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9000 hours in MS Paint edition


You know what to do

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Here's the normal image in case somebody wants to put more effort into it than I did

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>Going through old bitz box
>Find 20 or so necron warriors missing various parts (sides of their guns, the green rods, the thing that goes on at the end of the gauss flayer)
Anyone know of any good bitz sites? Or maybe another alternative?

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all bit sites suck. Best would be hoard of bits or spikey bits.

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hello? is this a warhammer general? i need halp

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What's the most customizable army out there, boys 'n heretics?

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We're here to serve

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>Farseer with Divination power
>7 Dire Avengers with Farseer
>8 Dire Avengers alone, with Exarch w/ Shur. Pistol/Diresword
>4 Dark Reapers w/ Exarch w/ Crack Shot.

Is this a good 500pt list? I'm really new and am going to be playing a few games tomorrow with people.

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IG is really customizable as well

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Maybe replace one of those avenger squads with guardians. Guns take a distance hit but you get way more shots, and volume of fire is the most important thing with Bladestorm. More shots for same points and you get to throw an extra heavy weapon into the mix. Also add a warlock to that squad and you're rocking out.

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chaos lord 185
>burning brand, fist, nurgle, bike, blight granades, sigil
chaos sorc 150
>2lvl, nurgle, bike, blight granades, sigil
2x 7 plague marines 496
>both have
>2 meltas, rhino, fist

20 cultists 150
>nurgle, autoguns
baledrake 170
2x 7 bikers 474
>2 meltas, fist, nurgle

Obliterator 76
>nulgle :3

if i am not mistaken i still have 51pts

what to add? what to change?
i am thinking one more obliterator, but i need to drop 25 pts for that

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IG or all the Marines (yes marines)

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>Farseer with Divination power
>8 Dire Avengers with ^
>8 Guardians with Heavy Weapon/Scatter laser
>Warlock with ^ and Enhance
>4 Dark Reapers w/ Exarch w/ Crack Shot.

So that puts me at 501. Is that good, maybe? It's going to be a pain to flounder around with the psychic stuff, but I've gotta learn sometime.

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>play 1200 points with my new Eldar against a friend trying out a Dark angels list he's building (mostly proxies)
>he's playing a gunline
>fuck I hate gunlines
>running mono-aspect and guardians list for fun
>DR's Tempest launcher is AT LEAST 50% of the models I removed
The tempest launcher makes my friends so mad, and I completely fucked his deepstriking terminators with all my rending. Failed 3 LD9 tests with an 11 (all 3 times) which caused me huge unnecessary losses but he eventually conceded because the tempest launcher was murdering his entire gunline

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This is my DA army that is at about 1000pts.

Belial (attach to Deathing Terminator Squad).
Sword of Silence, terminator armor, storm bolter, teleport homer

Deathwing Terminator Squad (5)
1 x assault cannon, 1 x chainsfist

Tactical Squad 10)
1 x Veteran sergeant, 1 x plasma pistol, 1 x plasma gun,
1 x plasma cannon

Ravenwing Attack Squadron (3)
1 x Veteran sergeant, 1 x plasma gun, melta bombs

Devastator Squad (10)
2x Lascannon
1x Missile Launcher w/ frag and krak missiles 15pts each,
1x Multi-melta


any suggestions for improvement? I plan on making it a 1500 pt army eventually.

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How are you fielding 8 guardians? Minimum squad size is 10.
Also you might as well drop the fourth dark reaper and go for minimum unit size.

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>nobody responds

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How does this sound as a potentially silly assault deathstar of backflipping ninja jester assholes for Eldar:

Autarch, Banshee Mask, Fusion Gun, Shard of Anaris (125)

Harlequin Troupe (248)
- 3 Harlequins, Harlequin Kiss
- 2 Harlequins, Harlequin Kiss + Fusion Pistol
- Shadowseer, Harlequin Kiss
- Death Jester
- Troupe Master, Harlequin Kiss

Yes it's probably shit but at the same time do the Autarch up as one of the elite Harlequins (Solitaire?) and go to town with your army who will Safety Dance up to the enemy lines and then give them a barbed wire enema.

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You might wanna get the new codex while you're at it. Warlocks can't pick powers and Crack Shot isn't a thing anymore.

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Oh haha I didn't even notice he was posting with the old book

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It was only 20 minutes since you posted it and we just started, don't be so damn impatient if a CSM player hasn't stopped by yet.

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They aren't? Also, I didn't even think the new Codex was out yet. How am I supposed to play with it if it isn't even out?

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DakkaDakka is such an autistic shithole, christ...

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well... ok
ill just stare into this possesed picture

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I don't think people at the store are really going to make me play using the new codex when it isn't even out.

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it is...

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As of a couple days ago. Come on. My store doesn't even have it.

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It's been out for a week now

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Slightly more creative with the original post. Still, try harder if you are going to make these threads OP. Don't have some copypaste bullshit either, try to put some thought in it

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Take out your MoN from your Sorc. The BRB spells are much better

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>have eldar rules changed?
>are we supposed to play by most recent rules?

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>tfw no money to just go out and buy a new $60 codex right when it comes out

i won't go tomorrow then

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just fucking download it....

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Just let them know beforehand you aren't using the new codex. They'll probably like you more because no wraithknight bullshit.

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are you talking to me?
is he talking to me?
well i dont see anyone else mentioning MON in this thread so he must be talking to me...

wots a BRB spells, yer git?

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You need the fucking book right by you when you play the game or you don't know what to do when certain shit comes up. What's the point of downloading it just to make an army with it and then not knowing what to do in specific cases?

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Sorry, I thought I had clicked your post. BRB = big rulebook.

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Here's the abridged rules so the fluff isn't spoil'd when you go buy it.

Your Welcome

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dont you have a phone that support a pdf? or a laptop? e-book viewer?

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And because you´re using an inferior codex, not even using the strong parts of the old codex.

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Or, you actually remember the shit in your codex because it's really not that hard. Also, if you are downloading it you can view it on pdf on a smartphone or get the legit apple file from GW for your iphone/pad.

I won't accept that you don't have some sort of smartphone because you are an elfweaboofgt so of course you have the latest samsung

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so, you are implying, to roll on telepathy spells?

well, maybe... that gives me 25 pts to get second oblits...


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I'm just getting into it, I barely know the mechanics of the game yet. Just as I get into this the new codex comes out and complicates everything. I don't have a smartphone.

I'm just going to wait a little longer.

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>I won't accept that you don't have some sort of smartphone because you are an elfweaboofgt so of course you have the latest samsung
elaborate your logic... are you telling samsung is for weaboos or i am being an idiot here?

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Samsung is a Korean company. No you aren't an instant weaboo for having one. But, a weaboo would have one. Christ just let me shitty joke go without criticism!

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well... i have samsung s2 (ccould get s3, but that shit is ridiculously large) so i was unsure of what to think

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My Chaos Dex isn't at hand but you could take 10 more Cultists or an Aegis Defence Line. You don't get a weapon upgrade for the ADL but you spend your 50 points.

Or you could get 1 single Plague Ogyrn from Forge World which is S6, FnP, Slow and Purposeful.

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You can just play a game with the old codex, nobody is going to care unless you´re playing with massive dicks

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Jump in feet first. Also /tg/ really isn't the best place to get support for a new player. They would like to think they are but they aren't. Check out some 40k forums like dakkadakka or warseer

>you can dl the codex and print it out too you know

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Drop the extra 5 in the dev squad and kit them out either as another 5 man dev or make them a 5 man tac squad depending on what box you got those extra 5 out of. Get some more terminators and a second tac squad.
>btw get Flakk

Here's mine: around 2500 points, you can probably drop the extras like DWKs and Assault
>Azrael with default wargear
>Librarian with Force Sword, Artificier Armour and lvl. 2

>DW Termies (10) with plasma cannon, assault cannon and 2 chainfists
>DW Knights (10) which I refer to as horderaper

>Tac squad (10) with veteran sergeant w/ plasma pistol, plasma gun, plasma cannon, and Rhino
>Tac squad (10) with flamer, melta gun, and Rhino

Fast Attack
>Ravenwing bikers (3) with plasma gun, vet sergeant and melta bombs
>Assault squad (5) with sergeant w/ power maul

Heavy Support
>LR Crusader/Redeemer (I can switch it out depending on the battle) with multi-melta and DW Vehicle and extra armour
>Dev squad (5) with sergeant w/ power fist and plasma pistol, 2 heavy bolters, 1 missile launcher (Flakk missiles), and 1 lascannon

any suggestions from my fellow fa/tg/uys

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1850 Eldar list.
Lots of cron air in my meta.

