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You are Percius Aurex. Formerly the 14th son of a noble family, you fled that life in search of adventure and to escape your status as a political pawn. For the last ten standard years you've been among the pirate crew of Captain Li Hariso, rising through the ranks of his armsmen until gaining the dubious honor of leading a bridge assault platoon. Hours ago, you led your men and two other platoons through the corridors and passages of an Imperial escort, capturing the ship's bridge and securing your position as Prize Captain. Along the way you discovered a concealed compartment guarded by a pair of sororitas, who you managed to capture before they were prepared for combat, and located a pair of interesting rooms among the officers' quarters.

With a group of Captain Hariso's relief officers acting as your bridge crew for the moment, you've found yourself with a modest period of time to yourself as the skilled members of the relief crew bring the ship's systems under control. Though your lack of skills has left you with a minor handicap as Prize Captain, it does give you time to investigate your findings and speak with your prisoners.

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Three guards grin as you approach, offering respectful nods and "Cap'in"s to you. "Ketur, go grab who is left from outside the bridge with Keller and find me the officer's mess, it has to be around here somewhere and there might even be a cook hiding somewhere inside. Some food may aid in extracting information from them." One of the guards looks at his fellows, then back to you. "Sir, don't you mean information -in-serti" A carapaced fist from the armswoman beside him cuts his joke short. "Go follow orders, Ketur. Apologies, Captain Aurex. Some people are just bred stupid." Ana smiles her violent little smile at you as Ketur heads off. "Ana, see if you can locate some decent clothing for our guests. I seem to remember at least one of them being soaked in blood."

"Aye, Captain. You are as well, I might add."

>Roll Charm vs Sororitas
>Last-minute Orders?

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>Character Stats, Equipment, and Inventory

>Previous Threads

>Unfortunately, I'll be distracted by some family for about 2 hours, but this should allow some of the euro-anons to get their voices heard. My apologies for this.

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Rolled 22


Make sure our Hat is perched in it's 'Swave' position and to straighten out our attire. Then commence with the negotiations!

True, it does take a while for threads to warm up...

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Rolled 26

The most wonderful time of the week has finally arrived!

Note to self: Use rings to unlock cargo.

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the rings open the locked room in the officers quarters (probably the captains quarters) not the secure containers...

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We were a prisoner of the pirates before we started working for them, right?
Maybe comparing our situation to theirs can help here.

We can't let them leave and tell everyone, so try to convince them that working for us would be the best way to go with the situation, as opposed to staying as our prisoners.

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I just remember skimming something about the rings unlocking something in the last thread. Now that I look back at the thread it makes more sense.

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...we should make sure to tell the tech we don't need him to cut down the door anymore.

Also, I have to say I like these guards and aren't they what remains of our first an second squads? We should have them be our personal body guards or something to keep our original group together.

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That Just might work. Even if we weren't captured by the pirates in the beginning... We could just BS our way into their secrets!

They could be the Veterans to our Green Troops....

but seriously, Not so much bodyguards as the first named unit. What should we call them?
I suggest Eosos.

And on a third note, how should we go about cracking the crates? The Iron Monk's personal effects do not contain the key to them... Mayhap the symbols hide a mechanism? so by manipulating the symbols, it unlocks the containers?

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Rolled 50

I hope we can avoid having our head ripped of by the angry sonoritas

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Quick response while tea brews. Family should only be here for roughly an hour.

>Equip hat.
Do you want to change out of your carapace armor, then? [you have comfortable clothing on under the armor/void suit]

>prisoner of pirates
That is the more common method of pirate recruiting. "Join us or sold as a slave?" [unless you're good for a ransom]

You pulled forces from Third Squad for both guard assignment.
Fun fact: you commanded 94 Armsmen and 2 additional characters during the boarding. 16 Armsmen and 1 Character were left standing, along with 4 wounded and 1 critically wounded character.

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The crates are apparently pretty complicated, my best bet is that the sisters will tell us something useful if the talks are successful.
Otherwise, just hand it over to our mechs for analysis and give them time.
They should be able to figure out some clues eventually.

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well that boarding was a slaughter house

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Good to see that the old 'Throw them into the meat grinder and polish the ones that live' methodology is still going strong... Make sure that all the gear is collected and the worse off parts be used to fix the slightly damaged ones. That way we don't have to worry about constantly buying all new equipment for the latest batch of fodder...

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I have to say I like the idea and the group name does have a nice ring to it.

As for the crates maybe we do have the key, but we just don't know it yet? The Iron Monk did have a bag of dozens of precious gems. Maybe these aren't just something to be sold off, but are actually the keys themselves?

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Yeah, it's just like old times, isn't it?

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kinda yeah

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How long will you be with us this evening Noko?
Also, do you have any ideas on unlocking the containers? I know that the Iron Monks rosarius is not the key...

A most inspired idea Brutus. Why have one key, when you could have dozens. Then again, it could be that only one of them was the key, and that if too many incorrect choices are made, the lock breaks/contents gets destroyed/tampering trap goes off...

So much potential, so little to go on...

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Unless each gem is for an individual container

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>How long will you be with us this evening Noko?
I will be off in some 10-20 minutes

>Also, do you have any ideas on unlocking the containers? I know that the Iron Monks rosarius is not the key...
Others have already laid out things I came up with. I think. Did I mention that the crates could be DNA/body part scanners in which case we will be needing the bodies of the Iron monk or the captain or maybe someone else.

Another idea is that the keys are at the destination the crates were being transported to before we attacked.

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With deft practice and a suave smile, you swap your carapace helmet for your favored privateering hat, running your fingers lightly around the brim to ensure it is perfectly positioned upon your head. Your charm assured, you step into the quarters that hold your prisoners. Waiting against the far wall, their hands still bound before them, the two women sit upon the floor. The bloodied woman's head rests upon the shoulder of the other, her eyes opening as she is slowly nudged. As you draw near, you notice her eyes are bloodshot and irritated. The other woman's eyes don't seem to be upon you, but upon... the priest's mitre that defies your hip pouch's attempts to completely engulf it. With a sweep of your arm, the pouch is nudged out of sight behind your torso.

"I am Percius Aurex. Captain, Percius Aurex. And you two lovely women shall be my guests for the time being, unless you have objections." The women remain silent, both refusing to look anything but indifferent for the moment. "I've men searching for some food, drink and change of clothes for you both while we have this little chat. I was in your position too, once. Though I was a worthless passenger that wasn't worth ransoming." Neither woman seems the least bit interested in your words, and you sigh before you can catch yourself. "Perhaps I've erred in not asking the names of the beauties that sit before me. Might I be honored with your names, ladies?"

The second woman turns her attention to you, meeting your gaze. "You killed Father Huxye and Captain Menexel, judging by the trophies you carry. Why should we share anything with scum like you?"

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"Why? Is the fact that I decide if you're ransomed or given to the crew as reward not enough?" The emphasis this woman put into demeaning you has crawled under your skin, and your attempts at charm cease. "I want to know why a pair of sororitas were in a concealed compartment and guarding a dozen containers. What is in them, how do I open them, and where were they going?"

"Even if I knew I'd take the information with me in death, bastard." The sister has begun to remind you of a growling predator, her jaw tight as her voice grows lower. Despite the dirt, grime and odd splattering of blood coating the woman, you do get quite a level of enjoyment out of the fire in her eyes. A shame this one is unlikely to ever turn.

"Father Huxye held the answers you seek, Captain Aurex. If you've killed him, we can be of no assistance to you." The bloodied sister's voice seems empty, and you notice her eyes don't seem to be looking at anything actually within the room you're in. You're not sure what kind of expression is actually upon your face, but you imagine it is quite similar to the defiant sister's wide-eyed, gaping mouth as you both stare at the bloodied one.


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"I see... well regardless I'll have food and cloth delivered to you. please don't do anything that would make me give you away to the crew; as I suspect they wouldn't be as nice hists as I am."

>> No.25243400


seconding this response. though in addition;
"If it means anything, their deaths were honourable, say nothing of the toll they took on our forces. I bed thee Adieu."
and leave with a flurish

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Where to?
>The secure containers [Hidden Room]
>Locked Door [Captain's Quarters?]
>Room with crates [Probably nutrient paste]
>See if Officers' Mess was located

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To the Locked door, try that key

>> No.25243611

Captain's Quarters.

>> No.25243719


>perception roll as you inspect the locket along the way 1d100

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Rolled 63


I summon the powers of Cherry Coke! the natural predator of Dr Pepper...

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Rolled 86


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Rolled 5


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Rolled 2

Is high good or bad?

>> No.25244005

could be one of his 'Fixed Loot' rolls where good and bad are interspersed throughout the range...

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Rolled 73


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Bidding the women farewell with a flourish, you head back toward the locked door with an idea in your mind. Going through the items you took from the Captain, you find yourself drawn to the gold of the locket. Carefully manipulating the simple latch, you open the bloodied locket in search of a key to the door. The locket contains two pictures of a couple in Imperial dress uniform, the man clearly Captain Menexel in a petty officer's uniform, and a beautiful woman sporting some sort of Guard officer's uniform. In one frame, the couple proudly holds a child while posing for the pict. The other is a more candid pict, the couple happily sharing a kiss. Feeling a slight ruffle to your mood, you quickly close the locket and arrive at the door.

Testing your theory, you first hold the locket to the lock. Then the pistol, and finally the sword. Discouraged, you wonder what could be wrong, looking at the locket once more. Attempting to ignore the blood upon the ring, you tap your cheek with a finger as you concentrate... ring. The ring was upon his finger! In a moment you've fished the Captain's ring from one of your pouches, your hand carrying it toward the lock. Holding your breath, you watch as... nothing happe- the lock chimes softly before a heavy, dull click reaches your ears. With a light whirl of machinery, the door slides open to reveal the quarters beyond.

The room is fairly simple, though the quiet luxuries of it clearly mark it as the Captain's quarters. A large desk in the corner is covered in what appear to be journals and unrolled maps. To your left, a deceptively plain bunk is clearly more luxurious than it would have you believe. The real treasures, however, are likely to be the wash room that seems to contain a large tub and a paired set of carved wooden wardrobes. Almost trembling with excitement, you wonder where his uniform hat is...

>What will you inspect first?

>> No.25244511


Check under the bunk. That is where we keep our special hats, must be where he keeps his...

>> No.25244621

1d100 for your search

>> No.25244659

Rolled 31

Lets get us some hats

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Ah, how lovely, Privateer Quest is alive and well! I feared the thread would be over before I made it home from the office.

>> No.25244737

Rolled 98


Here Hatty Hatty Hat Hat...

>> No.25244780

You search the area around and even below the bunk itself for the Captain's stash of hats, but only find a collection of journals. Several of them are stained with blood and oil.

>Next inspection?

>> No.25244836

Let's check out the wardrobes. Let's hope the late captain wore the same size coats.

>> No.25244890

Rolled 85


shame it didn't count...


