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What if Sisters of Battle got a Matt Ward Codex?

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They'd be the Orcs & Goblins of 40K.

SoB would be Grey Knights Supplement: Hats Edition.

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Typical Ward hater with a thumb up his ass. Cruddace wrote the rules for the WD update.

A Wardex Sisters of Battle codex would undoubtedly be a solid addition.

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Tell that to the O&G players.

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If he hated the Sisters so much, their fluff section would've been filled with failures. Instead, they got some good action and even wiped out an entire Band of Chaos Space Marines.

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The good Ward is much occupied. He has descended into darkness, flaming sword in hand, to do battle with the shadows that dwell there and save the Tyranids from their torment. SoB must look to themselves, for a little longer.

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I'm not going to say that Ward is anywhere near as bad as Cruddace, and will admit that, for the most part, internal balance in Wardexes is pretty decent, but there's always some blatant internal balance flaws.

Look at Necrons - you almost always see the same choices being taken for each FOC slot. Regardless of the fact that there are almost no actually -bad- units in the codex, this is a clear indicator that there are internal balance issues.

And don't even get me started on external balance. Don't pretend that he isn't horrible about that, on an intentional level. And that's no joke, the guy even admits to being biased when writing codexes.

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I'm glad based Ward save the Eldar codex with that Iyanden expansion.

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I don't believe Ward is the problem, I think it's the other writers. Writers who also have an awful grasp on the rules. Kelly's codices are weak and overpriced, with even shittier internal balance.

I'd rather have a codex erring on the side of power than weakness.

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>Warp talpns are 30 points and no grenades
Rustled my jimmies real good

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Warp Talons are fucked, but at least you have Helldrakes(so much for internal balance)

I'm also upset that Eldar power weapons cost 15 points 15 points! Dark Eldar ones are only 10 points, and Kelly wrote that codex too.

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>Vetock and Kelly on the same page
>Not Ward's fault

I play a Wardex, a Cruddex, a Vetockex, and two Kelly-dexes.

Take a guess which ones I prefer playing the least. Take a guess which ones are the most favorable for building lists how you want to build them and not feeling like you're slighting yourself.

>I'd rather have a codex erring on the side of power than weakness.

Then you're a power gaming turd that's stuck in 5th edition. I'd rather have a balanced codex than either, which Vetock and Kelly both provide in SPADES.

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>have them escort a jumppack lord

jimmies not rustled.

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What you interpret for balance is really just "unplayable".

Kelly codices aren't balanced. I'd say they're quite weak. He overprices too much.

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>Take a guess which ones I prefer playing the least. Take a guess which ones are the most favorable for building lists how you want to build them and not feeling like you're slighting yourself.

We can't, because your posts are less witty than you think they are.

Why don't you just state your case clearly.

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>I'd rather have a balanced codex than either, which Vetock and Kelly both provide in SPADES.


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Well they already have a baby carrier. Only more ... crucified.

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I love how codexes written by these other plebe authors are either super shitty or super retarded like SW in their prime and Tau.

At least with Ward it's consistent.

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Oh emperor no ! save us from that abomination.

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Is it just me or does Kelly have an obsession with prefixes? Nothing can just be [insert unit name] it has to be Wolf [insert unit name] or Wraith[insert unit name]. The Worst Ward does is Sanguinary Guards and Sanguinary Preists. Reading the Space Wolves' army list is just painful.

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Is that why Codex: Chaos Space Marines has been one of the two most-represented armies in top placings at almost every major tournament since it hit? And wow - check this out...as more codexes have come out, the representation has begun to normalize.

Except for two. Grey Knights, and Necrons. These are the only two codexes from 5th edition(besides allied guard) that consistently see top placings in tournaments. And the worst part is, the majority of the time they see top-placings, they are allied together. Let me say that again: One of the most represented army lists in the tournament scene continues to be allied Necrons and Grey Knights. Gee, what an odd coincidence.

Ward was good for 5th edition, but not the game as a whole. With the release of 6th edition and general trend in codex balance since it was released, Ward no longer has a place. The only good thing he ever brought to Warhammer was the ability to match the power creep that IG and Wolves wrought by being the 2nd and 3rd codexes of 5th edition. Unfortunately that power creep is largely absent from 6th - hence, I say he has no purpose as a writer any longer.


I'll give you that. I'm still trying to decide if it's tolerable or a fuck-up.

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Don't feel to bad
Power weapons for chaos are also 15 points

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>I'll give you that. I'm still trying to decide if it's tolerable or a fuck-up.

It's a fuck up till we see every codex updated. Even then it may still be with how weak some are.

If all codexes were on the same power level, it'd be a fucking brilliant codex.

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It would be a good codex


>Banshees without grenades

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Chaos are strength 4 by default. IIRC marines have the same cost. It is why Eldar power weapon prices are so odd, IG pays 10 points for power weapons and is strength 3, Dark Eldar pay 10 points, Eldar pay 15 for some reason.

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I wouldn't have any problems with it if he showed some degree of restraint. We're guranteed badass fluff and competetive crunch with Ward. As long as we don't get over-the-top fluff or cheese, Ward would be a fine option for our nuns.

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I like how Grey Knights managed to take away all of the Ordo Hereticus units that made a difference.

It's almost like the Sisters and the Ecclisiarchy had the WORST negotiators around.

Grey Knights: We're gonna need your inquisitorial guys.

Sisters of Battle: Can we keep our special characters?

GK: Mmmm, nah, we're gonna need them. Tell you what, we'll give you some henchmen

SoB: Can we get some shooting ones?

GK: Mmmmm, nah. We're going to need them.

SoB: Can we at least keep our guardsmen?

GK: Mmmmm, nah.

SoB: ... ok.

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How did the Grey Knights take them away, when you still need an inquisitor in that HQ slot?

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IG is also shit WS and save, Eldar are not.
But as for what justifies different pricing between E and DE, I have nothing.

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>SoB: Can we at least keep our guardsmen?
>GK: Mmmmm, nah.
>SoB: But you're not even going to use them!
>GK: Shutup, you.

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Or you know, the Ecclesiarchy and the Inquisition are two different organizations and the Sisters are firmly a part of the latter.

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I don't mind Sisters going at it alone anyway. Their 'dex is still competetive (though only one or two builds, not much room for error). I like them getting the spotlight instead of having to share it with the Inquisition.

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SoB just don't have inquistors at all anymore

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Well, they WERE in the Witch Hunters codex. Now they're in the Grey Knights codex.

I'd call that "taking them away".

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Firmly a part of the former, fuck.

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The SoB are the militant chamber of the Ordo Hereticus, though.

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Sisters really need at least one more troop choice. Which is a big issue they've always had. There isn't a heap of fluff options there.

So as much as people complain about codexes pulling new units from nowhere...the sisters NEED it. They don't have enough options at the moment to put out a codex on their own.

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Get them those forgeworld fliers
Show those cocksuckers what aerial firepower is all about

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Which means jack all in a codex that should focus on the Sisters and the Ecclesiarchy.

You want an Inquisitor, that's what allies are for.

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A mob of crazed zealots would be a perfect second troops choice. In the same sorta vein as chaos cultists.

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Hell, even just give them an HQ which let them take something else as troops

New troops would be nice as well, or an improvement to the troop choice sisters

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I fully intend to!

Beatiful picture, by the way.

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Thank you but I can't take credit for this, I found it on google images

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IG and DE codexes are both 5th edition codexes; you're comparing apples to oranges.

Besides, let's not pretend that Eldar don't have a whole slew of better options than power weapons to take anyways.

