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Any Sisters of Battle rumors?

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I heard Celestine and the Sanguinor totally have a thing.

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There's word on the street, that they all are wearing see-through g-strings.

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A whole new unit with cuhrayzee martial arts abilities and... other techniques.

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Spoke to some people today, Orks SM and SoB confirmed for remainder of this year

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She is sooooo out of his league.

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Pics or it didn't happen

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I hope so, i wanna start a sisters army so bad

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as if, asif

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>spoke to the voices in my head
>SOB before Nids / Orks

I would commit rage sedoku

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Well I spoke to god himself yesterday and he told me that the world is gonna end tommorow

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He's fucking liar, he's said that dozens of times, boy that called wolf.

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SoB are much worse off than either Orks or Tyranids.

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But they are also much more work for much less gain.

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No, but I did catch an interesting tidbit from my GW manger earlier. Apparently even GW customer service is advising people to download the WD codex from the internet. I just find it hilarious that even GW's public face is advocating downloading a PDF in face of the WD 'dex's unobtainability.

But anyway, hopefully we'll get something in 2014. Have faith, Sisters!

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I dolt know, I think that they'd sell well. There's quite a few people who really want to play them, but can't because of the WD being hard to get and the expensive prices.

And the DE were in a similar position. They needed a lot of work too, but it paid off for GW.

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Surprised they didn't just release the pdf on the website.

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Issue with Siters is they need a Full do-over.
Every Sister either converted to plastic or Finecast.
They use to be an All-metal faction, only the Rhino chassis and their bases was plastic.

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According to my store guy a forgeworld modeller said something like 'why are we doing sisters of battle when GW are working on them too' late last year at a big panel/event thing and thus he predicts they will hit this year.

Not sure if bullshit (but probably)

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True. But they have had two years to do this now, so they might have gotten a lot of the work done already.

Yeah, me too. It's just baffling, when you think about it. They could have put it up for a small price and made a killing off of it. This would require no work on their part, but they haven't done it.

I see two possibilities:

1. GW is redesigning the codex and doesn't want to bother with something that's just going to be made obsolete.
2. GW is incompetent

I think I can guess which option most of /tg/ will pick.

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Sister lippys car... is green

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It wouldn't be that much work.
1 Generic leg/torso/heads/backpack sprue.
1 Sprue with arms, Bolters and flamers/melta for regular SoB/Dominions
1 sprue with helmets,arms & heavy weapons for Retributors
1 sprue with arms holding pistols & flypacks for Seraphim
1 sprue with power weapons & extra gubbins for Sister Superior.
1extra sprue with icons for the Rhino chassis
1 extra Exorcist sprue for the Rhino chassis

There you go, you just need to finecast Penitent Engine and Sister Repentia.

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>True. But they have had two years to do this now, so they might have gotten a lot of the work done already.

Orr... more realistically, sat with their thumbs up their collective ass

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every new release has pretty much been an all in one 5 man box. So expect foot sisters and some new super elite sister unit.

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Or Termi-sister level elites?

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Honestly I'm surprised no plastic sisters yet. For years people said they'd pay anything for HH armies. Now we have them. And at extravagant prices.

Granted FW is kind of a different thing but still. But there's demand for it so you'd think GW would jump on the chance to make more money.

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Wow I'm retarded and forgot about Celestians. But than again every book got a new elite so far.

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If they want to attract more females to the hobby (which they fucking should because almost every other aspect of gaming is making a killing off new female customers) then a strong female-only army would be the right way to do it. Not everyone is gonna want to play Dark Eldar bondage bitches.

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Fuck yes, Celestians need one hell of a buff.

Thinking about it, they'd work quite nicely as Terminator equivilants. They'd be tougher versions of the regular Sisters and good all-arounders unlike the other infantry.

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Sisters are actually a decen dex as is, i mean

Dominions can go flamer heavy and get to make everything twinlinked.
Retributors can grab 4 Hvy bolter per 5 and make them rending...
Seraphim.. re-roll everything offensive

And yeah.. the mighty clelestians... are able to bump their Str to 4, get Fearless and be overpriced T3 Space Marines for a single round

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im glad the repressor is more viable now.

okay the firepoints got nerfed hard and the price is increased but a dedicated transport with a 13 front armor. yes please

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I read a story on Dakka about a young girl coming into a GW all excited about starting an SoB army, but left disappointed after the manger explained what a sorry state they were in. ;_;

Yeah, SoB would be especially strong sellers what with their appeal to girls.