>> No.25245017


Roll for wardrobe search [extra items] 2D100

>> No.25245069

Rolled 73, 83 = 156


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The first wardrobe contains several examples of clothing that suit your tastes, though you doubt the majority of the naval-issue items would do your dashing self-image justice. Turning your attentions to the second wardrobe, you find it nearly empty. Only a familiar, folded guard-issue dress uniform and two hats make up the contents of this wardrobe. The first hat is also familiar, a guard-issue peaked cap, unisex. Well-kept, the hat makes you feel like a proper officer when you hold it. A second peaked cap rests beside it with a headset and a pair of goggles. The second hat has seen better days and smells of oil, sweat and blood.

>Desk up next

>> No.25245605


A sigh escapes you as you look over a desk that looks like some sort of paper-based war zone. Most of the clutter seems to consist of various orders with the symbol of the Iron Monks embossed into the wax seals. It seems the former captain had been requisitioned with little kindness to transport the unnamed cargo during his escort duties. The eventual destination is unnamed, and several dozen times 'secrecy' is mentioned. Your search for hats still not satisfied, you check under the desk for a secret stash of your drug but find nothing. With a groan of frustration, you give the desk a frustrated hit of your fist. The soft click of a hidden compartment revealing a holdout laspistol and a pair of letters. One of the letters has been opened, but is written in some kind of code. The other seems to have never been opened, and signed 'to Sid'.


>> No.25245632

We shall be known as the Mad Hatter by the end of this. take all the hats.

>> No.25245741

We could combine the headset and goggles with our officer hat to create a new breed of hat!

>> No.25245749

Rolled 5


Yes. We shall use the sweaty, oily, bloody hat as our 'Scum Disguise Hat'. that is the only thing we will change. we shall walk into a rough underhive bar wearing our full regal cloaths, and a scruffy hat. THEY WILL SUSPECT NOTHING!!!

where else would one hide a hat....

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>The second hat has seen better days and smells of oil, sweat and blood.
Why do I get the sense that that's the former captain's dead waifu's hat?

Goddammit, of all the ships to capture, we had to get the one with a sentimental fucker for a captain instead of a YOLO swag space pimp with possession worth looting.

>> No.25245836

Both hats are technically the same officer's hat style, just one seems to have been a 'dress' hat while another looks like it saw some shit.

And let it be known that modifying hats might break certain qualities that might be linked to them in the future.

>> No.25245854

Check out the wash room. You never know when there's something nice in there. I misplaced a top hat in my bathroom once, maybe he did the same.

>> No.25245926


>> No.25245933



>> No.25245956

Rolled 73



>> No.25246216


Your search of the wash room reveals a small button under the sink, exposing a healthy container as the tub slowly withdraws into one of the walls. Inside, you find a paltry chest of thrones, but evidence that bars of something heavy once occupied a decent portion of the hidden container. As the tub returns, you note that the tub could easily hold two, possibly three bodies and has several water jets. A separate shower lies in the far corner from the door.

You feel you've explored the Captain's Quarters completely.

>Storage Room?
>Iron Monks Containers?

>> No.25246255

>Iron Monks Containers?

>> No.25246295

So, did the Captain hide his money elsewhere in the ship in anticipation of pirates, or did he spend it all recently?

Take a look at the journals. The non-bloody ones. See what's on the most recently written pages.

>> No.25246428


We need to take a closer look at the locks. Specifically whether they're the kind that open with a key, a combination, or some sort of biometric thing like a thumb print or retinal scan.

Because if it's the later, we need to hurry and bring the monk's corpse down here to open the locks before he decays and the biometrics are lost.

>> No.25246456


The journals seem to be in coded low gothic, but you're fairly sure you can make out several names. 'Huxye' and 'Kerr' are mentioned multiple times.
You imagine the rest would take days to decode.

>> No.25246630

When we've got more time, or a more talented cryptographer at our disposal, we really should try to decode that. Might give some insight into where the monk was heading with his secret containers.

>> No.25246679


Much sooner than you expected, you find yourself once again before the secure containers of the Iron Monks. The priest 'Huxye's remains are beside you in an open corpsebag. Spread across the bed to your left are the possessions you'd found upon the man:
>Staff with book of litanies and symbol of the Iron Monks as the head.
>Golden Aquila necklace
>Iron symbol of the Iron Monks, decorated with several precious gems
>A copy of Monstrum: Adeptus Astartes, by Hive-Bishop Fidorius Pax
>A purse containing dozens of precious gems

You see no obvious openings for a key to be inserted into the locked containers, nor any form of scanner for biometrics. Above the locks are the symbol of the Iron Monks in plain, unadorned iron.

>Inspect items further?

>> No.25246743


see if the symbols are more than just icons. Mayhap they are the locking mechanism...

>> No.25246787

Hmmm. Maybe a time lock set to open at a set time in the future?

Or perhaps it responds to a particular spoken word or phrase. Let's flip through the two books we found on the monk's body to see if there's any passage underlined or marked in some way.

>> No.25247030

Take the staff and press the symbol on its end against the matching symbol on one of the boxes.

>> No.25247081


The symbols do not seem to move, rotate, depress or otherwise move.


No lines in either of his tomes are underlined, and both are very well cared for. The book of litanies seems to have been rebound several times.

>> No.25247179

There is no effect. The head of the staff seems to be over-sized compared to the symbol on the container and the Iron symbol that is decorated with gems.

>> No.25247212

Maybe there is some clue on the necklace? Or maybe in the Gem bag.

>> No.25247213

Try dribbling a bit of the dead monk's blood on the lock. Maybe it's one of those genetic type locks.

>> No.25247227


And applying the decorated symbol has no effect...

Try using the bag of gems to decorate the symbols on the box to be like the Monks Icon.

>> No.25247341

It takes a moment, but you find four gems matching the decorated symbol of the Iron Monks and attempt to apply the gems to the symbol upon the container. Shockingly, the gems hold their position once you apply the nearly-flat side! After applying the gems, you wait expectantly... and nothing further happens.

"Son of a Grox-herder's whore!" you shout.


>> No.25247397

Perhaps there's more to it than that. Try poking at the symbol a bit. See if it will move or turn or something.

Maybe it's just the cover for the real lock underneath it.

>> No.25247449

Rolled 83

Shout some more insults at it and kick it. If it hurts, shout more insults and beat it with the staff

>> No.25247549


The Iron Monks symbol refuses to yield in any way.


>> No.25247694

Invoke the name of the Emperor, preferably in an elaborate and truly obscene curse, then place the decorated symbol over the symbol on the box so the gems on the decorated symbol line up with the gems we just placed on the box.

>> No.25247769

Would you like to try that with other objects, just so I can write it at once?

>> No.25247801

Might as well and if non of it works....I say we unlock it the old fashion way... with a Hell pistol.

>> No.25247805

Might as well try the staff as well, I suppose.

But still swear loudly at it.

>> No.25247807

try putting the gems on another container as a reflection of the ones on the Icon.

>> No.25248085


Perhaps the key isn't to have the same order of gems, but a reflection! Another group of gems seem to stay in a mirrored version upon another container, much to your frustration. Grabbing the Iron Monk symbol, you thrust it toward the first box's lock with a cry of "In the name of He on Terra!". Then you attempt the same with the staff. Angry, you grab the book and attempt the same. Finally, you take the golden aquila necklace and thrust it toward the lock in the form of a frustrated fist. A dull pain lingers in your hand as it falls to your side in defeat.

As your hand grips your hellpistol and considers taking aim, the lock gives a soft tone and something heavy repositions within the container.


>> No.25248134

Rolled 12

Rolling for phat lewt.

If the box turns out to be full of prayer books or some shit, those Sisters are going out the airlock.

>> No.25248182

Rolled 95


>> No.25248469
File: 88 KB, 1046x764, Blue_space_nebula_by_Bull53Y3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The lid of the container lifts shockingly easily, and you are careful to avoid looking directly at the contents until the lid has fully opened. The blue light reflected off the contents do tell you it isn't gold, though.

Inside the crate are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of fist-sized sapphire gemstones, but it is very clear that these are far more valuable than the standard variety. As you lift one of the stones, you are reminded of a star field, tiny particulates within the gem glinting from within.

As you stare at the gem's beauty, it strikes you that you're unable in the least to judge a value upon these items.


>> No.25248497

don't tell the boys yet. god help us if they see this shit.

>> No.25248509

Crack open all the other containers and confirm they all hold the same thing.

>> No.25248589


You'll need at least a dozen men to unstack some of these containers. Only two are readily able to be opened.

>roll 1d100 for other container's contents

>> No.25248597

Rolled 86


>> No.25248607

Rolled 21

Come on, we need a Fancy Hat

>> No.25248617

See if the same procedure opens the other cases, and if they contain similar sapphires. We're either rich, or RICH! so let's find out which it is.

As a side note, holy Emperor that monk was one corrupt motherfucker. Requisitioning two Sisters and a whole ship just to transport his swag? I don't feel at all guilty about shooting him.

>> No.25248641

Please tell me this is one of those "high is good" rolls.

>> No.25248797

The same procedure does indeed open the second chest. It seems the gems positioned to mimic the decorated symbol and application of the aquila necklace is the sequence to open the containers.

The second container is also filled with the fist-sized gemstones.

>Requisitioning two Sisters and a whole ship for his swag?
You are fairly sure this ship was part of a small escort for a ship or small convoy.


>> No.25248835

I say we lock them back up, and use a single gem to tell the sisters that they were being used for personal gain and heresy

>> No.25248845


reseal the containers and get some of the men in to allow access to all the crates.
Though what a Millitaristic faction would be doing with such a quantity of exotic, luxury goods is certainly a conundrum...

>> No.25248908

Close the containers and seal up the room again. We don't need to have people trying to backstab us for these stones before we even know what they're worth.

Go back to the captured sisters and inform them that we have found a way to open the containers and thus no longer need their assistance. If they are to remain our honored guests, they will need to find some way to justify remaining as such. Perhaps joining our pirate crew, for example.

>> No.25248927

Reseal the containers and go see if they ever found that cafeteria.

>> No.25248942

Combine these two.

Point out to the sisters that the monk was hardly the pious holy man he made himself out to be, and they were being used to guard his likely ill-gotten gains. Then offer them the chance to join us if they wish.

>> No.25249057

The containers can not be accessed AND remain within this compartment.

You believe the compartment is still a secret [only your platoon, the sisters, Elise, and yourself saw it and survived], and know that the loot won't be split until the escape has been made good.

Currently, the relief bridge crew has set course to leave the system and head to the rally point for the wolfpack.

>> No.25249107

We could also say we got some secret letters from the former captains quarters, lie our way along the lines of the letter stating the monk was running from the inquisition or something and that he brought along two sisters and a soon to be rouge ship and crew

>> No.25249358

With a smile, you secure one of the smaller gems among your kit and reseal the containers. Returning the gems to the purse, you head off to see if the Officer's Mess has been located, combat and mental exercise put a sizeable hunger in your gut. In short order you find Ketur again on guard duty for the prisoners, and he directs you to the mess. As you enter, you spot the third guard sporting an improvised, paper cook's hat and cooking up a small storm for her fellow armsmen. It may have been a good thing you assigned two women as guards, and you wearily give yourself a pat on the back for your noble brilliance. As you approach, 'Tes' gives you a friendly smile. "What can I get you, Captain? It seems the bridge attack's melta bombs hit a power conduit to part of this area, so I've been trying to cook as much of the perishables as I can."

