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Your expedience with people who don't Role Play. (Pic related)

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true resurrection bitch, i've lived plenty. hell i have the same valkyrie pick me up every time

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I learned a long time ago not to try and discuss RPGs with people who aren't into them.

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From now on in all my game "yolo" will be the catchphrase for all chaotic evil characters. Orcs and demons will be saying this all the time.

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Shameless bumb

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>Stranger 1
That went about as well as I expected.

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>Chaotic Neutral?
>Me Neither.

I don't know why that's so goddamn funny, but I can't stop chuckling. It's perfect.

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!
Question to discuss:
Did you know that microwaving your smartphone for 1 minute will fully charge the battery or you could do 30 seconds and fill the half? one tip stay away from the microwave.
Stranger: Really?
Stranger: Imma gonna try it
You: Yeah, you should
You: Microwave energy will heat up the acid in the battery
Stranger: That's wicked cool
You: and cause it to charge
You: same as with electricity
You: thats just slower
Stranger: Who invents these stuff... really
Stranger: amazing
You: yeah
You: go try it out now tell me how it worked out :)
Stranger: Sure will..
Stranger: What about the heat...
Stranger: What temperature should I keep it in?
You: just go full blast, else it will take longer to charge
Stranger: okie dokie alan polskie
Stranger: just a minute
You: sure ill wait
Stranger: fuck...
Stranger: my iPhone is on fire
You: oh
You: yeah
You: that's a side effect of microwaving electronics
You: sorry, i totally forgot
Stranger: The screen burst open.. and now it is burnign
Stranger: you imbecile
You: dont you have warranty?
Stranger: Fuck no
Stranger: It is burnt to ashes
Stranger: Mum's going to kill me
You: hey at least your battery is fully charged now :)
Stranger: it was a present from my grand ma before she passed away
Stranger: now I don't have anything to remember her
You: you have the ashes
Stranger: You suck stranger
You: whoa, whoa. thats rude.
Stranger: you'll not do well in life
You: :( that's mean
You: I'll leave now
Stranger: Get lost
Stranger: I hope you die in a microwave
You have disconnected.

I have my doubts that this person was actually that retarded, but I still enjoy the feeling of - even if just ever so slightly - helping advance natural selection.

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This is kind of /pol/ trolling that can lead to some good times.

This one's a winner.

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Every time I take that online alignment test I get Chaotic Evil.

I think it's trying to tell me something.

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You're "That Guy" anon.

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In real life?

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Stranger 1 is a retard.
Libertarian is good, but you need to go upper middle class to have the feats to support it.

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Fucking minmaxers. Real Libertarians start at 0 level Peasants and work their way up, starting a homestead and building their own wealth.

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That's a fucking retarded idea. Orcs and Demons don't have that low of Int scores. Use mindless hordes instead.

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You're on /tg/; so you're sailing the Fanta Sea.

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Pretty sure he meant Liberal, not libertarian if he doesn't believe in social classes.

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>I hope you die in a microwave.

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>You: oh
>You: yeah
>You: that's a side effect of microwaving electronics
>You: sorry, i totally forgot
Better would have been to be all like "You took the battery out of the phone first, right?"

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Which one of you was it?

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Rolled 10

I roll to disbelieve that someone was actually this stupid.

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There's been documented cases of stupidity on this level.

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I tried to reword "class" into something people would understand better. Didn't quite work.

Q: Magic, muscle, or moxie?
Stranger 2: muscle..
Stranger 1: what?
Stranger 2: whats a moxie??
Stranger 1: no idea
Stranger 2: hmmm well i'll go with muscle..

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To be fair, google gives no relevant results.

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After many years of hard battle you have slain the vile fiend who once subjugated your land beneath his fist. His crown droops from his brow and his sword slips from his grasp. Do you take them up?
Stranger 1: i burn his wife and kids
Stranger 2: i would crunsh it
Stranger 1: then my wife and kuds
Stranger 1: jk, I'm the fiend
Stranger 1: kids*
Stranger 2: necrophilia?
Stranger 1: no
Stranger 2: maybe?
Stranger 1: fuck '
Stranger 1: THEN murder
Stranger 1 has disconnected

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It's kind of neat to force ADVENTURE on people with zero experience with roleplaying and see how they react.

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Kingdom of Loathing, chances are he's a Seal Clubber. Moxie is for Rogue classes, Muscle for fighters, Mysticality for Wizards.

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It's always chaotic neutral.

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Not everyone takes to it well.

After many years of hard battle you have slain the vile fiend who once subjugated your land beneath his fist. His crown droops from his brow and his sword slips from his grasp. Do you take them up?
Stranger 2: what
Stranger 1: Yes
Stranger 2: WHO AM I
Stranger 2: DO I TAKE IT HELLO
Stranger 1: It's akin to a what-if scenerio based on Pathfinder or D&D
Stranger 2: HELLO
Stranger 2: HELLO
Stranger 2: WHO AM I
Stranger 2: WHAT
Stranger 2: HAHAHAHAH
Stranger 2: NO
Stranger 2 has disconnected

Moxie is a real word, you know. All three of them are.

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Those fuckers always ask for my gender.
Then i tell them i am a asexual octopus and they disconnect.

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Yes, they are, the guy was making a KoL joke jackanape. That's a real word too.

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Same question
Stranger 2: As a trophy, perhaps.
Stranger 2: Otherwise, perhaps return them to his family.
Stranger 1: I cadt spell of invisibility on me and stranger and pass hin a bow while I wield my staff

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Would having two dicks be awesome? (Y/Y)
Stranger 1: no
Stranger 2: I don't even have one so idk

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Well, to be honest what interesting thing can you say about yourself?
"I can fit through really small holes?"

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Fair, not honest.
I should sleep.

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That went better than expected.

I think have some ideas for my next campaign.

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Of course they do.
Octopodes sexually reproduce.

