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You are caption Numeon Smith of the Knights Inductor space marine chapter, commanding officer of the Aprior sector Joint Task Force, currently on deployment to the frigid world of Volkgarod, to safeguard that world from the orks who have invaded it.

Currently, you are engaged in a behind enemy lines action after having passed through the capitol city's metro tunnels, and are currently overlooking an orkish cache of weapons and munitions. Destroying this cache will throw the nearby orks into chaos, and allow your forces to break through their lines and hopefully dive the greenskins from the capitol.

Your task force stands as follows.

SpecOps: ASIS task force, Eldar Ranger squad.

Air Support: Valkyrie Avenger dropships, Shrike air-space fighters.

Heavy Armor: Fenris main battle tanks, precision rocket artillery.

Infantry Support: Sisters of Battle, Battlesuit Team.

Special Units: Confessor, Tau Commander.

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You said it was a miracle it hadn't exploded already right? Toss a grenade at it.

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How potent explosives do we have on our person?

Is there an obvious way to plant such a device undetected? We certainly don't want to be caught within the blast radius.

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The explosive piles are too far inside the perimeter for a grenade to reach them, the orks have set up ramshackle barricades and flak guns to protect the installation.

Shooting it with a bolter or plasma gun will only cause a localized explosion, if you were to touch off the main magazine inside the building the entire block would go up like a roman candle.

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We've been using Jager as our stealth scout; we could have him plant a bomb. Maybe a bandolier of grenades with a remote detonator?

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Does the plasma gun even have the range to fire on the main magazine from where we are?

>> No.25284403

Main weapons store is inside the structure, no line of sight.

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Wouldn't a plasma gun create its own Line of Sight? What with being plasma it could burn through most walls?

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Then I suppose we simply have to assault the place. Maybe divert them then blow up the munitions?

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Looks like even our infiltrators will have problems with slipping through. We will need to create a distraction and keep it up long enough for a demo man to deliver the payload AND get out safely. Is there a conveniently solid structure nearby that we could retreat to while we hold Ork attention?

Also make sure to notify our ranger allies before we set off the fireworks

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Many nearby structures are still intact enough to service as defensive positions.

This would require you to continuously fire multiple shots until you make enough holes in the building to identify something large enough to destroy, and then making the shot at this range.

Possible, but difficult.

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>Many nearby structures are still intact enough to service as defensive positions.
What structures are available?
Something heavy, with limited entrances, and a way for us to exfiltrate from the building and get to the subway would what we're looking for.

We may also want to inform Cypress and Vael to prepare to punch through the Ork lines once we blow their ammo dump.

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Make a mental note to ask the adMech to explore the possibility of creating a plasma sniper rifle.

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This seems to have been a business area at one time, several office structures and manufacturing facilities remain standing, but most are heavily damaged and half collapsed.

You could find one with limited entrances and defensible fairly simply, but you may risk detection moving your forces into position.

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I think it's worth it to find a better position from which to launch our diversionary attack.
In either case, we distract the defenders so that Jager can get in to plant the bombs.

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Confirming for distract orks so that Jager can sneak in and plant explosives.

>> No.25284645

works for me

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We're trying to sneak into a better position before we launch the attack, mind you.
It's just that if we get detected and have to run to a building, that also distracts the orks, and still gets the job done, just with a complication.

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"Team form up, here's the plan. Jager, you are going to sneak into the orkish facility and plant explosives on their central magazine, get clear and blow it sky high."

Jager is quiet for a moment.

"You always give me the fun jobs Cap."

"Don't worry Jager, the rest of us will create a distraction to draw the orks away."

"What kind of distraction?" Jager asks worriedly.

"The only distraction orks care about." You say simply. "A fight."

You split up from there, Jager giving you a final nervous wave before vanishing into the rubble, you moving parallel to the orkish perimeter.

The orks themselves do not seem very interested in keeping guard, mostly quarreling over various bits of firepower, but the grots on the turrets are keeping a wary eye on the perimeter.