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So they can take inquisitorial henchmen (the bad ones, mind you) but not inquisitors? Not even inquisitors that do the same job that the Sisters do? Not even inquisitors from the same order for whom the Sisters fight?

>Ordo Xenos: Deathwatch
>Ordo Malleus: Grey Knights
>Ordo Hereticus: Sisters of Battle

>Grey Knights: Ordo Xenos, Ordo Malleus, Ordo Hereticus

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You can easily ally an Inquisitor in, mind you.

>> No.25288058


Something I saw once suggested was to have Orders like the Space Wolves have those ballad things (Minus that people can't double up)

So being Sacred Rose allows the Cannoness access to Heavy Weapons and gives her and her squad Relentless for instance as they are focused on heavy weapons and careful and methodical planning. Basically letting the SOB orders give some actual change.

It would really help with all Sisters being pidgeonholed as the same personality-wise

>> No.25288083

Are Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle Battle Brother level allies?

>> No.25288094

If anything power weapons should have gone down in price between 5th and 6th editions especially for the Eldar and Dark Eldar since they lose their amazing initiative for AP 2, Guard only beats Orks and Necrons in initiative and ties with Tau, so it isn't as if unwieldy is crippling for Guard.

>> No.25288098


No. You are 3+ PA wearing Bolter wielding units for less than tactical marines cost. You should NOT get a blob option unless Space Marines do as well.

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Mite b cool

Simply having options like that could help alot by itself

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>In the same sorta vein as chaos cultists.
You mean useless?

>> No.25288111

Yeah, if you want a specific Ordo Malleus inquisitor, or at least a squad of Grey Knights.

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I thought Ward was busy with the Hobbit?

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>plague zombies

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Only one of those guys mentioned a blob unit. The new troop choice could be inquisitorial storm troopers or sisters of battle cadets or something.

Besides marines get +1 strength and +1 initiative.

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Here, have a pic that gives some flavour for the big six.


I especially like the Argent Shroud's description.

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They share Arco-flagellants, Crusaders, and Death Cult Assassins with the Inquisition, you could even potentially give them Ecclesiarchal Servitors and Banishers, but there is absolutely no reason why they should have Psykers, Mystics, Daemonhosts, Jokaero, and Warrior Acolytes, especially Warrior Acolytes.

By bringing the Inquisition in you dilute the role of the Sisters and the Ecclesiarchy.

>> No.25288169

Allies of Convinience.

SoB Novices might also be an option. Maybe make play similarly SM scouts?

>> No.25288186


I'd not that Chaos Space Marines fit that description too and get a blob unit.

>> No.25288189

>But as for what justifies different pricing between E and DE, I have nothing
I assume it's because Kelly just doesn't pay that much attention to what he writes.

>> No.25288191


What you're paying for is versatility, though. That 15 points can give you whatever option best fits the bill - maul, sword, or axe.

>> No.25288197


Long haired cultist sure is superior.

Too bad I hate that fucking artist with a passion. Him and his stupid TF2 fetish fuel.

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>+1 Initiative
>when you all have flamers




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Yeah, long hair really does make her look cuter.

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That images makes me think something along the lines of an either a new assault unit for sisters or some kind of light terminator armor. Something like that might be cool

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>SoB Novices might also be an option. Maybe make play similarly SM scouts?

They should get sniper flamethrowers. Sort of like a lascannon but with fire.

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But not the role of the Grey Knights? Explain again why Daemon Hunters have Ordo Xenos inquisitors? Pet monkeys I can understand, but Ordo Xenos and Ordo Hereticus have nothing to do with Ordo Malleus.

>> No.25288231


Yeah, you don't see 'Selfless heroism' used much as a descriptor in 40k.

>> No.25288234


So you want to be like Chaos, is that it?

Fucking heretic.

>> No.25288243

They also get +1 toughness

>> No.25288270

How does having a lower initiative help or cancel out the problems of an army with lots of flamers?

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What's so bad about Sisters being a horde army? Makes sense to me. They're like weaker, less trained space marines. Might as well make them cheaper, so they can fight for the emperor.

>> No.25288313


Having flamers hardly matter when they'll get shot to pieces even before getting to the enemy.

>> No.25288327



>> No.25288331

They can already be a horde. You can take up to 20 Sisters in one troop squad.

>> No.25288337


Then they shouldn't have a 3+.

>> No.25288338

So suddenly the same branch of the Inquisition, for whom the Sisters are the chamber militant, are now "... two forces are joining to fight a common foe, but are not the best of friends. They do not benefit from each others Universal Special Rules or any psychic powers. You will treat each force as being separate."


>> No.25288344


That's not a horde. Ork/Tyranid/IG is a horde!

>I see you've played hordey elitey before

>> No.25288355


Coming to a theater near you.

>> No.25288357


Weirdly enough, I remember asking a drawfag for it.

It was supposed to be a Cannoness who had fallen in defense of a Forge World near her order's homeworld. The techpriests gave her the gift of cybernetic resurrection. The only thing flesh with her was her spine and most of her brain. Even the face was a mechanical replacement (That the ecclesiasticy paid a lot to look like a real face because people tend to freak out when you look like a techpriest)

She was an NPC for a Deathwatch Game. A space wolf challenged her to an unarmed fight. She broke his jaw. They were best friends for the rest of the game.

>> No.25288359


If they'd get cheaper per model, I wouldn't mind a +4. Just something to make them more unique, like better faith options, more faith points and maybe some better HQ choices and unit diversity.

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On the subject of alternative troop choices.

I've always imagined the Sisters fighting alongside hordes of zealots. So, ya, there is that idea.

>> No.25288375

I think that it's more in reference to the Grey Knights rather than the Hereticus specifically.

They haven't stopped being the Hereticus's chamber militant or anything.

>> No.25288398


Obviously they wouldn't get an armor downgrade and stay the same price.

You can even leave the option in to pay up to their original price for better armor.

>> No.25288399


Fluff wise the GK codex is a bit of a mess, it's more GK + Inquisition, you had to have the GK because it doesn't make sense to field the Inquisition as an army, now that the ally rules exist perhaps they will be able to come up with a better compromise.


Ecclesiarchy and Inquisition aren't exactly friends.

>> No.25288400


You're right! That would ruin 40k's exquisite external balance! An outrage!

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That's SOOO original.

>> No.25288438


Quite so! The audacity of these scoundrels!

>> No.25288448


Sounds like an elite choice for 3+ armor, or a better heavy support.

>> No.25288478


I'd rather pass on knocking them down to 4+.

They have always been power armour, fluffwise.

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Don't worry, Sisters can have a horde option. I'll just do my best to make the Space Marines elite and unique.

>> No.25288510


But they don't have a black carapace. It won't be as effective as an astartes.

>> No.25288522


An inquisitor in power armour is 3+. He's just a human too.

>> No.25288546


Pretty sure Inquisitors would get better armor than a typical nun.

Artificer armor, if you will.

>> No.25288547


All that means is that it's a bit harder for them to move and they don't get any increased strength. Doesn't make the armor itself any less durable.

>> No.25288554


Inquisitor models are more expensive, and they'd surely have access to better gear. And if we go by the Grey Knights codex, a mundane ordo malleus inquisitor can also wear termie armor.

>> No.25288571

>Young Ward

Even when he was younger Lord Ward had a mischievous glint in his eye. His expression said it all: "I am Matt Ward! And I have come to write great codexes!"

>> No.25288586


Then he should have a 2+ save in it, not 3+

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File: 595 KB, 1280x675, chaos_cultists-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Four points for 3 attacks on the charge.
Cultists are a deal.