Choose your meal!
>Steak and greens [Tes insists on the greens]
>Grox Stew
>Something light

>> No.25249657


>> No.25249920

Steak and greens

>> No.25250156

>Steak and greens [Tes insists on the greens]
and we insist on the steak, with extra steak, seeing as its going off, we may as well eat it now, all of it, hell we should get some for the prisoners


>> No.25250228



once we get this place up to our standards, We could invite the broken sister for a evening meal, and discuss the possibility of her joining us on galactic escapades.

Based on her actions during the combat and after, I would assume that she is a Hospitaller, rather than a Millitant... potential for reference as 'Sister of Death'...

>> No.25250288

Seconded that will do wonders for morale. Not to mention make us more liked by our troops to boot.

>> No.25250331

>evening meal
the fridges are broken, they shall have steak for every meal and even the smallest snack

this is how we shall convert them to serve us

>> No.25250490


"Coming right up, Captain. Find yourself a seat and I'll drop it off for you."

As you wait at one of the smaller tables, you consider a few ideas for attempting to turn the Sororitas into useful crew. Many of the ideas you can think up are effectively bluffs, though telling them that they're no longer useful is only a half bluff. They're likely worth a small ransom, but they likely don't quite know that. As you relax and let your mind wander in thought, Tes arrives with your meal, her face displeased with something. As her hand removes your hat, you quickly learn why. "It's rude to have a hat on at a table, Captain. You of all people should know that!" With your hat on the back of the seat behind you, she sets your meal down upon the table. The smell of the spices upon the meat clear your sinuses of the smell of battle, causing your nose to run a bit and forcing you to grab a nearby napkin. Pulling a small flask of some voidshine made back on Hariso's ship, you take a quick swig before offering Tes one as well. The steak fills your stomach quickly, while the green stalks require a bit more effort to consume.

As you enjoy the feeling of a full stomach and let your thoughts wander again, Ana occupies the seat across from you. "Captain, we need to talk about your guests."

>I have my own plans, don't worry about it.
>Whats wrong?
>This isn't the place. Relocate [choose location]
>I really should get to the bridge...

>> No.25250555


"Indeed. We are going to need to dispose of the old crew's corpses soon. They're beginning to stink the place up..."

>> No.25250639

>>Whats wrong?

>> No.25251046

Guests? I have no guests!

>This isn't the place. Relocate [choose location]
Let's head somewhere we won't be overheard by the crew. I'd rather the general populace not know we were keeping a pair of Sisters hostage.

>> No.25251068

Pick a location while I combine all 3.

>> No.25251096


our new quarters? or the secret storage room. both should be free from disruption...

>> No.25251220

lets try out our new quarters

>> No.25251456

"Indeed. We are going to need to dispose of the old crew's corpses soon. They're beginning to stink the place up."

Ana gives you a sour look. "They've been recovering weapons and armor from the dead and having the crew that surrendered take the corpses to airlocks for at least two hours, sir."

"Walk with me, Ana." Returning your hat to it's proper place upon your head, you lead the way to your new quarters. Outside is the Tech Adept fiddling with a heavy cutting torch, and you chuckle as you inform him that you solved the lock's mystery. The Captain's ring concealed under your carapaced glove, you open the door and lead Ana inside. Once the door has closed, you address the armswoman "What is it, Ana?"

"Captain, I'm worried that one of the prisoners may require the attention of a medicae. I haven't seen someone so disconnected in years, and most of them were kept sedated for their own safety." Ana's normal inclination towards violence and the deadly look in her eyes seems to have faded, and you're tempted, but not stupid enough, to call her current disposition 'motherly' right now. "I located another guests quarters that has a functional shower and some clean women's clothing. It isn't quite as out of the way as the current room, but I'd like to relocate them there for now at the very least."

>You know, I should put some of this loot away in here for now. It is getting heavy.
>Send prisoner to medicae
>Don't send prisoner to medicae
>Allow transfer? Y/N?

>1 more update for the night, then we'll continue tomorrow [or today, depending on where you are]

>> No.25251561

Allow the transfer and drop off some of our loot

>> No.25251569

Don't send the prisoner to the medicae. She is the one who ended up cradling the dying crewman in her arms, yes? I suspect her injury is not of the sort that a doctor could heal anyway.

But do transfer her to the guest quarters. Untie her, let her bathe and change clothes, etc. For Emprah's sake, it's not like PTSD sister is much of a flight risk at this point.

>> No.25251631

>Allow transfer? Y/N?
and have a medicae come to look her over

it most likely is not something that medicae can help, but best to be sure, lets keep her out of the medbay, lots of shiny pointy things to harm oneself or others with in there

>> No.25251950

>Allow transfer: Y
Drop off loot and send the prisoner to the medicae.

Though it will most likely turn out to be something that they can't help with.

>> No.25252352


"You can transfer her to the other quarters and remove her restraints. Send someone to find the medicae and get them to come here, she likely isn't an escape risk but let's not put her around sharp objects if we can help it." You sigh as Ana exits your new quarters, placing some of your bagged loot down in a free area of the room. Taking another sip from your flask, you shudder as the voidshine fills your throat with that lovely burning sensation. Digging a pair of your own clothes from the depths of your gear, you decide to clean yourself up a bit before any further adventures.

>4 hours until Warp jump
>Hidden compartment has been resealed [Iron Monks Containers]
>That's it for tonight, folks. Tomorrow we'll do a short time skip for warp travel, split the loot from the ship, possibly talk to Sororitas again, and get the vote on command crew selections going!
>Usual Q&A for ~20 minutes

>> No.25252380



>We'll resume around 2-4 pm EST tomorrow [today]

>> No.25253025

I have to say MS I like the little puzzles even if it almost drove our new captain mad. Also it really feels like we have really spend 10 years with our crew.

Reminds me why I love this quest. Keep up the good work.

>> No.25256745


True. You seem to have found the point at which a puzzle is not obvious, yet simple enough that tg can find it... I mean on Bright Quest, Char keeps making references that no-one understands or has heard of...
A very well done sir. A very well done, indeed.

>> No.25259710



The secret is to be crazy and have cogitators in your head and write them as characters!

and bump to keep us afloat until 2-4 pm EST

>> No.25260185

I'm all outta Sage.

>> No.25260286

So Gentlemen, What next for Captain Aurex?

I prepose that we get to know the layout of our new ship. Be it though Maps, Aimless exploration or a combination of the two.
We should also get to know the officers holding the key positions in our crew. The Voidsman, the Navigator, the Medicate, the Quarter Master, the lead Techpriest/Engineer, ect. We need to know which of these will be staying with us and which positions we need to find replacements for once we hit port.

>> No.25260565 [SPOILER] 
File: 56 KB, 600x1589, 40K Characters 141.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your crew is 100% temporary as of this moment.

You'll be getting a list of officer choices later, along with a rundown of how loot division works, when you meet with Captain Hariso at the rally point. [Not that you couldn't appoint anyone else you've seen named, since it will be your ship]

>> No.25260929


Well, we still need to check on Elise in the Medicate. See how she's doing...

Either way, a full exploration of our fine vessel is required. Especially if we can rope someone who knows about ships to narrate our journey...

On a meta note, is the potential for Hidden system Stations still possible? After all, once we find the Arcanotech Hat Manufactorium, we will need to move it somewhere secret and safe so that we can be the sole owners of such fine Archanotech Haberdashery!!!
All will be in awe of our grand and enrapturing head wear that we shall lay claim to the subsector with ease!

>> No.25260966

At some point we need to take a full inventory of the captains hidden quarters and have a look through his notes for anything interesting

>> No.25261514


>hidden systems

At the moment, your intro adventure here is taking place in Sector Deus with the permissions of Skargan and his lovely Chapter Quest [there is a link on the main PQ wiki page to that quest's database].

You'll have about a 6 month time skip as your ship gets repaired [and possibly to follow a minor plot lead if you find it] and the crew fills out, then you'll be off into Sector Corgus from PQ with the rest of the wolfpack. Once you get to Corgus, everything will technically be an unexplored system at first, and there are several 'hidden' systems you might find by mistake.

I'll likely be starting closer to 3:30 or 4 pm EST [~2 hours]

>> No.25261623

so whats going to happen with the sisters over the timeskip, they just gonna stay prisoners or we gonna work on bringing them into the crew?

>> No.25262209


So, we are going to want to recruit a Techpriest from the 'Nestorian Learners' faction on the premesis on being more inclined to modify tech and study more exotic tech....

Also, for some reason, I doubt that the broken sister is originally from the 'Iron Monks' faction. Mayhap she was transferred from the 'Order of Bloody Tears' faction...

>> No.25262292

How many Mechanicus personnel do we have available and how competent are they? Because we have a lot of work for them.

We want them to go through just about every cubic meter of the ship. Have them cross reference whatever they map out with whatever old documents they can find and make their own notes. See what needs to be repaired, any obvious improvements and deficiencies that the previous crew missed or neglected - that sort of stuff.
That's essentially a long term project, they can focus on more immediate issues at this point.

We also need to decide on Emperor and Omnissiah worship - yes/no and how extensively. I'm in favor of having some services to both, as I'm not very fond of Chaos and some chapels to the Emperor/Machine God are as good protection as we're going to get from it. At least for now, anyway.

We'll also have to attend to internal organization, discipline, training and that stuff.
The ship's internal defenses are inadequate too - we can start by installing a few heavy weapon positions on the bridge - heavy bolter, heavy stubbers, grenade launchers and multilasers will all do the job. The weapons and ammunition will, naturally be kept unloaded and in lockers on the bridge when not in use. Our assault on the bridge would not have gone nearly as well if it was properly fortified.

>> No.25262396

>We also need to decide on Emperor and Omnissiah worship - yes/no and how extensively.

I'm all for a 50/50 mix between the two, confined to respective practitioners/worshipers, if some of the crew or prisoners want to pray/worship them, let them do so, but do not let it get in the way of running the ship, maybe have small sermons and mass after crew shifts instead of dropping everything to pray in the middle of combat at 4:17AM

We want to show the crew and our guests that we are an honourable and tolerant captain, but a captain of the ship nonetheless

>> No.25262476


Some excellent points you raise there Noko. We should also invest in modifying one of the Cargo holds for Dangerous Cargo. Feature may include automated turrets, toxic gas emmiters, maybe even an emergency ejection system for certain containers... You never know when we'll need such a thing... maybe Percius will want to try and capture a live Tyranid for the purpose of having it turned into quality Haberdashery...

I also advocate fortifying the key locations in the ship in conjunction with the Bridge. Locations such as the Armoury, Engine Control Room, Gunnery Controls, maybe even the Barracks and the Medicate...