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Certainly better than /tg/'s responses.

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Yes i know.
I did that to avoid ASL? ASL?
Anyway, here's something for you, /tg/.

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That's a new one.

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By the male firing acidic sperm bullets into the female's reproductive parts through their flesh, no less.

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>microwave burning something to ashes, or causing it to burst.
It'd break the phone, but it it isn't going to get that hot.

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Well, duh. You'll only find stardust inside an elf, not whole stars.

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>You have disconnected.
Never be the one to pull the plug, man.

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Yes, i know.
But i don't know if he knew what to do in that room and it would have been pretty tedious.

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Question to discuss:
What is your alignment and class?

Stranger 2: Chaotic good, Theif

Stranger 1: Lawful Good Monk.

Stranger 2: Hai opposite :D


Stranger 2: I loot dead bodies :(

Stranger 2: I

Stranger 2: AM

Stranger 2: CATBUG

Stranger 1: Cats are mammals, not insects

Stranger 2: no go on youtube and search catbug

Stranger 2: HE'S ADORABLE

Stranger 1: I wish I could live between dimensions.

Stranger 2: I actually do! :D

Stranger 1: That's good, stranger. Also, hi /tg/.


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>hi /tg/
Stranger 1 is a faggot.

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Question to discuss:
A planet is infested with XENOS SCUM. What is the proper course of action?

Stranger 1: Exterminatus

Stranger 1: For the Emperor!, etc

Stranger 2 has disconnected

I love you guys.

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>I roll to disbelieve that someone was actually this stupid.


That's my congressman. He was a physician. He is on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. He is the chairman of the House Science Subcommittee on Oversight. He ran unopposed for his House seat in 2012. Apparently, because of his popular support, nobody thought they had a chance against him. People are absolutely that stupid. You must make your saving throw at a -10 penalty.

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>Try to find /tg/ bros
>All I get is
>hai gurls 16 and horny add me on kik :)))

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u want sum fuck?

>> No.25315818

Those are bots.
Refresh often enough and you will find people from here.

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I might have a new player!

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I just did the entire intro theme for Jesse and James. It was exciting. Then I got into an ASCII battle.

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Guys, i just found a b-tard.
What should i do?

>> No.25315872

Call him a newfag, it'll piss him off.

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He called me a summerfag and a semen.
Then he babbled incoherently.
I'm scared.

>> No.25315892

It's okay /tg/, summerfags are just a myth anyways.

Ask him if he can shoop the woop a barrel roll into your base. The memes will confuse it, and you can escape.

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I think it broke.

>> No.25315920

Did it yell frosted butts are run away? That's what they usually do.

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I give up on trying to find you guys, for a hour all I've gotten is asl and kik spam.

>> No.25315946

Try to GM a "adventure".
Sometimes strangers are ok with that.

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Usually what happens to me. But when I DO find /tg/, I feel so pressured to be funny or insightful that I'm just a retard.

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Rolled 20 + 10


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Shit nigga. You fine.

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/tg/ pls go

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Stay classy

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was funny until he said it was a present from his grandma before she passed away, now i just feel bad for the dude

but hey, who sticks his iphone into the microwave?

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Anybody who thinks that a microwave will recharge a battery doesn't deserve to have an iphone.

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Dare you enter my magical realm?
Stranger 1: Nope.
Stranger 2: Nope.

They chose correctly.

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Fuck. You ninja'd me.
Time for me to disappear, now.

>> No.25316150

Cowards. No riches and power for them.

>> No.25316154

It's pretty clear he's joking after he said that it was a present from his grandma.

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Huh, hey, that was me as stranger 2.

>> No.25316161

Dare you enter my magical realm?
Stranger 2: Only if it appeals to my fetishes, /tg/.
Stranger 2: I think we're alone here.
Stranger 2: I'm not disconnecting.

Neither am I. We shall have a battle of will.

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Were you basing your idea off that story where someone's campaign involved the necromancer protagonist of the other one being the villain in another? Or were you actually the GM of both campaigns?

>> No.25316167


You're on, motherfucker.

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I don't know if I'm more surprised at the number of people that would lay with a horny 13 year old, or the number that wouldn't.

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Oh my.


Have you been keeping tally?

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Stranger 1 was weak.

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Well now I'm disappointed.

>> No.25316188

Honestly I've seen the idea done on /tg/ a number of times and it seems like the logical thing to do as a necromancer. I wasn't consciously thinking of any story in particular at the time but they probably inspired me somewhere in my head.

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The magical realm was just me watching you speak with yourself.

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That looks like a really comfy sweater. It's kind of hot to know that a woman is cozy, warm, and at peace with a nice cup of tea/hot cocoa/coffee.

>> No.25316208

So far
>103 fuck year
>44 fuck no
>62 fuck, whatever

>> No.25316217


You...you...double jerkface!

>> No.25316219

>That's someone from /tg/
And here I've been disconnecting on you. I know what to do in future.

>> No.25316225

Maybe she wears it to cover the elephantiasis in her forearms.

>> No.25316226

>You and your party have defeated the evil lord and saved the world. How do you celebrate?

Stranger: drrraaaannnkkkss
>try again
Stranger: dru;sg
>try again
Stranger: Smoke meth


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I'm pretty sure it just has very baggy sleeves.

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You can have your imaginations and I'll have mine.

>> No.25316239

Interedasting. Anonymity probably has a factor into it: openly admitting you want to bang a 13-year-old feels taboo.

Were the other 62 just other people ASLing?

>> No.25316248

13-year olds are legal in Spain, just FYI

>> No.25316254

Stop that shit.

>> No.25316277

Really? Huh. Wouldn't have guessed it.

Stop getting mad over a word.

>> No.25316294

>Stop getting mad over a word.
Tell that to black people.

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>> No.25316315

Fuck you, faggot.

>> No.25316329

Didn't realize I was in /b/.