Never upgrade them, always send them flying forward full speed in hordes of 30 or more.

>> No.25288632


Non-astartes PA gets -1 to save.

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But if you take mark of tzeentch, one in 6 will be favored by tzeentch!

>> No.25288922


That's nonsense. Black Carapace makes it easier to move, not tougher.

>> No.25288947

What about mah techpriests?

It's not a good idea, it is exactly the same armor, thus offering the same protection. The black carapace just allows the Marines to maximize their responsiveness.

>> No.25288959


Techpriests are good with technology so their armor is better.

It makes perfect sense. You guys just see the words power armor and want SoB to be space marines to the T but replaced with a fragile white haired nun inside the armor.

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File: 398 KB, 675x1050, 1358475587249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fragile is not a word I'd used to describe a Sister.

>> No.25289046

Power armor is power armor is power armor. The only thing the black carapace means is lessened responsiveness. Thus, a Sister would have lower T because of no augmentations, lower I because of no Black Carapace, and lower WS, because of no Black Carapace.

>> No.25289050


Are you kidding? People always complain about Repentia being made of wet tissue.

>> No.25289068


They should have lower S because of


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File: 119 KB, 629x799, AlliesMatrix[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ecclesiarchy and Inquisition aren't exactly friends.

And Muhreens and Tau are?

>> No.25289246

...I would commit so many heresies with her they'd run out of things to charge me with.

>> No.25289288

Honorable warriors have a deep respect for one and another.

Priests and holy men? These guys don't get along

>> No.25293170

Seeing as Cruddace is the reason I have a paired set of magazines with Special Characters I need to take, a third of the wargear options I used to and basically one army build (Celestine with Seraphim, Jacobus with Death Cults and Crusaders, Repentia behind them to catch Jacobus if he needs to book it, 3 Exorcists and spend the rest on troops and Rhinos), no a Cruddex would not be better. It'd be another book he kind of does his job for, like Tyranids all over again.

>> No.25293188

Draigo is Finecast now. The Sisters are safe from that fate.

>> No.25293283

Nope. 2nd Edition, the Sister's first book? Ecclesiarchy. 3rd Ed? Inquisition AND Ecclesiarchy. 5th Ed? Ecclesiarchy.

In other words they told the Inquisition to keep on walking this time and went back to their roots.

>> No.25293346

>no Blobs
>Sisters can take units of up to 20 as a troop choice

Motherfucker, learn to read. Besides, Sisters shouldn't be able do to things just because Marines can, they should be doing things different because they're not Marines. Go back to jerking off to the Ultramarines and let us adults have a conversation.

>> No.25293384

Marines have +1S/T/I and generally +1WS as well. And Combat Tactics. And ATSKNF.

Yeah....fuck Marines, they have enough toys already.

>> No.25293450

I'd rather bump them up to a 2+ so they have the survivablity of a Marine in terms of saves, ignore AP3 and still have to roll more often because of their lower Toughness. AND keep the Battle Sister at 12 points each.

Plus it'd piss all the Marine players off.

>> No.25293471

Sisters are supposibly equipped with the best equipment that can be bankrolled for them by the largest piggy bank in the Imperium: the Ecclesiarchy. Considering how much from just tithes alone the church pulls (not to mention rich families trying to get on the church's good side) in I think they can afford to pay for good armour.

>> No.25293653


I did read somewhere that the bolters the sisters have are the best design wise at the current time in the fluff.

>> No.25293795


I think so too. I like that the if SoB do get an official codex and not a net dex like BAs had for the longest time then it will be more Ecclesarchical centered. The Inquisition can have anyone serve them if they must, but now they are trying to create a wall between Ordo Hereticus and the Ecclessiarchy which is perfectly okay. The Sisters do have the finest weapons of the entire Imperium save for stuff that doesn't fit their them like plasma which is a built in weakness of their army.

>> No.25293994

>people still arguing SoB aren't a Chamber Militant of the Inquisition
Sure, they aren't the Inquisition's bitches, but, protip; NONE of the Chambers Militant are. Deathwatch Watch Commanders have full rights to say no to any Inquisitorial request. Same with the Grey Knights. That doesn't mean they aren't allied.

>> No.25294011

If only space marines get a 3+ in power armour, then there is literally no mechanical reason to use it over carapace armour. Which is not what they do, canonically, so deal with it. Your ideas are bad, and you should feel bad.

>> No.25294110

>What if ________ got a Matt Ward Codex?
The answer is always the same: they would become a fun and competitive army with extra-silly, cartoonish fluff.

>> No.25294166

>it doesn't make sense to field the Inquisition as an army

Hell with you. It'd be sweet.

>> No.25294259

Yeah, but the Inquisition was unfairly force-fed to Sister's players in 3rd. 5th fixed that by giving us the pure Ecclesiarchy force we should have still had in the first place.

>> No.25294265

>so deal with it

Should tell all the SoB whining about no real codex or metal models to deal with it.

>> No.25294276

Sisters have a tank with a missile firing organ on top. I don't see how it can get any sillier, just more awesome. They've already taken that needle and buried it so far past 11 it's become awesome again.

>> No.25294296

>High Lords themselves cannot outfit 1000 Minotaurs chapter in Mk VIII
>Ecclesiarchy can outfit millions to billions of nuns in the best power armor

Doubt it.

>> No.25294302

I used the Cruddex I've got for now and lug around my metal models and will continue to do so even if Sisters never get updated. I don't play this army to be some cheese-dick tournament player, I play this army because it's got an interesting set of ideas behind it, interesting lore and a fucking tank that kills you by playing the 1812 Overture.

>> No.25294304

I play orcs and gobbos, I'm doing just fine and I don't even field most of the must haves.

Black and savage orcs still wreck face, 60+ goblin blobs are still hard to get rid of, spear chukkas are still insanely cheap. Their hero choices are also solid.

>> No.25294318

>Combat Tactics
>fuck Marines

C:SM is shit right now and older than SoB.

>Plus it'd piss all the Marine players off

Cancer from the game pls go. It's like being racist against blacks in sports.

>> No.25294338

>and a fucking tank that kills you by playing the 1812 Overture.

Slaanesh is not impressed.

>> No.25294347

Their saints exploits were down played and a single chaos dread wrecked their shit, untill a space marine came and saved them.

Trust me, a friend of mine plays sisters and I have had to listen to a LOT of bitching about this.

>> No.25294364

Marine Power Armour and Sister Power Armour is designed differently though. Sisters are a combination of form and function. Aesthetics and protection. They are a symbol as well as a soldier so they don't use Mk anything armour but instead expertly made power armour designed for them (most likely by Vandire during his run).

Furthermore when the Brides of the Emperor were formed by Vandire from the Daughters of the Emperor he had them equipped with the best equipment he could get, trained by the best tactical and technical minds in the Imperium and made them a force capable of holding the Ecclesiarchal Palace so well that it was only through a secret passage (that only the Custodes knew about) could anyone even -enter- the damned thing.

I'm sorry, but I feel the Sisters are better equipped than you claim they are.

>> No.25294382

Combat Tactics, also known as you can choose to break from combat whenever you want and can't be swept. Sisters can.

And yes, I would like to see Marine players bitching that Sisters are better because right now what I usually see is them writing them off as just "Diet Marines".

>> No.25294387

All I want is an army of Repentia with tanks with flamethrowers on them to get them close to things.

Yes, I am serious. No, I don't care if I win. I want psychotic, scantily clad amazons with Eviscerators and flame tanks. That's my SoB army. What's yours?

>> No.25294388

That's alright, Slaanesh doesn't impress me, so I guess we're even.

