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Sorry for this viral-like thread (it's already fully funded, so you don't even have to fund, really!) but I thought this was cool in a bunch of ways.

They said within 30 seconds of opening the KS they already reached their goal, and in less than an hour were already $100,000 above their goal. I just thought that was pretty hilarious and shows there's a huge market for "cheesecake" or at least just quality female 28mm minis.

I think this is a great argument in support of SoB getting a proper codex and much needed plastic resculpt.

This KS also looks like a great source for people who may want to play a skirmish faction from Necromunda or Dreadball or Infinity or something and want an army of female AdMech, Imperial Guard, or gangers.

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wargamers like scantily clad sluts, who would have ever imagined?

though i guess considering how they slaver over strapping men and their bulging muscles i guess it would be easy to think otherwise

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The middle makes for a great techpriestess.

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>wargamers like scantily clad sluts

Yes, please keep speaking for us all.

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I fucking love the techpriestess. Hoping they did a good job on Sisters, I've wanted to start an army for a while...

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If you check out their kickstarter, you'll see most of them are fully clothed, actually. The skimpiest model is a techpriest looking cyborg, but most of them wear full uniforms or at least a tanktop and combat fatigues.

They've got great models from gas-masked and spiked helmet DKoK females to Catachan females to Hellghast looking guys.

I think it's great and compared to Kingdom Death and some of the other Raging Heroes sculpts, this series isn't pandering or cheesy at all. It's legitimately just badass female models.

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Thank the Emprah for attractive female models. SoB that don't look like trannies? Sign me up.

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There's nothing wrong with KD either, anon.

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I can't link the KS even with link shorteners cause 4chan thinks everything from blog links to army list posting is spam.

Just google Raging Heroes Kickstarter and scroll through and judge the sculpts and concept art for yourself. I'm frankly blown away by a lot of them. I mean, I knew Raging Heroes had cool stuff before but it was always just sort of "that company that made that one corset cleavage commissar cheesecake sculpt".

I'm actually thinking of doing stuff like running a female techpriest Master of the Forge, or building a counts-as IG or SoB whereas before I couldn't have given a fuck about those armies.

inb4 viral

I'm not pledging but I'm definitely going to pick up at least a few of these, if not a shit ton. Though it's more expensive when it retails. There's also shit like missing sniper teams and mecha that I can't wait to see.

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KD isn't 28mm. That's my only beef with it.

But you can't deny people will complain about it being fetishy.

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Currently picked a LT but probably going to change to cadet+add ons becouse the support tiers are... not interesting much.
My only disappopintment is people jumped up so fast that they filled the 250k right away.

They didnt give the RH guys a chance to come up with cool strech goals etc to push people to pay more.

Only thing we get is some extra heads,weapons etc for some heroines.
Damn dissappointing.

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Everything is fetishy. People that jump on KD are just tumblrcunts.

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I think they just hated lanterns, the racists.

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>mfw twilight witch

A woman? With SIX lanterns? Ha!

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I still can't get over how skimpy everyone is in KD. They're all wearing string thongs.

How are they not fucking each other every minute they're not under direct attack?

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>How are they not fucking each other every minute they're not under direct attack?
I think they are, which is why they have enough numbers to withstand the shitty world they live in.

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Maybe they are. From what I've heard, the setting kinda sucks for humans.

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Is it just me, or does it look like these guys aren't even trying to hide the fact that these are meant for warhammer?

Case in point: This spear. It looks way too much like an Inquisitor's whatever-the-technical-name-is Logo. And the fact that she's psychic? I can already see this thrown into an army as a sanctioned psyker.

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But humans just appear fully grown in the middle of nowhere with a single lantern. They aren't born.

Also I'm pretty sure the setting is like hell or purgatory or something. Or even some kind of evil Bizarro heaven.

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Their necropriestest is clearly a techpriest with a different name.

They definitely don't give a shit.

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KD could have been a lot cooler if it wasn't so fetishy. But then again, it wouldn't have had the same level of popularity either.

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There are no ugly chicks either. Just babes, tits, hips, and ass everywhere.

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Never got answers on my questions in the last thread. How much do we know about the system for the game? What does this product offer besides tits?

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Inquisitor? When I saw that chick I thought "IG Primaris Pysker". They have another model of a chick wearing an Inquisitor-like coat that would make a far better Inquisitor.

>> No.25254172


Those are just silly pinup models. I don't think they're representative of the setting as a whole. The models for the actual game are reasonably dressed for the most part.

They're basically the setting's bonus costumes in model form.

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I was thinking these might be fun for something like Necromunda.

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To be fair, all humans are drawn by some naked dude on a throne. If humans were custom built like that IRL, you definitely wouldnt be seeing any uggos around.

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Those women and men are obviously well fed and living the easy life. Look at their thick full muscles/ass/titties.
Fighting for survival my ass.

>> No.25254194


From what I can tell they're not coming up with a rules system till later.

>> No.25254197

Nothing, we know they're looking at doing a ruleset in the future but for the moment it's just setting up proper production of the models in bulk.

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Love is a battlefield.

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I'm tempted to pick up some of the Heavy Troopers as SOB.

Though I'd like to see an actual model for them, not just concept art.

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Too bad. I'm gonna complain that it's not fetishy enough, so it balances out.

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Here's the second thing I mean. Dat bolter. Dat powerfist.

The weapon is called a "cyber-fist". They aren't even trying.