>> No.25316334

Undecideds. I only tallied clear yes/no/maybes.

>> No.25316349

You must have if you acted like a faggot.

>> No.25316358

What are you using to get other folks on /tg/?

>> No.25316359

Nnnope, still says /tg/ up there. What happened to you, Anon? Did an intredasting person love you, or somebody you loved, tenderly?

>> No.25316374

I just look for random people.
The interest search doesn't really work.

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You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!
Question to discuss:
Do you know the difference between theism and gnosticism? Which are you?
Stranger 2: sigh
Stranger 2: gnostic atheist
Stranger 1: what is that
Stranger 2: or rather, gnostic itheist
Stranger 1: gnosticism
Stranger 2: gnosticism is knowing that there is or is not a god
Stranger 2: or belief that it can be known with certainty
Stranger 1: isnt that just atheism
Stranger 2: no
Stranger 2: you can be an agnostic theist
Stranger 2: which is basically saying I think there's a god but I might be wrong
Stranger 1: but thats not atheism then
Stranger 2: gnostic theism, I think there is a god and know this to be true
Stranger 1: can you prove it to be true??
Stranger 2: agnostic atheist, I think there isn't a god but might be wrong
Stranger 2: I'm an itheist
Stranger 2: which is sort of a copout
Stranger 1: omg ithiest the heck is that
Stranger 1: i want to create my own theist
Stranger 2: I wouldn't acknowledge any definition of "God" to be a genuine deity regardless of if it existed
Stranger 2: to question if there is a god you need to define it
Stranger 1 has disconnected

You're a hero, Stranger 2.
And also the first of 20 persons to get it right

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But that's not /tg/-related

>> No.25316539

Traditional Games.

>> No.25316584

And also wrong.

>> No.25316595

But how?

>> No.25316610

Question to discuss:
You both hate eachother. The first one to write has a knife.

Stranger 2: I see.

Stranger 1: I see

Stranger 2: Indeed.

Stranger 1: Now how shall we proceed my weapon wielding foe?

Stranger 2: I'm no foe, dear stranger.

Stranger 2: Perhaps we should join forces to defeat the spy?

Stranger 1: Lets

Stranger 2: Mm, that'll be interesting.

Stranger 1: I'm fairly certain the spy has already left

Stranger 2: True.

Stranger 2: Well, since we're left to our own devices, what'd you like to do?

Stranger 1: Let us talk for a bit

Stranger 2: Alright. Any particular topic you have in mind?

Stranger 1: What are your interest?

Stranger 2: Do you know what yaoi is?

Stranger 1: I have heard of it

Stranger 2: Mm, there you go.

Stranger 2: One of my biggest interests. Now, how about yours?

Stranger 1: Heard of futanari?

Stranger 2: Ooh, that's a change. And yes.

Stranger 1: Mm, there you go

Stranger 2: I see that we are both perverts, though of different genres.

Stranger 1: Indeed we are

Stranger 2: It's a pleasure to meet you, fellow pervert. No pun intended.

Stranger 1: You as well fellow pervert

Stranger 2: Now that we've established what we are, is there anything else you'd like to talk about?

Stranger 1: I know that yaoi is your main interest but I'm sure other minor ones help out

Stranger 2: Yuri is one. RPing is another.

Allright you fuckers.
Who was it?

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Gnosticism is a 'christian' dualistic belief system.

Gnostics believe that God created the universe, but that the Demiurge (who is evil), created the material world.

>> No.25316624

I was asking how this was /tg/-related. Sorry for the miscommunication.

>> No.25316649 [DELETED] 

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!
Question to discuss:
Orcs have stolen your wives and husbands, what do?
Stranger 1: Smite down those filthy creatures.
Stranger 2: good for you stranger
Stranger 1: Vengeance is the only way.
Stranger 1: Of course I'm good, commoner.
Stranger 1: Lawful Good to be exact.
Stranger 1: *Flex my large manly arms and toss my long locks of hair out of my face*
Stranger 1: Will you come with me to slay these foul beasts?
Stranger 2: sure
Stranger 2: if i had a husband that would make it better
You: Do you have any skills that will help aid in our rescue?
Stranger 1: I'd rather not get someone involved that will get in the way.
Stranger 2: I can cook
Stranger 2: and I do know how to fight
Stranger 1: Ah! A hearty meal will keep our strength and morale in peak shape!
Stranger 1:You: A young fighter as well!
Stranger 2: i also know basic first aid
Stranger 1: I see a bright future ahead of us. As soon as we slay those orcs!
Stranger 2: hahahaha
Stranger 1: We should be on our way soon, young warrior! Our journey awaits!
Stranger 1 has disconnected.

Well someone did Mary Sue well /tg/

>> No.25316652

Question to discuss:
What's your alignment?

Stranger 2: Lunar

Stranger 1: hey m or f

Stranger 2: f

Stranger 1: 17 m

Stranger 2: 78 f

Stranger 1 has disconnected
How does this happen

>> No.25316662

Question to discuss:
(Role play) one of you just tried to steal a carrot from the other ones store. Go...

You: Can't catch me, sucker!

Stranger: I will call the police!

You: *runs away with the carrot*

Stranger: Bobby, catch him!

Stranger: * a dog runs after him *

You: Oh shit!

You: *climbs over a fence and continues running*

Stranger: * Bobby catches his shoelace and he is hanging on his foot *

You: *kicks off his shoe

Stranger: * Boby takes the shoes back to the shop *

Stranger: Good job, Bobby :)

You: *me hides in a back-alley

Stranger: I like these shoes

You: ((annnnnd - scene.))

Stranger: Thanks for the shoes, Stranger. :)

Stranger: ;)

You: You only got one shoe.

Stranger: better than nothing :)

You: I suppose I should've stolen more than just a carrot.

Stranger: we can play Cinderella

Stranger: oh, really?

You: Yeah, I need other vegetables to make soup as well.

