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You are a Magical Girl, and you're currently in a meeting with the four most high-ranking Magical Girls in your Officio - well, after you, of course. You can't help but smirk at that, somehow. A couple of months ago, you wouldn't even have dreamed of talking to them face to face like this - not that you wanted to, anyway - but the fact that you can, now, seemed to help sink in that you were in fact Warmaster. You're a big deal. The biggest.

Hell, you probably could ask them about the underwear they're wearing, and they'd have no choice but to answer without giving you any lip.

...Not that you would, of course. Not that you would at all.

Fucking, no-good, piece of shit hat.

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Anycase, you started things off with introductions. Easy enough, right? You began by saying your own name - which got you nothing but surprised stares. "Chiaki...Matsuda, Warmaster?" The girl in the kimono had asked, breaking the awkward silence. "I beg your pardon, but isn't the current Warmaster's name, um...Murderface?"

Yes. Yes, that's your name, you replied. But you're going by Chiaki Matsuda, now. It's a much better name, anyway.

"...I suppose so, but it doesn't have the same ring as Murderface." The girl shrugged here. "I've always thought it was a good name. A very brutal name. Right, Ashford? Ashford?" She turned towards her more diminutive companion, nudging her with an elbow, while Sayaka all but positively seethed at her direction.

. . .Right. Well. You moved on from there, noting that this particular officer may be a handful to deal with.

You got their names easily after that. The mouthy girl in the kimono is Karasawa Enishi, Callidus Rank Leader and the Officio's current Etiquette Officer (whatever the hell that meant). Short stuff with the glasses and pigtails and weird-ass gun is Rea Ashford, Vindicare Rank Leader and Logistics Officer. Sayaka, well, you already know her. The one in the Culexus hardsuit, though...all you got was a burst of static, and a murmured "Omegon". Which...didn't really tell you anything other than the fact that whoever was underneath that helmet may or may not be Yuma.

But it's got to be Yuma, right? Malal wouldn't be wrong here, would she?

Putting that aside, you began to brief them from behind your desk, taking a seat on the throne as you did so. You told them, as succinctly as you could, about the package you received. The head, and who it was made to look like, and what you think it means. No doubt they've been asked to reassign girls to Mami as security duty - this is the reason why. You note here that Sayaka's eyes narrow at this, the blue-haired Eversor standing up straighter.


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You then tell them about why you summoned them here - the Prophet. You have reliable intel that a Prophet is involved in all of this, and may be the key to finding the one wanting Tomoe Mami dead. Once Kyuubey finishes compiling the list of potentials, they'll be the ones to apprehend them for questioning. They are to be brought back to the Officio alive - standard Silent Room protocol. Dead, only if nothing else can be done.

Finally, you told them about the Golden Weapons. If they find a lead about them, or hear rumors about them, or even know about someone using it - it is to be reported to you directly and immediately. No one engages without you knowing and being on-site. You stressed how dangerous they really are, even if they manage to disarm whoever's been waving the Golden Weapon around. Only you can handle them safely enough, and even then it's still a risk, due to a procedure you underwent in Siberia. Both Rea and Enishi blinked at this, Sayaka remained her usual scowling self.

"...Well. First impressions aside, Warmaster, I do believe you've got everything handled. I was getting worried that we'd be needing to wait until your aide translated everything into intelligibility. I have high hopes, and welcome our new Warmaster." Enishi smiles and bows, the gesture elegant even in when curt. "Rest assured the Callidus are at your command, Matsuda-sama, and we will keep watch for these Golden Fiends."

"The Vindicares echo the sentiment," Rea murmurs in her usual deadpan tone. "We will hunt down this Prophet and prepare him for the Warmaster's justice." Her amber eyes glint from behind her glasses.


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"You know what I'm already going to say, Murderf--" Sayaka is just about to reply in her customary irritated manner - until she catches the gaze of the two other Rank Leaders staring at her sullenly. "...W-what I meant to say was, likewise, Warmaster." She amends herself quickly. "The Eversors will have this prophet's skull for your throne before too long."

. . .What?

"Sorry. Reflex." Sayaka grumbles, looking away, scratching the back of her neck in embarrassment.

Well. Anyway. That seems to be it, you think. More or less.

Is there anything else you'd like to ask them? Tell them? This should be the time.

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Oh boy, the most exciting time of the day!

Within the week, we'd like a report on each section's forces, current strengths and weaknesses, and any priority matters that they consider should be looked at, and have it forwarded to our aid, Kyouko.

We'll impress on them we'll try to make this place a bit more professional at its core - that is, we'll get the job done. Then, check for any immediate current concerns that they might have.

Try to resist the urge to snark at Sayaka and shoot anyone.

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Oh boy, the most exciting time of the day!

Within the week, we'd like a report from each of them on each section's forces, current strengths and weaknesses, and any priority matters that they consider should be looked at, and have it forwarded to our aid, Kyouko. Though they can delegate that, of course.

We'll impress on them we'll try to make this place a bit more professional at its core - that is, we'll get the job done. Then, check for any immediate current concerns that they might have.

Try to resist the urge to snark at Sayaka and shoot anyone.

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Thread 100, oh yeah.
[X] That should be all. Thank you for your time.

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Exchange phone numbers so we can contact each other.

Then thank them for their time and that Chiaki looks forward to working with them.

Dismiss them but ask Yuma and Sayaka to stay behind for a short while. Hand Yuma her box of skull parts and Malal's message, that she specifically asked her to reassemble Remov.

Tell Sayaka of the impromptu housewarming party. If Kyoko is there, no reason her life partner shouldn't be there tonight.

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I've seen this fucking quest header like 100 times and it only just fucking clicked that it's Homura

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I like this. Though I'm under the impression that the party is only for us, Mami, Midorin and Pinky

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Wait, what?

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Still at thread 50, but anyway happy 100th thread! Moreover, it's been almost a year now.

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Kyoko's with Midori and she'll probably stick around. Might as well get blueberry to come over.

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1) Tell them to get a report of their current forces.

2) Get numbers.

3) Tell Omegon to stay behind. Confirm that it is Yuma and hand over Malal's legacy.
Weren't we told that Yuma was going to be oversea's for a week?

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I uhh...I think that's a new record.

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What underwear are you wearing?

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Threadly reminder that the updated Ebook can be found at http://pastebin.com/kbGzcbDb
Ebook has been updated to include the last few threads.

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>impromptu housewarming party

Goddamn there better not be dancing.

Alcohol, dancing and Homura do not mix.

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Let the spaghetti flow through you.

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Was Homura. Whoever she was after her fuck-up and before her amnesia is gone, it's Chiaki now.

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Nah, lots of quests have broken 100.

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we also need to tell Sayaka that she may or may not be our second in command. i cant remember what the name of that is

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Ask them to keep an ear out for rumours of Golden Weapons. We already know about Kyoko Sakura's spear; that was modified from a safe weapon and is not relevant.
After that, dismiss everyone but Sayaka, and call Mami. She didn't seem to take our previous warning seriously and, despite the inherent unpleasantness, will need to be informed that this isn't just some insane rant posted on the internet or stuffed in the mailbox.
Once we're alone with Sayaka, take the goddamn hat off and lament how shit our first day on the job has been.

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Thought Kyoko will stay around only until she gets Midori out of the hospital and to our apartment. Mami comes over only during late evening anyway.

But if she sticks around, sure.

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The MMD was one of the funniest things i've seen in awhile.

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Equerry. And we already told her.

>> No.25234774


But they're going to the apartment to discuss their assignment.

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Pretty sure he meant a record in being a dense motherfucker.

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I've never actually been in a thread, But I've scrolled past the bloody things enough fucking times.

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record as in not knowing who the main character is in a quest.

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> [X] Exchange phone numbers so we can contact each other.
> [X] Inquire if there are any pressing matters that need to be brought to our attention. Also, a report of all current assets (Active Megucas, etc) within their Departments.
> [X] Tell Omegon to stay behind. Confirm that it is Yuma and hand over Malal's legacy.
> [X] Thank everyone for their time

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Eyup, that.
Although I think I saw someone that was late to the party a year and a half on /a/, not sure.

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>>25234764 here
Keep Omegon around. Ask her if she recognises the skull bits.

>> No.25234801

u gonna start reading it now?

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> Not been in the best quest thread ever
Well, there's your problem!

>> No.25234808

Where's Mami now?

>> No.25234809

Better start archive binging then, have fun.

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[x] Acquire Mami's Pancakes, timestop, give to pinkie.

>> No.25234823

I... might? I mean I like Madoka Magica and all, but also 50 threads of backlog. Then again I enjoyed Maid quest back in the day, so maybe.

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We called her just before; she was in the cafeteria giggling over our spaghetti-induced purchase of the Waifu Special.
We should tell Midori not to tell anyway we gave that to her.

>> No.25234835

For that, you must marry June Bride Homura.
Kiss the back of her hand!

>> No.25234837


Changing by vote>>25234737
to this >>25234794

In an attempt to pile up all the sane votes.

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>[x] This right here

>> No.25234850

>whoever was underneath that helmet may or may not be Yuma.
>may or may not be Yuma.
>may not.

Decu please, you know how paranoid we get.

>> No.25234857

>We should tell Midori not to tell anyway we gave that to her.

Midori won't squeak about it. Now Kyoko..

>> No.25234874

The Waifu Special may be a Ninth Officio-only thing. She might not be aware of the significance.
Well, the significance beyond being a cute packed lunch with a pink loveheart in it.
You're right, it's probably fine.

>> No.25234885

> Dat appalling gun safety.

I thought you were better than that, Homurun!

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>> No.25234902


>> No.25234910

You mean this?

>> No.25234917

Weren't we scheduled to look over our file with Mami. In hopes that our WIS is high enough to recover memories?

Trying to have a party at the same time wouldn't be productive

And the fact that we are the sort of girl to have maxed out DEX and CON instead.

>> No.25234925

It's not as bad as it looks. Most of the thread is just us anons debating back and forth on what to do. The actual Deculture posts can be read pretty quickly.

>> No.25234932


Sneak the cap on kyoko when shes drunk and we'll have time alone.

I expect Midorin to be a extreme lightweight.

>> No.25234960

No, but that's damn funny. I don't know what it was anymore so eh.

>> No.25234967

Would it be too lewd if we swapped our usual whiskey for a bottle of Midori?

>> No.25234984

No. It would, in fact, be perfect.

And melony.

http://magicalgirlnoir.com/ is an archive where you can filter out everything that decu wasn't replying to. Really speeds up the binge.

>> No.25234986


Why have bottled Midori when you can have it from her tap?

>> No.25234999

Didn't know that, I binged through everything before catching up around the 80s.

>> No.25235005


I don't think she's packing one of those. At least I hope not.

>> No.25235024


Everyone has one, anon.

>> No.25235030

With all the illusions, you might never know...

>> No.25235034

She has two, mate.

>> No.25235063


To me tap sounds like a euphemism for penis. as it is a protrusion. What sort of crazy place do you people live that has vagina shaped taps?

>> No.25235069

>futa midorin

>> No.25235075


[x] "That was the official part. Now, I know that I already told you this but since we are all teenage girls let me emphasize it again for you, privately: Do not engage Golden-Weapon-Users. Under any circumstances.
Please also make this sufficiently clear to your squads. I do not want to lose good Magical Girls to other Magical Girls is bad enough, I do not want to also lose people to stupid heroics. "

>> No.25235076

I was thinking of a different organ myself, go a little higher.

>> No.25235122 [SPOILER] 


I doubt puella magi would waste magic doing that.

>> No.25235162

Sauce please?

>> No.25235181


Well, that is pretty much it, you decide. You don't want to hold them up for too long, you know they've got a lot of things to do, as Rank Leaders.

You exchange phone numbers with them, though, before dismissing them, so they can contact you the moment they find anything about the Golden Weapons or the Prophet. They should feel free to call anytime, but in the off chance that you can't be reached, then they're to call Sayaka, your Equerry, or Tomoe Mami herself. Both Rea and Enishi blink at this, and even Omegon lifts her helmet to look at the suddenly-awkward Eversor.

"My. Rank Leader AND Equerry, Miki?" Enishi snaps a paper fan open with a flick of her wrist, covering a coquettish giggle with the trinket. "You're certainly moving up in the world. Maybe we should start saluting you also?"

"Eat a dick, Karasawa," Sayaka snarls, before glaring at you. "Why couldn't you have waited 'till your ratification ceremony? Why'd you have to bust that out now, huh?"

There's nothing wrong with the Rank Leaders knowing about it. What the hell's her problem, anyway?

"It's the look of the thing, for fuck's sake! Dammit, Murderface, I haven't even told my own goddamn squad--"

"Relax, Miki. I was just making fun." Enishi tuts from behind her fan, again, before looking at you sidelong and then bowing again. "It has been my pleasure, Warmaster." She says, before making her leave. Rea stares at you for a moment too long, before nodding and following the kimono-clad Callidus out of your office as well.

"...Well, now I gotta tell the girls, and they're going to make a scene about this," Sayaka gnashes her teeth, raking one gloved hand through her hair in sheer frustration. "Thanks, Murderface, really." She makes to leave, but stops just as she passes Omegon. "And you. You'd better stop fucking hiding from Kyoko, she's been asking about you. I'm not going to keep lying to her face about you any longer."


>> No.25235182



>> No.25235189


All the enraged Eversor gets in reply is a nod, and it only seems to make her angrier. She goes to storm off, before you stop her by calling her name.

"What." She snaps. "Is it. Murderface."


"...Warmaster. Christ, please, don't be difficult about this--"

You shake your head and tell her that there's going to be a small gathering at your new apartment later. Mami, Kyoko and Midori are going to be there, so she might as well be, too.

Sayaka's silent for a few moments, before you see her shoulders droop in surrender. "...Housewarming, eh? Fine. I'll...I'll bring some takeout. Probably someething to drink, too. God knows I'll need some." She turns to glare at you, but softens somewhat with a tired grin. "Later, Murderface."

You bid her goodbye just as she closes the door behind her, leaving you and Omegon alone.

The Culexus seems to be shaken from what Sayaka snapped at her, by the way she's no longer leaning against the wall, but rather tense and wringing her gloved hands together.

She glances at you, then at the door, but seems to catch your intention, and stays instead. Waiting for you to make the first move.

How do you approach this situation?

[]Call her by her real name.
[]Ask what her real name is.
[]Show her Remov and ask if she knows anything about it.
[]Ask what's going on between her and Kyoko.

>> No.25235200

[x]Show her Remov and ask if she knows anything about it.

>> No.25235208


>[]Ask what her real name is.

gently does it.

>> No.25235212

>[X]Show her Remov and ask if she knows anything about it.

Let her be the fist to slip up.

>> No.25235219

>[X]Show her Remov and ask if she knows anything about it.

>> No.25235224

>[x]Call her by her real name.
Make a reaction and work from there.
Let her analyze the situation.
Give her Remov

>> No.25235234


> [X] Ask what her real name is.
> [X] Show her Remov and ask if she knows anything about it.
> [X] Ask what's going on between her and Kyoko.