Not that I mind one bit. Now my all-female magic deck can have an all-female wh40k army to go with it.

>captcha: year fckfest

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>ubuntu font

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GW doesn't hold creative license on future guns and bionic hands guy.

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Just slap a few purity seals on there and you're all set.

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These women aren't skimpy enough. Turn their flesh inside out.

>> No.25254310

Trying for a properly slaaneshi setting?

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GW really doesn't own copyright on shapes that look like the the capital 'I' and space guns and gauntlets. I bet you're one of those types who think GW didn't pull from Starship Troopers or Dune, you filthy casual you.

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The website says these are 28 mm.

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That techpriest looking girl could make for an interesting.....techpriest, just saying. Always room for tits in my Emperors Children

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So do we know anything about the armies themselves? It looks like the Kurganovas look like magical soviets, which is pretty cool.

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yeah, it's super obvious. P. great, IMO. GW doesn't make female characters that aren't Dark Eldar, so it's p. cool that a different company has stepped up to fill that void

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Apparently their lawyers do. They tried to claim IP rights to all things space marine claiming they developed the concept.

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>Implying these women have any flesh to turn inside out.

>> No.25254396

They fit on the same bases as 28mm stuff, but they're closer to 32-35mm in scale. Everything is very tall and chunky proportioned.

I'm so torn on KD stuff. On one hand, I love the odd piece of cheesecake and that they're not afraid to hit up full nudity and body horror for their models. On the other hands, tits and penis everywhere feels very immature, cheesecake is woefully balanced to please the guys and the models I've painted of theirs were hell to assemble and keep together.

>> No.25254397


I'm making my space marines co-ed as soon as a fitting model pops up.

>> No.25254408

In the grim dark future of the 41 millennium, women are only broodmares.

>> No.25254409

Calm down now. I'm only pointing out the fact that it's brutally obvious that these are meant for warhammer. And if you look at my post, I out and out said I don't give two shits. It's pretty funny, is all.

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Think I might use these to start my IG army, but do it as a traitor legion and add scratched SoB emblems so they're like a bastardized SoB or just some cult dressing as the SoB to mock them or something

>> No.25254423

No you dolt, they claimed "Space Marine". Not all things Space Marine. Fucking hell.

>> No.25254434


There's not-Kriegers/AdMech, not-Cadians/Catachans, and not-Commissariat.

>> No.25254445

I see nothing here that says it has to be 40k. Just that it shares SOME of the same stylings.

>> No.25254451

>not buying the KD models you like and treating them as miniature mini versions of anime statues

>> No.25254472

They have as much of an ability to claim that as claiming all things space marine. Which is exactly none.

>> No.25254501

The Jailbirds are something akin to prison worlders. Mad Max and Tank Girl are thrown around a lot. Kurganovas seem to be a massive family household, something akin to a Rogue Trader dynasty or a great house of Dune or the like. They hire the former. The Iron Empire are cyber-necromancer mercs. AdMec effectively.

>> No.25254532

They claimed that the term "Space Marine" would always be their own Space Marines by extension of their brand name being so massive and influential.

>> No.25254637

>They fit on the same bases as 28mm stuff, but they're closer to 32-35mm in scale. Everything is very tall and chunky proportioned.
So all the women are very tall and chunky?

>> No.25254668


In comparison to 28mm wargames...

In comparison to other KD minis, they're just perfectly voluptuous.

>> No.25254728

Well, they had to be made so, to take in the giant cocks.

>> No.25254754

>Implying they're not made that way so that they can Lesdom my Bones miniatures.

>> No.25254793

Aren't bones 25mm to begin with?

>> No.25254798

Even better!

>> No.25254848


Make the KD minis the submissive ones.

>> No.25254996

Fair enough.

>> No.25255035

Don't make me decide! That's like choosing between your children!

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>> No.25255186



>> No.25255270

>implying bottom is the same as sub
Do you even dom, bro?

>> No.25255303

This shall be my next Rogue Trader.

All of the grandiose extravagance and wealth, the cybernetics and regal pose, none of the oversized skulls or disproportionate hands, head or shoulders. Most importantly, no GW manface.

I'm really curious to see what they do with the fluff in their company now, in that they seem to want the noble houses and baroque style, but aren't constrained to grimdark for the sake of grimdark.

>> No.25255378

>Bones and KD both get dommed by TGotG
I see no issues.

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>> No.25255556


I see you are an American

>> No.25255580

Probably be too big, but maybe.

>> No.25255604

There are a lot of games these would be good in.

>> No.25255610

I apologize for my fellow amerifat. We're not all like this, I swear.

>> No.25255612

Ha! Other side of the planet, comfortable in Australia. There's nothing wrong with tits and cocks, but when there's not a great deal else going for the monsters beyond the occasional baby it just feels lazy and coming from somebody who's young and wants to use nudity for shock value. I'd love to see more aberrations and non-humanoid anatomy, abominations of flesh and form more akin to The Thing.

>> No.25255618

Its nice to have some female figures not for equality reason but gritty grimness and cheesecake reasons.

>> No.25255639

Well, are these going to blend in with heroic scale, though? Like, in head size?

>> No.25255662

>Ha! Other side of the planet, comfortable in Australia.
Well as an Australian stop thinking like an American hipster feminist. Yeh i'm telling you how to think!

>> No.25255678

no, these don't look to be heroic, so I'm guessing about as well as your LotR minis mix with your 40k/whfb stuff.

