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Played my first game of RT

The mechanics are ok, but the game itself is awesome. Spacebattles, xeno fights and turning the bridge into an Italian restaurant are all what I wanted in Sci-fi setting

Rogue Trader General?

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Bumping with 40kake

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Your crew is pretty good.

Tops my crew.

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>turning the bridge into an Italian restaurant
That's not really a Rogue Trader thing though, there's no Italians in the grim darkness of the far future.

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Two more guys joined in since
Post yours

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>tfw no Rogue Trader group

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My crew is way too crazy to be contained in a single picture.

10 people on the ship.

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What's this about gondoliers?

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I am monitoring this thread...

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>This culture doesn't exist in the LIMITLESS bounds of space because muh Grimdark

Clearly you don't understand the abilities of having an unlimited budget, Captain Contreras does

Also we are semi-searching for the planet Italy in the Khornate expanse

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So I was listening to some music, and I finally got some fucking inspiration for my next 40kRP game. I can finally start writing.

Image not related yet.

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How does that even work at the table?

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Our Bridge/Italian resturant was giving gondola escape pods
This became iconic for us

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I don't get it. Isn't "rogue traitor" redundant?

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Do you use gondolas to go down planetside then?

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Not "Rouge Traitor" is about betraying make-up companies

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No, it's like a double negative. They're traitors that went rogue and joined the good guys.

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When we find excuses too

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I thought they were rogues that betrayed the bad guys?

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Internet is pretty magic

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I don't even know how you could handle 10 players, unless you had multiple teams and GMs

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How does a RT impress a sister of battle?

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3 to 4 people dont show on average

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That still must be an incredible GM to be able to handle that. Like, holy shit.

Either that or it's splitting the party half the time and he just types fast enough in IRC that it works out okay.

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Pilgrimage Road Trip.

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Eh, I have almost 14 in my group's crew but only 5 or 6 can ever make any given session. While they're not there they get relegated to shipboard npc status. We just rotate the landing parties based on who is available at the time. Makes for some very interesting ship dynamics. 3 characters have since been retired to manage colonies in the service of the dynasty.

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>Either that or it's splitting the party half the time and he just types fast enough in IRC that it works out okay.
>implying we use IRC
>implying we dont use skype

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I see. That makes all the difference.

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with a Tau gf

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Wasn't your next campaign about Tau?

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>tfw no necron gf
Truely the worst part of the guardmanship

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I'm feeling a bit burnt out on RT myself... but that may be because my game has devolved into politics and really no want to adventure or anything cause I already own a planet.

Am kinda curious on what Shas'o has up his sleeve for his next group and wish I was part of it cause he always has awesome stories to bring back to /tg/

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Any reason for your anger?

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Come to think of it, there's no reason a RT couldn't have a newcron aboard his ship, aside from the same balance concerns that keep Eldar off.

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I didn't post the first monkey, my monkey was just in response to it.

I love Rogue Trader, I play all of the 40k RPGs a lot.

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Well here is the crew of the Ambition Class Cruiser "Nothing"

-Rogue Trader is basically Captain Kirk that dresses like Freddy Mercury. He charms his way to victory

-Astropata (O how ever it is named) he is "Super Green"

-Missionary a Charming and intimidating female version of Charlie Sheen with a love for flamers. For some reason an X number of men and women oil her up before she puts her power armor.

-Navegator a decent navegator, she has a huge ego and pride about her powers and fashion sense. Also she tends lock herself up in her bunker chamber when ever a battle starts.

-Voidmaster he does one thing right, blow the fuck up of enemy vessels other than that he is a drunk and angry bastard.

-Arch-Militant he loves his costume built Bolt Pistols and Bolt weapons in general, rarely miss and the crew would follow him to the eye of terror himself. He bought 6000 bolt pistol.

There is no freaking Tech-priest and none of them has tech-use. That ship runs on faith, charm and intimidation, but mostly Charm.

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Hey guys maybe you can help me. What WAAAH of orks are the most like black people?
I'm thinking the Deathskullz?

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As >>25248529 stated, my next game is going to be Tau and Dark Eldar. The players will be a deniable strike team whose job is to finish a secret project their employer is too lazy to finish. I've posted the file for the Tau Cadre Fireblade, Tau Pathfinder, Tau Combat Engineer, Kabalite Warrior, and Wych Careers for consideration and balance concerns (I think I'm up to v4 now). I've got ships and vehicles as well. I'll be recruiting from /tg/ in September.

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Kabalite and Wych careers were already made, why did you make them?