>> No.25294390


Yeah, as in ONLY VANILLA GETS COMBAT TACTICS. Hating on vanilla marines is retarded.

>> No.25294398

This thread is the reason SoB won't get an update. All their fans are faggots.

>> No.25294412

From my understanding is that it was a Daemon Engine (not the same thing as a Dread, one is a pissed off Daemon in a machine the other is a corpse in a machine) that was wrecking everything and the Marine fucked up, broke the seal and let it out. The saint had to give up her divinity to stop the damned thing.

>> No.25294438

Combat Tactics is traded for other rules in the Vanilla Dex. Blood Angels take the Red Thirst instead and Space Wolves have (the now nerfed) Acute Senses. Point remains that they have extra rules on top of just a statline bump, and for only 3-4 points for basic marines in most cases.

>> No.25294455

1/10 only because I'm acknowledging that you posted something.

>> No.25294473

Seriously? Yet ANOTHER sister codex thread?? Every single time there is a little bit of time after one codex is published and next one hasn't been announced this starts again and again... Continuous spam of "surely next codex is for sisters"... Sheesh... Get a hobby to pass time... Some other than 40k apparently.

>> No.25294503

>Combat Tactics is vanilla only

That's the same thing. A lot of vanilla builds trade away combat tactics too.

>> No.25294511

I'm predicting Sisters no sooner than late 2014 honestly, I just wander into these things because I want to see what's being discussed.

>> No.25294512


Next one's been announced long ago. It's space marines.

>> No.25294517

>what's being discussed.

It's shit. It's always going to be shit.

>> No.25294534

>A lot of builds trade away Combat Tactics.
Yeah, I said that you could do that. The point was that the Marines have a statline buff and extra rules over the Sisters for a very small points margin over them. Please try reading the whole post next time.

>> No.25294547

Usually, but sometimes I get new pictures to add to my collection.

Which reminds me, at some point I should organize it and clean out the duplicates.

>> No.25294583


No idiot, 4/4/4/3+ is the baseline of the game. It's everyone else that's under. Just be glad you're above the GEQ statline.

Or do you really want all those players complaining about how Sisters have better troops than them?

>> No.25294599

Only reason Sisters are still mentioned is that someone at GW needs females for his snuff fantasies.

Scratch that, other than a few Models, most femals find an 'end worse than death' in WHFB. In the new HE Book that is the fate of one of the Everqueens and I remember in the Beasts book a rather strong suggestion that a Bretonian Sorceress ended up being 'defiled'.

Only the evil Women seem to be able to get shit done.

>> No.25294626

Wow....you don't get to socialize with normal people much do you?

Actually Sisters are about on par with Veteran Guardsmen, but get a better armour save, leadership, and equipment. But as for the rest of the statline Sisters are closer to GEQ than MEQ.

Actually having people complain about Sisters being good would be a nice change over them being written off as Diet Marines, basically useless and only around for snuff fantasies.

Right now the only complaints I get are about Celestine's point cost being too low (115, she's worth about 145 I think, I've heard claims as high as 200 though).

>> No.25294627

>The Worst Ward does is Sanguinary Guards and Sanguinary Preists

Liturgies of Blood
Blood Champion
Skies of Blood
Blood Chalice
Blood Crozius

>> No.25294639


Blood is all over 40K. Look at Chaos.

>> No.25294646

>Wow....you don't get to socialize with normal people much do you?

People who ask things like this on 4chan usually have an inflated sense of social awareness.

>> No.25294654

While Kelly made a character (Canis Wolfborn, which is basically Wolf Wolfborn) who rides a Thunderwolf, has Wolf Claws and was raised by wolves.

Makes me wonder if Kelly and Ward had a running bet who could fit the most "theme based" names into their respective books at the time

>> No.25294656

> 4/4/4/3+ is the baseline of the game.
This is actually pretty good sum-up of 40k.

>> No.25294660

>more chicks
>more skimpy sculpts
>fluff about rape

Why am I not playing WHFB?!

>> No.25294674

>Actually Sisters are about on par with Veteran Guardsmen
>but get a better armour save, leadership, and equipment.

Listen to yourself, moron. Sisters are better than the better version of the standard non-MEQ troop.

>> No.25294692

>Diet Marine

Nobody calls them this but you. Shutup alright. I even CTRL + F'd the page to make sure.

>> No.25294696

Hell, maybe I do. It's only because I try to not spend all my time glued to the internet. Who knows, perhaps one day my pasty flesh will learn how to tan because of it.

>> No.25294726

>I try to not spend all my time glued to the internet

Why go on it all? I know people that don't even use the Internet because they're so busy being outdoorsy and social. Stop being a hypocrite and leave right now.

>implying being on the Internet 24/7 is a bad thing to begin with

Brainiac was better than Superman anyways. Outside is overrated.

>> No.25294727

Look a little closer at the statline, which is what I was talking about.

They're both BS4, WS3, T3, S3, I3, W1, A1 base. Sisters get over that a base leadership of 8, and a 3+ save with a 6++. Sisters have more to do with Vet Guard than Marines when you look at the troops.

>> No.25294740


You still don't get it? VETS AREN'T BASELINE. They are better guardsmen.

>> No.25294744

You know I talk to more people than the ones on /tg/, right? I've seen Diet Marine and Marines-Lite thrown around before. Just because you didn't see it in this thread doesn't mean it didn't happen.

>> No.25294769

Well it's night for one, which is why I'm inside and I have the joy of being an isomniac so until I am able to fall asleep I'm online. But that's neither here nor there.

>> No.25294770


Doesn't matter because those are retarded ass fucking names anyways.

They should be called shitty marines.

>> No.25294771

>Outside is overrated
>this is what shut-ins actually believe

>> No.25294779

>not going night bird watching

What a plebe!

>> No.25294799


I've been in college and the military. It's pretty overrated.

And don't tell me the majority of your time outside isn't spent at other people's houses, at the movie theater, or in a cafe or whatever it is you hipsters do, or in some kind of building.

I know you fuckers don't roll around on the grass or cement outside 24/7 so it doesn't really even count as "going outside" if you're "not a shut-in". Staying at home rocks.

>> No.25294804

Please repost

>> No.25294807

Calm down Anon before you blow a blood vessel in your brain. Vet Guard have very a slight bump over regular Guardsmen. Sisters vs regular Guard? Add +1BS to that. Whoopie.

Point remains that the Sister statline is closer to Guardsmen (because their both humans, Sisters are just better trained and equipped (power armour and bolters) than your basic Guardsman).

>> No.25294840

>But they're better than GEQ, the other baseline measurement for troops
>But they are better than vets, who are themselves already better than GEQ. Stop complaining that you aren't MEQ.

You're a moron.

>> No.25294858

>Point remains that the Sister statline is closer to Guardsmen

That 3+ is everything, you idiot. If you're going to complain about how "SoB are closer to Guardsmen" which is fucking laughable, then why the big stink about being downgraded to a 4+ save? It's not even 5+.

>> No.25294860

Former military myself actually and you're right. It's were my fucked up sleep pattern comes from too.

Outside for me is usually walking from one place to the next (into town is about 4 miles, local gaming store is about the same, far edge of town is about 10-12 from where I live). The point was that I try to get away from only dealing with people online. Even if it's just going to my local gaming store for a couple hours now and then it's good to get out and deal with people face to face.

>> No.25294886

Anon, I was just pointing out the differences between units and how Sisters are pointed to be barely cheaper than Marines but have more in common with Guard at a base statline. Put Vets in Power armour, give them bolters and tits and you have Sisters. That was the point.