Stranger: come back and leave here your other shoe

You: I'm assuming that I stole it to feed my starving children.

Stranger: I can give you some vegeta

You: That sounds like a fair deal. These shoes are pretty worn anyway.

Stranger: I love worn shoes

You: ...are you pervert or just weird?

You: Not...not that I really want to know what you're going to do with my shoes

Stranger: I give them to Bobby

Stranger: he likes chewing shoes

You: Ah, that makes sense.

Stranger: it's better if he eats your shoes than letting him chew my heels

You: Well played, stranger.

You have disconnected.

>> No.25316670

your neighbor thinks your the Winchesters?

>> No.25316675


>> No.25316678

Question to discuss:
What can change the nature of a man?
Stranger 1: tg
Stranger 1 has disconnected

Oh come I know you guys can do better.

>> No.25316881

Question to discuss:
whats your fetish

Stranger: You first stranger

You: Hmm.

You: Are we trying to out-weird each other or pretend that we're more normal than the other guy?

Stranger: just say the truth

You: But I have mutliple fetishes ;_;

Stranger: List

Stranger: them

Stranger: Or just pick one

You: Fine. Tentacles.

Stranger has disconnected.

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talking with my brother, while we are eating, my mom is together with us
I make some joke somehow using the name necromancer on the joke.
my brother ask to my mom "do you know what a necromancer is?"
yes, I already read the book of artist x
PS: my mom was a language teacher

>> No.25316960

So that would be chaotic evil, right?

>> No.25317013

one question about the part of omegle I make question.

If I quit it, the chat will close?

>> No.25317029

I will assume that not, because this never hapened to me while I was answering questions

>> No.25317035

An agnostic theist believes in a god of some sort, but doesn't claim to KNOW it or that he is absolutely right.
A gnostic theist believes in a god of some sort, and adds a claim of knowledge.

>> No.25317097

Question to discuss:
What is your alignment?
Stranger 2: Peanuts
Stranger 1: Straight!
Stranger 1: Potatoes!
Stranger 2: Yeah straight
Stranger 2: You m or f
Stranger 1: m
Stranger 2: Ok
Stranger 1: You?
Stranger 2: I was sexing this girl before and she was all in the moment then my Internet dropped out
Stranger 2: M
Stranger 2: Sexting *
Stranger 1: Oh..... And I care because? Haha
Stranger 1 has disconnected


>> No.25317466

Haha, I just got some guy calling me a nerd and a nigger as I built him a Chaotic Neutral Barbarian.

>> No.25318384

Gnosticism as a concept doesn't necessarily have ANYTHING to do with religion or deities.

>> No.25318443

>Gnosticism (from gnostikos, "learned", from Ancient Greek: γνῶσις gnōsis, knowledge; Arabic: الغنوصية al-ġnūṣīh) is the dualistic belief that the material world created by the Demiurge should be shunned and the spiritual world should be embraced (God's world). Gnostic ideas influenced many ancient religions[1] which teach that gnosis (variously interpreted as enlightenment, salvation, emancipation or 'oneness with God') may be reached by practicing philanthropy to the point of personal poverty, sexual abstinence (as far as possible for hearers, total for initiates) and diligently searching for wisdom by helping others.[2] However, practices varied among those who were gnostic. In gnosticism, the world of the Demiurge is represented by the lower world which associated to the matter, to flesh, to time, to molecules and more particularly to an imperfect world and an ephemeral world. The world of God is represented by the upper world, and is associated with the soul and perfection. The world of God is eternal and not part of the physical. It is impalpable, and time there doesn't exist. To rise to God, the Gnostic must break the dualism and reach the "knowledge" which mixes philosophy, metaphysics, curiosity, culture, knowledge, and secrets of history and universe. [3][4]
>[nos-tuh-siz-uhm] Show IPA
>noun Roman Catholic Church .
>a group of ancient heresies, stressing escape from this world through the acquisition of esoteric knowledge.
>a religious movement characterized by a belief in gnosis, through which the spiritual element in man could be released from its bondage in matter: regarded as a heresy by the Christian Church
Yes it does, you can't just take root of word and declare it to be the meaning.

>> No.25318519

As a non-roleplayer, every time I'm around a group playing an RPG or am talked to about an RPG, I get the strongest vibe of pretentiousness I've ever gotten.

This is why I don't roleplay.

>> No.25318597

What the flying fuck /tg/

>> No.25318681

Yah, I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and join a vampire the masquerade group. It's a bunch of poor starving artist kids pretending they are rich snobs. It's been 3 rounds so far and all they have done is talked shit on each other. This game blows. My D&D group is the bees knees though

>> No.25318711

Pretend and pretentious DO have the same root word.....

>> No.25318782

Pleb more, second-grade dropdout.

>> No.25318799

I'm crying, /tg/.

>> No.25318898

Why cant i stop laughing /tg/ ?

>> No.25318907

Im cg/n ranger

>> No.25318955

that was me

>> No.25319006

Wait, so finding veins hot is acceptable if you're a girl?

Shit, I was born in the wrong genre.

>> No.25319087

Have some old conversations gathered from previous threads.

>> No.25319101


>> No.25319109


>> No.25319117


>> No.25319124


>> No.25319146

My belief in being a DM is that if your character isn't in a horrible situation I'm running it wrong.

>> No.25319275

In my search for /tg/ i stumbled upon this

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!
Question to discuss:
any girl wanna kick me in the balls really hard till i puke cum and die? c: i welcome death with filled and open testicles. ?
You: what
Stranger: wtf?

>> No.25319311

I lasted the first 2 seconds.

>> No.25319316

Question to discuss:
Will you purge heresy for the Emperor?
Stranger 2: No
Stranger 1: Nope.
Stranger 1 has disconnected

>> No.25319365


Fuckin alpha legion !