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The last credible rumor I saw about the models was that they would release 5 man all in one box in the same vein as the gk in power armour box. The sculpts were supposedly done around a year and a half back. I'm expecting a 5 woman box for £20 if they ever get released

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Its 17pts I think for a retributor with heavy bolter so a sister horde army is pretty viable

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There is a rumor floating around that an Inquisition codex is in the works for a late next year release. According to the rumor, it'll include all three orders and two militant orders (being the sororitas and the GK) and will include some synergy options with IG. I can't say I'm not hopefully as a relatively new SoB player myself.

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>1extra sprue with icons for the Rhino chassis

This already exists, it's the Immolator sprue which also makes a SoB Rhino (seriously, it's even in the assembly instructions).

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Any idea if they look any different? I've heard a few people threatening that they've been made more "feminine", but nothing credible.

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The entire ork codex hinges solely on lootas. The codex is an outdated piece of garbage that easily gets munched by SoB.

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Sadly the 4 HvyBolter cap remains no matter how many sisters you add to the retributors,
But yeah 12 points +5 for the bolter.

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The only thing I heard about their style was they are better proportioned than the old models and have more robes.

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I sure hope not, I want to field an army of Horseface Brienne D'arc Bolter-bitches, because at least the Emperor knows how pretty they are, on the inside.

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Oh god no.

I don't want them to share the limelight with anybody. Let the SoB have their own show. It's certainly been a while since they have.

They'd probably get a bit lost in the crowd in an unified =I= codex, for both fluff and crunch.

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What? A horde army that's easily defeated by a blast/template heavy army?

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I am okay with this.

Yes! Pretty SoB are a dumb idea anyway.

You don't fight the Emperor's foes (often without a helmet) that hard and come out looking like a supermodel.

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I'm planning on running a sisters list using old Bauhaus models, the whole heavy bolter cap isn't too bad considering their points cost. You can take dominions as a cheap anti tank fuck you.

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Just imagine them charging ahead with the blind fanaticism of Cullen-drones

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Celestians need to work more like Space Marine veterans/Chosen. That's what they were originally, then veterans got better in 4th edition and even better in 5th but Cruddace didn't see the connection and left Celestians the way they were in Witch Hunters. They need to have normal SoB stats with WS4 and maybe 2 attacks and have access to a list of weapons from which any Celestian can choose a weapon. Either a Chosen-like list with actual special weapons and close combat weapons or a Veteran-style list with combi-weapons, storm bolters and close combat weapons.

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Or with purchasable special rules.

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Eh that rumour has been around for years

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Having a regular squad all being able to field combis would be fun as fuck. And just magnetise the arms and you've got a completely adaptable squad.

Speaking of authors, whom would you like to write the next Gun Nun codex, /tg/? 1d4chan seems quite keen on Phil Kelly doing it.

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Completely serious. Maybe if he writes the fluff he'll have them raping heretical space marine chapters, fucking up csm, and obliterating entire regiments of traitor guard.

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Kelly tend to overprice units/options. Ward tend to underprice units/options.

Considering how much the sisters have been waiting for a real Codex, I'd let Ward have a go, even if they might end up somewhat OP.

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Not him, I want old Saint Praxedes and Saint Celestine back.

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Battlescars dont make a girl ugly. Quite the opposite, in fact.

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No, no, I completely see where you're coming from. With Ward, we're pretty much guranteed to get badass fluff and solid crunch.

As long as he doesn't go overboard on these things like he did with the GKs, I'd be fine with a Wardex.

Noot all pirate Sororitas are graceful babes with long flowing hair, I'm afraid. :(

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Oh I know. I was gonna post >>25214977, but someone already had. Besides, the one you posted is still more feminine that the actual models.