> Optional: [X] Invite her to the Housewarming, Kyoko is there after all.

>> No.25235235


[x] Call her by her real name

"Abit of a bitch isn't she, Yuma? But she means well."

Don't ask. Chiaki already knows. Be familiar with her, no need to act formal.


[x] Ask about her and Kyoko

>> No.25235237

>[X]Show her Remov and ask if she knows anything about it.

Be sure to say that Malal asked us to repair it with her help.

>> No.25235247


Thank you, Dear Anon. I'm afraid I can't access it, what do?

>> No.25235251


>[x]Show her Remov and ask if she knows anything about it.
>[x]Call her by her real name.

"Relax Omegon, I know its been hard for you since Malal and the other Culexus died."

"However recently, I have come into possession of something from Malal." Pull out Remov "However it is broken, its been mentioned that you can fix it Yuma"

>> No.25235259

>[]Show her Remov and ask if she knows anything about it.

Also. why is Sayaka permanently on her period?

>> No.25235264

>he can't get past sad panda

The name of the doujin is (C80) [In The Sky (Nakano Sora)] MamaMami (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) (English).

>> No.25235266

Just a fyi, but she probably introduced herself as Omegon for a reason. Calling her by name out of the blue might not be the best thing in this situation.

>> No.25235280

>(C80) [In The Sky (Nakano Sora)] MamaMami (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) (English)

I'm afraid I'm still a newfag, relatively speaking.

>> No.25235281


You can't get in the sekrit club?

But seriously, just google how to access exhentai. There's a trick to it.

>> No.25235283


>Has not been to the grail of porn before

Register an account here.


>> No.25235290

[x] Show her the Remov
"I… believe you know what this is."

>> No.25235294

Call her by her real name
Tell her to come closer, we have something for her from Malal

>> No.25235303

So out of curiosity, anyone else been here since the thread numbers were in single digits?

>> No.25235304

I have an acc, rarely using it.

>> No.25235316

[X]Call her by her real name.
[X]Show her Remov and ask if she knows anything about it.

>> No.25235318

From thread one, pulled in by art

>> No.25235320


[x] Invite Yuma, too.

"Yuma, is it? I´m sorry about what happened to your squad. But I do not think that staying away from everyone will make it any easier on you.

With this said, I called you here because Kanade Madoka left me something for the both of us. I would like you to assemble this thing for me."

After everything is said and done don`t forget to add.

"You are a friend of Kyoko, right? So you are invited to my housewarming party, too. I won`t tell you what to do, but Mami and and Kyoko probably will be happy to see you too."

>> No.25235326


>> No.25235328

Thread one
Knew of Deculture beforehand, saw the art and came in here

Was the first person to refer to Faust as Pinky

>> No.25235329

Of course, friend, of course.

Sometimes people are just angry, man.

>> No.25235332


>thread 1
>I have archived a large portion on sup/tg/.

>> No.25235333

>Kanade Madoka
Homu doesn't know that.

Only midori does.

>> No.25235340

You have to log in to e-hentai before using ex.
Now that you've awakened the dreaded sad panda of doom, you'll have to clear your cookies before trying again.

>> No.25235347

Yes. Been around since Thread One. This is still my favourite Decu-Pic.

>> No.25235354

indeed. i was in Hong Kong when this started and im back again for the anniversary.

>> No.25235357

Remember the inventory screen?

>> No.25235365


I wonder how they look like now.

>> No.25235368

those were great

>> No.25235384


Decu, return to this shit right now. this quest is in dire need of more art and I havn't figured out how to use my tablet yet

>> No.25235386

And the first pinky drawing.

>> No.25235390

Ah, simpler times, when Decu had no fucking clue what he was doing.
Tell us Decu, if you could speak to your past self, would you tell him not to do it? Would you tell him what he's in for?
Or would you just give him a vaguely sinister war[x] THE FLESH OF FALLEN ANGELSning?

>> No.25235394

The pic of Tomboy Madoka, remember? The name was written on the backside.

>> No.25235403

>note to past self: Make Iori nameless npc type simply called "client"

>> No.25235404

Do we know that's Malal, though?

>> No.25235405


>Not posting licking pinky

>> No.25235408

Actually it is the pic of tomboy Madoka cosplaying as normal meguca Madoka which was a secret she took to her grave

>> No.25235414


Shit, nostalgia right there. We have got to get Midori to give us that hairdo again.

Just used Chrome instead of Firefox, score!

Thank you once again, kind Anon.

>> No.25235421


Dammit 4chan.

Stop fucking up.

>> No.25235430

I think using idolmaster was worth it just for Kyoko meeting her doppelganger in MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS.

>> No.25235432


Well. 100th Thread huh? And today arrived a package with some czech beer from a friend.
Heh, looks like I have a reason to open some of them today.

>> No.25235447

>All these nostalgia feels

It's a good feeling.

>> No.25235448

But that was Pinky transformed as her.

>> No.25235453

But then we would have missed all the Lori

>> No.25235456


>> No.25235461

She may not want to hang around Kyoko, depending on what exactly the problem is. I definitely support a conditional party invite, though. [x]

>> No.25235465

People mistaking an uppercase i for a lowercase L.
It still happens. Some guy a couple of threads ago did it.

>> No.25235466

Pinky was in one of the other stores, Hibiki was in the pet shop and helped pick out the turtle.

>> No.25235469

That's what the "Optional:" is for.

Captcha: fludere was


>> No.25235471

Uh no, Hibiki had her pet shop and Pinky was playing boozemaid somewhere
I think she also sold us miracle Midori at the airport from memory

>> No.25235472

Then there was this non-decu art.

>> No.25235478

I've always thought it was just one guy doing to fuck with everyone.

>> No.25235479

Deculture @magicalgirlnoir 9m
Hahaha, I should probably start drawing inventory screens again...


>> No.25235481

>Hahaha, I should probably start drawing inventory screens again...
So what have we got at the moment? 4 MiGs, a couple of gold weapons, laminated panties...
That's been around looooong before MGNQ bro.

>> No.25235487

>Uh no, Hibiki had her pet shop and Pinky was playing boozemaid somewhere

Hm, I guess you are right, it's been a while since I read the Cristmas special.

>> No.25235488

let's not forget this

you like it guys right? .....right? I can be in the cool artists club?

>> No.25235491

All according to plan.

>> No.25235492



It's turned into what we've been calling the incubators since then.

>> No.25235495


Decu is using his tablet. All is right with the world

>> No.25235503

You forgot Best (Non-Waifu) Magical Girl.

>> No.25235504

I assume we still have the lighter, combat knife and some cigs. Probably a bit more cash now that we get paid more. We also have that reprint of vol1 of Miracle Midori. I'm sure there's more.

>> No.25235507


I liked it.

you should do more. you know. for practice. and stuff.

>> No.25235514


oh she's there.....

>> No.25235521

I'm still happy my off hand comment spawned this.

>> No.25235524


>the ride never ends.

>> No.25235531

I am extremely happy about that as well

>> No.25235535

It is funny how little has changed. We just have a cool hat now.

>> No.25235538


Hush, the good part has yet to come!

>> No.25235547


and long hair, and more spaghetti and an actual positive attitude from time to time

>> No.25235549

We also quit smoking like a chimney and drinking like a fish (At least we're trying to). I'm sure we ditched the pills a long time ago as well.

>> No.25235550

Where is 'You are in a quest thread.jpg' when you need it?
And long hair

>> No.25235552


>> No.25235596


>> No.25235597

100 threads eh? Marvelous century, Deculture!

Been here since the Tiny Pete/Lance Kilgore fight. Saw the art, and got to reading about MAGICAL GIRLS AND TERMINATORS AND DAEMONS OH MY and I've been here ever since.

>> No.25235607

Guys - if you're having a housewarming, don't forget to invite Misaka. You're being 'Big Sister' now, da? You not forget family, else family throw tantrum. With .308 Winchester at 800 yards.

>> No.25235614


>> No.25235618


and giant metal warmachine!

>> No.25235619

You do mean a 7.62 x 39mm, right?

>> No.25235623 [DELETED] 


>I know about your tongue

>> No.25235627

Look. I've never even read these Magical Girl Noir Quest threads, but if you people are in here making references to my favorite videogames ever, I might have to give a few of these a look-see.
But goddamn.. there are so many to read so I can catch up.

>> No.25235633


it's worth it

>> No.25235638

There should be an ebook with only Deculture's posts, or you could go through the archive and just ctrl-F 'deculture'. You get through a thread pretty quickly that way. It'd take a few minutes, but...

>> No.25235640

Max Payne? Yeah, the first few threads were heavily influenced by it. It started veering away after some time though, but chances are it may return to that.

>> No.25235641

er, a few hours, I mean. A few minutes per thread.

>> No.25235642

>'know about'
>not 'aware of'

>> No.25235643


Do it.

You won't regret it.

>> No.25235645

we are just after the healing arc. things should get darker soon

>> No.25235650

There is actually very little that Deculture wrote
If you use either the ebook or site that the fans made you can burn through it in about a day or two of heavy reading

Having said that you will miss a lot of the side discussions, context and sometimes just amusing things people came up with

You will also miss the waifu wars, bitching and general shit that are better skipped

>> No.25235654


>Now entering The Shadowruns

>> No.25235658


well I dun fucked up

>> No.25235659

Pic related.

>> No.25235660

Did i not just link the archive? >>25234984

>> No.25235669

>>25235200 >>25235212 >>25235219 >>25235237

You get up from the skull throne and make your way towards the Culexus. You're not all that sure if this is really Yuma, but you know what Malal told you, and you're going with that.

You take out the box containing Remov from your inventory, and hold it out to the girl. The visor of her helmet reflects your face for a couple of seconds, before two gloved hands reach out to receive the package. She takes the lid off just as you ask her if she knows anything about it - your voice low, careful, measured. If a bit hesitant, you'll admit. You still have no fucking idea who this is.

"...Remov," comes the whispered reply, all warmth and character ruined by vox corruption. "The Betrayer's Servitor Skull. Yes, I know about this, Warmaster. I bought it myself, when Miss Kyoko took me to buy presents for everyone." She shakes her head. "...Why's it disassembled? Even the memory unit's taken apart. You'll have to do some serious repairs just to get it flying again..."

Well, that's what she'll have to do. Malal did tell you to have her fix it.

"...Malal? Miss Malal told you?" Despite the vox unit in her helmet ruining her words, you can't help but hear suspicion in her tone. "How? I--"

You take out the note that Malal had left you along with the box. She reads it quickly, and grows silent for a bit before letting out a sigh. "...I see. Alright, Warmaster. I'll have this put back together for you as soon as I can. It'll take a while, but I'll try to make the wait a short one." You notice that her grip on the box is shaking slightly, but it disappears as soon as she places the lid back. "I can't fathom why you'd want to find out what the Betrayer's thoughts are, but orders are orders."

...At least that confirms what she feels about Kharn. Somewhat.

But another thing...so she's Yuma, right? She's not anyone else? It's just that you can't tell, what with the helmet and all.


>> No.25235672

I'd still like to see Chiaki wield a FN FAL, just because.

>> No.25235674


"...Yes, Warmaster. My given name is Chitose Yuma." The Culexus nods. "I'm the only remaining Culexus left in the Ninth Officio, after the last Walpurgisnacht. After the Betrayer betrayed us all and killed everyone in my squad, including Miss Malal."

You seem to have hit a sore nerve somehow. You weren't even trying to, but there it is.

"Is there anything else, Warmaster? Only I've got a skull servitor to put together, and you've got your housewarming party to get to."

How do you react?

>> No.25235675


> I am aware of your tongue

>> No.25235677

>not some horrifying bastard child of Dark Heresy and Monopoly

>> No.25235678

Back to neo-noir and Meguca Runner.

>> No.25235682

I thought the site was behind by a few threads, actually.

>> No.25235687



>> No.25235688

> After the last Walpurgisnacht.

Well shit.

[X] Ask Yuma if she'd like to come to the Party.

>> No.25235694


>Has just described the Shadowruns exactly


>> No.25235697

Dismiss her. After she is gonne look on your computer for a detaled report on the Walpurgis battle.

>> No.25235698

Thank her.

>> No.25235703

Should Chiaki offer to invite her to the housewarming party?

It would be a nice gesture, and Sayaka seemed to think that Yuma was being really withdrawn since the incident. Although it seems that Culexus tend to make some Meguca sick to their stomachs.

Do we want to try investigating some of the likely suspects for the Prophet? Like Oriko or searching for other people who may know about the golden weapons?

>> No.25235706

"...Why don't you come, too, Chitose? I'm sure Kyouko would be happy to see you getting out more. Sayaka, too, were she capable of joy."

>> No.25235712


Some of the discussing is pretty funny too. Especailly when decu decides to take snippets of it and put it into the post. Like last thread

>What I want to know is how is she going to introduce herself. As Warmaster Chiaki "Murderface" Matsuda. Or as just Warmaster Chiaki Matsuda.
>Want to avoid people going, "Warmaster Matsuda? Wasn't Murderface supposed to be the new Warmaster."

And then the OP post has exactly that. Or how our insane paranoid ramblings end up in Chiakis mind.

I would like a compilation of all the art though. Most quests end up with a website with all the quest art posted on it. Like with the Bromont quests.

>> No.25235715

>Ask Yuma if she'd like to see a bunch of high-ranking meguca become nauseous in our new house.

No thanks.

>[x] Say thank you. Apologize for her ill fortune, promise to try to do better than 'our predecessor'.

>> No.25235716

[x] "Sayaka is right about one thing, Kyouko does seem worried about you. Come to my housewarming if you want."

We don't know all of the details of what happened between Kyouko, Sayaka, and Yuma, especially after the death of her entire squad and Malal. We shouldn't push her without knowing the facts of the situation.

>> No.25235723

[x] "Sorry for opening old wounds. I seem to have habit of... being a shit person. If it's any consolation, Kharn got her shit wrecked during the clusterfuck in Siberia. She is now, officially, the housewife of a perverted little pasty-faced science nerd."

>> No.25235727


"I apologize for bringing this up, I'm about as subtle as an earthquake."

"would you like to attend the party? Kyoko will be there."

>> No.25235733

Nod, and let her get on with itWe've got things to do.

>> No.25235735


[X] say this

>> No.25235736

As long as she wears the suit, everyone will be fine.

>> No.25235738

>Ask Yuma if she'd like to see a bunch of high-ranking meguca become nauseous in our new house.

I thought her suit made sure that wouldn't happen.


>> No.25235739


Invite her. She'll probably say no, but it's the thought that counts.

>> No.25235749


Invite her to the party. I get the feeling we will be working rather closely with her from now on. Want to get things started on the right foot.

>> No.25235754


The suit mitigates the effect but can still affect.

It's touched on during the christmas special.

Kyoko also mentioned that Sayaka is particularly affected by them too.