>> No.25319444

Question to discuss:
What's your class and alignment?
Stranger 2: Potato
Stranger 1: HAHAHAHAHA
Stranger 1: I'm a PEDOBEAR
Stranger 1: ALIGNMENT
Stranger 1: PEDOPHILE
Stranger 1 has disconnected

I do believe it is a sad day for humanity.

>> No.25319478

50 attempts later:
Question to discuss:
What's your class and alignment?

Stranger 2: Chaotic-neutral bard.

Stranger 2 has disconnected

>> No.25319512

Question to discuss:
What's your class and alignment?

Stranger 1: Class?

Stranger 1: Alignment?

Stranger 2: Umm, idk what they're asking

Stranger 1: What are those?

Stranger 1: Me neither

Stranger 2: Hmmm

Stranger 1: Well

Stranger 1: Alignment

Stranger 1: is for rail roads

Stranger 2: Yes yes

Stranger 1: Class?

Stranger 1: is for RPG games

Stranger 2: And class is for the rich??

Stranger 1: Nope

Stranger 2: Haha okay

Stranger 1: SOO

Stranger 1: i am a Spartan

Stranger 1: Sligned to the last mission

Stranger 1: to destroy the D6

Stranger 2: That's cool..

Stranger 1: i know]

Stranger 2 has disconnected
>Is for railroads
Why is this so goddamn funny.

>> No.25319554


>> No.25319580

that got a giggle out of me

>> No.25319714

The fuck is kik?

>> No.25319736

It a texting app for smartphones

>> No.25319757

I cannot find any of you nerds, damn it

>> No.25319821

You and your companions awake to the sound of something rummaging through your supplies. Investigation reveals that it's a kobold warband, they want to bring you to their rape dungeon, what do you do?
Stranger 1: kill them
Stranger 2: Goddammit
Stranger 1: they're kobolds
Stranger 2: stop using rape so freely

God dammit hernandez.

>> No.25319901

You awaken to see a halfling rummaging through your supplies. He has not noticed you have awakened. What do you do?
Stranger 1: Detect evil
Stranger 2: A what?
Stranger 1: IF evil, smite and cleave
Stranger 1: if not, just cleave
Stranger 2: I'm not understanding any of this
Stranger 1: I aint dealing with no furry footed bastard stealing my shit
Stranger 2: Okay? umm yeah

>> No.25320019

I can't find any elegan/tg/entlemen at all.

>> No.25320159

Well I tried interest "Roleplay" so I could annoy fifteen year old girls but apparently none are online right now

>> No.25320172

I knew that would show up on here.

>> No.25320223

type /tg/ into interests, see if we can actually find some elegan/tg/entlemen.

>> No.25320234

or some transsexuals

>> No.25320237


>> No.25320256

As am I.

>> No.25320283

You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!
Question to discuss:
If you could cast Fireball what would you do?
Stranger 2: Reinvent warfare
Stranger 2: I would be a one man artillery squad
Stranger 1: You cant reinvent warfare
Stranger 2: precision strikes
Stranger 1: Its just a fireball
Stranger 1: What are you going to do?
Stranger 2: That does 1d6/level
Stranger 1: burn a tank?
Stranger 2: no
Stranger 2: well
Stranger 2: yes
Stranger 2: BUT
Stranger 2: NO
Stranger 2: actually
Stranger 2: I'd roll to send it down the barrel
Stranger 2: thats only a ranged touch attack
Stranger 1: If I could use a fireball I would burn my pubes, that´s it, and I would be SO content.
Stranger 1 has disconnected

>If I could use a fireball I would burn my pubes, that´s it, and I would be SO content.

>> No.25320302

Why the hell isn't this working?

>> No.25320313

Chuckles were had.

>> No.25320382

I just had a very helpfull discussion with a crossdresser about hair removal products and sexual preferences.

>> No.25320385


>> No.25320452


>there is a RAT the size of a HOUSECAT
>what a cheeky FUCK

top lel

>> No.25320455

Disappointing, im combing the spy mode, to see if there's any elegan/tg/entlemen asking questions.

>> No.25320461

That gif is fucking horrifying.

>> No.25320591

Dude, this is kickass.
Did this just happen today, or is there more?

>> No.25320634

Im trying to ask question but getting nothing.

>> No.25320706

I was stranger 1. LOL

>> No.25320895

Wow /tg/, I met a beautiful grill while searching for you all.
Young, smart, attractive, there is no way this can end well

>> No.25320913

I think I got a new player too!

>> No.25320980

>Trying to use alignment on real life

Stranger 1 was the smarter person.

>> No.25321005

it's a fun thing to consider, that's all. Personally, I prefer thinking about classes, but whatever floats your boat.

>> No.25321018

I hope it's a Weber, worked out great for me.

>> No.25321068

Every tiem I try to connect I get this kingchd faggot

>> No.25321216

How about drowboy?

>> No.25321326

Sometimes this shit reads like a cleverbot chat. I wonder if someone's made a script to have it work like that?

>> No.25321349

Oh I just found you

But the stranger DCd


>> No.25321437

>you have disconnected
You are weak.

>> No.25321570

>I accidentally slice my hand
Shit like that, that right there? That's how you know he's a keeper.

>> No.25321749

Some people put their cats to dry in the microwave.

>> No.25321787

You're about to slay the dragon! What's your one-liner?

Stranger 1: Hey, dragon. Die.

Stranger 2: suck my dick

Stranger 2 has disconnected

>> No.25321839

What's your one-liner?

Stranger 2: Are you an antiquer? because i have some junk that hasnt been touched in years

Stranger 2: haha lol

Stranger 2 has disconnected

Shit, Stranger 1, get it together.

>> No.25322175


>> No.25322183


>> No.25322262

tip. Hit get a link then follow the link then hit download

>> No.25322462

I just ran an entire scenario with someone. CoC over omegle. Didn't think it would work, but it did.

>> No.25322470

fucking lol. but I have just one question. what the hell is afe?