>> No.25255691

Toughest Girls of the Galaxy from op.

>> No.25255694

comfortable hiding from drop bears? As long as there are such things no place is safe.

>> No.25255733

Get KD to produce a couple of monsters with more dynamic and experimental anatomy and maybe a couple of male pinups to go with the ladies, and I'll get right on that!

>> No.25255745


Everything is wrong with cocks, unless the cocks are on women.

>> No.25255754

They did all this though. You are being silly.

>> No.25255854

They really haven't, though. Monsters are getting a little better nothing else has changed since they first started producing models to fund their boardgame development.

>> No.25255886

They did though. There is an entire selection of varied monsters most of them without sexual organs as their inspiration.
Also every male in it is a greek statue.
Whats more feminists which i'm assuming you are, are not going to change the direction of it by whinging and having a bitch fit. Its kind of rude to make unrealistic demands on a creator to change his stuff to suit your mood.

>> No.25255891

I guarantee you like 75% or more of KD's customers are just purchasing random cheesecake models rather than actually playing their system.

>> No.25255996

Why are feminists so rude

>> No.25256425


Just saying. That's why I buy from them.

>> No.25256489

Everybody in this thread is so defensive. Kingdom Death, Games Workshop, Raging Heroes. Can't we all just enjoy our miniatures together?

>> No.25256512

no, fuck you and your tolerance.

>> No.25256516

>enjoying things


>> No.25256575

Well I love cheesecake but I ended up picking 2 pinups. I intended to get 5 or 6.

>> No.25256578

Hey, these models look excellent

>> No.25256583

what is common between ET and feminists?
They look alike

>> No.25256990

What if we're buying them for Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/Black Crusade/Necromunda?

>> No.25257054


You get lumped in with people buying the models for cheesecake since you're not supporting their game system.

>> No.25257061


Also is your RT a fucking giant?

>> No.25257120


1. That's stupid. I own Warmachine models and I don't play Warmachine. What difference does it make if I support their game or not?
2. I don't even know what you mean by that.

>> No.25257128

Apparently the models are xbawks hueg.

>> No.25257150

1. I guess they are trying to get you to stop supporting cheesecake, but since they don't actually play with you ... fuck their opinion.
2. The minis are different sizes. KD is not scaled to 28mm like the rest of the minis are.

>> No.25257158

The minis will be half again as big.

>> No.25257181

>1. That's stupid. I own Warmachine models and I don't play Warmachine. What difference does it make if I support their game or not?

What are you getting so upset over? If you buy from KD and only buy miniatures but not their game supplies it's pretty obvious you're not supporting their game system.

>> No.25257192

>I buy KD death minis because tits
>I don't actually play Kingdom Death: Monster or buy the game system
>this guy on /tg/ said I don't support their game system!
>I'm offended by this for some raisin because I'm an idiot!

This is you.

>> No.25257198

Except that they're not. I own some. They're not huge. If anything some of them were too small (the Blood Vestuals or however you spell that).

Plus they've stated time and time again that they're being very careful with the scaling to make sure they fit with "other" game systems, and I think we all know what they mean by "other".

>> No.25257208


They don't fit in Warhammer unless the females are supposed to be taller than 8 foot tall space marines.

>> No.25257210


To which I ask /why/ do I need to support their game system (or any particular game system one owns minis for)?

>> No.25257214

I don't own any KD models. What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.25257217


The fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.25257222

>What difference does it make if I support their game or not?

It doesn't make a difference. You're the only ones getting pissy about it. It was a simple observation and classification of KD customers. Ones who only buy the models and ones who actually play the game.

>> No.25257223

You don't. You never have, and never will.

>> No.25257235

> I suck on cocks because they taste good.

This is you.

>> No.25257239

The fuck is wrong with both of you?

>> No.25257240

The game is actually interesting, the models not so much.

>> No.25257246

Never said I agreed with him, just that he was trying to say as much.

>> No.25257248

You don't, that is why privateers minis are so useful, they fit into most games you want to play.

>> No.25257350


The fuck is wrong with us?

>> No.25257353


They do taste pretty good.

>> No.25257359


You don't. It's just an interesting distinction to make since there are rules being offered with KD that most people probably won't even use/support. People just buy the minis.

This isn't a game like a tabletop wargame. There's a board, boss monsters, equipment items, a deck of cards, and all sorts of shit you need to buy to support this game system. You don't just buy a codex and make your own terrain.

>> No.25257388

I want to get a Jailbirds army, but I have no reason to do so. I don't play 40k or any game where I could use them; I'd just have them to have them.

Do you think they'll keep running the KS for the duration? Or do you think thinks will peter out now that they have their dosh?

I also wish I could trade a few supports for troops in the $165 tier. I don't need that many artillery pieces.

>> No.25257397


I thought that said they were both from another planet.

>> No.25257428


They HAVE to keep running the KS for the duration. Also this shit is kind of expensive so it's only an alternative to other armies for aesthetics, not for price. You could always just get one of each sculpt and treat it like a line of models and not build a whole army.

>> No.25257465

1000$ for 72 minis? Fucking hell no. Thats just fucking retarded.

>> No.25257470

I wonder how these would look alongside Dark Eldar.

>> No.25257489

The fuck man KD sounds like an awesome game to play with friends.
>mature friends

>> No.25257497

I came to this thread expecting tacky cheescake and then I saw these. Someone actually something in the fabled middle ground?