Warlock 35
bike 15

Autarch 70
Long rifle 25
mantle of laughing god 40

Farseer 100

5 Firedragons 110
wavserpent 115
scasers 5

10 guardoians 90
wavserpent 115
scasers 5

5 rangers 60

9 Jetbikes 153
3 shuricannons 30

Nightwing 145

Crimson hunter 160

Fire prism 125

3 War walkers 180
6 brightlances 30

2 dark reapers 60
-starshot missles 16
Exarch 40
-fast shot 10
-nightvision 5
-EML +flakk 20

Aegis line 50
Icarus 35

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harsh teachers are best teachers...
/tg/ thought me to paint, to play and to be a traditional gamer in general...yes i had no interest in tabletop at all when i first came here...and stayed

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shit, i am drunk, ill go to sleep

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>Or you could get 1 single Plague Ogyrn from Forge World which is S6, FnP, Slow and Purposeful.
Never heard of this but I like Ogryn. Is it the same stats otherwise as the guard Ogryn?

S5, WS4, BS3, W3, I2, A3, Ld6, 5+
Stubborn, Furious Charge, S5 Assault 3 guns

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>Drop the extra 5 in the dev squad and kit them out either as another 5 man dev or make them a 5 man tac squad depending on what box you got those extra 5 out of. Get some more terminators and a second tac squad.
The 5 man squad came in the paint set. So should I just buy another 5 man squad, a deathwing terminator command squad, and just add another 5 terminators to my already existing squad?

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Thinking about starting a new army and I'm completely on the fence. Grey Knights or Chaos Space Marines?

Less for tactics. More like: for the Emperor or the Dark Gods?

>> No.25304722

Not bad. you are going to want to get more wave serpents though (9-14 twinlinked strength 6-7 shot with the strength sevens ignoring jinks is amazing). In my experience they are better against crons than dark reapers or flak walkers and let you bring a scoring unit. in my games against cron air I was downing a flyer for every two serpents a turn not counting the two a turn form the two crimson hunters. A well built list can eat cron air alive.

>> No.25304745

They'll get you made fun of for different reasons: Grey Knights have a reputation for being good, Chaos Marines have a reputation for being bad. Both of them are mostly wrong, the best GK armies don't run Draigowing and the best CSM armies don't spam Heldrakes.
fluff-wise, that's your choice. I'll note that they're both fairly cheap armies to get into, as Dark Vengeance isn't great but it is a thing, and GK have a low model count.

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Plus with a little bit of bitz you can turn the dark angels from dark vengeance into chaos space marines.

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what the fuck do you want?

>> No.25304913

Counting what you've said I'm leaning more towards Grey Knights because I don't want to take out a second mortgage and sell my spare kidney. It's all fluff that I'm torn on and I guess that's where I need convinced on

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How important is anti-air on a scale of 1-10. I'm constructing a Tau army, and as-is I've got two missilesides with Skyfire, and a single Skyray for anti-air. But I'm out of points, and I wanted to drop the Skyray to grab more troops and buff the ones I've already got, as right now all I have is two units of 10 kroot with sniper rounds.

>> No.25305217

It all depends on the meta. Drop the sky ray then see if you have enough anti air, if you don't adapt some more.
You need more troops for sure. one or two ignore cover blasts and it's all over for you claiming an objective.

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Archon: Venom Blade, Blaster - 80 pts

4 Kabalite Trueborn: 4 Blasters, Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons and Night Shields - 183 pts

5 Kabalite Warriors: Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons and Night Shields - 120 pts
5 Kabalite Warriors: Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons and Night Shields - 120 pts
5 Kabalite Warriors: Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons and Night Shields - 120 pts
5 Kabalite Warriors: Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons and Night Shields - 120 pts

Fast Attack
5 Reavers: Heat Lance - 122 pts

Heavy Support
Ravager: Night Shields - 115 pts

Total - 980 pts

What should I spend the last 20 points on? Cluster Caltrops? Or is there something better I'm not seeing.

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I might drop the trueborn and spread out the AT. If it goes down early, then all those poisoned shots are going to do f-all against razorbacks.

>> No.25305912

I'd drop the Reavers and add a second Ravager.

>> No.25306292

Oh, fair point. I originally added the Reavers when I was doing Raider spam to justify buying a battleforce. Since I have no reason to anymore I'll drop them for a Ravager, but that still leaves 27 points I need to spend somewhere.

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You are Tau you have skyfire and interceptor everywhere even without the Skyray. Even without any of that shit you can just shoot markerlights into the sky until the planes start falling out of the air.

>> No.25306848

Flak walkers are terribad, The fast shot, nightvision Reaper exarch mans the icarus to intercept incoming Air, He has flak if it is really need, but will probably spend most of his time firing on Tanks with the other 2 reapers.

>> No.25306894

What point level are we talking here? That matters.

As for the Skyray, I'd keep it if your meta is flyer-heavy, as in you're likely to run in to Necron or Daemon flying circuses on a fairly regular basis.

If you aren't likely to run up against either of those lists, I'd recommend finding a way to fit in a Hammerhead with Longstrike and Submunition Rounds. No Tau list is complete without that glorious unit, unless your HS spots are already filled with Missilesides.

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Ive got a question for you /tg/, what do you use to strip paint from your plastic models

Also here is my 1000 point space wolves army, please tell me what you think


x5 Wolf Guard Terminators
TH/SS, 3 combi weapons, chainfist

Dreadnought with plasma cannon

10 Greyhunters with 2 plasma guns and standard

7 Grey hunters with meltagun

Land raider crusader with multi melta and extra armor

>> No.25307008


Simple Green if your an Amerifag or a Canadafag.

Dettol if your a Britfag or Ausfag (They don't get Simple Green and Dettol isn't exported elsewhere)

>> No.25307030


I heard Fairy Power Spray is really good and is in a convenient spray form so just spritz and wait 15 minutes and scrub instead of soaking for days.

I think the US equivalent is Dawn Foam spray or some shit.

>> No.25307089

Always take Reavers in multiples of three with their weapons. Drop a single blaster born for another reaver and heat lance. Reavers are sexy sexy goodness in this edition.

>> No.25307130

Ill try and pick some up tomorrow to use on my chosen guinea pig, this poor bastard, my second painted model

>> No.25307152

>A well built list can eat cron air alive
This is good to hear- I was worried about the lack of Space Elf anti-air. What's your list? Are Scatter Laser Serpents your main anti-air?

>> No.25307159

Good way to save points, drop the dread and the raider throw in drop pods and an extra squad with the points and make the runey in term armor.

>> No.25307316

Off the top of my head?
Autarch and farseer who roles primus from div and runes of fate to make two units a turn twin-linked both hqs ar on jet bikes.
Min squad of direavengers in waver serpent with holo fields plus cannon and scatter laser x 4
some wind rider jet bikes for the hqs to sit in on the back field.
two crimson hunters for cron eating goodness.

Use the autarch to make sure your hunters come in after the crons. Use them well and av 10 isn't a huge problem.

If they let you use fortifications a dark reaper exarch with a Icarus lascannon fast shot murders them as well.

>> No.25307360

What's cheapest and most effective list to start IG with?

>> No.25307371

Cheap command squad, two veteran squads and a leman russ

>> No.25307412

If you twin-link them warp spiders can do a lot of Strength 7 hits to fliers, or anything really....

>> No.25307425

Meant to be a reply

>> No.25307428

I take it you want a well performing list that dosent kill your wallet. Well convert the shit out of stuff. Buy guardsmen on eBay, buy some model planes and put gw bitz on there and tanks eBay as well or buy some model tanks and use bitz on those as well. How many points were you looking at.

>> No.25307459

Which would be better though, a second Ravager or 2x 3 Reavers with Heat Lance? I can see the advantages of both.

>> No.25307501

How are Mantic's Corporation, they look pretty cool.

