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A question!

Being a normal human born in the Imperium of Man, what are my chances of having a normal life (nice job, wife and kids and dying of old age) ?!

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Imagine being a normal human born in the People's Republic of China, think what are your chances of having a normal life (nice job, wife and kids and dying of old age) ?

Then add extra GRIMDARK

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The vast majority of worlds in the Imperium are rather peaceful, we just see the ones trapped in conflict because our sources are a WARgame and a series of RPGs based around fighting. Remember that only 10% of a world's population are tithed to the Guard, leaving the bast bulk of the population doing normal jobs.

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Depends entirely on where you are born, the imperium is as random as one might imagine it would be.
Worlds all over the place, little communication between a lot of them, wars here and there, safe planets somewhere.
Agriworlds, deathworlds, hive cities, relic worlds, feral worlds and so on.

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I don't really think Chine is at risk of total annihilation by it's neighbors like the IoM

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Depends on what planet you're born in.

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>The vast majority of worlds in the Imperium are rather peaceful
Since when?

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You have a shitton of Agri-worlds, Hive worlds, Forge worlds, and just run of the mill planets that won't see much more than a small rebellion or Ork Waaaagh ever few hundred years.

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A great big chance.

Many worlds in the Imperium actually do not see fighting.

Some of them don't see fighting so much that they have never heard of Tyranids, Orks, other Xenos despite the fact that the Imperium has been fighting them for millenia.

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always a chance that your peaceful little planet is actually a tomb world or a nyd attack is coming by

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Actually i think the chances are pretty high. The Empire of Man is very huuuuuuuuuge, and there are worlds so remote, soooooooooo forgotten, that nobody cares about.

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Most the populace live in Hiveworlds, we're talking entire populace of Earth in ONE 5x10mile superstructure. Hive world typically has half dozen or so and many minor hives. Unknown how many total Hiveworlds there are but even at 1000, that's a lot of people.

Live for most Hiveworlders is actually not bad, sure you have a mandated job. However contrary to popular belief most the stuff is done by Servitors. So generally most Hiveworlders have lots of free time. Which when you're living next to millions of others, finding something to do isn't hard. You're encouraged to procreate, and have as many children as possible.

Every now and then a ship will come and at first take volunteers to settle new worlds (or worlds that need to be recolonized) if not enough volunteer, they start pressganging. Once every generation a new regiment of IG are called, Gangers are favored over the factory worker.

So life in general isn't so bad. Till a noble decides to hide their unsanctioned psyker sons/daughters which then the psyker child rips a hole in the fabric of reality and chaos is unleashed. Or the Hiveworld is an ancient Tomb World and Necrons wake up kill bunch people before sleeping. Or your world happens to be in way of a 'Nid Hivefleet...etc.

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>A great big chance.

This man is a liar and should be shot.

Reality says a really small chance.

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>doesn't know that 40k is the UK ca1999AD IN SPAAACE

In a fantasy setting that runs on pop satire and space magic, of COURSE anything's possible. But when a background exists solely to sell wargames, then of COURSE the writers will be instructed to emphasise the "only war" aspects of those games in the fluff. This is the source of the "Grimdark" meme. Your pic is related to the fandom term "Grimderp." This is, in part, the constant self-insertion of poor, downtrodden, pain-wracked, under-appreciated scribes who grimly toil onward in blindly obedient servitude to their cold and distant Masters even though they're treated no better than the English Wage Slaves of M3 who were hardly paid enough to feed their families and abloo-abloo, blah-blah yackedy-shmackedy ... Or, as they say in High Gothic: Derpus ad nauseum.

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Replace China with North Korea.

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I think there's supposed to be 30,000 hive worlds. A specific number was listed in a GW book. It's on Lexicanum. I'd take 5 seconds to look it, but I AIN'T GOT TIME FOR THAT.

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Think of the bride side: you have a one in ten billion chance of being a noble, and life would be pretty sweet until you're inevitably poisoned.

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Depends on where you're born.

Ultramar? An agri-world, Industrial world, feudal world? All depends on the current rulers.

Hive World? Nope, those places tend to be hellholes of poverty, forced labor and crime ruled by incompetent bureaucrats, see >>25259134.

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I wonder, it's anno 40k, how the fuck would a planetary population live on certain planets for centuries without realizing it's a tomb world ?

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>>blah-blah yackedy-shmackedy
>>Have a nice frosty glass of OJ after doing whatever it is I do for a livin'

I am amused

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Because their mining operations dug in places that didn't have tombs, perhaps?

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Relatively high, actually. Those 300+ millions of middle class aren't living to american standards, but they're pretty good.

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How is life like for humans living in the Tau Empire?

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Does private enterprise exist in the Imperium?

