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Why get a magic sword when you can get a magic sheath?

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Because sheathes always make me think of dog dicks.

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Why get a magic sheath when you can enchant your dick to be Vorpal?

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No kidding. The scabbard of Excalibur makes you invulnerable.

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Is this truly possible?

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in 3.5 you can do it with the epic level handbook as a monk.

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Why not both?

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still don't get why arthur didn't use it

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He did, just not against Mordred.

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that's not even avalon

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Why would you need a wedding when you can go straight to bedding?

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Well of course it inst, but I'm not going to spend more than a minute searching around for a picture of Saber where she has both Ecalibur and Avalon out.

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If you have an Amulet of Mighty Fists in PF you can

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The Patriarchy would rather neglect sheaths and spend undue resources on swords.

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If I'm ever a Monk........tied down by a Succubus.........this will be the best horrifying surprise ever. She tries to rape me, and I counter hump her for 2d10+10 damage [Gods forbid I full attack]

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>Flurry of Pelvic Thrusts

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smite evil works with unarmed attacks too

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Though you'd probably be better off enchanting an AOMF with Impact so your punches deal damage as if you were a size category larger, which adds up when you Flurry + Hammer the Gap + other modifiers

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>yfw six seconds of rough sex is sufficient to kill most first-level characters

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>Humping as though you were a size category greater..........
>literal lawful dickings

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>Accompanied with a Belt of Battle
Behold my ultimate sexual technique! 16 thrusts in the blink of an eye!

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to be fair Mordred wasn't a complete idiot, so (s)he stole it and threw it in a lake so (s)he wouldn't get roflstomped

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Mordred is a woman in type-moon.
Like Arthur
Makes some kind of sense. Two women can't make a Man. Though Mordred is a homunculus not a person

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please stop dragging in anime shit into legends please.

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He got it stolen by his own knights who thought he was too powerful and kinda a dick.

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Read the quotes in order.
It started with someone posting a pic of the anime.

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>Thread starts with a facepalm and/or Fate/ reference
>Thread continues to discuss how you can kill someone with rough sex if you have Unarmed Strike.

Dese guys....

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This is why we love /tg/

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Make magic shit out of textiles. Don't enchant it after it's made. Instead, enchant every thread with a different enchantment, and weave them together into one supercloth.

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Probably wouldn't work for the same reason you can't wear more than two magic rings, the magic gets all pissy and doesn't want to associate with other magic.

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Not even, the strongest enchant would override the rest. Assuming Pathfinder, at least, which is basically D&D 3.75. Specifically stated in the rules with multi-piece armor sets.

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Is there a setting where people actually wear shittons of magical items at a time, each with a different power?

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Most of those associaced with D&D (any edition).

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1. No
2. I have a really good copy of the Athurian companion
3. I've read it a lot, which shows how large my spergian love for Arthurian myth is
4. No. Arturia, Lady Mordred and Merlin's futanari spell are all welcome.

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Overlap is only a thing in d20 nonesense and 4E.

Retro D&Ds would let you use all of your everythings - given you don't use more than 2 rings without a special kit.

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Pick up some levels in assassin as well.

Death attack with your dick

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>Merlin's futanari spell
carry on...

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Of different gears, like armor, two rings, amulet, belt, gloves, bracelet, headband, helm, goggles, cape, boots, and robes (because for some reason they don't eat the shoulders slot too), on top of having a crazy magic tattoo called a "sin rune" that lets them do things like give someone a -4 penalty on all will saves against their enchantment spells (like Dominate Person)...

Yeah, Pathfinder does that. D&D to a similar extent.

If you mean like the individual magic thread bullshit Anon in 25295439 was talking about, then you'd likely have to homebrew it.

And it'd most likely be retarded.

I merely found a box of AD&D books, I have yet to delve into their arcane secrets. Forgive me for not knowing, I'll upgrade that priority. Bonus, I'll find my father's mana point system for wizards to get rid of the clunky bs that is spell slots.