Roll to avoid detection, roll out of 100, best of the first three.

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Rolled 70


>> No.25284750

Rolled 62

For when we need to get their attention, besides blowing up a guard tower, should we make fun of Gork and Mork?

>> No.25284789

Rolled 31


Emperor guide our toothbrush

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>31... interesting prayer.

You manage to sneak past the gretchin guarding the perimeter, but it is a close run thing, one gunner seeming to notice you, but losing interest after a few moments of beady staring.

After a few more minutes of crawling through the rubble, you arrive at a semi-intact office structure and ascend to the second floor, overlooking the compound. Of Jager there is no sign, but you take that as a good thing, if you cannot see him, the orks probably cannot either.

You check in with your team and find them ready to begin, Crais' rangers also on site to provide long range support where they can.

You are now in a good position to draw the attention of the orks in the compound, but given their numbers you will likely not be able to hold out for any great length of time.

You should however be able to draw their attention away from the storehouse so that Jager can complete his mission.

How do you proceed?

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Start shooting. Make comments about the relative merits of Gork and Mork.

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Find the biggest, meanest looking Ork and shoot his head off with a bolter.

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Blow up a guard tower, and the orks at the closest entrance. Kill targets of opportunity, especially if they have rokkets and other explosive weapons.
If they get a trukk rolling, disable it at the gate so that it blocks other vehicles from getting out.

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As stupid as it sounds, firing wildly and yelling "Come and have a go i you think you're hard enough!!" is probably be the best way to get their attention.
After that, once we know the bomb is set, make like the fabled, if eccentric hero Bennus Hillitus and peg it.

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Roll to engage the enemy's attention.

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Rolled 40


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Rolled 29

Mork is better than Gork!

>> No.25285051

Rolled 81


Let's give them some Fun, Dwarf Fortress grade.

>> No.25285070

Rolled 23

>attract attention
Huh....is this a situation where we DON'T want a crit success? Because if we do, we might bite off more than we can chew?

>> No.25285097


I'd say it's more about chewing everything that comes to bite us. Although given how my roll was, I should rather keep quiet.

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The orks mill about in the compound below, arguing and fighting over various bits of ordinance.

Two particularly belligerent orks are squabbling over a rocket launcher neither is large enough to lift properly.

In the end the louder of the two beats off his smaller opponent and heaves the weapon up on its tail, shouting his victory to the heavens.

That is when he notices the shadow swiftly growing larger over him. The object making the shadow lands with a thump in front of him, and the great armored figure looks over at the startled ork.

"Thanks." you say, before shooting the ork in the face.

You sling the launcher over one shoulder, hip firing with your bolter in the other, screaming at the top of your lungs. You have to admit that the experience is a little cathartic.

You turn and fire a rocket into a guard tower, blowing it and the orks inside to tiny bits, before dropping the spent launcher and throwing a grenade into a nearby gun pile, the flames back-lighting you as you turn to face the largest concentration of orks.

"Mork is better than Gork!" You shout.

The orks are still for a moment, before every single one you can see drops whatever they were doing and rushes towards you, screaming "WAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!" as they charge.

You shout back with equal vigor as you fire. "Come and have a go then if you think you're hard enough!"

Your bolter clicks empty and you turn back towards your defensive position, sprinting as fast as your augmented legs can carry you towards your waiting brothers, who lay down suppression fire as you approach.

You are now back in the building with your brothers, and have about five seconds before the orks hit the incline leading up to your position.

State actions and roll accordingly.

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but isn't that what gauss rifles are for? I can understand a plasma shotgun though that would be awesome should ask about that as well.

Anyway why did we just have someone bombarded anyway?

If clustered chuck grenade or use the looted rokit launcher. Otherwise climb up the buildings and leap on the other side to flank them.

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Rolled 14

Reload bolt pistol, switch to bolt rifle, and throw a grenade down towards the approaching Orks.

>> No.25285194

Rolled 77

ah forgot to roll.