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Yes. Even if the Mechanicus rule the hightech, you can have sanctioned production and trade. Most nobles are actually 'ruling' an industrial consortium.

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As long as you work, you don't disappear in the night.

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As oppressive and strict as the most totalitarian hive world, except with slightly better technology and robotic drones replacing servitors.

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This. If 40k was a game about managing futuristic companies and trade consortiums, the fluff would naturally focus on chartist captains and industrial production. But its a wargame, so we get fighting and war stuff.

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Okay but say a civilian worked in an imperial factory building tanks, then he had a great idea for a new lowtech item for the guard, like a new improved combat knife. Could he just go to his supervisor and quit, then look for a bank to fund his new business and sell his design to the Imperium?

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I thought about it as more of 1980's america with a good number of yuppies being over payed and holding the majority of wealth while everyone else is far behind.

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Big Brother versus Brave New World.

Pick your dystopia.

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you dare change the design of the original standard issued guard bayonet!? I smell HERESY!

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Besides the periphery of the Imperium and a few hotspots inside the Imperium itself wracked by enemy incursions, the vast majority of the worlds don't have much to report.

Think of, say, European history. Over 2 millenia you certainly had uncountable wars, disasters, and famines, and hundreds of millions of people died in those, but most of population lived and died peacefully.

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WH40k rules

So he either gets killed by a noble who then takes the knife for his own, it is deemed heretical and he is executed and the AdMech take the knife for their own, or the knife IS heretical and it stabs him for creating it.

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Which one had the orgy porgy?

I will pick that one.

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Most likely not. Level of active freedom varies from world to world, and most hive/forge worlds have massive populations which work whatever job they've been assigned.

Also, you example is flawed in that such a thing is an example of tech, which the Mechanicum has a near-full monopoly on.

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Well at least it was an answer a normal person would give and you explained it, thank you. Not like these sperglord answers that

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>Life for most Hiveworlders is actually not bad
Well, it's as good as life in overcrowded, polluted slums can get.

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Exactly. Sure, there is the occasional gang fight or mutant purge going on the way to the manufactorum where you're going to spend hours making boot after boot for Imperial Guardsmen, but things could be worse.

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BTW does anyone know if Lemongrab is a parody of a commisar? I mean, he is allways dress in that grey uniform, he carries some sort of power sword, he is not afraid to punish people, and he dosn't seem to give a fuck about other people.

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Depends on your station and world.

While the Imperium is engaged in constant war out along its various borders, as well as within its interior from threats in unexplored sectors, the Imperium still numbers at least a million worlds. In order to maintain their constant war footing, they most devote almost all the resources of these worlds to a constant war effort. Given the scope of most Imperial military operations, often consisting of multiple regiments from across the Imperium, it is safe to assume that most of these worlds are not actively engaged in fighting off aliens/mutants/heretics at any given time. As such, as long as you keep your head down, venerate the Immortal Emperor, and don't have some sort of insane mutation that will actively cause you to kill everyone around you with Warp bullshit, I would say you have a decent chance.

Gun to my head situation, I'd give it a 55% chance, with the other 45% representing possibilities of serious mutation(including psyker powers), getting pressed into Guard service/inducted by Marines/Inquisition, and living on a world that is or will be a warzone.

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no of course not

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Ahaha! No! That would be tech heresy.
You can have an idea, but you would need to go to a tech prie. who could tell you if that might work, it would be considered for permission by some sort of congregation further up the ranks.
If you are rich enough you may get lucky and have a permission for production within the decade. Unless you get bullied out of business by some noble who sees fit to protect his business from intrusion.
So no. If you aren't an insanely rich noble, you won't get to produce. Let alone claim ownership of your idea.
Factory workers get whipped into submission and that's it. Artisans may ask for permission to be taught how tocchange the wiring of something.

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My understanding is if you don't have a name, and neither you or your planet is specifically mentioned in the fluff, pretty good. Although depending on your definition of normal your planet might need to fall under some category, like not being a death world.

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Now now, be nice. This is /tg/, and sometimes we get caught up in our fantastical shenanigans. I'm sure it's happened to all of us.

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Generally, you have a decent chance of carving a nice life for yourself.

The planet you live on matters. If you're in a hiveworld, you'll be living in conditions akin to 1920/30s American with a lot of gangs, and a government whose pretty merciless because of that.

But if you live on a civilized world or a agri-world, a world in Ultramar and even a forge world, you run a very good chance of it. Only 1 in 10 people generally get tilthed on averaged in the Imperium as a whole, and you'll be pretty much guaranteed a nice job which will provide you a living one way or another, and as long as you venerate your emperor, or at the very least keep your head down, and don't start worshipping chaos, you'll be fine.