>> No.25235757

So we get to be a cool person AND annoy Sayaka, at the same time?

>> No.25235758

Well crap, changing my vote:

> [x] "Sorry for opening old wounds. I seem to have habit of... being a shit person. If it's any consolation, Kharn got her shit wrecked during the clusterfuck in Siberia. She is now, officially, the housewife of a perverted little pasty-faced science nerd."


>> No.25235763

>Kyoko also mentioned that Sayaka is particularly affected by them too.

oh yeah, forgot about that


>> No.25235774

I would like it if you could come with me to that housewarming party
I won't order you to attend but you know Kyouko has been worried about you

I am sorry for opening old wounds

Also this came in the box, I thought you might like to see it

Show her the picture of Malal

>> No.25235776


Invite her and order her to wear casual clothes.

>> No.25235780


this is diamonds.

>> No.25235792

[x] Advise that she won't get rid of Kyoko that easily. Best she takes the first step. Invite her.

>> No.25235795

We are trying to NOT antagonize Sayaka, you chucklefucks.

>> No.25235797


So we tell her that Kharn found happiness?

Regardless of whether its in the arms of that nerd or not. I am doubtful she will be happy. It's not as though she cared that much about the betrayer's rep.

>> No.25235799

But that will affect everyone.

>> No.25235807

That is one of the most obviously retarded ideas ever.
It's so stupid, that I can only hope that it was meant in jest, which indicates that your have a shit sense of humor because the joke wasn't funny.

>> No.25235813


The last thing we want for the Housewarming party is everyone there puking their guts out while one of the guests slowly antimagics herself to death.

Pinky might have a chuckle, but would likely more just facepalm and wonder when she lost control of her life.

>> No.25235819

I'm only 20 or so minutes late in replying and providing the link, but the link to said Ebook can be found at http://pastebin.com/kbGzcbDb
I stash the links in a pastebin instead of posting them here directly because I can edit the content of the pastebin freely without the link changing, and to my knowledge I can't do the same for mediafire or 4shared links.

>> No.25235828

And I think you're kind of a bitch

>> No.25235830

[x] "Sorry for opening old wounds, but Kyouko is worried about you. Maybe you should give her a call."

>> No.25235844

No no no. Didn't we learn at MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS time that unshielded exposure to a Culexus can flat-out shut down a Soul Gem?
On the other hand, inviting a properly shielded Yuma to the party is a great idea, and I vote for telling her Kyoko would want her to come. [x]

>> No.25235846


Calm down. No, it wasn't meant to be taken seriosuly, I'm surprised anyone even bothered to reply.

>> No.25235848

>Kharn the Betrayer, known for wooing powerful Magical Girls by the dozen, carelessly swinging needlessly sharp objects around near friend and foe alike, and screaming BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD as she kills all the things
>often all at the same time
>happy with being a waifu

>> No.25235860

This is great. Voting.

>> No.25235883


I should really get back to drawing shit for this quest. Life has finally calmed down again enough that I can spare the time.

>> No.25235891

She seemed fairly content with it when we left, and her note with her ushanka seemed like she had not only accepted the situation but was looking forward to being a mother.

Kharn has basically gotten what most Magical Girls never get; a life beyond being a Magical Girl, instead of Witching Out or getting retired by a friend.

>> No.25235893

This And


Even if in the end we don't get along, having good work relations with the only Culexus is important. Furthermore, we need to show her that we aren't Kharn.

>> No.25235994

Yeah I think she lived the way she did because she never expected to live past being a magical girl, then she became a warmaster which she did not expect to survive
Now somehow she ended up retiring and now got ordered to be a housewife

I think she might actually content now that she has officially survived it

>> No.25236005

Huh, I can't even remember what Kumatora looks like.

>> No.25236017

[x] don't invite.

we don't need to be stepping in everyone's shit it housewarming

>> No.25236019

Short black hair... ummm.... I want to say there's pink or purple in her outfit.

>> No.25236052

Yes, which is exactly why Yuma isn't going to be happy to know that Kharn has been made a housewife.
It means that Kharn's won. She survived EVERYTHING, and still came out the other side alive and can now live out her life on a Grief Seed-a-month pension. She's gotten something that most Magical Girls will never get, and that Yuma, as a Culexus, can never have.

You guys think it's funny, but from a Magical Girl's perspective, Kharn got the true best ending, when before the best end you could expect was dying in a fight before you have a chance to Witch Out, followed by second-best, which is being retired by a friend before you can Witch Out.

>> No.25236063

Keep it simple.

[x] "Yeah. You're invited."

>> No.25236080

Yes, she got what other girls want.
Not what Kharn herself wants. She very clearly stated that she wanted to go out in a blaze of glory.

>> No.25236091


Omegon - or Yuma - shakes her head after a few moments. "No apologies necessary, Warmaster. That was a long time, and I was aware that you were not yourself when it happened." The vox destroys what sounds like a chuckle coming from her. "And that doesn't really make me feel better, to hear that the Betrayer got a happy ending when Miss Malal didn't. But I appreciate the attempt." With one arm hugging the box to her, she gives a salute. "If I can be excused, then, Warmaster."

...Wait. She can come to your housewarming if she wants. You were just about to invite her.

"I know, Warmaster. And I wasn't going to accept it." Yuma shrugs again. "Nothing personal, but we don't really know much about each other. I'm just your subordinate, and I'd very much like to keep it that way, if it's all the same to you." Another vox-ruined chuckle. "Really, Warmaster, it's fine. Don't look like I pissed in your cornflakes just for the kick of it. Besides, no one invites a Culexus to a housewarming party - that's bad luck, and brings evil spirits into your home."

That's a whole lot of bullshit and she knows it.

"Maybe. But really, if you want to make me feel better about the entire thing, Warmaster?" She walks towards the door, gloved hand reaching out for the doorknob and twisting it. "You'll take the Betrayer behind the shed and put her out of her misery. Barring that, well...just try not to be Kharn 2.0 and you'll be just fine."

...Right. Alright. You...guess you can do that.

"Hopefully you don't forget. We Culexus don't, you know." She salutes you again. "Warmaster."

She steps through the door and closes it behind her. Leaving you alone in your office with your throne of skulls and a rapidly-sinking sense of defeat.


>> No.25236100


She accepted her fate.

She said as much that in her goodbye not, even giving away her hat to be a good mother.

>> No.25236102


[-50 Yuma Points!]

You shake your head, and make your way back to your...chair. Dropping yourself onto it with a sigh. You don't even feel the bumps and ridges of the seat anymore - you're just that tired.

Your first day at work, no less. If every day's going to be like this, well...you're in for an entire world of grief.

What do you do now?

[]Take a brief nap before going back to your apartment. (Timeskip)
[]Stop time and see what Pinky's up to.

>> No.25236114

[x]Stop time and see what Pinky's up to.

We can ask her if it's ok for us to tell everyone and show her to them.

well, it's a better idea to ask surely

>> No.25236118


/shakes head

Knew it was a bad idea...

Yuma needs a hug.

[x] Stop Time. See what Pinky is up to. Spend time with Pinky.

>> No.25236120

>[X]Stop time and see what Pinky's up to.

What could possibly go wrong?

>> No.25236128

>[X]Stop time and see what Pinky's up to.

>> No.25236130

Now we lost points. It certainly wasn't my fault at all. Thanks a lot, GUYS.

[x]Stop time.

I really want to get to this haircut, buuut there's some merit in visiting Pinky before she feels like she has to visit us.

>> No.25236134

>-50 yuma points
This is a feature of the hat, isn't it.

Anyway, have we conclusively proven enough that jabbing people in their neuroses isn't a good way to make friends yet? Maybe we can stop doing that now?

[x]Talk to Pinky. See what she thinks of the sweet chair.

>> No.25236135

Doesn't matter how Kharn feels about, what matters is how the person we're talking to feels about it.
And according to >>25236091 and >>25236102 no, Yuma didn't appreciate it.

Again, it has to be said.
It doesn't matter what the subject of the conversation feels about the situation, so much as how the participants of the conversation feel about it.

>> No.25236137

> [-50 Yuma Points!]

Hindsight is a goddamn bitch.

[X] Stop time and see what Pinky's up to.
> Don't forget pancakes!

>> No.25236139

[x] Stop. Pinky time.

The most terrifying part of the day has finally arrived!

>> No.25236147

>[-50 Yuma Points!]
Now see if you guys hadn't brought up the whole BUT MUH HAPPY ENDINGS Decu wouldn't have run with it.
I'm sorry I ever suggested it.
We promised pancakes. We should get pancakes first.
We also need to tell Mami about the head thing.
[x] Call Mami. Hug Mami. Tell Mami about the head thing. Ask Mami for pancakes.

>> No.25236150

She's aware.

>> No.25236156 [DELETED] 


>[-50 Yuma Points!]
>why are we so bad a trying to be nice?

Pinky will probably creep up on us in our dreams but we might as well make it OUR choice to see her.

>[]Stop time and see what Pinky's up to.

>> No.25236158

[X]Take a brief nap before going back to your apartment. (Timeskip)

As much as I love pinky I think we promised pancakes didn't we? Might want to wait till we have those.

>> No.25236169

>[-50 Yuma Points!]

I knew you were going to post that Decu.

>> No.25236170

Wait. Wait wait wait. Pancakes first! We promised to bring her some.

>> No.25236175

[X] Get pancakes, stop time, share pancakes with pinky

>> No.25236179

>[]Take a brief nap before going back to your apartment. (Timeskip)

We promised Pinky Pancakes. It would not be wise to break that promise.

>> No.25236183


Can't give her those until we get to the party.

We'll timestop again halfway through the party and share a platter with her. And probably feed her.

>> No.25236188

[x]Take a brief nap before going back to your apartment. (Timeskip)
We were supposed to get her pancakes, so meeting with Pinky can wait until we get some.

>> No.25236200

Non. We told her there was a threat, not that there was a head in a box made to look like her, down to a hairclip to mimic her soul gem, with the eyes gouged out, jaw ripped off, and THE FLESH OF FALLEN ANGELS carved into the forehead. All likely while she was still alive.
The head belongs to the missing girl that Kyoko is looking for. She, Midori, and that rookie are going to walk straight into a Golden Weapon.
That poor rookie. She won't stand a chance.

>> No.25236209


>[]Take a brief nap before going back to your apartment. (Timeskip)

deleted my old post and changed it to this, forgot we promised pancakes.

>> No.25236210


[x] Casually stop time and see what Pinky's up to.
[x] Check if we still have painkillers in our Inventory
[x] Pop one down dry.

"Poor girl.

Magical girls will never stop to be fucked over by their own wishes, won`t they, Madoka?"

>> No.25236215

Ah, yeah, good catch on the pancakes. Changing my vote to...


>> No.25236220

If you didn't want bad things to happen, maybe you shouldn't suggest bad ideas.

>> No.25236223


>The head belongs to the missing girl that Kyoko is looking for.

At the very least, the forensics dept is on it. If its the girl, I expect QB to quickly inform Kyoko and Midori.

>> No.25236233

No. We haven't take a painkiller for ages. Let's not go back down that slippery slope.

>> No.25236237


Did we promise her pancakes the NEXT time we met or just pancakes?

Because Chiaki can totally stop time a third time today, later tonight.

>> No.25236240

A little too late to do anything about it, let's just hope someone brings up relevant info earlier. I for one didn't know how angry Yuma was at Kharn. :/

>> No.25236242

It would have been fine if people hadn't pointed out the flaws.

>> No.25236258

Next time.
We told her that the next time we saw her, we'd bring pancakes.

>> No.25236268

That assumes that Decu can't see the flaws in a plan without help, which is quite frankly insulting.

>> No.25236269

And not just pancakes; Mami's pancakes.

>> No.25236273


Shit of the bull.

We might as well not debate anything then. My only regret is not being convincing enough.

>> No.25236279

Come on, anon.

Don`t be upset.

Take me and I will take the sad away.

You don`t want to feel sad now, don`t you?

>> No.25236285

No, it wouldn't have.

We knew she was a hikki, heard she was avoiding kyouko, and she said she was mad at kharn. We told her kharn was alive and well and asked her to come to a party where kyouko would be.

This was never going to end well.

>> No.25236286


Right. Changing my vote to nap, then.

>> No.25236294

No. Save it for a massive screw up when someone we care about dies.

>> No.25236299

No, we want to make sure that Mami and Midori actually have a Murderface we can be proud of.

No more bad choices today, damn it all.

>> No.25236308

Yes, and currently stopping time to see Pinky without said pancakes in hand is winning 9-5

>> No.25236310




>> No.25236311

[x] Timeskip

We said to Pinky we will see her at the party anyway.

>> No.25236313

while i'm not happy with the whole -50.. aside from Kyoko why should we give a fuck about yuma again?

>> No.25236319

[X] Take a brief nap before going back to your apartment. (Timeskip)

Nap time!

>> No.25236320

Ha ha, fat chance.

>> No.25236321

Well at least she won't be as mad as with that thing that never happened.

>> No.25236322


>[]Take a brief nap before going back to your apartment. (Timeskip)

>> No.25236323

No no no.
[x] Wait until we have pancakes, *then* stop time.

>> No.25236327

[X] Aquire heavenly pancakes and stop time.

>> No.25236329


[x]Take a brief nap before going back to your apartment. (Timeskip)

Don't forget pancakes!

>> No.25236331

[x] This

>> No.25236333

>[X]Take a brief nap before going back to your apartment. (Timeskip)



>> No.25236336

Last of her kind under our command. Kind of makes her valuable. We don't need to be bestest buddies foreverest with Yuma, but we don't need her mad at us either.

>> No.25236339

[X]Take a brief nap before going back to your apartment. (Timeskip)

Also, they really should take the throne out since we kinda ordered them to put it in storage.

>> No.25236342

Since thread 1.

>> No.25236350

We're in the meeting room, not our office. I wonder how many of these chairs Kharn has overall?

>> No.25236355

She's the only Culexus left in the entire Officio, protege of Malal and therefore knows some of her secrets, and again, is an important person to Kyouko who is an important person to us.

>> No.25236356

>[X]Take a brief nap before going back to your apartment. (Timeskip)

We don't have pancakes for Pinky yet. Next time we have pancakes we'll see her.

>> No.25236383

[x]Actually, let's get pancakes first.

>> No.25236397

>The guard posted there is a Magical Girl that you yourself have trained. With long black hair tied into twintails, a costume that looks more like a black schoolgirl outfit than anything else

From the first thread Kumatora appeared in

>> No.25236406


Because Yuma is probably the youngest girl in our officio. I mean, fuck, in the Mango she was something like 10 or 11.

>> No.25236407

>[x] nap time, dream about los panqueques

>> No.25236421

And we just barely beat out "Meet Pinky" 9-11, most of them only 5 minutes from the deadline.

>> No.25236427

>[X] Check Inventory for old time's sake
>[X] Nap

>> No.25236435

Wait, they actually made an OVA of of Oriko?