>> No.25257502

Theres some chunky heavy suits that hide nearly all the feminine curves.

>> No.25257506


The $165 tier gets you 44 figs. That's around a 1000pt 40k army if I were so inclined, isn't it?

I actually have no idea. Not that I would want to. If they had an SoB analogue I'd think about it for that reason.

>> No.25257545

>implying I don't like both the boardgame concept and the models
I just hope the boardgame is at least half as good as wish it to be.

>> No.25257552

That 165 tier gets you about half a single Guard troops choice unless you go vets. 2 squads, a Platoon Command if you're lucky and 3 weapon teams

And if you go vets you need planes or APCs

>> No.25257563

It's the fabled middle ground! Trust the french to give us strong and sexy.

>> No.25257564

Doubt there will be much of a system. Far as I can tell the main appeal is "Here's a bunch of new Escher Gangers, female Imperial Guard, and Sisters of Battle."

>> No.25257577

OP is weird, none of those characters qualify as cheesecake. in fact they are manfaced uggos.

>> No.25257580

Actually, they've announced earlier that they've got 3 kickstarters planned all up. This first block of 'tough scifi ladies', followed by Dark Elves and 'Sisters of Eternal Mercy' in a more 40k vein of design.

>> No.25257660


Hey, good job on being the 1%. Notice anyone else in this thread planning on buying the board game?

>> No.25257661

>manfaced uggos

Then what are GW female models?

>> No.25257666


Ultra manly faced mangos?

>> No.25257703

Jailbirds means i get some variety in my Savlar force, suits me

>> No.25257741

compared to anorexic space elves, fat.
> MFW no delightful chubby wyches

>> No.25257780


Just greenstuff pointy ears on KD minis.

>> No.25257797


>> No.25257817

juck boob plate

>> No.25257820


No, they're just conveniently made with 40k-compatible weaponry.

Nothing wrong with that, just find it sad that so many good miniature companies are forced to make 40k proxies rather than their own thing.

>> No.25257821

>Males looking like greek gods
Ah, so a male power fantasy then.

Sorry mate, that's not cheesecake for women, as a rule. Here, let me link/image so you get an idea of what I mean:


>> No.25257830

A great day would be had if GW would go under. We could see so many new games and people might actually play something other than 40k.

>> No.25257856

Not really false equivalence. Both of them are exaggeration of secondary sexual characteristics. Also to think that all men and women enjoy the same thing is really dumb.

>> No.25257857

Well I would if pointing out that maybe having some not-blatant cheesecake female miniatures would be nice didn't bring out the guys repeating the old "guys are sexualized too", "feminists are uggo" and "you prude" lines.

Some people here need to get laid, possibly go friendzone some women.

>> No.25257859


Everyone would just stick to GW games like people do to Epic. If you destroy all the GW product from the world people will just default to Warmahordes because it has the most players.

Stop being naive.

>> No.25257861


40k doesn't need to go under, other companies just need to make a great game with good miniatures.

There are already much better games out there than 40k but thos tend to have either worse sculpts, metal models or no conversion possibilities.

If Infinity started doing multi-part plastic kits it would be much more popular.

>> No.25257880


Aren't there plenty of non-sexualized female miniatures?

Looking at the latest elven release from GW I was positively surprised at how the Sisters of Averlorn looked.

>> No.25257891

>If Infinity started doing multi-part plastic kits it would be much more popular.

No it wouldn't. Models too expensive and requires too much terrain. That's my beef with it. I could give two shits if it's metal/monopose because the sculpts are already so good and the poses so dynamic.

>> No.25257914


Fuck off.

>> No.25257915


If there's anything GW has taught us it's that it doesn't matter how good the sculpts are.

The biggest reason GW's models are so popular is because they're plastic, poseable and come with a shit-ton of optional bits.

>> No.25257936

Don't forget they take up half of the floor space of any store they are sold in.

>> No.25257952

>that robin sleeping on batman

Hahah what the fuck. Joker should have cut off their faces for real.

>> No.25257955


That is probably an even bigger part.

The biggest reason I stick with 40k over other games though is because of the plastic models.

Except Warmachine, fuck Warmachine's rules.

>> No.25257985

>fuck Warmachine's rules

That's not how you spell warjacks.

>> No.25258028

Yes. Why are you assuming that you know, though?

Check some statistics and successful comics aimed at females. It may be the contraceptive pill talking, but androgynous males seem to be considered more attractive than "classic male" ideals.

>> No.25258793

>1000$ for 72 minis?
That's 1000$ for 310 minis, you tard.
20 Heroines + 2*29 BOXES of troops (5 mini each)

>> No.25258804


The left and right guy seem manly enough for me. The center looks like a girl. If it isn't, then it doesn't matter anyway since it's probably the character the female audience is intended to identify with.

>> No.25260092


A good deal of them still have their boobs hanging out, or midrifts showing.

The ones that don't, however, look fucking fantastic. But I'm not going to kid myself into thinking they aren't risque.

>> No.25260768

Like KD gives a fuck about your silly little tumblr terms and cracked trying to suck up to girls after all the fart jokes they made. KD is a game about abs, asses, and sharks that eat the sun, fuck your social justice.

If you want to waste your money on that shit, go fund Arkh.

>> No.25260837

>red noses
Dammit, I cant stop seeing them!