On the topic of who Percius prays to, I think that he would switch between them, whichever works at the time...
>Pray to the Emperor to guide his blade - misses.
>Prays to the Omnissiah for his shot to be true - crit...
>Omnissiah wins the esteemed 'Patron of the Day' contest...

>> No.25262545

Generally, I want to find our most trustworthy techpriest, appoint him as head Mechanicus priest and put him in charge of all that religious stuff that isn't directly related to machinery. So, just sermons, speeches, daily prayers and stuff like that. Or whatever else it is that they do. Our chief technician can take care of all the technology-related rituals and all that.

On the Emperor worship side, we just need the head religion guy. Same thing, we want someone we can rely upon, as we don't want Emperor worship to backfire. I can see a conflict of interests coming up, with us raiding the Emperor's stuff and all that.

>> No.25262584

>head religion guy

hrm, going to be a little tricky to find one of those, maybe we could turn one of the sisters in head religion lady? thought that may backfire if we don't do it right

>> No.25262590

>>Pray to the Emperor to guide his blade - misses.
>>Prays to the Omnissiah for his shot to be true - crit...
>>Omnissiah wins the esteemed 'Patron of the Day' contest...

Let the dice gods decide our patron of the day? I like it!

>> No.25262746

Those two are about as untrustworthy as they could get at this point. They would pick us over mutated heretics, but that's as far as I'm willing to trust them at this point.

I'm not really sure as to what to do with them either - they will tell everyone willing to listen that we are to blame for the captain's death and the death of that iron monk dude. And whatever else they can think of. More than enough to get us tagged for death and actively hunted by the authorities.
This means that ransoming them will get us on the Imperium's shitlist.
Mind you, we are already on their shitlist, they just don't know it yet, so we can expect not to be actively hunted. Our relative anonymity keeps some options open and those two have more than they need to shut those options down.

We can't give them any work because they would refuse or look for a way to screw us over. We can't hurt them or sell them into slavery because that would defeat the point of getting them alive in the first place and clash with our noble pirate schtick.

The only thing I can think of is keeping them around and letting them freeload here while being a security risk to us which will bite us in the ass sooner or later.

>> No.25262792

one hates us, but the bloodied one might be convinced

>> No.25262832

Yeah, I'm thinking that converting them to something useful for us is a long term side project, something we can check up on after the serious work, slowly bring them around to the idea of working for us.

yay for Stockholm Syndrome

>> No.25262863


I think that it would be fun if the one that hates us, we kept solely for the purpose of asking her numerous random and benign questions about faith and other trivial matters, if only to pass the time/alleviate boredom...

>I need to speak to the captain. Where is he?
>Waxing Philosophical with that bloody nun in the cells...

>> No.25262869

I'm not very enthusiastic about her mental stability, no matter how she turns out after it all. Meh, we're planning on setting up some shrines to the Emperor anyway maybe that will make them feel better.

We can also give them some heretics to kill when we inevitably run into some.Give them some genocide. Bitches love genocide.

>> No.25262911


I was going to suggest putting the broken one in charge of crew moral, but then I realised how foolish a decision that would be. Then I realised that we are just going to end up meat-grindering the troops again, so it made sense for the person in charge of troop moral to be borderline suicidal...

>> No.25263034 [DELETED] 

Oh I totally agree, a daily philosophical debate with the sister would be most entertaining, but I don't think it wise to put her in charge of anything until she is actually loyal to us.

I think that once the broken sister is healed, she could serve as our chief medicae, it would seem like she is disposed towards seeing people not die in her arms, that may be a useful drive to help her heal people.

[/spoiler]who knows, she could go all living saint on us during a boarding action, then become an awesome healer[/spoiler]

>> No.25263050

Oh I totally agree, a daily philosophical debate with the sister would be most entertaining, but I don't think it wise to put her in charge of anything until she is actually loyal to us.

I think that once the broken sister is healed, she could serve as our chief medicae, it would seem like she is disposed towards seeing people not die in her arms, that may be a useful drive to help her heal people.

who knows, she could go all living saint on us during a boarding action, then become an awesome healer

>> No.25263077

Hopefully, we can can turn our armsmen into a proper army this time and avoid massive losses among them everyone time a fight breaks out.
Still, we need to keep lots of redshirts around so our trained soldiers can use them as fodder. Good thing that the Imperium has hive worlds where recruits are cheap and plentiful, isn't it?

Generally, I'm thinking of going with the Vraks route of military organization, only without all the heresy. Train and equip a core of professionals and give them a bunch of trained monkeys to command. Then, pick out redshirts that show potential and loyalty and give them a chance to become soldiers.
Do some social engineering to make becoming a soldier a major honor and have it seen as a positive thing by the whole warrior culture. That you social engineer into existence through propaganda.

Once the system is set up, social pressure will quickly get new recruits to strive towards becoming soldiers, thus encouraging them to display traits needed to become one. Like loyalty.

>> No.25263097

if she does that it's going to be a pain! everybody will want to pay us tribute because well saint

>> No.25263169

I like it, we can have our own version of the starship troopers citizenship system, or something that resembles it.

>> No.25263194

I like these ideas especially about who we worship.

>> No.25263814

Damn, that took longer than I'd hoped.

Copying TSTG shamelessly and gonna gather my notes and do some responses really quick, then we'll continue.

>> No.25263947

>Sisters over timeskip
That depends entirely upon what you decide to do with them.

Your only initial recruits will be from the wolfpack you belong to. 'Nestorian Learners' would require either kidnapping one or recruiting one from their forge world.

>Mechanicus personnel
You're likely to get somewhere around 50, possibly more. The wolfpack you belong to is a bit sparse on tech adepts, and tends to concentrate them upon the flag ship. [a 5km transport]

One of the major things with Pirates is that you can't exactly dictate religion. Most pirates believe in the local god(s) of their forefathers, some of which may be loosely connected to the Emperor. You can, however, purge Chaos Cults. Even pirates believe in self-preservation.
Percius was raised in the Imperial Cult, but he isn't exactly religious.

>Cargo hold ideas
Your ship being a warship may clash with those ideas, for now.

>> No.25264037

Whats everyone's thoughts on the sisters being our 'conscience'? We could use them as a sort of moral compass during our adventures.

>> No.25264050


You are welcome to attempt turning your armsmen into a true military force, but please remember that in the end their purpose is to protect your crew population from being lowered during boarding actions. This is more true when attacking enemy ships than defending your own, though.

Armsmen will naturally have high casualty rates and a fairly low ratio of Wounded to Dead. This is due to both the fact that many may be wounded during combat in the void, simply too far away from medicae support, or the fact that most wounded are collected after the battle is over.

>> No.25264154


and then several of the secret crates contained Power Armour... and suddenly we are raiding ships all day, erry day...

In regards to force organisation, I suggest that Squads 1 though 3 be veteran only, squads 4 though 6 be lead by veterans, and squads 7 and beyond be purely red-shrits and 'Punishment Detail' for Veteran squad leaders...

>> No.25264293
File: 14 KB, 300x300, jollyroger.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Locate medicae and visit Elise
>Inspect the quarters used for storing crates?
>Visit your Prisoner(s) again
>Investigate the bridge and the crew assigned to you

>> No.25264317

>Locate medicae and visit Elise
>Visit your Prisoner(s) again
we wanna check how they are liking their new accomodations
>Investigate the bridge and the crew assigned to you

>> No.25264392


Locate Medicae and visit Elise.

Visit broken sister.

Investigate bridge and temp crew.

annoy spiteful sister with many question on her opinion of the Ecclesiarchy's choice of headwear...

>> No.25264420


>annoy spiteful sister with many question on her opinion of the Ecclesiarchy's choice of headwear...

I like this plan, perhaps it can be a regular thing where we debate headwear with her

>> No.25264482


>> No.25264604

I need to go to sleep soon, but here's a rough outline for our force organization.
-police force - exactly what it sounds like - their job is to keep our crew both in check and safe.

-officers- Essentially our best. They get a fair share of priviliges - food, accomodation, loot and such, but they must also accept a larger share of duties to get this position. Their job is to train a lot, lead, organize and keep the redshirts under control.

-soldiers - Similar to the above, but a step lower on the ladder. They help enforce the officers' orders.

-armsmen - these are the redshirts. It's the guys we pick up in large numbers when we hit port and it's the guys our professionals use as frontline troops and ablative armor. They can move up into the soldier rank by proving their abilities and loyalty.

Generally speaking, a squad would consist of a few soldiers and a number of redshirts, like 3:7. One of the soldiers would be a sergeant or something similar.

Our elite squads and command squads would consist of an officer and several soldiers, probably 1:9.

A combat group would then consist of a number of squads + a command squad.
A veteran combat group would consist of soldiers and officers only.

The captain is on top of the command chain and there is one person below him who actually does the commanding - a master of arms or whatever the name is.

This is about as close to a standard moder day command structure as I can come up with on short notice.

And I need to go to sleep in some ten minutes.

>> No.25264627

Also, this.

>> No.25264669

this sounds good, and you can have a mirror of this structure for the maintenance crews who run and fix the ship, following the same command chain up to the captain, so there would be 2 people directly below the captain:

1 master at arms, responsible for the armed forces

1 ship master or something, in charge of all the maintenance personnel

>> No.25264672


Sounds good Noko.

Also, I believe the name you were looking for is 'Arch-Millitant', going by the classes in Rogue Trader'...

>> No.25264841

>Also, I believe the name you were looking for is 'Arch-Millitant', going by the classes in Rogue Trader'..
Yes, that's it.

>this sounds good, and you can have a mirror of this structure for the maintenance crews who run and fix the ship, following the same command chain up to the captain, so there would be 2 people directly below the captain:
Well, my idea is that we have one person in charge of each division.
The Arch-Militant is in charge of our fighting force (police included), the master of the forge is in charge of the techpriests and technology, the master of the medicae is in charge of the medicae and so on.

A benefit of this is that we can have meetings where each of our specialists give us progress reports and bring issues to our attention. It also means that we don't have to bother with actually putting details into practice - that's what we pay them for. I'm pretty sure that a system like this is already in place, I just want to make sure that everything is well organized from the very start.
That way, we won't have to patch up holes and deal with butthurt officers arguing over who has to do what.

>> No.25264897

with bringing a new crew over and getting the ship up and running, we would have to redo the whole command structure again, so it was well worth it

>> No.25265043

I just finished reading this Quest and really liked it. Is it always this slow?

>> No.25265094 [SPOILER] 
File: 14 KB, 260x268, 400971_f260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A hot shower has done wonders for the combat fatigue that had begun sapping your mind, as well as the lingering smell of blood and battle. The feel of fresh clothing and a refreshing scent about you, weapons, gear and hat are returned to their place at your sides and atop your head, respectively. Feeling as though you've properly shed your former life as an Armsman and begun your life as a respectable Pirate Captain, you wander toward the main lift. Along the way, you collect directions to the ship's medicae from some Armsmen and proceed aft.