>> No.25236437


Was. Recruiting has been ongoing, and it's been a couple of years.

>> No.25236449


Trolled softly.

>> No.25236459


It's an edit.

It says so very clearly on Yuma's page.

>> No.25236466


>> No.25236491

Posting this courtesy of Nicehatguy, who's currently working a much less shitty job and can't be here with us today.

Happy 100, decupyon!

>> No.25236523

We could ask Yuma to take a look at The Hat once she's done with Remov.
She might be able to figure it out. Well, if she doesn't burn it right away out of the old sentiment towards previous owner.

>> No.25236533


Thats absolutely lovely

>> No.25236541

Great work from hat as always

>> No.25236543

what does pyon mean?
and how does decu manage to be so cute?

>> No.25236547

One can dream...

>> No.25236558

that's an odd way to spell lewd

>> No.25236559

It's a rabbit noise, but there's also a (fairly excellent) doujin in which Madoka adds it as a suffix to people's names. Homu Chance Encounter, I think? I'm sure some fine anon can find the link.

>> No.25236561

It's japanese onomatopea for jumping/hoping sound.

>> No.25236567

Doesn't look like someone plotting to kill off our dear friend, eh?

>> No.25236608

>>25236407 >>25236356 >>25236339 >>25236333 >>25236286

You don't even want to consider how busy tomorrow will be. You've got that mission with Kirishima Ruri slated for then, don't you? Great. At least you got all the bothersome stuff out of the way first.

You grab a fistful of the hat and tear it off your head, tossing it on the table as you lean back on the uncomfortable throne made out of head bones. Surely the entire place won't go to hell and back if you take a short nap. It's not even a nap, you're just going to rest your eyes a bit. Yeah. That's all it is.

Just resting your eyes...

. . .


You feel someone shaking your shoulder. You grunt something vaguely offensive, and turn to the other side. The shaking becomes more insistent, and you grunt something else more offensive while slapping the hand away.

Fucking hell, who do you need to kill to get some sleep around here?

"Sempai, you can't sleep here, you'll get a stiff neck or something." It's then that you recognize the voice, even with your mind still cloudy from sleep. "Besides, uh, you asked us to take the thronen to storage, right? The replacement's here, and we're just about to pack it away."

What? Oh...oh, right. Yeah. Replace this stupid thing, yeah.

You blearily open your eyes, and see Kumatora looking down at you. Behind her are some of the maintenance guys you've seen working around the floor, unpacking what looks to be a rather comfortable - if intimidating - high-backed black leather chair. The sort Bond villains use.


>> No.25236617

I really hope that these get counted towards timeskip, instead of just getting generic pancakes and stopping time.

>[Voting ends in 20 minutes. Only [x] marked votes will be counted.]

>> No.25236627


"Anyway, um, Miss Mami told me to wake you up, since you're supposed to have your haircut tonight. Also asked me to tell you that everyone's waiting for you back home, and I'm supposed to drive you there."

Ah. Right. Um. Well. You'll be ready in just a few, you reckon. You sit up slowly, scratching your head while smacking your lips.

"You got some drool on you, sempai. Left corner."

...Thanks, you tell her, just as you wipe at your mouth with your sleeve.

Yeah, you're doing great as Warmaster. No problem.

The drive to your apartment is a short one. Not much traffic, considering rush hour and everything. Kumatora seemed all too ready to leave, but you shanghaied her into coming along with you. Might as well start things off right, even if you did somehow mess up with Yuma earlier, eh?

As soon as you come within a few feet of your apartment door, however - with Kumatora tagging around, clearly pleased at being invited (she couldn't stop thanking you) - it's then that you hear an echoing report come from behind the door. Followed by what sounded like Midori and Kyoko shrieking, and Sayaka cursing herself a blue streak.

"Sempai, that sounded like...!" Kumatora's face goes pale as she tugs on your sleeve.

Yes. A gunshot. You can't place what caliber.

The entire setup reminding you of how all this shit began.

Fucking hell. Can't you just fucking enjoy the rest of the day in peace? REALLY?

How do you react?

>> No.25236638


Gunshot? With 4 deadly magical girls in that room?

I Pity the fool.


[x] Ring the doorbell

>> No.25236642

Time for a tacticool entry

>> No.25236643

It's probably a hilarious coincidence with something heavy being dropped or something, and we should respond accordingly.

[x]Whip out a gun and kick the door in, be prepared to shoot motherfuckers. Any and all motherfuckers*.

*except for Sayaka

>> No.25236652

Gunshot? Mami is the one shooting?

[X] Stop time, see what's up inside.

>> No.25236660

Don't overreact
It is champagne being opened and the shrieking was it spraying over our friends

Open the door with out hat on and behold the wondrous sight of Midori and Mami with champagne wet shirts

>> No.25236661


>> No.25236664


[x] Believe that it'll be fine. Try not to act like a derp.

There is no harm is fingering a gun, just in case.

>> No.25236665 [DELETED] 

[x] Get a gun out from our shield, open the door with Timestop on and see what's going on inside.

If Pinky is going to be there, too bad, but we're on the company clock and can't talk with her.

>> No.25236668

Open the door quickly with our keys, no need to break the door.

>> No.25236671


Damn it Misaka! I was going to call you, honest!

>> No.25236675

With our hat
Not without hat

>> No.25236677


With what key?

We left the keycard with Kyoko and Midori

>> No.25236680



Party for us.

Our friends know what we like.

Did they accidentally fire our present?

>> No.25236681

[x] Knock

Ten bucks says champagne or accidental discharge.

>> No.25236683

So Mami just shot something? (hopefully?)

>> No.25236685


Did Chiaki have a spare or was there only one keycard?

>> No.25236688


Can we ask Kumatora to pick up Misaka quickly?

>> No.25236692

[x] open the door

>> No.25236696


No spare. Keycard was singular. There hasn't been time to make another.

>> No.25236705

[x] Pull a gun out, ring the doorbell.
It COULD be a misunderstanding.
And if it's not, it might distract the adversary.

>> No.25236707

If you want this to actually happen, you should really format your vote correctly.

>[x]Don't overreact. Draw gun and enter, but don't kick the door down or anything.

>> No.25236710

[X] Open the door normally, prepare to dish out lead if needed.

>> No.25236711

On one hand

>Yes. A gunshot. You can't place what caliber.
shoots a flag to it not being a gun seeing how well versed in gunnery we are.

on the other hand
> Sayaka cursing herself a blue streak.
is that a typo for blue streak of light?

if Sayaka is transforming...

oh well.

[x] Knock down the door, it can be replaced.
--[x] ready some form of weaponry

>> No.25236712


>> No.25236718

[x] Kick the door in, Gold DEagle raised and lookg for targets.
Pause awkwardly when you realise it was just champagne being popped.

>> No.25236719

...Something occurs to me.

Could the prophet not be why Mami will die?

Rather than 'The prophet will kill Mami,' its 'Kill the prophet or the meguca gets it'

>> No.25236724

[x] this.

>> No.25236727

Call one of the ladies that's inside. Either Midori or Kyoko will do.
"I swear to god, if that wasn't a champagne cork popping, there's going to be a mandatory gun safety lecture once you guys let us in."

>> No.25236728

What happened to those two other megucas that Sayaka was with? You know, the ones who helped her fight off killer psychic cyborgs and other superhuman crazies?

>> No.25236736

No it is just a way of saying she is swearing like a sailor

>> No.25236737


That must be a pretty huge champagne bottle if it's going to sound like a gunshot to a trained assassin/mercenary.

>> No.25236740

>is that a typo for blue streak of light?
Nope. It's basically another way of saying "swore a fuckload", or "swore like a sailor".

>> No.25236741

>The entire setup reminding you of how all this shit began.

What came of that anyway? I don't remember anything about it happening past the initial threads.

>> No.25236745


pull out a gun, open that door, be ready to timestop and go inside.

>> No.25236747

>How do you react?
Set paranoia to 0.75 Shadowrun. Timestop. Say hi to Pinky. Go examine what's going on.

If the bullet just landed, you should still be able to trace where the shot came from and work from there. Sucks that the place got compromised so soon.

If it's just false alert (one of the girls accidentally touching your gunrack or some such) instead check kitchen for pancakes and give one to Pinky.

>> No.25236752

A bit of a /k/-fag, despite not frequenting the board. Sorry. :P

>> No.25236754

[x]Open the door
[x]Get on the floor
[x]Shoot the bottle of champagne Mami just opened

Ruining your own housewarming party is a classic part of the Murderface-Expierience.

>> No.25236756

>is that a typo for blue streak of light?
This is a bit of an odd english language slang term.
>blue streak
>2. A rapid and seemingly interminable stream of words.

Basically what this guy said.

>> No.25236758

They're probably her squad members she mentioned earlier.

>> No.25236761

See, this is another example of a badly thought out course of action.
The Golden DEagle is not completely under our control, and it sets up headache-induced static in our head.
And is completely dependent on something not going wrong when we kick in the door violently with a room full of Meguca's on the other side. Yes, kick in the door to a party of KGB assassins, what could go wrong?

>> No.25236765

Dive through the door and level weapons.

Probably engage in an awkward silence when we realise it was just a champagne bottle going off.

"Err... Surprise?"

>> No.25236766

Did you skim over all the parts where Chiaki drinks like a fsh? Our friends are just prepared.

>> No.25236771

>Pinky, sorry for unexpected delay in pancake delivery.
Advance. Kill enemies. Feed pancakes to Pinky

>> No.25236776


>> No.25236782

Agreed with the Deagle

Homu could do an unnecessary combat roll in to beat any reflexes

>> No.25236796

...oh shit whatever was behind that is still out ther-oh wait

It was prolly Jyubey

>> No.25236799


[x] Don't overreact! Knock!

>> No.25236802

This is absolutely a champagne bottle, and it probably spilled some.

The fact remains that

>> No.25236806


[x] Knock on the door.

If Mami's specially request security was breeched within a day, thats a terrible thing

>> No.25236808

>See, this is another example of a badly thought out course of action.
It is also completely in-character. Enough power to kill pretty much anything, accuracy to hit it without hitting allies, and, with our friends in apparent danger, we're desperate enough to resort to using it.

>> No.25236813

[X] Don't panic
Kyouko wouldn't shriek due to a gunshot, Sayaka wouldn't just be swearing and Mami definitely wouldn't be shrieking due to a gunshot

We are walking into a room full of trained killers who would probably eviscerate a gunman five times before they had a shot lined up

This is a misunderstanding. Go in and enjoy friends who are soaked with booze for us to suck off their clothes

>> No.25236825


[x] Don't Panic, knock and gain entry. If theres trouble, we can quickly enter time stop

[x] Ask Kumatora if she'd be so kind as to go and pick up Misaka as well. We honestly almost forgot.

>> No.25236831

it's our own apartment!! we have the keys!!

>> No.25236835

Was the one who archived the first few threads and thus set the archive description format.

>> No.25236836

[x]NON-TIMESTOP entry.
We do not have precious, precious Mami pancakes yet! No timestop yet.
Of course, I'm all for a paranoid gun-drawn tactical entry. Just no Pinky yet.
It will, naturally, be a bottle of champagne, and Murderface will look like... an overly paranoid gun freak. Which is exactly what she is.

>> No.25236839

Oh yeah pick up Misaka, unless Mami already pre empted us on that count and she is waiting inside

>> No.25236841

Except we gave the keycard, the ONLY keycard, for it to Midori and Kyouko earlier in the day.

>> No.25236849


Consider the following:


>> No.25236858

[x] Don't panic. Locate champagne. Pour over Midori. Insist on her taking off those wet clothes.

>> No.25236860



Slot this in!

So we don't have to send our poor Kouhai off away from the party for this errant!

>> No.25236861

The bangles are completely within our power, have just as much firepower, and have the advantage of not feeling like nails dragged across a chalkboard inside our head.

>> No.25236863

>This is absolutely a champagne bottle, and it probably spilled some.
The mental image of one of the Magical Girls getting accidentally sprayed by champagne is... inapropriate to say the least.

>> No.25236876

And time for voting is over.
Let's see which option won.

>> No.25236882

i stand corrected

>> No.25236890

>one of
All of, anon. All of them getting sprayed with foaming, sticky champagne.

>> No.25236896


If its anything like in my chinese cartoons this means we will have to take a bath.



>> No.25236911


Good man.

>> No.25236915

>dig through inventory for something to wipe down with
>suddenly hot tub
>"Well who am I to question my own inventory?"

>> No.25236944

Do not overreact - 13
Timestop - 3
Tacticool Entry - 6

I also saw a lot of people that have apparently not read the new voting system Decu put in place last thread.

>> No.25236953

>We can finally compare Mami`s and Midori`s Mammies live and without the fear of being considered a pervert

>> No.25236976


FOR SCIENCE! it is the inventorys will!

>> No.25236977


It's not being followed EXACTLY to the letter.

Quoted votes count, I believe.

>> No.25236978

"Remember anon, I am always watching, and I am a jealous god."

>> No.25236982

Oh my, that's almost as bad as accidentally tripping hot cheese pizza on yourself!
Minus the burning sensation.

>> No.25237002

It's not that hard.
>[Voting ends in 20 minutes. Only [x] marked votes will be counted.]

Put a [x] in there if you want to vote.

>> No.25237003


>Pinky wants Chiaki to molest her too.

I can fap to this

>> No.25237010


>I also saw a lot of people that have apparently not read the new voting system Decu put in place last thread.
Give us an update on that then?

>> No.25237011


hush pinky we know you're just as curious as us

titoler firm

not too firm I hope

>> No.25237021


I follow it but look at the first choice in today's thread.

>> No.25237044

Unrelated to anything but remember that EUCLIDES ON THE BLOCK comic?

Ca- Can someone do Murderface and Pinky version? Pinky on the block and "Golden Weapons suck!" and all that?

I'll understand If no one's willing

>> No.25237045

>[Voting ends in 20 minutes. Only [x] marked votes will be counted.]

From the last thread:

>> No.25237109

Does this mean Sayaka and those two have reality emitters?

>> No.25237212

One last update

no chikuwa, no chikuwa, no chikuwa

>> No.25237284


>> No.25237305

>>25236660 >>25236664 >>25236668 >>25236681 >>25236710

It's...it's fine. No reason to overreact. Must've been something that only sounded like a gunshot, not a gunshot exactly. You're being paranoid. Stop being paranoid.

...Still, you pull a gun from your Shield, just in case. You let out a sigh in relief; it's not golden, just your usual Beretta M9. You thumb the safety off and glance at Kumatora - she seems to be ready for anything, too, judging by her expression. You nod at her, and then knock at the door with your free hand.

Nothing, except some whispering. You knock again, and hushed giggling reaches your ears. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, the door's locks undo themselves with a series of clicks, and it revolves out of view to reveal...Tomoe Mami, unharmed and intact.

...And her white dress shirt seemingly soaked through and rendered transparent by...champagne? Do you smell champagne?