Really, relax. The only one here throwing a fit is you.

>> No.25294921

I wasn't raising a big stink about the armour save. As it stands I prefer them in power armour because it puts them at the level of elite humans who are well equipped. Honestly if it came with a decent points drop I personally could live with Carapace armour.

But as we've seen from some of the other Sisters fans (I don't know if they actually play) some don't agree with the idea

>> No.25294928


Marines not only pay more points to have higher stats and the power armor, their weapons also cost more. Which is stupid because you've already been charged for the better shooting once, then you get doubly taxed on the same piece of wargear because you can shoot better with it...BUT YOU'VE ALREADY PAID FOR THAT.

SoB price is not bad. You're basically being overcharged for the 3+, and if you notice, you need to pay out the ass for carapace as well if you put it on every model.

If you really want marine stats, that's just going to lead to people saying SoB are marines with boobs, as well as point increases to justify the buffs, which is something you really do not want. It is better these days to have a guard level troop than a marine level troop unless your name is GK or you have a Heldrake.

>> No.25295027

I already see the "Marines with boobs" claim as is. I don't want Marines with boobs, I want elite human fanatics who do the Emperor's will and have a weapon selection referred to as the Holy Trinity (Bolter, Flamer, Melta).

It was actually that claim that eventually led me to notice that Sisters are basically Veteran Guard with some nice gear.

Marines do pay more for their weapons overall, but that has to do with the writers than anything else. Ward gave Vanilla Marines a nice balanced book while Cruddace spanked off to Guard so hard I'm sure his dick caught fire.

Sisters don't need Marine Stats. Toss in some other weapons that break the 24" range, a 2+ for the Canoness to buy again, give Eviscerators back to all the Superiors and quit charging 25 points for Eviscerators and Heavy Flamers and I'd be happy.

>> No.25295043

To all the power armor discussion:

Consider artificer armor and terminator armor. Artificer armor is simply mastercrafted power armor. Terminator armor is much more powerful than power armor and can survive the most terrible blows, including point blank melta and plasma shots from battle tanks and being stepped on by a titan. This is represented by 2+/5++. So why does artificer armor have 2+/4++ with the mandatory iron halo?

Tabletop stats were never very in-line with fluff to begin with.

Sisters of Battle are sorely lacking in a second troop option. Every army has at least two troops except SoB. Even in elites you can take basic SoB, which is kind of strange. They aren't even veteran SoB like marines have. A second troop with lighter armor is a possibility at expanding the army's horizons.

Furthermore, all this talk about "but SoB must wear 3+ power armor!". Well, who says all power armor is equal? Why not have SoB power armor that is not necessarily the same as marine or inquisitor power armor? After all, SoB PA is essentially a 3+/6++ already with Faith. SoB PA certainly does not look like the barrel hauberked giant pauldron power armor we commonly see.

>> No.25295062

>I don't want Marines with boobs, I want elite human fanatics who do the Emperor's will and have a weapon selection referred to as the Holy Trinity (Bolter, Flamer, Melta).

Then why does it seem like you're asking for SoB to be increased to marine stats?

Maybe that's not what you actually want, but it's just that your posts seemed to be pointing in that direction with your fixation on "BUT MUH -1BS -1T!".

>> No.25295093

Because you're reading too far into what I'm saying?

I was following up on an incomplete comparison that was posted early that didn't list the full differences between Sisters and Marines. I never claimed I wanted Marines, the worst I claimed was the idea of a 2+ on the Sisters just because I know Marine players would bitch that Sisters had a better armour save.

>> No.25295117


2+ is garbage anyways. How often do you see terminators wrecking face these days? They are either tarpitted or killed by AP2.

What you really want isn't a 2+. It's a better faith save. Or combine that with a 2+. Army full of iron halo'd artificer armored SoB is far more provocative towards marine players than a simple 2+.

Frankly, you aren't going to get the 2+ for free anyways because you already cost less than a 3+ model.

I'd rather not have SoB turn into Draigowing.

>> No.25295124

You're right, fluff and rules don't line up. In the fluff Sister power armour might not be as protective, but GW feels that all Power Armour should be a 3+ on the table so it is.

I'd like to see a Repentent Mob honestly as a second troop choice. Something about on par with the Chaos Cultists, but give them the ability to mix in some Arco-Flagellants and Priests as upgrades. Then I could play an all Repentence army with Confessors, Repentia, the Repentent Mob and Penitent Engines.

I think that could look pretty cool. It'd probably die horribly unless the models were really cheap points wise to spam enough to get across the board, but it'd look cool.

>> No.25295162


I like Repentia as troops, but I don't like them to be downgraded to cultist status when things like GK henchmen exist. Those guys can be quite powerful. Even if you had to take a HQ to unlock troop Repentia then so be it. It's just wrong to have a 3 point henchmen crusader beat a Repentia 1v1.

It also might seem kinda weird to have hordes of Repentia. Like, are these sisters really this unchaste that so many of them are falling all the time? Might as well be playing Chaos.

>> No.25295175

You're right, I don't need it or really want it, I just want a reason for Marine players to bitch about something that's awesome in my codex instead of laughing at the old models and weaker statline.

A base 2+ armour save would statistically allow as many Sisters to survive a round of shooting as Marines, and they'd ignore AP3. That's about it. It wouldn't turn them into a Draigowing it's just make them die less against normal shooting.

Actually a better Shield of Faith mechanic would be nice. 6++ on a basic Sister, 5++ on a Superior, or Celestians, a 4++ for the Canoness (increasing based on the level of faith as it where) with the ability to boost it with Faith Points or perhaps another mechanic (use the best Shield of Faith score in the unit perhaps to show that their faith is stronger when guided?).

>> No.25295189

I wasn't saying to downgrade Repentia, I listed them seperately after all. I mean a seperate troops choice who are themed around repentance (perhaps citizens accused of Heresy by the church who must serve in battle to atone for their crimes, perceived or otherwise?).

>> No.25295191

>I just want a reason for Marine players to bitch about something that's awesome in my codex

All you need for this is a Wardex on par with GK or Necron or something like the Heldrake.

SoB being a better army as a whole for tournaments and such than most/all marines is already an insult since SoB are supposed to be "inferior" marines.

>> No.25295206


Ecclesiarchal Penal Legion?

Mitebcool...if they don't suck like regular conscripts.

>> No.25295216

>A base 2+ armour save would statistically allow as many Sisters to survive a round of shooting as Marines

I trust you did the math for this?

Surviving bolter fire is a moot point anyways. What you need to be able to survive is weight of fire las/pulse and AP.

>> No.25295227


Faith invuln should be able to be boosted to 3++ stormshield status as an aura from specific heroes already. I have no idea why that isn't already in the book when DA get shit like techmarine + portable field generator 4++ 3" bubble.

>> No.25295230

Oh I know. I've tabled a few Marine armies since I've gotten the new book. The army really struggles against armies like Guard and Orks though because of the lack of ranged templates and the only thing that brings a good amount of firepower at range is the Exorcist. I mean, yeah heavy Bolters exist, but even on Retributors for rending the Exorcist is a much better option.

The army really needs some other toys (Avenger Bolt Cannon, Inferno Cannon and Melta Cannon come to mind) that can be thrown around the field honestly.

>> No.25295238

Yeah, basically.

>> No.25295249

Very rough math. T3 means Sisters take more wounds on weapons S5 and down. But they'd make slightly more saves due to the slight bump in armour. I could run it through a calculator but I was winging it at the time I said it.

>> No.25295255


Avenger is already legal for SoB you know.