>> No.25285201

You were firing your rifle from the hip, just to clarify.

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Rolled 55


Target practice.

Aim for Orks with rockets/explosives first.

>> No.25285337

Rolled 32

Aim for the ones with the most dangerous weapons. If possible shoot the guns so they blow up, thus removing them and the Orks using them.

>> No.25285408


You reload your bolter, looking around to your brothers.

"Hold the line brothers, Light them up!"

Your brothers lay into the charging orks, cutting down the ones attempting to climb the incline towards you, the ork bodies tumble back down the slope to foul the attempts of their charging brethren to reach you.

"Crais." You vox in between shots. "Eliminate any ork with large weapons, do not allow them to bring down this structure."

"Yes mon'keigh." Crais says calmly, and you see an ork with a flamer suddenly lose his head.

You fire another magazine into the orkish horde at the base of the building before activating your vox again.

"Jager, how close are you?"

"Not far." Comes the whispered reply, "Just have to get past this last group of sentries, hold them for a few more moments sir."

Below you the tide of orks begins to make some headway up the slope towards you, climbing higher on the bodies of their fallen comrades.

Roll to continue to engage the enemy.

>> No.25285427

Rolled 87

Let's keep this up.

>> No.25285439

Rolled 8


Slope, eh? Pity we don't have some legos on hand.

In any case, the Emperor protects.

>> No.25285489

going with this

>> No.25285622


"Hold them for just a little longer brothers! We are almost done here!"

You lean out of a broken window and fire into the mob below, bolter shots taking out the mobs leader. Then you throw a grenade down into the mass of orks, blood and bits of flesh flying everywhere.

"Jager, status update."

"Dealing with the last sentry now." He whispers before the vox is overcome with wince worthy ripping noises.

"Planting explosives now Cap." Jager says.

"The bombs are planted." You tell your team, "Hit them now!"

As one, you rise and fire, pouring a squads worth of bolter fire into the confused mass of greenskins below. After a few moments of putting up with this sustained fire, the survivors break and run retreating back towards their weapons depot.

"Jager, be advised the orks are falling back towards you, get out of there!"

"Working on it Cap!" Jager shouts down his vox.

You see Jager rush straight through the mass of panicked orks, who fail to notice him in their mad rush to get back inside.

One sees him running past and goes to grab him, but loses a hand to a slashing talon for his trouble.

As he draws closer, you see a detonator clenched in one of Jagers secondary hands, and as he clambers over the mass of dead orks at the base of the incline, he presses the button.

The explosion is titanic, the shock wave buffeting you about and shaking loose some damaged masonry, but when everything settles down a bit everyone seems intact.

Jager has blood on his hands and many other places besides, but apart from a few tears and scrapes he looks fine.

Of the ork hold, there is only a smoking wreck and the shrieks and explosions of more ammunition cooking off.

It seems that you have completed this little assignment.

Next action?

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Fall back to the subway station building, and vox Cypress and our orbital support to see how the Ork horde is reacting to losing their ammo dump.

It may soon be time to have Cypress and Vael launch their hammer against our anvil.

>> No.25285696


>> No.25285719

Rolled 72



We should hammer our iron while it is glowing hot.

>> No.25285814

"Knights, fall back to the metro station." You order before activating your vox.

"Captain Smith to Midnight Flame, what is the status of the orkish lines?"

"Just a moment Captain," Comes the smooth tones of Lieutenant Reed. "Thermal indicates a marked disruption in the orkish lines near the destroyed dump, reinforcements are moving towards the scene of the explosion, diverting from the front lines, the orks are losing their backup in that section."

"Good." You reply, "Get the Shrikes inbound and hitting targets, and get me a city wide vox channel."

After a few moments, "Channel open sir."

"This is Captain Smith to all units, the enemy has been disrupted, begin the counterattack at once, strike while the iron is glowing hot."

A chorus of affirmatives echo down the vox from your various unit commanders, and you turn to go.