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Guys... It doesn't have to be just Kelly or Ward any more. Kelly I'd be worried about handling sisters, since he seems to tend towards a lot of copy/paste from previous codex rules. Ward, well, we know he's not crazy about sisters, and look at his old fantasy orks/goblins dex...
Cruddace is obviously out, because lolCruddace.

We need Vetock for this one.

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Yeah, well, Sister Miriya is allowed to be pretty because her characterisation is so badass.

Pic related would be acceptable for new models, IMO. Not as "ugly" as the current models, but still clearly a tough soldier.

Standing atop a pile of dead Orks is optional, of course.

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Vetock would also be accpetable. From what I've heard his track record is pretty much spotless. And the man makes good fluff.

Honestly, as long as they get a codex I'm not going to be fussy over who authors it. As long as they put the effort in.

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Anything not Kelly will do, He's dropped the ball far to many times by now.

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And >>25214977 is pretty strong-jawed and soldier looking, too. I most certainly dont want supermodel SoBs, I just want them to look like actual women. As a matter of fact, that kickstarter the other post links to a thread about has some great examples

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Hmmm... Maybe you're right. Miriya isn't really exagerrated at all, can't see anything too offensive about her. Wouldn't look out of place in a war.

Just don't want GW to try to sex them up to sell them better. Though seeing what happened to the Daemonettes, I think we're safe from that.

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There currently is nobody on the design team you should hope for. You should cringe on any name, because the last person to work for the studio who seriously thought the Sisters were an important facet of 40k, was the one who gave the green-light for the Witchunter codex.

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I want to make a Khorne themed SoB army with torn the fuck up Grey Knights in the bases badly. But I am waiting for plastic models.

>> No.25262330

Idk, but every kelly-dex has been a letdown.

>> No.25262354

Our saint Vetock would be a good man to save the Sisters for a gruesome, lonely death

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>Flamers on the front of the bike

I thought bolters on the front of a bike were dumb enough. Essentially you could only shoot in the direction you were driving. What happens if you shoot fire in the direction you're driving?

>> No.25262389

>Idk, but every kelly-dex has been a letdown.
Seriously? He's got the best track record going for him, which isn't saying much considering.

>> No.25262398

Well there supposedly is a kickstarter for totally-not-future-space-nuns in the works.

So modelwise, things might be looking up.

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Which Eldar codex did YOU read

>> No.25262422

A very cool effect since it looks like you're driving right through the flames.

Very cinematic and causes fear, too bad fear is absolutely useless in 40k

>> No.25262430

>What happens if you shoot fire in the direction you're driving?
Ghost Rider

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CSM 6th
Deamons 6th

The Eldar was decent though, both of them.

Thing with opinions is, I can still be disappointing in a dex other's love.

>> No.25262458

Apparently the ones that didn't give them all force-weapons, a psychic power that inflicts an automatic Str 4 AP 3 hit to every unit in base to base contact, Str 8 Autocannons, Melta-Lances, extra attacks for every successful to-wound with built-in rerolls and WS 6, and a all the flying bagels you can stomach.

>> No.25262468

The Repressor got its rules updated to give it AV 13 up-front. A mechanical boob-job, if you will.

>> No.25262469

or he would make another codex:Dark Angels.

no thanks...

>> No.25262475

You become pic related.

Also, you say that as if FIRECYCLES are something the SoB would not use.

>> No.25262477

Then don't use that word
Gotta give every psyker fortune and auto-pass as well

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newnids is written by cruddace dude.

CSM, Daemons and Eldar are all fine, balanced books.

>> No.25262506

>CSM 6th
>Deamons 6th

He also wrote Spess Yiff (Jervis' pet favorite army), 6th Eldar, and 5th Dark Eldar.

>> No.25262507

The new sisters of battle models will take direct inspiration from the monster high toys.

That's the rumor I'm starting.

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Considering Sisters of Battle aren't space marines, nor generic ones at that... I don't see that happening.

>> No.25262556

Dark Angels is a great codex though.

>> No.25262568

Seconding that. Aside from the derp-speeder, it's the only loyalist marine codex I actually like, since 4th edition.

>> No.25262580

Compare the Tau codex to the Eldar codex. Tau have all the tools to work well in 6th edition. Eldar don't really have that same thing and they probably won't age well. Of course they did get some super undercosted units (Windriders) so we'll see.