"Oh, Chiaki-san, you're just in time!" Mami greets you with a beaming smile - her cheeks flushed, but whether it's from champagne or in the embarrassment of being an inadvertent participant to a Wet T-shirt contest, you don't know. "Well, I suppose a bit late, since Kyoko-san got impatient and got started with the food. Sayaka's gotten her under control, don't worry."

It's then that she notices you staring, and looks down at her own blouse. "Ah, er, I wanted to get the champagne open when you came in, but I sort of had an accident, and--" It's then that you hear a certain russian arms dealer giggle somewhere inside your apartment, along with what suspiciously sounds like a ravenous beast gorging itself on food.

Misaka? Misaka's here?


>> No.25237318


"I picked up Misaka-chan to join us, since I thought you'd want her to be here, too." Mami smiles. "That's alright, isn't it?...Oh, hello, Kumatora-chan! Pleased to have you join us!"

"A-ah, good evening, Miss Tomoe," Your subordinate hastily bows. "S-sorry if I'm unexpected. The...the Warmaster invited me, and--"

"Oh, no, it's fine! It's fine, right, Chiaki-san?"

You can't stop staring.

Pale lace design, minimal frills, yet tasteful. Front-clasp. Push-up.

"Sempai? Sempai!" Kumatora elbows you hard in the ribs, making you wince but not making you break your stare. "Sempai, Miss Tomoe asked you--"

Yes. Yes. Things are fine forever.

Another dig in your ribs, and you finally break out of your trance. You turn towards Kumatora and give her thanks, before murmuring something approaching thanks to the blonde. Averting your eyes from her front.

...Mami really does get this reaction from you, doesn't she?

"Well, come on in, anyway! You should have told me this was going to be a housewarming party, Chiaki-san, I'd have made more food!" Mami ushers the both of you into your own apartment. "Good thing Sayaka-san came here just in time, and we ordered out a bit more. Western food, burgers and pizza, just for something new this time. And yes, before you ask," She says as you open your mouth. "...I made you pancakes. It's by your chair. I also brought you what you asked for - we'll look at it together while I'm giving you your haircut, okay?"

Okay. That's fine. It's...fine.

You manage a smile as she leans in to place a kiss on your cheek.

"Welcome home, Chiaki-san. For real, this time."

Yes. For real, this time.

You're not sure if you deserve this, but you don't particularly care. Not right now.

You can only wish that this doesn't end all that soon.


>> No.25237335


. . .

Upon entering, you see the small handful of people in the world you actually give a damn about. Sayaka is sitting on the living room sofa, with Misaka on her lap. Kyoko is sitting in front of the food-stocked table, cross-legged, dual-wielding two slices of cheese-laden pizza. Midori is holding a half-empty bottle of champagne, her own white shirt also soaked through and clinging to her chest, revealing interesting....curves. A printed banner is pinned up up on the wall, spelling out the letters 'CONGRATURATIONS, MURDERFACE' in cheerful, kiddy typeface.

Both Misaka and Midori immediately exclaim as you enter, and you manage a smile before getting the wind nearly knocked out of you through a russian arms dealer missile right into the gut. She hugs you for all you're worth, and you give her a thorough head-patting as she tells you just how much she's missed you, and how you should promise never to forget her again.

You promise, of course. You never will.

"Oi, Murderface!" Kyoko cheers, holding up a slice of pizza. ...Judging by the boxes stacked on the living room table, Mami's ordered enough for an entire squad. "Nice party! Thought it was just gonna be a regular sleepover, hah!"

"It was going to be, until she suddenly changed her mind," Sayaka snaps. "...Welcome home, anyway." She tosses this your way, and you give her a nod.

Midori works up a smile of her own, despite...well, the wet shirt and everything. "S-sorry about the mess, sempai. Just wanted to help out."

You shake your head. It's fine. She doesn't need to worry. You'll just clean it up later.

"Well, I'll help out!" She insists, before grinning and giving you a hug. "Welcome home, sempai. And, er, maybe put the gun away?"

Ah. Yeah. Right. Away the gun goes, back into your Shield. That's taken care of.

Well, looks like the housewarming party is in full swing. Kumatora's joined Kyoko, but not after greeting Sayaka and asking permission.

What do you do now?

>> No.25237362


[x] Acquire Pancakes. Settle in chair. Timestop. Feed Pinky.

>> No.25237383

[x] Pinkycakes.

>> No.25237404

Hey, hey drawfags. Champagne, Midori. Mami. wet shirts. You know what must be done.

>> No.25237406

Let's fulfill that promise.

>> No.25237410

[x] Don't give Pinky any pancakes until you get your share.

>> No.25237418


[X] move over to our seat, pick up plate of pancakes, sit, enjoy company

we'll have to bring Pinky pancakes.

>> No.25237421


We require more details.

Like what underwear is Midori wearing.

>> No.25237422

Let's wait until pinky has less of a target-rich environment.

[x]Save a pancake or two for The Littlest Eldritch Thing, enjoy party until inevitable spaghetti.

>> No.25237428

I want to give Pinky the pancakes now, but that's just asking for trouble.
And we are NOT going to mess up this party, not when we have a wet-shirted Mami and Midori to enjoy.

[x]Get pancakes, enjoy two, carefully wrap remaining pancakes for later enjoyment with Pinky. Take a seat and talk with Mami about hairstyles.

>> No.25237431

[x] Pinkycakes.

>> No.25237448

[x] Feed Pancakes to Pinky. Share half

>> No.25237464

[x] Enjoy pancakes. Enjoy party. Enjoy view. Mentally compare Mami and Midori's curves.

>> No.25237468

Look, the idea of bringing Pinky into this is appealing, but it's a target rich environment, and we don't know how she's going to react. We should wait until later to give her the pancakes.

>> No.25237480

[x] Seconding this. Preserve some pancakes to give to Pinky later.

>> No.25237481

There would be no pancakes remaining. Because they are made by Mami and are divine. It is hard to be true to our promise as it is.

>> No.25237483

[x] Eat some pancakes. Save rest for Pinky. Note what bra Midori is wearing to compare it to Mamis (and for drawfag benefit).

>> No.25237494

very much this

>> No.25237496

I have to agree with this action. Bringing in Pinky now is just begging for bad end.

>> No.25237501


Alright, you've made your point.

Changing my vote.

[x] Perhaps ask Mami to make abit more? To have a private pancake party with Pinky

>> No.25237553

>[x] Acquire Pancakes. Settle in chair. Timestop. Feed Pinky.

This, so much this.

Pinky better be a part of the party.

[x] Acquire Pancakes. Settle in chair. Timestop. Feed Pinky.

>> No.25237572

[x] No. Bad idea. Private party *later* for Pinky.

>> No.25237579

Well, according to what Decu wrote, all that the champagne-soaking revealed were "curves"...

Raises some intriguing implications, no?

>> No.25237593

[x]Feed Pinky Pancakes

It may be "target rich" but those "targets" consist of her best friend, Mami, her best friend's girlfriend, a little girl, and Midori. All of which should be pretty safe for one reason or another, so long as there's some measure of Madoka's influence on Pinky. Kumatora, I dunno, but she's also not exactly involved in anything serious for Pinky to get mad at.

Besides, it's a party, why shouldn't we bring the best girl?

>> No.25237594


praise the sun!

>> No.25237605


>> No.25237636

>consist of her best friend, Mami, her best friend's girlfriend, a little girl, and Midori. All of which should be pretty safe for one reason or another
Except, they're not. Because Pinky isn't Madoka, she's Faust with Madoka's memories.

And Mami isn't protected, going by what Pinky was saying about her last time we met, and her general disregard for Mami's safety.

You need to separate how you want Pinky to act like, from how she actually would act like.

>> No.25237652

[X] Sit down with Kyouko, get some pizza and do the Broest thing possible
Ogle our aide and favorite person with their wet shirts

Also put the warmaster hat on Misaka for maximum cuteness

>> No.25237653


Try both hands

>> No.25237694 [SPOILER] 

Silly anons, there is only one thing we can do regarding Pinky.

>> No.25237704

>Giving the entire Misaka network The Hat.

You fool, you'll doom us all!

>> No.25237720

I don't think the Misaka network exists in this world. I think it's just her.

>> No.25237757

Misaka with the warmaster hat would be cute...until the lewdness effects started to kick in.
At that point, I don't think "cute" would be the proper word.

>> No.25237790

The hat doesn't actually have a default lewdness effect
It just amplifies whatever it naturally there

As evidenced when we put it on Kyuubey

>> No.25237806

So everyone will die of russian loli moe?

>> No.25237812

We should really try putting it on Mami.

>> No.25237813

We don't know that. It could be that dickbutts are just immune.

>> No.25237815

I'm… fairly certain it's been mentioned in passing before. Just once, though.

Well, where's the fun in that ?

>> No.25237826

Good end.

>> No.25237848


Wouldn't that cause Chiaki to rape Mami?

>> No.25237850

It made Kumatora try to subconciously grab him from us because he was cute in it

It has different effects on different things

>> No.25237853

That makes me wonder where all the other Misakas are. When do we get the Academy City arc Decu? When do we have to fight gender-bended golden weapon wielding magic girl Accelerator?

>> No.25237860

It would cause everyone to try rape Mami
Aka best end ever

>> No.25237866

>Well, where's the fun in that ?
It'll prevent getting Mami, Misaka, Kyoko, or Kumatora killed.
Especially Kumatora, since she's a background character we're just now dragging to the fore.

>> No.25237887

How can there be gender-bent golden weapon wielding magical girl Accelerator when there's already otaku scientist Accelerator in Siberia?

>> No.25237895

Almost forgot about this.

[x] Give pancakes to Pinky.

>> No.25237897

I'm a little fuzzy on the details of that scene, but didn't we hand him to Kumatora so we could put the hat on him in the first place?

>> No.25237920

Oh yeah. I forgot he look like Accelerator.

Plan b it is then.

>> No.25237925

We were holding him one handed and plopped the hat on his head
Kumatora reached for him before pulling back and asking us what we needed

>> No.25237970

How very boring.

>> No.25238007

Just went back and checked, we both have it wrong.

We put the hat on him before handing him to Kumatora, but Kumatora made no effort to take him before we handed him over. And she showed no particular reaction to him one way or the other.

>Your response is of course to take off the Warmaster Cap and place it on the Incubator. Of course, it's a miserable fit - the hat's not quite made with mutant cat head sizes in mind - but as it tips forward, the brim effectively rendering Kyuubey blind, his...prehensile secondary ears or whatever they're called move up to carefully lift the headgear out of the way. "...Matsuda, please stop joking around. Really, this should be beneath you." The Incubator is miffed now. "What purpose does this serve?" Science, you reply. With the damnable hat on him, more or less, you hold him out to Kumatora, who's now just looked up, blinking in surprise. "E-eh? Semp--er, Warmaster, what is it?" Kumatora's brow furrows, reflexively reaching out to take Kyuubey from your hands. "Does...does the Incubator need me to carry him to the elevator? If that's the case, I can easily--" No, no. Does she feel anything when looking at this particular Kyuubey? The one with the dashing hat? "Well, it is a rather fetching hat, Warmaster," Kumatora says after a moment, staring at your boss. "No offense to Sir Kyuubey, of course, but I rather think the Warmaster wears it much better."

>> No.25238012

You want a quest where you can do stupid shit without consequences? Go look for a quest with a comic tone, just don't try that shit in a neo-noir quest.

>> No.25238035

You aren't reading it very well
Kumatora was acting out of character and
>Kumatora's brow furrows, reflexively reaching out to take Kyuubey from your hands.

It was affecting her just differently because of what the hat was on

>> No.25238050

As the famous poem Desiderata says:

"As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and ignorant; they too have their story."

With that in mind even though our tripfag friend may be dull and ignorant (I'm sorry tripfag, but that's really retarded, we should play it safe) he could be useful.

>> No.25238054

This is because we were holding him out at her, making her assume we wanted her to take him.

It wasn't that the hat made her want to take him, it's that the fact that we were holding him out to her made her assume we WANTED her to take him.

>> No.25238067

We held QB out to her, and she's our aide. She thought we wanted to hand him off to her.
There's no evidence the Hat works on Incubators. We should still test it on Misaka. For Science purposes.

>> No.25238082

Alright. But if someone starts making out with Misaka I will try to hate you to death through the internet.

>> No.25238090

Ah, the whole "Even a broken clock is right twice a day" thing?
I suppose the idea has merit.
But I'm concerned that it will lead to another "Get Fucked" situation.

>> No.25238092

>As the famous poem Desiderata says

Is it possible to be any more pretentious?

>> No.25238104

I'll admit it may not have been the best of ideas, and to be honest, I'm just goofing around with our overt serious anonymous friend, at this point.

So relax a bit, chummer.

>> No.25238123

Try not to get totally shitfaced at party, then after timestop and have private party with pinky and feed pancakes to her.

>> No.25238141

I can say I'd never intentionally do something like that.

>> No.25238152

>all this talk of stupid ideas

And yet no-one at all has suggested putting the hat on Pinky.

>it would be the best present ever

>> No.25238161

Yes. I could have posted the whole thing. Great poem though, worth reading anon.

S'okay, it's just that ever since the timeline that never was (taking QB into the warp - I mean timestop) I'm worried about these outlier suggestions. They will kill again, mark my words.

>> No.25238164

>>25237422 >>25237428 >>25237464 >>25237480 >>25237483

This...this is the first time you've been to a party. Well, one that's being held for you, anyway. You've been dragged along to Kharn's celebrations, that much you remember, and there was always the Officio get-togethers with the raffles and the Christmas parties and so on. You've always been a wallflower in all of those things, drinking yourself to sleep in a corner. But now...well. This is your party, and you get to enjoy it any way you want.

You pat Misaka on the head a few more times, before taking off your hat and putting it on her. It doesn't seem to have an effect, although she does look cuter with it on. You send her back to Sayaka, whose expression seems to soften when she sees the russian arms dealer with the hat. ...You very nearly laughed, but your attention was stolen by Midori taking you by the arm - wet t-shirt and everything - and leading you to your chair, where your own stack of freshly-made pancakes sat on the side table, waiting for you. You stop by Kyoko for a second to touch fists with the red-haired Eversor, who continued to stuff her face of pizza without even missing a beat.

...You mumble thanks without staring too much, allowing yourself pushed onto the most comfortable chair in the world. You ask her if...if she's going to change, or something? Doesn't champagne get sticky?

"Well, um, I'll just take a shower later, sempai. Besides, it's not that bad." She pulls at the collar of her shirt, before letting it snap back - confirming that she's, uh, not wearing anything under the cotton material. Mami seems to be in the same school of thought, although she'd unbuttoned her shirt down to the fourth button, which...well, draws your eyes like nothing else. "Ah, in any case, please enjoy yourself, sempai! There's a lot of pizza, burgers are coming in any moment now, and you've got your pancakes!"


>> No.25238174

By god maybe we should do this...

