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Can I get a Tyranid thread in here?

Discuss lists, fluff, tactics and the like. Anything nid related.

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Their fluff is lame and boring.

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>40k is lame and boring.

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booo hoo it's not another thread about my super mary sues

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their fluff is unoriginal and boring if you think there's only "omnomnom lel swarm without number onmonmnom lel"

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Bring back cult armies
And chaos nid cult armies

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That's precisely what their fluff is though.

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I want gene stealer hybrids in the new codex.

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is there some rumor of Tyranids getting updated again soon or something? I've seen people seemingly alluding to this.

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In all seriousness, Are there any rumors about a 6th edition codex release date?

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Why is that captains head so small in your picture?

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recent rumours I've heard have been consistantly saying early next year.

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