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They shant exist.

>> No.25262680

And lost 4 (5 if you count the hatch) firing points and went up 50% in cost.

>> No.25262727

>Tau have all the tools to work well in 6th edition.
More like all the tools to be the 'No-Fun' army of 6th. The only thing that *may* cause Eldar to not age well, is if GW uses Tau as the basis for an obscene power-curve. And considering the fact Orks and Sisters are theoretically next on the chopping block.... that likely won't happen.

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>Sisters any time soon


Next releases are in order of codex age, excluding BT (rolled into spehss mehreens supplement) and Nids (after spehss mehreens)

After nids comes guard, so don't get your hopes up

>> No.25263101

Is that the latest? Tomorrow it will probably be Nids next, followed by marines, followed by Hrud...

Even so, Orks and Nids don't exactly point to a sudden ramp up in codex creep. Eldar will be fine.

>> No.25263176


>Next releases are in order of codex age

Not anymore, codices are released in what ever order GW feels like.

The only solid info about future releases from Hastings, who says:

SM in October followed by Orks/Tyranids, IG, and Orks/Tyranids in 2014.

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I think interceptor should take place during the shooting phase if the model it targets tries to fire you can fire in response to its shots after it has fired but before damage is resolved.
That way Crimson Hunters can actually shoot before instantly dying to an ADL or Broadsides or crises suits (fuck commanders with skyfire) and the ADL isn't a useless target for the hunter.

>> No.25263286

Boo hoo. Your super cheap AV 13 transport doesn't have more than one fire point.

Fuck off entitled twat.

>> No.25263651

But girls play 'nids. They think they're cute apparently.

>> No.25263670

>implying they arent
And then it occurred to me that I had no unyuufex pictures.

>> No.25263675

I think it has more to do with the fact that Nids aren't an army of 'roided out fags in armor, or fetish D-cup gun-nuns. The other common army girls tend to pick, are Eldar. Due mostly to the whole elf shtick.

>> No.25263743

And DE

>> No.25263754

I should have clarified that by Eldar, I meant all Eldar.

>> No.25263781

Do you need them?

>> No.25263788

I think so...

>> No.25264342


There definitely needs to be some way to return fire against a battlesuit popping out of total cover, firing all its guns with pinpoint accuracy, then jumping back into total cover before your turn.

I mean what the hell is happening in the game world here? Is it moving at light speed or some shit? It only works because the game is turn based. If it can shoot me there should be at least a split second where one of my units can shoot it. Even if I take an accuracy penalty or it gets a cover save, it should at least be possible.

>> No.25264390

I think the latest rumors about Warhammer Fantasy being wrapped up if the next edition doesn't do well because the last one tanked...

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>> No.25264687

>> No.25264695

>> No.25264729

>Out of Sanguinor's League
>Not the other way around.

>> No.25264770

Yay. I like my codex, but I would like something fresh, perhaps something with the ability to bring back the old grenadiers (with HSLG) or at least bringing doctrines back to the regular guys instead of just the vets.

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>> No.25264795

>AV 13
>Dedicated Transport
>Less than 100 points
I fail to see the problem, I would love dedicated transports that are AV 13 for that cheap, missiles can only pen on a 6 and autocannons can only glance, a pretty nice transport honestly.

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>> No.25264812

she was the first, then ward wanted to make a better one for spess mareens, it didn't wark because Celestine's lore is still better

>> No.25264859

Doctrines fuck yeah, let's have them for all the Codex'.
Best thing since Chaos had Sacred Numbers.

>> No.25264874

Was better. Ward made sure of that.

>> No.25264927


But they're too entirely different things.

Celestine is a human being infused with Warp power generated by belief in the Emperor.

The Sanguinor is either the spirit of Sanguinius empowered by the Emperor and the beliefs of the BA or a psychic construct/daemon created unconsciously by the BA through their beliefs.