Could we do this? Is this doable?

>> No.25238175

Really? I'd have to say that it seems pretty doubtful.
And intentionally? Implying that you'd easily do it unintentionally because you don't think your ideas through properly, given the idea you put forward.

>> No.25238177


"Take it easy with her, Midori-chan. Our Warmaster doesn't mix well with parties." Mami chides the Callidus, as she pours you a glass of the bubbly stuff. She pushes it into your hand. "Here. Now, you know I try not to encourage your drinking, Chiaki-san, but there's an occassion, and it's just champagne." She clinks her bottle against your glass. "Cheers!"

You murmur the customary reply, before taking a sip of the strange bubbling fluid. Mami, meanwhile, takes a healthy slug from the bottle.

With that, you try to enjoy your housewarming party as...best as you can. Which means that you immediately tucked into your pile of pancakes. Blissfully spearing, chewing and swallowing each and every forkful. It's pancakes like you've never had them before. And with the captivating scenery in front of you, well...sometimes you wonder if this is the universe trying to give back for everything it's taken away from you, even just a little bit.

As the proceedings continued, Kyoko revealed a surprise: she'd found your old bomber jacket, the one she gave you that one Christmas. You'd forgotten about that, actually - in fact, it was the one you were wearing when Kyoko set you on fire - but it seems to be repaired, looking like brand new. You put it on, and continue eating pancakes while the rest of the party continued. After a few drinks, it seemed that Midori remembered what she was there for, too - and had placed herself behind your chair, styling your hair in every which way, barring that of actually cutting it.


>> No.25238192


The party wound down much too early. After three bottles of champagne and the rest of the pizzas tucked away, Kyoko and Sayaka decided that they needed to get back. Well, Kyoko did, Sayaka was much too drunk and grabby to be left in your apartment. Misaka was fetched by Tiny Pete, of all people, and you watched the terminator hurl itself over the railing - its descent slowed down by the deafening roar of what looks like a massive jump-pack attached to its back. Kumatora, still sober yet really full, excused herself, but not before giving you an awkward hug of your own and taking one from Mami herself.

Midori was a lightweight, clearly - she fell asleep on the couch after three glasses of bubbly. Sayaka had made sure to put a pillow under her head and covered her with a blanket. The Callidus, now snoring and dead to the world, left you and Mami alone in your apartment.

"Well, Chiaki-san. Let's get that haircut of yours out of the way, alright?" She says this with a smile, and you nod. You've finished the pancakes, all except the bottom two. You're saving this for...later. For someone who, despite how insane and bloodthirsty she may seem, is actually very lonely and in need of some company.

Working quickly, sitting behind your comfy chair, Mami had you set up for your haircut. With the cloth drape to prevent the cut hair from falling on your clothes and everything.

"So, Chiaki-san, how do you want your hair to look like?"

>Choices offered below.

>> No.25238193

This might be a little no fun, but how about we state that something is a joke suggestion in future?

>> No.25238205

She might rape us, you nigger.

Eh, what the hell. Do it for science.

>> No.25238217

I think people deserve what they get if they can't separate a joke suggestion from a real one.

>> No.25238223


>> No.25238230

Do it.

This has a low chance of killing us, right?

>> No.25238234


>> No.25238242

Wait, what if we put the Hat on Mami before she gives us the haircut?

>> No.25238243

For science...
You nigger

>> No.25238245


>> No.25238255

[X] Ponytail is best.

>> No.25238262


>Most quoted choice in twenty minutes wins.

>> No.25238264

[x] Ponytail

yes yes yes yes yesyesyesyes

>> No.25238269

And drag the rest of us down with it?
That'll mean that we have to respond to each and every joke suggestion with a "You fucking idiot, that is a retarded idea; no, we are not doing it".

>> No.25238280



>> No.25238282


i like this one the most.

>> No.25238290

We already do.

>> No.25238293

Ponytail's got this

>> No.25238300


Ponytail is best.

>> No.25238304

Besides being my favorite, the extra length means that we can change it later if we want.
And if we let it down, we can do the "flip hair over our shoulder" that the girls seem to like so much.

>> No.25238306


>> No.25238310

Gotta agree with purps here
Twintail is cute but that's getting into Kumatora's territory

>> No.25238312 [DELETED] 

Also voting for this for nicehatguy and his love of short hair, who'd probably be sad he didn't get a chance

>> No.25238316

[x] Voting for braid

>> No.25238323


Looks distinguished; still reasonably low-maintenance.

Twintails would be weird since we'd end up looking suspiciously like Kumatora.

>> No.25238327

Apparently not enough for putting the hat on Pinky.

>> No.25238330

I'm thoroughly torn between this and the ponytail, but I think I just barely give the nod to this one.

>> No.25238331

All these choices...!

But I'm throwing my lot behind

>> No.25238333

Ponytail for sure.

>> No.25238337

Most menacing, therefore, ideal.

And no matter which we choose, we should [x]poke Midori awake so she feels included later.

>> No.25238339


Seems like a nice compromise. The hair can be let down later on if need be, or cut short if so desired.

>> No.25238343


This. So much hotness.

>> No.25238344

[x] long ponytail

>> No.25238353

Oh god yes!

>> No.25238354

This is all far too happy and idyllic.

We're in an illusion, or possibly a hallucination from trauma and blood loss. Everyone we know is probably being killed right now.

I'm upping the paranoia level to 4.2 Shadowruns.

>> No.25238360

You have to quote the appropriate post

>> No.25238374

I like this one, short hair is manageable not to mention no one will grab our hair if it's hot, ponytail is asking to be grabbed.

>> No.25238377

>Mami takes golden scissors

>> No.25238381

She's beautiful.
[x] Be sorry that Midori can not play with hairs before your new hiardo

>> No.25238388

I meant short damn auto correct

>> No.25238390

This one is pretty stylin'.

It also leaves us with the patented hairflick. The effect might be slightly neutered, but it'll work just as well.

>> No.25238401

Yes, but it's also asking to be grabbed by Midori or Mami. Or Pinky. And if anyone is getting close enough to us in combat to grab our hair we're already screwed; we're not a CC specialist.

>> No.25238411

The only person we know who does that is broccoli head. We're probably okay.

We should wake her up and make sure, though.

>> No.25238412

Godamnit it they're all so good.

[x] original recipe

>> No.25238417



>> No.25238435

[x] braided
[x] braided
[x] braided

cutting it means midorin doesn't get to play later, and this one is the best compromise for look and not-being the way

>> No.25238437



>> No.25238447

We are not CQC specialist yet. But it is requirement of our position.

We need to plan a Close Combat Drill with someone.

>> No.25238448

Wait, wait, wait, how did I miss this before?
>what looks like a massive jump-pack attached to its back
Jump-pack. Chaos. Terminator. Oh hell yes.

>> No.25238455

Original flavour is nice, but I gotta go with the ponytail.

>> No.25238456

[x] This one.

Remember that we can untie the ponytail, which will give us long hair to flick.

>> No.25238457

This looks the best
However this looks awesome as well.

I'm torn between the two.

>> No.25238459

You're supposed to link to only one to vote here, genius.

>> No.25238460


thes seems the best choice I believe

>> No.25238461

It's beautiful

>> No.25238469



>> No.25238472

As much as I'd like the ponytail one, I'll have to go with this

>> No.25238473

Aside from anything we should wake Midori up so she can see all the hairstyles as we try them

>> No.25238474


This, a ponytail is not a haircut

>> No.25238475

We're still in the illusion that Midori put us in when we were protecting Iori. What better way to trick us into thinking we escaped than by faking our escape in the dream?

>> No.25238476

Strictly speaking there was no 'only one', just that the one with the most links wins.

>> No.25238477


Short hair or bust!

And since there's no bust, that means short hair!

>> No.25238483


another one for the short

>> No.25238484

There's Mami's bust...

>> No.25238492



>> No.25238493

I like this one to much

>> No.25238498

Twin tails is cutest but is not murderface hair.

>> No.25238499

They're all good. I cast my vote for all of them.

>> No.25238502


[x] Tōsaka mode is go.

or we still going for a damage control least cutting possible?

in which case which one looks closest to our creepy doujin counterpart.

>> No.25238503

What if we never got rescued from that barrier?

What if this is just a fear induced hallucination as we approach our inevitable death, second by second?

>> No.25238505

Glad you could join us, Hat! Deleted my post voting in your place. Sorry, no free rides.

Ponytail train choo choo

>> No.25238508

Everyone seems to be all over Ponytail or Shorthair

Medium Length braids never had a chance...

>> No.25238516


>> No.25238521


Voting for short. just looks the best yo

>> No.25238523

I still short hair and all but I like this more.

>> No.25238528

[x] This.

Easy to keep, well known. This is murderface.

>> No.25238531

[x] Braids

>> No.25238533



deffo needs to be short again, that long shit is getting in the way, we can still do the hair flick when short too

>> No.25238538

Voting for this.

>> No.25238542





>> No.25238546

This is the best choice

>> No.25238556

>[x]ponytail is best tail

>> No.25238558



>> No.25238563

Ponytail or bust

>> No.25238567


>> No.25238573


Short! it must be the shortest most awesome in the land!!!

>> No.25238580


>> No.25238582

Yes, Yes, Yes

>> No.25238586

[x] Short.

If we go pony tail sooner or later SOMEONE will grab hold of it.

>> No.25238587


This is Chiaki, this is when she changed, it MUSt be short. it's who she is.

>> No.25238589


>> No.25238592

.... There is some serious fucking samefagging going on here. On both of the popular sides.

>> No.25238593


>> No.25238595


Original flavor.

>> No.25238597

Well, hope I'm not too late

>> No.25238603

Oh god my dick.

>> No.25238605


One more for short

>> No.25238608


>> No.25238614


It won't win, but for posterity.

>> No.25238617

Don't underestimate how many readers MGNQ has.

>> No.25238619


I'm beginning to think there's some samefagging going on....

none the less TO THE SHORT VICTORY

>> No.25238621

Hair is serious business m8.

>> No.25238622

Oh god yes

>> No.25238624

[x] Ponytail. So Magical Midori can ride us like a pony

>> No.25238626

We must have the ponytail!

>> No.25238628

When everyone is samefagging, no one is.

>> No.25238641


NUUUUUUU!!! it must be short!!!

>> No.25238642

Less than five minutes left right?

>> No.25238643

fuck you too


>> No.25238648

Seems more murderface

>> No.25238658

Get yo Ponytail!
Can't lose that glorious long hair, that kinda magic doesn't happen twice.

>> No.25238661


short again, short again, jiggety jig

>> No.25238665

Why the fuck not

>> No.25238669

The short cut really isn't short enough to make that much of a difference in a close fight.
If they were close enough to grab the ponytail, they'll be close enough to grab the bangs.

>> No.25238674


>> No.25238676


Well shit.... we ain't gonna win now.... fucking longfags

>> No.25238692


>> No.25238697


well this sucks...... y u no vote short!? THIS IS THE REAL CHIAKI!!!

>> No.25238702

T- Twintails

>> No.25238710

Long hair is the best hair

>> No.25238713


DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE ANON!!! short is where the heart lies!


>> No.25238717


>> No.25238734


back to the best!!

>> No.25238740

I think 20 minutes has past assuming my math is correct

>> No.25238745


NO to the faggot samuai bullshit!!

YES for superior short

>> No.25238746

Voting has been over for a minute, so all you samefagging shortfags can stop now, you lost

>> No.25238753


Time. 20 minutes. Polls are closed folks.

Short hair wins because pony tails samfagged like motherfuckers.

>xionsu Poseidon

>> No.25238755

This makes look like some kind of nobility.

>> No.25238761

says a samefag

>> No.25238766

I mean, it's almost unavoidable.

You'd think that they'd at least have the courtesy to change up their absurdly distinct posting style, though.

and debatably even some of

Find it hard to believe that there are this many multi-exclamation point anons, even in such a hotly contested battle of popular opinion.

>> No.25238767


short masterrace reporting in

>> No.25238769

Hair, It seems to have created a rift between us all.

>> No.25238771

Shortfags samefagged like crazy those last 5 minutes, too bad they still lost

>> No.25238782

should have put your vote into braided

the best compromise
> +that short look
> +long hair for midoriiiin later
> - fuck how do I maintain this shit

>> No.25238783

>>25238262's time is 13:35. It's now 13:58, 3 minutes past the deadline.
Looks like >>25238223 wins

>> No.25238784


we're like 10 whole votes behind, I don't think the clearly superior hairstyle is going to win. It is a sad sad day for awesome practicality

>> No.25238790


man the vote tallys make me sad, Short master-race here

>> No.25238793

Short master race here. Only the /mlp/fags samfagged so they could insert more pony crap into everything on 4chan.

Fucking ponyfags.

>> No.25238794

You Shortfags can stop trying to win after the deadline. Now all you're doing is making Decu's life hard by making him count.

>> No.25238799

Alright, pausing for now! Voting has ended, the new OP will feature the chosen hairstyle as well as the new Chikuwa!

...Gosh, it's been a hundred threads and nearly a year, hasn't it? It doesn't feel like it at all, hahaha! Thank you for everyone's participation, and feedback is always great! Questions answered after the writeups, and thank you for staying with me up to this point!

>> No.25238803


Hear ye, hear ye!

>> No.25238807

[x] this. Short is classic murderface.

>> No.25238813

I was pretty shocked to see Kong show up on time, but I didn’t say anything about it - Miss Tomoe was there, and she’d probably made a point of escorting her. No...Guess I should say Miss Tomoe dropped her off, like an obliging older sister. Or an overenthusiastic young mother, getting her little girl to play with the other kids for the first time. She smiled her bright, understanding smile – edged that night with a little bit of mischief – as she urged Kong forward, closer to me. ...It was definitely more like a mother. Couldn’t tell offhand if Kong really wanted to be here, but it seemed like Mommy Tomoe knew what was best.

Really hoped it wasn’t just for my sake.

They’d spent a lot of time deciding what Kong should wear, though. Or at least, Miss Tomoe had. Kong herself looked completely out of place. Wouldn’t look at me. Probably embarrassed about how...clean she was. Like she’d slept. Showered. Hadn’t been drinking, or even smoking, for at least the past few hours. It made her look younger. Cuter. Like an ordinary girl. I felt like kind of a pervert after a couple of seconds, but it wasn’t like...wasn’t like this was a booty call or something. She shooed Miss Tomoe away as she leaned in one last time to fuss with the collar on her jacket, and after the blonde left, she mumbled something to me and held out her hand. Turned bright red, too.

“...Don’t let go. Not for a second.”

...It was cool out, that night. Not freezing, but colder than we usually got in Santa Destroy. Cold enough for little snowflakes to fall from the sky, glittering in the city lights like a thousand tiny stars. I could feel them melt against my skin, tiny prickles of chill and water that dissolved instantly. Looking back, we left a trail of empty space in our wake, as she tugged me along with her small, slender hand.

That night, the whole world was gray. Everything except for her, anyway. Kong. ...Murderface.