>> No.25295278

Yeah, Sisters don't need to go back to being able to spam a 3++ like the could in the old book.

The Shield of Faith thing was just something that I thought about today. I mean it's a Shield of -Faith-, why don't the more veteran models whose faith has been battle tempered more get a better save?

Okay, I know, it's balance so they don't get to be too awesome, but still the point remains that it'd be a cool rule that'd really buff the units and make a Canoness useful if she shared hers (4++ while she's there? Fuck yeah I'll charge a mob of Battle Sisters into combat with her now).

>> No.25295290

Depends who you deal with. I'm in an area where some people will play vs Forgeworld (outside of Apoc at least) and others won't. It's a nice flyer, don't get me wrong, I own 2, but I'd love to see it mounted on a light, fast tank to cruise around the board with.

>> No.25295305


They can not play your FW, but it'd be a houserule/them being a douchebag.

>> No.25295314


Feel No Pain actually feels more miraculous than Faith.

>> No.25295340

Basically. I'll play just about anyone, but you get some people whose asses chaffe the second you mention Forgeworld.

Well you get Faith vs things that cause Instant Death, and all my vehicles have it standard (minus the FW flyers), but yeah, it is a bit more useful than SoF most of the time.

Works wonders with Repentia by the way. Shield of Faith followed by Feel no Pain helps them survive a lot more.

>> No.25295378

>all this invulnerable save talk

You guys should learn to use cover more.

>> No.25295402

You always take your best save, so unless Sisters are being hit with AP3 or better weapons they don't use cover.

I actually still use Rhinos to get them across the board. It's a lot faster, and I don't have to worry about them dying as much.

>> No.25295415

/tg/ isn't really particularly good at any of the games it plays,

>> No.25295423

And to follow up to my other reply, there are cover ignoring weapons that AP Sisters. Banewolf for example.

Or getting hit with a weapon that determines LoS from the center of the blast. Cover is nice but it doesn't solve everything. Especially in an army that likes to get -really- close to it's opponent.

>> No.25295474

Some of us have a bit of an idea of what we're doing. I won't claim I win every game, but I'm not a horrible player either. I play the mission the best I can and play to my army's strengths.

It's just that there are some things a 5+ cover save doesn't work against. Some I've listed already, but to add to that, it doesn't do shit for me when I'm in close combat because of my short range army being in charge range when they're finally where they need to be to start dealing out some hurt.

>> No.25295548


Most cover saves are going to be better than your invuln.

>> No.25295557 [DELETED] 


Play with more ruins. Also go to ground.

>> No.25295589

Why don't they have female Marines anyway? How badly would it rape the fluff if you have a Chapter of gene-modified xenophobic She-Hulks?

>> No.25295606

>Trust me, a friend of mine plays sisters and I have had to listen to a LOT of bitching about this.
Rule of thumb: Upset players of the army in question are some of the least reliable sources of information.

>> No.25295622

Right, but most of the time I lose my armour save I'm in a position where I've had my cover negated by superior movement, or a weapon that negates cover, or I'm getting punched in the face with a power weapon. Cover is nice when my Rhinos explode and I go to ground (and then use the Battle Sisters Act of Faith to become Fearless next turn and get to go back to playing as normal. Thanks main rulebook FAQ!), but I haven't found it to come up -too- often in my favour.

And that's not even counting Tau who just take it away anyways.

Male empowerment fantasy.

Usually true. He probably read it on the internet, doesn't know what book it's from and can't tell you who wrote it.

>> No.25295648

The reason why it doesn't fly with the fluff is that the genetic modification of space marines is to make them more like their primarchs, which were all dudes, so it only works on dudes.

You could just say that one of the two missing primarchs was a chick so now you have chick marines. Problem with this is that the missing primarchs have never been heard from, and if one should show up it would be a BIG fucking deal, especially if the Imperium would start making marines from them, and the fluff mentions no such thing happening at any point. So, you can fluff it up yourself, but it would be such a big deal that people would call bullshit.

Personally I wouldn't give two flying shits if someone fielded chick marines, if the conversions were good.

>> No.25295732

If matt ward got the SOB codex at least then there would be a codex. Also I think arcoflagellants and repentia would be troops choices.

>> No.25295897

really cause id just stick my dick in her alot.

>> No.25295906

There are female marines. They are just so heavily genetically altered to the point where they are large and musclebound, also the armour is one-size-fits-all and looks the same for anyone.

What? You mean to say you automatically assumed all the Space Marines are male? That the sexual dimorphism of a sexless race of human supersoldiers from the future is the same as that of regular humans from now? You think that armour for females must always be form fitting and show off an hourglass shape? For shame, you sexist pig!

>> No.25295957

I didn't assume anything. GW is the one who said that they're all men.

>> No.25295998
File: 1.77 MB, 1241x1690, 1334374590688.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ehh, depends on which edition you're playing.

>> No.25296178

Dark Eldar/Chaos Daemons player here. Sisters aren't bad from my perspective. I'm used to treating my troop choices like they're made of glass (I've considered blowing glass 40k figures for myself and others btw) and I would kill for a 12 point troop option with bolters, a 3+ armor save, grenades, and if I'm not mistaken an extra attack in assault. If you treat them as a fragile payload to be dropped on an enemy vulnerable to either their shooting, assault, or combination thereof then the 3+ save actually pays out better for you than if you treat them like Space Marines light. Sisters are one of the few units that can pull off an assault against vulnerable troops with those 3+ saves assuming they minimize their exposure prior to that point.

What Sisters really need is a better faith system and better (cheaper) integrated anti-tank options.

>> No.25296207


Exactly. This is the sort of mentality SoB will never have because they'll only be able to see that their troops aren't "as good as marines" who cost a fuck ton while their troops are already godlike.

>> No.25296328


It's a common mentality. What most players assume is that their units with 3+ saves and ~T4 are just as well off out in the open as opposed to being moved carefully and deliberately through cover and out of LoS. What they don't realize is that they are exposed to more threats and that the enemy doesn't have to work to develop those threats to your troops as hard because you walk right into them. I find that Marine, Ork, Necron, and Guard players develop bad habits that don't hurt them as much as they hurt the rest of us.

>> No.25296555

Can people stop linking fanfiction from rogue trader? That magazine was full of mary sue crap like that. It was not canon even when it came out.

>> No.25296560

As a marine and guard player, what bad habits are thinking about?

>> No.25296667

>What? You mean to say you automatically assumed all the Space Marines are male?

Well the fluff explicitly states that all Space Marines are male, since the geneseed doesn't work with female chromosomes.

>> No.25297039
File: 259 KB, 1183x620, Sister_cron_paintchat_3_by_muju.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I just opened this thread and there's like 200+ replies here so I'm just gonna ask my question since I saw the Avenger mentioned a few times. But all in all, I went over the rules for it in it's PDF and it seems from what I can tell, to be a strong flier, how well does this model function in a SoB army and how much does this single model help the fiery nuns?
Sorry if this question was already brought up. Cause I'm thinking of getting that new Dark Angels flier from based Chinaman and converting it for SoB and then fielding it as an Avenger

>> No.25297443


Somebody's butthurt over Guard actually being competitive for the first time in forever. The only thing making them OP is Vendetta spam, and we have the change from 5th Ed skimmers to 6th Ed flyers to blame for that.

>> No.25297476


This guy has a point. Not for any reason other than the insane popularity of little douchebags with a massive Superhero Complex all playing Sperg Mergnergs instead of characterful armies, but he still has a point.

>> No.25297548

>They're like weaker, less trained space marines.