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Its a footnote in the ancillary fluff for the game, but in Arturia's backstory when she consummated her marriage to Guinevere to keep up the charade that she was just a short guy with soft features Merlin used magic to give her a dick.

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>Bonus, I'll find my father's mana point system for wizards to get rid of the clunky bs that is spell slots.

Its not actually that clunky in AD&D with the fewer number of slots and the like.

Mana Points are pretty simple tho.

You have a number of MP equal to the number of spell levels you can cast in a day.

Spells cost 1 point per spell level to cast.

8 hours of rest restores all MP

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VN, not an anime. The anime wasn't bad (at least it exists, unlike the Tsukihime anime), but a VN is not an anime. Closest relative is those chose-your-own-adventure books, the only difference is it's updated for display on a computer.

I need to find the ancillary fluff... especially if fate/zero's is with it, because I'm curious as to more with Guinevere and Lancelot's affair then if the marriage was indeed consummated...

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Then why'd they break it and give us the shitty clunk that is the 3.5 spell slots system?

The way my father described it, his was more than that simple of a conversion...

The fun part is modding it to work for 3.5/pathfinder, since I honestly really like Pathfinder's system (setting's a little lame though, but who honestly picks a system based on the setting instead of what the system has rules for and how you feel about those rules?)

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Also, Pathfinder has nearly all of its source material available online on the SRD. Makes me squee a little that I don't have to *aherm* "acquire" the books.

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Guys~ what if the sheath was the think that gave the sword powers?
So you could use any sword and it'll be magical as long as you sheath it first?

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There's a few of those, actually, in Pathfinder at least.

One gives the sword Keen iirc

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>read first post
>female picture, question is asking why not pick a magic sheathe instead of a magic sword
>instantly jump to the conclusion it's euphemism of cunts over dicks
>thread about pelvic thrusting
>finally, "Guys~ what if the sheath was the think that gave the sword powers? So you could use any sword and it'll be magical as long as you sheath it first?"

The euphemisms, they're just killing me far too much.

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I did something like that in my campaign. There was artifact combo:
a sword, which was already magical etc.
a sheath, which, when paired with sword, improved it's enhancement and also gave AC bonus to the owner, healed him and allowed to draw/sheathe the weapon as a free action.

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Considering the UBW sex scene, rough sex is related to Fate.

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does anyone know which lake this happens to be?

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King Arthur's magical sheathe was legitimately much more powerful than his magical sword, though. It prevented him from suffering lethal wounds and healed all his injuries.

In comparison, excalibur and his other magical sword were just sort of neat.

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>your shitty made-up stories are worse than my shitty made-up stories

History is fanfiction layered on fanfiction layered on fanfiction. Deal with it.

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>putting my spear in a sheath
u wot m8?

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I put my mace in a sheath.

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Your mace ain't longer'n you are, lad.

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It is though.

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I'm fairly certain one could wear, say, armor, with a robe on top, and then a cape over the robe. Robes can be worn with spaulders you know.

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But have they been folded a thousand times over?

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The question said why sword when sheath? Not, why not sheath?

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Really, dude? A picture of Xiahou Dun named Weeaboo?

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Just kind of hammered together.


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What god would a paladin worship if he smites things with his dick?

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It doesn't have to be a he.

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Are you talking about a vagina, OP?

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No OGLAF yet? Shame on you /tg/! Shame!

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I think it's because Xiahou Dun is Chinese, not Japanese, and was and actual general what got shot in the face and ate his own eye as an intimidation tactic.

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because your dick isn't a slashing weapon

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The last one is very fitting.

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Is it, now?

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No, still isn't.

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Elder scrolls. No actual books for it though

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maybe, roll for anal stuff

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What if I wield my dick tiger style?

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>chinese cartoons
>not weeaboo

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>throwing anus
gets me every time

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