>> No.25264958

i spoke to certain somebody in gw
asked him about sob

he couldnt outright answer me, since we were in GWHQ, so he said one thing
"All codices will be updated to 6th edition...ALL codices"

from those words i expected that black templars and sobs are getting an update sometime...now it seems black templars will be a "supplement" for SM

>> No.25264972

Sanguinator is such a Celestine rip-off it's painful.

Ward hasn't touched her lore. It's still the same.

>> No.25265010

I really like the theory that both are sorta like daemons of the Emperor. Both appear during times when the emotions of the faithful are at their highest, and then mysteriously vanish.

>> No.25265026

Ward only did the rules of the SoB thing. I refuse to call it a codex.

>> No.25265083

I never even took them to make a good army, carapace armour and grenadiers were never worth it, just was fun having an "elite" guard regiment or whatever.

>> No.25265087

>> No.25265099

>> No.25265119

I've always held the opinion that living saints were effectively a daemon prince of the Emperor/humanity. Belief in the Emperor empowers him and he uses his power to create what amounts to a daemon prince of the Emperor.

>> No.25265134

I took them because they look friggin' awesome.

>> No.25265147



>> No.25265158

>> No.25265216

>> No.25265226

I thought that was something else completely

>> No.25265248

my niggas

i would brofist each one of you right now so fucking hard
...then we would proceed into sexing each other

>> No.25265255

Which makes me think... Would big E becoming a Chaos god necessarily be a bad thing? If he's using his supposed daemons to help his troops then he obviously still cares about his people. The Imperium backed up by an actual god with associated daemons would be a powerhouse.

>> No.25265317

Assuming he is still self aware, there is no inherent reason for him to become evil, the only reason the Chaos Gods are evil is because in the 41st Millenium the galaxy is shitty enough that bad emotions shine through the good. If the Emperor died and became a warp God, and if he retained his sentience than there is no reason why it wouldn't be a good thing for humanity.

>> No.25265324

>Would big E becoming a Chaos god necessarily be a bad thing?

Are you implying that the miracles the sisters' faith generates is not real?
That they don't have the ability to shrug off lascannons?

>> No.25265347

>> No.25265409

>> No.25265429

>> No.25265454

the Emperor and the thing in the warp the prayers are going to are probably two separate things, the thing is likely a construct made from all the psykers fueling the golden throne, the Emperor long since passed on his corps undignifiedly propped up as a figurehead by the HighLords of Terra

>> No.25265508

>> No.25265517

Don't forget, now that they know about CAD they need to input some extrawork to put fucking skulls and other unnecessary "quality detail" on every open space

>> No.25265522

Seems like a damn big "I win" button for the Imperium to me. Thinking about it, him being a god means that all of his followers's souls would go to him when he died, further empowering him and letting him make more Imperial daemons to help the Imperium.

Uh, no? Where'd you get that idea from?

If anything, the SoB's miracles lend more weight to this theory. They are boons from a god to his most devout worshipers.

>> No.25265528

>> No.25265531

all that fucking heresy

>> No.25265560

Whatever they're powering, it is aiding them. And it's only going to get more powerful the more they feed it.

>> No.25265577

That nid is so fucked

>> No.25265582

back in my new days I imagined a Post star child universe, where the imperium was split by the preachings of the Imperial Angyls, contradicting the diluted Imperial creeds, the High Lords of Terra and half the Inquisition claiming it to be a trick, out of a mix of fanaticism and power lust.

>> No.25265588

I don't remember his name, but didn't that guy who wrote the tau dex said something like "i ahve written 4 books now that gw doesn't want to publish yet" sometime last year?
well, the tau dex was one

>> No.25265609

The starchild?

Woudl be awesome if the SoB book had some Thorian Inquisitors on-board.

To add a second "Good" army that not up to its neck in shades of grey.

>> No.25265612

i still hate how the white dwarf containing their rules had frigging ogres on its cover

>> No.25265623

i kinda hope that all or almost all new models are wearing their nice thong helments... gw can't into faces

>> No.25265637

If they're plastic it'll probably be an option to build 'em that way.