>> No.25322680

this was actually my first time "running" a session. Interesting to have it documented like this

>> No.25322707

Yeah. If you did that by searching /tg/, you might be in for a surprise.

>> No.25322713

IF you can manage to read that tiny ass print (sorry for that) how did I do? And what can I do to improve my storytelling?

>> No.25322745

Well I thought that was going somewhere completely different.

>> No.25322781

Alternating-Field Electrophoresis

>> No.25322784


>> No.25322997

Where else?

>> No.25323065

What a ridiculous question. As if 'half-drow catboy' wasn't the only reasonable answer.

>> No.25323710

That was just then: I'm hoping for an email back, but you know how these things go. Crossed fingers!

>> No.25323858

>Question to discuss:You wake up and see Fluttershy next to you, what do?
>turns into quest of Soviet soldiers trying to storm a German occupied inn

>> No.25323893

storytime s'il vous plait

>> No.25323907


>literally being this cancer

>> No.25324329

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!
Question to discuss:
You wake up and see Fluttershy next to you, what do?
You: Grab my trusty Mosin Nagant
You: Speak up "Hello little pony. You lost?"
Stranger: this is not gonna end well
You: Let us kill Germans for great motherland!
Stranger: this pony is german?
You: "I give her a grenade and put on my clothes."
You: Who knows
Stranger: maybe she is hitler in desguise
You: Oh dear!
You: Then we must take her to commissar for interrogation!
Stranger: right? right?
You: You play the commissat
Stranger: ok
Stranger: what nation=?
You: *grabs fluttershy and proceeds to walk to the commissar's office*
You: Soviet Union?
Stranger: ok
Stranger: KAj se dogaja
Stranger: ???
Stranger: Kdo je to?
Stranger: IVAAAAAN
You: *drops her on the ground* "Greetings comrade commissar. I have brought possible German spy!"
Stranger: REALLY?
Stranger: Ivan we have to test her
Stranger: she is maybe wired
You: "What we do?"
Stranger: examine the anus
You: "..."
Stranger: microphones are often there
Stranger: ivan?
You: *I pull out my bayonet*

>> No.25324375

Stranger: But be gantle
Stranger: gentle*
You: "Oh dear." *I carefully try to probe for mines or microphones using my bayonet*
You: "There's something inside!"
Stranger: I knew it
You: *Luckily I already wear my gloves and proceed to pull out a full sized German potato masher grenade.*
You: *The pin has been torn out*
You: "Oh shi!"
Stranger: Dear mother Russia
You: *I throw it out of the office window*
Stranger: *takes grenade and throws it out*
Stranger: :)
You: *Seconds later we hear a loud bang*
You: *I point my rifle at the pony*
You: "German filth!"
Stranger: Dont kill her
Stranger: *takes gun away
Stranger: *
You: "Yes commissar..."
Stranger: *I turn to pony*
Stranger: (you are now pony)
You: Alright...
Stranger: Who send you?
You: *Looks fearfully at the commissar unable to speak*
Stranger: Dont give me this look.
You: *shaking intensifies*
Stranger: Yeah yeah, im old i have seen it al.

>> No.25324412

Is it only for me that omegle doesn't work? Keeps searching for stranger.

>> No.25324421

Stranger: You are acting
Stranger: Drop the act
You: "Thh... The... They ffforced me to dd-do this! I swear! They ss..said they'd hurt my friends!" *On the verge of tears*
Stranger: Hmm
Stranger: *turns around*
Stranger: *mutters: Maybe she is telling truth..*
You: *As Ivan* "Maybe she's not."
Stranger: Maybe.. Pony who send you?
You: "He.. he called himself Ob-b-Oberst Krauss. He hurt me and my friend Angel." *sniffs*
Stranger: AHA
Stranger: Ivan, i know Oberst. That little german dick! I should knew he was behind this!

>> No.25324465

You: Ivan:"Is he not the commander of the German forces in area?"
Stranger: Yes
Stranger: Before that he was ordinary solder
You: Ivan:"He sent little horse on suicide mission."
Stranger: Yeah, he does that very often...
Stranger: Kinda his thing
Stranger: So, we need to strike back somehow
You: Ivan:"How?"
Stranger: Hmmm
Stranger: We could send pony back with our russian grenade
Stranger: that would be irony
You: Ivan:"Good idea. But what if he knows? Pony being alive must surely mean he knows it failed."
Stranger: Ivan, you are smart
You: *Ivan blushes* "Thank you commissar"
Stranger: So, lets think: air attack is not option, they have aa guns, they are also deep in their territory, so attack on land is out of option..
You: Ivan: "Maybe use canalization to attack?"
Stranger: Yes, yes, canalization would be perfect. Under his own mansion. *crazy smile* We could try our new bombs *manical laughter*
Stranger: Ahem
Stranger: sorry for thaz
Stranger: that*
You: *rubs hands together* "I like that plan!"
Stranger: *turns to pony* Do you know canalization of Germany?
You: Flutterpony:"N..no.. they put a bag on my head and led me by a collar... I couldn't s..see anything."
You: Fluttershy: "But I can feel my friends... I don't know how. I just can."
Stranger: Can you sense where are they?
You: Flutterpony: "Yes."
Stranger: where?
You: *Pony thinks for a moment* "That old building near the market. I think it was an inn before... At least it smelled like one..."
Stranger: You mean MotherRussiaBar?
Stranger: It was closed years ago
Stranger: no one lives there anymore
You: Fluttershy: "I don't know. It can't read this script." *pony points at a propaganda poster on the wall*