>> No.25238816


c'moooooooon short,

Mami says vote short

>> No.25238820

stop samefagging already, you 5 minutes too late for it to count retard

>> No.25238823

look on the brightside shortfags [braidfag that lost]

A ponytail can be changed into short or braids later.

I still don't see chiaki asking for a ponytail in character but whatever... also doesn't that mean both us and midori are spouting ponytails?

>> No.25238831


every time you don't vote short decu kills a maduka

>> No.25238833

No problem Decu, it's been a pleasure.

Absolutely great art work btw, really good.

>> No.25238834

>> - fuck how do I maintain this shit
Yeah, this was the main reason I wouldn't have gone with braids. Seems way too fiddly for Murderface to want to bother with.

That and I liked ponytail better aesthetically, so I had to find justifications to vote for it in-character too.

>> No.25238835

ffs stop voting already

>> No.25238837

She told me that was normal. It was normal not to feel even the wind. Normal not to hear anything but our own soft steps on the pavement. Normal to feel like we were the only ones in the world, even as we slipped through crowds of frozen salarymen. ...Asked her if it was normal to hold onto a girl’s hand for this long, and she just huffed out that soft little noise and ignored the question.

The universe in black and white. Murderface’s World. It reflected her perfectly. Solemn. Quiet. Mysterious and harsh, but...sure. It felt grounded and real, more real than it did in color. ...Didn’t tell her any of that, either. Would have been weird. Even weirder than being dragged down the street by my hand. If I did tell her, she probably would have thought it was stupid. And it would have shattered this peaceful, all-consuming silence, something I felt like she didn’t want to do.

...I sped up a little, and even though she looked away, I caught her blushing. Guess I...might have been, too. But all I had to do was pull my scarf up over my face. ...Just a little cold, Kong.


>> No.25238844


Thanks for running the quest, Decu!

>> No.25238846


awwww man....

>> No.25238847

look at this samefag trying to win after he has already lost

>> No.25238849

I didn’t know where we were going. Took about fifteen minutes of being pulled down Mitakhiara’s motionless streets before I thought to ask, and when I did, Kong slowed to a stop. ...She didn’t think about it, when she came here. It was just...her place. A place for her to come to be alone. To get away from the bullshit. I sort of...hoped I knew what she meant. That she wanted to share it. …Didn’t say that either, though. I just told her that I sort of understood. Used to be the same way when I’d dream. Long, aimless walks to nowhere. Fuck the destination, the journey was the whole thing. Something softened in her expression, and I shot her a smile.

...She didn’t see it, thanks to the scarf, and I felt really stupid after a moment. Like she could read my mind, though, she laughed a little bit anyway.

“I...” She stumbled over her words a little, like she wasn’t accustomed to them. “I’m glad you get it.” ...It was something rare. A moment of honesty, without the shell. The fear and distrust. ...Like the black and white world around us, it was an endless moment without all the bullshit.



>> No.25238854

What if we're still Homura and the entire quest is a dream?

>> No.25238860


short must win!

>> No.25238862

Thanks for running!

>> No.25238865

...Do you like hurting people?

“What?” Couldn’t help but laugh at the look she gave me. It seemed like it’d be completely natural to Kong, but…guess she wasn’t the kind of person who thought about things like that. I repeated the question, and she made a face like I’d just sprouted a frog head.

“No. I shoot people to help save the orphanage where I grew up.” Knew it. She was lying about the amnesia the whole time.

She slipped a cigarette in her mouth, shaking her head at my shitty joke. I fumbled for the lighter in my pocket, then lit it for her. ...We had to keep holding hands, after all. She had a way of talking without taking her cigarette out – like an old pro, the hero of a detective movie - and as she responded, she passed one my way. Wanted to know why I asked.

...It was kind of stupid, but it was the first thing the old Warmaster – Miss Marigold – asked me, when I met her. ...It took me a couple of days to come up with an answer. Next time I saw her after that, I tried to stab her in the stomach. She just crushed my knife into powder. Wasn’t even worried, or angry. Kind of looked like she’d stepped in something, if I had to put a word to it. She told me I didn’t like it enough, if that was all it took to stop me. Then she got to work on beating it into me.

“...So? Do you like hurting people enough now?”

I don’t come when I stab someone in the throat. ...But it’s kind of become an art. I’m proud of it. I enjoy it. It’s what I do.


>> No.25238870

First off we're NOT murderface anymore
Second voting over

>> No.25238878


stop it! we lost. take it like a man!

>> No.25238882

She repeated ‘an art’ to herself, with a hint of a smile, and nodded just slightly. Wasn’t that different for a Vindicare, at the end of the day. Not like I didn’t know that, but back home, we made a pretty big deal out of it. It’d only become more of a joke with the new Warmaster, Mary...Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake, the Vindicare Prima. At least, among the few people that could say it and get away with it. …I rattled off a couple of my favorites.

‘Callidus don’t remember how to cry. Eversors never knew. But it doesn’t matter; Vindicares do it enough for all of us.’

‘How many Vindicares does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Nobody knows – they won’t get closer than twenty-one feet.’

…Alright, that second one was pretty bad. But it was a great way to piss them off. They always got pretty eager to prove you wrong. And when they tried to take a swing…Try punching an Eversor once, see what happens. Callidus, at least in the Eighth, weren’t a whole lot nicer about it, either.

Kong looked annoyed. Maybe even angry. ...Didn’t seem much happier when I told her she was one of the good ones. I scrambled to add ‘Like Miss Tomoe’ on the end, and it seemed to help.


>> No.25238897


but.... but the short!

>> No.25238898

A couple of quiet minutes passed, with both of us finishing our cigarettes and blowing the smoke into the air, trying to freeze it into patterns. I put mine out on the concrete next to me before I spoke again, about the second question the Warmaster asked me.

Do you like flowers? Do you understand them?

…Guess it was two, but they were asked together. Every time, together.

“...You’re making that up.” She flicked her cigarette butt over the side of the building. ...It froze mid-flight, naturally. ...I told her that no, that was one of the other things she’d ask us. That was the one she asked us the most, the most important one. Usually after trying to kill us with flowers.

It didn’t help us understand them, but it did make Annie start cutting every flower she saw in half. So that was pretty funny.

...She still didn’t seem to care. Not that I blamed her. It took...it took me a while to care at all, too. To understand it at all. ...Didn’t say that, though I started to, a few times. While we sat there.

...Blue roses. I broke the silence again. Every night with Kong, I broke the silence more times than the rest of my life combined. Kind of a nice feeling. Neither of us…really had to talk, with the other there. It was always a choice. Always important.



>> No.25238901

Come on that's obviously a ponyfag trying to discredit the shortfags.

Who else wanted to keep the long hair anyway?

>> No.25238909

I fumbled with my Japanese for a minute. I’d become one of the more fluid speakers in the Officio – along with V and Annie, and nobody was sure about Nakajima – but it was...it needed to be said right. ...Needed to be worded in a way someone like...someone like Murderface would understand. Without it sounding completely stupid.

Blue roses were the first flower I came to understand. ...They’re my favorite. Symbols of mystery and impossible dreams. Just by existing, they prove that…that they’re not really impossible.

...Nope. Still stupid. My cheeks burned red, and I tried to distract myself by fiddling with my skirt.

...Kong stared at me for a minute, like she couldn’t believe what I’d just said. Her jaw worked a little, and at first, I thought she was just going to say ‘what?’ again. ...In the end, she just squeezed my hand, staring down at the frozen world below. ...Her expression had gone soft again, and after thinking about it for a second, I leaned over and pressed my lips against her cheek. Just for a second.

Just to thank her for not laughing.



>> No.25238916

So are you making the party so perfect to set us up for a big fall when we start our new assignment tomorrow?

>> No.25238919


>> No.25238921

The last thing I remembered from that night was the smell of her hair, along with the feel of her face buried in my neck. We weren’t drunk this time, just...happy to be together. I guess. I was happy. She...seemed to be. It was a little cold to be lying around, but she wasn’t. Even with cold concrete at my back, it was the warmest I’d felt in...a long time.

I didn’t dream, which made waking up even more jarring than it usually was. There was a heavy weight on my body, lighter than Kong, but apparently balancing on my torso. Whatever it was was poking my cheek, clearly unaware of how rare it was for me to sleep without screaming myself awake. Or dying. …Maybe that’s what it thought happened. It breathed heavily onto my face, leaving a scent of sugar and something I couldn’t quite identify.

“Wendyyy...” A small, soft whimper, from whatever was poking me. At length, I finally opened my eyes, only to see two blood-red coals in the midst of a universe of darkness. It was Lily, her face so close to mine that her bunny hood swallowed the entirety of my vision. ...It took a second to process, then gently took hold of her midsection and lifted her off of me, mumbling out a few words of greeting to the little squirt.

It was the earliest part of the morning, with the whole world cast in a blue-gray glow, and for a moment I groggily wondered if I was still frozen in time. ...That wasn’t possible, though. Not without Kong, wherever she went.


>> No.25238930


thanks for the thread, someone already archived!

>braided master race

but i don't mind the other hair styles at all.

>> No.25238934


>> No.25238939

[x] Short hair is olev

I-.. I´m sorry Midori but best Chiaki is short-haired Chiaki. Thats the Meguca we know and love.

>> No.25238940

“Wendyyy...we hafta get ready for the festivaaal...” Lily pouted under her hood. She was trying not to be a brat, I could tell, but we’d stayed a few extra days in Japan just so we could all go together. Dorothy and Annie went out of their way to pick out yukata for everyone and everything. Seemed like Lily was jumping the gun, though. Probably made a mistake in telling her about how good festival food was supposed to be; we’d end up getting there hours early if she got any more impatient. …If you could be early for a festival. Wasn’t really sure.

Not like I wasn’t kind of excited, myself. But it would have been nice to… ...Ah, whatever. Not her kind of thing anyway. I scraped myself up off the roof and stretched, trying to blink the light from my eyes. Had to remember to thank the kid later. She probably snuck off to sniff me out like this, and she’d transformed to do it. Probably even used a little magic.

As we headed down off the building and back toward our hotel, I noticed something sticking out of one of Lily’s big, baggy sleeves. A little hint of blue. Asked her about it, and she gave me a wide-eyed look, like I’d caught her sneaking cookies again. She evaded the question a bit, but I managed to convince her I wasn’t going to be mad, and asked her to show it to me. It wasn't as big a deal as she was making it out to be; probably just found a little treasure somewhere. When she held it up, though, my breath caught in my throat.

...It was a blue rose. She said it was next to me. Found it before she woke me up.



>> No.25238954


>> No.25238984

Odette groaned. Rain pounded on the steel hide of Sleepy Sue. Her phone was ringing somewhere. All she could remember of the previous day was being frustrated at a lack of leads and getting drunk out of her mind with Lotte. She'd found her culprit - Fennel Vance - but little more than that. Fennel had been one of the Officio's top 'liquidators' as Fubey gently put it. Her speciality laid in terminations, assassinations, eviscerations and a host of other unsavoury ations that would drive any sane girl mad. Odette was only left to wonder why the incubator hadn't kept a closer eye on someone so deep in blood.

The one-eyed magical girl stretched her arm out, feeling around the floor of Sleepy Sue for her phone. After a few moments of unintentionally feeling up, then rolling over, the blonde Callidus, Odette grabbed hold of her smart phone and rolled back into position. For god's sake, she thought, had they really ended up sleeping together twice in one week? Odette sighed to herself. She must have been even lonelier than she thought.

"Yo," she muttered into her phone.

"Odette, it's Therese," the warmaster greeted. "We've got something about the case that you need to hear. Something big."

"Whatimezit?" The silver-haired girl mumbled.

"It's- It's almost noon," Therese replied. There was the distinct burst of static as she let out a long sigh. "I even waited until I was sure you'd be up. I told you that you should stay in warmaster suite. You're starting to slip again."

"'m not slipping," said the small Eversor as she hopped out of her cot and scooped up a pair of jeans. "Just frustrated 'sall." After a moment's thought she added, "'nd maybe a bit hungover. What's the news?"

"Two of our Eversors were investigating a murder," the warmaster answered. "Looks like they've found where your mystery girl is hiding."

>> No.25238985

I ust noticed the red spots in the eyes decu, nice touch they were very subtle.

>> No.25239001


slander undarhand tactics from the ponyfags, no surprise there

>> No.25239003

"No shit?" Odette gasped as she threw on a bra and fresh white t-shirt. "Where is she?"

"A club downtown, it looks like. Working for a small-time gangbanger. But you really should hear the rest of this in person. That, and I don't think you've gotten a chance to see my office yet. Isn't that right?"

"Alright, alright," the one-eyed girl grumbled. "Your office in the same place mine was?"

"There's only one warmaster's office, Odette."

"I'm not slipping. I promise," Odette smirked as she threw on her jacket. "See you in a few."

"I'll see you then," the warmaster giggled just before the line went dead.

Sleepy Sue's engine revved as Odette pocketed her phone and took a seat at her make-shifted desk. The case files were stilled splayed out across it with lines and paragraphs circled and underlined with red pen. The former warmaster's gaze swept over each page as she let out a long breath. It all seemed so worthless now. After spending nearly a week pouring over the notes, everything seemed to just fall into her lap. With an inward chuckle, she suddenly recalled that working assignment's as warmaster was mostly the same way. She could have others running around gathering information and it still counted toward her own quota. Somehow.

Perhaps, Odette thought, it wouldn't be so bad to try an earn her position back. Therese already came dangerously close to treating her as if she were still her superior. Far too many people did. Odette couldn't decide if it was flattering or troublesome that so many still held her in high-esteem. You don't sit as warmaster for three years and expect everyone to just accept your abdication, it seemed. No matter how callous and irresponsible she had grown.

>> No.25239017

Odette's thoughts were interrupted by her blonde companion's stirrings, no doubt roused by the dull thrumming of engines. With a strong yawn, Lotte propped herself up with one arm and ran a hand through her hair.

"Mornin," Odette called out, barely bothering to look up from her work. She'd already cleared off the desk and taken out her poetry notepad, lightly tapping her pen against the wood.

"Yo," the blonde greeted. "Where we going?"

"Terry's," the one-eyed girl replied. "Said she has something for the case."

"Can I come?" Lotte asked, grinning from ear to ear.

Odette shrugged. "Up to you. Didn't think you two got along."

"Either that or I stay in the car," the Callidus responded, returning the shrug. "It's creepy to be in Sue alone."

Odette spun around, mouth agape. "Did you just call my baby creepy?"

"Yeah, I mean," Lotte waved a finger around lazily, "you hear that? Engines. WHERE ARE HER ENGINES?"

Odette blinked her one eye several times. "Okay, point."

The blonde gave a knowing nod as the two settled into a comfortable silence. They didn't have much to talk about anymore, it seemed. They'd told each other every story they had, didn't share much in the way of interests and hadn't worked together on any assignments in months. After a few moments, Odette glanced over, only to find the other girl quietly staring at her with an implacable grin on her face.