>> No.25307532

Don't know what that is. But I'm a strong belever in converting over buying gw if possible.

>> No.25307550

As a rule dark lances have more utility while heat lances are better at blowing up stuff. In all honesty the two best units in the codex are the venom for AI and the ravager for AT. the reavers are tons of fun though if used well.
I have a friend who uses 18 reavers and never loses a game, but then he is just really good in general. Id go with the ravagers and later if you feel adventurous id try the reavers

>> No.25307575

>a second Ravager or 2x 3 Reavers
Always ravagers.
after venoms, blasterborn and raiders ravagers followed by voidravens/razowings are the things to drop pts on.

heat lance bikes only work well if you are also bring eldar bike allies.

>> No.25307870

So, maybe the Ravager. I'll throw in Reavers when I expand to 1500 I think.

>> No.25307939

No its 6x1 reavers. You never run them in units of 3. And by never I mean NEVER.
Good thinking a unit of 9, while pricy, is one of the best toolbox units in the game.

>> No.25308025

Archon: Venom Blade, Blaster - 80 pts

4 Kabalite Trueborn: 4 Blasters, Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons and Night Shields - 183 pts

5 Kabalite Warriors: Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons and Night Shields - 120 pts
5 Kabalite Warriors: Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons and Night Shields - 120 pts
5 Kabalite Warriors: Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons and Night Shields - 120 pts
5 Kabalite Warriors: Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons and Night Shields - 120 pts

Heavy Support
Ravager: Night Shields - 115 pts
Ravager: Night Shields - 115 pts

Total - 973 pts

I'm open to suggestions on what to spend the 27 points on. I'm honestly stumped. The only thing I can think of is probably Flicker Fields on the Ravagers, although they don't seem like they really need it.

>> No.25308102


Might as well. Your list looks good so far. Really good, actually, since it's only 1000 points. If you ever expand your army, you're pretty much just going to need the exact same units you have there unless you want to try Raider builds or Homonculae.

>> No.25308167

If you can shave three points off somewhere i'd suggest a shadow field for the archon. Slay the warlord is much harder for the enemy to get with it. Maybe drop one of the blasterborn? there are very few things that can withstand four blaster shots particularly when one of them is BS7 so five maybe overkill...

>> No.25308265 [DELETED] 

Normally, I hate Dark Angels (I find the fluff boring and the paint scheme to be a bit meh), but apparently it's the only SM codex that has the point values needed for my idea.

How feasible is mech in 6E?

Librarian - Force Axe, Melta Bombs, Power Field Generator - 100

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Razorback (Las/Plas) - 145
Tactical Squad - Flamer, Razorback (Las/Plas) - 145
Tactical Squad - Flamer, Razorback (Las/Plas) - 145
Tactical Squad - Flamer, Razorback (Las/Plas) - 145
Tactical Squad - Flamer, Razorback (Las/Plas) - 145

Dreadnought - TL Autocannon, Missile Launcher - 115
Dreadnought - TL Autocannon, Missile Launcher - 115
Dreadnought - TL Autocannon, Missile Launcher - 115

Fast Attack
Ravenwing Support Squadron - 2 Land Speeders w/2 Heavy Bolters each - 120
Ravenwing Support Squadron - 2 Land Speeders w/2 Heavy Bolters each - 120

Heavy Support
Predator - Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons - 115
Predator - Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons - 115
Predator - Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons - 115

>> No.25308270


Or you could drop the venom blade

>> No.25308289

Normally, I hate Dark Angels (I find the fluff boring and the paint scheme to be a bit meh), but apparently it's the only SM codex that has the point values needed for my idea.

How feasible is mech in 6E?

Librarian - Force Axe, Melta Bombs, Power Field Generator - 100

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Razorback (Las/Plas) - 150
Tactical Squad - Flamer, Razorback (Las/Plas) - 150
Tactical Squad - Flamer, Razorback (Las/Plas) - 150
Tactical Squad - Flamer, Razorback (Las/Plas) - 150
Tactical Squad - Flamer, Razorback (Las/Plas) - 150

Dreadnought - TL Autocannon, Missile Launcher - 115
Dreadnought - TL Autocannon, Missile Launcher - 115
Dreadnought - TL Autocannon, Missile Launcher - 115

Fast Attack
Ravenwing Support Squadron - 2 Land Speeders w/2 Heavy Bolters each - 120
Ravenwing Support Squadron - 2 Land Speeders w/2 Heavy Bolters each - 120

Heavy Support
Predator - Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons - 115
Predator - Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons - 115
Predator - Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons - 115

>> No.25308316

Well the whole point of taking a Libby is for divination powers which he needs to be on foot to use properly.

>> No.25308319

Dropping the Venom Blade for Shadow Field seems the better bet.

>> No.25308343


Eh, I mainly took it as the cheapest HQ choice that was somewhat useful with little gear.

>> No.25308352

drop Venom blade add shadow field
also consider replacing the command venom with a raider for that extra HP.

>> No.25309838

While we're discussing Dark eldar I asked a couple days ago about crafting a list, I've been working at assembling the stuff I've got and trying to get some more stuff mainly venoms and working out how I'm going to paint them, gonna go with a pure glossy white armor and scarlet hair (old models with manes of hair on their helmets) and then black as the rifles. As I've got some of the old incubi that I plan to use in the list I'm thinking of going with an albino scorpion feel. Any ideas for names?

and...opinions on the list? I'm not sure where I want to put those haemoncui now that I'm taking the wracks as troops and they auto get a pain token.

2x haemonculus -50 (100)
2x Liquifier gun-10 (20)
combat drugs-10
4x incubi- 88
venom -55
5x trueborn- 60
4 blasters- 60
1 cannon- 10
5x trueborn- 60
4 blasters- 60
1 cannon- 10
5x warriors- 45
5x warriors- 45
5x warriors- 45
10x wracks-100
liquifier gun-10
night shield-10
10x wracks-100
liquifier gun-10
night shield-10
night shields-10
night shields-10
night shields-10

ideas on the last 86 points? concepts to theme the army more toward scorpions in general?

>> No.25310112

fucking formatting

2x Haemonculus , Liquifier gun- 120
Archon, huskblade, combat drugs, & shadowfield- 135

4x incubi,Klaivex, demi + Venom, Splinter cannon- 188

(2x) 5x trueborn, 4x blasters, 1 splinter cannon + Venom, Splinter cannon- 195 (390)

(3x) 5x warriors, blaster + Venom, splinter cannon-125 (375)
(2x)10x wracks, liquifier gun + Raider, night shields- 180 (360)

3x ravager, nightshield- 115 (345)


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>> No.25310650


>> No.25310744


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>> No.25311042

Threads with thought rather than constantly-refreshing monoliths.

>> No.25311189

So, my friends and I like playing at weird points levels to encourage army mastery over netlisting. Trouble is, I'm having no luck finding a niche for my raven guard army at 1200 points. Is there a good way to do it at that level, or should I just call them Codex Marines like I do at 1000?

>> No.25311321

pretty sure he was trying to just make a 40k general thread rather than having several hogging the front page and making everyone complain. because /tg/ would complain about the sun rising in the morning if they had someone to blame.

I assume you want to run a theme at that point level, honestly I would suggest that you take your 1000 pts list and add something worth 200 points to it rather then try to change up your list significantly.

Have you and your friends ever tried an escalation campaign? might be a fun way for you guys to do what you are already trying to (mastery over lists)

>> No.25311378

Oh, we did and we do try escalation campaigns. The trouble is getting them to a good start and end point with decent numbers without running into the big numbers (1000, 1500) along the way. Too often we do that and whoever has the best google wins.

>> No.25311520

Best one I've ever been in was a 4 week one
start was 500 pts- end was 2000, so +500 each week with 2 games a week.

We coupled this with a territory control map game each territory had special effects like forcing a scenario or casting the entire battle into nightfight, or even making all ground troops take dangerous terrain because they were fighting near lavaflows. My point is you can't prepare for every random event that could happen on the map so some armies would be better in some areas than others.

>> No.25311570

> trying to discourage netlisting
> play at the most commonly played points levels

This seems incorrect.

>> No.25311655

I'm taking wraithguard as allies for my deldar. Are there any ways to make these guys look evil aside from chains/spikes?