"Yes." Says a panting Jager, "Let's leave before the thousands of screaming orks descend upon us for blowing up their guns."

As you pass, you clench a fist and tap Jager's shoulder gently, the operative smiling, regaining his composure, and you proceed back to the metro tunnels.

Actions? Lie low and wait for backup or engage the orks as they move past?

>> No.25285875

Set up booby traps and then lie low except for the units which can harass them.

>> No.25285912

Harass who?

>> No.25285942

The orks.

>> No.25285962

Set up some traps around the surface for Orks to trigger. The metro tunnel entrance is a good choke point, so we can pop up, get Orks to chase us down the entrance, and then have them get blown apart by the Aprior and Volk Guardsmen we had set up weapon emplacements down there.

>> No.25285973

Right, proceeding

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Rolled 78

Once the Orks are confronted with the main offensive from the City, we should be able to wreak some havoc quite comfortably.

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bleh, I should stop rolling for a while.

>> No.25286087


You fall back to the metro station and the JTF forces waiting there, the Apriori guardsmen greeting you with evident relief, their waiting game having weighed on their nerves.

You return to find the damaged metro station fairly well fortified for such short notice, with an autocanon emplacement pointed at the stairwell and numerous remote mines set up around the perimeter.

You settle into the top of the stairwell and keep out a wary eye for any orks passing through.

For the longest time you hear nothing but the distant sounds of battle, only a few orks showing up to be decapitated by your bolter or gibbed by the mines. As you listen you hear the sounds grow louder and louder as time goes on.

A decent sized group attempts to take refuge in the tunnel at one point, but finds the new tenants just as ferocious as the old, and substantially better prepared.

Needless to say it did not end well for them.

Eventually you see a large group of orks come rushing through the buildings towards you, and are about to issue a general alarm to your men, when a Fenris burst through the wall of a nearby building and obliterates the formation with a canister shot, before rolling on past you.

It seems that the front lines have crossed your position.

>> No.25286179


Very well, let's move out and find some more greenskins to send to valhalla.

(orcish afterlife sure has to be pretty crowded)

>> No.25286261


"Brothers, guardsmen, forward! The time has come to drive these beasts from the capitol, strike swiftly!"

You rise from the metro station and follow the trail of destruction left over by the tanks passage. Your long strides carry you far and fast, and you deal with a few orkish stragglers, but it seems that the sheer speed of the JTFs advance has left you largely behind.

After the explosion and loss of their replacement fighters, the orks fell into disarray and folded before the armored spearhead of the Apriori tanks, the superior craftsmanship of the Fenris cleaving through orkish armor as though they were tissue paper.

Soon the advance widens, orks fleeing the city as a full press peels the breach wider and wider.


>> No.25286317

We need to have the rocket artillery keep certain Ork sectors pinned so tht they can't reinforcements or outflank the Aprior advance.

>> No.25286377


When the Shrikes scream overhead and the battlesuits dance across the landscape the orks panic and run for their brethren, seeking strength in numbers.

When the Fenris tanks smash into their lines the orks beat back against them with all the savage fury they can muster before being driven back.

When you arrive with your brother Knights, the grudging retreat becomes a rout.

The orks scrabble over each other to flee the city, rushing away from the unyielding bolter, the screaming Shrike, the booming of the Fenris. This is perhaps the only thing which orks truly fear, death itself. No fight, no glorious rush of battle, simply death in the cold windswept streets.

In two hours time you stand on the edge of the city, watching the great green horde fleeing into the icy wastes beyond.

Looking up, you see a single Shrike fly overhead, streaking the few miles out to the fleeing mass of orks, and drop a single shining missile down into the center, before peeling off and rushing back to friendly airspace.

The vox comes online a moment later.

"This is lieutenant Reed to all forces, fire support incoming, hang onto your teeth people."

With a sudden blast of wind and snow, the first round screams down from the heavens and pummels the left side of the orkish army, the second shot leads ahead of it by a half mile, the third lands directly in the center.

