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Do any of you guys know any artists who do good 40k style stuff on commission and don't charge ridiculous prices?

I kinda wanna get some Black Crusade characters drawn, but I don't know any suitable artists. I'll dump some 40k art here so it's not a totally useless /r/ thread.

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I understood that translating to materium that near a planet/within solar system is dangerous to the extreme.

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It is, there are specific warp points well away from any planets.

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Depends which writer you ask.

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>Brother Tacitus, leave not without your giant bolt pistol

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I thought it was dangerous in different ways. The ship risks damage from the sudden shift in gravity, the planet risks problems stemming from the Warp energies, and it's possible to leave the Warp rift open long enough to suck part of the planet into the Warp.

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harharhar... This bolt pistolis now mine, all MINE

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Like an artist is going to care about such details if he wants a scenic planet in his pict.

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well every book i have read have always had warp translation points on the outskirts of system.

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Damn you, now I can't stop seeing it...

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I would think an entire solar system would be better background

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The entire novel is about a servo skull trying to catch up to Brother Tacitus so that he can give him his giant bolt pistol. Along the way the servo skull learns about friendship, duty, love, and sacrifice. When it finally reaches Brother Tacitus it discovers that Tacitus has fallen to the Warp and it has to take Tacitus out behind the Rhino and put him down.

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Any writefaggots here?

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This guy does 40k and is quite good.

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I'd like to think that i'm 'okay' at 40k stuff and don't charge much.

take a look if you're interested

pic related

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more 40k arts

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dark eldars

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Cheers, man. I've actually been in this guy's streams before, I think.

Still open to more suggestions though, I like to shop around. If it helps, I'm looking to get a Chaos Marine draw specifically.

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muh reens

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and another tau

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Pretty nice stuff man, but it's all a bit.. sketchy, for my tastes, I guess? I definitely prefer cleaner looking stuff, unfortunately.

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You want Chaos? I can do Chaos

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Guess so.

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You got my interest back with this one, actually. Have you got any complete, preferably coloured pieces to show off?

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Bretty good, I really like your style.

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nothing Chaos-wise, i'm afraid, that isn't fiddly sketchy stuff

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A more full-color thing, though if I was doing 40k i'd drop this cel shaded looking shit and do it more painterly.

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>ridiculous prices

nigga they all charge ridiculous prices-- they are ridiculously underselling themselves.

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Looks like you can pull off complete pieces pretty competently, you've got my interest back. I'm not gonna be able to pay for anything resembling a commission for a week or so, but I'd definitely consider you as an option when I get around to it.

What prices would I be looking at for a full body shot of a Chaos Muhrine, coloured?

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Yeah, I know the prices artists charge are actually woefully below what they should be charging (I remember seeing a post the calculated it based on minimum wage and hours needed to work on a piece, it was pretty damn interesting).
But honestly, I'm a broke fuck, so if I can find someone willing to sell their services for cheap, I'm all over that shit.

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I've been going with $10-15 USD and then minimum wage ($7.50) an hour after for anything super complicated or full color. Which usually takes less than 2 hours, so like. $25-30 USD tops.

check the e-mail for my gallery if you haven't. its mostly not updated tho

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>Comparing Devianttards to Professional Artists

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>hiring someone of any skill level for less than minimum wage

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Seems pretty reasonable. I might end up dropping you a line in a week or so when I get paid.

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Would you pay a hooker to blow air on your dick? No? Then why would somebody pay someone to do the equivalent in art.

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>hiring devianttards
>not getting a physical copy of what you payed for
you must have hired some shitty people anon

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For those rates?

This guy really isn't very good judging from his art shown.

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>people thinking the minimum wage means something
>people thinking guidelines written by the artists themselves mean anything
Seriously, /tg/? Do any of you know anything about economics?

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>Implying people should create art for commission for slave wages rather than just work on their own shit.

Anyone with even resembling talent will - and should - tell people asking art for shit prices to fuck off.

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never said I was..

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Fine, more power to them. But they shouldn't pretend that what's talent and what's a shit prices comes from anything but supply and demand.

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Am I too late? here's a sample of my work.

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And here's another one. Loken of the Luna Wolves

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>The Market Is God

reagan go back to bed.

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ooh that's pretty good paintin' you got there

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The market? Nonsense, how does the market know anything about fairness! We should have every artist and would-be customer just as you how much should be charged for any given piece.

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God damnit anon, you got me good

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Really interesting style, I like it. Got a deviantart or something where people can contact you for commission work?

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What he said

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yup. http://benunay.deviantart.com/

I don't really do commission painting as I'm still a beginner (5-ish months), but if you're interested, sure, i'm willing to make an exception. just send me a note on deviantart.

here's another sample, just something ive been working on.

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That sounds like it might be good if done well.

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Your style's interesting, and you've got a lot of talent for someone so new. Also, I like that your Fulgrim looks manly and not like a bishie gay pride parader like most interpretations.

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Thanks, that means a lot. I've actually done a lot of research, including reading the HH novel Fulgrim.

So yeah, if you're interested just send me a note. You did say you wanted something chaos-y?

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Yeah, looking to get my Slaaneshi Raptor/Warp Talon character from my Black Crusade game drawn. I've got ages to find a decent artist though, the game isn't starting again for a long time.

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Does torture-device do commissions?

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He looks cool if you like the art style.

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Why would you want to commission something from that fascist pig that insults his viewers and thinks he is super cool and edgy?
And will probably ask tons of money with his inflated ego.

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I haven't done anything for a year....but heres mine

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Because he's at what he does, that you can't see beyond his nazi (not fascist, educate yourself) ideological beliefs is just a show of poor character.

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*He's good at what he does

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Do you honestly believe that a nazi wont be a fascist at the same time?

And i have seen far better artists that drew stuff for even fantasy flight games with a realistic style, he is popular becouse his radical views are popular with rebelious edgy teenagers.

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He's really not that good, and it's a show of poor character to give money to racist nutjobs like him.

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This looks great, reminds me of the classic ork artwork

Did you use AI for this?

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I think TD has an intresting artstyle in the pieces that recieve time and effort.

Any political views are irrelevant to the question, just like they would be should it be Communism, Liberalism or Conservatism.

And national socialism is its own thing, influenced by fascism, yes, but it's not fascism.

Note that i do not adhere to any of these two beliefs.

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That is insane for 5 months. Mad props to you.

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