>> No.25311753

As long as you go into the game with a couple of friends and you start out by saying avoid net-listing, point costs shouldn't be an issue, you can even set several of the control points on the map to counter certain net-lists, as long as your friends aren't dickblisters it shouldn't matter.

Maybe get some bits from the Talos and give them those? Injectors, vials, tentacles, bits of their armor. All of those combined with a sleek DE paintjob could make them blend in.

>> No.25311833

This ultimately, every fucking bits site I go on is always out of stock on everything that isn't random knives and shit. Now I just scan ebay every week or so for the bits I want and can generally get like 30 of them for a few bucks.

>> No.25311842

Oniichan you used the same image to make a thread easily identifiable and now I'm very upset desu!!!!1!

>> No.25311852

>As long as you go into the game with a couple of friends and you start out by saying avoid net-listing, point costs shouldn't be an issue, you can even set several of the control points on the map to counter certain net-lists, as long as your friends aren't dickblisters it shouldn't matter.
If my friends weren't dickblisters about it, the league/weird points games wouldn't matter in the first place.

Here's what I generally base my list around:
Captain with bike and upgrades (usually storm shield and combi-plas)
8 bikers with two plasmaguns and a combi-plas
8 bikers with two flamers and a combi-flamer
2 land speeders with assault cannon and heavy bolter

I'm considering either adding in an aegis with quad gun and a tac squad to man it or a dreadnought to come out of a drop pod and just stomp around on the field.

>> No.25311915

Not good since with hull points, it's tantamount to giving your opponent First Blood if you don't go first. It still does give exposed troops additional cover and draws away fire from them

>> No.25311954

>If my friends weren't dickblisters about it, the league/weird points games wouldn't matter in the first place.
Think I found your main problem.

>> No.25312281

still kinda wondering what I should do with that last 86 points, and what you guys think of the list in general.

>> No.25312342

For Infantry, Eisenkern nigga. (Spam filter's not letting me post links, just google it) As cheap as Mantic stuff without looking anorexic. As for vehicles try looking into World War 2 stuff in about the 1/48 scale (GW scale is weird in that their vehicles are about 15% smaller than they should be for 28mm heroic). Most people use German tanks, but I don't see anything wrong with a Soviet tank or even more modern stuff.

Of course if you're planning on playing in actual GW stores these options aren't really viable, in which case I'd just ebay some cadians.

>> No.25312643

So I was reading some of the Horus Heresy: Betrayal rule book.

What's the deal with the Moritat's? why aren't there any rules like that in the current space marine codices that

by rules I mean the whole "linking all your pistol attacks into each other" deal.

>> No.25313195

Bunnings carries simple green for ausfags

>> No.25314329

Sisters of Battle, are they competitive now with 6th edition? I heard that with ally rules you can make some trolltastic combos.

>> No.25314486

>competitive sisters
>laughing girls.jpeg


>> No.25315073

Your best bet is probably to go for a list with as many girls on the board as possible, spam basic troop squads, basically. With a few exorcists. That's what I hear, anyways.

>> No.25315085

Chaos Lord, Mark of Nurgle, Bike, Power Fist
Sigil of Corruption 132

5x Plague Marines, 2 Plasma Gun 150
5x Plague Marines, 2 Plasma Gun, Rhino 185
5x Plague Marines, 2 Meltagun, Rhino 175

3x Chaos Bikers, 2 Meltagun, Mark of Nurgle 118


Thoughts? My store plays mostly 750 or 1000 points, starting out gonna sit at 750. I can bring it up with cultists/marines/heldrake if I want to later

>> No.25315166

I really want to play sisters, but I really want to wait for their codex update.

I want to make a list similar to the old codex. With Inquisition Stormtroopers.
Heavy Flamer Bitches in a Rhino, with Melta Mamas riding behind em'

Immolators everywhere.
Seraphim a Valkyrie Escort with Stormtroopers dropping in.

I even starting painting up and converting normal guardsmen for this, then that stupid WD mini-dex came out and took out stormtroopers altogether. Now I HAVE to ally with Imperial guard and can't bring as many Stormtroopers as I wanted.
All the Witch hunters were taken away to that bullshit of an army Grey Knights.

>> No.25315205

protip: they probably won't be getting a codex update.

>> No.25315252

Everyone listed in the allies matrix is getting a codex release.
From what I've heard, there's likely going to be a codex: inquisition mid/late next year, probably with sisters on board.

>> No.25315281

They wouldn't do that because there's already Codex: Grey Knights. More likely, they'd develop their sisters into their own, large branch of the Inquisition.

>> No.25315292

Your optimism warms my heart.

>> No.25315326

>then there's this faggot

Just wait till 2056

>> No.25315391

Ignore the fact that they are phasing out the ugly as sin metal models and supposedly the casts for the sisters were destroyed. The fact that they got a white dwarf update and everyone who got one since (minus orks) has gotten a new codex, unless they plan to do an 8 year thing like they did with dark eldar I wouldn't hold my breath.

>> No.25315452

Veteran Squads are better and more versatile than the old Stormtroopers anyway, and can represent them perfectly anyway

But sisters are just dreadful all round

>> No.25315917

I want to resin cast some special weapons (dark eldar blasters), does anyone have a guide they would recommend?

>> No.25316502

So i need some good iron warriors conversion ideas, what're some ones /tg/ has?

>> No.25316664

IG vehicles are all excellent for Iron Warriors, especially Basilisks. You can even take them as Traitor Guard allies.

>> No.25316940

Any rumors on when we're getting new Orks?

Any rumors on what the book will have?

I can't decide if I should wait for Orks or just do a CSM army for my second army. I want to convert the shit out of an army and have a lot of fun building it, and both armies are conductive to that, but I'd like to do Orks if they end up more crazy awesome in what they can take.

>> No.25317243


This is all I got buddy

>> No.25317315


for replicating a small amount of a single bit or two I just use this plastic scupting stuff, I forget the name but every good LGS stocks it, its like a cloudy translucent platic that gets soft in hot water, you press your bit into it making a mould, then just fill the mould with green stuff.

here are a couple of plasma guns I just made - they need to be cleaned up a bit with a scalpel once the green stuff is set but its easy, fast, and reasonably cheap for a very small scale 'cast'

>> No.25317582

Drop a ravager and bring a razorwig, those 4 large blasts have saved me more times than I can count. Also, beastmasters are the strongest unit I'm the army (not to mention the most fun), so I would consider bringing a small group of them. Good luck man! Dark eldar are a very tough army to play, but are wicked fun so enjoy

>> No.25317609

Great unclean one 290
Exalted and greater reward
Psyker level 2


Chaos cultists x2 184 pts
Mark of Nurgle
Heavy stubber
Shot gun

Traitor veteran squads x2 310 pts combined
Heavy flamer
Power weapon
Vox caster
Gernade launcher
Mark of nurgle
Helbrute 130 pts
Twinlinked lascannon

Chosen 188
X2 power weapons
Lightning claws
mark of nurgle
Mark of despair
Veterans of the long war
Gift of mutation
Melts bombs
Champions of chaos

Chaos Rhino 67 pts
Dirge caster
Extra armour
Combine bolter
Warp flame gargoyles
Havoc launcher

1169 points total

Let the plague spread! Let the corpse train grow long! And may father Nurgle bless you with cankers!

>> No.25317627

Whoops supposed to be psyker level 3 and 1 lesser reward and two greater rewards

>> No.25317694

Are Dark Apostles any good? I really want to make a word bearers army as my first army. I only have a box of plagure marines so far that Id like to use also

>> No.25317782

Does anyone have that picture someone drew of an eldar yelling 'nice no trophies faggot' at a sad ork? Thought I'd saved it but can't find it

>> No.25317844

Aren't Eisenkern a bit too real scale for 40k? They're about the size of a Space Marine.

>> No.25317862

I use them for fun. But no though, a lord or sorc does what they do better and for less points

>> No.25318014

Huh? Space marines in 40k are undersized. IG are actually the same size as marines on the table. The scale is fine

>> No.25318024

>Great Unclean One
>Guard Vets
>Chaos Chosen

This is like three different army lists. On what planet is this a legal list?

>> No.25318038

Our game group has a very lax and fluffy view of our army lists.