It will take days for the dust to fully settle, but thermal imaging shows that the orkish force has been almost fully obliterated, the scattered survivors fading into the white of the eternal winter.

The capitol is now secured and your forces have landed, but the orks still hold most of the planet in their grip, but the JTF has been landed in its entirety and you have a solid base of operations. The battle is over, but the war has just begun.

I must go eat in a few minutes here, I will be back as soon as I can, just take a short break and we will continue when I return.

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Well that went pretty well. I suppose now it's time to retake control of the city, reinforce its defenses and pick our next deployment. Better not allow the Orks to retake the initiative.

>> No.25286597

Rolled 81

Yes. Lets start things off with a planning meeting between our officers and the locals.

>> No.25286652

We'll want to do lower orbit recon and mapping flights with the Shrikes in order to destroy as many of the large concentrations of Orks outside of cities and population centers as we can. Orbital bombardments aren't the full answer, but they help.

We need to identify any food production and industrial centers that survived and get them online. If we can get the PDF to churn out rocket artillery and ammo by the hundreds, we can meet Ork numbers with Katyusha rain.

>> No.25287147

I return, content in a moment.

>> No.25287257


With the orkish army obliterated, you turn back to the task of securing the city against any further threats, bringing in the techpriests from the 'Flame to help the locals upgrade their fortifications and defenses.

The locals seem apprehensive in dealing with the augmented priests, finding them disturbing, but the words of Confessor Cromwell go a good way towards mollifying them, though they remain skittish.

This is to say nothing of their reaction to you and your brothers, with Volkgarod citizens often dropping to their knees as a Knight passes by, signing the Aquila and whispering prayers of devotion and praise until you pass out of sight.

The local soldiers are a bit more restrained, but they often stop what they are doing to praise your presence as a Knight passes.

The city is, for the moment, secured and the JTF is seeing to its provisioning and living arrangements.

How do you proceed from here?

>> No.25287306

meeting between the locals and JTF officers.

>> No.25287349


I'm with >>25286652, we need to consolidate imperial hold and resource security. If there are nearby resources that need to be liberated, that should be our next target.

>> No.25287351

Who do you wish to attend the meeting, be aware that you have already spoken at length with the local general.

>> No.25287367

Yes. Its a strategy meeting, we need to learn more about the various cities and which one we should move to assist first.

>> No.25287496

You call a planning meeting with the human looking members of your command staff and the local officials, including general Zhukov and the 'Secretary General'.

One hour later you are back in the palace, although in a much more comfortable room this time, with hardwood chairs and stained glass skylights, an old study room converted into a meeting place.

The Secretary General stands, smoking his pipe, with his general at his right hand, various other aides floating around the room conversing with lower JTF officers.

"The first order of business," you begin, "is to establish the locations most in need of our assistance, and where our forces can score the most decisive victories.

Where is are this worlds weapons industry and food production centers located.

General Zhukov steps forward. "Our agricultural centers are spaced along the ring of the equator, where the warmer weather allows enough food to grow to make it worthwhile, most of the weapons production facilities are located north and south of the equator itself, usually clustered around mines or other important resources."

Next statement?

>> No.25287579


What is their status? Have all of them fallen to the Orks? Is the greenskin presence stronger in some places than others? Which mine cluster is richest, which is easiest to access by the rail network?

>> No.25287622

"The cities where each center is based are somewhat distant from each other. should the rail network be intact then it could vary from hours to days between them.

Many of these cities have fallen to the invaders, the agricultural belt has been largely cut off from us, but we hear that sporadic fighting is still ongoing in some areas, mostly hit and run operations.

As for the industrial centers, many of them have gone dark and their final transmissions give us no reason to doubt that these orks have taken them.

Our forces are holding in many places, but we are not at the moment able to retake our lost cities.

>> No.25287645

which ones are currently under threat then?

