisitor, listened as the man gushed over their victory and how the things they had found and seen would aid the struggle of the Imperium for centuries to come. That Chaliced Commissar died 2 rounds later, having emptied the Bolt Pistol into the Inquisitor's skull.

Nothing in there was useful. Nothing in there was helpful. Nothing in there was safe.

2 years later, during a Rogue Trader campaign the group happened upon a planet with a very familiar name. They glassed it from orbit, until the crust split and the atmosphere burned in a fit of metagaming I wasn't about to argue about. Because they were right to do it. The stain of Chaos lies deep into that world now, painted in blood, and flesh and steel.

But Chaos doesn't care about whether the planet burns or not. And someday, when man is long gone and forgotten among the cold stars, something will put stone upon stone, and old gods, of forgotten and unknown provenience will spread wide their arms in happy embrace.

And they will make such things, the like of which you have never dreamed.

>> No.25337532

I'd still hit it....

>> No.25337865

I didn't think it was real; I figured somebody did some photoshopping and made something up. Man...

>> No.25337959

I need some ambient music fit for fleshy abominations. Any help tg?

>> No.25340629

Nope, it's real - that's what makes it horrifying.

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