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I'll keep an eye out, and yea, I remember that now. I downloaded the stuff. Looks interesting.

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I didn't. Why do work twice? I just gave them Special Abilites and a few minor changes / erratas (such as granting a talent to Wyches that allow them to actually use their starting weapons).

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Also why is Only War getting all the love lately
RT is fantastic

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Well Shas'o you need to make some eldar careers then.

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I have V4 right now. The only change from V3 is Pilot (Spacecraft) is now a starting skill (for the purposes of the miniseries), instead of a skill to purchase, since I didn't like the concept of a skill tax. The Kabalite can boost his Pilot really fucking fast now.

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>Craftworld Eldar


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Because they're neat.

There are some cool craftworlders. The scorpions are retarded as fuck but other ones are cool.

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I'd prefer to see his ork stuff if he has any... because how they translated shooty orks just didn't work out in base. I mean, in the TT, they have shit BS, yea, but they also spew out more bullets than god a turn if you're going that route.

In this, they keep the shit BS and the extra bullets don't exactly help anything.

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>There can be Mexicans, Samoans, Eskimos, English and catgirls, but no Dagos allowed
I'll take that as long as there are no black people either
>mfw I'm not even Italian

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>No XV-22 armor

Blah. Also why no jump packs on the stealth suits?

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There wasn't very much I did with them.

1) Switch any advance track you want to the Cheap one (100-250-500-750). Naturally, some chose BS.
2) EWT can be taken for ANY weapon, not just Ork weapons. (This allowed them to get high damage high ROF weapons)
3) Allow Ork Upgrades to be applied to non-ork weapons. (This caused supercharged monstrosities like the Grav Repeater and the Wavebuster.)

Seriously. I think that was the extent of the changes I made there.


I'm actually considering using XV-22 Armor to replace the XV-05 armor currently there.

And the Stealth Suit DOES have a jetpack. Note it grants the Flyer 12 trait.

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Huh, it says flier. Might have missed that.

What the hell does EWT even stand for?

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EWT Exotic Weapon Training

BWT Basic Weapon Training
PWT Pistol Weapon Training
HWT Heavy Weapon Training

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I've honestly never heard it called that

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>turning the bridge into an Italian restaurant

Does your ship use a Bistromathic Drive?

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Whoever made this needs to update it

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Fuck you all now i wanna play rogue trader

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I never thought anyone else would get that referance

Thank you, you are a gentleman and a scholar

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I've never seen anyone else use it, to be honest. It's just a shorthand notation because I'm lazy.

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I wanted to play RT so bad, i finally got a group together with my friends and we found a DM online.
We all go to his house,
>Smells like urine
>5 cats, one cat has half a face it smells of urine.
>Cats seem to dominate of spare rooms, told to not enter. i can smell the piss from outside the hall.
>luckily we all brought drinks
>Start playing with a simple quest bring goods to dangerous sector in space
>get lost in warp, spend the whole game trying to get out, we dont.
>all go crazy and whorship different gods
>we get more drunk, fight each other
>everyone can smell the urine on us as we leave we all agree his house smelt like slaneesh's bedroom
And we never played again.
Still trying to convince my friends to play again and ill DM, will prob design a cat piss inspired campaign.

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Forgot pic, the DM kind of looked like that, told us he was the same age as us...
we are 26

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(shivers) I remember those days...

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Thats my hero

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Santa Claus back in his biker dayz

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Honestly, the only things holding me back from XV-22 armor is the fact that on tabletop its model is T4, which is the same as an XV-8. This means Unnatural Toughness x2. Unless I fix the TB in the armor at a set value, I'm not seeing how I can add this (and make whoever gets it the God class).

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Our party composition:

>Rogue Trader (deceased), a former eversor assassin who managed to piss off some space marines by not thinking at all before speaking about some strange happenings on the ship.

>My character, a techpriest who served in an Imperial Guard regiment but was deemed unworthy to migrate to Mars after his regiment was wiped out. Turns to the bottle to forget the horrors of war, while desperately searching for an STC or something of similar importance to take to Mars. Managed to forge a new Warrant of Trade/transference of power at GM's behest after our RT managed to get his stupid ass killed in the second session.

>Kroot mercenary who wears obscuring clothes in such a way that most people can't tell they're working with a filthy xeno but notice some strange things like an odd gait, unusual fighting style, etc.

>Arch-Militant with wonky cybernetic implants and refuses to use guns, despite having a robot arm that flails all over the place. Thinks the techpriest wants to give her the D, but really he just wants to give her the servo-arm.