>> No.25324492

Stranger: You mean that poster on my wall in my office?
Stranger: Or that one on old building?
You: Flutter:"The one on the wall..." *she raises one hoof towards her chin, seemingly being in deep thought* "There was a large poster... painting on the outside of a house close to that place."
You: Ivan: "Didn't the townhall next to the inn have a large painting on its wall?"
Stranger: Yes i has..
Stranger: We will investigate
Stranger: Ivan, gather commrades, Tell them to bring big guns
You: *salutes* "Yes comrade commissar!"
You: *Ivan gathers his comrades*
Stranger: Solder, listen now!
Stranger: Solders*
Stranger: We were told that the old townhall is being used as a prison for ponies
Stranger: We can not allow that
Stranger: I also heard that Nazis are involved
Stranger: So we can also kill them
You: *Gleeful murmurs run through the crowd of assembled soldiers.*
Stranger: Now, now don't be so exited.
Stranger: Pack your things and lets go!
Stranger: *turns to pony* You are coming with us.
You: *The soldiers begin to grab their weapons and ready themselves.*
You: Fluttershy: "O...Okay." (barely audible)

>> No.25324597

Stranger: *Little army of highly armed russian guys and one little pony walks out of millitary camp*
Stranger: *they get to the townhall*
Stranger: Ivan, come here!
You: *Ivan moves towards the commissar* "Commissar?"
Stranger: Ivan, you are smart and fast. I need you to do a quick search of the hall from outside. Try to confirm the valuable objects
You: "Yes comrade commissar."
You: *Ivan looks around, looking for a suitable vantage point. He spots one in a pile of rubble and creeps towards it. He then takes a look through his rifle-scope at the building. A minute later he returns."
You: "There are definitely Nazis inside. At least 20 guards. Hard to tell from the windows but they seemed to attempt to hide their presence as good as possible. I think it really is their command center."
Stranger: Hmm, how many solders do we have?
You: "About 80 men. They are however some of our best men. A lot of them were siberian hunters in their former lives. So we have a lot of snipers."
Stranger: So we don't want to lose them. Okey this is how are we gonna do it *points to roof top on right* I want 10 guys on that roof with sniper-rifles. *points to roof on left* I also want 10 guys up there.
Stranger: Now I need group of 15 men to go back and suprise them. Me and the rest will be in vanguard.
Stranger: Dont hurt the ponies, they are vital to our cause!
You: "Understood" *starts giving orders*
Stranger: Snipers on roofs, try to locate their Officier
Stranger: Once we take him out. they will be lost.
You: "This your permission I would like to lead the assault."
Stranger: Yes, Ivan i wouldn't trust that job anyone but you only.
You: "Thank you commissar."
You: *As the men move to their assigned positions, Ivan leads a team of 15 men, armed with submachineguns and grenades carefully through the ruins. They slowly move around to attack the building from behind, allowing his comrades to flank them.*

>> No.25324609

Stranger: Attack!!! Kill the German scum!
Stranger: *townhall quicky turn into battle scene*
Stranger: *Germans are outnumbered and surrounded?
Stranger: *
You: *Building is being assaulted from the front. Machine gunners lay surpressing fire and snipers take shots through the windows. Ivan and his team have just reached the rear as the fighting errupts. It is difficult to say how many Germans are inside, but they lay down heavy return fire.*
You: *Ivan and his men are ready to attack. They can either try to storm it or attempt to infiltrate quietly. The latter will however put more pressure on the troops attacking from the front.*
Stranger: Ivan use grenade launcher and blast that Nazi nest!
You: *Ivan readies his rifle grenade and instructs his men to throw their grenades on his mark. The grenades explode, throwing the Germans in disarray. Ivan and his men leave their cover screaming "URA!!!" in unison, closing the distance swiftly and storming the building from behind.*
Stranger: *German solders fall like ripe apples from the trees. After 5 minutes there are no survivors left. Russian army gather in the center of the hall*
Stranger: Good job solders! Great timing!
You: "Comrade commissar. The men have cleared the builing. We only took few losses. The Oberst and his men are dead. The entrance to the cellar is locked. There might be something inside."
Stranger: Yes, lets take a look.
Stranger: *They open the cellar: It is full of ponies*
You: Fluttershy: "Girls!"
Stranger: Ponies: "Fluttershy!"
Stranger: *and the hug and hug and hug and everybody is happy, and solders start drinking vodka, they are celebrating.*
Stranger: they*
You: *Ivan is pleased with their success* "What now commissar?"
Stranger: Now we go to sleep
Stranger: THE END

>> No.25324662

are you fucking kidding me? fuck off with that shit.

>> No.25324704

Kinda confusing but very entertaining, thank you

>> No.25324718


To be honest I had other things in mind but we just grew tired and he decided to end this quickly.
If you don't like it then I can't fault you for that.

>> No.25324756

nothing about that was quick

>> No.25324817

Well, the ending was.
We stormed the whole thing, which took some time and after finding them, I was ready to send them to be interrogated or to scientists for brutal studies, maybe just shoot them on the spot but in the end we just ended the whole thing there. I don't mind because I actually had fun.

>> No.25325635

We necromancy now. Arise, thread.

>> No.25325748

I am getting an awful lot of disconnects from asking "What's your alignment?"

The internet is full of normals and it's making me despair.

>> No.25325770


>> No.25327486

Stranger 1: 3.5
Stranger 2: Uh?
Stranger 1: 4e sucks
Stranger 1: too combat oriented
Stranger 1: and the classes suck
Stranger 2: What are you both talking about?!
Stranger 1: dungeons and dragons
Stranger 2: oh god, you're a freak
Stranger 1: :T
Stranger 2 has disconnected


>> No.25329307

This is the funniest thing ever

>> No.25329445


>> No.25330018


This is bull shit, I can't get any bites.

What's your secret annon?

>> No.25330566

This app is like dumb shit your party says the app, I can use this to toss shit on a wall and guess at what kind of crap I'll hear out of my players.

>> No.25331011


>> No.25331036

Fuck you too.

>> No.25331335

>> No.25332721

>> No.25333070

Actually... they since it's Khaine we know they're eldar, so it very well might work.