The medicae area is vast for a ship you're sure is a raider hull, but still the wounded have formed a sort of chaotic sprawl in the surrounding corridors. A few dozen crude medicae servitors tend to those with minor wounds, the wounds surrounding you becoming progressively more serious as you move deeper. Eventually you come across Orsola Magnus, her robes stained red with blood as she moves about the wounded. "Orsola!" The techpriestess calmly walks over as you call, giving you a respectful bow of her head. "Percius, you are not wounded. I've candida-patients to attend to."

"I'm here to check on Elise, last I saw she was being carried from the fighting."

"Elise! Omnissiah forgive me, I've been meaning to inspect her progress. Follow and do not step on the candidates." Orsola leads you through the sea of dying and wounded until you find one of the few medicae areas that doesn't seem improvised. "She will require several true ribs, but for now her status is optimally constant if not showing minimal aspects of improvement. She requires additional infusions of blood when they are available."

Elise is deathly pale and resting upon her left flank, the bloodied bandages upon her chest showing where the enemy round tore through the right side of her body. "She is fortunate to have been positioned as she was, or the slug would have deleted her life functions. If you like, I can wake her?"

>Let her sleep
>Wake her

>> No.25265102

Should probably get to know at least your lietenants for squads 1-6

>> No.25265130

>Let her sleep
she could use it, let the medicae know if she needs anything to help her, just ask

>> No.25265144

>Wake her

She would have mentioned if there was a risk involved with waking her

>> No.25265205

So, we will want to recruit a Techpriest from the 'Nestorian Learners' who we can train up to be our Master of the Forge...
And If my suspicions are correct, and the Broken Sister is in fact originally from the Order of the Bloody Tears, then she would make for either an excellent Quarter Master or Medicate...
We should be looking towards the Crusade Veterans for our Arch-Millitant, as they probably have the greatest combat experience, both personally and strategically...
Though we will want to get a permanent position Navigator & Astropath. Can't have fun in the warp without them...
Also, we'll want to get a Voidsman who 'doesn't afraid of anything'....

Let her sleep. We can talk to her once she's gotten the true ribs and blood transfusions. She will likely be delirious if woken up now...

>> No.25265282



>> No.25265411


>Roll perception 1d100

>> No.25265428

Rolled 86

here we go

>> No.25265448

Rolled 80

I forget whether its high=good or low=good

>> No.25265552
File: 22 KB, 640x427, blood-test.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Let her sleep. If there is anything she needs that I can help with, let me know." Your arm burns for a moment, causing you to wince. Orsola's medicae mechadendrite dances away from your limb, a small chittering of various manipulators emanating from the little bastard.

"You are a compatible subject for donating blood directly to her, Percius. With your recent food intake, you are currently an optimal choice for assisting her this very moment."

>Donate blood? Y/N
>Will require roughly an hour

>> No.25265619

>Donate blood? Y/N

on a side note, I just donated 850ml of plasma yesterday

>> No.25265770


Also, make sure to drink lots of water afterwords, and whiskey does not count

>> No.25265842


"Sure. Hook me up." A box is quickly located for you to sit upon and within moments Orsola has your blood flowing into Elise. Nearly an hour passes before you notice Elise's eyes are open, a pained smile upon her lips. "Secret is safe with me, Percius..."

"What?" You're a bit confused by her words, wondering if she's speaking of a certain room.

"That you're a softie," Elise smiles weakly before her eyes grow heavy and she returns to sleep.

>Prisoners next
>Which prisoner do you wish to visit and what will you say?
>I'm the cook tonight, so you've got ~20 minutes before I even read responses. Remember: Typing up actual words to speak is better than 'charm the sister'!

>> No.25265913

>Prisoners next
"Why hello there Sisters, is there anything I can do to make your stay more....pleasurable?"

>> No.25265930

lets go see the PTSD sister and check how she is doing, if she is lucid enough, and appears trustworthy, maybe we can put her to use helping the medicae tend to the wounded, though probably on the wounded from the original crew.

Afterwards we should ask the angry sister about how one would honorably do a space burial for Father Huxye and the captain, they fought valiantly and with honour, and deserve a burial befitting them, something like

"Regardless of my actions or my crews actions, the late Father and Captain fought as honourable men and died as honourable men, and I would like to respect their passing as such, what traditions and ceremonies should be seen to for their burial?"

>> No.25265984

"Enjoying your new accommodations? I hope you are more comfortable and getting decent food. I thought you should know, I figured out the secret compartment and the Iron Monks cargo, it is most curious, would either of you happen to know what was contained inside or why it was being transported by an Iron Monk and guarded by yourselves?

Also, the fridge is broken, so we're cooking all the perishables, I hope you like steak because there is plenty to go around"

>> No.25265999

>Which prisoner do you wish to visit and what will you say?
are the sister being kept separately? we should probably have them quartered together, so the angry sister can take care of the ptsd sister, or at least help her

>> No.25266045

Lets walk in with a tray covered in delicious steak for the sisters, though we may want to give them plastic cutlery...

>> No.25266067

So far the consensus seems to have been to hide the fact that the boxes were captured...

But is it truly wise to rip off your superior and allies in such a manner?

Also, we really should check all 12 boxes, we confirmed 2 contain gems but we should verify all 12 do... and heck, dig around in them a bit in case the gems are hiding something. Maybe something small but important is buried in only 1 of the 12 boxes under the gems and the rest is just chaff to confuse a would be thief like you.

>> No.25266075

>maybe we can put her to use helping the medicae tend to the wounded, though probably on the wounded from the original crew.
Maaaaaybe not.

>> No.25266102

>But is it truly wise to rip off your superior and allies in such a manner?
yes, we're a pirate, the more loot for us, the better

yea, that part is maybe a little too optimistic on my behalf

>> No.25266131

>that feel when I've missed half the thread already
Fuck being employed.

>> No.25266146

>"My dear ladies, Sororitas you may be, space is at a premium on this ship and that doesn't preclude you. See, when my crew successfully boarded your ship, many of them were wounded and will require rooms to rest in undisturbed, including this one. So, my question is, would you like to share a room with some of my crew that don't require being undisturbed, I've had several men volunteer. Or you can come up to the captain's room and stay there, all you have to do is give me your names that I may inquire about your status and determine when and how I shall release you unharmed from captivity.

>"I also have a wonder, mayhaps you know what this is? Far be it for me to take a sacred religious artifact without knowing it's true value to it's people. If it is such, it would be best to inform me so I can ensure it's security and inevitable turn over to those who treasure and respect such sacred artifacts."

Show them the one sapphire we took. Doing all this dressed up, hat off in one hand after we've seen to giving them a nice hot meal, maybe one of those steaks (no steak knives though, we'll have to cut it up before hand). If the vacant one is still out of it, call for a medicae to examine her, she's probably in shock still.

>> No.25266152

>yes, we're a pirate
I didn't ask if we have moral objections I asked if it is WISE.
If we are caught we won't get a fair trial or a fine, we will get keelhauled.

>> No.25266164

I share your pain for the same reason :(

>> No.25266168

Did they tell us they were on there?
If not, then it's on a need-to-know basis.

>> No.25266200

>share room with men
>share room with me the captain
both imply sex.

The rest is pretty decent. We could also ask if they have experience tending to wounded... it could give them something to do and potentially emotional bonding to the crew they helped nurse back to health.

>> No.25266210

we're prize captain, this ship and everything on it is ours, they had no knowledge of the cargo before we boarded, i see no reason why we should inform them now that the ship is ours

>when and how I shall release you unharmed from captivity.
yea that aint happening

>> No.25266227

They didn't know what the cargo was, but there are explicit rules about how to share the loot between us and the wolfpack leader, who is the true owner of the ship (we don't own it, we captain it for him)

it seems like a stupid and dangerous move to do as soon as we get our first big break (and getting to be captain IS a big break)

>> No.25266243

>when and how I shall release you unharmed from captivity.
>yea that aint happening
reread it more carefully, he explicitly asked for their name so he could ransom them back to their order.
The releasing them unharmed part would be after we get paid the ransom money.

>> No.25266251

we could examine the contents of the cargo further, we only checked 2 of 12 crates, make sure there is nothing else in there before informing them, say we only found it after we took the shit

>> No.25266266

They are worth a SMALL ransom... but they are KNOWN to have been guards of a secret mission of tremendous importance (according to all appearances). Trying to ransom them could reveal US to be the person to hunt down to recover those crates and their content. Too big a risk

>> No.25266272

+10 points for playing the guilt card with the wounded soldiers
-15 for threatening them with your crew
+35 for turning it around with an offer to stay in the captain's quarters
-5 for not mentioning the bathtub for 3
+15 for leaving it a surprise
+10 for remembering not to give them steakknives
-25 for not having them dine with you
+15 for trying to get them to appraise the gems for you
+25 for deceptively speaking the truth about selling them

65 points, not bad anon

>> No.25266281

I doubt a holy order will negotiate with pirates, let alone pay a ransom, and them being guards for a secret cargo will only mean that trying to ransom them to the people who sent them on that mission, would paint the biggest fucking target in existence on our hull

so no, no ransoming them

>> No.25266310

at no point did I say that I would be in the captain's quarters, obviously I will, but it was not said they would be sharing it, merely that they could stay there.

But of course, what's left unsaid is a lot. thats how it's supposed to be.

>> No.25266316

we should probably scour the captains quarters for any more hidey holes containing las pistols before they move in

>> No.25266368

They are being kept separately. I only saw calls to allow the PTSD sister to be transferred when it was asked.

Armswoman Ana already fed the sisters before voicing her concerns to you.

Technically, you should report the find to Captain Hariso, but you don't have to report that they can be opened. You'd then negotiate over loot divisions [including the two prisoners].

You know for certain the ship is under-crewed and that she will likely not react well to being told to get into bed with someone.

Fairly accurate!

>> No.25266405

who said anything about ransoming them, I'm not getting where this is coming from. All I did was ask them for their names so we have something to work with. Let them get their hopes up and they might be more cooperative.

i merely asked them for their names, probably they're going to wind up making too much trouble and after recreating a couple scenes from prison battleship, they'll be executed, probably best to just throw them in a voidlock and hit the cycle button, save ammo.

>> No.25266422

>They are being kept separately. I only saw calls to allow the PTSD sister to be transferred when it was asked.
Transferring the other sister may improve her opinion of us, at the very least, it may help the PTSD sister

>Armswoman Ana already fed the sisters before voicing her concerns to you.
That is no excuse for not giving them more steak, better that then letting it rot

>> No.25266426

It's more about what's being said than what the actual situation will be.

>> No.25266427

We were explicitly told they are worth a SMALL ransom. Apparently the holy orders do pay a small amount for the safe return of their valued members.

However I agree about the danger, I explicitly said so. I am both >>25266243
and >>25266266

In the first I merely clarified what the "release unharmed" was about (something someone else said, not me).

I suggest we merely show them the gem, tell them we figured it out and no longer need them... however, suggest that perhaps they would be willing to earn their freedom by serving in medicae capacity for now? we do have a lot of wounded to care for.