>Vindicare (the first Rogue Trader's replacement) who was assigned to a Blood Angel Death Company squad but somehow got separated and crash-landed on a Deathworld 20 years ago, and then hitched a ride in one of our shuttles.

>Seneschal who also stowed away on our ship by disguising himself as an officer of a PDF platoon we were sent to extract.

>And finally, the Navigator, who in spite of my orders, decided to throw us into the warp without activating the Gellar Field. The GM's having so much fun with us now.

We're not 100% sure how feasible/Mary Sue-ish our characters are, but eh, the galaxy's a big place, and we like fun.

I seem to be the only one having a problem with people just hitching rides onto the ship and the Kroot seems to love going lolrandumb, but otherwise the campaign's been going pretty smoothly.

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Just don't use the table top to balance unless you have to.

Alternatively, give it lots of weapons like the one in Dark Crusade along with the stealthfield.

Mult-tracker exists for a reason doesn't it?

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Everything in the file so far has been extracted from codex, and I want to try and match as close as possible. The only thing I can think of is to make it Happy Meal version, and give it slightly nerfed abilities.For instance, f I give it a full Stealth Field, it makes the Pathfinder's Stealth Armor redundant.

Then again, I also need to make sure that it stands at an equal footing to the other careers, especially the Dark Eldar. I don't want whoever's playing DE to feel punished for not picking a Tau class.

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Considering that Dark Eldar classes are broken as fuck, I can't imagine why you'd be concerned.

Also it being rarer is enough normally.

>> No.25250050


Reading that packet, Pathfinder right now is the "God class" thanks to its toughness debuff. It's only bare equal is the Kabalite with its dodge debuff. Whoever gets the XV-22 armor (Fireblade might deserve it) will get boosted to their level.

>> No.25250102

Kabalite with any good dark eldar weapon such as a venom blade or dark light weapon would destroy anyone.

Darklight weapons are broken as fuck. Ghostplate is also powerful as fuck.

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This all makes me sad. Never got to fully exercise the use of a sneaky Kroot gent for the use of Rogue Trader. Or play pretty much any of the mutations of Dark Heresy for some time now.

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why the gif?

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This is my current RT party. The GM is a big toku fan but hasn't caught on yet. We're waiting for
>his face when
We even have teleporting, color coordinated carapace armor

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>his face when

And you need to have the colour coordinated carapace armour either teleport onto you, or like unfold/extend out of your belt buckles or something like that.

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Logician campaign anyone?

inb4 heresy

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Since they've stopped announcing new DH and RT books do you think we'll get a 2nd edition any time soon? I love Rogue Trader and all, but it's a broken piece of crap at high ranks with all these new books, and that's even before you contemplate working in rule updates from the newer 40k RPGs.

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It's from an anime about gondoliers. On Mars.

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>yfw you still think he hasn't caught on when half way through the campaign he sends a veteran Inquisitor with Grey Knight power armour to arrest you, but he ends up having to team up with you

>> No.25259469

>I love Rogue Trader and all, but it's a broken piece of crap at high ranks

It's my most favourite background and my least favourite system.

Let's hope for n40K soon.

>> No.25259489

And the concerns that at the time RT takes place, Necrons haven't yet woken up from their slumber.

And that it's batshit heretical.

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The party I GM for at the moment:

Rogue Trader
>Solid head, witty and suitably curious. 40k nut for the past 20 years and as such his character is played pretty well.
Infernus pistol and power sword.

>Old explorator fleet veteran. Just got his first mechadendrite (backpack claw). Loves tinkering and abhors abuse of the machine spirit. Servo skull 'Klightus' is a total hero.

Arch Militant
>Flame thrower. Despises chaos and xenos. Strategist on numerous levels, insists on a retinue of guards and has the Captains safety as his top priority. Shot himself in the arm when something 'latched on'.

It's a very 'roleplay' party, and the three of them connect really well together. It's meant I have to think out of the box a bit as they aren't your typical 'herpderphero'.

For the Emprah. Etc.

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>Rogue Trader (deceased), a former eversor assassin

>> No.25259767


Please somebody tell me there was a sequel for that.

>> No.25261013

>Wal’ther Pulse Pistol Korst’la (PPK)
>Wal'ther PPK

You glorious motherfucker.

>> No.25261435


There's a PPK, a revolver, and a Kentucky rifle. Certainly unique choices for pulse weaponry.

Korst'la Mokel K Single Action Mercenary = Colt Model P Single Action Army

Model 41873 Rifle = Winchester Model 1873

It was kind of glaringly obvious. Love, /k/.

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