This is why they should either get complete overhaul or suffer the fate of Squats

>> No.25297558
File: 217 KB, 610x800, ordersmilitant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25297581
File: 192 KB, 1600x1000, b803fed5c94571c5dd53318dd633f29f44281d36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're not less trained. They're fighting wars all the time, and it's stated that when they're not at war they're always training.

Word on the street is that it isn't preferable over Exorcists, but it's still a good choice. And fun, too.

>> No.25297587

Is this from a WD?

>> No.25297597
File: 295 KB, 1000x800, 1368746027000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry, no idea.

>> No.25297599

But they aren't weaker or less trained than a Space Marine, you dolt. These are the same motherfuckers who held off on Terra from Space Marines, all because some guy told them too.

>> No.25297615
File: 456 KB, 800x667, tumblr_mip8pzdKiG1r21rsxo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's either from there or an old codex of theirs, though.

>> No.25297620

WD and old codex go together.

>> No.25297636
File: 216 KB, 641x420, 1368749298570.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Several chapters of Marines alongside Mechanicus Tech Guard, no less.

>> No.25297655

The only reason they seem "weak" is because of Matt Fucking Ward and his sidekick Robert "AnalLover" Cruddance

>> No.25297672

Guys, I'm just starting my SoB army, have a few bucks to blow on models right now. What should I pick up first? Already have the WD codex

>> No.25297687

The WD 'dex isn't all that bad. Yes Cruddance nerfed it too much, but it has a few perfectly competetitive builds. And Ward's fluff treats them with respect, telling tales of their badass exploits.

Also, Cruddance's first name is Robin, not Robert.

>> No.25297726

Slaughter at Sanctuary 101.

Apparently Sisters stand no chance against Necrons.

>> No.25297733

Troops and a HQ are always a good place to start. I'd reccomend getting yourself one or two squads worth of regular bolter sisters plus sister superiors (run these with combi-weapons and chainswords, btw), and maybe a few special weapon Sisters you can mix and match to see what you like best (avoid the heavy flamer though, it's overpriced).

For HQ, if you want something competetive go for Celestine or Uriah. Celestine is undoubtedly the most fun, though.

Oh, also you might want to download this.


It's a fan-made transcription of the WD codex + the FAQs. It's way better since it's laid out so well, you don't need to flip between the backs of two magazines. Most places will be cool with you using it, given the awkwardness of the WD codex.

Hope this helps!

>> No.25297742
File: 77 KB, 704x400, e88611714f73d9e7d86b18be20eb26ff1e0f0820.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Read Hammer and Anvil.

Sisters very much got the last laugh there.

>> No.25297751

Thanks mate, was going to get Uriah first but I don't know if I can paint a badass motherfucker like that.

>> No.25297865


>> No.25297874

Oh, also if you want to give Uriah a conclave (which is a very good use for him), go for Crusaders and Death Cult Assassins. Flagellants aren't so good, apparently.

Anyway, good luck starting your army. Sisters are so rare that you'll probably have the element of surprise against other players in your local meta.

>> No.25297878
File: 88 KB, 591x1108, 111a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I knew it would be that before even opening the link. :')

Such badass pieve of music. Captures them perfectly.

>> No.25297944

Just ordered Uriah, sent it to my local GW shop, which I didnt know even exsisted in my meighborhood.

>> No.25297957

>they aren't weaker

Space marine is S4, T4. Normal human is S3, T3. SoB are normal humans and thus are weaker than space marines.

>or less trained

Space marine has WS 4, battle sister has WS 3, ergo her combat training is inferior to combat training of a space marine

>> No.25297977

Both of those things can be put down to the Marine's biological upgrades, though. They allow them to achieve things that normal people simply cannot.

>> No.25298007

What I don't fucking understand is why Sisters of Battle didn't get rolled into Codex: Grey Knights.

GW should have the next edition codex just be Codex: Imperial Inquisition, and allow Sisters and Grey Knights to be in the same army, alongside Inquisitors.

>> No.25298031

Nah, it'd get too diluted, both fluff and crunch.

Besides, I want my gals to have their turn in the spotlight.

>> No.25298057

They did that once and nobody liked it.

>> No.25298107


WS 4 represents their training in close combat, imperial guard officers and death korp troopers are WS4 and they are not super soldiers.

>> No.25298165

That makes no sense. Sisters train and fight just as hard as those, if not harder. And they've got power armour on top of that, increasing their strength further.

It's likely because Sisters are a shooty army, so it wouldn't make sense to make them too good at cc too.

>> No.25298177

They have specific CC troops, Repentia for example.

>> No.25298220

Wait, i misunderstood you a bit. Yes, WS represents skill with CC weapons and not strength. This would make sense, given the SoB are traditionally ranged fighters.

>> No.25298346

please don't die on me, sisters

>> No.25298394


DKoK are vat-grown, steroid pumped super clone soldiers.

Imperial Guard officers tend to bring the heavy guns out when it comes to melee (hue) using things like power fists and power weapons. These are far more specialized and require more advanced training than your generic nun.

I doubt SoB even train that hard for melee besides their dedicated melee units.

>> No.25298404
File: 62 KB, 800x449, 205125_md-Adeptus Sororitas, Artwork, Digital Painting, Sisters Of Battle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related.

>> No.25298405

>Besides, I want my gals to have their turn in the spotlight.

I don't. Every new codex has turned to utter shit when it got its spotilght time, including the mediocre Tau. The worst offenders were FAQ Daemons pre-codex update, CSM, and Tau.

I wish my codex (which isn't SoB) would just quietly receive its update, but if it's any good it's going to cause a huge stir. Or even if it's bad or mediocre there'll probably be a huge shitstorm.

>> No.25298433

>They're not less trained. They're fighting wars all the time, and it's stated that when they're not at war they're always training.

SoB spend more time in prayer and cannot train/fight for as long as a space marine who can do it for months without rest. Ergo, SM by default are more trained than SoB.

Not to say there aren't SM who spend all their offtime praying.

>> No.25298442


WS3 S3 T3 I3 1 attack (two when charging), why would you ever charge with them instead of shooting with their bolters?

>> No.25298450

> I wish my codex (which isn't SoB) would just quietly receive its update, but if it's any good it's going to cause a huge stir.
So... you don't enjoy good updates?

There's probably no point in us debating this if that's your view, then. I want mah nuns to get an army with lots of viable builds and awesome fluff. No idea why anybody wouldn't want that for their army.

>> No.25298475

> SoB spend more time in prayer
No. Their fluff actually says that they see both combat training and prayer as essential. This would imply that they spend at least equal amounts of time on both.

>> No.25298494
File: 232 KB, 274x396, Vitae Womb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>DKoK are vat-grown, steroid pumped super clone soldiers.

They are not, they just use some odd birthing technique which was never explained in detail.

>> No.25298558

>DKoK are vat-grown, steroid pumped super clone soldiers.
No, no they are not, they simply come from Vitae Wombs which was never explained, they could be birthing servitors, modifications to regular women, test tubes, but nothing states or implies that they are steroid pumped super clone soldiers. If you want that Afriel Strain troopers are closer, clones of Imperial heroes (like Macharius) given the best equipment who are cursed. Also sometimes clones can apparently end up as the opposite sex since a female clone of Macharius ended up in the 13th Penal Legion for killing another clone or something.

As for why officers get WS 4, officers are generally represented as the nobility of a world (in which case they probably are well trained in dueling) or soldiers who have fought their way up the ranks (in which case they just learned to fight from experience).

>> No.25298594

ITT: people who think marines are still 16pts each

>> No.25298623

Battle Sister: 12pts
Chaos Space Marine: 13pts

Totally fair.