>> No.25318058

If it can ally with each other they can be used in the same army, official ally rules be damned.

One guy had freebooter lootaz and flash gits in his tau army, bloody hell that was a lot of ranks.

>> No.25318064

A lot of dakka*

Screw this auto correct

>> No.25318067

Ah, carry on then.

Here's some lightsaber gymnastics for your troubles.

>> No.25318108

They're cheap and between Hatred/Fearless and their own attacks, are quite good at buffing and supporting the squad they're attached to. In larger games you'll probably want a Lord as well, but they're perfectly fine for smaller games or as a second, supplimentary HQ.

>> No.25318165

Okay sweet. Would they work well in a 500 point game? Im just starting.

>> No.25318192

Definitely. They're reasonable in combat and come with a good Invulnerable save, so you don't need to spend more points - which, obviously, are going to be tight at 500 points - on upgrades.

>> No.25318281

Im thinking about doing a Dark Apostle, 7 plague marines and a mix of cultists / csm. Would that work well?

>> No.25318392

Possibly, but you might be a bit low on anti-tank. See if you can squeeze in a single Obliterator with the Mark of Nurgle; it'll be reasonably cheap, tough to kill, and bring some heavy and versatile firepower.

>> No.25318472

Will I see a lot of tanks in low point games? Would Meltas on the plague marines cover that?

>> No.25318514

You're not likely to see a lot, but it's possible you'll come up against transports or other light vehicles, and it'll help if you can take them down quickly. Meltas on the Plague Marines will work, but they're very short ranged, and will force you to waste the rest of the squad's shooting since Bolters won't damage most vehicles. Having a dedicated anti-tank unit like an Obliterator will take some of the strain off the rest of your army.

>> No.25318531

Depends. I like rolling a Battlewagon with AV 14 front armor in 500 point games because I'm an ass, but most people generally don't. Most you'll face is probably rhino chassis vehicles.

>> No.25318838

Ill consider it, but I did want to keep my list as fluff as possible. Only planning on using Plague Marines seeing as they were a gift.

>> No.25318957

Oh also, would bloodletters be a good idea or should I save it for a higher point game?

>> No.25318996

More gifts are in store if you just askew

>> No.25319205

Daemon allies are great fun, and very fluffy for Word Bearers, but leave them for higher point games. At 500 points, you really just want the basics.

>> No.25320886

What separates CSM from Spehss Marines other than hell turkeys?

>> No.25321735

no answer on that. Alright

>> No.25321822

Heresy? Completely different units?

>> No.25322620

So how is the Tau bomber? I was just reading the codex today and I fell in love with the fluff of it.

>> No.25322751

What do you think?

>> No.25324641

What would be some good models for oriental themed Guard?

>> No.25325401

I know traffic in the general is a bit slow right now, but for anyone here, I have a guard question. How viable is CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED really? Flankin dem demolishers worth it? This list is all about baking pies; pie plates er'where. Armageddon Steel inspired, using DKoK models.

200 - Company Command Squad - Creed, Astropath, Master of Ordinance

Infantry Platoon
045 - Platoon Command Squad - Flamer x4
065 - Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
065 - Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
065 - Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
050 - Special Weapons Squad - Flamer x3 X

100 - Veteran Squad - Meltagun x3
100 - Veteran Squad - Plasmagun x3 X
055 - Chimera X
055 - Chimera X

130 - Vendetta
130 - Vendetta

165 - Leman Russ Demolisher X
165 - Leman Russ Demolisher X
165 - Leman Russ Demolisher X
160 - Manticore
160 - Manticore

120 - Aegis Fortification - Quadgun, Comms Relay O

1995 points

The only thing I'm worried about is being open for a turn before the outflanking russes and 2 vendettas come in. Will that be a problem?

>> No.25325724

What's with the X after some units?

>> No.25325730

I'd have to drop the Venom Blade (well, it's a Shadow Field now) to fit that in. I've not looked into Dark Eldar flyers, but from my personal experience they are terrifying. Granted this was during 5th Edition, before flyer rules, so I guess that says something. And I have heard Dark Eldar are hard to play, which is fine with me. It'll be a nice change of pace from Necrons.

>> No.25325906

forgot to take those out. That's models I don't have yet.

The manticores I dont have either, so they could be anything they need, I was thinking maybe hellhounds? I dont know

>> No.25325965


I'm assuming they're just to show what matches to what. Like the unit designated X gets in the chimera designated X.

And I think all the Leman Russ are one squadron?

>> No.25326080

Lemans all squadroned and outflanking with CREEEEEEEEEEEEEED. PCS and flamer SWS in the vendettas for scoring. vets in chimeras. CCS with blob.

>> No.25327148

I think you are actually at 2015 points.
Platoon command Squad Flamerx4 is 50
Veteran Squad Plasmagunx3 is 115

I was going to suggest shotguns for the meltavets, then I remembered 6th made Rapid Fire better.

Autocannon + Flamer is a little weird but I guess you have plenty of 10s going around so Lascannons would be kind of a waste but one thing I like doing mixed heavy weapons in an infantry platoon.

Also keep in mind that Creed has 4 orders per turn.

>> No.25327212

I wanted to do an Inquisiton army doesn't rely on Grey Knights (maybe a squad or two but that's it) any advice one building my list?

>> No.25327270

Could do a space marine chapter with custom fluff.

Or black Templars? Pretty sure they deal with the inquisition.

>> No.25327305


>black templars
>deal with the Inquisition

If you mean be targeted by them.

>> No.25327333

Yeah, Black Templars and the Inquisition kinda hate each other. Also is it legal to take a henchmen squad in a rhino. Nothing in the Grey Knights codex says I can't.

>> No.25327381


Coteaz and Henchmen.

>> No.25327389


Yeah it's legal. You should take them in Razorbacks with psybolt ammo though.

>> No.25327601

Huh? I wasn't aware if that, I thought the BT's were like the attack dog of the =][= ?

>> No.25327657


That's the GK dude. They were only shown in that one Space Marine video game with that one Inquisitor, which people thought was strange to begin with.

>> No.25327682

The BT are out there doing their own thing and giving the finger to basically the entire command structure of the Imperium. They're getting away with it because part of that middle finger is not limiting their numbers, so they've got Emperor-Knows-How-Many guys ready to deal with anyone who tries to stop them.

>> No.25327750


It's still probably less than the Space Wolves. I honestly don't see how "numbers" is a protection for the BT when the SW likely outnumber them (a legion compared to non-adherent successor who also have a brother successor and founding legion that still exists) and you can also pull together a task force to take them a la Badab War or Black Reach.

>> No.25327807

Well, probably not, but they're also constantly crusading. As much as they decide 'fuck the imperium', they decide 'fuck the enemy of the imperium' fivefold more.

>> No.25327923

Alright mofo, it's time to get Inquisitorial up in this bitch! Your HQ is Coteaz, why, he makes henchmen troops so that one is a no brainier. Henchmen are some badass mother fuckers in their own right. Servitors and Jokareos provide some serious heavy weapon support while Warriors while act as your main troops. Warriors have shit ton of wargear so just suit them up with whatever you feel like; also I think they have access to psybolts. Crusaders and Deathcult Assassins were pretty good in 5th but with assaulting our of vehicles gone and the power weapon nerf, they've gone by the way side. Now for Grey Knights, they kick ass but I'd recommend only taking one squad (since your doing GK light) and sticking them with you're Inquisitor. Better yet, get Paladins and throw them in a Land Raider with Coteaz, enjoy your enemy's tears! As for Heavy Support, GK is kinda lacking; Psyrifle Dreadnoughts, Stormravens, and Dreadknights are your best bet for heavy dakka. Finally put your troops in Razorbacks and don't be afraid of using Rex, Valeria, or Karamazov for extra trolling.

>> No.25327939


>a legion compared to non-adherent successor who also have a brother successor and founding legion that still exists

You're forgetting that Templars are known for wild recruitment rates that break the parameters that supposedly constrain them.

Wolves may technically still be a legion (and still technically recruit the same as they've always done) but their recruitment process tends to be highly fatal anyway.

Templars are a full crusade chapter and recruit 30k style.

>> No.25327962

Regardless of their number, the Emperor's Executioners are ready to cut off another head.