>> No.25266448

Keep out from suggesting things for now.
Lets just try and make them feel as if they're not going to be sold off or killed within the next ten minutes.

>> No.25266473

yea, suggesting that we are 1/8th of a hivemind away from spacing them is not the best way to convert them

>> No.25266505

this is a bad idea, the medicae part

Remember, these women are Sororitas, they're probably from one of the lesser orders attached to the Iron Monks, but they're still sororitas, we don't know what kind of augmetics they have, or combat skills since we caught them with their pants down per se.

If we give them opportunity, they could be dangerous, they could also be playing us right now, trying to feign some supposed weakness ready to take advantage when the situation comes to favor them.

>> No.25266520

So... it is too big a risk to keep the find totally secret, but I want to verify what is in there. Get a large container. Go in alone and sift through all 12 containers, emptying all the gems into the large container while checking to see if there is anything hidden among them.

If we find something special go from there. If it is just gems then we put the gems back in the containers, lock them up, and report the find for it to be included in proper loot division. In which we can prioritize those crates over other loot if we really feel like it.

And hey, we can always discover how to open it later and cut a deal with whomever ends up with them for half the contents in exchange for the secret to opening them.

>> No.25266525

this is why we should have a medicae examine them, wait didn't we do that when we moved the ptsd sister? what were the findings?

>> No.25266558

I like the idea of looking for hidden compartments in the containers, but there isn't actually a log of how many containers there are is there? lets say we turn over 10 containers? If 2 were lost in transit well, that wouldn't be so bad would it?

>> No.25266586

yeah, I thought ana was going to fetch someone to look them over once they got settled in their new room

>> No.25266617

Wouldn't our own medicae be able to tell if they have any augments or hidden weapon? Should be done ASAP.

Also, in regards to my post >>25266520
Some of our allies AND the sororitas know about the secret containers.
Let us say we keep the containers secret from our boss the wolfpack leader, and that he insists on getting the sororitas as his share of the loot for one reason or another, then what? He is sure to find out we held back on him (game over for us). Unless we kill them first which practically reveals the same.

If it is just hidden compartments you are worried about we could transfer the gems to another a large container and report them separately then the special containers, which we could then choose to keep as our share. All 12 containers put together are worth about maybe 1 wealth.

>> No.25266640

I misread you the first time...
I wasn't suggesting looking for hidden compartment but hidden loot.
As in, containers 1-11 contain gems. container 12 contains 1 holy artifact at the bottom, and a big ass pile of gems on top of it. as misdirection

>> No.25266738


We could put the two Sisters in a single VIP cell. The PTSD one can be let out to help in the medicate if she wishes, the angry one can be a conversational companion. We can discuss the various hat choices of each faction, discuss what would <insert Percius's 'patron of the day' here> would do in X, Y and Z situations and what hat they would wear while doing it...
Maybe tease her a little with offers of getting her a hat (either invoking ire or disdain)...
Eventually we will offer her a hat and she will break and accept it.
At that point, we can offer her a job...

>> No.25266757

I like this plan

but we need to figure out what we're going to say to them now

>> No.25266825

Someone give me a roll for Charm/Bluff


>> No.25266848

Rolled 17

here we go

>> No.25266860

well I suck, someone else can roll when we need to be charming

>> No.25266874

Low is good, anon. Except for things like rolling for loot.

>> No.25266877

jesus fuck why do the dice hate us so?

>> No.25266889

Low = Good
This means they'll be falling over each other for our dick.

>> No.25266891

oh, it is? awesome, i keep forgetting the dice rules for all the quests i participate in

>> No.25266897

doesn't know ROLO is best system

>> No.25266947


no. They will be in awe of our Amazing Hat. Sure, it is small time now, but soon, soon it will be the Hat of Hats, the symbol of sophistication and elegance, of suave and swag, of Greatness and Excellence...
But from humble beginnings, we shall rise. and rise we shall...

>> No.25266983

I think it would take a bit more than a 17 to get them to go from pious nuns to slutty pirate girls.

But it's a step in the right direction.

>> No.25267051

depends what our baseline charm is, if it's based of fellowship, then we probably succeeded with a degree of success, not counting situational modifiers for clever writing, clever ideas, other modifier not withstanding

>> No.25267056

>slutty pirate girls.
Hey, our pirate gals aren't sluts!

>> No.25267079

Despite a minor bit of lightheadedness, your trip to the bloodied sister's new quarters is blissfully short. Inside you find that the prisoner has been bathed and is asleep in the clean sheets of the bunk. Ana sits across the room, her hair still holding moisture as she writes in a journal. With a soft smile, she greets you. "Cap'in. One of the ship's medicae officers was brought up by Tes and he sedated her." Your eyes settling upon a small pack of vials upon her hip must have been noticed, as she sighs. "He left me a few more doses for after she wakes, but she still has screaming fits."

Finding the silence that follows a bit awkward, you take your leave and head to the other sister's quarters. It seems someone allowed the woman to bathe, as the signs of battle have been washed from her and she wears new clothing. "Back again, scum? I half expected you to bathe me yourself." Venom still lingers upon her tongue, and her eyes still gaze upon you defiantly. "I am wounded by such words from a guest." With a small pout, you pull the fist-sized sapphire from your kit. "These are what you guarded. To think that the pious Father Huxye was using a pair of you to guard his personal, corrupt wealth."

>> No.25267098
File: 262 KB, 700x523, 31208853271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not yet, but soon we'll turn them into this

>> No.25267099 [SPOILER] 
File: 95 KB, 750x667, 1337610322057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Despite her set jaw and defiance, you catch your quarry's eyes risk a momentary glance at your face. "Now my dear lady, Sororitas and guests you may be, but there are certain facts we must find a solution for. When my fellows and I successfully boarded this ship, quite a number were wounded and beds are likely to be at a premium. If you grace me with your name, perhaps we can see to it that you and your friend retain a shared accommodation where we might discuss your fates, possibly as part of my crew after being betrayed as such. I imagine you also have some idea what this exquisite gemstone is, and if it has any significance as a religious artifact. It would be best to inform me of such facts, lest their security be put at risk." Feeling like a feline toying with doomed prey, you allow yourself a polite, predatory smile.


>Remain silent

>> No.25267126

Continue, Sister.

>> No.25267151

"Ah, now we're negotiating. Do go on, Sister."

>> No.25267158


"This would have been a dreadfully short exchange if you just accepted. You have my attention, what is your proposition?"

>> No.25267177

toss her the gem, if she is already bothered by it, putting it in her hand will likely make it more impactful and could be another nail in the proverbial coffin

also i reverse searched >>25267098
WHAT THE FUCK i'm ok with this

>> No.25267261


>> No.25267285

This, we should also let her know about the PTSD sister and her screaming fits, might soften her up, hopefully she can become responsible for her health

>> No.25267346

"This would have been a dreadfully short exchange if you just accepted. Do go on, Sister."

"Have an astropath contact Folkvangr and inform Lord Alexander Kerr that you have two Sororitas. He'll pay our ransoms, tell you the value of your gems and tell you anything you wish about this ship. His father and Captain Menexel served together during the Third Crusade. Ransom us both to him, and he'll give you the answers you seek."


>> No.25267401

When we get XP we should spend it on improving our fellowship.

>> No.25267408
File: 290 KB, 500x449, Orange.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"You two Sisters will be mine, or the Emperor shall"

>> No.25267445

"Surely informing them that I have their cargo and you in custody would make them want to retake the ship themselves wouldn't it? Everything you have done and said so far has been in opposition to me, despite my hospitality, why is it now that you would try to help me by ransoming yourself and your sister?

I may be a pirate my dear, but I am not stupid, so no, I shall decline your counter offer. While my original offer stands, I feel I should let you know about your sister, she is not doing well, and is prone to fits of screaming and unrest, she is currently sedated but I worry for her condition, perhaps you would like to help care for her?"

>> No.25267477


seconding this response. Though mention that we will do some research on Lord Alexander Kerr. After all, it is best to keep our options open...

>> No.25267502

Thirding this, also, get someone from the galley to bring us some STEAK! (pre cut up) and let her think it over the course of a meal

>> No.25267507

yea, we should

>> No.25267667


"Lord Kerr is no friend of the Iron Monks or the Order of Bloody Tears, nor is Folkvangr. His father saved Sister Jessira's mother and two other sisters decades ago when those damned Folkvangrians put fifteen priests to the sword. Their dynasty's connection with that world will doom them, but neither father or son would turn their back upon a sister of our order or endanger us with deceit." You sense a strange fire within the sister as she speaks of this 'Lord Kerr'... wait, why is that name familiar?


>> No.25267700

Your words mean little without evidence, I will look into your claims eventually, however right now I cannot choose your counter deal.

>> No.25267719

Wasn't that Lord Kerr fellow mentioned in the late Captain's journals?

Perhaps we should take some time to try to decipher a bit of the text and see if the Sister's story holds up. Perhaps make the excuse that we need some time to consider her offer and discuss it with our fellow officers.

>> No.25267826


"Sounds ideal. Though this ship requires some repairs, and I'd rather not negotiate a ransom exchange from a ship in the condition this one is in currently. Please bare with the current situation until the ship and it's crew are all in order. Though do remember, Adventure is waiting around every corner."

we should contact wolfpack leader about this. We may now be captain, but this seems too good to be true...

>> No.25267832

"You would place you and your sisters fate in the hands of an enemy of your order? Interesting, I shall look into you claims, while I do, consider my offer, it still stands but not indefinitely"

yea, we should figure that out

>> No.25267982

>Sister Jessira
So thats her name

>> No.25267995

"A most intriguing offer, but you seem to be negotiating for two. Until your fellow sister regains her sensibility enough to speak her mind on these matters, it would hardly be fair dealings for me to accept your terms unconditionally. Until then, you are my guest and will be treated with dignity."

That should get us a few days to mull over our options and see what we can learn about Lord Kerr. I'm thinking it's just as likely she's leading us into a trap, happy to sacrifice herself if it means the Imperial authorities can locate and hunt down a pirate fleet. Dem sisters be crazy.

>> No.25267998

whats her reaction/response to
>I feel I should let you know about your sister, she is not doing well, and is prone to fits of screaming and unrest, she is currently sedated but I worry for her condition, perhaps you would like to help care for her?"

>> No.25268075

>"Very well, I will see about contacting him. I'll see about ensuring you can stay within this room for now. Please don't try to escape or make trouble, I like to handle prisoner situations as civilly as possible, but I will not hesitate to kill you or your companion should you attempt something untoward myself or my crew."

>> No.25268098
File: 71 KB, 300x346, ohyou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The sister sighs, her body becoming rigid at your response.

"We'll be making a warp jump soon, so I suggest you offer prayers if you're so inclined." With that, you take your leave.

>Warp Jump in 1 hour
>Investigate assigned bridge crew
>Investigate storage room's crates

>> No.25268103


Don't give too much concession, she is still a prisoner, and we don't want them working together.