>> No.25298657


More time in prayer than space marines, genius.

Reading comprehension.

>> No.25298665


Codex: Space Marine is the baseline and is still 16 points.

Or are you implying SoB should get an update and price reduction before even the most default default default vanilla marine gets a price adjustment.

>> No.25298702

Add to that DA Marines.
14 pts and they get Grim Resolve, ATSKNF and Combat Squad in addition to the Chaos Standard Package.

>> No.25298740


Chaos don't come with CCW.

>> No.25298752






>> No.25298802

Marines spend three hours per day praying, as well 15 minutes of free time.

We don't have a daily SoB schedule, so you cannot claim that they spend more time praying as a fact. And their fluff says that they see the two as inseperable, further muddying the issue.

Funnily enough, you've actually just given me a nice possible reason for why SoB are so incorruptible while many Space Marines have gone over to Chaos.

>> No.25298866

C:SM troops are 16pts because loads of special rules and low cost weapon options.

If you want to compare Sisters to Marines, you need to take the most basic marine, the Chaos one.

DA neither.

Wow, you sure are convincing, with all that all-caps and name-calling.

Also, assuming codex creep is dodgy at best, what with 6th Ed codexes being mostly average (save for a couple broken units/gear that keep them relevant).

>> No.25298867


It's pretty obvious SoB pray for more than 3 hours. You're just reaching.

>> No.25298868

>old codices
>released a year before CSM

>> No.25298880

>Also, assuming codex creep is dodgy at best, what with 6th Ed codexes being mostly average (save for a couple broken units/gear that keep them relevant).

And guess what, CSM is average except Heldrake and DA tacticals suck.

You're an idiot.

>> No.25298891

We don't know to what degree, though. Yes they likely do, but it could just be for an extra hour or two.

>> No.25298896


Is that three hours a day from that article from rogue traders or 2nd edition? Because marines from back then were barely like their modern counterparts fluff wise.

>> No.25298898

Which was my point, so we're two idiots.

>> No.25298955

>so we're two idiots.

Don't worry, those other guys play 40k, making us ALL idiots.

>> No.25298971

3rd. Look at the reference.


You know what? I'm perfectly happy to conceed some time spent combat training in exchange for more fanaticism and immunity to corruption (anything short of straight-up mind-jacking, anyway...).

>> No.25299145

Maybe its because Eldar and Dark Eldar play differently? Also consider that if power weapons for DE were 15, then Agonisers (at 5 points higher) would be an even more blatant auto-take.

>> No.25299673


erm, zealot mobs have been a troop choice throughout most of the sisters history.

>> No.25299848

Yeah, that was pretty cool what happened there.

>> No.25299877

What'd look good as a Rosarius on a Canoness? Can anybody point me to any specific bitz, perhaps?

>> No.25299893

The paint scheme is from the 3rd Edition Codex: Witch Hunters if I recall correctly.

>> No.25299917

Butthurt? No. Annoyed at the FOC in an FOC allows them to spam heavy weapons and squadrons of tanks, not move and generally win by shooting my army off the table because I'm forced to come inside of their massed lasgun range to actually kill them only to get torrented down by S3,AP- shots? Well yeah.

>> No.25299948

Usually these days you're getting assaulted because to be in effective Bolter range you have to be in charge range.

>> No.25299973

She has an icon hanging from her waist you could call her Rosarious. All a Rosarious is anyways is a Holy Icon with a protective field generator inside.

>> No.25299975


I find the most skilled games stay in the plinking range for the first few turns instead of just rapidly closing in to rapid fire.

Obviously this changes if you're playing IG/Tau but I mean you don't want to get close to guys like Necron unless you can secure the charge and you don't want to get close to GK period.

>> No.25299991

Very true. The problem with Tau and IG is that both have table wide board range.

Add in that about half the IG weapons don't need Line of Sight, some of those also ignore cover and most AP power armour and it's not a great match up for Sisters.

Orks aren't either, but that's because they bring more bodies than Sisters can kill and you can't make them run away before the punch you in the face.

>> No.25300114

>Orks aren't either, but that's because they bring more bodies than Sisters can kill and you can't make them run away before the punch you in the face.
>not taking as many flamers and heavy flamers and heavy bolters as you can

ufufufu silly boy

>> No.25300168

You mean the weapons I have that have an 8" range (so 14" total range counting a full 6" movement?).

Yeah, Flamers -are- good, but to use them they'll be in the front and die first. Plus 30 boys -maybe 10 is still 20 boys who are going to go punch the Sisters in the face after the whole army is done shooting.

It's easy to say that Orks should be an easy win for Sisters, but honestly, any army that can bring 2 models for each of the Sisters models 1, or more is going to be an uphill fight for the girls.

>> No.25300179

Yeah... But that wouldn't look cool! They all have those.

>> No.25300185

Sorry I meant take a Mob of 30 boys, you'll kill maybe 10 that way (assuming they're using cover, like a KFF, which they're Orks, why wouldn't they be?) you'll kill maybe 10, which still leaves 20 to deal with.

Hell if they have more than 10 models left int he mob when you're done shooting you're in charge range, -and- going to get your face punched in on their turn.

>> No.25300212

If you were to bring 2 Seraphim squads, it'd be an uphill fight for the Orks. Each squad can put down four flame templates, and the rest can fire two bolt pistols. On top of that, their act of faith lets them re-roll any failed hits.

>> No.25300286

A couple good buddies of mine run DIY chapters with female marines in 'em, and this is pretty much how they do it. They're women, but they're Marines first, and you'd probably only be able to tell that they were women if you'd been informed of it beforehand.

There's also Kenton Kilgore's Fighting Tigers. He just swaps female miniature heads onto basic Marine bodies, and it comes out looking fine.

>> No.25300313

Two squads of Seraphim, with 10 models and 2 sets of hand flamers: 390 points. It's not bad points wise, but I generally build an all comers list well before hand and just use that.

The problem is that without tailoring armies that can outnumber mine are actually a really big problem to handle. I'm not saying I can't win (playing the mission does help a lot), but there are times when that doesn't even work.

Played a game this week. Ended up against IG, in Purge the Alien (Killpoints) and he got the Warlord trait for Stealth in Ruins for his army. On an urban table.

Half my army was gone before I even got to the center board. It wasn't just an inablity to make saves or his good rolling to hit and wound, but just a general sense that I was -far- outgunned that game and couldn't do a damned thing about it.

>> No.25300776

Re-roll to hit? I thought it was to wound.

>> No.25300821

It is. Dominions re-roll to hit with theirs. With templates it does matter though because you auto-hit so it's that re-roll to wound that matters.

>> No.25301092

It is. Sorry, I derp'd.

Hmm. Perhaps there's some way we can fight hordes and still have an all-comers list.

Could Uriah+a conclave help? They're pretty great on the attack, from what I've heard.

>> No.25301109
File: 377 KB, 612x782, wh40k___principalis_portrait_by_jorsch-d5babsg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dangit, we're auto-saging.

>> No.25301139

Only a bit. They're choppy and all but with the changes to the assualt rules they can't pop out of a Rhino and murder things anymore, which hurts them. They're best running in front of a Repentia Squad with Jacobus at the back and the Crusaders in the front. That way you have a Storm Shield save to keep the unit moving and the Repentia can catch Jacobus and use him to blender things if need be.

Of course this becomes a -massive- fire magnet, but if you can get it there there will be great piles of gore left where you're opponent's models were.

>> No.25303718

It wasn't just SOB defending earth (weren't most of them at the Palace of Terra) it was the entire forces loyal to what's his name.

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