>> No.25333084

Ah, stranger one has played it before, I see.

>> No.25333145

Just another day on SS13.

>> No.25333401

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!

Omegle couldn't find anyone who shares interests with you, so this stranger is completely random. Try adding more interests!

Stranger: hi

You: Hello comrade

Stranger: how are you?

You: I am not of the bad today, thank

Stranger: that is good. man im tired

You: Da

You: Is tiring sunday

Stranger: where you from?

You: Russia

Stranger: wow nice.

Stranger: im from the us

You: Is not bad

You: Can enjoy rifle of proletariat

Stranger: k

You: Do american eat cow meat on bread, or is joke of serbia?

Stranger: we dont do that lol

Stranger: well sorta

Stranger: im not sure lol

You: What about fried tube of pig?

Stranger: no

You: Is not called that

Stranger: we dont eat that

You: Is called of warm huskie or similar callings

Stranger: gross lol

Stranger: so are you male or female?

You: Am strong male, comrade

Stranger: nice im a female

You: Da

You: You must eat many turnip

You: Grow strong like russian woman

You: Can dig for hour in field and carry horse when stop moving

Stranger: haha maybe and no not really and wow

You: Da

You: Woman of russia have large collection of muscle

You: Spend many days toil over acre of turnip

Stranger: wow crazy. i do have a job but it doesnt top how russia woman work

You: Da

You: Mother have me as baby while work in field

You: Had dig hole to make of poop but have baby instead

Stranger has disconnected.

>> No.25333509

>> No.25333631

>> No.25333633

>Fuck you faggot
>I mad because you used a word that I associate with B
>Soooo maaaad, Interdasting

Do you not see the joke?

>> No.25334268

>Got it at Fool Pay attention.

I like you.

>> No.25334921

What can change the nature of a man?
Stranger 2: a woman
Stranger 1: your face
Stranger 2: s vagina
Stranger 1: lol
Stranger 2: men will do anything for sex
Stranger 2: well just about anything
Stranger 1: no anything
Stranger 2: so if your a woman amd meed to bribe a man use your vagina
Stranger 1: yupp
Stranger 2: are you a woman?
Stranger 1: Tran
Stranger 2: Why?
Stranger 2: why
Stranger 1: why not?
Stranger 2: why why why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.25337786

You: Greetings stranger

You: What brings you to the dragon bone inn?

Stranger: a warm bed and pint

You: That will be 5gp

Stranger: here (give 5gp) how fares the business

Stranger: ?

You: Business is good as usual

You: But i guess that is always the case during the great tournament.

Stranger: indeed anyone here competing

Stranger: ?

You: *Continue to pour pint and passes to the stranger*

You: Yes actually, if you notice the half-orc over in the corner, apparently hes traveled here all the way from misty peak port.

Stranger: I give him 2 rounds to live

You: Hmm dont be so sure about that

Stranger: why is that

You: Some young boys tried roughing him around earlier today, they meant no disrespect but we dont usually see his kind around here.

You: Before we knew there was a brawl

Stranger: I got nothing against orcs or elves only the fact that they like trouble

You: Ah you better be careful where you say those words around here, you might just make some enemies.

Stranger: i don't mean any disrespect

Stranger: may i ask what your name is

You: Well long story short the orc took down four of the poor kids and the guards came in only in the nick of time before he a whole riot started.

You: None taken, my name is Daric son of Omar the local blacksmith in town.

You: Whats yours stranger?

Stranger: My name is Thorin son of Solun, i come from the forbidden islands

You: Well Thorin, what a journey that must have been, please let me buy you a drink, on the house of course.

Stranger: thanks Daric

You: *Daric begins to pours a pint and passes it to Thorin*

Stranger: can i tell you something between you and me

You: Shoot away friend

Stranger: (whispers) im here to win the tournament

You: *Daric begins to chuckle*

You: Well goodluck to you

You: What events are you competing in?

Stranger: sword fighting and Jousting maybe

You: Ah a fighter i see, you better bring your Agame because there are some tough fellas who wont go down without a fight.

>> No.25337799


You: You should watch out of Sir. Lawerence

Stranger: who is he

You: Our dearest lords second in command, a knight of the high guard but i wouldn't call him a knight by anymeans.

You: He's just a uptight noble-mans son who won a few battles years ago

Stranger: (Thorin chuckles) he sounds like he loves his own company

You: You wouldn't believe it

You: My brother fought with him during the great rebellion.

Stranger: howd that fare?

You: Sadly not to good, his party we're ambushed when scouting a small village not to far from here.

Stranger: by the 8 did he live?

You: Under Lawrences command he was, some say he knew about the village but sent them in anyway

You: No....no he didn't

Stranger: sorry to hear that

You: No, my apologies, i didn't mean to be so open.

Stranger: do u have the internet

You: The Internet... what is this internet you speak of?

Stranger: ill be back in a few minutes Daric to continue our chat

You: No-problems, I'll be waiting.

You: *Daric moves away and goes to serve a new customer*

Stranger: hey Daric im back

Stranger: Daric where are you

Stranger: Has anyone seen Daric

You: One-second Thorin

Stranger: oh thank god i thought you had left and had grew sick of me

You: *I finish my work in the kitchen and return to bar*

You: Hahaha, i would do no such a thing, oh and i forgot to give you your rooms key.

You: *I pass the key to Thorin*

You: Third room up the stairs on the right.

Stranger: oh thankyou (receives key)

Stranger: ok thanks Daric

You: No problems Thorin.

You: So you say you've traveled from the Forbidden island, i bet you have a few stories?

Stranger: hahaha that i do but id bore you within seconds

You: Well i wont push you if thats the case.

You: Would you like something to eat?

Stranger: they are stories that are painful but i enjoy telling them, in fact i would like something please Daric

Should i continue?

>> No.25338052

Another day on barod Space Station 13.

>> No.25338392

Sounds good so far.

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