"What?" The silver-haired girl asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"You're really pretty," Lotte responded almost immediately, almost as if she had been waiting for the question.

Odette's pale face turned a bright pink as she forced herself to look back down at her notebook. "Don't be weird, Lotte. You promised you wouldn't make things weird."

True, Odette had always been told she had a pretty face. It had a certain mature charm to it despite her small stature - the kind of face that seemed liked that of a caring older sister. Or, at least, it would were it not for the near constant scowling and ill temper.

>> No.25239025

The one-eyed girl found herself tapping her pen and drumming her fingers faster and faster as her mind wandered. She was suddenly made painfully aware of the busty blonde lying buck-naked in her bed.

"Hey," Lotte prodded. "Want to go another round?"

Odette thought about it for a good second before shaking her head and rolling her eyes. "I just got dressed," she huffed. "And we're almost there."

"Ah come on," the blonde drawled, laying the covers over herself in just the right way to show off her curves while keeping the important bits hidden. "Just a quick one."

"I'll throw you out in the rain, Laufson," Odette grumped. "You know I will. And I'll keep your clothes."

"Y-you wouldn't really throw me out naked," Lotte laughed nervously, "right?"

The silver-haired girl simply smiled and turned back to her poetry, humming to herself.

Lotte grunted and lifted herself out of bed, crawling over to the pile of clothes left on the floor. As she looked around the interior of the armoured car, the Callidus couldn't help but shiver and hold herself.

"Do you have the AC on or something, O?" She asked, quickly throwing on as much clothing as possible.

Odette shook her head. "Nope."

Lotte looked around, still holding herself, suddenly looking even more nervous than before, then nodded silently.


>> No.25239036

The tall Callidus and the short Eversor breezed through security at the Officio's headquarters, making for the first of the Violet-clearance floors - the warmaster's office. The two stood silently in the elevator, dripping wet from the rain, for several minutes until Odette felt a hand prodding her shoulder. She turned her head to find Lotte toying with a crunchy, wet and white substance between her fingers.

"Hey, O," she started, examining the stuff inquisitively, "is this frost?"

Odette shrugged and mumble a quick "I dunno" as the doors slid open.

There were several doors in the corridor; each one an office for the rank leaders. Most were empty for the time being, with higher-ranked magical girls handling business in the other major cities within the Officio's territory. In contrast to the incubator's barren hall, the office corridor was decorated with potted plants and modern art. Odette silently questioned exactly how much Therese had changed. She remembered dimmer lights and muted tones instead of bright pastel shades.

The silver-haired girl knocked firmly on the door furthest door, while her companion cried "ROOM SERVICE!"

After a moment, the door was opened, not by Therese, but by an incredulous looking Megan Laurie. The short, black-haired girl blinked a few times as her bangs fell over her eyes yet again.

"You're not the warmaster," remarked Lotte.

The small Eversor - but not quite as small as Odette, she noticed - floundered about for a few seconds before she was rescued by Therese calling from within.

"Odette?" She shouted. "Is that you?"

"Yo," the one-eyed Eversor greeted, gently worming her way through the door and past the star-struck magical girl.

>> No.25239046

Therese's office, Odette noted, was rather different from the one she used to call her own. It was modern and chic, with the walls painted a light grey and all the furniture in black. She even had a sofa pushed into one of the corners closest to the door, which was currently occupied by the second member of the Eversor duo, Mona Bernard.

Odette furrowed her brow and scanned the room as the warmaster stepped up to her.

"Was this room always here?" She asked, a look of confusion on her face as she shook Therese's hand.

Therese tilted her head, just as confused. "What do you mean?"

"This room," the silver-haired said, cautiously pointing all around, "was this always here?"

"Yes," the warmaster answered, nodding much in the same way one would to a mental patient. "This used to be your office. Remember?"

"Nah, nah," Odette laughed. "My office had those sweet woodcarvings and a throne and..." Her voice trailed off as her face contorted into a look of sad understanding. "What did you do to my office?"

"It looked ridiculous, Odette," Therese replied with a slight roll of her eyes. "You don't expect me to work in an office that looked like something out Lord of the Rings, do you? You want me to sit in a throne carved with YOUR greatest moments?"

"What did you do with my stuff?!" The one-eyed magical girl whined, clearly distressed.

"I threw it away," Therese stated bluntly.

Odette's mouth openned and closed several times as she tried to form words. All that managed to come out was, "Buh-but my throne..."

The warmaster let out a long sigh. "Look. If it's that important, your throne is still in storage. It's," she waved her hand in the air, trying to find the right words, "an icon, I guess. All of the girls from back then recognize it. I couldn't just throw it out like that."

"Good, goo-"

"But I sold everything else," Therese added with a stern look.

Odette nodded to herself, conceding the point. "Fair 'nuff."

>> No.25239052

It was then that the warmaster suddenly turned her attention to the Callidus, who had taken a laid-back position on the couch with both arms wrapped around the two junior Eversors as she regaled a story of Odette's earlier days.

"And so Snake says to Odette-"

"Laufson, what are you doing here?" Therese butted in, maintaining her serious demeanour.

The blonde looked up and blinked innocently. "What? I'm not allowed to hang out with an old friend?"

"It's fi-" Odette started, but was suddenly silenced by Therese raising her hand.

"The time when we were friends has come and gone, Lotte," the warmaster growled. "If you have no relevance to the case, I would kindly ask you to leave."

"Terry," a calm, cold voice rang out. The room temperature took a dive as all eyes were suddenly on Odette. The small girl took a step forward until she was practically standing on the warmaster's toes. "Lotte's with me," she hissed. Therese felt one of Odette's delicate hands gently alight on her shoulder, then violently pull her down to the smaller girl's level. "Warmaster or not, you do not shush me like a child."

There was a delicate clinking of chains as Therese's hammer materialized in her hand. It had always been a stark contrast to her usual demeanour - and a good reminder of her temper - to see the enormous slab of metal. The hammer was small enough to be comfortably wielded in one hand, but large enough to be used with both for a little extra power. Most striking of all, however, was the shining silver chain attached to the end of the haft, which snaked up the warmaster's forearm and coiled around it.

Odette's eye shifted to the weapon for a moment before returning to glare at Therese. "It's just Lotte. Calm down," she said, her voice coming out soothing yet stern.

>> No.25239068

The rusty-haired girl glanced down at the hammer, then took a deep breath. A chill went up her spine as she noticed that she could suddenly see the air escaping her lips. With a nod, she stepped back and the hammer disintegrated. "You're... You're right. I, uh, I'm sorry."

"Atta girl," Odette said, grinning as she slapped a hand on the warmaster's back. "Gotta keep that temper in check. If we're gonna rumble, we better make sure to sell tickets first. So what are we waiting for?"

Therese adjusted her cap and cleared her throat loudly, still slightly embarassed about losing herself so easily. "We're, erm, just waiting on Fubey. The incubator's were supposed to be having a meeting. He should be here any second-"

As if on cue, there was a soft knock on the door, sounding as if it came from a mere foot off the ground. The occupants looked at each other, as if each expecting someone else to open it. Odette caved first, giving a reluctant huff as she pulled the door open. With a dull whirring sound, the Seventeenth incubator rolled in atop his mighty steed.

"Odette, how lovely to see you," he said as he entered. "I apologize for my tardiness. I was a few minutes late to the meeting and had to stay behind for the Eighth to fill me in. Ah, Miss Laufson has joined us? I trust you are finished with your previous assignment?"

"Oh," the Callidus piped up, "yeah, was going to go see you about that. All taken care of."

"Excellent, excellent," the incubator said, beaming with a look nearing contentment. "A pleasure to have you on board then."

"Fubey, I didn't buy you that for you to ride on," Therese grumbled.

The incubator made the Roomba do a quick three-sixty as he entered the room, then hit a button causing it to go about its usual vacuuming route.

"Ah, but this way I can clean the office everywhere I go."

>> No.25239079

All you samefags are doing by voting past the deadline is making Decu's job that much harder, because now he has to go back and look at the times of each vote all because you cunts couldn't accept you lost and kep trying to rig the vote

>> No.25239081

Odette couldn't keep her eyes off of it as she took a seat on the sofa's arm. "What did the Eighth say about it?"

"He," the incubator started, making a point to avert his gaze, "thought it was a bit silly. In much stronger terms."

The one-eyed girl smirked. "I give him two weeks before he gets one."

"One," Lotte added. "He won-"

The blonde was interrupted as Therese loudly cleared her throat. "Ladies," she said, sweeping her gaze across the room, "I believe we're all present."

Mona shared a brief look with her partner, then nodded as she pulled her phone from her pocket. "This was recorded last night at about, uh," she flipped the phoen around and squinted at it, "just after eleven. We thought we were interrogating a man about a gang-killing. We got a bit more than we bargained for."

With a swipe of her finger, Rossi's testimony began playing. The room was silent - save for Fubey's Roomba going about its route - as the terrified man describe Charles Helk, Club Mist, the girl with the golden chain and finally the soul gems being sold on the black market. No one said a word for several minutes after it ended. Odette nodded to herself as the information processed, each piece slowly falling into place.

"Meg and Mona, was it?" The one-eyed girl finally asked.

"Y-yeah," the taller Eversor answered.

Odette turned to Therese and the incubator. "These two are getting promotions, right?"

"They have only been with us for a month and a half, but," the incubator pondered, stroking his chin with his prehensile moustache, "I suppose something could be arranged."

Therese nodded in agreement, then turned her attention back to the recording. "So I suppose that's it then. We hit the club and see what we can find."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, kiddo," Odette laughed, making a calming gesture. "Hold your horses here. We don't just storm the castle without a plan."

"O's got a point," Lotte added. "That just ain't the way things are done."

>> No.25239091

"Then what do you propose we do," the warmaster asked, adding a stressed nearly growled, "Odette?" as she cast a glare at the Callidus.

The silver-haired girl paced around the office for several minutes, deep in thought, before finally leaning back on Therese's desk with a satisfied look plastered on her face. "Alright, here's what we're gonna do," she started. "We'll hit them tonight. After we're done here, I'll take Lotte and check out Chuckles' apartment, see if we can dig anything up. That note left at my place still doesn't make sense. I'll swing by when we're done and pick you up. We get Lotte to scout the club, figure things out. We make our plan and then, and ONLY then, do we bust this thing open."

The rest of the girls sat stunned at the sudden strategy laid out before them.

"That... that works," Therese mumbled.

"Odette one," Lotte smirked, chuckling to herself, "Ter-Bear zero."

Odette snapped her fingers and pointed at the blonde. "You shut up."

Meanwhile, the two juniors were whispering amongst themselves, slowly drawing the attention of the rest of the room. After a few moments, the taller of the two cleared her throat while the other twiddled her thumbs nervously.

"We, um, we were just wondering," Mona said, taking a nervous gulp, "if we were still on the assignment. Just, cause, y'know, the thing with Helk is technically ours. I mean, it's okay if you don't want us-"

"That's fine," Odette nodded and shurgged. "I'll pick you two up after we're done too. It'll be a party."

"Actually," Therese said, glancing at the clock on the wall, "I just remembered I have an appointment later. You four okay to hang out until I'm done?"

"We can take care of them until then," Lotte smirked, sidling up to the two juniors. "I can tell them the story of Odette's sweet sixteen party."

"Oh hell no," the one-eyed girl groaned. "Come on, Lotte. Nobody wants to hear that one. Let's get going."

>> No.25239093

Longfags still won even with the extra votes.

>> No.25239105

The blonde stood up, then turned to Therese after a thought crossed her mind. "You go on ahead. I need to talk to Ter-Bear in private about something."

After a look of collective confusion, the two junior Eversors left the room followed shortly by Odette and the incubator. Therese sighed as she stepped around her desk and took a seat.

"Well?" She asked expectantly, folding her hands and cocking an eyebrow. "Make it quick."

"Listen," Lotte sighed, taking a moment to collect her thoughts. "I know you don't like me. Jealous that I'm fucking Odette and you're not or whatever the fuck it is. That doesn't matter right now."


"You had to have noticed it," the blonde stated firmly. "The cold. You felt it, right?"

The warmaster nodded slowly. "What of it?"

"'What of it'," Lotte groaned and rolled her eyes, "you fucking know 'what of it'. Today the rain was freezing on her damn jacket." Lotte threw down her arms and shook her head violently, her words panicked. "She's coming back."

Therese glared at the Callidus as understanding suddenly struck her. "So what is this? A warning? A threat?"

"Dunno," the Callidus made a sly grin and giggled to herself. "Maybe both, maybe neither. But I'd watch out if I were you. Even I don't know if I should be afraid or not."


Odette pulled her ear away from the door and stepped back, trying to lean against the wall and act natural. She took a deep breath and looked up and down the hall. For a fraction of a second, she could swear she saw a girl with long silvery-white hair and a black baseball cap grinning at her from the end of the hallway. The one-eyed girl shoved her hands into her pockets, suddenly aware that they were freezing cold.


And that's a wrap. Happy 100th thread, deculture!

>> No.25239169

well done retard

>> No.25239170

Archive's up, by the by.


>> No.25239206


>> No.25239225

i personally didnt even look at the time because i was too excited with all the new art.

>> No.25239244

Then you could atleast be honourable about it and delete your illegitimate vote

>> No.25239296

Oh, stop being such a nigger.

>> No.25239298

So. A hundred long, awesome, content-filled threads. People lining up to do artwork and writing and contribute their own little pieces of the universe you've built. Crowds of fans just waiting for the next thread. How does it feel to be this awesome, Decu?

>> No.25239432

Apparently exhausting, I think he went to bed already.

>> No.25239510

Well, he said "questions answered after the write-ups", and the write-ups only finished, like, ten minutes before my question.

>> No.25239530

Chiaki and Midori Ponytails lining up into a heart art when?

>> No.25239543

He also has to be up for work in like four hours, think he stayed up late to make sure we finally got to the haircut.

>> No.25239577

Deculture is on moon time, that means it is roughly 2:40am his time

He is probably in bed given he has work in the morning which for him is only a few hours away

>> No.25239579

He completely disappeared off the radar.

>> No.25239683

I never imagined I'd ever get this upset over a cliffhanger based on hairstyles, of all things.

>> No.25239714

Ah, I see. Even more awesome than I'd suspected, then.

>> No.25239728

what cliffhanger? ponytail won by atleast 6-7 votes when the deadline was reached, samefagging on both sides included, including the butthurt shortfags trying to vote after the deadline

>> No.25239915

See, I can't be arsed to actually count the votes myself.

>> No.25240756

Dude, I was out doing my groceries and then catched up on the hair thing. Don`t be so fucking That Guy.

>butthurt shortfags
>Some people joined later
>Some people were away while Decu was still posting
>They still vote even if it doesn`t count

What the fuck is wrong with you? Why so anal retentive? Do you have some sort of mental sickness that compels you to ruin fun?

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