>> No.25260886

just fucking go

>> No.25260897

I thought this game was for girls and trans

No male oppressors allowed

>> No.25260961

There has always been a market for female guard that's why those short runs of female conversion guardkits did so well before the guy fell of the face of the earth. I saw one guy sell 5 female guard for 250 on ebay

>> No.25261023

>To be fair, all humans are drawn by some naked dude on a throne.
What? In setting, you mean?

>> No.25261034

They started as another company making hero models for counters as fantasy/40k like the 2 dozen other companies that got big did.

>> No.25261089

>In setting, you mean?
No shit, Sherlock.

>> No.25261131

This is like saying pic related isn't a male sexual fantasy because I prefer flat chests.

>> No.25261149

Yeah, all humans are designed (even The ones made by conventional means) by the scribe who is basically KDs god.

>> No.25261150

> Wertham was right!

>> No.25261196

So the god of KD is this guy?

>> No.25261267

Pretty much except with baby foot rests and an "arm"-chair.

>> No.25261300

Actually, many women find the Greek God look attractive. I wouldn't use that to defend comic book characters because they look more like they have some kind of cancer taking the shape of muscles.

Also, ignoring that you're using CRACKED as an authoritative source at any point:
Power Girl's costume was never sexist until FILL MY HOLE SUPERMAN. I actually liked Power Girl's costume, I find her old one more "empowering" (I hate this term) than this one.
But their last point is awful and here is why: Namor IS hot. If you're into the whole "strong, muscular man in not a whole lot of clothing" thing, it's hard to top Namor as far as comic books go.

But hey, it doesn't count because YOU don't like it, and YOU are the voice of all women ever. You alone can say what is and is not cheesecake for women.

>> No.25261308

Wow, that looks like it'd be really uncomfortable to draw in. that table is way too low, the angle is weird, and the head would get in the way. He does good work, though. No wonder he's a god.

>> No.25261329

Its also like saying all men only like flat chests and your opinion is LAW.

>> No.25261345

He probably just gestures at the pages and hips, lanterns, and asses appear.

>> No.25261349

>Power Girl's costume was never sexist until FILL MY HOLE SUPERMAN. I actually liked Power Girl's costume, I find her old one more "empowering" (I hate this term) than this one.
I loved that about Power Girl. She had boobs, and they made lots of jokes about her boobs, but had a personality that fit it. Yes, she knew she had huge boobs, and she accepted it. When someone looked at her boobs, she didn't freak out and go crazy at them, she mocked them.
Sometimes, women have large boobs. Refusing to add women with large breasts to your art is a legitimate example of erasure.

>> No.25261362

I could see that. Does anyone have an unedited version of >>25253997?

>> No.25261452


>> No.25261821

From my understanding the cheesecake is just cheesecake, not a serious component of the setting.

>> No.25261907

>How are they not fucking each other every minute they're not under direct attack?
Who says they are not engaged in a 24/7 orgy with everyone in the settlement (desperate to get pregnant and get more children, and/or just enjoying what little time they have left) who are not currently on guard for the day (permanent night, whatever)?

This may be my fetish.

>> No.25262011

Other than The lantern festival pin-up and The normal White speakers are none Of The cheesecake is in any way a real part Of The setting.

>> No.25262034

I'm not a big comics guy, but PG has always been a personal favorite of mine. this is the first I've seen of this new costume. it's... horrible. like, really bad. like, they threw out her original iconic look for something that looks like it belongs on a shitty b-line comic hero that's just a knock off of one or more Marvel/DC icons. fuck.

>> No.25263317


>> No.25264371

so, if the kickstarter is over, where do I buy them?

>> No.25264444

On Raging Heroes website?

>> No.25265952

What the fuck is wrong with cheesy? It's not like people care about that when they play their halfnaked barbarian models, but hey, that's manly and therefore cool, but on muh wyman it's sexist because women can't like that or enjoy wearing less clothes than a muslim or are always controlled by evil men etc.

>> No.25265970

Oh you americans... nudity=fetishy ? dafuq

>> No.25265977

because they aren't stupid, hrony, oh-mah-gawd-a-nipple americans?

>> No.25266100

People can enjoy stuff while critizing it. It's called being an adult.

>> No.25266161

Well, we have americans&feminsits getting offended, and the rest of the world mature enough to not care

>> No.25266187

Well, i do

>> No.25266221

the fuck
that wouldn't make anyone uncomofrtable that i know of
and don't pretend there any women that have that kind of sexy power fantasy; i talked to some.

>> No.25266236

>linking cracked
>expect to be taken seriously
You just went full retard. Never go full retard.

>> No.25266241


Small chance of that happening, plastic is too expensive for games like Infinity and apparently doesn't allow enough detail.

Meanwhile, /tg/ has been completely infected with /v/'s "stick your fingers in your ears and keep shouting no" syndrome.

>> No.25266269

So _all_ woman like elfguys? You must be sexist!

>> No.25266303

that terrain thing is bullshit; the table is much, much smaller than 40k and if you have the rulebook amount of 25% for a 40k table you ahve enough to play infinity
and it's not so expensive, because you don't need as much mdoels; going by €/model value, warmachine is more expensive than 40k

>> No.25266412


>> No.25266462

Actually, it's called being mature. And, while most people around here are (or should be) adults, they are not so many to be mature.

Case in point, this post arguing about completely off-topic semantics.