>> No.25327975

So I just got back from my weekly game, and someone said the story about Nurgle being beaten up by Gork and Mork isn't true.

Where exactly was this published?

>> No.25328099


Dude, you put the stormshield henchmen in front to give your entire squad 3++ so they are worth taking 1 a squad.

>> No.25328288

I'm going to buy a new vehicle for my imp guard army but I can't choose what I want. I currently own two leman russ tanks, a Chimera, and a vendetta.

Do the boxes for the hell hound and the basilisk contain the weapons for their alternative weapons?

>> No.25328379

I just got dark vengence and I'm debating running it as either Blood Angels, Dark Angels, or C:SM.

>> No.25328440


>> No.25328508


So /tg/ hates Warseer, BoLS, and Dakka Dakka.

Where else are you supposed to go for a 40k forum then?

>> No.25328717

You aren't, in my experience. Attempting to find another forum after conforming to /tg/ for a long time was hard. It still is, in a lot of ways.

Luckily /tg/ is all the autistic shithole you'll ever need

>> No.25329414

/tg/ hates everything

>> No.25329539


>> No.25329621

>looking for a 40k forum at all

>> No.25329642

...having said that, the Eldar section of 40konline looks like it might have some people who know what they're talking about. Maybe.

>> No.25330016

Can I give some of my Khorne Berzerkers dual pistols?
I am not seeing anything in the the codex saying I can but I would love to have at least one gunslinger Zerker

>> No.25330135

Anybody got the Taros Campaign 2nd edition scans yet?

>> No.25330282

Does anybody know of any good model lines for my Praetorian Imperial Guard army?

>> No.25331753

>Actually using khorne berserkers

Bottom lel

>> No.25331890

Fuck you tau.

>> No.25331903

I think they're cool.

And it's not like I'm some tourneyfag. I just wanna play some boardgames that use tiny soldier men that look neat.

>> No.25331913

Sadly my csm list is just 3 heldrakes, min HQ + core and imperial guard allies.

>> No.25331928

>just wanna play some boardgames that use tiny soldier men that look neat.
That's not 40k. That's historical wargaming.

>> No.25332081

Wow, you're right, I didnt even catch that! I may just drop the MoO but that depends on if I run manticores, or go for more traditional artillery. I love basilisks and would love to run them, but I'm not sure how helpful they are to this list, even after being nerfed.

And if I use a Basilisk, is running one okay? or is 2 or 3 necessary to be effective?

>> No.25332124

I like the aesthetic of it. And playing it with friends can be pretty fun.

I enjoy how over the top and METAL it is.

>> No.25332185

It stopped being fun when Tau showed up.

>> No.25332427


Depends very much on whether you plan on being able to use them in stores, most tournaments, etc.

If so, you're into ebay territory. Expect to play above GW prices for models that will probably need stripping, repainting and reassembling. You can cut costs a tiny wee bit by lopping the heads off Mordians and sticking pith helmet heads on them (this is, after all, exactly what GW did to make the line). Keep an eye on sellers' inventories; for example I noticed a dude selling batches of six Praetorian troopers at a reasonable price - with 10 lots to sell...so either he's making a big loss on more than one box set's worth, or they're re-casts.

Assuming you want to go the sensible route and just use decent stand in models, check these sites:




IMO Curious Constructs do slightly better heads and cavalry conversions, but since that's all they do it's really for the Mordian-choppers. Victoria Minis on the other hand can basically do you a ready to go army.

>> No.25332627


>> No.25332738

fuck you Tau shit.

>> No.25332761

The type of people who play tau can't handle grimdark or grimderp. They don't belong in 40k community.

>> No.25332833

is it possible to ally units from the horus heresy betrayal rules with any of the other armies?

>> No.25332866

How about these?

>> No.25332897

Yep. With other 30k legions, or admech.


You can ask someone who isn't uptight, "pretty pretty please"

>> No.25332977

Those are kind of sad options.

Also on that subject how well does fighting non 30k armies with the space marine legion armies work? is it always a complete steamroll or is their some fairness involved?

>> No.25333104

Have you had a look at the betrayal army list? I'm of the opinion that's strong but balanced. The most abusive combination was the Moritat with div librarian and FW faq'd that out recently making the Moritat dangerous but not as predictable.

In betrayal, value for cost units take quite a lot of points so for 1500 to 2000 point armies, they struggle to field a lot of special toys as their bread and butter units aren't cheap. They're effective, but not cheap.

I've run a proxy list against vanilla marines and eldar, and the struggle I had was the distribution of flexible firepower as I didn't run the stupid Pride of the Legion list that most people play. However, the troops choices are savage if used correctly and backed up by apothecaries so I've won some and lost some. Now I've just got to wait for Massacre before I start making my FW orders

>> No.25333621

I've seen a little of it, from what I understand is that it's more suited to 2000+ point games, the librarian's get a LOT more options and if I read it right you get one more optional HQ choice than is typical

>> No.25333833

Yep: 3 HQ slots and 4 Elite slots. The game becomes interesting at 2000 points as you get a combination for your big legion marine squads and some fancy toys that they had back then.

You should try it out, it's a lot of fun and provides a lot of variations within the single list. I've sold about 80% of my warhams collection in anticipation for the coming years of HH from FW.

>> No.25334362

>Dat Guardsman

Copy paste that like 20 times in the background and the Imperial Guard will be pretty fairly represented.

>> No.25334400

Those threads are a lot of fun to troll in though.

>> No.25336808

My 1000 point Mek battalion.

2xBig Mek with Warbikes
2xDeffDead with 2 big shootas

Fast Attack
5xDeffKoptas with twin-linked rocket launchers 1xbigbomm
5xDeffKoptas with twin-linked rocket launchers 1xbigbomm
5xDeffKoptas with twin-linked rocket launchers 1xbigbomm

Going to be playing this against a Tau-friend tomorrow, He has no idea that I got all these new deffkoptas models, going to be goddamn hilarious when I put my army on the table and get to see his face.

>> No.25337072 [SPOILER] 

Played a game Yesterday and had a single Stormboy Nob stomp Four Chaos Sergeants and nearly Killed Abaddon in close combat.

Then the game ended.

That Nob and two other Stormboyz didn't die the entire game.

Their Kill Tallies were:
Entire squad of thirty Guardsmen
Nob murdered the Sergeant after he challenged him.
One stormboy Died.

A squad of Chosen (5)
Nob murdered the Sergeant after he challenged him.
Three stormboyz died.

A squad of Marines (10)
Nob murdered the Sergeant after he challenged him.
Two Stormboyz died.

He brought Dark Eldar Allies
Wyches with a Succubus.
Nob slaughtered the Succubus after she challenged him and wiffed ALL her to hit rolls.
Six Stormboyz Died.

Then they Charged Abaddon after he failed to charge a squad of shoota boyz. He wiffed all the rolls in the challenge, the nob hit all four times, then rolled a one to wound.

Keep in mind here. I didn't give him 'eavy armor. He was hit a total of five times throughout this.

I passed EVERY armor save roll.
He took exactly one wound...
From the Cultist Sergeant.

>> No.25337122

>40000 hours in paint

>> No.25337219

>meks on warbikes.

Why not just bring a Warboss on bike? are you trying to save points? I get you want the dreads, but why not just put the Big meks in a squad of a few gretchin? Then you could with taking off a bigbomm bring a KFF and watch anything he shoots at those dreads bounce off like flies on a windshield.

>> No.25337958

Okay, at some point in my lifetime I want to run an army using Tyberos as my HQ unit. but I want to make a 'count as' model. Will this be a problem with most players or should I just bust the extra amount of money on the actual model?

If I can use the 'count as' stuff what recomendation might you give for conversion stuff?

>> No.25338014

Painting Iron Warriors Berzerkers.
I have some copper/bronze instead of gold detail on them, what should I wash that with?

>> No.25338059

I am thinking of making a new Slaanesh based CSM list. Opinions?