>> No.25287699

"At present 4 industrial cities are still holding out, although their time is likely limited. Also, five agricultural production centers situated in a clump in the agricultural belt have been holding out, though their produce has no way to reach the rest of the world with the invaders holding the rail lines."

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Well, I suppose we better hurry to reconnect the railroad of the Capital to the farming belt before we run out of provision and people start to starve. If there's one of the industrial clusters along the way, that's even better.

>> No.25287748

this works. I'd recommend sending the eldar to harass the orks besieging the cities though.

>> No.25287753

you only have the one squad of rangers.

>> No.25287816

lets do that then.

>> No.25287853
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We could send some troops and equipment to aid the besieged centres, perhaps? It wouldn't do if they fell while we're busy regaining ground elsewhere...

>> No.25287862


"Our first priority should be to retake as much of the agricultural belt as we can." You say, "We will not be able to fight this war without provisions to feed the men."

The Secretary General snorts at this. "My soldiers need only their devotion to sustain them, what they need are armaments to kill these beasts. With your people upgrading my factories we shall churn forth an arsenal to destroy these filthy beasts!"

You notice from the maps that the agricultural belt is a good distance from the industrial centers left standing, it would not be possible to deploy the same force to attack both targets.

Furthermore, considering the number of orks engaged at each location, you think that you would spread the JTF dangerously thin attempting to relieve both sets of locations at once. It would be possible to do so, but the balancing act would be a precarious one.

>> No.25287936

Could we make up the difference with attacked locals? We'd help defend the capitol by relying on shrike guided orbital bombardment.

>> No.25287976

It would be possible to perform seek and destroy missions on orkish forces moving to the cities, but firing into the cities themselves would be counter productive.

>> No.25287981


we don't need ALL the farms, we just need enough to avoid famine. For purpose of removing WAAGH from the premises, it would indeed be more conductive to have reliable source of materiel.

What's the deal with the railroad network then? Mobility would be a great boon to us.

>> No.25288013

No I meant that we basically cut the defenses of the capitol low and nuke from orbit any ork that tries to approach while it is under-defended.

>> No.25288034

The railroad network is mostly intact, the intercity rails are still in place, however with the orks controlling large parts of the destination cities the offloading point would likely be a meatgrinder. Any force using it would have to disembark beforehand to avoid the actual station, this prevents it from being used to transport actual goods between cities.

>> No.25288073

This also works.

>> No.25288104

plans to move forwards?

>> No.25288143

Rolled 43


Together with AdMech automated defenses this might give us the capacity to make some headway without having to sacrifice the cities still standing! Although I suppose it will cost us air support in our next engagement. I suppose we should manage.

That still leaves the question where do we go next.

I leave the choice in your capable hands.

>> No.25288167

Automated defenses will take time to set up without a true magos, but they are trying, mostly rocket turrets and SAM sites.

>> No.25288212

Are we going to do more, or are my good players done for the night?

>> No.25288235

And by good I mean that you are all good players in the same way that you might say 'my good man'.

>> No.25288419

Thanks for the good game people, see you around.

>> No.25288574

Might be slow right now, Mr. Brick. The generals suggestions are probably best. The agricultural cities need support, too, so lets send a small force to them that will help stall things till we can get there.

>> No.25288688

Liberate 3 agricultural centers; not only do we need to get food for the locals, but also deny prime growing spots to the Orks.

Then we'll retake the industrial centers.

We have to remember that the Orks can grow their reinforcements; denying them growing areas is the same as denying them industrial/military training areas.

>> No.25288738

Orkish reproduction is not really fast enough to my knowledge to produce combat ready specimens in a short space of time, but will lead to long term problems in the future.

How small is small?

>> No.25289019

I support the hit both with backup from pdf, while defending the capitol with orbital interdiction plan.

>> No.25289065

I think this thread has come to an end, and it wouldn't be fair to make this choice based on one players input, so let's finish this discussion in the next thread.

See you around, it was a good game.

>> No.25289177

Alright. We'll get this done tomorrow.

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