>> No.25266530

Well, the problem is that they don't offer the FLGS service that GW is able to suppoert (although it is dying out)
I live in the most populated area in germany, and i can take a train and visit a GW if none of my friends wants to play; i have never seen any other FLGS in my entire 20 years of living here...

>> No.25266634


Well, GW can afford to run their own shops since they've been around for 20+ years, and dominate the non-historical miniature wargaming market.

I'll admit, the hardest and most annoying thing is trying to find people to play with. Warmahordes only has it so good because PP decided they wanted the butthurt competitive 40k audience. MWG is supposed to start doing battle reports for Infinity some time in July, perhaps that will help.

>> No.25266674

Hopefully. I hate how i can't convert my friends to Infinity because "why bother, everyone plays 40k"

>> No.25266756

I hate this mentality. "It's the most popular game and easiest to find games for, so why not use it?" I wish I could suggest a cyberpunk game without people automatically going to troll up an elf hacker from one of the Native American Nations.

>> No.25266865


But couldn't they at the very least play among themselves? Plus, it's not like you can't play both Infinity and 40k.

>> No.25266925

Daily reminder that Kingdom Death is lewd.

>> No.25268513

>faction of punk girls waering tanktops

Fuck off. I've seen more skin on college campuses in summer.

>> No.25268552


Only the ones with ponytails look good.

>> No.25268772

CTRL + F "american"

/tg/ sure does turn to shit at night.

>> No.25270634

That doesn't look lewd, romantic i'd say.

>> No.25270800

I'm suddenly sruck by the realization KD's survivor treat their lanterns as their pet and companions.

>> No.25272852

What's with all the lanterns, anyway?

>> No.25275049

>naked lanterns
>not lewd
pick one

>> No.25275732

Scutlebutt says it's their souls.
Oh yeah? Look at this and tell me they are not turbosodom.

>> No.25277732

>Expects to be taken seriously
>Dismisses entire argument because it's a site you don't like

Let's throw in some others you'll dismiss then.


Meh. This is why I like Mega-MILF. Her motivation is actually amusing and/or makes sense.

Nothing is wrong with cheesy. There's just almost no non-cheesecake models of women. I do like the TGotG models, except for, well, the boob armour. Same problem there really. It's just lazy design.

>> No.25277824

About as many as guys who like women with big breasts and wide hips, about.

Liking muscular beardy men is akin to DFC. About. Mind, I'm considering cultural representation of "ideal" men, it's not a given that the cute girl in the coffee shop isn't attracted to your beard.

Yes, it is pretty much like that.

Mind, it's not JUST a matter of appearance. It's a matter of how they're posed.

Middle is a girl, yes, and your analysis seems right on the money (she even starts out as a "bland, ordinary girl" a la Jane Ëyre [or Twilight, which is Jane Ëyre with crappier writing]). The two males are a bit androgynous, though, is my point. They're not exactly Charlton Heston in his prime.

Obviously the Shortpacked example is an extreme and unrealistic version, I pulled out the shoujo manga stuff because it is marketed to (and obviously mostly written/drawn by) girls/young women.

>> No.25278193

So, can we talk about Raging Heroes' KS now? Because KD and shitty webcomics won't get me my penal legion.

>> No.25278211

I might consider giving them 10 bucks. If only for the artbook.
But then again, I'm sure that one or two of the backers are fa/tg/uys so I will probably get it anyway.
After that, it is just find those guys who rips the art out of the FFG books and see if they won't do the same here.

That is about the only thing I want.

>> No.25278403

Sure. I'm done being annoying for now.

I'm mostly just curious about these, since I play 'nids, but I've got a friend who plays IG who might be interested in getting a few figures.

I'm personally curious abot the totally-not-SoB models, just to see how those turn out.

I'd back any of these to get some cool figs, but money's going to be a a bit tight for a while and I've got Bones/Warzone stuff incoming.

All in all, I approve.

>> No.25278426

Not-SoB are not here anytime soon. They need to finish this KS, do the Dark Elven Invasion one and then we can cure the nuns from that manface plague.

So, about one year from now, if they keep to the schedule, which is kinda unlikely.

>> No.25278547

Still faster than GW though.

>> No.25278666

with 40k's prices, you can only have that or everything else. (same for warmachine as well btw)

>> No.25278672


>> No.25278680

Site i don't "like"? Well, guess i can go around quoting "the sun" now with that counterargument...

>> No.25278722

Let's not forget the second most common fantasy race, elves...

>> No.25278747

Hey, let's not lose hope. At least, GW would release them in plastic. Right?

>> No.25278750

Nah, let's rather talk about how stupid people like less of a person if people look at them or if they wear less clothes, way more interesting

>> No.25279096

I wasn't actually quoting cracked or saying it was an awesome site full of factual arguments, though:
"so you get an idea of what I mean:"

It's assuming someone who doesn't even know the difference between sexual and power fantasies. It happens.

And, hey, even a broken clock shows the right time twice a day.

>> No.25279259

Or how some people think women should always dress and pose to tittilate, like some cardboard version of reality.

Yes, let's scream at eachother for another 200 posts. That sounds like a good idea. Or, you know, let's drop it. I don't really feel like even wasting time checking who started it, I think it was some off-hand remark against the KD miniatures (a game I was a bit interested in for the Dark Souls/Berserk angle, some of the cheesecake ruining my immersionism a bit). We've pretty exhausted the rational argument for now, I think?

Thought they were cast in resin from the site, but you're right, white metal. Well, that's fine too, I guess, but I prefer plastic/resin overall. Metal's fine for filling out an army for variety, though.