>> No.25265654

Yes, we're safe, especially considering how they also put FUCKHUEG ATHLETE VIKINGS like dem space furries in thick armor and not having them around like barbarians and shit like that


>> No.25265659

try these >>25253547

>> No.25265662

-> I'll get right on that

>> No.25265672

the new one, apparently

>> No.25265679

Yeah, and the other part had a dragon on the front. :-/

If you feel like it, just print your own SoB codex out. There's a very nice, concise fan-made PDF of the WD 'dex floating around, and you could put whatever SoB art you wanted onto the front of that.

And again, even GW is okay with this. Today my manager outright said that customer services told him to tell people to download it from the Internet.

>> No.25265683

GW cant let the models be sexy, since like the M rated vidya market the target audience is edgy 12 year olds

>> No.25265690

Well, they could throw phosphor bombs or spray phosphor behind them to make flamelines and play tron

>> No.25265695

>Seems like a damn big "I win" button for the Imperium to me.
Issue being that not everyone might accept it and such a revelation might actually fracture the Imperium. Think of it like this
>Emperor dies
>High Lords of Terra claim he is still on the Golden Throne holding the Imperium together
>Someone (Preacher, Inquisitor, Space Marine Chapter Master) finds out or just proclaims and happens to be right that the Emperor has really died and become a Warp God supporting humanity and the Imperium.
>High Lords of Terra worry about their legitimacy and attempt to kill the guy
>Imperium splits apart in a civil war over whether or not the Emperor is dead, and no one can tell who among the people that knows the truth is lying and who is telling the truth.

>> No.25265716

Depend on how you see him, and if >>25265454 is right or not.
If the Warp God Emperor is the god of the imperial value and not the emperor we know from the Great Crusade ... then he could be terrible too, just in a different way.
Personally I like to see him as a god of order, not as insane as the 4, even pretty cool... as you remain at your place and maintain the status quo. Basically, imperial puritans at a demonic level of obsession.

>> No.25265776

Though of that too, except it was a split with Holy Terra warp-fanatism and more rational Imperium, outside of the solar segmentum (and with ultramarine help).

>> No.25265821

If imagine that The God-God Emperor and his band of merry faithful would eventually win such a war, but not without considerable cost. Only because you can't actually defeat a chaos god.

And if the Eccmesiarchy were to get behind big E full force, the High Lords would be screwed. They could quickly convert people over to their way of thinking, and their fanaticism is only going to empower the Emperor further.

>> No.25265884

Faptastic, thanks!

>> No.25266040

Ward actually did the fluff for the WD Dex (he co-wrote it and you can tell Cruddace did the rules) and it came out nicely.

Rumour has it that his wife plays Sisters so if he fucked that up......

>> No.25266343

..the fuck would marry that guy?
Well, i understand him getting married, but how could a wargamer marry him? *confused*

>> No.25266345

It was Cruddace who did the rules. Ward wrote the fluff.


>> No.25266371

Release order as I know it right now:
July - Apoc
August - Lizardmen
September - Rumoured to be Blood Bowl
October - Space Marines (no rumours about BT one way or the other)
November - Fantasy (rumoured Dark Elves)
December - Hobbit
2014's first book is said to be Tyranids.

>> No.25266436

Seconding this. The fluff was actually pretty good. Though there wasn't all that much of it, it showed them off doing awesome stuff, and most importantly treated them with respect.

>> No.25266464

Don't forget to buy the books

>> No.25266471

I don't think that this contradicts her previous fluff, just gives an overview of it. In a real codex he would have had more room, so he could've talked about her origins in more detail.

>> No.25266508

The BL books? Already got them, bud. And the audiobook too.

>> No.25266527

I presume such was done back when he was just a wargamer himself.

Makes me wonder if the Bloodtide was caused over a marital argument though.

>> No.25266551

Does someone know of a divorce?

But this really casts a new light on his work. Maybe his wife abuses him or something?!

>> No.25266639

thing is that half the Ecclesiarchy are corrupt or too fanatical to beleve that the emperor could be anything but what they say he is

>> No.25266673


Maybe he was just taking advantage of a who knows how old trope to show off the extreme pragmatism of the GK.

>> No.25266722

How does it not contradict it? She was never some deus ex machina like The Sanguinor, she lead her own crusade UNTIL SHE DIED.