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And as long as you aren't some mean motherfucker, you won't be taken in by some Space Marine Chapter

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>The planet you live on matters. If you're in a hiveworld, you'll be living in conditions akin to 1920/30s American with a lot of gangs, and a government whose pretty merciless because of that.

Did 20s America have packs of feral children fighting over the rotting meat of corpses?

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This. Assuming he would have the ability to quit his job(which varies from place to place), the design probably wouldn't be produced in more than a couple places, because most factories build stuff off of designs they've bought from the Adeptus Mechanicus.

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>Did 20s America have packs of feral children fighting over the rotting meat of corpses?

They had it in The Goon, so...yes?

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My name is Jon. I install safeties on lasguns.

My dad installed lasgun safeties, and so did my mum and her parents. My dad's folks were from over in power-pack installation. He never talked about them much; just told me to avoid "packies".

Grandad Archibald (my mum's dad) is why I know how to write. He learned it from a fellow who used to be a scribe, and in exchange the ex-scribe got half of grandad's rations for six months.

I write whenever I can trade for vellum and ink, with a screw that fell off of the conveyor. I think its machine spirt felt guilty for taking one of my fingers the week before.

Being able to write has made me pretty rich. I live under my workstation like any blue-collar man, but I have two blankets, and let me tell you: that makes a fellow pretty popular with the ladies on a winter night, especially if the heater's machine spirit is in one of its moods.

I also have more clothes and more food than any of my neighbors, but I share some of what I have. Greed invites heresy and heresy invites the Angels of Death, like mum would say. Besides, I'm only rich because they trade for my writing.

I'll write purity seals and blessings, and I drew up Uriel's marriage contract too. I charged a lot for that, but it was a lot less than Father Jarvis would've charged when he wandered by.

Time for bed, now: the night-shift fellow is almost due for his lunch break and when his twelve hours are up it's time for mine.

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That's just for the worlds under complete imperial control. Some really insignificant planets pass under the radar. Those are the ones without war.
>yfw we're actually living on one of those planets and we coincidentally happened to name our planets the same as the ones in Segmentum Solar

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packies is a racist term here in Britain ,and no whenever i hear it ,i will be reminded of you anon.

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This. If you're not born into some noble family or get your soul fucked out by rape daemons (read: all daemons) you will spend your life working in poor conditions either on the fields (you lucky bastard) or in some dark, noisy, dangerous factory.

If you're a bit unlucky you'll have 12 hour work days where you're doing the same monotonous work over and over again, walking the same route to and from your place every way, eating the same bland rations and occationally get to see the sun between the massive smog clouds. You will marry the girl who has been working on the other side of the assembly line since you both were 8 not because she saw you as a hero ever since you rescued her right hand from the machine so that she lost only the ring finger and pinky of her right hand when you were 17, but out of simple convenience. You will work long, boring hours until you die of the smoke you have been breathing for a few decades at age 35, after which some poor bastard replaces you on your spot for the rest of his short miserable life.

But then again, if that is the case you're just a bit unlucky.

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Well he is right though, all the packies I've met are all giant douchebags.

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>Could he just go to his supervisor and quit, then look for a bank to fund his new business and sell his design to the Imperium?
Sure. But because that's a horrible investment nobody would shell out the cash.

He'd be better off setting up a custom knife shop and selling to locals while raising popularity and prestige, then applying for a loan to increase his company's size.

This is about when the Mechanicus would send some low level chucklefuck over to make sure he's using materials sanctioned and certified by the Mechanicus as being for use on Unpowered Blades [Sword, Knife, or Similar].

Should he fail to be using correct materials he'd probably get fined and told to use the right ones, but in some cases may lose the store, be condemned to hard labor, or executed outright. If the knife is so awesome and phenomenal the chucklefuck may open a line of communication through like a million superiors and some upper level Magos will just straight out buy the knife and all information from the guy for a pile of thrones.

But let's say he uses legal materials and gets the loan. Now he can produce enough blades to sell to Arbites and Enforcers, as well as some small militia and church militant groups. Maybe one of those groups is Mechanicus based and they buy out his knife then. Maybe one is related to a Noble Clan or Rich Trading House and they offer him an exclusivity contract to only arm their men with the knife.

Maybe the guy gets what he set out for and manages to secure a PDF contract. This is a more likely time for the Mechanius to step in and buy out his design for more money than he thought existed. But maybe they don't and the knife becomes standard issue for the planet's PDF.

When next they are called upon to raise Guard Regiments the new Guardsmen will likely be equipped with this knife. And should they take it to the stars and win great and mighty renown with it catching the eye of regiments around the sector the AdMech will buy it.

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That is brilliant. I demand to hear the stories of Commisar Lemongrab

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You mean Pakis. They're as different from packies as free negros are from frijoles negros.

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