Chaos Lord 65pts
Mark Of Slaanesh 15pts
Bike 20pts
Sigil of Corruption 25pts
Black Mace 45pts
Boon of Mutation 10pts

Chaos Space Marines 75pts
5 Marines 65pts
Mark of Slaanesh 20pts
2 Plasmagun 30pts
Icon of Excess 30pts
Chaos Rhino 35pts
Combi-Plas 10pts

Chaos Space Marines 75pts
5 Marines 65pts
Mark of Slaanesh 20pts
2 Meltagun 20pts
9 CCW 18pts
Icon of Excess 30pts
Chaos Rhino 35pts
Combi-Plasma 10pts
Dirge Caster 5pts

Noise Marines 95pts
5 Marines 85pts
2 Blastmasters 60pts
Icon of Excess 30pts
Chaos Rhino 35pts
Combi-Plas 10pts

Chaos Bikers 70pts
Mark of Slaanesh 6pts
Icon of Excess 35pts
Meltagun 10pts
Plasmagun 15pts
Lightning Claw 15pts

Heldrake 170pts
Baleflamer 0pts

Chaos Predator 75pts
Lascannon Sponsons 40pts
Total 1474pts

>> No.25338085


As long as it is WYSIWYG it's completely legal...you don't even need permission or shit unless your opponent is a faggot and forces you to ask for permission to play a FW unit and then he's just going to say no anyways.

To make a Tyberos model without buying it, you need one set of terminator armor, one lightning claw, and one chainfist.

>> No.25338169


I made myself a belial due to similar reasons (fuck buying a $40 forgecrap model when I can use a normal terminator, some upgrades and green stuff) and no one has every said anything. Make sure its obvious and kitted out properly and the only people to say anything you don't want to be playing with anyway

>> No.25338176

I'm on a 9 win streak with my Orkz. I've been fielding Meganobz in a trukk, Biker Nobz with PKs, shoota boyz in a trukk, shoota boyz out of trukk, 6 Killa Kans, 1 Big Mek with SAG, 1 Old Zogwart. Occassionally will switch something out to field some stormboyz, but damn those mother fuckers are unreliable. I've been playing primarily against fluff built Nurgle Marines and Blood Angels.

Space Marines are pussies who fall endlessly to the green tide (wotz got the red paint job which makes it fast.).

>> No.25338210

Who have you faced in these last 9 games?

>> No.25338228


He's playing MEQ (and he didn't say GK but SM so it's going to be the shitty MEQ, which is all of them besides CSM and GK) and his list isn't that terrible. Loota/Shoota spam sans Loota (not a problem if no flyers) with Nob Biker Wing and a few custom choices.

>> No.25338247

I want to model a small army (2 troops and HQ, maybe a transport) of noise marines based off some of Aaron Beck's designs but I am only kind of a beginner when it comes to green stuff and scratch building with plasticard. Does anyone have any pointers when it comes to this kind of thing? And also, would GW employees get pissed off at me for using such models, even if they all included 'offical' peices or something?

>> No.25338272

Well the Blood Angels player generally fields 2 full units of jump troops with sanguinary priest and sergeant, 2 devastator squads, an HQ (Mephiston or Lib), Dreadnought/Drop Pod, and 2 Baal preds.

Where he runs into problems is that I have numbers on him considerably without having to sacrifice too many power units. Meganobz on guard for my shootaz and biker nobz with clawz chasing tanks makes it difficult for him to move towards me, but even worse to hold a position. The trukks give my MN unit great movement. Shoota Boyz take to cover and shoot. It helps that I've been getting incredibly lucky with my Shock Attack Gun and Zogwart lately. Last game I 1 shotted his Pred with the SAG, then 1 shotted his whole dev unit, then with zogwart I 1 shotted his other pred. Very very lucky rolls lately.

The Nurgle player simply can't deal with my numbers. He fields very very few units and lacks a lot of template weapons. When I finally close my army tends to be pretty chewed up, but by then it doesn't matter. Shoota boyz are almost as good as Slugga Boyz in CC anyways, so fuck. He has no recourse.

>> No.25338487

Thanks, I've been trying to pin down an answer but google is of no help.

>> No.25339341


>> No.25339347

He needs them to make the deffdreads troops.

Plus, even though a mek on a bike is useless, it'll look badass.

>> No.25339459

->doesn't get s3 mini

>> No.25339464

...but they didn't teach you english.

>> No.25339588


>> No.25339626

nice job :)

>> No.25339709

i already posted this here>>25303731
and made some changes like some fellow anon suggested, still need more opinions
chaos lord 180
>burning brand, fist, nurgle, bike, sigil
chaos sorc 130
>2lvl, bike, sigil
2x 7 plague marines 496
>both have
>2 meltas, rhino, fist

20 cultists 150
>nurgle, autoguns
baledrake 170
2x 7 bikers 474
>2 meltas, fist, nurgle

Obliterator 76
>nulgle :3
Obliterator 76

anything to change? opinions?

>> No.25339754

no u

>> No.25339762

>implying tau aren't the most evil ones
So, i heard you like propaganda?

>> No.25340745


>> No.25340787

And that is why I play Orks my friend, I'm convinced we're just plain lucky.
>tfw I've had one meganob survive killing a daemon prince and two squads of fifteen chaos marines shooting and charging into him.

>> No.25341327


>> No.25341930

How does my first Imperial Guard list look?

Carapace Armor
x3 Meltaguns
Master of Ordinance

Extra Armor

Vet Squad
Carapace Armor
Heavy Bolter
x3 Plasma Guns

Vet Squad
Carapace Armor
Missle Launcher
x3 Plasma Guns

Vet Squad
Carapace Armor
Missile Launcher
x3 Sniper Rifles

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Demolisher
Extra Armor

Extra armor


>> No.25341952

Just play Tau if you want firepower.

>> No.25342034

that art is fucking cool

Find some scale sound equipement. I've seen miniature accesories at many scales for action figures / dolls, including amps, guitars etc. GW would be 100% fine with it if it's a GW model underneath

>> No.25342052

Yes but guard are cooler.

>> No.25342115

looks nice

>> No.25342152

Drop the Extra Armor and Carapace and you could fit in a whole Vendetta

If those points are because these are the models you have that's fine of course

>> No.25342204

>droping armor
but he will become even more soft and squeeshy

>> No.25342219

If you want 4+ go Tau. Guardsmen are meant to be cheap and spammable.

>> No.25342268

Too bad, find some cover. Carapace costs nearly half of what the squad does

I would never give Vets sniper rifles really

>> No.25342328

relax, nobody will go tau today, we have tastes
i play csm, that comment was sarcastic really

>> No.25342388

>Sexy Riptide
>Combined arms markerlight tactics
>Progressive, technologically advanced society with 100% employment rate
>No part of intergalactic recession
If you have tastes you would play Tau. Only emo teens like this grimderp shit.

>> No.25342406

8 / 10 visibly flustered

>> No.25342529

welp, this >>25342406 guy blew it

>sexy riptide
blocky mechas are sooo 2005
>combined arms markerlidfgfgd tactuucsi
not represented by rules, might as well be tau propoganda, that they mastered oh so well
>progres, techno, uber society with jobs
>in a setting without advancing plot
>technologically advanced
>cant even make a god damn plasma weaponry capable doing what humans plasma can
>inb4 its safer, yeah, safer for your enemy
>unrelated to wargames, EVEN IF TRUE
>No part of intergalactic recession
you "empire" isnt even visible on a galactic map to begin with

2/10 would not take as allies

>> No.25342723

Why only 1 heldrake? Casual game?

>> No.25342825

oh oh, do me next>>25339709
pwetty please?

>> No.25343645 [DELETED] 

I just got drak vengence and I wanted to run a shooty BA list; can somebody give me some help/

>> No.25343835

I just got drak vengence and I wanted to run a shooty BA list; can somebody give me some help?

>> No.25343874

Do shooty dark templars. You get the best of both worlds this way.

>> No.25344147

What he said >>25343874
Shooty Black Templars are really good right now.

>> No.25344690

Trazyn the Infinite
-5 Lords with Res Orbs

9 Necron Warriors

9 Necron Warriors

10 Immortals with Gauss Blasters
-Night Scythe

10 Immortals with Tesla Carbines
-Night Scythe

5 Lychguard with Hyperphase Swords/Dispersion Shields

1499 pts.

>> No.25344711

If Tzeentch knows all and orchestrates everyones fate, wouldnt he know that the alpha legion is loyal to the emperor?