>> No.25266728

>Woman in the fridge
What i hate about the trope is the inclusion of gender. Sidecharacters get killed off all the time for a stronger worf effect, it's just that women are usually sidecharacters; that's an entirely different "problem" that needs a completly different fix

>> No.25266780

No respect for the dead though.

>> No.25266893

What would we call him? He would be the sixth god, or fifth if you don't consider Malal canon.

>> No.25266966

The Ecclesiarchy would probably support the High Lords because it both preserves their station (the Emperor being a confirmed god might help it, but it might also get them replaced with other people) and because doctrine would probably support the idea that the Emperor cannot die and that comparing him to the big four Gods is probably heresy.

>> No.25266968

The Big E would pretty much be Malal reborn if he were an avatar of the empire.

>> No.25267007


The trope of I was talking about the "freshly shed human blood (especially if it's 100% pure virgin female) has mystical properties" one.

>> No.25267017

Big E probably ate Malal at some point

>> No.25267071

Malal isn't order or progress, he is Self-destruction, the force that forces Tzeentch to undo his own plans, Khorne to yield to honor, Nurgle to treasure Isha.

Chaos' unoing of itself, the patterns in randomness and the randomness in patterns.

>> No.25267082

I spoke to the manager at my LGW.
Me and him are friends.
He said before the last update "tau are elegidly next"

He said today that "a marine book is elegidly next"
So that means either A) vanilla
Or b) a new chapter get's it's own book. (Like we need another marine dex)

Also he thinks sisters are going to be purged soon. They don't even sell the models in store.

>> No.25267096

Oh, didn't know about that part.

You may consider this to be heresy, but I kinda like Ward's version more. It fits in with her mechanics on the table, and an unkillable angel powered FAITH and THE EMPRAH is pretty awesome.

>> No.25267141

The Lord of Light is the one true god! Praise Azor Ahai! Praise Lightbringer!

>> No.25267150

Dark Eldar models were also not sold in-store at one point.

>> No.25267160

She had the same mechanics before. She just ultimately died for good in the fluff. And she wasn't just a cheap plot device.

>> No.25267165

I've heard tell of an ork book being next in line.
I doubt it highly though.

>> No.25267186

Emperor Ascended.

>> No.25267213

This is true. But why would they leave an army so far behind if they didn't intend to purge it?

>> No.25267250

because they would have done it already, see Squatts

>> No.25267257


Remember how they purged DE and Necrons

>> No.25267275

I just find her more appealing as a more mythical entity. As has been mentioned, her acting as some sort of Imperial demon has some very interesting implications within the fluff.

But you're entitled to like her as she was before. It's just down to taste, really.

>> No.25267291


He is talking from his ass, gw is never going to go with the squat way again.

>> No.25267300

Templars And previous Deldar are from '03
So I'd say the sisters have a year or so to go before we give up on then.

>> No.25267301

And why would they release FAQs for and include in the 6e rulebook an army they intended to purge?

>> No.25267303

The True God
The final of becoming a living concept however forces him to no longer exclude other races from worshiping, and we finally return to Rouge Trader days when there were Eldar that prayed to the Emperor

>> No.25267324

They recieved a massive backslash after they squatted the, uh, Squats. They've learnt their lesson there.

>> No.25267347

If they did update sisters and make plastics, I would totally play them.
Just cause bitches of battle.

>> No.25267361

I don't know, he is being powered by some of the most xenophobic fucks around. That might be reflected in him. And if he retained any of his former identity, his own xenophobia wuld transfer over too.

>> No.25267384

Malal was hatred. The Imperium isn't a symbol of progress, it's a decaying, self destructive behemoth fuelled by hatred. If anything the efforts of groups like the smurfs and the Ordo Xenos to defuse tensions with the Eldar is among the few bits of light that give the empire a shred of hope that the hatred can be overcome before Holy Terra turns into a demon world run by what the emperor ascended would be like if he's been affected by the corruption of the ecclesiarchy.

The main reason to say it wouldn't be a chaos god is that the empire, and by extension the corpse sitting on the golden throne (what the emperor was alive is unimportant, I'm talking from the perspective of the power of myths: this is what the ecclesiarchy wants to believe rather than what he is) is a representation of the stifling and self destructive excesses of too much order.