Fuck all this white knight shit, we're pirates, start acting like it, she has refused our advances, not raping her is whiteknight enough

>> No.25268137

make sure our bridge crew is in top shape, ensure that no damage or tampering has happened to the Gellar Field Generator or Warp Drive just in case.

>Warp jump
>Demons everywhere

>> No.25268157


Investigate storage room crates. let us know what our potential loot is here. don't want to go into loot negotiations unaware of the loot...

>> No.25268169

Go check up on the bridge crew. Let's at least make sure the navigator isn't a complete fuckup before we make the warp jump.

>> No.25268182

we can investigate the crates in warp flight, let's make sure we'll make the transit alive first.

I vote for this>>25268137

>> No.25268192

Finish inspecting the crates. If the loot is sufficiently valuable, just kill the sisters to be sure nobody who isn't already a pirate knows what we've got.

>> No.25268208


"If you'll unbind me, I'll care for her as best I can."

Note that Ana is caring for the other sister, so she isn't alone.

>> No.25268237

I have to agree with this, getting all the loot is great. Rolling anal circumference vs. demons because you were too busy checking out shinies to realize a failsafe was activated to sabotage the warp/gellar stuff is much, much greater.

>> No.25268285

Madam, how can I trust you if you won't even give me your name. You will remain here for the duration of the voyage, bound as you are.

Go check on the bridge crew, and do a cursory walkthrough of the ship to make sure everything is in order before the jump. Get one of our cogboys/tech adepts, whatever to make sure nothing funny has been done to the jumpdrive.

>> No.25268286

yea same, let get this ship stowed away all proper before concerning ourselves with loot

>Investigate assigned bridge crew

my vote is for letting her help her sister

>> No.25268313


If you're refering to the Iron Monk secure containers, investigating the rest requires moving the crates out of the hidden room, where they're unlikely to remain secret. There simply isn't enough room to access the rest without doing so.

>storage crates
refers to the room in the officer's quarters filled with crates. The ones that could be accessed were marked as and contained nutrient paste. [its an option because you found it]

>> No.25268346

Untie her, but keep her confined to this room. I'd rather have one of our crew taking care of the other Sister.

That way, they can't conspire with each other. If one of them tells us something, we can go ask the other and see if it's true.

For example, when crazy sister gets over her screaming fits, we should ask her about Lord Kerr and see if she gives a similar description as the one we've just heard.

>> No.25268365

No on investigating. We're going to go check on our bridge crew, our navigator, our astropath, and our gellar field generator. When we're sure all 4 are
1. Sane
2. Not possessed by demons
3. In proper working order
Then we may proceed into warp, wherein we can investigate further, because isn't it common to have a general stay to quarters call while in warp. some people feel ill and it's better for them to just sleep through as much of the journey as possible.

>> No.25268385

Ah, I didn't realize there was still another set of crates we hadn't examined yet.

Check out those crates during the warp jump. Check on the bridge crew and systems status now.

>> No.25268430
File: 18 KB, 379x214, okwiththis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25268742


Your bridge crew is skeletal, to say the least. Six souls acknowledge you with a crisp, joint "Cap'in". Tech Adept Orith returns to his repairs of a damaged console, his carapace disgarded to better access the damaged innards. Upon the helm is Kihomi, one of Captain Hariso's relief helmsmen. Keller and two of his men man lesser stations, their bloodied carapace still upon them hours after combat. Finally there is the robed figure upon the navigator's throne, grizzled hands adjusting strange controls and securing what seem to be tubes to various points upon it's limbs. Noticing you, it sends an unnerving smile your way. "Greetings. Captain Aurex I presume? I am Thorj of the House Eupharis, and I shall be your navigator for the journey to Caseblanco. We'll be in transit for several days."


>> No.25268893

"Very well, please make sure everything is ready for our jump to warp, particularly the geller fields, would hate to have a problem with them on our first voyage"

where are we actually going?

>> No.25268946

>upon the helm is Kihomi, one of Captain Hariso's relief helmsmen.
Say, I don't think we've met this Kihomi fellow yet. Let's go introduce ourselves.

>> No.25269028


"All systems have been assessed and found fully functional. The Gellar field is actually functioning at this moment to ensure it is not sabotaged." As the figure speaks, you catch a glimpse of the stylized shutter upon it's forehead. Emperor, that is unnerving.

>> No.25269047


Are we done speaking to the navigator?

>> No.25269087


>> No.25269107

He sounds fairly horrifying. I can't imagine wanting to spend much time with him.

>> No.25269183

Tell him he gets a case of the finest booze we can find if we make it to our destination without incident.

>> No.25269270

As long as it's not amasec, that's for captains only.

>> No.25269330


"Very well, Thorj. Carry on."

Your attention is quickly drawn away from the unnerving mutant by the pleasant form of the helmswoman. Stepping a safe yet interested distance from the woman, you introduce yourself. "Kihomi, a pleasure to see you again. It has been a few years, hasn't it?" "Brave, Captain Aurex. You don't think I've forgotten you've a debt to me, do you?" Kihomi smiles pleasantly, though you recall her face being deceptive during card games. "Not at all, though I may be able to finally stop avoiding you soon enough, my dear." You both smile as Kihomi gives your cheek a playful knock with her fist. "Glad to see you whole, Percius."


>> No.25269399


and that would be me. Curse you House and Dominion. You're too damned interesting.

>> No.25269478
File: 86 KB, 535x400, picard, fuck yeah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is an honor to serve alongside such fine officers. Fame and fortune awaits us all, but first let's survive the warp jump. Navigator, you are cleared to jump when ready."


>> No.25269491

what is this debt she speaks of?

>> No.25269567

Considering the line that follows immediately thereafter, I'd guess we have some unpaid gambling debts.

>> No.25269969

seconding this

and now I must leave for the rest of the day, try not to get possessed by demons fellow anons

>> No.25270039


The navigator Thorj's voice echos throughout the ship as he speaks. "All hands prepare for warp travel." Massive shutters around the ship seal, thankfully the only damage was from teams gaining access from outside the hull. "Warp transition in five. Four. Two. Three. One."

Your skin crawls as you sense the ship's warp drive rending at the matterium beyond the gellar field, and you notice that most of those upon the bridge do as well. Only Thorj seems immune to the reaction as his throne raises into the Navigator's blister.

Gambling debt.

>Orders? Timeskip mode is activated. You have 4 days to work on a project of your choosing.
>Day 1?
>Day 2?
>Day 3?
>Day 4?

>> No.25270248

Take an inventory of the contents of the crates in the officer's quarters.

Check up on Elise and the PTSD sister.

Take a look at those coded journals and see if we can make any sense out of it.

>> No.25270492

sounds about right

>> No.25270590


>> No.25270618

Especially the last one.

By the time we next meet with the Sisters to discuss their fate, I'd like to be as well informed as possible about where this ship has been and where it was heading.

>> No.25270793


>Inventory of crates 1d100
>3 days of code breaking 3d100

>> No.25270821

Rolled 56



>> No.25270836

Rolled 50, 100, 99 = 249


>> No.25270839

Rolled 8, 45, 51 = 104

Code breaking!

>> No.25270845

Well, it's either an indecipherable mess or we could read it perfectly.

>> No.25271045


based on the 'low is good' methodology, due to the code not being loot....

>What are these lines in this journal? they seem to be symbols of some kind, yet they are unlike anything I have ever seen...
>'Captains Journal'
>Certainly a indecipherable code...

>> No.25271085

I'd imagine illiteracy is a serious problem among pirates.

>> No.25271140


especially the ones that come from noble families... all that High Gothic, but not a smidge of Low...

>> No.25271173

Perhaps it was our shame at being unable to read that drove us away from our family and into a life of crime.

>> No.25271198
File: 80 KB, 272x272, vz8r9zf48.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25271307

good lord, thats like a double crit failure

>Let's see here, so If I got this cypher down...
>Big Emp 4.99
>Double Big Emp 6.59
>Grot Gobbler 5.49
>The Uberfex 9.99
>Squat Special (Discontinued)
>Hey Ana, why is the captain's journal a menu for McEmps?
>Because that is a menu for McEmps...

>> No.25271323

Warp travel proceeds smoothly during your jump.

Day 1: Dozens of nutrient paste crates are cataloged before you check with Elise and sister Jessira. Both are in much the same condition as you left them.
Day 2: You decipher enough of the Captain's coded messages to know that a portion of the conversations with 'Kerr' refer to some sort of cargo purchase and are at least six months old. Elise and Jessira have no changes in their condition.
Day 3: Your attempts to decipher the messages further are crippled by what you assume is some sort of double-blind cipher. No change in Elise and Jessira.
Day 4: More frustration as you find that the messages each have individual ciphers! Or perhaps they're ciphered into some different language. By the Emperor, your head hurts just thinking about it. Your visit to Elise finds her out of critical care and making small forays from her medicae bed. Jessira seems more aware of her surroundings, calling Ana by name, but still her screaming fits continue.

As the ship exits the warp over the independent, desert world of Caseblanco, your ship's augers detect Captain Wilson's transport in orbit of the planet. As your ship closes, you receive docking permission. "Congratulations, Captain Aurex. Lord Captain Wilson will meet with you when you've docked. Please don't bring more than a laspistol and mono-sword, it is considered quite rude."


>> No.25271457

Dress up the crazy sister in an evening gown and bring her with us.

>> No.25271467

What are we waiting for, roll up, bust out the crown vic, put on our good hat, take our sword, and pistol. Then strut on over like we own the ship.

>> No.25271564


Hey, lets dress up the insane sororitas and bring her over on to our superior's ship.

Seriously, if you provide a solid arguement for that, I'll go along with it. But it has to be solid, not, because she's cute. We're god-emperor damned pirates, if they're not putting out like the Exxon Valdez and don't have the grace and glams of a supercharged V8 coup then they have no business meeting our captain.

>> No.25271605

And what do you propose to do when she starts randomly screaming and generally being crazy?

>> No.25271889
File: 9 KB, 497x118, hue to 180.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>putting out like the Exxon Valdez

>> No.25271924

Little time is wasted once your prize is docked with the massive docking structures of Wilson's transport, the former salvage ship dwarfing your modest raider. Ushered quickly through the ship upon a series of cargo lifts, you soon find yourself within the Lord Captain's massive planning chamber, flanked by a half dozen armed guards. With a smile, the older man offers his hand. "Percius Aurex, is it? Captain Hariso has told me of you before, boy. Good leader, a bit lacking in actual voidship knowledge but a damned fine student. We can fix a lack of exposure to the knowledge you need so long as that last bit is true. Now then, let us discuss your future and toast to the dead. Gilbert, do you have that bottle of Protheran Harvest Wine? A shame those Ghosts are a bunch of incompetent bastards, that world produced some good booze!" As you sit with the Lord Captain, each man in the chamber is poured a glass of a deep, red wine that smells of flower blooms.

"So then, boy, would you like to know more?"

>I need to gather a crew
>How will I operate?
>How will loot be handled?

We're in auto-sage, so I'll try to pump this all out before we fall from 10.