>> No.25279572

>Thought they were cast in resin from the site, but you're right, white metal
The SoB or the Raging Heroes minis?

Because the RH minis are cast in resin and metal (for the small parts) IIRC.

>> No.25279610

Er, Raging Heroes, of course. SoB are obviously metal. I was looking description of the stuff in the shop.

>> No.25279667

lel i got a raging hero right now

>> No.25280771

I'm confused, your filename and words seem to indicate disagreement, while the actual image is agreeing with itself. Dexterous childfaces are what the ladies want, apparently.


How crap, no wonder chicks dig Spider-Man.

>> No.25281238

>Liking muscular beardy men is akin to DFC. About. Mind, I'm considering cultural representation of "ideal" men, it's not a given that the cute girl in the coffee shop isn't attracted to your beard.
No one's saying anything about hair. Women who like muscular men, really unrealistically muscular men like Superman, are a lot more common than that. Compared to him, Charlton Heston is kinda flabby. His muscles are the C cup to Superman's H.

The point is that the female character is claiming that there are no examples of the things on the right in comics, when obviously, there are.

>> No.25282693

>There's just almost no non-cheesecake models of women
If you are refering to KD Then clearly you don't know Shit about The game since there are exactly as many non-cheesecake female models as there are non-cheesecake male models, since all armour sets come in a female and male variant both Of which are equaly skimpy for both genders. It's really only The pin-ups which were The sculptors decision to make, in fact The sculptor had being able to make those pin-ups as part Of The agreement for even Working on KD.

>> No.25283641


I have a good feeling they'll be coming in 2014, it takes time to completely build a codex and model range from the ground up, as DE and Necrons have shown.

I just hope Sisters will get their own book and not crammed in with the Inquisition, which will just reinforce ignorance.

>> No.25284039

>I just hope Sisters will get their own book and not crammed in with the Inquisition
That one is already done. Sorta. Would be good if they added the Ecclesiarchy to that the sisters.

Even among much oestrogen poisoning, there's always a place for the Redeemer.

>> No.25284095

>The Redeemer in a SoB army

Yes...YES! Glory to the God Emperor!

>> No.25284098

>implying that isn't my fetish

>> No.25284129

>giant boob monster surrounded by naked pregnant women
>Not fetish fuel

lol Yurrope

>> No.25284130

>How crap, no wonder chicks dig Spider-Man.

They dig Spider-Man because he has a supermodel wife, multiple love interests, and women want what they can't have.

Most other manly men superheroes are always single.

>> No.25284445


How about a female version of redeemer in the raging heroes KS?

ınfact i can write them about this idea!

>> No.25284550

scrolling through "Fun model, fun model, oh, Krieg, thats cool, also fun, holy SHITBALLS what is that at 310k?"

My god I need this

>> No.25284566

Outstanding. The incoming not-SoB KS would be that much more awesome with a rule63 Redeemer.

>> No.25284636


Krieg Waifu armies inbound.

>> No.25284637


Battle Hymn of The Imperium

I will do that after the things have calmed down a bit with the kickstarter so that they see the message in time.

>> No.25284734

>I will do that after the things have calmed down a bit with the kickstarter so that they see the message in time.
Well, if they do take note of it, they should do it during the Orphanage of Mercy KS anyway, not the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy. That mini will fit better and they will have the time to think it through.

Plus, I think they already have everything set in stone for the current KS (and perhaps even the next, the Dark Elves one).

>> No.25284746


Go start your own KS you plebaspies.

>> No.25285092

This stuff is pretty expensive.

>> No.25285100

its fuckign resin what the fuck do you expect

>> No.25285115

It to be cheaper? Sort of the point of Kickstart-as-preorder is that the massive bulk funding allows a discount at the point of buying in.

I mean I guess that's true with these as well, but all that means is they'll be even more expensive post-Kickstarter. They must be getting a healthy margin.

>> No.25285136

well $15 packs will be $18 MSRP according to them

I'd actually wait for someone say Miniature Market since I dont want to pay shipping

>> No.25285157

>well $15 packs will be $18 MSRP according to them
I mean that's legitimately more expensive than Infinity, Helldorado, etc. Approaching McVey prices.

The models are detailed, but they don't look *that* detailed.

>> No.25285209

What do you mean, more expensive? The troops packs will be around 18$ for 5 minis, that's like half Corvus Belli's prices.

On the other hand, the Heroines are expensive, yes.

>> No.25285224

I thought you were talking about single model packs, my bad.

>> No.25285260

>I mean that's legitimately more expensive than Infinity, Helldorado, etc. Approaching McVey prices.

5 models for $18 is like fucking half the price as infinity

>> No.25285283

Yeah see: >>25285224

>> No.25285327

i wish Raging Heroes would make more male miniatures.

>> No.25285332

thats making me uncomfortable

>> No.25285458

As far as I can see, they seem to be ... one in this kickstarter. Should be badass though.

>> No.25285927

Why? There's already a huge competition in that area.

>> No.25286071

RH never ever did male models,and wont do .
It is not their style.

Where which one?

>> No.25286182

Not available yet, but there is Alexandr Kurganov. Yep, the father of the 3 Kurganova.
Only a silhouette though.

>> No.25286219

Loving the looks of those Kurganova troops. Will probably order the Cadet box. Does anyone own some Raging Heroes models? Are they good quality?