>> No.25267400

Same, I'd just have to find an excuse to include some Arbites, maybe as Inquisitorial Bodyguards.

Hell a unit with cybermastiffs would be ballin'

>> No.25267418

I thought they'd stopped pretending the Squats never existed in the new fluff

>> No.25267465

Yes, they were extinguished by the nids and any survivors were inducted into the imperium.

>> No.25267474

Keep in mind that none of the Gods are truly monopolized, they have their favorites, but end of the day they take everyone

>> No.25267796

Though the Emperor is not the same as them. Not quite. He may not follow the same rules.

And hey, it's not like he's exactly low on worshipers as is. He has a empire's worth of those.

Though the idea of a xenos "falling" to the Empeor is kind of hilarious.

>> No.25267932

>Though the idea of a xenos "falling" to the Empeor is kind of hilarious.

>> No.25267939

exactly, the Tau and Eldar would see them as no better than any of the other Chaos Fanatics

>> No.25268034

Every girl I've ever met that plays 40k plays 'nids.

Every girl I've ever met that plays Starcraft plays Zerg.

I think girls just like space bugs.

>> No.25268171

Anon... are you saying that you have met all of the girls???

>> No.25268501

Every. Single. One.

Nah, just a handful, something like 3 'nid players, and a half dozen Zerg playing gals.

I don't see how this is adorable. Also, dat image name.

>> No.25268988


Toss Girl didn't play zerg.

>> No.25269256


Almost every faction in 40k is designed to appeal to guys (for obvious reasons), think orks, space marines, chaos, guard, necrons etc. The only non-testosterone teams are the completely unsupported sisters (who are a bit creepy anyway), eldar and 'nids. Since no-one plays eldar, 'nids are the only real faction girls could feel a connection to.

>> No.25269276

>SoB not testosterone fuel
>no one plays Eldar

>> No.25269367


SoB aren't a manly appeal to testosterone. They're for guys with a latex-nun fetish. ie not girls

>> No.25269539


Don't forget BDSM to an extent, this picture seems to ooze with it.

>> No.25269577


>dat tactical ceramite high heel

>> No.25270120

That's just one very old picture.

Were I not on a mobile right now, I would drown you in official art which portrays them as badass soldiers. So just imagine lots of cook SoB pictures being posted now.

>> No.25270175

You're talking out of your ass. I've heard of lots of female SoB players. Quite a fee female Eldar players too.

>> No.25271094


retards? retards.

Reasons why girls might like Tyranids; they have a very 'sexual predator' look about them, not dissimilar from Geiger's xenomorphs from which they and Zerg draw a lot of 'inspiration' from.

An enormous amount of chicks dig monsters and/or get off to them.

>> No.25271183


Heard of? Like mythical creatures glimpsed in a wood?

>who is talking out their ass again?

Also, never said no girls played SoB or Eldar. Just explained why 'nids appeared to be most common. In fact, I inferred liking SoB and Eldar (and 'nids) was more likely than liking any other faction.

>> No.25271389


>An enormous amount of chicks dig monsters and/or get off to them


>> No.25271438

It was never explicitly said she was actually killed, just missing. Emperor's Divine power can always bring her back if she really is basically an Avatar of his will.

>Implying Celestine is a Greater Daemon of the Emperor
Motherfukkin' right.

>> No.25271477


Confirmed virgin

>> No.25271518

I donno about that, my wife really digs Dark Eldar.

>> No.25271989

>Dark Eldar
>not being sexual predators or monstrous

>> No.25274698

They're overgeneralizing from a particular subset of girls, but they do exist.

>> No.25277429

One of the women at my FLGS plays BA angels same as me, I often get her to help me with lists, (she has played much longer than I)

There is also this younger girl, about 15/16 years old.
Always calls me IB. (The incredible bulk)
She doesn't play much, (has a small tau army) but I let her help assemble my models and paint them sometimes.

I think they're the only 2 girls in the store, on a regular basis anyway.

>> No.25277476

>incredible bulk

If I can assume you are a somewhat larger individual due to this nickname, then you should get into a threesome with these two females.

It would be just like the plot of so many doujins.

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