>> No.25344751

Hopefully this is a good place to ask this but I just finished painting my first models and wondered if you guys could tell me what you think

>> No.25344772

he would....its the part of his plan

>> No.25344773

>supposedly the casts for the sisters were destroyed
Nah, they're still casting them. Every time you order one, it's freshly casted for you.

>> No.25344774

Second model

>> No.25344819

pretty nice for a first model

if you want a direction to improve on.....hm.... try before painting your models, use a hobby knife to remove mold lines

also arghax earthshade gives this gloss to a model, try using different wash/shade

i use badab black after arghax earthshade for my plague marines, removes the shade but makes model darker...some people use nuln oil for orkz

>> No.25344839

its me>>25344819
ork is a lot better looking, marine is plain ugly

thin your paints, tame your boars

>> No.25344923

>Can I give some of my Khorne Berzerkers dual pistols?

The champion can switch out his CCW for a plasma pistol, but that's it. You can model some of your berserkers to be dual-wielding pistols if you want and just explain to your opponent that they're still just just standard bolt pistol + CCW berserkers and it shouldn't be a problem unless he's an aspie rulesfag.

>> No.25344968

Thanks. I'll definitely try the different shade but I need to get a decent knife

>> No.25345115

It was one of the most orky-awesome moments I've had since starting.

Another time almost as awesome was a biker boy killing a Terminator Librarian with a stornshield in close combat.

He wiffed the rolls BAD
Then that boy Whip the Living Hell out of him.
What makes it more awesome is that, that biker boy was a kitbashed biker boy made from a Boyz box, Scout bike, and Orc Boyz Box.

I now use that Biker Boy as a Nob biker.

>> No.25345230

Alright, any advice for Black Templars?

>> No.25345289

>Shooty Blood Angels
>Shooty Black Templar

What is this heresy?

>> No.25345305

hobby knifes aint no expensive thang, boy-o
buy one set and cut, i tell ya what.

>> No.25345345

Are there any specific knives you would recommend?

>> No.25345456

wait, let me make a picture

>> No.25345503

>> No.25345547

there ya go, fella

>> No.25345579

i bet you couldnt just afford 40k

>> No.25345585

Awww thanks anon I'll treasure it forever

>> No.25345629

your welcome. no big deal

>> No.25345766

Trazyn kind of wants a Veiltek to bamf around where he wants.

>> No.25345886

since you can use special rules out of vehicles again (they removed it on the errata but psychic powers still witchfire only) a barge is also a nice option

>> No.25345921

Played a game against a Eldar dude yesterday. In summary: "I didn't build my army to fight your army!"
That and throwing dice across the table.
So is there anything the Tyranids have that excel VS Eldar (particularly a melee built Wraith Knight)?
Because I really don;t want to give this faggot a win even if he does build a list just to fight mine.

>> No.25345969

You're thinking of An'rakyr and his Mind In The Machine thing. Trazyn is just the scoring HQ that reincarnates when killed. A Barge actually makes him LESS useful.

>> No.25346006

Well, he can still use it to get to objectives faster. But deep striking is better.

Is it worth dropping one of the lords (and leaving the...warriors? less protected to do so? Though that wouldn't hurt if I combined the warriors to one squad of 18.

>> No.25346055

ah yeah totally confused the names. sorry

>> No.25346222

Melee built Wraith Knight?

Why? The Sword only goes +1S... Which is super useful when you have S10 base. Sure it's AP2, but why? Scattershield + Suncannon is better. Or just two Wraith Cannons.

Well, basically, Eldar are pretty damn good at everything bar taking hits. They have good melee units and good range units. Wraith Knights are T8 and W6. So need something to hit hard and fast.

The one thing they don't have is ample Ignore Cover Save weapons. Since the saves are ample for defenders, I recommend using that as much as possible.

I would also recommend spamming as many units as possible, the pie-plate weapons are only expensive kit.

Also, points total would help.

>> No.25346287

>Why? The Sword only goes +1S... Which is super useful when you have S10 base. Sure it's AP2, but why?

Monstrous Creatures have AP2 built-in. The sword and shield combo is just retarded. If you REALLY want a Cybork Body, just buy the fucking gun + shield.

>> No.25346350

"Actually, they're really good at standing off and shooting, due to heavy/special in 5 man troop squads, and 2x heavy weapon tank hunting termies. They just also happen to be excellent in CC, which is useful for when the enemy inevitably hits your lines." -1d4chan

Five man squads in razorbacks and/or shooting blobs with tank hunting termies in land raiders (transport choice ftw) all being supported by Stormravens. Also they will automatically rape everything in assault. BOW DOWN TO YOUR NEW SPIRITUAL LIEGE ULTRAMARINE!

>> No.25346410

>tfw Orks and BTs are better at shooting than they are at CC

>> No.25346913

And Blood Angels.

>> No.25347039

I am waiting for a new Black Templars book before I decide between Green vanilla marines of Black Templars as a second army.
At the moment I only have Guard: roughly 110 infantry, 3 Ogryn and 1 Scout Chimera.
Mostly Catachan except for ~25 Carapace models.

>> No.25347054

*Scout Sentinel

>> No.25347140

You'll be waiting till like late 2014 at the earliest mate.

>> No.25347164

You guys are forgetting that the Ghostglaive is also master crafted, though I agree with you that it's probably better to go cheap and keep the Wraithcannons, or go big and take the Suncannon + Scattershield.

>> No.25347202

Not a problem, I can't afford it now anyways.
I have $20 in my /tg/ stuff jar. Hopefully it will be full enough to buy stuff by then.

>> No.25347339

Fair enough then.
I can't imagine a close combat army getting better though, not in 6e at least.
I would stick to vanilla marines, but their new codex is supposedly (and I use that term lightly) coming out late 2013.

Although having said that, on the GW site black Templar stuff is now under vanilla marines. So they may murge the codices.

>> No.25347387

I would like to see the GK and SoB codices merged. And maybe add some more inquisitors and =][= related units.
That would be a cool dex.

>> No.25347403

Demon hunters codex. I like the idea.

>> No.25347553

I hope that was being facetious.

>> No.25347605

But of course.

>> No.25347622

Is that even a bad thing this edition? Seriously, they have the best of both worlds going for them. The only downside to BT are their poor HQ choices and lack of psykers.

>> No.25347673

I suppose but when 3 out of 5 of my troop choices are Assault marines it's kinda a pain in the ass.

>> No.25347777

If I model something, i.e., a havoc launcher, or a marine operating the pintle-mounted combi bolter, on one of the Rhino's firing points on the top, that doesn't prevent models inside from firing out of it, right?

>> No.25347921

What's a good 500 point list for GK or SW? I want to start buying shit now, any suggestions on what I should buy first?

>> No.25347949

500 points of Orks

Now you can keep friends and dignity.

>> No.25348211

I think Grey Knights can have 500 points of stuff with only three models.
1 model HQ and two 1 model troops. Can't get any smaller than that.

>> No.25348213


Lucky guess there fa/tg/uy that was my 3rd army choice, i knew you guys don't like these 2 for some reasons. What should I buy first then?

>> No.25348228

Draigo + 2 Apothecary Paladins is roughly 500

I actually don't hate either of those armies, only their fluff. If it's a marine army you want, Tac squads + an HQ is ALWAYS a safe bet.

For Orks, either a Big Mek or Warboss + Boyz upon Boyz

>> No.25348338

I lied, that's actually 535 for 3 models.

Draigo + 4 naked Paladins is 495, though. That's literally 1 box of models and a single finecast dude.

>> No.25348416


Sounds good, how about space wolves? What HQ is the best?

>> No.25348446

Rune Priests, always.

>> No.25348453

I won't even try and help you there, because I know dick-all about Space Puppies. I've played them a few times, but never really looked at the codex.

>> No.25348467

Feel happy you have three choices. BT basically only have one combined troop choice.

>> No.25349325 [DELETED] 

Black Templar can't take razorbacks. Still, troops won't be taking transports. You'll either form and gun line or shot as you charge the enemy. The only ones who should be taking transports are termies.

>> No.25349583

Black Templar can't take razorbacks. Still, troops won't be taking transports, you'll either form and gun line or shot as you charge the enemy. The only ones who should be taking transports are termies.

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