>> No.25286269

Forget pic.

>> No.25286305


Very interesting, this will be their first male model.

>> No.25286378

>this will be their first male model.

uhh technically no

for this KS, yes

but they've made other things

>> No.25286395

Oh god you fucking cunt, be quiet and get to the back of the bus

>> No.25286548

I'm waiting for them to reveal all the silhouettes before pledging.

>> No.25286564

Things not man, and i dont count gluttony as male much considering it wouldnt be a model people would want to buy if they made it female.

>> No.25286642


Are you talking about male humanoids or what. They have like 2-3 male/genderless monsters and that's about it.

The market is just not big for males because the other companies have awesome ones already.

>> No.25286866


As long as they don't turn it into a cheese cake model, that would be fantastic.

>> No.25287336


I trust in them to not turn cheesecake, most of their models are pretty reasonable and covered up.

>> No.25287389

Why no "Psyker Battle Squad"

I cant make a 10 man squad out of character priced models!

>> No.25287458

Same here. I pledged to minds eye theater and figured I would wait for raging heroes to reveal more before I decide. If I don't feel blown away then I'm going for the delux edition minds eye book.

>> No.25287478

Technically lel France/Italy.

I think.

>> No.25287528

I think they have a male fantasy knight?

>> No.25287881


>SoB wear the same powersuits as spessmuhreens
>no that doesn't make sense given the scaling of GW's model
>stop overthinking this you moron


This is /tg/, we all suck the cocks here.


How the hell would erotic war gaming even work?

>> No.25287977

>How the hell would erotic war gaming even work?

You two are buffoons. KD isn't a wargame. It's a board game with WoW TCG raid deck and Monster Hunter elements.

You have a board, your little hips and thighs models and a giant monster figure. The deck of cards is the monster AI and when you beat the monster you can loot body parts off it to make monster-themed armor and weapons.

>> No.25288038


That sounds kind of retarded.

how do you erotic board game then?

>> No.25288123


Wipe all the miniatures off the board and then start making out on top of it.

>> No.25288178

>Hottest waifu in the universe wipes my miniatures off the board
>Yes, master!

She then has to glue and paint my miniatures. I don't understand why is she anoyed instead of me.

>> No.25289571

>She then has to glue and paint my miniatures

fucking love that if its for free

I hate painting

>> No.25289940

>his waifu makes him pay her to do things

That's called a prostitute, bro.

>> No.25293084


Also paper terrain is perfect for infinity I made an urban board in a day and half using up a cartridge of ink and eight hot glue rods.

Also, requiring shit tonnes of terrain is better than needing tonnes of models. Terrain is cheap to make, and you can do it together with friends, and something you made five years ago will never be invalidated by a rulebook or be sub-optimal.

infinity ftw!

>> No.25293117


I convinced four of my friends to give it a try using old 40k models and boxes as terrain. We all loved it so much we all quit 40k and now play infinity exclusively. They like it more than i do :3

>> No.25294211

I sure hate how Infinityfags try to inject their stupid game into every thread.

Sound familiar?

>> No.25294290

Generally speaking it's called a job.
It's only prostitution when the "things" in question are of carnal character. And the two aren't marrried.

>> No.25294303

>How the hell would erotic war gaming even work?
think "Do you Catan?"

>> No.25294329

Sounds like you're getting a taste of your own medicine?

>> No.25294358


Faggotry can always be justified, amirite? Bet you shitpost, too.

>> No.25294401

I just find that comment absolutely hilarious. Especially coming from a 40kid who hamfist their wankathon into fucking everything.

Then again,
>Warhams fan.
Oh, pardon me, I now realize you're just a faggot.

>> No.25294416


Keep assuming I'm a 40k player and ad homineming it up instead of addressing the points.

Because you can't. Because I'm right. Infinitykid.

>> No.25294442

>Implying I wargame.
>Implying you are mad as fuck.
>Implying your don't spend your allowance on toy soldiers.
>Implying you're not a faggot.
>Implying you were ever correct about anything in your life.
That'll do pig. That'll do.

>> No.25294548

>implying you aren't mad as fuck
>implying you don't spend your allowance on toy soldiers

Fixed that for you.

Funny how you can go all "GO PLAY 40K FAGGOT 40KID" then deny you wargame.

It must be hard to be so blind as to not see your own hypocrisy and stupidity when it's right in front of your face.

>> No.25294684

>"anyone got any wood?"
>"I've got wood"

>> No.25294728

For the record guys, as a 40k player I'm glad that douchebag #1 doesn't wargame and that douchebag #2 doesn't play *my* game.

>> No.25294822


inb4 nobody cares what 40kids think

The fuck are all these people doing in this thread anyways. Especially that guy that doesn't wargame. Like what the fuck.

>> No.25294947

>hurr durr you don't like what I like

Sure man, go play your 'superior' wargame and leave us filthy casuals to have fun. Whatever floats your boat. But I'm sure if your so quick to be a cunt to an entire playerbase then your probably not the kind of person I'd want to play against.

>> No.25294956

Aw man, I totally read that post wrong. I've seen so many inb4s that I just ignore them. My bad.

>> No.25295279

Looking at the prices. Buying two iron empire 5 man squads is till cheaper than buying a 10 man cadian box. Starting to consider it. Gonna wait to see how they turn out before making up my mind though.

>> No.25297438

They will turn out very close to the artwork.
Thats always how it has been iwth RH

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