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Let's say I've got this really sweet idea for a campaign, but I want to be a Player in it and have someone else DM it without fucking it up or me over. How can I do this, short of paying them / using hypnosis?

How have you done it in the past, and if you were successful, how did it turn out?

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jesus christ, how horrifying

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Just bite the bullet and DM/GM the game yourself. Once you hand the reigns over, there's no control over what happens to the campaigns metaplot.

You can have influence over a story, but only an amount the DM/GM allows for.

Also, that part of the video is pretty autistic. Either that, or that guy was trolling pretty hard.

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>"twilight sparkle for the win"


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First I'd need to have an irl group to game with.

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Suck it up, learn the system, and GM it yourself. You have more control over what happens, and you're still playing and having fun.

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