>> No.25272015

>How will I operate?
Might as well start with that. I'd imagine the answer will shape our preferences for crew and loot distribution.

>> No.25272149


How will I operate?
I need to gather a Crew.

"Have you heard of 'Lord Alexander Kerr'? During the inital stages of boarding, we managed to capture a pair of Sororitas, One of them provided this name as a person who would pay for their ransom. I felt it prudent to ask one such as yourself who would have experience in such matters rather than barreling head-first into it..."

finish off with How will the Loot be handled.

>> No.25272332

"At first we were keeping the wolfpack hidden while I attempted to trick some foolish nobles into funding our little expedition into the neighboring sector. Then those damned Ghosts put a pair of assassins aboard my ship! I got one of the bastards for sure when he got sloppy" Gesturing to one of the alcoves of his chamber, he trains your attention upon a suit of armor and corpse maintained within a stasis field. If you didn't know better, you'd say that was an Adeptus Astartes helmet. "Put a hole straight through his chest with my plasma pistol before his friend gunned down forty of my men. I could have sworn I got the other too, but we lost the trail by the cargo doors in port. Bastards were invisible, could only see the first one for sure because of the recaff Tefor was carrying when they collided! Anyway, this raid you just came back from was to secure the cargo we'll need to set up our own little hideout in Sector Corgus. Once we get there we'll find us a little paradise and raid from there, put the people we capture to work to grow food. A true paradise, boy. It will be grand!"

"And for now, Lord Wilson?" Steering verbose nobles back from a tangent is thankfully a practiced skill.

"Ah, yes! Until we're ready to head out, you're free to freeboot about sector Deus, but I'd suggest you avoid going too far from Caseblanco. Nice little hive of scum and villainy. I expect we'll be around here for six to eight months, don't want to head out unprepared!"

>I need to gather a crew
>How will loot be handled?

>> No.25272612


Lord Wilson grins, offering you a toast. "I like the way you pick your questions, boy. Reminds me of Hariso when he was a pup."

"We'll find you a motley little crew for the most part, your concern should be with the officers that you choose to surround yourself with. The most important part of surrounding yourself with capable officers is their cut, though. Crew usually gets a healthy 25% of the wealth you capture on a raid, including when you sell captured cargo later. Remember, boy, none of us risk our life for free. After that, your officers will get their cut, most get a healthy 10% each, and it is wise to keep your officers happy instead of screwing them over. They're there as your eyes, ears and hands, and you don't want them getting it in their head that you're screwing them when a mutiny eventually gets a'brewin!" With a smile, he hands you a small list of names. "These lads and lasses are the suggested lot you might want to pick from, all of them have an endorsement of some sort from a Captain in the pack."


>> No.25272654


Keller Lorisit - Freeborn Pirate
One of three survivors of the first squad Percius Aurex joined as a pirate, Keller has risen through the armsmen ranks beside Aurex. A void-born pirate, he has only set foot upon a planet once: during a raid upon an agri-world. A skilled combatant and budding tactician, Keller has a minor obsession with stories of Sly Marbo.

Elise Eberhardt- Imperialborn Pirate [Currently Wounded]
Born upon a mountainous agri-world, Elise spent her youth dreaming of the worlds beyond her own. When Captain Wilson's wolfpack raided her world for supplies, she was quick to accept the offer to join up with the pirates. With few applicable skills to her name, Elise ended up as an Armswoman in the same squad as Percius Aurex and Keller Lorisit. Though her combat skills are lacking compared to her fellow armsmen, she has proven herself to be a competent tactician, leader, and learner.

Kihomi Noda - Freeborn Pirate
A veteran Pirate, Kihomi has served as one of Captain Hariso's many relief pilots for nearly a decade. Having never served as an armsman, she is not as capable as her peers in a fight, but she is by no means a pushover. Capable of piloting both voidships and smaller craft, she is currently serving as part of the temporary bridge crew lent to Percius Aurex as part of his prize crew.

Arttu Jalonen - Freeborn Pirate
A veteran Pirate, Arttu served as an armsman for years before losing most of his left leg. Unable to procure a quality replacement, his wounds relegated him to a slower-paced position. Now serving as a relief pilot for Captain Hariso, Arttu is a capable voidship pilot and has a passable knowledge of medicae.


>> No.25272674


Gaspare Fallaci - Imperialborn Pirate
Formerly part of a merchant transport's crew, Gaspare was quick to accept the invitation to join as a pirate. A passable leader and seneschal, Gaspare is still clings to his belief in the Emperor's divinity.

Travers Du Trieux - Noble-born Pirate
Fourth son of a fading noble family, Travers fled to the stars for reasons unknown. Still possessing a vicious sense of noble superiority, he has risen through the ranks despite himself by throwing himself wholey into the skills he believes necessary for his rise to fame and glory. Travers is a skilled commander and gunnery officer, and has long been assigned by Captain Hariso as part of dozens of prize crews.

Lothaire Blanchett - Freeborn Pirate
A fourth-generation pirate, Lothaire continues his family's tradition as a gunnery officer. If 'noble' birth exists within pirate fleets, his is the picture you'd see.

Jenning Delzt - Freeborn Pirate
Hailing from another ship in the wolfpack, Jenning is known to a be a veteran armsman and a modest seneschal. An odd combination.


>> No.25272721
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Orsola Magnus - Techpriest of Mars
Captured as an adept, Orsola Magnus has been a techpriestess with the pirate armsmen for the majority of her life. Specializing in medicae and small arms, she has gained a questionable reputation due to a high incidence of those under her care ending up only technically alive.

Erionis Rethyx - Freeborn Techpriest
Hailing from another ship in the wolfpack, Erionis is reported to be a skilled techpriest, if a bit odd. Specialized in vehicles and heavy weaponry, he has yet to find a real place within the wolfpack.

Advinessa Yulem - Freeborn Techpriest
Hailing from another ship in the wolfpack, Advinessa is known to have been a former pupil of the late Magos Backer. Specializing in voidship systems, she is rumored to be a deviant, even by Techpriest standards.

Weylin Escorzen - Techpriest of Mars
Hailing from another ship in the wolfpack, Weylin is reportedly seeking to continue his quest for knowledge while enduring his capture by the wolfpack. Specialized in exploration of both the void and planetary bodies, many view his obsession with STCs as dangerous.


>> No.25272811
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Erin Veritas - Freeborn Navigator
Keeping mostly to themselves, the navigators of the wolfpack are a mixture of captured or disgraced navigator mutants from a wide background. Erin is one of the few Freeborn Navigators among their number, but she lacks the experience of other Navigators. On the plus side, her lack of experience does lower her pay demands.

Thorj Eupharis - Captured Navigator
Keeping mostly to themselves, the navigators of the wolfpack are a mixture of captured or disgraced navigator mutants from a wide background. Thorj is among the growing number of of Navigators finding the wolfpack a more accepting climate for his kind, but he still sees himself as an agent of his House.

Paquin Rovquet- Captured Navigator
Keeping mostly to themselves, the navigators of the wolfpack are a mixture of captured or disgraced navigator mutants from a wide background. Paquin counts himself among a number of captured Navigators unsure about their future within the wolfpack.

Kelsi Stellapulvis - Captured Navigator
Keeping mostly to themselves, the navigators of the wolfpack are a mixture of captured or disgraced navigator mutants from a wide background. Kelsi counts herself among a number of captured Navigators unsure about their future within the wolfpack.

>> No.25273031

Looking over the list, you note that you know a good portion of the suggested officers. "Sir, why are most of these suggestions from Captain Hariso's ship?"

"His ship is dedicated to boarding actions, boy. Most of your fellows are actually from other ships, the captains hoping their lesser favorites will capture a ship on their own while they can cherry pick when to make a move with their favorites. Most of them have quiet plans to gain enough support to form their own little packs or attempt to overthrow me, such is the way of things." Refilling his glass, Lord Wilson grins at you. "Many have failed."

"And the loot from this captured ship, sir?"

"That is between yourself and Captan Hariso, boy. He'll likely take a hefty percentage and leave you enough to start a modest little contingent of armsmen. After that, a little fixed percentage from each raid like I take from him. Always good to be on the top of the pyramid, kid." With a grin, Wilson again raises his glass to you.


>> No.25273229

Elise Eberhardt - I feel she would make for an excellent Arch-Millitant, for not only is she skilled in commanding forces, but she should be able to adapt to changing situations and quickly come up with ways to keep the odds in our favor.

Advinessa Yulem - Her specialisation in Voidship systems should keep our ship in top form. If we can keep her deviance in check, she might even make some... inspired upgrades to the systems, though vigilance must be maintained as the inspiration doesn't always mean well...

for the navigator position, I am stuck between Erin and Kelsi... Erin would be more loyal, though Kelsi is more experienced... Then again, adventure lies off the beaten track, so Erin would be more favorable in that regard as she is more likely to take us to an unexpected location due to her lack of experience...

Kihomi Noda - She can be our pilot, from our landers to the ship itself, She should be able to get us to our destinations and back again...

(I assume that we get to choose 4?)

Ask about Lord Alexander Kerr. Lord Wilson might just know something interesting about him...
If not then thank him for honor of providing such information as he has...

>> No.25273362


You can choose as many as you like, so long as you're willing to part with more shares of your loot!

>> No.25273602
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With a smile you tap your glass against Wilson's and both enjoy your wine. The taste is a bit overwhelming at first, but eventually mellows into peaceful mixture of different floral notes. You could get used to this taste, but you have a pressing question to ask. "Lord Wilson, have you encountered a Lord Alexander Kerr during your time in the sector? Two of my prisoners seem to believe that he will pay a ransom for them."

Wilson's eyes narrow slightly at the mention of Kerr, and he leans lower upon the plotting table you sit at. "A decent man, though he avoided my attempts to contact him at court. Seemed he was both a pious man and an enemy of the Iron Monks, but his popularity among the crusade veterans and the Sector Governor keep him beyond their reprisals. From what I heard, he has been continuing his family's work rebuilding some war-ravaged world from the crusade but the Monks have been hampering it as best they can. Rumor had it that he and the Cannoness of the Sororitas had an affair that went wrong, as well."

>> No.25273618


so, after the crew we have 75% loot... If we get 5 Officers, then we shall have 25% loot left...
Assuming that the 'tribute' is 10%, that would leave us with 15% to play with...
Out of that 15%, I would suggest putting 5-10% towards ship improvements, with the remainder put into emergency hat funds...

Therefore, my short list for crew is;
Elise Eberhardt.
Advinessa Yulem.
Erin Veritas.
Kihomi Noda.
Orsola Magnus.

>> No.25273730


do we still have one of the sapphires with us?
If so, we could offer it directly to him as a token of our appreciation for the information he has provided us...
The ulterior motive being to see if he can appraise it.

>> No.25273869

You did not, in an attempt to keep their existence secret.

>> No.25273964


oh well. one less thing to worry about then.
thank him and return to our ship. We have to get to sorting out our officers and dealing with the loot split with Captain Hariso...

>> No.25274377


Survey for what I'd estimate is a 'Core' command crew.

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